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Was.h.-igtos, MortJay. Jan. 29.
Irf tiie Senatc to-day thc Southern feeling
.-r.1 the subject of abolition and thtj tarifT was
very promineutly displayed, and a farther in
limntion was givcn of the probablc course
uh.ih the Souihcrn people intend to pursue,
to rid thenelfcs froin the opprcssions and in-i jJawS01)i oa thc otlicr, is likely to becorae
sults to which they asume that thcy are ex- lscr;0U9i am jvo!ve new questions.and icdi
oscd. I look upon the sucgestion of Mr. )' ... n,i,pr .., ,tle oridnal nrincinals. A
McDuflie to-day, as a sort of authorized
znaaiicsiu irom uie cuuui. ;'i j
1 have no t
Thcre are '
doubt it will bc hccdcd as such.
sijrns that the
: grcat West may bc brous,htin- i
to the Icaque
with tho South whercol iHr. j
ier nnsirennr Mr. Evarw' positions and cn-
"cnvoiiug also to counteract tho tcinlcncy ot
his argument by a rcsort to some gcceral
principles of polltical cconnniy, he said that
it wr-s'a uiibtake to snppa.se that all thc vari
oti3 interests of this Lnion could be blcnded
under the same lcgislatinti. Thcrc were
conflicts of interests and of scctions. He
withcd it were olhcrwise. He wishcd that
I'rovidcncc had so ordcrcd it that the inlcr-
cstsof New England were ihc s?.ma with tliose i
ofthe South and the cs!. IIc would draw
a picturc of thc rchmve coaditiou of the hr- .
f-rent portions ofthe Unioii. umicr a difler-.
cnt state of tluugs, and hc callcd upon the
Senatc to look upon it, for it wa a skctch of
nhat they were ere loug to rcalize.
auppose, he sam, ivc Iiaa tiiree conieacra-
tie3 onein thc Norlh-tat, onc inilie North-
West, aml thc third "m thc South-V est.
AWoftlic South-West, bcin5 reniitted to ,
ourjustrightsof lepislatiou, would then lie
ablc to cxport onc hnndred indlicus ordol-
lars' worth of cotton, ncc cnd tobacco; and
i- r.iould,iraport onc humlrcU ana tucni .
nii.!io::s of dollars wor.h of mcrchandizc m
r.tum. We v.-ouiu lay a uuiy oi icnjicr
cci.t ad valorcm cn this atr.cunt of hnports,
r.iup iu arcvcnuc oftnelvc miH'.ons. Wc
h-j'i!d bc thus cnnblcd to livc in comfort and
in J.-p-nJencc, cnjojiug thc fruits of our l.i
bLr "i ho North-Eastcrn totifedcrary svuA cx
por: fiftccn miHions ofdcilars' north of pro-tUr-,
and import Jibout ihe same, and they
wu::ld, by a forty pcr ccnt. duty, he able to
rai-e a revcuuc of six ir.illieus of dollars. If
thcy trantcd more they mutt rcsort to opprcs
fivj cxcUi-s. Their coiumerce nud niauu-
f-.'. t r.- v.ould bc (Jcstrojcil m a grcat mcas
m .r. .mcuuiiic s specc.i, io-uii, come a candidate tor Ihe rrcsmcncy, lsauoui
Mr. Evnns, on ihe subject of ihe tarifT, af- ,0 al)ocar j icnrn. and it is said that it in-
a-: 'Jb? prosperity of Uoston and XcwyCs had obtained in the Slatc, whcn he ap
jr or K wonia ue iransicrrcn, .-s u wy ih.s., .
ourporr prass-growii ci;:cs ol thc touui.j
.... -
id dirtrcts uould pcn-adc ,
ould thc maiiuracturcrs of
proicuiou then? Ihe,
r. tiiii ucsoiatiuu .snu
thr Nor.h. llow cou
M t---.chusc;ts cct
other statss cf their couft.dcrary euld not
grant it, bceausc it ivould be out of their owu
j,o. i.c:". -i ney go lor n now ouij-occautc ii jn tIle iXousc, Jlr. McCauslan, of Ohio, cUoly Uisposition. Probably Irom some sud
is at thc cx cnsc of anolhcr portion of thc a i;our against thc 21st rule, and Mr. ! dcn hupulse of fccling the irreparahlo deed
L.ii;tn. uomu inc csi u: to.
Would not the fcmitli- v. eslein conlc.ttracj
jiuichr.e thf-ir goods r.herc thcy could get ,
ihem rlirapcst .' x hcy rouiJ gct inrousii
tha Souihcrn iinrts. The West and the
t:o:'hwcre natural nllirr", for thc South in
Biuh a ttate of things would l.c able to ctm
fiini! alargc poiliuu ofthe surplus ofWc3-
tcr.s prodiifc.
Tl'f Sonih-Wc'icrii statca under snch a
li.c --o"1'' - sinic?, unutr sulii a
o-.riurari.t,vouW .e llic liamiicst.llic inrst
prnrperoiif. thc uciicst iu the norld. 11c
ou!d neiiher if!i nor nuagiue a unshtcr
des'inv forthem.
Thc South must scelhinss
.1. .. l,.l.. .. , ,1.,.. .
.3 ..i.i, "" ""'.o "i"-" ,
rcjrsornot. Theysawtwo operatioiw
ih;se ihiug. but hc would warn thc country '
thitihtre was a poiut where opprcssiou nitistL
Lc lesis'.ed,
Ir. Ev.tns had not iniciulcil to spcnk again,
J.ii- as now aud cxcitiug topics had bcen in
lroluctd hs v.ould fpcak to-morrow, and
ibs sulject as poitponed accordiugly.
Tuesday, Jan. 30.
Mr. Crrricn, Chjirman ofthe Committec
rn t'lc Jadiriary. icported back the
i!i!l id reliuiil i.rn. Jackson s mic,
. uith an !
f:in-ivjii,eiit tiiut i:o cmurc shouM be east
Jiy t!ir bi!I u;.n Jndftc ll.dl.
Ir. ScmpIc, of MiiioH, o.Tered a resolu
li j ; F.-'.-ing inroriiiatinn as to thc cxpcnse of
hi U1' Mir s!i:;s of war visit crrlain imrts cv-
ry in imh. Mr. iiciiton ofiered a resolutinii '
upna tlis Ore;;on Teiriiorv, and another as
to certain slaves uhich since thc trcaty of
uan cscaptd mto tlie iiritish domm-
Ths .pcei.il ordcr was then postponed
Mr. Kvans bein rrady to go on with his re
i:i rl.', but a nipjurity of Scnators prcfcrring
an Kccu!he c-sinii, the sprcial ordrr was
po tj uncd. The doors were closrd.
