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rgHE subacnber has been appoinled
1 Agent for the HARTFORD FIRE
bury nnd vicinity, and will receive propo
ala for insuring property ogainst loss or
tiamage bj Fire. The long eetablished
reputation of this company, and tlie
promptness with which all their transac-iions-have
bccn charactcriscd render it
uuneccssary lo say anyihing in its favor.
All business connectcd with the officein
Jrusted to hFm will bc faithfully and punc
tually transncled.
Middlebury, Fcb. 2G, 1841. 42; ly
Pints, aOil.
& Lw? assDPitment of ainw and Oil, for
A e by A. & W. S. JOHNSON.
May 31.1311. 4
&5"ChiIJren or adults cau lake medicine in
this form without difliculty. h is the only
voy to :nako it plcasant yet discovercd.
CCTPurchasers will plcasc observo that the
nnme"A. Sherman, M. D." is on each hox.
flS Lozengcs are scaled, and hnvo "A
Shcrman, M. U." on thc sido oi
ihe box- They are the safest, most sure ana
efTcclual remedy for coughs, colds, cousump
tians, whooping cough, Asthma. tightncss of
the Lungs or chcsi, ccc. yc The proprietor
has never kuown an instance where they did
not give perfect satisfaction. Scveral thou.
sancTboxcs liave been snld wilhin thelast thrcc
rconths restoring to healtli, persons in almost
every s'.age of co'nsumption, and those Iabor
ing under the most disires.sing cold and coughs.
They do not check and dry up tho cough, but
render it casy, promotc expectoration, allay
thc tickling or irritation, and remove the prox
iinate or e.citing cause. They aro made from
n comb'mation of the most vrluabio expectorant
for cough mcdicines, and arc undoubtedly su
perior to cvcry thing in use for those coin
plaints. llundredsof certificates have been
otFercd of their wonderful virtucs, from thos
who havc been saved from an untimely grave
and restored to perfect hcalth by using them'
Dose. One lozenge is a dose for an adu't, nnd
m-iy be repeated from thrce to six limrs a day,
asrequired. Children, cight years old, halfof
one: four years, a quartcr, and so in proportion.
Very sinoll children or infants will take them
best dissolvcd in a little watcr. Should they
act as an einetic, or produce nausea, tho dose
must be Icssoned to what the stomach will bear.
Half of one will genorally bo sufiicient to lake
before breakfast, as the stomach is more easily
sickened. No ill cfTects can nriso from nn
nver dose, as it will cause the stomach to re
icct it; and allhough not a pleasunt sensation,
v.illbe found to give relief. Whero there is
ir.uch pain in the breast or sidc one ofSherman's
Poor Muiu's Plasicrs should bo applied ovcr
ihe par!, and worn till relievcd. If attended
with costiveness, a fcw cathartic or laxativc
Lozengcs, or any mild cathartic me.Iicino
should bc uscd as occnsion requires. Sold at
thc Variety Store, by PANGBORN & Brins.
aid, Jcwellers, Burligton, Vt. wholesalo a
jcuts. A hberal discount to merchnnts who
Luv to sell ogain. For sulc by J. Dyab.
vNLY 12J cents each. Fach plastcr ha
onnted on the baclc oi it, "onerman
Poor man's plaster." It is the dest stregthen
ing plastcr in the world, and a sovereign rem
edy for pain or weakness in the back, lpins
side, breast, neck, limbs, joints, rheumalism,
i!,rrKnon &c. One million a vear will
bu' supply the demand. They will require a
little uarming before apphcation. arranled
ciinorlrtrtn nl nthers. and for onc auarter the
nciii! nrlw. makin!T notonlv the best, but ihe
chcapcst plaster in the world. It affirds relitf
in afew hours, and makesaslonishingcures.
in llvrr rnmnlnlnt nnd dvsnensia. it should be
worn ovcr thc rfgiou t f the iivcr or stomocht
nnd it will afford gtcat anJ asionishing relief
In coughs, colds aMhmas, dilficully of brealh
in", opprcssion of the chest or stomach, they
wiH immediately soothe, and greatly benefit
thc patient. Persons of scdentary habits, or
thoss obligcd to stand much, will receive deci
i'ed support from or.e of ihc truly.slrengthning,
plasters. rhysicians gcnerally lccommend
ihpiT), in preferencctoall cthers, becanse they
stick or adhere bctterand athjrd grealer relief.
