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The speaker decided this to bo out of order
according to tho former practicc of thc Ilouse.
For lie purposc of scltling tlte rule, Mr. Ful
lam took nnoppenl from this decision; and tho
decision of tlie chair was sustained, 101 to 64.
Mr. Vilas thcn moved to postpono the bill to
Friday afternoon next; oppo-cd by MttDew
cy and withdrawn. Mr. Cliandler of W. moved
to commit tho bi!l for an amondment requiring
the officcis of tlie bank to give bonds for the
foitbful performanco of their duty ; ngreed to.
Mr. Vilas moved to commit for an amcndment
making tbo privato property of the trustees
bolden for the security of tho depositora ; sup
ported by Mr. Adams of South Ilero, opposed
by Mr. Clenveland, and carried, 114 to 82.
Th.e bill was thcn rejected.
On motion ofMr. Rice of S. tho House con
sidercd the listing'bi'l, when Mr. R. substan
tinlly renewcd hia mntion of amcndment made
yesterday : agreed to. Mr. Keith mov'ed to
commit for amcndment by striking out tho as
scssmcct of manufacturers for their faculty, on
the "round that their capital stock and ma-1
chincry is assesscd for taxation ; ncgativsd.
The quojslion recurred on the passage of the
bill, when Mr. Prentiss ol Irasburg h addressed
tho Ilouse agninst the passage of tho bill, and
Mr. Canfield replied. The discussion was fur.
tbcr coniinued by Mr. Uebard against thc bill,
and Mcssrs. Vilas and Fullam in its favor,
when Mr Cleaveland moved on amcndment to
the ISth section, which was rejected. A mo
tion to adjourn was also negativcd ; when the
biil was passed, ayes 118, nocs 55.
Besolulions Relative to school ftmd, re.
turned from thc Senato with amcndments,
which wero concurred in. Rclatirg to the duty
on salt; nftcr briefremarksby Messrs. Downs,
Bakcr.Cutls and Gilchrist, the rcsolutions were
tlismissed, 109 to 61.
Tho bill to abolish tho stato school fund was
read a second time and rejected 79 to 59.
The bill distributing the income of the school
fund among tho sevcral towns in tho state was
rnadc tho order for Monday afternoon.
Monday Nov. 8.
Senate. Bills In amendmcnt of chapter
28 ofthe revised statutes. rcnortcd bvthecom-
miltec on tho judiciary ; read a third time and :
passe J. Regulating and povcrning the militia
of tbis sta!e, callcd up by Mr. Pnlirer, and tho
amcndments adopted in committce of the whole
were read in connexion with the cnliro bill.
when Mr. Clark moved to amend the bill by
crasing the first section, (providing for thc rc
duction of the militia by excluding from aclivc
duty in time of pcace all under 21 and over 33.)
The motion of Mr. Clark was adopted, and the
bill committcd to a select commitleo of thrco,
with instructions to rcport a bill abolishing rcjj
imonlal ilrills and courls martials, and requiring
quarterniasters to makc annual rcturns.
House resolution Relating to the appoint.
ment of members of Congress to officc. An
nmusing and ulayful debatc occurred upon this
qucslion between Mcssrs. Dana aad Crawford
on tho one side, and Messrs. Dillingham and
Rnrtlett on the other, when the question of
concurrencc with the House in the passage of
the resolution was decided in tho negative ;
yeas 10 nays 14.
Resolution By Mr. Rlodgett, apnroving the
courss of President Tyler. in vetoirig thc bills
to a fiscal agent or national bank ; rejected,
yeas 9, nays 16. Adjourned.
Housn Resolulions For evening scssions
commcncing tomorrow cvcnini;; adopted. For
adjo.yrnment without day ; Friday morning
ngreed to, and tho resolution adopted. From
thu Senate in favor of reslricting tho President
to a singlc term ; concurred in.
Mr. Adams of South Ilero moved to recon.
sidcr tho voto of Salurday rcjecling the bill to
abolish the school fund ; agreed to and the bill
was made the order for this afternoon.
Bill inlroduced On Ieave, taxinc lands in
Avery's Gorc, Addison co. ar.d it was ordered
to bc engrossed.
Tho committcc on cleclions reported the faets
in the case of Mr. Dewcy of Guildhall, conclud
ing v.ith a resolution dcclaring thatMr. Dewcy
is entitled to a scat in this Hoikc, which was
adopted unanimously. The rommittec also
r -portcd in the casc of Mr. Ricc of Granby,
concluding with a resolution tbal Mr. Ricc is
cntided to a seat, which was adopted. Thc
committcc also reported that tlici'c was no pcr
son holdinj a seat in this House who was ino.
ligible at tho time of his eleclio'i.
u. s. BANK.
The House procoeded to considcr the rcso
lutions of Mr. Vilas on this subjcct and nn ir
rcgular and amusing debate ensucd ; the first,
npproving tho velo was dismisscd, 1 23 io 72 ;
tho second, against any sort of a bank, was dis
misscd. 118 to 72.
Rcschiiion Relative to adjournment. relurn
ed by the Scnaic with proposition lo nmend
by inserting Thursday instcad of Fridav. Thc
Ilouse rcsolvcd not to concur.
