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The Northern galaxy, and Middlebury people's press. (Middlebury, Vt.) 1843-1844, November 22, 1843, Image 2

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NOlt. PursK tat toJolntrcsolulhns ofthe Gtntral
David M. Camn, of Derby,
William Hebanl.of Randolph,
Gcorgc C. Cahoon; of Lyndon,
r- rr ,!,.vUp tlin best moile of allcvia.
tu-thccouditiottortheincurablc insane autl
tvpurt to the next Legislaturc.
Cliarles Paine, of Northfield,
Hiland Hall, of Bennington,
Isiac F. Rcdficld.of Montpelier,
Cjmmittcc to exaraiuc thc papcrs and corres
puudence collcctcd by Heury Stcvens, Kq.
I l 111IIJ5 lu liiu in ij ...... - j j
this state, and to lake mcasurcs fur procur-1
iu ; an.l prcscrviug said papers, togcther witli
1 . 1 ... T .... . j a h,r. f I ( . 1 POHCCILU
tjtn revuiiuiuurtij iuuo
said Stcvcus.
runuant lo the Constitution. I
V. UEltARD, of Randolph, to bc fourth.
.W.staut judge ofthe Supreiue Court, vice
li.uiielKtllos.dcclmed. ...
ty WeuudcrstandJudgcHcbard also has
tl,ued. . I
Thc FcxWhigmectmgat Andover eon-
i:ed or umueroiis aeiegatcs lrom evcrv ion
si die County the Avhole assendily cotisistius
fuearly 5000,m "a beautifollittle ampbithe-
're," a stage bciug crected for tbe spcakcrs.
Vn. Ptcpbens of Andover, prcided. Ad-
dre.es were made by Mr. Stcphcns on taking '
tiecuair.aiiutne nou. o. i. rninps oi caiem,
!.en lr. w cbster was mirouuceo, anu sPoko
nriv nvonours. xne uraeu juuruui, aui-
. i m i t ii t i
The Lowell Joumal, adc-
,-I..-d HeiH-y Ulav paper, baviug nm up his csi againsi io curso . m,c .
Jl,ig from the bcgiuuiuK, thus handsomely , stamped upon lts soil and ils mstitutions
r:e:iks of the address. W'c bope, hcreaftcr the pnncipal of Personal Freedom. As ho
1: -,cc uo niorc disparasins allusions to Mr. pronounccd this culogium, his kindling cyc,
V. in tlio Hhig papcrs." This work should an( eniphatic smile, and energotic aclion,
fy.-over bavc liecn hft to what is called " the at once ogspoko a hcart profou'ndly devoted
crmocrrcr." ,0 ,)ie cause of nuinan Rights, and indi-
Mr. AVeb?tcr tben came forward to tho cated the powcr with whicb ho could urge
froat of tlie ftac, nnd was receivcd with Rrcat jts claims.
eailrjiiasm by tlie vast concourse of people. i, jc nuded to the praise which had
here could uot bave becn lcss thau fivc thou- j becn bc3towC(j upon his fathcr. Any tes
tiud prescnt. A ldy of men, we cuture to i . , f h;s counlrymen to nny ser
sav. for resnectahihtr and sterbng wortli, ." , . ,,,,,. j..i ,i,m ,i.,..B
o:.ldnotbccxeclledl.y any body of men in viecs he m.ght hae rtndercd them. a najs
.hristcndom. Tl.ey wl-rc indced thc ".r touchcd h.s hcart. Rut a teslimon.al to
ofEssiT." i 'ho scmccs of his father and here he
Mr. Webstcr commcnccd his epccch by spoke wilh much cmotion almost inovcd
saying that in tho rcniarks he was about to ,im beyond measure ho would carry it
i.iake, be should uot have to do with the pol- j ,vj(, ,im forevcr.
itics of the State. He said thc pcojile umlcr- j-10 service which hc had comc to pcr
stood thos? matters vcry wcll alrcady. The f ha(, not t bcen dono Tbe sun
I.eg.datnre of Massachusetts, tho preseut loMnnrrow, will seo it com-
vear, was not of thc charactcr which would . . . r . .. );r .
l ommend ittelf to the people ofthh State I'lcled'. U cje it tho last day of his l fc he
JtdidnotsmaekofOld Jlassacliu5ctts;it was 'should feel happy to depart at such an
-fa character nnknown tobcr, and which hcr hour.
1 cople would not put up with for auother f " Ho closed by invoking tho blcssing of
vear. For tbe election of GEG'RGE X. (;0j Up0n them, and retircd amidst tho ap
RRIGGS aud JOHX REED he wcut with nI .us of ti10 vast multitudc."
iuii; iiciui jii.li. ius
with immctisc cliL'crni.
1 1... .1 ,tr,A.i:.;..n
of nation .1 matters, such as a Xational Cur-
rcncv, TarilT, Uauk, and so forth. We have
not timo to go into an abstract of his speech,
nd wi!I oulv sav that it was a real, truc, un-
ntistakable Wufo Spkecii, oue that will havo
R.WLS.1ADS. All the Vermont chartcrs for
rail roads will be unavailablc, should Xew
Ilampshire perseverc in hcr radical policy, cx-
ccpt runuing round Iier, via Xorlhfield, &c. a
bcnd ofsj-.:.e 30 miles to rcach Otter Creek, 1
or White'iall llut wc have noiv uo fcars on
that .eo. The subjcct has becn brouKht
bome, aud tbe mutakcu nohcy tcstcd. Wo
doubt!ietherf.veutymcmbers ofthe House,
to be choscu in .Mareh next, will bo fouud un-
williug to providc for the hanl caaes, by sub-
uiittmg thrm to ati impartial jury, or makiiie;
othcr satisfactory irovisions, without which
n cljarter for any rail road would be iu vaiu.
tit T r T ' ., ,. c:. '
jilr. Millcrhas wrrttcn alcttertotho "bisns
of oftl.0 Times." complainiug ofthe cvideace
he re.ehv.1. diirimr his latcioumev to Itostou,
. .
