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Cliarlcs J. Noursc, Capt. Ilenry S.Gey
er, Majnr Tlinmas Hnrrison, Maj. Na
tliantel Nje Hall, Col. John O'Falian,
Capt. Wm. C. Willis. Col. Jolm McIN
vain, Capt. O. C. Merrill, Capt. Rtifus
Mclntyre, Gen. Jolin McNeil, Col. Jolm
G WaliuoHgh, Gen. Cromwel! Pierce,
Col. David Campbell, Col. J. P. Mc
Dovvell, Col. John Darrington, Col. Jo
seph Philips, Col. Ilernard Peyton, be a
committee, with aulliority to correspond
n-itli the rirviving Ofiicers or ihe Army
of tlie United States, (volunleers as well
as regulars,) in llie war of 1812, and to
propose and prescnt to the Congrcss of
the Umted btates, at the ncxt session, a
snitable nicmnrial, Eoliciting the passage
of a law prantina hnunty land in pro
portion to the rmk of the ofiicers ofthat
war, the comniittee to have povver to add
to their number as they tnay deem prop
er; and that Col. Woolley, Slajor Hen
der, and Major Nourse, be a central cun
miitec of corrcspondence.
CriAS. S. TODD, Chairman.
J.o. G. Camp, Sicrelary.
Laws of the United States, vol. G
from Dec. 4, 1815, to Alarch 3, 1819
pnee 13, chap. 2o approved Alarch 5,
"That all such pcrsnns as had been
citizcnsof the United States anterior to
the late war, and vre at its commence
inent inhabitanls of the Province of Can
ada, and ulio, durintj the said war, join
ed the armies of the Uniied States as
voluntecrs, and were slain, dird in sr-r-vice,
or continucil thcrcin till hnnorablt,
dischargtd, shall be entitled to the foU
lowing quantities of land respcctivelv :
Colonel, JUiOacres; Major, 600; Cap
tain, G40; Subaltcrn ofiicers, 4S0, &c;
and the bnunty shall extend to mcdical
and stalTpfiicers, hs well as lliree months
extra pay, accordini; to the rank held
the extra pay is allowed to all, ofiicers
and soldiers."
SncLTcniNG Sm:r.i'. In this scction
of the countrv. we believe it is the us
ual practicc of farm -rs to ftiriiish suila
ble hheltcr lor tiieir sheep iluring the
wint'er; and it rerruircs no argument to
provc the utility of the practicc. There
are, howeier, yomc exceptions, and
many, perhaps, are not aivare of the full
ltijury wliicli sheep sufTer from fxposure
to the drizzling rains, sndden clianges,
and drivinrr stornis of wititer. A cor
refpondent of the Albany Cnltivator,
tiius relatcs his cxpcricnce in the inattcr :
"Iiijhc winter of 1847-S, 1 put one
hiiudred sheep to tlack, and gave them
pleniy of haj and some grain through
the-wititer. The loss was over 29 per
ceiit. I lia-c nodouhl they ate a fotirth
more than the sanie numhcrs that wcre
prolected, of which the loss was only
two per cent. lu consequence of this
resiilt, I built ainple sheds iluring the
past snnimer, proviiled wilh hay lofls
one 00 by 20, and nnoiher.3 by 20 feet.
(I will jnst observe for the benefit of
ilino uho are uiiilding mip.Is of this
I.ind, that 21 leet is about the proper
width, and the additirmal expense of fonr
fetl is trifliiiir.) Thesc sheds are set to
two bams, and cnclose the yard on three
sidcs. Here, in separate divisions, I
havc kept my sheep the past .wintcr.
They Ind gooil hay and plenty of waler.
and the yard v. ere strawed three times
a ucek. I fed some grain t my lambs
i!i v.intcr, and gave some to ewes in
j-puiiT. M loss up to April 15th, is
ii tiu.f one per cent. Many of inj sheep
v, . re in low condition in the fall, yet I
would iike to compare them with anv
fi ick of the same number, that have had
no protcclion."
05" We clip the follouing from thp
15.i?ton Traveller:
SIr. W. J. Bmnvx, the nentleman
v.lui was not clected Speaker, has issued
an ru!dres to his constituenls, in expla
m 3U.11I of his unfortunalc course in ref
erence to the Speakerahip. Ile does
not go into particulars, nor attcmpt to
rr-snncilc the inconsistencics which
nnrked his conduct ; but now talks
bolJly or desparingly, w." hardly know
uhtcli all on one sidc, and that the
frec-soil or anti-slavery sidc. llesays:
"I had rather have been dcleated with
the vote I receivcd, thau clected nnder
a iled"c to pack thn commiltees for the
benefit nf the slave-h'dding interest of
the South. Hut the tiuie has come when
the Ntirlh will no longer bow the ncck
to the slavocracy of the South. 1 ani
done." She cannot be satisfied with a
niodcrale and conservative support, bnt
vou must bccome the defender of her
'If you doubt or falter, you are de-
nounced as a traitor, and witli a iordly
nrrotrance vou are told that they will
dissolve the Union. Their course of
conduct has fully determined me never
atraiu tobo a candidate for Congrcss.
My conscience tclls me I have done
ri'ht, and I know a generous and con
fiiiing constituency uill sustain my
Tlif wnpra! imprrsbion in tlie cnmmnnityjs, that Mr.
Browu : Jonc, an J tliat Ix i "Jonc Cro n."
Would you nn Wealtiiy V The cs
tate of the prctent Duke of Athol is faid to
Le inmicnse. On his cstate tlicre are tlnrty
six niiles of private loaas for carriagci, and
more than sixtccn miles of well made walks,
whii-h are beinp e.xtendcd p.vcry year. Thcse
roads and paths, being mado for plcasure,
are laid througli the niost rcmsntic and pic
turefqiie sccnery; along thc rivcr'sbank, up
tht glen, cut jn'the deep sides of the moun
lams. and ovcr their tops, and along the
niarpin of thc preclpitous cliiTs ; now into
the lorest gloom now opcning on a tiouiid
les prospecf, or some swect vale now burst
iii" on a waterfall, and ncxt along the sides
ofn murmuring brook. The prcscnt Dukc
bcar, in his lifetime, one of the most jnagnt
ficent palaccsin thc kingdom. It 13 said,
that in thc ettimatc of thc cost of thc cdiCcc,
thc singlc itcm of raising the walls and put
Jin on thc roof, togcthcr with the mrteniils,
i.i 1,11 nno lmnilrcd thousand
nuum ii ' v. ..
pounds slcrling or about half a milhon of
Do you cnvy thc posscssor of this wcaltu
l or more llian iiuriyycars ne nas uccn m u
Junatic Asylum of London !
r-p. ..,!, or,;. !ti T.nndon. has invcntcd
n iiiacmr.e for the purposc of awakening
. . . 1 . T . Tn i Tlntpli
Inmselt eany in tuu uiuw...v. "
clock is attachcd a Icvcr wiucn roa ue su
to any siven hour, and wlien tuc iimc ai
- :i7..i,.n,l K.. ftin rlnpk. when th
machincry rings a bell and hglits an oil lamp.
c once kiicw u iuuiu u"-liuu. -
vanec bv a student in one of our colleges,
who, bcin apt to s!ccp, in dcspite of thc
warnin? l.cll. cut off the Iegs fitm onc sidc
.. i.,i, f.l n.l fivlnn in Tilaec thcreof.
Ul 1113 iyi.-U3H.av, j
ivhat bovs usualh- call a fi?uro four, and so
connccteu u ivhu ir.o pciiuuiuui u( x..w
that, at tlie strikm ai a particular hour, it
ivould spring a trap and- tumh!c IiTm out on
r t or l L. j i. r, . -ctual lic
0y A member of Congrcss writes to
the N. Y. Journal of Commerce that
there are onlv about one thousand skves
in the dislrict of Columbia
fr?The iury in the case of Cassius
M. Clay, charged with the murder of!
Turner at Yorktown, Kv., nave acquit
led Clay of the charge.
f7AgreeabIy to notice.thc citizens of
the Village of Middlebury met, on the
2d inst., and electf d the following per
sons as ofiicprs for theyear ensuing :
Hon. IRA STEWAItT, Modcrator.
Joiin W. Stewap.t, Clerk:
Jason Davenport,
Ilorace Crane,
Amnu U'ilcox,
R. L. Fuller,
II. A. Sheldon,
Wm. M. Dnss.
) Truslccs.
Justus Cobb. J
John II. Simmons, Treasurcr.
D. S. Church, Colkclor.
Qy At a meeting of U'asiii.ncton
Excinf. Cojipanv, No. 1, of Middle
bury, holden on the evening of the 2d
inst., the following persons werc elected
ofiicers for the year ensuing :
J.tsDX Davent'jp.t," Captain.
Jacob Dewey, )
Ilarry Lang'worthj, . L(uUnmi
Justus Cobb, I
Geo. W. Gould. J
John II. Simmons, Sccrctary.