!n their operation they are stiinulant, tonic.and
nno.iyne. They are composcd of entirely dif
erent ingredients from any other; nnd known
from thc expenence of millions, who have us
ed them, as well as the united testimony, of all
the celebratcd and distinguished clergy and
ph.ysicians to be thc most useful nnd highly
incdicated plaster, cveriinvented or ofFered to
the public. Several persons have caked at the
ware house to exprcss their surprise and thanks
at the almost miracu'ous cnres thesr plasters
havc eiTectcd. Onc man who had been afflict.
ep with rhcumatisiu, as to be unable lo dress
liiinself without assistance, was.enabled after
wraring one, only dnc night to gei up alonc in
the morning, pul on his clothes and call atour
office with eyes beaming with joy and his
tonguepounng forth the gladness ofhis hcart,
at the suddenand signal relief he had received
from this beU of all remedies. Ask for Dr.
Shennan'.s Toor Man's Plaster. It is so call
rd, because the price places it in thepower of
all to purchasc, being only 12J cts. Sold at
Lo vaiiety store by Pasgbokn Brinsjiaid,
Jewellcre. Rurlingtcn, "Vt. wholesalc agents.
A Itberal liscoti: merchants who buy to sell
ttgs..a. Fltiilby J. Dvar. 35;ly
Clotli caDs.
J, Large Rssortment of all kinds of
L Cioih Caps, iust received by
May 24. 1S41. 4
Taft's Scythes.
F1FTY dozen Taa's Cast Stecl Scythes,
5 do. Moise's do.
For isle T.ljolcsnleTnd retiil bv
' -?A. & W. S.'JOIINSON-
ZBECKWITH is now rcceiving from
NewJl'ork, n large and wcll selected
assortment of
which he ofTers for salo at prices that cannot
fail to suit purchasers.
Middlebury, May 25, 1841. 3;tf
llcalth and Strength !
RE ihe only sure temedy lor ny-pri.i
and Jaundiee that has evrr bein '!i . m rtd
and their general u-e for 22 C'''"-- re-
commenitations from thc inu-i i lu-rtnt ihe
Medical Faculty, and cditnrial noticrs Iroui ihc
Bostmi ftlorning,Po-t, Bolton Da lyMs-ii Plym
outh Mf morial, Airoskeag Ui prt'-finriiivp.Barr.-stable
Patriot, Essex Bannir, II-vc l.i!l Ga
zette. Lowell Patriot, Bunki-r Hi:l Aurora,
Cbarlestnwn, Porfmoulh Gazci'e. N. H. Nnr'li-
ern Star, II. Islnml, Lincoln Telegrapli, Me.,
New Yoik EveningSignal, &c. mustassure the
afiliclcd ihai thev possess woi.deiful rcer.i.
to the riscera, promoie the peristnltic aclinn,
cleanse thc stomach and bowels from unhe.ihhy
accumulalions, and purify and cnlivcn Iheblood
in the most thorouh and i fiectual mnnnfr.
They are the most ceriain remcdy for all thoe
prevalent Discases called dyspepsia jaundice,liv
er complaints, heartburn, dizziness, lieadache,
wanderini orselilt-d pains, sinkin? faintness.
sour stomach, lssolapi etite, weakness of the
limbs. nervous debility, rosiiveni'ss, piles, and
all di;cases caued by an unhealtliy state,.of the
siomach and bowels.
They are.the unrivlled and cfficacious com
pcund of a
and Giaduate of the
who has made the study of Medicine his pro
(efsion. Beinjcomposed entirtly of ve?etables, they
are of such a nalure tl at they may be taken r
any length of time by inralids of any age, with
jut injuring the tystem or exposing it to tnke
The gtnuine article cjr.not be obiair.cd o
them on any pretence whntever.
Nor allow them to scll my Mcdicines.
And all Biaers, pnt up iu phiuls iind small round
bottles, purportini to be tnine,
As s me are base enoujh to fill the empty
bottles w.ifi the i stuff, and thus deceive the un
wary, and some have attcmpted an iinitatioa of
my Biitcrs in papers.
In consrn'iencc of t'iese aiiempts at iranosi-
tipn, 1 have been at gtcai cxpense in having new
direc'ions a::d wrappeis, and in fulure the Bit-
ters in papers wiil lc tlone up in a dillerent style.
&ee iiui me enveiope nas on it my na.:.e in lu
"enttred accordim; lo an act of Conaress, iti the J tors ef salt provisions" who will bo selected by
year 1840, by S. O Richnrdson, M. D.; in the 'thc respectivo Commanding Ollicers; but
ClcrK's Ollice of the Di-trict Court ot Massa- j the;r charges for such inspcction must bo paid
chuseils;'; and on ihe oihtr side, 'Establisl ed in by ,he reSpectivc contraclors, who must Iike
lbOS, at South Heading County of Middlesex, J; havi tho barrels put in good shipping
Massachusells." T he borderatound the mside , .. . r r.u r . .
