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M. D. IIALL & Co.
THIS line of Boats will Ds iii fi.-f rate re
fair at the o;ei 15 of K jvL- iiinn and will roai
r. nce rnnninj lo anJ from'Trcy & Vergennes.
Leaving Vergennes every TnciJay ani Sit'ir-
riay mnr.nn;-at 7 oVIock A . M.. aiU Iroycve
tv Wedncsday and Saluiday a; 3 o'cloek P. M-Fre-ght
will be rcrcivcd i'l Troy up lthe huur
of stsrlins- Fre'ght lo be sh'ppcd fr.'in Vcr
eenncs mul ic cn l"jard ihe da- lrevlotw.
Pafscnyis trarellm:; South w:il ri'l 1'iis a ,
chcap a:id eomcn.LTit roat anc!! asexpediti us,
and no psiu wi!! b.- span-J lo -eix'er theai
J'ortabii and EatiiGed.' T I:e P.oprielors of this
Line hpa and Micve ttut !ho pro np'.ass i"J
drspatch, llut UooJs are shipjie.1 by :nU V.nt j
will eruuro Uuia uill shire ot rutilic i-urou
R. CUAPMAX, Affont.
51. D. IIALL, Asont.
255 Iliver Slrt up Suiu Troy, N. Y.
VcT&nh s, Aprtl lt J34T.
WILL coTaminre hr Irtps nn tbo 30 h -fpr.1
bctwecn this City and Etill lo N. Y.
lianniiii day anJ nighl a foliows :
I.aaves Vergennes, Lcjvcs Bufialo,
Aj.ril 30 Mav 13
May 'i3 Jnnc 10
Jnne 25 Jtily 8
Au. 6 Auy. 19
Scjit. 5 ?epj. 1G
O.-t. 1 Oct. 14
Oct. 20 Nov. ll
'L'liis Packet will le in firit rato onlor for
ihfi ncconimoilation of Pas-ienrrs nml
freilit. Will lea'o Verirpnne-? at 7 o'otock
in llie moriuns, to:vciI by Stcam Bont 10
TChitcliall. Frcisiit mus: lic on liojnl the
i!.i7 preTious. Tiiose inoviiij or viiiiing
t!iuir frieniU in tlic far West will fi.nl tliis
tbe nint eYpi:Iiliniij. ainl at tlic sanie tim;
tlia rheapcit ronto thcy can take. Tlin-.e
wln clnoso 10 Jo so, can Iiavo cvery f.icili
ty f irBuanling tlicm-eUes. Dnc attentiun
wili bn jnitl to all risengcrs by a careful
Cnpiin anJcrew. l'or farthor particulars
cnquire (f
1!. CHAPMAN, Ascnt, Vcrccnnes.
JOY t Y RB5TK15, ,
W'M. STIMPSON, S Bufnilo.
Vergennes, April lt 1S1I.
Farra for Sa!c.
Lyin; 1:1 New Haven, on ibe Bccch hill
roal, near the gcojrrapbical centre of the
totrn; anj one au.! a half niilei south ofthe
WJjting house, and sis m'tles north of ?Iid
d!e!mry. Said farm con'.nins one hnndrcd
aad scventy-five acres of land,wi!h cqnal pro-
pornon ot pastnre, meadotr, anu wood-Iaud
i well watered with never-failing sprinj;s;
besMss two streams of watcr conmiz to the
yarjj, and a first rato vrcll of watcr ncar the
liouss. On snul farm is growm an orchard
of a? good erafted fruit as therc is in Addison
Comity. T hcrc 13 growins on the farm four
IsinJi cfmulberry, ivith folia;o sufficient to
fccj 20 or 2j,00J orms. Thcre is on the
pre.nUcs a two siory dwclling house, with
txvo lare barns, a horse stable, and wacon
she 1 sufficient to stnre cight or tcn tcus of
hay, acd othcr oul huildirrs. For furthcr
pariicnlars iniuire of ihs subaeribcr on the
pre-scs. HAUVEY HOYT.
New Haven, April 13th 1841. 50; ro3
TheSubjriibernillkeeponhanda full and
ci-r.; i-c assurimcn: ofSTOVES. ofthe most
appruved Patterns, To;cther witli a cencral
c-.ort.ir nt of TIN, COPPER & SHEET
IRON VAKE, which will bcsold at a prcat
redueiion from fonncr prices. Also PRE
mVM EAGLE PLOWS.gotup inWorccs
ttr M.iss. supcrior to any thing o!" the kind,
cver oiTered in theso parts. Also Satli, D001
Bliuda &e. mjuufactured iu Brandon.
Inthe green Storc, formetlvoccupied bvR.
D. Farr. r 49
jTACKR!.F.L CodfiMi and Table Salt of
i-ii- supericir nu ility, fnr Kilfi nt.
;kusseix grid: eys.
Fcc. 4. 1SI3.
Vool (xrOWLM'S,
Tb.3 snbscriNir wou'J iepcctfully ialora the
parlie tbsthchas conime'.iced utrnufactnring, in
the Wouhn Alill, formeilv cccnr.icd bvEdward
x-SRJi 1
."tin and
Jcrest, at New Haven r.:st Milft-, and cir.r'oyed rTIin sulncribers tespc-lfuljv inform the
thc l est worktnen,pu:hi?n2ch:aer) iniborough JL puMie tbat Ibe Jlarble w..tks lntelv oc-K-Wre
wVn" reccive EnJn:rnu- ciipied by Cas,. & Spaldinc, arc now in op
PLAIN ULOTHS, CAS5IMERSS. AND r!i,,1'00.a nii l"ey a'e prcparol tofuratshall
fl.nn::ls, kiwisot
Oa reasonable tcrms, by the j-arrl, oron sharcs. 1 &IVed Marblc, CapS and siils,
.whicliheple-dgesbicisclfshililcdcneintLebcst : Tomb-stnnp; "ilnnmnpnlc
tnanacr.aad to tiie satisLoU.a of all wbo raay , " blOllCS, .UOniimeillS,
firor h'nn Tv-ith thcir pa'tro:i:pc. '1 bc snbscribcr &C. OCQ.
wili give strict, cnd cocsxat rcnonil attcntion ntslmrl notiee.
to the badncss; and from tbe loni cxpcriencc he cTnvp timi?
liberelihareof tbepubiic p:ronase.
N. B. Ctolh drcssing J- uo as uual, and in as
good style as possiMe. , R P. I
Xew'Haven East MP.ls, April 2J, 1811. 40
mnn t .. . .
9 Mir. iuy.e: iorrs would res-
A Pdtfn'lv inlnr ii thntip.nlo
of MiJdli bnr and vicinitv.tliat
, - . v .'
Ithey hax-e lormedn I'prtner-
sliip underihe firm of
for tbe purpose of carrvinj on
in a'l its vanous branche. nt thc ::hon tc-
tiy oceiipiea uy i.umn i.uwrcnre, on
Vcrcenncs road. Thev will do all
in tlic most appn vcd modem slyle.
