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Erery Whig roombcr from Imliana, 0
Every Wbig member froin Ohio, 10
Every Whig mcrabcr from Kentuckey, 5
Every Whig member from Teiinessee, 5
Mnkinga Whig vote 77
one) piiEsc.vr in Coxcress from the
North aiid from thc South from thc East
and from thc West, VOTEDIN FAVOR
1MKF nP 1S42. thus nnble stnnding up
rr tlic interests oi in pnujin-, on"
great lcading principle ofthe Whig party !
Protcction to American uuiub.rt.
Vermont Gmgrcssional Votc-OJicial Ca n
C. K. I'i.-IJ
O. L. Shaftr
l.-t Dii'.rict:
Maj. for Foot,
TU mico Stamford. Sunderland
drmderrv and Shrewsbury were not rclurn- j
1 Difirict : Jacob Collamcr
L. B. Vilas
T. liutchinion
Maj. for Collamer.
3d District (Jeurf c P. Marh
Jobn Smilh
W. II. Frpnch
rniaa i
. 4S0O i
Maj. f-,r Mnrfh lr31
Tli vntcs of Walih im, Bolton, Burling
ton Bakersfield, Fairfield, aiui Grand-Islc
rru not rcturntd.
iUDistrici: P. Dillinsbam Jr. Gool
"G. B. Chandler 5fi9G
G. Pntnam 1S9
. . . .. flll nlllPrft
nvr SsS" Tb5 votcs
Col. Webb ajdJIi. Kcst. Mr. Rnsf,
" ilm .liii.r nftlie Courier, on ac-
...... ,.c ;.,,io.nn, nf A7.300 rccovcrcd for
a lil.e! in allecftiE that Mr. Rtist was snspec-
. . . V "
I in the roliucry
:en adjnstcd by
iif.l of liavine liccn cnnccrned
..f P,.nirrnr' F.xnreiS. h.lS bccl
atiananl of Gov. Senard, to whom tlic inat-
i.-r wis rofrrred by the particx, renuirinc Col.
cb!3 to payto Jlr. i.usls
Shunk's inajority less tnan i our
, tt i. t"i
i .
rap:i, ol the lotn nas omciai rciuins
ol the lutli
from :ll thc countics in thc State, except
th rtccn, aud the reporteu majoritics irom
I hcy rcuitcciSUuiik s majorny, iu
rc Statc, to 4t0o (! !) in a 'vote
th; rntirc
ovor 8UO.O00.
Thcy are as follows :
.Markle. bliunr:.
10 Countics
K! (un-oflicial
Tota! 14.-..345 149,210
In 1840, at thc Statc chction, which
immcdiatdv prcccdtd thc Prci-ideiitial.thc
Loco Foco majority in i'cnnsylvania was ,
4 77,1 ! ! In one month, it was changcd to
4o23 j
102 '
a inajority ofoier thrcc Imndrcd tor tlAii-.,),. appoiiiiincnt of Comniittccs of school , In Mr. Birncy's missivc "To thc Lib
fuo.v. The Whig of JciinsJ Ivania llistricl:j 7 Andifiiotso orgauized lct this crty Party," datcd Boston, Oct. 15, he
hivc a thousind less to tnin nliw.than thcv j , . Ut..;-
. ., - i-i-,. duty bc rpecdily iicrfonncd. Havc thcse, ba)s-
hrithon. Who doubts their ability to. . ' . 1 . ..,, ,,,,
L'ie thc vote of their Statc to Iln.vttv Committcc. a hst ofcvcry Wh.g wuhm their, 10 TIIL LIBERTl PARl'Y.
L-jJV j prccincts,audal'oofolhcrsofourl)euiocratici Bostox, Oct. 15, 1814.
! and Abolition ncighbors, wbo are r.cccssible . you ,avc Icarnt that I have bccn nomi-
,, ,., . rT , iv.n ! drcssed to ilicni. bucli mcn shoukl bescilu- thc Michitnn Lcgis aturc, by the dcmo-
The LlccUirs i.f Presidcn' and Vice I'resi- 1 1 r , . ,-', .,
d,-nt aro chmeu in cach of ihe States ctccpt Iously altendcd to. IIow many are for Whig crats of thc county 111 which I rcsidc. No
.S mth Camliin. hy thc people, by grneral protcction wl.o have bccn swindled into tlic ' Libcrty party organization has hcen for
tirkct. on ih following days in Novembcr. bt.icfihat Polk is iu favor of proteclicm ? mc m tnat county. The nomination
I-i .-o,.il,.t::m,lin:.. tlie Ekctors are Bp. . , uh ,,, totnake 0e ' has no relation to party mcasurcs, but was
p-..i itcd by ihu Legnlature about ibelstor: promptcd b considcrations of local intc-
n.,.i.p IiiK convcrtat Ieast. uarry llieargunicnts 1 ' t ' 11 ,,,,,,
U-cemijer. r j o rcst. My ncighbors wcrc told that, if
uv. l-Pcnnsylvanu 27 hlcctors, Oh:o aoout protcction home to the understaudiugs c,ectcj , voM servc ,,le cmU wI)ci,,er
.... n , r,
C. ...rciient 15. Virci ,Si 17. North Carolina
11 Geor"i.i 10 MisM--.-iiini fi, Kentucky 12,
1 1 l..ina 12, IH'uiois 0, Missouri 7. Michigan
N.iv. 5 New ork VG, New Jerey
o iv, ith aud O.h,) 7, Louisiaua C.Tcnnesscc
V.iv. f! Khods I.sland i.
