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ES'ccftlP Joumnl, Dcbotctt to JJoUttcs, SLttcraturc, srjjriculturc, SBoraKts, (Gfcncrnl XMelltflcnce atft jpnmfls ilcaWnn.
, B EL L5 Editor and Proprictor.
-MIDDLEBURY VT.:NOV. 15, 1843.
- rrBiisncD Evnnv wedxesday jioenikg
brivhoniall ordcrs for printing Boolts
p'rnpM-'ts. Bills, Cards, fcc, of evcry dcs
,rintion will 1)0 ncatly and fashionnbly ox
vaisge snbieribcrs,
iaa;viJMl3anlCoinp.mic3 ho take at the office
S1.75.ri'30 nts .r paid .n s.x monih,.
Ttite.dftteJri25 " '
Ko papcrs discontimicd notil arrearages are paid
(1piatiheopiionofiliepropr!etor. Ko payraei t
KCarrlerjalliiircdrxceptordcred bytheproprietor
Post Piid '
Tor llie Pcople'e rress.
j3rsultorB SHustllflS.
nr a nzcLCSE.
No. I.
Some niinds are cnamorcd of solitudc. In j
tchorry and lumult ofactivo lifo they findhuD(lre( y;,,.,,, distant from mylinc; his
to pari assigncu iiu-w. i iiev mu u amui
tf.ctesytlironglikcbeingsofanolhcr world
intercs:cd, ir.deed, in what is pasmg
rm'it.d them. but intcrcsted as sveclators,
ad cot as actors. They sco much, nnd .jng thoir shTp and brig ; the othcr as
kar much, and treasurc up an ahundant j s;st;ng thcir galleys. Our remaining gal
jtorccf incidents and observations, gath- ys wcro witnthB Saratogaand Eagle.
cicj iitni uiu un iit.ua nn., i
kconiB food for soltlary refltction.
Ttcv love to medilato on the vicissitudes
li liurnan ofTairs the ioys, the sorrows,
ccdtlie honcs of man, his orign, and his i
Hjh destinv. Thov love the sound of
the mcrry voiccs of cbild'cn sporting at a
dislance, for it brings back to them those
&ys on wliich thcy dclight lo dwell days
Lcn they too jo;nc3 tho mirlliful sliout, and
siippcd about in innoccnt gaiety. I hc lcel
mis ofchildhood stili livo within thcm, in
Eome degrce, and tlicy sigh when they think
how ycars havo changed and corrupled that
rciid, lovely, and nngelic nnture !
Such minds love lo wander in the cliarm-
irg fiulJs of tmagination they love to for
get i!:c bascr ties that connect thcm to earlh,
tcd pass to jccdci! of thcir own crration
Tbeylivo in tl.e ideal world more thati
in the rcaJ.
"liudi of this sut find thcir companions
tconj the dead, more tlmo among tho liv
ag. They can say with him who himscll
naoir no more,
11 My dajs among the Dead arc past;
Around mc 1 bchoM,
AVhcrcVr thce rasual cjca aro isi;
Tlic nitgljty intnds of-old;
My ncver-failing fricnda are ibey,
AVilh ivliom I comcrse day by day."
Tke Kiinhly minds of old! Wliat bcttcr
rorananions can a man chooso than thosc
lbcrner 'failinc fricnds J"
Ileadcr, canst thou imagine bim wi;o ad-
Jrra5cs thee to be oflhe kind of beings hc
liis attemutcd to dcscnboi And Miall hc
daic to hope that thou wilt follow him in
soirc of his iiieut musings on incn, nnd
looks, and thinjj in gencral 1 Wo do nol
promist" thco much that is new, or strange.
orfauciful in thcso onr papcrs. but yct, as
we sliall not detain thco long, al one time
ro liope in soiiiq mcasurc to compcnsalc
lhcc, by Eomc little amuscmciit, if not in
siruciiou. Thus much liavo wc said, kind
U'adcr, the bcllcr to aiuaint thco with our
cispoiilions and tastcs, in ordcr that thou
iuaysi uudcrstand nnd appreciatc moro fully
nhat may be said hercaftcr uy tbts samo
II. L. T.
Kr Charlcs 1' M itcltcll the acconiplish
cdfoiger and cx-iMember of Congress, who
was clecled to serve a short apprenticeship
aiaing bing, was pardoned and sct at Mb
eily on Wcdnesday last by Gov. Bour.k.
last namber of tho Chinese ilepository
icceivcJ al this office, stales that Commo
dore Kearncy, oflhe U. S. frigate Cou
s'cllation, "liaa more ofiicial intercoursn
wilh the Chinese cfficers than has ever
leroie been held by Amoricau officersallo
geilicr, and this inlcrcourse has been con
ductcd on lerms of onlire equnlity. Com
modore Kearney has. we belicvo, oblaincd
ihcobjccu &ooIa for in his eoming liere.
end ifwo arc rightly informed, indcmnily
for all losscs sustaincd by Ainericaus in
Dccembcr last is in n fair way of bcing ob
lained." Ncicark Daily Adv.
