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, , ,r reaJtrs masl havc noliced in our
,ro record Ibc rcsignation cf tlie
" tr.icc Evcrctt thc mcmber from
' u Upon his rcturn to his constit
.. a mccting of ull parlies was callcil
"bc court liouse in Windsor, to hcar his
lion of thc motivcs which influcnc
-..lM.ftin:,rV eIpII whTfll llftl j
Ibis vcO "' - ' I lurns so iar, inai uie wwg strcngui in mc
'.kcn. Aficr hcaring Mr Eicrelt. a , legislalurc will be considcrably reduccd.
, f jnrcsiivc of thc warmcst thunks tiH wr say ' nil desperandum " in rela
,h andrailhfulnessoftheirdis- on to thc state of Ncw-York. In 1644
, , tho whigs can clcarlv carry thc city ac
. ..rcscntnlivo as passcd and cordlng lo prcsent appcarances. Thc lo
, -..Mgualion as- in accordancc cos i,avo foucht liko mad mcn, and unitcd
, ; Mmsolf and his constitu and disiphncd to a liair, whilc the whigs burg, liave been purcnascil tn Cngtand by
ri, pcrsonal invcctivcs of camo forward almost without organization, ' Messrs- Derby & Crockcr, ata very low
1 " ".. . . . , and after for a scason having almost con- figure, and siucc advanccd in value about
k ...r (racy intcrwotcn wnn ca c,u(Jed tQ I(jt thcecction this faI1 gQ by 9 per lon ; a large portion has been paid
,( .ons npon thc town and defuult, But wc shall sec whal thc grcat for and has citber arrived or is on its
, mdsor in thc discnssion of the whig party can do whcn oncc complctcly way.
t C bank bill tn conncction witli its rallicd under thc banner of Hcnry Clav in j Tho capital subscribcd thus far is 8750,
manimous reicction by tho houso'"10 Brcat, P'esidcntial campaign. They 000 of which about 300 000 has been actu
!ma , r ,- ' conquered with great odds ugainst them a'lvpaid in, much orr in advance of ass-
,c Ucn r.ftigrxo rs ll.c txcuse icr nis in l83a b cn thousand m . . cssmcms. The Depot accommodations
!..,:.. tn l.nninn ltil rnnitnl
t'dcn ruoH'. - - r
l we vcry much doubt whcthcr Mr. E.
, justified by any of thcsc causcs, in so
stily abandoning his scat in the Iegisla
rc. It ivould indccd scem to us rather a
ornfulrctalialionb .Mr Evcrctt upon thc
zi-Iaturc, for imasinary wrongs inflicted
,on n mcmbcr to whom it is bclicved they
ii uniformly Iitcned wiih morc markcd
cfercnce than to any othcr individual in
:e bousc.
, corrcsponucnt of the Burlington Free
'rcss speaks as follows in reply to an ar
!c which appcared in that papcr ccnsur
, 'Hr. Tracv for discourtcsv to Mr.
6 J
icrclt m thc procccdings alludcd to.
uevicws of Mr. Stacy who was prescnt
aJcar witr.css fully confirm thc justncss
tuc rcmarks of thc writer.
Trom thc Uurlington Frec Pxees.
Mb. ?tacv: I rccx't to uoticeiin-ourpa-
ofIiv. 3.1 au aiticle apnarcntly editorial
T.putinz to Mr. S;akcr Tracy the usc of
.trf language m 1ns rcpl- to fllr. rjvcrctt
'-iicthc discussion of thc Ascutney Bank
:t-tiun in tlie Honse of rcprescntativcs. Hav-
;hcciiauattcutive Iistenertothc dcuate np
tliat niicstion, and cspecially to thc re-
ark? of Mr. Evcrctt and 3Ir. Tracj- ivas in
.-fitt accordauce witli tlie stnctcst parlia-
aary decomm, ucithcr insulting uor " se-
. Mr. 1 racy s rcmarks perliaps occu)i
. threc niiumcs in thcir ilclivcry aud wcre to
ipfolliiwiiijr cflect : HaviuR allmled to the
Tii-nliim agaiust thc Woodstock liank, "that
kl failcd to accoimnodate tho business mcn
'"i!k county" headmitted that such hail for
' riv liccn thc cnse ivliiljt thc bank hail a
r;efu?icndcd dcbt which it was theii una
. f to colicct ; but that for morc thaii a ycar
jal a half, sincc the collectiou of most of the
:eit, aml mucc the ccueral revival of biisiucss
LL-ouEliout the comitry, it had discouutcd lib-.-nlly
and had evcu nccoiuiuodatcd tlie biisi
fsimcn of Windsor duriug the past scasou.
Ht fnrthcr said tbat wbile on the floor be
iouW noticc thc argiinicnt that Windsor
Jtht to liave a bauk liccausc lier tiiisiucss
a:nwoudlc occoniodatcd with it. Ifthis
Kumcnt wcre souml, tnc.-.Ilage of Spnug
klJ. and otbcrs in thc couuty i otdd be cqual
k ontitlcd to banks, a htate of thins w hich
imlil rcndcr thcm imsound, aud dangerous
t" cuininunitv and to cnch othcr.
Iimqnitc certain that no languac more
than tbe :.love was uscd by Mr. Tracy i
' think 1 can appcal with success to all
i. -:nl.?r8 tlieu in the Houso for tbe tmth '
1 'iMTtlOU. i
;o I bclicvc Mr. Evcrctt himsclf at the
. nmsidercd thelauguageiercrt orpcrsou-'
-tonanN him, nor thc vote of the house an '
Urdcensvre un .. He may havc
foDiii!crud tlie rcmarks ot othcr speakers or-
ftn.he to tbe pcople of Windsor, but I do not
ncolloct auv pcrsonally offcnsive to Mr. Evc-
nu ,w
tion that 31 r. Ijvcrctt resigned his gcat in con-
fcqueucc of that vote.