' II Mnssachusctts 12, Maryland B,
Ncr. 12 Vermont fi. Delanarr 3.
()'i thc 23;h ult. tho charter election in
N ishviilecauie oir with the fotloiving Whig
On Mayor,
Ou AMcrinen. ;B0
On Constable. 274
Av'cracc Whig nrijority, 22.
I'M'shomc. At the election in Colnmbia.
thu hnmeof J. K. Polk, thc Whigs carricd
their lirkct to to one Whig CS loco 34.
A corropondent gives us a checring
ar-ountoi tlie trjsnects ol tlie H hiir par-
tv iu this Statc.
A mass mecttng was 1
hehl at TerrcDonne, Lafonrchc, on the
22d ult. to rcspond to thc nominations j
made at Baton Rou;;e. Hon. L. Barras
prcsidcd. At an carly hour thc people
commcnced assembling andcontiiiued to
pour in from every quartcr ofthe Parish
till 3 o'clock. Resolutions having becn
otTe-cd by 11. C. Thibodcaux, speechcs
were made by Hon. E. S. Guion, B G.
Thibodcaux, Judge II. Gagc, T. C.
Nichols and otlicrs. Th-best spirit prc-
i . , i . 1 1 .l
vailed.and our corresp ndent adds thc
ajsurancc, based on mf rmation reccived
. .
irom nmerent parts ot tlie btate, ui
Louisiana will east her vote for Clay
from different parts ofthe Statc, that
lay &
forMr. Clay in that State, over Mr. Polk.
i-rennwiiuysen. i ne nIit men areon oer ine rom aiui icxasiiagilrewai.irgcniim-i ins awav tneir votes imon Mr. Kirnnr. is i tituand 7tn, Knode Island Gtn; Massachus-
hc stump, vigorously engagcd in arous- jjer to the City llall. Mr. liirney, instcad of Jlr. Birncv at liberty to accept a nomi- and Maryland Nov. 11th; Vermont and Dela
inS and cnlightening the people 'S o d 1 nation from thc Loco Foco Party l j warc Nov. 12th; Xorth Carolina Nov. 14th-
trick," made a clean brcaSt of it, adm& . J,r- B,..EY ,M-" h,S 8
PENNSYLVANIA. 'that he tcasthtcandi.hu ofihe Loco-Focos of l'f jclation to party Mcasurcs." Then j A ..Unon,,
,r. .. ,, ..... -n . 'Saxinaw county and arowmg his dttepnina- uhat nght I,as hc t0 take ltJ Is hc not ! ailiailS.IS.
rhoUhigsand Wh.gprcsscsofPcnnsyl- tiontos,ar.d the nomination. y.r. Hirncy oc- pledgcd to the "Liberty Party J" If. as t -,,,, nlnpf(,
rT.u'i rm.nrUmiv npffii- n nin-:n., 1 r.i : : ! " .... J ,. . TheNew Orleans papers of thc 1th
j , & " i'" .t."!'"-' n-.ui.',, iu iiu,ck!n!? iir. inennv
Ju fact, irLocofcco ad.mVsioas can be re.'corKI'PJ,,.T; Ue declarcd Inmsclf to be a
. .1 .im . j "democrat" ofthe stnctcst sect, and satisfied
lirdnn. ,he hi3 may comu upon the vote evcrv one who heard llim lIiat' Ue
o Poun-.ylvama with iho most ccrtainty. J heart, mont antious to see thc Polk and Tcx
I.ucofocns have all along acknnwledged that ' as Party trinmph over the W'higs.
(v less Shunk waselcctod by ciglit thousand ' Mr. Birney mct with occasioml interrup
j.i inrii , tbev would li.iug their harps upon 'ionsin the coursc of hig address. After hc
Un liltnw. They havcalivays claimcd frora ' bad talked a long lime against Mr. Clay, a
Ji' f c n twrnty-livc ihuusand. Wliig preant dfircl that hc would touch up
Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1844
For Piesidcntial Elcclors,
1 sFm
76M ' I feSr
1119 I ' V5lSMMSS
8;i :
Lon-'JOIIN PECK. JAtlargc.
KLECTIOy, Xortmber, 12A.
' KRKEMEN OF VERMONT, in twclvc ,
.Invs vou are to vote tho Presidcntial tickct. i
! In twelvo days tho Whig Green Mountain 1
forcesahboiighrcccntly croiYiiid niih a no-1
Ar. rii-.Iorv must n"-iin stand to their arms,
In,,, .r,,5t. nrovcbv their aurnuntcd nu.n-
t .!. tZ. T. .nl.mUr tr.o lnt
" forcru,mcr or,sl;" ruJcr aMnrsr
, cauuh fur ytmoM to , ,hc da,
Thc honor of the fctate demands that ou
notcs of victory shouldspcak in thunder toncs
-,,,.. . . .,,, , Q,,,A
is thc crifis, and so much is at st.ike, that
cvcn in Vermont no Whig should consider
tnc clcction lairly seltlcu uuui uis voie is ,
j,iact., ;,i ihc ballot box. Nothing i
; fclioiilu bc ,
, truslt.j ,0 clianCo. In the face oT a foc so
dcsperateand unr:ipulons so unrcinittcdly
1 on thc alert and so cunning iu cxpcdients.np-
alhy inay be folloued by defeat. Every day
' increases the cvidonccs of a coalition be-
1 twecn Birncv iiicn and Loco-Focos. The
nncttbilitr nf an'unhnlv utliance should
i j
kccp cr. ry nig upon uicquc nre. oo grce-
uy u ins locoiocracy oi ine uuiou ior spou
tuatllicy are evcr rcauy to wiii u3CKiuciruis-
' asterous eray by plcdges of the most anda -
' cious aud cnonnous charactcr.