Aii.-rsome timc spent iu Kxccutiyescssion,
ths Sem'e adjourncd.
: or RErnEsrTATnEs
ctimcd ou against them Iy thc Norlhcrn s.)ec't to the meinory oflii'. latc collcaguc.
stalcs ; cne auiied to rendcr tlavc lahor Yal-. 1Mr.;.eton tccouded thc resohitions in a
neless. :.nd tbc othcr a.mcd to dcstroy the m-1 speccir0r much deep feeling, intcresting ev-rtitmiouofflr.vcrv-ilfe!r.
Nothmg but over- j ouc ,lrCscnt as he pronounced his clo
tjc.iriiig ncccssity coinpellcd him to ancak of ,.,,, n.,,. ,m il. i;rn .ln.l rlnnnrr of
The or.lors of thc day fur thc morning ! wss prevailed h a voto of 07 to 70. This I his namo to bo made use of, in thc pio
"hour. wrre bcfore the IIousc as soeti as the ' is cquivalcnt "to a rojeclion of thc pcli-1 cccdings of thc baltimore Convcntion.
Joum..! had bccn rcail. j;ioP i It will ho left to his friends to dclcrmine
Mr. tilps. cf (;cnrrin. ndilrpssfd ibp
TTnllef. ill f.nnr.llllnti ftf liia ct..r.r.li iti .lo-
fc !cc ofthe pnsitiou that slavery wctit hand
in h. nJ with the Constitiition, acd lliat if onc
w is a gricvancc, the othn was al-so. He de
tii d. howcvcr, that slnvcry was a gricvancc.
Iej-.tofa!l to thc North. The Kight ofl'e-
tit'nn, it was argucd. also wat fully cxcrcind
as desigued by the Cunsiiiutiun nhen peti- Miiutiun of bl.ivcrv, ihou'd bc in ppcration ' tcd with tho Vun Burcn scction ofthe Lo
tions were prcscnted. Thcre was no opposi- ,)Vcr n,. ,!l0 ierri"tory Wost of tbc Misais- j co Foco Purtv, as to throw his wcight in
T lo !.crM L"3m!'n ! "V -ips-5- ' to -Mr ClayV scale, will find thcmsclvcs
lL.VMthiJlmiie't, - .''' Sprakcr dccirled. aftcr !ong delay, inistakcn oa that point. He docs not
or ("onsrcss to ranl ir.ore. that thc nicmorial did not como witlna the ; mcntion cithcr Mr Clay or MrVanBu.
Mr. "Sii'es pl-occeded in his reronrks de- 2'Jlli Rule. j rcn, but cxprcsses thc most dcadly hostil-
cl :r".ug that tho South as wiHing and anx-: I ity to tho principle of protccting the In-
ious to stand by the CmMi:ntion as it was, 1 Coxcsessioxal, Tuesday, Fcb. C In j dustry of tho Country that principlo, thc
h:i ifit was intcrfercil with. they would ap- tho Senatc, Mr Tsppan prcscnted rcsolu- preva'lence of which, in thc counscls ofthe
ppal to tho Staie Constituiion to maiutaiu tons f tho Ohio Legislnturo for a rcduct-1 Nntion, has done morc than all tho othcr
JUeir inhcrent ngins. . ; ..,-,., i,; r ,.n i,i: ..u: . -., ' r i.i: ..!:.. 4 .
Wednesdav, Jan. 31.
Uousr..The Ilnuse met a, ,nal. nnd
took uP the.srdcr of shc dav, uhich was the
report of the Select (Jonuninittcc on ihc
Mr. A. Johnson, of Temicsspe. beinf cn- '
tiilcd to the tloor, adilressed ths IIousc in '
fivorofrr-taiiiing thc 21t,or abolition rnle.j
On motion ofMrC. Johnson, the rn!M
.re npenai .or luc pi.osc ct receinng Ens c0c!uded his rejoinder to
"jH'.FKxxVZ tho Rcvcnucbill of Mr
fchould not give'rise to debate.
A -aricty of reportsand bills were theu sub
uiiltcd, principally of a private r.aturc.
At two o'clock the IIousc aujoumed.
3Ir. Miller prcsented a memorial froin citi-s-us
of Somcrsct countv, Md., for the aboli
tion ofthe frauking privllfgc and rcducticu of
Mr. Wright prcsnjed resoluiious of the
Z.c,;isk;turc of New York, on ihe same sub-
Mr Suirgeon prt-truirtl a memorial, on ihe
,a:n subject, from jjm? county in Pcansyl
yauij. Mr. Ilcnton resohitions. conccming thc
airo'ation cf th' Oreou occupancy, aud fu-
. . , . . .... 1 -.: i. . J
"I'i.e si:ives ij t- jn iri uonimions, since
ihe Treaiy of '42, ere takeu nii ; the forracr
piiipMN oai ws. iraa ihc Ijtter was
- -ip.!
y- s-j' ber "a maticn cf Mr. Ber
rien, went into executive session.
It is believed they have uniler considcra
tion Mr. Spencer's nominatinn and thathe
will be rejected.
P. S. Sfcnccr is rejuled!
Thursday, Fcb. 1.
The contcst bctwecn Mr. Shriver, and his
I frichds, on onc side, and Mr. Weller and Mr.
,rj annared in the Globe of this mornin
rrom -,jr j)3Wson, which will be answcred
mnrr,.. morninir. bv a card from Williani
to-morrow mornine, by
Co3t joi,nf0n and Edward V. Johnstone.
jrr yt
Webstcr's lcttcr in reply to the citizcns
of New Hanipsbire, who invitcd him to be-
,r.. - , - a itv fM
jjr -ySi ,iSj)0!,;t;on t0 support him.
Ir. bpcncer it nppears, obtained a very re-
spectable vole. Thcrc nere twcnty-sixvotes
arrainst his comiuation. and twentv-onc for it
Those who votcd for it were Mcssrs Fairfiiid,
Athcrtou, Woodbury, Phelps, Wnpht, Tall
mage, Rivcs.Buchauau.Slurgcon, Ilaywood,
McDufuc, Iluger, Colquilt, King, Bagby,
White. Hannigan, Breesc, Semple, Porter,
of Micbh-an, and'one other, whose name I
i . rrrta-mj.
j;r Coiquiu pr.cated rcsolutions of the
Lt.gi;I;iture 0fGeorS:a, coniplimenlary of Mr
Berr:CIlf auii rtinstatiug th'e relations bctwecn
bim aU(, ,hc Leglsiature.
jr Colouittaccompanicd thc prescutatiou
a, a(tacl. of50I,lc bitlerncss against Jlr.
