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fESS PORK, for Sale I , ,.
SVnt25 IK43lIia
A last token of rcspect to dupart
cd friends.
r"B H l E subscribcr has irnJe a cnnl ract iih
X Mr. Willsnti of tlie firm f Wuy, Wil.
son & Collins, who owd tho wrll knowa
rmarrv of marblo in East Dor.c, Vt.. by
wliicfi he is cnablcd to furnish
for all wlui may want tbcm in lli-a region.
These stone are bupeiior to auy know m the
United Statcs.and are fast oUainin? a prefer
cncc in B'lston, New Yurk, and I'hilidel
phia, to which cilies largc quatililies have
Lcen scnt. Thcy are purc wliile marhlc,.md
t.i Iransluee nt ihat an inscripiiou may be read
in the iiisht bvplacing acandlc cn tl'O si !c
of tlie smne opposiie to it. Thy are also re
maikable for durabiiity. Theslsln nw be
ofanv Kuilablc size rcquired, and Irce from
fiaws' and llashrs. I hnveconlrattcd willi Mr.
Nelson I. Sjnford.of Dorset, a sW llul ailist,
to finuh and leltcr tlicni accordi-.g lo dircc
lions. Thcse stone may be srtn at ilie Grave
jard ncarmy rcsidence in Shoreham, and
rcfercnce is given to Hon. Sil.is H-Jrnison,
and John Smonds.in Shoreham. L. D. Gies
mv, Wi-ybridae. Mr. Hitie, Brandon, and
Ira Allen. aud'Asa Chapman Midiilebury.
Thosubscnber will likcwisn furnish stono
fr.nn nnv quarry in this licighborhood. His
lirici'F will bc low ns can ni-y whcrc bo ob
Shfiieboin. Oct. 10, IS 13. 24lf
Stovcs, Hollow wirc, Tin
warc, &c. &c.
MIB 5uhscril)r ntiw oIUts for sale at
larpe and Bplendid an ouortment ol
As can he lound in llitjcoutity.
Among which are thc YnnkccNotion,Yan
hec Notion improved.Re-iiiiprovcd, and tlie
New Notion, or Spaulding's improvcincnt.
Also, Rotary Stovcs, from S to 15 dollnrs
Prcmium Stoves, vcry low Arcli, Purlor,
and Gothic Stoves Air-tight Stovcs, n new
nnd elegant pnttcrn Box Stovcs, nllsizcs,
from 4 to 14 dollars Dum Stovcs,with east
lops nn I bttoiiis ElevatcdOvcns to fit any
etove. A'iio, a large assortincnt of Plows,
Cauldronsi, Sap-boilers, Sic. &c .Vhcct
Zinc, SrAvc-pipe, Hollow ware, Jnpancd
wtro, n large assortment of Tin ware, 20
pcrceniJoH'erthan cvcr bcfore oiTcred for
falo in this place. Tin anil Coppcr warc,
avc Trouch Sic. made to order at short
r.oticc. His warc issinooth nnd heavy, and
nll east from the ore, and is conscqucntly
inurh softernnd inorc durahle than warc
east from old iron. Thoe who wish to pur
chase any of thc abovc naincd articlcs will
find it to thcir adi'antape lo call bcforo pur
cbasing clsewlicre. Catilc, shecp, most
lcindsof producc, and old iron, rcccivcd in
jjnylnent for stovcs and ware. All stovcs
purchas- il of the .u!itribcr, aro warrantcd
nottocrark by firc with fair usnge in a'a
EG'TIio.'e uho havccash to pay, will not
Tail of ;otting a good bargain liy calling on
the f ubcrilcr first, as he is iletcnnincd not
to be undcrsold by Asr ose. Call and scc!
Middlebury, OcL 11, 1SI3.
ID)2,egs M(3fiE3ia9
Lb hnvo just rc
i ccived from New York, tlie
lpt as(irtmenl of
Mcdicincs, Paints,
Dyc-stuus, and
nvcr offered for salc in this Counly, nt grcat
,y reu.iccu pnccs mr ca 1.
Mlt. (thidley ivhoso ilhorouRh arqunint.
OIIUO Wl.ll IIJU ll iliiu uumiu .
is wcll kuonn, will hnvo charjc of the con.
cern. Physicians aro invilcd lo cnll and
c.xamino Medicincs and pricos Ix fnro st'Iid
ing lo markct for their supp':t"i.
Jliddlebury, Ju!y 1 1, 1513. 1 0
MlT,r1T7' TIIEFiibfrriliT!ilav"ng
-L' W X JLKJA j. e.l
rartrrrflnii tmdcr tlie :
u-otild i ifnu thc puLI c tliat llirv u ill continuc thc
Drocg, Mr.mcixE, and Grocf.rt IIosiness nt '
lbe store folVicrly occupied byW. I Uiif?c1, firstdoor i
south of Uie Voit Olficc " 1
v v. nrssEL,
MidJUbury Jnne 20di. 1R43. II. C. (!KIl)I.EY ,
IN SHOREHAM, haif mile south
of tlia low?r inills, C2 acns of good
land a goud hout1 pai.:ted out and
in sidc, a good liainaud 00A shcd.
wilh plenly of watcr all convrnienl Tor a small
Farmer, or mcchanic, if anyp.'ison wantH a good
cheap place, plcaso to coine and buy of rne pos
sesiou givcn this fall wilh Ihe ttjcX aud crops,
il it iileave the purcl.ascr. fcc.;
Shoreliam, Juiy 5, 1S13' 10:6m
Muslins, Lawns, Prinls, &c.
TTSLAIN nnd Fis'd Mu-litis and Lawns.
jST French and F.nj;lih.Priiit..
Mouruiii' and ColM Parisian at
Uiy 17, 1S43'.
Saltl! Salt!!
BUSHKLS Solic Salt of thc
firt o laliiy for sale at
ntr buih-I, Uash, by thc su'isnihi-i.
VVemic.oCitv Whcrf,
Au:iiM, 12, 1843.
I.oif. Lu-iip. and Broivn Sujars, clieaper
,10 -he .!!-..peo .it T. C SMITH'S.
