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nzs and Shirling, comprisins a varie
lir of aiidl-tie and pricc. W. S. Johnshk.
UFKALO LIOBES. 3 Balcs selecied
1 BuiTalo Itobes, just rec d and for sa'e
by . S. JOHNSOK.
N. B. Pleasc calt and exaraine before
purdnsing elsewhere. Oei. 16,1843.
CUWHIUK aadCallskin lio .is,
CutanilWroughlNails an assortment
or sale loiver thau ever by
Oct. IG, 1S13, W.S. Johsson-.
Osc door north ofTIr. Allt.n's
Officc. 24,tf
Cods. MufTs. Boas. FurTrimmines, Kus-
ela dog Collars, and Buffiilo Ilobes, for wile
liv 1 . V . Collins,
"Sept- 23, 1843.
St. Cruix
Porto Rico
N. Orleans Sugars just opencd and
llRvannah& I for sale at vcry reason-
D'ble refin'd I ab!e prircs by
Z, Beckwith & Co.
French and EngHsh Merino's Fig'd nnd
Pum M. U. Lames, Bombnz ncs.Cmisan
and also all oilier goods for v.'intcr dresses
just rcceivcd and for salj vcry loto at
TSTEESVILLE round, square, and
JfskV. flal Iron of all tbo 'sfzcs manu.
facturcd U thoworks.are constantly on
Iiand, and foi .ale by Uip subscriber.
Ofjn prs. of Farewcll Shoesjust receir-
c,i consisting ol
Farcwtlls Slips,
Walking Shoes,
Gaiier Boofs,
Buskins, all of which will bc soldjlow
for cash by W. S. JOHNSON.
Oct. 23. 1843.
)ROAD C otln.Beaver Gluths.a heavy
J arliclc for Wintor Coats.Cassimeres,
Sallinetls, also Sheelings Ticking, C'anton
ana otner nanncis,ior saie uy
Oct. 2d, 1843.
1 8 4 4.
rOULD rcspectfully informtlieir
patrons, anu tbe public jgcncr-
nlly, that they will continuo to rucctvo
WOOL at the establishment ol tlic micJ'
dlobury Jianufacturing Company.to man
ufactcre inlo Cloths. C'assimeres or Sat
tinetts, white or colored Flannels. rc. of
ncrmancnt colors and mixes, to suit the
taste on sharcs or by the yard, at the
option of 'he owner.
Ucing furnishoJ with tho necessary op
paratus, and having in their cmploy com
petent and aithful workmcn, they will con'
tinuo to improvc the valuo and sty'.c of
thuir goods, intcnding that tiicy snau noi
bo surpas?cd by those of any othcr cstab
lishment ic tho stato. They will kecp
an assonnoiit on hand to accommodatc
thase who may waut a part of their cloth
in advancc.
Grateful for tho cxtcnsive patronage
thiyhave rcceivcd, they hopo by strict
pcrsonal attcntion to busincs and the
intcrcsts of their patrons to receive a
li'jisra sliare of their favor.
TERMS as roaonable as at anycstab.
lij'imont iutho vicinity.
Aliddlebury, June, 20.
Si. Croix
l'orto Kicn a supenor
urticlejust rcceivcd and forsalo by
Oct. 2. 1843 Z. Beckwitii &. Co
SA S. .Mill Saws. X. cut aud Bill
K!5 et Web Saws, just rec'd by
"MEAVER Coatngs, llcvy I'ilot
Jfi Cloihs, Fine Gernian Cloths.English
Cloths. Cassimcres and Fancy Doo skins,
Ricb Lvons Velvft.and Vestings, just rec'd
Oct. 12-
The unJcrsigned Ukcs this metboil to inform
the jiublic that he has rcbuilt liis fjclory, fifiy
rodj noitli of ihe briJge in Salisbur)- village,
wliere lie is al!e to attcnd to evcry lnan's irants
in the arlicle of PtAis Cloth of all qualilirS
and colors, Casei.miihes do. Satinetts do.,
anJ Kli.nxel? do I'articularMtcntiun pai'dlo
DYK1NG. All his cloths aro Wool Dyed, and
lieltcr colors Jlian can be olitained in this Ticin
ity. The underjigned novv lus hisina-liinerv in
successful op.-ration, and u ready to reieite
Wool to manufacture by thc yard or on sliares.
Also, will exchange Clo'h fur Kleeco Wool,
Pulled wool, Dclts and Tags. 11c will posttivelv
do as w ll or bettcr in respect to nrice of n
or quality and goodnfss of cToth rxchangel.
any other mill in this vicinitv. Woou CAnmsG
nn I Cloth Dkessixg attri dd tn as usual
K. B. Fifty rods north the bridsi: Salisbury
v iiiigo. pleasc call and exaimne. I1, , li,
Buffalo Kobes.
rfXE bale npper Misouri, or Northwcst,
v-' BulTaloKobes ofsupcrinr quality, jnst
rcceivcd and for sale, uucoinmouly low by
1 U. SMl I tl.
New-Havcn Dcc. 1, 1S34.
UG.'iUS. Double rctlncd Loaf, Lump
anu Diown ougars, ol Uittercnt quali
tics, for sale vcry cbcnp for casli bv
New HaAen, Oct. 28. 1813.
ESS PORK, for Sale l.y
tcpt 25 I lt A STEwAT
CHUSANS, Crapc Tnisaiis, Crane I)c
Leons, Parisians, M. D. Lnins, Giinps, JIo-
liair nnd silk r nng, this !ay rcceivcd liv
fcpt.23, 3542
(7IN'TEU SPERM OIL. 2 Casks Oil
of a superior nualitv. for sale bi-
Nnv. 1313. V. S. JOHNSON.
BLOUIl. Supcrfiue Flour, in barre
- and half barre! -i. V. S. Joiixson.
