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The Northern galaxy, and Middlebury people's press. (Middlebury, Vt.) 1843-1844, November 29, 1843, Image 1

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l V 1!
II. BELL, Editor and Proprictor.
VOL. V1II.-N0. SO.
$ $ $C 'tt
. iirnsiitiJ evekt wedsesiiay nor.Mc
13 Y J. COBB JR.
iii miosi iii oi:i)ers for rrusTina
CAIiDS, &c.
Of t-very dcscrjption will be neatly and
fjJiiuual'ly cxccuted, at short uoticc.
Villjjc s-ubscrilwrt $2 00
M',' ul-.ribers 2.00
lo.'mili'ib and Corap.inic3 whu lake at the ofiice
cl'7jorl'50 centsifpaid in six montlia.
TLo-e ho lake of Postriders . . . $2.00
11 not jiaiJ at llicend ofthe year 2, 23
V.. lic(nii.tni.Pll tllltll arnnraMi -trft nn.il
1U t.iiva ........ . ......... .. . j ...
eiccnl attlie ontionoflhe proprictor. Kb paMiielt
II j all tolhc bordcri ! Vermontcrs, come down,
Wiih your Lrcccl.cs of dcer-skin, and jackeu of
lironn ;
lat gallicrtng Enmmons of trumjiet and dnun.
Coutctlunn wilbyour rillci ! lctjray nolf and fux
Houl n in tlicsliadc of tlictr pnmii'te rocks ;
L--t the bcar fced sccurely from pig-pen and stall ;
lltlus a two-lcjjcd g:inic fur yourpoudcr and b.i!!a
Oj our Sjulh comc the Dutchman, cmclo)cd in
jrcasc ;
A.i anning fur lialtlc, nli'dc cantinj of ficacc ;
On inr East, crafly Mcscchf Iias gathcrcd liis iiand,
1 luag tipour lcradcrf, and cat uut our land.
IIo all to thc rcscuc ! For Satan ?ball work
aiii for bis lcgious of I Iampf birc and Vork !
1 1'Cr claim our posscsa'otns tbc piliful knatrs
Hie tributc wc pay, pliall bc prisons and gracs !
Ixt Clinton and Ten I5rock,J wilb Lrilxrs in tbcir
Still seck to dii idc us, and parcel or landtt ;
Wc're coats foronr traiitrs, wbocicr tbcy arc :
Tbc warp t of feathcrs tlie Clliiig of ttr !J
Ilucs tli3 " old bay Statc " tbreatcu 1 Docs Cn-
grcs coroplain 1
Swjrms IIamp5birc in arms on onr bordcrs aain T
Iljik the uar-dogi of Britain aloud on tbc lake 1
L tVincome ; nbat tbey can tbcy are welcomc to
t '.e.
Wb u ecck tbcy nmang s 1 The prnlc of our wealth
I c -mf iit,ronteutracnt,ai!d labor aiid bcallh,
-nj hnds which, as Frecmcn, c only liaic trod,
Iin! -pendcnt of all, sae tbc mcrcicd of God.
Yuxieoire no allcgiance ; e lx.w to ai throno ;
Our rulcr is Uw, aud tbc law is our own ;
Ojrleadcrs tbemsLlrcs are our onn fLllow-mcn,
Whucanhaudk the surJ, or tbc fcjlhc, or tbc pcn.
Our witcs are all true,and our datigbtcrsaic fair,
Wilh their blaecjf of smilcs.and theV ligbt floning
AHbrisUat tbcir bU till thc ilaik cicn-fall,
l"hcn Llitlic at the tlcigh-ride, tbc husk:ng, and ball !
Wcib shccp on the hill sidcs ; wc'io cons on thc
plain ;
And gay-tasseled corn-ficl Js, and rank-growing grain ;
ITiero arc dccr on the mounlains ; and wood-pigeons
I'roia tbe crack of our nsuskcts, likc cloudtf on thc
And tbere's fish in our Slreamlets and ritcrs nhicli
Tlicir conreo from thc kilLi to our broad-bosomcd
TWj-h rock-arcbed Winoofki tbe salmon lcaps
And tbe portly f had fullowa all frcah from tbc tca.
' i sun-bcam the pickerol glidcs tbrough his pool;
' l-s cpottru tronttlecps hcre tlie watcr is cool,
Or ijrt. itum bi fbcltcr of rock andof root
AitbcU .it.-"s iuiik plingc.or tl.e anglcr' j urtu't.
i . . are themouauinf nbicli aufuily rise
lili i y rest ibeir greeu head3 olhe blue kics ;
'ind ours ara tbe forests unwastcd, uushorn,
k aie wherc the uild path of tbe tciniwbt is torn.
Andlbocgh saxagcand wild bctliis climateof ours,
And bi.ef c our scafon of fmiui and of floncis,
rar dcaicr the blast round our mouuains hich
Than iueeeetummcrKplr,liicIilireathe ocr
I!u:-d for Venaont ! for tbe land wliich wc till
Must liavc sors to dcfenJ hcr froui valley aad lull ;
Lcaie thc harvct to rotoa tlie ficlJwhere h grons,
An J the rejplng of whcat for tlie reaping of foes.
Frcmfar MicUUcoui'0 wilj valler. to whcre
1". o6oomutk etcals down frum his ood:ircled liar,
KromShocticookriTcrtoLiittcrlocktown, '
Ho-all 10 the rescue ! Vennomcrs, come down !
1 ome York or come Hampfbirc,-
comc trakors and .
Vnaves !
Ii5erueo'erourlanl,ysliaIl mleo'cr ourgmcs;
Our tow U recorded ourbanner tmfurled;
IaUwnamcof Vermont cdcyaH the world !
Thc nolitical history of Vermont is full
f- tti;.t xr vn(.v lv rnnn
of an cxtraordiuary" grant of Ch'arles II. to
tlie Ihike of York, clauncd ajunsdiction over
nbout -Iv. tn.v. t,;.w nf .. mi. I,n,l
. - J. r- B. -
uLsc.M,yti,clovcniorol Acw Jlamp-
slure, .leclaruig thoc crauU illcsal. An at-
tpmnt lrn.n,iB ..!:"---, .1." ..i i....
itwas nromntlv rpsistp.1 Tn 177J W.
