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II. BILr..Editor rind Proprietor.
Ordeks, Resolutions, Laws, Public
The People's Press is prinled in Ihe Brick
Building JVorth endof the Bridge, by
hy icham all orders for printing Books, Pamphlels,
j, i ,- "II T I
Uills. Cards, S,-c, oj cvcry aescripnon,v:iu ue neauy
and fashionably excculed, al shorl nolice.
Vlllapc r nbtcribcrs
Mail subscriberf,
lndividuald ond Companieswho ukeatllic ollict,
nr 1,50 centt If paid in six monthi.
cmpanlcsonslagernulca, ....
or 1,50 ifpild in eir month!.
Thosc who take of IVWrldcrs, ...
Companres nnd indlriduals ofl tlic routc
or I.SU, H paid in 1 i monuis.
Nopa;i"rsdisco!itiniiMuntitarrearasrsarepaiiI, esccpt at tlie
option ofihe proprietor. No payincuu to Carricrs allowed cz.
ecptoidcrrd by thc piopriclor.
All cuinmunications mustbc adircsscd to tlic rditor Post ri
Pcblic No. 12.")
AN ACT l- nroviJe for ilacinz Gri-enonsh's
St-tue of Washington in tlie Kotundu the of j
Caiiinl,iind for cxpen-es tliertin mentioneu.
Be il cnaclcd. &-c. Th it the acccunts ot Horaiio
Greenough for expvnses incu-red in llie execu
uon of th; pedestnne statue of Wa&hinstnn, au
thor zcd by a rcsoluii .n of C..n"res, Ftbruary
thiiteenth, ti"hteen hundred andthirty iwo, and
the nccimnts and charses for freigl.t ofthe same
to the United Siatcs.be seitled ur.der the direc-
tion ofthe Secretary of Slate, according to the
r;,l,t of tl.o rl!,!m-,ni ..r..lr.r il.r.r r-n,,.
tracts lilie ally cons'rued: Prowded, That not
lie allowed the f ai J Grrenongli, in the event thal
the Serretnrr ofSta e, under such constructiorii s
aforesaiil, shall cnnsider bini entitleil lo cliarne
the same; wnd no: more ihan eight thpusand six
hundred dollars for the freigl.t aforesaiil, and de
lention of the ship, and for an iron railing arnund
the staiue, inc'.uding the ium offiftecn hundred
ilntlnr aiiimi-l 'o lie naid hv ihe s;iid Green-
ounh.innddi'ioH to the .'liginal contract as made t
hyGomniodo-e IIull ; and the uni offifiei-n j
ihousand oi.e hondri'd dollar, ras inuch tht'rc- i
of as may be ncccssary, is hereby aiproinateJ
ior th' purpoe nforcsaid.
flec. 2. Andbt itfuilher cnnclaf, Thal tln'
susi o. fiveth'ju.-and d"llirs. or m mucli ihereof
:-s uiny !e ni'cesa-iry. is herehy appr.'priated, for
the pnrpise of rpuiovinihe satJ .-latu-. from ihe
navv vard at Washington, and for creclins the
Min'eliiJUsh p.nl ofihi! Uotund ol t'ic Capiiol
as m iv h
lecme ! !irt adantcd lnr the raa:e bv
ihe Serretary ofthe Navy. in nccordancc wiiii j do not obscrveany as to thc bcst incdc of put
ilie joint resoluliun of Congress of the iiventy-i ting up and prcerviiig Tomatoes for wintcr's
sevenih ot ftlay, i-igliti-en limii!reU nml l..rty, n-iy
tbing i!ei;iiatinir tlie nanieular spoi c niainnl
in thea-l offiiu tt-enth of July, riglite- n huinlred
and lliirty-tiv i. to tlie cnntrary notwi h&tanding.
A;ipnieJ, S-.'iIeuiber 9, IS1I.
Pi-bu.:. No. 13 j
ANT AC V auih rzing iiie tr:in-i'iiis:on of lelicrs
and packeis tu and Jrom Irs. Harriion f ee ol"
Uc ilen.tcled, &.c. That a'l 1. vctv and pa kets
carrird by pnl t' and lrom Mrs. llarrison, ri-Iict
of the i.ite William Ilenry fI.irrison.be conv. ycd
frte ol potage ihirino; hrr naiiir.il liff.
Approvcil Sfjiicmbcr 0, 19-11.
Pl-dlicNo. M
AX ACT io mnke a-ijir ij'r'aiions Dr tlic Po t
Olfice Department.
Beilcnaclrd, S,-e. Thatitie sum nf f.iur IitnnlrcJ
and uincH-seven thousand ix hnndied and fi "ty-f.cv.-ii
ilnllars lie. and the s mie i hrn'by, appn
pnaled oui ofii'iv ni -ney iii Ihe Trea-ury nm
tithtrwise apnrojiriatfd, to enahle tlie Pot Oflire
Departmrnt ib'm et i's etig g.-ni nts and piy ils
tiebu, of wiiieh snm Gficcn liiousnnd dollars nie
hereby nppropri-ited 'o cnaliletiie Audiiur ol'said
Dej ar nnnr to purchase account-bcoks Pr his
office, and to brin up arrears of ils hii'incsi:
Piovided. Tliat in vittuc hiTC f no cl-rk hall be
employed fnr a lonccr pcriod than one yrar; to
be aecoun'ed for in the inanncr pre-cruct: in llie
second section orihr,-Act lo rlimge theo.saniza
tion ol the Post Oflice Di-partmcnt and lo pro
ride more efiectu.tlly for the setlleineiit ofthe ac-ci-unts
ihereof,"' p'assed July fccond. cichtecii
l.undred nnd thiity-six: Procided, That the
mnney lieribv npprniriiited shall he accounte.l
for by the Post Office 1). pnrtment ln'rcaftiT,
ivhen ihe condition of its fui'ds sna!l penvil, to
be refunded inio tlie Treasury, or deduc cd lioni
any sums which the IV-t Office Departircnt may
Iieretofore have paid in'o the Treasury.