Singular. A child havingtho mcaslcs
andsupposed lo have died in Ciucinnati on
Mondav last. was laid ont and a cofiln or
uereJ, when, sirange to say, in about two
hours aflcr, it camc to life, and is now do-
ing wtll.
ilositOE EDWAnns. Wc lcarn from rood
authoruy, that this convict has madesdes-j Itwasin this action that tho far-famcd
perato efibrt to escapo, by firing one of the manccvre of coming down hcad first upon
rooms in the Stato Prison at" Sing Sing. ' the cnemy was first tried against the Amer
lmmediatoly aflcr the Mtempt of Edwards icans, and thc rcsult was what wo will vcn
was discovcrcd, the firo was nromntlv duI tnro n n,nri;Pt it nlwnv.s will bc. when tried
out, and that exigency attcnded. tho gallant against a force any way cqual in number
UI. was tied up to tho whipping post and and courago. The British vcssels wcrc cut
nad 10 receivu, as a reward for his rash 1 to picccs beforo thov wcro in a station to
cnlcrpnse, ono hundrcd lashcs on his bare bring their guns to bear against tho Amer
baclt. Our informant says that Edwards ' icans ; and nothing carries a strongcr con
wa sufTcriDg severely from tho efiect of thc viction to our minds, of tho want of propor
pr,son disciplinc American. jskill and self-posscssion in thc officers and
- mcn of those flects that have been taken or
1 ukishme:ct fok Adulteby George
Cook of Derby, Conn.. charired with adul
ryi as arrainged beforo the Supreme
Isourt siuing at New Haven, plead guilty,
and semcnccd by Judge Church to State
Pnson for 4 ycars.
;T''iS c"',uewa3P"nijhed by the Puritans
5Hc Sonoujjii's tctoq).
Extracted from Professor Frosd "Book
oflhe Navy."
The deslruction of Ihe Amciican naval
; forcc on Lake Champlain was supposcd, by
Sir George Prevost, to be cssential to the
succcss of this plan of opcrations ; and Oap
' (ain Downic, who was at the head of the
British squadron, was directed toattack the
American naval force, which had been for
SOme time under tho command ofM'Don
. thcn only a licutenant, althesam.
time that Sir George stormed thc tntrench-
ments at Plattsburgh.
Aware of their intcntions, and knowing
cf tl,cjr approach, M'Dor.OUgh dccided to
awa;t ,he aUack at anchor Atcight in the
mnrninv of tho 11th ofScntembcr. 1814.
, the look-out boat announccd the approach
' of tho cncmv's sauadron. The hostile ships
werc soon in nction, and wc cannot do bcl
ter tban dcscribe the battlc in Caplain M'
Donough's own words.
"At nino," says tho Caplain, "the cnemy
anchorcd in a linc ahcad, at about threc
sIlip 0pp0scd to the Saratoga; his bng to the
iag0i Captain Robcrt llenley; galleys,
tljirtocti in number, to tho schooncr, sloop 1
i r n,. r I
i.in l nssituatioii.lho w io otorceon botd
sides bccame cngaged, the Saratoga suf
fering much from the hcavy fire of the Con
fiancc. 1 could crceive at tho satno timo,
howcvcr, that our firo was very dcstructive
to hcr. The Ticondcroga, licutenant com'
mandant Cnssin, gallantly sustaincd hcr full
sharc of the action. At lialf past ien, the
Eacle, not bcing able to bring hcr guns to
bcar, cuther cablc and anchorcd in a more
clegant position, bctween my ship and tho
Ticonderoga, wliere she very mucn annoy
ed tho cmciny ; but unfortunatcly leaving
me c.xposcd to a galling fire from the cnc
my's brig.
Our cuns on the stnrboaru sidc bcing
ncarly all dismountcd, or unmanagcablc, a
stcrn anchor was let go, the bowcr cablc
cut, and tho ship wcnded with a resh
broadsidc on tho cncmv's ship, which
soon aflcr surrcndercd. Our broadsidc was
thcn sprung to bear on tho brig.which struck
about fiftecn minutcs aftcrwards. Tho
sloop wlnch was opposca to me cagie, nau
struck some time beforo, and drifted down
the line. The sloop that was with thcir
;allevs had also struck. Thrco of their
galleys wcrc said to be sunk ; the othcrs
pullcd oll. Uur galleys wcrc about obey
ing with alacrity the signal to follow thcm.
wbcn all the vcsscls wcrc reportcd lo me to
be in a sinking state. Il thcn bccame nc
ccssary to annul tho signal to the galleys,
and ordcr thcir mcn to pump. I could on
ly look at tho cnemy s galleys going olr in
a shattcrcd condilion ; for thcro was not a
inast in cithcr squadron that could stand lo
mako sail on. 'J he lowcr rigging, bcing
ncarly all shot awav, hung down as thougli
it had just bccn placcd ovcr the mast hcads.
" 1 he Saratoga had hlty-ninc-rounu shot
in hcrhull: the Uonfiancc onc hundrcd and
fivc. The cncmy's shot passcd principally
just ovcr our, heads, as tbcre was uot twcn-
ty wholc liammocks in the ncttings, al the
closcorthe action, which laslcu, without
inicrmission, two hours and Iwcnty min
"Tho abscnc'o and sickncss of licutenant
Ravmond Perry lcft me without tho assis-
tanccofthatcsccllcnt oflicor. Much ought
fairly to be attributcd lo bim for his caro
and attcntion in discinlining the ship's
crcw, as hcr first licutenant. His place was
filled by a gallant young omcer, licutenant
Peter Gamble, who, I regrct to inform you,
was killcd carly in tho action.