IIorareTaylor jr. ) Jf
C. C. Huntington, j
Tuc El Dobado. Youngmcn are slill
flocking to tlie Gol J Diggings, an J eTcry tliing
thty necd for on outfit can bo got at Oaic
Hall, Bostos. There is no place in Boston
whero you can find a larger assortmcnt of ont-
tilting good1!, or at morc reasonaU e jiriccs.
K"Dealcrs in ItcaJy Madc Cloiliing, wisli
ing to rcplcnish their stoclc, will find a large
and good assortmcnt at Joh.v Simjioxs &
Co.'s, Quincj- Hall, Boston, that will be sold
at cost, to makc room for spring manufactures-
rilTSICINS CorLD not Cueb IIlM Auollitr cur
of Cuuauinption liy Jlraufa tutluu Iljls.tm. wlitcli is tlie
enly iufailiu;rrui(lily in tlie woilJ, liatitis curcd thou.
naiiiU thr moM liljile.
ilr Wui. D. Jeunlu's, a;merc!iant of Picrpodt Centre,
.UliUliiilaeoiiutv. OIiio. wrute tn us Ociuber tM, I81t,
ainl tated a eura nf Cllmlltifln which the ue uf
ftetl in Mr. W. Cboceet. of an atljoinln; town. 3Ir.
Cruckit lind Miulit relicf from the brst phyi-iciaits and
nuinprous mHtcn, but found nonn. for the futat hand
of that uurclcntlii? nlOntr Uousuinlition liad tjken fjit
hold unlii titali, aud waseo dcnlnijlnf and dctiilitattii
h,s body Ihathe was anicre krlctoii. llc was rhen up
liy his phyicitiis aud all fricnds, as one ho ould oou
iuhaliit a praie. ltut cten in this Ijtextnitnity,strane
and niartrlous as it may swin, yrtit istru, that llii
uo of anly fue botllcs of IIUAXTS IS1IIAN PUI.
.MO.VAIiY ItAI.SASI has unHinchcd the hand of the dc
stroyer, and rclorcd Mr. Croclet to hcalth, and he is
uow a healthy, lieart, rufged fnan !
S. D. Dax, Iji , ho is a mrchant and Postmaterf
at Jjneron, Ashtaliula co. Ohio. wrte to us Jan.5tll,
ISiX and iiientiuucd the aboie wondrrful cure of Mr.
CrocLct. slatin? that ccry medicinc3Ir. C. could bear of
ue had trlcd, all lo nulifuvut miat teeral iloctora had
sjid he must die tliat lie would neter ecl olfhis bcd a
faiu, &c. Uul It if more thau a.atonUhin? that the ueof
only uie lmttles or IlranL s l'uluionary ltalsain, rcatvred
him t'l crfi'Ct bcallh.
rFor lut of agcnts, sce advertisemsatin anolher
Tliat ditlinub-h'il sureou aud pliyiciaut James Ayfr
.u. iiauoter ttreei, liosion, tnus nrucs us as iu iuc
sinat ellicacr of
1)11. THOMAS con.nF.TTS
coxcextj:ateu shakeu syrup of
Bolton, Fcb. 11, 1619.
Me-srs. D. Brinley Jc Co.:
Gentlemeo : 1 liaie euinloved the Compound Syrup
of Sanfaparilla, prpared by Ilr. Corbftt, exteusii ely in
tny practicc, feiuce 1 kuew the Furmula by which it is
uiadc. Its ingredients are happily combined, and I
think ita preparation elceediuely wcll adapted.to all
those cates of dienws wbere Sarsaparllla s rnpiired.
lu niy bauds this Syrup has H) far, (for four mouths
paL) rroed more satitfictorr.aad its effecls hae bccn
more decided, than any pieparation of the articlc I ba e
cvar nicl witli; and I slioulj think it ousht Bbm
prcfcrence oi er all olhers. So far as my eiperiencc in
its use exteuds, I pladly rccomnicnd it as a ery aluable
prcparatioD. O'le thta in its faor is. that it is no inys
lic coiniouiid thc Forniula from nhichit is preparcd
betus open lo the iuspcction of the Mcdical l'rofciou.
l.Ci'pecuuity curfrt
Sold by W. P. P.USSCL. Middlebury, aUo by Ag"t
throUf-huuttliaState. 37:lr
rir J'ars ao I as hurt by trins jam ned by n lo;
which injurct! rue in my back and hiji aud cautrd me
fmi pain Umcd me seercly I made a thurouti appli
catiou of vour lluut'sLiuiiuent which curej me entire
l 3 I10KACF. Al'STlN.
JCThis celebratetl Melicineis for aile by cvcry rcct.
able Dru;j:Ut and Mrrchant throujhout tlie Country at
23 and 31 cents per Iwttle an.l m tnis piace oyn. y.
UL'bSEt. "'"1 JI- A. SIIELDO.V.
Lmox, MaJison Cnnirtr, X. Oct 13; 18iB.
Mr. J. H. W'jrner Jt Co- lhica.X. W zent for
Setli V. Fol'.l Gentlrinoii, I Imrc trca noticrsof
r i V.. w. n r iVtM r?i.
r. 1 hac bTn troublcd wilheorrucss iu ny throat,
attrndctl with tcvern aoJ piioful cuuzb. I ani dowcoh
CiipiI t tuy house iu ftormy anj foiry vcatber. colj
niuili, &c My lKJily health i fccblc, aud I ani now
about fiftyfup ycar of ar. TJiU teuIrDrts of my
throat camo cJ about thc ytar 1806, aud has troublcil
uy private at.J proft6ional liuinca, so that I hate
nc cr been frce fnm it ince. I thiuk my cac is a hard
nnr for a lor a trial of jour mrtlicine. but I eucloc to
you one dollar, which I undfntand i tbe price. ricase
rcnd me a bottlr. If this has a good eflcct, I tliall necd
totend toyouajaia.
Yours rcspectrully,
Lenox, Xor. 13. 1813.
J. E. Warner t Co flentlcmpo, about two nki
you :nt me a bottle of Witari RaUam of Wild Cher
rr. I haic takea tiearly all of it, aud find o much re
eit in u-in? it that I ucl(Mi two dollar for to bottle
mcre. 3Iv couih which had brceme rery ere, and
aud nai weann; me out cry fut, hx neariy suboiJc J.
I raise without much etTort by roushta;, aud the tcud
emea ia my throat t lrry much rlieird. I ifemi lo
me lo b the only mrdiciua to which 1 cau look for "per
maueot relicf.
Respectfullr yours,
Sold by W. P. UUSSEL, Middlebury. alM byAts
thronshout the State.
Boston, tlan 5. Flour Sales of iMichi"
can at S5,"a, and Cjcnescc.common at go,3
fancy and extra Sj,70aG.50. Corn No
changc in pricc. Salcs of white at 5Ca57;
nt-w ycllow at ClaC2; old, C4aC5. Oais
Xorthcrn, 46ai7. Pork, ncnrmess SI 2,50a
13; primc old, S9a9,50; cle.tr, S13,50aU,
Vool Prime Saxony, 45a50 , American full
blood, 40at5 ; Lommon 30a 3o.
Brighton, Thursdaj-, Jan. 3. At markct
820 Beef Cattle, 275 Stores, 4200 Sheep.be
twccn two or thrcc hundrcd Bccf Cattle un
soM. Prices. Beef Cattle ExtraSG; 1st
quality S5,25a5,75; 2d Sl,75a5.25; 3d S4a
1,00. Slores Aicwsaicsoniy. i.wovear
oldSSaU: three year old S14a25. Work-
ir."- Oxcn Salts at S70. 78 and 80. Cows
andCalvcs Salcsat S23.27, 30 and 3G.
Shccp Small lots S1.50, 1,75 and 2,50;
wctlicrs ts.uu, J, o, 4,20 anu jo.
InIoriah. N.Y.. on thc 25ih ult., by
Rev. Mr.Line. Mr. DANFonD Cimfman, of
Moriah, to Miss Elizabetii Worcester,
of Ticondcro;a.
In Crownpoint.N. Y., Nov. 29th, hyltev.
S. L. Herrick, Mr. Bes.nett T. Bese-
dict, to Mies Mehitadkl Davis, all oC
In-Ripton, on the 1st inst., by Jnhr. R.
etv, fc.sq., Rlr. Jsamoel Oook, to fllis,
Rebecca AIaiua J.ovett, allot
At Uoukinaliara, byS. L.. Billings, Esq.,
on the 18th of Dec- Mr. Albert biiEnwtw,
of Che.fr, toMifS Lodisa M. Davis, of
In Crownpoint.on thc 23d ult , from the
kick of.i horse.) Mr. Edsos Bakkm!, nged
nhoul 30 years.
In evb'l, i'3J .!t Asa . Tf.xxv,
t son of Hoa A B. V Te ny
Addison Connty Agricultiiral
Thc Annnal Jlccting of thc Addison Conn
tv ATicultnra! Socicty will bc holden at tho
TownKoom.in Middlebury, on Vcdncsday,
thc 23d inst,at 10 o'clock A.M.
