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ylbge suta cribcrt,
,.' II ,,ib-cribcra
jaaIs jnd Companlcs nlio lake at tlie
'''!!,., 1'50 cents ifp:iiil in six monilis
2 00
2 00
iTnoi imiJ at ilieenil of tl.e ycar 2, 25
V.i at '!le Ilt!un of tIie proir!ctor. iN o paj ruci t
cfcr . . it....l ..tfnni nri1fml In tlir nrnnrip-
MCrieai'----"- . - -
'"r. ti.mm'inicationsranstbc addrcsscd totbeed-
;ot in t!ie rich ealoon,
Scl in Uiecrowdedhall,
Wiicrc niirtli preparca licr gorgtous fuant,
And rcIIing foctstepa fdl.
"i,t in t!ic rparkling winc,
Not in the Lanqact fong,
iVh-ifc Uirillin; ajmphonicj cutrancc
TliciaiUiiiglitfestal t'.irong.
JJot in tlie brealh ihat corocp
To faa ninbilion's flamc,
ot ia tlie cosily gecis tliat gild
Thc corouet of famc.
.,t wlicrc polluling ein
Hath tct its fcaiful Lli;kt,
U'here douuts.aad fiars, and canKcring carcs,
Veil Hcarca'a clcrnal I jlit.
Eat ia tliat blef sed liopc,
Tliat cliecrs lifis ncary way
That Jifu our Einl'iig f pirits up,
Audp'iinls to cndless day.
In tlie purc cnntrite heart,"
Tlie liunibly ofiered praycr,
1 iic f tith Uiat owns liis Loundless loie,
Oit Cd dnclli rielily tliere.
For tlie Nortlicru Galaxy.
"Ur.. Kiiitor: As your papcr has an cx-n-.vc
circulation in this county, and the
, ;t, of our farmcr3 13 malnly givcn to
, . i is of wool, it sccms to bc proper
ii- ,.iir jirx r snouid l)C tuc mcilium tliro
m, 1 1 wc ir.av givc to 0110 anothcr mauy val-
i . Iiiiiisou shecp husbandry &c. Wc
1 111 tlit' county raaiiT vnluablc llocks aud
. 1 ;l ilncks diffcr vcry much in quality of
nn. inipcp wcignt ol IIcccc, l)rccl iVc.
' )!: cf or.r farnicrs havc what tliey dccm
m i i I hmI n'friiio's, snmefullhlood Saxony's.
- iii- r. - of the ixoiiy and incriiio.and
c :li - -t.ll n rro with tneriuo aml iiative nr
i' 11 n I'nl.-tl -hppp. Our mcrino's claim
.1 '.(I h.' nf iliT.TCUt brceds, trr.cing tlieir
ii.-i.i to :h iliift rcnt iinportalions tliat havc
1 n '. int' tliis coiintry. Somc of onr
f 1 '-i!: i'i! lave Paulers, somc tlie
iii i-ijilm nu.l otliers juirc iiierino, witli
nut ;'tt(injitiir to claiin nny ditinct Iirocd
pmli iMy cnr cs of the difTt;re!it Aarictics,
' ' i" n of the-c rrosscs liavc hccn madc
1 ;'i. J stoclv.
Mr ' ;,t".t hi liis rtply to Mr. Slicl.ncy In
! it i.Kuiber clnims to havc the l'auler,
..1 thi-y can bc ilistiiigui-licd hy their
turm an'i wool.
Noxv I uouM rcqucst Slr. Jcwctt to sivo
iliraiiih the rohtnms of yout papcr a ftill
.c.iption of a Paulcr fliecp as it rc3pcct3
i.inii, eiiL'ral aiipearaiu c, :ind wool.
T'ic iiuprorcd Irccih fnr Purh and Mullon.
V" rcfor the rcadcr to a roinmunicnliun in
iii I is' nimiljcr, in which tlie writorqncstions
:.i ltc itcscllency that has hccn nscribcd to
'.1 !I i!.hirc lnrgs, and thegrcat sttperiority
iii l is U'ik cl.iimcJ fur the inulton of thc
S ,ui!i Unnn aud Colswold icop.
T. yc.:rs ao hen the sulijcct nfstoc!.
n.i .lr;ij.-cd at the Agricultnrnl inecl'ni!;
Ii id .it the Statc llouse, thc subject of Rcrk
l.ir luga tame up for considcration, and it
. i p' unly shown that thcy wcre iurcrior to
'"!! kind'i trpnera'ly. as thcy rcrc dcccplire
1.1 tiv .r .ipjicarancc and did not cut up well;
1!. ; ''v.dcrs woiihl not pny so much for thcm
fi-r othrr hogs, and the difTcrciicc was ro
.'( it as to lican hnporlatit item in profit or
1 ' - "i thc casc lnislit hc.
have niadc prticnlarinquiry of provis
' : ' dcr? in K.incitil Ilall Jlarket, as to the
' 'n' nf Urrksliirclitsnitd South Down inut
' " Thcy allgivcthp sanic accnitnt of thc
'! lk-liTu liogs; that thcy are infcrior to nny
"iii".- km.l hrought to tliis markct, having too
Hr.'i a prnportion of Ic.m meat. The sidcs
' 1- arlj h;df Iean. A Berkshire hog, say
- ' d.-.dor?, v.uighins 400 Ihs., will not cut
1 . n- tlinn half so thick in fat as other hngs
t tiii- .-amc veisht. liesides these objcct
' it is remarkcd hy some that thc flcsh is
."ii- oi!y, and infcrior in quality. Thcy will
-'II in this market for so much as other
! 1 k by 50 ccnts 011 a hundred inunds, which
.1 important item. Thcy are held in low
' liin ition in this section, though somc pcr-
think that they 11133- be raluablc in rorm
i '- . cross i itli other brecds. In some oth
' 1 ji..rts of thc country they stand highcr in
' i'-iiraationof faniiers; whetheritisowing
:" thtir not having other hrecJs so -aluab!e to
r uparewith thcm, or to their grcat naine
-' ' ii'iin thcm, against llicir infcrior quali
'"s ;! it are not yct sufficicntly known, orow-
to thoir bcing in reality better than they
n gardcd hcrc, wcdo not know.
"omh Down mutton is brought to thismar
!' ' by most cvcry TSritish stcamcr. The car--cr
weiah from (10 to 80 Ibs., and scll at rc
for about 10 cents a pound thc same
! as our nativc mutton of the sameappcar
One dealcr says that he cannot scll
: b. Dotvn mutton for any morc than our
' 1 shecp, cven to those who havo tried it;
n hc ihinks it is a little better in flavor; aud
r ra. iki that the South Doivn shcep fatten
if rcidily. Another dealer says about the
' .1. to fat'cninj, bnt he thinks that our
ivi sheepare more juicy in their mcat.and
I'.xoris piefcrable to that of thc South
1 ' n, and if the lattcr evcr scll for thc most.
owing to the uame, not to the quality of
Thc mutton of the Mcrtnocs is a little in
aorto thc other kinds we have namcd, be
S morc close and solid, and less juicy. Thc
tive breed with one fourth Mcnno, sclls a-
it as ivcll as all nativc. Somc of this kind ,
1 some purc r.ativc, are sometimcs brought
iiii3 markct, weighing 100 Ibs. ormorc,and
! as high as any mutton brought to this mar
' The Cotsivold mutton is not known
!' ro. Baston Ctdlitalor.