"i ork passcd a mot dc W.e Hw- nai'nt the
- .. .1
... - , 11131.-3333 111- 3l .113. 1IL.L
v ...i .i.. r...t a , .
t-ituuut'--1! uuu ui. uinf'mnr niicri'ii 3 innrp
if. Jonts' Xurratirt Tn 1777 Vermont de-
clarcdiiin.lpnp.,..,-. v,- v-,v .;n ..r-p,t
with her militia In lffl I Xpw Hamnshire
alsolaia dilm.l .,!?irvS!n?
in hrf&
Vhan Allc, , Ind scven nf 1,1 knowlcdced he had acquircd considcrable tact ,var.l follnd that his chara.itcr for coSsistcncy iug his progrcss, rcportcd lum eugagcd w ith a
ThP nrn'pril,i h, ;" , asociatcs. G jlonkins dcclared therc wcrc but four aml couragc rcquircd his departure; cvcn ' compauy of advcuturcrs in the proviucc of.
"u-IP, nl Uireaiened to ,jc9'onPwhich Edward was heanl tocx- his mother sccmcd to expeet it,' and he reluc- Tcxas;but a rumor bas lately rcached his
whomLWl.nniyt iP r PCM-nS patiatc-namely, boasting of his readiuess to , tantly went. Onhis rcturu hc boastcd of friends that hc was killed iu the attack made
"itSS!7- KcSi soldiir-ridieuliug a couutry lifc- proial dccds. and though no one rccollcc.ed by the Jlexican troops on tl.at Iaw ess sct.Ic
. . VA1 aMg aJ 01 tnem. iseeAl- ... . ., -,. ;.: n i,,:-caii. .;- l,;m nii the batt o fiel. . .... nnn ment. It was the misfortuac of I.dward.
'''nmaun p.io. Ulood was sl.ed .at "'" " " "l.frnntradict him. llut ifhe'bad .ainP.l that his friends mistook his character, and
"esiminister Uourt llnnsn. in 1775. l idi . -. . . . .' : . ,. , .7..? .
gress, powcrlcss under t!ic old Confcdcration
I endcavorcd to kccp on good tcrnis with all
tlie parties, bnt ardcntly favorcd New York.
crniont rcmonstratcd warndv. Cougress
threatencd. crmont puhlishcd " an nppcal
to tliecandidand impartial world" dcnotinc
cd Congress, and asserted its own absolutc
indcpendeuce. Notwithstauding the thrcats
offered on all sides, the coutcst tenniuatcd
. ivithout lmicli bloodshed, and Vermont was
I admitted iiito the Uuiun in 1791, aftcr exist-
mg as an independen! sovercignty for uearly
fifteen ycars
n illiams history oj l ermonl,
f Ilon. .Meshcch Wcare, Governor ofIew
tGov. Clinton of New York, and Hon.A.
Teu ISroek, President of the Xc v York Con-
;uu iiui-riuriiy, coniriuutcu to uourisu aiul li
The New York sherins and those uho ' ll!s 1,leIart a ''etestation v. hich, being com
siilnnitted to the authority of Ncu- York ucrc 1 !,0UlllIc' ofmany passious it was difficult to
ofteu ronghly lianillcd by the Green Jlouutain an'c. or describe ; but no injtiry could liavc
Tlie following is from the jounial of
the procecdings of the crniont Conucil of
public safcty: Council of Safttij, tid Sept.
1777. " is pcnnittcd to
rettirn houie, and remaiu on his father's fann
(and if found ofl to c.xpcct thirty-tiine Iahes
ofthe beach seal) tuitil furtlier orders from
this Council." The iustmmcnt of puuish
mcut was terracd the " beach scal," in allu-.-iou
to the sreatscalof New llainnsliire af-
fixcd to the grants, of which the beach rod
wclllaid upou the uakcd hacks ofthe "Yor-
kcr" and their ndbercnts was considereWa
Rather than fail, I will rctirc with my
hardy Green Jlountnin boys to thc dcsolatc
cavcnis ofthe inoiiutaiiis, and trriire irar icilh
human naturc at large." Klhan Alltn's J.tl
ter to Congress, March S, 1761.
IEIic Ctoo Sm'tor
Whilc Edwanl's parcnts cre proudly re-
joicing at thc houorahle carccr thtis uucxpcc
iwnk lili.i.U nr.,lin..ir. t.mrlifir,. ..rnltril.-.ilin-'
to their sorciics's his dailv dL-fitieiicM in bw
lc'ons itotlJ. '
IC330HS. .U(i bo 1110 n t.ihiiLss 01 uis cj cs, not-
witlistandiu; the pleutiful aj)phcatioii of rosc- ,
watcr, cyc- atcr and evcrv restorative that
could bc hcard or, increascd hourly till a phy-
iciau was coiisultcd Ile rccoiiiuiMuIml rorn
Mciau was cousuixcu. ile rccomuicinici green
spectaclcs, evcn with s.Uy bows have butlit- !
tlc clfcct in culightcuing the mind : aud it was .
.herc that thc dhnness ,f hich Edward con,- '
plaincd was seatcd. Edward rcceived no ben
efit from his glnj-scs cxccpt the privilcge of car-
ra ing lus hcau liltceuor twenty dcgrces luglicr
than usual. This lofty positiou ofhis pcricra
uium was by his youthful associatcs, gcuerally
ascrilicd to thc dcsirc of appcariug likc a dig-
r , . , . 1 . .1 r.ii i 1 1 ! ;
lllficd Sttulcilt: but the little, hvely, lailghlllg 1
, ... , , , ... .11'!
Julia Ware aluays dcclared ,t was to Iook- . m
.,v uj,cuu., ..c.orc ...crumy . puor l.eautiful to bc )crfcctly frce from vauitv ; yct ; "Z f.fj bom It was Gcor-c
thild, waspetuliwithvexation.sadaudstupul had sunicieut intelli-cnce and nrinciiilc to Vi ..tlc1 "" ,'ls oso" Jt was ucorBc
from conrinemcut aud cuvviu- evcrv bov bc """ .-""u-le,u "1Ill"o-ce pnntipie in llopkins though palcand cmaciatcd.hcwas
iroiu louiiNLiiiLui, auu cinj u cjcrj noj iic .Icspisc cocpictry ; and bcsidcs, shc lovcd ,1.,.' and wheii Julia revivnl -.111! mrt I.U
saw at hbcrty to work aud bc happy. At GCOr-e dearlv -1111111311 11.1 intp. ll.m f,i , ' - reinci .um mct ms
leir'ththe rtiluc-.s ofhis cvc suoleii with '.corV''al au 110 nitcutioii ol 111a- g,mIc offorivcuess and love, though licrtcars
itnDin tne raiucs 01 111s cjcf, suouui v.1111 King his tcrm of probation a loug oue. liut no,vc,i Iikc ' tIlcv ,vcre 110t .t" r sor.