E. W. BLAISDELL, Jr. Scc'y.
Spccifications and spccimens of Ficld Crops
nill bc rcccivcd at tlie Town Clcrk's Officc. tn
Middlcbnrv, ty IIARRY GOOD1UCII,
B. Sa"ewSupply
Of " l'atcnt Churns " receivcd and for salo
IJcc 1, 1R49. by Z. BECKWITJI.
Daguerreotype Pictures!
Havin"rcturncd to this village, proposcs to
ston about tco iculs, and lake pictures. He
tra-ts that his formcr customcrs, and all who clc
sirc J)a"ucrm)tyic l'icturcs, will call at lus
rooms inMi5S Adams's Buildin-, wlicrc hc will
bc rcady to takc pictures in a supenor manncr,
and on "reasonablc tcrni j.
3- The public are invitcd to call and cxam
inc spccimens of pictures aud priio.
M iddlcbury, Janrl 1S50. 3G:lf
Thc Subscribcr having concludcd to closc
his busincss, at this pUcct wisbes to say to
thosc having unscttlcd accounts wilh hna, that
they must bc settlcd atan carly dar,
N. B My thop is rcmoved to the largo
stonc building bcvond the Woolcn Factory,
whcrc all kinds of Cabinct work will bc Mtcu
ded to as herctolbre. WM. WHlTAKEli.
Middlcburv. Jan. 7, 1630. 37
Will he sold on Suturdd'j next. Janunrtf 12,
1 Double Jlarncss, ( new)
1 tax Stoce,
3 Brass Clocls,
8Brooks' C. S.Axes.
G00 Ydt. Callco, Sheetings, frc
40 do. Fulled Ctoth,
12 Kap'd ITats,
Brooms, Pat'd Pail.t. j-c &c.
tST Sales Po.iilice Jgj
KMAINING at thc Tost Officc, in Middlc-
bury,on thc3lst day of Dcceinbcr. 1849.
A. Jllincs. Patrick 2
Alt, Samnel jHcat, Mous. Alcxandcr
Anthony, Krank W. 3 j J
Aldrich, Louis.i Uoicc. I'atrirk 3
Atwood, BIUs .Mary A.i Johnson, E. F.
B.issalon, Jolm
Brucc, Abcl T.
Brown, J. C. & S.
Barry, Mrs.
Bigclow, Jj.
lioncdict, Laviss
l!aer, Ilcrrman .
Blaisdell. Charles E.
Kinncy, F..tnck
Lc Clair, Andrcw
Landon. Mis L. Janc
JlcIIurd.Miss M.
McMcrriam, Michacl 2
Mclntvre, Miss Jlarcia
Bartholomcw, Miss M.I
Bartholomew, " Ilctty!
McKic, Samurl
Marun, htlali 1 .
Malonv, Mrs. Bridget
' N
Chaticncn, Edward
Cawjey. Francis
Clapp. Lieut. S. V. 2
Cuttin, Frank
Conont, Samuel M.
CrafTel, Michael
Cliflbrd, Patrick
Cliflbrd, Dennis
Conneau, Janicj
Demmon, J. S.
Dcplcs, Mr.
Durkee, Kachcl V.
Doanc, Gco. f I.
Delany, Thomas
Botigfass, Mrs. Sarah
Dcmarais, Joscph
Eldridjre, Samuel
Nccly, Grace
Nihill, Michacl
Pctcrs, J. W.
Phclps. L. S.
PbilUick, Jocph
Rcnslow, Elcazcr
Hichanlson, William T
Itichnrdfon, II.
Hyan, Jcrcmuih
Spcnccr. Bcnj. E.
Stonc, Eli
Sumncr, Asa F.
Stcvcns, Jamcs M.
Smith, Royal C.
Sellick. Mvron
Eldridgc, Miss Laura B!
Sposi, Jnscph
Fenncr, Jamcs
Frccman, Angelin.i
Field, Miss Dorliska C.
Fooley, Jamcs
Gilman, John
Gcorjrc. Uichard
Gcc, Mr.
Griffiu, Jamcs
Ilammond, Jno. S.
llcron, Thomas
Ilcshcn, William
Ilills, llcrbert
Scxton. Atirnaei
Shaw.Martin R. 2
trong. Mrs. Julia
Sprague. Mis Laura A.
Smith. Miss Mary
jShaw, Miss Susan B.
Staplcton, Miss Eliza
! T
iTuck, Samuel
iTurncr, Joiah
: V
Vaughn, Rial D.
White, John
f.Valsh, Ellcn
JValc Miss Lmchno
To the Stockholders of the
Bank of Middlebury.
Tt.n nnnnil 'P.lnflinn fnr illf! choice o Dt
v,n R.,iiV nf MMillnhurv. will bc
holden at thc Baukinn House, on thc 8th day
oj Januarj ncxl, al one o ciocic, i-uu.
Uit onler oj tne utreciors
J. VARXER. Cashier.
Bank of Middlebury, 3d Dec. 18 IW. 32
or thc
South ern Literary Iilessenger
F0E 1850.
A new volumeof this long established and
favoriie monthly will be comnienreJ on the
Ist ol January ncxt. lu issuiog its I'rospcc
tus. thc Editor docs nnt deein it uccessary to
publish any long lisl of contribuiors or to in
dule inaiiy fulfome laudationsol the Mag
bziric. Ile charactcr iswell known throujih-
out the .country, l'or neariy Eixleen years
it has occupicd the first rank of cxcellence
in periodical literature. Thc Edilor is dctcr
mir.ed to m.iintain its standinfr, hy filling it
wilh articles from the best pcns in "the coun
try. The contents will cmbrace
Reviews, llistorical and Biographical
Sketches, Norcln, Tales, TrareU, Es
says, Poems, Critiques, and Papers
on the Army, Xary and other
TCational Subjccts.
The Messcnjer will also continue to pro
sent arlirles of a Scientific characlcr, sucli
as iluring thc past year, have excilcd the
most marked attention on hnlh sides ol thc
Atlantic. In the forthcominij volume, the
Onginal Novel, ol
will be continued. This work was pro
nounrcd by the late Edgar A. Poe to be onc
ofthe finest elTorts of genius in course ol
puhlitulion in thiscounlry.
The Editor has plcasure in nnnouncin;
ihat hi acconiphsheil Eurni.enn Correspon
dcnt will conlinue lu lurnish the Maazinc
cotnprisinj' all thi! ilems of forciii inlelli-
gence, and critiral lemarks on all nuveliics
Sciencc, Lttcralurc and Art. The read-
pr will find this correspnndence a fnithlul re
fleclion o( Life in Ihe French Capilal. Thc
political saancity of the vriter has hcen
commended in thc highest tcrms by the Na
tional Intelligencer.
Of thc Editorial and Criiical Depantnent
of the Messenger. the Editor will only say
that it will emtirarc ropious uoles on currenl
liicrnlurc, and revies of all nciv Aiiuric;m
or Foreiirn wnrks ol general inlerest and
value. Hi& opinions will at least be always
fearlessly and honcstly avoivcd.
Cond-tions of the Southcrn Literary Messer.ger.
l.TllE I.1TE0ARY .M ES3ENGEK 1S puhlished
in no'li!y numbcrs. Each nuniber cnnlains
iiot Icss l.n &l h'e supcr-royal pagrs,
prinlcd on good typc,and in the best manner.
and on paper of ihe most be.iuiilul quality.
2. The Messenger ismailed regularly on
or about ihe first day ol cvtry month in thr
yeur. Twelve nunibrr3 make a volume,
and the price of subscripiion is S5 per vnl
umc,;,ajaWe tn adcance; nor will ihe work
be seitt to any one, unlcss the onler lor it is
uccompanicd with the casii. (UTiie yeah
3. The k nl transnutnng sunscripiions
hy mnil will bo nfsumed by tho proprietor.
Bm everysubsTiber thus Iranfmilting pay
ment, is required (hesides taking proper evi
dencc ol the fnct and daip of niailin) u re
tanin memnrntidum nf Ihe number nnd par
ticular marks ol tho noto scnl, or siib-crip-tions
may he rcmiited th'ough the Postmas-
ters. nccording to the prcsenl laws.
4. II n snhscriplion is not Uirectcd lo be
disconlinued helere the first nunibor ol a
volume. has been published. it will be taken
as a cnntinuaiicc foraiiulher year.
5. Anv one cnclositi" n S20 currenl tiill. at
oue time, with the namrs of five kew sub
scribcrs, shall rcceive fivecopiesof llieMes-
sani'er, lor onc year.
6." The innluat ohligations of the publisher
and subscriber, fnr Ihe year, are fu'ly incur
red as soon as ihe first No. of ihe volume is
issued : and after that lime.nodiscoiitinuanre
of a suhscriptinn will be pcrniilted. Nor
will anv subscrintion be ili.-continueil while
anv thin rpmains due thercn, unlcss ut the
option ol the edilnr.
