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xeopt for medlcal and manufactcxiBg purposci.
oi intoxicxting liquors in aU the towns in ihis
State wh-ch fhall not, in. town roeetiug wamed Uir
that purpose,pa3sa Resolution specially request
ioz the Couutv Courtto grant hcense for the sale
of iutoxicatiug liqnors irtsuch town, and selliog
fonli the reasans therefor.
The Counnittee to nominatethe oflicers ol tne
Socicty fur thc eusuing year, made.thcir report
whici.wasEcceptedandthe sevcral oflicers were
appointed as follows:
Kbastds Faircamu, Esq. cr St. Johnsbury,
Vice PresulenU.
Momi. William Slade of Addison County.
Charles Adams, Chittenden.
GeorgeT. Hodgej, Rutland.
Myrou Clark, Rennington.
KrastusA. Ilolton, JVindhaia.
3. B. Danrorlh, Windsor.
Jason Steele, Orange.
C. W. Siorrs, H ashmzlm.
Alvah Sabin, Franklin.
Central Correspondin Secretary.
Erastm V. Dtury, Middlebury.
Recordinp Secretary.
Ambrose L. Broivn, Rutland.
Cenlrnl Committee.
lUztn. A. C. Twiuing, Middlebury.
Tbomas A. Merrill. "
Jo-epli Ayres, '
T. U. Lunt,
Horatio Scymour, "
S. Stoddard, " .
William Naih, Xewkarcn.
County Corresponding Secretaries.
Wiudh un Co. Pliny U. Wtiire. Westminster.
Bennington, Rev. J. Andersou, Manchester.
Rutland, Chester Spencer, Castleton.
Windsor, Rev. A. Kaiikiu, Chester.
Addison, Jamcs M. Siade, Middlebury.
Orange. . Sandbora, Stratrord.
Chittenden, Gcorge 15. Shaw, Burlington.
Washington, Rev. (3. B. Manscr, Montpelier.
Caledonia, Joph Presto.i, Danville.
Franklin, L. L. Dutch?r, St. Albaru.
J,a,noil!c. .liif us'.us Yoiing, Johnson.
Orleans Jcse Cooper, In-sburgh.
Ese. (t. Vr. Hartahoru, Lutienbursh.
Gmd Mc, l!ev. O. G.'Whcc'.tr, South Ileio.
I'lic Cnnmittcc on Fimncc made their report,
which, after remarks from Mers Fairbanks and
pe-icr, was ncceptcd, and with subscqurnt a-
iiis:id;ncnt, isas follows:
"'I'Im'. in viciv of the pres?at siaia of the Tcni-
peranc-j causcit is Ebsolntcly ncccpsarysthat inorc
cxt--nd J racan? be piaccd inthe hand of theStafe
Coiimv.tee. And, in order to give- then thc n?-
cesary means, would 1st recoini'ciid that the
r ntd co ;imi:tce once ir.ore r.ddrcss the Local So-
cictics. by issuing a circnlar, stating the wauU of
- . n . ., r t:i. .!...
tiieStfe r-onety, auu tne oujecii ir wuini ure
uiouey is needid 2d. That, if an agcnt should
btf emp:.ycd, p'.edgesbe now given as farns pnc
ticable. for iuchdeficicncy of funds :.s .hall be
necess iry to susiain thu agcncy, aside from the
ttvails of lticmbership on tlie plan to be cxplained
bv !ii2 cummittce. the State coniinittce shall sup-
tiIv him with handomely printcd rcrtificatcs of
memuersnip, to oejanen anu uscu uy uuu uuun
the direction of tlie Exccutive Coinsnittce.
The Committce ou Fiuance made their repoit
upon the icsolulion (15) rcferred tn tlicin, wliich
was aei-pieJ and adopted. The apportioumcnt is
as follows:
WiaJsor, SlSO; Rutland, 125; Windham, 100;
Bcnni.iston, 75; Addison, 12C; Chittenden, 100;
AVash agtnn.50; Orange, 75; Crftcdonia,50;Frarik
hn, 73 Oileans,25; Lamoille, 25; Grand Isle, 25.
0?er SlOO was pledgcd on the ground.
Fro n tho report of statmics from S2 town3 in
this stit?, andJan csti:uate based on this tvcgath
cr tho follovrins:
t- loicns. .$iimaiea.
Jlales ovcr 21.
Peimles ovcr 21,
"t'oim men and Tvomrn,
Col.l tvatcr army(children)
Jlcfonned incbriatcii,
TotaljTcmpcrance army,
tn(irnicd druukarda,
31odcrJte drinkera,
Total enemy'a forccs,
2nns s'lling liquors
S3tnre, grocrriei', &o. do.
Gallon sold,
Terupmnce EtDrrF,
42,273 ' 09,000
8,151 21,000
10,090 21,000
8,c!H 25,000
8,731 20,000
.518 1,203
30,(i03 eS,203
G51 1.G00
l53 y,ooo
C,750 10,000
8,093 20,000
161 RS3
117 363
1C6.972 3:7,000
05 153
3G 04
iiddison Co. Biblc cktj.
Pur'tiant to a call for a convcntion for the
purpose of funning a County Biblo Socicty, a
respectable uumber of tndividuals mct at the
Vestry of the AI. E. church on Friday, Jan.
I'rc3ident Labaiee was chofcn Moderalor,
and Rcv. J. Lconard jr. sectetary pro tein.
The following resolution was ofTered by Dr
Slemll, and adopted :
Uesolvcd, That it is eipedient to form a
Couniy Bible Socicty in Addison County,
Auxtlinry to the Vermont Slate Bible Socicty.
Tiie following cotumitteea wcro thcti ap
pointed. Rer. H. F. I.eavitt. Vergennes,
" J. '.conard, Weybridge,
" J. Jleacham, Neivhaven,
were appointed a committee to drafl a con
ftitutiou. Peter Starr Eq., Middlebury,
liev. D. M. Bardivell, Salisbury,
" J. Leonard, Weybridge,
M'cro oppointed a committee to nomiuate offi
The Convcmion thcn adjourncd to mcet at
the same place at 1 o'clock afternoon.
