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The Northern galaxy, and Middlebury people's press. (Middlebury, Vt.) 1843-1844, January 10, 1844, Image 1

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II. BELL, Eilitor and Proprietor.
VOL. VIII.-NO. 36.
IX stkwart's EUILDINGS,
Br viiiom all or.nr.ns roit friktisq I
CAHDS, &c.
Of cvcry dc.-cription will lc neatly and
faahimial'Iy cxecuted, nt short notice.
V !'a;e sutacrilicrs,
S2 00
2 00
.I ,'l n!i.-criicrs
'u'np.inici iio takc at thc cifficc
. l-7i or 1'30 cct. ifpaid in six inontl.s.
Ti,,cnl,-,t ,Uf rostr.Jcr. . . S2 00
t pa tted .d
j C in .trj
Alltoraran :ic:itionsiuuslbc adilrcsscd to
Itur I'ost I'jiib
From tlie Zanesvillo ItcpuUican.
Tuse. Old DasTi'ceer.
Tlii-iaooii xcas fliinin; siKcr briglit,
Tlic ttars witli glory crouncd thc night,
1 Ii Ji on a litnb " that f ame uld coou"
Was singing to liiinsclf this ttinc ;
IWiu Cttootifilicay, jou'ic allunluckj ;
Clcar thc j for old Kentucky !
.uiv in a fad prcdicirocnt
TI12 L'lkics are furrresidcnt,
'llicv liac tix Iiorcs m tlic pasture,
And doii'l no uhlcli ran run tlic fiser
fictout of ihe ivay, fye.
Tlic wagon borsc from Pennsjlrania,
Tlic Dutrhmcntliiiiklie'abcst ofany ;
Itnt be must I'rag in licai-y stagcs,
His fcdcral notioni and low ages ;
Gctoutofllic way, Scc.
Tlicy proudly bring up tlic courrc,
Anold and brokenilown war horsc ;
'J'Iipy slionland sing " O nimpfpy, duinscy,
Col. Johnson killcd Tccliumscy !"
Gct ont of tlic way, &c.
An I liercis Cass.tliotigli not a duncc,
Willrij.i Iiotl.sides of tlic Inck at oncc ;
To in thc race will all lliings copy,
'c sometimcu pig and omctiines puppy ;
Gct out of ihe way, $'C
Tlic ficry eoulitcrn liorfc Cullioun,
Who liatcs a rx aiut fears a Coon,
Totoe tlic fchiilIi uill notbcablc,
J'or 3Utty kceps IiTm in tlic staUe ;
Gct out of llic ar, -c.
And h?rc U II.itty ncter idlc,
A trxky hoc tliat slipa liis bridle ;
Jn furty-fuur uc'll slwu liim soon,
Thc little fox can't fool ihe Coou :
Getout of the tay, c.
Tlic balky horpc tl.cy call Johu Tjler,
Vc1Uhcad him soon or burst liis boilcr ;
I liis rur? cd " gi ipjft: " lia scizcd us all,
Which Doctor Cby uillcure ncxtfill :
Gct out of thc ivay, &c.
Thc pcojile's f.ivoritc, IIEXUY CL.Y
Is noir thc raJiion' of thc day,
An.l lct tlic trackbc dryor murky,
Wc'll suike our pile on 01 J Kentucky ;
Gct out of thc way, lie's swift and lucky
Clcar thc track fur Old Kentucky 1
Sliocking Jhprariti, I'oor human natiirc
i- iiidcfd fallcn! T'be Itev. II. C. Taylor,
cuitorof the Oberliu Evaugclist, was ou Fri
day Iat cotnmittcd to jail of Loraiu couuty
011 a chnrgc of stcaling moncy at diflcrcnt
timcs aud various sums in all supposcd to
siciQimt to a Iargc snm. Hc stole if from thc
Evaugelist Ofiicc and tbe Oberliu Post Of-
Hce, in both of which he has bcen a clcrk.
lc n also charsed wilh seducini a irirl iu liis
Mmily, and proc.ring an abortion. j The supcrabuudance 0r oxygci. m the atmos- appropriatcness, vcrberatod along tho sidcs (ill lost to tho
V elt-arn that siucc his arrest he fully con-' P'ee operatcs l.ke rnodera,e doscs of - tb; ro cSithic arcl.itcc: car, but sccmcdSto find no rcsting-placc.
f.scs all the crimcs and cnormities cl.arged, 5J$"? t irc.to that of the Ef yptia,,. The dark, It has sinco bcen soundcd, and found to be
and was rcquired by Justice liircb, of Elyria . u h clncmpt s h,m to n n nud jump a
inl, ? ,I,c.sm.n.f 20U0' ,me St01es aud l.eavy outliue. . In t his I wh;ch rclurns no noho,hcny a slonc
''.no,;, lS33,theadvcnurous
Tailor marriedhis sccoml viTfc; and it is kept 111 a statc of dehghtful activity, by cou- " fiwrtiSntt o" vie-r. Here paV I Stcphen thrcw a ladder across tho chasm
5taied that the sa.ictimomous l.vpocritc . t "al new discoyer.es aud arthng rcIa-i o-w oT the fi Thcre is now a nar-
preached a moral reform scrmou on his wcd- tiow. Th.s cxc.tcmeut continucs aftcr they ,cu3dIu;1e i JfcW whieh travelcrs al- i row bridge of two planks, wilh a little rail-!'-'
dav ! retuni to tbe hotel. 0 one feels he need j Kmdlc tneiie , u fe (j
M e arc informed that much credit is dne' f ianU or poliUe, Thc couvcrsat.on " U ( "J groups of pcople 1 (o sustain it by piers, travclers must pass
to Mr. Gillctt, publisher of the Oberliu Evan-' a't 1 he Cave Thc Cave ! and wl.at .hall , at dl(rercut futs of view, eW f ; tho nllCi on0 b on andl not
.....fe..mr ierreiui.5
thp hypocrital scoundrcl, and to the faculty
citizcus of Oberlin for their promptncss
lrrciHleriiiK him into the hands of justice.
