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1b his fpccch nt Dcdham, Jolm Q. Adams
. .cs ihiit slavcry bas 00 mcmbcrs in thc
t!c of llcprescntativcs of the U. Statcs, nnd
tte botmd together by a singlc tic, so that
jjv are rcprcscntativcs in fact of a single per
' qi of 223 mcmbcrs which coinpose
jj,. ihnsc, tbcrc nre 90 goins together against
i.o intcrcsts of tbe north. Thc slavc rcpre
.catatio" has tbe power of iiuanimity ns well
a lh:tt of nnnibcrs, nud has evcr turnecl thc
balancc vVon "" 1,nI,ort31u mcasurc. Xo
Dorthcro uicasurc has ever been carried but by
a my fiiull innjoriry. Tliis slave rcprescn
uun cciistiti'tcs au oligarcy. AU the slavcs
f Virfiu'a are owned by 300,000 persons, nnd
tct iLc has a a population of 1,000,000.
Vc harc becn favored with the aiinual Cat.
.,.-ac of this institution from which we fiud
that the wholc uumbcr of studcnts is 101
"reiliuien 2", Sophoinorcs 31, Juuiors 24,
tituurj 19.
p Two wecks siace by mistake we pub
bheJ the death of Mrs. Zcrali l'orter in Wey
bridge, on the 2oth of Octobcr. Wo should
have announccd the death of the niothcr of
jjr. 7 l'orter an agcd lady.
Tice We understjnd the Papcrmill
5a-imi!I G'istmill and othcr buildings at
liockings lalls in Rutland were consumcd
Src on Saturday last. Loss 15,000. no
jU'SACiii'SETTs. What says the Argua to
. r ii : r,.,. i
i Msjoriiy against Davis itt 1342 8,131
;? J .. it :.. in cnrj
.fjiga 111 1111 j,uso
Whis gaiu
Jlejoritv ngaiiist Morton in 1842
Loco Foco loss
Xct Whig gain 9S00I
" A rnl'ing stouc gathcrs no moss." A very
W'tful adagp, (sajs tbe Pcunsylvanian.)
'.i e ha j:.st sccu in a comitry paper tbe
r. ,ge cf I'cltg Roiclingiton- to Ojihclia
i" re are at prcscnt 270 inmates in tbe
ilr-vl im! peniteiitiaty 219 mulcs and 22 fc
t!.. Wliitemalc conticts, 1?3; dofemale
2 . culored male convicts 93 ; do fcmale, 20.
' the ,ialcs 138 nre cmploycd in wcaviug,
rrnippin;,, or othcrw ise cngagcd in the weav
mr de, nrtmcut ; makiug ehocs, 11 ; rccliug
I-iSini. WnnsTr.it. Thc New York
c rrcsj-ondent of the Providcncc Journal,
a 3 rcccnt Icllcr, says .
I was informcd last evcning by an inli
:.a'c friend of Mr Webster, that the uso of
!.is namo as a candidatc for thc Vico Pres.
, i-ncy is wholly unorthoriscd and against
Lis uislics. Ilc is willing slill to scrvc thc
country and the Whigs, the party which, lic
as, Iie has ncver abandonod and ticvcr
vill. Rul it sccms markcd out, in the
course of evcnts, that i!r. Clay should prc
ccde him in thc great office for which bolh
nresocinincnlK qualificd ; and for thc next
fiur y cars M r. Webslcr's powers are ncc
!ed cUewhcrc. lle is btill thc gigantic pi!
larof thc Union. and thc grrat champion
cflhe Iruc Amcricnn inlcrcsts. Tlio fnr.
nierand thc manufacturcr owc botli him
and thc causc hc adrocatcs lheir gratiludc
trnl support. 11c has donc as miicli as any
ming inan to makc thc glorious institulions
cf our country as permancnt ns its rnonu
lacuis and as durablc as bis fanic.
IIail Hoao. Threc mtn kdlcd and Itco
voKatled. We lcarn by a passcngcr, who
nrrivcd this morning.tliat a cry distressing
accidcnt happcncd nbout 10 o'clock tliis
morning on tlic railroad. It appcars that
a wood car licavily loaded v ilh vood got
lco$c and run wilh grcat vclocity down a
descent for some milcs to whcrc tonio Ia
Lorers wcre on the track at work, the car
came with such rapidity and force that fivc
of the mcn, bcing unablc to jump ofT the
track in time, wcrc run ovcr by tho car.
Thrce of Ihem wero inslantly killed ; an
other Iiad liis lcg taken ofi ncar thc tfiigh,
and is suppoicd to bc dcad ; thc remaining
ne, fortunatoly, is not much liurt. The
accident took placc betwccn Clarkstown
and Blountville, about ninc miles from Picr
Uiont. N. Y. Express.
M.u-. It appcars highly probable that
Morec (Wliig) is c'cctcd to Congrcss in the
Linc.'in and Oxford district ; a dislrict gcr
rjrnandcr for a Locofoco. Jlorsc is a
working sliip carver; a self madc man.
Scvcranco (Wliig) is clcctcd bcyond
doubt in the Kcnnebec district. Tho Uos
on Allf says he was a journc3'man prin
'r in the ufficr of the National Intelligen
.er, at aiL.nglon, and went from that of
fice into tlic Stalt of Mainc. and iocaled
mir.islf as !:c condnctor of a ncwspapcr.
Ilc njv ocs back to Washington, as a
mmier uj Cengrcis.
following havc becn clcctcd to llousc;
Whigs 174. Lccosll7. No choicc 113.
Jn tho list of thosc iho have madc no
ciioice, are included scx-cral which have
cxhausled (beir right to elcct any inorc.
Of thc remainder, twenly-six have givcn
a clcar Whig majority, and a largcr portion
of thc residuc a phiralily for Rriggs.
