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The Northern galaxy, and Middlebury people's press. (Middlebury, Vt.) 1843-1844, January 31, 1844, Image 2

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Lcttcrs! Tdl us about Ihe wocl and lhe
V.'c put thc qucstinn in this pnrticiilar
r-fni, bscauyn "sheep " nre very innch in
Var. iiurcn way. Thcrc nr.e m llerki
mer, Olstgo, and Delawnre.o-e'r'jirhclining
Loco Puc counties in iliis Stnte, n great
manv Ia.co l'oco shei-p: and Mr. Van
iJjrs'n cnn't pu'.l wcol over tlieir pyes, if
lie Tvtll only unswcr lius qticslton in a
pi'imp. way. -Ayc or NoJ ..
Olsco'Counly gavo Mr. Van Burcn, in
1S40. a'majority ot 13-19. Tliere nre in
i;, 4P9 000 Whig and Loco Fbco shecp.
If Mr. Hhctt S: Co. can gct an answer
to ihis qe-s-tion, it will scattcr ' the stierp
M-ndav, Jan. 15.
Tiie 'TwKSrr FinsT IlctE. In n fiirm.
and qnotcd largely from "JefTcrson nnd
Mndi-mi, lo s!iow ihut thrir view's corresN
pondfvuli liis. Ile ihonuht, howcver. ihal
inc Ww had not been ailnwcd iheir pio.
purlion tf tbu approprialidns for such pur
Mr. li unard followed and, ns hc nev
make.s a poor kpcpch, it is not necs.ary,
of conrse, to speak pfiisqii'ili'y. Ile ex-prcsu-ri
himself a.pieheiiivc of a desig"
on thc pari of some genllcmeii, In cut theni-solvrs-loose
from otner simitar nppropn
uliftns, savo only thnsc for thn Wet. He
a willing ;o volp, libfrally, for IFeslern
improvemeii'.s but gpnlleinun must not
hope lo cul" them adiifi from kindrrd in
ler.ists. Ho rcferrcd to lhe rcmarks oe
Hnluips, or South Caooliun, and cortipletely
ridtikd his argumem. K"iinedy ofl-idt
ana, also camy in for his sharo of c.ijlig
alioa, for UU liheral aud ungi.-nt'iouj re
maik. Po-r K. snnrte.I so intoli-rably
; nndr lhe lash. thil he could not forbear
cr lef.. 1 exprt-sved : Iiope thnt thc Uag h ,; ;, ,je m.,,Je himelf perfodly
u..,acscincJ to a spc -dy repol -ui. lrPM1 1 r.-dicu'tit. by losin-ihis lcmpur--and tolcl
n .t-. nt m.I.cflJto.u, Inm not so sure tl.al I ,,, ,.,.., .. C0Ils..iuen,s wojUI
I m -y not l.-.ve been a f.ls- prnphet. he ; rf Jc ,m on n fa j( if w cver camc ;mo his,
su.iport.-rs or ilw gag or do.ng alJ they ; aft of 10 countr anJ ,hrmv Li ir.to n
can, and mab.ng lhe mosi despcrwe e.x.T. , ' d,,, BnrnarJ 10ever. did not scem
t.ons. t.i pr,.vcnt tbo icscindin" of lhe rulo .rv aprell(.n,;ve of:mv stlch rrsult nnd
nd lhe topeaker a.ds ilu-m ihorein. evon (aIij jr..I)ncdy tIlot iI0" ind no feaw, ifbe
to i'h- Sro violation offnrnesj and cour-, pn,(,rej ec,eman-s Jistrict. in a tcm-
perale and peatenblo inaiincr,thal he should
m:el wiili anv u!l trcatmcnt.
" r:CK li)" noble. ssn'iib'e nnd mnnly
Spccii of 3Ir. Clinpman, ofNorlhCirn.
!inn. not a single Wlntf, fiihor Norlborn or
So i''iorn, bas Ven ncrmilled to sppak.
'Ilip flnnr Itic hpnn pvrlimiirltf ns:rrrif'it
toSoulhcin Loco Focos nnd thev have ! Senaie lius U-en occupieiJ,
W'asaWgton, Tliursdnvt Jan. 18, 1844.
J, to a lale Iiour.
ovN.llif.,l !w. .n' viPi L.rfiir:i nhirh m iun coiisincrauoo oi nie i-ons'uii(.nai
r.otone word Iias becn piTimtled in oppo powcr of lh:.t body to nct upon lhe bill of
s.!ic.ntoiho rulc. Thc Snuilu-rn Locos U:Uunjc, tojnodiry Ibo prcsor.t lar.
are mafcing the grc.itcst o.vrrlions lo wbip
back Inlo the trncr-i iheir Nonlicrn bn.lb. That tbo Senate bas no sucb power, bas
ern whn bavc kicked ont ofthem, upon ! ben urg.-d wiih conclusive force, and greal
this subTect and there ii om-? disposition. ! l"g'ca! an.I nrsumeutalive fervor.by M.-ssrs
on iliei? part, to veid, or at lcast seiza upon ! Kvans and Ilotinglon, whilo iIr. Woud
lhe Hrt O Msftrriimiv lliat nrpnnis to lei bury, nlio, niade a very respoctable argu-
thc subicct ie thiust aside and thus, in menl in favor of the oppoiile sidooflhf
faci. the 21s! rnle .vill rt'inain in full forcc. ; queon.
Hy t!rss manocjvre' lliev hope to avoid an ' Mr. Iluchnnn aid bo would Iike lo be
opcn ruptnre r!i tbcir 'Southcrn nl.'irs ' blo lo vom ndviscdly upon tlio quesfoa
lulethfv wlhavea',1 doe crcdil for iheir and lie would, theroforc, ask Mr AlcDuirie
s:o..iins;'2eaI for the rigl t of pelilioo, and to expb.in bu;v it was a correct prmciple
wh:ic thcgag wiil bo no inarer bwng re. for the Scnctc to consider a biil wlnch they
sci ided tlmn bcfore. Alcanwliilo, the ; could noi, al.so. Coustitutionally atnend.
Sp aker s. ems determined that, unul the j dwire of Mr iMcDuffic. the Senale
pr wu qucstion has Uecn niovel nntl suj- j""'":" ' r"" "
pelled to.put an en5 lo the pcrsonalites ns
lar as they coblil be stoppcd.
'J he, .whule sjcech of Mr WcIIer. is and
will be prnnounce"a, I bcbeve. by rcspecl
able nieii'ofall pnrlieW aslhe incanesl and
bascst evtr' delivcrcd in a publi: asaem
"it produced soine cxcitcmrnt in conse
qnence, in the Ilouso of Kcprescnta
tivcs. .