111 surrcni
Althoush TaUor hn.l fnr vnnrs becn a lead-
ius mcmber of Societv. and had stood hish
P.saclergymau an.l cditor of oue of the most
j !e!y circulated rciigious journals of the
t'.csL aml h relused to had lum or scrcen
the cxposcd moral lcper
'-vangensi nas ucen a
severe penal euactments
of crimes a;ainst chastit
of thf. f..i;tnH r...:ni.Ar. ...ni,if.li,1v
clurive cvide nf ,L neeessitv aud iusticc
, e learu that Dr. Drver, a pl.ys.c.an of,
... . -
r-iyna nas uecn arrested for assistm
in pro-
ctiniiK tbe abortion, and heM to
iaiiu" Ikrald.
CQ" Wc lcarn that the rcsult of thc sur-
vey down Millcr's nvcr to Braltloboro'
.1 .1 ! . . ..
snows tne aistancc lrom titchburg to
sixty-four imles. From Bi-attleboro1
rTl, "J a,nS.S .Urve-V' 13
Tll T.ii i .. m -
...oiiiv-ntu iijnc-a iiiutviii, iu inc aifrro
palp. riirTttit.ninp milpc frnrn T7ifnl,l.i,rrt. I.
-o-3- r.. . ..'
v..u..n aus. j.. ". u "iu nati, called the church. This contains seve-
mformcd, by one of the dclegales nt Ath. ral projectiug galleries, one of them resem
'i that Iho road will be expensive, crossing bling a cathedral choir. There is a gap in
tbe river six limes, on that 'natural and the gallery, and at the point of intcmiption,
casy route." hnmediately above is a rostrum orpulpit, the
Accordingto their own estimates,the cx. yockycanopy of which juu over. Thcguide
I. . 1 1 .-. In nrtH.ltnn In fl... .... ...
penstsofaroad dnwn MillPr' river to
Bratiilnr -ii u r ii .
that nn . Ww.Ilbc fullasgreat as
o RpI? tnB"d,rectroutQ " Ihrough Keene
e"0 ralls, geene Sentincl,
From Benlle' Miccllany.
jtTiimmotU (EiYbe.
"Of antres vast aud dcfcrts ttild,
Rough quarrie?, rocks and hill, uhose hcada touch
It was my liint to speak."
Mammoth Cave is situated in the south
west part or lireiitucky, about a hundred
miles from Louisvillc. and fifty miic3
lrom tne lamous llarrodsburg topnngs. 'Ihe ,
woru cate is ill cniculatcd to imprcss tne lm- i
cur. It is i faetasubtcrranean world ; con-1
tahiinc withiu itself tcrritorics cxtcusivc
mi, fPi,,ifn fn ,i.;,i.
itie, tt sIlouM be uamcd Titan's l'alacc, or I
c , .Urotto ;
Jt lies amons the Knobs, a rangc of liills,
:'"V;"" "::zr..."Z :
;.u. ') ,i",ur"T 'laccsofbcar'stccth ca"lc'sclaws -nd fiwn'a I " ihat porlion or the ce ng which bo-tliecd-
of oak, lnckory and chesuut, clear of tiudcr- , , , , r f .'cl-l" cai'c a ciaws,..nutawn s j i o
bntsh, with smooth vcrdaut opeuings, like "d hoofs; wh.stles madc of caue; two rattle comcs v.s.b e 3Q0 fcct abovc your head.
, the parks of English noblemeu. . f.nakes s ono haung on tt fourtccu rat- and rcmarkably resembics tho a.s cs of
. Thc Cave w-as purchaed by I)r John ' coruc ' e ,lcau nindc of crect , Westminster Abbey. It is supposcd that
Groslian for 10.000. To nrcvcnt a dinut- feathcrs of .r?oks au,l caglcs ; smooth nccdlcs , thc top of this domc is ncar tho surface of
' cd title, iii casc a distaut opcuing should bc
j discovcrcd, hc has likcwiso bought a wide '
miii hf
circuit of acljoiuin" laud. His enthusiasm
couccmiug it, is uubouuded. It is in fact his
I world; and cvcry newly discovcrcd chambcr ,
j fills him with pride aud joy, like that felt by
Columbiis, v. lien hc first kisscd his hnnd to
thc fair Qiicen of thc Anlilcs. IIc has built
' t. i ..n ... .1,- ii:, if
r'J"- i"-."--v 'V0 -V
jogs.blle.l w;ti.mc;witl1.?l...clnrgt-porcl.,
. 111 frout of w nc 1 is a bcautifu verdatit awn.
. , 1 . ,
tiir uy, is it luimui-Miniicti iiuiiuu m nvj
i i...i.i.i r'.ii.... :.. 1. n
ntio, iiiutf.iiii) ti t:iu iiii.Lii 111. 11 1 Luii-
cdDce'rpark.lccauscwbcn thosc animals
ruu mto it, they caunot cscapc. There are
troops of wild dcer iu the immediate vicini- ',
tyof thehoteI;bear-huntsarefrcqucnt,aud
gamc ol allkmtls abounil.
Wnlkimr nlon? thc vcrcrc of tb:s hollow. '
i . -:
JUIl I.U1UL LU il 1 ill llli;, IU.IUIIIq llt ICCll 1IILI,
i, !,,.., ..,....i ,,.:.7-r 1,-. :
posed to bc the main cntrancc. Itisahuge
cavcnious arch, fillcdinwithi.nti.cuscstoi.es,
as ifgiants I.a.l pilc.I thc... therc to imprison .
acompicrcd dcn.on. No oncniug has cvcr
1 .V 1 1 1 i. :
incd that it could be done bv thc strciieth of
I11 thc rear of thc hotel is a decp ravinc,
dcnsely woodcd, and covcred with luxuriaiit
vcgetable growth. It lcads to Green river,
and was probably oncc a watcr coursc. A
ikiitow raviue, divcrging from this lcads by
a windiuK path, to tbe cntrance of tlic cave.
It is a high arch of rocks, rudcly pilcd, and
richly covcred ith ivy and tanglcd vincs
At thc top is a pcrrcnuial fountaiu of swcct
aud cool water, wliiclt trickcls tlown contiu
ually from thc ccntrc arch, through thc pcn-
dant for.agc, and is cat.ght iu a vcsscl below. j
Tbe ctrancc of this widc arch is somc hat .
obstructcd by a Iargc inoim.l of saltpctrc,
. '' 1 1 1
thrown up by workmcn cngagcd iu its man-
ufactory, duriug thc last war. In thc
coursc of their cxcavatious, they dug up the
bones of a giganlic man; but, unfortunatcly,
tl.cy hiiricdthcin agaiu witl.0uta.1y u.einori
aIto mark thc spot. They have becn sougbt
for by thc curions and scicutific, but are not
yet found.