There is but ono Senalor (Loco) clcclcd
n Hampdcn. Bcach is dcfeatcd-by what
Uc Post calls " somcthing worso " than fol
ly in some 300 Locos of Springfield &c.
i i'e Senator c!-.ctcd lias only 43 votcs to
c. L.iit car Ihe Loco Foco majority
i. county was 003- Wcll donc Ilamp.
ixcvARn, the murder of Arndt, has
Tecn acquitcd ! VC i,aVc barcly time to
' nnotincc tho diegraccful fact. We shall
lake occa&ion liercafter to cxprcss our views
w:lb referencc to this outrage upon justico.
Mifazukic Democrat.
This verdict of acquilal is thc foulcst
Uot u-n the fair famo of Wisconsin, a
ri'orj that stands deservedly high for
1 '- i lorals and intclligtnce of its law rc
'pccnng citirens. Vinyard and Arndt
cre bolh mcmbcrs of tho Legislaturc, and
"lic Jatler wns shot dcad on tho floorof tho
I'Cuse in npen session. It was ono of tho
inos' fliigrant, and nlrocious murdcrs cvcr
rcrpetrated. Tlnt tbe murderer should be
ocqtjijfefj ;3 i.-iromprehcr.stbln, exeept or
the ground that tho Jury wcro bribcd.
BuJJah Commercial.
RaiiRoads asb Atlantic Steajiers
The Presidentof tho Fitchburgh Rail.Road
Company, when in Paris, found persons of
ficially conccrncd in thc projccted line of
Stc.imere from Havro to the U. Statcs, in
tercsted in inquirics on thc subjcct of in
tcrnal communication from our cittes,
such, for instancc, as those, cxisting and
projccted, betwccn lioston and Montreal,
and New. York and Montreal. It wasstaN
ed positivcly that thc Frcnch steanicrs
uould commcnce running next scason, and
that thc tcrminus on this side thc Atlantic
bad not becn fixcd. It may bc Boston, or
it may be New-York. Any conclusive
morcmcnt in regard to a Rail-Road from
liosfon to Lake Champlain, or Montreal,
might influcncc tho decision. Yt. Chron-icle.
Col. Urockcr, Presidcnt of thc Filchburg
Itail Iload Company, visited sevcral towns
in Windham county last weck, and tbe
citizcns in conscqucnce secm alive to the
impurlancc of his plans. Ile addressed
mcctings at Uellows Falls and Putney.
At Putney, Hon. Phincas White prcsidcd,
and among the rcsolulions adoptcd was the
following :
Resolvcd, That we hcartily approvc of
the contcmplatcd Convcntion to bc holdcn
at some convcnient placc in Southcrn Vcr
mont, to lake inlo comidcratinn tho fcasi-
bility and prospccls of a continucd line of
Railrnad from Fitchburg to Windham
county, thcnce up tho Valli-y of the Con
necticut to Lake Champlain.
Flour is transporlcd on the Wcslcrn
Railroad from Albany (or Grccnbush) to
Boston, for a lcnth part of the freisht from 1
Boston to Windor, tbe formcr bcing 200 I
miles and the latfcr 100 ! That Railroad, I
too, is an cxpcnsivc one to opcratc, passing
two mountainous rangcs, with an asccnt
somctimcs of 80 fcet in a milc, and of
course rcquiring morc powcr than a ruorc
levcl road. Chronicle.
Thc Evcning Post and tbe Plcbcian, as
we anticipalcd, try lo dodgo tbe blow Van
Burcnism has receivcd in the city of New
York. They afTcct non-chalance ! The
news at first so abtounding, astounds no
morc ! 1 his is r.cccssary to kccp up the
fraud and dclusion of Van Burcn's strenjrth, '
and by tho afTection of his nbilily to carry
his own Slale now lo crcnto tho imprcssion
clsewhcrc, that ho will do bettcr tl.an in
1840. Van Burcn's doom is scalcd how-
ever, we rcpcat
The citv and the Statc
flaticr him just cnough to makc him bc I
run, as tho Whigs dcsirc, but in results," in :
circumstanccs, m signs, in analogics, they
show that ho is sure jf nothing, and can
carry no morc tictc than hc carried in 1S40.
Lct us ece,
Tho cilv clccfs a Whig ShcrifT ajrainst
the rcgtilar unilcd Tnmmany candidatcs j
uy a largo majority. l!ut, hints tbe Lvc
ninglW.Mr. Atwood is an unworthy can-
didate. All, " All," hovvovcr, cricd the
Plcbcian prior to the clcction, ' aro good
nunnndtruo worlhy of your confidcncc, ' During tho day also, the Sccrctary of
and mcrit zcalous support." Tho Whig . state and "Atlorncy Gcncral ofKcntuckyj
candidatc for thc Statc Senator falls sbort , wa'ttcd upon Mr. Adams, with the cordial
of tho Tammauy candidatc in tho city . invitation of tho city of Frankfort, to vis
about 29 votcs, but tho Tammany candi- ( jt that citv.
date falls sbort of tho Whig and Native j 'j'he City of St.-Louis has also scnt a
Amcrican combincd bctwecn six and sevcn Warm and cordial invitation which was rc
thousand votcs, that is, tho Tapimany Uall ' cc;Vcd bcrc.
candidatc is in a tninority of ovcr 0000 in j jr. ciay also has givcn him an carnest
the city ! What thinks tho Evcning Post invitation 'to visit Ashland.
of this grcat fact ? In what is its consola. 1 , . , ,, - , .
tion 7 W hv, that tho f'ativc Amcricansj
will nmno back. nvcn aftcr tho ab.isc it baa
lavishcd upon them, and in forgctfulncss of
tho trulh too,hata largo proporlion of thcso ',
Nativc Amcricans arc higs, as wcll as)
Tnmmany mcn 1 No, wo can tcll tho '
Post, the fcevcrancc is fatal to Tammany i
IIail. Thcsc six or cigbt tbousand Nativc
Amcricans whcn dissolvcd, if dissolvcd nt i
-11 .. :ll ., nr. I.-...1- (ntlm r..lir, -n nf Vn n
Ull, t ,1, iiv uii.n r biuui ubu . ....
