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Wcdnesday, Fcb. 7.
In Seuatc, the bill lo transfer Navnl Appro
jiriations, aa 1 which passed some days since
in the IIousc, passed tho Senate, nud was rc
mrncd forthe Spcaker to si;in.
Mr. Berrien prescnted resahitimn from tlic
Georgia Legislature against tliose passed by
tho Massachusetts Legislature rc'.ativc to
slavc representation.
Johu ISrown I'raacU, Scnator from It. I.
nnnearcd in his seat and was cinalilied. Tlic
discussion of Mr. McDuffic's Tariff 15:11 oc
cupicdthe rest ofthe day.
In tha IIou3B ihe qucstion of privilege un
dcr wliich four States have sen: mcmbcrs to
Congress contrary to law undenvent a long
T!i3 IIousc of Rcprcscntativca, poatponcd
ail other q-.iasl'ions this tno-ti'ig ta ctiter npon
the qncstion of privik'go uirler wliich tuur
Htatis have sent mcm'jcrs to Congrcss iu vio
lilionoflaw. JMr. Eluierof N. J. addressed the Honse
a' so:n2 lciijth in conclusion of his specch,
(eoinmrncedlastcvcning,) against the cousli
1 1 lonjlity of the act ofthe last Congrcss, cs
tabkshiiig the District system. Mr. K. ad
inhtcd that thcre was power iu Congress to
lu what was proposed lo be done, but the act
use'.f it was argucd wa3 imperfect, and there
tu . cf no biudin cffcct.
Mr. Iislscr of Alabama, next addressed the
Hrjse, and took inorcjnst vicws of the sub
ject. 11c considered it one of the grcatcst
momeut, and exhortcd meiubcrs to pause be
fore disposing of it on party grotinds. He
Iril o:cd against ."preading tho Protest of
minority meinbcrs npon the Journal, be
ci"se this looked like prcjudging the case.
Mr. 15. said the law of the last Congress
h', rt'xnrled as cnnstitutioml. and tlic clection
!' ;he m mbersin wokvion of ihe law of Con
grejs. Geutlcmen need not tell him that a
Vhig Congress passed this law. It was as
n -.-! ti him as if passed by any othcr Con-ri-i
-s. A mnjority of th-! statcs had elcctcd
t'i-:r inembers in confonnity to the law of
Cor.grcss. Four States had chosen to diso
he; tlie laivs of Congrcss, aud for that rca
so:i thcir rcpresentatives ougbt to bo ejcctcd
fmm tlieir seats in the llouse of Rcpresenta
tives. Mr. Dillingham of Vermont, and Mr.
Woodwar.lof t'onth Carolina contiuucd tlic
Thursd.iy, Fcb. 8.
In tiie IIousc tha qnestion of privilcgc, viz.
with relererce to tlii validity of the claims to
snts of tlie Gcncral Ticket Mcmbers, again
up, and was considered during thc day.
Mr. l!eardlcy occiipicd hi3 hour with an
ar'imcn; auiiiat thc l)istrict ItiT, and in f.i
vor of tli c'aims of th?33 in"iii!ier.-. He sc
k'.i nvlc lcd th it Congrcs? had full powcr to
"alter" the State rcgnlattons with rcfcrrncc
M clcctioii3 but contendH that a constitution
nl nlt.'rntioa must be encli tliat the Statc (ys
I'mi thu modified wotild be perfcctand pro
vid for ths holding ofclcc!ioii3. Thi was
not tho cai hi-rc1 but the pasaac of the Dis
tnc! law, i:i order to bc complicd uith, ren-di'r-
l necsary furthcr Icgi'l.ition (r.t:d that
ij.it oluntnry) bj- the Statc?. Ifitivaslcft
to tlie Stato to act, thcy posscsscd cntirc
p-i vit ovcrthc snlijcct, and Congrcss had tio
t!;;h: to ctmnnand or rcquire lepislation by
th" n. This law doinj it, was null and void.
Mr. Calcb Sniitli of Ia. cxprcsard his rc-Cri-r
th it a qncs tio!i of this inagnitude nhould
I c iniilt;rcd on party grouuds and that tlie
(mi;rcss who passed thc hv.- should bc abus
r 1. Tlie dny was coniiiig (if it was not the
rjse to thc full extcnt now) whcn thcir ardeut
pilriotiim and iiudinciiing drvotion tothc in
t'jrcsts of the wiiolc country would reccivc
t .at uccd ofpraiseso nchly dcscrved. II
coM'sidrrcd it quite cxtraordinary that this
1'i.v so cact!v in acrord.mce with tlic lcttcr
.s v.fll :i thc spirit of that instrf.iiicnt, should
o i-o'iinl -n:lv up prnnMinccd nncoustitulion
:.!, and brielly bnt c!i'arlv brought forard
s'lm- of the argusncnts in support of the law;
lep.ccating thc rcvolutionary and dangerous
Mi icncy it tlic cxatnpic oi lts cntirc ilurC'
cird and trcatmcnt wi'.h scorn wliich thcdom
in int party sccincd disposed to sct bcforc tho
lsation; incidcnt.illy mcntiouing and jnslifying
thcprotcst to v.h'ch thc icnson that his uauio
was i)ot.i'pcr.dc;l w.ish:3 detcntion from liis
scat bv inuisnosition, &c. &,c.
Mr. Xrwtou of Va., cloqucntly and forci-
Iily .ulvoc.itcd tn canso of Jaw aud ordcr,
ranlyiiig to Mr. HcanKIcv and othcr scntlc-
ni jti, and dcfcndinj the Contitutioiudity as
wcll ns th" Kiedi"ncy nud Jttsticc of thc
Oistrict law. He considered thc qucstious
i'lvolvod and thc .Iecision to bc pronounccd of
l .-!) auJ vitai mtori'4t to tlic wholc couiitr'
lt iv.it not his inclinatiou to war upoti the
(Hi.l; he rather rccogtu.ed and fclt the force
o! init nnnciple t our nature de anr'uis
7i?t' jii'.m Imntn; but he might he prrmittcd
to s sy that it" the prcscnt inajority who had
be.i s'i rcady t- appland the I'rcsident in this
as wil as in other things, would girc to the
im-.ti.in th-! bcncfit of surh donbts as had
tro ililc.l the conscicncc of the Prcsidcnt.their
dec'.nn would bc qnito diiTcrcnt from what it
KJ5 llkclV to tcc.
Jir. C'tibb of (J.i. onp of thi" ccncnl tickc:
ine nb.-rs advocatcd the validity of thcir
d;r:n-; atU .Mr. nder of Ky. oppnsed thcm
The Hutise adjounied.