I Illdb of Vermont, thcndo your whole
; duty. Never think all is wcll nntilcachman
' has'donc all that cau be donc. In this vcry
i i c e i i . -.i.
neyuay oi ourconiiucncercmeiiiocriuaiwuii -
ont tonstant adivity. vigilancc aud organi -
, r?, r 1 "1
zation the sccptre inay fal froin vour hauds.
1 J -
Tbcii bi clhrcu of the good Whig faith arc
you rk.dt, yca ALL READY?
Is cach
guarded-quar.'cr safc ?
j js every ton 11 in thc Coumy Or.G.isizKn by
j by the powerful argumeuls that may bc ad-,
, ot thcse .loubicrs, and tliat otbcr grcat truth,
. ll,at rc 1 olk amI Annexanon are synon-
1 ytnous, and many nill vote tor IlE.Nr.v Clat
' or reniain at hnine.
ings havc niostly pasrcd by. Privatc argu
, menis and disctission are to bc resorlcd to.
! U'ork at the couutcr, iu thc shop, besidc thc
I lieuch of ihcartisau, among operatives of ev
ery nccupatioii, and at last sec that cvcry
j thing is so arranged ihat not a siugle Whig
I votcr is lcft at home on clcclion days. And
!.,.. , n , r- i
i n,ll not rchg.ousmenand our Quakerf.iends
. l.o have hitherto shrunk from a coutact wnh
j pohtics, now bc convinced or their duty to
putiu tbcir votcs against Ihe reign ofan im-
j moral disorganizing party, uho have so rc-
' peatcdly trumpled the liberlics the laws and
; the Constitution iu the dnst. Lct thcm bc
ronvinccd ilni a rc.il aud not a inauur.iclnred
ctUishasarrhcdnhen thcv must intcrotc
,, , r "-,i
. ,
and prcvcnt tlie rulcofrogues, royabsts and
: sl,0'ller3 in t,,c gwrnmsiiiof thc country
bany. Thcreiuo doubt that Biracy is bo'und
hau.l aud foot m a coalition ith the Loco
party, and that h'n journey to the East is to
sccure thc purposcs of this unholy alliancc.
We take the folloning from the Albany Evc.
Journal: " i
' '
J.-'cs G. L.n.cy, thc Loco-I.oco caudi-,
nniR nir irnrp'iirniivn l ri .noinatr fniinrv. i
date Ior Kcprescntativc in baginaw countv, i
Michigan, made his '-first app?arancc for t!:ei
seasoll-. bcrJre an AU) a,iiPnce lastcvcn-!
;ug. Coriosity to henr what Mr. Bitnev had
tosay in dciVuccof hisrccent eidUtment un- ,
Clay and soft-snaping Mr. Polk and thc Lo-
Mr. Polk a little. But thia Mr. Birney hadn't
thehcart to do. Atthcclosc of B's. rcmarks,
"threc checrs for Birney" wcrc givcn liy the
olfieersof the mectiog, and "thrce checrs for
Polk" by soine twenty Loco Foco Sympathi
zcrs. Hereupon "tliree checrs for Clay" were
called for aud given, again and agaiu, lill tho
building seemed fairly toshake with the vo
ciferous and cnthusiastic shouts of the assem
blage. Upon the whole we think that Mr.
Birncy's labors herc, in bchalf of the l'olk and
Tcxas caudidate, luve not bcea vcry cfTective.
(tyBirney's acccptancc of a Loco Foco
Nomination for the Lcgislature promiscs to
giveusthe Klcctorial Votcof Michigau. Our
causo was jeoparded in that Statc by Aboli
tion, a large uumber of Whigs havc taken
ground for the Libcrty Tickct. But they
i did not, io Iaviug the Whig party, inlend
to bc trausferrcd ovcr to Loco Focoism. Nor
will thcy ratify snch a bargain, cvcn though
oue of the contracting particsbe their caudi
; date for Prcsident. Tlic idca of voting for
j.Mr. Birney as nn Abolition Candidatc for
i Prcsident and at the saine time voting for
the same Mr. Birney as aLocoI'oco candidatc
'forihe Legialature," is too prepostcrous for
' iutelligcut, iudependent Fkeeme.n.
I u-.Mr.jamcs u. 'J"J ""-"?"!
1 Legislaturc, "in spite ol lamentaiious bcre or ; iheir papers, onefilled with the raost stupen
1 elsenhcre." This is high ground, cspccially ; doagchauticlceriDg.&delusWocomparison&of
j for the man nbo villificsJoliu liuincy Auams
: for not being a truc friend of Emaucipation.
Tiiose who read this Journal will bear
witncss that it has nevcr spokcn disrc
fpectfully or rcproachfully, cither ofMr.
Janies G. Birnrv, Garrit Smith, Alvan
nWmrr'lntr Hnman Slnv.-rv as sinccrelv as 1
they do, wc have not been convinced that
it was our duty to abandon all else to em-
I I I .1 ? -. " , 1 1 !
oarK wi.n inem poiuicany. uui wc uuvi; i
ncver assailcd thc charactcr or impugncd
thc motivcs of thosc who have thus felt
11., noW oUr duty
! .. J
maM who ,,as ot onIy sacrarIcej ,IS prin.
, P.;nlf.s . hut nf imnnaclipil vnracitv. And
stn,, ne ihn .:,. , n' ,hp!(,
stand as thc witncss to prve
. , . 1
gesagainst hiuisclf.