Mr Stownrl askcd Mr Weller to permit
him to c.iptain nnd 'reply to thc nccusa.
tions, sti-l receivcd for ansuer that he
would cxlcnd no courlesy to him.
Ncithcr would lhe majorily in tbo
Ilouso of Rcprcsenlati-cs, thougb Mr
Slcwart had been in so tnany terms, char
ged wilh uttering cight falsehoodi in one
speech. Tiiis rnfusal of tho Ilouso was
uoprcccdcntcd, and shows thnt thure nre
men berc as bad as Mr Wellor bim.
ProL A. C. Twimnu iuforras us that
the Thermometcr, on Saturday night, the
27th inpt. Et ten o'clock stocd at 22 dc
grecs below zero, on the following morn
ing half au Iiour before sunriie at 82 be
low and at sunrise 20 below. This was
athis residencc- Another therinometer
about 40'rods east of.diis own and on a
bout the samc lcvef'bu't cxposcd, in an
cxtremely slight degrce, to ,thc effect of
radiatioh, indicated 23 below at sunrise
being one degree only abore the forego
injf. Several thcrmometers in the villene
the satnc momcnt, but. at higher situations
stood as low as 25 below zcro. Compar-
of abolition at the north. But slavery in
in God's own timc will come toan end.
Caiisesare in operation addressing them
sclres not only to the consciences and
bor willbe substitated for slavclabor. Slave
property aa it deprcciates in valuc tvill be
disposed of and if this is dono by dcgrees
thero will be no sudden wreckof priyate for
tune, uor indjviduaj distrcss. The ucro will
becomc habttuated cradnally to a stlte of
pride, but to the fears cf raassacre and freedora and tbus tho process of craancipa-
violence, and the cupidity of slavchold- '-" will be 6horn or lts tcrrors. To our
crswhichare rapidlv undermtning this JeROrmtC-'m'
niA .i:. z.c.. . - . .
ART.8. -It shall bo thn dutv r.r,,
hecretjry to kep true nn,i r' tl
of nll lhe prorl,,g1 or ,he S.L,..'
of lhe Honrd of Managcrs; t . " ,rI
annual ineclinss thcrcol, and nll i'i"1
cia' ni-.:lings dircdcd bv n,,. st-
Anp.n "I. -t,..it . -.u rP',t!'-l.
... 'I'llV
i rcniurur m ri-cem- umI
Ics b.-liiigui" lo lliu
reiorting to measurcs of violcnt and sud-
f IL,
iign nll iimlrncls, nnd i.lfix ih ' ,(t
You aud I may 2C no danzer in it
but we may fail to couvince tbcra mucb lesa
oen oTcrwirow, naturany resultmg in an- conncctcd as they reKard this tobc
archv. blood aud distinimi Nntwith. welfarc and perliaps lhe cxistcuce
standing many wrong mcasures whicb "al u,ll0ay uI,oa .,,",s u'JM , A- 'rorc ll:c jst d
i l- i. . Li i i i , follow the dictates nf their own judgment. Aprd nnnuallv, thc Prc-idir.t i.r n 1
have huhertoblocked-uptbe way, gradu- The true courscofthe friends of cmancipa- ilv shall ive" pubhc notirc i f il (
al emaacipatiou is protrressiiiff a I alonor tiou is to uisana me siniiect oi its tcrrors. um-i lo be rnvnr.Ii ,1 :i .. i "it.
, ........ I.pt iIibiii scc lbat lhe uislilutwm i Hr .lJnpr! . - . ""-Hfliliff f.
ine jme ot aemarKation uetween tne slavc
c wilh the . ,"",r,, ol M-""' ; makt rrr,,,,
iceof tbcir! ,h Alnu Mt-n. in Jamc.iv. '
U to be br.ped that the public press will years ago saw the mercury 30 dcrecs
lonk at Mr U oller a spcech aud answer be,ow ;n ,,)e raorn;nff and that Rev. Dr
he question. whetlier Ihere can ocan j,err;n ; January 1805, we believe. saw
it at between 2o degrecs below, but it
dcceupy of legiitation unless stich nuisan
ces arc nbatcd.
. ... unu niMi civc ddiicc nl llii ,..;,!...
and non slavcholdinjr statcs. The black bv that ateadv. sure aud safenrocessbvwhieh c,csra.r-v , et'ure.sllch Pr-mium,. r'
ing this with former years we find that tide of slavery is swecpini aloni: towards ono gencration succecds to another aud the . 1 150 Pren!"lm -ball he nwarrfrj .'
JosephDyar twcnty-two or twenty-three Texas, carryW on its bosom thc innu- IS'""''?"?'!.!?0 mi'PrMJ Societv. mt",Ij,'r tfU
merablc victims of the accursed institu. that extravaance aud fblly on ouc sitle has Akt. 1 1. N"o prr-mmm Mial! tcanri
: u ir. . i becotten extravnranrc nnd follv on the olh- cd Without cnnit:ritlu.n ..t .f r-
iiwii, ttiiumii uc icit ui jaav iu uu cniuii- -T. ? . j Yj i "nics-i ujg
rose before rnorning. In such extromc
weather the coldcst air settlcs into the low
cst situations, which account for thc wide
diflference shovn by difTercnt ihermome-
Wedncsday Jan. 31, 1844.
The last Monlpelicr Watchman say.,
on Sundav rnorning which was of coursc
i thc 21sl,tbe Thcrniometer at CotterdU in-
iuc 1'usi utriUL. Ubl'wa. ;caiea 4U ucorces oelow zero, mercury
Mr. Mvrrick from the Post Ofiice Commit- frozen vp. At S o'clock. A M in another
tce has reportcd a Bill to the Senate. Sin- situation.anolhcr Tlirrmcmtter was 33 do-
gle Icttcrs are to pay 5 ccnts if uudcr 100 grces below- zero. This is tho coldcst
uii'cs, and 10 centsisthe bishestratc. With- ' weathersince 125
mthe couutywhere publishea newspapcrs ; Al Sorel Canada the mercury on lhe
arc looeseui iree oi posiase, oui oi luocuuu- .t. ,.,, i n i - i i
., ... : 7tn inst. slood 40 degrces below zero.
ty half ceut, and 1 cent over 100 miles, if tbey j
donot cxcecd!315square incbcs. Twoanda ! The orrHussEn .MnciiAXics or Low
hjlf ccntjer ounce for pampblcts and oth- ell. Thc loco npponcnts of tbo TariflT
nnntoilMfittiip T 1 1 o frn nl.- ii rr nMi-ilAtrAtn - t 1 1 . . T I 1 .