In Se:iatk.
Mr. AVoodbury coucludL'd his speech in op-
pj-.ttiou to tiie present 1 ariti.mrcply tosome
ot .Wr. hvnir argutncnt, occ.
Mternuncl t.ccutive rcs-ion Ihe ccnito
In the IIor-iK, thc R.'rKirtof th.-Commit
t. !-n Klections cotning u;i, Mr. Thompson
." is3., took thc floor, and stid the qucsliiia
b' forc the IIousc was one quetioninj; his
l i'it to a seat on thc floor, a doabt to which
lu ncvcr mtcrtjiocd; but. as it was a qtics
tio-i of v.ist imporiancc. and one which this
II ui3e has the judicial po-ver to dceide, nnd
from whne judgraent there is no nppcal, it
s louut lic mct iu a sp-rit of f.nrn',5s. IIc
r ntended that the Co:i-t"tu:ion gavc him a
r'.'itlliere nnd tliat the pr.-ced?:it v. hichade
cisinn in favor of thc law TisiriciingtheStates
vo"M niake, wnald be a d'.ngcrnus or.o.
Mr. Stcpheus bclievcd the law districting
tha States w.13 constitiitiona!, and that tha
States were bound to o! -y that law. This
was his indmdnal opiniou;" but the questiou
wu uow before the trilnm.dto which the Cou
(.'itntion has submitted thts snbject, and by
whose jndsment Iie was willin to abidc.
Messrs. I5ron, Payue Xewton, and liunt,
look part iu the discussion.
Cvor.i!S5iiircAE. Mon lay, Fcb. 12. Iu
tho Senate, Mr. Kairli?!d presentcd rcsolu
tio'H of the LegUIature of Mc. callinj; on
t'ongrcss no longcr to dslav nction i;i indem
irfication for French spo!ialions.
Mr. Huntington cmtiaued the dcbato on
the T.iritT in reply to Mr. Woadbury and in
u -!i itter of fact and eiT-ctive defcnce of the
tnocnt la-.7. Withoiit conchiding he gavo
iv and th - Semte a Ijourncd.
In tln Honse Gcu. Clinch of Ga. was
quili'ic.I and took his seat.
Th? questiou of privilcgc again occapicd
Ihi day.
.Mr. Vinton mv.ie a lucid nnd forcible
;. j.-'i iiidcfencsof tif.-liwand in conriuc
11 ' re-ily a:i 1 r?rut,iiiua of tije arguincuts of
tiie 'ii ijoritv r-"port.
Tn d tm'i m w,i f.irther ron;";nncd by
M -.rs. I)i. kon-an of Ten. on tlu same side
.,j M s-i. Vr-
f Ky.. Ii:.ic' of Ga.,
McClcrnand of III., ia defcnce of the claims
of the general ticket members, and by other
gentlemen until a latc hour.
The injnnction of secrecy upon the pro
ccedings of the Scnate iu Exccntive session
havingbecaremovcd, we are enablcd to prc
scnt our readcrs with the lotes upon the fol
lowiug nominations:
Upon the questiou of consenting to thc
nomication of Darid Ilcnshaw, as Secrctary
of the Navy, the voto was as follows:
Upon thc qucstion of conscntint; to the
nomination of James M. Porter, as Secrctary
ef War, thc rote was as follows:
Yeas 3, Xavs 33.
Upon the nuestion of conscnting to the nom-
iuition cf John C. Spencer, as ono of the
Associate Justices of the Suprrme Conrt or
the Unitcd Statcs, tiie votes was as follows:
Yeas. Messrs. Athcrton. Brcese, I5ucha-
mn, Colquitt, Fairfield, Fulton, Hannegan,
lluger, Iung, McDuflie, rhelps, I'ortcr,
Rivcs, Scmiile, Sevier, Sturjreon.Tallmadge,
White, Woodbury, Wright 21.
iays .uessrs. Aticn, .ircner, iiicnisuo,
Barrow, TJatcs, Barard, licntou, Ilcrrien,
Choatc, Clayton, Crittcnden, Dayton, Evans,
Fostcr, Ilaywood, Ilcndcrson, Huntington,
Jarnagin, Mangum, Mcrrick Millcr, Morc-
Iicad, I'carce, b'iinmous, Tanpan, Wood-
bridgc 2G.
Upon the qucstion of conscnting to thc
nomination of Gco. II Proffit, as Ministcr to
the Court of Brazil thc voto was as follows:
Yeas 8 rays33.
Upon the qucstion of conscntinc to thc
nomination of Isaac Ilhill, as Chief of the
Burcau of Provistoas aud Clotlnng, the vote
was ns fullows:
Yeas 11 Nays 25.
Upon the qucstion of conecntinc to thc
nomination of Hcnry A. Wise, as Ministcr to
the Court of Brazil, tlie voto was as follows:
1 eas .10 Nays 10.
Dreadfci. Accident. A small child was
buriicd to dcath this morning in consequencc
of its clothcs taking firc during thc absencc
cf its tnolher, who residcd in New Markct
strcet ncar Callowhill. The little fcllow was
ncttially burned to a crisp, and prescnted a
liorriblc sight. Philadetyhia, Fcb. 13.
' AVc rcceircd, last nisht, a lcttcr from a
distinguishcd membcr of thc IIousc of Rcp
rcsentatirc?, datcd 0:1 Wcdnesday, Jan. 31st,
from which c are happy to makcthcfollow
in cxtract:
"General McKaywill bcjnn with the Ap-
propriation Bills to-morrow. Thc Commit
lce of Ways and Mcaus are cngagcd on the
Tari.T. Thcy Ind a trial vote or two this mor-
mng. I Iie motion, that thcre shall bc no al
tcration in thc oxisting Iai-s, was Tcjeclccl, by
7 to 2. The motion, lhat it is incxpcdicut to
chango tlie law, so as to rcduce on auy articlc,
vras rejccled in Ukc manncr. The coiumittce
are collecting itiformation, aud reduciug the
sjiccific to ad valorcm, to sliow thc abomiua-
tion of thc prescnt systcm. Jlich. lVtiig.
Go ahcad gcntlctncii. Eav your Vandal
hands npon the Tsriff if you dare! Try
inorc "Expcriments," if youaro notsatisfied
with past cxpciicncc. The country is jitst
cmcrging from a long. dnrk night of wrongs
and opjircssion. Agriculture, Manufactitrcs
nud Commcrcc are just raising thcir heads.