direc.ion, (which are printed cn white lissue pa- orrder. 10 satisfacl.on of thc Commandanls
per) issoi uriously engravedihat the words"Dr.'of'be respectivc Navy Yards arorcsaid alter
6'. O. R:chardsou's Slierry Wine Bittets" pre- tho inspections, and at theirown cxpensc.
scnt ihemst-lves in a thousand differeot forras. Bidders must specify their prices s.-parafcly
Asa copy right has been granied me, nnd distindly, in seperatc otlers for thc Beef
Allinjringcments icill be scverebj dealtwilh and for the Pork, and for each of the places of
accord'ing to law. The boitles are ncarly ready dclivcrv, covering all cxpenses and all char
lo bf isvued, in the same s,tyle. I eg
AllBitierspreparedby me have a fac-timile b n f SQns binding thcmselvcs lo
of my signiture on the ou'er cnve bpe. , ir .
To counterfdt icfnch is Forcn,. bcc.omf. surfI1'es ' ' N l a '
AS YOU VALUEVOUR HEALTil d olh:J elterf lrm s0",c Navy Agent,
BE CAREFUL ! jCommandant at the Navy lard, or other per
Orders from Agents, merclnnls, traders, dr2- soa weI1 known ,0 tlie epartment, must ac
Kists.apoihecarhs and dealerj in medicines, will campany the ofTers of each person, and state
be punctually attended to, andsent to any part of the beliefofthe writerthat thc person oflering
thecountry, safely packed in boxes. to contract is practically acquainted, by ex
Alibeial discount will beallov.'t d on the sale. j periencc, wiili lho b-st "mode of curing nnd
For sale. wholesale and rctai' at the I i,: Rr.,rwi p.l n,iu, ihA nMKtv m
Bulor , qffice, 1 5 Hanover streel, Boslon.
and in must Towns throu;houi the New-En-
land tates.
JCr'Piice75 cents per bottle 50ccntsper pa
CIJURCH and Parlor Oigans. and Piano
Fortes luced and repaired atshort noiice.
Orders from abroad, ihankiully received and
punctually attended to.
M'ddltbnr', Atarch 16, 1811. 45;tf
flAPT. M. T. DAVIS, will commence her trips
U on the 27lh of Apiil. belween this cilv and Buf
faIo4 Hunning Kicut and Day, as follons :
Through thc Sth Day.
This Packet has been tbcroughly repaired, and t
now in first rate oriler for
Frcight and Passcngers.
Will ieave Vergennes at 7 o'clock in the morriin,
towed by Ihe Steamer MrDonouzh. Freight nius
be on boanl Ihe Uay previous. fasjcngcrs, particu
laily Irom Vermont, thoso movinjr or visilini; their
fricn Js, lo and fro, will almost ahvaya find some go
!ng mlo their immediate npighborliood, Ihereby mak
inj Ihe trip raore agreeable. Erery allendon will be
paid to Pasengers, xvith, or without board, by a
rareful Captain an.l crew, who will cndeavur to give
satislaction. ror lurihei paraculars, inquire ot thc
captain on board, or of
R. CHAPMAN, Ver?cnnct.
or JOY & WEBSTER, Buff.lo.
March 23, 1811. 49;6m.
UST received, for
sat: at tlie lowest ,
rriTbL ' A. & W. S. JOHNSON.
May 31, 1541. 4
Navy Com'rs OJice, June 15, 1841.
(EALED OFFERS, endorsed "OfTers
forBccf," or "Oflers for Pork," as the
case may be, wiil bo received at this officc
until 3 o'clock P. M' of the 20ih July next.for
furnihing and delivering, free of all cost and
chargo to thc United i'lates
3 000 barrels of Navy Beer. and 3 G00 bar
relsof Navy Pork ; oach barrel to conlain two
hundred pouuds, nett weight, of Beef or Pork.
To bo delivered as followj, viz.
1.200 barrels of iho Bccf at the Navy Yard.
Charlestown, Mnssachusctls.
800 do do Brooklyn, N. Y.
1,000 do do Gosport, Virginia.
1,000 do- Pork Charlestown Wass.
1,000 do do Brooklyn, N. Y.
1,000 do do Gosport, Virginia.
All thesaid Beef and Pork to bs delivered
hetween thc 5lh day of April and thc 15lh day
of Juno 1812 unless carlier deltveries should be
authorized by the Navy Commissioners.
Tho Beef must be packed from well-fatlened
cattle, weighing not less than flve hundred
pounds nett weight each. Thc Iegs nnd le.,
rands of thc hind-quaricrs, nnd thc shins nnj
shoulder clods, and at least eight pounds from
ihe neck rnd of each fore-quarter or tho par
markcd Nos- 1, 2, nnd 3, on the drawing or
delincalion of the forc nnd hind-quniter of an
Ov, which will be attached to and form n part
of the contract, must be who'.Iy excluded from
each barrel, and the rcmainder of thc carcass
must be cut in picces of not less than cight
pounds each.