In a letter to the Editor of thc Tribunc
dated Oct. S, he says :
"If I havc trcn nominalcd for thc Lt"is-
lalurc of Michigan by the Dcmocrats of
thc counly in which 1 vcsidc, it has been
Miicelleft lioine. Jly rclations to thc
Liberty party and my unconipromising
opposition to both the otlicr partics is as
wcll understood thcrc as clscwherc If,
ftion 1 liitn
iinu, mii, uwiuiiuiii uuj . i
woii oi my counirymen, it nas ueen ncitn-1
ti a ucmutriu nur ;,s u wmg. umi
nutu latnm nu iuiiuiai ur .luuiuiiuim:
' notification of such nomination it would
bc prematurcin mc now to take any far-
.....L ninvnv
j This Lcltcr was rcgardcd as a dcnial,
. and r.laimpd ta hp. a dnniril nf nv knnud-
1 : ; - 7 j
f '"s nomination. Itdoes aot say
' uircctly that hc had not knoulcdge bcforc
1 1 1 r. 1 e.i . . r?i t
nn Ipft nnitm nf Ihn infpnfinn ,fthp T.nrn
Focos to nomina'c him; hut it was dc-
sigucd to convcy and did convcy that idca
Its duplicity, thereforc, is as dishoncst as
a dircct falsehood would Iiave becn
nated for thc Ilouse ot Reprcscntativcs of
I wcrc nominated by the Dctnocratic Con
vention.or by the Wh.g Convcntion, or bj
scccders Irom both tlieseparties. Socon-
vinced ucre thcy,thalI would consider my-
VII II -J V J'l VV.IIllll, 1 1 1 L, J UU U
party. Nopledge of party servicc was pro-
posed none was givcn. 1 expect to bc
votcd for by Whigs as wcll as by Demo
crats. I havcjust rcccived a lcttcr from
a Whig ofSaginaw county, nssuring ine
that such would bc the casc'
' llc u '? ""' -
consultcd about thc Nomination bcforc he
,eR h and ,hal M1 , k
Ad h professcs ; f, -s Lcltcr to 'iMr
Grccley, to havc no "unthoritativc"
knowlcdge ofsuch a nomination and evcn
to doubt its having been made! With
the knowledgc which hc now admits he
had, berorc he Ieft home, of thp tiomina-
li g'lven to him immcdiatcly thercafter,
"honcst, fair-mindcd man could havc
writtcn the Letter of the th inst to the
Editor ofthe Trihune,
rjirnev's vcacitv.
So much for Mr i
And now to his abandnumcnt of prin- j
ciple. Hc is the Candidatc ofthe Liberty
l ariy ior l rcsiucnt i nai party is
i ,Cu!iL-uuMlc C i.,uai) omj
And whcn this fidelitv to abolition is re-'
nnirPdof Ihn Alrmhpr, nf , P,Hr
what should hc the conduct of their Lcal!most l'''nS'sbcd and applaudcd Spcak-
dcr? Whcn 'hig Abolitionists arc
called upon and cxpectcd to crucify all
their political afTections and to disrcard
tbc momr.ntious issucs involvcd in this
great national conflict, what should be tlie
conduct of their Presidcntial Candidatc ?
shmU nol the man for ...
- n
"P f .'
Wn,3 A
much.be truc lumselfl Whilc
Abolitionists arc rcnuired to cive
"P thc Tariff, to assume the dcbt ofTexas,
and take the chances of a War, by throiv-
rsays.ueisa no iiuriv man, wnv
cliniilri Innn.nnn4 nl A hnllhnmsts Ihrnu.
. . . th. r-t o l blc result ot tnts election published by us
away tl.oir votcs.-The Elective Fran- j ycsterdav. Wc g;cc it we haTC
cluscistoo prccious for that Had Mr. i J
Birney continued faithful thcy would have Capt. IVbrman, ofthe steamboat Louis
stood by him. He has not only aban- Pbilippe, direct from Little Rock, rcports
doncd thcm, and thcy will leavc him to tnat every county in thc Statc has been
hisfdte. He has not only ahandoned but ' hcard from, and that the Whig candidate
insults and drficsthem! Ycs hc is not fr Governor was electcd by 259 raajor
conlcut in trifiing with thc sufrra"es of ity. AIeo that the Whfg candidatc for
the deroted men who ralliwl around him,
but he uses the Janguage of defiance 1
After adrnitting that he received and
should accept a Loco Foco Legislative
Nomination, Mr. Birney says :
I shall stand in the positionl havc
taken eouallv preparcd to resist the
shock of open cnemies, or the panic of
real rncnds. J A JUfcs u. miu r. i .
Albany Ere. Jour.
It is vcry diflicult to lash the Locofoco cdi
tors and lcaders ihrongh all the subterfuges
ofdeception to which thcy resortto prevent
their followers from sinkiug into absolutcdis
pondency which would be ihe result of a cor
rect eslimateof their chances of success, in
thePresidcmialcontest. The ncarly certaln
Statcs lor the Whigs theyset down doubt
ful. Thoso States wherc Clay has raoro
than an cqual chance they inake sure of for
themsclves, aud ofthose Statcs where they
riave but an cqual cbance thcy arc absolutely
certain. Intbe mcan time the colums of
josscs anj a;n3. Every thing lsclaimed and
losscs aud gaina.
nothing conccded cvcn io the face of the
J most iudispatable evidcnce of success to
; their opponenls where ashadow of hopcrc-
raains for tlietn.