Caplain M'Donough concludcs his lettcr
by stating that tho Saratoga was twicc set
on fire during the engagcment by hot shot
from Ihe enemy's ship ; and exprcssions of
gratitude for thc able support ho rcceivcd
from cvery ofiiccr and man in tho squad
ron. The Ioss of tho Amcricans, in this liard
fought battlc. was fifty-lwo killcd and fifty
eigbt woundcd ; that of the British, cigbty
four killcd and onc hundred and tcn woun
dcd. Amonz (ho killcd on the American
side was lieutcnant Potcr Gamblc. a gallant
young ofiicer, ono of threo gallant brothcrs
who had devotcd thcmselvcs to the scrvice
of thcir country. The other two brothcrs
suivivcd. Ho who fcll on the mernorable
llthof Scptcmbcr, is inseparably conncc
ted with an cvcnt, which will nover be for
gotttn in this nation, and will, we trust.bear
with it tho rccollcction as wcll of the Iiving
as ol tho dead, who wcro msfrumental in
gaining ono of the most important victories
ofthewar. Thc American squadron car.
ried two thousand and twcnty.tbroc ounds
weight of mctal, and ono thousand and fif-
i tv min
' defcated by this mancevrc, than thc fafal
effecLs which resulted from the attcmpt in
inis tnstanco.
The anxicty of tho public had long drawn
theattcniion of all.who wcrc capablc of rca
soning, upon tho probable efiect of Sir Gco.
Provost'E opcrations, or who felt an intcrcst
in the fatc of thi country. It was justly
fearcd that the cnemy, after succceding a
gainst the flcct on Lake Champlain, and
forcing thc intrenchmcnls of Gen. Ma
comb, at Plattsburgh, would penetrate into
the heart of tho Stato of New York, and
perhaps cstablish a cpmmunicalion by
mcans of the Hudson, with the Atlantic
fleet and forccs should thcsc succccd against
the city of New York. But tho news of
this victory, and thc conscqucnt prccipita-
ted relrcat ot oir Ucorgc, turncd their gloo
my anlicipalions into triumphant rcjoicing.
Thc frontier was saved from dcsolation ;
and many a praycr was brcathcd for M'
Donough and his gallant associafcs, who
thus saved the hopesofthc pcaccable far-
mcr, nnd frccd his innocent folds from pro-
bable plundcr and devastalion. Xndcpcn'
dcntly of thc rcal magnitude of thc cffccts
produccd by this victory, it derivcd a nccu
liar and picturesquc cbaractcr from tho cir-
cumstanccs undcr which it was gaineu. It
was fcught in sight of two hoslile nrmies,
whosc hopcs of ullimalc succcss dcpcnds
upon ils issue ; and in thc vicw of thousands
of pcople, who watchcd in brcathlcss an.U
ely thc rcsult ofa struggle that was to dc
cide whcthcr Ihcy wcro (o be drivcn from
thcir homcs in bcggary, or rcmain in thc
pcaccable cnjoymcnt of thcir firc-sides.
Thc shorcs of the lake adjaccnt, thc projcc
ting points of land, nnd thc ncighboring
hills, vcre animatcd with spcctators, nnd
thc victory was grcetcd by the shoulings of
multitudcs. It corrcsponued wcll to that
of thc gallant and amiablc Pcrry ; and c
qually young. gallant, and fortunatc, thc
namcs of Pcrry and M'Donough will, wc
trust, ho associated togcthcr to tho Iatcst
timcsis brothcrs in dcscrving, nnd brothrrs
in succcss.
Amid thc usual dcmonstrations on such
occasions tho Statc of New York, which
has bccn most pcculiarly bcncfillcd by M'.
Donough's victory, gave more solid testimo
nialsof hcr gratitude. Ho received a grant
of land from tho legislature of one thousand
acrcs ; a propcrty which is, in itself, nn in.
dependcnay. and must be doubly dear to
him and his postcrity, bccause it lies ou
the b.iy, whero ho achievcd thc action
which mcrited this rcward. Tho corpora.
tion of Albany, as well as that or the city
of New York also, madc him cach a grant
ofa vnluablo lot, so that, to uso his own cs
prcsson, in one month, from a poor licutcn.
ant, he bccamo a rich man, by thc libcrali
ty of his countrymcn.
ABAMA. BY K. noorEit, Esa.
Wo rode up ono day to tho rcsidcnco of
a widow ralhcr past tho primc of life (just
that pcriod at which nature supplics moro
abundnnt, the oil which Iubricatcs thc hin
gcs oflhe fcmalc tongue) and hitchtngto
Iho fcncc, walkcd into thc house.
Good morning, madam,' said wo in our
usual blaud, and somcwhat insinuating
Mornin,' said tho widow gufily.
Drawing our blanks from thcir casc, we
procccdcd. 'I'ui tho man madam, that
takcs thc ccnsus, and '
' The mischicf you are !' said thc old
lcrmagant. 'Ycs, I'vc hcarn of you ;-Par-son
W. told mo you was coming, and l
told him iust what I tcll vou that if you
said 'cloth,' ar 'chickcns, to me. 1'd sct
thc doss on yc. Ilcrc. Bull ! hcrc, Pomp.!
Two wolfish curs rcspondcd lo thc call for
Bull and Pomp, by coming lo tho door,
smellin" at our lcct with a slmht growl.and
thcn laid down on thc stcns. ' Now con-
tinucd thc old shc savacc. thcm's thc sovcr.
cst docs in this country. Last wcck Bill
Stoneckct's two ycars old stccr jumpcd my
yard fcncc, and Bull and Pomp tuk him by
tho throat, and Ihoy killcd him aforc my
boys could break cra loosc,to savo the world.'