'l'hcir priecs will be moderatc and rea
snnable, and by consMnt and nssiduous at
t.'utrn:i tn thc prcifcsiau thcy hope to ho f.i-
vorcd with a fuir proportion of public pat-
r"":,Se- I1UGH McCANNA.
J()ll. SPENCE.
iliildkriury, April 15th 1S45. 60jf.f
Uinds of j.ilis in their tne of husines in a lo thn principal praclical suljecls of "ene
..ithful and workina..-hkc in.nner, having ral Therapcutics, to adapt thc course fn il?..
Iieen a u-avscnga3el 111 this branchoftradc. r. ' .1 1 ' co"rso to llie
Espcciallv tbcy wi ! , 1u"tcs f V "ho miend f bccome
c'nni.1 ITADOPC ' Country Prac.tuioners.
Mrs. Rawsok it Sistcr wonld infonn tv.c La
die and f2n!ltnen of Middlebury, lhnr thev
have rcraovttl lo llie hoase oppoiie the Baptist !
Mcelins IIousc, formeily jccapied by Eldcr
Kingsbury,. where,lhcy design lo cont'me tbe j
Tniloress'-ini Drcsj-uialacs: Insiacss i-lso all
I kinds of clain sewiar-.
This dny rec'd 1000 lbs. Freih Confcction
arics, froni tiie Maiitifacturer, for sale by
rv rriHE tub
I1C fubsrriljcr, nt bis oM ttand
uri"k buildiu? 'iiie door
ihc Court Ibu:5c, Ins ic
ccivei! Iiis winfr Mock fion TV. Vork
aad AUuoy, out of uliich lic will
maiiufacture and kccp constantly on
Imnd or makc to order on rbjrt no
tice, ihc folloHnjartlclcs, viz:
Commoii double nnd singiu linncd and
jippanfd hariiessis in.tlle:ib!c tip't tung;
Brasi and Sjliver innnnicil ctiacli, 21;'
anJ wsprnti Itan.c&sOT of difTerciJt
stvlo mjnntings sc conslnti.-tion,
Cartiel Ins and valices nf
diflelent material and fash
iin. Frcncii fo!io hrass
rivin-d iron franio
'i'mriki ; linitation
fnlio, and a largt
assiitiii'jnt of
M23 asd qnulity of
hac top and corriinon nlaln Tijusks
ID" Caniaie trimminff done in a ncatanJ work
man'ike nunner all kindi of icpairj in lin line
dor.c at eliort notice. Trc abore and all ollier arti
in bia line of dusinCES uill bc manufactured otit of
as good 5 ock as can bc liad in market, and sold
aschcap for c sb or most kinds of produce af can
bc purchascd in tfiis Section of tiie country of thc
sa rr lualilv I'crtons Mi'liin? to pnrcli sc anv
articlc in bis line of busincfs will do well to call
and cxamin? priccs and work as bcintcnds tokeep
a l.trce asorlracnt conitamlv on band. Crcdil
sivcn if rcquired.
Alsoa ood and wcll sclccted assortmcnt of ad
dlery b.ird warc d fiercnt 1'attcrns of Brais Silver
i'lce Milleablc tip t tunjr and all KuitU of com
rnon ware. Coirli lace fvory Uinj Cnrled
liair. Onenand Round ttlU Ilorcc Can's. Cnr
ry and Mane Cotnbn, I.'orse Drti'lies, Ncats foot
Uil and a good afforlrncnt of bips & Larlirs
Patcnt lx-aUicr Cap fronts and bands Uc. wbiclt
will bcFnld as cbcap fur Casb as cau be Iia J ihis
idef Troy. C. HILL.
Jliddlebnry Dcc 27, 1313.
Pricc Rcduccd.
THK V01C2 OF THE PEOPLCas wcllasof
cxpcricnce, nas always Iwcn decisirc in favor
1'IIEI.PS TOMATO PILI.S. Tlicy Iiave btcn
in gcncral usc as a I'amilv Mcdicinc. for tlic cira.
d .'ring nbicb time, more llun a million of atilict-
cd oacs luve cx;.cricnccd tlieir Iieulinc virlucs.
Froni Mainc to tieorgia. and from tlio rea to tlic
Horky Mc-iatains, roay bc bcard tiie vnice of grit
itudc f r delivemncc from suficring, by tliis tlic
Pcoplcs' rcmcdy ; and in cvery bamlct arc tivirt:
witnr55Cs ablc lo icll of thcir dclitcrancc froni
deatb by tbia valuablc rcioedr. Ve rc all llie te?li
muny publlsbed. whtch llie PropriHor lias rrceircil
concvrning llie gool cltctrts of lns Meilicine,
would convin',c llie moft sccpticat. Caics aloiost
innuia rable of Dypepifia, Jaundire, Bil'ous Fe-
ers, and Lirci AtTcctions, R uraalis'n pains in llie
ba:.k. sidc loins and limbs, acid i-toDi.icb, erarcl.
hat itual costivcnrsj, tick hcadaclic, colds. roug'.u
and lu- g leter, scrolulous di&eaecs, ulccri aad tu.
inors of long staudin. 5cc , bavc bcen cured by
lliesc I'ills alone, and tlic tc. liinuny rccordcd wilh
propcr toiiclicrs ; nnd it isronfjdcnlly bclicicdili.it
nocseol llie aijoic complaiots can witlistand r
pcrscvcring meof tbe Pills sotaylhc Plisicians,
Pntup in Boxcs. witli the signatjre of G. 1!
Pbrlps, Sl. D., on llie side lalicl.
Beware of ioiposilion ! Alany arc basc ecougli
to iry to itn;tate lliis rcmcdy. Bc pailicnlar lo gct
llie genuinc. and ycu r. ill not be disappoimed in
tbcir eftecls.
AC eists j ncTcr ouj 01 i-euiilerf tlicj nre
ncvcr nllowcd lo carry tha genuine Pills. Send
yoar ordcrs to the Proprictor, Ilarlfold, or foine of
uisgcneral Ag nts. wlu areaj'pointed by lun.
at 22G Maio strect Hartford.
Sidney Moody, Middlebury,
Vnlncy Hoi. llrnndon,
Hnntky & Iliggins Salisbury,
For Salc.
A Farm lvins on New Haven
river, containinz bctween one
huudrcd and twcnty r.nd one
hundredaud fortvrcres ofthe
very best ofland ; t!iere arc two barns. For
ty or more acrcs of s.iid farm int.-rral, therc
is a fine prove of pinc timbcr fit for shingles
and bonnls, a largc quantity of lienilock for
fcucinj timbcr, also a cjuautity of black ash
for rails. and a good supply of wond for fuel.
Tho farm will be sold chenp. Tinic given
for paymcnt of two thirds of the purchasc if
requircd. For particulars iuquire of Martin
S. Dorrancc, of Middlebury, Mr. Jcnison
Merritt of New Haven, who "have carried 011
said farm; also Charlcs Linsley Esq., or to
thc subscriberat Bristol.
Feb. 11th, 1844. 41:tf.
Marble Works.
Middlebun.July 19,1843. lt;y
IVintor Arransemcnts.