Berrien's course, and against thc prcsent i
Whig lcgislature.
rie sa!(1 liat t0 Legislatures had con- !
acmnotl t!io couduct of his collcaguc, and,
yl3 co!!cagUe rcfused to acknonlcdge their
C(JI1stiuioual aulhority to instruct him. i
T1 . ,jlcl.efore, i lSi-, cut him ofl'from all
comiccl!ou , tbein. He avcrrcd that the ,
prcsent Lrgisluture darc not e.tpress an opin
ion favorable toanv oncof his collcairuc'i no-.
litical opinions, nnd they
inions, and they had thercforc dcalt
ouly in profusc coinplimcnts,
Mr. Bcrrieii rcplied to ihis attackin a proji
cr mamicr. IIc remarkcd that he received
fifiln his collcaguc co noticc ofthe attack.
IIc had lired iu vain, if hc was not, at this
tin.e of hfc, aboiesuch an assault as this, and
hc saiu hc woulu not rcnlv m thc spirit :n
wlucli tus assault was maue.
Hc obserTcd
ihat he had prcscnted issucs to the people of ,
Georgia, and liad obtained a vcrdict in his fa-
vor. Thrce succcssive triumphs his princi- .
,)c:ica to thc pcoplc from the Legislaturc.
xie uau nevcr iieiu iuniseii uouuu
pisja,ire iastructions, and the Lcgis
cIectcj him were a..,rc of ti,;g.
Mr. Colquitt r.eemed to be greatl
He had ncvcr held himsclf bound by Leg-
gislature that
lnuitt r.cemed tn bc Frcatlv distrcss-
cd at the favorablc notice takcn by thc Leg- 1
isalllrt. 0n,js collrague.
. . . .
Grldings obtained the floor for to-morrow. ;
Tlc rommcwg ot ,Ilc j,rcss ou tUe cocauct
,1 mc!bcrs of congrcss cxcite much at-
teaijon ad fccling iu the House.
Friday, Feb.
SE.s-ATr. The procecdings of this body
have hecnbrief, but ofamouraful charactcr
J , i J 7 T c i .i
jourtiTil, Mr. Uarrow of La. announccd the i
,JdcalU of jlU c0ease, Hon. AtEX.wnER
PoRTf.R. The tribute he olTcred lo his mem-
nrp in llir roi!trL hf Clllin.if f c.l sifl tiv
.i,,.. ..-,ir,i.l iil, tl, i,,.'.
hccn aiipropriatc, liouorakle and just.
conpliidcd by submitting rcsolutions of rc-
his jeccasca fricnd, which hc submittcd with
UCcoming dignity and an apparent sinceri- J
ty of fechng so peculiar to tlie Hon. gcntle-1
man, cn thesc mclaiicholy dccas:on.
The rcsolutions wcrc adoptcd. and the Seu
ate adjourncd ovcr lill Monday ncxt.
llorsn. The jourual of yestcrday's pro
cctdings haviug becn rcad, Mr. Thompson
ofjliss. introduccd to the Ilonsc his col-
n , Wliir- r.nndidate. and
r. ti.,IImiip.T. M. Tiickcr.ulm lm tlii .l.iv mn.ln !
his first r.iinearanccs, hen he was uualified !
and took luj seat.
Hf.roiiT o:i tiie Roles. Mr. Giddings
ofOhio. bcing entilled to the floor, went in-
to auel.iborated argumcnt against tho 21st !
rule. aud an ammatcd cxposition of the ef- t
fectsof thc instilulion of ilavcry
CoxcKESrioxAi,, Monday, Fch'y 5 i wondcring huw this world could get on,
Thc Senatc wr.s occupicd iti hcniing Mr ' if all tho mcn in it wtrc such subtle thc
Evans inanswerto Mr McDuflie on the i orizcrs as Mr Calhoun. It is apparent,
Tnrifl". j throughout thc wholo Addrcs?, that ho
In tho IIousc, a memorial was prcscn-1 finds hc has no chancc, in the Conven
tcd by Mr I!eards!cy, of N. Y. from Onc-1 tion, hiinsclf and, if it had bccn other
idn'county, prnying to ficc llie ofliccrs of j wise, pcrhnps, his objcctions might havo
llic Uovi-rnment from thc opcralions of thc j bccn lcss strcnuoiiily urgcd.
law of 1793 in regard to fugitivcs from It will bc perccived that Mr Calhoun
justicc. Thc pcndiug niolion wns to lay , docs not dcclinc tho Candidacy for thc
thc motion to rcceivc upon thc tnblc, which I
Mr Ilunt of N. Y., ntcsentcd mcmcrials
from citizcns of Lockport, for the aboli-
'tion ofthe franking privilogc aud thc rc
iductinn ofpo-itogc. j
j Also a memorial praying Congrcss to !
' pass a dcclarafoiy act that ths principlcs !
of thcordiuancc of 17S7, louchina thc In-
W P"ront.
iUr AJ'cn ProPosc". mS UP .'c u' l
rcfumi Gen- JacksoB 3 fi"c, "rgmg as one
.ofthn rcasons for spccdy nction ihercon.
jthc prcca.ious stattj of tie General's
lirnllh. and desirablness of nastinrr ii du-
riiig his lifc-timc.
Aftcr soino conrersation, tho subject
,vss pos-ponedtill Thursday.
Aftcr an Execnlivc Session, the Scnate
In the Housc, Mr Uromgooie movea to
dischargo the comiijittco of tho wholo
from furthcr cunsidcraJon of thc report
of thc select committec on the claims lo
scats cf those menibors clecfod bv general
tickct. The motion prevailed. i he clr
cct of lhi3 moticn is, to put the question
within the power of the majonty to stop ce'
bate at any time and urge it to a vote.
Tho reports of. thc sc'cct committec
were takcn up and dcbatcd' to tho adjourn
TnE Blick TAittrF. Tho sum of 81-
35,U00 was paid n's duty on the cargoes of
thrco bhins at Uoston on last lues-
The letter of Mr Webstcr to certain citi
zensofiYewHanipshire, who asked that they
mighl use his name beforetheAmericanpco
ple "asacandidate fer the highest oflicc in
their gift," has appepred. Wc give the con
cludingand itnpdrtant portions of Mr Web
sters letter.