Viilis writcs from New York: "A new
'iion, consisting of highly polished long
' ""t-. cxtcnd'.ng as high as the knec, aud
'm outside of thc "indispcnsables," has
'"uiintroduccdanioiigusand secms to be
'.utc the "a-ony- Breeehes wiil come
wst, and bread cuScd coats, and other insig
' ' of dbout 5iy nr scvcnty yeari aSo.-
2TUc Unttlc of i3(nttsl)ursh.
In thc history of commuttitics, as wcll as
of individuals, there Isusually somc particu
lar evcnt, or period, that colors their afterca
rcer, and is justly regardcd as the most im
portant aud dccisive of any portion of their
Such an cra !s thc llthof Scptcmbcr, 1814
thc day we ha-e asscmblcd to commcmo-
ratc, to tlus parttcular comuiumty. A day
which, aftcr the elapse of nearly thirtyyears,
is indclibly imprcsacd on the mcmory of all
who wcrc thcn on the stage of cxistcncc, and
which thc gencration which has sincc ariscn,
has bccu taught to regard with the deepest
iutcrcst. A day, uot only dceply affecting
this community, but also thc grcat aud glori
ous rcpublic to which we belong. Allow me
on this occasion to call your attcntion to
somc of thc facts aud circumstanccs which
charactcrizcd thatcventful period:
Greal Isntnm m her iihilanthropic cfforts
" to fight the battles of mankiud'' aud save
the world from the univcrsal cmpire of Na
polcou, had monoolizcd the tradc aud com
nierccaud colonies of evcry Occan. In hcr
dcspcrate struggle for prc-cminence and sclf
aggraudizcnicnt, she tramplcd on the rights of
all civilized nations, nnd it was fclt as v. cll as
sttng, that with dcspotic sway, "Rritannia
ruleil tlie wavc. inc mtervcmug Atlantic
did not save us from hostilc .'"grc'ssion. Our
commcrcc was swcpt from the Occan, our
scamcn werc imjiresscd, our flag insultcd and '
wc dnvcn for rcdrcss to tlie last rcsort of na- .
tions. !
Disastcrous indced to the honor of the '
Amcrican namc was thc comincnccmcnt of
the war. Scnrccly had our little army gath
crcd on thowestcrn frontier and our expccta
tions of an cvai-ion of C'annda bccu cxcitcd,
bcfore the ncws of thc capture of 3Iacki?iaw
and the surrcndcr of IIui.i., fdlcd our brcasls
wilh shame r.nd iiidignation. Thcn followcd
thc loss of thc Gr.owLEr. and ihe Eagix on
our owu lakcs, aud defcat and difastcr, gloom
nnd dcpondcnby broodcd ovcr the laud at
thc cloe of the lirst campaign.
Uttr cncmics cuitetl in tlieir tcmporan' ,
sncccss, held posscssion of Michigan, aud
drcained anil boastcd of furthcr couqufst.
1 lici' litlic unuvratoou tlie pcople w itli w liom
(hc had to do. i
With our tieaceful policy atid cxccllcnt,
oncn and frec iiistittitious, rcqttiriug pievious
pulilic disciissiou of cicry important mcasure, ,
wc mustevcrbc unprepaicd and coLsequcut- j
ly unsucccful in the coiiimencciiicut ofa;
war; but wilh rcjources lh.it gathcr strcnth
with the iiMiis, with an cnerey riing with thc :
obstaclcs to be surmouutcd, with an ingcnuity i
and pcrsevcreuce antl valor Uiat trcats notu-j
ing as iuiposiblc; the Anicrican peoplc icust
evcr also hc sncccssful in the cnd. Our ;
troops whcn iiropcrly brought into action
soon sucwcil tlie liiuomiuablc cncrgy ol uur ,
national iharactcr. Thc immortal liarrison
nnd Pcrry, sujiportcd hy thc gallant Johnson, i
Cass, Sclby and Groughan, drove thc cne-
my from our soil. aud tiie slorming of the j
hcights of Quccnstou, and the cajituic of Lit- j
tlc York, and our briiliant naval victorics
secmcd to rcstorc in a mcasure, the nation's '
confidcncc in the valor of her troos. As the '
war pi ogresed, largc annics supposcd to hc
adcquatc to thc conqttest of Canada, wcre j
collcctcd on our frontier and the pubhc an- j
ticipatcd somc pcniiancut achicvcmcnt. lint ,
whcthcr it was owing to icaily insurmouuta- !
blc obstacles or to gross mis-managcmcnt, or
to a sccret desigu ou the part of some hih in i
ofiicc, to precntauy northeru conquest ; ccr-
tam it is tliat nulliuig uccistvc was accomphsli-
cd, and thc hravc tnen who fought with des- j
pcrate valor whcticver anopportunity wasprc- :
scutcd, wcrc mortificd and dishcartcned at i
their owu inefiiciency. Mcanwhile, scrious ,
views of conquest bcgan to bc cutcrtamcd ny
our ciicniy. GreatBritain having ovcithronn
Xn)o!con, who had rctircd to Elba, turucd
hcrliberated annics and immcuse rcsources
to the prosccution ofthc Amcrican war. .
About this period Mr. Colquhoun, a cclehra
tcd statistical writcr of l.ondon, calculatcd
that pcace would throw out ofcmploy 23,000
lintisli olliccrs, imlitary and naval, "U0U
Clcrks, and 230,000 Kon-Commissioncd offi-,
ccre and privates kcpt by the English govem- !
mcnt engaged in the work of human hutche- '
ry, besides an immcnsc nunihcr cnqiloycd in
thc manufacturc of arms and munitions of
lr. i
Thrcc points of our cxtcnsivc country np-
pcarcd to the English to bcfatally vulnemble.
I'irst, thc outlct of the iMississippi, against
which Packcnham was to lead an army of
vetcrans Sccond, Washington, thc seat of
govcrnmcnt, whcre, in August, 1614, Gen.