oftlieetravasauce and cvcu Janatichm oftoo
m-ny of bb followcrs. j
Mikc Wal.-h, tho abusive cditor ofthe Sub
trrrancan, X. V. came iuto Court on Friday,
nnd receivcd sentKiice on threc librls, aftcr
Liut il-.L- cn:nmcnt hv the Jiidse iu one case
- r,... ,.r M'i :.. .,... i-iim .i :.. ,i,
u srand eTtct upon thc commumty and tuc house, in Broadway, whcrc Iio has lingcr
w!ii;party. Hc is iudced a Massachusetts cd for many WCeks. Col. 'J'rumbull liad
vlife-a Kaneuil Hall whig, and wc may M, , ? rcs;dcnce quile rcccntly at
'V;?,PJ!eare c,?,1"'ela "KY; Z Ili,. whcre tho Trumbull Gallery
iiio. LtOictu juurniu i
i.tbcr, ana-CTavatel case.'two' months iin- nccticut. It cmbraccd thrce ox-Govcrnors.
prisanmen: in tbe rcnitcutiary. and to stand viz. Ellsworlh, Footo.and 1 ctcrs. Alsocx-coinmitU-J
uutil tbe fiucs are naid. Senators and cx-Mcmbcrs of Congrcss, in
Tb. XewVorkl'Iebeianallirms Ihatmctof
vo-es east m that city at the late elcc-
tmumi.ivorortwenty-ouc ycars rcsulcncc or
r --i--, j - ----- - ----
tha nJit of suunis;e, nml eclmling tlicin from
..m.... ,,i..i,,.:. ,ii3 ..r...
rc'r its." Rc.nemlicr this, adopt'cd citixeiw! oays
t"ie Tii!n:nr, whenyou aretold that tbe ffhii;
.k M clepnvc you ol political ngtits wnile tne
i.ni-01 ar; j cur disiutcrcstcd cliampions. o-
Oltjcctiun is made in somc quartcrs to Mr.
Clay's p-incut Ictters. We sec liothin in
7ir. Clay'slcttrrsiu rclation totha actiug l'rcs
i.lcntofwlpcb ecan justly complain. Wliat
he tbinks of that fiinctionary asapublic man
as a naliticiau hc savs. And this is Mr.
Clay's wont. He is not a man to conceal his
opmioiis aooui anyiuiug. Ji nc uciiuvcs ;i
jmMic clnractcr to bc " weak, vacillating, and
faitblcss,"' bc will bc snre to put tbore words
lo-.vn on p?pcr whcnever hc hns occ.ision to
write on tlie Mibjects. Alexandria Gazttle.
Thc Evcmng Post aud thc Plcbeiau cflcct
r iircsem post-
.: r .1.: 1 ' i.i" .
.Martin Van liuren and Taminanv Hall. Let
. . . . .... ..
ns looK ai tne ouiciai results. J lius, takin
thevotefor Scnator in tlio city, which is tho
only corrcct tcst of Van Burcn's strength
Mnrris Franklin, (Whis)
M. M. Quackcnbos, (Xativc)
D. R. F. Jone.s (V. 15.)
An'.i-Tammany majority iu tlio
Thcrc are otbcrs for Mike W:il.h, abolition
ond scatterinj, whicli ntay nuinnnt to 500, to
b; ncKlcil to tbe above aali-Tammany majori
ty. ' Tbere arc majoriticj against Tammany Hall
in all of the wards cxctpt the Fourth aud
SLvth. .V. Y. Erprcss.
Hnar Clw. Thc Raleih Rcsistersays:
"Oj'ithi'J epcially recom'ieii'N Henr)
(!iv to tli3 siiircrage of the Rreat boily of yeo
m tn-yof the L'nited Sta:s. He vsone ofthtm.
)', ini iu htimbly obscurity, he owcs not his cl-f.-i'ioii!
trnvcalthy parenLsor splcn.lid family
r n-i 'ctioits. Wlntover he is, he U iudeblcd
i U .h it orisinal greatnes.- nf mind, the gift
I'.-iWi to tlnt prineipls of umvcaried,
:r. nn l piMeverin; industry, which no
,, llr "vcrgre.it. canl.l titmback from
to be elatcd by the results or the city clcct.on. So)oraon Pain0 . Subslitute, Gurdon 'IVum-; hc ft.lt through tho fight.) Thc chicf then
butthelea. en.m Taminany Hall arc far from 1 raised his tomahawk, and when ho was
"l"?"'! C'r, T1!S', ,llc.y tomee vLrth nnncrPnnnl Dislriet.-Deleate. ' ilhin somo 20 feet in tho act 0r throwing
its purpose, and to thc discrimuiating judgment
of nis fcllow-citizcns ivho best kncw him, and
and who well apprcciated those talcnts and
that patriotisin, on which a nation may safcly
Mn. Adasis in Cincinnati. Mr. Ad
aros arrivcd in Cineinnati on the 8th inst.
and was rccoived wilh all thc cnthusiasm
his charactcr nnd scrviccs dcscrve. A sig
nnl onn fmm tho hishts abovo the city an-
nftiinrprl Im aDDroach. At the foot of
.Mount Anburn he was mct by tho Mnyor
and citizcns and cscorted to tlie llcnrio
Houso. Soon nfter he appearcd on tho
haleonv ofthe Hotel and was receivcd wilh'
a s(orm 0f hurrahs. Thc Mayor addrcsscd ,
llim in an appropriatc speech. to which Mr. 1
i , , .l,........l ........
.-uams rcsponuea wun ius usum ciuucubu.
Thc Cineinnati Hcrald says :
. j0 rcfcrrcd to tn0 circurastanccs whir.h
had induced his visit to tho West. He
naj 0ftcn ,es;re( to 6C0 this new world,
which was a wilderness tthcn he begnn liis
publ!c carecr, but thcre wcrc so many oh-
struclions it socmcd to him impossiblc.
U hcn tho invitation was givtn nim 10 ai
lend nt Ihe Iaying of lho corner stone of
w ... .,, j ----- -
tion vanishcd the wny was opencd lor tlie
nccomplishment of wbat bo had so long
je refcrrcd bricfly to prominent ovents
. ,h car,v is.torv of this Slate- and cs.
. ... . nri,:nnn.n nr 17S7. which
- , , ,. ,. r - r ,ho Norlh
u - -- .
iinn H'c
.... r i ..
Wo lca. n from thc LsnrcM or last c o-
ning, that thc vonerable Lol. John 1 rum-
bull, the aid of the immortaj ashinglon,
nn morc. Ho brcathed his last ycstcr-
dav tnornin"-, at 10 o'clock. at the boarding
!ms Innn hnilt and adorncd bv the oriclnals
- . ,
of nearly all his splcndid paintings, anU
bcncath which liis niorlal rcmains arc to
bo intcrrcd, by tho side of thoso of Alrs.