The Ilouse again went into commitfoc of ihe
wno,c on tnis bill, Mr. Vilns in the chair. Af
tcr vanous propusitions of amendment, the
commttteo rose and reported, and had Ieave to
sit again.
TiicScnatecamc in and tho joint asscmblv
mljourned to J o'clock r.M. for the completion
ofpfilintv nnnr.intmnnt .1; ,
- -11 "ujourncu.
t,-i, r. Tcsdny, Nov. 9.
Senate Bill Relating to thc grand list
rpported bv Mr. Rartlett. with
nmcndmcnt, Mr. Blodgett in thc chair, consid.
crt ttic biil pnd amcndments, reported the bill.
with the .nmendmmfc .nn-,.,1 '
aml had loavc to sit ngain ihis afternoon
- - - .WUIX
; HL W3S
motion of Mr. Crawford to
i,o.e, in ocuaie. upon a
Fisk and Hatch opposing
M ;
oiion to amend
ioii, ayes u, noes IU
i. m i. ii. j J ..
vnain taii'a up ine militia
'nmiia bill, and it ,
i and read a third
i 'L. - lns6"nen?l
was ordered lo be engrossed
inne. I his bill dors
i -it i . . 'feuiitmai
lecion of fines by ciliT ZZZL !
OUarlermSKtprs nF rnnimnnlo l ,l . !
p ii c , , naivu repons
ol all hncs and forfcitures, nmount collected
and paid out, annually, in Octobcr, to thc!
vtuuermasicr ueccral.
Mr. Karret caUedupihe resolution from the
..u,,ul . iiaiiKsgmng, and tho Scnati
Bolvt-d liot to coucur.
,tc re-
Tho Senate resumed the considcralion 0rlhe
b.ll relating to tho grand hst, in commhiec of
!ho whole, Mr. Clark in thc chair. M r. French
moved to strike out tho 4lh Ftction of tho bill
taxing. polls, opposed br Alcssrs. Woostor,
Crawford and Boliom, and withdrawn. A ma'.
, ji.j.nj, iu uasis 01 iu uti iiicorporaiinf Von
,, "-"Joru.oiark, uana and (aeo. w. Wentworth ; in ,
v V V 1 i c. . '"Ul'" anu messrs, act ; severpllv passed.
"ooster. frrench. Sabm. Katnnnrw . : r r..'
lion was madr lo eraso the 5tb soctioa, taiing j
faculty supported byMessr. Crawfortl, Eaion
of W.nnd" Gilson; opposed by Mi.ssrs. Dilling
bam, French, Wooster and Dana, and nega
tived, when tho commilteo rose reported, and
had leavc to sit ngain this evening.
IIouie. ResoMion By Mr. Fullam, re
quosting the Governorto appoint Thursday tho
25ih inst. as a day of 'J'hanksgiving. Mr.
Vilas maved to ainend by inserting the first
Thursday of Dccembcr, and after considerable
debatc, thc tmendmeot was adoptcd 113 to 84,
and the resolution passed.
Reporls By judiciary committcc against
furthcr legislalion on the probato laws. On
takiog dcpositions. O.i absconding debtors,
and on the trustee process. Agninst bill in
amcndment of section 2, chapter 44 revised
statutes, and it was dismisscd. Bill in amcnd
ment of section 21, chapter 63 revised stntutes,
relating to bills of divorce one year's rcsi
dence onlyl and it was ordered to be cnsrosscd.
Against bill in addition to chanter 44 revised
statutes, tclating to estates of absent persons
and it was laid on the tablo. Anafnst the bill
altering the limits of iail vards, and it was dis-
misscd ; the same committee askcd to be dis
charged from further considcration of the reso
lution relative to bank chartcrs granted provi
ousto!840; grantcd. Against Senato bill to
amcnd clinpier 29 revised statutes, (subjecting
negotiable paper to trustee process under cer.
tain rcKulalions) stipported bv Mcssrs. Cottb
and Vilas, and opposed by Messrs. Chandlerof
v Uilchnst and Noyes : ordered to a third
Engrossed lills Tuxing lands in A vcry's
goro, Addison county: relatin" to stato pnson;
to pay Lawrence Brainard S51 25 ; scverally
Sa.r. Kcith called up the bill to encourage
agnculture and tlie mcchanics nrts, reported as
a substilute for thc other bill on this subicct.
Mr. Prentiss of Irasburgh, suggstcd whether
tlie onjects ol ihis bill could not bo bcst carried
out by voluntary nssociations, and moved to
dismiss the bill. The motion was sustained by
Mcssrs. Spraguc and Ricc of S., and agreed to.
Wednesday, Nov. 10.
Senate. Bills To apportion Scnators in
State Lcgislaturc, read a tnird time and passed;
relating to the State scliool fund, read a third
time and passed ; to pay Lawrence BrainarJ
thc sum rncntioncd, (for transpoiting Iroops for
the protcction of tho northern fronticr during
the patriot distuibances,) reported by Mr. Bot-
tom, reau a third time and passed.
uuust. izeoiogicai surtey ino Benate
bill on this subjcct coming up, Mr. Vilas moved
an amendment, leaving it to a futurc lecisla
turo to fix the compcnsation for thc survey ;
amendment supported by Mr. Vilas, who claim
cd that this was tlie usual and only safe couise
of proccedure ; opposed by Mcssrs. Sargeant,
Shafter, Chandlcr of W. and Cults, as dcsigned
to cmbarrass thc bill ; aye S4, noes 106. The
question then recurred on the passage of the
bill, olicr rerr.arks by Wr. fctonc against and
Jlr. Gilchrist for thc bill ; ayes 94 noes 90 so
thc bill was lost. Adjourned.