Acconling to my rccollcctiou he statcd on it
cvcniag bcforc thc lcgislaturc convcucd
T 1C snouu. cayc a.u go uu.. o m, fco, u os
..i i , i . i i . i ?
u acconungiy nc rcsigueti ius scat leaving
nf ibe busincss of two important com-
- whereof bc was chairmaii itiifliiishcd, '
as with him certain rcports upon im-
K'.jccts wbich those committecs had
j.on him to prcparc. JUSTICE.
It will bo recollected that several leading
. - . r. .' .-ii
nig papcrs m vanoiis parU of the statc, Ull
Kithin a Cmv -i. oola ;,.il-,t,l .lnl.. r tl,
Hicyof putting forth tbe most vigorous efTorts '
at the preseut clcctiou, rcsen iug theircuergies
fur the grcat struggle of 1644. Consequently
'he whig organization has been very imperfcct
ihroiilinMt tlm .....l .: i
r "T , ' " ,7 ,
.... ulu,vucviiuiuiii;iiiia i driftrt;,Llicill
lieniigbtyonsctofoneuuitcd & wellappoiut-
j f,. j . ,, ,
ta lourcc. Iu those scctious of thc statc wherc
festatc oftlimMMUl.al.hn.h,,;
mm!y achievcd some snlendid victories, the
?encralrcsult has not been sogratifying as was i
jmcran, . J .fa v r
other placcs.nhcrctlie succcsscs of otlitr statcs
-1 rcnovatcd thc hopcs of the party, and the '
frmiixniinn was retained comnlptp. tln n- 1
havc achievcd a sithstantial triumph. They
have clccted thcir Sheriff Col. William Jones
I'J 1000 majority, aud one or two whig mcm
I'ers of the asseinbly: This is doing Tvell in a
fty which last spring gave nearly six tiiousand
wo majority.
llut badit notbceu forthesingularpcrvcrse-
noss of r.bout four or fivc thousand whigs, who
pfcatol, contrary to all rcmonstranccs to vote
for the NativcAmcrican party which has
denlr .,,. ,. "v vi. u
denly spnmg Vf m IScw ork to oppose thc
encroachment of Insh Catholics, thc victory in
-Vw Y ork ivould have bccn comnlete bv thou-.
tamls. Every oflice would have been trans- ders must be raade soon to secure a sup
ferred to the whigs. Iu 1844 these mcn will ply. Booksellcrs, paper makers, merchants
towcvcr be as sure for Hcury Clay as the nee-' &-c, should address their orders imuiedi-
dletp tbe polc. This party pollcd betwcen
u and scvcu thousand votes.
ftlu Albany thc wliigs havo been as faithful
Md true as cver. The cntire whig tickct has
wn elected by about fivc Hundred. The
roniitry "w also whig.
In ...1. .u. i
, ,. ,
Ue last contcst a whig sheruT, their whig as-
wmbiymen. and the whig coroners have been
Uectc.1 Iiy a majority of ovcr three Hundred.
Thc county is complctcly redccracd.
lnOui.-da CcnintT the wbiSsliavc clectcil
thcir shcrilTby 500 majority, gaintng three as
scmbly mcn. Outario whig by a hcavy ma
jority. Rochester has goncloco by thrce hun
dred majority, and tlie county U Ioco. Erie
County is whigby one thousand majority. The
last accounbs from tlie West arc more favora
blc. Thus havo wc cnumcratcd somo of Iho
whig victories, yet it anncars from the ro
. P j! . ,1 t . .1
can rcneat the victory in 1844 if Ihov will.
... . ... ,
After rcmammgsixwcekson the Massacbu.
gogue, urgcd doubtlcss by his locofoco frieuds
in Massacbusetts who wantcd to create some
sortofau cxcitcment to stir up the party at
prescnt in grcat tribulatiou about the Bell bri- ,
berycaseconcludedtogoto l'rovidencc, nnd i -1"0 "'"P"y ueidiicu u.n ....-
a3behadbecuindictcdfortreaSonorcourseto:P.ract'seo,ro,1Ilcr ,!"es ,out ff. ,horcl,y '?
jail. Liketho Athcuian Gcueraltho6tranzc-
J o t
ly curtailcd all tho dogs tails in the city, and (
whencuquircd ofwhyhc did so, replicd, that J
he had bccn stealmg the pubhc money, aud
wishcdto divertthe public nttcntion from the
theftbyscudingthe dogs howlingand yclping
tlirniifrli tll n etrnntcr tlin 1 1 -i Q,.n .Inm . f
iii. i ... , . , , ! burc T48 nnlcsl are verv low, viz, 11 ccnts
concluded to send olTDorr to Rhodelslaud to , L,. ,Jr ,. - , ' ,
., por cubtc j-ard of carth and loose rock, in-bcarrested.&thenco'outiiranizy.AornJr-
cading the ospcnso ofmoving tho mater
anny, andcvcn thrcatcn todemolUh thc hor- ;aiSi and are bclow cstimates.
rid Bastile wbich rctains the opprcssed victim. j
WhcuDorrwM arrcstcd scarccly a single (Thc funcral of Tutor pwighl wasat
Rhode Islandcrfeltan emotion of sympathy cnded by a crowded as.scmbly -Praycr by
. . Rcv. ftlr Bacon, Scrmon by Profcssor
outheoccaston. Bnt upon learmng thc d.re- FUch Th(J 6tudcnts hilV0 passC(l a
ful cvcnt, the Boston locofocoracy suddculy rcsout;on that ,hoy .,,viI frown upon
gotupafireyindignatioumcetiug, and passcd any individual of thcir number who shall
rcsoltttions coudemuatory of an act, i hicli as bc known to wcar about his pcrson a dcadly
they exprcss it " humauity from the circumfcr-' weapon of a ny dcscription. Young Fassit,
cncc to hcr iumost soul forbids." They fur- il appears. camc at oncc to New Haven,
thcr rcsolvcd that he was the purcst patriot fm Phjladolphin. on thc announcment of
., . ,. , , . , , , Mr. Dwicht s dcath, and dchvercd himsclf
that ovcr hvcd, and that the pcople from the r . i
, .. , , , 1 , up for Inal.
