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The northern galaxy. (Middlebury, Vt.) 1844-1848, February 07, 1844, Image 4

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--knup.RTTn nnnDS. SBales Sheet
JLF mgs and Shirtings, comprismga varie-
if nf nnilirip. snd nrices. W. S. JonNSnK.
BUFFALO ROBES. 3 Bales selected
BufTalo RobesJ jast rec'd nnd for sa'e
l,v V. S. JonNsotr.
'N. B. Please call and examine before
. . . ! i n..i ir lfua.
purcuasiu:; ciscwiicic.
COWH1DE and Callskm Boots,
Cut and Wrouglit Nails an assortraent
or sale lower tl.aii ever by
Oct. 16, JS13, W. S. Johsson.
MltS. U. SHAW.
Office. 24, tf
Caps, MufTs, Boas.FurTrimmings, Kus
sia dog Coliars, and BufTalo Robcs, for sale
by V. W. Uollins.
Sept. 23, 1343.
Pono Rico
N. Orleans
Havaniiah &
D'ble refin'd
Sogirs just opened and
fur sale at vry reason
nb'e priccs by
Z. Beckwitii & Co.
French and Engliah Murino's Fig'd and
Pl.iin M. D. I.m'ncs. Rnn b i7.'n3.Ciiusan.
and also all olhcr goods for wintor dretses
just received atiii lor salr very tow nt
EESV1LLE rnund, souare, and
fl.it Iro.i of all tlie sizes manu
factured t thcworks, are cor.slantly on
hand, and foi ale by the subscnber.
onri prs.of Farowell Shoca just receiv-
cil consisting ot
Farewells Slips,
Walking Shoes,
Gaiter Bools,
Half Gailer, d'i.
Buskins, all of wbich will bfi solrl3low
forcash by W. S. JOHNSON.
Oct. 23, 1813.
ROAD C olhs.Beavcr Clolhs.a heavy
I arlicle for tntcr CoatR.Casstmcrer,
Satum-lts, also Shcelings Ticking, Canton
and other llanie!s,for sale by
Oct. 2d, 1S43.
1 844.
rOULD rcspectfully informtheir
patrons, and thc public;gencr-
ally, that tbey will continno lo recetvo
WOOL ot tlio establishmcnt of ihe Jtid-dL-bury
Manufacluring Compan,,to man.
ufacturo into Cloths. Cnssimcrcs or Sat
tinslts, white or colored Flannels, A'c. of
pcrmancnt colors and mixcs, lo suit the
la-le on sharcs or by tho yard, at lhe
option of ihc ownor.
Bcing furnishod with tho nccessary ap
parntus, and having in llieir employ com-pci-ut
and" aithful workmen, thoy will con
tinuc to improvo the valuo and sly'.e of
their goods, intending that thcy shall not
be surpasscd by tliose of any othcr estab
lishmcnt in the stato. Thcy will kcep
nn assorment on hand to accommodnte
those who may wanl a part of thcir cloth
in advancc.
Grateful for thc cxtensivc patronage
thcy have rcceived.they liope by slrict
pcrsoual aitcntion to business and thc
intercsts of their patrons to rcceive a
libsra harc of their favor.
TERMS as roasonablo as at aneslab.
lishmcnl inthi; vicinity.
Middlebury, Junc, 20.
St. Croix
Porto R:co I asupcrtor
urlifie just receivcd and forsnlo bv
Oct. 2. 1813 X. Beckwith i C
glAWS. Mill Snws. V cut and Ilill
59 ft Wcb Saws. jnst rcc'd by
EAVER Cat"nnS, Ilew Pilot
: Clollis, Finc Gcrman Clct!is,En"lith
Oitilhs. Ciissimcrrs aml Fa'icy Due skins,
Uich Lyons Velvet.aud Vestincs.jusl rec'd
' Ocl. 12-
Tl.e undfrsifncd takes this method to inform
Ihe puUic that he Iia3 rchuilt his factorv, fifry
rods noitli of the liriclge in Sal sbury viMje,
wliere lie is al !e lo atlrnd to every man's tranls
in Ihc arlicle of Plain Cloth "f U qualitits
anj colors. Cassimeiiks d0. Satinbtts do.,
and Fla.vsels do. Pjr'.icular attcnliun paidlo
DVEING. All hi clolhj arc IVool Djrd, and
belter colors Ihan can he obtaintd in tlns vicin
ity. The undercir;ncJ now lias liis nia:liinery in
successful operation, and i rcady to rc-cive
Wool to manufactnre by llic vard or on shares.
Also, will exclianzo Clo'h for Flecco U'ool.
Pulled wool, v elts and 1 jjj. IIo will positively
do as well or betler in respect lo price of work
oruaIity and goodncss of cloih nxchanged.
any other mi!l in ihis vicinity. Wool CiRDi.-io
nl Clotii Dressisg attei.d-d to as unal
6;1y H. V. WALKER.
K. B. Fifly rods north Iho bridsc Salisbury
Viliijrc., pleasc call and examine. H, IV, II,
Buftalo I?obes.
NE bale uppcr Miouri, or Northwcst,
Buffalo Uobcs, of siincrinr nualitv. iut
received and for sale, uuconmmnly low Iiy
New llaTen Dec. 1, 13:4
eUG.iRS. Double rcfincd Loaf, Lump
andBiown Sugars, of difTerent quali
ties, for sale very cheap lor cash by
New HaAen, Oct. 23 r:43.
ESS PORK, for Sale Iiy
Sept 26 HiA STEWAT
CHUSANS, Crape I'aisans, Crape De
Lcons, Parisians. D. Lains, Gimps. Mo
hair aud Silk Fring., this day recciyrd by
Scpt.23, 1343.
I NTER SPF.RM OIL. 2 Casks Oil
of a supcnor nualitv. for sale bv
Nov. 1S43. W. S. JOHNSON.
LOUR. Supcrfuie Flour, in barre
and half barre.. W. S.Johjssos.
QROCElllES. The subscriber would
inform his nld friends and the public
il al hr hn on bai d, and imends to keep a
ftil' assi'iimcnl of Groceries which will be
S"ld vitv low for cash. V. S. Joh.nson.
Oct. JS,I3n.
Extra Oller Caps,
Sheiland Scal, do.
Fur Seal do.
Nulria and Muskrat di.
Men and Boys C!lh Far trimmed
Caps.Jor sale dr ca3li by W. S. Jounso.v.
Uct.18, 1S43.
Collih's &. Co's Axcs.