Approved, September 0, IS1I.
Pudlic No. 15.
AN ACT making an appropriation foi the pur-cha:-e
of nival orJnaiico and ordn.ince stores,
nnd for o hcr purposes.
Bk il cnaclcd hy Ihc Senulc and House of Rcp
rescntativcs of the Uniled Slalcs of Jlmcrica in
Congress assembled, That the snm olsix hundred
thousand dol ars he naid out of any mo.u-vs in
.i;. !-;:" , v.ii'Z:::;-.,, ;,t
nurnOiC of pu'chasinir ordnance iind ordnance
. .i...,u.., v.c. v ...-j .... ,
storcs for the use of the N ivy of the United
Sec. 2. And beit furthcr cnacl'd.
That the ;
Secretary of the Navy is lu-reby nuthorized to ap-
piy a pan ot the sum herein anil herehy appro
priated, ihi exceeding fifiy ihouand dullars, to
ihe purposc of makiiis experitnenls lo test the
value ol improvemcnts in o dnance, in the con
structionof sieamers and other vrsseli ofwar,
and in other inatlers connected with the naval
scrvice and the naliocal clrfence ; and also to the
puipose ol defrjying any charses left unpaid on
accountof e.vpeiiment- of th? like charactrr here
tofore madu !y authority of law.
Speaker of the House of Jtepresentatiees.
President of the Senale pro tempore,
Apprcved, Septembtrr II, 1841.
Pbbuc No. 16.
AN ACT making appropriationg for outGts and
silaries of diplomatic agents, and for other
Be il enacled by the S.nate and House of Rep
rcsentalives of the Uniled Slales of America in
Isonsrcss assembled, That thc following sums be,
antl iiie same arc hereiv. appropriated, to be paid
Lnnr? T "w U, Twatuty uot oihetwise
appropriated, viz. '
For nutfits of ministcrs to Russia. Spain,
Mex.co aml Brazil, ana of .harges d'aia.res to
Portugalj Denmark, SaMinia, Nanles A: a
Texas, sixty-thrce thousand dollaVs? ' C'"1,'and
For salaries of ministers to Sp.iia and Brazil
for the residue ufthe current year, cighithonand
For salaries oftlie secretarlcs of leuation to
the same place, one thousand eight hundred
Also, somuch 33 may be necessnry lo pay, for
compensatiuo, to the clerks and other ofEcers in
tlie scrvice of the two Houses, the librarian and 1
asststant hbrarians of Congress, the sate-keeper
unu miiiii-uguier, iur iiie services renuerca ny
them during tlie present extra session, three
month's additional pay ; and to the messengers,
l I t r . i. . tt i t i
uuu irtumcrs ut tue iwo nnuscs unu uiura-
ry ot ConereiS. and to the hostlerofthe Hou?e
ot Kcpresentatives, t
at tt e close of each s
oi ivcnreseiiiauyes, ine iisuai p iiowances maue
r t .? .i , i,
at tt e close oi each session : and tu each u the
M:-ri.n,..;.i - . .i.
ers, to be paid under the direction of ihe Com -
mittee on the Contingent Fund ofeach House.
And tlie regular j-ay nf the messenger of the
oiTice ot ihe Secretary of the Senate and nffice!
Dtthe Clerk of the House of lt epresentatives
ball be cqual io the pay of any o.her permanent
mesenger employed in the Capitol. 1
Alsr., a snm not exceeding iwo Imndred and ,
seVenty-ihree dollars for cotnpleting the contract
for printing and binding the catalogue of the
Approved tsepiemLer 11, tsif
bags, which should hang in a dry room.
Resolutio.v Pudlic No. 4. j How to pklde TomaU.es Pick them when
A RESOLUTION in relation to the pur- theyareripc. Put them in laycrs in a jar,
chase of domestic water-iottcd heinp for the use' with garlicks, mustard sccd, horsc radish, spi
of the United States Navy.' ' Ces, &c. as you likc, filling up thc jar; occas
Be it resohed by the Senate and House of ionally putting a little fine salt, proportionally
Represenlalives of Ihe Uniled Slates of Ameri-' to thc quantity laid down, and which is inten
c.i in Congress assembled, That the Secretary ' ded to prescrvc thc tomato. Whcn tho jar is
ofthe avvbe and be hereby is.directed to pur- rii 4i, u :j. ,.:r,.
; chase domestic water-rutted liemp for the use of
the United Slates Navy, so far as the same shall
! be fnund of tuinble qualiiy, and can be used
I Leii'ficiallv to the service. having reg rd tothet
! cosr' strengtn, anu uuramuiy ol tlie articie ; an.t
i for lhat vPs? s.!'a'J ca4'e purchases of such
' "enP 10 De aae .,n ,ne uiiwreni nemp-growing
j reon'5 c,.'0":1. ., . , m, ,.
. - .lauotujuriner enaaea, i iiai ,'
rcsoluiL.r. shall be and remain in fi.rce fnr.