Trumbull, who died somo ycars sinco
Cf) Trumbull was ngcd 67"years.
Co Trumbull. our rcaders will rccollcct,
dhtinguishcd officcr in thc
" j? , . .
revolution, but our first grcat pamtcr.
Four or his grcat guinting now adorn l he
panncls of lho rotunda or tho Capitol. lho
namcs are as follows :
i Philadclphia Dcclaration of Indo-
2. Satatoga Capitulation orDurgoync.
3. Yorktown Surrcndcr or Cornwallis.
, , .. ... .. , , a..,,Anr
4. Ann.pohs- Washington s Surrcndcr
of his Commission.
Gheat Wiiio Co.nvuxtio.i in Co.n
kecticut. Thc Whigs of Connecticut mct
on Wcdncsday in Stalo Convcntion at New
Haven. The Couricr says :
I'he Convcntion was ono ot lho largcst
ana masi rcspeciauic uur ku""-,1;u vu"-
, . . T I .1 i t .
addition lo an unusuallv laree numbcr or
vcnctable mnn from thc nsricullural dis
. : , tj e Fathers of the Slalc," and also
somc cnerCotic. ir.tc11iScnt men of middle
aferroin almost cvcry ranK anu proiession
(,'"""";" J
in (. onnccticut.
Tho Committco of one Trom cach town,
cmbracing ovcr one hundred. appouilcd tD
nominatc ataio oiucers, rc porica
Knr Guvernor. Roccr S. lialdivin. For
Liculcnant Govcrnor. Itcubcn lioolli. For
Sccrctarv. Danicl P. Tvler. ForTrcasur-
cr, Joseph B. Gilbcrt. For Complrollcr,
Abiiah Cartili2ttn
'J ho Committcc of ono from cach Coun.
ty, appointcd to nominatc Dcligalcs to tho
Baltimore UMivcntion, ann also inc uoun
ty Comniiitce for thc cnsuing ycar,reportcd
n3 folloKS
Fiist Conjrressional District. Dclegatc,
Wm. W. ElUworth : Substitutc, Ucni. U.
Sccond Congrcssional District Deic
gatc, S. D. Hubbard ; Substilute, Samuel
A. Foote.
Third Congrcssional District. Dclccatc.
' " " ....
Tmmnn Sm th SnhsiiLiitc. i homas IS.
. - . . r-t ..
At the closo ot tno uonvenuon, ttireo
hcarty and cnlhusiastic chccrs wcre given
for irenrv cla.. and tho Convcntion ad-
i - , -.
i Joe Smith- Thc following odd resoluV
lions. nmnni otbera. wcro nasscd at tho
opcn:ng of Joo Smith's tavcrn at Nauvoo.
un thc 3d u!t.
Rraolvcd, Gcn. Joscnh Smilh, whcther
wo view him as a Prophet at tho hcad or
thc chiirch. a Gcncral at thc head or tho
Lrgion, a Mayor at tho head or tho City
Council, or as a Landlord at thc hcad of
his tablc, hc has fcw cquals and no supc-'same
Rcsolvcd, That Nauvoo, lho grcat cmpo-1
rmm of tho
West, thc ccntre of all ccntres,
a city or thrce vears growlh, a population
r 18.000 souls, (!) congregatcd from tho
four quartcrs of tho glo& (! !) cmbracing
all the inttlligenco (! ! !) of all nations,
(!!!!) with industry, frugality, cconomy,
virtue, and brothcrly love, unsurpasscd in
anv ago of the world, a suitablc homo for
tlie sainls (.!!!! !)
Privato lettcrs from Qucbec lnention that
many farmers in tho vicinity of Queboc
and towards Kamourasks. havc much oats
and potatoes still out, wilh snow on tho
ground and hard frost. It is fcarcd that
tho irecossity which drovo tho peoplo of
that district to petition for and cxcept of
aid from the Lcgislalurc in 1834-5 to pur
chaso sced corn, may again cxist, allhougb
such assistancc will not now-a-days be giv
cn them.
Many farmers in tho District of Monte
al havo" also becn caught by tho early frost.
rhousands ofbushcls aro still tntiicgrounu
. Vn.idrpu.il thero aro tcn thousand bush-
nQw Qut lho S simiIar North and
... ... , : ,u r.nnf,ra of
. Two Mountains. and also
. f chambIy st. Hyacintho, and
' J . . ...
nmirilli. All thcso will bo lost. weiiavo
not yet hcard from the Eastern Townships.
Montreal Herald.
Correspcndcncc of tlie Tribuno.
Puii.adei.phia, Nov. 13 3 P. M-
Pcnso.Ns Suot! Our City has again bcen
thesceneof sevcral dcspcralo and bloody
nflirts betwcen thc Fairmount and New
Maiket (or Baltimore) Engino Companics
on tho one side, and the Uooct hhi auu
Wcccacoe IIoso Companics on tno omcr.
nnrintT the conrsB of vcsterdav aflernoon,
somc fiftecn or twcnly membcrs of the for-
.r rnmnnTiip. who wero out at the atcr
. " -
Works, wcro attackcd and beaicn oy uie
annndcd an alarm of firc, for the avowed
Oack iar thc Good Ul, wno,
in conncclion with about 100 members of
the Wcccacoe, wcre stationcd in and about
ihoir bouic. out Race slrect becond Ifroad
Beinir present, I salislicd mysclf as to the
cxtcnt of their determination to kill, or
shoot, evcry membcrorthe Fairmount and
New Maikct, should thcy approach them !
nml. (o make cood thcir purpose, had armed
ihr.msrlves wilh cuns, pistols, oc. ui tno
fnrmnr. I COUHtcd SOVCn.
Tho carriago ct the rairmouni, udoui u
nVlnrk. had bcen scized upon by tho UooU
Will.broken up.and thrown into tho Schuyl-
kill I? v-cr.
Retwcen 8 and 0, thc Fairmount, with a
force or scveral hundrcd.marched out Race
strcet as far as Schuylkill Fourth, whcn
thcy wcre mct by thc Good Will and cc
cacoc members, who mslantly discharged
fivo muskets. loaded with buckshot at thcir
assailants, wounding sercral pcrsons, two
of them arc supposcd to be scriously in
jurcd. Their namcs arc tlarvcy anu Hlor-
ris, the formcr sliol in tne aouomeu, iuu
lalter in lho ncck ! Clubs, stones, and oth
cr dcadly inissiles wcfe uscd with frighlful
viokncc. Tho Fairmount wete finally
ovcrpowcrcd, and obliged to run for thcir
Iiin. There wcre scveral thousand pcr-
som conccrned in this afTair. which contiu
ucd up lo half past 10 o'clock, which hour
I Icft tho ground.