Ross at thc hcad of his victorious lccions
spread fire audsword-and lastly Lake Cham-
plaiu, the grcat high-way ol lnrasion, to tlie l
most dcnsely populated portion ofthc Union, i
where Sir George Provost, rcnowncd for
skill and valor on inany a batlle ficld, was to
lead thc largcst division of the fonuidablc ,
troops ol Wclliugton. i
Aud, ccrtainly, when on thc 4th of Septcm- i
her. 1,000 of these troops, with their splcn- '
did uniform, &. faultlcss discipliuc, & admira- J
oic oanas and waving uanners, anil lormiuablc
traui3 ofartillery. liaviug crosscd the lincs,
and marshalled at Champlain, aud cnquiring
thc distance to Burlington, Whitchall and
Aioany, witn mellable cflrontcry; took up
weir iinc ot inarcu tor riattsburgh; any suc
cessful oppos-ition to them, might well bc re- i
gardcd as hopclcss. There was one regimcnt
of these vetcrans, in which there was scarcc- :
ly a man who did notbear a wound. nnd their
disGgured f.ices and fcrocious aud determined
aspcct, reminded one ofthc hundred dcsper-
aie ciiarges iiuu sauguinary conilicts of the
Peninsular war.
And now lct us look for a moment at tliB
preparations made for dcfence. A change
had come over the spirit and conduct ofthe
Amercian forccs. lhc old Ucncrals, who.
by mcans of family or political influcnce at '
tuc commenccment ot the war, Had ucen
placed in command and wcrc guilty of such
egrcgious blundcrs, had becn succccdcd by
uicn wuo nad nsen by ment nnd bravery dis
played npou the field. The gallant Jackson,
Scott, Brown and McComb, now occupicd
promiuent positions in our armv. Strict dis-
cipline had taken the place of disordcr, and
an acquaintance had been fonncd with dangcr.
The disastcrs ofthe commencenient nf tlm
war had made a decp imprcssion on the mind:
of our troops. An espril du corp had ariscn
embracing ardent dcsire to meet thc cncmy
on fair tenns ; and I sincercly bclieve. thete
prevailed during thc ycar 1814, espccially
among the officers, a fixcd detcmiination to
conqucr ot die, scldom if evcr, as decply felt
by any troops in any previous war. This
feeling was evinccd on the hloody fields of
Bridgewater and Chippewa, at Fort Eire and
New Orleans, as well as on the occasion
which we now commcmorate; and this fccl-
ing, pervading the Amcrican forccs would
have becn a sure harbinccr of victory in a
contcst of any thing like cqttal numbers. But
at Plattsburgh barcly some 1500 regular sol-
1 "rtn t i .
anu euiiie t uki iinniiii unuer ucncrai j
wcrc prcpared to oppose the cncmy,
nation, saddcncil and opprcsscd
sacking of Washington, and aware
trcmcndous forcc of hcr formidable
cil witu ueep anxicty and alarm to tlie issue
ol tlie contest at tbis important pomt.
liile tlie day wc commcmorate impen-
ously dcmands from me somc description of , view. Hcrc (at Halsey's corncr) was a bat
the hattle which cnsucd, I am aware that such f tcry of two ficld picccs so pcrfectly maskcd
description must bc vcry imperfcct. While by a party ofthe infantry that the cncmy wcrc
a dcsirc to auswcr the just cxpectation ofthc ' probably not aware of it until it opcucd upon
public, of hcaring hcrc to-day on account of them.
thcbattlc, may lead me to rcpcat what has I Thcrc, a dcnse column of mcn, withafront
already bccu said, an cqually strong tlesire to j cqual to the width of the road aud cxtcnding
avoid such a rcctition and rcscuc from ob- ncarly half a mile in Icngth, pressingou with
hvion, somc coraparativcly uuitnportant inri- 1 a buoyancy and detennination of spitit be
dcnts may lead me to omit mauy things that ' tokcning an expectation that thcy would lc
should he mcntioncd. Claiming froin this enabled to walk into our works against aH op
iulclligcnt audicncc thc indulgcncc usnally position.
accordcd to good intcuttons, I shall cndcavor i
to statc nothing but what has becn dcrivcd j Suddenly, with the noisc of thundcr, thc
from cye witncsscs or autheutic sourccs ofiu-; S0Und of cannon came booming through the
f"a,,'on' , , ' air. It scnt forth a round shot which took cf-
On Monday the Hth Septembcr 1814, thc ' fcct ncar the centre of the front platoon about
Bntiih army having advcnceil to Chazy and brcast high. and ploughcd its way through,
findmg thc state roail guardcd by Col Ap- swcepiug all before it the whole lcugth of the
lihng's Rifle Corps mtrenchcd at Dcad Crcck, j column, open a space apprentlv scvcral fcct
aidcd bya troop of IIosc commandcd by widc, which, howcvcr was immcdiatelycloscd
Cnpt.IJ. SafTordand Licut.M.M. Staudtsh, 1 asif hy magic aud thc column prcsscd on as
tucy crosscu tr, me uccKmantown road and
i;iiiiiiipi.ii uui ui; ini; uiiu uui't; ui iuur luncs
ford's battallion and ihe y7th regimcnt, from
Essex, spcnl thcnight about whcre thcstonc
chtirch iu Bcckniantowu now stauds. Be
twecn 0 and 10 o'clock at night Gcn. Moocrs
scnt Ma'
R. H. Walworth , OUr prCSCnt Chatl-
ccllor, onc of his aids, and who during thc
mvasion actcd is his Adjutanl :Gcneral, to the
quarters of Gen. JlcComb, who commanded
at the forts, with a rcqucst that hc would
send asmall hody of Infantry and a couple of
piccesof light arlillcry, to support thc militia
iu thc att-'cU which hc iuicndcd to make on
the British forccs on their advancing in thc
morning. 3Iaj. Walworth arrivcd at Gen.
JlcCoinb's qu irtcrs about midnight, and the
Gencral immcdiately ordercd a dctachmcnt
of 2o0 Infantry under Maj. John E. Wool,
Avho had I'rcviously aud urgcntly rcqucsted
Mich a couiinand, and two picccs of light ar
tilcry under Capt. Luther Lconard, to bc
ready by day-light tostart for Bcckmautown.
Maj. ool organizcd his corps at oncc and
marchcd without furthcr orders, and arrivcd
at Bcckniantowu about sun-risc. Capt. Leo
naid had his corps also in rcadiness at day
light, but waitcd for ordcrs from Gcn. Mc
Comb lo niarch, (uhich hc supposed ho wa3
to rcccivc) in coucqucnco ofnhirh hc did
uot arrivc in time to be in the commenccment
of the hattle. On rccciving information that
thc cncmy wcrc advancing, Gcn. JUoores or
dercd Maj. Walivorth to take a dctachmcnt
of militia nnd march to thc Crcck north of
the rcsidcncc of Ira Ho wc, aud take the plank
from thc hridgc, ncar which Maj. Wool was
taking his position in ordcr to retard thc cnc
mics ndvnncc, while thc Gencral with thc
maiu body of thc militia formcd and advanc
cd. Major Walworth thercupou took a party
of voluntecrs from Captains Atwood, Coch
ran and Manley's companics, marchcd rapidly
to thc bridge and had just comnicnccd taking
ofTthe plank, whcu the advanced guard of
thc cncmy cmcrged from the woods within
half rou&kct shot, andfircd upon thc party ta
king up the bridge, two of whom Good
specd and Jay nf Capt. Atwood's company,
werc sevcrcly wounded and takcn prison
ers. Maj. Walworth and his detachmcnt immc
diatcly fell back to the position occupicd by
Maj. Wool, who fonning in the high way and
flankcd hy thc militia, opcncd a deadly fire
upou the hcad of the British column, then
just in front of Ira Houc's housc, aud mo
mcntarily arrestcd its progress.