The subscribera would icspectfdly inform the
inlubitanuof Middlebury and ticinity ihat thev
will continuc llie basineu nf Cmlin. v. --.1
ing ciuincuriug iiie wnter at ilieir stand
Vergennes formclv occurred bv E. SlrTli P.o.
. . ... . . .. . nnu
. i . . . r
uuiorcioiiiceniuyatage or olliernisc will
oc promiiy executed.
Fancy dying sacb as ladies worited drcsros al
a'lciidedto as munl. JEWE1T & BAKER.
Vergennes Dcc.2S, IS43.
Pho subscribcr continucs lo nivr. Afnd
ltal iiisirucnon, uesigned by parlicular at
lention to indigenous medical Bolanu nn,
He has cngised S. Pcarl Lathron A m
M. D., to insiruct in natural sciencc, 'ix 'i
m aumuji anu. compaTailtc Anatomy,
. Genllemen wlio dcsire may have admis.
sl0n 10 1,ie Lr(:turcs gi-en in ihe Collegt
o0'' Na'Ura'
Middlebury, Dec 20ih 1843. 33;tf.
Fot the coAauMuit.m uj the Lvngs!
TIIE best .Mrdicir.e knnwn to niau for In
ciptfiit consuinptimi.asibma ofnvcivstagu
Blccding ofthe lut'gs, oouglu, cnldi. Iicr
complatnt, and all dtscaics of thc pulinon-
arv organ?.
Nalure's own Prescrijt'.cn. A com-
pounil lialsantic prcparalion of tno It.ds.
us Viugikiaka, or 'Wild Cherry IJai!','
combiriL'd wiili tho extrar-t of lar," nrcr.i.r
cd by a new chcmical process, anprovcd
nnd recominended by tho tr.osl distiiianish-
ed p!isicians, nnd univcrsally n'Know!-
cdscJ the most valuable mcu'icino cvtr dis
Io qnacltry! IVo DtccplicnU All pn!)
iishcd statements of cuics pLI!otncdy
lnis niedicinc, nro 111 cvcrv rcspcct ttoc.
Be careful and cel thc scnuino 'Dr. flls-
tai'ji Caiam of Wild Chcrry,' as :"Jrious
imitniion nro abroad. 06
Orders from tny part of l!io c 'itt.'.rv
should be adirese(I to Isaac Buit-i, io 125
Fu'ton strcct. New York. K'vis :t and
GnniLEV, Chuiiiisis & Drtiopiats, ( e.nts.
F. Huntington, Vergennes.
Indian Purgalivo.
r'QHOUGH manr mcdicinett'ia i-been
before tho public for n 1111: h lonper
ncrind tlian H r'ghts indian V, jttable
Pilfs. yet none standj now in l.ig' et rcpute,
orhas inotu mpidly altainnd n . t i hold
upon pnpular i siiniation. Tiie iiicjsand;
tbat hai'c used lliem thronghout l!n: lenmh
and breaJth of tlic repuhlic, all bcar cheer'
fu! toslimony tj their tkoroirglt rjficacy and
miid uperalion wlicn cinplojed in thc mos:
distrcj'sing disordcrs 'which flesl is heir
The theory of diseasc on nliich Wrlrjli'.'s
Indian Vrgelable PiKs arc loundcd is Shls,
viz; Ihat Ihcrc is onhj otf. ptimary cause,
of all ihe disordcrs tliat afflict ihc lutman
family, and ihat is c otiupt humors; or, it;
ot:ier uords impurity o Jjiood. I lns
principlc is now so gcnnrnlly admiltcd ihat
it may in fact bc said : lic suslnincd by
nn univcisility of opiiinu, thc fcw disscn.
tcrs conslitutin" but a vtrv feeb'c minori'.v.
(t ts tia'e-?. tliercforc.to disciis ihe sound
nesi t: :s thccry in llns plscc and con-
The one diseasc principh brirg adinii.
tcd, tiie mndc nf n::ack professed by a!
practi ioncrs bccomca tho samc namc-lv
I'C&gation. liul munv of llie ao-cniiod cpe
cifies ii'.ti' bcforu ll.e puLllc, produce only
one form ol nrgaiton: thcy cro cillicr fcu
lanhc cnlhir!:i-, Diucis or rxpeclorant.
Wright's Indi iti Vi-giaWe PiHs otnbine
all thcie prcpcrtu's, t arc t! c cfnrc cuiou
la'cJ lo .'ittack l':n e Icn:t::its ofdlscnse nl all
pnini, nnd bv a harmntdiun nnd combini d
incrat on lo e.pi l it rnd'Valiy fiom thosys
leni. Tlieir clK-i-t U ulnrjs: mi'gicsl, n.id
is no lcss ns'onisi ii. for it mildncs than
its efiica
Both .cses and a!l n"cs iun
cr.ip'ny tlicni. accoi.Iinp lo t!ie dirtciiuits
witliotit fi-nr, for uhile they aro ccrltiin 11
ftire ol! di.-casrs th.-.t arc remediable, thcv
evnr iufltct an injtiry upnn tho svstnn
The perfictsafety of thc medicinc is nn-
otlierull nnportant nunltty, nml onc vln
lias contnbutcil more tltnn anylhingclsc to
its cxtcnsiun utii! popularity.
In n wnrd, tlns iiiciliciiicciininonus itsell
strongly to the patronngc ofihc mu!ic,niiil
its usc linls latr to uecoinc uclorc'Iong, al
most utiivcrsal.
Tlic citizcns of New Eniil.-.ml arc rcs-
pcrlfully informcd that in coiisequcncc of
tlicgreat pnpularity ulncli u ripht s Indian
C"Ctalilo f ills bavc carued by thcir aston
ishinir "ooclness, p. san" of ( ountcrfeiters
are iiovv induitriously engaeed in palming
oniiie tinsiispectin", n valueltss nnd ner-
iis daticrrotts meilicine. undcrthe natne
of Indian Vcsetaule Pills
l'his is to inform the inihlic, that thc gcnu-
1111; niciliciiic lias nn thc boxes.
"Wrislit's Indian VccctablePills
(Indian Purgative)
And n'so nround the bonler of thc label
wij be fnunil in stnall tvpr, ''lintered nc-
cording to thc Act of Co"nprcss in thcyear
Slli, liv Wiliiaiiiwri'ht. 111 tlic Ulcrk's ot-
licc, of ihc ilistrict Court of thc catcrn dis-
rict of Pcunsylvnnia.
llictiulilic wiil nso reiiicniLcr that al
wlmsell lhe'cnuine Indian Vi""et:i!il; Pills
nre providcd wilh a certificate of ngcncy
sisncd by
Wiliiam Wright, Vicc Prcsidcnt
nnd that pcdlcrs nre ncver in anj case nl
oweu to scil thc ccnuinc meilicine. All
travelling Accnts will be providcd wilh a
certificate of Agcncy ns above dcribcd;
nnd tlio.-e who cnnnot show onc will bc
now 11 ns base impostcrs.
1 lic lollowinlnzlily respcctaiilc persons
Imve liecti atipuintedaircnts for the salc of
thc abnvc nnmeil.
If rtghl's Indian Kegetablc Ptlh.