Prospcrity at last dawns ujion us. Lct the
followcra of Vati Bnrcn, in pursuancc of his
Ami-TariiTLtticr, hhst thcintcrcstsaiiddash
the hoies of thc Peoplc, by striking a blow at
the Tarill, and thoy willencounterairalcncxt
falh in coinparison with which thc stonn of
1H10 was a mcrc squall. Jb.
We cojiy the following extract from the
correspondcnt of the N. Y. Express.
The friends of the tarilT oueht to know
what cxertions nrc making to crcate nnd cs-tabli'-h
hostility to thcExistingrcTcnuoLaws.
Mr. JIcDuirie thcn is scndiug nnd having his
spccchcs frsiiked by tliousaud3 of copics to
all pnrts of thc country. The Journ.d of
Commcrcc has its "Black Tariir artirlcsre
turued hcro aNo with all thc array of fisures,
gotttp forthe occi'sion, aud attached to thcm
to pioducc clfcct. 1 sec and hcar cvcry day
some cvidence or otlicr of this detcrminrd
hostihiy to tlic ta.-ifl", and friendship for free
tra.Ie, and miich of it is rcadily traced direct
ly b.ick from W:ishing!on to thc hcads of for
cign houscs or thcir Agents, who forthe tuost
sclfish consideratious are cxerting themsclvcs
to thc tittermo-t to injurc tho country of thcir
abode or adoptiou, forthe sakc of bVncfiting
tlicmsrlvci. The tablcsscnthcrcproducethc
most cficcf Some of thcm shoun to me in
the Houf c of Represcntativcs to day, are not
ouly casily acsncrrd, but ancxposiiion would
rcsult in the uinriiiicalion of some of thosc
who havo cxhibited exparto lesiirnony merely
to produce false iuiprcssions.
Maie. A Whig State meeting was held
at Augusta 011 the 7th Josiah S. Little pre
sidinc Moses L. Appleton of Bangor aud
David Bronson of Augusta were chot'cn Scn
atorial Delogatcs to the Xatioual Convcntion,
and llon. GEoncr. Evass recommcnded as a
candidate for A'ice Prcsidcnt.
A ?dass Ccnvcntion was ngrecd on, to be
held at Atigusta ncxtsummcr, and a Commit
tce a)painted to address Mr. Clay and ask him
to viU thc Statc if convenient, at the tiine
the Mass Convcntion may be held. The
meciing was not large, bnt will do as a bccin
ning. Roports from thc Eastward assert the clec
tion to Congrcss of Robinson, Whig, ovcr
Cary, by 23 majority. Doubted. A. 1'.
8f" Bosto.n is full of life and busincss.
Houses arc going up ra)idlv,cspcciallvinthe
nei;liborbood of thc Worcester Dep'ot and
the noblo Unitcd Statcs Hotcl, which were
but rocently in tlte Southcrn stiburb of the
town, but are now inthe heatt of business.the
ccutrc of a growing wildcrncss of brick and
mortar. Wc cxpect to see thc Exchange and
Post Ollicc located in that vicinity yct, if laud
cnough can be found or made for tliem.
Omo. The Senate of Ohio havo rcfused to
passtheRetrenchment Billas amended by the
Kev. Eio.x Galusha. From jirivate
sources wc understand that the report.of which
1 .,nintiiiuii3 lor a
1 considerablc period past, thatElder Galusha
had bccoiuca full and confinued convert to
: thetheory of Millcr.' is true; and we have
- hcatd itadded, thathe proclaims in public his
I cxpectation that the world will be destrved
-. u.y iicAi inontn. webclievc
the 14th. Aierv brief neriod will h.
to provc the uttcr fallacyof such an expecta
tion.Bajilist Adrocalc, Fcb. 8.
A Whig State Couvention, numbcring
more than S00 Dele!ati!. np
j mond on the 7:h iust. Vincjt AViTcnnt
called to ordcr, and V. V. Sol-tiiai.l was
cnlled to the Chair Um. A Committee of
17, headed by Gen. Edward Watts, was
oppointed to nominatc officers, who rcportcd ;
the name of Bei. Watkiss LEicnforPrc3
ideut, with tcn emincnt citizens as Vice Prcs
idents and four Secrctarics. Spceches wcrc
made by the President. by Asdkew Hdxter
of Jcfferson and Jotiy Jasnet of London.
In thcevcning. the Convenlion was addressed
by RicnARD II. ToLF.r. and llon. JonK M.
Botts with great eloquencc and forcc.
It was a glorious gathcring, and strcngth
eus our hope that the Old Dominion' will
east her Elcction Vote thisyear for hcr most
illustrious living Sou. Three cheers for the
Mother of States and of Hcnry Clay! IV.
Y. Tribune.
TheZUl Ilulcthe Tariff and Cvaliiion.
Wetake thc folloning cxtract from a letter
ftotn a membcr of congress which indicatcs
the veerings of the sclf stylcddemocracy un
dcr the influence of the southern breezes.
Diograceful. Detestable. Ed. Gal.
"At the commeuecuicnt of the session the
repcal of thc 21st rule was thought to be
certain, but Mr. Calhoun having notified our
Van Buren friend3, that thcy can expcct thc
support of himself and followers, only upon
vn,i...:r.rr iliolp nlfl Tilpflces of rcsistimr abo-
:n ll ,ta clnnpa. nnrl nbandnnin? thc
Miluii ' " u.i . bui'.. a
priuciplc of protection, they are uow vacilla-
ting, cna tne resuu is uouuuui.
t nnlit nf l1r- Clnv'n clection.
thouch it must be confessed that a probabili
J ir n .,.1 r'-i
ty 01 a coauiion ucuvccu 1 an nuicuti
l t,vn,..0 n.nn .lnnTtt nn f!if nilp;finn.
I1UUU 1111 U H J DUIIIV ' 1
I shall, howcvcr, continue to cxpcctMr. Clay's
ciecuon, iiniu 1 iiiiu, ui nca w
imn nnw ilisnospd to snnnort VanBurcn who
votcd ngahist him in 1840."
Wool, wo aro happy to inform our
friends in the country, is rtsing. A quarw
ty was sold ia this city ycstcrday for 38
cents cash. Wool of thc Bamo quality
was sold previous lo tho pasaago of the tar,
iffbill for 25 cents. Thcro lias thcrcforc
hesn a rise of 50 pcr ccnt alrcady in the
valuo of this grcat staplc; and ns the
woollcn inaniifactoricsall ovcr thcccv.intry
aro in full opcraiton lo thc cxtcnt of thcir
poucr, it may bo rcasonably nnticipatcd
(hat wool will con'.iiwc to n'sc unttl thc
ncxt clip comes to markct. It should al
so bo ohservcd that the prcscnt rise has
takcn placo in tho faco of an incrcascd
Wcstcrn production of tho article. Tho
incroaso in quantity of wool shippcri East,
ward from Pittiburgh alonc. in 1843 ovcr
that shippcd in 18d2 is 1,250,000, Ibs.
