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Vcranal L;glslature.
FniDAV, Oct. 27.
Report of Committees. Mr. Sabin,
fr .m ihc select committee raised 011 so
u.ucii of Ihe Governor's messagf. as relates
to slavcry and the annexation of Tcxa to
thcCmon, and on tlie resoiuuoiis u. a thing indircctly, which should be aonc
Read, rcported a set of resolulions and a directy ;f done at all. He believed the
Inll fiirtbrr to portect human liberty ; cause ( temperance was noiv progressing
which were read and laid on the table. more rap;dy tian ;t would progrcss, if at
Mr. Cahoon called up the bill requiring j terapls lvere niade to ald it by Iegislatiou.
pmperty takcn ou execution to be postcd TJ)e frjends cf tnlt caufe, iudeed, ask no
14 days before sale ; supported by Messrs. jggjgjjtj,,,, ; atvancc 0f public opiuion.
Briggs. Fafr. A- A,lon. Bu,Ier a"d P"r,cr , Thc bill was thcn rejected on thc third
and opposed by Mcssrs, Cahoon, Camp read;ng
Dutton. Mr. Farr rooved to amend, ae- ( Capital Punishmcnts.
M,..ring the sale to be made at the most to consi(er lhe
public place. iustead ofpl.ce agrced upon rf n
bythe parties; adopted ; the bill was or- . c ;sllme,lt tlie tkm
!rred to ue .eau ain.ru ,.. , . be; u a(nedment of Mr. Bullet,
.N'.iys 7. Mrtarr movcd toso amend - a emen, after
th.i the b,ll take effect ar .ts pasage . ad- convjct;on 1 Qn aeg&m aomewhat
. aed ; the bill was tfaen passcd. protracled dcbatc ensued.
. J. , , The questum was then put, and the
Bills .ntroduced-Const.tut.ng a board ad d a3 folIous .
of cducat.on (the board to consist of he , McSjrs. Bass,Tjingham, Briggs,
Oovernor and two persons to bc appointed
l.7 the Iegislature, who are to appoint a wold j, Molt pi,i,ip,, riumb, Sa-
..cretary, whh a salary uot exceed.ng fa. g Thompson17.
8 100, to eolleet and duscmmate accur- jVoci Mcssrs A A1Ietli E Allen.Cutts,
me informalion from cvery distnet in the p H iIllbbarii Mun-
-tate.) which was referrcd to the co.nm.t- Sargeant, Starr, Stone,
tcc on education. By Mr. V.las. placing
,he rail road charters which should be 0u mot;on of Mr Dl;ggS) lhe b; was
Sranlcdtl.isyear.under thi. ccntrol of the further amemlcd b fixi tIlc timc for is
nt legidaturc Mr. cxplamed h.sob- at tIlree m0Iltll3 aflcr
joct-hewishedthc people to pa upon tI). tcntence of death is passed. -Adjourn-thc
qaestion. and deci dc whethcr thesc
charters should bc granted without retain- SENATE.
irig thc feature of legislative control. Saturilay Oct S
Thc bill was rejected outhc 2d read.ng, appointment
mcs lOO.noes 107. .... ofaday of Thauksgiving. Mr Cahoon
The amendrnent ofthc Sena.e to the b t ,.-, d
h,IIrcg.i!atingihcim,.r.sonmentortruslces o( Deecinb .. ana inw!rtillg idSt Thurs-
(altcnng me in.c, n --3
ings againM trustee ")was mcurrcd ....
Spuial ordcr I hc 1 ouse proceeded
o the speeiai oraer. wz . : u...
porate the Ascutney uank.
Thc vote on lhe 2d read.ng wa. ayes
13.noe. 194; so thc b. l was rejected
TheGovernor informed thc Ilouse tliat
inpursuance of the fcwlelion of jesler.
day.he had appo.n,edMessr, Cuus nd
Farr of thc Scnate, Messrs. V.las. Uan.cls
" f . ,, r' n,rU
a.id Davis ofthe Ilouse, and Uen. Clarke
, . ... a, rr ....,:,
and Co. B. l.ngs ofthe StafT, to wait up-
. ... . i ii ti ... i
ou Col. Itichard JI. Johnson, and mvite
, .
Jiim to inect bolh Houses at 12 Al., trns
lav andthatCo . Johnson bad acceptcd
ay, jiiu iu." !
the snvitatnn.
Raoliliont. By Mr . Ilawtinr re-
ncsling .he Goremor to appo.nt t ,e , tl
Hif Decemher as a day of 1 hank.!.giving ;
scd. Bv Mr. Wright of Shoreham, for
y . . ' , , . ., fIl- ,i, ,
a ointasscmbly at 3 p. m. tlns day to
,J J r.. - f,i, c
-clcct arcporcr ofthe dccisions ofthc bu-
-i . j
preme Court ; pjsfcd.
1 . , -ii -i i,
As the time had airncd lor rcccinng
Co. Johro. on , no.ii, of Mr. Harring-
ton the Housc adjourned.
n -i ..l. i m I
, ,-- "",,: ' ,i,' 'n!,i
The Ilouse hsll incorporating the urat-
i... li u i -i .i
tlcboro', and F.tchburgh Itail Road Com-
' ... b, r , ,
innv. was read l icc and refcrrcd to com-
,ml reo"'"s- - , ,m ,.,J
..ouseu.a.u.c ..uu,. ...u u,.,,
thcir nart n comniiltec of conlerence on
u.aS.. ........ u. ...
r .... n- ii:
. " : '
iiuan . ... r " . ,n ,nnV
mittce on Road.. ,,., .