RUSSEL &. GB1DLEY, Middleburj-.
Necdham and Oennis, East Middlebury,
W. C.illius,
B. F. Haskcll,
S. L. Sprague,
New Haven;
LI ncoln;
!" irrisburgh;
S disbtiry;
S idbun-:
A. 1. Uoscoc,
Alunson Dean,
Sltales 6c Wcbh.
S. S. Johnson,
Iluntley & Higgins,
Ira Binghatn,
Jolin Snnunds 2d,
V. Iiiiing;
Tupper ii Brcakneridgc; Srlrksborough;
A Uison;
F. Huntington,
P. Fletcher $ Son,
J. Frost,
Wripht A Busb.
Vi igenncs,
John Simonds Jr.
Nearing &nd Callln,
W. Chipman J-Co,
J O'LNGDEY. Travding Agt."
The only Office in Bo'ton n here the Indian
Vcgetable Pills can' be obtaiued is at
198 Tremont Strcot 108 .
Principal Officr nne Gcnernl Dcnot.lfiQ.
-Spruccstrcet, Philudclphia. 35r:ly
and changcs of Tempcrament.
WATER itust be adapttd to the tflesb, or
therc will ba 1.0 pro ngalion of tlic fpicies.
1 lic soilniuft beadaprpuio iue seco, or ir.ere
w 11 I c 1.0 iucrcasc. Tbe climate mut have
thrise- uaf.crsln it wl.,ch whlch will unite and
kcep abvc epidcmical Tccnt3gicm puisons, or
tr.cy will becoinc cxtiiig.'iished. as a lamp that
15 uii-up;i'iul wit:: 01!. So likewiso with the
Houiin liatnr; It cani'ot be'raitenatly aDect
t:d by epideimcal or conlagicus inaladics unless
tliore be tbosc maltcisfloating in the circulalion
h:cli offer .be approj.ria'lc ioil. By purifyini;
ur lionics witli tlic BoANfcr.ETH Pir.i..which
have aflinily witli Ihosc iuiiinlies upon bicli
coctagiun l'eeds, we maj always feel jecurc
whatever dijeass may tsga around us. True,
wc, may have it, but it wdl be the afKiir cfa
dny or two, whila II.050 n ho I.ave been loo wife
to usa thissimplc and e.cel!ent reniedy. eilher
die. or bavc uecUs.porhaps motithsofsicknfsa.1
Suddcn changes f'rora liot lo clnlly wea'.ber
arc unfavordble to bfalth. and it is a fict uni
vc"ssllv admiltrd. tbat brat and moislure are
powcrful fgeiits in producin direarp, and that
constatit Dnr and canrtant wirr wcalhcraic
both Ijvorabls t its gcncration: it does nolsi;:
nify What wc call it: it raay be ajue; it rnay
bc dysciitary; bilious fever; it raay be brnnchi
tis; itinay bechohc; it nuy be consumplionof
the uo.vels; it nuy beinfla.'nmalion of tbcnow.
els, it nuy bc irillnn.raition of thc stoniach; il
may be neivons aiiVclion; but still it is dtsease,
anj a diseasc curablo by Brandrclh Pills, bc
caute thcy rcmovo all impuritics from the bndy
all tlat can in any matnier fced the further
progrrssof tho maUdr uo matter hoiv called;
thus tlicse pills aie not only Ihe moit propcr
iiicdjcine, tmt ciicri.lly thi only taediciiie tbat
iietd uro-ight 10 bf uscd. At ihe preseiit liine
it is evfry rnar.'a duty nho ivishesto sr-cure bi
bcalsh to use lliem. it is thc duty of evrryone
v koltiiritrs anyiliin of tlieir beallb rcstoriog
powcrs, tu makc it knotrn 111 lus immeuiato cir
cle. For thcre arc som-i alaimir" sTgns', wbicl
I dl of tho app oach cf diseases. Tlic suddcn
cliaugcsof tcroi'cramcnt arc moro to bc fearcd
and guardid againfl tb;.n any contagious malady
The iNFLUEsrzA has left inany iu such a
ttate of ncikneM ti.at tbcrc is in lliem a gieal
suiceptibility lo be afTccted by thcse cbangesof
Ihe atmospbrre and contagious maladics; but
by the liirely Uso ol Braiidrclh's Pills etcn nowr
llns surceptilulity can be in a creat seasurc
icmoved, and pnwcr given to the system tore.
si:t lbe.-e inurbid poiscns, and Ihc tudden chan
gea in Ihe wralher wilh which il niay bc bro'
111 contact durmg Ihc next 50 days. Nalure has
lorrucu ino Dowcls ror tbcevacuat onol all un.
b alihy humurs.and if man wcul.1 but usd com
mun Fense, hewonld take care thcy pcrformed
ii.jF oincc lailhrully. 11 the howels oreoul 0
ordcr if tooslnivor lo fast. a fw doscs of Bran
drctb s Pills il brio thcnJ to ordcr. Ask the
man who was ilying irom conslipated bowels
nnai cureu uiui lietcllsyou, Utantlrelli I'l II
Ask hitn who bad had dvsentary forsix monlln
and evcry remeiiy biil fJiled: he uill also tcll
jcu the Bramlrclh Pills cured him in a week.
bo witli olhcr d.siifts. Tnelve Brandrelh
lillr, ruhbed down in balfa nint of molase
cured a 1:111c bov cf an ulcer oflhe facc nhic
which a duzcn doctors had tried to cure, but
could not; the poor narcnts would have civen
half ihey wcr- worth lo have had it cured, but
every hinglhcy tncd did no cood, until they
gavc 11 n icaspoonlull ol inolasscs every uay,
1-2 a pinl nf u hich thev had rubbed down 1
Brandrelh pill.-; before thc uholo of tbe molas'
as tnkcn tbo ulccr was cured. jlnd ycl
toolish pcople call Brandreth's pills quack
mci iciue. it would ba'wcll 11 incre were a irv
more fuch quack iiieuuiiiics. ill all your
prttcndcu sarsapar.lla Cr iRpounds cure like lli
Brandrcth's I'illsJ Can Ibcr send vou (oter
aonj cered as Dr. Brandrelh can? Can they
poiiit out to jou pcoIe who had bcen belplcss
fir yuarii I'roai fuilinsv auJ Sl. Vitas' Dance
who bavc been cnred bv their rcrr.elics? If
Ibcv cannot, Dr. Brandrelh can Can the;
point outto ou .1 peri"n vho for twcnty year
tuil nevcr tiad a stool wiiuoul havio j useii niru
!cid or mcdiciml incan?, anj whcm lh Bran
;nllj cured, ina montli, an l gave bim as hcalthy
..ACuations,ashe had whcn he wasa child.
If thev cannot. Dr. Br.iiidn-lh can.