They have recently invented a new meth0d
ofdeception, which consists iu rcprcscnting
the Whigs in uttcrdcspondenccin rehtiou to
States where they entertaiu in reality the
most Iivc,y hoPcs ofagwceping victory.
This is Apir game iu relation to thStatcs of
Pennsylrania, Virginia and New Ycrk.
HT, I. . l
unen so uiucu ai siunu nu c.ui supprcas
solicitudc, and yct no iutelligent Whig has
evcr entertaincd a reasonable doubt that all
thesc States will east their votcs for Ilcnry
Every hour confirms our most dccidcd be
licf that this will bc the glorious rcsult, at
Ieast asto Virginia and New York. In our
humble opiu.on thcse States are as safefor
Ilcnry Clay as mauy ofthe Statcs which
havealready sbown their preferenccs for him
in their preliminary elections. Says tho re
liable Richmond Whig, "Virginia is for
Clay? Wewill not gire you Loco pronf!
j lVcdcmand lobc bditved htcause hcrttofoTt
j erf n our tncmits icillconfcss wchavc rolun-
larilv decticcd no man
Why should any gallautWhig ivairer fora
inoment? and why isit that soine of ourhys-
; tericalbrethereu will placc inore confidence
in a gasC0Dajing oco paperi than in thc hon-
t-8t reprcsentatiousof their owu journals. Bc
Iciving with the most sagacions Whigs inthe
country who have the bcst odportuu'ities o
forminga correct judgcment, we inake our-
selves perfectly casy that Clay will succeed
at all events, and probably hy thc votes of
New-York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. A
victory in cither of thesc StJtes will bcsuffi-
cient, white a loss of cither to ouropponents
nill be a certain defeat. Away then with
yourdastardly inquietude and fenrs. Givc
them to the wiuds, and go to the ballot bo.t
on thc 12th full ofhopeiu an ovcnvhelming
victory! The Locofocos are the trcmblcrs?
Silas Wrigbt after threc times positively rc
fusing to he a caudidate nould not have at
Iast acccded to tbo wishes ofthe affrighted
locofocoracy had not thc party considcred his
nomination as the lnst hope of success?
Evcn now hc dare not rcsign his seat in thc
Polk, PoIU, Polk, for
Will our readcrs noticc in thc columns of
ourfitst page thc exposition of Mr. Polk's
votcs and opinions in connection with the
Tariff. Ifwhat is thcrc stated about Mr.
Polk is truc, he is n dcadly foc to a I'rotcc
tive TarilT, in principlc, practicc and pro
fcssion. And that the statements are truc it
is uttcrly impessible for any iutelligent and
fair-mindcd man to doubt, if hc will givo tbem
even apassing investigation.
Thousands upon Thousands of
Whigs inNEWYORE!!
Tuesday l.ist week was a protid day for
the Whigs of New York. Tho cxtcnsivc
prcpcrations madc for the mighty Mass
Meeting was only cqualled by thc Thous
ands and tcu3 of Thousands asscmbled from
City and County. Boston, Bhode Island,
Connecticut and New Jersey tcni their mtil
titudinous delegations to meet tnore multitu-
d inous delegations from the river Countics.
" corgeous banners lioatcd Jn all the pubhc
placcs iu the City. A mighty proccsion was
formcd and terminated its march at the Park
and its gathering thousands found tbem-
sclves in the area in front ofthe City Hall
Whcrethree stands for Speakers had been
, . ,, , ,
Cassius M. Clay was among the
Presidential electors are chosen on Fri
day next, Nov. Ist, in Pennsylvania and
Ohio; on Nov. 4th, iu Indiana,IHinois,Mich
igan, Arkansas, Missouri, Kcntucky, Geor
gia, Virginia, Maine, New Ilampshire and
Connecticut; W.Sth.inNew York. Louis-
,aoa and Tennessee; ISew Jersey ISov. 5th,
:-, r u
. . ' . ... ... .... .
Ccngrrfw, Divid Wtlker, wss probably
electcd We understand furthcr, by a
gentleman of Arkansas, who is in our
citv, that wtien neicitno uouui was en
tertaincd frnmthe rcturns rcccived, that
the higs had caaricd the Statc.
We stated last wcck that Shunk's majority
in Pennsylvania was about 5,000. It turns
out to be not over 4,500. Later accounls
than tbe folloning say less thau 4,500.
Tho omciai returns of this election give
Shunk, thc Dem. candidatc for Governor.
160,959 votes, Markle, Whig, 156,502.
Shunk's majority iu thc Statc.4,397. Albany
9 Whigs, 2 Native Amcricans and 13 Lo
cos constitute their Congrcssianal dclcgatiou.
AH Hail Baltimore !
The Locos have foundcd a feeble claim to
the Elcctorial vote of Maryland upon the
nmall Wbig majority for P.ratt. But the is
sue ofthe mayorality election in Baltimore is
a wct blanket to all their hopes. This oc
currcd on Monday, Iast week, and rcsulted in
the success of thc Loco caudidate, by a fall
ing of! ofthe Loco majority at the Statc elec
tion of scveu hundred and twcnty-two votes.
At the Statc clcctiou thc Locos carrried, the
City by 1,222 majority. Now they carry it
by only 498. The result of this election cs"
tablishes the charge upon the Locos of illcga1
and fraudulent votes beyond controvcrsy.
By tho politencss of C. K. Lewis the con
ductor ofthe Package Express betwcen Bos
ton via Middlebury to Montrcal, wehavebceu
furnished with Wilmer aud Smith's Europc
an Tifnes printed at Liverpool. This cntcr
prise of Mr. Lewis isabonttobccomeagrcat
conveuience to thc people on the line. We
arc thus cvcry week enabled to send to Bos
ton for supplies or tho exccution of commis
sions which cannot be done in thc country,by
a prompt aud trnsty ngent.