Edilor and Proprietor.
Richmond, Va., Oclobfr, 1849.
Oflice at thc Officc of Pctcr Starr, Esq.
Jan. 1st, 1850. 3C:tf.
An adjonrncd mccting of the stockholders of
the Mwuietiurv lanuiacniring omuniiv iu uc
holden at the Vermont Hotcl.on Wcdncsday, tho,
23d day of January next, at t o'clock P. M.
Middlebury, Bcc. 24, 1849. 35:4 ,
A STew Year
AND, AN OLD STOllV All persons hav
J: ing unscttlcd accounts with thc subscribcr,
are rcquestcd lo call and scttlc isimediately 1
tlrt- Don't forget it.
MidJlcbary, Jan 1st, 1850 3Cilw.
Bv J. G. SAXE, jnst rcccivcd. and for salc
J by L. YV. CLAltK,
Dec 18, 1849.
" E . V A L LE TT E ,
Fancv & Staple Dry Goods,
Groceries, Flour, &c,
Has rcccivcd by rccent arrivals and offcrs for sale'
a large and complcte assorlmcntof Kich Goods
adaptcd to the
Winter Trade.
French Merinos,
of lupin's & MailUtd's best mannfacturc ;
Fic' d & Plaix alt. wool M. I)b Laixes
in Crimson, sca Green, Light and Dark Bluc, &c
Millinery Goods, Loxo Shawls, Sc.ir.rs
&c-at the lowcst markct priccs.
Dec. 3.
Has constantly for !alc at Iow prices, for Casli
and most kinds ofproducc. (ProvUionsfor Casli
r. Vuijij ij.lji a.
M. do Laincs, Mcrinos, Alpaccas, Flanncls. Cal
ieo, Brilliantincs, Caslimcres, Tickings, Domcs
ticTicking-s, Cloths, Cassiracrcs, Vcsliugs, Trim-
mmgs, &c. &.C
a large assortmcnt vcry chcap.
All tho articles in this linc. Physicians prescrip
tions dispcnscd at all limcs.
Middlebury, Nov. 5, 1S49.
L.W. CLARK.cncour-
aged by the incrcasing
patronagc of formcr
years, has this Fall pur
rhascdamuch larccrand
beautiful assortment of
than he has prcvionsly done. Among which arc
clegant Annual", Gift Books in gicat varicty,
Ilistorics and PocmJ, Classici a ld School Books,
all of which will bc disposc ol at vcry small prof
ils. Middlebury, Dec. II, 1849. 33tf
Velvet Trimmings.
A full assortmcnt of High Colored
Also n few pieces of thosc rich
Rich Gimp Head and Jcnnv Lind Fringcs,
jnst rcccivcd, and for salc chcap bv
Dec 3, 1849. E. VALLETTE.
A large lot Tuivn's Shoc Lasts. lalcst fash!on,
for salc by Z. BECKWITIL
Dcc3, 1849.
Dried Plums and Peaches
at tho Dnig Stcrc of W. P. RUSSEL.
Julv 16, 1849.
Drugs and Mcdicincs of purcst quality.
Phvsician's prcscriptions will be dispcnscd by
mysclf.and not cntntcd to lys. !
Having a complctc assortment of Drngs, Mcd
ical 1'rcparations, Mixturcs, Tiuclurcs, &c, hc in
vitcs the publiri and Pliyticians cspccially, to an
cxamination of his stock and prices. 13 i
Middlebury, Nov. 26, 1849.
rrtHE fact should not bo ovcrlookcd that
JL largcst assortmcnt of
(Evofkcrn nnu illivrovs,
cvcr cxhibitcd in this markct canbc sccn (Crcck
cry Rooms up stairs,) and bought nt vcry Iow
prices, at NASli'S
Nov. 6, 1849.
Congratulation to all lovcrs of good BEEADt
thatthcy can rclv upon obtaininga choicc articlc uf
GENESEE FLOUR, warranted snperior, 100 :
Barrels and 50 Half Ba-rcls of which are now in '
storc at NASH'S.
new articlc,) just reccfvcd and for salc low, for
i L Aijtl or rcailvnav m mcit kmus of lncrcliaut-
i ablc producc. hy J0UN WOOD,
1 Or ?5, lJ9, 27
Comparison Invited ! Comliination Eejce
tedt-Competition DeCed! Icw
Prices Adopted !
G. M. LEWIS & Co.
NowofTer a complctc assortmcnt of
mm goods,
Part of which havc just bccn rcccivcd, inclnding
a choicc lot of GROCERIES. FUR CAl'S,
PRINTS bv thc Cord.
Also, a full stock of S T A P L E GOODS
with neariy cverythingthat can snpply the ants
of Ihe dcstitute, or cnhanrc the liiMiiics of thc
Rich. We solirit calfs from bmh joung nnd
old, from Whigs, Dcmucr.its. Ilunkcrs, Barn
bumers and Frcc Eoilcrs, nnd we promNc to
trcat nll accordin to thc mcriu of their repcc
tivo crceils. 07" CA LL EA R LY. 3
Cornwall, Dec. 17, 1819. 3t:tf.
WOULD inform
thc public ihat hu
1ms rcumcd thc
buincss of dcal
inK in 6TOVES,
iucluding all pat
tcrns in common
..se at this datc.
Anionc his stovcs
may b c f o u n d
Hot Blast
ookinpc Stove.
Tt,t Cmrn tnnt- thpfirst rrcmitim nt thc Amcr
ican In.-titute, in thc City of New ork, and u
the Worcester Co. fair in .vlassaclmsctK. One o
the pcculiar propcrties of this Stovc U that a steak
can bc broilcd in three minutcs withont any smokc
nr oitnr rscmiin! into thc room. Thc abovc cut
shows thcfonn of the Stovc.
The cclebrated iquare Ucen l ankee ouon,
The ToL-en Stoi-e,
Tae Canada S'oce, 2 she.
AUo the best and most approvcd pattcrns
of Oritiil Par'.or and JJox Sloceslobi
found in Trov and Albany.
Togcthcr witli n gcncr.il assorlnient of Iiar,
Ronnd and Hoop Iron, American and English
Stccl, llollow and Tin Ware. Rrass Kcttlcs
Coiiperand Iron I'amp..Lcad Piic.Sheet L-ad
Zinc, Cut and Wrought Nails all izcs. Horse
Nails and Shoes, Nail Itrxls, Sad Irons. Ptows
of thc Iatest apd rau't approvcd pnilcms, Stccl
plated Slcigh, 1 ravcrsc and Cuttcr i?hoes, &c.
N. B. Thc subscribcr would say to thc public
ihat hc is dctcrminpd ni't to bc cxdersold by
any dcalcr in this scction of country. An
cxamination of thc abovc stock and prices is dc
sired. , ,.,
K7-J0B WORK done in a v.'orkmmihkc man
ncr, nnd on short notice.
Middlebury, Oct. 2 ISiX 2Tlf
A "ood assortmcnt of Uuekkin Mittcns.
Gcntlcmcn's Douhlc Buckskiu Gloves,
" Common " "
White Kid
" Bhu-k - ;
" IVrlin lincd "
" Tuftcd yarn "
Ladics' Kid nnd Casdimcrc "
for salc at thc Cash Storc of
Oct. 30. R.L. FULLER.
offecs attiiei.o i:st maiiket 1'riui:,
3 Balcs No 1. BufT.ilo Robcs,
2 " Small Sizc,
MUFFS a large assortmcnt.
C Doz. Beautiful Silk Plinh Caps,
3 Doz. Ladics' and Gcnts. Carj.ct Bags and
100 prs. Lndics' and Gcnts. Mctahc nnd lub
bcr Ovcr Shoes. .
100 prs. vcry bcstmiality Buckskm Glovcsand
iwv. io.
A. B. TAYLOR & Co.'s
309 Pearl, (Corner lfaguc St.) A'. '.
THE Subscribcrs continnctomannfiiclurc their
DOUBLE and SINGLE Calenihr Powkk
Peesses, with their Patcnt Atraosphcric Springs.
sti:am i:.ci.Nia axd f.oii.ctts,
and Mach'mery of cvcry descriplion, m.idc to or
dcr, and cvcry article furnishcd al short noticc for
a complcto
The fol!owirig second har.d articlc, ihcap, viz
1 20-horse Stcam Engine,
one Medium SMITH HAND PJIESS nnd
Selflnl-inn Jluchint, all in fjnod order
T Tt P.inM insrrlni" tbe abovc thrcc limc.
I nnd scnding us n copy containing it, cncloscd to
"llorn s U. b. ltanroau uazci'c, anu ueaung
with us to six times the nmount, will havc their
bills allowed in paymcnt. 35:tf.