Durinir tho rcccnt viiit of Col. R. M.
Johnson to Concord N. II., an atnusing
incidcnt occurrcd at thc dinncr tablc, which
is thus dctailed by tho Ncw-Hampshire Pat-
"ot: , ,, .
" Mr. William Loiv. ono of our oldcst
citizcns, made a point at the dinncr, which
addcd crcat intcrcst to it. Hc commcnccd
wilh saying tnai ne acsireu iu i- -j
blunt qucstion to Col. Jolmson that ho
wasaplain, blunt man; and ho pursued
liis object with dircctncss ann tn a siraigm
ftrward way. Ho alludcd to tho carly his- j
tory or the country, and paid a filting Iri
butc to tho memory or Gov Picrce. Ho
ta.ked to the Prctidentor the companyana
then tiirough him lo Col. Johnson. His
rcmarks rclatcd to various mattcrs, touch-
nr mion one subiccl at ono momcnt anu
starting anothcr thing at anothct momcnt.
Bv Ihe course or his obscrvations ho suc
cedcd in blinding thc tninds or most to the
subiect or thc intsrrogatory ho wishcd to
put; and ho gol ctcuu, i"s
his disclaimcr, Tor a good dcal or tact, skill
and adroitncss Ho at last came lo thc n-
tcrrogatorv bluntly cnough; bui nc uiu noi
wish Tor a" reply, if Ibcro was any dclicacy
about answoring. Then addrcssing Col.
Johnson, he askcd "Col. Johnson, did
you, or did you not. in your own opinion,
kill Tccumsch ?' Shouts upon shouts foN
lowcd this, and whcn it had subsided, Col.
Johnson said that, called upon in such a
manncr, amor.g such a people, ho fclt not
the lcast hcsitation in answcring tho qucs
tion promplly and fully. Thereupon hc
dcclarcd, " In my own opinion, I did kill
Tccumsch " Hc statcd to the company
cidcncc upon which his opinion rcstcd,that
tliey might judgc as wcll as hc. Tho In
dians ncar the quarlcr whcrc ho was had
bcen scveral timcs routcd and again brought
to the charge by a Icadcr. who commandcd
and was obcycd as thc principal chicf.
Col. Johnson pushcd his horso towards this
chicr, dctcrmincd lo cnd thc dcspcrate fight
by his dcath, if possible. IIc himscir was
woundcd badly and ho supposcd rrom weak.
npss nnd fainlncss that he was gono any
how, so that ho didn't estimato tho risk of
1 his own life al a vcry high rate. JAS thcy
approachcd cach othcr tho Indlwi fircd,
I putting a ball Ihrough Col. Johnson's bndlo
' hand. (which Col. J. said was the ouiy snot
, . , t ...u: u uz.
: it Loi. Jonnson icvciifca a pisioi wuiuu u
bad concealcd from the view or tho chict
- , 1 II" " 1 ...- XrAnA
and snot nim ucau. nu pwi nuusu
' with a ball and threc buckshot. Tecumseh
was found killcd at Ihii vcry spot. A ball
' nirnH bis breast near the hcart: ono
lmclc shot look cflcct a little higher up on
the breast, anothcr in lho ncck and tho
third in tho hcad. Various other facts
wcre statcd, but we havo no spacc to rofcr
to them. Whcn Col. J. look his scat,
' Judce Upham rosc and said, as he bclievcd
mcntion had bcen made or a jury, as an
issuo had been made up and tho cvidcncc
laid bcforo thc juiy, ho would proposc that
: the company, the jury, should rcturn at thc
limc thcir vcrdict. It wasagrecd lo,
nnd tho nninion or tho lurors was ascer-
tained bv risin". All wcro of ono mind,
. arid tho jury returncd a vcrdict in favor or
Uol. Johnson, or "Uctl.Ty of tiie blood
of Tecumskii 1"
M.onAMMED Ali Destkuctivness. In
Mr Gliddon's scccnd lecluro on Hictog
yphical Litcraturc, the following fact was
introduced in conncction with lho soluiion
or various hierological problcms. Tho
splcndcd avenue that leads from lho Tcmple
of Luxor in Thcbes to ihat of Karnac is
(Tnnki? fnr n mili on cach side by coiossai
spainxcs anJ decorations, nnd had scveral
of those gigantic portals, called Propylca,
nhich rorm crand a teaiuru m gypuau
nrrliiipp.tnrp. Each Pvlon i adorncd wilb
tho sculplurcsof Phataoh whoerected it, ol
which asimilar use is maae, as oi me ira
let jlbydos, (already menlioned iu a notice
in this papcr.) The dale is about B. C.
1GC0. "Tno middlo galeway, saiu Rlr.
Gliddon. bcautiful in proportion, and faced
with ihe Durest cramte, was tho mosl pcr
fcctorallup to tho ycar 1838, whcn Mo. tellalcd palaccs, strongly fortificd, about
hammcd Ali caused this r.mgnificcnt Pylon ' c;g,tCcn miles northeast nf Jesireh. At
which had dcfied the Persians and Plolemy tlal ,imP, Nooroolah Bey, chier.irthe Hak
Satbyrus, aud had flood ercct for upwards ' ary Koord, was on a visit to Badcr Khan
of 3,490 vears, lo bo blown up wilh gun- rjey for ,be purpose of obtaining his coop.
powder!" This atfocity was perpetratcd eralion against the Ncstorians. Dr. Grant
inordcrtobuildanindigoractorythatrailed spent teD days with them, removing. from
to answer ils purpose, and wss closed in t;me t0 t;met higher up lho mouulaii.s,
1840, and a'.so to conslruct some saltpplro nhcre ihey aro accustomed lo spend ihe
works that do not pay, bccause the chemists, SUmmer undcr tcnts. He says :
in their anxiety to obtain a job, 'orgot that
lho neighborhood did not furnish a sufhcient ;
supply of nitrous earih lo suffice lor 400 ,
pils. J his is ouly ono oi me auumuiauuijj
ofthe recreant crewwhn, oflateyearf, havo
curscd tho land of Iigyp'"
Bolton Transcript
We took occasion a fcw days ago lo men.
lion tho rt-ception of a paniphlct on ihe Tex
an Revolution, by ' Probus." We do not
know who " Probus" is, but wo conjecture
him to bo David L. Child. At any rate, he
has done a good service. The pamphlct
occupies 84 large pages iu smajl type, and
contains a mass orwell authcnticatcd facts.
diawn mostly from official documenis, ex
hibiled wilh piquant and apposite romments.