wecping iu dc3iair ovcr a slubborii vcrb that jija Was vcrv rouiautic aiul ln.1 iii !i i nrp- ""c' ,''.. ,7, "cr? 1101 '"VV " sor
c!-riL'.l -ill Iii-; .Il11ri-1l1w1111i.1-1tf.it .Iiriiipilliit '! . , W rou,JU"ti aiul nau tucli a prc- rou.. t thiscnsis Ldward cntcrcd thcapart
UUiul.iU ltiiUortto tonjU atc it, jilarn cU lus dilcction for hcrocs, that, at timcs, the idea of , mcut. ,. Cvcs of thc suitors met aud for
mother, she u as confidcnt that Edward's cx- niarrvin" a nlain farmcr mnnm Immilin mcul' "lc cjis 01 111c suitora liici. auu, lor
cessive love ofMudy was riouslv injnriug his ' Sn'0BIinwuKn7 ' ' ,,Bn,I,la a momcnt.it wonM have becu diflicult for
cycs, andhc instantly couciivcfthe plau, for . si, ., , " ...... tlie iiiost skilful mtcrprctcr of cmotiuus, to
ikZmS "Xont but the Irau dcscrvc thc fair V - procccdiiig ,0 join Macomb and ar
..... .;T ... . 1 .1 . . . ucntlv hoping that all ilangcr would bc pn.n-
ivas ncxt attackcd w itli violcnt paius, and thc sl10 emi wl aud never won M riv Gcnr"-e: al- -.1 i...V 1. '...! n' i.J .i.
II" I t
pl.ysic.au rccomn.cn.le.1 joun.ej ...g and cxcr-
oc. IIchiutetltlie iiilyoflajmR lHHjk.
entircly asn'.e; but MrBarning was fearful lest
lus con v.m.1.1, iu that case, losc t l.e legacy bc-
1 sl.., dl.epr..vcd ...acourtoflaw, that h.s
"facult.es cre ...ij.arcd. fco thrcc years
Wcrc passcd IU lliurucring LiUtlU aild lirccK,
. ... ' ... pi 1. . 1
visitius mineral watcrs and salt watcrs, s no-
' ,, .. ...1 ,1 . ,. ... ,
pnnir :nul bnlliin? till l-.du ard s annclitc auI
, ,7, ., i , r 1 .
l.nnltl. rt.illi- f..l...l n.l.l n ni i.m. ll lil lllll'lPlltd
......li.. n-mn .1...., ... ,
..I . I. 11 1 1 1 I : . I. ..
l.uuiiru nasnun uti.ii iruiu iiil- uir.iiuuiu
01 oooks. i.c I..... iu..s ...iM . .0
con.c a mcrchant, aud h.s fathcr finally procnr-
,cdhim as.tuat.on in thc tount.iig joo.n of a
"T" " : I .
This was a fcw months aftcr the coiniiiciicc-
.nicntof hostilities.andpoliticaldisciissionsand ;
excitcmcutsrauhighiiithecity. Edward, in
the retircmcnt of thecountrj-,iursuing, orrath- ,
crcmploycd inoroiVm-hisstudies, had thongbt
acquaintaucc with a youug gcntlcinau bclong-
iug to a club, whose stauding toast was "I rcc
' Tradc and Sailors' Iiighf)," hc bccomc smit-
tcn with the nmbitiou orsliuinig a patnot and
ihero. Hc joiucd thcirclub, mbbcd ohVhis rus-
tic lialiluluess, spowe louuiy iu iaor 01 war,
was dnbbed "bravc Ned;" and his lctters to
his parents brcathcd liothiug but trcnicudoiis
dcnuuciations against the llritish, aud his de-
termiuation to joiu thc army if he could only
procurea comniisson. This alanncd his 1110th-
er. a womau ofweak ncrvcs, and shallowjud -
mcnt,whosc injudicious iudulgcnce had bceu
the primary cause of Edward's sore cjcs, dis-
cascd braiu, &c. aud she Cually pcrsuaded his
father to coinmcud him to rcturu liome.
I Hc rcluctantly obcycd; but his prescnce
' i,-,,i.. i:..i .....r..-. ... i.:a r...i ..i,r l'.i.
wanl was uot naturaiiy iac.incd to vicct lut
his mind sccmcd ivautiuz iu stamina, iu those
first aud pcnnancnt nriuciples of thinking and
nctmiinlilt r.tnGt;t.,t iLrt nri,r,f ,..
1 t 1 . !
lucan r mi icnn wiien apphecl to tne umcr-,
cui inuuim:auuu3 ui uie nuniau iiHcncci. jic
reccived iinpress.ons easily but arrangcd idcas
"' . J , ' "" -""i"""-,
convenieut, w lthout refercucc to real use-
r.ilnpea. nr future COUSCauences. In tlin pWh -
""' sncnt abroad he had seea ,p1.
J 7 "
tliat was new, uui iiau, i. jiu33i., i.iisuuiMi
. . .1 i T .
Inea tl..l .1-I.PI1 I.. linniP.
ics3 tan W11CU at "ouu- ww
confidcnt and conccited ; talked loud aud loug,
nr .. i
hnt usual v 1ns own liero; auu cxccin iu com-
j ....