T"1 UOCElilES.
The subscriber wonlil
inform his
nld friends and the nublic
Ihat hehas on hard, and iniends to keep a
full assiT'ment of Groceries which vrill be
E"Id vorv low for cash. W. S. Jounsos.
Oct. I9,lSn.
i Extra Of.er Caps,
Shelland Seal, do.
Fur Seal do.
Nutria and Muskrat dn.
Men and Boys Clth Fur trimmed
Caps, for sale f.ir ca3h by V."S. Johnson.-
Uct.18, 1843.
Collin's & Co's Axes.
ITH or without belves for (.ale by
Z. Bkckwith, & Co.
Oct. 1843.
fTpiIE subscriber is dow ready to receive
At the Woolen'faciory formerly carricd on
by A. Spaldtng Co. Tbe tnacbinery is in
perlect order, and the public may rest as
sured ihat their work will be done to their
sntisfartion, and on the most
Reasonable Terms.
Jd" A share of the patronage is solicited
Middlebury, May 2,1S43. 52 tf.
And Ladies Ckavats, tho lafest stylc,
just reccived and for Sale chcap by
A. Fuaxcis.
15 lbs.
first quality for sale
A. rilAiNUlS.
Tiicm. , - ' K3. u
1 UAl renoil'pi! frim TVniv Vorlr n nnno
a ' " ' -.,
y ral assorlment of Groccries Consisiinjj
in part ol Ukl IJyson, l'oung Hyson H.
Skin, and Black Teas, Mol.issef, Loaf,
roundnml Brown Sugar, Boxand Sutteiia
Raiins, Java Laguara and St. D. Coffee,
Frcsh Tamarands, Rice, Salmon '1'rout,
Blcached Miiimicr and Sperm Oil, Varnish
and Linsccd Oil at
m u m m 4 M B ' ' a
UST rcceivcd and for sale bv
Middlebury, Sept 27, 1S43. . 20.
T" W O THOUSAND busheTs of htew.
ted immediatelv, bv
IN SHOP.EHAM. haifrnile south
of the lowermills, 62 acres of good
land a good house painted out and
in sidr. a frood harn nnrt wn.l ctiorl
with plenty of watcr all convcnient for a small
Farmer, or rnechanic, if any pcrson wants a good
chcap place, pleasci to come and bny of me with
Ihe stock and crons il it pleaso the purchascr. &c.
Shoreham, Jan. Ist.lSlI. 10:Gm
New and Bcautiful Goods for La
dios and Cliildren's Dresscs and
Cloaks just rec'd by
THE subscribers are now rcceiving their
fall supply of g-ood-i, consisting of
Dry Groccries, Crockcry, Iron
and Stccl, Salt, Fish,
and almost ciery article usually cnquircd
for, which will bcsoM for PAY. as lowas
at any store in thc County. All kinds of
pruuuce rcccivcu in paytnent.
Shoreham, Oct. 2, 1843. 22
kcn in and for sale bv A Fuancis.
THE subscribers would rcspcctfully iu
l'orni thc public that they continuc to
carry on thc busincsi of building to ordcr
all ikmls of
Woolen and. Cotton
Alsofitting up
MWl Gears, SJiaftirijrs
and all othcr work belonging tlicreto, either
for furnaces or forgcs;
Builtand warranted.
Oil JUill, Clothicr's. and othcr
ol n:l dcscnptions.
built nccordmg to the latest iinprovemcnts.
Force and suttion
PUMPS, of various sizcs.
Torastings of all descriptions made to or
dcr. and at short notice.
Thn3 U'hn mnir fa iid i.'I.L .!.-"
.....j i,u uieircus-
tom may be assured that their work will be
,0 tiuriviiiauiiKc inauner.
All orders tromptly attended to.
Jliddlehury, Nov. 15th, 1S13. 29
A T ONE DOLLAR 20 Doz. Pairs
wells best Spring Heel Kid Slips,
Dec. 13, 1S43.
Good Fresh Brp.nrl.
fplIE subscriber lvill furnish good fresh
bread at his Rnke Shnn. nt
pnce at which the flour can be purchased by
the pound in this village. Also, Pies and
Cakes. for families will hn- fnmUhorf t
same favorable rates.'
Fresh Oysters.
Ythe Keg, Quartor by the meal, al
ways kept for sale at the lowest prices
at wliich they canbe afforded by
THC subscriber, at his old stacd
in the brick buildina one door
nnrth of ihe Court House. his re-
rrivrd bis wintrr nock from N.York
and Albany, out of hicli be ill
manufaciurc and kcep constaully on
liana or make to order on suon no'
tice, the followingarticles.vii:
Common double and single tinned and
jappaned harnesses malleable tip t tung ,
Brass and Silver mounled coach, gig
and waggon harnesses of difierent
style mour.tings & construction,
Carpet bags and valices of
difierent material and fash
iod, French folio brass
rivited iron framo
Trunks ; Imitation
folio, and a largo
assortment of
sizo and quality of
nlain TbunKs.
irjr..Mnff irimmin? done in a neatand work'
raanlike roanner all kinds of repairs in his line
done at short not.ce. The abore ana all ouier an.
u:. i: r biunm will be manufnctured out o!
,i vwt r. can be liad in market, and told
i r. - ,17 r most kinds of nroduce as
be nurchaked in this Section of Ihe conotry of the
sa.re quality. Tersons wi'hin-: to purchisc any
article in his line of business ill do well to call
and ixamine priccs and work as heinlcnds tokeep
ncnrinunt coastant v on uana. ireui
rr'iren If renuired.