5ut I have no pretension3 of my own to
bring forward, and trust thatno friends of inine
trould at anytiir.e use my name for thc pur
posc of prcveutiug liarinony among those,
whose geueral political opiuions coucur, or
for auy causc whatcvcr, but a conscicntious
regardto the good of thccounlry.
It is obvious, gcntlemen, that at the prcs
ent momentthe tcndency of opinions among
those to be rcpresented in the Convcntion is
gcncrally and strongiy set iu another direct
tion. I think it my duty, thcrefore, under
cxisting c'vcumstanccs, torequsstthose.who
may fec'i a prefcrcncc for me, not to indulge
in tiiat preferencc, nor oppose any ohstacle to
the leadiug wishes of political friends, or to
united and cordial effbrts for thc accoaiplish
meiit of those wishcs.
The clection of the autuma must involve.
in general, thc same principlcs, aud the same
questions, as belonged to that of 1810. The
cause I conccive, to be the truc cause of the
country, its permanent prosperity and all i!
preat interests; thc cause of its peace, and its
honor; the cause of good governmcut; true
.liberty, aud thc prescrvatiou and the intcgrity
ofthe Constituliou, aud noneshould despair
of its succcss.
A MtLANCiioLT Dnyru. Gcorge. agcd
19, son of Govcrnor ilattocks of Peacham,
was found in his 100m last ilonday morning,
with his throat cut froin ear to ear, and dead.
Thc circumstanccs ofthe cr.se are such as to
rendcr it ucnucstionablc that he cut his owu
throat. Arazur was found in hisroom, which
it is supposcd he uscd for the purpose, He
had but a short tinie since rcturned froin thc
i.aw hchool at Cambridge, where lie had
spcnt some months. We hear that he grad
uatcd at Collegc with moie than ordinary
honors. anu iiad sustaineu a good moral cuar
actcr. CaUJonian, Jan. 2U.
Wc lcarn in additiou, tbat therc was no
liarlicular assignablc causc for this distress-
ing trasaction. Thc young man badbeen cd-
ucated at the institutiou at Middletown, Conn.
undcrthe patronage ofithe Iethodistdenom-
inatiou, and had spent soinetime at the Law
school iu Harrard University. His talcnts
were good, charactcr unimpeachable, aud
propccis in iuc mucii uioreiair (uan usuauy
lalls to the lot ol young men in tlie country.
Yct hc becamedispiritcd, ira short tiuic since
asked for liberty to lcave the Law school. It
was "rantcd, and since his reluru homctothc
d.iy oflus awful dcalh, nothui" mdicated m-
samty bcyondadisinchuatioiitosce compauy,
. ,. . , ,
aud, for him, an unsually sombrc and mcluii-
was donc.
Thu lottoT from tho Hon. Zons C Cal-
uovx, dcclining to rccoj'niso thn valtuity
0f th2 Jhilttniurc Loco Foco Convcntion
!an( wllich leticrhas bocn anticipated
or somc wceks past has como at last, in
., , - 1 , , . . ,. .
'!,. haP0r an AtWrcss lo his political
friends anu supportcrs. W c rcccivcd it
by our niail papers of yestcrday. It is
John C Culhoun all ovcr Aftcr a long
string of metaphysical objcctions, and fin
cly spun thcorics, rclatin'j to thc form.v
tion of Convcnlions for tho noinination of
Cnndidatcs for the Presidency and Vice
I'rcsidcncy, ho concludcs by prcmptotily
rcfusiilg to pormit his namo to go heforo
the Baltimore Convcntion. IIo states at
full Jength and very much in detail. Ilis
lUcas ot tho mode in which such Uonrcn
(icns ihoula u3 constituted. Iic iuiunS
such bodics intcrvcniug between thc Pco
plc and thc clcclion, always objcctionahlo
and cxcusablo on no othcr ground than
for tho purpose of sccunng harmony tn a
party. Ho advai
llo ndvanccs his olycctions agaui'
st thc proposcd Convcntion at Baltimore,
anu cndcavors to reuut mc rcnsonings oi
thos') who support it. His wholc course
of argumcnt appears to us, from a hasty
t(.aow 0f tho Address, to bc rathor shad
,.i n:.. ii ,..i .,j t...t..i..
I tial. Ouc can harulv read it, without
1 resiucncy. 11c mcrely rctuses to allow
whelher any nnd. if ony, what furthcr
measurcs shall ho takcn, in rcfcrenco to
his claitns to thc Presidency
Thoso who, not bcing sufficicntly nc
quainted with Mr Calhouu's ambitious
vicws aud bittcr fcelings havo supposed it
possible that hc might bo so fnr c.xaspcra-
Country to o state of prosperity and hap
piness. Ilow Mr Calhouu with hiscycs
open. and with a scrious countccancc-can
asscrt that the auspiccs, evcry wherc, "pro.
clain tho approaching downfall of protec-
iiu.j, i.iju .iic jiiiiumui.ui l.iuujpil oi r'rco
Tradc." is morc than we can wcll imag
inc. Therc has ncvcr bccn a momctit,
when tho doctrinc of protcctinz tho pro
duct and the labor of tho Country was
morc likely, than at thc prcsent inomcnt,
to bccome thofixcd and scttlcd policy of
our Govcrnmunt, oj whcn it was moro
generally sanctioncd and supportcd by tho
" Having now assigned the rcasons for
rcfusing to pcrmit my name to go before
tho Baltimore Convcntion. it rcst3 with
you who have placed it bcfoic the people
and asscntcd to abidc by a Convcntion
fairly constituted, to dctcrmine what courso
you will pursue.