' Ycs, ma'nm,' said wo mcekly ; ' Bull
and Pomp seem to be very fino dogs.'
' You may well say lbat : what I tclls
thcm todo they do and if I was too sick
them on your old horse yondcr, they'd eat
him up aforc you could say Jack Itobcrn-
scn. And lts just what 1 shall do, it you
try to pry into my conscrns. They are none
of your busincss, norVan Burcn's nothcr,
I rcckon. Oh, old Van Burcn ! I wish I
had you hcre you old rascal ! I'd show you
what-I'd make Bull and Pomp show you
how to be scndin' out mcn to tako down
what little stufTpeopIo's got, jist to tax it,
when its taxcd cnough alroady !'
All this time wo wcro perspiring through
fcar of thc fierco guardians of the old wid
ow's portal. At length, when thc widow
pausod, wo rcmarkcd that as she was detcr
mincd not to answcr qucstions about thc
produce of thoTarm, wo would just sct dovn
thc agc, scx, and complcxion of cach mem
bcr of hcr family.
No such thing you'll do no such a
fhing,' said she; I'vo got fivo in family
and that's all you'll gct from mo. Old Van
Burcn must have a heap to do, tho drottcd
old villyan, to scnd you to tako down how
old my childrcn is. I'vc got five in family,
and they are all bctween five nnd a hun.
cred ycars old, they are all a plaguy sight
whiter than you, and whether they aro he
or she, is nono of your concerns.'
Wc told her c should rcport hcr to tho
Marshal, and sho would bc fincd but it only
aucmcnted hcr wrath.
' Yes ! send your Marshal, or your Mr
Van ISurcn hcre, if you re bad on to let
'em comc lct Mr. Van Burcn comc, (look.
ing as savagc as a Bcngal tigrcss,) Oh, I
wish ho would comc,' and hcr nostrils dila
ted, and hcr oycs glcamcd. I'd cut his hcad
' That might kill him,' wo venturcd to
rcmark, by way of jokc.
'Kill him! kill bim oh ifl bad him
hcre by the years I reckon I would kill him.
A prctty fcllow to bocaticg his viltils out'n
gold spoons that poor people's taxed for,
and rasin' an army to got him madc king
of Ameriky the audicious, nasty stinking',
old scamp !' Shc pauscd a momcnt, and
then resumcd. And now jist put down
what I tcll you on that paper, and don't be
telling no hcs to send to Washington city.
Jist put down 'Judy Tomkins agrecablo
woman, and four childrcn.
YVo objcctcd to making any such entry but
tho old bag vowed that it should bc donc to
prevcnt any misrcprcsentations of her case.
Wo howevcr wcro prctty tesoluto until she
appealcd to the couchant wholps Bull and
Pomp. At the first glimpso of their tccth
our courago gave away, and wc madc thc
entry in a bold hand across a blank'schcd
ulc "Judy Tompkins, agrccable woman,
nnd four childrcn. "
Wc now bcgged thc old lady to dismiss
hcr cnninc friends, that we might go out
and dcpart : and forthwith mounting our
black wc detcrmincd to give thc old soul
a parting firo. Turning half round in or
der lo face hcr, wo shouted
'Old 'oinenl'
' Who told you to call me old omcn, you
long leggcd, hatchct-faccd whclps you !
111 make tho dogs tako you ofTtlio horscs
if you givo me any more sars. What do
you want?
Do you want to gct marricd ?
Not toyou.ifldo!'
Placing our right thumb on the nasal ex
c.tlrcmcly of our countcnancc, we said,
'You nccdcn't bo uncasy, old'un, on that
scorc-though it might suit sorc-lcggcd Dick
3 up our wny, and should Iiko to know
what to toll him hu might count on if hc
comcs down ncxt Sunday I'
' Hcre, Bull !' shouted tho widow' ' sick
him Pomp 1' but wo cantcrcd ofT, unwoun
ded. fortunatcly, by the fangs of Bull and
Pomp, who kcpt up tho chaso as long as
they could hcar the chccring voico of thcir
mislrcss 'S-i-ck Pomp sick, sick, s-i-c-k
him Bull suboy ! suboy ! suboy !'
Thc civilizcd world can ncvcr ccaso to
fcel a decp conccrn in all that relates to this
most intcrcsting quarterof the world. That
intcrcst is particularly cxcited, at thc prcs
cnt time, by thc rcccnt rcvolution, which
appcars to have been marked uot moro by
thc importanco of its rcsults, than bv tho
justncss of its origin and thc inodcration of
its conduct. It is scldsm that such cssen
tial changes in a monarchical government
havo bccn cffcctcd by a bloodless rcvolu
tion. King Otho, of Grecco, is about 27 ycars
of age, and has bccn upon tho throno which
thc policy ot forcign nations assigncd to
him, about tcn ycars. Few sovcrcigns havo
had the opportunity to do so much for tho
good of thcir pcople nnd for thcir own glo
ry ; and few have, in modorn timcs, moro
shamcfully ncglectcd ond abuscd such op
portunitics. When the continued civil
strifcs which followed tho indcpcndcncc of
(jrcccc mado it apparcnt that a nativo gov
crnmont could not bc sustaincd, and rccon-
cilcd thc Grceks to thc foundatton of-a for.