Alaoa irood and wcll scleclcd assortment ofSad'
dlery hard ware different Patterns of Brass Silver
Finc Malleable tip't tunj and all kinds of com.
mon warc. Coach lace Ivory KinM Curled
liair. Onen and Itound Itclls Horse Cards. Cur
ry and Mane Combs, Horse Brushcs, Neats foot
Oil and a good assortment of hips &. Lashes.
Patent Leather Can fronts and Imwls Scc. nlucli
will bc sold as chean for Cash as cau bc had ihi
side tf Troy. C. HlLL.
Jliddleburj Dec 27. 1843.
T his Etore in Bridport offers
L public a large stock of
to thc
comprising all articlcs usually kcjit in
countrv retail store, which will be sold
retail.cxccptspirituous linuors, whtch wi
be sold in packages to suit Tavern Kcepers
nnil at wnolesale to retail ueaicrs anu ai
Troy priccs adding the freight. To partic
ulartzc he nas on hanu,
8 IIhd3. St Oroix &
30 Bbls Porio Rico &
New Orleans
15 Hhds,
30 Bbls.
superior quality
30 Chesis and half cliesls
30 Catty chcsts G to 13 Ibs 3
30 Kegs Sc Boxes. Common
to Honey Dew,
10 bbls. Fine cut,
all qualitics
5 boxes lb and half lb fine cut J
10 Kegs Puro Gi.ngcr. 5 Do. Salnitre.
10 boxes Poland Slarcli.
10 do Pepper Saucc.
20 boxes Bar Soap,
20 do white in 3 lb, 4 lb, lb cakes.
20 Bags of old Laguira Coffee,
10,000 Spanish Cigars.
G Cases English flJustard.
100 bbls and 175 Sacks Weslern Sall.
40 Sacks Livcrpool Ground do.
15 Jars Snuff. 50 lbs Indigo.
50 lbs Nutmegs.
50 Packages Itaisins. New fruit.
30 Casks Wines of different kinds.
3 Casks Puro Juice of the Grape, unfc
30 Packages French Champaign,
ChiTry $ American Brandy.
5 Packages Cord.al.
20 Packoges Holland & American Gin.
20 do Pure Spirits.
5 Hhds. & 20 bbh. Portlaad Rum.
5 do St. Croix do.
10 Kcos Alcohol. 10 Casks Sperm Oll
3 Balcs BufTdlo Robcs. Good sound skins
from Sl 50 to 5 00 each.
Iron and Sleclqf all kinds.
Cot, Tcnant & iWill Saws.
40 Tons Fresh ground N. S. Plaslcr.
Paints, Oil Glass, d:c.
ISoots, Shoes, Caps, J-c.
Riginr;, Pitch, Oakum, &c.
logether wtlh a good assortment and
large stock of goods of all kinds, which
customers are rcquesled to examino and
judge-of for th'emsclvcs. The above stock
is all now bought within eix weeks.
rri ...
1 no ijoocjs wtii de sold for eood notes
at 3, G or 9 months, all Countv Produce.
Lumbcr, &c Cash not rcfuscd, but charge
011 oook nouv inaumissab e.
Cash paid fbr all kinds of Lumber. and
most kinds 01 produce.
ICT Lash paid also for all kinds of
isiipping turs.
Half Cash and from 4 to 0 Dollars pc
100 lbs for good wcll fatted hogs.
I he bustness hcretoforo transscted in
the name of J. lrost cc Co. has elosrtl
All no'.es, accounts and coutracls are the
property of Abel P. Skiff, who is ready and
willtng to setlb them and pay all claim
due from and madc in the name and with
J. ritosT &Co.
Bridport, Nor. 20th, 1843.
The subscriber continues to givo Med
ical instruction, designed by narticular at
lcntion to indigenous medical Bolany, and
to the principal praclical subjecls of gene
ral Therapeulics, lo adapt tho course to the
requisites of those who intend to become
Country Practitioncrs.
He has cnrjsed S. Pcarl Lnthrnn. A. M
M. D., to instruct in natural science, and
m numan ana comparalive Anatomy.
Gcntlemen who desire mav have admis
sion to the Lectures eiven in tho Collefe
r . xt . ... . o
on u-iiemuiry, maturai iitsiory and Fhilos
Middlebury, Dec 20th 1843. 33;tf.
Less than
X. latest shape and beit manufacture.
4 do superior walkinir Shoes. Buskin
and other shapes, at reduced prices.- A
large and new stock just received bv
mid Cherry,
The greal remedy for the consumption of
the Lmes!
THE best Medicine known to man fur In-
cinienl consumpUen,asthma of everv stage
Bleedtnsof the lungs, coughs, colds. Itver
complaint, and all diseases of the pulmon-
ary organs,
Nalure s otcn frescription.A com-
nound Balsamic preparation of tho Pkun
ns Virgisiana, or 'Wild Cherry Bark',
combtned with the cxtract of tar, prepar-
rd bv a new chemtcal proccss, approved
and recommended by tho most dtstiiigutsn-
ed phystcians, and universally acknowl-
edgcd the ntosl valuaDio meatcinc ever ats
Noquackeryf No Deceplion!! All pub
lished statemonts of cures performed by
ihis medicine, are in cvery respect true.
Bo carcful and net the genutne 'Ur. tfiS'
tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,' as spurtous
imitation are abroad. 00
Orders from any part of the country
sbould be addressed to Isaac Butts, No 125
.Fu'ton street, New x ork. Russel and
Gridlev, Chemis's & Druggists, Agests
Indian Purgative.