The inctcatc in the amount rcceived at
Albany and Troy in 1843 ovcr 1S42 is
3,000,000, Ibs; makitig an incrcasc of 4,
250,000 11)3 ; tn thc amount shipped from
thc West by thc Pcnnsylvania and New
Yorl; canals. Had it not bcsn for this in
crcatcd production of N csU-rn Wool,
thcre can bc no doubt thut wool would now
bring in this m-tr!;ct coniderabIy more
than 40 ccntspcrlb. p rise ofGO of70
pcr cenl since tho passagc t f tho tariff, and
in a rcmarlcably Iiort tiine from tho rovi.
val of manufacturcs and trado gencr
ally. Wc copted ycstiTday from Iwo of thc
of tho frccirado journals of New York,
stalcmcnts rclativc to thu thc of rcnts nnd
thc incrcase of forcign imporlations in
that commcrcial city facts which show
most conchisivcly that our commerco has
not bcen destroycd by tho tariir. Our
own statcmont relativo to thc riso on wool
shows tliat at lcast one departmcnt of ag
riculturc has not hecn injurctl hy thc tar
iff. Tho prico of colton has also rtscn
with grcat sladincss during tho last cight
ccn months, and is now at lcast 50 pcr
cont highcr than it was bcforo tho pass
ago of tho tariff. IIow thcu havo thc
p'an'.ing intcrcsta bcon aflcctcd by this
moasurc 1 Evidontly in tho tncsi boncfi
cial manncr.
Now, as no ono will dcny that Ihe man'
ufacluring inttrcsis arc now prosporing
toan unsual dcgrcc, whercas I'cforc thc
pasmgeofthe tariff thcy were ,11 a most
tnclancholv condition ; it follows that
jincc the cstaLIishment of our prcscnt pro
tcctivc systcm, tho four grcat intcrcsts of
our counlry thc commcrcial, the farm
ing, thoplanting thc minufacturing intcr'
csts have not only not bcen injurcd, as thc
(rcctrado Locolocos prcdictcd, bnt harc
ull oxpericnccd a most favorahle impulse ;
as it was predictcd they would by thc
friends of Protection.
W'hom thon has tho tariff injurcd J Or
rather, who has it not bcncfittcd t Can
tho Pcoplo nf any Slate in thc Union from
Maitic to Louisiania from Pcnnsylvania
to Missouri say that tho systcm of Pro"
tcrtion 111 not benc.lcia! to thcir intcrcsts?
Thcy can not if thoy will invcstigatc tho
Ktihjcct for themsclvcs, instcad ortrusting
tooconfideiilly to:tho groundicss asserttons
of such frcctrado fanatica us Governcr
15r.rrv nnd Mr McDuffio.
(Troy Whig.)
CrThe Senate has coDfirmed the nom
ination of Hcnry A. Wiso ns Ministcr to
Mr Evnns of Mainc, ono of tho ablcst
tnen in thc nation, has bcen making, in
tho U. S. Senate, a strong, and, notwith
standingthc hacknevcd natttrcof thcsub
jcct, an nxcccdingly intcrcsling defcnco of
thc tariff, in rcply to tho virulcnt assault of
MrMcIJuuicof bouth Caroiina. In tho
skctrh of his rcmarks, roportcd for the ?'a
tiocal Inielligenccr, wc find some statc
rncnts that will bc highly gratifying to tho
friends of a Pro'.cctive Tariff, not only as
furnishing cvidcnco of the positivc good
tho tariff has done, but obviating the
weighticst objections of its opponcnts.
These objections aro that tho tariff wil!
injuriously nffcct commerco by checking
importations, ond, in consequencc, will he
uuproductivc as a revenuo mcasure. Man
y of its wanncst adrocatcs anticipated a
slight falhng off in the rcvcnuo, but dccm'
ed tho more general cmploymcnt of the in'
duslry of the country a countcrvailing ad
vantago. It will givc thcm pleasurc to
lcarn, ;as wo havo a!l aloug contcudcd
would bo the case, that, coincidcnt with
tho incrcascd activity ofour manufactur
ing osiablishmcnls. the rctnuncratin" cm-
ployinent affordcd to many thousands of
operattvcs that would olherwisc bc ldle,
and tho consaqucnt cnlarged consumplion
of ngriculiurial products of flour alone
cstimatcd at 500.000 barrels Ihcrc has
been grcatcr activity in commcrcial oper.
stions, and importations have bcen iarcer
than thcy were under thelnte low tariff of
duties Instcad of causing a dcficiency of
revenuo, 11 is now tatisfactonly ascertain
ed that the rerenue will moro "than suffico
for thc wants of govcrnmcnt, nnd that,
loo, if tlic crtimtttos of the Socrdarv of thc
Trcasury for the expcnditurcs of tho next
fiscal year should bo sanctioncd by Con-1
grcssional .appropriations.
Thc sucrct ofthis chcering rcsult is,
that mcn have gonc to work bccauso thcir
I.iber wasyn requcst and paid for. Thc
opcrative in his shopor mill, tho fnrmcr in
his ficlds, niosc cngagcd in our intcrnal
commcrcc, havo all laborcd with ronewed
nctivity,their toil swectened by thc hope of
roward All classcs cxcept thosc who
thrive'Ly the distrcsscs oftho communi'
ty, have profitcd by this state of things,
and conscqucntlv have bcen ablo lo induge
in a greator consumplion bcth ofngricul"
turial products and articles of forcign itn
portation. Thcro is not a man scarccly
who cannot rccall to rccollcction one or
more familics in his immcdiatc neighbor
hood, that, a year or two sinco wote ap
most objccts of charity, but now, under the
renswed impulso given to thc prospcrity
of thc country, arc carning a comfbrtnblc
living, and aro consumcrs of articles that
but a littlo while ago seemcd hopclessly
beyond tneir rcach. And this is but the
beginning of thcgood to rcsult fTom tho
Its full offects havo not hecn, and can
not bc, fairly developcd until tho various
deparimcnls of busincss shall linvor.ccom.