The Braneiietii Pills hol only cure, all
cnraUle disrasc, but it can bc demonstialed
ihat by U1eirtin11.lv uc, thev must infjlhl'l.
cure, Iu a very short litnc, Dr Brandrelh will
bjitig before Ihe public a concentration of the
virlucs of (ho Biandrclh pill, bolh in the from
of pills, and in thc Huidand tlicn lic willcxplain
ttorcason of llie curcs tbat most necessarity
bc Ihe rcsult of using BnANDnETitiAN Iiem
edies, whclher they bc intcrnal orcxterual o
cxtcrnal. I h-ivejust receivcd thc case of :
medical genllcmau, who rcsidea in Sherbrook
Canada. wbo for twentv vpars was sorclv af'
flictcd with a disease. whichcamnoulin blolch
csand tcabs all over his bodv Thiscentlcman
sofarforgot his prej'idiccs which 100 ofien
curvc his profefsion. as lo apply psraonally to
Dr. Brandrelh, andli's cuurse provcd a happy
nne. Within six months he was entircly cured
of his miserablu and torraenting diseasc by the
uscol the Brandrelh pill. This valualile mci
cin? is for sale at Dr Bhandreth's Ofllce. 211
Brojd.vay, anu 276 Bo-.Vcrv. nnd 189 1 2 llud
scnstreet, at 23cls pcr box, wilh full direclions
Uccarciul )ou cel Ihc genuine; oliscrve aixsig
naturea of Dr. Brandrelh on each box Ihrco
B. Brannrcth and Ibree Bznjaciin Brandrelh
List of Agents.
Tbe followinj are the only aulhorizcd agenls
lor thc llrandrcth pills and Linamcnt inAUUison
Lu. Jo.va. HAaiR. iiiddlcbuiy;
Simou Tafi. Whiting:
SIioIch ti U'cbb, Fcrriburgb;
Mtinson & Dcan. Bristol;
B. F. Hashcll, S. Everls, Cornwall;
Roicoe c Na-h. New haven;
W. R.Bixby, Verjenncs,
P. Fitchtrai'd Son, J. Frosl, Bridport
K. iv rigni n t,o. bnorenain;
Siinonds & Birchard, U'atcli Point;
S. S. Johnson, Lcictstcr. 37;ly
17j500 Boxcs of Dr. Rush's
Health PJIIs.
HAVE becnrold dnringthe inonlhof Dec
so rjreat has bcen tlieir popularity, iu conso
nucaco ot the numcrous curcs they have eflcct
cd. Ev.iry person who uscs thrse Pills rccom-
mends lliem to omcrs as me uesthieuicine
thcy have evertakcn so gentloin their opera.
tion. and sosure in civins nlicf.
Il is now concedcd Ly the most cuiinent of
thc medical facully, Ihat tne stomach is ihe
seator founlain of all diseasc; that itis, asit
were. the rcalre from which proceed all thee
vilsproduccd by fonign or initaling causes.
and which rrom'thcnce spread to every part ol
tbe anirnal systeni.
The nroner ir.ode ofcurc. Iherefcrc, is to at
taclcthe citadel in which thc disease enlrencb
esilself, acd no combination of medical agents.
has yet been discovered- so efScacious for this
purpose as Iha preparaltoaiOl ine laie ur nusn
and which". from tho universarsuccejs attend-
ing their administralion, dunnj practice of
nearly hi f a ccntury, were slyleu-nis "lniaiu
ble yaalih Pill.- Thcir ereat virtue is that
they arrcst disease in its first approach, They
are crcvenlives as wcll as rcrueuies ira e
will venture" lo av. Ihat if tken hy persons
ivhen Ihey are first afiected with symptoms of
illness. many ind many a case inat uciicerse
rions orfatal. might be avoidcd.
ONLY 12J ccnlsabox.lhccheapestandlhe
bcst mcdicine evcrknown Sold at Ihe princi
pal office 30 Jlna sl. New York.
IV.- G. Dir.ers. sole agent.
RUSSEL tf GRIDLEY, Chemists and
DrugffistJ, Gcncral tigents for this county.
F. Huntington, Vergennes,
A. P. Roscoe, T. C. Smith, New Harcn.
S. L. Sprague,,
Hcmac Barnom,
Joseph Frost,
P. Fletcher' Son,;
Hammond'fc Coi '
'do "
w.r.i '
COWHIDE aad CalfskinBoot,
' Cut and W'rouah't'N'ails-r an ae'soitmeht
or'sale lower tlau ever by
ri - ta ioiq TTT a T
uuiUj iattj iiiu.vuild3U.i.
AN invaluable family mrdicine. 1'
Recommended by the Medical Facully.
For Rbcumatism, Gout, Sprains,,,BrLi.ei-.
Cramp, Lameness, Pain in tbeside, back.and
Loins Chilblains, Felons fresh wound?, Burns,
Scalds, Freezes, Ague.Ncrvous lieadache, aud
all ca.cs of
JSxtemal lnjury.
Jt itrengtbens and invijorates tjie nerves,
gives elasticily to thejoints promotcs o heal'by
circulalion of llie blo'J, and impaits streng'h
toany part ofthe tystem which may hate.been
weakened by sed-ntary ;,uhitsor diseasc".'
It is impocsible topretent to the public all the
evidence which the proprietors possess of the
virtues ofih'n Liniment. Many familiea keep
it constantly by tliem, bcliering it to be the best
rcmedy in use for diseases reUiring exlcrnal
treatmrnt. The good efli-c'sof if aro truly won
deiful and altogether supcrior !o anything cl so
Th:s Liniment is not only bcneficial to thc hu
maii sy-ltm buf, fs tho bcst article that can be
used lor horfes that have bcen gallcd.sprainrd 01
bruised, and for stiffness an.. swellin; oflhe
jnints, rcatchcs, wnd.Ralls, fresh woundi ic.
Tbe oiiginal aud genuine is prcpared only by
T, SEAVKR & SOX Druss'sts, WalpoleN. H.
OBSERVE Evcry boltle of iha genuine will
have tbe signulurc f ihe proprietorf on the in
side wrapper. Each boltl an 1 seal is slamped
and cnclosed in a blue wrapper 011 whicoij a red
label. Pricc 25 cts per boltle.
For sale in ATMdleburv only by Ru-sel & Grid
ley, also bv W. E. C. Sttxldard, Rutland, S. D.
Wirislow, Pittsford; Warren and Bliss, Brandon,
Hunlly ic Higgins, Salisbury, A. P. Roscoe.New
Haven, F. Huntington VerKenncs, and by drug
gists and merchants Bcnerally 2S;ly
The most kighly
Approvedfil edicine now in gcner
al use for Coughs, Colds, and
all Diseases of the Lungs.
BALSAM is believed to bc the, most
papular mcdicine cver known in Aincrica, for
Coughs, Coldsi Asthina or Phlhisin, Consump
tion, Whoouingcougb, and Pulmonary Afflc
lion of evcry kind.
L'xtracts from Ccrtilicalrs.
Dr. Samuel Morrill of Concord, N. II., wriles
"tbathe issatisfied thc Vegelable Pulmonary
Balsam isa valuablc rocd cine, having bcen used
wilh complele tnccess in cascs which had rrcvi
oudy rcsislcd Iht most approvcd prescriptions.
Dr. Truinan Abell of Lempstcr, N. rl., wriles
that he confidenlly recommends ils use in all
complaintsof the chests, equal, if not supcrior to
any othcr mcdicinc within h:s knowledge.