Thc Pork must be packed fiom corn-fed
well-fattcned hog3, weighing not lcss than two
hundred pounds each, excludiiiK the hoads.
joles, necks, shouldcrs, hams, l'-gs, feet, and
lard, aml and all rcluscu pieccs ; and must uo
cut in pieces weighing not lcss than six pounds
Both the Beef and Pork must bcslaughtercd
between the first of Novcmber next and thc
neriods of delivery, and must besalted with at
least one bushel of coarse Turk's Island, Isle of
Ma-, or St. Ubes salt. and with fivo ounces
of pure pulverized sahpeter, to each barrel, ex
clusive of a picklc, to bc mude from ficsh watcr
Mrong as salt can make it.
f The barrels to be made of thc best seasoned
white oak or white ash staves and hcddings. If
of the formcr, to bo not lcss than three-fourihs
of an inch thick ; if of the latter, to benct lcss
than one inchthick, and to be hoopcd at least
ihrce.forths over with the best white oak or
hickory hoops, cxccpt thc crose hoop, which
inusl be of iron, at least onc inch widc, and not
lcss than thc denominalion No. 17. All at the
expenseof the rcspectivo contractors.
Each barrel must bc brandcd on its hcad,
'Nnvy Beef," or " Navy Pork, " as tho case
may be, with the contraclor's nainc, and the
year when packed.
i hc ueel and tho t'orK wili be mspccted oy
ihe Inpecting Ofiiccrs at the respectivc Navy
X ards aforcsaid, and by somc "swnrn tnspec-
. ntrnet ir, .. saI;,fi,ctorv manner.
and that his sureties havo also the auuity. in
case of failurc on tho part of the contractor, to
.... -j -
pay thc amount of their bonds-
Thc Board of Navy Commissioners rescrve
lo themselves the right to rtjcct all oflurs from
persons who have hcrc!o.roro failcd to fulfill
their contracts or who do not forward satisfac
Ic.ry lettetx, showing their ability, and the a
bihty of their sureties, to comp!-cto the con
Bonds in onc-third the amount of thc respec
tivc contracts will bo required ; and ten per
ccntum, in additton will bc withheld from Uie
amount of each pavment to bc made, collatcral
security for thc due and faithful pcrfonnancc
of their respectivc contracts ; which will on no
account bc pmd until thc contracts arc com
plied with in all respccts ; and is to bc forfei
ted to thc use ai.d benefit of thc United Siatcj
n the cvent of failures to complete the delivcr-
ies "wilhin thc prescribed pcriods. And ir.
case offaiuire on thc part of thc contractors to
deliver the afiircsaid beef and vpork within thc
limv sppcified, the Navy Commissioners to
havc the right to direct purchases to bc
made to supply thc deficiencies, and any cx-
cess of cost to bc chargcd to and paid by tho
contractors. Payments will be made bv the
United Stalcs (cxcepling the ten per ccntum,
to bc withheld until the completion of the con
tracts as bebro statcd ) wilhin thirty daya afier
Ihe said beet anu pork shall Uave been inspec
ted nnd received, and bills for the same shall
be presented lo tho Navy Agents respectively,
duly approvcd bv thu Commandanls of ihc rc
spectivo Navy Yards according to the lerms
of ihe contracts.
The parts of the Beef to bc excluded from
tho barrels will be particuUrly dcsignatcd in
the engravings to be attached to the contracts.;
persons interestcd'can obtain them on applica
lion at this oflice.
Cases cf Umbrellas, just received by
May 24, 184 1. 4
5 Kegs Powder, -s
600 Ganisiers of supe'rior.artir.'e, for eale"
" . A.& W. S. JOHNSON
May 21. 1S11. . , "4
Asa Chapman,
ES PECTFULLY informs lho inhabi -
tants of M ddlebury, and tlie county
eenerallv, tliat hc is now rcceivina from
V. " 1 XT V' 1- I "T
iioston anu iew loru, a genurai ussuis
incntof Foreign and Donicstic
suitablcforthc season, which hc will sellat
reduced prices,
Consisting of Broadcloths Cassimeres, Sat-
linctts, Vcstings, French, London and
American prints. and Shceting?, ,
Caps, Umbrellas, and almost
. i it..
every arucie usuuny
kcpt in Country
Crockery and Hardware,
Bar Iron and Nails,
by wholesalc or rctail.
Bools and Shoes,
Old and Young Hyson,
and hyson skin
which will bc found of asupcrior qualify
Sugar, Molasses, Salt,
and most arliclcs in the Grocery line, also,
Slieep Tobacco.