THE subscrioer woulJ res
pcclfully inlorra the people
of Middlebury antl vicinity.tbat
be bas cotnmenced Blacksmiih
ing at ihe shop rccent'y occu
pied by Daniel Judd, near the
Stone Factory. He will do all kinds of j-bs
in hit linein a failhful and workmmhkc man
ncr, and especi illy will
jn the most;approved modein Eng'isk zlijh
fEf" His'pnces W'R De rno.Ierate and rea
sonable. an l by consUnt atlenlion to h's bu
sincss lie hopes to befa-vored with a fair pru-
iiortiun or the public paimnajre.
Middlebury May 12. 1313. ltf
FAll M
S A L E .
i SAID slaml is aituated in Corawall, ncar thc
' mseling houfc four mites from Middlthtiry, on
I k i..y.n- m Trov. Said stand is furnith-
..in.'.th mnvonioit house. Micds and cut-buil-
dingi and a plcnty of good wattr. Alsoobout
tcnacrcsol lauu, nvo 01 uiucii nuuuuuujici
tiinin: to tlie samc. Thc above stand is ono of
thc best locations for a country stand in thc
connty. Also a fann containing 108 acrcs of
firsl rato land upon which b a dttcllinj-houe,
two barns and fint rato ftnccs said larm has
upon it two tujar orchards and a good topply cf
fiuit Irces, and cs wcll walcred as any farm in
the county. Said farm is tvithin i a mile of the
tavcrn stand. Also 9 acre oflcnd iu the swamp
wilhin a mile of the fann. Also iho stock ol
said farm and other valuahlo oroperly. All ol
which will bc sold.or apart, to suit the purcha
cr.and inimediate poscssioiiciren.
D3" For further particulars enquire of
T. Parkill, T. Eells,
C.G. Tildcn, W. O. l'ortcr.
Cornwall, March 12, HS43. 46 tf
Piclicled and DriVd Fisli, for Sale by
Sept 25 Ita STEWAfiT
WT& J. Whittaker,
"JfB F.SPECTFULUY inform the inhabi
E tant? of thi vicinity, ihat Ihey have
located themsrlTt-s iu thc buildir.gcalled the
old Markham place, direclly vest of Asa
v rancta' slore, ana onposite ttie wooien lac-
tory, whctc tliey liave on lianu a gnouasaort
incnt ol
ivhich thev will disnose of as chran if 110
clieaper, than can be bought at any olher
Cabinet Shop m the town of Middlebury.
1 heir r urnitute 18 rnaiiulacturtu ol ?ood
stock, and in a worknianl:ke manncr. They
would also say lo those who wih to liave
wnrk made to llicir own parlicuiar Jikir.;,tliat
thcy slinll lie plcascd to liave thcin call, anu
so fnr as noo l malcrials, failhtul trurk, and
fair priees arc concerncd, tbcy can warrant
salijfaclion. C;.lf
Middlebury, Jmie 12, 1S13.
N. B. The aliove work will be cxckanjed
for Lumbcr, suchas Pine, Cheriy, Bitch.Ma
plc, 13'Jiicniut, cnJ Basswood Boards and
Planks,&c. &c.
New Arran2:eraent.
rSHE subscribcr tnkcs this meihod t-i in--
form the public, that he has puichascd
he siock of
and lakcn the the stand heretofore occupied
by i(. Ohapman. in Vergennes, ar.d now ol
fers fur sale, one of the largesl aud best sc
ltcied assortmcnt of coods ever olTercd foi
sale in this cily. Consistii'g injpart of llic
lollnwia; articlcs :
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Crockery and Hardwarc;
all cf which will be sold as low as goods can
bc purcliascd at nny othcr estublisliment in
this part of ihe State for CAS,mosi kinds
of coantrv producc, or a sho:t credit.
Vergennes, March 8, 1843. 1
For Salc as above.
1 000 Bush.CW.SaIr,
mobbl. Fine W. do.
50 Bags Liverpool Ground do.
ALsO. Ground PUsler. and a new sun-
ply will be receivcd bj hrst Boats this sprin:
fresh ground, which will be sold unusually
low lor Uasii.
Vergennes, March 8, '43. tf;l
Caps, MulTd, Boas, Fur Trimminss, Hus-
sia dog Collnrs, and ButTalo Robcs, for sale
by P. V.Collixs.
Sept. 2S, 1843.
CHEVILLA. Oamask, French, Brockn,
Cassimcrc, M. D. Lanc, atul Silk'Shawls
JUSl TeCClVCU liy A . .
Sept. 23, 1343.
OAfk prs. of Fnrcwcll Shocsjust rcccivcd
OUl consisting of
Fnrcwtlls Slips,
Wa'lttng Shoes,
Gai'.cr Boois,
Ilalf Gaitcr, do.
liuikins, all of which will bc sold low
furcash by W. S. JOHNSON.
Oct. 23, 1813.
Bucktvheiit, Carn. Oats, nnd all kinds
ofGrain, fur salo by
Oct 25.
Si, Cioix
Pono Rico
N. Orleans
Havanmh &
Doublu rcfln'd
Sugars just oponcd and
fur sale at very rcason
able priccs by
Z, UncKwnn & Co.
S' Croix
'u;lu a supcrtor
um.-iu just rcccivcd- anil nr s.i i hv
VCT Wob baws. just rec'd by
Oct. 12. ROWN & SHELDON.
EAVER Coat'ngs, lleavv Pi0:
Clollis, Fine.German Clolhs. F!r.ai;t,
Clolhs. Cossimcri dnd Fanc- Doo skins
Oct. 12.
ROAD C.oths, Beaver Clolhs, a heavy
arliclc for Winter Coats. C.n
Sattinitls, also Slicctinj;s Ticking, Canton
and othcr flanncls.for sale by
Oct. 2d, 1843.
Read! Read!
FIRST, read tho Deaths, then turn lo thc
Medical Dcparlmcotof tbispapcraiid read afot
lifo. Tlien call quictly on the subscnbing a
gcnl wbo has the cure on hnd for all your uiab
adics, and remernber delays arcdangcrous.