Burcnism in Tammany IIail, but nct
against it. They will pcrsctcrc till tho
city govcrntncnt is in their hnnds, and till
Tammany Hall and what is m it, aro pros
tratcd undcr thcir fcct.
It is in this fact
ilmt ibn fliitth of Van Burcnism herc Iics.
and lheir indcpcndcnco of Van Burcnism
is one or tbe most striking iigns of the
timcs. Wc sce too that in al! the Wards.
whcrc thc JVativc Amcricans havc pollcd a
large votc, bv comparing it with ihe volo '
ot last ycar.'that much of their strcngth is
Whig strcngth, and has come trom Ihe ,
Wiiifrs- nnd lbat if it liad becn irivtn this!
o 0 -
ycar to tho Whig candidatcs, cicry Whig
candidatc would have bcen triumphantly
clcctcd. How do the Post and the Plcbcian
gct ovcr lbat 1
A physician passing by a stonc-mason's
bawled out to him. 'Good morning.Mr. W
Hard at work, I sec. You finishyourgravc
stones as far as ' In memory of ' and thcn
jou wait, I supposc to sec who wants a
monumcnt 1 ' Why, ycs,' replicd the old
man, rcsting for a moment on liis mallct
' unless somcbody is sick, and you are doc
toring him, and thcn I kecp straight on?'
MiMgan, As was cxpcctcd tho Elcction lu I
Michican, has rcsultcd in the contimiauce of
tlie spoils party in power, by a rcduccd raajor- :
GsFThe Vermont Freeman (fraudulcntly eo
called,) profcs?cd to be unable to publish Gov.
Mattock's Mcssagc. So, it sceuis, an cxclu
sivc anti-slavcry papcr cannot publish tho bcst
anti-slavery messagc cvcr dclivcred by any
Governor iu tbe Uuion !
Tbe popular vote for mcmbers of Congress
prcsents the following result, taking the Gov
ernor vote for 1842 iu thrce districts whcre tlie
WhiKS bad no rcgular candidatcs.
Whig 112,818
Loco lll,7o0
Abolition, C.470
Tho Whig majority ovcr the locos is 10G3,
bein" a gain of 4,511 from 1842. Had candi
dates bcen run in the thrce districts above ex
cepted, the Whig gain would have bcen much
largcr. Auotherfeaturc of this elcction is, that
the third party have dtfealtd thrtt anti-slavery
Jfrhigs,and cleclcd threc Gag Law Locofocos,
viz. one in the 7th, one in the 10th, and one in
the 21st district. The votes prove tliis, thus,
(it being rcmembered that a plurality elccts)
Distncts. Whig. Loco. Abolition.
7 5052 537G 341
10 G939 7194 370
21 5533 5944 G50
Had it not becn for this, the Whijrs would
tiave J memoersio i iu-" .mi . ,.
....! i ii,.U'i,;..i...l. .l,-.t mv liat rnd mar be UKC D19
-n t n i .. ,,i,;i ,..
a piuraiuyoi uie popuwu. u-
only 9 to 12 aem; and this rrveal jtillauotb-
ct mterestiug fcature thelocos, with a minor
ity of tho votcs, have secured, by infamously
gerryniandcring tlie State, aud by tho aid of
the third party, a majority of the mcmbcrs.
We can neither see the democracii nfihn m!-
of abolitionista iq electing pro-slavcry meu to
Uongresa. If the pcrpetnity of the 21st rule
thc prostratiou of tbe right pf pctition and the
adinission of Tcxas, shall fmally result from
tuu course in proiesseu ami-siavery mcn, we
apprehcnd that cven thcv willbe abl
ciate their folly but uot ablc to remcdy it.
1 1. natchman.
I5ut a few daj-s sinco we were couversiug
with a certaiu locoleadcr of tbb town and a
man of talcnts and intelligciicc who pretends
to be a friend of protcction, but as usual a dead
ly foe to thc prcsent what be styled a" party
tarifl". As the chief grouud of his oppositon
he urged that the prescnt tariff is too high on
wooleu goods. They dont tliink eo iu New
Orleans, The Tropic of the 23d ult says :
Au Aldcrraanic friend showcd us tliis mor
ning a piece of black broad cloth of Amcrican '
manufacturc, quite too Gue a tcxture and fiuish
for the back of Priucc Albert orauyforcign
potentate, In quality it was fully cqual to cloth ,
that sold but a few years since, at from $9 to j
$10 pcr yard, aud liow much supposc ye tlie
price has bcen run up by the "rascally Whis i
Tariff.'" Onlyto $4,50! Still FrecTradc1
Avould downwith theTariff.becausecousumers '
are taxcd for thcbcncfit of manufacturers! '
Out on such nonsense! We wcrc iuformcd'
ycstcrday by sevcral mcrchants, that thcstocks '
of goods of all kiuds'are Iarger than they have '
lccn for j-ears; that tlic importatious of do-
mrznc manujaciurers are larger,and oj Jortign
goods smaller than ever btfort knoicn ; this fact J
iustcad ofimporting foreigu goods weare uow
suppneti wiin clieapcr amtbcttcrinanutacturcs
than bcfore that mcasurc come into opcratiou,
ket, thtis addimr to the national wcalth.