Atlonue to the Pac.fic sbould utter thcr .nd.g- j Grca, p00(j oftcn resu3 from a grca, ca.
nation in thunder toncs against those pctty lamily. Tho practico of wearing deadly
Rhodelslaud tyrants who proceedcd against wcapons is but of rccont origin.commcncing
a disturbcrof the peace guilty of having done at thc West, nnd on the botdcr counlry,
morc misqliicf than a wliolo life of tho scvcrcst wherc there is cithcr no law, or none is bec
pcuance could atonc. The mccting closcil T,ie nutncrous and almost daily rcn.
with thrce checrs for Dorr and libcrty. Wlmt ' contre?' show that ,I,C bamis custom is
a stigniaupou tho capitol of tlie land of thc
pilgrims and steady habits. j
If cvcr thcrc was a public conspiratcr whose '
turliulcut and rcbcllious courec dcmandcd thc
sevcrcst lcgal scrutiny, such a man is Tbomas
W. Dorr. Timo has shown that there cxistcd '-pwgrcss," and yet aro smking rapidly in
not the Ieast ncccssity for rcsorting to revohr . to thc worst .barbarism. Wc now hcar of
tion,tocaualizetbo rigbt of smTrages which in l'1 comprattvely few duels, whcro life is
.. . ,. . , . ... i , , l '-honorablv dtsposed of by mutual acree-
its full cxtcut has now been attamcd by Icca" , rS-, , . .
, ... . , , . menl. Quitc too tardy a proccss too ccn-
andconstitut.oualproccss. And yet th.s nc- tlcmanIy for sucI, an Jngc'of ..pr0grCss,
ccssity was the ouly cxcusc, bich Dorr could tllc n:stol or bowio kniro :, jra,vn at oncCi
allego for trampling upon law and ordcr, aud
attcinpting by forco to placc himsclf in thc '
i)ernatoriai cila;r. Nobly did the constitutcd
, ... . . '
nmliontics sustain tbemsclvcs against the ,
clamorous insurgcuts, and sevcrcly will they )
punish the base conspirator w ho placcd him-
sclfatthcirhcaiI. They canuot forgct that in
, , , ... ,. , .
"le course of tnese auarclnal procccdmgs, this
saine Thomas W. Dorr with his own haud,
cldcd thc blazmgmatchtoacannonwhosc
cxplosiouwouldhavcprobablyscntascorc or
, - -. x.
his fcllow citizcns into ctcrnity,. It is uo mer-
of Dorr that Rhode Island was not drenchcd
,viU, thc bcst blood of tbat commonwcalth aud
lli,nscif ;nvoivc,i iu tIlc charge of murder as i
avpII na trpnqnn. I
Thc Hon Daniel Kolloir has declincd thc
apm,intment of 4th
nhd William flcbai
assistar.t Judgc, and
bard been nomioaicd bv
Governor altocks to tho vacant sct. or' ; anc tliat slic has evcn oulstnppcu u
Judge Hebard we undcrstand also an hio, as to rato of mcrcasc. at thc samc reN
offico which was most unjustly and we may allvu stagca of thcir growth. Journal.
say undcr oll tho circumstanccs disgracc
fully to that body withheld from him by tho
. ., 3 '
'eb,s a'"
rS-Gov. Mattockshas appointcd thc 7Ui
divofDecember. .
jsjE Gov. Hubbanl of New Hampshire tho
Oth day of Nbvcmber.
30th day ofNovcmber.
t-zr Gov. MortoiiofMassacbusctts has also
, , .
Gov. Clcvcland of Connecticut has al-
so designatcd the SOth of Novcmber.
rW" ,'
of Deccmbcr.
Gov. Kavaiiaughof Maine the 7th day
ArroixTiiEXTS nr Governou Mat
tocks Portus Baxtcr, Derby.
Ezra Mcach, jr. Shclburn.
E. II. Billings, Woodstock.
Gco. II. Beaman, Rutland.
Tauons vermont Keffister and
J? armer's Almanac for 1814. !
IrpiIEPublisherswillmakethe Vermont!
JL Reffister for 1514 more full and com- '
V. y j bn
'pubhshed, and it will bc issued on or near
fhe ofhh 0f November, or as soon as afull ,
, aj compJcte Resrister can be issued.
111 , . .
r5 Tfc. j;!nn ho limitpil nn,l nr. i
atelJ to
Montpelier, Vt.
Septembcr 10th, 1843.
Dixseb to Marsiiall Bertkakd A
niagnificcnt cntcrtainment was givcn to the
veician i ruiiciiman ov liis tounirymen, rc
sjd;ug ; Ncw York -jly( on TIsday
n;ng. About two hundrcd sat down to tho
(able at tho Astor. Tho Governor, Mayor,
and othcr distingutshed guests wcro pres-
cnt. R. I. Journal.
From thc Boston Tranacript.
FiTcnEtTEC Railboad This importint
line of cotnmunication, deslincd cro kng
to b:ing Boston within four hours of Ver
mont, and seven of lake Champlain, is pro
gressing rapidly. Tne road is graded lo
Waltham, and thc rails arc laid to within a
halfa mileof the Mussasoil House, tcn mi'es
out of Coston, and will be finishcd lo
that point this week. From Waltham
thro-jgh Concord to Groton, thirty two railcs
from Boston, nearly twolhirds of tbe ra.
ding is completed and the road.bed will bt
ready for tho reccption of tho rails beforo
thc opcning of spring. Four thousand tons
ot railSiin addition to fivo hundred previous
ly ordcrcd, and suflicicnt to reach Fitch.
extend from the Nashua depot on IFarrcn
Dnage to l rison l oini onugu cmoracing
about 2.000 feet of watcr front and ncarlr
twenty acres of land, and tho passenger and
f . tJ h nn-rcr '... cen:r of
hn in Roston than tho Boston and
roVidence ratl-7oad depot. The accom.
inodation for basinesj will bo grcaier than
that of any lino entcring the city, and has
been secured ot a low pricc.