IIAVE VOU ACOUGHI Do nol nectcct
t; thousards have meta prnmaluredeath for the
want of a little attcntion to a common cold.
Have vou a Counh 1 Dn. Jayne's Expec-
tora.nt, a safe uiedical prcscriplion, containing
no poisonons drujs, anu uscd m an citenaivc
practice for several jeara, willmost posititely
ilTcrtl relief, and ave jou lrom that awful dis
easc Pulmoxakv C0.N9011PTION, which annuall;
sivecpa into the grave bundreds of Ihe young,
the old, the faii, the lovcly and thc gay.
Have jou a C0U5I1 ? Bo persuadsd to pur
chate a bottls of this Exptctoraur. to-oay !
To rnorrow may he-too late.
Havo you a Cou;h? Jayne'a Exprctnrai.t
is thc only rcmedy yon should lake to cure you.
Kor this plain i2easont That in nooneofthe
thousand cases where it has hccn used has it
failed to relicve.
valuable medicine isdailr efll'Ctin? some ofthe
j tnost astonlshing and wondciful cures that have
everhcen knowu. A!l who have used it for
Athma, Coughs, Spitting of Blood, Hooping
Couzh. Croup or Hives. Csnsumption, Chronic
IMcurisy, Hoarscness, Pain and Soreness cf tl.e
Drejst, difficulty of Bjeathinj, and every othcr
discaseotthe lvnci and dxieast, ean and dj
attcsttoiis uscfulncss. BRo.NciltTi9,a discase
nhichis annually sivcepini; thousantls upon
thousands to a premature grarc, under thcmis-
taKcn name 01 uo.vsuuptiok, is aiways eurcd
brit. Thcusual symnlonis of IhisuiscasefUron
lchituiarc Cough, Soreness of lh Lnn-rs or
iThroal, Iloarsnness, DifSculty tf Brealhing,
Aslhma, rlectic rercr, a spitting upol phl'gm
or inatter, ana fomelimes blood. It is an infli'
mation oflhe flne skin which hnfs tncinsideot
thc wbolc of thc wind tubcs 01 air vesscls,
which run thrcugh every p rt ol Ihe Lungs.
This Expeclorant immedialely suppresscs thc
Cough, Fain, Inilamation, i-ever, and difflculty
of Brcathmg, and produces a free and easy Ez
pcctoration, and a curris aoonetTcckd.
Italways curcs Astiisja two or tbrce large
doscs will cure Iho CuoL'p or Hives of childrin
in from fil'lctn minutes to an hour's lime. Il
mmcdiately subducs Iho violcnce of iioonxo
coucii and cfiecls a spcedy cure. Hundrcdt
who have hcenKiven up by Ineir pbrsicians as
incurablc wilh "CoNsuurTios,'have tccn re-
Btorcd to pcrfect hcalth by it.
no more of any ono than lo give Dr. liyoe's
Expcclorant a fairlrial, and ifitdoesnot cure
the various discases for which It is rccammcnded
socncr or more cfiiclually than any other mcd
icinc that has everbcen cflercd to the public.
Iho proprictons willing to nndergoany pcnilt.
howcvcr, scvcrc, the pnblie may see prope: to
imposc upon him. It has, it will, and it can
cure eoughs, co'ds, aslhma, bronchits, blccding
from the luncs or throat, whooping cough;
croup, aud a vcrv large majority ofthe most
liopclcss cascs of consumpliOD, when physicians
anu ineir prcscnpuons laii 10 ao anygoou. A
gain wc say, try it. Itivill notharm you, but
musl and will po vou cood. Il rs nreoared on.
ly by Dr. D. Javke, No.i20 South Third strcct,
1 luladclphia, and No. 303 Broajway. New
xoric. I'rice qi per 00111c.
thepathclrc cxclamaliou ofthe nronhct of Isrc-
al as hc bchcld tha dezradation and miscries of
liis peopie and does not the hoart oflhe thi'
linlhropisl nrore with emotions of commisera'
ion and eorrow as hc witncsscs ihe hopcless
and hclplcsscandilion of Ihousands dyingalla
rouud lrrn wilh Consuiaption, and olher pulmo
nary aflVelions, and lo afk, "is thcrc no balm
Ihat can heal Ihem I" nor physicians to rcscuo
thora from dcalli? Yes, thcrelsa balm that
will hral Ihem. and atonce arresl thoso fatal
diseascs and rcstore llicm te hcallli. It is found
in Javme's Expkctorant, which never fails to
It is nrenarcd bv Dr. D Javrio. 305Broadvrav.
new x ork. and 2U Boum i bird slrcet. i'niU'
l rice, Sl per bottlc.
Tonic VcnsitruCE. This Vermifugo is pcr.
fcctlr safc, and so plcasant that ehildrcn will
not refuso to lake it. It cffectually dcstroys
tvorms, ne utralisses acrdrty or sourness oi thc
stomach, incrcases Iho appctile, and aclsasa
neral and permancnl tonic, an4 is thcrelore
xcccdinnlv bcncficial lo intermittent and re-
nittenl fevers, mdiircslion, &e. andis almost
a ccrtain cure lor fever and aguc, and what is
of more rmnortanco it does it permanently.
It not only dcstrojs worms and invigorates
thc whole systcm, but il dissolvcs and carrics ofl
Iho suporabundant elime or mucus, so prcvalcnt
in thc slomach and bowelsof children, more es-
pcciallycf those in bad hcalth. lhis mucus
lorms tiie bed or nest in wnicn tua worms pro
duce their young; and by rcmoving it, itis im-
nossioie lor worms 10 leuiaiii in tuu uouv
It is harmlcss in its erTects on Iho system. acd
the hcalth oflhe palientis always improvcd by
its use, evcn whcn no worms arcdiscovcred.
Numerouscertificatesofits usefulnetsliave bem
reccived, which Iho proprietor does not consid-
ci neccssary to publisn.
Josiali tnoranson.near aaicm, jn. j., adminis
tered this Vermifuge to a child between two
and three years old. and says Ihat in a fen days
she dischaigod one hundred and thlrty scven
large worms
Mr.Jos nh A. Lentz. of Ihe PcnnTownshin
Savings Iosiiiuiion, Philadclphia, gave it to one
ofhis ohildren; and says that aftcr tho sixto dose
it brougnt aivay about tilty worms at one, tire
and six inchis Ion?.