T icSenate wcut .ato joint assembly ;
, . ,. . ... .,-, i,r:rp.
on thcir rc.urn, the bill iclating to slienlt s
, , , ,i i, m,
s ile was takcn up, and supported, by .Mr.
Sutton and oPPos,d by Mr. Farr and rejcct-
" . i
Tifounied "a)
1 ' jjQijtjg
,. , . ... .", -. .;,... r
The c hair appointed thc Conimit.ee ol ,
i..- 1 - - . , Mi.ar
Confcrence on joint rulcs, v.z. Mcssrs.
,,T, . J ,
Vi as, Wlnttemorc, Hciry.
' .... iij:,;.,. '
Reportsof Commithts. By Jnuiciary
J. . i-ii i,:., ir. ti.o
Coiuniittec, agamst bill rclating to the
n.r.lPi.is' l.i.ls.
ciiui:cuii v, u.ai.0 ,
f t.n.l Wv malnrltr nf
coinmittee on bank bill incorporating the
T.-n,illP ronn.v bank. at Jnhnsi.n. which
, , - . e . , -rmr
noon. By judiciaiy committee. ngamst
bill repcaling the chartcr of the Cham
plain Traiispoitalion Co. and it was dis
missed : against bill rclating to appcals in
act.ons before justices ofthe pcace, aud it
was dismissed. Bill in addition to chap-
ter 73 revised statutes, rela.iu to pleas in
ofriet(imt cxtecding to iiegoliahle note?,
payablc at banks) which. af.Qr remarks by
ktL.,, Wrmht nf SlmrM.nn.. and Wl.it-'
, ' , ,,,l. thi. ,T.!i.r r.,r MoiiiItv
niornin'n- next
Bilt introduccd. From thc Senate iu
i.Idition to chanter 81 R. S. relaiin" to
jnciations to exticBuis.il fircs, ul.ichVas
ordered to a third reading.
The Senate coming 111, tnrt tollowing
rlrclions wcrc made :
Chipman Sn'ain, Supcrintcndcnt ofthc
Statc Prin.
Thomas Kidder, chapl i"m of ihc State
Daniel Denison, Director of the State
Ahncr Field, ditto.
Stcphcn Prtntiss, ditto.
Ilon. Wm. Slaile, Reporter of decisions
of the Supreme Court.
Thc Senale rctircd and the Huuse pro
ceeded with business.
Fnmvv Evkniso, Oct. 27.
.Mr. BriggJ called "P the bill from the
llm.se in relation to granting liccnscs to
jvtiilcrs orspirits, which repeals the 6th,
ioiI. nml 1 3th sectinns of chap. 83
( tiio It. S. and explaincd that the first
3 which is pTop'WBU to ce rrpsaiea
gives the County Court thc power to li-' Pro rata dtstributloii of tlie real andpcrson
cense: the Becond.providei for cases where al estate araong creditors; all assignmerits
ths civi! authority fail to approbate per-
sons to be liccnscd; and the two last relate
to licensing in vacation of the court. In
his view, the passage of tliis bill would
take away the power of the courts, atid
a total prohibition of thc
trafjj jr tj,js ,vcre s0) it would be doing
day in December ; lobt. The resolution
thcn nol).colcurred
baiks came from
non-concurrence of
-n th(j amcndnient of ti,e Sen.
0 molio ol- Mr Stalr the Scn.
their aincnd
an Mt
the puishmet of cpital crimes, was a-
-, . . i
mendcd in its tit e bvstnking out "repeal-
. - '
ini an act : " the b. II was ordcred to bc en-
crossed and read a third t.nie.
s .
Thc bill incornoratins the Champlain
. f r
and Connecticut Kiver Kailroad Company,
. i
wJs read a tjilrd timc aid passcd
Montpelier, 6et 27. 1843.
1, i;rf.
f J j r
Sir, I resign my seat as a incmber
of the Ilouse of Itcprescntat.TCs from
I am w ith rrreal rcspcct,
m t-.- n-n
The Ilouse rcsumed consideration of
this bill, the nuestion bcing on &Ir Vilas'
amcndment, s.aled ycstcrday.
-, . , . .i
Mr Vilas said that in tleference to thc
... .... . ,.
wishes ofthc (riends ofthe bill hc would
withdraw his amendrnent, though he was
satisfied thc amendrnent wasright.
Mr Pcck movcd to amend by adding
.. . . J
pjactis.nK surgcons and phvs.cians to the
a car,
Mr Goodhue moved to add, studcnts of
collcgcs, faeulties and st.ulents of acade-
Mr Da'vis ofN. reg.etted that hc bad
.,,,.., fa-.- , ,
not added "all other citizcns." He would
... . . .
bc libera , but not to a fault, and wantcd
Pw',eSf ord.erS- , , .
Mr Goodhue thought thusc were exempt-
cd absoiutely by the act or '37 without
payi.ig anything, and that thc efTect of his
amendrnent would be to renuire them to
pay 82. Amendrnent lost.whcn Mr Peck's
, '
amendrnent was adopted, 82 too,
r. , . . . ,
.Mr Grandy moved to amend by addini;
. b
quakers to thc list ol thosc who are exemp-
, . . '
,cl1 "Uhout thc payment of an eqmvalent.