Be your dccision what it may, I shall
bc contcnt. But I regard it as duo to the
occasion. to you and to myself, to declare,
that under no circumstanccs whatcvcr
shall I support any candidatc, who is op.
puscd to frco tradc. and in favor ofthe pro.
tcctive policy, or whosc promincnt and in.
fluentiat friends and supportcrs are. I
hold Ihe policy to Lo nnother namo for a
system of monopoly and plunder,and to bc j
thoroughly snti-Rcpublican and Tcderal in
its charactcr. I also hold, that so long as
thc dutics arcso laid as'tobo in fact boun
tics to ono portion of thc community.
while they operato as opprcssiva taxca on
thc othcr, therc can bo no hopc that the
Governmcnt can bc rcformcd, or its c.x
penditurcs will bc rcduccd to tho propcr
Where I, with tho cvidence heforo mo.
to yay othurwisc of my course, it would bc,
practically, to dcclaro that I regard the
protective policy to bo an open qiiestion,
so far as tho party is conccrned ; which I
wculd cousider, on my part, a virtual aban
donmeiit of the cause of Frec Tradc. That
can nevcr he. I have dono and suffered
to much for it, whcn its friends were few
and feeble, to abandon it now now.when
the auspices evcry where. on this and the
other sidc of the Atlantic, proclaim tho
approaching downfall of protcction, and
ths permanent triumph of Frco Tradc. I,
who uphcld it against monopoly and plun
dcr, in tho worst of times, and bravcd tho
menaccs of Admiuistrtitiou, and Oppo
sition, whcn backed up by a singlc State
will not cannot abandon tho glorious
causo now, whcn its hanncr waves in
proud triumph over tho mctropolis of thc
commcrcial world. No, I shall inaintain
immoveably tho ground I have so long oc
cupicd, until I have witncsscd its grcat
and final victory, ifit ihall pleaso tho Dis.
poser of cvents to spare my Iifc so long
It will bo indced, a victokv tho hsrbin
gcr of a new and briglitcr and highcr ciy.
Much lcss, still, can I givo my support
to any candidatc who shall givc his aid or
couutenancc to the agilation of abolition
in Congress or clsewhcrc ; or whose prom
inent and influcntial friends and suppot.
tcrs ihall. I dcuht tho sincerity of any
man, who dcclarcs hc is no abolitionist,
whilst, at tho snmo titnc, he aids or coun
tcnances thc agitation of the qucsliou, bo
his pretest what it may. If we have a
right to our slaves, wo have the right to
hold thcrn in pcaco and quict. If the
Constituiion garanlecs tho onc, it garan-
tecs the othcr ; aud ifit foibids tho one
from bcing attackcd, it cqually forbids the
othcr. Indccd, thc onc stnnds to the oth
cr as mcans to an cnd, aml is so avowed
by tho abolitionists ; and on tho plainest
principlcs ol inorals, if the cnd bo pro
hibited, tho means ot effccting it also arc.
Of tho two. I rcgardcd the doluded fanat
ic far lcss guilty and dangcrous than hc
who, for patty or political purposcs, aids
or countcnanccs him, in what ho knows is
intcndcd to do that which ho acknowlcd'
gcs to be forhidun by the constituon.
It is time that an end should be put to
this system of plunder and agitation.
Thcy havo bcen horno long cnough. Thcy
are kindrcdjncasurcs, and hoslilo as fair,
ut Icast, as cne portion ofthe Union is con
ccrned. Whilo the tarifT takcs from us
thc nrocecds of our labor, abolition strikcs
at tho labor itself. Tho ono robs us of
our inconic, while the other aims at des
troying tho sourcc from which that in
come is dcrivcd. It is impossiblc forus to
stand patiently much longor, under their
doublc opcration, without bcing impover
ishcd'and ruincd.
Jonx P. Cushing, twcntyfivc ycars a
go was a poor New England hoy. Ile
dilligcnlly uscd thc means then oficred to
uo'2 to acquirc tho rudimonts of Educa
tion ina New Kngutnd villago school.
His uprightncss, honcsty, and corrt-Ci Jiah'
its gavo him thu cosHdi'nce of his cm
ploycrs. Ilo was a distant rcla'ivo to
Thomas II Pcrkins, a munificicnt mcr
chant of Uoston, who becoming acqunin
tcd with thecharacler of young Cushing,
and, aftcr tcsting his uprightncss, sent him
to China, assupcrcargo of onc of his largc
iliips. Hc sccured thc fullc&t confldcticc
of his cmploycr. Stcp by slcp he won his
way, and finally was for many years tho
chief of the grcat mcrcantilc house of Mr
Cushing and Co., at Canton. IIc thcrc
amasscd a largc fortune and cstablishcd a
charactcr as an cxcinplary nnd intelli
genl man. IIo now livc:: in Watertown,
Mass., upon thc tnost elcgant country scat
in all N. Eng. his word is as good as his
bond, courteous and bcnevolent, and sus
laining tho highest charncter in all tho re'
latiuns hc 1ms bcen callcd upon to sus
taiu. (Bangor Whig )
Wc havo sccn the report of tho Dircc
tors of this Company, which hasjust bccn
publishcd. The report givcs a very favor
ablc view of this important road. Tho
raiis arc alrcady laid to Waltham, a dis.
tanco of tcn milcs, and tho. road is open.
cd fur thc distancc ; nnd thc dircclors say,
that in all probability it will bc opencd lo
Concord by Junc, and to Shirlcy, within
eight miles of Fitchhurg, by August or
September. Tho report spcaks favorably
of thc cxtcnsion of this road. into this State,
and belicvc that the Rutland route will be
the more important they give in a note
the labular distancc of tho thrne principal
routcs showing (hc Rutland routo, by
Kccne &c, thc sliortcst, and 12 inilcs
shortcr than tho Montpelier and Concord
Thc Fitchhurg road shows us what can
be accoinplislicd by tlrc indomitablc oncr.
gy of onc man. who in the first piace sat
isilcs himsclf of tho valuc and practica
bility of his plan, and then pursues it ir
respecticd of tho prcjudccs, and ridiculc,
and indiffercnce of thc multitude, until
triumphant succcss crowns his efforts.
The engincer says, " tho road will be
a remarkably chcap and substantial onc,"
" and that the cxpensos of operating it will
bo sraall."
We give tho following cxtract from a
thc report as showing tho favorable influ
encc of tho cxclusion of ardent spirets
from such works. The directors say:
" Thcre is another fact to which it gives
us great pleasurc to allude; that is the
pcrfect understariding and good will
which has over cxisted between the con
tractors and thc ofliccrs ofthe road. Not
one word or noto of discord has bccn
heard. The satne spirit of harmony has
cxtcnded itself among tho operatives.
This is attributcd, in n grcat measure, to
tbccntirc cxclusion of ardent spjrits Irom
the lines."
'1 hc succcss of tbis undcrtaking affords
grcat encouragcment to prosecute with
vigor our purpose of cxtending this road-
to Burlington, ihrough Kccno and Rut
land, ArronrrstEaT nY Titn GovE.tNon of
NewYouk. D. W. C. Clarkc, Esq.. of
Brandon, as cominisstoner o take ac
knowledgcmcnts of deeds' aod iiHlrunicnts
under scal.