Hcre scvcral ofthe encmy wcre Ullcd and
Lieut. West ofthe third Bulfs and 20 prirates
sevcrcly wouudcd. This sccne was witncsscd
hy Congdon Douglass, Hallock Bromlcy, Jo
el Smith, and somc othcrs of our acquaint
anccs, who joined in the fire upon the cnemy,
cnicrging from the woods, and extending far
as thc cye could rcach, nppcarcd iu view and
thc fight bccatne general. Vcry soon the
militia broke and mostly rctrcatcu in confu
siou. Mauy howevcr, rcmaiucd with the rcg
ulars to contcst thc grouud, incli hy inch and
rctreat in ordcr.
It was near this place that our cstecmed
townsman, Doctor Moocrs, dctaincd in bind
ingup thc head ofa wounded soldicr, found
himsclf bctwcen thc fircs of thc advancing
cnemy and our own retreating troops. His
humaue labor completcd, thc worthy Doctor
saw at once thc impropriety of his positiou,
and putting spurs to his horse arrivcd within
our lincs with grcat cxpcdition.
3Iaj. Walworth, Col. Miller, Platt, Ncwcomb, j
Meanwhile Ueneral Moorcs witu the aid of
T:;i,ni rt ii A- r q at, ,i ,l,o.o
& C. S. Moocrs. and others
of Miller's Regimcnt, and Reubcn Sanford,
Ileury, and Willian D. Ross, David B. Mc
Ncil, and other ofliccrs ofthc 40lh Brigade,
had succeedcd in rallying a portion of the
nn.ll.nri m Inn .L- inn.n .1 .nl.n I . .
i iic miuiia commanucu uy ucn. iioorcs, aud widj a shower of gnipe shot there was a mo- thal lcttcr was to bc
composcu, 01 ooi. x nomas iiuier s regimcnt, , mcntary confusiou. Immcdiatcly, howevcr, 1 tility to the "prin
a part nl Col. Jomer s regimcnt, jUai. ban- , tlm rbar-n n snnnrlr.l bv cnmo ,ln-.n Ttrlr. 1 fnnb milkl-
militia wlnchbeingordered tojoinMaj. Wool ASt. Louis paper tells a story of a discon
withhis detachmeut awaitcd the approach Uolate widower, who on seeing the reraaiusof
of thc cncmy at Culver's Hill about fourmilcs ,is atc wife lowcred into the gravc, exclaim
from Plattsburgh. This commandinc posi- ivitli tears tn his cvea. "Wcll Vir. lnet
tion was maintamed witn so much obstinacy i
as to compel the enemy, after attaining the
summit of thc hill to retire to its hase wilh
thc loss of Lieut. Col. Wcllington, who fell
while gallautly leading the 3d Bulfs to the
charge. Hcre also Eusign Chapman fell,
and Capt. Westroff of the 33th British Reg
imcnt was severely wounded. Hcre also scv
cral ofMaj. Wool's mcn and Patridge ofthe
Essex militia wcre killcd, nor was this posi
tiou abaudoned by Maj. Wool unlil after hc
had receivcd noticc from Gcn. Moocrs that a
column of 2000 of the euemy advancing on
the west Beekmantowu road was gaining
his rcar, whcn our troops fell back to Hal
sey's corner, within two miles of Platts
burgh. Hcrc it was tliat uaptain lconard with
his two pieces ofhghtartillery despatched by
Gcn. McComb, arrived to take part in the j
qxlmn nrwl tbp fire nf tllP nrtillerV and the I
regular infantry and a portion of thc militia but not touched with creepiug anlf, and al- Nortliern fricnds who thought more of se-': pretending to be fnends ol pro.cction, cr
Iiterally mowed down thc encmy's advancing most impcrceptible emmets wilh humming' curing Southcrn support to their Leadcr.lhan , pecially to the wool-prowing interest. and
column, Lieut. Bugsbury bcing one ofxnany
who fell hcre.
lllC eUCascmentat tlllS nlace
is so grapmcauy dcscnbed by Ucn. bkmncr, j in swcct and kmdly toncs and word, to na- the truc fricnds of protection to thc ctnbar
who with Captain 3Iartin, J. Aikcn, Azariah i turc, to bcauty, to acts of bcncvolcucc, to rassmcnt oT attcmpting to maturc a mcasure
t. rlagg, our prcsent Comntrollcr. Jns
Trowbridgc, Krederick Allcn, Hazcu Jlooers,
Ira Wond, II. K. Averill, Hiram AVaUorth,
W. W. Travis and othcrs fonned the gallant
j corps known as Aiken's Voluntecrs, that Ibeg
! leaveto quotejt.
' At this point,' says Gen. Skinncr, 'one of
i the fincst spccimcns of disciplinc evcr cxhib-
I ited, was suowu by the Bntish troops ou the
I : r.l - r n . i ..
i? isaac o. riatt s, about inidwaj- betwecn
tne artillcrj and tbc hcad of the Uritish col-
! ums, antl I tne wliolo sccnc was opcn to our
jf nothing had happcncd. A sccond shot
waS hrcd Wltll llkC CllCCt
and sunilar consc
ieh buglcs, which through the clcar and
bland atmosphere ofa bnght t'cptcuibcrmor-
uing was thc most thnlling and spirit stirring
Kntlllfl tllnt pnnlil prprt n cnMior. ofir Tnnn
j inctnnr nf llnm thp mpn fiirmttirr tlm nrlr;i,,f.
V" t l-' ouara s mCnted, it is dispcllcd by another which comcs 01 uo'clnt lamcntations by tlie vcry meu who
. The ; battcry upon thcm. 1 hc company to which t0 ,i,e ,)0;nt w;t,out circiimiocution. It ,vaS thus dcuicd the iuvcstigatiou uccded tn draw
by the rcccnt I 1 was attached formcd a part of tlie lcftof our 'i,ni n r,;,i : ir: -:. . .' forth facts indisncnsabb- tn hn L-nmm m nr.