Oxc o'clock r. m.
The conrention met according to adjourn
ment. Dr. Merrill was cnlletl to the cbair.
The committee appointed to draft a conslitti
tion l-.eing called upon, the fiillnwing drafl,
with few amendments, was rrportcd and a
ltpted. COXS TITl'TIOX
Of the Addison Cvunlij Uille Sodely.
ArticU J.
This socicty shall be ktmwn by tlie natne
of the Addison County Biblo Society, tbe sole
object of which sball be to encnurage a wider
circidation of the Iloly fccnptures v.ithout
nnte or ccmtnent. Thc only copies in thc
Engliih languagc to be circulated shall be
of the Terstoniow in cnirimon use.
A:licle 2.
This society sbal! be ausiliary io tbe Ver
mont Statc Bible Socicf j.
Article 3.
Each annual cotitributnr, and etrery person
who wishes to pnrchsse for his own use, or
f ir gratuitcus distribution, shall be allowed to
purchase at co:t, of this society, Bibles and
Tc3taments, and the officers of all stich Bible
Soctetie as shall hcreafter pay into tbe trca
snry of this Edciety their snrplus revenue, af
lcr i?upplyin their osrn districts, shall be en
tixlai to uita in a!I nte6tin3 cf the ocicty.
Arlule 4.
Each subscriber of one dollar annually
shall be a member.
Arl'ule 5.
Each subscriber of ten dollars at one
timp, sball be a member for life.
lrrirfe 6.
Each subscriber of tncnty dollars, at
one time, shall be a director for life, and
be enli titled to vote in all the meetings
the Board of Managers.
Article 7.
A Board of Managers shall be annually
appointed to conduct the business of the
society, rconsisttng of six members, as
nearly as may be, equally distributed
amonff ths different denominations repres-
entcd in thesociety.
Article 8.
The society shall hold annual meetings
forthe transaction of business and the ap
pointtnent of oflicers on tlie last Wed
nesday of June, at 10 c'clock, A. M. at
such places as may be designated by the
Society at a prevtous meetinjj,
Article V.
The oflicers of thc Society shall con
si-t of a President, four Vice Fresidents,
Treasuter, Secretary, and six Managers
Article 10.
The President, Trcasurer, nd Secre
tary, shall be, ex officio, members of the
Board of ftlanager.
It shall be the dtttv of the President to
nreside at the mcetinss of the Society
and in his absencc, one of tbe Vice Tres
idents. It shall be the dutv of the Trcas
urer to kecp an account of all rnonics of
thc Society, account as the boctctysue-
nr.sitnriv and mnlcn an annual rcnort. It
shall bc thc duty of the Secretary to keep
a rerord of all the Socicty s proceeuings,
Tne duty of tbe Managesr's sball bc to
appomt their own cthccrs, and mi an va
cancies that may occur in their own
Board; to call special meetings of their
own and of thc society, and niake an an
oual report.
Article 12.
This Constituticn may bc altcrcd at any
annual meeting of thc Society, on recom
mendation of the Board of Managers.
The Commiltee oii nominations wero
Ihen called on and rcpnrted.
Vice Picsidents.
Gen. Wm. NASII, New Havcn.
II.NEi:iMIAM. Ksq. Bristol.
Cant. J. SHKRMAN, Vergennes.
JKSSE GRAND Y. Ksq. Panton.
Treasiucr JA3IES 31. SLADE,
Secretary-Dr. S. PEARL LATHROP,
Dr.TIIOS. A. MERRILL, Middlebur.
Rer. J. AYRES,
II. F. LEAVITT, Vergennes.
J. LEONARD, Jr. Weybridge.
D. D.PAGE, Whiting.
The abore individuals wero eloctcd to
the respective ofliccsnamcd.
1 he (Jonvention tlicn voted that lhe
firsl annual meeling be held in Vergen
nes, and tho Rev.JJames Mcacham, Kov.
Lconard, and Ldwird beymour, lisq.
wcro appointed to address the meeting.
It was thon voted that tne proceedings
of thc Convcmion be signed by the Pres
ident and Secretary, and publislicd in tbe
papers ol the County.
Un motton the convcnlion then adjoura
S. Peael L.ithbop, Secretary.
Mr CtAY's Retcbx. A citizcn of
Richmond, who dccended tho Musu-sippi
Ktvor uilli Mr Clay, writes to thc cditor
of the Richmond Whig that lhe Kentucky
slatesman will no from Nciv Orleans to
Mobtle thence through Macon, Milledco-
vi'le, and Augusta, in Georgia, to Charles
ton thence lo visit Col. Prcston, at Co-
lumbia thence by Ralcigh and Wilming
ton, N. C, to Korfolk and Porlsmouth
thence by tho Pcninsuln of thc Kastern
Shore of Virgina (Norlbamplon and Ac
comac) to Wilmington , Delaware;
Hon. Gco C Dromgoolc, M C from Vir
cinia vhoso habils havo long been the sub-
jrct of regrcl, on Friday nddresscd a Tem-
peranco meeting in Washington, and
signed tho pledge in tho midst of tho hcnr.
tie&t npplausc. Sevcral othcrs followcd tho
noblc einmple.
A colored mnn, suppnsed (o bo drunk,
was killed noar Newark, N. J , on Tues.
day aflernoon, by tho Rnilrond engine,
having been discovorcd lying dircctfy a
co s lhe Irnck when il was to late tn stop
thc train. His namc was William U'iU
liams. I Io livcd at Nowark.