Thn nomination of Mr Spcnccr as a
Judgc of the Suprcmo ' Court in place of
Judgo Ihompson, ucccascu, was on Mon
day rejected by tho Scnato. Tho votc
stcod 27 to21.
Fivo Whigs votcd for Mr Spcnccr, viz :
Talhnadgc, Rives, Phelps, Porter and
Cfc3Capt. Shubuck. of tho Navy, has
bcen nominnted and confirmed by tho
Senatc, Chicf of tho Burcau of Provis
ions and L'lothing for tho Navy in thc
placc of Isaac Ilill, rejected.
Capital CovICTlo'.
has bcen convictcd ofthe murdcrofhis
wife at Jamcstown, Chautnuquo county,
on Febuary last. Whcn inlcrrogatcd by
tho Judgc if he had any thing to say, Con
cll roso nnd commcndcd thc judgcmcnt
aud good senso inanifcsted bythcjury,
thanking them for their vordict, and c.x
pressing his good will toward them. He
was then sentcncod to bc cxcculed on tho
4th of Mnrch.
fXTha friends of Gen. Lr.wis Cass
for uexl Presidcnt hold a mceting in Fan
cuil Ilall. Boston, on Tuesday cvening
30th Aaron Ilcbart in tho Chair. Hon
John M'Kcon of this cily mado tho chiof
opcech, prccccded by iN. ualo and w
J, Walsh ; aud a long letter from Rich
ard Rush of Pa cu!o"istic ofGen. Cass
wns read nnd heartily rcccivcd. The
mceting is styled 'very Iargo and spiritsd'
in the IJoston Post; ifit were so, with thc
mercury bclow zero, thoro must have bccn
u good beginning for a now party. (Tri
bune.) OTTIio "copy right bill," ofMr In
gcrsoll, c.xtcnds thc copyright to 42 ycars,
orduring thc life of tho author andscvcu
ycars thcrcafter. The importalion of for
eign books copy rightcd,is prohibited. Tho
miniirium damagcs for au infringcmcnt
of copyright aro 8500. Only a citizon
or a bonajidc rcsidcnt ofthe U. S., iscn
(itlcd to tho bcncfit of the law.
(K7"Tho Grand Jury of New Haven
havo found a true bill against yound Fas
sutt, for assault and atttmpt lo kill in
tho casc of tho latc Tutor Dwight of Yalo
Hon. Alcx. Porter, United Sta'.cs, Sen
alor frcni Louisania, dicd at his residencc,
in the parish ofSt Mary,, on tholUth
ult, agcd 58.
As the Legisluture of Louisania is now
in sciiion, tho vacancy will .ioon bc filled.
Ex-Gov. Roman is spokcn of as thc hig
&3"A Mr Kissinan acting as "Third
Teller " of the Mcrchanls Bauk in New
York, considcring himself upon hisdeath
bcd, scnt for tho Cashier, and confcsscd
ho had defrnuded tho Bank of twenty
thousand dollars." IIo had managcd to
conceal his Dcfalcation for about nine
New Yokk Ccstoji House From
tho 1st of tho last ninnth to the 21st, thc
rcceipts of thc New York CuMom Housc
were a miition of dollars; In six days
frciii thc 12th lo tho 17th, inclusivc, the
rcceipts wero ovcrn half n inillion. This
(tho Tribuno rcmarks) isan onormous
sum, and c.hibits thc vnst c.xtent and pros
perity of our commcrcc,
Tue MiLLEniTis. The Signs of the
Times, oue of thc leadiug orgaus ofthe par
ty, has bccn prcpariug for some time past for
n sort of graccful slide ofT from the oft rc
pcatcd asscrtiou, that tho final ccusumation
of nll things would take placc some time
during the ycar 1S43.
As the time drew ncar, the editor, pcrhaps
bcgintiiug to doubt, chaugcd his position by
dcclariug that thc t'une would not cxtend be
yond the "Jcwish ycar." UHtil within a
few wceks of the close of the last ycar, the
dcclaraticn in thc list of 'fundamcntal priiici
ples' has uniformly bccn as follows: 'Thcre
arc liotio of the prophetic periods as wc un
derstand them, cxtending hcyond the year
18-13. A short time bcforo the close of the
year, he inscrtcd the word (Jewish,) so as to
makc tho articlc read beyond 'the Jcwish
ycar,' thus shifting their ground, by prolong
ing the time.
A. Mr. Hinton, iu the same paper, for some
time past has bcen cmleavoring to provc by
laborcd and lengthy articlcs, that his hrethreu
have bcen mistakcu, and that the great Event
will not take place uutil 1847.
rtp Hon. Wm. Upham was rccently, on
motion of Scnator Huntington of Conu., ad
mitted to ths bar of the U. S. Supreme
Hon. M. C's. It seems from cards in thc
newspapcrs that Dawson, a locofoco bully in
Congress from Louisiaua, is against duclling
but in favor of killing in a strcet iight, and
that Weh'cr, thc Ohio bully, has bcen posted
as a coward.
A Yaskf.e Discovert. It is said that a
yankee in Pennsylvania has discovered a pro
cess formaking marble, supcrior to thc real
article, which may be uscd for buildings, sta
tuary, plastering rooms, covcring roofs, and
pavemcnts. It costs about the same as com
mou mortar and hardens iu six hours. If
true, this is a great discovery.
Anrtfiintmtnt hii Gov. MaltofJcs. Hon. S.
Ellint nf Hntllnbnro is anDointed first Assis-
lant Judgo of the County of Windham, to fill
the vacancy occasionea by the dccease ot
Hon. Johu Smith.
Tl. AHtitt Th mfineT rninpil in lfi4ft
ttitn a fmrlinn of S12.000.000
in valuc, of which more than two thirds was
in gold, showing a greater proporuon ot goia
than has hcretofore occurrcd. The gold
mines of the U. b. yielded fel,04o,135.
Ohio. Judee Spangler declincs the nom
ination for Govemor, and another Whig State
Conventiou will meet on Washinrton's birth-
day thc 22d instant.
Arkansas. Evcn in th'13 far-ofT reeion.
hithcrto swaycd by locofocoism, the Whigs
are arousing and determined to make a goJ
Iant struggle. A spirited state convcntion
was holdcn on tho 15th ult., and full tickets
for Stato oflicers and Presidcntial Electors
were fonned. The undcr-currcnts are at
work, and here and there comcs a stronj gujt,
all which promises a rweepin'" Wh'tg brcezei
ero 1834 i elosed. i
The Kcstorians. A correspondeDt of the
New-York Commcrcial Advcrtiser, writiug
from Constantmoplc, cxculpatcs all tuo mis
sionarics from any share of responsibility for
tl.u AftliiNMtnriara. Hcsnvslhc
subjugation of that people had bccn deter
mined Oy ttie Alirsisu uurcriiincui utium
auy mi3siouary had set foot upon the soil.