These facts are known to but few of thc
American people, though decply concerning
them. Thcy show beyond all qurstion that
tho project of getling Tcxas addcd to tho
Uoion " by hook or by crook," has been
long cherished, and Ihat tho means rcsorlcd
lo have bcen unwarrantable and outragcous.
It waa a darling project of Gcn. Jackson,
and from tho momcnt he cama into power
ho set himscir about il wilh grcat assiduity.
In cxsmining the correspondence belwcen
our Govcrnment and that or Mexico, pub
lished by order orCongrcss, Probus discov
ered frcquent rcferencc to othcr lettcrs which
are not lo bc found, but arc supprcsscd as
vrivaie, not being of a nalurc fit for ihe peo-
plc to seo ; but what are publishcd sufficicnt
ly discloso that tho principal business of our
Ministcr in Mcxico, for the last fourlcen
vears. has been to coax, intrigue, whecdle
and chcat Mexico out of Tcxas, and that
finally fraud aud force wcre added in
lho mosl sinistcr manr.er through the agcn.
cy of Houston and tho Texan voluntoers.
In all these intrigucs, Mr. Van Buren was
as rcady if noi as wiliing an inslrumcnt as
any Soutliern Slavc-bold;r, the grand objecl
being the exlension of slavcry into that rich
and fertile region, where the Mexicans had
abolishcd it. Our government bcgan lho
quarrcl with Mcxico, because her govern.
ment would not make a trcaly to deltvcr up
fugiiive slavcs. Thi3 cfiort was made as
soon as John Quincv Adam3 was driven
OLt of offico by tho miserablc, kuavish Jivp
ocriiical crv of " barcain and corruption,'
and whcn Mexico ncremptorily refused, the
efforl was rcdoubled to eet potsession of
Texas. To accoiuplish this, wo have sev.
cral timcs been very ncarengaging in a war
wilh Mcxico, and hostilitiss would actually
havo commcnccd at one time if Gcn. Jack.
son could have not from Congrcss tho au-
thority he asked for. We verily beliovo.
that Mr. Adams and a few other U higs, sav.
ed thc country from a war wilh Mcxico in
which lho lattcr would no doubt have called
G.eat Britain to hcr aid
We cannol now!
bo into particnlars, but wo shall rccur to tho
correspondence of Mr. Poinsclt, or S. C,
Mr. Anlhony Uuller, Uie latlcr a lcxas lanu
specu'alor or tho most profligato character,
and Mr. Powhailan Ellis, a Missippi plantcr
all Ministers to Mcxico. What requircs
immcdiate and pressing attcntion is, that Lake Champlain to Boston and New rork,
Mr. Tjler and all his guard arc now bent and thus have hcr choicc in the tnarkets.
in carrying out Gcncral Jackson's plan of There is probably not much diffcrcnco bc
anncxing Tcxas to tlie United States, and twcen tho routes in point ofdistanco ; though
orstretcliing Ihe dominions of Tcxas ovcr lho Kccne Sentinel asscrts itasan ascer
Calirurnia. The Santa Fe cxpcdition and (taincd fact that the Southern route is 10
Ihe seizure or Monto Rcy by Com. Jones, miles shortcr than the routc Ihrongh Cou
which was a little prematuie, were all a part cord, Lcbanon and Montpelier. Bul thest
ofthe samc syslcin or opcrations. What things aro all to bo taken considcralion, and
now causcs grcat urgcncy, as wcll as tho rJDw is llic time.
utmost secrccy in bringing Tcxas into the j The Burlington Free Fress.
Union, is tho fact that the single stur Rcpub-
lic is in a vcry embarra-scd condition ; and , "'here the Money Goes. Thc sal
many or Ihe cmigrants are bpginning to ary paid by the ylnti.Slavery soeiely to
t'niiik or abolishir.g slaverv. This would James G. Birncy. ihe "friend of man
upsct all tl.e plans ofthe cxtcndcd domin- and the AntiSlavery candidale for Pres.
ionof slavcry which havo been so long chcr- ident of tho Unitcd Stalcs, is S"i,280 pcr
ishcd, and ll c only way to prcvcnt abolition , annum, bcsidesjtraveling expcnses. Thal
is lu bring Tcxas into our Union immdiatc- paid lo thc inlcnsely bencvolent Joshua
ly. Besidc's, ifshvery is abolished there, Leavilt, cdiior orthc Emancipalor, 81,
tlie slavcs orall llio Nortli-.Wcslcrii Staics 800 per annum and to Hcnry B. Stanton,
will run axvay in thrce years, and thus ut- 81,800 and his travcling cxpenses. Who
lerly destroy tl.e South-Wcstern slave mar-'woudn't symphathiso with tho poor slave
ket. bv which Virainia. Marvland and N. ! (ot 82000 porennum?
Carolina now thrive. The w'holo qucstion,
then, oflibotty and slavcry from Chespeake
l!av to Gulf ot Caifornin. lurns on tho sim-
plo point to which thc public ntlcution can
nol bc to much aroused. Tbere ought lo
bc a hundred thousand copies or " Probus"
printed and circulatcd immcdiately. Let
a chcap cdition be printed which cvcry
body can buy. Kcnnebcc Joumal.
Departuke or Emigrants ron Liberia.