IIITH or wiTHOtrr helve; fortale bv
Z. Brckwitii, & Co.
Oct. 1843.
rjHE subscnber is now ready to receive
At the Wnolen'faciiiry forraerly catritd on
uy A. spalding y uo. i ne pacninery is in
herlect order. and the nublic mav rest as-
sured that thcir work will be doi.e to their
satisfaition,and on the most
Reasonable Terms.
A share of the patrona;e is solicited
Middleburj'f May 2.1S43. 52 lf.
CH1EFS. And Ladies Ckavaxs, the Ialest stylo
joit receivcd and for Sale cheup by
150 ibs.
first quality for sale
JUST receivcd froni New York, a gcne
1 . f r - n -
itit iaui iiiii:u( oi uroccrics iuusisiiu
in jiart of Old Hyson, Young Hyson H.
Skin, and Rlack Teas, Molasscs, Loaf,
groundnml Brown Sugar, Boxand Suttena
Raiins, Java Laguara and Sl. D. Coffee,
Fresh Taiiiarands, Rice, Saltnon Trout,
Blcached niintnur and Sperm Oil, Varnish
and Linsecd Oil nt
UST receivcd and fjr sale by
.Middlebury, Srpt 27. 1843. 20.
VO THOUSAND bushelsof Oats wan.
tcJ imnicdialely, bv
IN SHOREHAM, baifmile south
of the lower millj, C2 acresof good
land a good houso painted out and
in sidc, & good batn and nood slied.
wilh pUnty of water all convenient for a small
Farmer, or mccbanic, if any pcrson wants a good
cheap place, please to come and bny of me witli
the stock and ctops il it pleaso thc purchascr. cc.
Shoreham, Jan. Isl,lS44. 10:Gm
New and Bcautiful Goods for La
dios and Childrcn's Drcsscs and
Cloaks just rcc'd by
THE puhscribcrs are now receiving their
fall stipply of goods, consisting of
DfW 0000S,
Dry Groccries, Crockery, Iron
and Steel, Salt, Fisli,
and nlmost every articlc usuallv cnquircd
for, which will ljesol(I for PAY, as lowas
at any store m the Countv. All kinds of
produce receivcd in pnytnent.
Shoreham, Oct. 2, 1843. 22
Ki-n in ana lor sale ov A i-jtANCis,
1 HB stibscribers would rcsncrtfu'lv in
form the public that thev continnr- tn
carry on thc busincss of building to ordcr
all tknils ot
Woolcu and Cotton
Also fitting up
Mill Gears, Slialtings
nnd all other work bclonging thcreto, either
for furnaces or forges;
Builtnml warrantcd.
Oil .MiH, Clothier 3 and other
of a'l descriptions.
KIIIR Pxcivpc
built ncr.ording to tlie latcst improvemcnts.
PUIPS, of vurious tizes.
for castings of all descriptions made to or
der. and at short noticc.
Those who may favor us wilh their cus-
tOtn mavllO nssnrprl thnt Tlinii- n-n.t, ...tll l.
- t ' ' I. 1.111 uv
lonen the most workmanlike manncr.
IzST All onlers protnptly attended to.
Middlebury, Nov. 15th. 1913. 29
&T 9iXF D"LLA 20 Doz. Pairs Fair-
wells best Spring Heel Kid Slips.at
Dec. 13, 1313. BIRGES. .
Good Fresh Bread.
flTIE subscriber will furnish good fresh
bread at his Bake Shop, at the 'same
price at wbich the flour can be purchased by
the pound in this village. Also, Pics and
Cakes. for familie will ha
i ame favorable rates.'
Fresh Oysters.
BY thc Keg, Quart or by the meal, al
wavs kept for sale at the lowest priccs
at wbjch they can be afforded by
THE lubscribcr, at Iiis old stand
in tlie brick buildin; one door
h of ihe Court House. hai re-
ceited bis wintcr flock from N.York
and Albany, out of nliich be will
manufacture and kcep conitantly on
hand or make to oroer on non no
tice, the foIlowinparticles.Tii:
Common double and single tinncd and
iappancd harnesscs malleablo tip t tung ;
Brass and Silver mounled coach, gig
and waggon harnesse3 of diflWent
stle mouctings t construclion,
Carpet bags and valices of
dillerent material and fash
iun, French folio brass
rivited iron frame
Trunks ; Imitalion
folio, and a largo
assoitmcnt of
size and quality of
,.rr inn nnrl Mmmiin nlain TnusEs.
it-p- r trimniinff done in a ceatanJ work
man'.ike roanner all kindi of iepair in b'u line
done at jbort notice. Te above an.l all oincr m
i.:. i: r ..,;,, will be manufactarea out o
a rood S ock as can be Uad in raarket. and iold
ascbeap for cth or mo.t kinds of produceai can
be porcha.ed in this Seelion of ihe country of the
twequalhtj Tenons i.-hius to purche any
i.:. itno nf liusiiieis will do well to call
and txamin prices and work as be intends to kecp
b la-ge assortinent constantly on hand. Credit
giten if required.
Alsoa good and well selecled assortinent ofSad
dlery hard ware d fierent Paiterns of Brass Siher
Pine Malleable tip't tung and all kinds of com
mon ware. Coach lacc Iory Uing Curled
bair. Open and Round Dclls Ilorse Cart's. Cur
ry and Mane Combs, Ilorse Bnislics. Neats foot
nml a rood assorlnient of hins Lathes.
I Talent Leather Cap fronts and bands &c. wbich
will bcsold as cheap lor Lasn as cau ue naa uiis
side.fTroy. C. I11LL.
Jliddlcbnry Dec 27. 1343
T his rtore in Bridport ofTcra to
t. publica large stock of
comprising all articles usually kept in a
country rctail htorc, which will be sold at
rctail,exccptspintuousiin,uors, hiiicu tviii
be sold in tiackatres to suit Tavcrn Kccncrs
and at wholcsalc to rctail dcalers and at
Troy prices nddui" the freight. ro partic
ulurizc lie lias on iiatiu,
8 Hhds. St
Croix ii l
rio Rico & V
na )
supetior quality
31) Bbls Pon
New Orleans
15 Hhds,
30 Bbls.
30 Chcsts and half chcsts
30 Catly chcsts C to 13 Ibs J
30 Kegs 6c Bo.xes Common
to Ilnncy Dow,
10 bb!s. Fine cut,
all quahties
5 boxes Ib and half Ib fino cut J
10 Kejrs Puro Ginger. 5 Dc. Salnitro,
10 boxes Pohnd Slarch.