Mr. Ferdinand WoodrulT uscd two bcttlcs of
this Vermifuio for drspensia. and iu the coursc
of two wceks discharged upwards of thirty picccs
of lape worm, and was ihcreby pcrfcclly curcd.
Another gcntlem'"n of ihis cily had it admin
slercdto lns little daaghtcr about lbrcc ycars
old, when she had a numbcr of discharrrcs rom
herbowelf, composed cntirely of little white
tnread worms. IIc siyi thcy carto away lrom
hcr not only by bundreds, hut I may say by
thousands scparately and in soli i balls as large as
nic&ory nuts, ccmposcd cntirely of ccid worms,
Sick Headaohe Mauy ladics andgcntlcnicn
havo found tbis Vcrmirugo to bc a pcrmanent
cure fur sick hcadacho.
Pilcs Numcrous cascs of pilcs have bcen per
cclly curcd by the uso of this valuahlo Vcrmi-
Finally, what Ihe publichavc loug dcsireJ, a
medicine of this kind, which njrcht be dcpcndci
. upon, prenarcd by a reeular uhvsician. is now
onereo to tnem.ana can uc nad ot ur. Jayne,
rio. zu bouin 1 luru strect, l'niladelpnia, and at
nis oiuce do ouo uroauway, iNew vcrlt.
Is caused by a want of healthy ac
:ion on the vrsscls which throw oll pcrspiralion
from the hcad. Whcn these vrssels are weak or
diseascd.thepcrspiration is thick and clammy
and adheres lo Ihe moulhs oflhe pores and clogs
iiieui up, anu ones ana lormsscurt ordandruu.
Lcss blood is then carriud lo Ihe roots of hc
haia, and for want of which the hair has not
sufilcicntnourUhment, and conscquentiy bc.
comcs dry and harah, and bcgins insensibly to
an ou wuicu couiiuuiog 10 increase, eventuaJly
nroduccs baldness. Ilestoro the canillarv r.
sels or the head lo their fonner hallhy circula
lion, and afincsilky new hair wilimako its ap-
pearance which wiu incrcaso inquanlityandvo
umo until the hair becomes thick and healthy.
Javnc's Hair Tonic is the onlv DreDantion
thit has ever bcen known to produco new Hair
on Bald Ilcads, which it has done in innurucra-
nlc intlances, and will scldom fail, if properly'
uu icicv:ringiy usea. iTfparea oniy oy jjr,
O. Jaync.
- frequentlyunite inthe same iadividual;
Ihat is, pcrsons predisposcd to carly Batdncss
"I" "'n. ou 100 oiren selt willcd and
stubborn. Jayke's Hair Tokic, is tho vcry
thing Ur removing tho Grst, but wbat iofluence
il may havo en the laftcr remains lo be testcd by
cxpcrience. Isit not, howcvcr, worlhy of atri
ll ? Ladics who have hu9bandspossc.fcg t),.
r Bald or Hanl Ifoad. aro i'nvited to make a I
liberal application of Ihis Tonic to tlie heads of
their lords. and if il do not make them more flex-
ible and manageable will at leat reslore tbeir
hair and add tnuch comfort and bcauly of the
PiLLsmay be laken at all times. and are
lifiiefiH.il in nearlv all diseasrs. ThcV have
been a favoriie urescriolion oflhe proprietor for
all obstructionsof (hc Liver, Spleen, Kidneys,
Hicrus. and ailolher Orirns ofthe body tn-
flanrinalorv. Interrailtcut, Rjmittent Billious,
and every othcr form of Fever-Jaundico and ;
Livcr Complaint. For Dyspepsia they are really
an invaluablo article, gradually changing lbe yit-'
ialed sscretions oflhe sumach. and producing
healthy action in that rrnporlant organ. incy
arc verv valuable tor discases of tho skin. and for
what is commonly callcd "impurily of iho blood;"
also forFemale Complamt,, urnivcncss.sc. c.
and in fct evcrv discase whcro an Aperient,
Alteralivc or Purgative mcdicino is rcquired.
KT Foun rrn-iis ot mo numcrous anu uis-
trcssing cases of DvsrErA rusiTivEi.Y cu
bc cobed bv .1 Dcrscvering uso ofthis valuable
???tJ?ZL?t "
inghisExpectorant,andforthe romoral ofOb-
slrucb'ons n tho Livor. which lsoflen anat-.
tendant on some of the diseascr of Ibebreast. Full 1
dircctions wilh cacli box.
Also Jayjie's Carmikative Balsam, a cer
lain curo for Bowei. ahd Summer Com
pi.AiTs, DiAnnnccA, Dysentaey, Ctioi.tc,
CnAJirs, Sick asd NEnvous IIcadaciie,
Sour Stomach, Cnei.EA Morbus, tnd all
derangcmcnt ol the Stomach and Bowels.
AH of the above Medicincsare for sale by
iliddlchury. March 23. 1S43. 43;lT
and wcll thcy may, for they are as
pleasant as tlie best Peppcrmint Cantly, and
possess all the properiics tcquisite for curing
them when sick. Dr. Sherman is an expeti-
enced i'hysician, and a membcr ol tbe :Med
ical Society of ihe cily of New York, and
basabandon-d a large and lucrative practice
to cnable him to introduce Medicine in this
pleasant form. Five year's expericnce, and
Ihe consuniion ol one nurxlrcd and twcnty
six lons ol his Lozenges, bas jilactd them
ueyoud uouul or uncertainiy.
Aaa manv suiicr lor monins, anu cvcn
years, from ihem, wilhout suspeclins th
cause, They may bc known by a bad brcath
picking at the nose, gnawing at the stomach,
paleness about the llps and fluslied checks,
starung in siecp, griuuing 01 tue tecin, pain
In thcstomacli, helly, and joints, flashes of
heal, chills, drowsiness, headache, fllls, bad
bad tasle in the mouth. dry couffh feverih-
ncss, voracious appetilc, leanness, itchiog of
tbe arms ccc. 1 ne muiniuue 01 cases tnesc
Lozcnzcs have curcd is almost inctcdiblc &
n failure has never been known.