The splcndcd barque Lairobe, under the
command ofCaptain John E. Alten, snilcd
jeslerday morning, at eleven o'clock, from
Bond strcet IFharf, with belween seventy
and cighty cmigrants destinod for lho Mary
land colony on tho coast of Afrtca, undcr
thc paironage oflhc ATaryland Colonizition
Societ-. They wcro all, we learn manu.
mi'.led slavcs, and a grcat fproportion or
them wcro fcmales and childrcn. Tho cer
cmonies on board, prior to their dcparturc,
wero of tho most tnterosling character. An
apnropriatc, imprcssive and clonuenl ad
dress to the cmigrants
Rev. 11. V. D. Johns,
owcd by a Tervant prayer for ihe saefiy and( fn"ier went t0 i-Tancc, lrom Knode Uland,
prosperityorthe vessel ar.d her crew from , somcforty years ago, during the revolution,
tho Rcv. Mr. Aldich, orihc Bablisl Chu c!i; whoro hemarried an accomplished English
nfter which J. II. V. Lalrnbe, Esq . gave lady, by hom he had twosons, and by judi
thcm uparling rarowell. in behalf of ihe . cious itivestmcnls of his money, laid the
Society, as its prcsiding officer. As tho foundation or an immonse fortunc, which
vcsst-l leritho harr three hcarty cheersllis Sons have rccently inherited. Mr.Ed
woio gtvcn by the crowd assembcd fci lho worJ rhayer, tho youngcst son, marricd
wharf, which wero answered by ihe? ciri. lno on'y daughter of tho Duke do Padua,
grants. and sho moved off wnh alight hWzo n cousin-of the Emperor Napolean. Boih
lo tho land or their rorcfiithers Jlr. G'.Kid- of lhoso gentlemen occupy a high social
wyn, who liberotcd lhirtj.ono or tho e-ni- distinction in Paris. The jounger is a Iea.
grants, was present onjiho occasion. as as ding politician, and Tailcd in being elecled
alsoalargo nnmbcr oriadics, who appeatod 10 theChamber orDepulio, during the last
to ba entbubiastic in lho causo. Sun. politican canyass, by a very few votes.
The Missionary ierald for NovcmW
bas adviccs up to tho 23lh Ju!y from Dr.
Grant. tho American Missionary to lho
Nestorian Christians. Hc is personally
acquiiutcd with the principle nctors in tne
tragedy, particularly Badcr Khan Bey, clu f
Buhtan, ho is regarded as tho most pow
c rful leadcr in all Koordistan. No longer
ao than June lat, by special invilation,
Dr. Grant visitcd his rcsidence two cas-
prCparai;ons were them makit'g for an
;nvas;on 0rlbe Nestorian country by a large
rmv . ouc division of which was scnt to
co-operato wun tne army oi mo uiiw-j
chicf againsl lho Neslorian tribe of this
ioon after I left. Tne purposo was openly
arowcd of thoroughly subducing tbe wholo
ortheNcstorians, and some ol the dervis!i.
es and moo!ali3, it was said, had adviscd a
war oroxlermination, which 'God would re
gard as a work orspccial characler !' This
Hadcr Khan Bey, by the way, is n mos
zealous Mohammedan, 'a pillar ofthe fuilh,'
an open cnemy of Uhristianity, and not like
ly to show any great mercy to ils followers
.ul.on tbpv nnpe fall undor his powcr. I
when thcv once fall unuor nis powcr.
learned that he had spoken or my building
in Asheta, and said that he could dnvo us
Vnm ihn mountains. To mc. howevcr.
his ncpottmcnt was apparemly vcry fricnd
ly.and ho tcpeatcdly told mclhat in cascof
his intendcd invasiun ot lyary, our nouses
and nronertv should rcmain enlirely safe ;
hn nlsn added thnl anw N'c.sorians who
mi"ht take sheller with mo should be unmo
lcslcd. My coufidcnce in his promises is
not such as to allow mo to expose myself to
tho nower oT his merciless Koords; but 1
havo some hape thal my visit has had tho
effect to save lho niission prcmiscs from
deslruclion. The Tutks have lcsrr.ed ihe
iinportant secret that knowledge is power ;
and thcy are unwilling that this poyer should
ho iniDaricd to tho native Chtistians, and
esneciallv to those who have, as ihey ihink,
to much of it already.
In a letter datcd July 28th Doctor Grant
considcrs tho comDlcte subiusation of the
Nostnrinns inevitablc. " The work of
destruction is still coing forward, and 1
have no bope or its ceasing till this brave
ocodIo aro finallv crushed, and thcir indo-
nendcnco is cone" What will bc the cnd of
these things no one can tcll.
All lho world east of us is awako on thi8
subiect. and would it not be wcll that we
bestir ourselves in the matter. Burlington
secrm to be regarded as the r.atnral lermin
ation for either toutc, while thcrc is room
for some diversity or opinion as lo which is
the most feasiblo routc, and which tho moie
serviceable lo the public. That ihe stock
for' ono or Ihe other will le shorily taken
un, wo havo the stroncrst rcason for bc.
licving, and hence we regard prompt aclion
by thoso having aa interest in ihe maticr.
as all imponant. i ne laci is noi io uc uis-cuisc-d
that, with us public sentimcr.l pre
pocderatcs in favor ofthe souihcrn routc,
as dividing the state to bcttcr advantage,
wlulc the northorn scction lrom this lo nut
land would accomplish tho double purpose
nf nn nnqtprn and
scttlhern tlioroughlare,
and of course bo vastly moro productivc to
ithe stockholdcrs than il could othorwiso be.
Tho Wliitchall and Saraloga road will be
snotiiy compieiea, anu im a tmiucuii.6
link from Rutland to Whitcha',1, Vermont
t would then have an unintcrrupted commu.
nicalion from ihe most ccntral point on
Bcnevolencc is a .good tradc a grcat
many ingenious peisons have found it
IlTP" John Davis or Mass., has taken thc
field for Hcnry Clay and the tarifT.
Plutarch says, in his lifo or Alcxander,
that tho Babylonians uscd, during tho dog
days, tosleep on skins filled wilh cold wa.
ler The Boston Allas adds In thrse days
men slecp on skins filled with liquor.
A traveling rnesmcrisor having said ho
was ready to answer any qucstion that
mighl bo askcd bim, a Vermont Yankco de
sircd to know how much it cost per wcek
to paslure Neduchadnczzir during the timo
he was out to grass.
Geneiut. Br.RTBAND. It is not gcneraly
known that this dislinguishcd gcntlemcn
is conncctcd with this country by family re.
Iationship. His only daughter, Hortentia,
who was born on the Island or St. Helcna,
said to bo a most bcautiml and accom.
iwai delivered by lho pHshed woman, marricd an American gen
p.s, wh-'ch was fol!- t'cmcn, Mr. Amada I'hayor. Mr. ThayeS
Wcdncsday Nov. 22, 1843.
Our rcaders will be surpriscd at the display
ofa new head to our publicatlon. Upon fur-
thcr scrutiuy they will diseover it hnpres3ed
upon aniinproved qualityof papcr, aud clotli
cd from a font or new and lincrtypc. All
this we have done, not that we intend it to
becomc less the advocate of popular right3,
but to iucreaso its uscfulncss and circulation,
by making it still morc worthy or public pat-
ronagc. AVe Tcar uo charse from our subscn.
bors that we have cver flattcred tliem with
promises which wc have not amply redecmed.