modatcd thcmselves to the changc3 it is
A systcm and mcasuro of policy which
havo alrcady confcrrcd bttch incalculable
Lcccfits upon the country, n party styling
itselfdcmocratic proposcs to destroy ; and
if thcy now ''tcmporise with nublic opin-
ion," it i3 only that, under thc raaskof
friendship, thc leaders may retain their
placcsnnd gainstrcngth suflicicnt loslrikc
the dcadly blow. Mr Calhoun and his
faction of thc 'dcmocracy' opcnly and, in
so much, manfully proclaitn their dctcr
mined hostility, white Mr Van liurcnand
his friends coverlly, but nonc thc less ira
placably, opposa tho Tariff, in principlc
and in dctail. Thcy do this on the cver
ready plea of tho demagogue rcgard for
the poor pcoplo. Tako off the duties, pay
Ihoy, so that all, the poor as wcll as thc
rich,can indulgo in forcign luxurics, but
thoy do not tell us how, in that caso. thc
poor will get tho whorcwith to buy thcse
To legislatc so as to dcprivo thcm of
cmploymcnt, or forco thcm to work in
compclition with thosc of Europe, who
havo the only alternativc ot tho sovcrcst
unrcmitting toil or siarvalion, and thcn say
it is done that they may be rchevcd oftho
opprcssivc duties, is but a cruol mocking
of thc poor, cvcn gronting that a reduc'
tion of dutica causcs a corrcspondmg rc
duclionin the prico of tho imporled arti.
clc, which all cxpcricnce shows is not
tho fact, for it rcduccs tho mcans of tho
poor in a still grcatcr ratio. Tho Whigs
say, lcgislato so that cvcry honcst man
willing to work may fmd jrcmuncrating
cmploymcnt ; mako him fcel likoa inan
with thc iudcpcndcnco of a frecman, and
you not only bctter fit him to discharge
thc rcsponsible duties of citzcnshtp, uut
whilo tirotcctin" tho industry of the coun'
trv, nnd nrovidin": for the wants oftho
govcrnmont, you cnable the poor to pur
chaso thosc comforts and onjoymcnts
which tho dcmagngiics proffcr to dccpcn
thc csnse of prcscnt intcnsity of suffcring
rnd prtvalicn. liullalo Journal.J
OltYIlALL Tho frcc mectings at Amo-y Ilall, on
Sunday last, were numnrously attcndcd
by very intclltgcnt and rcspccted nuuien'
ccs. In thc foronooti, a lecturc was de
livcrcd hy thc Editor of thc 'Liberatcr, in
tvhtch r.o mdcavored to show that thc itv
stitu'.ion of "public worshit)'' so callcd,
whilc it constittitcs a part of Judaisni, Ma
homctanism, Paganism, Scctism, was
contrary to tho gcnius and dcsign cf
Cl rijtanitv, at war with htimnii lrccuom
a hindranco to univcrsal rcform, cnjoycd
ncithcr hy reason for rcvclation, and one
of the main pillars of pricstcraft. In tho
aftcrnoon. thc samo topic was sclcclcd
for frcc dtscussicn, in which sevcral por
sons parlicipated, though no ono spoke in
defcnco of thisartificial and dcspotic 'wor-
slnp, In tho cvcniDg, tho editor gavc
anothcr lecturc, in opnosilion to thc pre-
vailing vicws rcspecling tho sanctiiy cf
tho Sabbath mainlaintng that tho bab
balh was strictly a Jcwish institution.
which cxnircd bv its own limitation cight-
cen hundred venrs ago, and thcrcforc not
bindiii" upon anv other pcoplc. Hc nr
cued that tho rclifrioua monopclv of thc
day by thc prichtuood conslitutcd one of
tho most nllitcttng nnu insupporlablc mo-
nopohcs ktiown lo mankind, fand called
upon the pcoplo. cspeciaily Huo wor.K
incjiex, to come to tho rescuoofit, and
rnake it subservieut to thcir own highest
wclfarc, hy dcvising ways and mean3 to
remove the hcavy burdcns under which
thcy groan, and to csttiblish cquality and
nghtcousncss in tha carth.
iMcclinss will centintto to bc holdcn
cvcrv Sunday forcnoons, afternoons cnd
cvcnings, in Amory Hall, till furthcr no-
tice, coinmcnccingj at thc usual timc of
asscmbhng togethcr on that day. lt is
tlcsi;iicd to makc the cntirc course of
Icclurcs o( ns reformatory a charactcr, nnd
on as great n varioty of topics, as practi-
The abovo is takcn from tho last Liber
ator, and is Mr Garrison's own account of
his Sabbath Iabors.. Whethcrsuch labors
arcofinfidel tendency, and whethcr Mr
Garnson is following in thc wake of Mr
Abner Knccland, wo lcave our readcrs to
Judge from these his own statcmcnts.
To call upon wonKiso jiex to unite "in
opposilion to thc pievailing vicws of the
sanctity of tho Sabbath," 1. e. the vicws
which Evangclical christians entcrtain rc'
spccting it, is not unlikc calling upon poor
mcn to ptill down thcir houses, in which
thcy enjoy warmth and comfort in order
to frce themsclvcs from confinenient.
What is tho condition of " wokeinc men"
in ovcry community where tho prevail
views rcspecting tho sanctity of tho Sab
bate those views which prevail in New
England aro sct at nought. Chroni
Tho rcsult oftho clection in the 3d Dis.
trictofMass. is as follows. Abbott 3.
flaO. Osrrnnd. 30G5. Scatlerinnr fino Ai
. b , - - e . -. .
the trial on lsl Jan., thcre was a majority
of volcs acainst Mr Abbott, tho Whiir can.
-didele rf2U. At the- trial 01 the fth
Jan., his majority ovcr all other candt
dates, was 63. Making the nct Whig
gain, since tho trial of Jan 1, 277.
The Allas takcs grcat picastirc in nn.
a t 1 1 . r
nouncins tbat tho Hon. Amos auuou, 01
Andover, the Whig candidate , has hecn
elcctcd membcr of Congress from the
Thtrd Dislrict of this Stato. The dclcga-
tion in Congress from tho State of Massa
chusctts is now complctc. A
Mr. WiiEATorr is talkcd of for the Su-
premc Court Bcnch; so is Gcn. Van Ness,
Ex-Ministcrto Spain.
Jleieclion of John C. Spcncer. The Sen
ate have rejccted the nomination of Mr.
Spcncer, to be a Justice of the Supreme
Court of the United States, by a vote of 2G to
21. The vote in this case was by no racaus
a party tcst, Whig and Loco Foco Scnators
votiug for and against Mr. Spcncer.