, "ie Pcril1 ofscrcn ycars from thc passing ih re
Aiprovcd, Scplcmbcr 11, 1811.
From t!ie Wcstrin Kanucr.
Mr. Ssovr Ainong Ihc many valuablc di-
rcctiiins-ou havc providcd for i'our rcadcrs, 1
usr, 'Hiis is a vegctable that, for both hcalth
and faslc, has rcccntlv bcconie a favoritcdish
hcrc. So far as I know, very liitlc carc has
bccn takcn in this section to prescrvc them.
Indccd, so little altcntion has bccn givcn to
thcir prcscrvaiion, that many think thcj- can
havc them no longcr than during tlic scason
of thcir growth. Thcyarc casily raiscd, pro.
ducc abundantly, and, aftcr a little use, all
dcc'arc them to bc a rich trcat. Thcir prcs
cncc wpon thc table at any, or cvcn with all
mcalsof thcday. is quite acccpfablc.
A noticc from you at this timc, as to thc
bcst modcof putting thcni up for wintcr,wou'd
bc of scrvice to at lcasl onc of vour r-adcrs.
Yoursj&c, " P. R T.
Ansicer by the Editar.
Tho Tomato has long bccn known and us
cd for culinary purposes in many portions of
Europe, in Francc, Italy, Gennany, Holland,
and within a fow j-cars has bccomo a gcncral
favorttc iti this country.
Dr. Bcnnctt, a mcdical profcssor in onc of
our eollegcs, considen; it an invaluahlu nrticlc
of dict. Hc ascribcs to it high mcdical prop
crtics, and dcclarcs,
"Isf. That it (thc lomalo) is one of the
mosl powcrfu! dcobslruciils of thc Alaleria
jMedica, and that in all of thosc afl'ections of
thc livcrand othcr organs whcrc calonicl is
indicatcd, it is probably thc niost cfl'ectivc and
Icast haruifiil rcmcdial ageut known in the
"2d. That a chcmical cxtract will be ob
taincd from it, which willaltogclhersupcrsedc
the use of calomcl in thc cure of discasc.
"3d. That hc has succrcsfully trcatcd sc
rious diarrhcea with this atticlc alonc.
'-llh. That whcn uscdas anarticlc of dict
oi uiui
it is almost a sovcrein rcmcdv fordvspcpsia
or indifircslion.
"5fh. That pcrsons removins: from thc.of Wirtemberg, she quietly and sileutly, and
east or norlh to the south or west, should by all
mcans niakc use of it as an aliment, as it
would in that event savc them from thc dan-
gcrattendant upon thosc violcnt bilious at-
f.i.. ...wm. i.im. n n,,i.u nrcn
MK " "iJ,u" -uu'v1 u" "" p',
arc ial)Ic.
' "6lh. That the cilizcns in ordinary should
makc uscof it cither raw, cookcd, or in the
lo'm ol a catsup, with thcir daily tood, as it is :
iji . i.i .j7 T r .1 jl T j r i
Profcssor Rafinesque, of France, says : "It
is every whcrc deemed a very healthy vcgela
ble, and an invaluablc articie of food."
Profcssor Dickcns writes: "I think it more
wholcsomc than any other acid sauce."
Professor Dunnlcson says: "It may bc
i-t.j ..r il. . ..f ,l,lc, A-
"-j j
i ii , , ,u I
valuable csculents that belonff to thc vcgeta-,
j It is considcrable cfficient
in curing
gcslion and discases
of the livcr and Iungs. ted peiiiids, near many courts, ihe has accumula
ner's Registcr says, it has ; led a rast fund of iatellfcence and anecdote.
A writer m tho Farmer
been tricd by scveral pcrsons, to his knowledge She rarely speaks or Jer.iaie, her late Imsbanu :
with decidcd success. They wcro afllicted ' but notwithstanding Napoleon was the auihoi : of
..... , . ,., p, all her sorrows and dtsappomtments, snedelisnts
w fh chron.c cough, tho pr.marj- cause oji jXdiug his character. aad his vast qualiucs.
which m onc casc was supposed to be discascd a beroan(1 statesmaDi ami dliacs on the lus
Itver in anothcr, diseased Iungs. It mitigatesj tnj of h-s story w;t, j, wairath and zeal bor.lering
and somctimcs effcctually checks, a lit of 0(1 en"thusiasni. Pnor tohis fall, he annually
cough. It was used in a dry stale, with a aj0Wed hera large pensioo, which was punc
little sugar mixcd with it, torender it more a-!iually paidaslong ashe wasmonarch of France.
grccablc to the taste. The writer expresses a J On the accession of tbe Bourbons, it was suspen
conviction, that if frecly used in August and drd.
September, it would jjrovc a complete antidote
to bilious fevers.
Various arc the methods which havc been
instiiuted for preparing this articles for dier,
xvh'mh adds to the varicty of taste and ren-
dcrs it in some onc of its forms, agreeablc to
cvcry individitai. we gtvc ine vanous re.
cclpes that havc comc undcr our obsetvation:
Daily use of Ihe Tomato. Cut up with salt,
vincgar and pepper, as you do Cucumbers,and
eat away as fast as you can.
How to bleio lomatoes Take vour tomato
lrom l"e vine, npe; stcw them slow, and when
uuui: pui ui mi: pui uvur iuc nrc n uuuui(niw;i
stew them slow, and whcn done put in a sinall
1 Iump of butter, and cat as vou do applc sauce.
4 . . . J . r .
u vou choose. a little crumb of bread or nul-
,verized crackers may be added. What you
, i .. . . - . ,
- Kn.rn ir : : c
i 7r , ' ,7J , i
lomalo (Jmele. When stewed. beat up a
tia dzen new Jaid eggs, the yolk antl white
separatejwhen each are wcll bcaten, mix them
with the tomato put them in a pan and beat
them up; you have a finc omclct.