FHHIOUGH many mcdicincs have bccn
Jsl bcforo tho public for a much longer
period than Wright's Indian Vegetable
Pills, yet nono stands now in htgher repute.
or has morc inpidly atlaincd a firm hold
upon popular cstimation. The thocsakds
that have used them throughout lhe lenglh
and brcadth of the rcpublic, all bcar ctiee
fu! teslimony to their tlwrough rjjicacy an
mi!d operatton when emptoycd in tho most
dtstrcistng dtsordcrs 'which flest is het
Tho thcory of diseasc on which Wrigh'
Indian Vccelable Pil!3 are founded is thi
viz? Ihat ihere is only one ptimary cause.
of all lhe disorder3 that afilict lhe human
family, and that is corrupt humor; or, i
other words impunty of JJIood. 1 h
principlc is now so gcncrally admitted that
it may in fnct bo said to be sustaiued by
an univetsahty of optntcn, tho fow dissen
tcrs constilutni!' but a vcry feeb!e minortly
It is useless, thercfote.to discuss lhe sound
ncsi of this theory in this placo and con
The one disease vrinciple beinc ndinit
ted. the mode of attack professed by all
praclitioncrs bccomes the same nanicl
rcRGATION. But mnn y of lhe so-called spe
cifics notv beforo the public, produce only
one form of purgatton: they are either Jsu
dorific, cathartic, Diucls or expeclorant.
Wnght s Indian Vegelable Pills combine
all ihese properltes, t are .thorefore calcu
lated to altack thcc Iemcnts of diseasc at all
points, and by a harmonious and combincd
operatton to expel it radically from tho sys
tem. Ihsir ellcct is almost mngicol, an
is no Icss astonishing for its rnildnes than
its cfficacy. Bcth sex.es, and all ages may
cniploy them, accordmg to the uirections
without fear, for while they aru certain to
cure all diseases that arc rcmcdtablc, they
ncver inilic! an tniury upon thc svstcm
ThepcrfVctsafety of the medicine is an
other nlfTinnnrtnnr nnnlity, anil ono whtcl
has rontributcd morc than anythingclso to
its cxtcnsion and nopularity.
In a word, this medicine commcnds itsclf
strongly to the patronage of tho publit-.and
its usc uius tair to tiecouic uelore long, ul
most universal.
The citizcns of New Ensland are res-
pectfully informed that in conscquence of
tticgrcat poiuiartty wlitcli v riglit s Indian
Vecetarjlc l'llls have carneu by tlieiraston
ishinzr soodncss, a can? of t"ountcrfeit;rs
arc now industriously engagctl in palming
on the unsttspectin", a valueless and pcr-
111ns (langerous medicine, unucrtnc name
ol HiLtinn Vesetable Pills.
This is to inform thc public, that tbe gcnu
inc medicine has on the boxes.
"Wright's Indian Vecetable Pills
(Indian Purgative)
of the North jImericax College or
And also nrouml thcborder of lhe label
will be found in stnall type, "Lntercd nc
cording to thc Act of Congress. in theyear
IS4U, uy wuiiamwriglit, in tne uierk's ot-
licc, ol tue ilistrict Uourt ol tlie castern uis
rict of 1 ennsylvania.
Ihcnulilic will aso rcnicmber that nl
whoseli thc gcnuine Indian Vegetablo Pills
are provided with a certificate of accncy
signeu by
William AVriglit, Vice Presidcnt
and ihat pcdlcrs are ncver in any case al
Iowcil to scll the ccnuine medicine. All
travclling Agcnts will be prcvidcd with 1
certificate of Agency as above dcscribcd
and those who cannot show one wilt bc
known as basc imposters.
X lie lollowing inglily respcctablc pcrsons
have bccn appointcd agents for the sale of
tho above nainctl.
Wright's Indian Vegelable Pills.
RUSSEL & GRIDLEY. Middlebury.
Needham and Dcnnis, East Middlebury,
W. Collius.
B. F. Haskell,
New Haven;
L. Sprague,
A. P. Roscoe,
Munson Dean,
Shalts & Webb.
S. Johnson,
IIuntloy& Iliggins,
Ira Bingham,
Jobn Simonds2d,
Tupper & Breakncridgc; Satrksborough;
w . lirown, Addison;
Huntington, Vercennes.
P. Fletcher a Son, , Bridport.
rrost, "
Wripht $ Busb, Shoreham:
Jobn Simonds Jr. "
Nearing &nd Catlin, Orwell;
. Ulupman 4-00. "
J O LjliNliDK i, Traveling Agt.
The only Office in Bostonvvhere the Indian
egetable rills can be obtaineu is at
198 Tremont Street 198
Princinal Officr ane General Denot.lG9.
Spruce street, Philadelphia. 35:ly
JsTova Scotia Plaster.
''HE subscriber has now on hand 100
- Tons N S. Plaster in bulk.and 140 Tons
in bags, all fresh ground, wbich will be sold
for ready pay; W. CHAPMA'N
vergennes, ucc. 4, iaa.
and changes of Tempcramcnt.
VVATER tcust be adapted lo the Crlesh, or
Ihere will be no profagation of lhe sptcies.
The soil rnust be adapted to lliesecd. or Ihere
will be lo mcreasc. I he chrnate must have
those matters in it which which will unite and
keep alivo epidemical or contagicus poisons, or
tney will oecomo extinguisned.as a lampinai
isnnsupplicd with oil. So likewise with the
Ilumin Iramc; It cannot bc inatenally affecl-
ed by epidemical or contazicus maladies unless
there be those matters Ooaling in tbe circulalion
vhich offer '.he annropiiate soil. Bv nurifying
our hodies wilh the BnAMcnETii Pills, which
have affinily with those impurities upon which
conlagion freds, we rna always feel secure
whatever diseases may rase around us. True.
we, may have il, but it will be the affair ofa
day or two, while those who have been loo wise
to usa this sicjple and excellent remedy, either
die. or have weeks, peihaps months of sickness.
budden changes Irom hot to chilly weather
are unfavorable to health. and il is a fact uni-
verstlly admitted, that hcat and moisture are
powerful sgents in producing disease, and that IMPORTANT TO HORSEMEN ! !