c. jii.uuv...v., ........ ..D .D-.- m tu3iaiiiiy Mieumng icars oi commiS'
cxtendonlJo the President, beads of ile-' seration over tho wrelched condition of
partment and mcmbers of Con5rcSs. Tb.s ,c opcrativM of Lo.vc,L Thcv asscrl
billis doabtls a vast improvemcnt in the mt v on,v onnrcssej : 10
But in one
rcduction of ihsir wagrs, but in a siato of
tai.icd, r.ot anolber Vh:g siiall be ailowcJ full.oprn tn-s r
losrion to the ru!- I 1 boceedi.m
rncrits of ihe bill.
pixgs or tiie llu0SE. fcmce
lo M.Piik in i.nnfl:
flfsperalo attempt bas beon com- "i " ,l-r
menr-d.ly Soulliprn Locos, to brcak down b" been occupied wiib ihe subjcct ofim-
:f po:b!.-, and dptroy tlic' pallani Cdng. pfovemenls in lhe Misaissippi Mr. Had.
m-n, forbisspepcbinopposiiionlotliegag s0"'3 ecellent sn-cch was cutffTjnsi in
rulo. All iheir spenkcrs aro con-ilantly 'ho midt, by ihe cxpiralion of tlio morn
miMippst'titiiigbiin and bisvietts. Thry 'lng hour. 1 sent you a full skelcb of his
ho' him up as rccteani to ihe South, and -"peech, last pvening. It is conclusive and
toSouthi rn ii.lerests. Tho real tru'h of ' uuansiwerable.
lhc- cate i. that the true policy ol llio South, J,r- Sieantl of Pennsylvanin, occupied
aud of Sou'horn mcii, is lo follow the ex- l'1(3 fl,)0r lnR greaicr portion ofihe remain.
nmple nnd takn thc advice of Mr. Cling der of tho day. He principally devoieil his
man. Xoihing can bo moro impolitie for ,10"r 'o renly to tho persor.nl ailacksof
the South, tlmn to pnrsist in thui irampling Weller, of Onio whom he lashed in a man'
upon lhe rigbts ofovcry freernan, wheiher ntr pe'feclly nierciless. Ho showcd that
of lhe North oroflho South. Nothing Van Buren had fccen more hotilo lo SVes-
givps to the abolilion causo more iinpctus !ofn improvomcnts than any man living,
tban llit contini'ance of the gag and, con- had done mote m causi! iheir defeal
spquantly, thecourseof Clingman is tbo and. as Mr. Well -r had consented lo have
orifuftruo policy for S-.iuthern mcn. Not. the brard of falsehood stamped upon his
wiihstaiidir:g this, lhe Southern Locos aro f irchcad, if he did nol diinrovc thcso char
txccedinglv bittcr ngainil ihis North Car. ' Bes- 'Mr- Stoivart coniendi.il that .Mr. V.
oltnian, an:i nre determined to breal him would bo o'oli;cd, by his own adinision. to
down, if it be a possiblu thing. j ,ale thn brand. He read e.xtracls from le!-
ters of Van Burcn, denying the powcr Gov.
Tucsday, Jan. 10. crnment lo make thcso imprcvcinenis
71ir floa'e of Reprcsenlativcs was en- After hc hail conclutod, Weller nbtnincd
gagpil, nt an earlv hour in tliN day's sesc- tbo floor, and the Housu udjnurned. So.
ion. in the rrcc.v'ion of rrnnrts from iho tamo-roiv, we may expecl to bo borod witli
t. -. . 1 it.. i .e .i.r
w.iai is rruiur4iiy Koown m a "coon.sKin
speccb," tho conccntrntion ofall that is
low, persan.il, scurriloui and vile.
T. M. R.
WwntXGTo, Fridny, Jan. 19, 1S44.
Jr-in'!. Iirr llii- relief of Rpvolotioiiarv Pi:n. Hnuso was occupied. in lh caily part of
nio.-iiT". ; lor nie .4vn Scrui o : and alo "lu u Ille cimsiuer.iiion oi rcporis
lor J'orlilicntiofw wliich wpro laid on 'rom ll'e suveral Loiiiiniltccs.
ili tab'e 'n b prinieii, aud referrod to tlio ' lbo21slrule tben camo np in order.
Coiiiiniitre of iIil U bnlc. Iludscn baving the floor, rcsiimed his
A b'll nns rpporled from lh(? Commitlpo ' rein.irkj, whrro tbey had l.een intprruplod
on PiiUic L-indi, repea'iiiii tho nztdislri. by the expiraiiun ofibe mornins hour. He
bjting the pro;codi ol the sales oftliH pub- conlinu-'d his arguoienl, to show ihnt Con
lie lands. Laid on tl.o table, to lake its R'css had, by the i-xprnss grnnt of cessinn
plaeo in (lie cileinipr of nrpcppiins. i of thc Statcs of Marsland and Virjiinn, ex.
Cuils fnr rt'poiu from Commilteu con' chwive rishl cf h-ifislntion in tho Districl
cluiel, anl n mntinn of.Mr. Thomnsson .' f Colunihia. Tho oidy limitation, be
of ycterday, lonstnict ihe Commiilre nf coiitciidcd lo ihat powcr, was lhe right of
ys and .Mcuns to repoit nsum sufTii'ient ptop'-rly oriho intahttaiils m thesnil.
to rpinnve tho nbstructiniis in the iMi-s'ss 1 ''"''o fematk of Mr S.iunders havp been
ip;i' riipr. in Sbo qnnual approprialion bill c'larpclcrised by moro nbililv than has yct
j iiKm "r i o-i'ii unarci in ino spcecnrs oi anv lio nave
Mr. Roiv'in. of Mo, took tiie (loor, and ' a'lcmp'ed to support sucb up hill uotk as
oddrpvd ihe Houso on the sul-jpct. nnd i thu defciicn nf the gg. Ho was very
w.is fclloncd byMr. S'.ewart, of Pennsyl" evi-re npou M.r Beardiley, ofNewYork,
yani. " nnd cli.rged Inm with courling tho nboli.
Sexate Tiie Senate hns hnd no mnt. tionirs for Mr Van ifnrpn and, for tliat
ter ofimporiancc before il Ihis rnorning ,ho oppenrrd willing lofel the xho!e South
priati; land cbims in ihh Sontb and West P- for such deinocrnpy ns that, he
occupying niostly iis atienlion. I was willinj; that l.is Satanic Majfsly shoulJ
', Invo tho whole of it.