As you comc oppos.tc tbe cntrancc of thc
cave, in suninicr, the tcmpcraturc cliangcs
ii.stantancously from So to below G0 5 , aud
you fccl chillrd as if by thc prcscncc of au
icebcrg. In wintcr tlic clTcct is revcrscd.
Thc scicutific have iudulgcd in various spcc
ulatious conccrning the air of the cave. It
is supposcd to gct con. plctcly fillcd with cold
wiuds duriug thc long blasts of wintcr, aud
and as tl.crc is 110 otitlct, they rcmain pcnt
up till the atmosphcrc without bccomes
warnicr thau tliat within; whcu thcrc
i", of coursc, a contiuucd cfibrt toward cquil
ibriuin. W hy thc air within thc cave should
bc so frcsb, pure, and cquable all tlic year
roiind, cvcn iu its dccpcst rcccsses, is not so
easilv csplaiucd. Somc have sucgestcd that
it is continually modificd by the prcscncc of
chenucal agcnts. l.atcvcr may bc tne
catisc, its agrccablc salubrity is uoticed by
every visitcr, anditissaid to bavc grcathcal-
iiuK Pwer in discases of tbe lungs.
Tlie amount orcxcrtiou which can bc ;per-
formcd bcre withhout fati
iormcd licre witmiout tat.gue, is astomsi.iiig. ,
" " ","", Mwm
,ract3 80 that but tw0 can Pass abrc
tbis place, called the Narrows, the
abreast. At
air from
depths beyond blows out fircely, as if
.? EP"'" f he cave hadmustcrcd thcre, to '
,''"VC ''"nidcrs back to the rcalm ofday ;
T'f path continucs abotit fourtccu or fiftccn ,
"""'" "'rKes iuiu u iwuci aiaiuc,
on irregular ribs ofdark grcy rock, in
iii tbe lenst The ""nsatpetre cartn, lrom wllicn inc stoncs e-o; , , . , r , . . ,. , ,,- , j-
tn tne leasL auo . . i . ,,;r,r :. forms staud out iu the clear, stroug gush of . flowing watcrs. Through thts.desccnding
siroiig .iuoL.ui. juri . , ',. .. J l.nlKnnt 1'irlit .nml lhi-n all 13 darkncss. mrn nn mnrn vnn rnmn in n dppn nrcb.
for the i)iinilimcnt lu "K "oiiiuua, a vast nail, compnssng a sur- -o r.v . , , .1 . "... ,7 .7- '
: and rdmraviw , facc .r a. afchcd with a dome 100 , The cffect is so like magic, that one almost by which you cnter ,ho W.nd.ng Way ; a
l.i.t mn. 'eci nigu wiinout a smcle mllar to sunnort it. rapaB vU.. stmncelv trrctruiar anu zu; zac patn, so
;mass.vcoyalnngs,.nallcraml smallcr.oue;""3'
cAAn trilhin nni.tl.A. .1. . .
' ' J '
r- 1 i.win.ui IUIHH.MU
! tlie travcller as mucli as any portion of the
' j cave ; because from it hc reccivcs his first im-
prcssion ot its giganlic propotious. The
vastness. the cloom. the imnossibilitv of tak-1
iug in thc boundaries by the light of lamps
allthese produceadcep impressiou of awe
, ,
and wondcr.
I From the Rotunda, you pass iuto Audu-
linn'a A,- frfim Wl tn 1(H) lort flfrft IVlIll
. ... . .
Caileries of roci on each Tsidc. iuttins out tar -
,. . . . ,- ...
fathcr, till they nearly mcct at top.
. i... . :. ir
.... .
. . . .... . . . .
,e.aPs UP . ,rom ln.e aaJolnns BaUenes, and
places a lamp each Bide orthe pulpit, ou flat
focks, which' seem made for the purpose
There has been preaching from this pulpit:
but unless it was superior to most theological
teachings, it must have becn phifully discor
dant with the sublimity of thc place. Five
thousand people could staud in tliis subterra-
neau tcmplc with case.
So far. all U irrrsnilnr. mrV. tl,m,m
togcthcr in fantastic masses, without any ! lac couId bo fo"nd on ro or walIs Im'
partictilarstylc; butnow beginsa series 0finSmetwo ?r ,nrcn lravcIer3 "ith their
iutimations wliich grow more and moro per- 'anip?, passing through this place of cvil
fect, in gradual progrcssion, till you airive at asPect The dcep, suspicious jooking rc-
the end. From the Churcli you may pass
into what is called the Gothic Gallery, from
its obvioiis rcsemblance to thnt stvln nf nrrli-
itccture. ncrc isaMummy llall; so called
"a iuuuu
cated 1U jeccsses of thc rock. Withontany
L't ; "Vr rr".n,;n ,7 .1 . ..." " til r
. . ........ .
E fo.r.,I,c al,r of thc ca" dry and
"'!f,haSeable, and so strongly impreguated
w.lth mtr?' ,Ilat Jecompositiou caunot lake
piacc. a mummy iouuu liere m Jbltf. was
'.le1 1)0lly of a, womari five fect tcn iuches
high, wrappcd m half-drcsscd dccr skins, on
,vc.r ddy dmi,n ivhtto vems and
tainins striuss of small shiuiu-r seeds : ncek-
. -t wV.u ""v.
sail necdles; deer's sincws for scwiug, and a ,
Iiuilui uj iiirixcurucu inrcau, rcsemiinn
twiuc. Ibelievc oue of thcse mummics i
nnw in tlm TtriiUh Ar.iconm
From Mummy Hall, you pass iuto Gothic , numcrous formations of crystalizcd gyp
Avenuc, whcrc the rcsemblance to Gothic ' sumi uut not as bcautiful or as various a3
arc.ueci,.revcrpcrccpuoiyiucrcascs. inc
walljuts outmpomted arches. aud pdlars, !
on the sidcs of which are various cotcsaue
rnniliinntinn. nf rn.L- n ,n .uW. '
, ThetuVuau, Meenv cvcs ari S 1
. V l" mM 'McePJ cyca arc quite
iierfect : thc trtuik. at first vcri-( istinct. irrad-1
m 1 1 . .i 1 J - 1
iially rcccdcs, and 13 lost 111 the rock. On .