Jt r .u 1 I r.,
fn rrnnnrniic wtnfhi fnr In linn ln nvniu tll.
ture cxlctlscs ;n widcuing ; they arc put
t;ng in thrce hundrcd cxtra slcepors cach
mtlc, to gtvo greatcr sccuriiy ano perman
cnt foncc, instcad of leaving in to bc neg
lectcd by thc fanners.
Tho contracls which extend to Filch-
and extcnding Enstcrly. c hopc and
trustnll our Morthcrn LeKisIaturcs will sct
the cxamplo to prohibit tho wcarine of dead-
ly weapons, undcr thc strong ncnaliics of
fino and imprisonmcnt. Wo boast of our
as jf takin" thc lifo ol a fcllow crcaturc,
pcrhaps unanned, and undcr evcrv disad
vantagc. was a praiscworthy act ! ' N. II.
Wc aro now cnjoying in its fullcst pcr
fection tho incompa'rablu Indian Sutnmcr
wcather. Thcro is a glow ofgcntlo warmth
.u i . i
m tho sun, a clcar transparcncy jn thn skics,
and a gratcful odor in the passing brcczc,
"'a'gnes uuoyancy to mc mina anu cias
' oini, ii nas noi wnony
oradicatcd thccpidcmic. Fhis cxcitcs our
!".. a t I ... L2M ' i 1 . ...t11
wondcr, but sbould not, for thc most agrcc-
aje Jraunits are oftcn
imnrorrnntfil U'lfh
maticr potsessing poisonous propcrtics.
New Orleans Picayune Ocl. 22.
MicniCAM.-Thc Dctroit Frec Prcss slatcs
that Michigan, for tho last two pcriods of
Ic.n 'cars lms ncreasen in popuiauon at u
'"gncr rate inan any oiiier oiatc or i crri.
, ,
e reccived a lettcr from the Sccrcta-
ry of thc Monkton Tcmpcrancc Society, cx-
pressmg an anxious dcsire on the part ol that
Society, that the committec of the Addison
Cou,!ty Tcmpcrancc Socicty should call a
meetmg to mkc uuo cousiucrauon me suoject
nF n-rnntii,r lipoii(.f.a thrftiirrhdiit tho ni m f rt-
and iu scason to circulatc pctitious to the
county court at thc ncxt tcnn, airaiust suchli-
cenccs, should such a step be thought cxpedi-
ent. V ill the county committec sce to this bu-
smess in season for the next papcr!
BOSTON putr1!? r-TTirTti
, Corrected Weckly from ihe New Enjbnd Fanncr.
, Cor.. Norlhcrn old 62 a 03
! Southern ycllow 00 a 00
! New Orleans 51 a 55
lTE....Northern 67 a 70
1 Southern GS a 65
Fi.ocr...Baltimore Howard st. 4,75 a 000
tiencsee cominou 4,87 a 0,00
i," r i..
5 12 a 5,50
beef Mess new 7,00 a 0,00
V-..., r. r-.n - n ff
PoI.K Extra clear is.'so a 3ioo
- n fV'" . --w
Uninspectcd 6a 11
Laed -Boston inspected 0 a 0
Southern and wcstcrn 5i a 61
CiiEnsEShippin - r nnd 4 meal 2 a 4
UU L XL. tl XSilltJ -
New milk 4 1-2 a 5 1-2
Wool Primc Saxony. washcd, 37 a 4g
Amcrican full blood 33 a 35
' 3-1 " 32 a S0
" 1-2 " 29 a 33
" 1-4 25 a 70
In Salisbury on thc 4th. of Oct. by John
Dyer, Esq., Mr. Levi Keel'er or Pittsford, to
Miss Clarissa M. Wilbcr of tbe former placc.
At Monkton, Nov. 1st, byA. P. Roscoe,
Esq., Mr. George Collins, to Mis3 Rcbccca
Batcs, both of Monkton.
In Panton, Oct. 2Gth, by Rev. J. Teu Broeke
Mr. David Burwcll, to Miss Margarct Kcuc
In Bridport on 8th inst., James S. only sou
of Zcnas Myrick, agcd 13 ycars.
Ah! death, crucl archer, thy choice prey is
juulu oiiu iuuoccucc,-'inou nasi aimcd a la
tal arrow' at the bosom of our frieud. aml fnro.
ed him from our fond embraco toscc him ber
uo more.
Female Seminary.
mi ... ...
inc winter term will commciicc on
Thursday Nov. 30th. Miss Strong, whoso
bigh rccommcndation3 as a teachcr have
bccn amply sustaincd the last quartcr, will
continuo lo assist in thc gcncral instruction
of Ihe school, and in giving Icssons in vocal
and instrumcntal music.
2S:3w L. L. TII.DEN. Princioal.
On Saturday ncxt Nov. 18th at 1 o'clock
at thc auction Store viz.
4 Stovcs
1 Fanning Mill
3 Sets Dining Chairs
1 Secrotarv (new)
20Ydsgra'y Cloth
20 " Satinctt
12 pair Kip Boots
2 "Cowhidodo
12 Napt Hats
3 Brass Clocks (new)
20 pair Hnnd Bellows
100 Yds Calico
1 Sct Framc Looking Glass
1 Picce Drab Cloth
2 Fur Cnps
1 Iron Vice (Largo)
1 Grind Stons
2 Iron Shovcls
Lot Books &c. Ssc.
Terms madc known at timo of salc.
Z. Becewitii & Cp,
Middlebury Nov. 1843.
LARK R1CII infonns thc public that
ho will sell Sloves as rhean. or chcav-
er than any othcr deahr pr Fcdler in these
parts. That he kccps for sale all tho bcst
Notion, and othcr Cook, parlor and box
Stovcs, east at Brandon and Pittsford ; par
ticuiarly tho Yankco Notion Cook Stovcs
with Spaulding's patcnt ovcns. Src. &c.
Also tho bcst Ploughs. CopDcr. nnd cast-
iron Pumps, and Lcad pipe ; and all kinds
ot shect iron, tin warc occ.