Shoc Hutincss. The Haverhill Gazettc
says: "Wcare pleased in beingable to stato
tli-.t ilm linr buiiiiiess continues to bc iu a
very prosperous coudition, The shoe man-
ulactunes in ims iu u upj.cu iu uu u.uuu
with thc constaut dcmand for their shoes.
r.. r mntiili atnruation. this uscftl!
branch of mauufacturesisgaiuing that staud-
in" which we hopo it will long connnue 10
hold. Although by this business a largc for
tune cannot be amassed in a momcnt, yct it
aflbrds a dcccnt income, and gives employ
mcnttoa great nuinher of worKmen, hich
at this season of the year is very much necd
ed. Within the last threc months we have
advertiscd for over 300 workmen who were
wauted in town, and we are addiug alinost
weekly to our numbcr."
Wcdncsday Fcb. 1-1, 18-14.
The mceting notified for tho orgauizatiou
ofa WhigClub ou the21st(instead of the 23d
on accouut of the Tcmperauce Cclebratiou)
should bc an univcrsal gathcring of evcry
Whig iu the town. Let there bc a glorious
rally of all the high-minds aud high and pat
riotic hcarts among us which wc trust will
comprchcud evcry true blooded whig among
us, who are ready to plcdgc their time, their
talcnts and every houorable effort to redeem
this much abused nation from the misrulo of
one of the most unscrupulous, disorganizing
aud distructive panics that evcr bore sway
over ths county. Let Middlebury at least
glow with a noble ciithusiasm, and by her
spirited aud patriolic bcan'ug stand forth an
examplo worthy of ihe imilatioa ofthe coun
ty. Tho youug whigs especially aic callcd
upon to come fonvard with a cbeering zcal,
aud to disliuguish themselvcs iu the advancc
meut of a causc upou ivhose succcss dcpcnds
the realization of all that is promiing aud
brilliaut in lliciranticipatious of thcfuture.
Audlct the bosomof every I'armer,MtcHanic
and Lalorcr, swell high in ticw of the iucal
culablo blessings which will folluwhithu traiu
of the gieat victory wllich they will ccrtainly
sccure iu 1844, if evcry whig docs his duty.
From our congressioual rccord it will be
secn that Mr. McDuflie has bccn again shad
owiug forth the beauties of Nullification
which have so Iodjt infcctcd tiio hraius of
South Carolica poiiticians, with Calhouu at
their head, aud which he asserts will cre long
be realizcd. There is little doubt that thcsc
isacrcs still hcrbur desigus of a dissolution
of tlie union,and thc ercctionofrcpublics ora
triumviratc of rcnublics on its ruins. Their
incxtinguishable hatrcd to thc North, is not
cvcu attcicptcd to be hliukcd iu thc least.
Our prosperity and wealth, spriugiug froin
the indomitablc iudustry of our cntcrprising
popuhitiou, hauuts thc imagiiiation of thcsc
gcutlcuicn of thc whip, by uight aud by day.
Nor while wrapt iu the frightful conteinpla
tiou do thcy ccase to depict to themselvcs thc
brilliaut dcstiuy which awaits asouthcrn con
fcdcracy, cujoying the rights of sclf govern
mcnt, aud frccd from the system of 'jiluuder'
which thcy protend tho principlo of protcc
tion entails upou them. Ncvcr did cnlhusi-
asts induli-c iu inorc fantastic visions than
thesc silly abstractiouists. Thc arraiigcuiciit
of thcirprojectcd coufcderacics as their hutin
darics !c cxtmt is notmoic imaginatlve than
tho rclativc pocr and prosperity with which
McDuflie iuvests them. Who cau bclicvo iu
the combinatious hc has made? Ilow cau it
bc rcndcrcd crcdiblc that thc states in thc vul
lcy of the Mississippi, and cxtcudiug north to
thc lakcs, now linkcd to tho northeast by
evcry easy and dircct mcans of iutcrcom
municiition, bytics of blood, by similarity of
institutioiis, of habits and ideutity of inter
ests would evcr for a momcut tbink of fra
tcruizing with the proud, dominccriug ncgro
drivcrs of .s'outh Caroliua, Alabama andMis
sissippi, whosc physical strcnglh.ifl utterly
paralyzcd by slavery, aud who must soon fall
an easy prcyto their morecnterprisiiiguorth
cru neighbors, orbccome the victims of tho
cxaspcratcd Africsns whom thcy now hold
iu bondaga. But what would bc quitc as un
palatcablc, Iiow would they rchsh au union
with men whosc avowed policy would soon
reducc them to a colouial dcpeudcucc upou
Britain. Evcry mcrely agricultural country
iu the rango of history which has purchascd
her mattufactures abroad, has been impovcr
ished and rcndcrcd subscrvieut to thc nation
uhich has rcapt thc proOtsof the cxhausting
But howcver prcposterous thecxpectatious
of ths mad Ilamlcts of South Caroliua may
be, it is very cvideut that taking their cuc
from McDuffie, they have agaiu bccome so
infatuatcd with their visionaryprojects, as to
be ready to tcar up the constitution and di3-
solvethcunion. Thisncw outbrrakii onlyan
other edition ofthe nullification of 1832 which
if pcrsisted in as commcnced, would have re-
sultcd in open rcbelion, aud entitled its pro-
jcctors to a gibbct. There can be little doubt
that thesplendid scherae of a southern con
federacy which has been so long ilickcring up
on its embers is coutcmplatcd agaiu to be
blown up by the same restlcssaspirant whose
disappoitited ambition is again urging him
forward to deeds of despcratc daring. Thc
anncxation of Texas is iutendcd as a prclini
inary step to the unmasking of the trailorous
conspiraey. The furiqu3 zeal of Nortbern
abolitionism is another powcrful instrument
to opcrate upon the fears and exasperate the
prejudices pf tbe South to sccure tbeir" co
opcration. But howevM- rangnine of raeetts these
zcalots may be. their hopes w'.H be dci.rr.-,!
to a gricvous disappo'.utip.cnr. Tbcy j,.. f.
bchind the spirit of tho arc. M-itv
states on whom concurrcvcc thev c.ul
are rapidly being conviTted to tb f, ,
protcctioa. Marjhnd, Virgiuia, Keat-V
and evcn Tcnuessee and North r..ru,'! . .
not only daily iJectil)iugth..inse!Cj in ;'"
cst with thc Norihtrn States, bnt the t!
formcr are evcn now upon the v. rgc tf t..j
ual emantipatien.