10 do Peppcr Sauce.
20 boxes Bar Soap,
20 do white in 3 lb, 4 Ib, J lb cakcs.
20 Bags of old Laguira Coffee.
10,000 Spnnish Cigars.
G t'aics English Mustard.
100 bbls and 175 Sacks Western Sall.
40 Sick Livcrpool GrotinJ do.
15 Jars Snujf. 50 Ibs Indigo.
50 Ibs Nuttt.cgs.
50 Packages liaisins. New fruit.
30 Cnsks H'l'nei of difTerent kind?.
3 Ca-.ks Purc Juice of tho Grnpc, unfer
30 Packages Frcrxh Cliampaign.
Chirry ij- American Brandy.
5 Patkngcs Cordial.
20 Packages Holland & Ame.-ican Gin.
20 do Purc Spirils.
5 Hhds. A: 20 bbli. Portland Rum.
5 do St. Croix do.
10 Ki cs Alcohol. 10 Casks Sperm Oil.
3 llales BufTalo Robcs. Good sound skins
from S150 to $5 00 cach.
Iron and Steel oj all kinds.
Cut, Tenant & Mi!l Saxcs.
40 Tons Fresh ground N. S. Plastrr.
Paints, Oil Glass, &c.
Bools, Shoes, Caps, ij-c.
Riginc, Pitch, Oukum, &o.
logeiher with a good assortmcnt nnd
large stock of goods of all kinds. which
customcrs are rcqucsted to examino and
j idge of for themselves. Tha nbnve stock
is nll new boujhl within tix wceks.
The Goods will bc sold for good notes
at 3, G or 9 months, all County Produce,
Lumbcr, &c. Cash not refused, butchar-'e
on liook wholly tnnilmissablc.
Cash pnid for all kinds of Lumler, and
m'st kinds of produce.
IK7 Lasti pnd also for nll kinds of
Shippmg Furs.
ll..lf -!. 1 r . A t-. .
iiuii -.u5ii unu irom -i 10 ti Uollars per
iuu ius lor goou well titleu hogs.
The businoss hcretoforc transsctcd in
tho name of J. Frost & Co. has closed
All no'.es, accounts and coutracls are the
properly of Abel P. SkifT, who is readv and
willing ti seltle them and niv all elaim
due from cnd mado in tho r.amo nnd with
J. rncsT cc Co.
Bridp.irt. Nor. 20th, 1843.
The subscriber conlinues lo trive Afed.
iuai iiiMiuciiuii. ucsigneu oy particular at
lention lo indigenous medical Bolanv. and
tothe principal praclical sulriccls of rene.
ral Therapeuiics, to adopt the course to the
requisitcs ol those who inlend to bccomo
Uountry 1'raclitioncrs.
Uehas enconedS. Pearl Lnthrnn. A ,M.
M. D., to inslruct in natural science. and
in human and comparatite Anatomy.
Gentlemen who dcsire mav have ndmls.
sion to the Lectures given in the College
on Chemistry, Natural History and Philos
Middlebury, Dec 20th 1843. 33;tf.
Less than $J.'
J. latest shape and bcit manufacture.
4 do superior walkinir Shoesi BusHn
and other shapes, at reduced prices. A
large and new slock just received . by
Wilcl Chcrry,
Thc grtat nmtdy for thc comumplion of
the Lungs!
THE best 3tcdicine known to man for In-
cipicnt consutnptinn.asthma of every singe
Uiecdingol the lungs, cougns, coius. nver
complaint, and all diseaics of the pulroon-
ary organs,
JSalurrs ousn frescnptton. A com
pound Balsamic prppar.uion of t'ao PnnN
us Vihginiana, of 'Wild Cherry Bark,
combined witli tho cxtraft of tar, prepar-
ed by a new chenncal process, approved
and rccommcnded by iho most distmguisli
ed phj'siciane, atid universally acknowl-
edced the most valuable medicinc cver dis-
cun reu.
No qnachery! Iso DeceptwnHkn ptib-
Iished statements of cures perlormed by
. . , , ..
iins mcuicine, are 111 tici iMjjruuur.
Ue cnrerul and nct tlie gcnutne "JJr. ivis-
tat's BaKam of Wild Cherry ' as spurious
imitnticns are abroad. 3G
Indian Purgativc.
. . 1 .. tl nTTC f I ' : 1 . I
rnv u"u. - - v...
Q. oeioro tno puuuc lor n rrmrii lo.igcr
pcriou iuan irr'gms inmuji 1 rgciuuio
. . 1 " I I .
that have used tncm lliroagliout tr.o Iengtn
atfd brcadlh of thc republic, all bi'ar cheer
ful tcstimony to tllctr tlwrown fjlicacy anu
.., . 1 t 1 "! .1 -
tn.,a op,ra;,on . eu emp.ojeo ,n tne most
tlistreasiiig utsorUers wlitcli nesl is nctr
Tho thcorv ofdiseasc on which Wrich'. s
Indinn Vcm'tablo PiCs aic lounded is this,
..... ,1 ... .,
V'a " fre n J 0Mm P"mary use
of all ihe disordcrs ihat afllict tne human
lamily, and Ihat is corrupt Iiumor; or. iu
olher words imvurity of Blood. This
principlo is now so ge.ierally admittedthat
r . 1 -i . 1 . . .1 1. .
lt may in ract bc satd to be sustatncd by
an untvetsahty of optnion, Ihe few dtsscn.
tcrs constitulitigbut a ver3' feeb'e minority.
It is useloss. therefore.to discms thc sound
ness of this theory in this place and con-
' - - -
The one disease principle beirig ndtniu
ted, tho modc of altnck professcd by all
practiiioncrs becomes Zho camc namely
purgation. But muny of thc so-called spe.
cifics now before ihe public, produce only
onc form of purgnlion: they cre eithet Su
dorific, culhartic, Diuels or cxpcclorant.
Wright's Indian Vegetablo Pills combine
all ihosc propcrlics, & arc llhorcforc calcu-
lated to nltack thce lemcnts of disease at nll
cr.iploy them, occording to lhe dircctions,
wiihout foar, for while they are certain to
curo all diseases ihat arc rcmediablc, thcy
never inflict an injury upon tho systcm
The pcrffct safety of the medicine is an
otherall itnportant quality, nnd one which
has contributcd more than auythingclse to
its cxtcnsion atid tiopularity.