...it... t i- j inr:...i
pPPoscd -Messrs Davis ofN. and Henry,
Mr Wright ol b. moved to Iay the bill
im mt; Liunc , ii.m, iitiu iue uni was uiucc
cd to a 3d reading.
Mr Davis of N. called up thc bill re
pealing the act of last year in relation to
the militia. j
Thc bill was passed.aycs 127, noes 54. ,
Aj;ni.mi '
i t M
n . r . oc,oc,k' V-. ,
R'PV" "f Cmm,ttec;.)U. F.eld,
from Commiltec on Roads, reported bill
incorporating Braltleboro' and Fitchbiirgh '
''oa'1 Company, which was read a thiid
time and passed. Mr. Griswold, from Com-1
m,;,ee 011 Roads. reported a bill rcviving ,
chartcr oT Conuccti'-ut and Passumpsic I
Rivcrs Railroad Company ; read a third '
time ind passed. iMr Porter, from com- j
mittee on Jlanufactures, rcported Housc ,
bill incorporating Lincoln Iron Company ;'
read a third time and passed.
The bill relating to the militia oT this
stalc was read a third time and passed.
The Housc bill repealing militia act oT
last year was read twice and icfetrcd to
committee on Military Affairs.
Resolution. Mr Farr introduccd a res
olution Tor a joint assembly for lhe elec
tion of Judges oT Supreme Court on Tucs-
day at 10 o'clock; passsed.
The Senate went into joint assembly ; ;
011 their return.
Mr. Dutton called up the bill relating to j
assignments, and moved to strike out all j
after the enacting clause and insert thc I
toiiowing: all assignments made in Ihis!
. state.made by debtors for thc bcnefil of '
ucuimn siy.i prcvioc tor au erjuai apa j.
rnlrnrr sliall llft roid: lllis bill to takp
efTect from its passage; adopted; thc .bill
wss ordercd to be engrossed.
Fugitlvc Slacts.
Mr Whittemore.from thc judiciary com
mittee, made an argumentative report on
the subject of fug'uive slaves, concluding
with a bill for the protection of personal
The bill provides,
1st. That no judge or other magistrate
sball take cognizance of the 3d section of ,
l" Ca;Z ' r;ai.o, or other !
.L. rr im i
ofliccr or citizen of Vermont, shall seize,
detaiu or iniprison any person claimed as
a slave.
3d. That no officer or citizen of Ver
mont shall aid in transporting from the
Statc any person claimed as a slave.
4th. The penalty for viola.ion of eithei
of these provisions is a fine of $1000 or
confinement in the State prison fivc ycars.
5th. Former acts repealed.
Cth. This act to take efTect from the day
of its passage.
The bill was ordercd to a third reading
ayes 1C0, noes 5. (The nays were
Mcssrs Barnes.Griswold.IIodgkins.Philips,
Thc Judiciary Bill.
Mr Hanington called up this bill, the
question beingjjon the amendment, which
provides that ths act shall not take efTect
until one year Trom 1st. Nov. next.
The Senate came in and the following
appointments were made:
Samucl B. Matlocks, Judgc oT Probate.
Geo. E. Wales, Judgc oT Probate for
thc district of Hartford.
Samuel Warren, Lyndon A. Marsh.Na
hum Ilaskell, Jail Commtssioners.
Cyrus Warc, Jail Commissioncr.
David P. Pangborn, Jail Commissioncr.
Thc joint assembly adjourned to 3, p.m.
Mondiiy next, and the Senate rctircd.
Mr Hanington very briefly supported,
and Mr Folsom opposed the judiciary bill,
whcn it was rejected on the 3d reading, 122
Moxday. Oct. 30.
Rcports of Commitlccs. Mr. Briggs,
from Judiciary committee, to which was
rcferred a resolution lelating to 14th vol.
Vermont Reports, made a lengthy report,
shewing that thc law on this subject is not
coni.lied with, by the Judges of the Su
preme Court, and concluded by three res
olulions dirccting thc Reporter to call up.
on the Judges for all the cascs dccided
which have hot been reported ; dirccting
the reporter to publish one or more vol
umes ofthe reports, containing the cases
decided previous to and including those of
lg43 ; dirccting all the cases reported to
be published and distributed within one
year from thc publication. Report and
rcsolutions laid on thc tablc.
Mr. Dutton called up thc bill rclating to
assignments, which was read a third time ;
on molion the 1st section was amcnded by
inserting "general" before assignment.
Mr. Cahoon moved to amend so that this
bill shall not prevcnt the mortgaging or
pledging oT property to secure the pay
ment oTa snm oT moncy, as is now donc.
opposed by Messrs. Dutton, Sargeants
Briggs, Cutts, and uithdrawu. On mo
lion oT Mr. Cahoon, amended by inserting
"such" before assignments, in the last
clausc ; the bill then passcd.
A communicatioii was rcccivcd from
the Govcrnor announcing that Loren Dean
dcclincd to accept thc oflicc of Assislant
Judge of lhe County Court.