Old Stovcs. produco &c, Cash (if he
can get it) rcceivcd in cxchangc.
Shoreham Nov. 1843. 28:3v.
Straycd from tho south part of Bristol a
dark brindlc yearlinK Hcifcr, crop off from
tho Icft car Whocvcr will give thc subscri-
ucr and owncr mfomiation so that thc hcif.
cr may bo found will bo rcascnably rcward-
cu and all propcr chargcs paiit.
Middlebury Nov. 1843.
All pcrsons indcbtcd to the subscribcr,arc
requcstcd' to niako immediato payinent,
those having unscttlcd accounts will do wcll
to call and scttlc, thc samc without dclay.
Middlebury, Nov. 1. 1843. 2G
Houso and Lot for Salc.
THE subscrtbcr ofiers for sale u good
and convcnicnt dwclling House sit
uatcd in thc villagu of Middlebury, at prcs
ent occupied py H. Wilcox. Terms mod.
eratc and poscssions given immcdiatcly.
For further particulnrs inquir on tho
prcmiscs of Z. BECKWITH, J- CO.
Wood! Wcod!
Tcn cords or morc, of good hard, well
scasoncd wood, aro wantcd immcdiatcly by
the Pcople's Press oflice.
Middlebury Acadcniy.
THE wintcr Tcrm of this institution will
commcnce on Monday 27th inst. As no
suitablc room, for the use of the school du
ring winler, has bccn providcd, tho pupils
will accommodatc thcmse vcs al home with
neccssary convcnicnces for getting their les
sons, and recite to the Prcceptor at his study.
Middlebury, Nov. 1st, 1843. 27;w3
B UTTER! Buttcr! Wanted good ball
Butter p.t 10 cts. pcr lb. in cxchange
for Goods. Y. S. Joiikson.
Nov. 6, 1843.
of a supnrior quality, for sale by
Nov. 1343. W. S. JOHNSON.
LOUR. 5upcrfinc Flour. in liarrels
and half barrels. W. S. Jon.tso.i.
OIL Sc PINTS. Linsced Oil, boiled
and raw, and an assortment of Paints,
for sale by XV. S. Johssox.
NVs5ortm"entNails'ef afl sizcs by tht
keg or Ib. W. S. Johnso.t.
ARE this week rcceiving a large and gcn
cral assortmcnt of rich and desirablc
Alpaccas, Alpincs, M. de Laincs, Clotbs,
Cassimercs, Doeskins, Rich Vcstings,
Tailor's Trimmings &c. togclhcr with
Crockcry, Glass, nnd Hnrdwarc: Iron and
Stecl. Cutter Shocs &c. which will bu sold
chcap for Cash.
Middlebury, Jct. JB43.
JYeiD Goods.
THE Subscriber is now recciving a
completo assortmcnt of
adapted to thc
Fall and W i n to r Tradc.
Comprisinc many newstylcsnevcr beforo
offcred in markct. He invttes tbe attention
of tbc community, to a larger and better se
lectcd stock than has evcr liefore been offcr
ed in this vicinity. P. W. COLLINS.
Cornwall, bcpt. 28, 1843.
Parm For Sale.
iTUATED in New Ha.
vcn, on the road leading
from East Mills to thc ccntre
of thc town. Said farm con-
taining cigtyacrcsofgoodland.good House,
wood House, Barn. Shcd, &c, wcll watcrcd
by novcr failing Sprins and a plcnlv of
f ,,jij r r .i
Orcharding. woodland &c. for further par-
ticulars ennuiro of the Subsciibcr on the
Tho prcmtsos are 8 milcs from tho ccntrc
of Middlcburv, or villaco of Vergennes and
3 milos from tho flourishina town of Bris-
25th, ie43.
IRON WANTED. A Ira Tons of iron
wanted bcfore tho closc of Navigation
for which a part cash aud a part goods wil!
be paid. T. C. SMITII.
Now Haven. Oct. 23, ie43.
Notico is hcrcby civcn that I shall scll
, .,. ,. , ,? it , ii i i
at public auction al tho Vermont Hotcl. on
the 18th day of Novcmber 1S48 at 10 o -
clock a. M. thc Houso and lot opposttc thc
jail in Middlebury, latcly owncd by Gcorgo
Lisco, dcccascd.
CHS. LINSLEY, Administrator.
Middlebury, Oct. 31 1843. 2G;3w
OtRec No. 7, Nltnols' Ouilfiiu;-ycr A. francU Store.
Stpt. 26, 1S43. 21 tf.
Fall Goods.
B1RGE i agaiu filtlog bi Store nidi tTXTLT.
and rAKcr
Dry Goods;
and will continuc to sell for Cash, most articlcs as
clicap as heretoforc,notuitbstanding tlie emallaihaocc
Septembcr. 27, 1843.
To Printcrs.
MP. PROUT, Pkiktino Ink M.tn.
ufacturer, No. G0i Spring St. JVetf-
York, still continuos to tnanufacure a su-
perior nrticlo to any onc in the Unitcd Statcs
and upon as rcnsonable lcrms as it can bo
procurcd from any other cstablishmcnt. Ila
also manufacturss Ink of various colors, as
red, blue, green, ycllow iyc.
N. B. Puplishcrs of Newspapers copy
ing tho abovc advcrtiscmcnt four times, nnd
forwarding onc copy containing it, and cti.
closing a Tcn Dollar bill (currcnt in Ncw
York) in a lctter, shall havc scnt to thcm
fifty pounds of good News lnk. Picase
mcnlion thc Prcss you usc. 274
Stcam Boat Mccting.
Thc commist'ioncrs undcr tbe diartcr from tbc Statc
ofVcrmont for tbc organization of ibc "New York and
Cliamplain Stcam Boat Company," bcrcby irc noticc
tbat a tncctin? will bc boldcn accordin to tlie prois
ions of said charlcr, at tbc Inn of Mr Stctcns in Ver
gennes, Vt.,on tbc lirst Wcdncsjay (tbc Clb) of Dc-
ceraber 1343 at 10 o'clock A. M., for thc pnrposc of ""f1""' "l 01 "ejwiuge ia ss.a uistrict.vic
choosingninc Dircctors of said Company under thc I fd, presenu thc same f..r probate: ll is tlKircforo
chartcr abovc mcntioncd, and to transact any odier bu.
sincss uiai may uccomc nccessary.