Th?? new membcr of Congress from
Georgia, is about to tako his seat in thc
llouse. The Savannah Rcpublican says
of him :
Gcn. Clinch will bo ablo to effcct much
good iu Congrcss for this Slate. His pcr
sonal nopularity and cxtcndcd acquain-
tancc with politicians of both parlics, nnd
thc comrnanding influence which is duc
to his singular personal morit, will cnable
him (0 aid much in thc ndvanccmcnt of
our local clatms. ve rcioica to seo a
uamc so honorcd addcd to tho roll of the
slaunch and incorruptible phalnnx. of
Whigs now in Congrcss. IIc is ono of
tho purcst of that class. His father was
a Whig before him, and ho is a Whig by
lincal derccnt, and nothing but a Whig.
This Tftiujirn or Public virtce ovnn
rcnLic calcm.nv. 1 hc lcgtslalura ot
Tcnncssce, towards tho closo ,of its last
ssssicn, passcd rcsolulions rcscinding cer.
(am rcsolution3 passed in 1827, unplying
chargcs of bargainand corruptioniiotwcon
ti. Adanisand H. tlay.
Mr Maury, Mr Cheatham, and othcrs,
who supportcd thc rcsolulions, and admit
tod that they wero formerlv Jackson mcn,
and had sustained and supportcd him ns
long as r,is mrasurcs sustained thc coun
trv ; but thcv had pcrfeclly satisficd them
sclvcs that the impulations upon thc pu-
nty of Messrs. Adams and Clay wero un
fotindcd, and that tho re:olu!ion3 implying
theso charces oti"ht to bc rcvcrscd.
This is honorablc, just, cnd well.timcd.
Iti n v.prd, it 13 an actiou worthy oftho
rcprcsentativcs of the galiant Whigs of
1 cnr.e.sce. Nat. tntcl.J
CC7" o understand tho Uovcrnor nas
nominatcd Sainucl Bcardsloy, now a Rcp
rcscntativo in Conjjress from tho Oncida
district. to tho vacancy on tho bcnch of
thc Suprcmc Court of this Stato.
Thc atnounl ofpropcrly bequeathed to
tho llon. Hcnry Clay by thc latc Senator
Porter, of Louisania. is slated in tho Lox
ington (Ky.) Inquiror at 650,000 or 00
000. Albany, Fcb. 11. The honorablo Es
ck Cowcn, a Justice of tho Suprcmc
Court of New York, died at hta lodgings
in this city at 8 o'clock last cvcning, aflcr
a scvoro illncsa of only a wcoks durntion
Journal. .
Sir fludson I.owedicd on thc 10th. As
will bo rcmcmbercd, he was tho officer cn
trustcd with thc custody of Napolcou at
St IIcIciiH, and it is said that hc has Ictt
some intcrcstin matiusctipts conccrmng
liis rcsidcncc Ihoro.
Tho Salem Stroet Chtirch, havo invitcd
tho Rcv Kduard Beecher, D. D. to bc
como their pastor. This cull has not
bcen given upon slight hearsay nc
quaintaneo. ilc has prcachcd to thcm
v.-hcn dcstituto, or as n tcmporary assis
tant of thcir postor, 1 grrat deal within
a few years. It is not known whethcr he
will ncccpt tho offer It may dcpcnd on
thc qucstion, whethcr Jacksonville Col
Icge can sparo him.
Wc havo now authentic itsforma.
tion, from thc Richmond Enquircr, on tho
hcst possiblo nuthority that of Mr. Van
Burcn himself that ho is notr.bout to de
clino thc competition for the Prcsidcncy.
This must bc itiformation highly grat
ifying to his timorous friends in Virginia
and clscwhcrc,. As amocg our readcrs
Ihcrc may be a fciv such, we copy tho
Enquircrls p3r.i"raph as follows, that thcv
inny havo the bcnefit of tho new3 "frcsh
and frcsh," as tho saying is.(Nat In
From the Richmond EBqnircr.
Wc have sccn a lcttcr from Mr Van Bu'
ren himself, in tho courso of which ho re
fers to thc unfounded report that hc was
about to dcclino tho contcst for thc Prcsi
dcncy roferrcd to in thc precccding crtl
IIc prcsurnes that his friends aro too
much acctistomcd to rumors and rnisrop.
rcscntations lo attach thc sltghtcst tmpor.
tancc to such an idla report.
From Pcnnsylvania. Ohio, Michigan
Mississippi, and cvpn lllinois and South
Carolina, we have rcccnt adviccs by pri
vatc lettcra that tho Whig spirit of 1640
is awaktng, and that thc dctormination
that Hcnry Clay shall bo our next Presi
dent is daily cxtcnding nnd dcepcning.
Wo have assurances that lcndtng men hith'
crto against us aro taking ground agatnst
Burcn, with the full intent of suppnrting
Clay. in caso tlurcn 13 rcnomtnatcd at
Baltimore. Not wishing to drivo oar fa.
vorite adversa.y offlhe track, we shall not
publish particulars ; but wo cannot doubt
the evidcnco bcforo us. Ilhnois, Mich
gan, Mississippi, and cvcn Missouri and
South Carolina, will be contestcd by tho
friends of Hcnrv Clay with a strong hope
if not decidcd assurancc of victory, Ieav-
ing barely New Ilampshitc ccrlain for
Van. Such is thc spirit of our numerous
lcttcrs. 1 nbuno.
The CiiiricK ornjtED in Illinois.
Joscph Gillcspic, Esq., tho Whig clcctor
inl candidate, in thc Alton District, gives
uotice through the Alton Tclegraph. that
ho will commenco his laboring by deliv-
ering an address at tho Montgomery
County Circuit Court, on thosccond Mon'
day of Fcbruary, and that ho will go
through the wholc circuit, county by coun'
ty ; and would bc plcased lo havo the
Van Buren Electorial candidalo go with
him, and dissuss tho qucetions bobrc tlioj
pcople. '
Whcn David Hcnshaw was nppointed
Colloclorof I!oston,s.imo gcntlemrn at-kcd
him to retain one or two goodjclerks
who had been long in the ofilco. To
which ho laconically rcp!ied-"iV a
from the Jackson tablc." This he uttercd
wilhahorrihloftendish grin, that wnsc.
. . i 1 i it :i ... .
tion. But now tho p-'Iiical monstcr finds
most justly, "the potsoned chaltco com
mondcd to his own Iips," by an almost u
nanimous rcjection by tho Senate. Not
withstandina this, liko a hungry Ieoch, ho
sticks to oftico under tho protenco that tho
President destrcs it, and this too, whcn it
is notorious that tho chief clerk in evcry
dcparlmont, acts as Sccretary whoa tho
pnnciple is abscnt or defunct. Balt.