Wlllc Edward liaring tlius passca ycars ol
vain and unproDtable eudcavors to iiccouica
6cho,?r a"d sen,leraan ,.I.Iopkl'Iil,;'
Justriously improviug thc facihties aflbnlcd
byourfreeschools and free iustutions, had
andscientinceducation. His taste was im-
agrecu inat ne im.i a u30r. iT o. u.e ne.u. cd to tbcir cnquincs, tiirncd on h.s l.cel and dntWug. (Jcorgc uevcr bclicvcd his wound
viluch would ifhc cont...uedtost..d,,anc.ct had rcached t l.cstcp lead.i.g froin tbe porch a 1I10rtal ollc, al, hc rormcil lc Ucsi r
.hcbra... ; and thcj gac a ccrt.ficate wh.ch with a rcs.dut.ou, little sl.urtofavow, nevcr k ; his fi.uation a sccrct fron.l.is fricu.N. I
was dcc.ded by a conucil 01 lawyers to bc am- to cck Julia azam. w hcn thc lncsscnicr from i..:..i i.:... .i. 1: ; i
plecvidei., thattlie clause.ul..sa,,.tstull .Macoi.,1. appcarcd ... s.ght. Gcorgc ncntdi- wiatcfrcct jt wouM have upou Julia. Ac-
requ.niigl.n..to "gothrougl.col cgc,.ri..sfac- rcclly to thc v.Ilagc; h.s father, as he had corilingly he ofTered his hosi a reward t. bc
ult.es wcrc srac.ousIyco..t..,uc.l lnm, wasuoll prcl.cU-d, was w.H.ug nav nimou that hc silc, ,m the subjcct of his gucst; the physi-
'i r if ,i ,i i. .'i'l'Ij he troops, aud bc-rore the n.or- c;all ,vas also cutrcatcd not to bctray him,
l-.dward was now frccil from thc tbnildom ; glm s.houe. thc voutiz vohiutecr stood iu ...i .i. i.; ..r .1 r.. 1
' proved by reading aud his mind by rcflcction,
iicaltli guarautccd by tcmperance, and mauly
i strength by exercisc, unitcd with a finc form
l.aud very hatidsomc featurcs, made liim in
personal appearauce as well as in sohd Icar
niug and real worth of character, far supcrior
to his early fricnd. They were uo longcr
friends. The intimacy decayed from the
moincnttbat Edward put onhis green glasscs
and assumed those airs which superficiafschol
ars too often affcct, and ivhich observers ad
inire, wondcr at, ordespisc, according to the
strcngtb.or wcakness of their own character,
aud their knowledse of the coxcomb's
Gcorge knew Edward's nerfeetlr. mul tl
"latter scnsihle ofthis, drcadcd his scrutiny;
from dreadiujr he bezau to avoid aud lmtc
i rJ"'!!?'7 f , f uI'erior. e?uty of
! ,mW f.fr llf J -? f-hB ZT? U-Tr'
icdge, forwbeu with hiiu Kdward still felt
piisctt avcrsiou nioro rooted, or augcr morc
. ! . , . . , , ,
L 1 '"eudship of Gcorgc for Edward was
'rou"t3 cominciiccincnt, as niuch more tiu-
' ffre as lls ?tr'gth ofmind was supcrior to
could belicve that the lattcr had entircly witli
drawnhis coufidcuec aud cvcn wlicu the
wcaknesscs aiid iucousistcncics cf his early
fricnd cre too palpahle for c.xcuse or con
cealment, he still retaiucd the kiudlv fcelinr
0I.Py. ''"t 't must be confessed it was pity
i...iiM..i hiiu Luiueiiipi. j eaioiny compicicu
his nJieuatioii. Julia Ware retnrned frnm a
icuatiou. Julia Ware retnrned from a
,cu tcnooi ai j.roy, wlicre EUc lia.l,
spcnt ncarlytuo ycars for the complct.on of
hcr educatioii, about thc tnuc w hen Edwart I
'arrtved from Xcw York. Gcorsc had lovcil
l l . i i i rii . . . .
rfiiua irum ciiiuiuouu. .it scnoot sne was
! hisfavoritc, how hisheart would bcat wlicn
( he could ohtaiu a cat licsidc licr, and liis
1 ncrvcs thrill, whcn his heart touchcd hcr'si
I Ile had ncvcr told his love, for he had all the
t f , . .u . ,
, "'"" "" aucnus tne tcnder passiou
, whcn uiost dchcate, but he fancicd shc kncw
, lus attachmcut, and flattcred bimsclf she cu-
couraScdit,audcvcry plau offuturc happi-
uuiiuL-uicii ii uii juuu. ucwastuu
. ' . ";'"'
. ! 3 i ' . . '
10 r "" 0,"om'Ie3 of KJward "nBj !
wcrc j,atriotisni, and true couragc. He had .
:l act r rmc :e,.ri1M ar,,i ,.-,. .. iMrl, ,
l,f .. "x ' TZ " T. ?i Tl. I
tillle inT,TartwI u ,ls couversM ou T an air of'
1 .1" . - i- contrrsatiou iin air 01
Sj,nglitliuess aud mformatioii, that did not bc- ,
,,t i,u ,l,,r,rt,r ,.l ,.1 1.0
his lttQnt;mls t0 Ju,irvo" uurfneL, to ,
r.cnr lm was sii,lntP,l t ,.,r i,;....ir 1.. :
rlvnr " j, V, " 11 J ; " "
woinau is seldom mscusil.lc to thc manucr by
which she bas obtaincd her powcr ovcr the j
hcart of her admircr, and shc oftcn detcrmin-
cdtodiscartl Edward; yct still, nlicnhctalk-,
ed ofbattlcsand siegcs, which hedid as oftcu '
:is Othfllo. imlv tnat I-.ilivnn1i fpnts ivprc
. . . . .
..rosiiect v-. sbe lisli-llnl. nnd ,1 bcii lu, nnnleil .'
. . . .
tllc ,rllc Sher.dau stylc.
. . r' -
tl.o,,;;!. she saw be was l.alf frant.c wi.l. Iovc
nndjcalowy, nu opporl.in.ty of cxplanati.ia.
And thus thc trio were situatcd whcn Gcorgc,
by appou.tme..t. callcd on Jul.a, dctcnnn.cd
to know h.s fatc, as bc fclt thc agony of f us-
)Cibc tobciio o..5crs..pprtal,re. Hc foiu.d ,
lcr sittu.g ... the porch an.l Edward bes.de
l,.r IiU arm rptm" rnrplplv m lbp hirl: nf
ni-r, 111s .iriii riMiii,, carcitsMj 011 uic nack 01
hcrsLat and bolb convcrvin" with "aiplv and
'"-roi-.u, .um iniui iiMicrMii wiui ,,.iiiij .1.111
M...i.-:.f. .......1. r..:...
"I'r"' ......... .i.i .................... Uiu.b
I. .I .1 'l
rCgilHH'll 111CII1 it IHUIIll'lll 111 M1C11CC, JUJl W1V- .
niUZ Sllll SllOUC tllC VOUUZ VOUUltecr Stooil 111
, le ,rt, 1-iattsl.urR 1. ltis unncccssary to
t ,it.,a,i tlio evcnls of the battlc ; it is sullicicnt
forlIiy stry to rcconl that not a soldicr bc-
. ... . . .
.111..1111 n. .uuiiiuu sii.ii. ...... iuui.l ..1111
' .re detcrmiuatiuu than (;corirc Honkins.
.:. . u....t.:..
ic was onc ofthe bravc fellows statioiicd at
thcjTor., aud hc was amoug the first that
joincd iu thc jiursuit ofthe llritisli, w hen tbcir
fli-ht was discovcrcd.
rroni that hour he was uot hcard of. All
thc soldicrs whu niarchcd from
retnrned, cxccpt Gcorge; aud tlie distrcssed
, an,j anious cmiuirics of his friends, and the
cxcrlinus of Jlacomb, who had vrticularly
noticed the ardorof the young soldier, could
uot ascertam 1ns iatc. liut tnerc was report-
c,i tu have becn discovcrcd in the woo.ls, the
' l,0dy of a youth corrcspouding iu dress, &e.
j to lutii, shot and scalpcil ; supposv to be the
orkof some Iudian tlint folluu cd inthc traiu
(lf thc eucniy. '
1 Julia was incousolablc. The partinz had
shown hcr thc true statc of hcr aflections. '
She found that shc cared little for Ednard,
J lvhilc the daugcr to which Gcorge w onld bc
) exposcd, dcpnvcd hcr ofslcep at mght aiul
pCacc by day. Uut nlicu he rcturucd, shc
! , 1.: -,.. . 1.,.
her franVncss all his doubts, aud Avith hcr love
rrnav all lus toils. Thcse caucrous rcsolu-
tions came too latc; he had dicd, and died
i.:..i-:..win.i.,...t.i.;a AaAm.