Middlebury, May 20th, 1841, 3;3w
JgTOULU respectl'ully inforin their pat
f ? rons, and the public generally, that
they will continne to receivo WOCL at the
establishmcnt ofthe MiddlebiiryManufacturing
Company, to munufuciurc into Cloths. C'assi.
meres or Sattinelts, white orcolorcd Flannels,
&c. of pcrmancnt colors und mixcs, lo suit lho
taste, on sharcs or by tho yarJ, at the option
of ihe ownnr.
Being furnished with the neccssary nppara,
lus, and having in their employ competent und
faithful workmcn, they willconlinuc to improve
thevalucand stylc of their goods, inlending
that lhcy shall not be surpassed by thoso of
any other cstablishment in .the slat.j. They
w ill kcen an assorlment on nana to accommo. :
datc those who may waut a part of their clotli j
in advance. '
Grateful for tho cxtcnsive pntronngo lliey
have received, they hope by strict pcrsnnal at
tention to business and the inlercsts of their
patrons to receive a liberal sharo of their fa
vor. TERMS as reasonable as at any establish
ment in the vicinity.
Middlebury, June. 22.
Thc Lion oi thc J)ay.
For sah by S. Mnody, Middlebury. Yt.
Tn tbi n-tizeni orthe United StatM and tho Cana-
das is respectl'ully submitted this Directory lo Ihe
means for regainins lliat which has been paitially , and
i. ...rainEl.nrixi Inlallv lost.
hl.u;n.r tl.nnlil be nrizpcl aove that ol healtb.
and who knovs beltcr how to prize the hles.'.ing, than
those who have been deprivecj ol it.' 11 is an cim au- ,
a?e. (and o:,e lbat conia.ns a wise .njunc lion ) m
lime ol peace, preinre lor ar. e suuuiu iu iune
of Heallh prcpare for the attacks of that stealthy lur-:
king foe, Discase. ll would be wisdom to o'seive h:s
movements, lo scan well iha form in which he ap- I
proaches.and then to incet him w.th those means ,
which are calculated to eCcct his overlhrow '
Tnose means aie now before this enlightcned and in-j
lelliscntrammunily They ate accessible lo the poor
as well as the nch, and ltiust ttiai ir.ose no regatu
the Constitulionofn.an asone ofthe Gnest specimeiis
of Divine woikmanship, and the Laws by nh;ch tbat
Systcra isgoverncdand direcled, as originalinj in no
olher than in Ihe rouncils of Hcaven, will so far obey
Ihe injunclions or the Iattcr as to provide the best safe-
1 r.. rAnnDi
uu iui itiu ,
scribed by most eminentMcdical Geiiliemtn not only
in this Country but also in Eu:ope : Ihat loflir this
valuable Medicine to this American People.
Time and full opportunity -ur a fair ind mpartial
trial have pl.ced the Lion of the Day bcoad the
brar.d orimptution, Hutr.bu, Quackety, tis.
Tr.is Pill is compospcl of exlracts irom nine pans
cf Ihe vegetable kingdom, (bems entirely tree Irom
anvdrus ota deletcnous nature.lnu auapiea pai-,
fuularhi to ihe cleansing of tbe Stomach, Blood, j
ihe Uuman Systcm.
B'llious Fever!", ind Cliohc, iecx aml ague, jaun
dice.Scarlct Kash, Dispepsia. Hearlburn, Costive
ness. Asthma. and Liver Complaiiit nave been ctir
ed, by usins lliese Pillsaccordingly to the directions
accompanving each box.
It is not intendcd that this Medicine is a cure for
all Discase 'o which the human sjstem i3 liable,
Many efforts havc been mad! to compound aMed.
Icine which would cure all Diseases, but hvsefailid.
Those Diseases enumeialcd above, are within
the power of these Pills and a sure cure or relief is
Price S7, 1-2 cents.
Sold by A. k. P, D. Barrows, Salisbury: S. B.
Uockwell , Cornwall ; Rusegue & Walker, Whiting;
Jvent Wright, Shoreham , Truman S. EUlridpe, Ad
dison ; F. Huntington, Vergennes: J. H. llarncs,
Charlotte, Jlf. W. Kinsley. Monkton ; Rockwoud &
WebsIer.Sfaikesboro ; Titus B. Gaige, Bristol; R.
P.Nash, New-llaven. Qcj- For Sale, iatII Uie prin
cipal villages, in the State. MERR1TT GRIKF1N,
Propneter, Glenn's Falls, N. Y,
S'trav Mare.
Came into tho inclosuro ofthe subscribcr, on
ihe 26th inst. a dark crey Mare, with a long
lail. Tho owner is requestcd to provo proper
'yt pay charges, and take her away.