Rulutns have bcon recoivcl from 79
tons in Congrcssionsl District No. 7,
from which it appcars tho vo'e is verv
largc, and a majorily for Robinson, Whiff.
olG3. 17 towns not hcard from, which at
lhi! last Irial gave 87 maj.ajatrst Robinson
TheGinarul Assembly of this Slalo has
clecled John Urown Frnucis U. S. Sen
ator, to fill lhe uncxpircd lerm of llon W.
Sprague, rcsigncd.
It is faid Ihat Liltlelon W. Tazwcll is
lo be Secretary of Statc, in placc ofMr
Upshur who goes to Franco.
Tho New Orleans Police aro hauling
the ;amblers ovcr thc coals in a fiine stylc.
A number of thctn havo boen committed
to prison, ncd olhers bmnd over for Irial
In this respect New Orleans may well
iorvo an examplc for olhcr citics.
Multuji ix Pakvo. Tlie most powcr.
fulsovrrcign in lhe world is said to be on
ly four fect and cight inches high. "Lit
tle Vic," of coursc, Princo Albcrt is five
fect len.
On Dit. It is said that Bishop Hop
kins, of Vermont, in Iho coursc of last
treck visitcd Philadelphia, at lhe rcquest
of some of lhe Episcopal clcrgy, to IccN
(urc on the subjcct of lhe Roformation.
The arrangcments wcro partially made,
whcn Bishop Onderdonk hearingof it, and
not Hking tbe subject of tho proposcd
leclurcs, issues his intcrdict, and fnrdids
tho Bishop of Vormont from interfering
with his dioccsti ! ! (Prosbytcrian.)
Monday. Jan. 22.
In tbe House, Hon. OsmyuBaker, Repre
sentative elect from Masi. was qualified and
took hisseat.
Ntr. Douslas of 111.. from the Committee
on Elections, tnade a report on lhe ralidity of
the claims to seats of the general tickct mem
bers. It argues at length the unconstitu
tionality of the general tickct law and closes
with a resolution declaring the rights of thosc
members to their eeats. Mr. G. Davis ask
ed and was granted leave to bring iu a minor
itvrenort to-morrow. The report was re-
ferred to the Committee of the Whole onthe
Union ordered printed. It will be taken up
for consideration two weeks from to-morrow,
according to notice of Mr. Elmer, Chairman
nf lhe Committee on Elections,
Thia Committee have decided on Mr. Gil-
mer's case in favor of his claun to his seat,
Ijv tne pany maioriiy, o io j, vuy "i
above report was adopted,) and will probably
report to-morrow.
P In Sesate.
VERMorT.-InStmetions from the Legis -
lature of this State were read, requiring their
renrcsentatives in tjonsress to voie, xc. a-
gainst any change of the prcsent tariff.
Post Ofhce Refobm. Mr. Merrick pre
sentcd hU bill. It was read twice and ordered
to be printed again rcferred back. Mr. Mer
rick accompanied the presentation with some
remark upon the nature and character of the
bill. The feeling of the Senate secms to be
strongly favorable to an immediate reform.
Thc Tariff. The resolution before
.. j Mr M,-Ti,ffii bnsal -
rea'dy spoken is now again called up, and
u. ,t.in,nirtnMr MrDnf-
fic Hebeanwith saying that hc felt y of thc execration which such 'incendi
but little interest in tnis subject, it has , arj"fanatical' moyements, nhether of
bccnaooflen argued that there can be legisiaiuresor inuiviuuaisougni toreceive
nothin" new said. Truth is cternal. MrSoiver objected tothc reception. Mr
Nothing new but experience. The first Crittendcn hoped it would be rece.vcd
topic which Mr. E. discussed, was the in- and laid on the table. Mr Bates had dc
iuvtice alleged by the Hon. Scnator (McD) sired to avold debatc at presdht, atul Con
of rais.ing all revenue of the Government 'sequently had mored to lay on the table.
by duties imposed upon imports. He i Mr Bagby opposed particularly thc prin
(McD.) had said no other nation does it. 1 ting of what he called treason to the
But olhcr nations, ovcrburdened with rights of his constituents and abhorrcnt
debts, and tmable to raise all their revenue to every one south of Mason and Dixon'e
by their duties, are no guide to this nation . Hne.
which can do it. Mr. E. showcd.at some After fartbcr convcrsation, thc resolu
length, that duties upon imports was ack- tions were rcceivcd; and their printing
nowledned by all pohtical economists to
r . J , r . . ..i.it
he tne bcst ana most appropriate meinou
of raising revenue. He next proceeded
to cxamine at length and in detail the pro
visions of thc tariff of 1642, for thc pur-
pose of proving that it is a tarifF of reve
nue in onoosition to Mr. McDuffie's ar-
guments, by which hc endeavored tosbow
that the tariff of '42 was " unjust, oppres
5ive and iuiquitous, with falschood stamp-
cd upon its face, and not a tariff for rev
enue, but a tariff for plundcr.' The ar
guments herc used were such as are com
monly cmployed on this side of thc ques
tion. A tarill developes the mdustry ol
thc peoplc and their resources, and thU3
furnishcs them with the meanscl purchas-
ing dutiablc articlcs, which again furnish
cs revenue. Mr. E. charged Mr. McD.
with arguing from philosophy and spccu
lation, without facls. He bcgged to call
his attention to thc inductive or Baconian
system of philosophy, which dcduces con-
clusions from facts, Ilts (McD. s) theory
said that duties upon imports enhauced
priccs. Facts proved that thcse duties di
niinisbes prices. McD. says prices fell
not in consequcnce of thc duties, but in
pitc of them. Mr. J. then went mto facts
:nd statistics to prove his own, and dis-
prove McD.'s position. In the course of
his rcmarks, he showed that the agitation
of this subject in Congrcss tcnded to di
minish orders for forcign goods. A stablc
law gives the merchants confidence, and
they know how to act, and what to cxpect.
11c hopeu tlus prcseni uiscussion wouiu
not disturb their confidencc in tbe perma
ncncy and stability of thc present law, al
though such was the tcndency.