Bills Introduccd. By Mr. Harrington,
to protect the charactcr oT women, which
was referrcd tothe judiciary committee;
altering the place (from Rutland to Cas-
t!cton)for holding thc Supreme and Coun-
ty Courts oT Rutland county which was
rcferred to the membcrs from Rutland
Co. By Mr. Field of Guilford. dtvidinr
proceeds of sales of public lands among
the sevcra towns which was referred to
the general committee. I'rom the benatc
incorporating the Champlain and Connec-'
ticut Tfiver Rail Road Co, (to build a road
via Addison, Rutland and Windham
counties.) Mr. Davis of N movcd to a-'
mend, placing this act undcr the control ofj
the next Iegislature remarking that hc
morolv wishprl .hp r.nrnnminr, in rim ibo
riskofhaving as wise a Iegislature next """ -.-year
as this. Mr. Whittemorc regardcd , to amend the amendment by requ.nng onc
this question alrea.Iy too well scttled to re-
quirc discussion. Mr. Rice
Ul outliCIdCL
was willing to take the amcndment, on j
the ground that it was a question on which
the people had not acted. Mr. Stacy ur-
gcd that this year was tlie lavorable time
to gct the stock takcn, and if deferred one
year, he fearcd it would bo fatal to thc
projecL lle said that if nicmbers were
not prcpared to act definitely now, he
hopcd they would go home and consult
their mothers. Mr. Sherwood seconded
the last suggeslion ; hc thought the moth
ers oT Vermont were too wise to saddle
the State with such corpoiations. Mr.
Whittemore treated this amendment as a
mere trap, in efTect a proposition to sub
mit the corporation to the control of all
future legislatures. Mr. Vilas said this
was the object, but it was no trap ; the
trap was.on theothr cside.sprung upon lhe
people toprevent them from expressingltheir
will upon this subject. After further sug-
gestions by Messrs. Davis of N., Rice of
Somerset, Winslow, Warner, and Rice of
Bridport, the vote was takcn ; ayes 89,
noes IU1. bo lhe amendment was rciect-
The bill was ordpfed o a 2d read-
Mr. Grandy called up thc bill to char
ler tllc Lamoille county bank, and Mr.
Warner stated the facts presented to the
committee, remarking that the inajority
were in favor ofthe bill, thougli he dissen
ted, belicving that the business or the
county would not warrant a bank.
Mr. Flint or Lowell said that a bank
was needed at Johnson as much as any
whcre eUe, aud that it would accomodate
a portionorOrleans county.
Mr. Stacj was inclined to favor the bill
and csiablish a bank in Lamoille county
to take the place of thc p.ivate banking
cstablishments of moncy lenders, who not
unirenuennv nrove cai".
i"g to'the rule adopted , granting banks.
i.o tl.r.nrlii T.nmnille countv had madeoul
"-"o -
a fair case.
The bill was rejected on thc 3d read
ing aves 75, noes 108.
Resolulions. By Mr. Guild, instruct
nr tli( iudieiarv committee to inquire in-
to the constitutionality and cxpediency of
taxing bachelors for the support or.ndi
gent maiden ladies ; passed. By Mr.
Ricc ofSomcrset, for Thanksgiving day
to be appointed by the Governor (not fix
ing a day ; passed.
The Senate returned the Vermont Cen
tral Rail Road Co. bill, proposed to strikc
out the proviso uhich places the act under
the control oT ruture legislaturcs to alter a
mcnd or rcpcal it. Opposed by .Mcssrs.
Himry, Vilas, Sherwood and Peck, and
suonorted by Messrs. Whittctnorc, Hib-
bard, Guild, Bogue, and Siacy, and con-
curred in, ayes 93 noes fcJ.
Pi;iinn referred. Of inbabitants of
Ripton, to change the name ofthe town
to Watertown, referrcd to Ueneral com
mittee. Eugrcssed Bills. Rclating to the mi
litia, frestoring the acts of '27 and '39
with amendmeiits;) Mr. Peck moved to
commitand amend, so that companiesmay
retain their picsent uniform, ivhicb was
agreed to and the bill passcd.
The Senate came in and the following
appointmcnt was made :
Jolm H. Sandcrson, Assislant Judgc.
Resolution. From the Senale. directing
the reporter of decisiou to request the
Judges to furnish decisions of cascs not
alrcady reported, to be published: passed.
Tcesday, Oct. 31.
Reports of Committees. Mr. Briggs.from
Judiciary committee, rcpoTted Housc bill
rclating lo iniprisonment of dcbtors, with
proposals to amend by striking out "im
prisonmcnt of debtors" and inserting "pro
cess": adopted; read a third time and pass
ed. Mr. A Allen called up thc bill rclating
to the militia ; it was read a third timc and
Mr. Read called up thc bill rclating to
capital punishmeiit.ainl moved to amend by
shortcning the timc from the sentcncc to thc
cxccution from one year tosixnionths sup
ported by Mcssrs. Read and A. Allen, op
posed by Messrs. Butler, Briggs and Plumb,
and lot ; thc bill was read a third timc and
passcd ycas 2,j, nays 5.
Bills Introduccd. By Mr. Wright of
Shoreham, from commiltec of Ways aud
nieans, making appropriations for the sup
port ofgovernment, which was ordercd to
a 3d reading.
Thc Senate came in, and the follo'wing
clections wcrc made:
Hiland Ilall, of .Bennington, Bank Com
missioner and Bank Committee. Ilall,
127; John S Pcttibone, 97: scattering,4,
for Commissioncr; for Committee, Ilall,
131 ; Thos. Bartlctt, Jr. 97 ; scattering,2.
Chicf Justiec oTthc Supreme Court.
nominatcd by Mr. Folsom and seconded
by Mr. Starr, and clected vivcvocc, with
few dissenting voiccs.
Thc three first were clcctcd unanimous-
ly ; on tlie 4th, Mr. 1 racy nominatcd Uen
Kellogg, stating that hc was the choice of
that judicial district; and thc nomination
was confirmcd with few dissc.iting voiccs.