-, ... . .. , . . .
J gj W-
,mm'" " a tauca, i.oru
I3'"IIrst, from its rcsemblance to that 1.S-
W,J?T- ,. .
. " , . j 1 ,
in which is an imracusc pit, called tho '
'sl.Cap. A htlZC rock, fourtCCll or flf-I
w:cu icci ioiig, imo an ciountcti surar loai
rnnnmg to a harp point, projccts halfway
"vcr this abyss. It makcs oue shuddcr to
tlic gnidc wnlk aln.ost to the end of this
ProJc ctllc l,rulSc: ovcr f uc aa.l cl.asm.
As vou pass alons, tlic Gothic Avcuucnar-
r.ow-!' ,,1,t'1 'ou co'"e t0 a Pore'1 cmposcd of ,
1 thc first scpcrate columns iu the cave. The !
stalactitc and stalagmite formations uuitc in i
tne lirst scncrate columns m tlie cave. lbe'
thcse irrcgular masscs of browuish yellow,
which, whcii thc lizht sbiuc3 throush tlicm.
look like trausparcut an.bcr. They arc so
norons as a clear toncd bell. A pcndant
mass called the bell, has becn unfortunatcly
brokcn by being struck too powcrfully.
Tlie porch ofcolumus lcads to thc Gothic
Chapel, which has thc circular form appro
priatc to a trtic churcli. A uumbcr of ptirc
" iiactite coiumns .111 tne nave wnn arci.es,
wh'ch' ma,I-v, Pla.ccs .a P?0,' Got,,lc
ro9.r - . flle staUctites fal m nch festoous,
snkingly s.railar to tlie liigttly oma-
n..nlail flliinn iT I l.ii.K Vll l nli..nmnfi.
nics in thc ccntrc form a scpcrate arch by
themsclvcs, like trccs twistcd into a grotto,
in all irrcgular and grotcsque shapcs. Undcr
this arch stands Wilkin's Arm-chair, a stal
actite formation, well adapted to the human
figure. Thc chapel is the most bcautiful spc
eimcn of Gothic iu tbe cave. Two or thrce
of the columns have richly foliatcd capitals,
like thc Corinthian.
If you ttirn back to thc main nvcnuc, aud
strikeolTiii auothcr dircctiou, you cntcr a
vast rooni, with scvcral irojectiug gallcrics,
called the Hall room ; hcrc the proprietor in
tcnds to asscmble a brilliaut dancing iarty
this scason. In close viciuity, as if arrangcd
by thescvcrcrschool of theologians, isa Iargc
amphitbcatrc, called Satau's Council Cham
bcr. From thc ceutre riscs a mountain of
big stoncs, rudcly pilcd oncabove another, iu
a gradual slope, ucarly one hundred feet high.
On thc top rcsts a liugc rock, big as a housc,
called Sataus's Throue. Thc vastness, the
gloom. partially illuminatcd by the glare of
lamps, forribly rcmind oue of Lucifer on his
throue, as rcprcseuted by Martiu in his illus
trations on Milton. It rcquircs little imagin
iuation to transform to nncoutli rocks, all
arouud the thronc, into attcndant dcmons.
Iudeed, tbroughout thc cave, Hlartin'g pict-
s ar . f;f ?. , . , k J 1
tircs arc rontinually lirouglit to mmd by tne
j T ,. r .. nlln ...
I'iddcn beli.ud stoncs, and tne ngut
strcammg iuto tne uncKTiarKuess, tnroiign
I chiuks in tbe rocks. When the Bengal Iights
"nBB" .f.l" "iiilT. T
- - I j of
nnd you cn peer
; . ..
1 the dcep dec .viUes, or startlcd by 1
TT1P llfllSI'. IIIiIUIv -lllllU ItHi
, enter one 0f the cavcs revcalcd iu
a ,.., ,r :.. .1
1 l,,c ula"LL'J".. i , .
i inc- with hu5e PlIcs ?f rock JutUuS out
"'orc uuu "j u. v
top. Looking upward through this uarrow
Uperture, you see, high, high above you, a
vaultcn roof of blacl: rock, studticu wnn unt-
I Innt ennr liL- nnnetplIntlOnS m thC SkV. SeCn
at mid,ight from decp clef.s of a mountain.
t : , 11 l ,i. i,nn,i.n. it mii'oo
AiH3i3i;uin;u Ulf CUH miiimu. m.MMO,
: ??. tlnk of Schiller's grand dcscription of
j William Tell, stemly -.vaitiug for Gessler, I
amons the shadows of thc Alns: and ofi
I Wnnlirnrtli a ntiT..ro n t I
Wordworth's picture of
VorLehlre dale
Amons tbe rocks and windlng ecars ;
Where decp and low thc hamlcia lic,
Beneath their titdc petch oftty,
And little lot of stars "
Iri this neighborhood is a vast, dreary
chnmber, which Stephen, tho guide, called
Banditt's Hall, thc first moment his eycs
rcstcd upon it ; and tho name is singular-
- i i .1 . me.ira iriirniiiir iiriiiiiiriiuiis .luii uui.uiiiu iiiu aiiu uuu ubkii miMiu ww. j t .iii
ly cxprcssive of its character. Its ragged cciling slrctchcs away- awaybcfore you,
roughness and sullcn gloom arc indiscriba-', vast and grand as thc firmamcnt at mid
ble. The floor is a mountninous hcap of niaht. No onn who hns never srnn tUi
1 I . i . : u -r
'UU3C alu "auu " ' ovcii Mir-
ccsscsand inghllul crags are but partially
l.J . t. i-ki i:.Li ii
rvteu.eu iii inc iccuio ngui. mt ai oncc,
a Bengal light blazes up, and cvcry blacl:
rockand frov. mnK clifli stands out
in thc
j bnlliant glaro ! J ho coclrast is sublimc.cn passing along thcse wild aud scra"5y
! bnlhanl
k d
iniacinauon. 11 is as u a man
i lad secn the htlls and trecs of thc carth
, . , ,. , f i,
only, in thc dim ou tl.ncs of a moot.lcss
1 night. and they should, for thc first time,
bc rcvealed to him in thc gushing glory of
Ihe monnnir sun.