Nay more, it was erideut fror.ithe pro.?,
iug3 of the last session of Congrcs. tlrt i,
ranipant spirit of thc southern sUvcocncj
darenatraet the steady gaze of N.): j.
dcfiance to their thrcats of dbsoiatioa. Th
moment they hcard their oft rcpeatcd crr ,
dissolution cchoed back from tie Nonh
startcd appalled at the sonnd aj it" J , rj
had bceu prcscnted to their bosoms. 1 i.
toncs of menacc were changcd into thi
secchingstraics of the proud CajsLr, t-Ij
whcn terrifieil with his dangpr ctit 1 r i?
"Help me Ccssius or Isink!" They lUr ,;c,t
sobcrly coutemjilate ths wretched fate v
awaits them in cass of diisoh'.tiaa. Pbis.n!
irabecility servile wars, forcigu depca Kncj,
that fcar of Nortbern supcriority iu pow, .
wca'th audgreitness nhichnowf.Usiheia ui-.h
somuchjealousy and apprehcns:ou atar.djs.
ons in the way of their disloY.il purposts.-.
The North is attachcd to thc union; th
will stand by it as loug as it 13 v.onh fir-n
iug. But lctthe South ouccspriug i'.o.li..r
moorings in this grcat coufederacy, ar.d "
ted as shc is all ovcr with thc i.'.'u ,
of slavery, aud implacably hostilj to '.
priuciplcs of pclicy the sdoptiou cf
cau rcscue the country from baukrn-.iii . .
ruiu, anJ rcnderit grcat, flourishing, ani' u r
py, what northeru man would go an inch u
woo hcr back to the republicau fold fr ,a
which shc had insolcctly and violcntly broVe
Tho following paragraph which we c!ip
from tho Hnmburg (S. C.) Jourual, fonnerl,
a Vau Burcn paper, shows iu what cstiata
tion Mr. Yan Burcn is held at thc South, rai
also thc popularity of Mr. Clay. It cbubm
bo dcnicd, that thc South are opposcd to ?'r
Vau Burcu, nhuost to a mau.and thatsh-uU
Henry Clay nud Marliu Vau Burca :
two opposing cnndidates in thc app.i. .
contcst, tho Locos would niect, if ju- '
with a inoro signal defcat thau thoy di.. :i
It? ILL This fact has now bccauio sp,ru
to all observms mcn, and hcncc tus n ci ai
aud sccrct attcmpts to hustla Mr. 'an liu
reu from thc course nud bring another uaa
into the field that is uot spaviaed acd ling
boued iu evcry limb :
fj7 " Bnt, wo ngaiu uncqtiivocally sst,
that if Vau Btireu is to bo the candiilate of
thc dcmocrntic party, Hcnry Cby nilll
supportcd by South Caroliua. I'oliticisn
uny say whatevcr thcy please in thc xnrt'er.
but thc people havcaoicc that v.iU riajr
from the aea-board to the inoimtaius. Ilm
are forccd to haul down our colore in dof ac
of Calhoun, we will rally under tho lianatr
of Clay. The friends of Vau Bureum.-'j btla
as many couvcntious r.s there are Irtters iu
thc English Alphabct, and meet in caucui is
every holc nud corncr of tho L'niou, still ii
will avnil ihcm uothing."
The whigs are every where in motion, tixj
those ef the Green Mountains wo trurt in
not a whit bchind thc rcit of the Ucioa. Thi
Bellows Falls Gazettc contains a rall for s
whig mceting in Rockingham sipned by orn
1C0. Thc Woodstock Mercury h;'s ai.othtr
eall signcd by uearly as many. Tuo vtrti
since scvcn hundred whigs were asscir.Mn! 't
Stafl'ord in the county of Oranrc. An !tr
Convcntion h to be held atCht'sea cn t:.c
2?lh inst. Thc Whigs of Lamoile hi.U s
County Convcntion ou thc 22d ius. l; '
what is still more encouraging they po rin.!
der to shouldcr under the hanncr of thc '
and patriolic statcsman of the west. I: 1
hailcd every where with a noble entiiujirr:.
aud while distractiou, dismay and p;.r'y
are sprcading through the ranksof our?ri'"
sarics. a spirit of harmony, zcal. crcrp. r.
detcrininatiou pcrvades evcry whijr L' -o- -We
scarccly entertain a doubt of ths .!'..'
ous rcsult. Whethcr Vau Buren, Ca b'
Johnson or Cass, arc iu the f-elduYy f.t't
wither undcrthe ascendancy ofa m.'ii !nn
the people not only love and admireper-' s-
ly, but whose political course thn ujiost
cvinccs an uushakeu atlachmact to tlie tr.
principles of national policy, and a d"snvr.
ol pcrsonal couideratious in their adiocic
which is unparralled since the patriotie tnr.
ottherevoltitiou. And will thc whissof.V.
dison County, cinulatc theslirriu; cxainfn'
which arc set them all arounil Ihc I'ninn? i
it uot ths duty, is it not the imtnc-'ia't ilV
cst, is it not thc true glory of eve:y
young or old, rich or poor, to gird oa
morfor the fight, with the motto -ready"
inscribed on his brcist plite 1 1
you must not go alone to the battle. 1
must band yourselvcs togcthcr. You ni
beat up for voluutecrs. You must form wi '
clubs, stir each othcrs patriotism, adoptth
maxim that uothing is done while aught re
mains to bc donc, and march with unbroies
front into the field, eacb man extending tfc
right hand of fellowship to his ncighborss L
rroes. and the victory is won, the permanc::
nrosncritv of the country secured, acd li'
returu of the extravagant and profligate Bour
bons forevcr prohibited. Are the whigs i-J
cach to wn going ahcad ! Arc the acurc w
patriolic youug men bestirmg themsciv-
through the county, for the orgaDiiaron
the 22d l Wc hopo they are. Go h'
ftiends. Go ahead.
The brutality of Weller's attack upon M'
Shriver is cinced by thc fact that the 1"
genlleman is a small slight man. and of
and quict demcanor. But it scems that J
S. was not lackingin courage while, as oig
hare becn expected from his dasUrdlv atBCi
upon one so tar hil inienor iu r
s Mr. Shrirrr, Wellerif qnCT i

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