. ' J 1 J . r . lJ ik i iv.nu III llU(iJlil UtlUCIIU) I . . ... .
oftheilitUe arniy, and was on the nse of grcund whhout intendin tbat ;tilm,,i,M,r.r.,,l,nct,.i. der to iustlesislationunonthesubiect. Take.
foc. look-. west ofthc road leadtnc from Halsey's corncr i,,,, i,;r, , ?.i r ' fnr rmmnlf. rnnr.-. rnnl. IIn- fi.llc nn,l
qucnccs, uut wnen tne thiru discharge came nll act ol mvi "w
' 0f the column had Ihrown thcirkuapsacks on I discrimfr.ationfor the sakc of prcltetion; and
! either side of thc road and brincin" thcir'fortliisinustbcsubstitutcil"fi"scrintmafion"o-
pieccs to a charge advanced in doublc quick
timcupnn our mmiaturc uattcry.
If as Gcn. Skinncr rcmarks, the discip'incd
advancc ofthe British was so admirablc, thc
skillful and systcmatic rctreat of cotps under
thc gallant Wool and a portion ofthc militia
was no less admirablc. In frout of an ovcr
uhclming force, platoon aftcr platoon dcliv
crcd their fire and fell back to load aud fonn
in regular succcssion contcstcd cvcry inch of
grouud and scizing cvcry lavorable point to
unlimbcr their artillcry and pour a dcadly
showcr of grape upon the advancing cne
my. Aftcr rcpcated contcsts they werc driv
cn across the river, the bridgcs werc takcn up
iu thc rctreat, a final stand was madc on thc
Southcru hank ofthc Saranac and thc cncmy
drivcn back bcyond ihe rcach of our gnns.
It was ncar the uppcr hridgc that John I'c
tcrs fell hy the sidc of our townsman Bcnj. G.
Wood, aud ncar the lowcr, Stcphcnson of thc
Essex militia was killcd, nnd Zcphcniah Pitt
I'latt sevcrcly wounded while gallautly aiding
Maj. Wool in thc rcptilsc of the cncmy. In
all some 45 of our mcn wcre killcd or wound
ed in thc rctreat, while thc loss ofthc British
was far more cousidcrablc. 1 Lieut. Coloncl,
2 Captains, 4 Licutenants, and morc than
200 mcn killcd or wounded, attcsted the seri
ous nature ofthe opposition thcy encounter
cd. Thc ncxt morning thc British lcd by
Captain Noodie iu attcmpting to cross the
river a fcw miles west of the tillagc wcrc
hravcly rcpulsed hy Capt. Vaughan's com
pany of Col. Miller's Ilcgimcut, and for thc
iour succccding days white the cncmy wcrc
crccting battcrics, to play upon thc forts, frc
queut skinnishes along the river accustomcd
our militia to thc stncll of powdcr, and thc
gallant Green Mountaiu boys under the pat
riotic Gcn. Strong wcrc waflcd to our aid hy
cvery castcrn hrecze until our force amouu
tcd to upwards of 3000 men. Lieut. Runk
of the 0th Regimcnt was shot bv the cnc
my on the 6th instant near the prcscut rcs
idcncc of A. C. Moorc, and the chivalrous
McGlassou on the cvcning of thc Oth with
150 mcn crossed the Saranac and stormcd,
and took at the point of thc bayonct a battc
ry dcfendcd by four hundred of thc cncmy,
and having spiked thc guns madc good his
rctreat without the loss ofa singlc man. The
hattle of Beckmantown, thc spiritcd resist
ance to thc advancc of the cncmy, and the
hurning ofthe Court Housc and other build
ings north ofthe River hy thc hot shot from
our battcries, undoubtcdly prevcnted an im
mediatc attack upon the forts which at that
timc in thc unfinishcd statc of thc dcfcnccs
could not have bccn succcssfully rcsisted.
Awfdx Situation. A notorious tipler,
(says the Bostou Couricr,) not forty miles
from Bostou retumcd homc last washing day
with ajug of rum, aud prctty wcll 'corucd'
besides; and staggering into his wife's domain,
mistaking a tub of wcll warmcd water for a
settec, suddenly settlcd himsclf into it, and
becatnc a fast prisoner. Iu this prcdicamcnt
he callcd lustily for Nabhy. His "gude wife"
liis dccp iutcrcst m hcr allairs, scizcd
!I,C da,'C? grouud the philosopher.pour-
mguic comuuu, over uis ueau, uisrcsarmn?
his besccching appeal of "Nabby, save iL'
bave it, rvabliy!" to wlncu she replied, "Go
it, Joe loug life to your honor," &c.
hogs and I'vc Iost cows, but I nevcr had any
tliin"- cut me like this."
thing cut me like this."
"I can't imagine," said Aldcrman A
"why my whiskcrs turu grcy so much sooner
thau my hcad." "Bccause," obscrved a wag,
"you work so much moro with your javs
than your brains."
Educatio.-. The following bricf but
beautiful passagc occurs iu a Iate article iu
Frazcr's Magazine:
Education does tiot commcncc with the
alphahet. It bcgins with the mother's look
with a father's nod of annrobatiou. or a
sinh of reproof wilh a sister's rcutlc pies-1
sure 0f the haud.or a brother's noble forbear-1
ancc with haudfulls of flowers in green and j
mn.ln...P ...:.l, l,;Kln1 nneta 1
bees and glassbeehires withplcasantwalks!cflicicnt protection to tbc iudustry ofthciriyctpcrlinacious.lv rcfujtng to futuish any fa
in Shadr lancs anil With thnnrbt dlrrrtr-il
to dceds of virtttc, and to the scnsc of all
good, to God himsclf.
If there could be any doubt as to thc true
meaning of the Ictter on which I havc com-
tection to kccn. the substance of it inJnn.
tiousiv announccd in the Richuiond Innuirc - r -
. anj thc cntirc Ictter wr.s fmallv drawn firtl
through thc columns of that papcr.
It is as
"Albany-, Fcb. 23, 1S13.
My dcar Sir.I thank you kindly foryour ' !llty or ,!lc purposc of sustainitig the cstab
friendlv lcttcr. I havc at no timc. nor anv 1 hshmcnts cmployed in its nianufacturc thc
where hcsitatcd to express my dtcidrd disap- j Mtciit to which thc prodnctions of thoe es
lTohc.ltcn cf thc Tariff Act oflhe tastsession, j tablishmcnts come iu compctiticn with thc
as tcdlin respect to Uie PJtlXCIPLES tijion r,BCT woolca fabrics, and.aboveall.thechau
icliich ilis formcd' as to its dctaik. In good Ci m tuc shcep husbandry of other cottntrics
time you will havo my views in respect to uv which finc wool may bc subtitutcd for
that and other stibjccts bcfore tbe public. In J coarse, with no increase iu llic cxpcnse of pro
the mean time, belicve me to be. j duction. IIow v.iluablc would haie bccn the
Very sinccrely, your frieud aud ob't scn't. . I)0(ly f,,cts conncction with this subject
31. VAX BUREN." j ample iu details, aml wcll digcstcd, as thcy
Thirtcen days previous to this, M.VauBu- might havc liccn which an cxaminatioii oV
ren had writtcn his Iudiana Lcttcr; and this ' witnesscs would have p.-oduccd. And jct it
was iutcndcd as a privatc key to uulock its was dcuicd hy the votes of the vcry mcn ho
mystery. "In good time you will have my "ave, sincc, pretcudcd to be thc cxclusive
views'and you will be able to undcrstaud fricnds of thc wool-growing inlcrcst!