Thursday, Nov. 11.
Senate. Mr. Clark reported the procced
ings of the commilteo ofthe whole, on the bill
relating to tho grand list, and the Senaio took
up the bill and actcd upon the amendmehts
proposed. The amendment ofthe 5th section
was adopted, when Mr. Eaton of W. proposed
(o raise the maximum on llie tacultv ot proles
sional men, from 20 to 30 dollars ; motion lost.
and thc maximum fixed at $20. Thc amend
ment striking from the bill mechanics and man
uiaciurcrs, anu cxcmpimg tneir lacuity was
snpported by Mcssrs. French and Bartletl, on
the ground that thc bill assumcd property as thc
basis ot taration, and havingas3umed a correct
principle thcy would opt turn to theright hand
nor to the left in carryinc it out. Amendment
adopted, yeas 15, nays 5.
Mr. Eaton of V.,thcn moved an amcndment,
, placing mechanics' and manufacturers' on thi
list on tho faculty principle, at S20, merchants
and traders at 10. Motion decided to be ou
of order in rclation to mechanics, and in order
as rclates lo merchants when Mr. Eaton
withdrcw his motion. The question thcn rc
curred on thc motion to crasc thc 5th section
and it was crasod, yeas 13, nays 10.
riic.amcndment lo thc 6th section, oxempt
ing houscliold furniturc nnd surgical iustru
mcnts, to a limited c.xtcnt, from taxation, was
opposed by Mcssrs. Eaton of W.f Bottom, Ea
ton ol 1 ., and negativcd.
The sevcral amcndmcnls proposed in com
mlltee of the whole having been disposed of,
other amcndments were adopted. and the bill as
amended was read a third time, yeas 11, navs
10. It was then passed, yeas 11, nays 11, the
President givioK tho castinc votc.
Resolution By Mr. Rartlett, cxpressing the
thanks of thc Senate to the President for the
able and impartial manner in which lio has dis
rhargcd the duties of thc chair. Adopted
Thc President replied, in a feciing and hap
py manner, to thc snntimcnts of thc resolution,
j Bill To providc for the receipt of tlie pro
I cecds of thc public !and!, returned from the
niiuse insisting on their non-concurrcnco and
ine ocnaio rcsoivca to recede Irom tlicir voto
ot disagreemcnt and concurred with thoifcuse,
yeas io, nays 4.
On motion of Mr. Dillincham. n mcssanc
i wns sent to !hc tjovcrnor and to tho House
informing that the Senato had finishcd, on theii
part, the business of the scssion. A similar
mcssago having been receivcd from thc House,
l'la onatc adjourned.
Honr T?nrt.
,. "7"'.'"-y J"'ciary comm.ltce,
T5. T 5?
UHI reiatini? tO Illirhttnvc. cnnnnrformtr Mnor.
ll.U-.j . ""11 J
Chandle, of w7d ens
"cuuru, vuas and tWlinjis, opposed bv Mr.
Engrossed lilfPrn.n c
'ennes: for reliefof
addition to hiahwav
, j t-"",-," -uuuiiuice otviding?
tho Stato into 4 Cn
,. . , v. """itis, ano u
us uismisseo. snnin m m. i .i -
htia ; supported by Mr. Sargeant, opposed bv
Mcssrs. Fullam ar.d Vilas, nnd passed. 106 to
3J - r'Y select committee, asking to be dis-
of. iv se((
tI S T'
rram the peiitions ofilowland T. Rob.
;ranted. .
lution from tlie sjnale, directing tho
:o visit the Umv"ersity of Vermont
. fe'"""-u
a reso!
tummnieo .o vISit the Uuiversity of Vermont
especiai allention to tho subjects set
forth in a memonal of the University, and rc
fpi o "w' 0,"a'u" j conurred m
ino aenaie bill relatin?? to tlie 5?ii i:k
mhla r frovid!nS fr te purchase of
Biblcs for thc hbrary, was passsd.
ate hifl ,TSC m W?3 dism!s"d, and thc Sen-
hhQ cuniics of FrfnkHn WlS, 31
ding one to Orleans and Lamoille. This!
amendment was strctiuously urged by Messrs.
Baker, rrenti-s ollia3burch and Vilas, opposed
by Messrs. Cliandler of W., Coolidge, Cults,
Fullam. Hebard and Canfield, and rejected ayes
59, noes 98.
Mr. Davis of Norwich ititroduced a resolu
tion of thanks to Hon. Carlos Coolidge, for tbo
impartial and b'onorable manner in which he
has discharged the arduous duties of the chair
for thc prcscnt scssion ; which was adopted by
a unanimous and hearty votc.
Whereupon the bpeaker respondcd in a fcel
ing and appropriate spcech.
gbogan's case.