From tbe time wc commcnced the pubhcation
ofthe Peoplc's Prcss.it has passcd through regu-
Iar gradations of improvcment until at length we
spread it before tlie peoplo in dimcnsions and
typocraphical cxecution as we bclieve no way
inferior to any ia the state. The hopcs how
evcr wc have cntertaincd of husbandiug a fair
living out of a country paper of morc amplo
proportions have bcen somcwhat abated by
the expcrimcnt. Nearly cvcry papcr cver es
tabhshcd iu Middlcbuty has provcd a profitlcss
couccrn. Still a reasonable spirit of patron-
age in tho whigs of Addison County and viciu-
ltycan accomplisn an odicci so acsiraoio ior
... ... - JV
tho sustentationoftbcglorious cause which
they have cspouscd. There are hundrcds or
whigs who patronize neithcr of the papcrs
inthocouuty. Ons ofthe excuses most fre -
,.,,1 . r 1
qucntly urged 13 the luiuted amount of read -
. -.,,,.1. . ,
iug mattcr afforded by tho country journal.
ding our shect, aud altho it still docs not cm-
brace all that is desirable, yct it contains morc
intclligence iudispeusable to a citizcn of Vcr-
mont, thau thc largest city publications. Ev-
ery state has its own intcrcsts, politics, caudi-
datcs, lcgislative procecdings, and discussions,
about which the peojilo dcrivc no iuformaUon
from abroad auy further than they are iutcr-
wovcn with natioual 1 concerns: Scldorr. for
wccks docs cvcn the Tribuuc, which probably
. , . , . , , ,
cnjoys a wider circulation than any other for -
. - , . . fv . ,
cign journal, contain a notice or Vermont lon-
gcr than a digit.
As an cfficicnt agent or conductiu5 a politi-
cal campaign a country paper is indispeusablc.
This alouc can attain a general circulation,
and make an imprcsion upon the masses
nmoug our vallics and our mountains. In
tlus respcct wo claim considerablo mcrit, hav-
ing by most laborious personal cfforts gained
ainuch moro cxtensivc circulation espccially
m morc retircd districts, tnan any othcr couuty
papcr bas cnjoycd. Iu conncxion with this
cxcusc is anotlier, that our columns arc occu
picd with too many advcrtiscuicnts. Thcse
are the very lifc blood ofa country papcr
without which it must instantly expirc.'
Scarccly a singlc one iu Vermont can coui
pute its income beyond the amount of advcr
tising patronagc, the subscriptiou list being no
moro than will mcet its outgocs. Nor can
wc rogard our advcrtisiug columns usclcss to
the public. It is of nearly as much iutercst
mAnta q. it ia In hii.inM. mnn Innni.rtiitt mm
,i place of Mr. Burncll doccascd. Uockvcll
to tlie public. Doubtlcss cvery man ntoi'. .
buys fifty dollars worth of articlcs, savcs tho j wh,S faI13 shorl of aa c,cct,on L-v on,-V ,7
cxpense of the papcr in tho means it aflbrds votes- I5ilker wh,S ,n ,fae 8lh lIls,r,et
him or procuriug tlie best articlcs at tho chcap- Jereated by 152 votcs.
CStT(ra.te.l' ,-u-i . r r -,i NEW YORK ELECTION.
But thc most ilhberal of all rcasonsrurwitli-
1 r .1 r .u This election which was for mcmler3 of
drawing from the patronagc or the prcss, is .
the plea of rctrenchmcnt to which tho first vic- asscmbly and county olliccrs has rcsullcd m
tim sacrificcd is too apt to be thc iicwspapcr. , faTOUr of tl,c Iocos- Th'3 was cspectcd rrom
The body it is tmo must be fcd and clotbed the almost disbanded state ofthe Hlngranks
aud protcctcd. Butit should uot bcat the ex-1 in many sections of thc state. Yctinthe
pcuso of mcntal starvatiou. To obtain a city thc prospccts arc favourable to carrvinj
kuowlcdgc of cvcnts daily transpiring in thc the clcction next fall. The Ilivcr coun
world, and especially or those political movc- t;M i,aTC gcncrally incrcased thcir hi0'
mcnts which opcrato so dircctly upon our V()tc jn many strong w,:g distr;cts tt
pecuuiary prospcrity, and which tlie sovcrcigu Ac abo);,;on vote flM givtn de
people havc itin their power tocontrolmore , T,l(J to
liy tlie inllucncc or Uic prcss tnan auy otlicr , J 0.,
weapon, would surely ustify in almost any I bcen a small onc gcncrally, 80 thousmdto
cmcrgeucy thotriflins outlay n l.ich is neces- than in 1S10. As no scnous push his bm
sary to sustain iu Wc cannot cnvy thoso . made by thc whigs, thc rcsult of this clec
whoso minds are so constitutcd as to feel the , tion can bc no critcrion todccidewhatwi
rctrenchmcnt of a newspapcr as a tcmptation , ue jonc uy thc spiritcd cffort of next yeir
to which they could honorably yicld. Wc jjaDJ wl);g papcr3 as3Crt their bclieftbat
trust there aro but fcw or the libcral and eu. , therc arc cvcrai ti10USand whig majontj
Iighteued population o fAddisou County who ' g m The loco majoritJ Cvea
upon rcflection would not condcmn a parsi-, , Inm
, , , ,. ,, ' now has becn rcduccd. Last ycar thc loco
mony so absurd and disgraceful. , " , .
But whatcver interest our whig friendsmay majoritjr was 22 thousand, this year ,
fccl in sustaining generally a country paper, thousand. Whig gain nearly o thousM j
at present it has a pcculiar claim upon their ' votcs. Therc is an incrcase of thelocons-1
patronagc. A most momcntous crisis in the jority in thc Icgislature.
politics ofthe country has arrivcd. So far as ;
the national prospcrity can bc affected by the . COLLAMER ELECTLU.
govcmmcnt, anothcr year w ill decido our dcs- j The Woodstock Papcr says thit rctuTJ
tiny cithcr Tor weal or frir woc. Now or ncv- have been rcccived from all cxcept C -.
eris the time for evcry patriotic whig to cn- j whosc votcs will not vary thc rcsult, u4
quire what or the night. Tho watch-nres or ' tnat Collamer is clected by a majority
1 AJfl mnat Iin rp.An1fiiifllpfl nnnn nur monutain , . r 1 .1 j
tops. Evcry whig must bc armed to tlie tecth
in tlie conflict, and with his keencst wcapous. j
And what morc cfficicnt instrumcnt than the
nrtnnnrn thn ivnv tn vlrtnrv. It fnimnnt
1 j j- j
0 me way 10 victory- its irumpcr.