J.NO. C. 11A5IMO.ND MCoinmissioncrs.
Patcd at Plattsburgh, iVor. 3. 18-13.
UUS. Muffs, Collars
and Boas just
reccived at
Oct. 18, 1313.
THE subscribcr i notr rcccivinj a good nssort
racnt of
Cotton Yarn Carpct Warp Candlc
wick Cotton Bjttin" Brown 5hcctinirs in
grcat variety, and very chcap.
GROCERIES, Teas vcr- good & chciip.
Crockcry and Glass waro,
Drugs nnd Medicinc,
Lamp Oil first qulity,
Wintcr Spcnn, Linsced Oil, v
Whito Lcad, Venetian Red,
Frenclt Ycllow. Spanisb White.
Putty, Window Glass,
Ilorso Nail llods, Cast and Sweadj Stcul,
Cut Naih, t&c. &c.
(AU of wbich will bc sold rery low for casb,most
kinds of producc or on sbort approied credil.
NcwlIaicn.Oct. 23, 1843. T. C. SM1TU.
To Wool Growers.
IHE Subscriber boint; ai
Yankee.and wishinir to cx-.
ccl in thc imprnvcmcnts of thc
day.has used cvcry cxrrtion, and
consultcd in his opinion, thc most cxpcricnc 1
ed practical wool growers in North Amer-
,,n l T Tt. l?
ICO, VIZ., Ciinngnam uawrfinco Ol r lusntng
Loni? Mand, Henry Swift of Poukeepsie
In r- i - .,j r" . r wl
Dutchcss Co., Jcnnison nnd Giant of Wal-
jpole, PJ. 11, and soveralon Wantuclictls-
tl I 1 t
. land, likcwise wtlli 11. 11. urovooi uoosick
j N . Y., nnd finally dccided ani,J?,ur1,;baSpd
f ir. t- " " " , .
rcw choice cwea, and ono stock sheep,
j and would ofTor to the public a few selcct
' stock sbecp, for the superiorily of which ref-
I crence may be hud to otias 11. Jcnnison ot
Shoreham, of Aia Chnpman of Middlebury,
t-i a r n.;nl A-r.,1 HHnm
Shoreham. S. II. Walkcr and P. Eltiiharo
of Bridport, Hollet Thorn Addison, all of
whom have improvcd from my fiock. I
would say that in my humblo opinion, in
wcight and c'ean fino wool combincd togeth
er they cannol be surpassed tn this norlhcrn
section. Gentlcmen do not be to blind
that you will not call at my residence in
Shoreham and judge for yourselvcs.
Likewiso havo succceded in procuring a
few Prime Pauler Merino Stock sheep with
which I should bc plcascd to accommodale
any who should wUli to impruvo that kind.
Nov. 1, 1843. 27.
A First Ratc
Assortmcnt of Bcaver Cloihs, Uroad Clolhs,
Cassimercs, Sattinetts, and all kinds of trim
tnings will bo found at A. FRANC1S'
BUFFALO ROBES. 4 bales No. 1
Bufialo Ro'ocs; Fur Caps, Fur Tritr.,
med and Cloth Caps, just rcc'd at Ihe new
chcap store, by BROWN & SHELDON.
Shaker Ilcrbs and Extracts.
A LARGE assortmcnt of Herlis, Roots,
ccc. from thc Unitcd Socictv ot Shakcrs
at Watcrvilct, just reccived and for salu at
Drug store or llCfsEi. Uridlet.
Nov. 3. 1813. 27
HEW 0000S
llistricl of Addison ss. S
BE it rcmembercd tliat at a rroluto Conrt' helJ at
AlifJdtctxinr, in and fur the Diytnct of Addison, oo tbe
19di.layorOctobcr A. II I!M3.
Tolly Wright aud William F.Wrigbt ailmuistralor
01 uie csiaie ol
laic ot i:iccicr in saiu uisinci oco;acu, imi
a.)picltion t0 ;j Court, tolwnc U.e tiow altowcd
liim forihe navmeDtofilir- debu oftbe deccacd ex-
latc ofLciccilcr in said Distpct dcccancd,. malvo
tendefl one ycar from Uie expinttion oflJie lime lierc-
ihatiU aUapplication be comidcrcd bythinCoort
at a fsioa tbcrcof to bc beU at tbe officc oftlie Res-
ir ol aid : Court inaid JliJJIcbury, on Thuttdav-
tlie 16th day ofNoTemtfer ncxt at "one o'clock
ttif. !ilf.pnMn mJ flnl hu!.. tt.Anu.r l- mLrt tf. all
pcrgonf intcrcslc J tbat Uicy may appcar anifuiake tlieir
objeclions if any Uiehac to tbe sjid time being cxtcn
dcd by pablifliin accrtified eopy of tliiii order in tbc
jliildlcliury rcople a 1 re8 a Dcntpancr
pnnUhl at
said Middlebury thrre wccki
tbe time of laid Court.
prcvioiu to
J. f BUSHNELL, Rcgi.-ter,
A true copy nfrecord,
Attest. J. S. BUSHNELL, Reg. 26
! . , . . . . ,' .'r.
I llt it retncmbercd.that at a l'rohatc LfOurl
,lcM t fll;jlIIebury m nj for t,leDistrict of
. A.ldison.on the igih day of Octobcr, A. D.