J ber24. 1849, Trains will leave Burlington
for Bostcn, atCl-2A. AI, Sundays cxceptcd,
stop an hourat Bellows FalUfordinr.cr.arriving
at Boston at 5-j3 P. M.farcS6; connccting at
Walpole with ihc Stagcs to Brattleboro, and
thence to New York ; also at Groton Junrtiun
with Worcester and Nashua, Nomich ind Wor
cester Raileoad and Steamboats on Long Island
Sound. arriving at New i ork at 5 A. M ncxt
morninz, farc SP,?0. lleturning leavc Boston
7 1-2 A. M., arriving at Iturlington ut C 1-2 P.
M.. Icavc New York. at 4 P.M- arrivins at Bur
lin'-ton thc ncxt evening in the first train from
B.iiton, connccting at Bcllow.s talls, both wavs
with Sullivan Railroad. to White Rivcr Jnnctiou,
nnd Wells River. Also nccommoiHium train
will leave Rutland at 7,30. A. M-for Burlington ;
returning at 1:30 P. M , arriving at Ru:I.ind at
5 P. M.
For furthcr information, or for tiikcts. apply at
thc Ticket ODicc, Burlington, or to thc Agcnts on
the linc. UlilUtLUtt,
100,000 Pulmonary Complaints
tlnrei.Es.niisa catcof Cniuiininion, ran be cnrrtl
Iit Ihc us f tlil llafcatil. It lins cun-d Immlli ii f
sms wlm were ro f?r ilirasilt aid fo Impcl.ns a to have
la-en pmmHiimil liy I'liji-iciam r.n.l liirnds, lna !yii'K
Etati. Il Las curcil ttiiUFaiulsrcinifl'in-d casis ; anil u u
of llioiisauils iti all tlie varioi:s iiicliicnt ajr of lliat I'a
tal IJwease. Illiascnml m Tiyor nltmn IHM-rrsaMlhey
wnnM li 't II ve a w nk, and xiuie not a day l.'ii;ir.
Furitartlcularcas and fnllaiiilaliiiiid.int imflt.Fceonr
Pliiplilrt ill our ageiits Iiare llie aai hleu lu -ue to all
u lio ask for tliem.
Brant's Purifying "Extract
sann:ler prriaratiuii r llus llul all Sledlciue, which U
rxiirmiy prepanit and adnilrd lo imilfy nnd clrarn! tne
V.Umd. II cm'alii llieliillily cniic'ntralctf iwnceiif scr
eral valuablr aud rtHraclous n geiable nicdicinr uch
arpaiilla Yellow Dotk, Clierry Haik and Saifra ako
other, one i.l lilchNHieninstiwerlul and iicer Wl-ln-
fiiritiiTof Ihclllood tlint nnsevrrknowii lo rillicrln
dlannrwlilleniaii. It iieiitrallzra ail itestroyn alliheun.
htaHliy, pnlnuuaiiiiniu- f llie liUxlso omplly nnd
crrralnly, tliat it cnr llie wM ft ndiilnB, C-anci-rr, nnd
lillolllrrinipiireMnoddisrarfwlllioiitrail. Il tiinn dw
wa or the llrart, Llver, KMwys. Uirnia and I!:ohI.
l-ln-ie Is more alleraliir, ilinjlir, Iwaline ffpcary In
nnebiittlcoflhisl'iHllier, llian tUrels intcn bo'.tiwof .my
olhi-r nif dicine n lilrh pnrroits to cure the tauie itw-a?es.
27e o&ore Medieines are told in almost trery
town in ihe tate. and in this counli by
W. P. Russd, Middlebury; I. F, Benson, Whi
ting; W. S. Brown, Addison; Bro-.kins &. Ilirch
ard. Shoreham; C M. Lewis & Co , Coinwal';
U. D. Twitchcll, Wcibridge; A. P. I!ococ, New
riavcn; L. L. Ilolromb, Slarksboro : .1.1) Ncrd
hain Bristol; C. IL Wickcr. North FeirUburgh;
W. G. Spragne, Vergennes; T. C. Smith, Monk
ton. All letters and onlcrs must bc aildressed to
WALLaCE & CO., 105 Broadway, New Y uk
iUljolesalc lcalcrs,
Burlington, Vermont,
A RE now rcccivtng a veey extexsivk Stock
IJl of Goods, selcctdl with yinxt one for thc
Cocxtuy tcauu, ind invitc merchants and tra
dcrs to vicw their Stock and prices. fceling con
lidcnt that it will befor their interest to purchasc
licrc instcad of Troy or New York.
Onr Stock consists cf
140 Hhds. Sugar, N. 0., Muscovado, St.
Croix and P. R.
200 Chests II. S. & Hyson Tc.is,
100 Cattys u
i:,0 Ilbls. Crnhed Sugar,
1.10 " l'owdcrd
150 Boxcs Losf "
ISO Bbls. Clarificd . '
20 tuns Hogles l'urc Salcralus.
175 Hhds.N 0,l'.i:,ic.
300 Boxcs and Half Boxcs. varions BramU,
2 500 Doz. Chewing, "Bcan," - Spruguc," &
S N U F F .
100 Jars LorrilRrd's Mc Snuir,
75 ' l)e:in's '
50 Barrcli Scoich "
300 Boxcs T. D. Dutch Common.
0 I L S .
3000 Gal'ons Best Wintcr Spcrm Oil,
5000 " " W. lile'd Eleph't "
1000 " Lmsccd Oil,
50 Bbl. Curricra' "
S 0 A P .
400 Boxcs No 1 Soap,
50 Boxcs Tuilct variou-. bn.n Is,
50 u Shaving "
100 Bags Mocha Coflec,
7 j " O. G. J.
123 " Rio and St. Domingo,
300 Boxcs Gro. Cotfec, No. 1. 2, aud A.
F I S II .
500 Quintals Codiish,
110 BM. Mackcrcl,
75 1-2 BM. '
50 1-4 u "
"5 ' I'ickled Codfish,
200 Boxcs Scalcd Hcrring.
200 Boxcs nnd l:f. Boxcs M. R. Raisius,
75 ' Lcnion",
50 Bags Brazil Nuls,
50 " Almonds,
50 " Filbcrts.
50 " Pcci'.n Nut.
10000 Bnsli. Sjlor,
7000 Canada,
5O0O u T. I.
3000 " Rock,
1000 Bld. Wcstcm,
5000 Bags "
5000 Gco. Rock do.
300 BM. Wcstcrn,
50O Vermont.
CO0O Bhl."IIowIand S. Bills" Br.md,
KHX) " Washington "
5000 " Various 4
1000 ' Cinhman and other Extra Brands,
1000 1-2 do H. & B. llnmd.
30 Tons Iicst N. S. Grind Stoncs, wcighing
trom 50 to250U Ibs.carefullv sclcctcd.
1) R 0 0 M S .
300 Doz. Corn Brooms.
II I G G I N G , & C . ,
50 Coils MonilU Rigging, fiom 1-2 to C in.
25 " Turrcd
100 " Bcd Conl Ropc,
100 Doz.
50 B irrcls Tar,
50 " Pitch.
50 " Rosin.
3000 Kcgs Engle.Sablc, nnd Teru Nails,
10 Tons Ilorsc Shoc Iron,
IO ' B.ind '
5 Scrolll -23
" Assortcd Round Iron,
10 " Sipiarc
23 " Eng. & Am. Tirc '
13 Cases Samlcrson C Stccl,
1 Ton Toe Cork Steel,
5 ' Snring u
1 " e". B
2 " A m. B. "
5 " Nonvay Nail Rod,
2 " CrowBar,
5 " O. S. Iron,
30 Parkagcs Russin Slicet I.-nn,
50 " English Shcet Iron,
300 Boxcs Canada l'iatc,
1 30 " Tin, ii-, ix, sijr. 1 4x20,
10 Casks Shcct Zinc,
500 11m B.ir Tin.
500 l!s " Iad
400 Bags Shot.
P A I N T S .
5 Ton Gru. Lcad, drv,
10 ' " inoi',
500 1! Pari? Green,
300 lbs Vcrdigris,
10 BM. F. Ycllow,
lo " Red lad,
10 " Lidiargcc
93 Balcs4 I Shccting,'' FaniiPis Eiouomy."'
" I!iclnnond.r Walpole.''- .Sliawmut,"& X. Y.
16 li-iles bliccting .-S linc,
300 " Wadding,
150 " Batting,
20 Twinc.
20 Cascs Blea. Good,
60 " l'rint3, new nnd doiniMc slvlrs,
to'.ethcr witli a genernl njsortment of CASSI
GOODS usn.illy kept in Cuy Jolibmg llonsrs.
Burlington, Dec. 8. 33-Gw
Throughuut the United States and Canada-
NO. 18 DUTCH, (Corncr Fnlton M.) N. Y.
PRINTING MATER1ALS of cvery di-scrip-tion,
both ncwandsecuid hnnd. PREfiSES,
P R I N T I N G .
We havc now on hand, for salc chcap for cash.