The chicf articlo of intelligencc in tbe
Times is an account ofthe great Rapeal Ban
quet toO'Connelland the Travcrscrs, which
rook place on thc 20th ult. in thc Music llall
iu Dublin. Multitudcs of Irish Dignitaricsin
Church and State wero prcsent. After the
custouiary toasts had bccn gone through, thc
hcalth of MrO'Connell aud the repeal of the
Union were given from tho chair. Blr. O'Con
nell's reply in substancc was acall upon every
man ofcvcry creed and sect in Ireland to ral
ly for Ireland. lreUud hc said, mustrisc aud
shall rise. Sbe must be the sister and co-
enual with Encland and not hcr slavc. Ire
land raust take her measures to obtaiu Lcgis
lative iudependence. That is the rcpcal of
tbc Umou, and the rcstoration of tho Irish
Parliament. He announccd his intention of
ofrcdoubling tvcry cffort for this purpose.
f" Our attention has been called to tho
following crrors in ourprinting of the Gov
ernor's Mesfage,"viz:
lst Paragrapb, 1st Column.forexfrcrscircad
5th Paragrapb, IstCohtmn, iuscrt thc bc
fore social organization.
11th Par., 3d Col., for "spared one or two
more years," read "spread over Arc."
13ih Par. 3d Col. for "the extrtme of that
cure." read "tbe ezdrcise of that cure."
lst Par. 4th Col. for "tho exactious of un
lawful interests" read "exactions of unlawful
4th Pr., 4 Col., inscrt "I cannot," beforo
"decm my duty discharged."
Cth Par., 7th Col., insert ihe word "prosc
culions" so as to make thcscntcnce read, "and
the rcsult is, tbat, in practice jiroseculions for
such offences are instituted, &c."
4 Par., 7 CoI.,for"anau(ioriiecadmission
of a new Statc ii nothing less thanan attempt
to make a new confcderacy," read "an unau
thorized admission" &c.
5th Par., 7th Col., "or whethcr they shall
be slavc or all frec States," read "whctbcr
thcy shall all bc slave orall frce Statcs."
6ib Par. Sth Col., for"tcnantsofiemoun
tains," read "teuants ot thesc mountains."
Last Paragrapb 8th Col., foV "they arc cv
idcntly great dangtrs to bc cncountercd"
read "there aie cvidcntly," &c.
2d Pai. Iast Col. for, "ichat willwork no de
livcrence hiUier from the evils of slavery, or
any over hcated zcal for its abolition," read,
"That will work no deliverance either from
the evils of slavery ofan ovcr hcated zeal" Arc.
4lh Par., las Col., inscrt, "cTour strcngth
at home," after "ofourorigin-ofourjhhtory."
InMr. Bingbam's communicationlast week
there were two or threetypographical errors.
lst, "fairity of Mcrino blood," should read
"pvrily, fyc." AIso, "heallh and compaciness
of icool," should be "hejl yc." Mr.Bingham
also to make the compctition more casy, will
allow that two hundred shcep up to a thou
sand, instcad of three hundred ofthe prcsent
flock ofthe owner may be offered. By the
cxpression " prcsent Jlock," Mr. Bingbam m-
teuds to be understood a flock owned by the
compctitorat the timo of the challenge given
The tono of this Third Party orcan recent
ly is most decidedly Anti-Clay cnd Anti-
'VnZtr n-,1 r . . .
uuuiseasc oi Docoiocoism tno Iast
week seems to have infected ncarlv every
column of that priht. The same may be
said ofcvcry third party journal that bas for
a loDg time met our eye. With Birney at
their head their merccnary and in many cases
ignorant couductors, are the mere pandercrs
toa party wliose principles and policy would
destroy all the great interests ofthe country.
and just as ccrtainly annex Texas aud
strcngthcn aud probably forever pcrpetuate
slavery as Mr.Clay is Jcfeatcd, and this dcadly
and destructive Locofocracy succceds. But
isseaicely a doubt of thefr discomfor j
turc aud tho ovcrthrow of iheir frco trade
and slaveocratic allios. e aro anu ever
have been the firni Jriend of Abolition. But
we cannot help the conviction that honest as
we believe thc great hody ofthe Third party
men to be their lcaders aro at least as corrupt
and mercinary as they .rcpresent tho horrid
Whig party against which tbcy. aro daily
hurling their groundless and savage abusc.jjg
A morc frantic and ungovcinabte fanati
cism than the Miller cxcitement nevcr infec
ted thiscrcdulous world. Therepcated ref
utatious which time has givcn to its errors
has not curcd its followcrs of their insanede
Iusion. Twico or tbricc bcfore this, has the pcriod
been irreversibly fixcd for tbc Sccond
Comiug of Christ. As many times ihe
prophcsy has mockcdils unhappy belicvers.
But at last the 22d or 23d ofthe present
month was fiually to verify the fatal vsi
ion. But on each of these days thc sun
arose with its usual brilliancy, and thc poor
old doomcd earth contiuued to wheel uu
scathedupon its axis.