In n word, this medicine cnmmcnds itsclf
strotigly to the patronngc ol tlie iuli!ir,and
its use bids fair to bccomo before long, al
most universal.
The citizcns of New Encland are rcs
pectfully informed that in conseqticnce of
thcgrcat poiuliirity wlucli nghts Inutan
Vegetable Pills have carncd by thcir aston
ishinggoodness, a gang of l ounterfeiters
are now induitriously engaged in pnlming
on the unsuspecting, a valueless nr.d pcr
h ips dangerous mcdicino, undcrthc name
of Indinn Vegetable Pills.
This is to inform the public, that the genu
ine medicine has oti thc boxes,
"Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
(Indinn Purgativc)
of the North .'2mep.ic.vn College of
And n'so nround the horder of thc lnbel
will be foitnd in small typc, "Entercd ac
cording to the Act of Congress in thcyear
1S40, by WilliamWright, in the Clcrk's of-
ficc, ot the ilistrict iourt ot tlie castcrn uis
rict of Pcnnsylvania.
The public will a'so rcmember that al
whosell lhe gcnuino Indian Vegetable Pills
are provided with a ccrtificate of agcncy
sijneil by
William AVright, Vice President
nnd that pcdlcrs nre never in anj case nl
lowed to sell thc genuine medicine. All
travelling Agents will bc prcvidcd with a
ccrtificnte of Agcncy as above ilc:cribeil;
and those who cnnnot show one will bc
known as hase impoters.
The followinhighly respectablc pcrsons
have hccn appomtcd agents for thc sale of
the above natned.
IFrighVa Indian Vegetable Pills.
RUSSEL & GR1DLEY. Middlebury.
Needham nnd Dcnnis, East .Middlebury,
p ti' r..n:... r n J
P. W. Collius.
B. F. Haskell,
S. L. Sprague,
A. P. Roscoe.
Munson t)- Dean,
New Ilaven;
Slialts ii Webb.
S. S. Johnson.
Huntlev i: IIi"cins,
Ira Binaham,
Jolin Simonds2d,
Tupper A: Breakneridge; Satrksborougb;
t . o. urown,
E. Huntington,
P. Fletcher d Son,
J. Frost,
Wnpht d Bush.
John Simonds Jr.
Nearing knd Callin,
. cnipman cvio.
J O L4NGDEY. Traveling Agt.
The onlv Office in Bostou whore thp Imlinn
Vegetable Pills can be obtained is at
198 Tremont Street 198
Princinal Officrnne General Bonni ir.o
Spruce street, Phihtdelphia. 35:Iy
Nova Scotia Plaster.
flHE subscriber has now on hand 100
xTonsN S.Plasterinbulk.andl40 Tnna
in bags, all fresb ground, which will be sold
torreaaypay. w. UHflPMAN
vergennes, ucc. 4, ltiij.
from any part of the country tis; it may becholic; it may be consumptionof ai asionisninganu wondeiful cures that have
bc addrcssed to saac Bults. No 125 tbe boels; it may botnflamination of the..ow. V f l.m, Co,hV r . . "
1.. NwYnrl Russri.and els, it may be intlan,mition of tho stomach; it Athma. Coughs Sp,ti,s ofBlood, Iloopmg
slrcet, INew lork. KUSSCLanu .',,.,-,...,.,.,,,;,,. CoueIi. Croup or Hives. Consumntio.,. Chmnir
, Chemisis tc Druggists. AGENTs. j diseasc curabUbv Brar.drelh Piils.be- Plu"y. Hoarseness, Pain and Soreness cf tLe
ri, yct nonc stanus now in niguri rcpuie, iub pp oacn otuiscases. ie suuucn . ... ,n.,.i, uuih ujcinsiuco'
orhas more tnpidly altained n firni hold changi-sof tcmperament are inoro to be fearcd the wholc of the wmd tubcs 01 air vcss.4.
,",; Tl,,, andguardcdagainstthanariyconlaKiousmalady hich run thr. ugli every p rt ot Iho Lunzs
upon popular c-stunniion. Jlie tuocsands T?,, ., ?,. . ,in ,A, ina,,h; .ThH Exi.cctorant imn.Hii.Mr ,.,....-
potnts, and by a harmonious nnd combined j uranurciuspnis, uontricy send you to 1 er- uu pcople and docs not the lieart ,f the pbi
operationtoexpelitradicallyfiomlhests- cljwd Dr. Brandrclh can? Can they anthroput move with emotions of connmscra
tem Their efTect is almost mn-rical and ' ?oinl r J'0"PMpIc "h. hcld v6." nP io" and " le ui.nesses the hopelo
tem. I hur elkct is almost mng cjI. and , for,car8 from pil.psy anj St. Vitas' Dance and htlplesscmd.tioi, of th-.usands dying alla
IS no less nslonishincr for lts mildnCS than lUhn have bcen eurcd hv Ihoir rerr.Rdlrs? If . . ..J "...
: " . , .. I.. . VT . . n ui ..un yous'iuipiiou. anu oiuer puiino-
Itmii Toa nnrl nll mrna nm. ' thev rannot. Dr. nraiiilrrth r?in fian tnev ....... r .1. . ... .1 t 1
141.1iik.ubi1 jv.vji unu ui. ... . . - - . .aiv au '1.11.111S. anu lo in. is itiere no uaiin
comtagious diseases, i
and chanffcs oi lemncramenl.
WATF.R irnslbn adantcd lo the rflesh. or '
there will be io proragalion of the epicics.
The t oil mutt be adapled to thesetd.or ll.ve gent who lias the cure on himl turn your n ai
will beLO iucrease. The climate mul have adics, and remcmbcr d.-!.iys are dangerous.
those malletsitiit which wbich will unite and '
kecpaliro epidemical ur conlafricus poisons, or HAVE VOU A COUGH ? Do not nealcci
tLcy will becomn extingnished.as a lamp that I lousa, ,. ,., pruinauuedeatli for the
isun.upphcd withoil. So likewise "iln.t" ' want of a littlt allcnlinn to a common old.
Ilumin Iramc; It cansot bc tnatenaHy aflect-j Have Joua Conh jDn. .jAVE'j F.xpec
cd byepidcraical or contagicus maladits unless , TonAJjT( a 4afe mcdiCal prrscriulion, cnnlainiuB
there be those mitterstloatingin the circi.la!ion 0p0,50null,dru Si and urd in an cjlmsiv
h.cb ofier '.he aj.propnale toil. By puriiying pe,,,.,, for seTera
our booies witli ihe Brakdrctii PiLLMvhich ffcrd reit,f and 7e u rotU llial wfl, (Iis.