20,000 lbs. second hand type fr new-pajcr prin
ting. and an extcnsivc as-orttneLt of New '1 i vc,
from Puarl to 150 linc l'ica.
new nnd second har.d, supplicd nt slnrt n-iticc.
CARD PRESSES. of evory deseription.
We i-ontinuc to manjfactnrc our uniivailcd
and stiperior
Wocd Type.
-Q- Onr new spccimcn hook ii now ready, nnd
will bc furwardcd to all respcctablc esuMUh
mcuts upon application.
Cr Printcrs who in;crt thc nbovc, n iih this no
ticc, fonr times in their lespcctivc p.ipcrs, prcvious
to thc first ofJ.tnnary. 1830.nnd icnilnsoiiccopy
ortheircapir..cncIoedtoaHorirs R. R. Gnzetlc,"
New York, will bc paid, by purchasit.g from us
fonr times thc amounl of thrir bills.
33-4w. E. R. WEBB.
Mrs. Ci-kvelaxii would inform
hcr o'd customcrs and the pub
lic gencrallv that hc has just
rctnrncd Iiotnc with thc latcst
T"all and Wintcr Fashions, from
Zcw ork anu lioston. aha lias on commti n
. a p o I as'orlment of SILK HATS, R1BBONS,
JCiT UErAtniNG done as usual.
I 55 A case of Colored Straw anil Chip J?a;l
Wintcr Ronnets just rcrcivc.l. Oct 22
' Mddlcbury, Oct S0t 'S19. 'i3'f
i mmm
i B &
fi V
STATE OF VERMONT, ) Beit reiBemter
Ditrict of Addison. J ed liiat at a Pro
batc Court held at Middlebury in and for thc
Ditric; ut AddUoo.on thc Tthdav oljanuaiv,
A. D. I.xjO.
Himan Converse.executor ofthe last will
and te.-tamcnt of
late of Bridport, in atd Dislrict dcceased,
mak'es application tu this Court, to have the
titnc allowed him for the paymcnt of thc dcbts
of .-.aid deceascd cxtcnded, ont year from thc
expiration ofthe term herclol'oiclirailfd by ih
Court: Il is ihcrcfnrcordercd, that said appli
cation bi consiJcrcd at thc sc?sion of this
Court, to !; IicM ai the otiice of thc Itcgis
tirol t!ii Cuuit nsiic; .Middlebury, on Thur
day tlie -Nt day of Febtuary next at onc o'
clock tn ihe aftcinoon nml ihat said execu
tor give notice therei'f to all perMins in
tcrcied, tla they may appcar and make th:-ir
objection'', if any they mayhive tosaid tirce
being cxifncwl, by piMi-hinga ccrlified copy
of this order in thc iViildliHmrv Galaxy a
newsparcri riaie-J a' said Middicbtirv thrcc
weeKs saccessivtly ( levi'jus. to the time of
saiJ Ciiuit.
.Tal. S. Uus&ncU, Il'g'tter.
A Iruecopy of Rerorl.
37 Attest. JetL S. BmhntH. Hjist, r.
STATE OF VERMONT 1 Bc it rcmcmbcrcd
Dislrict of AiMi-U'n, S3 that, at a Proh.ue
Court hcM at Middlebury in and for thc 1'istri-1
of Addiscn.on thc 31st dav ol Dcccmbcr, A. 1).
Letim'.cr D. Grejory nnd Lucy Wond.adminis
trutors of the cstatc nf
!atc of Weybridge in said District dcrrasfil. prc
scnt their pctition in wriiing to this Court. pmy
ing for licenc to scll tlie rcal estatc of said ileceas.
ol ; nnd thcrcin srt forlh thc nmount ufilaims al
Iowed auninst said cstatc. and thecxticuscs of ad-
ministr.itian : theamount uf thc pcrnnal cstate of
ttie iicccacd, nml tlie Mluation ot tlie rcal estatc.
and tluit the personal csiatc is insulSricnt. and
that il is neccssary to scll part of thc rcal estatc
for thc purposc of paying thc dcbts of said dc
ccased and expcnscs of ndministration. and also
that it will bc licnch'cial to thc intercs's of a'l pe-
sons intcrcsted in said estatc, tohavc thcwl.olcof
said rcal estatc sold by said ndministra'nri. and
thc aid admiuistratnrs aNo prccnt to this Court
thc writtcn rcqucsi of all thc hrirs of sidd tieccas
cd residing in this Stat, that this Court would li
ccne thc said udininilrators to scll the whnte ot
said rcal estatc : 1 1 i thcreupon onlccd, that sUJ
pctition bc considcrcd by this Courr. at thc c
sion thcrciif tu bc held at tlie nfhYe of thc l!cgi
terof said Court. in said Middlebury, on Thurs
day the I7th day of January ncxt, at onc oV-lock
in ihc aficrn" on. and that notice thcmd bcgiv
en ti all pcr-n.ns itcrcs:cd, that they may appcar
and make their ohjcrtions, if any they may havc,
to said licciKe li'ing grantcd.by pubiudim); -rr-liiicd
opy of thi" order in thc "Middicbtirv tial
axy a ncwsj:ipcr printed nt said Middlebury
thrcc wceks succcsshcly irevioas to the time ol
said Court.
3C Jnl. S. Uuihutil, luyUter.
A tiuc copy of record.
Att st.Jtd.S. DusimJ, UetiitUr.
1 ii
DNtnct of Addi'nn.ss. J that at a Probatc
Court bcld at Middlebury, on the I5lh day nl Dc
rcmlcr, A. 1). 1SI9. Jom'Ii Smith 2d, ildminis
tralor with ihc will ntmcxcd ot the Estatc f
Inic of Shoreham in siid dittict, dfcoaid,
prcscnts his aduiinistnitiiin nccount for alldn
ancc : It is thcrciipon ordcrtd. that tliisacrour.i l.t
tonsidcrcd for allnwanrc by lliis Court. at thc
scssiun thcreof to bc held at thc otliceof thr Rcg
itcr of this Court in said Middlebury, on l'liurs
day the I"th day of J.inuary ncxt, nt onc oVlock
in the nftcninon : and that nnlicc llicrcnf lc giv
cu to all pcr-ous intcrcsted, thsit they maj pjh
pcar and tnafco their objcclions, if any'tliey'uiay
havc. tu thc alluwatux- of sjid accoiini. by" pnb
Iibiiig a rrtilietl copy of this order iu thc Mid
dlebury Gal .xy a newspapcr printed at mi .1
Middlebury three wciks succcssively prctions
to thc titnc of said Court.
Jid. S. Viuhntll, ftnjitl r.
A tnie Conv of Rcconl.
J itxtns F. Rruwn, exectitor of ihc last will and
tc-ititnonv of
latcof Salisbury.iii said DNlricl, dcccascil, pie
senuliisadminislralhn account fnr alhnvancc:
Il isllieretipyn utdereil, that, said account be
idcred by ihi-. Court, r.ir allowance. at Ihe
b of Ihc Rcsisler of lliis Court insaid Mhl-
dlebuiy.on Tiiuriay thc 17th day or January
ncxi, at one o'clock in the allcrnoou : and that
noliccthercof bc givcn to allpcrons intcreMed,
Ihat they may appcar and inake t'.cir objec-
tiotif, it any'hey may liavc, tp Itie alloA-atirc
ol said account, by piibiishing a ceilified copv
of this onler in the Middlebu.y Galavy a
newspapcr piirileil al -aid Mir.rilclmj flntc
f-SMtrc itm.uvii-Mlt nrnr JntiR In tt.i. ltn.. nt . i T.l
JaL S. ilushnrl!. KmsUr
A trua copy nf Record.
35: Anni,Jul.S.Buskntll,Rcguttr
Solomou Thomu, cxccn'or of thc last will and
testatnent of I
latcof Salisbury, in aU Dislrict,decea,'cJ, prc
scnt his admint.'traiion acri nnt forallow.-ncc: It
is therpupou ordercd, that .-aid acci.mil I e ron
sidcred foi nllmvatice bylhi Court, nl ihe scs-:
sion thcreof to bcheld ai the orliccof Ihe Rcg-
islcrof this Court in aid Middleliniy, on Tbnu
day Ihe 1 7th day of J .nttary next, a nne o'cf'Hk
tn Ihc afternoon : and that lmtice thtrofbe siv-
cn lo all persons intcreslcd, thsl they iuay ap
pear and make their objecliuiss, il any ihey may
have. to mc numvance 01 saia cccount
unt, I y
in the
al.Mi '.
piihli-hing a rertificd copy of this order
Middlebury U.ilaxr.a nt wsrapcrnnnte.1 al .Mr
dlelnry ihrcc wcekssucccssively prcvious t Il
titnc rf nid Court
Jnl. S. Btulmtll, Rfjister.
A truc Copv of Record.