I. . .. 0 ip J 1 1
m thc bittcrncss 01 scii rcproacn sne wept nis
iau auu ncr own jonv, nu uer cjicck was coi
, orlCSs and hcr fragile form secmed sinkiug to
tne eru- uiuiim, ..i.. biuun
reuts, shc tned to couccal her sorrow, but the
' 1 .ma mntpr llian lipr nirit rn (iltpil
T' 73 fplt tlmt phhI. !,! nnt
5 au"B"D 'V ,VT". . -
.. . . , . i . . .
onr be IicraUKling niacc. 1 ei auouier tnai
' . . ' .
awaitcd Her. i-ilwaru iianug was iu iovc,
and if shc rcfuscd to marrj' Mui, his lifc must
i)e sacrince(I. Aftcr all tlie vouiismeniu tlie
' . .
laurcls, tliey oi.i not imp.irt irauqiu uty; ne
sccmcd tlisturocd anu miserauic, anu nnauy
hU mo,her' by fL,e.r ,
cd thc secret of lus hopcless Iovc for Julia.
Thc fond mother with tcars, and almost on
her knees, besought the compassion ofthe
fair damsel for her only son, and the grand-
parcnts also advocatcd his cause. They
thought him rich and a gcnUeinan, and tliat it
would bc an cxccllcnt inatch for Julia. Ovcr
cojnc by their cntreaties, aud imagining the
tuisery of wcddiug oue sha diikiiot love uiight
bc dcsigued by heavcn as hcrpuaishmeut, for
trifliug with the nQcctiou of tlie ouly iiiirn for
whom shc cvcr chcrishcd anv rcal tcudenicss.
she dctcrmiccd to rcvcal the whole truth oft
her hcarr aiul fcqlings to JWrs. Hopkins, and j
be guided by hcr advice in the disnosal of her
Their tcars llowcd unrestraincdly w hile
they altcruately praiscd aud bew ailcd Gcorgc,
auu Juiia s sorrow was soltcnctl iiy tne pity
of his mother, and hcr reitcratcd assurauccs
that she forsave her, and did not belicve hcr
ficklcncss had had any cflect iu makiug lnm
exjiose hinisclf to daugcr and dcath. Jlrs. I
Hopkins was a good, scusible, plain-sioken !
woinau, with scarce a tincturcofromaiice.in I
her tcnipcr. Shc did not at all appruvt
Julia's i?h to devotc the rcmaiuder of hcr lifc
to cousumiug gricf aud usclcss repiuing.
"Xo, no. mydcargirl," said shc "it willucv
crtlo; Had Gcorgc livcd, it would have
becn my pride and happiucM to have scen
youhiswifc; but l'rovidcncc Iia ordcred
otherwisc. I Ic dicd hilc in the tlischarge of
his duty, aud it is our duty to be still, aud
cvcn blcss thc l'ucr that has alllictcd m.
You have cause for sorrow aud rcgrct, but
uotdespair; aud if you thiuk jou cau only
uut liate lCdward, 1 thiuk j ou had bcttcr mar
ryhiin. Xothins will so souu orccrtainly rc
storc your trauquillity, as the kuonlcdgc that
the imlii!"rnre nf frrirf is inprminstilile with
' 5
iiur mmus.
Jl!a, athoush her hcart rcbcllcd against
,hB a,lvicc, fiu-dU jicldcd to this rcasoning,
aild coa3CI1,ci, 0- ,ie cnsuing day, to admit :i
r.... v.i... l i..T.i .......
tisib iiuiii uunuiut it iiuiv niii; miu u;ii.i .u
sincc they parted in thc porch. As thc huur
drctv ucar, shc bccainc so agitntcd that her
prandmothcr, fearing she would not support
thc intcnicw, told her hc had bettcr rctirc,
aud shc would luakc an c.xcusc to Hdivard.
jllIia ,Tas ,lallkfully obejing, whcn the door
of tlle!r ittlu parlor su,iueuK- ,., and cre
thc good gramlmolhcr could bcgin hcr apolo-
KV, Julia with a wild sliritk, as he uttcrcd
(lccidc OU lllC CUUSCS Ol tllOSC ptm Cfful fctl
mgs that sccmcd almost to aumlulatc l-.d-
wSnl, whom his rival rcgardcd with thc f.xe.1
cxnrL,ou 0f ;., aud coiitemnt Therc w as
exPrCisl0U 01 1""J dU" coiiicmpt. J ncrc w as
' 10 Pal?"c;3.of 1,orror'. ,,.,c. n'vcnS of '.car'
"?"'.'funB!na ' consc.ous
gulit mlllglc,l with somctbiug bke a ray of
?. :ij iov i,?tlie couiitcuauce aiul ilemeanor nf
"iiajoj.in tne couuicuauceaim iicmcauorot
l,t . rc 1 .,"c,'i".?' ?, 1 m" " .
1 " ". ' "'"" "c ... . ,T
nim gruimiiiuuiirr iuiiohuu, iu ucg jiu nuum
1I0t han!. hiunclf. a pcrhap Julia niiglit yct
))U ,,rcvailcd 011 to marry him. i
njic camf ,ny ou l0Vc," wliijpcrcd
Gcorgc, pressiug thc pale girl closcr to his
,030ni, "Edward ill ncvcr troul.lcyoii more." I
t. i.'.i 1 .. 1... 1....1 i.i - !
11 us J.UIVU111 miu nau iuuuucii utuiv. i
hm -i 1 .;.. r .- ..?.. I
lllllIU UIC IdlLLI ILtUllllll- ITUlll 111U WUI-
suU of tIlc ellcmv 1C clIcollI1,croil ,le JnKr,
Cll ilClUTC I1U illllll.ll. .1 1JC IllLl illUlIL, illU
onc lrnili; jcalously, 'thc other i!l. t n-
vv. H;gh uords soon cusued, and to so.nc
i?,rrni,, f f :..ri K,h. ,I ri.nlicl
l,y a dUclnrgc frun. InVrillc. GcorKc fcll,
arl struck w ith suddcit rcmorsc aud fear,
,:,,wan, n, ,vithmlt ,, ; to cxam;ue
lletbcr the Wo.u.d he had'inlliclcd was mor-
1 t r - r .1 ....
gnj A fanncr rcsiding 111 thc vicmity soou
i- , . r .r'. , 11
difcovercd (corgc, famt from pain and lo;s
... . . ... . 1 .. .
i i.iood, luit still sciisiuic, and wit 1 tlie as-
' ..