Pat. I
To the Editor oftho Tritoae-
Tf icnftinp1 nnrtpft tKn iiwnntpa
of Freo Trado that the consumer pays the
dutv imnoscd bv tho J aritF iu ai cascs. .
1 his is grossly untruo, bocauso wo manu
facture many articles cheapcr than they
could bo iropotted without any duty. But
tho Frcc Tradcr says this is cspeciaily truo
in regard to those articles which aro not
made herc. On one atticlo I can spcak
from personal knotvtedgc, viz: crockcry, of
which thcio iB but one small maaufactory
in this country having no influcnco on its
By tho Isto Tnriff tho duty was ratsed
from 20 to 30 por cent. This articlo is
rcgulated in England by a list mado in
13 11, and from this prico a discount is
made. Bcforo tho passago of tho Tnriff
tho discount was (for cash in England) 45
pcr cent. An iinnortation would thca
slaad thus oa sav 100
45 pcr ccnt Dis. 43
Duty 20 pcr cent 11
Cost includ. Duty 00
Immodiotcly on tho passago of tho Tariff
tha Bri&h Manufacturcra incrcascd thcir
discount to 50 pcr ccnt. ond au importa
tion now stand 100
50 pcr ccnt. Dis. 50
Duty 30 pcr ccnt. 15
Thus ehowing that tho articlo is now tr.i
portcd cr ccnt. cLcaper bcsides tho
gain on cschange, ic. Iu this case, thcn,
tho iacrcass of duty was in fact paid by
thc British Manufacturer, who mct thttt
incrcase by a Iargcr discount : nnd thc
article is now sold by the jobber 19 pcr
ccnt. Iower than in 1841.
As laronTEB..
Paterson. All the factorics in this celcbra
ted manufacturiug villagc are nuw in activo
opcralion, uad we understand eoveral were
about to bs crectcd anJ sct in motion. Two
Scotch gcatlcmca liare Iatcly purcliasod a
valuabls site, aud are aboat establisbing very
cxtensive factorics fcr thc man'jfacture of
what is called Dundts goods a coarse fubric
uscd for bagging nnd bales. Wo harc been
heretofore cntirely dcpcadeut on England and
Scotland for thcse gcodj. Why will not this
placo in u few yenrs rival Lowell ? It is loca
ted in a more fertilo agricultural regiou, aud
posscsscs all other uaturul advantagcs rsqui-
site to reuder it one of the grcatest mauufac-
tunng towns in the woriu.
A Iieal Mandarin Cuming. It is now pos-
itively ctatcrf, titat a Chttiese Ambassadsr,
"a rcal live China mandarin," dcputcd by his
Cclcstial Majesty, the iniperial brother to the
eun and consin-gcrman to tho moon, is about
forthwith to exlubit his pigtnil and fivc-claw-ed
dragon, his pcr.cock's featherand red bnt-
ton, nmong the bluc ribbands, black rodj,
white sticks, and gartcrs of thc court of hcr
Mujesty Quccn ictcna.
Wc Icnrn from Boston that tho Kailroad
fcvcr is at its Iiighcst poiut. Larcc dolega-
tions from Massachusetts, Vermont aud New
Hpinpshire nre in daily attcndauco in the
Souate Chamber of Massachusetts, from S
o'clock to 9, P. M., bcforo thc Railrond Com
mittee, advocating tho diflercnt routcs of Rail
road3 to Vermont and Canada. Tho Com
mittee is cxamining very thoroughly into ihe
merita of the diflercnt routes, qucstioning
Surveyors, aud calling for statistics. We
arc glad to hear this, as we doubt uot it will
show thc cuucrior adrantagcs ofthis routc.
No decisioncan probably bo had for some
day3. A lctter from Boston cxpresscs a con -
ndcnthelicfthat the Committee , report
favorably on our routo,as wcll an thc Millcr's
River route, though thcre will bcjmuch difH-
ctdtyinsatisfyinsthoclaimantson tho Ihrce
difTcreut routes through Massachusetts
GreenfielJ. NonhfieW nnd Warwick cach a,-
kiug for eepcrato charters on diflercnt routcs.
IV. n. Stn.
i , ,,, m 7. ,., . bocnded. Fcarful of thc inOucuco thc di-
Oneratwns nf the Tariff . One oftho pnn- . , ... ;
cipal arguments agaiast a Tariff, and which, fusa,on ? hae. the jotlly tro hurrj.o0
at firat view, sccms reasonable, is, that it en- it to a close as fast as possible, and crc this 11
banccs thc price of forcign goods to thc con- . is probably cndcd. We shall try to pubbh
aumcr. This is not true, as cxpcricnce has Judgo Collamcr'a spcech next weck. Tla
shown, as a general rule. Thc forcign man- , ... ,, - wr t,:r.j
ufacturcr sccs that an article which he has JudS ns to be domg wcll m Wasa-cg-herclofore
fumishcd to a country in large ton.
qnantitics, has become eubjcct to an increas- j
ed duty, which will decrcaso the galo, ifthe' DISTRICTING LAW AND PAUI
prico is increaed. He takcs off from his ' DILLINGHAM.
asking price thc amount ofthe duty. Infact! ,
he pays the duty himself, rather than to stop For sevcral days past tho congrcgated wt
his mannfactory. The duty encouragcs thc ' dora seem to havo bcen very gravely dehbcr-
home manufacturer, until tho forcigner finds 1 atm whcther thcy will nullifv the law ofthe
competition has sprung up, and ho is drivcn , . . . , .... ,i,'member3 fron
from the markct. Thi productions of the Il3t scS3ion, by admitting the merabers iron
..:irr : ..' ; .. , I at tr ,:,,. ,,,,1 nthcr states clecteu
soil of forcign countries vary in quantity from
year to year, and tho ecarcity or abuudanco
of an article dctermines its price, ag it does of
our own proauctions at home. A tariff, un
Icss a high one, will not afTect tho price.
'l'l, ..1,1 ..!... - -f. .
..no u.u uiuuicui iuai a tanu was a ouracn
to the consumer, was Iatcly brought up by a
membcr of Congress from Indiana, inan ar
gument against thc prcsent tariff. The Ed
itor oftho New York Tribune, to ehow the
falsity of the 6tatement, has addressed lettcrs
to four or five principal merchants in dilfcr
ent parts of Indiana, asking for tables ofthe
prices of articles which now pay a duty, com
pared with tho price of thc samo articlo be
fore the tariff bill was passed. Tables have
been rcturncd, from which it appcars that tbe
prico of all the articles mcntioned has fallen
twenly-fitepcrccnli How do the opponcnts
of a tariff account for this? Thcse facts are
worth a thousand theories. 2V, H. Sen.