, Kut thc crcatcst wondcr in this region of
tho cave, is, Iammoth Domc the giant
Blnong gian(a. It ;s so imnlcnsey hish
I "S1"" '''"a'o u v ery impcncci-
Another routo from the Dovil-s Connctl
i t;n nrnunn. i
ni i .i . i . ii i t
. J""'" " .
Pa". caca l'cnsacoia Avcnuo
iicrc arc
urciuuimu.. u. .'H
and opcnings, cavcs abovc and below are
visiblc. The Mccca's shrinc of this
. I
.-!.--. , ,.
F TP cuihfwiy
lnej and COvcrcd with tho argest and
. r. n. .
ncncst no" s lootu snar. a rrcsuyicnan
, 0 . , J
cierT inan wno visitcu tne niacc a ictv
- . . .. , , , , . iP',
on it, vh le tho gindc s back t.as turncd
lowardshim. IIo coolly dcmohshod a
iously on thc vcry ccntro of thc arch, and
,..rnlo mo nivn inuIrrnlCcmit nninn In ila
;""b""" -!" t -
piacc. This was his fashion of sccuring
immortality ! It is wcll that fairics and
gianls are powcrlcss in tho 19th ccntuty,
clsc, had thc indignant gcnii of tbo cave
crushcd his boncs'toimpalpablc powcicr.
If you pass beyond Salan s i lironc. by
a narrow asccnding path, you comc ir.lo a
Vast hall whero thcro isnothin2 but nakeil
vast hall whero thcro isnothin" but nakcd
rock. This empty, dreary placo is appro.
priatcly called the Dcscrtcd Chambcr.
Walking along tho vcrgc, yoa arrive at
another avcnuc, cnclosing sulphur springs.
Ilero tho guido warns you of tho vicinily
of a pit, 120 fcet decp in thc shapo of a
saddle. Sloopir.g ovcr ii, and looking up
wards, you sce an abyss of prcciscly Inc
samc sliaps ovcr your hcad ; a fact which
iudicatcs that itbcgan in the uppcr rcgion
and was mcrely interrupted bv this cham
bcr. From this, you may cnlcr a narrow and
vcry tortuous palh, called Tho Labyrintb,
which icads to an immcnsc split,or chajm,
in the rocks. Hcrc is placcd a Iaddcr.down
which you descond 25 or 30 fect, and cn
ter a natrow cave bc!ow,which brings you
ton combination of rock called thc Gothic
Window. You stand in lliis rcccss, while
thc guido ascends huge clifTs overhead.and
kindics Bcngal Lights.by tho hclp of which
you scc,500 fcct abovc you,a Gotliic domc
of one solid rock, pcrfcctly ovcrawing in
ils vastness and hcigbt. Below is an
abyss of darkncss, whiclt no cyo bttt tho
Etcrnal can fathom.
If, instcaii of dcsccnding the Iaddcr,you
passstraight along sidc tho chasm.you ar
nvc at tho Boltomlcss Pit, beyond which,
no one cvcr vcnturcd (o prncccd till 1S33.
To this fact we probably owo tho mcagrc
account givcn by Licbcr, in his Encyclo
paedia Amcricana. Ilosays: " This cave
is morc rcmarkablo for cslcnt than thc
varicly or beauty of its produclions ; hav
ing nonc of thc bcauliful stalactitics found
in many othcr cavcs."
For a long pcriod, this pit was cnnsidcr-
cd bottomlcss, bccausc, whon stones wcro
thrown into it. thev rcverberaled and rc-
, touch thc railins, Icst they dislurb the baN
ance and ovcrturn thc bridge.
I This walk brings you into Ponsico Av-
' enuc. llithcrto.tho path has bcen ruggcd
I wild and rouMi, interrupted by dccp ac-
clivitics'rocks. and big stoncs; but this
. ;f
narrow Ihat a very largo man could not
In some placcs, the
I a . ...
t rocks at the s.dcs are ona l.no w.ll, your
t chnnldors. thpn nilrrl Inirh over vour hcad:
- a j
and then agatn, you riso abovc and ovcr-
iwm uU,uUu u.m
vou Iiko tho miffhty wavcs of thc Red Sca,
partcd for the Israelitcs to pass through.
i ,rbis t0,lSomo path Was cvidently made by
1 .. . . rr . .1
j W'? ,
uiuaci u.u naici uvt iii f -w '""-j-i-
to mako a smool , bca nas Dorca a lunne
- , -,
This is so low and narrow that the travelct
is obliscd (o stoop and squccze himself
through. Suddcnly, ho passes into a vast
hall. called the Great Relief ; and a relief
it is lo strctch one's cramped and weary
This lcads into tho River Hall, at tho
side of which you have a glimpse of a
small caTe, called tho Smoko House, . be
cause it is hung wilh rocks per'feclly in
tho shapc of hams. The River Hall de
scends liko tho slopo of a mountain. Tho
.... .......i.l. 1 1. . ...,..,1 1. . .1 l.nnn tn,imi1 mlt 1it rro ri ( 1 . '
. ..... -
cavo can imngmo thc lcclings ol slron"
cxcitcmcnt and dccp awe, wilh which the
traveler Itceps his eye fixcd on the rocky
cciling, which, gradually revcalcd in the
passing li'glit, continually cxhibiis omc
; new and iincxpcclcd fcalure of sublimitv
I . 1 J
or beauty.
One of tho rnost picttircsquo sighls in
the world. istosccafile ofmcnand wom.
paths, tnoving slowly slowly that their
Iimbs may have time to iiiummatc tho sky
liico ceiling, and giganlic waikt ; diap
pcaring bchind high clifTs ; sinking into
ravines, their Iights shining upwards thro'
fisures in thc rocks ; then suudcnly cmcr
ging from some abrupt angle, standing in
thc bright glcam of their lamps, revcalcd
against thc towcring Mack masscs around
Ihcin. IIc tvho could paint thc infinitc
varicty of crcation, can alonc giva an ad
cquatc description of thi3 marvcllous re
gion. Concluued nc.tt V'cck.
Thc Vaoasoy on tiie Bencu. Sbcc
ulation is nlrcady busy witli ihc appoint
rnciil of a succcssor to tho Ialc iilr Justice
Tompson. TI13 names of Danicl B. Tal
mage, John C, Spcncer, Gcorge Vood.