cicn dynastv as thc pricc of intcrnal pcacc,
tho powcr which had assumcd thc olucc ol
protcctmg tho Urcek indepcndonce, ling
land, Kussia, nnd Francc, fixod upon Otho,
son of thc Kingof Bavaria, to fill thc thronc
of Grcccc. Thc sclcclion was madc pal
alablo by tho oficr of a loan of 2,400,000;
and somo proraiscs and somo thrcats wcrc
cmployed to induce tho national asscmbly
to acccpt him. Francc would have prcfcr
rcd the Duc dc Ncmours, son of Louis Phil
ippc, for tho sovcrcign of Grcoce ; but Eng
land and Russia would not, of courec, cou
scnt to this. In agrccing to thc sclcction
of Princc Otho, the national asscmbly pro.
poscd an addrcss congratulating him upon
his clcvation and cxnrcssinc thcir satisfac-
tion at it, but also informing him of thc
laws and usagcs of Grcccc, and that his
new dignity rcquired him to obsorvo and
administcr justice according to thcm. This
was lo havo bccn followed by agothcr, rc
qucsting the protccting powers to prcscrvc
ordcr until tho arrival of thc King. Thc
rcprcscntativcs of the protccting powcrs,
howovcr, vcrc not plcased with this coursc,
and in conscqucnco it was notadop(cd,and
tho asscmbly contentcd itself with simply
rccognizing and confirming tbc sclcction.
King Otho was rcceivcd as a gcncrous pco
ple should wclcome their princc. Thc most
gencral cxprcssions of attachmcnt to his
pcrson and support to his authority werc
tcndcrcd tohim. Thc public rcvcnuc,whicb
was cstimatcd at 4,000,000 drachms, and
of which it was supposed not ovor 3,000,000
could bo collcclcd thc first ycar, owing to
tho distracted and impovcrishrd state of tho
kingdom, yieldcd 7,000,000, (a drachm is
about 10 ccnts.) Tho taxcs wcre paid
chccrfully, and no sacrificcs wcre thought
too grcat which would cnsurc good ordcr
nnd sottlcd covernment.
This manly and gcncrous confidcnco was
returned by King Otho with distrust of his
Subiccts, a nejilect ot thcir rcasonablc ex-
nectations, and a singular disrcgard of the
interests of his kingdom. It was natural-
ly supposed that a portion of tho loan "of
2,400,000, contractcd undcr tnoguaranly
of thc protcctinz powcrs, would bc cxpended
in paymcnt of tho dcbts incurrcd in tho
Turkish war.in iniproving tho intcrnal com.
munications of the country, in tho construc
tion of roads, bridgcs, and ncccssary public
buildings. Nothing of the kind was done.
Tho king brought with him a hordo of Ba
vnrian officers, civil and military, and thc
army of Bavarian auxiliaries amounted at
ono timo to 0000 ruen. Tho loan and tho
rcvcnues wcro consumed in tho support of
au exponsivo court, and in gilts and sinc
cures to Bavarian favorites ; and tho only
public building commcnccd by tho king is
a magnificent palaco of Pcntelican marble,
ridiculously disproportionato to his mcans
of maintaining the royal dignity. The m
tercst on tho loan has not been paid, but
furnituro for tho new palacc, of the most
expensivo and luxurious style, has been or
iWnd from Paris. The ofiiccs of honor and
rprofit havo bccn lavishcd upou Bavarians,
and atlhougn mo minisicis uaw ui ium
bccn nominally Greeks, they havo bccn by a fricnd and addrcssed tohim by Mr.
Grceks who wcro completcly ih thc.Bava- Van Burcn, in which Afr. Van Burcn dc
rian intcrcst. Thc ministry. howcvcr,havc nounces and uttcrly- disclaims thc prcscnt
had virtually little powcr, thcir authority Tan'fT." Richmond Enquircr, 17th Oct.
bcing cxcrciscd by thc "cabinct," an indc- 1843.
pcndent body, wholly Bavarians in fcclipgj
Thc taxcs have bccn, considcring tho noi'-: fiM' ..., iv' j,..i
Artv nf thn tutnnln nnH I in Gnnr4(inn nt tmt
population, tho hcavicst in Europc, yct they
havo been chccrfully paid ; nnd muncipal
taxcs, voluntarily imposcd, have bccn rais
cd forhospilals, churchcs.schools and bridg
cs Tho conduct of King Olho has often
bccn arbitrary and dcspotic, and has mani
fcsted a disposition to cxcludc thc Grceks
from all sharc, or at lcast from a fair sharo
in the government. R. I. Journal.
Ciiarles Paine rctiicd from tho OfBcc
of Chicf Magistrate of the Sta'.o upon tho
succcssion of Gen. 71attock, and wc
feel constraincd to improvc the occaaion by
saying that his administralion has bccn so
honarable, high minded and just that ho has
won tho estccm not only ofhis political
fricnds but of thc gcnerous and candid ofhis
political opponents. lYo man in tho Stato
had, prcvious to liis nominalion for the offi-
co of Covernor, bcon so wofully abused by
political opponents as Mr. l'aine and this
100 for no other rcason than that ho was an
hoccst and activa laborcr in tho IFhig
cause. Uut during Iho tirst voar ol his ad-
ininislration he cffecluallr silenccd his s!an-
derors, and so secured tho approbalion of
the poople that he was ro-eleclcd by a most
gralifying mojority. His two ycars admin
istration has bccn so popular and fauliless
so noblo and bi"h mindcd as to sccuro
in an uncommon degrce tho admiralion of
tbe peoplo of Ihe iiate and tbc commenda-
uon or the prcss and or manv public mcn in
other Stales : and ho gocs into piivale lifo
with tho good wishcs of tho peoplo, and, wo
doubt not, with a consciouancsi. of " having
done tho Stato somo icrvicc," which scr
vice wo should bo happy to refcr to more
particularly had we tbc room lo sparc just
now. Well will it be for tho pcople of the
Scatc if his succcssors act always as wiscly
as ho has donc. Caledonian.