Wcdnpsilnjv Jnn. 17. 1 At the rloa of his snpcch, lhe flou.se
In Spnale, various pmtions wrre presen" wem imo CammiiipQ nf tho Wholp, on lhe
tea ; aniong which was one bv Mr. More" sunjt'ci oi ine relorcncc ofihe Prcoid-nt's
prcsent Post Ofiice rcgulations.
proper discrimiuation as topostacc on larse t 'DlR!Ieclual and moral dgradalion arisin(
and small uewspapershccts, itis still materi-, "otn 1,10 "aturo of thcir employnicnt
ally dcfcctivc. Iu contributius to the cxpeu- """tinful in the cxlremc. Oh the abom
ses of thc post ofiice, why should the country inable whig tarifls which have fostcrcd
papcr of thc size of the Rutland Ilerald pay the manufactorics of Lowell into cxistence,
at the same rate as the Exprcss, comprising and continuc to multiply (hcir numbcrs
thc double numbcr of incbes. Lct thc gov- and the niimbcrs'of Ihosc debascd opera.
crumeiit charge, and lct tbe pubHsher and tive3 ,vho ckc out half fi,rnis)in ,3.
subscribcrpayin proportion to thc amount (cnce from ,hc tncacr waes a0 " , bv
the lordly propriclors. Our rcadcrs will
of bcncfit
aicarding to this bill thcrc ii uo grada
tion between a sraall couutry paper and city
shect of tbe size of the Tribune or Express
neitherof which will excccd the 13 bundrcd
This cxtraordinary disregard to the prin
ciple of cqualization in relation to the diflcr
cnt dimeuaion of Icsser ncivspapcr pnblica-
tions so carefully obscrved iu relation to thc
be able duly to apprcciatc this demogocial
cry of locofocoism by a correct state
nient of facls in relation lo thc Lowell
Factorics as prescntcd on lhe first page of
mis papcr.
It is a singnlar fact that while the locofo
cos especially of tbe south have opposed all
' i .1 rr :tr- i , .,
New WorldsandBrothcrJouathans.wefear!""' "T1 CnUC Pomt from
indicates sometbing not a little rotten iu Deo-' PPreh ,,at Enf u J " ould rctal.
mark. Wc know ,hnr !!,,. rl ,"te ,llC effcCt ha3 bccn the reversc-
binnciiig Cnminitlepj.-, tho rules lnviiiw
been au-pniii. d for th-it purposp. Numei
va prirato rlfiiin"! wi-ro rep )rteil upon as
oUnwcrc bills ofciieral importnncf.
Aiinusl apprnpriuiinn bills co repnr.
Ii") ffOiu :1m Comiinttpp of Wavs nnd
he-til, from numurioii'i citizcns of Cincin- Meap,
nati for a reduction of postage. Mr. M'd. Mr Wrllor, of Ohio, took the floor, and
inqured of Ibo chairman of thn post oflir.e , is addressing thc Huue as I close iny lel
Coinmitteo ihe reasnn of iheir delay iu rc ler.
porling n bill upon the siihjfct- " I WAsniNCTOX .Jan. 20.
Mr. Mcrrirk (chairmnii) replied thnt the ' The Senate is not in :-esiion to day, hav.
cornmiitPfh'id bi-en rngHg--d upon ibo sub ing ndjourncd last cvening to M'onday
jeat nnd ou!d have ready their bill in a . nexi.
dsy nr two j Mr McDufiie adJrcsed the Snnalc to a
Mr. King hopcd lhe commiltcc wnuld l3!e l,,ur asnint tbe TariiT. nnd in the
g:n utention lo the abuso of the frankin" ' hoio speecli hu z?al w.n most inlense.
prnilpge. 0 , Tho Senator ha worked himself into lhe
Mr. Merrick said thev wnnlrl n comiclion that the Tariiris a most nboin
amonj the memb.Ts .,f riimM, 1,,,, ..i sutlertho uhoio burden of ils atrocitv. Mr 1 memamy 01 xne prcss
niong the 15,000 Deputv Poslmasters Evans will reply 10 Mr McDuflic on Mon-
.wr. uavard cavo nntirp nfn l,;tt . . . da'-
tablish a Navnl InMruclionSchool.
lUr. .wcuume s uill 1.1 re.e-.tnh!
i j 1 ... .. - .
larKecitrJournalshavevisitcd Washington " . ' :"'u . ECDera' "S" ' "
, - ., , 0 , Uiritisd Xantl policy, has been the result of
dunug the prcsent scssion of Congress, and 1 .. . ... 1
... .. , . , . the contravading coursc pursued here and in
whde actnig as the cbampions of rcform it i .. 0 , ' .
.... 11 . ! thc Gcrraan statcs; and astdlgreater relax-
would not be a very uurcasonablc conjecture . . , , 0
...... . : . . . J . ation may bc expcctcd from a steady pcrse-
that sclf intcrcst might impart a tinge to tbe , , , .
., ... 0 ' 0 . . verance in our dcfensive legislatiou. That
vicws they mijrht prcsent to Uoncrcss 011 this 1 ., . . ,, ... , , .
.. . ' ... .. . this 11 tbe fact is clearly evinced by a rcfcr-
lubjcct. Is it not cnoush toiuslify some sbgb ..11 , ..
.. . r.r-. .1 iencoto,helaii5uageof theparliamcutarydc-
suspicioa of a waut ofperfect disiuterestcd- 1 ... . ... . ...
1 , , , bateipoutlierccentreductionsundertbead-
ncss at Icast, that whde we hear thcsc advo-1 . .1 .. , . , ,
. . , , .1- 1 ninniration of SirRobcrt Pccl. Thatgov-
catcs of rcform pratinz Ioud against bigh pos- . , , .... ..