constant dhy and canstant wet weather aio I This Liniment is not only beneficial to tho hu
both favorable to its generation: it does not sig- man systtm but, is the best article that can be
nify Wiiat we call it: it may be ague; it may 1 used for horsestbathave been galledpraincd or
be dysentary; bilions fever; it may be broncbi- bruised, and for stiffness ana swelling oflhe
tis; it may bccholic; it may be consumption of joints, scatches, wind.galls, fresh wounds &e.
tho bowels; it may beinflammation of tho now. Tbe oiiginil and genuine is prcpared only by
cls, it may be inflanimition of the stomach; it T. SEAVER & SON Druggists, Walpole N. H.
may be neivons affeclion; but still it is disease, , OBSEUVE Every bottle of the genuine will
and a diseasc curableby Brandreth Pills, be- ha ve the signulure of lhe proprietors on tho in
cause they rcmove all impurities from tho body side wrapper. Each bottle and seal is stamped
alPthat can in any manner fced the furlhcr SEAVER'S JOINT & NERVE LININENT,
progress.of the malaily no matter how called; and encloscd in a blue wrapper on whicois a red
thus these pills aie not only the most properj labcl. rrico 25 cts per bottle.
medicine, but genorally lhe only medicine that I For sale in .Middlebury only by Russel & Grid-
need orought lo be used. At the present time
it is evcry man's duly who wishesto secure hif
health to use them, it is the duty of cvery one
nuannuws anyining oi ineir neaun rcsiuuuR
powcrs, to make it known in his tmmediato cir
cle. For there are some alarming signs, which
tell of tho app.oach of diseases. The sudden
changes of tcmperamcnt are morc to be feared
and guarded againsl thanany contagious malady
The iNFLUEirzA has left many in such a
state of weakness Ihat there is in them a great
susceptibility lo be affected by these changes of
the atmosphrre and contagious maladies; but
by the limely use of Brandrclh's Pill even now
this susceptibility can bc in a great measure
removed, and powergiven to the system tore
sist Ihese morbij poisons, and the sudden chan
ges in lhe weather with which it may be bro't
in contact dunng the next 50 days. Nature has
formed the boncls for the evacuat.onof all un
hcalthy humors, and if man wculd but use com.
mon rer.se, he would takfi carc they performed
this officc faillifully. If the bowels are out of
or.trr if tooslowor to fast, a fcw doses ofBran
dreth's Pills nill bring them to order. lsk lhe
man who was dying from constipated bowcl3
what cured hini he lelU vou. Brandreth's Pill.
Ask him who had had dvsentary forsix months 1
and every remedy h .d fJiled: he ill also tell !
you the Brandreth Pills cured him in a weck !
bo wilh other disia.es.
fnclve Brandreth
Pillit. ruhbeil dnwn tn l.lr nii.t nC mnlAce. 1
cured a little boy of an ulcer of lhe face which
which a dozcn doctprs had tiicd to.cure, but
could not; the poor parents would have eiven
hait inoy wern worth to have had it cured, Dut anJ effici0Us medicine.
evcry 'hing they tried did no good, unlil they Dr Thomas Brown, of Concord N. II , wri'es
gave ita. teas)oonrull ofmolasscs cvery day, n I lo hij knowledfie, it has ncver disappointci
1-2 a pinl of hich they had rubbed down 12 tho rea.0nable expcctations of those who have
Brandreth pills; before the wholo of lhe molas- uscj it
scs was takcn the ulcer was cured. Anl yet , rrj- BElv"ARE OF IMPOSiriON. Each
some foolish pcoplc call Brandreth's pills quack eRn,inB bottle is enclosed in a bluo wrapper on
medicine. It would be'wcll if there were a few Tych js a yelloA- labcl, signed Wm. Jon'n Cut
more such quack medinincs. Will all your j,'one other is genuine ofa later dale than
prctcnded Sarsaparilla Compounds cure lik the 1 jjc'c 29. Tne fisnature of Sampson Reed will
Brandreth's pills? Can they scnd you foter- . . conl nued for ashott time, Purchasers khould
sons cured as Dr. Brandreth can? Can they i cnqaite f0r the true arlicle by its full name, lhe
point out to you people who had been helplrss f yc.'table Pulmonary Balsam, and sco that it
for ycars from 7pilipsy anJ St. Vitas' Danco , "jie mltk3 and signalures of thcgcnuine.
who have been cured by their rerne'lK'S? If nrn,rej by Reed Win? and Culler. flatc
uiej caiiiiui, ur. iraiitirein can wni
poinr ouno jou a pcrson wno lor iwcniy jei
had nevcr had a stool without having used mcd
icido or mcdicinal means, an j whom the Bran
pills cured, in a monlh, and gave him as heallhy
evacuations,as he bad vbcn he was a child.
If they cannot, Dr. Brandreth can.
The Brandretii Pills not only cure, all
curable diseases, bul it can be demonstiated,
that by their timely use, they must tnfallihly
cure, In a vcry short time, Dr Brandreth will
bjing before the public a concenlralion of tbo
virtues cf thc Ciandrclh pills, both in thc from
of pills, and in thefluidand then he willexplain
the reason of lhe cures that must necessarily
be Ihe result of using Brandretihan Re.m
edies, whether they bc internal orexternal or
extcrnal. I have just reccived the case of a
medical gcntleman, who rcsides in Sh'rbrook.