them! It is true, the ptincipal facts iu regard to
Herc, thcn, is the cxposition. And why ' South Amcrican wool wcrc obtaincd; but at
did he not giveitiu the Iiulinuu Ictter? Why a vcry late period too late to make the iiu-
t not exprcssly say in that lcttcr, that he was
- opposed to " the nrinciplcs" ou which the ta-
as founded3" Bccansc
publishcd; and his hos
ciples" of thc tariffmustKO
half conccaled undcrn cuin
ibrous mass of vcrbiagc. That was thc rca-
liuttho veil is licietakcn off. Mr Van iJurcn
i nnnntfil In lh tlri'n-; if tlm niitinn
Itaritr. TtQ fmtnthlhfnt ta wrr.nn- It rrwtc nn
ihe scl;c of rcttnuc onlu" This is thc sum
ofthc whole matter "the coniplexioti to , c articlc, the qucstioii oictirred Whcre rt
which it comcs at last.'' i cvidcnce bc found of the importation into
Hcrc, thcn, is the man who is to be the j South Amcricaofa nunibcror Merino l.ncks,
ttandnrd hcarer of our opponcuts in lliecom- adcquatc to the production of this alle-ed re
iug coutcst, thc choscn lcadcr, under whose , sult. An cxatninalion of thc Treasury re
banncr the Northcrn manufacturcrsandfarra- turns ofourcxporlavoan answortotheques
crs, and mcchanics and laborcrs, to whom an i tion; for, on running thcm through for thc
abandonmcut of "the jmnciplcs on which the previous, ten years it appcarcd that there wcre
prcsent tariff is foundcd" vould be paralysis I cxportcd from the Utiiied Slates to Bucnos
and prostrntion, arc to bc invitcd to rally.
to rally. If:
his rcal principles wcre to bc inscribcd cvcry
whcre on tliat uanncr, wc should havc no
fcars, But thcy will uotbc. They wcre nev
cr inscribcd, iu legiblc charactcrs, inany place
whcre it was his iutcrest to conccal thcm.
Iu Vermont, thc policy will, of coursc, bc to
profcss grcat fricndship for protection; white
the heresy will, ncverthc!cis,bc cauliouslyiu
culcatcd that "discrimiuatiun forrcvenuc pur
poscs only" 13 to bc the "rulc of legislation."
The manuf.icturing intcrcst nill, at tlie samc
time, bc rcprescnted as "grcat and afflucnt,
standiug out amid thc general gloom," and
striv-ing to sccttrc its own aggrandizcment by
new aud unjustimpositions" as though the
pcople did not understaud that thc manufac
turing, and other industrial intcrcsts, havc al-
ways nsen and fallen togcthcr; and aro now
risintr tocclhcr under a tariff. whose vrindnhs
Mr. Vau IJurca privatcly says to his Virginia
fricnds hc disapprov
I havc shown thc doublc dcaline charactcr
of Mr. Van Bcren's policy as cxhibitcdinhis
Indiana lettcr. Thc samc kind of policy
marked thc coursc of his Northcrn fricnds in
the last Congrcss. While a'uout twcntv of!c"CCt would hac bccn produced by cven thc
thcm darcd not go against tho prcsent tarifion
its passagc, they wcrc found in full co-opcra-
tion with the nvowcd cnemies of protection
oii somc vcry important questions prclimiua-
ry to its passage. Lct me rcfer to two or
thrcc of them.
At the cxtra scssion, viz; on the 2d of Scp
tamber, 1841, the Committcc of Commcrcc
rcported thcfollowing rcsolutions:
"Resolved, That a selcct committcc of 11
mcmbcrs, not morc than one of which shall
bc from any onc Statc, bc appoiuicd hy thc
Chair for thc purposc of taking cvidcnce at
the principal ports of cntry and clscwhcrc, as
to thc opcration of the existing system and
ratcs cf dutics on imports, upon thc mnnufac
turing, commcrcial and agricultural intcrcsts
nf tho cnuiitrv: and of nrocurin". rencrallv.
such information as mav he uscful to Con. I
cress in any rcvision ofthe rcvcnue Laws '
wliicli may bc attcinpted at thc ncxt scssion.
"Ifpnlvpd. fnrthpr. That said cninmittpp 1
lip aiiibnriy.pd tn sit diirin'r the rccess. and to
employ a Clcrk." j facturns be nuthoriztd lo stud for witnesscs
The importauce of these resolutions cvcry , and take tcstimony on the subject of the pres
fricnd of protection, will, at oncc, apprcciatc. cut tariff laws, their opcration upon thcintcr
Thcy lookcd to therc"isionof thetarifr.which csts of the country, and thc ahcration which
thc approaching expiration of thc "comprom-' those intcrcsts may require."
!" rpmlrrp.l nprpssarv: and nroviilcd that I After coasidcrable debatc. iiu rosolution
tbp time which wnuld intcrvcne betwecn the
extra, and the first statcd scssion of thc 27th
Congrcss, (about thrcc months) should be em-
nloved by a committce, in takrOE: testimony
as to the actnal cfTcct of thc existing ratcs of '
dutics upon thc leading interests of thc cottn- j
Thpsn rranltitinns werc laid on the tnhlc.hv
avoteof 87toC2 the cntire vote ofthe Lo-
cos from thc North goingthu3a.amstthercs- ;
olutions with the cxccption of fonr thrcc
BCttSt j
It was invain that the fricnds of protection
nrged the indispensablc importauce ol the incnueiiip lor pruiccuuu, ig -'"-coutemplated
investisation for the asccrtain-' plain that it is notsuflicicntly sccurcd, espcci-
mcnt of the actual cffect of the rcduction of : ally to the wool-growins luicrcsi.