Is ofteo said by those whu arc subiect to a
hcailaclie. Shctmau's Camphor Lozenges
will cure any case, no maltcr how bad in
ten minutes. Thcy cure Palpatatinn of thc
heatt, sea sickness, lowness of spirit.9, des
pondency, fatiguc and most nervous disrases
;n that shottspace of lime They dispel all
the dislressing' symptoms of a night's ilissi-'
palioh, keep up the spirits, and enable a per
son tn under'i zrcat menial and bodilv toil.
Thev cnabled Geo. Washington Dixon to
walk 72 hours wilhout rest or sleep. Hc
Say many, and slill ihey go on neglecting1
it till the grave s wallows " them up. Sher
man's Cuugh Lozenges will imrnediatcly al-
lay all ordinary crses. Thev cnrc, tbe raost.
obslinate.rccent ones. in a few hours, and.
ncvcr fail to do so. In Asthma. whonpinn-
cotrgh, diugh altending'measles, and light-
ness ofthe chest they give inslant rtlicf. In
Consumnlion, whcre death has not sct his
seal, these Lozenges will reslore the bloom
lo the haggardcheekandhealth to Ihe other-
i. i?.: . r,ti,.. ,...i . ,
ni3viuaiiaucui. iuct nnic iu.iu a ivab
many perfons thatthad been given up by tht ir
physicians nnd tnends. lueir celebrity fnt
curing Cougli9 and Colds so quickaud rasily
i known throughout ihc civilized world, and
iho demand fur ihem is beyond tlie conception
of all. Only think of five or six Lozenges, 1
as pleasant tn the taste as a common sugar
plumb, curing the most dislressing Cnughsin 1
less than thirty minutes. j
Pain nnd wphWm in rl,,.t,ron .T,l.l,9it
ot anv nart of rhu hodv Pfmilr- Wnli'nra
?nl inr ,l,.v ak . i Weakness,
fall.DgofllieW orab Pilcs, &c, cured by
Sherman iPoor Man's Plastcr, which costs
inem out uy tbe roois ivilliout tbe least pain
When such mcn as the Hon Aaron Clark,
1 wmssmmmk
- Children Crij.
Hon eJ. J Porter, Hon B B Beirdtey, Rcr.in successful operation, and il ready to receirc
Danus Anthony,RevSabaslian Streete, Rev Wool to manufacture by thc yard or on shares.
-Mr Haodcnck, Doctors Motl, llod!:crs,' Atso, will exchange Clo'.b for Flecco Wool,
Smith and Vandernool.Col C S Uemon and
Major Upham lend their sanctinn with thou
sands ofnthers that bevc been cuied ly us
ing sberman's Lozenges, none can doubttheir
great and unqucslionablc virlucs, 48 yl
A p c n t s .
iiusscl & Gridlcy & S. Moody.Middlebury ;
Uufus llichardson. Sherburn; Sirong &
Buck and'Hcnry Simonds, PittsTord; Kuel
Parker, Clarrendon North Flats! Daniels
& Bell, Rutland; S. E. Lconard Walling
ford; Laphaim Viile, South Wallincford;
C. & S.Bellard, East Clarrendon; Samucl
Tonsand, Wellingford;.21len Gravcs, Wells;
a . R. Vaile & Co., Danbey Borrough; Sent
ca, Smith Danby 4 Coiners; e. Jammison
Castleton; H. Lumbard, Parvlelte; Ered
erick Kallagg, East Poultney; Jhon C Saw
yer & Ira Bingbam, Sudbury; e D Bush,
& W Chipman, Orwell; Warren & Bliss &
Volney Ross, Brandon; Hooker & Wojsler,
West Poultney; Royal Blake, Brandon; J.
& O. Simonds, Whiting; F. Huntington,
& W. R. Bixb, Vergennes; Eenjamine
Haskel Saniuel Everls, Cornwall; D. &. G.
Rich Kent Wrigbt, Snoreham; Nehemian
Pray, Salisbury; Munsnti &. Dean, Bristol;
Merritt & Moon, General agents for Rut
land ana Addison Counties.
Now Goods, New Styles and
May bc found at the cheap cash slore of
7i. Beckwith &r Co.
New Goods.
THE subscribers have just receivcd from
Boston, an exlensive and wcll selected
assorlmeDt of
Consisting of a reat variety of arlicles
which nr wanted in nlmost every familv.
We invite tlie puunc 1 generaiiy, uu
examine, and see whether they cannot finU
almost every article they nced, nnd at sucn
prices as wiu muuce tnem 10 uuy, .o
notmean to be undcrsold by any one. YVe
have n greai assorune.u ui
hnvfi n trreat assortment ol 1 rimmgs lor
both Ladies and lienllemen, sucn ns irinSes,
cimps, cords, Iaccs, bonnet siiks, piumcs, ar
tificial flowers, ribons, ladics' kid gloves.&c.
tcc. Urapa-ueianes, caaurnercs, iuuoiiu uc
lanc?, alpaccasind almost every nrticle sul
' ,,'(."" h rnr t,Hs nnd entie-.
table for the season, tor ladu . anu eoue ,
men'a wcar. Also n largc assortment ot
larse assortment of
county.and of the very Iwst'niiality.
Oct. 10, 1S43.
M. dc Laines,
Vicloria Plaids,
French Mcrinos.
And a Iarffc vatiety of fashionablo goods
at the new eash slore-
NDIA RUBBERS, French Slips.spring
hecls, and Clolh Busktns, for salo by
Marble Works.
THE subscribers rcspcclfuljy inform the
public that tbe Marble wmkslntely occu
pied by Caso & Spalding,are now in opera
tioo, and they are preparcd to furnish all
kinds of
Sawcd Marble, caps and sills,
Tomb-stoncs, Monumcnts,
&c. &c.
atshorl nolice.
Kcpt constantly on band.