Frem dic BuOalo Commcicial Advcrliscr.
Tho political signs of tho timcs wcre ne
ver moro auspicious than they aro at pres.
ent. Tho Whigs aro strong in their har
monv, thcir measures and their mcn. Tho
prcdiclions of our opponents that thc coun
try would be injurcd by tho adoplion of
Whig mcasurcs have cvcry whero bcon lal
sificd by facts. Under tho benign tnflucncc
of those mcasurcs businoss is reviving, con
fidenco is increasing, moncy is bccoming
more abundent, mcn bcgin to fcel that prop-o.-ly
has ncain some dctinUc, postivo valuc
nnd iho sun of prosperily once moro dawns
upon tho land. That tliosu llungs aro bcing
apprcciatcd and felt by iho peop'c, wo havo
cvidonco in the rcccnt clcctions. Evcn at
the South they can no longcr rcsist the truih,
and to stubborn facls they arc bcginning to
yicld thcir rnoit chcrishcd opinions. In ad
dilion lolhtsu most gratifying omons, tho
Whis nartv. with cxcoptions to insicni-
ficant to bc mentior.cd, aru unitcd as onc
man. 1 hey march undcr ono uanncr, in
scribcd cvcry whcre with the samo dcclar
alions of principlcs.
Uur opponent!" aro wcak, alike in incir
divsion;, their measures and thoir mcn.
Their quarrels aro nolorious, and the mutual
rancor of tho factions is biucranu unreicn-
ting. Thcir measures have oncc bccn cm-
piiatically condcmned oy me pcopic, anu
each dav's cxpcricnce servcs to confirm the
iustico of thc condemnation pronounccd in
1U4U' l he Ii3me ol incir canuiaaie is ic
gion, each possessing a difiercnt sctof prin
ciplcs, and some, as iur van uurcn, an as
sortmcnl of principlcs suilablc for iho mar-
ket whero Ihcv are vcndcd. A man must
bo blind in-lccd who cannot foresee the res
ult of a contcst bctween the two par-
Thc Loco-Foco Convcntion will prob
ably act in unily so far a to make a nomin
alion, but whocvcr is mado Iho nomiiiee,
the friends of thc succcsiful candidites will
feel sourcd. and indisposed to work hearlly
for tho success of ono from whom thoy have
no moro to exncct than from Iho Whig can
didatc. Thevare now cxcinplifying, and
will do so still farthcr, tho fatc of cvery par-
ly that is held togciher by no strongcr tie
than tho cohcsivo bond of plunder, or what
is the same thing, looking upon a iriumph
as valuablo only so far as it gives the vic
tors tho disnosal oflhe revenues and ofiiccs
of the Itepublic. Such a party, prodigal of
their own and grcedy of othcrs goods, are
powerful when banded togcthcr undcr one
chief. as Jackson, whom they all conscnl to
serve, but when disorganized, as now, they
aro ai ready to turn thcir weapons against
each othcr as against those with whom they
formerly contcndcd.
Such aro some of iho cncouraging signs
of thc timcs. Is thcir a Whig in Erio
Country who will fail to do his pait towards
securing now the great and the glorious
victorv that will crown our cnoris in
MABTur Van Eueen- "Although no
Slatoor dis'.rictof any country may yet
have taken eround nzainst this mode otrais
ing ravcnuo for the support of government
(by dulics on forcign imports) there are not
wantinrf thousands of vicorous intellccts,
in everv scction of our cxtendcd counlry,
who. nursuadcd bv a deep sense of the ine-
quality and conscquent injustice of ils oper
atinn. aro annlvinc all enercies of their
minds totho overthrow oflhosyslem itse'f.
Zetiertolhe Jndiana Convenlion, 13lA
Feb. 1843.
"I havcat no 'timo or any where paused
to express my dccided disapprobalion oflhe
Tariffact of last session, as well as in rc-
nect to tho mincinle unon which it is foun-
ded, asto its delails." LeUe r to Editor o
Richmond ( Va) Enquirer.
" Wc haro a lettcr before us, scnt to us
tnat iho expensivo Rail Road Bridgcs a
cross thc ManvaisleVo Bpar Furk, bclween
this placo and Jacksonville, wcre cntircly
destroyed by firoa kfi nighls since un
qucstionubly by dt-sign. We do not learn
that any cluc has been obtained of thc au
thori of ihis daslardly act. Thc Rail Road
is thus rendced ncarly uselcs for somo time
time to come. Sangjmo (III.) Jtminal-
Prussian Settlejie.nt i.i Wksteen
New york. A company of Prussians,
numboring some six or eight hundred, havu
purchascd a largc tract of land upon Tona-
wanda Lrcek, for thc purpose of forming a
colony. It is situaled about midway
betvvcen tho rivcr and tho lown of Pcndlc
ton, Niagara coumy.