dutics under the "compromise" upon the in- Thc Committcc on Manufacturcs was thus
tcrcsts which had hccn deemcd worthy the left wilhont the powcr to sccurc the attend
fostering carc of the govcrnmcnt; in vain that ! ancc of a single witness, or to cxaminc under
thecxample ofthe British govcrnmcnt was! oath any one ho might voluntardy appear
appcaled to, whose unifbrm practicc of taking bcfore thcm. Thcy procceded, howc ver, to
tcstimony prcparatory to any rcvision of their obtain, by correspondence and from tndivid
tarifT, attestcd the wisdora of thc measure. uals who voluntccred their attendance.all thc
IIow, it was asked, can wc arrive at any satis- inlornialion which thisimpcrfectproccss conld
factory conclusion as to tlie extent to which ftirnish, upon the subject cpmmittcdto thcm;
any particular production of our agricultttre , and thcn, for the purpose of facilitat'mg and
or raannfactures nceds protection, or what , cxpcditingits propcrarrangcmcntforthebcn
amount of duty will efl'cct the protection nced- , cfit of the housc, ofTcred a rcsolntion author
ed, unless wo are pcrmitted to cxaminc those izing them to croploy a Cle rk. This request
best acquainted with the processes of its pro- ' was rcfused the molion to lay the rcsohttion
duction. and that of the rival articles of for- i on the table bcing carricd by n vote.mwluch
p; rrnwth or manufacturc T
Uut all was in vain. 1 hc only answcr we
could get to our argumeuts was a dead votc
against the mcasure, not only from the open
t flrnmtnKttnn hill Tmm ita nr.t.nn0n
rnnilltniinlc rPliov -nrn ,-;iK..rr tn lo-it-o
toitchmg this mtricatc and dilScult subject.
with the inipcrfect iufonnation to begathcred
from common sourccs, and thcn, ttndcr the
prclcnce of extraordiuary conccrn for partic
ulsrintcrests, raisc a clamorthat those intcr
csts hr.d bccn ncglcctcd. This has bccu stri
kingly iliustratcd in refercnce to thc wool
growing iutcrcst. whose preltnded tibanilon-
: lncnt aml sacrifice have latcly bccn the subject
' satisfactory misht the investisation, contem
1 platecl iu the resohitions, have drawu forth all
the n.aterial facts connccted wilh its manu-
, ,i,c,llre ,n tlus country thc cxtcnt to which
iit is produced hcrc the supposed nccessuy
of permitting ia impnrtion upon a nomiual
pression upon Conrctsai.dlIie country ,which
, tllc"" miportauce UemauUed
It was not un
til a shurt timr before the tarilf bill was re-
1 portcito the Housc, that the facts came out
in rcgan! to thc czteusive production of fiue
' wool in South Amcrira, and the nianner in
which that production had bcen cfTei'tcd. It
! hamicned that n Boston nancr. (tlie Cultivn-
lor.l s sciu nic, coiuaining a iiiscnpuon ot
c tlie finC WOoU iltlt)Or!ed frnlll ISltrllOS AvrCS.
dlltV frCC COStintT leSS lllaU eii!ht CCtltS: aild
snggesting that thcy had becn produced by
"ossings of thc native South Ainerican with
! the full bloodcd mcrino sheep. On roadin
-yrcs, m i?j,.ju snerp, oi mc aggrcgatc
valuc ol 0,UU0, avcraftiiig cacli; aud in
le;)?, 801 shcep, of tlie nggregntc value of
-1,50j, avcragmg s,0 cacli. It furthcr a
pcared that these wcre the only cxportations
of shcep from the United Statcstothatcoun
trj- during thc last ten ycars.
Thc valuc of thc Shecp thus cxported
showed concluively that ihcy wcrc mcrino
hucks; and thc truth was at once rcvcaled.
that thcy wcrc scnt to South Amcrica for thc
purposcof produciug fiue wool worth,r,
less than cizht ccnts, and thcrefore cntitlrdto
an cxcmption from duty under the tariff of
Samplcs of finc wool thus produced wcre,
about that timc, scnt to a Scnator from thc
West, which I obtaincd, and cxhibitcd bcfore
thc Commiltce of Ways and Means, and in
the Housc of Rrprcsciitntivcs iu thc debatc
i " thc Wool question, in councxiou with thc
cvidcnce from tho 1 rcasury rcturns just al-
ludcd to.
It docs not becnme me to say what cffect all
this had upon thc fiual rcsult; but if it had
any, evcry onc must sec how nmch greatcr
iSame mlonnation scanonaiily hrougUt out
through a Comuiiticc of invrstigation, such
as "a' ucen prujoscd by the rcsolulions to
which I havc rcfcrnd. 1 Jeave it tocandurto
Kiy with what propricty nu nllcged dcficicncy
in thc protection to wool, by rcason of the
suppps-.'d imporlalion, under the prcsent tar-
iii, of line, under thc denominalion nf cnarsc
wool, can bc madc a subject of complaint by
those who uot nulv tlm nnthuig to obtain
Ittstter protcctinn, but did what they could tn
prCTcnt thc prelimiuarv investigntiun aud de-
vclopcment of fact', ncccssary to jut Irgis-
lalion upon thc sulijcct
Thc laying upon the tablcthcrcsolutiotisto
which I havc rcforrcd, was at the Kxtm Sis-
sion of thc last Congrcss. I he lirst statcd
scssion came; and thc subject of the tarilf
having becn rcfurrcd to tho Committce of
3Ianufactures, that Coiumittcc. through thtir
vuairman, uncreu iu mc uuu.-f, mc louuw
in" rcsolutiou, liz:
"Resolved. That thc Commiltce onManu-
was also laid upon the lahU'm other word
thc quietus was gireu lo it by a vote in Inch
the uame of cvery Iocofoco north of Mason &
Dixon's Iiue, who was prcsent, is rccorded in
thc affinnative; while thc namc orcvcry A hi;
prcsent, north of that line. stands in the ncg-
Hcre was a proposition to sive to a Com-
mitlce specially charged with the duty of
looKing into wic enecis oi iuc i.inu u,u
manufactnring, nnd connccted intcrpsts.pow-
cr to obtain facts, vcrifipd by the oath nf wit-
nesses which was put down by the votcs of
men who make cxtraordinary prctensions of
thc namc of not a single t,ocoioco appcarsm
tho ncgativc.
L ui iirii- i 1 ' - - ......
I Jly purpose in rcremng to these cascs nas
i been to show the systematic doublo dcaling
' r.i, r.ipnds ofthc creat New York Lcadsr
nr wnot all okdeks for rRiTi.tc
Of cvery description will be ncatly and
fitshionahly cxccutcd, at shnrt nolice.
cililics for cliciting the facts ncccssary to bc
knowu in ordcr tojust legislation in rcganl
to that, or to any other interest claiming pro
The past furnishcs a lcssion for the fulttre.
What has been donc will bc done again. Tho
charactcr of thc Van Burcn policy renriins
ihe samc sinuous, double-dcaluie, trcacher-
ous one thing to-day another to-morrow
here for protection there for frec trade
throwing embarrassments in thc way of mat ur
ing mcasures for protection, & then professing
to svmiiathize vcry decply with the interest
which it is prctcndcd are iieglected in the ad-
justmcut ofa tarilf. This is Van Eurcnism!