um are urivnij; iorci;n froous out oi ine niar
With cxchangc largcly in thcir favor both
u New" York aud Livcrpool; aud with an iu-
creaso of ovcr 100,000 balcs in thc cxport of
cotton siucc thc tariff law took cflect, is it to
be wondcrcil at, that all thc cotton growiiig
Statcs are bcconiiiig thc warmcst, as wcll as
the ableat advocatcs of the productivc policy 1
t T t r t , i
x can marry any gin i piease, saiuai" ,..hiui ul.u
young fcllow, boastiiigly. ' Yes, for you ' Stovcs, east at Brandon and Pittsford ; par
can't nlease anv.' reioincd a warfrrisb com-1 tlcl,,arI.v tho Yankco Notion Cook Slovcs
A lady being askcd how she likcd a gcn
tlcman's singing, who had an ofTensivc
breath ' The tcords are good,' replicd she,
' but the air is intolcrablc.
A PnoniECV. The Boslon Post a few
tlays bcfore the Massachusetts clcction said,
"TheclTcct oftbc BcU disclosures in such
as mi"hl have bcrn cxpcctcd- Thc staun.
chcst and most hontsi mcmbcrs nf thc
TIHiig purty arc leacing it in cvcry part of
' il, R,.,.
Fl'llfillment. The Whig voie for
Governorin 1842 was 54,735 ; in 1843,
07,095. Incrcasod Whig volo 3,200.
tt5"Queen ICli-z ibctb is rcportcd to have
said " The skill of a jiilut is bcst known
r., ,.ii,i. a ,i, r,i, r ' ni:.
tian, in tho timo of trial."
at,ons. the English are organizing associ-
ations to raise funds for the abolition of
slavery in thn country;
0i7Tlio first uollun lactory crcctcd in
tho Unilcd Statcs was at Hartford, Ct., in
1780, and it is said ihal Washington dJ
livcrcd his innugurnl address to Congrrss
iu a
suit of broauclotli froin that fact
Thc Eoard of avveate wiihin tbe sixth
Recimcnt of tho militia of this Slate, will
hold its annual session, nt the oflico of
Barber and Wright in Middlebury in the
County of Addison, on the First Tuesday
of Dcccmbcr nnxl at o.io o'clock P. M.
Tho Clerks ofCompanics and appeallants
will lake notice and cntcr lheir appoals
with tho Prcsidtnt of said Board by ihe first
aayotino icrm.
E. D. Barber
) Board of np
John Capcn pcals.
Siophcn N. Warren )
Middlebury Nov. 20, 1343.
Corrcctcd Wcekly from tlie New England Farmcr.
Northcrn ord 62 a
Southcrn j cllow 00 a
New Orleans 51 a
..-.Northcrn 67 a
Sotilhern G3 a
Flour Baltimore Howard 8t. 4,75 a
Gencscc conimon 4.87 a
Kancy Brands
o Vi a
.Mcss new
7,00 it 0.00
6,50 a 0,00
12,50 a 31,00
10,50 a 11,00
00,00 a 00,00
11 a 13
C a II
0 a 0
Por.c Extra clcar
Labd Boston inspectcd
Southcrn and wcslcrn
51 a CJ
2 a 4
CiiEESE.Shippinj; and 4 mcal
Newmilk 4 1-2a5l-2
Wool. Prime Saxony. washed, 37 a
Anierican full blood 33 a
3-4 " 32 n
1-2 " 29 a
i l-i 25 a
In Monkton, on the 7thinst.byA. C.Dean,
Esq. Mr. Ileury Seara, to Julia F. Wheaton,
both of Monktou.
t vt Tfnven on the 20th inst. CalebLan-
ders, jE. G0 years, arespectablo citizeu.akind
husband and a tenuer pareuu ,
lfo was beloved and respccted by all who
kncw him. He died in hope ot a gionous mi
mortality beyond tlio grave.
Let jne live and die tlio death ofthe righte-
Female Seminai"
iuu wiiuer icrm wni commonco on
Thursday Nov. 30th. Miss Strong, whose
high recommendations as a tcachcr bavi
1 Decn.amP'y sustaincd tho last quartcr, will
I conl,DUe 10 ass'st in thogeneral mstruction
'" "10 chool, and in giving lcbsons in vocal
and instruhiental music. '
! -ia:3w u. L. TH.UKN. Principal.
On Saturday next Nov. 18th at 1 o'clock
at thc auctinn Store viz.
4 Stovcs
1 Fanniug Mill
3 Seta Dining Chairs
1 Secretarv (new)
20Yd3gra'y Cloth
20 " Satinctt
12 pair Kip Iloofs
2 " Cowhide do
12 Napt Ilats
3 JJrass Clocks (new)
20 pair Hand Iicllows
100 Yds Calico
1 Sct Framc Looking Glnu
1 Piece Drab Cloth
2 Fur Caps
1 Iron Vicc (Largo)
1 Urind Stoao
2 Iron Shovcls
Lot liooks ic. S:c.
Tcrms madc known at timo of salc,
' - $fThc alove sah stands adjoitrncd un-
oaiuruay iite .jtn.
Z. Beckwith & Co,
Middlebury Nov. 1843.
LARK RICH informs thn public that
ho will Lcll'Sloves as rheav. or chtap.
er than any othcr dealer or Pedler in thcso
parts. Tliat he kccns for salo nll lbo beati
I MnTIlw nfifl nlknr fTwTr n..!.. n.l '
with bpauldinrr s palcnt ovcns. cc. ic
Also thc bcst I'loughs. Copper, and cast
iron Pumps, and Lcad pipc ; and all kinds
of shcct iron, tin warc &c.
Old Stovcs. produce Cash (if he
can gct it) receivcd in cxchangc.