Dr.Amory llunling of Franklin, Mars.writes
Ihat aftcr having prescribed ihe Usual remcdie
wilboutrelief, aud having cousul'-d withsevers
al eminent physicians, he has foiind tho Vegela
ble Pulmonary Balsam to have had Ihe desircd
cfi.'ct, and recommends itas a safc, convenienl
and efficinus mcdicinc.
Dr. Thomas Brown.of Concord N. II , wri'es
that, tu his knowledge, it has nererdisappointcd'
tho rea'onable cxpectalions of those who bavc
used it.
genuind bottleis cnclosed in a blue wrapper on
which is a yelloJV label, signcd Wm. Jon'n Cut
ler. None othcr is genuine ofa lalcr dalc than
Dcc. 1S33. Tne signitnre of Sampson Reed will
be conltnucd for asbort lime, Purchascrs sbould
enquire for thc truc arlicle by its full namc, Ihe
VeTetable Pulmonary Balsam, and sco tlul it
taflbemarlcsand signaturei oflhcgenuinc.
Prepared by Reed Win and Cullcr, (.lale
hoxU. Rcd,) Vholea!e Druggisls. Apott cca
ri and Oonnlry Jlfurcha-tBgenarally. Pricc
50cents. Forsalaby S MOODY. .(30:lv
An expcricncc of aLout fiftrcn ycars has prov
cd, bcyond a doubl, Ihat this Vemiifuge is a ccr
tain and ncvcr laiitng cure for ivorms.
Smco il wcs first nul buforc thc public. manv
wortblcss preparalions have bcen forccd Intosale
wbich have had thcir day, and are now counted
as so mucntrash, tETwhcrcnj! u. A. fahncs.
tock's Vcrmilugo is daily incrcasinjr in popular.
lly, owins to its inlrinsic tvorth. Il has only lo
bo uscd accordinj; to the direclions, and il
w-orms cxist, thcy will certainlybocxpelledfrom
thcsyatem. Thc price is 23 cenrs per boltle.
which bimcs it willun tho mcans ofall. lic
sure lo gel 11." A. Fahiiestock's Veniiifuge,
and avoid all olhrrarticles which are said tn bc
as good, as no.ie of thcra bavc tbcvirtucs ol the
genuine ailiclc.
Whinly, Grm iia , Pa., 3lau 11, 1S43.
.1r. A. B. Fahncslock & Co.:
Dcar Sii I havo bcen usinj your Vermifuje
in niy praclice for a number of ycars, and Cnd
il the most safe Worm destrcycr that I cver had.
1 was called loa cluld six or sevcn vecrs old
in May, 1842. which was then in spasins with
tlic .voim?. 1 gavo il a vial ol your vernulugp,
agieeably to dircclioi.s, and Ihe child passcd 410
worrns. In a few weeki, 1 gave it anothcr vial
and il pasred 200 more, inaking in all C40
wormv The child recovered immeiiatcly, and
nascnjojeu good ncaltn cver sincc.
1 have prescribed il in many othcr cases.
wbich it has brought away 200 and 300 worros.
Be very cautious to cet the eenuine B. A.Fah
ncstock's Vermifuge, and put nn conGdcuce in
Ihc statcment made by Cornstock & no., that
Kolmstock's is tho same as Fahnslock's. It is
not thc samc, and docs not posscss the virtues of
cur cxccllcnl remcdy.
li. A. I-AlliSh.blUUK & CU.
For sale in Middlebury, by Uussei. & Giid
lev Agent. ll;yl
The undersisrned takes this method n tnC.n,
the public thal he has rebnilt his factory, fifly
rods north of the brid-ro in Sal'nh
wbere he is alle to allend to every man's wanls
in tbe article of Pr.Aix Ci.otii of all qualilies
and colors. Cassimeaes do. Satiketts do.,
and Fla.n.nxls do. Parlicular atteution mM in
DYEING. All his cloths aro Wool Dyed, and
bctter colors than can be obtained in this vicln
ity. The unde'rtigned now lias bis raa:hinery in
saccessful operation, and ii ready to receise
wooi 10 manutaciure bythe vard or on shares.
Also, will exchango Cloth'for Fleece Wnnl.
Pulled wool, Pelts andTaes. He will Dosttivelv.
do as wcll or bettcr In rcspect to price of work
orqualityand goodness of cloth excbanged. as
any other mill in this vicinity. Wool Carding
and Clotii Dkessisc attended to ai ntual
;iy H. W. WALKER.
N. B. Fifly rods north the brideo Salisburr'
Villige, please call nnd examine. H, W, H7"
H" .AIIIES and Misses Florence.Bonnetsa
"-4. rich variety? of JJonnet Ribbons 20 dif-
ferenf S'tjles, Bonnet Edging, Tabs,, Artifi
cials and Col'd Rurhesjust rec'd by
April 29th 1844
llSaiil iiiiiullljjj l
Sand's SaisaparilJa.
THIS uniiyaled preporation bas ptrform
ed.80meof the most astonishing tures of dis
eases that are recorded in the annals of his
tory, tbus provingcdncluyvcly that it is.ea
pabe of fulfilling tbe h'gh aim and purpose
lor whir.li It is disiined. Palicnts suffcrin!!
(for vear! frum vaiious chronic conslitutional
disorders, af.er trying d.lTcrent rcmcdies,
tnendiiin thousand
iis ni uouars 111 uaurnsi
aud docteriiiir, and snflerin!: all that human j
nalure is capahle ol enuurii'g, nave ny me
use cf a few bitllc.,cntirely K-ccvcnd ibtir
bealth. Cbtunic Rluuniaiism, Scrnfula or
Kina's Evil Salt Rheum and Hingworm, Ul
ccrs and painl'ul sffictiiin tf U e'bones, Ul
crrated Throaland N'otrils, Scurvy, Bilts,
Chronic sore Evcs, Blolchesand various cu-
Uneous trnptions, are cfiectually cutcd by its
use. Dieases havinT tlieir nrigin in an im-
nure state ofthe blimd and fluids ctncr.illy
wdl he specdily aud efrrc-uI!y rrmved byuishcd. It i purely vc,.tablc, miid and gcnl.'e
this invalu.ible mcdicine, as i!J npernlion is i in its ctfects upon the sytem, and can be talen
preulinr, and consists iu removing ihe ciusc Ihe nmst dclicatc cases, wdh safetyas wella
of disease by cnteiins into the circulalion &. w:"''4 PJiyicians. au-are of us me.licinal prop.
passit." tl.rough the genetal svstem. XI bere t.es,and witnessing its . frecis ever. moxireme
ibstrusctions toits f?vor..ble operalion exi5t!?J " so','0n'n5,ancs;ir''P,a-?'r!.;in''",1 hZ''
.i. i - : ,i, . i i lcss cases, oflen prcfcrile it in prac'icc, Li.ib o
thej are removed as 1 paes along , the a:l I . pdIuUTaam, .renicdy.and wilh the Med.ca'l
mcntary canal; Iicnce thepal.ent will feel and Facu llcIil,y it llasJ asl uilh greal a J
knov thc scnsible opcration ol rhe iSarsapa- bation.
rilla frum lts curative powers.