Judgo Bells, John Sergeint, Green C.
Bronson, Gulian C. Vcrplanck, W. L,
Marcv and Danicl Wcbstcr have been sug.
ccst(.d. It secms mosl nrobacle that Ihe
; -;nn :nlm.nf , , ,,., ' , T.ilm.n
' ii o
and Socncer. as thev nru both nrominent
i anu opcncer, as tney aru
f ; j, of llG rres;dont. Mr Talmagc
! ,i,.,i. .-,,, T,. t :
1 would make an admirablo Judse. llo ir.
tho aulhnr of the ab!o and scarciiing re
view ofJudge Cowan's optnion in the case
ofAlexandcr McLeod.
Josh'ja A. Spcncer of Utica, would fill
thc oflice adir.itably.
SON. Of the Zuprcme Courl of the United
Wc announco with unfcigned regrel tho
tnlliigenco of tho dcalh of this emincnt
man. Wo liad bcen prcparcd, indeed, in
some degrcc, for thcsad evcnt, by knowing
that ho was laboring ur.der sevcro illncss
at nn advanccd agc, and last cvening
at C o'clock, at his resider.ee, in Pough
kcepsie, hc exptred !
Smith Tompson was long on tho bcnch
of tho Supremo Court of this Siale. aud
colleague of Jas. Kent and Ambrose Spcn
ccr. Ho was, under Mr, ilonroc, Sec.
rctary of thc Navy for several years, and
lowards the closa cf tliat administration
was appointeJ to tho Bench of the Su
premo Court of the United Stalcs.
Tho Slation ho has fillcdimny occu
py without filling for nearly twenty years
winning with cach additional icpulation
for his thorougli intcgrily, his prompt de
cision. his sound constilutiom! viewf, his
clear and ssgacious judgr.icnts.
Tho companion of Marshal', of Bush
tod Washington, and Story. ho was quaj
ilicd for sucii lofty asociation and his
dcalh leavcs a void th-.u cannot be vciy
casily suppiicd.
In his privalo and domestic rclalions,
Judgo Tompson was csomplary as in liis
public ttu?ls ; and his death will bo la.
menlcd aliko as a privalo and a public bc
reavemenl. y. Y. American.
Mt Clat's Strength. Tho Madison
ian. which, it is well known, opposcs Jlr. !
Clay with grcat billcrncss concccds him
nearly strength enough lo sccuro his clect-.
ion. Of tho Statcs which ther put down j
for tho " Democratic candidatc," Vir- j
ginia will disappoinl thcm and nf ihe
dnublful onei, wo belicvo that six (inclu- j
ding Connccticul of course) of thc scven, .
will givo iheir votes for Mr Ciay. But
hear whal the Oracle of John Tylerj
Judging from tho reeenl elcctionx the ,
Whig vote in all hnman probablily, will,
prevail in lbe fo'.lotving States al the com. j
1 ing t resiuenttai ciccuon, creu n "i ,
'most slrcnuous cxeriiors of tho united ',
Democrat pariy to prevcnt tt vtz
Rhodc Island
North Carolina
Elecloral votcs ccrlain 111
The Democratic candidale would, in all
probabillity, receivc thc votes of the States
below :
New llampslurc
South Carolina
Electing certain 05
The baltlc ground must then bo in the
States of Connecticut, New York, Penn.
sylvania, Louisiana, New Jersey, Indiana
and Mississippi 97 clectorial votes In all.
One hundred and thirty-eight votes are
nccessary to an election. Tbo Wh.s
having one hundrad and eleven, havo to
slruggle for twcntyseven electors. The
Democratic candidatc having stxtyfive
votes, has to Jtruggle to obtain seventy
fivo votes. This very statement ofihe
case is suflicient to causo any Republican
opposed to Mr Clay, and his policy, to
feel doubt and alarm as to the rcsult. Such
is, howevcr. the fact aod it is unwiso to
attempt to conceal it. -
An arlic'o under this head inlo.day's!
Argus imputcs to Mr. Clay "ditfcrcnt o-
pinions for difTerent meridians" on the
subject of tho TarifT. The wri:cr cvcr.
undcrtakcs 10 sliow tliat fllr Clay is hos
li!e to tho proleclive pt llcy, and charges
him with abandoning 1I10 ground which,
from tho vcry commenccmcnt of his public
carosr ho has altvays, sieadfisily tnain.
lamcu on ints qucstion. 1 110 ncccsstly , cnjoyetl. iVoir, if a line is writteu and pu'
for trumping up somo such invcnlion a- lished of hh worits, which is"not as comph
bout Mr Clay, by way of a scl-of to Mt. mcntary in tone aud spirit as he desires, he
Vau Burcn's dcclarattrn of war against 1 kas liis lawycr rctained, arclativeof his, who
the TarifT. wiil at oncc account for this ab-. 3 eaScr to or!"5 a suit 'or Hbel. He has
surd altcmptofthe -rl'gus to rcprcseut ' h"aSM several of thcse suspicious suits, irl
theaulhorand advocatcof the American '!?euI' " nst of wh.eh he has bccu suc-
n T,..l 1
"dutk sayfni;?," on tliis, as on olhsr qucs
tion of National Policy. Bui Mr. Clay
has becn at all lirr.es a frank, plain spoken
opcn-heartcd Slalcsrnan ; whoso views
and opinions, on cvcry topic of public ir.tcr.