Mr. E. cxamincd m detail thc imports
in the rcspectivc quarters of each year,
both of free and dutiable goods. The pub
lic papcrs say that the revenue is falling
off tbcre is a deficiency of revenue the
government is becoming bankrupt, &e.
He did not believe a word of it, and he
undcrtook to prove it, provided the present
tariff bc not dibturbcd. In continuation
Mr. Evans said, give the poor employment
not cbarity. Adapt legislation to pro
moting industry. Give thc people the
means of purchasing luxuries and they
will purchase them. Mr. E. next proceed
ed to cxamine efiects of the act of '42 up
on commcrcc. There is domestic com
mcrce as well as foreign commercc and
the amount of the former excecds that of
the latter. What can morc strcngthen thc
pcrpetuity and continuancc of tbe Union
than the cultivation of our domestic com
nicrce upon our canals and railroads.
Mr. McD. has said that half the commcrcc
has been struck down by thc act of '42.
But what are thc proofs? nonc have
been given. No comnlaints have bccn
,!.:. . .
sailors are rising. It by no means follows
l,,c nfi;,ln, .:, : ,,.! r..
IIIUU. .-111 1 1 .1 .11 . 111111(1111 1111. . .! I 1 1
therefore they aresold at the lowest prices!
Competition reduccs prices. In free trade
.1 - - .:. t. in
there is no competition. It would bcvcry
. f j ,nn nnn 3
120,000,000 at the outside, of .importa-
.. . . ...... u... W . .,....., VI.
tions pcr aunum. The increase of the
population, and capacity of our consum-
crs, does not justify larger importations. '
You cannot judge of the cffect of an act
imposlng duties until six months after it
passcs.as it rcquires six months for orders
totake cffect. The imports under the
act of '42 excced thosc ofpreceding years
Mr E. adduced numerous statistics to
prove that the increase of duties does not
diminish commcrcc. To prove that du
ties do not diminish commcrce, Mr. E.
statcd, that when the importation of duti
able goods fell ofTthat thc importations of
lrce goods lell ofl still more, thus proving
that the cause of the decrease could not
bave been the duties, otherwise
should tbe importations of free goods fall
Mr Evans continued till 3 o'clock, when
he gave way to the motion for adjourn
ment. The Senate then went into executive
Jan. 23.
Mr Adams asked leave to present a res
olution of the Massachusetts Legislature
at its present session for an amendment of
the Coustitution to exclude the rpprescnt
taion of slaves; and Mr. J. Campbell ob
jecting, moved a suspension of the rules I
for tm pqrpose. Mr Sunders asked if
the. former resolutions of similar import ;
had bcen signed by tlie governorl Mr
A believcd not; but this resolution had
been introduced in the bousc of reprcs
entatives by the 'Dcmocratic' member,
and had passed unanimously. Mr C. J.
Ingersoll said he had understood that the
former resolution liad been drawn by Mr
Adams. and begged leave to cnquirc if
this was thefactl Mr Adams replietl by
ncl-inir ih vn.is and navs: wlucli causediOiina
aburstol lausntcr. ne moiion io
i r rii rvi - 1 1 1 rr . . .i u ..
r . .
penataien: icasou,
the resolution was not reccived
I.m Senate. tbe resignation
of Hon.
Mr Sprague was presented.
Mr. White presentca resoiutions ot iue
T.Pri,Iature of Ia.. in favor of refundine
Gen Jackson's f.ne, and against Mr Cost
T..I. t,n fnr tii rr- pFnf t ii st.ntpq
, . n:.i.:i,.,i;nn ti;. n
. 3 . -, i.i j j
onthe hne he saiu, wouiu aepena on mc
Je. t c'me no fphn of rc.
' ,- r, ,,. urnrP eonfrre'is fand on it hc
I1'? M bei'e ' "fon) and a's to dis!
1 did not express an op.nion) and a i to dts-
. tribution, witn his otdte, ut. sioou pituj,Cu
lur u.
Mr Bates nresented the rcsolution.which
he moved to lay on the table and print, of
the Legislature of Massachusetts, (pre
sented in the House by Mr.Adams) to ex
clude slave representation. Mr King cx
pressed regrct at its prcsentation, and said
thc Union would not last twenty-four hours
after the passage of such an incendiary
'measure. Hemadea similar reierence
to tbe Hartford Convention to that of Mr
Saunders m the House, and spokc warm-
was rei uscu; icas , iajs it
rpi, rTn-rr 1.-II r urM.T
The Tariff bill of Mr McDuffie, with
Mr Evans' Report, again camc up, and
Mr Evans resumed and concludcd his
speech in convincing vindication of the
Tariff, exhibiting at length statistics show-
ingits operatton, and replying to Mr Mc
Duflie, &c. &c.
The Senatc then adjourncd.
Washington, Jan. 24.
Mr Piiocnix, wl.ose death waa so confi.
dently roporied hcro last evening, bas ris
en, Phoenix like from his ashes. Ile.
lives and may he live, a thousand years
Wliatevcrdangcr hc may bave been in, is
past, nnd he will, no doubt speedily rccov
cr, ThoTarifTqucstion, which arose onthe
report of the Committee of Finnr.cc, ad
vorse to the consideration of Mr McDuffio's i
Bill, on Ihescoro ofthe want of jurisdiction
by tho Senate, was resumed by tho Sen.
Mr Woodbury was entitled to tho floor.
But Mr Bcrtian, with the assent of Mr
Woodbury, ogain raised tho qucstion of jur.
isdiction and,
Afier some convorsation, it was agreed
upon, informally, that tbe dcbate should
tcrminate, afier Mr iUcDuffio's rcply to
Mr Evans.
Tho Scnalo passed some timo io Exc
cutivo Session, but did uolhing.