Canada, who fur twenly years was sorely af
flicted wilh a di.ease, which camn out in blotch-
es and scaba all over his body This gentleman
so far forgot his prejudiccs which loo often
curse his profession, as lo apply psrsonally lo
Lir. uramireth, andli's ccursc proveu a nappy !
one. Willnii six month he was enlirelveured
of his miserable and tormenting disrase by tho
Useol Ihe Brandreth pills. This valuableined-,
cine is forsale at Dr Urandreth's Officc, 211 i
Broadway, and 276 Bowery, nnd 1S9 1 2 Hud-.
son slrect, al 23cls pcr box, with full directions
Be careful yon gct the genuine; obscrvc sixsig
naturcs of Dr. Brandrelh on each box threo i
B. Brannreth and thrce Benjamin Brandreth.
List of Agents.
The followinsr are the onlv authorizcd aeents
for the Brandreth pills and Linamenl in Addison
Co. Jona. HAGan.-il'iddlebuiy;
Simon Taft. Whiting;
Sholcs & Webb, Ferrisburgh ;
Munson & Dcan. Bristol;
B. F. Haskell, S. Everls, Cornwall;
Roscoe & Nash, Nenhaven;
W. R.Bixby, Vergennes,
P. Fetchcrand Son, J. Frosl, Bridport;
K- Wright & Co. Shoreham;
tjimonds & Birchard, Watch Point;
S. S. Johnson, Leicester. 37;ly
17,500 Boxes of Dr. Rush's
Health Pills.
HAVE been sold durina lhe month of Dec,
so great has been their popularity, in consc
quence of the numerous cures they have e0ect.
ed. Every person who uses Ihese Pills recom
mends them to othcrs as tbe Best Medicine
they have cvertaken so gentloin their opera
tion, and so sure in giving relief.
It is nowconceded by the most eminent of
the medical faculty, Ihat the stomach is the
seat or fountain of all diseasc; that it is, as il
were, the centre from which proceed all thee-
vils produced by lorcign or inilaling causes
and which from thence spread lo cvery part of
lhe animal syslem
The proper mode ofcure. Iherefore, is to at
tack the citadel.in which the disease entrench
esitself. acd no combination of medical agents
has yet been discovcred so cfficacious for this
purpose as Ihe preparation of the late Ur Kusn
and which, from Ihe universal success attend-
ng Iheir administralion, (lunnir a praclice of
ble Uealth Pill." Their irreat virtue
they arrcst disease in its first approach
are prevenfives as well as rcmedies and we
will venture lo ay, that if taken by persons
when Ibcy are first affected with symptoms of
illness. many and many a case Ihat is either se
ri ous or fatal. might be avoided.
ONLY 124 cenls a box, the cheapest and the
best medicine ever known Sold atthe princi
pal office 30 Anu st New York.
w.- G. Dagceis. sole agent.
RUSSEL fr GRIDLEY. Chemists and
Druggists, Gcncral agents for this county.
OUll AUtSiM lS.
F. Huntington, Vergennes,
A. P. Roscoe, T. C. Smith. New Haven.
P. W. Collins,
S. L. Sprague,
Hemac Barnum,
Joseph Frost,
P. Fletcher fy Son,
Hammond & Co.
THE Subscriber will pay cash for Fieeca
wool deltvered athis Factory, in Middlebury
Sept 35, 1843. IRA STEVVART-
AN invaluaMe family medicine. '
Recommended bythe Medical. Faculty.
For Rheumatisin, Gout, Sprains, Brtises,
Cranip, Lameness, Pain in the side, back, and
Loins Chilblains, Felons fresh wounds, Burns,
Scalds, Freezcs, Ague, Nerrous Keadache, and
all cases of
Extemal Injurij.
It strengtbens and invigorates the nerves,
givcs elasticity to the joints promotes ajhealtby
circulatinn of tbe blo'xl, and imparts slrcngth
to any part ofthesystem which may have been
weakcnfd by scd-ntary Lahitsor disease.
It is impocsible lo present to the pnbPc all the
eviJence wbich the proprietors posscss of the
virtues of this Linimcnt. Many families keep
it constanlly by them, believing it lo be the best
remedy in use for diseases requiring extemal
treatmpnt. The good effects of it are truly won
detfuland ultogetlicr superior to anything cl sa
ever discovered.
loy, also by W. E. C. Stoddard, Rutland, S. D.
Winslow, Pittsford; Warren and Bliss, Brandon,
Huntly & Iliggins, Salisbury, A. V. Roscoe.New
naven, J; . Huntington Vergennes, and by drug
gislsand merchants gcneraUy.
The most Mglihj
Approved Medicine now in gener
al use for Coughs, Colds, and
all Diseases of thc Lungs.
B "ALSAm is belteved to bo thc most
papular medicine ever known in Amcrica, for
Coughs. Coldsi Asthina or Pbthisin, Consump-
non, Uhooping couh, anu i"ulmonary Ancc
lion,of evcry kind.
TExtracts from Certificales.l
Dr. Samuel Morrill of Concord, N. II., wtitcs
"thathe is salisned tho Vegetable Pulmonary
Balsam isavaluable medicine.haring bren used
wilh complete sncccss m cases wl.ich had rrevi
ously resisled tht most approved prescriptions.
Dr. Truman Abell of Leuipster, N. A., writes
Ifcat he confidenlly recommends its use in all
complaintsofthochests, cqual, if not superior to
any other medicine within his knowledge.
It. Amiv 1 tnnf inir nf prant'lin Mnca u.rilpQ
,,, aftcr havine prescribed ihe usual remcdie-
nilhout reliel. anu having consuil-u uilhsevcrs
al emincnl physicians, he has found tho Vegeta-
' effcct, and recommends itas a safe, convenient
t ,v j. Uecd,l ivii"ieaic uiuisis,
T.nw&Hecd,) wnieaie utuggisis, ApoUeca-
rt and Oouniry lucrcnanis generaiiy. l'nce
For s.le by S MOODY. ' ,(30:ly
50 ccnts.