Shoreham Nov. 1813. 29:3w.
All persons indcbtcd lo thc subscribcr.aro
rcqucsted" to makc immcdiatc paymcnt,
those having unscltlcd accounts will do well
(o call and sctllc, the samc without dclay.
lAliddlebury, Nov. 1. 1843. 2G
Ilouse and Lot for Salc.
rjllllE subscribcrs offcr for sale ir good
JL and convcnient dwellinc Hor.sc sil.
ualed in the villago of Middlebury, at pres
entoccupicd by II. Wilcox. Term mod.
crale and possessions givcn immcdiately.
For furlhcr particulars inquiro on thc
prcmiscsorof Z. BECKWITH, $ CO.
Nov. 15, 1843. 29
Wood! Wood!
Tcn cords or morc, of cood hard, well-
scasoncd wood, aro wanlcd immcdiately by
ttie l cople s I'rcss otiice.
Middlebury Acadcmy.
THE wintcr Tcrm of this institution will
coimncnce on Monday 27th inst. As no
suitablc rooni, for tbe usc of thc ecLoo) du
rmirtcjner, lias bcen provnlcd, the pupils
will nccommodate thciusc vcs at home with
ticccssary convcnicnccs for gstting thcir les
sons, and recitc to the Prcccplor at hisstudy.
.Middlebury, Xov. Ist, 1B43. 27;3
UTTER! Buttcr! Wantcd good bafl
Buttcr at 10 cts. ner lli. in cxchan!re
for Goods. Wr. S. Joukson.
Nov. 0, IS43.
of a supcrior qualitv, fur salc bv
Nov. 1S43. WS. JOHNSON.
tjj'uuui.. oupcninc i lour, in
and half barrcls.
W. S. Joiisson.
OIL & PAINTS. Liosccd Oil, lioilcd
and raw, and an nssortment of Paints,
for sale by W. S. Joiissou.
WA1LS and Glass.
Window Glass, an
-- assortmcut. Nailscfnll
sizcs liy ttie
kc" or Ib.
W. S. Joiissos.
ARF. this wcek rcceiving a Iargc and gcn
cral nssortment of ricli and dcsirablc
Alpaccas, Alpinc, M. ile I.aincs, Cloilis,
Cassiincrcs, Docsl
kinS) II icli Vcstins
nss &c. to-cther "with
1 ailor's l rimniin:
Crockcry, Glass, and Hardware: Iron nn;
Stccl, Cuticr Shocs &c. which will be sol
chcap for Casii.
Middlebury, Oct. 2, 1343. 22
iiouiy j"ii, .iu.i. - remedy in usb lur ui3cae re'iuinng exiciui
At a lale mceting oi the Iruslccs, it vas few choico ewcs, and ono stock sheep, Ireatmrnt. The good cflects of it are truly won
found neccssary to mako extensivo repairs, an(j would otTer to tho public a fow sclect , deifuland allogethcr superior !o anything elso
in IIIO rtcaucmv liuuninz. ts ll WOUIU DO
inconvcnient to mako thcso rcpairs in tho
- . : i i i .
I tion of tho mcmbcrs of the Academy, and I
; cmploycd as thcir Instructor, Mr. Samucl i
wintcr anu nnpiasiuiu iuuku iiirm as
thoroughly, as is contcmplatcd, bcfore the
commcnccmcnt of tho next quartcr, the
Trustccs have procurcd an apartmcnt in
thc East College for the prescnt accoinoda-!whnm
OUI' i1!. VUllUlll. i 1UH1 IIIG l.J'l(.3UllllllUUS
S3 which have bcen made respecting Mr. Co-
'O.nants qualifications the irustecs do not
ncsitaic to rccommcnu niiu ncn ijuan
ficd to instruct not only in the English, but
in tho Classical Deparlment. The next
quartcr will commence on Wcdnesday tho
29th inst. T. A. MERRILL, Kcgistcr.
Middlebury, Nov. 21, 1843.
Newton Academy.
The winter tcrm at this inslilulion will
commence on Monday ihi 27th of Novem-
. A First Ratc
P.lnlhs. Brnnd Clnlbs.
Cass;mercs Sattinctts, and all kinds of trim-
uiirgs ill bo found nt A. tKANCIS
Farm For galo.
ven, on the road lcading
from East Mills to the ccntro
of the town. Said farm con.
taining eigtyacresofgoodland,good House,
wnrl F4mt.!0 Rnrn. SHpH. Arf?.. wpll walered
by never failing Wirings and a plcnl oi
Orcharding, woodland &C for further par-
ticulars cnnuire of the Subscribcr on
Tbe premises are 8 miles from the ccntre
of Middlebury, or villago of Vergennes and
3 miles from the flourisbing town of Bris
Oet. 25th, 1843. 20
RON WANTED. A lew Tons of Iron
wantcd beforc tho closc of Navigatiun
for which a part cash and a part goods will
be paid. I . U. SMliiJ.
New Uavcn, Oct. 23. 1843.
Notice is hcrcby civen that I shall scll
at public aui tion at tho Vermont llotcl, on
tho Oth ilav ot Ucrcmbcr 1643 at ll o'
clock a. m. tho Housc and lot oppositc thc
jail in Middlebury, latcly owncd by Gcorgo
Lisco, deccascd.
CIIS. LINSLEY, Adminislrator.
Middlebury, Oct. 31 1843. 2q;3w
Office No. 7, Nic hob" B alldlu: ovcr A. FrancU" Fiore.
Sept. 26, 1S43. 21 tf.
RIRGK ir agaiu Cllin" hij Storc nitli staflc
anj rAMCT
Dry Goodp;
and will continuc to scll for Cash, most articlcs as
cheap as hcretoforc,notu-ith$tandiog thc cmalladrancc
in Market.