Deceease of Emigcation. ...-.This year
20,744 emigranls havo arrivcd at Quobec.
Last ycar 49,609 ariivcd. Against this
year 22,955.
Fasset. On cxamination of Fussut bo
forc Mr. Justico Bcnnclt, New Ilavcn, it
appcars Irom tho tcstimouy nflcrcd, that
Fassct was cntircly ignoraut of thc pcrson
ho struck. Ile was seized and held last by
somo one, ond in ordcr to libcratc hiinsclf
ho struck him with a kuife hc had in his
hand. Thc physician who exainincd ihe
wounds of Tulor Dwight tcslificd that thc
wouuds of which ho died was a typhoid, and
not ono of Ihe ordinary discascs rcsulting
from a wound. All the uounds wcro par
tially hcalcd when hc died. Fasset is said
to bc not moro than 17 years of ogo. His
fathcr and two brothcrs sat by his sidu in
thc court roorw, and tho nnxious parcr.t
watchtd wilh thc doopcst soliciludc, thc
teslimony as it was clicitcd from tho wit
nciscs. Tho cxamination was to bc resumcd.
Wo havo noticcd with considciablo in'.cr.
cst tho difiercnt spiril in which ihe South
crn picss begin to spcak of ducling. Thc
following cxlracts aru significant indicatious
ofthcchangc that is-passing ovcr public
opinion on this subjecl :
Duel. Thcro was a ducl ycslerday
which shows that tho bellicosc blood of our
citizcns slill rctaihs some ofils suinm'jr
heat. l'lic challcngcr fircd at thc clul'ca-
gco iho challcngco returned tho coinpli
ment, and thcn ihen both partici loft ihe
grouud, " perfcctly satisficd. iv. U. I io.
(& A gcntlcman in Abbcville, S. C,
who had ibo moral cournge to rcfusc a chal.
lcngc, has had a barbccuc givcu him by his
fcllow citizcns, as a mark ofihcir approba
tion and cslccm. iY. O. Dte.
il'TF' Two porsons fought a duel ncar ihi
swamp on Monday last. They will not bc
immortalizcd by having thoir names pub
lished as hcrncs and mcn of honor ; the day
is gono by when a man .could strut about
town with a ccrtain noloricly, and bo tiazcd
on as tbc lion of iho day, bccaUjo bo had
bccn cngnged iu an ' afiuir of honor," as it
is callcd in convcnlional parlancp, or had
pcrhap3 murdered (for that is tho right tcrm)
his fcllow man. Thcsc mattrrs aru becom
ing supremcly ridiculous, nnd so tln y aro
considercd by all right thiuking mcn N.
O. Tropic.
Mr. Doniphsn, Editor of llic Nalc'it-z
Frco Tradrr, having mado a scirruloiis and
abusivc atlack onMr.Prewctt.of ihe Nalchez
Courier, which he refuscd to rclracl or cx
plain, was challpngcd by llic latlci, and dc
clincd to fiijht on the scoro of princip'c.
Wo wi?h this scorc of principlc ncrc a little
moro prcvalcnt in tho Iitiludu of Natchi z.
It is bad cnough in all conscicncc, for a man
to be 'scirruloU3 and abusivo' iu his Ian
guagc ; but he only makes bad worsu wheu
ho altempts to juslify it by haviag his own
brains blown out, or by blowing out tho
brains oflhe man whom he has alrcady oth
crwise injurcd. Alabamian.
THAT LETTER. Tho Richmond
Enquirer excuscs itself from publishing Mr.
Van Burcn's anli.tarifTietter in full.by say
ing that it has already given the 'jbjlance.
Lct us rcpeat that "subsiaccc" in the
words oflhe Enquirer. ' W have now
before us," said Mr. Ritchie, "a lettcr sent
us by a friei.d an addressed to that friend
by Mr. Van Buren, in which ho denounces
and utterly disclaims tho present TurifT."
SuchisMr. Van Burcn's prcscnt opinion
on tho subject of the TarifT, as oxpresscd in
a private letlor to a friend in Virginia.
We hopo that thc Troy Budget will lell its
readcrs why thc Richmond Enquirer de
clincs answeiing its call for the whole let
ter. And not having this, let it at lcast
furnish thcm tho " substance" as givcn by
Mr. Ritchie. .Mcanwhile lct tho pcople
of the North take notice that Marlin Van
Buren. tho chief and champion of New
York LocoFocoism, has ihrown down the
gaunllct against tho Proteclive Systcm.
He 'denounci s and disclaims the prcscnt
TarifT. Ila is against ihe whole mcasure,
priuciplc as well as detaili. Let ihe Farm
crs and Manufac-.uren of New York and
New England icmcmber this. Lct thc
Jlcchanics and Working men of tha North,
ern Stales remembcr this. Lct iha friends
of Amnrican Labor and American Enier
prise, in cvery scction of our country, ro
member this. " Keep it beforo lhe pcople"
that MARTIN VAN fJUREN demous-
Tariff i Albany Weekli Journal.'