To keep them the year round. Tako them
full ri and scdd in h t t t facilitilte
4i , c t i .i. i - l
4? OP1 of tnking off tho skm; when
skinned, boil well m a little sugar and salt,
but. n water, and then.sprcad in cakes about
aninchthick, tnthesun. Ihcy will dry e-
I nough m threc or four davs to
pack away in
r,i K , ,:n ,, - ..i j tf
(lt ?Uit b.e Pure) t,11,a11 13 cvcr?11' and thcn
cork up tight and sct away for winter.
io make Tomato Preserves. Take them
, wmic ijuuc smau anu green pui mem in coiu
; clanfied syrup, with an orange cut in slices to
cvcry two pounds of tomatoes. Simmcr them
I ovcr a slow firc for two or threc hours. Thcrc
should bcequal wcightsofsu'rar and tomatoes,
Tr ? . , ,r
If very supcrior preserves aro wantcd, allow
two tresh lemons to threc pounds of tomatoes
parc thin the rind of thc lemons, so as to
get nonc of thc white part; squeczc out the
juice, mix thc pnrings, juice and cold water
sufiicicnt to cover thc tomatoes. and put in a
fcw pcach lcaves and powdcrcd ginger tied up
iu bags. Boil thc wholc gcntly for thrcc
fourths of an hour, take up the tomatoes,strain
thc liquor, and put with it a pound and a half
of white sugar for each pound of tomatoes.
Put in thc tomatoes and boil them gcntly till
the syrup appcars to havc entcred them. In
the coursc of a wcck, turn thc syrup from
them, hcat it scalding hot, and turn it on to
thc tomatoes. Prcparcd in this way, they re
scmblc West India swcctmcats.
Madame Bo.SArARTK, or Mr.". Palte.son, as
she i now callcd bv manv pcrsons, verv much
io her annoyance, for she delight3 in tbename of
uonapartc, was the ilauulitcr ol a distinguistieu
and opulent merchant of the city of Baltimore.
In the jear ISOt, Jerome Bonaparte, thcn a mid
shipman in the French Navy. landed at Balti
more, from a sloop of War, to which he was at
lachcd; and, young, gallant and handsome, asa
"youns reefer" miaht bc; lie fell in love witlia
beautiful Miss Patierson ; nnd, shorily aftrrward
marncd hcr. His immortal and illustrious
bro hcr Napoleon wasthenm the pride ofpower,
und, as it was at oace preccived that he was dc
termined to control the deslinies of ihe uholeof
Ktirope, ifnot ofthe world, the alliancenf Jt-rome
and Miss Pdttcrson, was regarded by many of
our statesmcn as an auspicious ar.d desirable
Jerome t.inl- UU wifu to Europe ; and after he
had lived wiih hera brief pcriod, not two yearsif
we rccollect ariglit, Napo!con ordcrcd him to re
pudiatcheron the ground that she was of ple
beian Amcrican birth. A bill of divorce was
obtaincd from Honie, and the lovcs of Jerome
and Misx Pattcrson wcre scvcred. ImmeJiatrly
aftert-ards, iu tht year 1S07, Jerome marHcd a
princcs nf Ihe Hnuse of Wiitembcrg, and took
up his rcsidence in that territory, whcre hc now
reu'des under the tile of Count Montlbid. Mad
ame Bm aparte had onc son by Jerome. He i;
now living near Ballinv re, or was living there
tlie last time we saw him, happily and cjnlent
cd'y, as a counlry cenlleman, in the embraces of
a nn'oi bcauiiful wile, blcssed by the smiles of
tivo or Ihree lovely child:en. He bears his falli
er's namc ; and is so strongly maikcd wr.h the
fcnturcs oftlie Bonaparte familv, that every one
who has scen a correct porlrait of Napoleon. has
at once recognized him asone ofihe Bonapaites,
il not tnc oitspnng ol lvipoleon lnnisell.
The rt'imdiation, Madame Bonapirte mstain-
cd with as muoli philosophy as Josenliine did
her sepatation from tbebosom i N:po!eon ; and
in:iiu;eun : ana
as t-he knew
ihat 'her bosom s lord and niaster
,,.,i r.... !..: !:...,.. , ,v, ,. .!
n iha ,i.,n .1:
i,i.cri,:. t,..,;,i hr.,ii,, .ito i:
'rrnuired him io secure analliance with the H.iuse
j wiih a bosom surcharRf d with anguish, yfelded
lo '"er falc- Aud couid a more seveie trial have
j been imposed on a young, confid.ng, beautiful
!h, ."i, V ' , j, '7, Zh, , J
? da y, and dream by n.ght, were cen
anu neroica wne, wnoso very uupe anu joy anu
t.ed in the weitare .r i.cr husband ?
Since ihc repudiaiion, Madame Bonaparte has
rcsided occasionally in the United States. but a
ri i i it , ?
inrger pari oi ner ume nas oeen wnuea away in
I'.uropc. m uiis raoineni, we oeueve, sne in
' rnri5.