In the House. the minority of the Com.
mittee on thc four Stales, lhe legalily of
whosc elections is conteslcd' repotted tho
election by general tickct is illcgal and
The Rrport'adversc lo the propo .ilion for
tbe President lo lake bteps lo
.." r n
n . ,
rpmtorv. was discusscd. and a verv cx-
travigant speech agains ih. report was
mado byWtnlwor.h o' I hno.s.
JI7r Thompson and o.hcrs spokc upon
.1, when lhe subject was latd os.de for iho
Tho Bill, aulhorising tho transfor of ap
propria.ions in tho Navy Depertmeni, was
bricfly discusscd. but not voted upon.
Thursday, Jan. 25.
Proceedings of Congrf.ss. The pro
ccedings of both Houscs have been pccul
iarly barren of intorests :odny. In iho
Senate, afier a few rnoments had been oc
cupicd in thc considuratiotis of memorials,
pciitions. and other miscellennous busincsi,
the grant oflnttd for lhe improveTient of
Fox and Wisconsin Rivcis was briefly
consider''d. After this, the resolution of
, . l r 1 1 1 : . i; n
' , j j i . j s. .
cou, was taken up and debaled. Mr Ar -
j chor, of Vtt., Chairman of lhe Committee
:.. 1 lu 'yla,r5 P "'f u.
T. - iT-. , II .J
oiy. o. t.io impropno.y oi enier.atninc; a
. . " . . ...
i a.'SCU3Slon " ""J-. "".e.n'B,w'
! t'ons were depending with the Bntish Gov.
' orlmen, Furl,l,er f 'ht
, Ucc was postponed, unul Tuesday next.
t Jiiier ihis. .no i-icu-iie wcm iuii) ii
. c. - i j ..
tive Session, nnd remaincd thcrctn
into Execu
late m lhe atlernoon but Ihat it did nny
tliin? thorcin, of any momcnt, I bave not
In the House, iho debale was oven of n
moro uninteresting character. The whole
dar was taken up in the report ofa ma
r ' hu , ,h claim of Mr Gnin lo his
. - r- r
seat. Sevcral atlcnipU were made to pre-
vcnt the printing of all lhe testimony and
decision in tho case but, after n whole
day had bccn wastcd upon ihis idle and
unprofitable debate, tho House decided lo
print tho whole.
Friday, Jan. 26.
rTMin Qnnaln bna nnt bf.nn in mpinn tn
; ja- h j ' adjourned ovcr untill next Mon-
In tho Hiuso lo-day tho assault upon lhe
Whie renoriers was rcnewed, in a differ
erent shane, but in ahardly less despica
iblomanner. Mr Charles J. Ingersoll, of
Pennsylvanin, rose, and read, from the U
o. Gazellc, on extraci trom a leiter sign
ed Oliver Old. Schonl, and which
afBrmed 10 be 0 Mr Sergeant. He com. .
plaincd that the report was a falso s'ate
mcnl ; and demanded to hava Mr S dis
misscd from lhe floor,
Mr Morris, of Philadolphia, rose, and
defcndcd Mr S. He said J10 was a man of produccd and on apostacy moro start
honor and voracity and did noi believe ho ling than any which any Virginian has
woufd make n statereeot he had any rcason ever displaycd."
to suppose untrtif .
MrAdnmssaid in rrply Ut Slr Inger
soll, that ho wa rrady toendorse lhe state
mcnt. It was all Irue and ha would here
say, that the romarks and questions of In
gersoll wero impcrlinetit. Mr A proeeed.
ed to speak with mucli sovcrity. of the re
marks on tho occasion, (the prcsentation
of osir S'ale resolutions,) both of Mr lnnor.
s0 and alsoof Mr oaundrrs, ol ixortti ar-
Mr A.
wcntonto spck, at length. of character. The courteot
lions ofour Lr gislature, undde.j'esol h new Impcrml Comn:
i.t i .
' i nn rnan niinna rtt rt i i .m
, -."V; , r n":
tbing lo 1 W'lb 'he authorship of tho reso
Ilenry A Wise, r.f Virginia, who cnter-
tatns a deadly hoslility agatn'it Uliver Uld
....- j v .
fchoo .or Somc ncues W
uiiiiJcn, neio enuuaynreu iu uuiuiu uio
noor, witn a view no oouut, to eivc iuii ana
Ratisractorv reasons to n Wnip Secalc. wbY.'ry.
. . .- - . : -
he should be confirmed to Rro. by hts arr,
ibdjc, lorgiving, auu jusl tramo ol mino.
Psi?:ed to claim the floor, although il
d . tQ , , .
g refastl ,0 a)!ow cla;m jj r j
l: i u: j.f.i n :
in reply, complained ofthe oflensivo coursc orily and nrcvicw ofit is spoken ofasex
ofMr Adams lovvards bitnself pcrsonally. cecdingly gratifying.
Tho lime before tho closing of tho mail, is ! The an ti corn law agitation was kept
brief to enable mo to speak, as lomorrow I : up with great zcal, and an imprcssion seo
shall endeavor to do, of the oflensivo end I ncd lo be gaining ground Ihat Sir Robert
disgracerulaltackofMr Ingersoll upon MriPeel would propose somo cbangc at an
Ad-ims. M.-King, of Massachusetts, rose.'carly day. Mcanlimo the miscrablccon
and commenced a reply to Mr Ingeisoil, in ;dilion ofngricullural laborers is shown by
explanalion of the origin of the Mnssa almost nightly incendiary fircs.
chu.etts Resolulion but was interrupted From Ircland there was nothing impor-
by Cave Johnson, of Tennessee, on iho
point ofo'der, that enough had been said,!
! .. . . .
i. c. according to th viewsol Olr John
son. Tbe Spcaker, Iiovexe r, permitted
him lo go on and he made a very hand
some and noble vindicalion of Mr AtJnm..