Railroad Conrcnlion al Lcbanon. This
Conventiftn numbered about 1,000 nersons.
and thc mceting was most cnthusiastic. We
see the extension of the road was most clo
qucntly advocatcd by Judge Upbam and Gcn.
Peaslcc, of Concord, and many othcr distin- j
guished democrats. The managcment of,
the Convention was put into the hSnds oftho
democrir-K. vo undTUan.1. TIm Hosom-
tions arc signiScant. They c-pres a dc
minatiou to v.uke ii e inJ: , '
press inctr tu.i coahaence tbat th-; Le .
u,r: wlu """ise incasurcs" to ptrnut , .
TXC,L ;"ed, ol1!; ,-Mtcp. -rt v. ,
,hron-h the Route. tr, ,..,.. . ."' ' '. r
lMU. The absurditv of tiie attcmiu wnV"
.,.:.: : . .- 1 1 11
Wcdnesday Fcb. 2i, 181-1.
. Rcmombor the clayclub meeticg on ihn
Evening. Nothing of a tonth pa7t 0rtiiB
dcop and Insting importanco of or- rtsul
jnS for ,ho nrat poHtica.1 campaign ?, now
The young Men of Middlebury. ar9 rv
qucstcd to meet atthcTowu Room oiiTupj.
day tho 27th for the purpose of ir.aliag a
nomination for tona oflicers. to bo suppotte.t
at the approaching town Meetiug-.
Fcb. 11), 1811. By the requcst of niaay.
Tho Tempcranca Convcntion, the preitn;
wcek, will bc held at the Congregitiuan
Church on Thursday nftcrcoon at one o'clock.
The Address is cxpected iinmcdiatelv aftor
ths orgaaization of ths aiecting. to be'fotiuw
ed by tho preseatation aud discusaicn of if3
olutious. Tho exerciseij of the Social Mecting at tha
Masonic Ilalt in the evening, will comnie-.co
precisely at 7 o'clock, and be conductej cn
der thcdircction of the President of tbs 3o
ciety. Doors will be opened at half past c.x
o'clock; tickcts receivcd on tho second floor
of the builJing, whcro rcception rornj are
An obituary notico oftho dcath ofllen
ry Soper Efq, viill bcinssrtcd next weck
Our readers will cnquire in vala for anj
thing which ha3 actualiy been finishcd ty
congress duritig tho prcscnt session of -uj
pr.ictical utility. In thc House tbo ticic tus
beon occupied chiefiy in attacks of ihenu
jority ujion the positions the whigs have takra
ia relatiou to abolition, protection, the dis
trictiagclause oftho apportiuumeLt bJ! of thc
last session, and tho reatoration ofthe caa
thousand dollar fme which Gcn. J ickson intst
richly dcserved for ths dariug tyranuiij hs
exrrciscd iu New Or!can,o(- loag aftcr aaj
sort of necessity could be plead from tbo
prescuce of a forcign foc. llitherto tho ef
forts made to distuib tho tariff, ar.d rcj- ct tlic
2lst rule have been resislud bj a p;Tt.un ot
ths Van liurcn party chiefiy from New VurV
nnd Pcnnsylvania, states in whith auti-slaro-ry
and piotection have obtaiurd adycp IolJ
un tho public tentinicnt. Bu: lo, tho toiuli
deniand fresh guarrautces for supporting Vua
Burcn. The lncji leaders with Scuitur
Wright nt their head will acceue to thc;.'
wuhcs. Tli8 21st rule will bc rctaincd Ti.s
loco foco committeo of Ways aad Meanj
iu tliekouse havebecn long concspocdiLg nh
tho froo tradcrs, and will very oou nport :
bill to roduco thc tariff 0:1 wooleus, iot:cs.s
iron aud hardware. We should uot be 5j
tonished should a rcvcnuo bill pass tlie lluus1;
30 cs-cntially charging tho prescst tdniTu
to divcst it of many of its most iuiporunt pru
tective featurcs. In the Senate it wiil he
sccn that Woodbury is ns rabid as ever,
against the tariff, nnd vies cvcnv.ith McDi-f-fio
himself iu the fervor of his frce ti adede
votion. In tho Senate this subject lv.s lcca
the chief themo of discussion for m uiy iajs
and thcre seems ta bo a dispoaition to cci:
tinue it.
At prcsent in tho IIousc tho subject of thc
single district law cngrosscs the nttcntioaof
that body. A grcat many spceches havo jl
rcady bccu dclivercd. Mr. Dillingham la
pronounccd a specch against tho validity of
the law, and Mr. Collamer ia favor of it. Uu
in vicw of his situation cs a mciuber cf tho
. Iocofoco party the speech of Mr. Ilrbf of
1 . , , , . - , .,
I Alabama to susta.n tho lav, .3 h.ghly
1US- Wo should have rejotced if Sh.l.J
j Dillingham had been iudcpcndent ecoughtif
, party dictation not to tolcrato so flagrat tia
1 . r -r .. . . ,
nct of """'""tion a3 tho majority arc about
to perpctratc.
But letter writera say this dcbate wili eow
New Hampshiro and othcr states clecti
contrary to its provisious. This appareat
scriousucss however is nothing but a mcre
fctch on tho part of the majority, as thcre is
no doubt' that they have alrcady decidcd ont
ofthe House to bring to the carliest powM3
dccision the most prolligata resolvo to violate
thc constitution wliich faction cvcr ilared W
carry into exccutiou. The constitution Je
claresthat "Oie times,places and tnannertj
holding declions for scnators and rcjn-tsff-tkcs,
shall be proscribcd in cach statc l'j
lcgislalure thcrcof. But Aal congrcss vay at
any timc by law makc or altcr such ngulaliir"
exccpl as to the placcs of choosins scnators.
Thus it 13 agrccd on all sides that congrefs
has the power to lake up tho whole eubjcct
of state elcctions, arising from the power in
hcrcnt in cvcry poli'ical sovereignty to pcr-
petuatoits own Cxistcnce. '1UU3 nas cuu
grcss and the state coccurrcnt jurisdiction,
nnd if it is first exerciscd by the state, her
' ,n- hn altprml. and cven mad
6 , ... ,:.;rl nnmr 0f consrr
over h? ,h, ,reT,s Dary P ; "L
orthrr in holr cn-ln part. as that !t ctw

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