Srptcmbcr. 27, 1S13.
THE subscribcrs would rcspcclfu'ly iu
lonn thc public that they continuc to
carry on thc busiucss of buildingtoordcr nll
kinds of
Woolen and Cotton
Also fittiug up
Mill Gears, Shaftings
and nll othcr work bclonging thcrcto, eithcr
tvoml or irom
for furnaces or forges;
Oil Mill, Clothier's nnd othcr
of a'.l dcscriptions.
built according to the latcst improvemcuts.
Forco and suction
PUMPS, of vurious sizes.
for castings of all descriptions iriadc to or
der, and at short notice.
Thosc who may favor U3 wilh their cus
tom may bc nssurcd tbat their work will bc
dono in the most workmanlikc manncr.
All orders promptly attcndcd to.
Middlebury, Nov. 15th, 1913. 29
TIIE subscriber is now rcceiting a good aseort.
mcnt of
MIY G00)S3
Cotton Yarn Carpct Warp Candlc
wick Cotton lljltin? Brown 5liectiii"s in
grcat variety, and vcry chcap.
GROCERIES, Tcas vcry good & chc-.p.
Crockcry nnd Glass waro,
Drugs and Mcdicine,
Lamp Oil firnt qulily,
Winter Spcrm, Linsccd Oil,
White Lcad, Vcnctian Rcd,
Frcnch Yellow, Spanish White.
Putty, Window Glass,
Ilorso Nail Uods, Cast and Sweads Stcol, I
Cut Nails, 5cc. &c.
All of which willbe sold icry low for eash, most i
kinds of produce or on short aimroied credil. I
NcwaTcn,Oct.23,lS43. T. C. SMITII.
TTo Wool Growcrs.
IHE Subscribcr boing a
. Yankce.and wisbipg to t x-
ccl in tho improvemcnts of tho
day.has uncd evcry cxcrlion, and
consultcd in his opinion, tlie most expcricnc-
' ed practical wool growcrs in North Amer-'
i. . rt . r Ti ir
EfGngbam Lawrcnco of Flusbing
P. .
(j Long Island, Henry Swifl of Poukecpsie
j Dulchcss Co., JcnnUon and Giant of Wal-
: pole, N. II , nnd sevcral on Nanlucket Is
land, likewiso with II. I). Grovc of Hoosick
N. Y., and finally dccided aud purchascd
lof Ilonry Swift, from bis choiee flock a
, " A'' " ' Uo" V" " ' ""TT"
il- ,nn far l .o cnnirinr I v nfivh rh rrf. '
mav be had to Silas H. Jennison of
i shoreham, of Asa Uhapman ot .Miodlcoury,
' Bockwood of Bris'.ol, Azel Chipman of
! Shoreham. S. II. Walkcr and P. Ellilbarp
i0f Bridport, Hollet Thorn Addison, all of
havn Imnroved from mv flock. I
i . .
,vouj say that in my humble opinion, in
weicht and clean fine wool combincd logcth.
er they cannot be surpassed in this norlhcrn
section. Genllcmcn do not bc to hlind
that you will not call at my .residcncc io
Shoreham and judge for yoursclvcs.
Likewiso have succcedcd in procuring n
few Prime Pauler Merino Stock shcep with
which I should bo plcascd to accommodato
any who should wish to improvo that kind.
Nov. 1. 1843. 27.
UFAFLO ROBES. 4 balcs No. 1
BufTalo Robcs; Fur Caps, Fur Trirr.,
med nnd Cloth Caps, just rec d nt the new
chcap siorc, by BROWN & SHELDON.
Shaker Herbs and Extracts.
A LARGE nssortment of Herb?, Roots,
itc. from thc Unitcd Sociely of Shakcrs
at Watcrvilot, just receivcd and for salo at
Drug tora of Russei. &. Gridlet.
Nov. 8.1813. 27
District of Addison ss. S
BE it rcmcmbcrcd tliat at a XroL.ito Coort bcU at
MiJdlebtiry, in and for tlie Difftrict of Addison, oo ttie
IbUniayof NoremDerA.iJ llJ.
Horaee Janes aud Orrin Field cuardiacs of Alax
OK I'eck. of Cornwall in aid Diitr'-ct an inaane
;. n c,K,n,.mo,n,lAi,i.nriiu.;r
,a& ward exlenJeil one yrar from the expiratioa of
uie iimc iierctoiure umiiuu uj mia . . n i. wtit-
fore orJcreJ tluttlie aid applicatiuD be coniiuered
at a session of aid Conrt to bc beld at tho office of
U. II. Eicrcst EI. m Slioreliaiu in aid clistricl on
Kriday Uie 8lh day of Dccrniher next at one o'clock
in tlie aftcrnoon and tliat noticc tliereof Lc gicn to
all pcrson? intcrcslcd llial tbey may appearand makc
' lheir olijections if any tlicy lure to tbe said time bcing
extended by puLlifnin; a rcrtificil copy of thii oriler
in thc Sliddleburr I'cuple's rrc a ncurpai.-r pnnt
cd at said Middlebury threc nccks iucccsively prc
viocs to the timo of aid Court.
J. S. BUSHNELL, Ucgi.ti-r,
A lrue conv nfrecoril.