. .. 1 . . ? . ' cmmsnt has been cvidcnlly alarmcd nto the
tagcs on Iettcr?. and funous for an incrcasc ! , - , , t
ofpostage upon the real Leviathans, they 1 ad.P'" f S.raC drec of aPParcnt rela-
should have nevcr lispcd a syllable about lhc , a"n alth ,U ,rulh 1mtc as mueh uom!";i1
dilTercuce bctwppn n l.!rn.l n.,,1 n l.T ns rah Aml sl,ch immense iutcrest
bundrcd iucli sbeet, and suggcstcd the jus-
the 3ritish have in our mnrkct. that a firni
ticc and propriety of discrimiuatin- ratcs 0r iu,ncreucc 10 our.iclcnsivc tanll will result 111
postagebctccn them. The samc rule of I stlU farther mit!5!'on their restrictions.
discrimination which raUcd lhc pota-es on ' Thalour vicT of thc subjcctis true is fur
the highcst sized jounials should have been ther cvbced I,y the fact' that since the l,rcs
applied to the next iu dimtnsion. This ncg- ent "a5om'alle ,ar!f" na3 Pas"d, and had
lectcdasit is, nothing could be so wcll de-! t,me tomfluc"cc the coursc f British legis
vised to cnable a ccrtain class of city pub- i lat'on chccsc, flour, cottou, pork, b.itter lard,
lishcsto mouopolize the whole ncwspapcr 1,00,3 nnd shoes' clocks anJ Ica,her- havc
circulation thau that now reported by tbe beeu 'h'ppCil ,0 EuS,atid amounting to mil-
cipatcd on lhc pla.ns of Tcsas and Mbx- auJ BB avowed disregard of the provisions of .ball adiudge lhc tamc L 1- C u
ico. the great constiniticnal compact which bolds (orious. ' '"" 'r-tri.
T ., . , , us togetbcr havc irritaud, alarmcd and ex-, at t Tt t.,n 1 .1 1
In thcmeantime we have the. utmost asperatcd the peopleofthe South. Thcir . r., ,1 . d,"-v of 'ncs
confidence in the potency of public opin- course has bccn evcryihius but discrcct. mt'InU,'!, l!:e "naril id Al.inagcr, .
ionarrainstslavcrv. which owinrr to the Thc?. 'lavc txhH .nirit with n .l l ,nlvn, !' t
- J irascmiuiy aiui a iioi-neauru lmtiscretioii i"'""'" ninnies. and sunt'rin
unrclcnting war wliich the whig party nbich have given just ground ofofieuce, aud tend Ihe gcncral intrrcsts of the soc i
havewa"ed arrainst it, is "radually produ- tcndcdstrouslytoweakeuthatstrongattach- in thcir respcctivc lowns. '
0 , .? , . ., .. ment to thc Union and to them whicb it has ! Akt. 13. Tho socipiv t ,,. 1
cngarevoluuonclcarly cv.denccd by the nIway, I)Cen thc pri(!e of thc people oftho .MceiL shall Iwvi; 1 r J Anno''1
strong manifestation of opposition to the north to cbcrisb. That foolisb 21st rule- vo ,ilirds of , ' V?" rf
21st rule which it is beleived will be very w "ch the c mS w."h so much perfnac.ty ,er or d hj cons!itul,P , n!' 10
J Ima flnnp mnrp tn mnkp tilfm nnl.tx.nl nlml.-. . uull5lniwn, U3 AJuII ...
soon exounsred. This statc of public tinnitk ihm mrv tt.m- Atit. thought proper.
sentiment will bc mpre and morc cher-' time it was ncvcr wortba straw as a security ! . -RT- 14-'l'hR first inocling ofi,c
t 1 - .1 i- . . -.! i- ! to the South. It bas been a hone ofcoutcn-: c"-'l.v n:l" ''C hoJJjn at lhe C.iurt fli,
ished, until in thc d.str.ct of Coluu.b.a, ,. a perpcIuatc s(lllrce of Coa.'in M.ddlcburv on the 22J or 121
and thc territories, abolition will triumph, ' flicting as it obviously docs wilh thc prnvis-1 1844 init. al 5 n'clork P. M.
a sure percursor of thc extinction of slavc- ;!o"s,of the constitntion it hasplaccd them iu: Anr. l. Ir. cae i.f anv'vacancv
rv in the tates which holdovcr it an ev,?, i uhJ8 position-it has cxhib- vncaccies cccurriug in ihe BwrJ U Jsn
ry m tne states nnicn noinovcr 11 an ex-.Itc,i ,i,em as rcady to trample upon that sa-!ora.re fr0!11 Iinv cc ,ue , "
clusive iurisdiction. Without meaning to cred instninicnt and thus wcaken tbe arsu- v! ., n -, : ', i', ' rfmcnt ami
bc reponsible for all the views taken bv meut wWeh ,i,ey "oulddraw from it iu thcir 1 'V 1 h"v"P0WL ?
ue rcsponsiDie lor an tne mcws laKen m j own jefCBC-c ' point such member or incinbt rs nf ihe 10.
the writer, we commend it to thc careful I nm happy to say that a bctter spirit is ' cie:i" as lnt,-v n'"J' sc'cct lo fi" such vi
perusal of our readers as presenting scnie ! hcgiuing to prcvail with gcutlenien from tbe cancy nr vacnccics.
ncwaspects to this subject highly wor- i V'7, !fai ' T ,1,C .U'Cf,if' 1,G--,t blJ i' tf
. - 0 3 abrogatcd. ItniU be done, aud whcmtie, !hc board cf managers. at anv rc-nlar
thy of attention. done they will find theniselvcs iufinitcly the mceling, to appoint a sub-cinnnitlci. of
I know that the i
fensivc to the ncop
am convinced aljo
distant when that iustitution will ceaseto nanl ran min- ihHin n-illnM 1,. Akt. 17. Tlio socicty ihall at ll.tii
exist in thcse Uriited Statcs. All human iu- We shall discnss tbe subjcct of slavcrv ns anaila' 'tcinff 1,0 nl'olvct' (o nasl a''l,vs
stitutions good aud bad nre transitory and 'much and as oflcnas we plcase, but we 'hall i ,aws am' riulalions ns mav be nccciirt
causcs arcuow opcrating which tcnd with 'ieavc the control over the gul.jcct whcre it -"or ihc wcil bcing nm! governmcnt if Hj
irresistih c though perhaps sccret cucrgy to coustitutionally l.clougs, and we shall leave sociely.
that result. God 111 his 1 rovulcuce will briug , il,cm t0 the maiiascmcnt of thcir own domcs-1
it to an cnd. and that not a I trust by rcv o-, tic conccrns in thoir on 1. wn v. .
The right of frcc discussion we shall ilnin. I 1 "E OBNO S
and we shall not smrcudcr it. Wc shall bring ' Societ v, at its anuual meeting volcd th
committec. Poor Park Benjamin is handcd
over to !he highest rate of duties, wbile thc ,
Exprcsses, Obseners aud Dollar Veeklics,
pay no morc than thc Dayspriug, or Youtbs
Companion. AVhat will a great body of very
useful publishers in the citics say to this cry
ing inequality J Aud does it not becomc the
counlry cditors to arousc thcmsclvcs to an in-
justice which threatcn thcir existence otbcr-
wise thau iu a very starvclin
bous f dollars. A receut numbcr of thc
Jo'jrnll of Commcrce, a notorinus advocate
offrei trade acknowlcdgcs tbat uuless the j w",cu .they would rcmovc cautiouIy nm!