The select commilteo on this case made a
report ofthe facls, concluding with the opinion
that no furthcr action is at present necessary on
the part of this legislature.
the militia.
Tho Judiciary committee reported on the
communication from the Conncil of Censorr,
certain parU of the militia act are unconslitu-
tional; and the committee rccommend the re-'at
peal of those partsof the cxisting laws. Messrs.
Fullam and Vilas disscnted from the views of
the majority of tho committee, and made a
counler report.
Thk Public Lands.
Thc Senato returned thc bill on this subjcct,
rctusmg o concur in tue amenaments ot the
nouse (S nKing oui ,o prov.Mou xor ine pay-
mentof tho state debt.) The House msisted
on their amendmcnt.
The Senate bill, relative to clectbn of town
rcpresentatives, was rejected.
The bill relating to landlords and tenants
was rejected, 60 to 55.
Tue School Fund.
A bill was rcccivcd from the Senate ap
propriating to the paymcnt ofthe state dcbt
thc funds (hereafter accruing) which now go
the school fund under the laws : opposed by
Mr. Vilas, and rejected, 78 to 60.
Tue Grand List.
Thc Scnaic returned the House bill with
amcndments, all of which were concurred in,
saving the onc striking out thc faculty tnx.
On this amcndment thc Senate insis'.ed, and
"Mr. Fullam moved that thc House rcccde: sup.
portcd by :,ir. Kicc of ij. and carried, 73 to 48.
The usual messages were exchanged, an
nouncing thc completion ofthe business ofthe
session, and thc House adjourned without day.
New Jersey. Considerable soliciludc
has been felt respecting tlie election of a
governor of this state, owin-2 to the treacli-
cry of a Mr. Scott, electe'd as a Whig coun.
cil man he refusing by his votc to go into
joint asscmbly for the parpose of eTecting
a Governor. He was howevcr, finally in
duced to submit to it. his treaclierous
purnose beinc defeatcd bv two or threc of
the Loco Foco membcfs of thc Coancil, ble system of Intcrnal Improvement which is
who had snfiicient rcgard for the require-! makinS her the Qucen of American Cities?
mcntof their official oaI)3, and the obliga- 1 C' "'eaps leti ushayoa Proceision to cele
tions ofdutyto votc with the whigs for ? ,e lctory "hich rcndersBostcnhcnce.
a joint meetuig. The result of the lUllot forlh the Emponuin of Inlelligence and fritters
in joint mcetfn? was, we are pratificd to 1 H our Comf asccndcncy! Ncw--iork
.J, .. , ', r, f, . , 1 has for years stcadily prcvented the construc-
say. thc rc-clection of Gov. renn.nglcn I tion offlcr r Alb she 0w dc
thcfearlesschampion ofthe sovere.gnty of cidcs thatshe will have one owhere cise
incw jcrsey.
Tue Homak Catholics in New Yoisk
City with bishop Iluiihcs at their head,
hare nominated a licket for the senate, con-
sisttng or two Homan Catholics, and for the
Asscmblv, consistinc of three new candi-1
dates and ten candidatcs adopted froni the
locofoco tickct. The reason of nominating
thesc ten, is stated 'n the morning papers
to bc, that Bishop Hughes informed the
mecling that thev liad givcn assurances
that thcy wcro In favor ofgranting a por-
tion ofthe school money to thc particular
use of thc Catholics. The N. Y. Evening
Post avcrs that this statcment is incorrcct.
We hope so. Wc trust thc day is distant ,
when a reliisious sect, as such, taking the
ci.i : , i . ii .i
field ,n pohttcs, w.ll rccc.ve tho open or se-
r fP f CltrrfWlr rt n ntt tifnmman f nii tr in
tl -h rcp bh -f Albans Mc ' '
tnib rcpuuiiu &t. AIDans Mcss. (
X f i i . f t - i
tnan to any other hving man.thcgratituua
of "Whijr America is iusllv doe. for his env
inent serviccs to his countrv in peacc and !
war, for his exaltcd patriotism his generi
ous self devotion dauntless integrity and '
sagacious statesmanship."
We o isnrvfi thnf mnnv ,r wnclorn I
papers have hoistcd the flagof Henry Clay J
the decision ofa futurc whig convention.
St. Albans Mess.
AanicuLTnnAL srmiT AnnoAD. ANcw
oik papcrremarks that thc autumn of
18-11 has boen pecuharly distingutshed by
thc atlcntion that has bccn civcn to acri-
culturc. Thc great Fair of the stalc agri.
cultural society at Syracuse, the Fair of
thc American Institule in this citv, numer
ous Fairs of county Socictics in our own
siatcis, and ol other agncuitural sociclies in
the Statcs of Massachuselts, Connecticut,
Pennsvlvania and sevcral other Statos.
have cxhibitcd products of Ihe soil. and
improvements in thcmode ofcullivatingit,
npvnr hofhrl, nnlinlorl in hic nnnnlrt.
Thcse asscmblages have also been encoiir
aged.attendcd and conducted bythe vcrv
ri . , , . - ,i ,
ablcst and best men m thc country, and we
cannot doubt, have sent abroad a sptnt
f nlr ixrill a mnffl .hnlnm n ...(1...
u.ui. ,.ii i.,,o.u .h.uii,suiiii; inuu
ence upon the pursuits, thc habits and char-.
iimur oi inc peopieoi mis couniry."