Nathan CLAFLirr. '
Hancock, AJay 29th 1841. 7.3w.
For Sale.
HE subscriber ofTers for Sale a farm,
containing 250 acrcs of land, lying a-
bout 3 milcs south of this village, together with
Ihe stocks and tools appertaining to the same.
It ispleasantly situatcd on the bank of Otter
Crcek. Tcrms of payment mado casy to the
purchascr. . IRA 5TEWART.
1 Middlebury, Juno 22, 1841. 7tf,
A Card.
! f S
. bu-nd Wcn? .t -n a fcw JayS( a pair of his
two and threc pedal
Persons wishing to purchasc will pleaso leave
their nnme and nurnber at the Jcwelry Store
of Mr. Joseh Dyar, and they will bc duly no
tified when tho pianos aro rcndy for examina
tion. Orders for pianos may also bc left with
Mr. Dnr, slating what piicn and dcscription
oPinsiru.ment i.s wnnted, and it will bc immedi
ately f'l'rwarded to ihe manufactory at Albany
and answers rcturued- The Pianos will be
found first quality, and refercr.ces may bc giv
en to many families of ihc first rcspcctability
in ihe country.
Refurcnces in Castleton J. Meacham, A.
W. Hyde, Rov. Mr. Hallock, A. AYarner,
Dr. Smith, and Linus Warner, Prof. of Music.
Also to Cash'r Scott, Bank of Vergennes.
Terms nccommodating.
July G, 1841. 9 2mo.
Vergennes & Troy Line.
r - n i - m n - - - -j
THIS line nf Boais will resume business at
the openinj of navisMtion, leaviiig Ver
gennes every Tursday and Saturday morning at
7 o'clock. towed bv sienmtr McDncou?li to
Whiiehall, arriving'at Troythe 3d day leavfs
Troy Wednesdays and Saiurdays at 2 n'clock
P M., arriving at Vergennes on Tuesday anil
Saturday iiiuniings. Freisht fnr ihe South
must be on board Uie fore part of the day previ
ous. At Tr-y Freijrhts will be taken up to ihe
hnurof leaving. For fnrther particuars inquire
of II. CM APiMANand )
M. D. HALL, J Vergennes,
H. S. OSBON, Airent, Troy-Office N . :51
River St., over I. H. Hocker's Tow-hoat Oflice,
4th iluor ui Rtairs.
N. B. The proprieiors "f the above Line re
spectfnlly solicii a continuance ofpatronage, and
plcde Ihemselves to fi-rwar.i freiglitentrusted to
their care wiih prnmptiiess and despatch, having
every iieresary facility,as UauaL
Jlpril, 1841. 4S,6ai.
Sick Hcadaclte Remedy.
TOK the permaimtil cure of this destress
Mj ing complaiiit, never fails. Whein per
severed In, it ellVclualliy renovatcs ihe sys
cm, nnd doos away the cause of thc Sick-
and Nervous Headacae. Thousands havc
tned it, nnd found precisely the lelief which
tho article promises to beslow. Ceitificatrs
0f the slrongcst kind", and Irom thc most rc-
spectable persons, are iti thc pos.-cssion of
the nrobrtetor. some ot wnicii navc lie-jn
published, testifying to lho permancnt cure
&nd 'olheis to tho imraediato relief givcn by
this remedy. It uflbrds relief to tho ulilicted
in 15 or 20 minutes from the first dose. II
taken when the !yinptoms of au altack are
first felt, it prevents lho' furthcr progress of
the complaiiit, and can produce no dangerat
any time by an excessivc dose; ns in such a
case it would throw ofl the contents of the
stomach, leaving it swecl and healthy with an
c.cellcnt appttite. All nfilicted with the
headachc should not fail toprocuretho aiti
cle, and rclieve themselves from so distress
ing complaiiit.
Physicians havo in many instances given it
to their palcnls, and in every instance, to our
knowledge.with grcat satisfaction have found
It a CCrtnin CUre.
bick und lervous Jiead-
acitf is a complnint wilh which physicians do-
not WiSh to h ivo any thms to do, and ccner
DrCj5criUe or,ly for tcrnI)orarv relief : con-
, T. , ; , . .
sequcntly, Dr.Spohn's Sick I . eadache Rem.
edy escapes thc oppOMlion which some olhei
pr0p,ietor'd articles ineet from thatsourcc.
, . j wi t
J J ,r " . .
R is composed entirely or Yegetables, and
conlains no mincral, or poisnnous clrug of any
kjnrl. an,l rfocs not reouire any chango of dr
et or e.xercise.
Sold wholesa'o and retail by Comstock &
Co. wholessle Druggists, 2 Flttehcr t,t. N.