. 1 stnKt 11 iiiuj itiiuiu i.iiLiucj iicsirc no 01:1-
lutiou aud violcncc, biit by that stca'dv aud
sure providcuce which has shiftcd the eceucs
of this world ever since its creation.
First, foremost aud most potent in the b'st
of causes opcrating wilh powerfnl cncrgy
upon this rcvolting iustitution is public opin
ion thc combincd scnse of the civilized
world. No iustitution condeinncd by it caii
long cndurc. When I spcak of this cause I
havc refercnce to tbe cool and ilclibcrate
judgmcnt of the human niiud in accordancc
with its scnse of neht and wrouir. Lltraism.
extravagance and fanatacism, have always
retarueu ratner tnan accclerateu its henchcial
infliicuce. It is not to bc doubted tbat lhc
ind'ucreet zeal and cxtravagnnt propositions
ofsomc perhaps w ell meauiug men in our
country nave retardcd ratner tlian advauccd
the cause of freedom. We clread violence
hloodshcd rcvolution and scrvile war. Ifo
nnportant a charjre is to be cfTccted in tbe or
gnnization of civil socicty lct it be brougbt
nhout with discrction nnd inodcration tbat
the vital and dcarest iutcrest of tbe comtmmi
iv may uoi 11c sacnoccd norjcopardizcd, nor
the bonds which bind tbat community togcth
crberudely surrcndcrcd. Ifthe slave is to
he cmancipatcd let it bc done m a mannir
wtncli shall securethc existence aud tbe safc-
ty of thc white man nnd cuarantce to bi
also the ciijoymcnt of life libcrty and prop-
cny. 1 spcaK not 01 projicrty 111 tiie
slave, but of those rigbts of property which
are rccognizcd and should be protected eve
rywbcrc. That such a result may, and in
thc cnd will be brou;bt about is as certaiii iu
my opiuioii, as any thins cau be wbich still
rests in futurity.
lithcr caues are now opcralins which in-
dicnle the final issue of this inattcr in a inan
ncr calculatcd to excite 110 alarm eilhcr tn
the advocate of freedom, or lo the pcople of
thc slavc hnlding statcs. This cloud of slave
ry is passing soulhwardly. Thc northrni
and norlb-westcrii statcs nrenlrcndy rid of it.
In some nf tbe tiiiddle stntccit exists still, lint
it exists ns a dccayed institutinii. Thc pco
ple ofthese states 110 louKcr cling to it ns
dcsirable, but sustaiii it parlly from ucccssity
as imposed upon them by thcir falhcrs and
parlly from fcar of conscqucnrcs shmild it l?c
siiudcnly cxtiugnislicd. Jtisauold hmldiii
British should resort to contravailing dutics,
the uor.bern states will becomc thc great pro
duccrsofleathcr for England.
Thc cltra leaders of thc Third Party
in theirburninrrzcal formultinlvinrr nros-
con diu'on. ' ir, , . .
vij.m muupi iu siiuiaiie au wnoaonoi
should bc correctcdso tbat tht Inrr r-v J'"J"lT"''e.r oogmas as
c j
lhc forcc ufargument and the force ofpuli-
uc opiniou 10 near upon tne iutitutioii. Wc
shall appcal to tbcir moral scnse. iheir liu
mauity aml thcir palriolisni to aiil in cradica-
ting au iustilutiou so ofTfHsive to thc spirit of
ine agc in w mcii n c uve niui so uaugcrous to
the peacc and prosperity of our caiiimou
country or if it cnn not bc cradicatcd to co
operate in milignting its cvils. Lct them
prcpare to mecl us on this ground, discarding
the idlc purposc of stifliug disrus.ion nnd
thron ing away the whole pucrile apparatus
of rulcs and cajs intcudcd tosilcuce the voice
of thc rcprescntations of a frcc people or of
mai people tncmsclves.
At tbe samc timc lct tbe people of tbe north
!J C1 ...
.uiisiucr in.ii uiucry is so inicrwovcn wiui
the very texturc of Socicty at the Soiilb that
to rcmove it is n work oftiinc and nrudenc!.
and that nll intcnipcrnte and ill timcd zeal
scrvcs only to rivet tbe fcttcrs as it drivcs tbe
southcrn pcople to inore cncrgetic&rigorous
measurcs 111 wliat tlicy rcgard as aucccssary
Ar.Tit'.E FinsT. Thc Socicty shall bc
ccnominatcu tho Addison County Agn
cullural Sorietv.
Ar.Tictn Skcoxd. Thc objcct of Ihc
scciety shail oe thc improvcmcnt ot Agn
cullurul productions, useful domcstic nni-
nials, domcstic mamilnr.t.ires nnd lhc mo
clinnic nrls so far ns ihcv concein lhe in-
icruitts of agriciilliirc. accnrdii:-; to Ihu
prntiMon of an nct passrd by Iho Irgis
lntiiro of (his stntc on tho 1st of Novcm
bcr A. D. 1843 cntilled an act (o cncour-
agc and proiin.tc Agriculliuc.
Ai;t. .'!. Lverv citizcn nf thc Cnnntv.
who fliiill ."in this Cnnslilulinn nnd pav
lhc Ktiin of 011c ilnllar to tbo TreaMirrr of
Ihe Socielv. f,hall bc n iiicuibcr lliereiif:
nd Mich iiicinbcrihip !hnll hc coulinucd
froui vi ar Iu vear. on Ihe pnvincul of one
iNill.ir annuiilly 111 thc monlh of January ;
rroviuf-d, lliat any person payui!: thesum
tha namcs of its ofiicers should bc pub
lishcd. I thcreforc accordingly triasmit
the following
For President,
Vice Prcsidents,
E. W. Dnur.v,
Jasox Davexpoiit,
S. Pram. LTiiRor, Secretarj.
Exrcutivc Committec.
Jamf.s M. Uouuon, Chairman.
Hf.nhv T. DortrtjixcK,
J. Conn Jrt.,
Edwaru Muur.iLt-.
Vigilancc Committec.
Gcorge W. Church, Chairman.
Jacob Dewcy, M.yron Bird,
Parker Cicvcland G. F. Gorham,
Ileinau Langworthy.Williani Dcwey,
Robert Brigham, Charles Wouduvttb
J. A. Bent.
U. D. Twitchell,
II. K. Brancli,
M. Allen,
Wm. S. Goodrich,
David Ijivitt,
Azro J. Mutigcr,
Nclson Fullcr.