Qy The Political Abolitlonists of thc
LakeDistrict, Ohio, not only ran a candi
datc against Honv J.R. CfiDDiNss.bul thoir
Journals did their utmost cspecially tt de
privc him of votes, although hc is not only
a zcalous Abolitionist In and out of Con
grcss, but hai oncc been expcllcd for his
Anti-SlTcry zeal I All the fault they can
find with him is that, though an Abolition
!st, hc does not see good reason to hold cv
cry cousideration of Public Policy and
Good Government subordinate to Anti
Slavery. To suit them, he tnust not mrre
ly bc a zcalous Abolitiouist, but nothin?
else. Can any man longer beliei e it wiser
for the Whigs to wahre their own dccided
choicc and lake up candidates to please
this way waxd faction X What should we
gain l Is it not obvious that these people
oppose the most bitterly such candidates as
most ncarly accord with them in senti
ments. Tribune.
LETTEr- FKOJI Tnc IIo.v. Daxiel Weh
ster. Ve rcscived, last evcaing, an Ex
tra from the Old Colony Memorial, pub
lishcd at Plymouth, in this State, on Mou
daj cvcniiig coutaining a lettcr from the
Hon. Danicl Webster, in anjwer to an in
vitation to attend, and take part in the Whig
Convention, which was held in that towr
Mr. 'Webster declincs thc invitation to
attcnd the Convcntion, on the groiind of
engagements- which would not pcrmit him
to be present- He cxpre-scs himself, in
thc fullcst tcrins, iu fiivor of the elcctiun of
Mr. Briggs to tbe oflice ol" Governor, and
Mr. Recd as Licutcnunt Governor, of the
Cominomvcalth and stitcs tlnt thcir mm
iuatiou niccts his cntirc app't batiou. 11c
' also expresscs his hearty concurrence in tho
! gencral objocts for which the convenlion
was to bo holdcn. lioslon Atlas.
Joshua It. Giddings is rc-clccfetl from
thc Clcveland distriit, although rcheiiicnt
ly oiposed by thc jwlitical nbolilionislH,
' who.c candidatc stumpcd thc district, with
the vain hopc that hc could dcfcat Gid
dings. Ilcrc is a striking illustratinu of
the siuccrity of thc Third Party advocatcs.
No man has sdiown hiinsclf a more thoruugli
advocatc for the Rights of Man than Josh
ua It Giddings. No man has rcceivcd
such an unqualificd inccd of praiye froni
thc political abolitionisls thcnisclres, as
this gallant defcndcr of thc rights and thc
interests of Northeru Frecmcn. And yct
no stone has bccn lcft unlurucd to dcfcat
hiselection, by thesc same party eulogists,
and that too for thc purpose of placing iu
his scal a bittcr, uucoinproiiuYuig LocnbV
" Thc Prcsidcnt's nanic is honor and in
tegrity," says thc Madisoiiiau. "My ininc
iVnrrnl I" ctnTil n rlliinwnr rnlltli who was
playing that charactcr in a small thcatrc iu
I Annapolis a few days since. " Vou lie,
I you dog," said an ofiicer in thc crmvd
' " vour namc is Bill Brown. and you owc
Mrs. Knippcr three dollar:, aud a half fi r
board and washing and hcre's a writ ; s
comc along my darling." L-juhcillc Jour
The TFhigs of Fayette County, Virgin
ia, Iatcly wrotc to Mr. Clay rcquetting him
to favor thcm with a call on his way to or
rcturn from North Carolina. Mr. Clay'i
rcply was as follows :
Asiiland, 525th iS'ept. 1S43.
Gentlemak : I have duly received your
letter, as a Committee of the Faycttc Clay
Club of Virginia, inviting me to visit thc
14th Congrcssioual Diilricl of Virginia,
and to incct my fcllow citizcns at some con
venient ceutral point in it. You suppoacd
that I might find it couvcnient tu do so, on
my way to North Carolina. I ihouldjiavc
been most happy to accqit your kind invi
tation if it wcre in my powcr ; but I expcct
to be at New Orleans this uinter and to
prcceed from thence to North Carolina.
And I intcnd to rcturn hoinc by Wheeling.
Although I ain unable to enjoy the gratiii
cation of mccting my fellow-citizens of thc
mountain region of Kanawln, I requcstyou
to assurcthc Club of my gratcful acknowl
cdgeinents for tbe honor it has donc mc.
The treahery, Geutlcinan, of the actinj
President, to which you alludc in tcrmsof
just indignation, is mortifying lo us as A
miricans. Considcring the youth of our Rcpublic,
and thc virtuous & illustrious mcn who havs
filled thc oflice of Chief Magitratc of the
Union it is painful in thc cxlremc to behold
such an cxample of utter abandonment of
all the obligations of honor, ofduty and fi
dclity. But far from allowing that degra
ding fact to throw us into a state of apathy
and despondency, it ought to stimulate rr
ery American freeman to redouble his ei
crgics in rcscuing his Government from
impure hands into which it has accidcntal
ly fallcn.
Against Mr. Tyler no cxcrtion is nec
essary. He will soon letire with tbe. con
tempt amidst the scofls of all honorablc
men. Our efforts should be directed against
thosc who first seduccd and thcn profited
by him ; thosa who after having won him
to thcir uses now aflect to shrink from t!i
contarninating association ; thwe who altcr
his completc indentification with them, ai::l
at the momcnt when he is appropriating to
their exclusivc advantage the whole patron
agc of the Government, unjustly npbraul.
us with thc failure of measures, the adoi
tion of which was prevented by his perfirli
ty and their countenance and support of
Under these circumstances, I ara snre,
gentlcman, you will agree wilh me, tlnt
these are not times when we should delivrr
ourselves up to sentiments of ismoble d--pair,
and a culpable neglect of our ilutv t
our country. On the. contrarv wo shvuM

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