We learn that the lion. Daniel Wcbster .
was present at the cattle sho win Worces
tcr county, Mass. a few davs sincc. and
favored the societv with a short and ap
nrnnnate srjcech. which is htirhlr snokfn
of. He maintained that thc Iiigh'lands of
N. bngland should be appropriated to tlie
growthof stock to beef, to wool, and the
dairy. That it is bettcr for us to exchangc
these articlcs for thn firnin nf thr wp.st nnrl
South, than to become very cxtensively a
gra,n growing peoplc History shows
that the grain crowimr countrip.s nrr nnnr
and their soils deterioratc. In Enn-lnnH tho.
great agricultural weallh is on thelioof, and
meir siock is me great source of lmprovt-
"I patbonize that DaDor." !s an e.xoression
which isgctting out of fashinn. "I pay for
that paper," ia becoming much morc iho pom
mpn one.
..m'wa "as "ccniica io pcrmu nis ( n0 monopoly' of this gladness7 Nobly havo
lncnds at homc to show any public dcmon- you an wrought togethcr to producc this noblc
stalin m his favor. At a reccnt mecting, consumalion, and let your shouts go up in uni
howevcr, of the whigs of his county, it son over your mutual suicidc! Charge your
was guns to tho muzzlc ! fill your glasses to the
'Rcsolvcd, That te Henrv Clav, niore brim! letcverv throatbo primed ! Alltoceth-
Wholesaxb Death. Wo copy tke follow
ing paragraph from the Louisville Journal of
the 25th ult.: Two or threo weeks ago, tbree
hundrcd foreign cmigrants arrived at thcBlaize
below New Orleans. The city authorities,
hcaring of their arrival, and anxious that they
should not fall victims to tho yellow fever, sent
a deputation, warning thcm not to onter the
city, and ofiering to furnish Ihem with thc
mcansof subsistancc until thc pcstilence should
subside. Thc cmigrants thought it was all a
Yankce trick. "We arc told," said they to
the doputatioB, "that wc can make three dol
lars a day in New Orleans: if the authorities
will pay us that, we will stay wherc we are
if not. not." The poor fellows hastencd to the
citv an at tho last dates, it is said, not one of
I lm iiio ltfinrr
Is rr so. "We have reason to belicvc,'
says thc Natchcz Frcc Trader, from some ad
viccs, that a new propcsition relative to the
Tlnion of Texas with this countrv, will be
j brouglit forward by a d.shnguished gentleman
the ncxt scssion of congress, under very
1 fa.vorablo auspiccs.
Fbom Flobida. The Savannah Republican
has dates from Florida to thc 3rd inst., confir-
ming ihe good accounts herctoforo rcceiveA.
The chief of thc 1 allahassees has come in at
' ri ...1 1 1. OQ nP Uta naAnln An itin cnmrt
; . 2gth gchr F,;;t irrived th(Jre wilh a
; ch;ef and 29 0f his peoplc from the South
, 0 T .. :.,r ,., i -(u iot
Sam Jones, it is said, is now left with only 27
men, having quarrelled with thc chiefs of thc
Murdercd in Norwich, Vt., on thc night of
the 6th inst., Mrs. Swcncy. oho returned to
Norwich frcm Hanovcr on Saturday evening,
and '.vas discovercd in the garden Sabbath
morninc with her head niangled in the most
shocking manner. The murdcrer is supposcd
to bo Janies Swcney. her husband, for whose
apprehcnsion a suitable rcward will bc paid.lo
eether with all necessary cxpcnscs. Hisjhcight
is about 5 fcct 4 to 6 inchcs,thick set,from 65 to
70 ycars of age, hair nearlj' white, dark com-
plection, cross-eyed, an trishman by birth, and
speaks with considerable of a brogua, usually
wcars a bluc frock coat and white hat.
'When last scen, hc had on a fur cap, and
buttcrnut colorcd over coat.
GEO. P. BROOKS, D. SheriJ.
Norwich, Vt., Nov. 7th, 1841.
"Gkkat Demockatic Procession. The
crreat victory oblained in this Citv and State
should call forih some donionstrtiion worthy
the Democracy." New Era of Monday.
Most surely ! why should not Ncw-York re.
joice over a "victory among wnoc lar-reacn.
ing conscqucnces is the prostration of that no
I . t UI4 IIJO V A W S I J AUk UJ w u vv
Bcmocratic Procession !'
But thc City should not rejoicc alonc. The
I ".v .wrw ......
hills, Tioca and Stecuew, rcvcrberatc with
shouts over tho victory which arrcsts and crush-1
es the Ncw-York and Eric Railroad ! How is i
it possible to rcprcss your patriotic and sage
rejoicings in view of so glonous a consumma-
lion ? Light your boufircs, St. Lawrence Si
Cliton. at thc 'victory' which blasts and an-
nihilates thc Northern Railroad ! Let them
Slcam across thc Grcat Rivcr, until Canada
shall undcrstand thc signal, and her sons rc
J0ice "eartily with you that thc torrent of Yan-
kec entcrpnsc and cnergy, which has covcred
" w!in 118 P"""npme4 and ihe.r cheeks
h "pf ft,cnSth arrcs-
ted and ovcrbornc ! Whccl out voar cannon.