.(linilir Wllhtlintn ImmiFitia. i.nnn ivfit.l J ...
"J .........
conlazion leeds, we ma alwavs feel securc
whatever diseases may roge around us. Tiu",
kc, may have it, but it will be Ihe afliir cfa
day or two, white those who have becn too wise
to use this siniple and excellent remedy. eiiher
die. or have necks, ppiliaps months of sicknrss.
t?..jj i r i . i. nt.. i
are un(lToraL, tt heah and it is i fiCt nni.
verstllv admiitcd. that lirat and moisture are
fl t . " , .
powenui Stim m puiuniij i!r,.t
" -
be drsent'ary; bilious fever, it mav be bronc hi-
I progri-ss of the malauy no matter how called;
( thus these pills ate not only the most ptoper
nlloknows anylhin of thcir hcalth rcslorins
powers ,0 make lt knolvn in lmmed;atc cir-
cie. f or Ihero are some alarmir." signs, wtocn
1.11 .1" 1 t 0 Ti ...l.l
Btale of weakness tr.at there is in thera a ereat
susccptibilily to be afTectcd by thcse changesof
' ""Jiirie ami coniagious maiaunsj vui
1 bv the limelv Use ot Rrnt.itn ili's Pill etcn now
sutcq)(il)iIiv gieal mie
lemoved, and powcrgivcn lo tho systcm lorc-
aist these morbid poiscns, and the sudden chan-
;g3 m Ihe wra'.hcr vi'ith hich it may bc bro't
coniac,1 d,u"nS ,hc 0 days. Nature has
'"""cu mo ooncis tor lliccVdCual onoi au un-
! heallhy humors.and if man wculd but use com.
nion sense, ha ould take care thcy pTformcd
; "ia oitico latllilully. If tho bowils areout of
, rJcr tooslowor to faH, a fw doses ofBran-1
"'';brinf. lhcm l0FJ"- ak
.' "touas dying Irom constipattil boncls
whal cured tim Ile lMj yoUi rjndrelh'.. Pill.
Ask him who had had dtseutary forsix months
"id every remedy h'd fliled; he will also tell
.ou "o Brandrclh Pilfc cured him in a wrek
. 1. 1 1 II n.l.n. .1 ... I II I ,1
t . w.i.w uisiaren' 1 neive iirduuicui
I "ill, ruhbcd donn. in balfa pint of inolasses,
currd a hltle boy of an uiccr of Ihe faco nhich
which a uczcn doctorshad tned to cure, but
coulJ not; tbo poor parcnts would have piven
half thcy w-cri north lo have had it cured, but
cvery ningtacy tned did 110 good, unlil Ihey
' cause thev rrmnve all imDuritiEs from the bodv BrejSt, difliculty of Bjeathms, and everv othcr
I all that can in anv maun-r feed the furihcr diseaseotthe lu.ncj and BitEAvr, can and dj
meaicine, but gencrally Ihe only mcuiciue tnai iidiure gravc, unuer ine cn-
nccd oroTight 10 bc used. At tha present time takcn naine of Co.vscMPTio.t, is alivays cured
it is every man's duty vtho nisheslo sr-cure his Dy.''- Theusual syinptoms of Ihisiliseasf (Itron
hcalth to usa tbpm. it U tho ilntv nf cvcrvone cbitis) are Cougli. Sorcness of lh- Lune or
gave 11 a icatooiilull ol luolusscs cvcry day, in musl and UI po you gooti. It is prepirnl on-1-2
a pint of w hich they had rubbcd down 12 ly by Dr. D. Ja vne, No. S0 South Third Slrect,
ijranarcth pillr; helorctbc uholc of the molas-
tcs was taKcn tno uiccr was cured. -lnu yct
some foolish pcople cail Brandreth's pills quack
meaicine. it would ba'wellir there .were a few (
more.ucii quacn mcainiucs. vrm au vour lhe palhetic cxcIamMion or thc prophet of Ufe
prctendcd Sjrsaparilla Coinpounds cure like Ihe a as he beheld tho desradation and miserics o
pomtouttoouapern who fotwcnty years
-11 mcuicinai mcans, anj wtioin mo nrau-
p.ns cureu. ma n.onin. n.i gaye 111m as neany
.Ual,ra, , aU nucu iie was a cui.u.
ir thcy cannot, Dr. Brandrelh can. I
The BRANDnETii Pills not only cure, all,
curable diseases, but it can bo demonstiatcd.
Ihat by thrirlinicly ue, thcy must inUlhhly
cure, In a very short time, Dr Brandrcth will
bamg before thc public a conccntralion of tho
vir.ue.o, .neuianiircin piiis, doiii 111 uc imui
lhe rcason of lhe cures that most nccesarily
" r"'T""': X::, '
be lhe rcsult of using BRAnnRETiiiAN IJeii
eoies, whelher thry bo intcrnal orexternal or
cNternal. I have just received the cac of a
medical geulleman, uho rcii les in Shcrbrook,
Canada, who fir twenty yoirs was snrcly af
iliclcd with a disease, w hich ca-ro out in blotch
cs and scabs all over his body This gcntleniau
sofarforgot his prrjudiccs which 100 oflen
curse his ptofe.sion. as to apply psrsonally to
Lir. Brandrclh, and h's cuursc proveu a liappy
ivitlim six months he was enlireiy cureu
or his m.serable and tormcuting disease by the
. ... . . . v
.'llC. .lllUIU Mivillllf lie 1VW Cll.HlJ ui
Usool thc JJrandrcth pills. 'llus valuable mci-
Cin is for sale at Dr Brandretii's OfRcc, 211
Broadnai", and 27G Bowery, nnd IS9 1 2 Hud-
son street , at 2octs per box, with full dircclions
Be carelul you get Ihe gcnuine; obscrve nx sig
naturcs of Dr. llrandreth on eacli box Ibrcu
B. Brannretli and thrcc Bcnjamin Brandrcth.
List of Agents.