33 Attcst, Jnl. S. BuslmtU, fitffislrr
.&rtificial Teetb.
frillKUKwim Mfriwi!jr that pctvon w ho winr artliifkil
X JcHli li(Hiki Im; uihi yttt by lli IamIik v riniin.'il.:y
---ri i iti in, vi.'nn im'wrleft nt. mi n ptct-tiilttp imr
liftti twlheiu wiiileiicai.lii, tr on)tVMit mi(j twbarm-rW
iS Hfi:t lo kcp lliriii iul)ire; le-i Uttnm ; ttrtUn
aml n.iitc,i''U; anitniMptnilatHl !; ilr-r; t-lmii -.). d
fcsioj;- a iM-tf ert e f S rtsv n m ibr iikwIi: aud fi.th
a lff::irt ttcy in rfi(nli !' b niuitle Iu t; iIm intii;
riiMtiiits in ina llcalH.ii, Wtiicli nll ivrfi-iit3.lt: it-t-ili ImiuU1
Twrth ar uvulv in llie liisl-nt it.- l p rftx.iott, H
H.rrin n IjoIc Hrt or .ir-- f nn-i aud waniiante bbr
rKH3i all or tue abovc KrxTi.-i.i ri Lri-. lijr Ur. I!.
Dr.K. tr nwty yrn-.m ghrti ty cwl att-iMhMi loilie
m-ntulacturrmitl iiiiiff tif A.i:6ct;l ittib. hutl Jm ut Ui
riniA.y j-fnmil Ibr hih-t itt theiiiTen ftl itnc tr
nf tlit4j.ictsI:nTt,aR.I hcahmti no u pitMit l Ui
taUMruif iu i liMi i- !"'t in -vi ty f-ti i.f Kt L rUri cJwr
acifr n liu! nmt half tts of irnh arc untfiMnt mzilv 011
ilieiticii4t)( AT3iortik.Kir rtn.i'RE MMti .hmI lc y
o(ld ri-ATEj are imd. ivliit tKhiw tt i-rrUil ev
rrj jn-!biifli rttap amlm'or, inWIiim t i. mtli
anarcfUtcly ailaplr! l fle ariicilir iM-cwitiei.'f rnrh
ciiM. Wifli tlwjK" jrti on.I DbriiMi ailvwniajf.. anI llte
peiiiecr a lasye amJ kmz c. ii!tiut-U ifactiet Pr K
iuakn titf tr!i al ne a xe ric$ tbci p-tHitiii
ij.f eiMHitrjr ratt Ut iIimii uiaOt lr in th ti. u I'agr
wtn-tt Uivy reW-,-iluiiai i.uc wty lie ib cirakst
RATCn, (Im IIIOIIMT S1TLE OF TTuSK, ftn4 Ill -lua'l I'X-oi-citl
a vi-il Itt X. v Vi.ik.wi31 bn(trc liun ifrnitt b
ifir-Miti ct cvitaimynl Laiiic ieli maJr ihatcli tl. ni.LV
SATisrrthe iiiohkbt KxrecTATioxs nf mcwnntf.ui.
ctiftiatii tirnctice aiul llie mikji irttcc ijvtivril uin a lai;
n UlMiTi.HnatMii.wcurwa (ifttilmi iiiUi itMMiifaeture
unt allaiiint.lt- liy ihnte iho Makf mly a fvv Ft-u in m ytxr
Km.la!laime!i iik-! ttte wji-m if ifcai bitrtr riaw in
Hiecmntiiumiy wtnnn: circiini5tair-4 I:ar lniEu no ie
v iilt0 ilit-iii ffnm aaili5 lliriuM vi if ! nn :c if
jlijti.irttnwirp.c-lit-ij i.icrair?, ai.l will ;r-1 ienMM
ol llie iu'tt modlste inean, ai atow ritirn, thr i-hi-Iirt
attd adan;as- nf a !Ie of work wlncli lu.Iniiif'.
b-tn aliaiiidUie i.nty hy tlvn wl.o cm!I tIT.4 10 jmy Ihr
liigUrvi ficct hich micIi woRnWlruU-nljuoiLif ttisru.
but h lncti atl rdiiuM p-iy. A furr arul fa Wacl r s minU
tif cniifi.Ietice it. n-ftrrnrc loll e atility i I)r KmbaHl
futfil itvte cm(Iitiii.( i Umnti i:i tlie itralin of wi C"V
iniiiii hrmritft!f Iiw bnyinon. uhicli tliai witrwvrra
;.4rcil ttik i fiibiml ml puctl in ili- nirmiti, ir llie
patinii Wimi lully ralMitit uitlilt in k rT! i L,
ansarJ4irr.KTi, aitcara;iTf ili fu. ro or, r auythiH:
elrtf jirttahHi-s n ll. ur n at fs&rEiT lhikbtt io de
lli TAXlsniT, UwvvIiiiIimUI. if t tin Iti M- n petlfct aid
tiifnc iy 'I'Tiall n lr K, ptefrrn luamii rilil'.
Cv-ry n-."l ilirtTiitHi f.w the preinrntiim of the yxrU
rtiyl iijitfactrv injUiMmuni nt anv kiinl tt latic l la
futji(lprrVHmIr to liavinz tn-ih nwile rnn he l.atl b i(
drtltis Ur. KlmlaU at Ii ltace of tms.jins, 2io.
unaiway. iH-tv lurK.
I.tl tn lu
Dr VALEvtiE Miitt, rrof. of Pnrprrf
Dt. Gtt.wif uk iiEfc fArTrnj. I'r'if Anatrtti
t U.u t"iuvi-i,i ut Siw
N-r 1(5, :?ti.
iuBi.m. u. uiussoi, iKjfiwi i - ,-g, vimiM tue onginai m-
- !!,. lurnUhcdbvaiicmincnlPl.isician, tlie,
STATE OF VERMONT. 1 Be it remrmWed ! l'n.f. Roicrs,) and ihat till fnvtbcr '" ;rt '!
Districtof A.MiM,n,ss. J that at a 1 'roWte ! "ie f lus presJUitrQCric'"" ""3
Court held at .Middlebury, in and for tbe Distticl 1 r.-gul.irly cducatcd Pliys.tei.in. gn.ilu tc ol
of Addison, on the 1 llh day of Deceiuber, A. D. I Lnivei-itv of lVnnsylvama. It composcit
tuiii J .i. nnirlN in ihc v.'i.ctal .le MngUt
STATE Ol" VERMONT, ) Bc it remcmbcnd rc de-ijnicl lo li.ne upon i,.c ....
Ditri.tof Addison, s. ( that. at a lVohnte nr"' "'-'vcbII. ll.c i-u1 '" l "T-'t
Court lield at iMid.llel.tiry in and lor ihe diMiirt ' wl,uli it hss ilnnr. I hiy d;- -" I'- ..ctUtw t
... a.i ... ,i. 11..1.1 ..r i. . , i.,.,,.l.l..txiPtwiviU: l.t. -h..n M .. v one e
in j.u.iiavii, wii iuc tiim ut.. ui ie. 1 lllirer il. u.
rpUEPr.'prictorof fii popular PfffiOL,
1 cine, thankful f jr the etenive and lncl
si.' favor jith v hich it Is rceive.l, and leeil
de5iJiis vi mabing cvcry iinj.iu.cu...
Tu-.-r .ips leave to announrc t!ul ne uas at
io ihe PilN, of putc -White Sugar, vrhcrel y
ry thing dNagreeat.ie io inc . ., ,",3
atrecliugjn'oihcr respccls, thecij-ellentiii
lies ol' thc rsedicinc. Thew nri.f an mno
nm-niiTit nwilitim ! r,.lje i
so gcnerally fell, is' itus supplic , ar.i tt i t
hdentlv an'icipateil rnaltliei JtJve ui-
acreptablc to thc publx.
ti,. nr..u!iHinl iienf md amai
ncrpiir wilh Ihc ;rcalir. !.!'!. f -
nn i. .1. irlu:,I U.OVe 1 M '
m.. i,,.nsisa iu ' 'fnefil 1
vnlne.it' U" I'.-'i' Ivtin.il Y J
undorMond. Imiot'Mil and
inincralsofcv.-iv i'.cri tinr. i
the cireuj)!tat.crs :'lld Cl-n 'ii1
, 1 ftl
i nl tol
I ii' t.l
..... Mii.m-ri I i-.' ri! Pll l'i ' i '
gtvatPM f mily iN'vc" i' of .1 - '
cnverin i sm' ;-.! I'nm iiiUi dci mi .
ccal lli i-iMf an 1 - :iell.
The-e i'lll - wiil . !-.. cor.iir iv u c
m'Jtaui i .'.'. -. .is lieretcta f , v b
prcfir ilv n in th i. oiigiual nu
CKXrr. r. niiix:CTi s
The nniinnrv dc-J l r -r.'n r -iw.i
tn fjur PilK: ! ut in i .
tn anv paii .f ttie '. Oit'-, tiic inci' i -f.kon
m l.i.'c!'-, 1,11,1 r-re.f e
on g liasf i ' i 1 (. " " !
t-reat.) m.t'i "i diiic '
iimvfil ; ai-er lin i, le ' '
ken siM-i l vn'i.iVuw 1'
reutil.ir, vthkh iri ' in u s' '
lott fi ti vf ' ' tllifl.
l'or morc p i'lar iln -ci;' r- sce i
laracii'inpai vi 'Tem-b 1 o.