A few ears since we had the pleasure of
boarding several months with Madame Bona-
partp, iu a private hotel. During that perind,
... l.j ,i. nnP.,.A . v, ...... .
ivtr iiau iiic Liicuauic iu uli.uiiic avuuaiuicu itu i
the ladv. and never did we fall inlo the socictv 1
.f r, Ipma'n mnip li.tpltiirpn I nr inl prpclinir Rlip i
15 now rapidlv approachiug the agc of sixty ;
and yet, so perfectly does she retain the charms
. - I.
i'l eariy uays, uiai vou wouiu
carcety suppose
her to have passed the ase offive-and-tlurty. She
, :.i.'.,.,.r-. r.-:i:. .i,. tr. ... ,;,i.
nn.l Tnlirin lani-naiTG5? and havino- Iravelled
indi-'nvereVerv nartof Europe, and resided for Hmi
UU onc nccasiua uuiy uiu vc nur luaamos
Bnnaparte speak of Jerome. She thea spoke of
him in the kindest and most respeclful manner;
aml althougb she had thcn been divorced un-
wards thirty ycars, she rnamrested a feeling for
him which was honorable to her nature, and dis-
piayed an ennobling- evidence of the consiancy
ot woman s lore.
Aladame Bonaparte, independently of thelarge
sums of money civen her by Napoleon, is im
mensely rich, and b-r.ome so by inheritante.
Her wealili isa source ot constani vexatica and
annovance; not because slie is exceedingly
penutious, bul because she lias Iearncd, as shc
l S3$ t0 us one ,jav t0 nave 10 confideuce ic pop-
ular governments.
At the time of the Trois Jours, or the revolu
tion of 1830, s,be wis in Paris, and momentarily
expected that the scenes ol 1793 would be re
peated. Bhe snw, and beard, and knew that
" The rude rabble's watchword was destroy,
For blazing Paris seemed a second Troy,"
and feaied, not witbout teason. that her depos
iies and stock in ihe hands of the bankers, ratght
become the prejr of thieves ; but in this she was
happily disappointed. As soon as the turmoil
ofttie Uevolution had subsided she transferred a
verry large portion of her wealth io this couitrv,
and mvesied it in the stock of the Bank of tlie
Uniied Statcs. Tl ere she had hoped it would
be secure. In the month of May, 1837. after
she had got her funds thu invcsted the gencral
suspension ofthe banks took place, and we well
recollect the imprcssion it made on her. Sir siid
she to us, on that eveiitful day, I do not believe
there is any safety tn the world ; invest money
as I will, something takes place to dcprive me
of a part of it. I brought tt lo this country to
keepitsacred from the remorscless hands ofthe
revolutionarv baudits of Europe, and 1 scarcelv
put ii in bank here, before the faithless insti'U
tion fails, and I am swindled. She had pie
vionsly, we believe, losi some large sums by the
failure ofthe Union Bank of Maryland.
As it was not al that time supposed that thc
Bank ef ihe United Statcs was bankrupt, or
wnulJ brcotne so, Madam B'lnapatte was con
soled by theaiirumjnts of hcrfricnds, and forccd
ratlier against her own cpinion, into the
belicf, lhat Mi. Biddle'd Bank was safe and
At this very pcriod, shs was e.igagcd, for thc
so'e purposeofgetting her funds safely invested,
in the ercctinn ofa large block ofhuildings, in
Baltimore Strcei, near what is callcd Jone's Full
Bridgc. Thay wcre naarly complcted, when
one night in June, the river known by the name
of Jone's Falls, suddenly swelled to an imineii'c
height, and came likc a deluge down upon the
dsvoted city: numreeus houses, ware-house, and
storesof allkinds were desiroyed by the impetu
ous rujhings of the to renl, and some fifiy or a
bundred persons ivere drnwncd.
Madame Bonanarte's buildin!:; were unforlun-
atelv erected in the very 'f"ocus-pol' of thefliod.
Thoiigh not destroyed, ihey suiiained injuries to
the amouut ol many tiinusanu uauars. i ne lauy
iiow became perfectly incorrigible: shedcclared
theie was neilher safety, stahili'y, or guaranly
for any ihing in tbe United State?, and declared
that she would lake every thinir she iiossesscd
back to Europe, and invest it in the funds of
Ho'land theo' ly Stale in which shc coulJ dis
covcr Ihe least remnant ol stabi'ity. We believe,
however. that shc was dissuatfed lrom the pro-
iect : and nre very sirry to add, thnl we have
"ood reaion foi fearing that bhe had large sums
of money in the Bank of the United Slates, at
the time ofits infamous failure.
Madame Bonaparlc is by no mcans popular,
anu, lcr the rcason, inat shc speaks with great
I'recdom, and often with the most sovereigii con-
tempt for all things American. She di.-iguises no
senliment that she enteriams ; anu is as inde
nendentasthentmosphcreshcinhales. In vouth
she was anobject of envy in conscquence of her
suriiasins beauttr, and her allinncc with thc
Bonararte fnmily; and, s-nce her divorce, her
inind l.as been soured by the scandal of unprin-
ciplcd gossips aud vile tradurers, who have at
temptcd t'j tmpress upon the world Ihe opinion
lhat Jerotne repudiated hcr, not fnm necessity,
but because she was not, in his opinion, entitlcd
tn his cotifidence or lovc.
Like JVinon de VEndost we hnpe lhat we shnll
nnt becharged wiih a'sociating the charactcrs of
the two femaIc$,)Madame Bonaparte will, in all
probability, retain her female charms till she ar
rives at the age of nincty yeais ; for they yet give
no evidcnceof dicay : be lhat a- it may, how
ever, she will nevcr cease to do homage to the
memoiy of Napoleon, or jmtice lo her abj-iring
husband ; but like the Lanra ol Peirarch, wrhe
myriadsof sonnets to halo hia memory. Iflhis
paper should by any chance fall into hcr lnnds,
we hope most devoutly she will pirdon one who
admires her character. for th'- ltberty he has taken
with hcr name.