cst or imnortancc, so far from bcinz con'
I he gam would stand a bellcr chancc bronsht one against James Watscn Wcbb of
of succiss iriilr. Clay imttatcd Mr. Vun 'thcN. Y. (Wieraudluquircr, iu whichhc
Burcn's rcservo or ind:ilgcd, iiko him, in ! was dcfeated. The Jurv. aftcr an alsccncc
ccaled or mystilicd, have becn n'.ivays frcc-1 Thoajh thc scveuth Statc iu the I'nion, itt
ly communicatcd to inquiring focs, as j Poin; of population, shc is shown to bc tlif
well as to inquiring friends. And it so Manufactures, the anuual prcduct of
happens that in vietvof lbe approaching ! " "f'1 S" m,lll0U3 "'- 'lh.8ecu.il
n 1 1 . . n m J- nt otate 111 Commcrcc, shc has moro touns"
Pres.dcnt.al contest, Mr Clay h.msell has 1 thall anv otIlcriu ,ho Vl&) nm, pyin
inscnbcd upon tho U Ing oai.ncr thc grcat 71W to.n shipping more than York
principles which aro llien to be submiilcd ' which shows that her vaukce citt-rj'r. - pcr
lo thc approvai or condcmnationof lbe Pao jforin.s a large part of thc carrying tradi of
ple. Tlicso ar : hcrsistcr Statcs. Shc not only owr.i mor-
1. Asounl National Conr.cucr, rcg-'shippiiig than auy othcrSlate, btits'.cu u
uhtcd by the will and authority of Ihe m-' coiiaiticralile cxtcnt thc ship-yard ir.l . hip
(j0). j wright of the wholc comitry, aud hc I'ur-
1 ., Annnn.-n p , ..,:1, r,
3. Just rcslrain s on tbo Lxcculivc and she has more than thrcc-fourths ofn l li
powcr, cmbracing a fuitlicr rcatriction on u-hale iishery. As a home market, hcr im
iho exerciso oftho Vito, . 1 portaucc is shown !y the fact that lic cou-
4. A flilhful nJminittration oflbo pub- riiihcs of the products of the otlier tatc
lis domain, wilh an cquitablo IhsTitinu . """re thau $ 10,000,000 amninlly, being ctju. 1
TIONoflhcprocccdscfthesa'.osofitumong to otichalfor tlic avenige domcsiic txp..rs
ii ,(, o. ,' ofthc Umted statcs if wc cxccpt iiu.nufact-
r a 1 ' . 1 res. Hcr 3,000 comnioaEcliools,hrrr.iim!:.I
5. An hcnc.1 and ccor.orr.ical adu ims .aiuI (,r.icar ,;; 0rcIollal3 fr
tration of ihe Gencn.I Govcrnment. b-av-m le c,iIlcat;im of !lcr chMrc, ller .slt:n.
ing public oi.iccrs perfect frcodom ot j antj mnCroiH otherbcncvolent ritate inMitn-
thought and ol ihc nght of sufJrage ; but
willi suitable rrstraints agaicnl impropcr
inlcrfercnco in clection:.
G.'Anampndmenl to tho Coustituiion,
limiting iho incumbent of tho I'rcsiden
tial ofiicc 10 3 single Tr.Rit.
'trnir Prntpnlinn In Amnriran Illdu
Congrcss. In regatd lo this measuro,
morcever, Mr. Clay has expre a'y de -
clared his approbalion of it, princip'o as
well r.s delails. In a Ictler to tho cditor of
lbr Lfi firantTn fGrnro-in'S Ilcrald under
dalo of Senl. 13 1843, he. savs :
ty r J
" I had rcsigncd my ssat in thc Scnate
whcn tho act of 1842 passcd Gcnetally
tho duties which it imposed nre lowor than
thoso in the act ofl832; and without in
tending to express any opinion upon every
ilcm ofthis Tnriff. I would say I think the
provisions in the main are V1SE 1ND
Lct tho I'cople contrast with this Mr.
Vnn Burcn's Virginia Iclter, denouncing
iho presentTaritT. lecauseof ilsprotecl.
tve jeatures. And let the Argus, it it
would givo ils rcadcrs tho mcans of judg -
ing for thcmsclvej whctber Mr. Clay or
Mr Van Buren is ihc bcst friend of thc
TarifT, publish tlte Icttcr of.Mr. Clay to thc
K.lilor oftho Georgia Ilcrald. and that of
Mr. Van Buren " to thal friend in y,V -
. . ,,
tH '
. ft r,,- . .1
Amehican IIoTnL. 1 his houso on the
enrncr of Elbnw and River slrcets.
now ,
tanes ranK. lor spac ousness anu BC......u
try," Mr.Clay declaresto be one cf the ; n Jars, ror tlie sake 0lm. 1"
lcading objecs of Whig po'.icy. This in. jgTl lml bcen p.ckcd up m thc Mrcet, .1,
..." "f.i'ivv. p. statc of beastly mtoxication, and taki :u
dccd was the founaaiion oftho W h R rar-, Ujc ,vatch.10l4. wh. she ,)Ccaillt. f ,. ,r,
ilT, that " crowmg measuro of tho last )h , , , , sIl , , ,..r.,.,r ....
dations, amor.g lbe largest public lioasos . le o,! mti a ruw miici abovc l'ort
inlliocity. Thcro Ims been nddcd cu' , ioml30n, nlicrc a considcrable liumbcr rf
ring thc past suntmcr, a larga wing, extcn' lncUi wno j,ad conimcnccd work r.t l.alf a
ding on Elbowstrtct Gl by 21 fect, andjdollar a day, with au undcrstaud'.ng tlnt
four slorics high, which, wilh the main I hcir wagcs should bc rai3t d, 011 tbe lst Jan
buildin",50by 48fr. and also four storics , uary, to fuc York sbillings, wcre attackcd
in hcighi. rc.ders the IIouso in cxtcrnal op- by a Iargc party of those who Ind struck for
pcarcnce an ornainent to lbe city, and iu
tcrnal arrangcmcnls, most convcnicnt for
tho hosta and most corr.!oriab!c fur thc
Dr E. Carpcntcr is ihe owr.cr of thc llo
tel, and Mcssrs Shcpard ec Miller, lcss
ces ; who havo alrcady won golden opin
inions from their gnesis, both on account
of their eflbrts to plcasa and ihe prompt
ncss with which the houso is provided
wilh cvcry ncedcd comfori. They may
expect from from Trojms and from the
travcling public a liberal share of support.
Troy Post.