But ala3, ihc failurc oftbo prophesy wil
uot rcmedy its disastrous effccts upon tbe
coinmumty. lhepublic Journals irom au
miarters are loadcd wilh accounU of tbc in
. . .
sane proceedmgs ol tlie poor victims oi ine
We regret to be obligcd to record that tbo
enlighteued County of Addison has been
partially infected with this strange infatua
tion. Insometowns wc learnthaUncn and
women havebroken away from all parcutal
tics, forsaken their bomcs, aud resortcd to
placcs of public worship, where they have
rcmained two or thrce days, shoutiug with
joy, wccping with gricf, and trcmbling wilh
tcrror in anticipation ofthe certain approach
ofthcawful catastrophc. Paronts havearis
en at midnight, gone to somc strcam, and
immersed their chiltlren. In Bristol we
learn that mcn aud women asccnded thc I
Mountain; in tbe rcar ofthe towu
thcy remaincd all night praying and fifling
the air with their tcrrilic sbouts at the ap
pearance ofthe Northern I.ights whicb thcy
mistook foi the Saviour coming in thcclouds.
In Addison we arc told thc advcntcrs huilt
fires on Suakc Mountain around whicb they
cncampcd preparatory to the accomplish
raent'of thcirstrangeforebodings. Onefarm-
criu Waltham refuscd to gathcr his crops
, . , , .
i c
obligcd 10 do for him? Auothcr inhabitant
ofJie same town indiguautly threw away his
pocketbook contaiuing money and notes to
, -..r.n ir
the amouut of $400; a women iu Vergennes
consigncd to the flamcs a valuahle dress and 22,056 1S.3G5 20,141 1$.7!
shawl, nevcr expecting again to necd such 1 Whig majority on Governor lickcf, Vi'X
exiiensivcfinery. L" . " Congrcss titket. 3(I
,,.f i . r rf,i i ! Difference m the inajoritics. 2422
bhould this lastgreat failureofM.IIerismby j Now cre we ,o JaM ,o ,jiirerc,Ce nl
the lapse of time failto extiuguish the balcful tbe Atlas wisheM to forcc npou tlie Whig.
excilcmcutaswe trustit will, would itnotbc j that is, the entire Nalive vole it wnntd in
the duty of magistratcs to interpose and put j c,rea,3,e !,,,c Governor majority to 8073; neaily
.... , , , ' ., double Miunk's majonty in tbo b'late. Hr"
anendtoits melancholy effects upon tbc I are ficures-
peaceof society. The wretchedness ithas
already wrought is scarcely to bciniaginod.
and if now ihe good people will not re9Uine
. . il
their rcasou, and return to iheir usual occupa-
tions as good and orderly citizens and chris- j
tians when cau so dcsirablc an event be cx
In tbe report ofprcmiums one or two omin
sious occurrcd on nccouut of the confused
mauncr iu which thc rcports wcrc made.
Tho report on Swiuc was indccd not hand
ed in at thc time. Mcssrs. Douglass and
Matthews of Cornwall obtaincd prciniuins ou
Sowsinstcad of Iloars as stated, and Mr.
Iloratio Phunbley of Middlebury, who prc
scntcd the only Boar cxhibited, vas reccnm
mended fora prcmium on thc ground thatlbe
animal was highly mcritorious: A'so Mr. Mar
vin North of Shoreham obtaincd thefirst pre
mium on the bcst two ycar old Colt, andMr.
D. P. Pond of Weybridge in tbc 2d do.
Mr. Bartley runs farbchiml the Whig
Congtess and Legislative tickets, andi3 chos- !
cn by a small inajority. The State isso had-
ly Gerrymandcrcd that we have a poor
chance for Congrcss cxcept by division 1
among our opponenls. 1
Thc Legislaturc is largely Wliig, giving
usa U. S. Senator for six year eusuiug, in
place of Benjamin Tappan, Loco.
Majoritics for Governor in 79 countics.
1644. 1842.
Bartley, W. Tod. L.Cor.W.Shan, I
Total, so far... 19,933 1G,984...15,G04 19,009
Bartley ahcad..2.949; Shannon'smaj.2,405
In the countics heard from Shannon's ma
jority in 1842 was2340, showinga Whig gain
soiar ora,b!J7. lue elcvcn small Countics
to come in gave Shannon 5G5 majority.
Members of Congress8 Whigs and 13 Lo
colocos. Thns itissccn that ahhough thc
Whigs carry the State by 3000 majority on
the aggrcgate vote for Gorcrnor we
looso a majority of Congressmcn. This is
the result ofthe outragcous unfairness ofthe
Locofocos in Gerrymandering the Statc-
- "
Kail-nOaQi i
Mr. Tracy the Chict Surveyorof theroiitc
from Bellows Falls to Burlington, is iu Mid
dlebury. The survey has becn complctcd to
a raile or two this side of Salisbury. Anoth
cr surveyoris proceeding from Burlington iu
this dircctiou, Mr. Tracy pronounces the
whole route tbe most casy, cheap and prac-
ticablcofany he bas ever been acquaintetl
with. Expense of cmbankment and cxcava-
vation comparitively moderate, and the ex
pense pcr milo less than any route of thc'samo
distaucein any portion of thecouutry.
Birney again.
The Detroit Advertiser says, "by a letter
from a gentlemen ofthe highcst standing a1
Saginaw, the Locos have issucd a handbill
calling auothcr mccting at that place- to coun
teract the facts that have gone abroad rela
tive to the nomination ol Mr. Birney by the
Democraiitf partv. This cailnot bc donc. i
Thc facts arc incontcstiblc that Mr. Bimey
'swght Ihe nomination from the Dcmocratic J
party, pl edgtd himttlf to ifcrt 2?rrci
men ana.mca3UTcs unajuriaur vuuuunzcij
if eltcled nol todiscuss the subject of AUlit.cn
inthe Legislaturc:" These pledgcs wcremtde
by thc gentleman of " truth and veracily" sl
luded to in the haudbill as was ui.dcrslood in
behalf of Mr. B. This we shall sbow hyan
affidavit sworu to by an unimpeachahle nit.
uess next week. If Birney Iia3 descrted tbo
standard of Libcrty, lct his followcrs dcscrt
him. The proofs aro daily multipljing oftho
unsincerity and even the merccnary spirit of
this man. Birney is for hiuisclf. Hc is no
longcr au cxclusive Abolition candidatc. IIU
proclivity to Loco- Focoism is apparcnt.