B and Qr d
Cxultat!.n ,Tcr ,he down-
faI1 of the Erie Enlargcmcnt ! Who has grcat -
' nr rrinzn mr rpin finrr innn vnn i i nt ihnrn i1A
cr now, lads! "lurrah
Intcrnal Improvement 1
for thc crushinir of
Huzza for the down-
fa of Ncw-Ycrk j" Eve. Jour.
Mcrdek of Mr. Adams. The Express of
this morning gives the following as Colt's ac-
vuu'" ul l"v uiicuiiisiaucu unuur wnicn ne Kll-
i lcd Mr. Adams : JV. Y. Svectator.
He statcs that Adams camc to his rooms on
i tho fatal afternoon to clnn him for an unseltlnd I
account, about which thcre was somo disputc.
, They both sat down at the tablc and settlcd
llm vrin. ;tmn rvrnn AKnnf (ntc
dispu(e nrosc bclwecn them, and high words
cnsured, during which Adams callcd him "a
iiar." Expasperated at this he struck him, and
a scuftle ihcriinon fiSIH"!- Arfnmq lioirrtr f lio
stronger man of thc two, threw and fell upon
Colt and clutched him so violently by thc
throat that he was in danccr of chokinir.
Colt was then lying upon his back on the
Iloor ana M his hand was slrctchcd out, it
cam n contact with somcthing which he at
?nco scized (hut as he avcrs he kncw not what
" .and findmg Adams's gnp still hard up
on f
SuUCK 11
on his throat, he brought his hand round and
im on the back of thc head : this it
,v,uld secm .K sufficient to slun him'
ni "t? moro. ..on.,ne s,de !
iiiuii ou utK. nuii urain, anu ine utow must
havc fallcn on he sid of lh hcad.10WTE
wounds, dreadful as thc subsequent examina-
... .
tion nrnvnd Ihnm tn ho. wom nnf cfn;:
releasc the prisoner's throat ; but cven in the
agony ol dcath, Adams still continued tohold
firmlv on. until CIt seemed to he nt b;a int
gasp, and thcn the dreadful blow was civcn on
the front of the head, which deprived one
wrctchcd bcing of lifc, and rcleased the other
from his grasp, Colt then arose, and found
Adams a corpsc.
Forsometirac, hcsays, heremained stupifi.
ed with dread and horror hc knew not what
to do, and at length defermined to make his
brother acquaintcd with facts ;for this purpose
hc went to his lodgings,but ho was not at home.
Hc thcn wcnt into the Park, and walked thero
for somctimc, being unable lo make nn hl
mind as to tho best course to be pursuied he
at one time thought to iell some friend, but
knowing that some stains rcsted uoon his char-
acter, he refraincd, Icst they should not be
lievc his story, and so delivcr him up to justicc.
After travclling tha Park for many and many
a time, ho at length returned to his rooms and
took tho dreadful mcans, with which tho pub
lic are already acauaintcd. to
lr, isc it is said, has beon dangerouslyj
ill at Phila. sinco the adjournment of Congress.
JV. Y, Observer.
Driving Nails into Hard Wood . We have
lately seen anothcr experiment of driving
Nails into hard seasoned timber, fairly tricd.
The first two nails, after passing- through a pine
uoara cntercd about onc inch, and then doub
Icd down under thchammer; but on dippinir
thc points of tho other six or eijrlit nails into
lard, every onc was drivcn homc without the
east difhculty.
Tuesday Morning, Nov. 16, 1841.
Our readers will notice the gratifying unan-
lmiiyot our legislature in passing the tarifi"
rcsolutions which wo subjoin. This vote is
doubtlcss a fair cxpressien of thc sentiments of
the pcople of Vermont, without distinction of
party upon the subject of protection. From
thissolid basis of their bcst intercsls thc acts
of mcrcenary politicians have not been able to
uproot them. It is in vain that the leaders
of the loco party in this state have been
cchoing thc frcc tradc abstractionism of thc
south, not so much with the Uopo of deceiving
thc intelligcnt peoplc nf the north with their
shallow Iogic, as to strengthen their Ieague
with southern nullifiers, and acquiring politi
cal capital by the union. Altho' thcy have
not until rcccntly worked up their couragc to
a direct rcpudiation of the prinoiple of protcc
tion, they have ncver ' lispcd the word tarifF,
without qualifying it with such adjecttvcs as
judicious, higk pressure, and evcn have gonc
the Iength of uttering unconslitutional, in con
ncction with this subject. But in their con
vention at Montpelier last Junc, in a suddcn
feeling of dcsperatc dependcncc upon thc
south for relief from their dcsponding hopes,
they scrcwcd up their courage to an open dc
claration, that "domcstic industry mnst regu
late itsclf." From that moment the fecble lo
co corps editorial in Vermont, who know little
and care lcss about thc grcat principlcs of po-
litical cconoiny which lie at the foundation of
ourprospcrity, have thrown ofi the mask, and
have dcnounced tho taritT with as much zeal
if they had been brought up at tho feet of
humbug Bcnton, or thc great man of South
Carolina hinisclf. Thc last step of their sub
scrviency to party purposcs, nnd of treachery
to the wclfare of the whole union was to echo,
with constant repetition, the cry of direct tax
ation procccding from ths nullifiers of South
Carolina, thus withdrawing that slcnder indi
rcct protcction which the revcnuc laws affbrd
cd to the oppresscd intcrests of the North and
West. But the conductorsof the Patriot.Spirit
ofthe Age, and other kindred prints, whilc
scoftuig at thc tarifi", and thrusting forward
their froc trade notions, to their infinite cha
grin liave found that the people of Vermont
could not be made to truckle to thc intercsts of
their Scuthcrn task masters ; and cven that
their own party have toleratcd their hcrcsies
from far different views than a wcak bclicf of
their corrcctness. In Ms rcspcct to their
praisc bc it said the great body of thc oppo-
sition in this state have livcd in advancc ofthe
times. Thcy have slood stcadfast to true
principlcs, whiks in other statcs thcy have
s been lcd by hollow hearled partisans to sacri-
has sct up for their worship.