The following arc tho only aulhorized ascnts
for the IlraDiireth jilis and Linamcnl inAildison
Co. Jo.va. HAGAR,.31,iddlebui;;
Simon Taft, Whiting;
Kholcs i: Webb, Ferr"uburgh;
Munson & Dean. Bristol;
B. F. Haskell, S. Kverts, Cornwall;
Ro?coe t Nash, Nehaven;
W. R.Bixby, Vergcnn-s,
P. Fclchcrar.d Son, J. Krosl, Bridport;
K. IV'iiglitfc Co. Shoreham;
Siinonds & Birchard, Watch I'oint;
S. S. Johnson, Leicester. 37;Iy
17,500 Boxes of Dr. Rush's
HAVE been sold during the month of Dec,
so grcal has been thcir popularity, in consc
quence of Ihe numerous cures they have eficct.
cd. i.vry pcrson who uscs these Pills recom
mcnds them to others as the Best Medicine
they have cver takenso gentloin Iheir opera-
tion, and sosure in giving relief. !
.u , , ,.u7. Z . cm'n.enl'
lhe medical faculty. that the stomach is the
seat or fountain of all disease; that itis, asil
vils produced by forcien or iriitatinr cause9.
and which from ihence spread to every part of
thc animal systcm.
The propcr rr.ode ofcure. Iherefcrc, is to at
tack the citadel in which thc disease entrench
esilself, acd no combination of medical agents
nasyet oeen uiicovereu so cuicacious lor this
purpose as the preparalion of the late Dr Rush
and wbich, from the uaiversal succcss attend
ing their administralion, dunn; a practice of
nearly ha'f a century, were styled his "Infalli
Me Health Pill' Their great virtue is that
they arrest diseaso in its first approac h. Thpy
are preventives as well as remedies and we
will venlure lo say, that ir takcn by pcrsons tnem up. ana ones ana lormsscun orna;mi"u.
when Ihey are first afTecled with symptoms or Les3 blood is thcn carriud lo lhe roots or iho
illness. many and manva case that is either se.lhaia, and rorwantor which thn hair has not
rions or ratal. might be avoided. j sufficiont nounshmcnt, ond consequentiy bc-
ONLY 121 centsabox.thecheapestandthelcomesdryand barsh, and bcgms insensibl lo
best medicine evcr known. Sold atthe princi-
pal orlice 30 Aan st. New York.
W.- G. Dapccrs. soleagent.
RUSSEL te GRIDLEY. Chemists and
Druggists, General agents for this county.
F. Huntington, Vergennes,
A. P. RoscoS. T. C. Smith. New Haven.
P. W. Collins,
S. L. Sprague,
Hemac Barnum,
Joseph Frost,
P. Fletcher 4- Son.
Hammond & Co.
THE Subscriber will pay cash for Fieecc
wool deltvered athis Factory, in Middlebury
Srpt 16, 1843. IRA 8TEWART
Keacl ! K'ead!
first. rcadthu Diiis. thm im t the
McJical Departmcnt of Ibispincr and r. ad as foi
lifu. Then call quictly 011 iho subscnbiiis-a-
elsc fui.ji'JNAnv Cossujiptiox. which annually
swetps into the grave hnndreds of Ihe young,
the old, tlie 1 .11. tlie lovcly and the gay.
Have jou a Couj;h 1 Bo persuaded lo pur
chase a boltle of this h-xTx-ctorant. to-div :
To morrow mav be too late.
Have you a Cough? Jayne's Expectorai.t
s the only remedv I'on shculu laKe to curo vou
Kor this nljiu Reisoa, That in nooneofthe
thousand cases where it bas bocn ucd his it
failed to rvlitve.
Talaahle medicine isdaily tfTfCting somn of'thc
altest to its usefiilnc.s. BrtoscniTii.a diseas?
auuuanjr ivcepin;; inousanus upon
lhroat, Iloarsencss, Difiicully cf Breathin?
AMhnia, Hectic r evci, a rpitlinp ap ofFhl-m
uianci, -nu Fomeumcs tnooa. it is an intla
mtiiiM tiftht. fin 1 n.U:.l. . . : - i
1 Coujh, Pain, Inllatr.ition, Fcver. anj ditlieultv
. of Brcalhing, and produces a ree and casy Ex-
iiihii, auu a tmr ia sooiieutcieu.
Italivavs curos Atiima two or ihrer. latiro
dosr, will cure lh, CnofP or H.vE, oreU.Ur -n
1 in from fiftctn minutes lo an hour'a tiinp. It
' iniiicUiate ly sulnlucs thj vi&lcnce of iioopiag
coucn and tfiects a speedy curr. Humrred.
1 who havo beeiigiie-i up by tneir physicuiis us
incuruuie iui -i.oNSU3iPTIox,"Iiavo ucon re.
' storcd topeifcct hcalth by it.
no more of ar.y onc tban to sive Ur. Jajne's
Kipcetorant a f.irlrial, and if it docsnot cure
the vanous di.easts for uhich it is r. cimnicndid
soonc-or inorecfreclually than any othcr med.
icine that has evcr bcen ofrered to the public,
Ihn proprjptorts willing to undeigoany pvnilt-.
noivcr,scvcrc, the pr.blic may st c pronc: lo
iiupoc upon nim. 11 nas, 11 Will, nnu it cjn
' cure coughs, colds, astlnna, bionchils, blcidin;
:.. . I - r . . .. .
from the lunj-s or tlirojl, vWinonini! coiich
croiip, aud a vrrv larjja majorily oflheniost
' hoptlea cascs of roiisumption, when phyflcians
and th'-ir prricriptiou fj,l tu do any good. A-
gain wc siy, try it. It will not harm you, but
l'hiladclphia, and No. 303 BroaJway. Ntw
yorfc. Price yl per botllc.
,ilat can hcal Ihe.n f nor physiclansto rcscue
th(!m 1nm d,.a,h j y thcrn is a balm that
will hcal them. and a' once arrett those falal
diseases and restnre llinn te hcallli. It is fouud
In jAVN1.s Expectorant, wh.ch never fil-U
It is prepaied by Dr, D Jayi.o,305Broi.lav,
New York, and 20 South Third street. Plnbv
Prjce, gl per Lollle.
' ' J
Tomc VERjurccr. This Vcrroifuzo is per.
fi-ctlv safe, and 10 pleasaiit that rlnldrrn ill
not refuse tn taks il. It efl'.-ctually ilesttnys
worms. ne ulralisfcr aciJiiy or soiirnes of thc
stnmach, incrcacs tlie appelitc. and acNan
general and pennancnt tomc, and is thi-fire
X cecdiht;ly hcncftcial to intcrmillent ani! re-
mittent !uver, indige.tiun, &c and is almost
a certain curo lor fever and ague, and what is
of more iinportancc it iloes it pennanemly.
lt not only dcslro' wornis aud invigorates
tho vholo systcm, but it disoIvcs and carri s oft
...... .
surerabunuani Mune or inucus. o prevale.it
in lh . alnin-i.li aml hmvnl.nr nliI.1roi, mnr. n.