. . . . J
voicemust bc raiscd, and its argumcnts and
iucenUvcs to action must speak in tlie cars o
, . . . ,,r
cvcry frccman m the state. Wo call upon
. ' ,. , ... ........ .,
11103c wniza wno Dcieive mai me aiu 01 me 1
Galaxy will bc desirable to cnroll thcmJelves,
among its subscribers. Now h an auspicious
momcnt to cxtcnd its circulation. Congress
is about to convcno at thc capitol. Its pro
cecdings must bo intcnscly intcrcsting. Top.
ics of- mighty import are to bo discussed, and
decisions ofthe most momcntous inllucncc up
on the dcstinies of the country are to be made.
Next 8pring tho great presidential contcst will
commcncc. The manner in which the partics
canvass attack aud defcnd themselvcs should
be uudcsrtood
Woarebutahumble Jaborer
in tlio political vineyanl. But our courso will
bc onward and onward stcruly aud indcxibly
for Henry Clay or tbe nomineo of the Whig
National Convention. Those who would
lock shields with us iu the arduous struggle,
should seo that the cause does not suQer for
waut of reasonable patronago for cxtendin;
llip inBiiPiico ofthe prea.
ivntg vicioty. niamis Mortan tler.
Tho whigs of tho old Bay sta(e !
acquiltcd (hcmseivcs nobly in ihc
plrrlinn. MnfimpbitQnlfwi lio 1 .
" . " " . . . . .3 iiNrc.
frnm lho unnnlilr.nl vnkn ivdii-T. I.. r
J "" ,u-"iocoi.n
had fixcd upon her by lho treacherj tf
Collins and Bill, induced by brilciy .oi
corruption on the part of thoir loco tcn.
ters. ot tho most uisgraccful charactcr
Evcry deparlmcnl of lho government ,i
be whig, and from all appcnrances tt
slnto will ro'l up an uvcrwhelniic n.a;,.r
for Hcnry Clay in 1344. Tho rinsin" ur
Bells, or the polutcd watcrs of Taiiatoa
cannot cxtinguish tho whig flrcswbich har,
bcen cnkindlcd.
The wholo state has becn hcard fror
cxcept two lowns Florid a cr.d Chathaft
which cannot probably vary lho rcjaltorcr
30 votcs.
Tho votcs for governor stand thus.
Gco. N. Briggs, 07,233
Marcus Morton, 63,53-j
Scattering 6,353
uriggs majority ovcr Morton
Majotity of all othcrs against
Majority of all othcrs against
Dr'SS3 6151
No choicc of Governor by tho peoplo.
J .
Tms s(atcment vnriesi frnm
others, thsn
U - . . . . . . ' '
; nf 5fJ0 (oo few on f fte
nf Worccs(cr Coun,
! . ,. , . ,
Tnc whigs have alrcadv clected 173
! , , , , l,i
r Rcprcsontatives, and the Locoa 119. tot'n
. m. . lWU
housc' Th. sonatc 13 composed of 49
members sixtccn making a quorum-
Twelve whigs and probably six locos -...
' already bcen clected, lcaving 22 vacar.i ;
lo be filled by tho house and senate
j joint ballot. But, about ono third oft..
towns have Tailcd to clect rcpresenla!ivis
( In rciaion to this circumstancc wc rcmiik,
, ,hat by (he aUcralion of thc CODitilutio
. 1840 fll0 hous(J m; ,l con,ain 409(SCmocf
l , . . .... ,
1 tho small towns having a nght to be res-
1 , , . . . r
rcscnted but once in tcn ycars. Somo cf
' thcse navo c:cnauste1 t!ieir "S"1 ,0 DC tep.
! ' cscntcd this ycar, and 32 tow ns have rot
C1 not to scnd, lcaving 376 all which tha
I house can have. Last ycar there v.crs
' fiRy six vacancics, and thcrc nill be prcb-
ably about thc same number this ycar.
' Wo mav thcrcrbrc calculatc that tho re
! housc will not contain over 320 members
; ef wh;sh ,hc whj havc eccted nJ ,
majority of the wholc. Of course the x
cnncics in thc scuato will ba filled with
whigs, and Briggs will bo clected iu joint
ballot by a Iargo majority.
on thc day or tho stato oloclion ia fc
districts in which scveral unsuccessful at.
tcmpts havo bcen tnado. In three of then
districts thero is still no choice. In two
thc whigs havo gained, and in one lost.
In thc 10th district tho Ilon. Joseph Gric.
nel whig has bcen clected to supplv
1 aDOUi nvc nuiiureu.
It wiU be scen that Col. Crocker, Prcsidentif
. -rtm.it 1 t ji kAAn nlnntrdo3
! " ItCIloUrgn Itail ruau u uv
1 o u
.i- n o,i,l-iJ;r. thn ncoDle ou e
'. """- " , j. . -.lafen1'
, su"Jccl 01 ual "".T V. r
ralmccuncottlic feoutnr.ast panoiuio
r""""' .. '
to act unon tho subicet. He strongly u.-
the advautaces ofthe Fitchbnrgh rail-
. : tn rarrv it on thro:'
Kccnc to Brattleboro. The New Hanip U
Scntiuel issure the Icgislature ofthe gr- fl
stato will grant a favorable chartcr. If a
road can px down the Connecticut to xv
sachusetts, for w hich wc understandonr Ie
lature have already grantcd a chartcr. 1 "
Brattleboro tho plan is to carry it cithernpW
Connecticut and West River, or aen
mountaiu. The citizcns ofKecne im
,. ..u.i ,.1 tnnnM throu-Htnojci-
ra". 1--. ,h11d,aii!
pp. and ovcr uic mouuuiui tU , 1
from thencctbe people of Brandon.Jl. j
and Vergennes, donb.less wbh to have.t p-f
through the valtey of Otter Crcck . ; .
The Lowell and Concord Rail Ro1 v
tcrcstis thoalert foralino to the Coaa-
cut, and up White Rivcr, to Montpci"'"

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