Eruption of Mount Etna. By Ihe
Neapolitan sleam;r Franccsco L. which
arrived ycsterday motnii.g (Nov, 22,) we
Bavo received an account of the brcaking
forll- of Mount Etno. The mountain had oldest and most cmtnant mercnanis oi uui
been for somo days hcavily capped with city. Hedicdlast crcning at his rcsi
dense cleuds ; some rumblings were heard dcnco in Sccond strcet, aftcr an illncss ot
nt times. rcscmblinu dislant Ihundcr, ond
many pcrsons, cspccially on the west side
near Bronte, imagined they felt at inter
vals slight shocks of carihquakc, or trcm.
blings oftho carth. Oa Saturday, about
midnight, several viuient cxplosions were
heard, and fire vas soon seen lo asccnd
from near tho mouth oftho old craler. Thc
stream of lava gradually increascd in ex.
stream ot lava gtauuauv mctu.isuu iurj.iiuuiu""" .
mnt. nnd tnok a courio loward tho. town ' cxtcndcd and ns mullifanous as ttioso ot
ofBronte.Iuckilyafewbillocksto its left
servcd to turn thc dircction. which then
n i . ...,.!, ,nn ,n P.trmn
On Mondor tho stream oNiquid firc had
. ... i . t j.i r ...I
r tho stream oNiquid firc had tinguishcd man ; but ms nnmerous iriciiu,
e destructive breadth of upward I will bcar witncss that for profound saga---es
; it still flowcd on destroving ! ity, liberal enterpriso and .grcat fin.tncial
r in its path. Tho road to Pal- abilitics, ho had no superior. In privalo
auaincu tne a
of two miles :
every thing in its path.
ermo is closcd up, fillcd with burning lava
Thn sirht i awful. crand. beautiful, yet ter
rific beyond dcscription. It bids fair to be
tho most magnificient eruption of the last
cer.tury. Pray heaven it may not be more
destructive j as yet its damages have beeo
confincd to a fow houses and vineyards.
MaltaPaper, Nov. 26.
The popularity which this gcntlcman had
acquircd as a novehst and a wntcr, is rap: !Iy
i dying away. IIc haj commcnccd an iadis-
! ei"ioatc and reckless war upoii thc press of
1 - . T , ... 1 ."
1113 ovrn oratc. .uaniy cnticism and nnpar-
uai anitcandid stncturc upoi. luspulilicalioni
hc is not disposcd to cudurc. He is iadcbt
cd iu no small degrce to favorable notice
which have becn takcn ofhimandhis tvri-
tuigs, for the rcputatiou which hc has lon
.y.-.umciuiK..-., lion cvcr, comCS Ol!t
at "tho little ciul of tbe hom." ir.Itolp
otI7 nnnutcs, brotight m a vcrdict of jiot
ffux'. From Hunt's MtrchanVs Magazim.
" iiiuru luou iniccm iuaiiy ri'i istcrt t
scaiucu as any othcr Statc. llcr F:sheri s
nrp rnllal in ttiiimiiit tn tht rrf nf thc 1 nin.
: tions, arc justly madc to magnify the honor
undcliaractcrorthe uon.inonwealtli.
A 3fosr Htrollhf: Case. A wonian by tbe
nan.c of Hamiah Kobiusou was ycsterdny
brougbt upbcforeMr. Justice ISrowu, charg
cd with thc prostitution of hcr owu dai.ghtek
I ri;.e to a Iiaiable scnse of her haoIe ce-m
jjation. It was thpn, w ith tcars 111 hcr cycs,
t that she uubcrdened her heart, aud stuteil
that her wrctched situation was the fruit of
the treatmeut which she had reccived from a
gtcp-fathcr aud hcr oirn mothtr ! She stat
ed that they had obligcd licrto prostitiile her
sclf to sujiport them iu idlcness. As she told
her tale, she bccamc couvulsed with gricf,
and hcrsobs nierccd thc hcarts of all wlio
heard'her pitiable story.
On her mothcr bcing brougbt bcfore Mr.
Bowcn, the girl's story was proved to !ie sr.')
stautially corrcct; nml both 11:0; hcr ain
daughter wcre seutto the jail the furinrr an
punishmcut for her guilt, the latter for w aut
of a morc filling place, whcrcby, if possi'ile
to rcclaim hcr.
Therc is no law, we bclicve, which com
passes tliis crimc 011 thc part of thc hag of
1 a mothcr. and thc vacrant act is nccessarilv
i put in rcquisition in all such cases.
i Hcrc we may scc another of the doings of
iruni. To buy tbe poisonou?, maddcning
, draught, a daughter is wl.ipped iuto pro.-ti-
. tutiou, and tbcii, to covcr up thc forljiddmg,
j soid-snddciiiiig rcllectioin wlucli nisn upon
, thc girl, assherccalU to hcrself thc hours of
' puritv ilecs to the cup. Provithnce Joumal.
, 1 j
Jliots on the ll'tlland Cannl. A serious ri-
.,, ... .... ,:,. or,,li3 Caml oa rri.
' W.Unf tvfna nml ilrivpn nfT. Kerpnl !l tp
wcre fircd by lbe riotcrs, and Air. Jloorc, a
contractor, was vcry scrionsly if not danger
ously wonndcil. A portion oftbe colorpd
troops at l'ort Robiason had promptly rcpair
cd to the spot.
Thc Rochester Democrat of Saturday has
thc following paragraph, wliich probaLly rc
Iatcs to thc abovc outbrcak :
Eleven Men Killed.'X rumor is in towii
that a row occurrcd on tho Iiue of thc Wcl
land Canal, on Tuesday last bctwccu the
Orangcmcn and Catbolics, which rcsultcd iu
the death of 11 of the riotcrs. The militki
wcre called out, aud ordcr rcstored with dif-
j ficulty.
We arc paincd to announce the dcalh
of Riciiahd P. Haht. Esn. one of Ihc
scvcrai weens.
Mr. Hart wasa nativo of Dutchcss co.,
and had bcen a rcsidcnt of Troy for thirty
two years. At the timo of his dcalh he
had coraplctcd his 03th year. Ho had
cnjoycd uninterrupled licalth until tho
commenccmcnt of Iho prescnt wintcr,and
km remarkablo for his indcfatigable attcn-
tion to hi3 busincs3 affairs which wcre as
, any cilizcn of this Slalc.
l Wo havo not tho mcans at presont of
1 nrpnann a coninlete obituary of tnn d.s-
tinguishcd man ; but his nnmerous fricndi
I .;n l,n-r ivittirK lhnt Fnr nrofaund sa2a'"-
Iifo hcwasamiablc and escmplary, and in
all his intcrcourso wilh his fellow men,
slrictly honorablo and upright. By hw
death tho city bas bcen dcprivcd of ono
of her most emincnt cilizens and stauncli
est friends, and his numerous family of n
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