IIo expliined the origin of the resolutions,
bul was constamlv and repcalcdiy inier.
ruptcd and, ahhcugh the Speckerhad al.
iowcd othors lo discuss lhe samo subject,
he called him lo ordor, and direcled him lo
ttke his seat. Mr Clingman moved to let
him go on.
Tba Houss permiticd him to go cn, how
cvcr, wiihoul taking tho ycas and nays
bul be was sloppcd again by an inleirupts
ion, from Mr Parmenler, who nishcd to
correct an crror in tho information of (he
Mr K. is still spcakiag, as I am compell
cd to closo my Utier.
WAsniNcroN, Saturday, Jan. 27
Thc Seuaio was not in Session to-day.
As eoon as the House mct, Mr Wise
tnado a counter Report from lhe minority
ofthe Committee on Rules.
MrCave Johnson in conformily with a
noiice given yesterday, asked leavo to ofT
pr a resolution cxcluding Ictler writurs and
and raportcrs fiom the Hall, oxcepl those
cmployed for lhe picss of washington City.
Leavo was rcfused.
Mr Biaek raads an unsuccesful i fTorl l3
iubmit a proposition for employing a corps
of Rcporters, lo be paid from tho Contin.
gcnt Fund oi thc liousc, and bo sworu to
report litcrallv all that passcs.
Tho House then went into Committee of
iho whole on privato bills, and took up the
btll for tho rclief ofthe widowa and orphans
of those who were lost in tho unfurtunato
schonner, Gtaropus. MrRathbun, of N.
Y., opposed it, and Mr Wise, iu ono of tho
most bcauliful and oloquent spccchcs thii
has ever been mado in tho House, suppor.
ted il ; for which, I say, "God b!oss
him !"
Finally lhe bill was passed, the Commif
tcc rose and iho House adjourncd.
The correspondent of lhe Boston Daily
Mail, 1ms lhe following concerning matters
and ihings at Washington :
Thc polilical cauldron is boiling hot.
Mr Rivc's Leiter has como upon us likc
, a clap of thunder ! It is not merely ns
speakuig the sintimerits of Mr Rivcs him-
. a . .,..,
"gem c U ; bhh
, undeorslood hero ,hat & s ks not
J ponsprvative narlvfha. nnrlv
' nir 1. niirno 1 1 n.nniiannn nTnonhil
which, in 1840. throw its wcight on the
side of tho Whigs, and helped to swcll tlw
civic Iriumph of Gen. Harrison ; bul
which has sincc been considercd as lcan'
ing lowards its first love, if not actually
joining hand in hand wiih the Dcmocracy.
It is nlno understood hcro that tho admin
... w - . - I M
islration will',foIlow in the footstpps" of
Mr Rtves, and give its remaining influ
ence, small thouh it bo, for Mr Clay ! To
ihis course, Mr Wcbster has ulready
pledgcd bimsclf ; and Spencer is begcnig
hnrd lo he tcken auitin into tbe Whig
ranks. How sinccre ho is in this maller,
bcyond his hopcsof being confirmed lo lhe
I Sunreme iench, you can judge qtnio as
' '.. r ' J 1 '
well ns I can.
The President himself, having from no-
CCcS;lv. ..nut awav ambilion." that is.
, . ' . ,, .; .. ..
up all hopo of oblaiuing a
nominalion from citlier party lor ro-e.ecl'
ion to iho placo he now fllls, makes himself
very comfortable about polilical mattcrs,
and says, "ho don't caro which party is in
tho ascendant." The lcading dcmocrats,
he savs, have dcccived him in order to ol)
tain office, nnd tho Whigs have abuscd
i i i , ,
him because he chose to turn his back up-
on them after they had elcctcd him. Hc
says, however, ho will turn no moro Whigs
from ofHco.even if they smoll as strong of
Clay as an unburnt unck ; and that, if the
Senalo does not confirm his dcmocratic
nominations, ho will givo them a new set
ol Whigs. l ncrc are, nowever, somo con-j
siderations which mducc tho Senatc to
movo very cauuousiy. r.o.s ana counter
plots aro tho order of lhe day. Tho Prcs-1
ident's seeming acquioscencc to tho wish-
es of IhcSenatois viewed wilh dislrust
and suspicion. Tho crcaturcs who hang
and fawn around him are known to bo
wholly mcrcenary and unpnncipled; and
depend upon it Mr Tyler's profcssions at
this day will not bc trusted farthor than
tho length of his nosc.
Alakm! lhe Richmond Enquirer is
tnogony. 1 he leiter of Mr Rives has
thrown tho cditor in to a more friuhtful
paroxjsm of alarm than the vetcran cvcr
cxpcricnccd boforo.
Hear him
(Bost. Atlas.)
" W. C. Rives supports H. Clay a
coalition morc monstrous than anv other
combination which this countrv hns ever
Sixtcen d.iv latcr frum Europe.
By thc Brilannia, whicb arrivcd at
Costoh on Snndny, tho Editors of lhe Ver
mont Chronicle have papcra from Eng'
land to thc 4th inst.
An ovcrlnnd innil had been rcccived,
with ncws from India and Cliina of a grnt'
cnurteous beiir
iKevlinir. and ha read.ness to pt ri2ht
whalever mny bo wrong, aro spoken of hs
e.xccedingly gralifying and encouraging
Tlie news civcs confidencc to tho manu
facturers in England, who now rely more
i. i.. .i ,mn
T " oT
same influcnco will be felt in this coutr
. . , , ii. ..,,
It asscrted posHnroly, and by author
; ' j- - o"
, 'heir hatbor on ihis sido, but contmuo to
mBko Boston the trrminus.
l As to business, lhe ycar cndcd satisfact
ant, thc stalo Inals not having como cn,
nd O'ConnclI having retired lo prepare
t ? ,... .L ,- 1?- ,. .
himself for the defcnce. His statcmcnt
that an offcr had bccn made to comprom
isc and drop thc trials if hc would drop thc
rcpcal, is flatly conlradictcd by the minis'
torial organ.