ReM' Tl,at hhor' bo,h me" ta " d corpo
; rcal, is not only the most honorab'e means, Li
ine nniv iiiir smirp n tvoi i
Resoleed, That it is the dutv of our tovern-
raent, at all times, io protert and encnuraae the
domestic industiy ofour cilizcns by making and
cnlorcin? such n tarifi ol duties as will sceure
our hnnie markets from the desperatc and dis
astrnusflodins of foreign competition.
Resolted. That we rei'ard iIie
the products ofour soil ind labor as sacred aml
as valuable as ihe riht to tl.e so:l itsell, and
that ins equally llie duty of our uoverntuent to
repel invasions and enoroachments upon the
one as the other.
Resthed, Thnt tlie farmerand man jfactuter
nrealike vitally intcrested m such prntection,and
that the prospcrily of all classesand occupatiims,
h mainly dependanl on tlie sticc ss of our agri-
cultural and manulacturin mleiests,
liesoicea, lnat ine tariit laws now exisiin"
are h'ghjy defcctive and insufficient, and by that
Fa' ,f the compromwe act which is to lake cffect
"u'.v wl" u? tenuereu Sllll IUOre delCC
tive, insufficient and uniust.
Resolved, 1 hat our Sentors in Congress be
instructed, and our representatives in Congress
requesleu tn use pll honorable means in then
power, to procure ihe passage of laws, which
wnne me.v jnau gnaru against me numeruus
Iraucls and evasions now practis- d upon us by
foreiguers and foreign aijcnis, and while they
shall raise a revenue sufficient only for the ne
eessary cxpense of government, and shall have
a due regard to the particular interests of every
section ofour country may jive. by protective
duties, such a preference lo domestic over for
eign products in our own markets, and may so
uistiiujiuaic ueiween ir.ee smcle3 which we
can and those which wecannoi produceat home.
as io give a jusi. sure and salu'ary encourage'
iuciu iu me muusiry 01 evcry Auiprican cili
Rtsohed, That his excelency the Governor be
requesiea loiorward a copy oftbese csolutions
to each ofour Senators and Representatives in
Omo. The locos annear. after all. to hnvp
liltlc or nothing to boast of in the late Ohio elec
tion. This party when in power in 1834, so cut
uplhe state in apportioninc the members ofihc
Lesislaiure, that thtV Could nhtnin n mainrilu in
that body, eveu though a laige majority ofthe
people be opposed to thcm. In fact the whfcs
can neer, unoerthe present Ioco-foco apporlion-
uicui. vi .uc niciiiuurs. nops to obtatn a majoritv
in the Legislature except by some ttemendous
upnsng orthe whole people like ifrai ofJast fall.
Insuch times, when the"democracv of numbcr .'
rrewageu up, locoiocoism is compeiiedto ne low
every wnere, nowever well fortihed It may be by
its early fraudsand gerrymandiog contrivance3.
But even in llie comparatirely animportant e.'ec
tion in Uuio, the whigs have done well, ana bet
tcr than there was good reason to expect io the
present' unsetiled state of fbings. When the
whics are once raore united, it is apparcnt tliai
they can have every thing their own way again.
That quesiiou will be seitJcd nrobably before
next spnng.
Cnninlete returns fen jrs exeepted) ofthe re.
sult ol the late election in Ohio, show in the
House 37 whig to 39 locos and of the new
members ofthe Senate, 17 whigs to IPIocos.
It is, doubtless, highly unfortunate to tha
pcace of the country and the harmonious action
of tho whig party in tho next Congress, that
tho canvass for tho next presidoncy sheuld be
thus early commanced But in sevcral placcs
and especially at a large and cnthusiastic mcot
ingrecentlyheld in Harrisburgh, Gcn. Scott
has been nominaled as tho successor to tho
Presidcntial chair. A multitude of lctlers-0r
inquiry into his views of national nolicy havo
been addressed to him from ditTerent statcs in
the Union. His answera have bccn mado in
the form of a circular, which is too lcngthy for
present insertion. It is written in a frank and
manly style, wiihout coiicealment or equivoca
tion. He lays down sound whig doctrines, and
asks no tavors unless accordcd to him as the
supporter of the principlcs which he professes
as tho guides bf his political course. Tho ex
tracts which we give will convey to our read
ers a knowledge 0f some promincnt points up
on which he touches.