Jamcs Moorc,
Ilorace Birge,
Charles IIuntington.Edwin G.Pcrkins,
C. C. Cady, A. W. Pinuey,
Samucl Dewcy.
Washingtonian Committce.
Drapcr G. Nichols, Chsiriaan.
Isaac Pricgs,
William Brown,
Samuel Ilart.
,.f RTlr..n .L.ll.p I... 1.1.. ........ 1 r
ciousjntcrmcddlins wbich may pulldowu the 1 1R oclclv,nni frc0 frorn anvannual ctn-
trihulion tberclo.
totleriuz fabric upcn thcir bcads.
Slavc labor hr.s mucb depreciatpd in tbcse
Statcs aud is becoming daily cf lcss aud lcss
valuc. 1 hc valuc ot its productions. ib
Ai.t. 4. Tho ofiicers nf this sociely
shall consist ofa President, two Vice Prcs-
DENT 40 to 90 LIVE3 LOaT.
By our St Lcuis papcry, wp hate c-
cotinis of nii nppalling loss of life ns uril
as pmpcriv, in lln-doiruriifin nfiheO'ia
h'canibot Sht plwidrsn, Cnpt. Hocil, eigU
ibijs fiom 1'itburgh with Einipraut',
inoiuiih'es and coods. at 11 P. iV "f'1"!
3rd insl. by striking a .snng in ihe Jhsiv
ipi, thrce miles beiow St. Lojis. Ti.e
,vl.if. rrr-t in.l ,r.l,nnn .l.n. .ntjl.l.. M n .1 trlonfft nrnlnrv nnil Trrflsnrpr
n.4 it lipcnm.s lps-l Tirnilnrflvp nn.l vnluni.1. r I ArtT. ri..'1'hnrn Mh.n 11 n!n l ;.,j Kepimiicoii I tiie fjtn sajs :
will hccome the intcrcst of the holder to dis-ifl' Manngers, to consist of lhc scvcralv.f iyc 1 nvo s';tn Uvty in manv ihapfi
pcnsewithit. Itisidleto supposc that lhe, ficers mcntioncd in Arliclc 4. and one hut with ibe rxc-p'ion of onc or to l.ua
L,,eu wiui a new to revenue this renort ..-u j ..... . m.iln.iln.. l nnl ;.. c,n...r.i.. . .
.1.- t . J J I'l Avtitttoo U3 ' P , , ,
nie isrgcr cuy . T . .. - i s-miiiijuhi oi uie nnoie civuizcu world wneil
papcrs will come charcetl with a hisher. aud '"') meii. is aimcuit to mus- ,t ccascs tobe profitalile. Gradunl emanci-
the sraaller with a lcss rate of dutics than at ler cnamy enough to believe these men Pat'on must cusuc, and thc institution will
prescut The at.cntion ofour coun.ry mem- urg.ng an impeachment agaiiist j .f .Tc. h TS5
bers of Congress must be callcd to this sub- 'e great raass ofour intelligcnt com-' whatthe immense sanlcn of the west hnsdoue
jcct, and especially to the danger to be ap- munity so utterly groundless. A well in-
prcucndcd Irom mvesung tbe mighty powcr formcd citizcn of Vermont who wnnld
ofthe prcss over public sentimcut poliucal, advocate ilavery, or who did not regard it
moral and rcbgious, cxclujively in city jour- M a BB;,;mlaj a r. .u .
.. ........ .H.wu m iu. buu c.viciiuiua-
tion of wliich every rcasonable efTortshol'd
uals. Rcorra is creatlv dcsirnble. Hnt
while revenue is at the founJatiou letitbc
equal and just iu its opcrations upou individ
uals, and so discriminate as to secure the
most conservative influences upon the public
to the agriculturc of Maryland and Virginia,
Texas aud olher countries may do to tbat of
the Southcrn Statcs. Texas itself may bc
u nmi,vbf rrr-SfTr u-iouch iio v
n cach town in thc ' "I ny c I'avc iifvrrsc-ni-r
aie lcn mcmbers of . Im"8 -s" lmrr." "'. a w"8 ,"" 11 :1
thc socielv providcd tbat thc prescnt vear ' vcstcruny. i nc nistory ol il.e ma.ier,.,
cvcry lowrn having a mcmbcr shall be en. as fo,!ous : , ,,c Sbepl.e.dess, frorn Cm
tillcd toamannger, nnd (he board of man.1 CInn:i,, lo xU. P.'"1' "hout H o c oc. -t
ngcrs shall appoint n manacer in lowns1 n":b' w,ie" ttl ""c" " "'""7
whcrc individuals hcrearu-r btcomo mcm- ,rfucl a ia.? nbove l,,e ,n"ll!h "'
bcrswbosedutyil shall bc, to tnko tbc;,lt,km c,,:l,k J 'f cs',: ua"
general supcrvision of thc nfll.irs of tho 'cve,c, a? mu.t have ton, -as've
grcatest frankinr; abusc. b.iwpvpr nl, , inable ineasure, and that tho Soulh has to scmimcn" 01 nc natlon through the mstru- "-"lonai tustration
h lhe
Ilousn or Representatives.
The scs'ion in the House of Represen-
Compromi-e Act was postponcd till Thwi- talivcs yeMerday. was one or ti.e most dis-
rl-Kr nnrl llin Qnn-fA . a T ' I - .....
day, and lhe Senalo wetit into Executive
The House was rng.igcd in a dcbatc on
tho subject of improvemcols in tho Wcs
tflrn rivers.
Thursda', Jan 18.
In tho House, yestordav. nfier the close
ol my Iei:er, tbe di bate on lhe navigation of
ihevvestprn aters occupied the whole
day. Mr Harden of lilinois, niado a very
judicious and exctlient sppcch ir. favor of
the zinproprtations for Ihe purpose, nnd dis.
avowed any unwillinuness lomako similnr
nppropriations for suitable objects in otlier
part of tho Ur.iou. He susportoJ ihe
coiwiiiutionil righ; of Cong'ess, to make
kppropratiooj for ia!ral improvemeQt-, ,
graceful, in some resppctsever hnld in Ihat
body. It was made so by a speech of Mr
Weller or O.'iii. who for lhc space of an
hour, did but little inore than'to bundy vul.
gar, epithets, and pronour.ee, in most un.
parliamr-niary epilhets, Mr Siewart or Pa.,
opo ofthe most respectable members ofthe
House, a har !