He has descrted his colors.
There will bc a Mccting of thc Young
Mcu's Clay Club at thc Toivu Room on
Wednesday, thc Gth of Novembcr, at G o'
clock P. M. Thc meeting nill bo addressed
hy the Hon. S. S. PIIELPS and other
frieuds ofthe cause.
AROUSE, shako your ganneuts and
prepare for the hattlc? The enemy
count much on youreasc .y Ielbargy. Ilisap
point their cxpcctatious, show theui lh.it you
believe your cause is jut prove to them
that your union is perfecl.
vnn nri rpsninlfIlc nnrl nrni5flv invifivl ti.
, ' ' -
Oct.29tb, 1844.
An intelligcnt hand, whicb complies elec
tion rcturns for tbe American. says:
" We arc satisfied, from a carcful compar
ison we have made oftho votes fur mcmbers
ofCongrcss with those for Gnveruor, as far
as receivcd, that tbc majority ou thcse tick
ets agaius the Locn-Foco party will exceed
3,000, eiclusive ofthe Abolition vote, which
will of courao place tho Ixeo-Foco tickets
stitl furthcr in tbe rainority."
Wc give the votcs of the Governor and
' Congrcss tickets in the few countics which
have reached us, exclusive of thc city aud
e riri i i
couniv oi i uuaueipma.
Congrcss. Governor.
W. L. W. L.
1957 1451 2009 1493
4299 5329 4341 5391
2,'fcSG 2333 2(J
93C0 509G 9513 5532
2459 3IG3 2455 34Ct;
r, i.io
227 6:5
I. 70S 8eG
109G 944
5-1 1-53
! Lycoming,
! orthumbcrIand,
, Liniou,
i Annstrong,
! Butler.
. Clearlield,
! Indiam,
W. L.
i Phdadelplua ,
l3Cos.abovc.22.00G 13.3G5 20,l ll 15.S.
Citvaud Co ( r0
I'liilr,. If.lt. Iii i
203 14.G07 23.4':0 17 I'
43,209 32,!i72 43,501 3(J.3:j7
Wbi; and Native iuajnritv on Gov. 7.-'-' !
" Congres.s I
DifTetcnce iu majuriiics. c" ,-7 .
But sctting siile this Iat statrmrnt. ai i
couliniug iiurselvc. cntirely to the firt. v
havc a gain in 1 1 coimtii's of 2422 on ti -Congrcss
voi over thcGotcruoriotc. Th,.
countics dn not comptisenno fourth ol tin
Stalc. Thc N. Y. American esiimatcs it a'.
These figurcs cannot bo gainsavcd. Thrv
show that upon the National Question. (".
rcfeience to which thc Congrcss ticket csn
trnly besaid to apply.) tbe Whigs are in a
majority in the State.
Pennsylvania. on the lst Novembcr, wi!'.
east its electorial vote for Cl.t and Fullio-
Thc following is the rcportcd vote for F.
Julius Lemoyne, the Liberty caudidate for
Goveruor in this State, as far as is heard
Philadelphia. 107
Allegbany, ;i50
Beaver, C00
Merccr, 1000
Indinua, 300
Washington, 6(19
Butler. 130
We have no returns from Bucks, Chester.
Delaware, Erie, and Elk counties, which
will increase this vote considerably.
The Birney Abolitions here, too, have
playcd into the bands of Polk!
Siiu-k ix the jiiaor.iTr. The Whig
vote and the Abolition vote togcthcr. in
Pennsylvania, will probably leave Siunk in
a miaority, in the poptilar vote. Thc Abo
lition vote will probably bc sivor ciglit thous
and. Mrs. Joe Smith Grand Decisios or
tiik Propiiet. A ccrrcspondent at Allon,
after stating that the rccent murder ofJoe
Smith has been followed hy a dispersion of
his followcrs, gives the following iutcrestiug
i tems :
Mrs. Joe Smith, it is said, has lost all con-
''4e,nce J,1' sUeeverUad any) in tlie .Mormon
situation, undoubtedly the richest lady in tlie
far West. Joe had been aniassing money for
several years, for ihe purpose of eventually
going to Jerusalcm.intcmling to issue a proc
lamation calling iu the Jcws. ovcr whom hc
was to bo head till tlic return of Christ upon
the earth which evcnt be believcd woaM
take place 45 years from 1844.
Wilh rcference to this expeditiouhc M
crownetl "King of rsraei" in 1844, by tnc
Council ofFifty, dcnominatcd thc 'ABCient
orDays." The fifty wcro all sworu to se
crecy. I had the fact from ono who assistcd
at the coronalion divulgcd sicce Joe
death. This was the prophefs grand dc
sign; aud had it been generally known.
would, perhaps, havesaved our i'tate from
thedisgrace and infainy of pcrpelratmg s
foul a murder." This fact affords a kev to
certain other movements of tlie pronuct.
which are othcrwise whollv inexplicablc--
Aeic Bcdford Bullclin.
Ar.ntsT of Illecal Vqteb. Nearly
70 persons have bccn arrcslcd in B3'""
morc for illegal voting

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