Hriorti f Committees. By judiciary
i coinuiiiieu iigaiusi uu.s reiniitu iu iucs iui
servicc of proccss, and relaltive to usury,
and they wcrc dismissed.
',: ,i,0 ,iirl:n rn,,:vm fc'r
.Mr. Whitteinore called up thc resolution,
j ,hc bcnefil of tie University of Vermont,
until the payment shall be called for bv a
futurc Iegislature. Mr. Whittemorc gavc
thc facts in thc case, whcn Mr. Wright of
j movcd an amcndment, postpon.ng tor
1 to years, on a renewal of thc notcs with
. - n..:. -r ar a
grced to ,he fi'rft amcnd cnt adopted, and
.j.i:.:.t ...i.:... .... .
1 roQrvlntinn nncofvf llnnmmniMlv A.li
...W J j.
S E N A T E.
2 o'clock, r. m.
The bill remoddleing the Judiciary was
inilpfinilf.lv nnfnnnoil
Thc Housc resolution, pos.poning the
' payment in two nolcs duc from the Univer-
; sity of Vermont to the bchool rund, was
concurred in.
The bill for thepromotionof Agriculture,
was read a third time and passed.
Thc bill relating to granting licenccs to
retailcrs, wastaken up, and Mr. Briggs mo
ved to strike out the 7th sec, chap. 83 it. s.
which is repealed by this bill : adopted, yeas
19, nays 9 ; the bill was then passed.
II O U S E .
By general committee, bill regulating
fees of County Clcrks, (nottoexceed S80p
per annum). Mr. Stacy movcd an amend
ment, that when thc feesdo not amount to
that sum, thc State shall makc up thc bal
ance, which was supported by Mr. Stacy,
who said that if the Ilouse was about to
adcpt thc principle that salaries wcrc not
to be proportionedtotheamountof.scrvicc,
he hopcd they would. carry it out and makc
the pay orall cqual. AJr. Grandy said the
amendment remindcd him of thepoor dcbt
or about to take thc oath, who, when asked
irhc had tcn sheep, said hchad but onc,
and demanded.thc other ninc which tlie
law allows. Mr. Wright of Shoreham op
posed the amcndment; he .said that an e
normous amount had been drawn from the
State by some county clerks. Mr. Davis
of N. said the bill adopted the samepnnci-
PIe uhich is applicd by the general gorern -
ment to district clerks. Thc sum ofSSOO
is cnough
Mr. Stacv's amendment was rejected, when er.e-. ne resuu o, ocn.
Mr. Crowlcy moved to an.end by reducinglcour.e j.roved, he thought ll.at tl.e General
thc sum from 8S00 to 000: supported by , . w. . .
odBuuiuiui.i.. r- .
C5.l ..rCi.nir,., Uni m nnlPl niul
the bill was ordcred to a 3d reading.
rtv Select Committee. bill appropriating
8300 to thc Vt Asylum for the Insane, (to vces or Uen J. opposed tne mmmb.
extend tl.e building.) which was ordered to ! 'ga ry lhe General, who Imd bo ed to
1 r 'ile decision oi the courl and pa.d the fini-,
a Jd reading. jherefuscd it as comncnsation, and gnve ii
SENATE. to thepoor.
Tuesday Evcning, Oct. 31. Mr. Peck's rr.otion was loat, 100 to 73
The bill repealing sec. 9, chap. 33 of the ' whcn tl.e report an 1 nMlution of the ma.
II. S. was recommittcd for amendment; jonty (declan.ig .tunw.,u to Iegislature u,.-
amcndcd and passed. . , " lho maUu,r: was adPd l0 10
Thc bill construing the 7th section oTan I ..dhsday. Nov. 2.-7 A.
,t rpln.in. tn nublic accounts. was read a ' The usual me,S!.geswere cxchanged and
. . & . r
i.nru iniic miu paMcu. ,
The bill relating to tlie nglits ana qua..-
ficationsofvoters.was indcfinitely postpc -
ned. ... .
The bill relating to tlie grand Jist, m al
teratioi. oTan act approvcd Nov. 11, 1841, j
was passed.
The bill relating to the sale of property
on attachmcnts on mcsne proccss, was pass
ed. HOUSE.
Rcports of committees. By judiciary com
mittee, bill to protect thc character of wo
mcn, which was supported by Messrs. Vi
las, Rice of Somerset and Harrington, op
posed by Mr. Hibbard, and ordered to a 3d
Petition of Ccntre Turnpikc Co dismiss
ed. Rngrosscd Bills. In relation to milita-
rv fincs ; altering time for holding thc coun.
ty court for Orleans county ; fixiug the time
for holding the county court in Washing -
io Uu..ijr , i..uR...B iast sesson. in u.is resptci wnai a won
support orGovernmcnt; making an appro- derfl conlr3s, y.t,vea n Vermont legis. '
Satinrthcwrit orSa ou Je'la rcgljlature. and congrcss whoso members arc !
-v rncfc in ril-ll fiHinrtC rplrttltirr tn Stnlft S l nlinnf ne mnnl. npfirliffil ii.inr.ilnn. nnn J
locosis.nc.y. acuoi.5,re.aui giUoi-.c
ln,ie)I;o Jtl V"5 a! . uCS . , r
45100 to 4300 ;) ,,, relation ,fo collect.on oH
deatb, or inability to pay ;) in relation to
dutics oT bank commissioners, sevcrally
Wedxesdav, Nov. 1.