U.f..Attet. J. S. BUSHNF.LL, Ut-ff. 20
nivirittof Addison, ss.
fE il remembertd that at a Probate Court
beld al Middlebury in and lor tlie district
of Addison on tbc 19th day of NoTcmljcr, A-
D. 1S43.
A;ncs MaUicws and Eli Matbcws adrainittrators
of the esute of
late of said Middlebury in said diruict deccascd nrr
scnt their adminiitration accoUHt for atluwance: lt is
thercfore onlercil. tlut tlic same bc cxamiued fur al
lowancc by said court ata scssiun tliereof to bc hcIJ
at the ofiice of the Keilcj of nll Court in taid
Middlebury on Thursday, llic 21it day of Dcccmbcr
A. D. 1SI3 at onc o'clock in tlu aftcrnoon, and that
said ailministrators gire notice tliercol to ull pcrsonn
interesied lliat they may appcar, and mako Uicir
objcctions if any they hae lolhealloance of saidac
count Lv jmbliahinjj a ccrtified copy of this onlir
in the Middlirlwrv l'eople'd l'ren, a ncf papcr nrin
tcd at said Mnldlelniry, lliree wctks succcssMcly
nrctio'JS to tho session of said Court.
J. S. BUSHNELL, Ilesistcr
A lrue copy of record.
29 Am-.-t J. S BUSHNELL Ursislcr.
District of ADDifo.f.ss.
BE it rcmembercd.that ata Prolmte Court
hcld at Middlebury, in and for thcDistrict of
Adilison,on thc lCth day of Novcmbcr, A.
D. 1S43.
Thirza Adams cxrcutrix in nn instruinent
purporting to be tbc last will and tcsta
mcnt of
latc of saiil .Viddlebury, deccascd, prescnts
the s.ime for probate: It is thoreforo order
cd, thatthc samc bc cxainincd for probate.
nt a session of said court, to bc held nt tlu;
oflicc of thc Rcgi.-tcr of said court, iu said
Middlebury, on Thuidjy the 21st day of
Dccember next at 1 o'clock inthe aftcrnoon,
and that notice tliereof be givcn to nll per
sons intercsted, that they may nppear nnd
makelhcir olijections if any they have to thti
probate and allowance of said iviH bjr pub
lisliin a certified copy of lliisordcr iu tbe
Middlebury People's I'rcss, n ncwspnper
printcd at said Middlebury thrce -wccks
succcsaively, prcvious to tho time of snid
J.S.BUSHNIXL, Register.
A truocopy of rrcord.
Altcst, J. S. BUSHNELL, Re?. 29
Came inio tho inclosuro of tho subscribcr,
nbout the middlc of July lasi fuur shcep
(two wcnthers, and nn cwe nnd lainli) squarc
crop on ono ear of tbe wealbcrs, all aro
markcd with adash oftar ou thc side.
Tho ownct is rcqucsted to provo proporty
pay clmrgcs and tnkc them nwav.
Middlebury Nov. llt'h 1613.
ken in and for sale bv A r KAXCtf.
AMP-OIL Wintor rufuid; tho but
quality and warrautcd to jivn perfcct
satisfaction by A Fkanci-'.
7C Ct GOUD LAMP OIL for salc nt
I tj LtlS, 73 cts j,cr jra01I . a0- gcn.
oral supply of Grocciics, Tcas, Shugars,
&c..Shcctings,i5hirtings. Drillin;s,& Stripcs,
:d u ct a vis v w u
Is now ope.iing his wintcr snpply of frc.-h
Goods, comprUing n gcncral assorlmcnt of
rorcign and domcstic
111 dDBS,
SrEKM and Lakd Oil Vc.
which wcro fclcctcd with rarc, nnd of stipo
rior quality Plcasc call at thc CilEAr Cash
Store. and cxaminc.
Middlebury Oct. 21st 1843.
AN invaluajlu fauiily mcdicine.
Ilecommcndcd by Ihe Mcdical FacuHy.
Fol Rheuinatisin, Gout, Sprains, UrUe.
Crainp, Limcness. Pain in Ihe sidi. back, and
Loins, Cbilblains. Kelooa frcsh wounds, liurus.
scalds, rieezes, Aguc, Nerrous lieadacnc, aiul
all cases of
JExlernal l?ijurty--
atrenTthpns nnd inviiorales the nttvrs.
gives elal.cily lo Ite joints promoie, i.e.m y
Clrculattnn nr Ihe blo'id. and imtlarts slreneMIl
toany part ofthe sysiem which may have een
weakened bv scd-ntarv Labilsor disease.
It is irapocsible to prewnt to Ihe pull;c all Ihe
evidence tvhicb tbe propriclors possess ofthe
virtues ofthii Liniraent. .Many families keep
it con.lanlly by Ihem. bebevinj it to be thc u
This Lir.imcnl is not only beneficial to tho hu
raan sytcm but, is the bcst article that c-n bo
ased lor horsesthat have becn gallcd,spraim d oi
bruiscd, and for stiffness ano swellins oflne
joints, scatches, wnd.galls, frcsh wound &e.
The oiiginal and genuine is prepared only by
T. SEAVEU & SOS Drujjists, Walpole N. H.
OBSERVE Every boltle of ihe genuine will
have the jignutnrc ofthe proprietors on the in
side wr i.por. Each bollle anl seal is ftampcd
SEAVi:iiy jolt& nerve lininent
and eu- loscd in a blue wrapperon hicoii a red
label. l'rie-' 23 cts ier botlle.
For xAe in wliiddlebury only by Russcl t Grid
Icy, also bv W. C C. Stoddard, Rutland, S. D.
Winslovr, Pittsford; Warren and Bliss, Brandon,
Hunlly & Ili-'ins. Salisbury, A. P. Roacoe.New
tlaven, F. Huntington Vergennes, and by drog
gisls and mercbants gcnerally. 28;Ij
JUSt receivcd and for sale by
Middlebury, Sopt 27. 1843. 20-
WO THOUSAND Busbclaof Oala wan
tcd immediately. by
CRIMP'D DIMITY and crinip'd Diu.i y
Collurs, just rcceired at BIUGE'S
October 18, 1343.
Fringcs, Gimps &c.