The followiiig ccrliricatcs from individuals
who have suflired wilh scrnfula in its seven-st
lorm, are prescnicu iur iiie lareiui peiusaiui me
E-scx, Conn., July25, 1S43.
Messrs. Sands Genl.: Aboul eiglit ycars.
eince, by being OTCrhcaled cnddirectlv aflrrcx
posed, I wassciz-d wilh a severc cold, which
dorauged Ihe whole syslem. Puiple or livid
spots appcareu on the ikin, allendcd wilh vinlcnl
pain of Ihe head;thc symptoms being alarming,
a physician was called who prescribed bliileiing
and Icecbing, which produccd parlial lelicl.
Hard bony lumps lormtd under thc skin oa vari
ous parts of the boity, and the Poclor pronoun
ced my complaint hereditary Scrofula now for the
first lime developcd. The lollowing nintcrmy
sighl failcd in bolh eyes; medical aid was again
rcsirtrd to, which relicvcd my sighl during tha
suinmer; my nose now began to incrcarc iu siin
and the wLoIcbody rapiJly cnlargrd with a drop
sical swelling. The nose even grcw very soie
and and discharged profuscly the most loathsome
aubstancc. My whole svstem was involred in
disease; the lumps softcned and discharged freely
producing grcat debility; ulccrs now broke cut
on Ihc logs, and to coinpi-te misery, the musclcs
andsincwscntrar.ted so that I was rendered
nearly helpless. I icmaincd with little chapge
in this condition until lasl Octo'ncr. whcn I was
suJdor.ly scized with an indiscribable scnsati'in
which rendarcd me nearly unconscious, and my
friends supposed it was Ihe will of kind Prori
cncetorid meof my sulTeiings, butfroin this In
ecovcredonly to sulTer on: the ulcers liad be
come onc contineous sore cnlin.1v raw.
It was in this condition I commenced thc usr
of rours nvaluahle Sarsaparilla which I was in
duced to nsi from tho many rcmarkalilc curcs I
saw p iblished. It camcto mc vs some guaidia
angel; and Ican scarcely tell wby, ycl iioin lln
momenf I beard it mentioiud I was imprcsscd
ully wilh llio belief that this was to be the good
Samiritati for mc and truly it bas wrjught wro'l
wondi rs in my case. After us'ng it a few days
my pains ;re'.v castei, the swclltng uf tlic bod
and limbs wtnl down, thu ulccrs comuicnctd
healing and I rcstcd wcll. AOcr suff ring every
thing but thc pains of death, linw happy ani I
and how gratcful do I feel lo ba able lo add au
olhcr tcslimonial to the ifiicacy of your prictless
Sarsaparilla! SId.mssa Siumuns.
Middlesex Co. ss Esext Conn. July 23, 13-13
l'ersonally appcarcd Ihe abovc-namid Muni'va
Simmons, and inadc oath to Iha fact conlaiued
in thc forrgoing staten.rnt before mc.
fuRDox Suith, Justice of IhcPcace.
We llie sub-ciiberr. bcing personally acquaint
ed wilh Mrs. Simmons, do not hcsitato 10 say
thal wcconsidcr thn abnTe statenicnt of h-r case
substantially truo aiidentitltd to conEdencc.
ReunEM Post, Deacon Baptist cburch
I Hill. rlAVDE.1, -Werchaiit,
Ciias. Greenleaf, Si'rir Dentist.
A. F. WniTTEMonE, Pot mist. r.
New York, July 26lh, 1813.
Messrs. Sands Gent My daugbter aged six
ycars, was allacked with tbe hip disease nhpn
two years old, aad since tlien shc has been
erowing gradually worsa nnti' rccently, and her
suficrinz at intirvalt was most nainfiil to behold
and bafflM description. The head of tbe hip
bonc was Ihronn cntiruly out of place. after
which uia'ter of puss fuimed in the sockcl of
thejoint,and for many inonth in succcssion,
shc was enlircly dcprived of all natural nsl
She was rcduced to a mero sktlelon and Very
oftcn exclaimcd, 'Oli mothcr, I nish it might
please the 'Good Man' abnve to take mc unto
himself.' Il was my fervcnl prajcr lcr puflir,
ings miplit be tcrmiualcd and my anxiocs fcars
Thc Almighty has promised lo be wilh usin
six troubles.and in ihe sevcnth he will not leate
us nor forsake u, if wc put our trust and con-
liucnce iu llun; aud tiulj j can siy it has bcen
venfied in'the prcsenl cae. Through His
blessin;and your instrumentalit), my child lives
yes is r siored to perfcct healih, and is a lir
nz monumenl ofthe cfEcacy of your healih re-
storing Sarsaparilla. Wc had tricd all remedies i
wilhin our rcach, bad tbe boncs cnce set, had it j
b'islcred and purged, wilhnnteiT-ct. "She com- I
mer.ced (ho use bf the Sarsapaiilla in April last j
and in less Iban a week thcre was an erident
imjirovement a discharge camo on Irom the hip I
joint. andit commenced healing.andin less Ihin WOOL at the establishment ofthe Jtid
two wcefcswas entirely closed. Dunnfr the : ji i . r . r
timeof usinzthe Sarsaparilla she passed large ; d'cLur' Manufactunng Compnny.to man.
quanlities of worms, wbich aided materiallyin I Ulncttjre into Cloths. Carsimcrcs or Sat
haslPning' the cure, She rapidly improved in linells, white or colorod Flannels, i"c. of
slrcngih and bealt'i. her appetite increased and permanunt colors and mi.xcs, to suit Ihe
she is now entirely reslored, and whollv so bv ' . . v .i i -i.-
your Sarsaparilla. : ,asl.e sunrcs or oy tno yaru, ai uic
With the griteful feclings of amother's heart i option oflhe owner.
and father's joy, we subscribe ourselvcs your I Being furnishej with thn nccessary np
fricnd William s. Bailet, ! naratas. nnd havinn- in their emnlav com-
No 50G FoSTiect. i P.elcn, an.d ailhful orkmon, they will coo
We the subscribers being neichbors to Wil- tmue to improvo the value and sty.c Of
tiam and sarah Bailey, kniw Ihe abovo state-
mcnt in relation lo their child anJ the curo per- '
formedby sand's sarsaparilla to be stiictly truly
Jon.-j Jrcns.
Philadelphia July 23, 1S43.
Messrs. sands, Gent In themonlh of June. '
1837, 1 wasatt-ckcd wilhcrampin tho stomach, 1
inducedbyasuddencheckofpcrspiralion. Bv
timelv remedies I was relieved. but mv svstm i
had rcceived asbock from which 1 did not recov. '
t. About two months atierihis, a serurula or
ump appeared cn my breasl, wh!ch craduallv I
ncrcased tothesize ofihen's eKir. fnd ihen
oecame cxcessivciy painiui.