Rcports of Committees. Mr. Starr, Trom
con.inittcc on banks, reported a bill rcla
ting to the duties oT bank commissioncr ;
read a third timc and passed. From Judi
ciary committee. bill in addition to chap.
Sl R. S., (relating to religious socictics;)
read a third timc aud passcd.
The bill making appropriation for the
Vt. Asjlum for thc Insane, read thc third
timc and passcd.
Thc bill extcnding timc of payment on
note duc the Statc, Trom A. Wilkins and
Elias Hiuds, jr. read a third time and pas
scd. Mr. A. Allen called up the Ilouse bill rc
lating to thc militia, (repealing thc act of
last year;) rejected. Adj.
2 o'clock, p. ar.
From the same committee, Housc bill in
addition to an act incorporating Norwich
University ; thc bill was read a third time
and passcd. Mr. Munsill, from committee
on Finaiice, rcported Housc bill making
appropriation for support oT government;
read a third timc and passcd. Mr. Briggs,
Trom committee on the Judiciary, to which
was referred rcsolutions from New Jertcy
rclating to rcpudialion, rcported a resolu
tion conde.nning repudiation ; passed.
Thc Housc bill further to protect person
al liberty, was takeu up, and Mr. Sabin
moved to amend so that the provisions of
this b.Il shall not extend to persons acting
under thc authority of tl.e United Stales ;
Thc bill relating to assignments of pro
perty, was returned from the Ilouse amen
ded, and the amcndinent was concurred
Mr. A. Allen called up thc bill rclating
to thc militia, and it was rejected.
Reports of Commitlccs. By committee
oT ways and means, that ,t ,s incxpcdient ha3 bccn g;vcn totho pcopIo b tU(jsc who cm of .s constitutioi)a, ,:c d w..truil
to Icgislate in refercnce to the proceeds of havo prcsilmed to tako tho chicrrcsponsibil. ' that, under lhe influencn ofas.ea.lv vi
thc public lands By committee on agr - I I ' incuIcalion of lruth, lhere.ill
culture, Senate b.Il toencoUrage Agr.cul- "J- 1 ""but lat year that JudgoIUbard b
turc (appropr.at.ng -52000 a year to orga-, was placcd upon the bench by the wh.gpar-1 (nen nh'0 wi hu3 ac, Jd UM ,,.
nizcd agr.cultural societics for premiums, ty, and wo arc bold to say dischargcd the art ,iJt. more efiiciernly, aud with moreea
tobcd.vided according tothe population dutics of the officc with pcrfcct intcgrity, I during efTect, as thc public mind shnll b
of the scvcral count.es,) w .i cl. wassuppor- and cxpcricnce ' gradually ccmc to a tl.orough npprecto
'CL T&T " " wou'd have' rcndycred IUI, adcquafc to thc I importancc o, & suTject, -
Somerset, and passeu. . . ,,, ., . 1 shall have becomo sufficicntly maiundu
Thc Housc bill repealing the act oT last stalion. 1 his year he is suddenly thrust i iu,(a; rigl,, nction upon it. Butwhiic.
year on capital punishment, was amended, aside without any adcquatc cause. by thoso 1 public setitimrM is boiuc thus formeil, bieb
on motion oTMr. Whittemore, so as to ex- vcry men wj,0 iast ycar Contr'ibu(cd to his shall, in duo timc. be ablo to act cfficic
empt cascs which have alreadv occurred, , . . : anJ wiih rcrm.incnt efTppt ihmU!.h tl
. n - -
ayes 83, noes 53.
7 o'clock, r. Ji.
Resolutions. From the Ilouse, rclating Judge Hebard and his friends. It will dis
to theTarifi, was read and passed. From turb thc harmoniousaction ofthc whig par
thc House, relating to Gcn. Jackson's fine; ' t... It is a conccssion ,0 ,he Iocos wh;ch
Mr. Cahoon moved to postpone lndefin.te-i ,, ., , . . , ,.
V: lnstt concurred iveas 13. navs 7. fhcy ncvcrwill rficiprocatc, and is made not
Mr. Cahoon introduccd thc following res-
olution, which was adopted unanitnously :
Resolved, That the thanks of the Sen -
aic nc corouuiy tenuercu 10 n uonor or-
ace Eaton. for the able. impartial and,
courteous manner in which he has dischar
ged the duties oTitspresiding officer during
the present session oTtho General Assem
bly. To which the Prcsident responded in a
, very beautiTul and appropriate address:
Resolulions. Mr. Vilas, tcndcring the
thanks oT the nouse' to the llon, Andre w
Tracy, Tor thc manner in which he hasper
.formed lhe duties oT the chair Tor the ses
sion ; which was adopted by a most hearty
and unanimous votc, and Mr Tracy band
somcly and Tcelingly acknowledged the Ta
vor oTthe House.
Reports of Committees. The report oT
ihc committee qn thc Gcn. Jackson fine
was takcn up, whcn thc minority reported
resolutions in faror of refiinding the fie
with costs and intcrcst. .Mr Peck moved to
amend, liy substituting tnesa rcsolutions
for that reported Dy tne majoruy.
mr. v.iassup jr.u .. -- ... ......
thal hc had hoped at this ute day all p:
II parlu.-s
ivou!d bc just to Gen. Jjckson's military J
jerce, ..d ...a wi.nou. n ew , .0 Kn.j.
th.s I..u wu!d pp. 11. grai.tudo o
Z asancl SEZ
' 1 . ,
1 lir. IllllUJlu n..u -
,, . , o,...,
uriuiiy wncii ..... ..