"niffOHAIR and Silk Fringes in roat r-
J-'-"- nety lilact, Ulue-hlack and coioieu
Gimns at
Oct. lbT.lSlS.
Wood !
200 cords
Oct. 18. 1-543.
Srasunrd Hard Wuo:f,
f..r sah- by
W. S. Ienxos.
uion purc'' for sa e by
Z, Beckwith Jc Co-
first rate artieL
forsnb by Z.
Oct. 1S43.
Cullin's &. Co's Axcs.
SIITII or wiTiioCT bclve for sale by
f3 Z. Bkckwitii, ec Co.
Oct. 1943.
Supcrior Teas, Sttgars, and Mo
lasscs, just receivcd hy
Oct. 10ih. 1843 A. FRANCIS.
At thc old Auction and Com-
mission Store.
V,?E nru now rrcemmrcur Fall and Win-
Which wil pusilivelv be sold as 1-w as they
cnn be bouslit in t is County nr Sute for
Cash or approved CrcJit.
Uur liieiuls and tlie fui.lic in uenerai arc
nvited lo call and cxa.nint cur extvnsive
Slock of goi-ds bi-fore Purchasin cle
wbeif. Z. Brtt'KWlTH, &. Co.
Middlebury Oct 21 1313.
iiw mm
SPHE subsrribers nre now rcrrivinj tlmir
fall supply of irnods, consi-'liiig ol
Dry Groccrics, Crtjt kt ry, Iron
aiul Stccl, Salt, Ei.sh,
nnd nlmnit cvprv nrticlc nnil!y rnqulrnl
for, which will be soM for P ,a low mt nt
imy store in ihv County. All kind.1 of pro
iluce receivcd in payiiH-tit.
HHill l i. uuan,
Shorchani, Oct. 2, 1343. 22
tiiiues bis ei-tablisbment upon tho most
cxlcnsivusr.iilf, aud kecp?constaiitly on b.nid
a Inrgu assurtuicut ol
of thc bcst in.-.tcrial and fincst casliiip; cou
sisting of Yunkeu Notion, Yankco Noiton
improvcd, nnd the New Notion. Spnlding'd
Improvctiiciit, Fnrmer stove, PnTii'iiisi tuul
Albany Prciiiiiiin 5 sizes, and Pnrlor C'noic
stove. ANo tbe Doublo Canada, nnd pinijio
Canaila Box stove. Othcr Box stove n gruut
Ain Tigiit bTovts, fovcral bize-.
The Stam.ct Panton stove, tbe latest pn-
tent out, and uot found at any othcr plncu
iu this rcgion. Al-
Plows, C.iLiinoN KrTTr.Es nll size-, Orrn
Moulbs. nrch Irmucn, graief, cnst Ieih
Iloixow, Tix and siieet Io.f vrm., n
getieral a-isortmeiit, ovc pipe, flitct z nu
Eve TrotiL'bs.
Allsorts of JOB WORK done on kbort
Atbis FUUNACE ncnrthe villago ca.t
in3 will Iie iiinilc to ull patlerns dciired. niul
nll part of stovcs nbicli have becn cal lor
20 years past nt tliis cstabli.sliuicnt will bw
fnrnishod nt short notice.
IViccs rensonnblf as at nny cst:iblibiiir:it
in tlio country. HorsM, Cattle, nnd tnot
kinds of Karmcr's pro lucc receivcd in pay
ment nt thc goinrj pricus
Middlebury, Oct. IS, 1313.
Tiin Subscribcr ii now rccoivinjf good
full Buttcr iii excbnnif for o.hN nt tllrptitf
pcr pound. Cormvi.ll Cct. 1, 18t3.
This day tbc lipnrinisliip licrHnfluo cx.
isting bctwicn Jov ph Fr'ist nnd A. P.
Skilf, undcr ihe iinmc a:i I fnrn ot a Fiost &
Co. is tliis day Dissulccd by iiiutii.il on.
SCnt. JuSCIII i'K'isT
An.L r Sxirs
Bridport. Oct. 7 1S43. 2i
CII1EFS. And Ladihs Cuavats, thu Inlest atylu,
just receivcd and lbr Salo cheap by
A. Fi:Acta.
O'f'S of Cjlicoi's bv the Cnrd Piccn or
Single yard. jn.it rrcpivri! ind for
sale by
15ECKV1TH ic Co.
Oct. 2d, 1843
BLACK, Browii, Green, CbangcnbW
Fig'U nJ Piain Alpnccas, tbc f vor
itc goods of llf day, Mouiline dc Lni ps,
Carolino Plaid, S xni Marinoos, Sic. J-c.
orsslo by Z- BECKWnn c Co.
Brings New Goodi
who is filling up his largo and spacious Slnre
with alino&t cvcry kind of Goods lbat ai
wantul.nr.d which wcrobought wita C4.-.H
at tho lowcst pric(, and which can nnd
willbe sold CHEAP.
Powdcr and SIioL
TTAZAUD'S Amcrican Sporting Ganpondrr, ra
XX Canislcrs 11
ille and Coinm'm To-.. !cr Srt
fLANNELS.-Supcr 4-1 Rochdalo wh;to
B. Klannels; 3-4 nnd 7 8 white nnd !ir-"i
Engbsb do; white tnillitl d; 7-3 Kitlmi
rcd ilo. nt 34 ct. Dcr vil: 73. 4 4 nnd 9-S il-
mcstic Flannels; supcr 4 by G fect Finlni.1
Horse blnnkets For sn'e by
rov. 7. iJKUvr v atir.L.i'u..
APS. An assorlmcnt nf Mimi nd lv"
Fur Irimmi-d nnd jdain Clulb Ch;h
just rcceivnd and for salo ''V
Oct. 59, 1813. i. - o.'vrilH.

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