I nccd not say that decidcd opposition to
protection is f.ir less dangcrotis than such an
cquivocatiug, vascillating, treacherous policy.
t,et us rathcr havc unvciled uostihty. All
know how to meet it. And hcre it is in the
following rcsolutions of the New Hninpshiru
LiCgislalure, which wcrc prcsentcd in Lon-
ress by Mr. Athcrlon in Junc, 1642
"Resolved, That a system of tariif dutics
cxccpt to supply the wants of govcrnmcnt
ought uot to be cst.ihlishcil ; that the whole
scheine ofa protccti vc tariff is a gross legislc
tirc crror, foundcd in ignorancc of ihe truo
principles of political cconomy au imposi
tion upon thc crcdulily ofthe pcnplf. lyichit k
tfiey are lazcd tcillivtU any rqvicaleir ; that,
instcad of cnconraging domcstic ir.drstry, it
dcpresscs it instcad of prolcctiou, it incaus
" Resolved, That thc true poliry of the
Fedcral Govcrnmcnt to cnnCue its ar
tion lo the objcctn ipecilically eiiiiini latcd iu
tho Constitution, leai '.i induitry lo ti Are cu e
Hcrc is a plain dealing thc di.ciiiuc of
protection opcnly scouted sn a " gro Icl":s
lativo crror;" anil a fntnk aiowa! ihai ii.c'us
try must bc left lo rcgulate ilsi ?; in i.tli' r
worda that a tatiffi.s to be adjiwtcd wilh a
viciv to rcvenuc ovly drawing fnitn the pc o
plp the mean nccessary lo cirry on tl e gov
crnmcnt without any coiii cnalioii in ll o
encouragcmcnt of their indu-ry, rr il t j.rn
tcction nf it from ihe cxliritisting ,'. niiiRi:-
influcnce of a commcrcc to co:Suc!td ..y :
make u tributnry to thc skill anil ci i i.Tainl
hibor of forcign totinirics. ThU i rtally thc
doctrinc of Mr. Van lluren's lndinna litivr.
It is injstiilerl and half conccaled ; bnt it is
thcrc nndeniably thcrc.
It rcmniiis to he Fti whcther lhc pcople
of Vermont will rust.-iiu the poliiy of tho
Nciv York Lcsdcr, by aiding lo ihvatc hiia
to thc Prcsidc r.cy. That 'u to bc thc i.m-s-tion
ofthc coniing ycar. Lct us prcpnrc lo
meet it: and to tliis cud, let tm fnlly uuiti r
staud tria wc are to mcct. Tlis-re n.ay I c
tbo'-e nincng us who are incrrduh.ii-. i.ito
lhc dauger. Sui h v. e know there are a:i i r
thc houest, true hcnrttd friciiilsnf pri-urtii'ii
iu the ranks of our opponetit.i. 'I hev havo
not fully Icanicd what is mcant hy bt'iug "a
northeru iiiau v.ith routlu-ru p n'tuq lis '
Thcy are ytl to scc, nnd I trm-t tliat mRi.j i..'
them will yct sce that it is tol t. nt.it .'I ,
tlie policy of V:.n Burcu "lo curry t!n " o '
hy parlH imuliii.tiir, nnd lhc i-rv'l, fat l
fiTitsrrittrij!lcs." Let the upriyht in d 1 1-
suspcrttng ollns jvrty in Vcnuout op. n tl.i ir
cycs and look at thfs. Lct lliem ci t'suirr
the powcr ihcre is in ihis iuachinery ; ar.d lo
what vscs it has hccn applicd. llpw has it.
forcxatnple inovcd tiic party. nlnir.st in a
mass, upon thc qurt-tion of slavery and tho
right of pctitiou ? Ycar aftcr ycar. r.m! Con
grcss aftcr Congrcss, has that rijht 1 iui
tramplcd uudcr fool to sccurc southcru riq -port
to this hctraycrof nortliern riphis m l
intcrcsts; white cvery proposition hav.t; il.o
rctnotcstbcatiug upon slavcrj', and tho ileti--table
slave trade in the District of C'olrmbia,
orin nny maiincr tcndiug to dimiiuh or coti
Irol the influcnce of sl.ivcry in the admiuis
tration of the govcrnment, has been put
down without debatc by thc votcs of a rauk
and filc, drillcd ahnost to the perfection nf
military dcipliuc.' And all tlus in open de
fipnce of the poputar feeling in the freu
And then thcrc is the qucstion ofthc pub
lic lauds. By what necroinaucy has thc
whole party at the North bccn inarshnllcd
against thc creat aud bcncE eieiit mca.ciirn pf
dislributing their procccds among the Statcs
for lhc purposcsof education aiidintf rnal iin
pnivcnient? Opposition to it ha btcn sus
taincd by the mcrcst shadow of argunicnt:
and yct our most obvious interests Iiuvc bccn
sacrificcd by following. with hlind zcrd, a par
ty lcadcr in his hostility to lhc iiicaMttr. It
is in vaiu that we have urgcd its hviou?
tendency to iucrcase protection by divrr
ting the procccds of lhc tands frcin the
common ircasnry. The argumcnt has bccu
Iost upon those with whom pnrly Lchrts
have morc powcr than the gtotmei-t argu
mcnts in favnr of ihe protcctive policy.
Mr. Van Burcn calculates upon lhc samo
sort of succcss in his projcct of carrjinj the
ffirly at the north against protection. He is
not out against it openly and at onrc. iic
talks cquirocally a little more than half pro
tection &a little more than half frec trade. Ho
puts forth profcs.-icLs in favor of protection;
but conuccts vi itli thcm principles aud duc
trincs subvcrsrvc of it.
With these he gradually famillarzes his
followcrs drawit!" them ou if tln will
conscnt to folloiv hitn, towards as completo
an nbaudontnent of the protcctive policy as
their New Hampshirc brethren have arrivcd
at, in the rcsolnt oin to which 1 have rc
ferrcd. There are hundred of the party in
Vermont who now start at thc the stronc au-
ti-protective language of these resolulions,
but who, if thcy do not abandon their party
andshakc ofTits tnimmels. willbe drawn into
the samc vortex and become avowcd ojipo
nents of the protcctive policy responding
hcartily to the New Hampshirc declaralion,
" that the whole schcme of a protcctive ta
riff is a gross legislotive crror."
It remains for the V. hiss to stand tirm up-
pon the true cround of discriminalitm fur the
sakc of protection; while Mr. Van Buren is
drawing his followcrs into thc rnire ol Ircc
tradc, by this ignis fatuus of "incidtnlal pro
tection by diseriminating for rrcnue pnrposes
ovly." To bc continucd.
Danxcl Wchsler, we are infomicd, intcnd
to form a law partncrsip in Baltimore, in ad-
dition to thc connexion hc has rccentlv form-
in New York, and thus bc prcpared for llio
transactiou of profcssional busincsin Bostoi.,
New York aud Baltimore. Hc intcnds de
3vting liimself to his-profcssion stiicily for
tho next fouror fivc yer.rs. and will doiibtK-i
d in its practice au ample reiuuurratinn for
his labor. Sincc hc left the officc of Serre-
taxy of Statc hc has bcen ahnost ovetwhetni
ing with law bnsiness.
Mr. Webstcr will contiuuc to icside in

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