.....1 ........
Hllil 1111. 11 ir.iiuii
InaIcs ,10 I11!lnagc ,)crsou-s buucs save !
,lc;r ou u, u, trnlpteJ ,0 ,li5Coic ,I1Ci.c- j
Crct iu ordcr to obtain auothcr as i.nportant; '
beiug oue of those rarc fc-
. . v . . . . . ..
am. ...-orircactuai vnasse.l near thrpc in.nillis
in that retiicd placc without haviug his story
iliscovcrcd. As soou ashcwas sullicicutly
rccovcreu, nc liastcucit liumc, as 1ns con-1
scicncc had smitten him for thc anxictr hc
1...1 :..n:A.t .... 1.;., .... ., 1... . 1:.." 1.: . f
safptv; but afler they had cmbraccd him I
n.i an, nnii i.par,i ,; ,, r.ir .
11.111 lUllIlll.lt 1.11 11. j. 1.11.1113, l.Ulll.tlllllli 1113
COuccalmcut, they both dcclared that hc had
,iouc riglt, that all tlicir sorrows w cre rcpaid, 1
al,d they blcsscd God, that they had becn I
s.,arcd those thoughts of vcngcance towards
Kdwartl liaring hich, had they knowu tbcir
SOu's sufTcrings and danger they mighth have ,
chcrishcd. jTrs. Hopkins thcn rclated thc'
distory of Julia's allcctiou and pricf, aud 1
Gcor-c would liotbc detaiucd from her anoth- i
cr momeut. I
...... .. '
Lvcry rcadcr, whetlier ankccor not, will
casdy guess thc marnage and fcbcity ofthe
ovc.rs ir0.m ,.he scqiic ofthe ta c, and to lus or ,
iicr 1.11.1111.1.101. . 3.... ..... u.Hnriin ,
01 uic wci.uiiig, iirccs, icreiiiuua-s, vc. aim ,
evcrv fair vouuz lady, will doubtlcss arranrc
. 1 ... 1 i
thc particulars 111 as good stjlc asshe inlcuds
o"'ii hndiil ccrcnioiues sliallbccontluctcd.
Jlutfor thc eiicoura-emeut ol those youn
men who have no nopc of lezacns. to heln '
triDm fnnvnnl mttlP wnrlii.T Will infntinn fhnf
Gcorgc llopkius succccdcd very well witli- j
out any- Uy thc steady cxcrtion andimprovc- j
mcnt ofhis talcnts and industry, he has hc-1
, r .. le riciIcs. fanncrs iu thc Coun-
, omo oae 01 Ulc "V. !. ' . .
' O' 15 uu" "'."' ui um
, Lcgislaturc of Vermont aud bas becu talkcd
rn n Paiuli.late f..r Comrrcss,
I i i .)..: i. r. i.:. l,, ...... ,i, -.!
uu jmh iS mi uo """")
aftcr hc had fled from Captaiu arc s aud
nas nevcr rcturncu
The Iast iufonnation
their endeavors to forcc him into a station
for which neithcr his abihties nor liabits had
qnalified him, was tho cause ofhis rtiin. Had
his good aunt, instead of aspiring to malcc her
ncphew a great man, givcn him a farm with
the condition that hc must be iu cultivator,
he would doutless have lived a very iudolent.
.1. . n .. . it r i i
, Ul.11. llill. Ul 1.I1.3U ...11. 11.-
1 T 1 1
contcntcd, happy sort of lifc, aud dicd w ilh
the rcputatiou ofa dover mau; aud cvcn
with his talcuts, hich wcre pcrhaps, about
vieiliocre, had be becn from childhood judi
ciously traiucil, habittiatcd to cxcrtion and
sclf-commandi he might have obtaincd a rc
scctnlilc station aniougtliclcarncd.andbcen
: tiscful man. llut whcre therc is neithcr the
Iight of soul uor mind, neithcr gcnius nor cn-
crgy, lct not the fond parcnt and doting rcl
ativc flattcr theinsclvcs that the objcct ofthcir
solicitudc and bounty, will evcr bccomc dis
tiuguisbcd. ' L(.WS OF VERMONT.-JS-1S
! '
No. 17. An Act, in addition to, and in
cxplanation of "An Act rclating to
Batiks," ApprovedOct. 2S, 1810.
It is liereby cnacted by iheGcneral As-
scmbly of the State of Vermont, as follotvs:
Scc.l The provisions of section scv
cntccn of the act relating to banks, ap-
ptoved October 10, 1S40, which prohib
its any conipmyor corporation from bc
ing iudcbtcd to any bauk iu this ttate, iu
a grcalcr aiuouul than tcn pcr ccnl, of thc
capilal paid in, tliall not be construcd to
cxtcnd to dcposits tnadc by such bank in
thc banks in commcrcial citics whcrc
such bank kecps an sccount, for the pur
posc of dcposit, collections and ;hc orili
nary busincss transactious with said bank.
Scc. 2. Section twcnty-lwo of said act
is so allercd as to rcad, that no Ioan sliaM
be madc, or any notc or bill discountcd,
cxceeding fifty dollars, without the appro
val ofa ninjority of thc dircctors.
Apptovcd Oct. 1813.
No. 18. An Act, to encourageand pro
mote Agriculture.
It is hcrcby cnacted by the Gcncral As
scmbly of the State of Vermont, as fol
lows :
Sec. I . It shall be lawful for any num
bcr of pcrsons, iu any counly in this state,
to associate togclher and form a county so
cicty, to cncouragc and promote agricul
ture thercin ; and any such socicty, when
organizcd acconling to the provisions of
this act, shall have all the powcrs of a cor
poration or body politic, , and inay sue and
be sucd, iinplcad or bc impleadcd, prose-
cutc and dcfend to final judgcmcut and
cxccution, in any court of law or cquity ;
and may purchase and hold all the real
and personal estate which shall bc ncces-
sary to bcst promote the oujcci ol such as-
sociation, and which estate shall be cxclu
sively devotcd to such object.
Scc. 2. Such st cieties shall be formed
by writteu articlcs of association, subscri
bed by the tncmbers thcrcof, specifying thc
objects ol thc society, and thc couditious
ou which subscribers shall bccomc mcm
bcrs lliereof , and the first mceting shall
be notificd and held in the articlcs of asso
ciation. They may' adopt a cotporate
namc, cither in thc origiual articlcs of association-,
or by vote at thc firit inecting
thcrcof, in which such socicty shall bc or
ganizcd, and inay at any mceting adopt a
corporatc scal and alter thc samc at pleas
ure. Sec. 3. Such socicties, not c.tcccding
onc in cacli county, Shall bc organizcd,
by aptiointing a president, two vice prcsi
dcnts, sccretary and trcasurer, and such
other oflicers as they may dcem propcr, to
bc chosen annually, and to liold their pla
ces until others arc appointed.