I Samucl Swift cxecutor of thc last wiU.
anu tcstamcnt nt
latc of said .liiddlebury.ilcccascil, prcscnts
his administration account fursettletncnt :
It is thercfure ordcrcd, thatthc samc bcex
amincd for nllownnce by said court, nt a scs
sion of said court, to be held nt the officc of
thc Rcgistcr of said court, in said Middle
bury, ooThursd.iy the 16th day of Novcmber
ncxt, at 1 o'clock in thc aftcmoon, and tbat
thc said cxecutor giva noticc to all pcrsons
intercsted, that they may appcar aud iuakc
thcir olijsctions if any they have tojilie al
lcwancc of said account, by publishintr a
cerlified copy of this ordcr in tlieMiddlebu
ry Pcople's Prcss.a ncwspapcr printcd at
said .Middlebury thrce weeks succesiivcly,
previous to thc time of said court.
J.S. BUSHNELL, Rcgistcr.
A truccopy of record.
Attcst, J. S. BUSHNELL, Rcg. 26-
Districtof Addison, ss.
BE it rcmemheicd that at a Probate Coutt
hMflril ftTiiMlMulrif innntl fri..tt.n .tte.,-ij.t
of Addison on the IDlh day of Oclober, A
D. 1S43.
Martha Millcr adminidtratrix tf tbc cstrto of
latc of Ripton in said ilitlricl dcccascd prcscnts bcr
admtnistiation account for ullonancc: lt is ihcrcforc
onlcrcd. tliat tbc samc bc cxamiucd fur allouance by
saiil court at a sessiun lliercof to bc bclJ at Uie otncc
oftbe Registcr ofsaM Court io said Jliddklmry on
Tbursiliy, the 16di day of Norcmhcr A. D. 15M3 at
onc o'clock in tbe aftcrnoon, and tliat said administra
trix girc noticc ihercot to all ferson interestetl llut
tbcy may appcar, aud niako Uieir objcctions if any
tbcy Ime totbcallou'ancc tf saijaccouut by ptiblibb
in; a rcrliiied copy of ibis order in the Middlebury
Pcople's Prcss, a "ncwspapcr printcd at said Middle
bury, thrce wccks succcssivcly prctio'as lo tbc scss
ion of said Court.
J. S. BUSHNELL, Rcgistcr
A true copv of record.
21 Attest J. S. BUSHNELL Rcgistcr.
District or Anuison. ss. ,
1!E it rcmembercd, tliat at a I'rubatc court bcld at
Middlebury, inand for tbe Ditrict of Addison, on tbe
lDtb'day of Octobcr. A. I). 1R13.
John Spaldins uained cxecutor in an inslromcnl pur
portini to be tlie List will and tcstamcnt of PI.1NY
STAiNAUI). latc of Wejbride in ssid District.Hc-
or (lcrctl.lliat Uic fame Lacxaraincd for nrubatc. at
a,"fc?Fion cfsaM court, to be hc!J at tlie oflice ofllic
Rcgistcr of fiiiJ court, in salj MiJdlcUiry, n Tlmrn-
tlay, thc ibiu tiayot iocmbcr ncxt, at I o clock in tuc
aftcrnoon; amltliat notice tlicrcof Lc civcn tuallncr-
sons intcrcstcil. lliat lltcy may appcar and makc tlieir
outcciiuns io uie prouito anu aiiowanceol said will.by
piiLlisltin a ccrtifictl copy of lliin ordcr in tticMiil-
dlclwry I'coplc TrCM, a nerjapcr prmtcil at eairt
3IiIdlc!)ury, tlircc cck succctfsncly, prctioiu to thc
time of said Court.
J. S. BUSHNELL, Kcgistcr.
A traccopy of record.
Attcst, J. S. BU.SHNKLL, KccWcr. 2fi
Is now opc.iing his wintcr supply of frcsh
Goods, comprising n gcncrnl assortmcnt of
Forcign nnd domcstic
which wcre sclcctcd with carc, and of supo
rior quaiity Plcasc call at thc CnE.tr Casii
STonc. and csaniinc.
nliddlcbury Oct. 21st 1813.
AN inialuablu fimily mcdicin:.
Recommended by ihe Medical Facutty.
Fur Rheumatism, Gout, Sprains, Cruisc,
Crarap, Lameness, Pain in tlieside, back,and
Loias, Chilblains, Kcluns fresh wounds, Ilnrns,
Scalds, Freczes, Ague, Nerroua Headachc, and
all cascs nf
Exlernal Inniry.
It strcnsthens and invicoratcs tbe netvcs,
gives clasticily lo thejoints promolesa heallliy
circulatmn of tbe b!o'd, and itnparts strength
. i I
loany pan ot ine sysiem wnicn niay naTe uccu
ekeaeu by sea-ntary -abitKOj disease.
" 13 iniporsible to prescnt to the pubbc all tbe
.:,,,.',;,,, . lnTaMi.,nt. ' nr ,h.
-; r--i r -- -
vittues of this Liniment. .Many fimilles keep
it constantly by them, believing it to be Jhe.bejj
rFfirmnV: 1H6 goo.t eflecis of arelruly won-
deifuland altoeetber supcrior to anvthiag je se
cver jijcoyed.
n,;, Liniment is not only bcneficial to tho hu-
man syUm but, is ihe bcst aiticle that can oe
"'ed lor horscs that hare been galled,spraincd ot
bruised, and for slillness anj
swellin:r oflhe
jnints, scatches, wnd.gslls, fresh wuunds &e.
The otiginil and genuine is prepared only by
T. SEAVKR & SOK Druggisls, Walpole N. H.
OBSERVE Evcry botlle of the genuine will
havc tbe signuture of thc proprietor! on the in
side wrappcr. Each botlle nd scal is stamped
and enclosed in a blue wrapperou whicoii a rcd
Ubcl. rrico 25 cts per botlle.
For sile in liddlebury only by Ruisel & Grid
loy, also br W. E. C. Stoddard, Rollsnd, S. D.
WinsloR-, Pittsford; Warren and Bliss, Drandon,
llunlly & Hijrsins, Salisbury, A. P. Roscoe, New
Harcn, F. Huntington Vergennes, and by drug
gists and merchants genenlly. 23;ly
rUSt reccived nnd for salo by
Midobbury, Sept 27, 1843. 20.
WO THOUSAND Bushclsof Oatswan.
led immediaiely. bv
SUG.4RS. Doublo rcfincd Loaf, Lump
Suirars, of different nuali-
iWcs, for salo very chcap for cash by
New Haven, Oct. 2S.1S40.