Col. TnuMBULt,. The following cxtract
from the forth-coming Autobiography of this
distinguislicd gcntleman, who has done so
mucli to illustralc by his pcncil out nntional
history, and cspecially tho pcriod of our rcvo
luiicnary struggle, will be read with livcly in
terest. We arc impaticnl to scc thc work it
sclf. Newark D. Adv.
A noble cxample ofEarly Times. About tlic
i ,r.n : , , ...... .
I' . , ... , ,
i serves io ue wruiun on auai
serves io ue wruiun on auamani. in ine wnrs
of Ensland with thc abori
incs, tho Mohegan
I tribo of Iudians carly beci
cnme friends of the
' English. Their favoritc ground was on the
banks oftho river (now tho Ihamcs) between
New London and Norwich. A smnll remnant '
ofthcMoheiransstillcxistandthcvarosacrcdlv'asuitable pronortion oftho rcvenue, from ar-
tirotectcd in tho nosscssion and ctiiovmcitt of i
thcir favoritc domatn on thc banks cf thc
Thames. Thc government of this tribe had
becomc hereditary in thc family ofthe cclobra-
tcd Chief Uncas. During thc timo of my fa
ther's morcantile nrosueritv he had cmnlovcd
several Indians of this tribe in hunting animnls, i
whoseskins were valuableror thcir Tur. Among i
these was one named Zachary, of thc roval
racc. an excellent hunter as evcr lived. When
, , , , j prr
'e had somewhat passed thc agc of fifty, scvc
ral members ofthe roval family. who stnod be
tween Zachary and thc thronc of his tribe, dicd,
and hefound himself with only oiiclcft betwccn j
him and thc cmptre. In this momcnt his bet
tergenius rcsumid its sway ond ho reflectcd
scriously ' How c.in such n drunkcn wrctch
ns I am aspire to be the chief of this honorable
raco 7 Can I suecccd to the great Uncas 1 I
will drink no more.'
-He solcmnly rcsolvtd nevcr again to taste
any drink but water nnd hc kept his resolulion
I had heard this story nnd did not entirely
believe it ; for younir as I was, I had alrcady
partook in the prevailing contcmpt for Indians.
In the beginning of May tho nnnual election of
thc principal officers of tho (then) colony was
hcld at Hartford, the capital.
My father attended ofncially. and it was cus
tomarv for tho chief ofthe Mohegans also to
attend". Zachery had succaeded to thc ru!e of
his tribe. My father's house was situatcd
about midivay on thc road between Mohegan
and Hartford, and tho old chief was in the habit
of coming a few days before the election, and
dining with his oromcr guui.iur. um; uay
thc mlschievous thought struck rr.e, to try thc
sincerity of the old man's tempcrancc. The
family wero seated at dinncr and there was
excellent home-brewed beer on the table. I
addressed thc old chief 'Zachary, this beer
is excellent ; will you taste it !'
Tho old man droppcd his knife and fork
Ieaned forward with a stern intcnsity of cr
pression; his black cyo sparkling with in-iigtia-tion
was fixed on me. John,' said he, ' you
do not know what you are doing. You aro
serving tho devil, boy ? I tcll you that I am
an Indinn 1 I tell you lhat I am, and that, if
I should but taste your bccr, I could not stop
uniil I got to rum, and bccomc again the drunk
en wreieh your father r remembers me to have
been. John, while you I-ve ncvcrtempt a man
to break a good resol'ition.' Socratcs nevcr
uttcred a more valuablc orccept. Domosthcncs
could not have givcn it in more solcmn loncs of
eloquencc. I was thunder-struck. My parcnls
weru deply affected ; they looked at each other
at mc and at thc venerable old Indinn, with
deop feelings of a'0 and respcct. They after
wards frcqucntly remindcd mc of thc sccno and
chargcd me nevcr to forget it. Zachery lived
to pass the ngc ofeighty, and sacredly kept his
resolulion. He lies buricd in tho rnynl burial
place of hia tribe, near tho beautiful falls ofthe
Yantic, the wcstcrn branch of thc Thamcs, in
Norwich, on land now owned by mv fnend,
Colvin Goddard. Esq. 1 visitrd tho gravc of
thc old ciuef fatcly, and repeaied to myself his
inestimablc lcsson.
A correspoiident ofthe Madtsonian gives thc
following noticc of the Secretary of tho Treas
ury. It is in conPirmity to thc praisc cvcry
whcrc bcitowcd upon this high functionary.
" Tnn Secretary lf the Treasuky. Thc
rcccpt promotion ofthe Hon. Wallcr Fortcard
to thc head ofthe Treasury Department ofthe
United Slates hy President Tyler, furuishcs a
happy illustrationof llieagency of native tnleni,
integritj', industry and perscvcrancc, in re
cciving tlie high honors of tho Ilcpublic. Mr.
Forward has litcrally hecn thc architcct of his
own fortune. IIo is a nntivc of Hartford Co..
Connecticut, and, in his youngcr days, ho left
his nativc Stalc,
" .Mite unkuoivn tn fortune and Io ronie."