Y., and by thc principal Druggits in thc Un.
For sale by b. fllooDir, Miuciebury, vt.
Nerve and Bone Liniment.
Tms article is ofiercd to tho public os a
never failiug cure for the Rheumalism, and it
has for a niimbcrof years sustaiued its icp
utation, and accomplished cures which had
, f , . . yer of every olhur article. In
,, rai;0r: . :vr;-ilili.
acilto and rccent cases, the relief l. invdnable
after one or two aiiplicationsof tho Imiuieat
and in chronic Rheumalism, the cases of cure
are nuwcrous. It is truly a remedy that
reaches the nerve and bone with Iho most hap
py eflect.
Sold wholesalc and rctail by Comstock &
Co. wholesalc Druggiats, 2 Fletcher st. N.
Y., and by the principal Druggists in theUir
iou. Sold by S. Moody. 20
Dr. McMunn's Elixir ofpiu Om.
Superior to Parigoric or Laudanum, or any
of the prcparations of opium.
Sold by S. Moodt.
Dr. Taylor's Balsam Liver-
wort, has been successlul for cight years in
the curo of tho followitig diseases : Con-
sumptiou and Liver Complaiiit, Female cem
plaints, Spilting of Blnod, Nervous diseases
and veakness. Sold by S. MOODY.
Middlebury, Vt. 20
Cloths, &c.
UPER Bluc.Black, Brown and Mixed
Cloths and Cassimcrcs. Also Vestincs,
Lincnand Cotton Drillings, Buffalo Clotb,
Bangup Cord. Tickings, Bleached and Un
blcachcd.Shcelingsand Shirtings can be had
Cheaper than ever, at the Auction and Com
mission Store. Z. BECIVITH.
May 31.
Doz, jusl received and for salo by
doz. or singlc, by
Important Cautioiu
Itis a slngular fact anl one zauch to be regreffed
hat valuable medicines, as sooa as they become pop
ular, and have received the test ana approval of a
discriminatins public, are sura to be countcrfcilcd,
and thu3 a bad and spurious article is immediately
palmed upon the unsuspectinc as the grnuint. This
has been notorioosly the cas with all popular tricd
and truly Valuable medicines ibr years oast, anJ wi,
probaaly continuelo be the ce for.years to come.
The base and contcmpt'itl? conunti-rleit-r in thlo
way m;anly takes advantag of all the eflorts and
er tising used by the proprieiors of the genuine ar-
Ive to iet their metlicines into use and descrved
popularity. It is Ihcrefore nnt less Ihe duly Ihan
nt ihutes to the safety of every honest imlividual
nhe community to expose.froien dovm, and foiever
tstrust all heartlcssi ngrites who
pipis irrepsr.nsibly trifle with hpalth and life.
r.Jh'3a Pcrson y 'he name ofJ. B. ROCH
jthORT, now enSaSed in sellin a Pill done up in
boxes inexact and perfec- imilalion ofthe zmuine
IndianVcpetable Pills. with th-o-nis-ion
or only one word on thp Boxcs viz: WniouT
The pilUsold by Ihis Rochcfort are evidenlly ii:tend
edasa ftaud aml impojilion upon Ihe community, or
hey nouIJ not have been done up in such exact im
tlation of Ihe jenuine. This perou is tall, and blus
irin withagreat theatrcalswasger. He was
dently known as a tcry poor player in Baltimore, un
tcr the uiui.cal co-jnoinen of Jim Brown, and is a
out twenty-five jears of ase. It U almost bejond
doubt that he issupplied with piiU from a Drni;si-t
nrm in Ihis cily, wbo have been hcretofjre ncteiious
ly connectcd nithcounleireit medicines. As soonas
proof is oMained, the fountain hend of this n-fari-ous
busint-ss will he exposed, ihat the community
( maysiiun inem a Iney veuIJ a serpant.
j inthe;mkan time the public
asainst huyinc VRIGHT'S I.NniAjr VrccTABLir
, P11.1.S of one whodoes no cxhibit a csrtiricate of a-
gency signed by llieasent forlheNewEnsland statei
beaniii ilate since Januirj-I3t'J. AUo take partic
1 ularnolicc ihe fulluwin wonlins is on Ihe Boxes
WRIGHT6' Jndian Vegttable Pills (luA. Pur-
galive) ot tha North .Jmerican Collexe of health.