CniMP'D DIMITY and crimp'ef Dimiiy
Collars. juit rcceived at BIIVOE-'S
October 13, 1S47.
Fringcs, Gimps &c
OHAIR and Hilk Fringes in sr'sat n
riety Black, Blue black and eoUit-d
Ginip at BIRGF.'S.
Oct. 18,1543.
Wood! TVood!
200 cords
Oct, IS. 1343. W. S.
' mon pure'' fer a'e by
Z, Bkckwitix & Co.
WABP. A ''firs'. rare nrtiltf
forsnleby Z. BeckWitu,&. CoV
Ocl. 1813.
CoUin's& Co'sAxCvS.
fiflTH or wiTitouT'hrlvei forbali- hr
fif Z. BfCKWlTH. &. Co,
Oct. 1S43T.
Supcrior Tcas, Sugars, and M -
lasscs, just reccived by
Oct. 10th. 1843- A. FRANCISJ
At thc old Auction and Com-
mission Store.
fE are now rrceivinir our Fall and Win-
Which will pusitively be sold as Iw a3 llicV
can be bouglit in this County or State for
Casli or approved Credit.
Uur ItieiKls and the Public it benenl are
invited to call and cxn.ninc our ixtcnsive
Stock of gO"dn before Purchasinj; clr
wheie. Z. BKCKW1TU, &. Co.
Middlebury Oct2d 1313".
THE subscrihcr arc now rcrcivinj Ineir
fall supply of froodj. consisting of
dbv mm
Dry Grocerics, Croc!;ery, Iron
and Stcel, S.ilt, Fisli,.
nnd almost cvcry article iHimlly Cmiiirr-if
for, which will bi old for PA V, nt low as at
any store in the County. All kimU of pro
duco rcceivcd irr payinent.
WKIliHT Si lil'&ll,
Shoreham, Oct. 2, 13 13. 22
"ffDWAnD WA1NWIUGHT tiir cou--i
tinucs his cslnblislimcnt upon llio most
extcnsive seale, ntul kccps constantly dtt hand
n largo nssorltneiit of
of tbc bcst mttcrial nnd fiucst Castins; cor.
sistingof Ynnkco Notion, Yankec Notnm
improvcil, nnd tbe New Notion, Spalding's
mprovcmcnt, Fnrtncr stovc, Prem'iim mnl
Albany Prctniuin 5 sizcn, nnd Parlor Ciink
stnvc. AI.Jo thn Uotible Cnnada, nnd siiilc'
Cnnada Box stuvc. Othcr Box stovcs n grvnt
Air Tight sTovrs, sovcrnl sizc-.
Tlie Stvnlet Pai:Liu stovc, th latunt pa
tcnt out, and not found al nny ulher placc
iu thii rcginn Aliu
Pt-ows, CiLiniox Kettles all sizc, Ovmi
Moulhs, arclt fraincs, grntcs, cast alcigb
Hollow, Tik r.nd si:ect Iro.v wait,
gcncrnl ossnrttucnt, More pipe, shcvt ziut
Evc Troushf.
All sorts of JOB WOKK dono on nbirt
Athis FUUNACE near tho villago caiit
ings will bc madc tn all pnttcrns tlcsircd, atni
nll parts of stovcs which hnve bcon cnnl fur"
C0 ycars past nt this cstnblisbiiicut will bit
furnishcd ntsbtirt noticc.
Priccs rca.ion:iblc as nt nny cstablUhmriit
in thc cntiiitry. iiorse-s Cattlo, nnd moit
kinds uf K.nriner'H prmlucu rcceivcd in iy
iucnt nt tbc gninir priccs
Middlebury, Oct. 19, 1313. 2&
Tne Subscribcr is now rcceivinjj ronil
fall Butlcr in t'xuhangc for iroodi nt lOi'itnti
pcr puund. Cornwiifl Oc:. 18, 1610.
This duv tbe Ci:irluis!iin hcrctuforn c.
istin? bctai'fti Josf-ph Frnst and A. 1.
SkifT, undcr llu' nnino nnd firin of a I'mvt A,
Co. is this day Discolvrd by inuttiul con
scnt. Jiistru Fnovr.
Adel h Skifp
Bridport. Oct. 7 1S43. 21
And Ladies Cuavatj, tho latcst slyle.
just rcceivcd and for Salc clicap by
"H" OTS of Calicocs by the Cord Picco or
JLd Single vnrd, jut rcceivcd nnd for
sale by
',. BECK.YITII ii Co
Oct. 2.1, 1S43.
LACK, Brown, Green, Cbant;eablo
Fig'd and Plain Alpaccas, lio'favor.
ue goods or lh day, Mousliui do I,iini-,
Caroliuo Plaid, Soxonn Mari'.iocs, &cc. 4-c.
orsaleby Z- Becvith Co.
Every Boat,
Cringt N.cw Goods for
who is fillirig Up h;3 Jargo and spacious Store
with a'.most every kind of Goods that an
wanfd.nnd which werebought with Cm
at tho lowest prices, and wbich carnmf
will bcsold CHEAP.
Powdcr and Shot.
HAfeARD'S Amcrican 6po rting Canpnttrdrr, ii
Canistcrs Rifle and Common I'owilrr 3lu,r
andBarLead.at RUSSEL & GP.IDLEY'S. IS
Tff7LANNEr.f?.f?i,li.r S.l linrh.lnlp ivh:ti,
I JBj Flannels; 3-4 and 7 8 wbilo nnd grrci
jc.ng.isn tiot vmtc twtlled do; 7-S rnglis.i
red do, nt 34 cts. pcr yd: 73, 4-4. nnd 9-S d
niestic Flannels; supcr 4 by 0 fcet Fiubntl
Horse blankets. For sa'e by
PS. An assortment of iUm ond boy '.
Fur trimmcd nnd plnin Clotb Com
just rcceived and for salo by
Oct.2S, 1843. T. C. SJfinj.

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