France. Tha Chambers had mcl. and
(he standing Committces organizcd, 18
minislcrial and 8 opposition. A minis
tcrial President, Sauzct, was elected by the
SrAiN. The young Quecn of Spain
has scnt nn Ambiissador (o Paris to invilc
her mothcr to Madrid ; and thc invilation
has bccn acceplcd. Polilical affairs in
Spain still unseltlcd.
Fbom Wasiiixutox. To thc list of
nominations rejccted by tho Senalo is ad.
ded lhe nan.e of Hon. Isaac Ilill.
On Thursday Mr. McUufHe's Bill for
lhe rcncwnl of tho compromisc act, camc
up for discussion. The Finance Com
iltcc reporled Ihat it belongcd to thc clf.ss
of revenue Bills, which thc Senatc could
not cnnstitulionally originatc-
In tho llouso it wus concludcd lo (cr
minale the Wcslcrn Walcs debato on Sat
urday. Wool. Thc Boston Courior has ad
vanccd ils quotalions 1 cent pcr 1b. on first
quality. Deniand gccd and prices firui.
Livcrpool datcs to Dec. 18, aro rcceiv
Thc Biili.Ii Parliamcnl was to mcol on
tho 1st of Kcbruary.
Threo cminent l.iwyera who have been
constilted in regard lo thc lcgality of the
degree confcrred upon Mr. Everett by the
University of Oxford, pronounco lhe wholo
proceeding null and void.
A Brilish surveying parly in New Zc
land has been attackcd by thc natives,and
20 mcn killed.
Sir Hcnry Pollinger has been rccalled from
Chinn at Ii.s own rcquosc
A Russian dotachment has bcon de-
featcd by the A varians, a Circassiun Tribe,
wilh lhe losa of 1,000 mcn,
(tt-Tho Tliird Party at their lalo con
vcntion at KochcstaT, nomt.iated tion.
R. Shaftor for Governor in tho placo o
Judgo Williams, Tho reason given by
thc lalter for his dcclension was Ihat hc
wished to retiro from public life. Wc
should Judgo from tho prospecls of tho
parly that n man must bo very ir.dolcn
to wisb lo lead a life more privato than is
concoimlant wilh such n nominalion. Wo
surmiso tho old gentleman has other roas
ons than this. (Vcrmonter.)
Tho Ictlcr published by tho Richmond
Enqutrcr placcs hisopinion of tho rccord
wilhout cquivocotion.and it is well to keep
it in mind :
Albany. Fcb. 28, 1843.
" My Ucar Sir : 1 thatik you very
ktndly for vour friendly Iettcr. I IIAVI
In good time you will have my views in
in respect to Ihat and other subjccts boforo
tho nublic. In tho mean time, behcve me
to bc.
'., ' . - ...
Verv sinccrcly,
Your friend and ob't serrant
A Proposed Comnletion with tho Uni.
ted Siates Post Office Establishmcnt.
Tho Philadelnhia Inquiror says that
' Company has been formed h ith the objcct
1 i. . , . -.,.. : r
of eslablisbing lir,es for tho transmission of
Ictters at cheap rates ot postage ihrougn
; out all parts of tho Union. It is proposed
. that ths highcst rato for singlc lelters, not
I wcighing moro thnn halfan ounce, shall bo
' six and aquartercents.to anj- part ofthe
cointry, white cnvclopcs will be sold at a
lowcr rale twcnty or moro for a dollar.
The pcrsons engaged in this enierpr.se
iintena tnat tho laws of Conress prolubi
ting private mails are unconstilutional, and
lliey are anxious to have them tesled on
this point as speedily as possible. Lv.
sander Spooncr, Esq., a conileman of
IPbrcesler, Masaachuolts. is understood
to be a principle in lhe enterprise.
BlZP'Tho Scnale havo rrjected Hie nom
inalion of Hon. James M. Porter as Sec
retary of Wnr.
Gen. Jcsso Speight was on the 8th inst.
was clecled a Unitcd Siates Scnator- from
Mississippi, for six years from lhe 4th of
March, 1344, whcn thc termol tion. John
Hcnderson, (Whig.) will cxpire.
0"Mr Simmons, Scnator iu tho Con
gress ofthe U. S. from Rhodo Island, pass
ed through Now York city on Saturdav
on his way to Washington We prcsumc
thcrctorc, thit tho report ot hi? rosmna.
tion is at .east premalurc.
Wudncsday Fcb. 7, 144
Our rccord of congrcssicau! pri,fCCJ s,
last weel: barcly cdvcrted to an at'ack
by ono WcIIcr, a loco member frota Oh "
oa Mr. Sewart,agcmlemaulyandvcn L,r
ly rcspcctable member from I'cnnsjK-jy""
which for ruiTan-like violcnce and" y,
guardism exccedsany thing that bas ever "
curred ou thc floor of congress. Tliere h
beeu rowdic sccues in congrcss of 5
lenco since their first advent in the rei.n
Gen. Jackson ; but nevcr hasamcn.bcrb
foro to our rccollcction bccn gnihy of
vulgarity ofpassiug thc lio dire ttpoa
floor and delibcratcly rcpeating it.
The dcbate was upon the subject of
proving the westeru rivcrs, zai seversl
tho loco party had mado attacks upon tb
whigs and their principles, tbe more prJ
vokiug as the whigs have unifornily aJvcc3
ted iuternal improvement, wbicb bave b-t
as umforraly opposed by the Vau 1!E
ty. In tho course or the dcbate Mr. Stcwirt
attcmpted to show these westem locojtt,
abominablc inconsistcucy ofsustaiciug a maa
who had ever displaycd tbe most uuuihittci
bostility to thesc doctrincs. IIU spceth viu
severc, but in no respect personal, and
fcctly parliamentary. Its trutbs were tco
witliering to be submittcd to ia silcnce, bM
they could not be answercd by argumtntj
and facts, tho most low bred icurrility
personal invcctive was rcsorted to bv tliia ;a.
famous Wcller. It was nothing but lie, jcj
lic- "Lie No. I. No. 2," I w III brand thc U
on your forehead &c. from begmuing to eui
Mr. Winthrop who was at the timo ia ths
chair camc iu for a full modirtim of abcsi,
and Wcller was not only pcnuitted butec
couraged by a loco House to pursue lu
coursc, outrageous es it was to all dcccctj
and dccornm.