Middlebury, July 19,1343. lljyl
An cjpcricnco of about fiftrcn years has prov-
cd, beyond a doubt, that this Vermifuge is a cer- '
tain and ncvcr iailing cure for vorms. I
Sinco il was first put bcforo thc public, many j
worthlcss preparalions have been forced into sale j
which havo had their day, and are now countcd .
as so muchtrash, tnTwhcrcas B. A. Fahncs-
lock's Vcrmilugo is darly incrcasing in popular
ily, owing to its inlriusic worlh. It bas only to
bo used according to the dircctions, and il
worms cxist, thcy will certainlybscxpelledfrom
tlie systcm
Tho pnce is 23 cenrs per bottlc,
whrchbiines it wilhin tho tneans of all. Do
suro lo gct B.;A. FAiinESTOcic's Yermifuge,
and avo id r.ll otlicr articlcs which are said tn bo
as good, as none of them bavc thovirtuos ol Ihe
gcnuine atticle.
WAUtly, Grtm Uo.,Pa., Jlayll, 1843.
Mr. A. B. Fahnestock & Co.:
Dear Sii I havo bcen using your Vermifugo
in iny practice for a numbcr of ycars, and find
itthc raost safe Worm dcslrcycr Ihst I ever had.
I was called toa cluld six or scven years old,
in May, 1842. which was then in spasms with
the worms. Igavc il a vial of your Vermifuge,
acreeablr to directiocs, and Ihe child passed 440
, worms. In a few wccks, I gave it another vial, 1
. - 1 " -.-, " " (3 -
worms. ine cnua rccovcrea immeciatciy, ana
has cnjoyed good hcalth ever since.
I have Drescribed it in manv other cases. in
which it has brought away 200 and 300 worms.
Pn;nn I
Be very caulious togel the gcnuine B. A.Fah.
ncstock's Vermifuge, and put no conGdcuce in
Ihe statement made by Comslock & Co., that
Koi.mstock's is tho same as Fabnslock's. It is
ol thc same, and does not posscss the virtues of
our cxccllenl rcmedv. '
. . . p crf) r jr
&. CO.
For sale in Middlebury, by Russei. & Grid-
LEY Agcnt. lljyl
Wool! Wool ! !
The undersigncd takes this mclhod to inform
thc public that he has rebuill his factory, fifly
rous nortii ot we bndge in Salisbury village,
where he is able to atlend to every nian's wants
)n the article of Pi.ain Ci.oth of all qualilics
aml corora cassimeres do., SatinbtVs do.,
ond Fijnnels do. ratlicularatteulion paidto
DYEING. All his clolhs ara Wool Dyed, and
and better colors than can bo obtained in this vi-
1 clnitv. The underi?ned now has his ma:hinerv
i V"1""1 wool, fells and l sgs. llo will positiveiy
do ai wcll or better ia rcspect to price of work,
or quality and goodncss of clolh exehanged. as
any olher mill in this vicinity. Woot. Cabdiko
and Clotii Dressihc atlended to as usual
6;ly II. W. WALKER.
N. B. Fifly .rods north the bridge Salisbury
Viliige, please call and examine. II, W, II,
lablo butter, for sale at 8 ccnts pcr
pound, nt the new cheap slore.
French nnd Engish Merino's Fifj'd nnd
Plain M. D. Laines, Bombaztnes, Cliusan?,
nnd also all othcr coods for winter drcssca
Just receivcd and for sale very low at
A. ritAl'HOtO
Will not Ihoso who owc for the first and
sccond ycar of tho Peoplc's Prcss, mako
immediato preparation for paymcnt in
wholc or in part? "Every ono mtist'do
somcthing. Our subscribers can altest our
post paticnce; but it is fast cxhausting, in
rclation to some, and cspecially thoso who
owo us for probato noticcs.
Oct. 1, 1843.
EESVILLE round, squarc, and
flat Iron of all tho stzcs manu.
factured it tho works, aro cor.slantly on
hand, and fot .alo by thp suhscriber.
Wool !
THE Suhscriber will pay ca-h for Ficcce
wool deltvred al his Faeiory, in Middlihury
Sept 25, 1S43. IRA STEWAIt.
JUST reccived from New YorK.a gcneral
assortmcnt of Groceries Cousistitig in
nart of Old Hyson, Youug Hyson, H. Skin
and Black Teas, Mohtsses, Loaf. ground nnd
Brown Sugar, Boxand Suttrtia Itaisins, Ja
va Laguara and St. D. CofTee, Fre.-h Tnma
rands, Rice, Salmon Trout, Bleached Mim
mer nnd Spcrm Oil. Varnish and Linsced
20 ns. S. W. & C. W. Alnacca Lusters,
. ,,n . n,;rnp, I
--- g"-.-'
5000 yds. Shcetings,
---- -
( ouu a'
o. lickmg,
P. W. Coixi NS.
To Merchants.
! from Np.5 to 25, and.of thebest quali.y
or saie uy uicauust-uutit
Middlebury. Jan. 25, 1S42. 28 tf
JSTeto Goods.
rBlHE subscribcr has rsceived liora New
JL York, a new and complcte assortment
Suited to the season ; which will be so'das
cheap as the cheapest.
Sept. 27, 1343. IRA STEWART
THE Subscribers have entcred into tjopartncr
ship, undcr the name of James M. Slade & 1.0.
nnd arp rprlv tn setvn their friends and Ihe pub.
lic at tho stand formerly occupied by W.S. John
son. They intendto kcep tor sale
Dry Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Domestic Cotlons, &c. &c.
A sharc cf public nalrcnasc is solicited.- Prod-
uce of most kinds rcccivcd in exchange for
Scpt.10lh, 1843. lS3m
New Goods.
HE Subscriber has just reccived
assortment of
Groceries, Hard-Warc, Crockery
and Glass-Ware, Nails and
Nail-Rods, Swedes and
Gcrman Stcel,
Tngether wilh a jjreat variety ufaiticles,
which willibe sold unusually low for Cash
or Rcady Pay, or on short apprnved Credit.
New Haven, July 12, 1813.