1 tried difiereut
paaaceas witbout deriving any benefit whatever.
and conttnciog to grow worse, applied to a hcm
ceopathic physician, who left me suffering more
than he found me. Tbe scrofula now appeared
in my righl knce and ancle;my leg snrelled to
fourtitnes its natoral tize'and threatened extens
sive.n!cration,!Tendenng me for years a helpless
cripple.lhe greater part ofthe time snncring ex-
cruciating anguish, I now bad recourjo again
to tbe old practice, was cuppea aua unstereuve.
ry severely, boi U lo no purpose.
Rnssu. & GnmLErazents by snecial aDDoici.
ment for the proprietors for Middlebury and
D R. M A R S II A L L S Aroniatic and Head.
eche CATAKB.nr3jiui-F! T.'iis fnuff is siqvnflr
l.any , ll'in'sje' k,nown' for ri'moveiig tbl dis
ease. the CiUrrff, and a.Uo a cold in ilu head U
:hih,'ai!ac. c. It cpen.t and nuiges onl allob-altucts.Jtrengih-ns
Ihei clamli, and gives a
bcaUliyacticn tatheparls ofS'Ctisl. If p rfcc
lly Irecf.om ny ihi-ig dclrt.-r.n m its ri,inp0
nitioii has a plescnt fl.vor.aad na ir.iuicdaf i ilct
after bcic . scd, is agreeable. Pr:ce 37 1 2
cenls pur. boltle
Ench bottle c n'ains abont threo ;imn tho
quantity ofthe scvcral kiuria r.f Catinh snuff, now
tellifci: af a IowcrFric,i and tUiefe,p rl.eaMrr,
as wcll as be'.tertban an? thing of tte kiul it:
SolJ by the Proptietor Charlfs Dovcn. M'u!
dlebury, Vt Wm- C.Siiripson &- Retd, T.. Rrin'
ley, Aessrs, Lewis. Boton,-H. Phelps&Co. A.
B. JoD i'jnds, and oiber", Nciv Vork. and hv
druggists generslly i:i thi U . Slatcs & Cjni di.
1'alsam of Livcrwort.
Price Jltdured to Sl 50, an.-i $1,00 .'
I (Tj JUT j? 6 5.M ! TlAM V$
- apji'i '
Licer CompJaint.
WORT. from 375 Bowerv. N. Yi.rt.
for tho cure ofCoujhs, Colds, Calarrh. Asth
ma, eorencss of ihe Chest, pa'm u tf side and
brcast, raising of Blol Livcn d-MrLAisrs,
Broncliitis, all those allection.i of thc Ihnui aud
Lungs, whic.'i are a i-ource of so inuch nfT, ring
and unarrcstcd, so often termir.ate in Cosscar-
tio.n thisremcdy is bighlv ardjustlv distin.
CcrtiScatPi from the hifhest and most ropec-
; laue sources,of persons who have eilh'r been
greally relicvcd by il, or entirely rccmcrerl from
all.-clions ol the L,ting and Livcr could be fur-
nishcd in abundance, bullbey will bc found on
ly in the wr.ipper, which is around rach boltle-
Thc public are caulioncd against thu countrr
fcils.and imitations which are offered fo. saleat
any price, on the reputaliou of this really valuv
bleremedy. Be careful to see lliat Ihn new la
bel is on rach hottlc to prcrent cnuntcrfeils wilh
llie namenf Gi'iidon J. Leeds, snla wholesate.
agent withiut which none i genuine.
N. B. Therc is a spurioiw and counterfeil ar
licle aflott, ond lalely intmduced into lliis placn
Thcrefore be careful to gel llie i;rnuinet whichis
from 373 Bowcry, New York, ar.d is for silc in
Middlebury by Sidiicy Mondy, sole agent fir tho
genuine ailicle in this placn. 7;vl
l?'HE suhscribers are now recciving thcir
I fall supply of rroods. consisting of
DBV S0'00S?
Dry Groccrics, Crockcry, Iron
and Steel, Salt, Fish,
nnd almost every nrticlc u-iinlly cnqiiired
for, which will hcsntil for PAY, ns lowns
at any store in the County. All lcinils of
produce receivcd in pavinent.
Shoreham, Oct. 2, 1S43. 22
To Rent.
TIIE nnorcnpicil pnrt of llie LtiilJic fllrrctly
south nf tlieold OuH?f;e buUiiin, and iLe Iront pirt
of lliehouse situjtctl m tlu north west conier ot tlic
collcgceotnia m. Hoih pteuiiscit ucll cilculuict! to ac
cominu'!ate famUics. Apply to tlic uin!tT?igucJ far
tcrms tz. 31. LAl)E, Agent.
Jan.29,18H Z!) tf
JST rcceived
H H S-! tf-a IV J rii y
TUST rcceived from New York, a gene
rui asortincnt ol Urocene L,oiisititi''
in part of Old Hysoii, Youii'r Hyson H.
Skin, and Black "Tcas, Mol.is-cs, Loaf.
groiindand Brown Sugar, Biivnnd SutMia
Ilaisins, Juva Lngunra and 5t. D. Coffec,
Fresh Tntimraiidii, Rici-, &ilmun Trnut,
Blcncbed Htiriiiner nml Sperm Oil. Vnrnisli
and Linsccd 0:l at
UST rcceived and for sale bv
Middlebury, ,cpt 27, 1843. 20.
IN SHOREHAM, hiifinilc south
ofthe lowerrnills, G'2 acres ofod
land a good lmii( pait ted out and
jn side, a good l.ai.-i and nood shed.
wilh plenty of water all convrnicnt forasmall
Farmer, or mccliauic, if any person wants a guo.1
cheap place, plcass to cmne and buy of me with
the stock and crops il it please the purrbaser. &c.
Shoreham, Jan. Is',1844. 10:6m
1 S 4 4.
WTOVLD rcspcctfully inform their
V palrons, and the public ;cener-
nlly, that Ihey will contimic lo receivo
thcir coods, inlcndinrr that thev shnll not
bo surnasscd bv thoso of anv nihrr rstab-
'Hahmcntic the stnt.j. Thev will kcen
iaa assorment on hand to accommodato
: thoso who may want a nart of thcir clcih
in advancc.
! Gratcful for the cxtensive patronage
Ithey have received.they hope by strict
nersonal nttnntinn to liticinnoa nnd thn
nterests of their nitrnn tn rpppive a
t"J ? r .t P ,ns 10 receno a
,lbera an!lro Of Ihcir favor.
TERMS as roasonablo as at anycslab-
lishment in the vicinitv.
f:.t,ltl.. t on
uu.,c, v.
"pilE tubseriber has been appoinlrd Agent
for the IlAETroED Fire I.tsnaASCcCoairAsr
for Middlebury and vicinily, and will receivo
proposals foriniurinjr properly againsl loss cr
damage by Fire. Thc long establishcd reputa-
on orthis company, and tho promplncs
with which all their transactiona have bcen
charaeterised render il unneces ary to say any
thing in its favor. All' bussiness connccted
wilh tho office intrntled to him will bo faitb-
fully and punctually transaettd.
JOWATHAW iiaoab.
MidJlebury, Feb. 86, 1813 42;y Agent.

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