But as if this brutality and blac'itguarisn
to wanls Mr. Stewart was not suliicicnt to il
lustrato the rufllan-likc spirit of this YcIltr,
wc Cud the crcature the next day attaciit
onc ofthe rcporters ofthe prcss inaucit
assassiu-likc aud cowardly raanncr.
The following notico ofthe afTairahlioitdoti
not devclope half ofthe brntality, acd barbi
rism of WcIIcr wc have sclcctcd for its Ireii.
ty. Aidcd by Belser and Painc loco tctn
bcrs he assailcd Mr. Shrivcr with iiioult aaj
abusc wbich no man could listen to uuuor2.
He tbcukuocked him down and proceeded to
bcat him m thc most dnstardly manii :r.
A Fighl in the Capitol. The Natioiial lo
tclligcucer of Friday thus coninieuces iu re
port of tha proceedings iu thc Uoiiicoatb
prcviotis uay.
"Shortly befnro praycrs a fijht took place
in that part ofthe llall which lics immediats
ly behiud the Speakcr's table, bctwcea Hr.
Weller, member from Oliio, and a.Mr. Phri
cr, correspondent of thc Baltimore I'.v.riet,
growing out ofa ccrtain publication insile io
thatjoumal. Oftbc cicrits of the battle cr
itsresults the Rcportcr knows uothicg; acd
even of thc fact itsclf hc would havo bccn nr
norniit, but forthe snia;hingof tbeniiidom
behiud him, and for the ronfusioit and uuw
which usually attcnd thesc abrupt resorti u
first princiiiles.
Tliu corrcspoudcnt ofthe Baltimore Arocr
ican gives this account ofthe atfair: "3Ir.
Wcller, of Ohio. this morniug. a few uioratmi
before the huurof mccting, (12 o'clock licads
nn assault upon the floor of tbe Ilorue cl
lleprcscntativcs, upon Mr. Shrivcr thc Its
porter aud Washington corrcspowlcnt of tlie
Baltimore Patriot. Mr. rhriver uas lrith
out fricnds when thc attack wa m iilc Ks
rcceivcd many blows, aud wa3 s.rurk Fncral
timc whcn upon the floor, Mr. Wrll'rs
fricnds stauding by nnd prcvcnting any ia
terfercncc. M. Weller, during the mornin;, liad letc.
bouud over to kecp thc peacc. Mc-srs. I'ajte
and Belser of Ala. ncting as Iiis surttiM.
The assault upon Mr. S. has e.vcitcd jrtal
fecliug in thc Ilouse nnd out of i:, as wtii
from thc place u licrc it was made, as for ths
attack upon the Prcss."
Wo subjoin the followiiigjustrebiikecpct
locofocoism from tlie Bostou Atlas cfiut
"Tho conduct of this cowardly biilly, Wel
ler, iu his grossly vulgar nnd abusivc ttua
upon the aimablo member from I'ennji
nia, Mr. Stewart and in his ficrce asau!t.
aided by two of his brother hullies, ujion Mr.
Shrivcr, a young and fccblc man olfi'BB
other example to the people of tbi-) couatrr,
of tho principles wbich govcrn thcse Iji"
Foco leaders, aud of tliu inanncr in wfcco
they carry those principles into practiet.--Where
the Loco Foco party are in uV rffl
noritv. and have no nowcr to exbibit their
real charactcrs as in the Legislature attts
present time they are as mild and barr. I
a3(love9. They keep thcinsclves su'li,'
wilhin the bounds of decency. Let them ' 3
have the powcr which a majorily Rives tbcc
and they becomo the very dcspots bntF"'
liiillip". aml rnfiiain. ivbich their Vllc f
litical doctrines ncccssarilv lead tliem to k
In their aets as individuals, they are na
ovcrbearing, and insulting. Iu their ttf"?
ty of legislators, they nre wild, visiouary.s'
fish and rapacious. They are restraioea kj
no obligations of courtesy.by no forrnsofp'-'"
liamcntary proceedings by no requirerntw
of law and by no provisions, howevcrpl3
and nalnable thcv mav bc shown to
which aro written down in tho ConstituriorJ
which they are sworn to support. It W
every w bere, where they have tho majontj
Tt sn. in our last IcRislature. It o so "
tbiimoment, inthe Ilouse of Rcpresentati
at Washington. The sway of that l'artv a
a damning disgracc, in every State in woC
tlie v contrive to gct the command. It o o!"
.n.l it..n iticnipii fii thn imtinil. botfl l
home and abroad. vvhenevcr tbev obtain ti'
control of the Government. or any depirt
ment ofthe Government."
TI,. Pi.mmnF.nl Aflvprttspr f !vH lhe t'
Iowing account of the challcnge which tM
passed betwcen Mr. Weller and Mr. &"'"
er :
it TI, Intt Cnrtrr-rr.tsinnid dismact.--"'
Iearn from Washington that the pic'
consequent upon 3Ir. WcIIcr's attack on
Shriver, the correspondent of the Balwna"
Patriot, were as follows ;
lUr. Slirivpr availeJ himself ofthe em
of Mr, Wm. Cost Johnsou, who bore an1:
sagc to tbe other party. Mr. Dawwn, ,
Louisiaua, acted asthe friend ofMr. "f"!'
It was agreed to give thc challenge verbaj"
and in such a way as to cvade the law. f
Weller would not acccpt the cnaitcngc
direct manner, but oflered to have t f

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