D R. M A R S II A L L S Aromalic aud Head
acho cATARXir ssurr! ThissnutTi3 snperior
to anv lluner let known for rcmovcinir that dis,
case. the CaUrrb. and also a cold in tha hcad.Sc
lh: hradacl c. It opens aud purgcs out all ob
structions.strenithcns the clands, and gi a
' healthy action to theparls artecteu. if n prrrcc
rlv ircn from onv thriz deletcrious in iu compo'
ition has a nlcsent flavor.and has immcdato elTeCt
afler bciaiC uscd, is acrceable. Price 37 12
cenl9 icr bollie
Each holtlo conlains about ihreo times the
nuantilv oflhe scvcral kinds of Catarrh snuff, now
selline at a lower price and is thcrcfore cheapor,
ss wcll as better than anv thing of thc kind in
Sold by thc Proniictor Charlcs Bowcn, Mid
dlebury, Vt Wm- C.Simpson t- Reed, E, Brin
Icv. .Vefsrs, Lewis. Bolton, II. Phelps&Cu. A.
B. it D &ands, and olher.", New York, and by
drnggisls generally in the U. alales te Uanaca,
To Physicians.
Trt, .! r , . , . ( , .
1 umi vurcj, uti; ciuto -
bosiness and leave for thc west, (the ensning season)
now oflers his stand for salc on sucb tcrms that a
i wcll brcd Physieian, may iiad it proGuhle to
provc this opirarlimiiv of purehaing.
Those wuhing to scttle please eall and examine
lo their salisfaction.
Bridport, Aog. 25th, 1843. 18;tf.
W. IIull &. Son's Steam
BY tlie box. nound. or sin?In cake.
Pale yellow Extra No. 1 and BarSoap fu'wajliinj
Purc l'jlm Almond Varicsaled and snt uccn-
tcd lor the Toilctte. Vcrbena Cream Anodvnc ha.
ving cream emollicnt soap Savon soncrflne legeta
blc monpclas l'aris,higlily recommended tolhosewlio
wish to
cnjov a nlcasure 10 Suavinff;, lor saie uy
- 13
CHUSANS, Crapo Taisans, Crnpo Dc
i Lcons, t'arisians, .11. u.uaias, uiinpa, w
hair and Silk Frings, this day receiycd by
eopt.28, 1343.
A- HOCF.R1E.S. Thc subscriber would
3" inform h:s old friends and the public
thnthchason hard, and inlcnds to kccn a
r..ll .....im.nl nf fltrnrprins WUlCll Will be
" j vv ow f0r cash. W. S. Johnson.
sl!j ,q ,i
Oct. 18, 1813,
JLi Kxlra Olter Caps,
Shelland Scal, do.
Fur Seal do.
Nutria and Muskrat do.
Men and Boys Cloth Fur tnmmcd
Cap3, for sale fbr ca3h by W. S. Joiikso.h.
Oct. 18, 1833.
DOJ1ESTIC GOODS. 8 Blles Sheet
mgs and Sbirtings, comprising a varie
ty ofqualities nnd prices. W. S.JoBSsoif.
TOUFFALO ROBES. 3 Bales selected
-U ButTalo Robes, just rec'd nnd for sale
I by yy. a. johnson.
N. B. Please call and examine before
I purchasin; clscwhere. Oct. 16, 1S43.
O WHIDE and Callskin Uout.s,
Cutand WronghtNails an assortment
for sale lower than ever by
Oct. 10, 1813, W.S. Jomrsojt,
One doob nortii of Db. Allen's
Office. 24, tf
A few dozen, JTunts Superior yankea
Axes with lon light bitts for salo by P
W. COLLINS. Cornwall Oct. 18, 1843
New and Beautiful Goods for La
dies and Children's Dresses and
Cloaks just rec'd by
Sand's Sarsaparilla,
THIS unrivaltd preporation has prfoi-!
ed some of the mostasionisbingcurej cf j
cases that are rccorded in the aaoals of h
tory, ihus proving conclusivt ly that it j-
pable of fulfillitig the high aim andpur";
fof which it is dist;ned. Paiienls 4fferfc'
for years from various chronic constitatinn,!
disorders, afier tryinj ditlerent rtm-diK
spending thousands of dollars in Irarelw
aud doctcriuii, and sufTering all ibt ium:.
nalureis capahle ofenduring, have bv tb!
use of a few bottIes,enlireIy recovertd" iheir
hcalth. Chronic Rheumatism, ScrufuU Cr
Kina's Evil Salt Rlicum and Ringworm m.
ccrs and painful sITtction i.f il e bones' DL
ceraled Tbroai and Nostrils, Scurvy,Bilfl
Chronic sore Eyes, Blolchesand variooscs.
taneous eruptious, are-eflectually cuttdbyBi
use: Diseases having their origin in aa ia
pure state of the blood and Buids geDerallr
wdl be speedily aud eflcclualiy remoTrd k
this invaludble medicine, as its operation jj
peculiar, and conststs in removing the am
of disease by cnterin? into the circulation &
passing through tlie general system. Whtre
obstrusctions loits favorahle operaiion exut
they are remoYed-asit passcs aloug iheaa
mentary canal; hence thepaticnt willfeelanj
know the scnsible operation ol rhe Sorsara
rilla from its curative powers.
The following cerliticates from indituloj,
who have suflcrcd wilh scrofula in its tu t;
form, are prescnled for the careul percsal 0f iu
Essex, Conn., July 25, 1311.
JIessrs. Sa.nds Cent.: About cight jeaa,
since, by being overhcalcd acddircctlr aftrrei'
posed, I was seizcd n ith a scvere cold, vhicb
doranged Ihe whole system. Puiple cr IitjI
spots appearcd on the skin, atlondcd "ith tiiJcct
pain of the hcad; the symptoms being alarnacf,
a physieian was callcd who prcscribcd Muleiii;
and leeching, which produced partial reliel.