An cjpericncn of atout fiflfcn yrars has prov
1 cd, beyond a doubt, Ihat this VernuTugo is a cer
tiin and ncver failing cure for worms.
1 Since it was first pul before lhe public, many
worthlcss preparalions have been forcrd intosale
; which havo had tbeir day, and are now counled
as so muchlrash, 0whereas B. A. Fahnes
t lock's Vcrmiluge is daily increasing in popular-
ity, ouing to its inlrinsic worth. It has only to
' bo used according lo the directions, and 'il
' tvr.rm pxiaf. Ilievwill eerlninlvlifi fziipltAr! fmm
thcaystrm. Tho price is 25 cenfs per botlle,
which biings it within the means of all. Bo
suro lo gct B. A. FAiinESToCK's Vermifuge,
and avoid all ollicrarlic.es which are said to bc
as good, as none of them have thc virtues of lhe
genuine article.
Whinly, Gnm Vo , Pa., ilayl, 1843
.Ur. A. B. Fahncstock & Co.:
DcarSii I have been using your Vermifuge
in my praclice for a number of years, and firid
it thc most safc Worra destrcycr Ihat I cvcr had
1 was called toa child six orseven years old
in May, 1812. which was then in epasms with
the worms. Icavc it avial or your Vennifucc,
agreeably to directions, and the child passed440
worms. in a few wecks, 1 gave il anolher vial
j anu ii paspea more, inaiiig in an oiu
' worms. The child rccovered immecialcly, and
Iiaa cnjoycd cnod health cvor since.
i have prescribed it in many othcr cases, in
' which il has broughl away 200 and 300 worms.
Be very cautious loget lhe genuine B. A.Fah
nestock'i Vermifuge, and put no confideuco in
the statement made by Comstock & Co., that
Kolmstock's is tho aame as Fahnstock's. It is
not tho sam0 ani' JoeS not Pocss the virtues of
For sale in Middlebury, by Rdssel & Grid
lev Aecnt. ll;yl
To Will Owners.
iruip ,i,,,,:i, , i.i :r. r.
,-,:. ii l n .
UUU3"kUl(;u uy i"e iait'Dtee, xvir. Ueorge
il. Copcland, of Genoa in the state ofOhio
agent to make and vend tho
iSelf oilim
Cast Iron Bush fbr
This is recardcd. in Darts of the countrv
where they have been, used as a very grear
nnprovement in gnntling all sorts ol grain,
adding one fifth to the velocity of the stone
and oncc set, it will lostas longas the mill.
Busbes will be kept on band ready to be
set for any who shall order tbem. Tbe
subscriber is also authorised to scll out tho
right to districts and territories, for the
state of Vermont, antl the northcrn district
oflhe state of New York.
Middlebury, Dec, 1st, 1843. 31;tf.
mon parc'1 for sale by
The realS
Z, BirKwiTH & Co.
. 1
I!!!" J
Sand's Sarsaparilla
'Pino r i.i .
rillS umivaled rrenoratinn .
ed some of the most aslonishing cun j J
cases that are recorded in ihe annjU oi '
tory, thus proving concluiively that n
nable of fulfillins thc hish aim nn.t 15
for which it is designed. Paiients sutU '
for years frum vatious chronic cun5tiiul
disordcrs, afler tryin different rtnn"'
spcuuing luousanas ru uouars in travf
and docterinir, and suffering all that huir"'
use of a few bottle.-, enlirely rcrovir Jiv.
health. Chtonic Uheumatism, Scmfi-U '
cersand painlul aiTtction f il e bont s' l '"
ccraled Throai and Nostrils, Scurvy L i "
Chronjcsore Eyes, Elotchesand vanun, '''
taneous ertiiitions, are eflectually cuiej ! v
use. Diseases liaving their nrigin m aa
pure state of lhe blund acd fluiiiA
willbe specdily aiidefTcciually rtm wi t
ihis invaluable medicine, as its nperatn i, ,
peculiar, and consists in removin tbe c.u-
in uisease uy cnterini lntotlie circuhtk'
passins Ihrough the s'eneral svslem. V, k.
obstrusctions loits favorable operauon eiic
thej are removed as it passes aloug tbt J
mentury canal; hcnce ibepalient will leil ar
know the sensible operation ol rht &rj-'j
rilla frum its curative powers. '
The following ccrtificates from indmdu
who have suffered with scrofula in its sever
form, are prescntcd for the careful pcmsa'of .1
afflicted: 'J
Essex, Conn., July23, 1S13.
Messrs. Saxds Gent.: About ngl.t ju,,
since, by bemg overhealed ar.ddircctly altVia
posed, I was seizcd with a severe colj, whici
doranged the whole systcm. Puiplc o: lii.i
spots appeared on the skin, attended with tifc.
pain of the head; the symptoms beiig zUi ,t
a physician was cal:cd who prescribed MisitiiLj
and leechinji, which produced partial rcU-i -Hard
bony lumps lormcd under thc skin ou u: .
ous parls of lhe body, and tho Doctor prun. r.
cpil lir comnlaint horplitarv Srrnfnt r f.w i.,r i1
first liinf !v.v inpcd. The (ollowing wint.ri.i
sighl f ii J rn loih cycs; medical aid wjs i. .
rcsortcd to, uhich relieved my sij;ht duii!1;
sutnmer; my nose now began to incrcasc 1 1 :
and lhe wLolebody rapidly enlargcd with ai'
sical swelling. The noso even grcw very .
and and discharged profuscly the most lo il 5.
aubstance. My wholo systcm was invo've.; .
disease; the lumps soflcned and discliaru .: (, , ,
producing great debihty; ulcers now brolte o
on the logs, and lo coinpitle misery, the inu.'t i
and sinews contrar.ted so Ihat 1 was rendm
nearly helplrss. I remained with little cluu.,
in this condilion until lal Octoiifr, uiicn 1 wj
suddsnly scizcd witli an indiscribablc sensit.
which rendarcd tne nearly unroiwious, anJ 1 1
friends supposed il was the will ol linJ I'ruvi
cnceloricl meof my suffering", but frum tl.uli
ecovcred only lo iuttcr on:the uiccrs had be,
cumc one conlinuous sore cnlip-ly raw.