1'orS.ile. at Wli.iWb- r.d r' ' '
i ,.e fr j
i i t
M 11
Rissix, and Sn v' V Mo ir-. . M
bv Aeeius throiigh al". parts of f
- c nr
.-i-. i imvTri Tl-svriSIOVY
roe.ClnT Ir. U.wrri t.'ivvrort. Ti' it .wIm'.I
llll'iMl-iiV l Tl l.to I'mfr nr in t'' M mK ll
u-lir u- thnt. "lll tlirt'r 3 ext
m -..,..,.,.,..lLmL l)r. K.ltr-' np . I.nenswl ,
i j. .. ...u.u4 t...i . ..1 a t:ritlC MaHfl
rrai-lr of .iml ir clinnirlr V. n I ''J
pnu.-nr- O-K-cf Ih !b.Tf - - 3I Rcli apH-
tu trfL.:..r.ur u.iilr lHe I -t t.i - "l i ul. n l " '1
.... i i ......... In. Ini'n.ntl I tu I-r.it lltfr
Is st tki llen ia tlie i-rjii uirnt uf j o :.: sooit hrl
Mtnr flir ownl lart Itl tin- i.v J
T-S ttw.- tti&et in lu!. lllt'irPim li' ttll
.r tH..i. 4M iU iulmli- 1 1
r rnlJUiS.l
K.'r Hali in VW.IWmrv, t.j V V t.lSsH
F,'H Tllt I IMI '
Contrha. Colds,
Iuf "fi H,
Asthrna.Bronchili -i.fpitt-Jgo:
Elcorl, aisd nll otctr jju 5
Tld mclicinc is ju-t mIm
..t A n....uli Tiir tlnf"
,'.ef .ircd tO 1
iv.....t..iw nf ibt-Thruai and I.tmgs, wli cli Ul
glccte.1, cnd iu Coxbi urTiox li i noi n wo.l
iiv of tbe mistrums of thc d.iv but tt is a st-Kl
most f them fl'g tr--e.lv. b.e and e tabl.sl
n-mitation, and some I tucm ri.tin.iy iie, i
ticularlv the Cciial.i;1'. uplai I clmosiw.
derfulinedri iiwlvirtucs. latcK .atr. .iiiced ltilo l
muntrv from Colifomm iic Kinpc i.a
shown'to tbonands of PbrM. i. n? o havc t
i vorially appmvpd it, ; nd 1 1 ' e ' own to i
1'hvsiiian who desircs to i c r. npon i f lu .il
' cilher lii the Proprictors or tlmr jgc s. 11 a
Ixtii twol in niultiiudcs of la-v. nnt u i tron
reccomtnenilcd by Physici- n.. cvm 1 rcUssorij
onr Mcdi al CollVge!', Minitcis t.f I'e t.cfj
,Iudgtt, Iawyet!. .Mcrct.ains. ............
tuticlnsite prool that thfre i- no ipi.iis.cry or
rcptl-n about it, but thm it i- a nicdinnc of
niost uncommun virtue and cffiiury.
1 V M 1' 1 1 1 .E'l S.
j Asimordinarv-sizcd advtiii-cnv it canUl
tnr.to ittuirn ti tbe lunits of tl l- 1 '-c tlie t'J
' i.rii-tor-i have cnibodied i.i a paiiipUct fonn. ll
j.Unrv of this Mcdicmc ihf ilcs' i "on nati j
.rnt t.tini-iiial iiuredn ut' 1!' cOe.t ll-l
i verlookcl, tlicy are requeied to c-..!t n'.x n tbe
.nl. .....! ll,r. an.l rjricurc onc , s.
il! ll r.-,.!.v n neru-al. J hcb.n'stin t .
rv m.iv v.orth to voi rschis ir famil
'rnntTSAMm Ol DOU.ARSand i. wid
tnuln.-i. tn toii ii mass of tcslimony .n its fal
which is licrfei-tlv irresisuble.
Such iMiing onr timliilcnce'tn its virtucs. wcil
willing to warrant tlicMii'.irme m cvcry casc;
iiil ,vn iir.lin i,i ihe iliriition.- I nnd I.in I
,u.r...n U not iii-tit-il thnt he is dcrivii g U-vJ
from it, by n-turiuii!: tbe '""lc S' ' 24 hoiil
tiit.e THE MONEY I
will Iw nfundcil. (fj- Sec pagc 3d ofPamph1!
I For salc. wholrsalc cnd ritail. by A. L. SC
I VII.L & CO., Proprietor., nr their PtwcijhiPm
' ficr, Na C3 Warren st.. N.w Ynrk, to whom'l
c : order for this Mcdicine. and lettcrs relnitng lo
ircnric, sliculd Ur aMn spiI. rosl paut.
CT" llc sure jou ask for Ih A. Uot.s SjA
lct no other hc italmctl off nion yon.
llie IiuiT wntppcr, a untr of hmitF. sincu wilh
Pea, hv A. J,. .SCOVIlX & C .
For sale in Mi.WW.ury. hy YV P RUSSKLl
for S5,UO. 1
Tiie Vegetabla PrJmoaarjrl
I ihr Mst llizhin ;piwtf and Ptprul
SfandttrU M&ticine 7t ir in (rtrtf l se
ciii'rii., riiuu AXi' t o.n.-i Miri'.. akii'I
r:titny, rithutir, ?MMi c oi u.oint, l.Mitr i inm
ItnnirhfTlv, imI afl putiiuw.a y Atf. ... u au4 lleaMil
iitr itmami t ttrrz
II tJtot s,i-n of Uy i m tfttt t'firflcf! 4 On-i
-paratin fcWil. .XmttlVr - It h bfvn uwij M
wtmdqifril ncc- aixl h'1-' a -tiiirrirry rcr eiei Ul
ol HHtMriiM UMti. a immii t -i can tti.li cm.fMul
rrc'tmuictte i(. Ai.ntut i: uua tmu uhi -,
ncic purci?, ami i wn-' u 11 j ii mr ra'uilile tiil
ii:h." ii.:iir Hbaf.Mi" iiir utui v-rjl
hmtvrfii i, i'i..lilj.,util ur r'.i-iiww tini- a i.umI
tlww lu hit u "il i'." Ariot;i. It i eiinal II i
r.ztra t lo.tu a ivtur uiTtti .;utu, i , ah t 1 1 isj?
Ii w :i ti:-t hrnff i. mI iio n.r i.tmilv ! a e LiaJ
lti ciuti ?Ht" ict viar asn aiul -U4 It )Ii L:il
my wur (l rive.l fmiit u Hu t w i a unt iH.t u nr ;:aH
In ur liousc -iirce. I liac a - rrfuuntikiiil uuil
U-al liliy iiOmil (ctniit ntir fr't ATttlhiMot
anI i a ik: kmiw if a riw ca m wtitrtt iti
uoi Kie Immrvlii!- r-lief,ai J w.im; nere cnrnl afti-f Ut I
rn ii p hir Ihcir rnv.rtan. 1
iiikix Mitr.i ai anei 4 ui!iim"u 111 .m aiy Ba ar
Amrtican ru'inAHir Rtlm. arul tlf a lai fu
S tbe tiam: f.ninfrff fr ' aTtKif br I( -fiiil tiail
aml h rlmiitba ike nifnniwra! te fWnj is'Nfii
fR HH"all TciliiW laliel. 0.1 !!i li ne wra.ti. 4.iO
l'rru-rU by Kiir.ii ki;i 1 L,t-.;;,!tp. icm aiti vh
fair l)rkf 'in 5hil:cilieM. I alliM, l n tr.-V. aml I
Mulf. 33 liMlia Mit, It.to-iiit ni il 'iiw lHii?itjl
MMliif aiirn, aI mitr Mrtehzu. pnn r tlir tt pm
lu'tmo iM.ilte. lriccVlcrs toi taie 111 AI;tlt!Ittit,i
Iiv S. UUDY. 3- 6il
2. O, U.
Thoe wlio Iiavc nrtseitlcd an o ml witli !
VEOPLE'S AUENT. Ihnt t .ielxcn i.f
mnnil.s st:inilai!r. nill lmilit o their n.lraulaa
call and scttle. W. S. JOILVSOri
Oci.20, 1S49.
God Liver il.
T!.c tn.c Meilu inal u: tic'c. preparc.il rrom-Trl
Livcrs. c -tiu.'1- n 'lawl . nl tor snie iil
hotie. ir ' on or fuiallcr qu. n"ii.e t 'ncHfl
pr 'e (or wbicli He pwe oil c jfi be aiTonied bi

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