Scc. 4. Whcn any such socicties are
organizcd as afnresaid, tiicy shall have
powcr to adopt all tuch by-Iaus, rules, and
regulations, as they shall judge necessary
aud cxpcdicnt, to promote thc ' objects
thcrcof, not inGotisistent with thc constitu
tion anil Iaws of this state.
Scc. 5. It shall bc the duty of the sec
rctary or clcrk of cvery such society,
to keep fair rccords of all thc proceedings
ofthe same, in a book provided for that
purpose, and such records may hcrcad in
cvidencc in any court wheic thc intcrest
of such society is concerned.
Sec. G. Whcn it shall bc made to ap
pcar to the satisfaction of thc Trcasurer of
this statc, that any such society is duly or
ganizcd iu any county, according to thc
provisions of this act it shall bc the duty
of theTreasurcr aforcsaid, to pay, annual
ly, to thc trcasurer of every such society
so owanizcd as aforcsaid, on application
made thcrcfor, such sum out of the trcas- j
ury of this statc as will be in propoition to
thc population ofthe county wherc such so
cicty is organizcd, estimating two thous-,
and dollars on the wholc state, and taking j
thc ccnsusof 1840 aslhebasis of calcula-j
tion ur.til the ncxt ccnsus is made. Pro
vided, neverlheless, that no such society
shall draw any money out of the trcasu
rv of this statc, as aforesaid, in any year,
until it shall also be further made to ap- j
pear to the satisfaction of thc Trcasurer ,
thcrcof, that there shall have becn subscri-!
bed and paid into the treasury of such so-'
ciety, for thc sole use and benefit thereof,
for the year in question, a sum, not less
than the sum that said society shall be en- j
titlr.fl to from the state. accotdinji to thc.
. i
provisions of this act. j
Scc. 7. All monies, so subscribed, or.
receivcd from tbc state as aforcsaid, shall, J
after paying thc necessary incidental cx !
penscsofsuch societies, rcspcctively, be
annually paid out for prcmiums, awatded
by such societies, in such sutns and in
such way and rnanner as they, scverally,
under their by-latvs, tules and regulations, t
shall direct, on such live animals, articles
I of production and agricultural implements
aud tools, as are ofthe growth and nianu-
facture ofthe connty ; and also on such ex -
periuients, discoTeries, or attaininents, in
scieiitiric or practical agiiculture, aa are
inadDwithin the countvHhere such socie-
ties are respecthcly organized
Scc. 8. This act shall be subjecl to
atncmlment, altcration, or rcpcal, as
futurc lcgislatures shall direct.
Scc. 9- This act shall take effcct
froin and altcr its passage.
Approved Is'ov. I, 1843.
No. 19. An Act, relating to thc grand
ltis Iiereby cnacted bv tlie Gcncr
al Asscmbly of thc Statc of Vermont,
T hat tlie si.xtli cxccplc.l case of the
tc nth stction of an act relating to the
" and list, approvcd Nov. II, 1S41, is
aO amcmlml as to renJ as follnws -
Personal estate ofdccL-ased ncrsnn ,
in the hands ol "their exccutors or a.I-
ininislrators.and not distribuled, sJ,al
be assessed to thc exccutors or adntin- 5 c""u ls botn acconltug to the pro
istrators in thc town, and, (for the pur- Tlsl0,ls ofthe firt section of chapter sixtv
poso ol school and hlghway taxes,) insevcn ofthe Kcviscd Statutes, to ithich
the district wherc thc dcccascd person '''i5 's a" aJ'Iition thcn the oersccr of
last dwclt, until said estate has bcen ! '"e P00' f tlie ton liich :s charccif,
distributcd and paid to thc parlies in-
tcrcstcd llicrcm.
Approved Nov. I, 1843.
No. 20. An Act, in addition to "an
act relatmg to publse accounts,' ap-
provcd Novctnbur 12, 142.
It is hcrcby cnacted by the Gener -
al Asscmbly ofthe State ol Vermont as'
bcc.l. l lie dtrcnlorsand S.ipenn -
lcndcnt ot the btatc rrison, the Hank
g, .. in..
Commissioncr and liank i.oniniittce,
.. . . . . . . c
thc I rustpcs and bupcrintendont of
tr ..1 r .1 1
the Vermont Asyluin for the liisanc,
., r r .1 i.r !
duu.b, and blind, and thc insane poor,
and thc Auditor inthc Tieasurv, shall
hcrcaficrtnake their scveral reports to
the Auditor of Accounts, bv the twen -
licth day of Septcmbcr anuuallv, in-
stPinl nf rf.iiortii..r lo tho Governor. a
hcrelofore rcnuired
Scc. 2. Ihe Auditor ol Accounts
shall pulilish and appcnd all sucb rc
ports to his annual report lor thc use ot
thc Gcncral Asscmbly.
Scc. 3. All acls an.l parts of acts,
incousistent with tfns, are rcpcalcd.
Approved Nov. I, i843.
No. 21. An act, conatruing the fcv
cntli section ol the act relating to
public accounts, approvcd Nov. 12,
It is hcrcby cnacted bv thc Gcncral
Asscmbly of thc State of Vermont, as
follotvs :
Thc jcvcnth section ofthe act pass
cd Novcmbcr 12 1842, cntitled "an act
rclalin" to public accounts" fchall bc
so construcd ns to aulhorize the Audi
tor of Accounts lo cxamine and allovv
all claims for scrvices rcndcreil (Iurin
thc cxistcncc ofthe act rcgulalin the
militia, apjiroved Novemher Ist IbJ7
Approved iov. 1, IS4J.
No. 22. An act, to provide for thc
disposal of unclaimed property. lor
ed with whnrfingcrs and other storc
house keepcrs.
It is hcrcby cnacted by thc Gencral
Asscmbly of thc Slate of Vermont, as
follous :
Scc. I. If anv articlcs ol" personal
proper:y which are, or inay hereafier
be storcd with any wharlinger or pub
lic storc-house kccper in this slate,
without any special contract for the
kceping .hercof, shall not be elaimcd
by thc owncr orconsipnce within one
year from the time such articles wcre
stored, and the legal charges thcrcon
for fretght anu storae rcmaining un
paid, thc person haviug thc same iu
storc, may cause such property, or any
portion thcrcof, lobc sold by thc shcr
ill'of thc county wherc the same may
bc storcd.