Having rcmovcd to Pennsylvatiia, he cstab
lishcd himscll at Pitlsburgh as a Iawycr, and
soon rosc by his own personai merits, to an cn
viablc rank, at the bar of thc western section
of that State. In 1823, hc was eleeted a tnom
ber of Congress, and for scveral years hc was
an assiduous and faithful rrprcsontitivc from
thc Keystonc rommor.wcailh. As n membcr
of ihc committcc on manufacturos, and subso
quently, as a chairman of that committec, he
excrciscd a coinmandtng influcnce ovcr that
importnnt branch ofthe busincss of legislution,
and provcd himself to bc a wisc nnd judicious
member of Congress. On his rctircmcnt from
his seat in Congress, hc returned to thc pras
licc of his profession. But his qualificattons
for thc public scrvice were too comrnandiug lo
cscapo thc altcntion ofthe party which prcvnil
cd at thc election of 1840, arid, at thc com
menccmnl ofthe ndministralion of Ger.'Iarri
son, hc was appointed compirollerof tho trcas
ury. In this stalinn hc dischargcd his laborious
dulics so much io the satisfaction of Presideiu
Tyler, that on the rcliremcnt ofMr. Ewing,
he was clcvalcd to the distinguishcd office of
Secretary of the Treasury oftho United States,
which ho now fills, with thc approbation of ihc
Senate. and to thc cnttrc satisfaction of his col
Mr Forward is dignificil iu deporimenl, coil-
ciliatory in manncrs, mcthodical in busincss, of
tnduslnous Iiabtts ar.d cnlircly devotcd lo his
arduous dulics. I!c has had occasion to bestow
much altcntion o po'iiical ceonorny and fiscnl
affairs, and as a practical finuncicr, he is prob
ably surpasscd by no man iu the scrvice ofthe
Government. Nor is thcie, periiap", any man
in thc Union more fumiiiar, from practical ox
pcricncc, with thc rcsources and wants of tho
countrv, in regard to thc conipheated system
of national rcvenue. IIo is emphatically a man
of details, and has made hnmclf thoroughly ac
quaiutud wiiih ihe incidcntal and rcmote tcn.
dencics of graduating dulics and impasts on
the multifariousnrtic!c3ofcon-(umption, in res
pcct to affording due p-otcction to articlcs of
domestic manufacturo and imposing appropinic
burdens on articlcs of more luxury.
This, afier all constitutcs thc gtcat sccret of
financicring, on a national scalc, which has
bccn so much thcstudyand dcsidcratum ofthe
stRtesmcn of modcrn times. While thcrt'fore,
thc advocales of American industry will find in
Mr.Forward an enlightcued and discrcol friund,
the nation al Inrco will go with him, heart and
soul. in a'l lun recommendatton?, tor deriving
ticles ofmerc luxury. In tho scloctinn thcn,
ofMr. Forward, to prosidc ovcr thc intncatc
and complicaied afTairs of tho Trcasuiy dupart
ment cxtcndin ils rnmifications from thc
cenlro to the rcmote cxtrcmilies of thc Rcpub-
lie comprchcndmg cvcry specics of revenuo
and involving in its vortex interests connected
with cacli anri eycry urancn oi inuusiry anu
commurce President Tyler has affordcd an-
other signal instancc of devolion to tho best
intcrc3ts ofthe country. In fine, Mr. Forward
has cvory qunlification for his office, and bids
fair to bccomc as useful as any one of hisprcd-
A Good Joke ! Thc New York Evening
Post affects to believe that CI. Worth is
practtsing treachery with the Scminoles, and
anticipatcs that tho country will be disgraced by
thc proceodings i.i question. Thfears from
the nartizan of an admin.strat.on which securcd
the ncrson of Osccola by tl.o dehberato violat.on
ofa ta of truce, and which employed Cuba
bloodho'unds to hunt down thc Indinna. arc ludi
crousenough Alb. Daily Adv.
College of New Jersey. The annual
commencement of this Institution took place on
Wedncsday last. Tho degreo of A. b. was
conferrcd upon 57 young gentlemon of thc
senior class, and thc degree of A. M. upon 36
alumni oftho institution.
The honorary degree of r. l. d. was confer
rcd on the Hon. Joseph Hornblowcr, of New.
ark, Hon. David L. Swain President of thc
Universitv of North Carolina. The honora.
j ry degtcc of d. d. was conferred on Rev. Rob-
crt S. Candlish of Edinburgh, Scotland, and tho
honorary dcgree qf a.m. upon the Rev. David
A. Framc, of Blocimfield.N. J.
Complimentaky to TnE Pbess. The cor
respondent of tho New York Commercial Ad
vertiser says that Mr. Cotning. President of
thc Utica and Scheneclady Rail Road Compa.
ny, has dctt-rmined to run on Express Lino
daily during tho trial of HcLeod for thc accom.
modalion ofthe Press at the cntire cxpense of
thc company. This acl of libcrality is worihy
of acknowlcdgement.
President goes in my wakc, I will gtve liinl
said John C. Callioun, in thcdebate on tho
veto, " a checrful and welconie support."
A melanclioly prospcct lliisl Foliow itt
John C. Calhout.'s wake! Wliat a vg-tng
round about and wliecling there would hc
hcrc. "Roy," said a mastcr to a darkcc,
just beginning to plough, '15oy, you seo
that cow yonder on tlie oher side ot tlni
fteld, strike a linc after her, and sce lhat
your work is wcll done." Off thc boy star
ted, and soon hc caught up with thc cow.