'no P'ZC' togworibe military ser-
rnih Miiiiq4 nrfinnrnrd sinn cio
o J
!pgJQpg'S Pfg,ES.
Middlebury, Nov. P, 1843.
Thc office of lhe P e o p 1 e's Prcsi
wil! bo found in Stewart's Buildings just
south oT lhe Post OfSce. liditor'a OiSco
on thc sams floor.
Thisbody adjourned Sine dicon Thurs.
day morning, after n session of 22 days.
, Scldom has our Legislature more assiduons-
1 ly applitd itself to business, thnn during thc
auout as muc. prac.ca. ..iipor.ancc or ap-
pKealFon to thc subjects d..,cusscd. as the
ubt(J d; - ilions .j, Thomas Anuinas,
uuuu. i..u iuuu, uauiia, uuu uccujictliuiis Ui
ti, r ii 1
ui'nu. . i..i;ai;ic:iit.-99 ui tuu cuilllJi;ilsa-
,find that soveral important bills, and cspo.
. , , , ., , ,. pons anu me acccssion iro.naDroaaoiiwen-
t.on doubtlcss contnhutcs much to cxpcdt- ( ty niilliolw of the prec;0U3 metii t0 meet
tious lcgislation in this State. Indccd in , the balance oftrade in favor of thiscoan
many cascs we fear membcrs have been ' try ; and that wc do mcst earnestlr dep
slarvcd into too much prccipilancy in thcir ; reca?e and rcmonstratc again.t its med'i
... , , ., , ,. - tatcd repeal, or rcduction, as a present
cnactmcnts, nr lo ncglect tho complelion of i enCouraging prospccts ofthc renewed im
measurcs highly conducivo to lho public pr0vcment and prospcnty ofthc people of
wclfaro During this Seasinn wc rcgrot lo ! this State and thc United Statcs.
cially one aniendntory of the nct of lh0 i "nvo a.c,c'":i,r"1 rcoiiiejiim. r.ZM
, . . . . . , i to jlic proceeds of the snlfli of the pub'u
last year, cnforcmg tho execut.ou of lho . Tcrritory . ,hal y np,nrniriation of l!,o
murdercr after a limitcd time, were lost by I proi ceds for any purpose short of ihp geae
bcing crowdcd into thc hecl ofa session cv i ral wtinire and ii.tcrst ol nll the Siatvs ija
,dentlv loo conc bc for duc dcliln ration OvJ Prncl c,al b'ea "f ud
., , , , t!ie.-.o lamls wrre originailv cepdcd: anJ
ing parlly to thc cnusc, and more perhaps i ,lmt an a , , cat 0 , ufihem dc.froy ,ho or.
to thcapathy oTthe Icgiff!alure upontlic&ub- dinary txuonscs ol the Governnv r.t as Ae-
ject, tho law against Usury which hns been uianiled by tl.om who clanmr fir Fr.'e TraJe
producinc so much popular d.sconlcnt in i " but onc r,llB "'Cihods ilericd bv an op.
... .". ... i i , positiuii, Uillful in ail tln deciin, to iimler.
this region has occupicd scarcc ya nionioiK J 1 - . ., ., ,, . . D .
' i inme and ovcrlhrow thu Pro'icliiE Pohcr.
From lhe impcrfoct accounls which have
rcachcd us, oTacts in alteration orchaDters
& scclions or tl.e ltevised Statules. womav
prcsumc that thc tnual numbcr have been
In relation to Rail Roads, for which sev.
, . .. . , .
cral acts of mcorporal.on have bccn passcd,
wc rejoicc that the Icgialalurc has adopted
a wise and cnlightcncd policv in spitc ofthc
scnscless clainorof thc locofocoracy against
.ii . . ..
thcsc so stylcd arislocralic corporalions.
ihc.r nttcmpls to subject them to the re -
pealing power of future legislatures, and
thus rendering them wholly impracticablc.
have cntirelv Tailed.
Onc or two things have occurcd during
tho session nhicli in our view arc oTa very
c.xtraoidinary character. Tho summary
rticction of JlldfG. IIphnrH frnm tlio Uni.1.
! needs some more satisfactorv anolosv Ihan
iiiiuu. tiiiu in uiiiiiiMiii ii m mn vorv iri
cofoco candidate for Governor whom thov
(noivprcfcr. This coursc sccms to us un
i just and ungencraas in the extremc.towards
on,.v al tho expensc of Judge Hebard butof
j many worthy men in our own party which
, they can hardly forgive. We must bclievc
,hat . d . j . rf , , ha
'.r . - .
lurc was takcn by surprizo, and upon a scc-
ond sobcr Jhought will regrct a stcp equally
injuroua lo thc parly, and unjust to the vic.
tint (hcy have sacrificcd.
A number of which Mr. James Johns,
of Huntington has kindly scntus, contains
several brietarticles which would do hon
or to the columns ofour paper. But at
present we can ' find room only for the fol
lowing racy illustration of thc profound
wisdom oT Third Partyism. He certainly
sums up thc argument in a very narrow
compass, cxamplifies thc snbject by a com'
parlson well adapted to eiilihe drcamy"
expcctations of those who are pawumgn,
j Igms Fatuus which is decoying tl.ee,
i a cqurse ot politic.il act.ou well cnlcul;
to put.at; a t;n greatcr distance the
, .