The 1 11 d 1:1 11 Vei;etable Pills are
. ccrtaiu cuie for diseaae in its every variet of form
j becau the (horoughly clc.intf tbe stomach and
1 bowels induce a propcr discharjie by the lung,
aml kidney, anJ stiniuatf ihe blood to pmi.'y itselT
! In olher -ord lhcy ojien all Ihe naliinl dram-, and
I leave lValure (The Gkand Phvsician) free to
' drive diseasc Irora Ihe boiiy. Theatiove outIa 0r
I rirains. are Ihe coiniiiou sewenof Ihe bojy, Ihrou-'U
ivliicn all morwd anu corrupt hnmors (the caOsa o'
disea.-) are canied cffaml so 'vug as ll.ey are all kep
open.and dischart Irerly their allottea" portions d
inpuriiy, tlw body willcontinue in K-alth: but hjo
nora iating impropcr lood, brcathin impure air. suaa
P, transinoiH from heat to cold over exhaustion
nany olher camo. ihe bowels become coslive, the
.pr , of lho skin become closed, or the kidneys
eto pciform thf ir iunctions ,iroper!y, the impuritits
hich should bedraint'd from ihe" bcdy by whoe out.
Icts will lie rctaine.l, aud continuelo accun.ulate un
til Ihe body become Iiterally loaded wiihdiease.
Tlie above pills may be !aken at all times, and un
der all circutastinces, with perfect safety. They su
al compld.nts aud all ats, und arc as natural to th
humin coiistitution as looj, consu.pjjntly they can
never injure even the most dclicate. I.ike our fooj
Ihey are dis'slible Ihcrefore they eriter inlo tho ci
culation, aud impirt an energy to the blnoj which
enablcs it to flcw mth freedoin quira to the extremir
ties; and consequently to keep the porcs of Ihe s'cm
open. They are tiue and perfccl punfiers of thb nloftl
becanse they drain all d.riupt I.urr.drs fjoiu that liU
fjiving rluid. Theyicipartstren,'lhanJviKor lo the
holo sysfem. ani their erftscis are always beneiicial;
becaust- they only remove Ihose humors which areop
sposrd to health. They aid aad improve digtstion, &
onnd tleep fullows their ujj; because Ihey cleansa
ths stnuiacli and bowels of their sliin humors which
no'. only imlale and excile the iwrvJiu system, bu
paralyze and v-ea!en Ihe liijjestive or(:ans. In s!io
Ihey possessall Ihj good properties that can be claiin
ed I'or any medicine; and vvhat is v rem irkaMa, rtt
it is uttefly mipossible to use them withjut benefit.
Price 25 cents per box, with full directions.
(Kr OfSce and General Depot for tta New Eng
land Stalcs, No. 193 TntaiosT STr.EE,near Court
street Bolton.
CtJ-Acests have been appoir.fed for the Fale of
the PiLLS in most every town iu New Ensland.
Middlebury, Geo. II Fish
Benningtuu, Jonathan Haughton
illiamsville, Charlcs W Joy
Bennington, J C Haswell
Rutland, William Fay
Woodstock, Haskell &. Palmer
Dover, Hiram Baldwin
Braaleboro' B:rge& Brackett
Waterford, H I'utiingo:. Co.
Newcury, Prentiss Ktiight
Eeihel, Hamuel Au;tia,Jr.
Sprmiield, Geo. V.'ashburn
1'roctorsville, Proctor & llobinson
Londonderry, Smitii &, Glazier
BriJgewater, Thomas Soutbgato
Chester, PhinansO Sarsent
Windsor, S Hubbard
Burlini;ton, A Brinsmad
East Pou!tney,llickock & Mcars
Cornwall, Samuel Everts
ilminton. A B Cliilds
Stowe. Albert Comps
Pcst MiiU, Jeremiah Wilton
St. Johnsbury, Luther Jetvett
Wtston,John Wilder
Waterbury. Persons Lyons
Montpelier. William Clark
Ludlow, John D nbar&l'o.
lieadiu, U ood & Merrill
Hartford, J P Strons &. Co.
Norwich, Baxter & Newtun
Barnard, J P Danfotth
Bethel, Lorenzo Hnchcock
Rochester, Charles Dodd
Springfield, Uussell
Cavendish, A Gibson & Soa
Guilford, Philip Mariin
Halifax, J C Stone.cc. Co.
Westminster. Aaron Hitchcock
Northfield. Murdockcc. Alesander
AVeathersfield, Barley Bartlett
Hartland, Cotton & Uramble
Fairfax, Hampton Lovegood.
All letters relativeto the rillsmastbi
iJdressed thus:-N- E. COLLEGE C-F HEALTH
193Tremont St.Boson, Maw.' 20;tf
THE subscriber will continuc to cnrry on
the above business at the old stand of O
Jcwett Esq. where ho will he happy to serva
his old patrons and the public gcnerally.
Having fittcd up his machinery in the best
possible manner, he feels safo in assuring
them ihat their work will be done in the besj
manner, and on the most reasonable terms.
New ITaven, East Mills, June, T840.5.

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