It was in ihis coudition I coinmenccd tlic u
of vours invaluable Sarsaiiarilla nhn.li 1 was n
duced to usc from thc many remjrka'ih cures 1
saw p'lbhshcu. It cantc lo mo fs some iiuard.i
aneel; and I can snarcely tell nliv, ytt from tl'
moment I heanl il lnentiomd I nas inipres.
ully wilh the belief Ihal this was tobe tt.e ijo-c
Samaritan funne and truly it has wr ii(;lit non
wondcrs in mycase. Altcr using it a tiilt
my pains gtew ca.-ifl, lhe swrlhng of ti.e .i'.
and liiubs wcnl do'.vn, tho ulcers coninuti .
healiugand I restcd well. Altcr stiir-riii;T e..;
Ihnig but the pains of dcalh, how huppy m .
and how grateful do I feel to bc able lu atl.l
ollicr tcstimonial lo lhe cfficacy of your j.i c. 1. 1
6'arsapatilla! Momssa Simii
Middlesex Co. ss Easex, Conn. July L'3. 1-i!
I'ersoually appeartd the abure-namid M. i.i n
Siinmons, and madc oath lo tho fact roiiTamu
in lhe forcgoing stateirent before me.
CuRdon Smitii, Juslice of thc Poir
We the subsciibcrn. bcing personally acqiui.
cd with Mrs. Simmoas, du not In'siiato .. i.i
Ihat weconsider lh almve slatepifnt cf h rcw
substantially true and entilltd lo conf.donre.
Keuuen Post, Deacun Bjplii ilmrclk
I IIill lI.wnnN. .1ercbiint.
Ciias. Greexleai-, Si.ig Denii-t.
A. F. WnirrEMonE, I'o-t-miPt r.
New York, Jnlv 2fiti,
Messrs. Sands Gcnt My ilaiicl i.r ac
years, was attackcd with thc lnj i,isu-ttl.
two years old, and since tlien sbr hd
growing gradually worse untji ricenti'. n '1
suflering at intnrvali was most painful t" t-
and bafilw description. The head of llie t '
bone was thrown entirrly out of placi , a "
which ina'tcr of puss formcl in lhe s'lckt'
thejoint,and for many months in succei .
she was enlirely deprived of all natural i st
Shc was reduced to a rnrrc skcleton anJ re"
oflen exclaimed, "Oli motlicr, I nish il thA'
pleasc lhe 'Good Man' above to take rue i
himself.' Il was my fervenl prajer ler .t flVr
mgs might be tcrminatcd and my an.'Eioiis ftir
The Almighty has promised lo bc with ui
six troubIes,and in lhe sevcnth he uiJ '
us nor forsake us, if we pul our Itnst an'l er
fidcnce in Him; and trnlj I can say it lm t' 1
venfied in the present cae. Th-oi:t;h H"
blesslngand your instrumentalitj, my c!..W "
yes is r -slored to perfcct health, and is
ng monumeol oflhe efficacy of '.ur healil -storing
Sarsaparilla. We had tn dali rein.
wilhin our reach, bad lhe bones once it' !
b'islered and purged, wilhonteff-ct. A.V ' "
menced tho use bf Ihe Sarsapanlla in Anl
and in less than a week th-rewa m eti
improvement a dischanje camc on from tl
joint, and itcoinmenced healmff.and inleys'li'
two weeks was enlirely clowd. Dunng "
time of uiina the Sarsaparilla she pissed b:.
quantilies of worms, which aided matera'r
hasl?ning; the cure, She rapidl) improrm .
strength and 1163111, her appetite incrcaseJ M
she is now enlirely restored, and viholly s -'
your Sarsaparilla.
Wilh the gnteful feelings of a mother's l'1''
and father's joy, we subscribe ourselns J"J
friend, William s. Baiur.
Saraii Bilet
No. 598 Fourth street
Wetbe subscribers being nWghbors to
liam and sarah Bailey, kntv Ihe abovo state
mcnt in telationlo Iheir child and therure
formed by sand's sarsaparilla tobe slncily lr.
William Powzrs,
Joii.n Jjers.
Philadelphia July 23, ISJ3.
tr..r. cn.li C'.cr,! In lhi month of JE'
1837, I wasatt.cked withcramp in the stonK1.
!nrtn-il hir a sudden check of perspiration. ".'
I 1:.. In... T.lmVMl. 1,1,1 mv BfateQ
had rcceivcd ashock frora which 1 did not reT'
er. About two months atter ihis, a scrjiui1"'
lnmn nnnpared cn mv breasl. wh'ch erariuji.;
inm-.fipit to the size of a hec's eire. and the
became excessivcly painful. I tried diff-re1-
pasaceas witnoul denving any nenent wnaie""
and continuin? to grow worse, applied to a hon
- i .k ir, . ir.r,r, r-.ar
than he found mo The scrofula now appear'1
in my righi nee ana ancie; my reg swen -
IOU iw u . -
siva ulceration, rendenng me for years a heluH"
-rinnle. thc ereater part oflhe time suntrinjei-
cru:iating anguish, I now had rccourse af's
to tbe old praclice, was cupped aud blisteredt
rr severely, but all to no purpose,
m.. . . . r-t nirnn
KCsscr. uhiui.Ii agents oy sisciai ayp--j
ment Ar th propriators for AWeJtabnsyW
. f . . - . . lr

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