& 'U,,
! - S
iiuni imriv iiMivi.iiii'm
rral nnii iin; ori.mt n t ral coinli',...
tions in thcsingh: one nfslavrrv und Ii.'.i."
oU.ion. my be sumrned up in a'few notll,
..... .;,.!,. o ...n ,i.:..t. .1- .
""n J " i"uija potato lu.l,
for fifty bushels or piiiiiiops wiih a lUn,
prongc'd b.issirool 'ni, uud cuvpr it u.,.i
quicksand by the sam-s niearu. M Tnr mrn
in unUertakr to ailministfr ilie onliiut,
business of stato ofScerj and mks rlue caro
of itateconccrns, by giviug their sole auto.
tiun to the subjic: of s'.avery. When itcsn
be provcd by trying lho oxperiment that
fjrmer can carry on the who!e bu?iEea4 or
his rarm, raising crops. stock, &e. bv devo.
tit'g his whole time, and Isbor to cicsriDr;
and burning a swamp in one comcr nf i;'
then shall we bel.cve in the wis lom ofOtlrJ
partyism, and not before.
We have hithcrto gicn to the puMic b
part the proceedings of lho Demccrati:
Whig Con.cnlion htld al Montpelier durini.
lhe session of the Iegislature. The fo!low.
, ing drnwn up by Mr. Slade, were rcsolu.
tions adopted by lho Convention, after ablo
speechcs from Scnaor Phcips, and Mr.
Rcsoleed, In view ofthc productiveneii
ofour soil, the vast cxtent of our territo.i
the iniprovemeuts in agriculture, and the
increasing facilities for transportation, tht
we recognize, as the only nieans of creatiig
and perpetuating a market for our surplus
I Protective TarifT, and thc pcrmanent con.
juuuutc, ihc pnramouni in.poriai.ee ot a
cuture and'the varioi
Resolvcd, That thc existiiisr tariiT, there-
forc, meets our approbation and lirm sa
port, not asthc bcst which might be devlt
. ' . -S
cou,d ex,ort from a tra;tor0us Executive
, and a factious minority. That in this
TarifT are alrcady to bc traced the res-
lorat:on of confi.lrnec. the rorir,!
. ; . - '
uumucas, uiu ujiiiu.uiiuii u. ioreirn ira-.
. t.t r , ,
I htsohed, l hat thc scvcrul Siotescf tlin
. . . ... . '
. Taxation.
! Retolved. Tl.at we iVprccale the cor.
I 'emplated nr.nexalion of T-ms to thc Uo.
lon. o regard thu movemcnl to th t cdj
as originating in a purpasc lo pcrpclbaio
lho lavo pownr ; and dcem it our duly lu
iho i,lavo pownr ; and
' 'clar': ,1,a,1 fh nr.Psaiion. ir.-.fcteJ will
' be a vittual diso'utinn oftlie Union, inlro-
, du,il)g a3 U in!o lhe cort.jerncy, pl..
lies cntirely beyond the anticipation of lle
Constilution, iherehy abolishing lhe oUbj
! "10, constitution oTa'new polilicnl fa.m!,
I and lhu bretiking up tho loundation of oir
1 pedera Union.
, Rcsoleed, That in view of tho pastnsJ
lho thrcatened eiicroachments of thc slaii
' Power. ' 1,le inatiift sl u'u.y of thu Norli
10 sP?.k out, ern"l,y a"d ""ideii'y w
tncKuhjcctoUlait'iv.toihecnd that th" soaU
sIlan fl:ei ,10 pressurc orihe moral ii.flueac.
wlncli a stcady, firni and porscvering pro-
mulg.ition of truth vvill cxert.
- tj . r.. .... .i i .i t'.i
licstivca, i.iai u isiiio ouiyoi ine .iohui
.i J.r i i' r.n ...
---- o
branclics oT tho covcrnmen., we do not t'-
al liberty to Iay aside, in the aiproachirj
Prcsideuialcontcst, all regard to the inW-
ntK- mn.A In. n.n.K. I a1. n n.l .KrprlW lnrnllM
in it : but we decm it our solcmn du!V
main'ain, and do inlend to maintain tnco
in Ihc spirit ofconsecraiion to what we coo
sider to b? lhe grcatcst present. praztici'i
pulitical good of our country. AnJ to tbe
highcst efforls wc are capablo of makitj in
that contcst wo Teel impelkd, not only 7
inotivcs drawn Trom the intrinsic impor.ane.
oTtho qucstions involvcd in it, but by a
abiding scnsc of tho baso bclrayal ofti
Triends and abandonmont oT his princip!"
by lho acting President orthe United Sta:
In tho prinriplcs for which wc conteniW
whon ho was c'eva.ed to power, we Bir'
losl no confidenco. His perfidy. raiher.
has made them more dear lo us. and ins?':
od us with a more delermirted purpoe tosoJ
iain them in tho great slrupglc which ii ?
Resolved, That, as a represenlalivo
tho Whfgsortho Statoor Vermont. , et(
posu cntirp confidencc in tho collective '"1;
dom bimI patriotism ortho Whig Na.ioo"
Cuiontion, to Lc asscmbled in Baltimore i
May next : that wo entertain no doubt tW
lhe individual sclected by that Convcol.itf'
for Iho hieh ofTicc of Prcsident oT lho ln
ed States, will be one nhoso exalted charac- (
Ipr. and eminent nnhli'ir servicei will IUW " 3
lhe confidence, and comrnnnd thssupF0'10'

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