." - . T ",' ..."
P'Ciallvcf those in aad health. Jl'u inucus
forms tho bed or nest i" which the woni pro
duce Iheir young; and by removmg it, ilisim
pofcsible for wornis to lemain in Iho body
It is liarmless in its elTects on the svstem. ar.d
. the hcalth of lhe paticnt is alivays iinproved hy
t its use, evcn wh!) no wonns are discovcred
Numerouscerlificatcsufils uscfulnc.s have bcn
received, wlucli the proprietor dues not consid
ei necessary to tiublish.
Josiali Thoinpson,near Silcm, N. J., adminis-
1 tered this Verniifiigc to a child bctween two
1 and threc years old. an! says that in a fen days
; she dischaigcd one hiiiiured and thirty seven
lart;c worms-
Mr.Jos ph A. Lcntz.of lhe Penn Towmhip
! Savings Institution, Philadclphia, ave it to one
otnia shildren; and says that altcrtnoii.tn uose
j it brougbt away about fifty worms at one, fi.'e
. and six inches lonir.
Slr, Ferdinand UoodrufT used two bcttlcs of
this Vermifuse for dtspcpsia, ana in the course
of two weeks discharged upwards of thirty pieccs
! of tape worm, and was Ihcreby peifecily cnrcu
I Anolhcr irentlemcn of thiscilv had it adinin
.iutredto his little daughlcr aboul thrcc years
cld, when she had a nuraber 01 discnarges rom
hcrbonelf, composcd entirely of lit'ie white
Ihread worms. He Fay: they carte away irom
hcr not onlv bv huudrcds, but I may ay by
thousands scparately and ir. solil balis as large as
hickory nuls, coroposed entirely of dead worms.
Sick Headacbe Many ladies andgentlcmcn
have found this Vcrmifuge to be a pcrmanent
cure fur sick headacho.
pjMNuraerous cascs ofpilcs have been per
feCiv cured bj the uso or this valuahlo Vcrmi-
Finallv, whatthe publichavc lung dcsired, a
medicine ortbis kind, which might be dcpendea
llnnn. nrena red bv a resular physician, is now
oflered to them, and can be had of Dr. Jaync,
No. 20 South Third street, Pliiladelphia, and at
nis ofllce No 303 Broadway, flevr Ycrk.
Is caused by a want of bealthy ac-
iion on the vcssels which throw ofi pcrtpiralion
from ihe head. When these vcBsels are weak or
discase l.the nersniration is Ihick and clammy
and adhcres 'O Ihe mouths of the pores and clogs
H off which continuin to increasc, eveniaanj
selsof the head to thcir firmer h'altby circula
tion, and Gne silkj new hair willroako its ap
pearance which will increasc inquantityand vo-.
ume untiltbe hair bccomei thick and hea.thy.
Jayne's Hair Tonic i the only preparatmn
thit has ever been known to produce new Hair
proauces uaioness. uesiorc iuv ti'.ua.j --
on Bald Heads, whU-h it has done in innumcra-j
ble instauces, and will seldom lail, if properly
and perseveringly used. Pr'paredonly by Dr.
D. Jaync.
frequently unite in the same iadividual;
Ihat is, pcrsons precisposed to carly Baldncss
aie apt ly be firm. aod too often sell willed and
stubborn. Jatsk's Hair Toic, is tho very
thing A.r removing tho first, but what InSuence
it may have on lhe Ulter remains to be tesled by
eipcrience. Is it not, howeier, worlhy of atri
il I Ladies who l.are hu-banils Dr,,,.;.
r B ld or Ilarl 11 d, are i . , , u
ii jeral til-cjti..ii ur ih.s i i.iitf i.. . i i
Iheir hir.ls, md if i do nul m it. n .. "
ihle ml uiun .ejl.l will at lia-t r.i,ir,
Imir and atid inucli cmiloit and b uv ,
ntl.'n.an. J
Plixsiiiav be uk. ii .. nl: i, .,'
ii'nrnciai ni iirai iy aii ui-ea. 5. i'lt
bcen a fAVnri'c piretipliuii nriiie t,.u , 1
all ohiiucliunsof 'ic Livit, ' - "' "'
U.crtl. and a lo'lier Otfitn , ' "
II ... .In.v Inl.rnmi i.t I. .. (-l..
in-nrtici.il in neaiiy
" .. 1. "il l. ,T H
and cvrv o!h.-r f..rm of I"uv,rJjU r r ' '
Liver Coinplaiiit. For Dyspcp,ia u,,., a'Iv "
an invaluable artich , gradu.llj cliani!,. , "
latrd MOCnllnus 1 tiir siatnach. a'i,! i,ro,r
hrallhv actinn in that impuitant o.tn t
aro vrrv valuable lor disr as:-s of th .,' , , '
wlut is cominonly callcd iiu-nirity f ,, . . 0
aiso tor reuiaic i-uaipiaiiii,, l, r-tiv.'tie- S:
anu in i.ci eviry nscns win re
a" A;er., ,
j.i.cimuc vj. . u. - j.i . I.-..11 iiil- ri ,,11 -e
uCj Four Fivnm of tl.e num. r-a- a
Ircssing cases of I)vpkpma Pihitiveli
11K cured oy pi rn'.vering uso ot li,:s (4;
Thcy arc rxpressly pr-parcd t bc u- d
Apcrient. wlw.i puiginis n-cetsary, ''
inj his Expvctoranl, ai.d for lhe ret.nril
slructionsin th- Livr. whicli isnft , '
tendant on soiueof thr diseaseruf ihehr.a-t F 1
dirertious with cach box.
Also jAYSK'j CARHIXATIVr. rSvisAii. 1 - .
tain curo Tor Bowel asd SiM-ain 1 ,.
PLA1XT. DlARRIIUCA, Dv-E.NTAI , Cll. j. ,'
Crami-s.Sick axd Nkrv it'S Kl.lm , .'