She movcd oiT, after hcr hofollowcd ; now
in thc corncr of thc fence now in thc tnid
dlo ofthe ficld ; now hcrc and now thcrc ;
whcn down camc thc mastcr, anry as you
pleasc. " Why, boy, what thc deuce aro
you about 1" " Following thc cow, str. as
you told mc to do," rcpltcd thc boy. And
so it would bc hcrc. We should pity t!u:
Prcstdetit, rcally.if he acceptetl Calhuun'
olTcr and sought to fullow in his wakc. It
would bc far worsc than thc boy following
after thc cow ! Cixcin.v vti Ui:ruin.i-
Bosto. Ctrv Deut. By a rcccnt rcport
mude thc city couticihit appcars that ihu
city dcbt has bocn reduccd during thc last
hnaiicial year ovcr 31,000. uemg t lie nrsi
year in which the dcbt has not bceti incrcas
cd for scvcntccn ycars past. Thc city
dcbt, aMhc prcscnt timc, atnounts to 31,
000,000. The sum total paid out of thc
city treasury during the last financial year,
atnounts to ovcr onc million of dollars.
JnnCANTlLE Jocusal.
From the Log Cabhl.
Ilcrkimcr. N. Y., S"pt. 25.
The Hcrkimer County B.ink at Littlo Falli
was robbed of S72,357,of which 01,742 wn
in notcs of ihc Bank, as you probdbly will havo
heard before this reachcs jou. Tho robborV
was committfd last ovening hy Anson C.
Broien- book-kccpcr in thc Bank, of respectablo
conncxions aud hitlu-rto uublcmishedcliaracler;
aidrd by Tubias G. Green, a priuter aged 23
ycars, hitherto of good character, and William
C. Fraitciscus also a printcr, 27 ycnra ofngt'i
a nitivc of Baltimore aud a citiznn ofthe world,
who has hecn but a short timc in thc vicinity,
is n dandy in manncrs, aud a libertinc nnd
gamblcr in life, and has duuh'.lcss templed Iii.-i
two associatcs to thcir ruin.
The robbcry was well planncd, anil commit
tcd na follows . Brown (who kenps one of thc
oulside kcys of tha Bank) wcnt to thc cushicr,
.Mr. A. G. Stovy. and askc-I of htm tho kcy
whcrcwith to obtain thc casli for two checks of
depositors wishing money which checks hc;
cxhibi'.cd. The cashicr navc him thc kcv
without hcsitation. Brown wcnt to thc Bank,
uiilockeJ thc s.ifi1, and took from it most of u
contcnts, viz. 861,742 in thc bills ofthe Bank,
from 8100s to 810s $7,000 iti thosc of othcr
Banks. mainly Agriculiural of Ilerkimcr, Fort
Plain. and Oueida County. and 82 200 in gol I.
Tnis hc probably took away with him atonce,
or ifnot Icft in n handy place till evctitng, whcn
hc returned and took it. Ho trind to rclock
ihe vault but fttilcd, thc Iock bcing Andrcws
palc.it, and hc unfiimiliar wiih il. Ne rcturn
cdlhc koy to thc cashior, who thought no moro
of the circumstancu.
Early this morning hovuvcr, a brolhcr, of
Crownfound a notc from that worthy, rcquesl
:ng hirn to call on tho Bank for six inontli.i
sal.iry duc him, ns hc hadgone away, and shotild
not rcturn lillaummcr. Amay.edand pcrplcxeif
the brotlicr took tho notc at onco to the cashicr
for oxplanation. Suspicion flishod ou ilm
mind oftho laticr, and he repaircd to thc Bank
which ho found a'l closed, and so fastcnc 1 that
it could only bo ontered by violeucc. An cntry
w.n made. and the robbcry wai at onrc cvtdcnt.
Thc tidings ran through Ihc village, nnd it was
soon asceriaincd that Green atul Franctscm
had gonn also. They wcnt towards Albany
und will dodbtlcss soon be ovcrtakcu as a brisk
pursuit hai been commcncod. h. g.
Since rcccTving thc ahovo Ic'.tcr from tlif
editor, we Icarn from tho Albany A-Jvcrtiser t.f
Tuesday that thc robbcrs wcre all arrcs'cd aml
brounht to that city on Monday aftcrnoon by
Deputy shcrifT, John I). Livingston. who wcnt
toward Canada in pursuit, thinkitig lhat they
would probably havc takcn that coutsc:
Tiib Steaii I'ackets From thc Bun
kcr IIill Aurora wc Icarn that some new
arrawrcmcnls arc to bc made in thc run
iiin'r of thc Royal IMail Steamships bct wccti
Liverpoo! and Bo-ston Pr thc approachinji
wintcr scason. Last vcar, thc ships onlv
made onc passagc each way in thc mnuiin
of Novcmber.Deccmbcr January and Feb
ruary. Thc at rangement for the coming
scason will bc as follows, viz : one ship
only wt'.l Icavc Boston, in Ihc months of
January.Fcb ruary, March and April. Onc
ship only will Icavc Enjrland during thc
months of Dcccmbcr, January, Fcbruary
ant! March. Thc proprictors ofthe Royal
Mail Stcam Packcts, have cntcrcd into a
new contract with thc Admiralty, by which
thc Royal Mail is to leavc Eiigland aud
thc United States oncc a week, or
four times a month, for thc addiiional com
pensatton (as reported')of eighty thousand
pounds per annum. The price of a pas
sagc from Boston (or from Halifax) to Liv
erpool in the ftoyal mail steain pdckets.
vrill hereafter bs onc hundred and fifty
l dollars, or 30 English.

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