Party politics-U I have ncver been a fcd
erahst m any sense of the term, so neither have
1 bccn a jacobm. an impracticable or abstrac
tion.st in any se.se hatover ; but always an
old fashioned republican. deroted l0 the SULort
of Iaw and order; a democratic whi, iust ksal
my family had been whigs in thegre ugg 1
for national fteedom and independenco
The Supreme Court-l have always hcld that
when a doubtful question, arising under ehhcr
the Lonslitution itself, the snprema law orthe
land ; under an act of Congress, or a treatv
has once been solemnly adjudicated, by that
court, thejJrmcp7fi of thcdecision ouht to be
laken by nll, as definitely settled unless in
dced, it bc upon a rehearing before thc s'amo
The Execulive Velo I hopc, then, by an
early amendment of the Constitution, lo seo a
reduction of the President's veto. Thc regula
lion of patronago would properly follow. Thero
can bc no good reason why the veto should not
be overcome by a bare majority ip each House
of Congress, of nll the members elccted to it
say, for the bcncfit of rcflection, at the cnd of
ten days from the return of the bill. An
amendment to this cfToct would still Ieave tho
President the general representativc of evcry
stato and district armed with tho votcs of all
the members, absent at the moment, from tho
respeclive Houses ; and there will always bo
some members absent from bolh.
Rotalion in ojice What I would, thereforc,
humbly advise is this ; To turn out. not only
on a change of President, but in any nnd cverv
week of tlie year, all officeholders known to fea
deficient in either hooesiy, capacity or industry,
and to appoint in their stcad, men known to
possess tbose qualities.
One Presidential term. am, howover, in
favor ofan amendment of ihe Constitution. in
ne of the forms proscribed declaring that no
cili.cn ahnll be eltgible to a re-olection to tho
Presidency ; and also, of an extcnsifn of tho
tarm to that ofa Senator a pcriod of six ycars.
Leading measures of the late Exlra session
of Congress. Ifl had had the honor ofa voto
on tho occasion, it would hare been givcn in
favor of Ihe Land Distribntion bill, thc Bankrupt
bill, and the second biJI for crcating a Fiscal
Corporatior. having long been under a con
viclion that, in peace, ns in war, something
efhcicnt, in the naluro ofa Bauk oFtke United
Statcs h not only necessary and propor, but
inilispensible to tho succcssful operations of iho
Treasury. as wcll as tn many of the wants of
our comineree snd country.
Finally, I am asked, If nominated as a can.
didalejor the Presidency, tcould you accept tha
noziination ? I bcg k-avo respcctfully to rcply,
i'.-s - pwvidcd that I bo not required to ro
nounce any principle professod abovn. My
principlcs are convictions.
John C. Colt's Trial for tho murder of Mr.
Adams has been adjourned to the 27th of De
ccmber next.
Correction Wc aro obligr-d to tako bsck
what we taid about a glorious victory in
Whceling district, Virginia. Later accounts
give thc majority of 44 lo Newmap, tho Loco
The Florida War secms to bc in a more
hopeful way than under Van Burcn mnnago
ment who spcnt 20 or30 millions and eflcctcd
nothing. Coacoachce and his entiro band, i
Hospitarchcc and 85 of his band, all numbering
250, havc been rcccntly shipped from Tampa
Bay to thc west, by Col. Worth. Arrange
ments are making for extensivo wintor opera
tions. JVew York election. Thtre arc some good
rcsults. The special election of a Rcprneenta
tivc to Congress, in Ontario district has resulted
in thc election ofthe Hon. Francis Granger.
Good beginning. A convipondent of tho
New York Commercial Advertiscr says tho
Postmaster General has direcied the doors of
his dcpa.tmcnt to be closcd on thc Sabbatb.
Bibles. The American Bible society issued
in tho month Scplcmber 23,000 copics
The pcople of Northamption havo held a
moeting and rcsolvcd to procuro surveys ofa
roulc for a rail road from that village to somo
point in tho weston Rail-road.
Parl: Benjamin, one of the cditors of iho
New World. is in a bad fix; scveral suits har.
ing bccn commenccd against him or having
denounced as perjurcd, all who boro witnesa
against McLcod.
Oberlin Instilute.Thc number of sluJents
male and fema'cis 503. Theological 54, col-
lege 115. shortcr course 43, male preparatory
rtn i !
213, female preparaiury young laoies
courso 151.
Ttnnessea Senators. We percelve by tho
Nashville Whig of Oct. 29, that in tho Senate,
the debate on tho subject of going into thc
election of U. S. Senators was resumed and
finallp brought to a close. Tho speakcrs wero
Mcssrs. Johnson, Ne'son and Peyton. During
thft discussion, which was listened to by a crowd
in the lobby, some pretty sliarp shooting took
place, as well as some shoolng thaj wos not so
very sharp. At tho closo of thc debate, ine
question on takiog up tho resolution to go into

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