Sut'R ST031ACII, CllOLEIlA 5l.ir.BH. ,,
deran;emcnt ol the Stomach au.l l!Elt '
AU of thc above M -dicin sarel'.r-.,,
flli.'tll.-bury. Marcj 23. 1? !3 4
!!. 1
nd we.l Ihey mav, for ih v aie ,
pleasatit as lhe het I'.-pperniint ( ar.d .
possess all lhe prop'-r irs lequi.-i'e lor r.i;
llieiu when sick. Dr Slieriuan is an cxi 1 .
ei'Ci-d Physiciau, aad a nif nibc r ol ihe
ical Sncieiy of ihe city of New Yuik. .n .
lias abando'n d a large and lucrntii'v pr.,-;.,,
to enable him to introiluce Mi-d'n-in'- u ihu
pleasant fnrni. Fivcye-r's txpein ii- e, a' d
the rnnsupiion ol one hund;cd un.l I'usn
mx tons ol I111 Lozenges, lias nIjchI lium
b?)ond doubt or uncertainty.
And many suffir for niotilb-, and iv.n
yenrs, frnm lliem, withnul supe ihij ;!ic
i-ausf, Tliy muy be kunwn 1.) a ln 1 b t .
picking nt the nosc. qnawing ai th.- - i.ui.ir ,
pnlei ess abuut lhe 1 ps nnd Uus'ivd cln-. k ,
stanins iu sle. p, jrinding of the ! t; n, p .1 .
Iu the stomach. heily, and juinl-, Ih-li - ot
heat, rliilN, drowsiiies. I.oada-l.i, l.n. !..:d
bad tasie in the moutli, d-y coug'i tei-t-r: li
r.ess, voracious appetiie, lf.inues iu m.z t
lhe arms &c. Thc inulliiudc ol'casi'-ii.c-e
Lozenges have ciirod is nliiu.st incc.'ib'e i
n fiilurc Ins never licen knonn.
1 often si'd by tlmse whn a'i i.f j. .; ! t
headache. S'letinm's C.miph'ir l.u n
will cure any nase, 110 ni.it" r h . bn' i
ten niinule?. Thev cure P;il ns.i i 1 . '
hratt, wa sickness, lwne-s nf -p.in'-, '
pouilcncy, fat'gue aI tno-.t nrviiu- i'f . .
iu Ihat shoti space of time 'I ln v di--1
tne ditresiiie; ympioins of a tn-'i s 1
pnio)', keep U lh.- f pmN, aii'l en 11 1" u :
on t underg i grrat int u'al and t.!.'-.
Tht'y en.ibli'd Gtu. Wiiklnngiun D.x 1..
wa'k 72 hoitrs withjiit rrst nr th-r;i llt-
said i.e could not i.ave Jnne lt w.i i.rx lh
S.iv many. nnd still ihey ;; 1 n nuWr;
il lill tliegrnvi' swallows lli-in uj. fi e -niati's
C. U'h LwiitjiK v. il: mi'. I al
lav all ordinary crsfs. Tn. v e:i i- '
(ibsliiia'e, reci nt cnes in a ivw Ii"H' iid
ncvt-r I'.iil to do o. In Alhuii. v t-'
colig'i, C'High atlending inea.e-. ns ujii'
tieis ofthe chest thcy jn-e insuiut n b ( I"
Cuusump'ioii, wtnre dealh has ri t t 1 1
stal, these Liz.Miges will realorc lh.- bl 1.1
lo the hsirgnrd cheek.ind liealtli t-itlif ii.ii
ivise lost palient. Thev have cu:td 1
manv pertons llint'had bcen given up U 'I''"
phtsicians nnd friei'iN. Their ci lci'r'1'.'
curing Coughs and CohN so qu ck a .! a'ih
U known tl.roual'Out the civiliz'd wi.rld. 1
the (lcmand for them isbryond Ihe c nrff '. 1
of ad. Only think of five or six Uavn?-;
as pleasanl t' tlie taste as a cniiimuii '
pluuib. curing lhe most distrcing Cuuib-ia
less than tlnrty minutes.
Pain and weakne-! in the breat s:di .Iiact
ot any part of ihe bodv, Female W;j'.j"S-.
fnllingof lhe W nm'," I'ilc--, &c, cur. J 'f
Siirrirnti'n P-Jiir Man'.s Plasltr, wliien ro-w
nnly 12 1-2 cents. Appl ed to corns, it-Jrati J
lliem out ny tne roots wnnoui iue it-u-i p".
When sucl'i mcn as the IIob Aaron CtJ'k.
Hnn cd. J Portcr. Hon B B Beird!cv. l!e
Darius Anthony.Bev'Sabnstiaii Strcctc, IU.'
Mr Ilandciick. Llorlors Mots uoug-
Smith and VanderrmoLC.il C S Bemon .nl
Major Uphamlend their sanctmn wilh tlwu
sandsof uthers that have bcen cuied Iv u-.-
nssherman's Lozenges none can doub' 1 f'r
grcat and unquvstionable virtues. 48 yl
A zr e ji t s .
fussel & Gridlev fc S. Moody,.MiddIcboi,n
Rufus Richard-on. Sherburi ; Sir.ug
Buok and Henry Simondj, Pittsiord; Uu.l
Parker. Clarendon North Flatit Dinteli
&B;1I, Rutland; S. E. LeonarJ Wallii-Z-lord;
Laphaim Vnilc, Souih VvallintiU r-;
C. & S.Bellard. rat Clarrend.m; Samuei
Tonsand, WrllingfonL-.ailen Graves, Well-;
U. Vaile cb Uo., uar.oey u irrougi ; oeui
ca, Smith Danby 4 Coiners;c. Jainnn--oa
fr.iBtle on: H. Lumhard. Parvlette; Fred-
nrti-l- iv-ilIafT"-. east Poullnrv: Jhon C S'W-
yert Ira Bingham, Sudburv; E D Usli,
&. W Cbipman. Orwell; Wrren & Bliis &
Volney Iloss, Brandon; llooker iswo s,pm
West Poultney; Uoval Blnke, Brandon; J.
&. O. Simnnds, Whiting; F. Hiu.tingt a.
& W. R. Bixbf. Vergennes; Benjamine
Haskel Samurl Everis, Cornwall; D. & G.
Rich Kent Wri;hl, Shoreham; Nehernian
Ptay, Salisbury; Munson & Dean, Bri-t I;
Merritt &. Moon, General agents for Ut
land ana Addison Counties.
Buckwheal, Corn. Oals, and all kind3
of Grain, for sale by
Oct 25.
CHEVILLA, Damask, French, Brocka,
Cassimcre, M. D. Lane, nnd Silk ShanN
iust received by P. W, COLLI.NS?.
sept. ssj 10.
Vhildran Cnj.

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