Hard bony lurnps iormcd undcr tho skin on tin
ous parts of Ihe body, and tba Doctor pronoui
ccd my cotnplaint hereditary Scrofula covr for th
first lirno devclopcd. Thc lollovting winter nj
sighl failed in both cycs; mcdical aid nas am
rcsortcd lo, which rclicved my sighl durinjtb
summer; my nose now began to increase in ui
and the wLoIcbody rapidly enlargrdnitli adrop.
sical swclllng. The nose even grcw teiy n:i
and and discharged profuscly tliemcst loillisomj
aubstance. Jly wholc system was inro!vcJ a
discate; thc lurnps soitcned and discharged fretlt
producing great debility; ulcers now broke out
on the logs, and to cornpi-tc miiery, thc ciusclu
and sincws conlrar.ted so that 1 was rtodrred
ncatly hclplcss. I rcniaincd with little cban;
in Ihis condition unlil last Oclobcr, whcu I ia
suddanly scized wilh rui indrscribahlc nsatioa
which rcndarcd me ncarly unconscious, and oj
friends sunposcd it was tha will of kind I'nuh
dciicetond meof my sutrcriogs, bntfrum tbal
recovcred only to julfcr on:the ulccrs hid k
come onc continuous sore cntirely ratr.
It wasin this condition I commenced thems
of yours invaluable Sarsaparilla which I irasia.
duccd to uso from the many rcmarkaM? carei I
satv nuMishcd. It camo lo mo some suinliU
angel; and Ican scarccly tell why, yel from tie
momcnt I hcard it mcnliontd I was inprevn
u Uy wilh tuo beliet thal llus was to bc l'ie
Samaritan U"v rand troly it has wrjughtnrol
wondcrs in iny fter using it a fev iliji
my pains grew casiet, the swelhn; of tlie uul;
and limbs wcnl down, tho ulcers commenrt.
healingand Ircstcdwcll. tC.er suflcring errn
Ihinrr but llic pains of dcalh, how hsppy im 1
and how gratcful do I fecl to ba able lo add an.
other lcslimonial to the efljcacy of your pricclesi
Sarsaparilla! Mo.mssa Si)i.uox.i.
Middlesex Co. ss Essex, Conn. July 23, 1SU
Fersonally appcared Ihc abovcnatnrd Momt
Simmons, and made oalh to Ihc fccts conraincn
in Ihe forcgoing stalcment bcfore me.
Curdo.v Smitii, Juslice oTlhc Pcace.
Wc the subsciiberr. being personally acquaiat
ed wilh Mrs. Simmons, do not hcsitato to uj
that weconsidcr thc abovc slatemcnt oflicrcw
fulstantially truo andcntilltd lo conlidcnce.
iRroden Post, Deacon Baptht chnrch
I llrn. Hayde.n, .Wercliaiit.
Ciias. Gi;EE.r.Eiv, Surg Deutitt.
A. F. Wiiittemore, Post-masti r.
New York, July 26th, 1343.
Messrs. Sands Gent. My daughltr a?ed sn
years, was altackcd wilh tbe bip disease wliia
two years old, and since then shc iias lcu
Rrowing gradually worsc unli1 recently, and ttr
suueriDE ai imcrvai was must piuiui iu vkuv
and bafil" dcscription. The hcad of tbe t
bone was Ihrown cntirely out of place, a'lir
which ma'.ter of puss formed in thc s'lctcl c
tbe joint.and for many montlnin succcssioa,
she was entircly dcprived of all natural usL
She was reduced lo a mero skeleton and iei.'
oflen cxclaimed, 'Oh molhcr, I wish it
please the 'Good Man above to lake mo ontj
himself.' It was my fervent prajer hct snf
mgs mrght be terminated and my anxious fe
The Almighty has promiscd lo be with nu
six troubles,and in Ihc sovenlh he will not letn
us nor forsake us, if wo put our trust and coi
fidence in Him; and Irulj I can siy it h bcta
venGcd in Iho present cate. Thtough Hj
blcsslng andjrour inslrumentality , my child li"1
yes is r storcd to perfcct healtb, and is
ng monumcnt oflhe efficacy of your healtiirc
storing Sarsaparilla. We had tricil all remeilia
witbin our reach, had the bones osce set, bad '
b'Jstered and purgcd, withontetTcct. She coa
menced Iho use of the Sarsaparilla in April hi
and in less than a week therewas an eTident
impiovenient a discharze camo on from tbe k)
joint, and it commenced hcaling.and inlesslau
nu ncL-as wai cniirciv cioseo. uurjuft
time of uting the Sarsaparilla she nassrd
1;.: r ...i.- ,mtuai
"hastcnlng; th cure, &he rapidly improwd u
strcugin anu iieaiL i u" Bnpciiie incicc.
she is now entirely reslorcd, and wholly " lI
your Saxsaparilla.
Wilh the griteful fcelings of a mothcr's I'tf
and falher's joy, we subscribe ourselves p"
fricnd, Willum s. Bnur.
Sabaii Bailet.
No. 59C Fourth lrt
We thc subscribers teing neighbors lo
liam and saob Bailey, kniw tha above state
ment in relaticnlo their child and the cure Fer'
formed hy sand'a sarsaparilla to he striclly tr
Wiijjam Pow.
Jou iUiEs.
rhiladelphb July 23, 1S.
Jlessrs. sandi, Gent In tbemonth or J'"'
1837, I wasalijckcd withcramp in tho stomJco.
induced by a suddcn check of perspiralion. !
limcly remedies I was relioved, but raj .ts"
had reccived a shock from which 1 drd not reco'
er. About two months after this, a scrofolo"
luinp appcared on my breast, which ,SnK
increascd to the s'rze of a bec's egg. anJ ! ,Uie
became excessively painful. I tned difier"'
paaaceas wilhout deriving any benefit nIa1?
and continuiog to grow worse, applieil loao5J
eopathic physieian, who Iefl me suffenng ro"T
tban he found me. The scrofula now apj!";
in my right knee and ancle; my leg "'""
r..,:mAa ..inni st7 and thrpatencd ei'ea
sive ulceration, rcndering me for years a h 'f
cripole.tho ereater part ofthe tima sulTiriaJ"
cru:iating anguish, I now had rccourse sp
to the old practice, was cupped aud blistered t
ry severely, but all lo no purpose,
Rossel & GniDLiv agents by s,icial appoiol;
tment for the propnetors tor wiooicbuij

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