Mr Wfllcr was called lo order by ihe
Chairfor his remarks. Mr Winlhrop of
Massachiisctt.s, was in the Chuir and but
for thc fact that he was in polilical oppo
sition to Mr Wtller, and a cnll to order
bv him would have been regarded as a
place of W'hig proscription, ho would have
bccn compellcd to lake his seat. Thc rc.
marks of Mr Weller bacame so scurrilous
in the end, that 5Ir Winlhrop waa com-
In doing this no one
. class of operativcs should assumc all
the metit of the enterprise, while all oth-
ri-rri, n:i T l . r n r cmj
- - r. o.auc ers arennceremoriousJj Jcnounced. We
which ,s concluded m th papcr a ral- ask tlose who cannot give slumber to
uable document completed w.tn great in- their Uda Southcrn saTe h a
dustry and conta....ng statisticr highly bolished.-those who would override the
favorabletothc construction of a Rail COnstitution for the sake of immediate a-
Road through th.s reg.on. The reduced boliton.-thosc who can sce no other way
d.Stancebetweenthcterm.n,, thc busincss to ;nduce the sIav(!,I0,dcr tn rpIar .
and wealth of country over wh.ch itmust grasp but t0 assail llim comume,
pass, and the diminished expensc of con- and reproach.-those who can apprehend
struction and repair must secure this result. no diflkulty or danger in suddenly nndo
Wnhin a few years we shall probably sec ing a relationship of master and slave so
cars passing through the county of Addi- ' intimately intenvoTen with thc frame work
son, and the streets of Middlebury. , 0f southern society, to peruse the foIJow
' I ig communication from a gentleman of
WHIG CLUBS. Notices of meetings , talents and standing at Washington ofhigh
lier iilanks.
: j: : . . tnni oi mo nasseriL'Prs iu n c C'-in
slavery. Whc.bcrpcrpc.ua,cd, here o? not i """1 1 w..- Ti 5: cabin bad .Hired . their be.tl. IteU-
we should in thatevcnt he nd of it. In nll . "u. "I "" .. ,...r!,uv. ,!,.. Cribec
1 ..n..nrT
time mixed population orMexico on the oth- ol the prcminms to be awardrd nnd thei"omo ,s"ty ,r su"-y P1ssenSers-
cr. It will never rccede to the north and as timc and place or holding such Tnirs. lo- 1 ana. 0 u r .ur " "u , ,1,
it passes sontherly may be dest.ncd to spcnd gclhcr Wllh ,he ccnera !iircclinn orihoiupintl.egentlenu.ns cab.n nteM.
itseir amonga people. whcre rorobviousrea- m,. Also . nnn;n, ,h :M a nunuie or two, tho walcr rose n W
sons no distinctiou of colour can be sustain-! ,,. ,;,'' , , . lower deck, where most ofthe p-sser.?!"
H jawaru lhc prcmiumi, and nll olher otncer.s,1 : . . . f.. . . 1 ., Oi
be made, must be regarded asa curiosity. ' human probability it could notexistl'ougthcre inrlic,cs of nianurnctiirc ns shall coo in oiiu wcrepenera v
Theonljessentialdifference is the mo- I hh the e Fopulatiou of thcsc statcs on icninpclilion for prcminms at the annual "
. ... , tho oueside and the frcc and at the same fiurs, also upon thc numbcr and amount. .
ujjcrtuui 111 penorming tne necessary
for the organizalion of Whig clubs 'will
be freely and gratuitpuslypublished in.the
respectability. It will not be without great
and persevering eflbrU, such as are noty
making in right direction bj the friends
Tomeitis apparent that the matter ;3 not hercin named. that may be rounrl nc-i,. ho 'pi,ms ttea, - ,c boU, bot had
takmg this dircction,andthe Mexican Statcs ; tY 0T wpcd.cnt, nnd peiform nll olh-1 , cnIered hchm .hc rUsh 0fvrater
with a population m which the mixed blood 1" ads nccdhil to promote tho objects or j,nv h; ... Th r.,ntn:n nuo-ai)a
L'!-1!!?1!!-1--0 e.ou1e slavery Ihe sociely. Prov.ded nlsp, thnt any 7,tf an . . d- c'a(jjn aD.. .,5lirel
uuuutuccuuurcu scenis 10 oe 11s naiurai'oi mc uoara 01 tfl.mngers snaii consiuuie
and proper destinau'on. Should I bc right it quorum lo transact busincss.
m these nntiripations the dooris open for lhe Aht. 6. Tho ofiicers or tho society
utter extiuction or slavery 011 this contincnt. ' 1 : a iif,
At all evcnts whc.bcr I nm rightas. to.ihel 0 Jhn I l chicn
manncr or not I am satisficd that the institu- ,, . , ,T . ' ,i..,: ,u.
ttn nn,t ,h,t .,..1 .! nuallv. by ballot or ottierwisc-, ns lhc
taut. Itsdownrallmayboaccelcratedbytem-lnlee,,nSshal, tI,rec a maJ0f"y "f 'ne
perate and jndicious measurcs but never by 'mcmbers prcsenl nnd Ihc mretinca ofj
imtemperaucc and fanaticism. Great revo-' Ihe sociely for the eleclion of oflitcrs.shall
lutions must be brougbt about gradually. I lie holdcn nt Middlebury on (he first
Know mey somenmes come wild tno sbock Wedncsday ot Japunrv, in cach ycnr.
of an eartbquake but no man desires to see ! Aet. 7. It khnll
thisevil of elavcry great as itis, result in a pres;dent to give, at lcasf, ten davs puh
dissolution of thia Umonnorin servile war r n i .:' '
mutual massacre and blood. If these nre to u - "'""" '""""B". "u
beavoideditmustbe pennltted to lake tbe fa,r8 or Ihe socicty and he shall have
course which God in his Providence designs Powe' ,0 ca!l ary spc"i meeling of the
for it. As It recedes gradually society will tocioly, or of tho Board of Managers, by
accommodate ttwlf to tbe cbange, Free la- giving ten day public notice thereof.
ihcm thr-ri! tvas no d.inr!cr. and r.;oraedl
thc forccastlr, which wns the lasi sa.o.1
ory account we could get of him.
About this tiino screams and shritM
wcrc heard from lhc deck below, and oo
or twoladics who rushed lo lhe sicrn 0(6
boat, say ihey siwn mimberof ppr-D H
the waier. Cenaiii il is. the water iaj-
in with trcmendious rapidity, nnd in !ou
ihrec minutcs was up :o iho floor of thcupj
er cabin. A pcrtion of ihose on lhe df"
weresaved bygeiiing into theyawl.
was cut loossc and towed to tho sbore vnta
a broom.
The water rose so rapidly ihat it o3
becamff necessary for all lo seck salety P'
on" the hurricann deck. Much ditncu

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