Scc 2. Such slicriflf shall sell such
property at public auction, and shall give
notice ofsuch sale, by publicatiou m
some newspaper ptinted in the town or !
county whcrc such property is storcd,
thrcc weeks successively, thc last of which
shall be not less thau four weeks bcfore
said salc ; and if there be no newspaper
printed in such counly, then such notice
shall bc iasertcd in tbe newspaper printed
nearest thereto, in this Etate. Said ad- No. 20. An Act, in addition to chap
vertiscmenl shall state thc time and place ter cightysjnc of thc Revised Statutes, in
of salc. thc description of thc property,
quantity, quality and maiks ofthe articles j
to be sold, the time whcn stored, and the i
names of the owners, or their agents or I
consignccs, when known. I
Sec. 3, If thc owncr or consignee
shall not claim said property and pay all
legal chirgcs thetcon, and for advcrtising j
the same, beforc thc day of sale, the shcr- j
iff shall procced to sell said property aud
tnakc a rcturn ofthe same to the trcasur
er of the county whcre such property is
storcd, with the affidavit of thc truth of
such return. And after deducting the
customary charges and cxpenscs of the !
sale, said sherilT shall psy, to the person
having said property in store, all legal j
charges thcreon, and the balance, if any,
lfe shall pay to the trcasurer of said coun
ty. Thc money, so paid to the trcasurer j
ofsuch county ahall be kept for the bcne-1
(it of the owncr of the property so sold
I and be paid to him on producing satifao-
! torjr evidcnce of his rWit.
j Approied Oct. 32, ls43.
. No. 23. An Act, in relation to tlio"
granting of Iicenses to rerailers offpintn-
ous fiquor?.
It is hcrcby tnactcd by tht Otncral
Asscmbly ofthe State of Vermont, That
sections six, twelve anoT thirteen, of chap
ter eighty-three of the Revised Statutes,
are tepealed.
Approred IS'ov. 1343.
No. 24. Au Act, in addition to chap
ter sixty-seren of tfie revised statutes, cn
titled "of thc maintcnance of iHegitimatc'
It is hercby cnacted by thc Gcncral As
scmbly of the State of Vermont, as foUatcsi
Seo. 1. Any sinsle iroman who Iia3
I been, or shall hereafier bc delivered ofa
'Jstard child, and shall neglect or refuse
to d'Jrge anypcrson with being thc fath-
. f suchchild, witliin thirty days after
or likcly to he chargt-d with the support of
1 sucb child, mav mikc a umtrn coninlaiut
I againft such Mngle wmnaii, tn sonie ju
! tice of thccouutv. settin? f.itth such faet.
and thereupon the j.i,ticv sh..ll i i'suc Im
warrant aaiiiMt such biiiitc womau, t .
urmj ),er 0L.fl)re i,im to ,lmiic,i ,,,,
1 .....i.
Si,, , o. ti, ;,..ii,. .a.,
siugle womau is.brought bjfoie him, slii-ll
, emine bt.f m,ou oa,, hcr ps.
,,-. . : , .,
1 ai.tiiiaiii.i. ... n....i.', iiiiiniuii 1 llu
, . , . r . .
his watrant, and caue thc person, by Iwr
. .. r .1 I .
' clnrged ith bcing thc filhcr of s.nd bas-
, . .. . . r . . . ,
tard cluld, tn be brou ht bch.rc hiiu. nmi
j ,,,e P"wliS H'creon had, as arc
, a,J'"". a ,l'oufih iUc1' "'a''
1 ,l,ade a complamt ... untiug uudcr
oalh, astberriu pr.widcd, aamtt tht- pot-
Sl" cbarged by her wilh being the father
of said child.
Scc 3. Thc ar.swcr or totlmonv i f
such siugle womau upon thc f.xaimnal -aforesaid,
shall uot subject said sa "
woinau tu a proseculion or couviclii n u:i
der chapter ninetv-niue, section two, i.f
thc Reied Statutes.
Sec. 4. The proceedings ajjain-t the
pcrscn chargcd with being the fil'irr f
said child, shall be in tl.e uame of the -vcrseer
of ihe poor ofthe towu, prosccu
ting si.ch complaint.
Sec. 5. No compmmi.se made uilli,
or discharge given to, such pcrbiin so
charged, ot pavine.it made tosuch wom.ia
without the consent ofthe overster nfli.c
poor, shdll bc good and valid, as against
him, or if made or given after such ovtr
iccr shall hate commenced as pnisccutinii
by such wniiiaii, comnieuced a provulcil
iu the act to which this is au addition.
Sec. 0. If such woman or other per
son shall at any time give sunlcieiit secu
lily for the suppoit ofsuch child, and pay
thc costs and expeuses for tbe soppntl of
such child, the prorecdingf in thc casc
shall be discnntinued aud the poucrs
grantcd to the ovcr&ccr shall cease.
Sec. 7. Section fourtcen, of chapter
sixty-seven tifthe Revised Statutes is herc
by tepealed.
Sec. 8. Thii act shall tako cflect
from and aftcr its pissage.
Approvcd Nnv. 1. 1843.
No. 25. An Act, relating to associa-
tions, in addition to chapter cightj-oiie of
the Kcvised Statutes.
It is hercby cnacted by the Gcncral As
scmbly of the State of Vermont as folloic:
Any number ol persons may associate
tngcthcr and harethc poetsofa corpora
tion, under the reguhtions aud pruvisinns
of chapter eighty-one oftho Revised SlaN
utes, entitled "Of Societies fi r the sup-.
port of the gospel and literary and other
assaciations," for thc following additiunal
purpose :
Toestabhsh and miiuta'in fire conipa-
"'s, aud to pinchase : and hold teal
tatc sufncient for eugtiic houses, fur oue
ormorc engines, hose, hook.,laddcrs and
buckels, aud such other property as may
be necessary for a fire company.
ApprovedOct. 31, 1843
relation to rcligious and other societies.
It is hercby cnacted by the Gcncral
Asscmbly ofthe State of Vermont, That
any number of pcrsons may assnciatK
togcther under tbc provisions, according
to tlie regulations, of chapter cighlyorr;
of thc revised Statutes, for the purpose if
raising, recciving, holding and appropn
atmg funils to procurc, by purchase or
othcrwise, and to disiribtite tbc II ly
Scriptures ; Provided, sitd society sh ill
not hold real estate lo a grcaler amuunt
than two thousand dollars.
Approved No. 1, 1813.
No. 27. An Act, ln amcndmcnt nf
"An Act iu relation to tlie Militia."
It is hcrcby cnacted by the Gmernl As
scinbly oftheStateof Vermont, as Jollaics:
Scc. 1. All fines under the IflOt'i
section, 170th section, I TTtli lcI oa

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