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Satcrday, Oct. 19.
RcsolutionsBy Mr Briggs.thatlhc Gov
crnor be requested lo nppoint some pcrsons
toiunkc a digestcd Indcx ofall such por
hons ofthe R. S. passed ia 1S39 as have
becn rcpcaled or allercd, and all public acta
ot'this elatc passed tince said rcvision, with
the public laws passed at thia scssion ; ud
vocatcd by Mcssrs Briflrgs, Carsp, and Ca
lioon, and passed unanimously.
Jiills From the HoUEe, to incorporale
"Windsor County Dank rel'errcd to commit
tee on Banks. Mr Rrigs rcporicd from thc
iu Jiciary cornmittee, the House bill rclatins
totlic indiciary, (disnnahTyins ihe judge
wiio prcsidcd at ihc ui.ii prius InaJ, irom
ehtinjr upon the same casc oa nppcal, ) witli
their opinio.n it oujrht not to pass. Mr Briggs
briefly cxplaincd theviews which influcnccd j
Ihe commiltcc, aud tlic bill was ordcred to
KcroRTs ofComjiittees. By judiciary
comrciiltce, againstbill in addition lo chap53
rcvi.ed Btatutcs. and it was tusmisscu ; nm
rc!a:;n:r to the bankof Windsor (continuing (
itm forcc three years eo far as lo close up ;
ux buFi'ness.) and it was ordcred to a 3d j
rcadi:igagainst chnngc in the ofJice of rc
porlcr ofdccisions ofthe suprcnie court. j
Thc Senate came in, and the following c-,
lcctions were made: I
Ilon. Ililand Hall, Bank Commisswner
Jind Ini'ctor. IJall 130. Ilenry Adams 02,
Smri-irr A. WebberG. J S. Pellibone 1.
J.unes McM. Shafter. Scrretary ofState.
Shal'tr-r V2S, LPPoIand 63, CL Knapp 0,
sraUrrittS 2.
TJic cleciion of the ofiiccrs of tlic slate
pr rori, and of Sergeant-at-Arms. was post
pnrtd lo v.-edncsday next, 10 A. M. and the
Senate withdrcw. Adj.
Monday, Oct. 21.
Petition Of P L CastIeandS6 others, I
praying ihat the Massachusetts systcm of j
5rrai:Ullg IICCI1SC3 ou cmuimtiicu in uiih suuu,
rclerred to tlic select conimittce on licenses.
Bills Irora the Hnuse To annex part of
Dummerston to Pulnej'; rcferred to the
commitlce on agriculture. To extcnd the
chnrtcr ofthc Bank of Windsor threeycars ;
referrcd to the committee onbanks.
Resolutions. From llic Senate, for di
gcstcd index of actssincclhe revision of the
Statutca ; concurrcd in. By Mr Whitelaw,
requestinjr the publishcre of the Daily Jour
ml to fill thrccof its pages ivilh cthcr mnt
ter thanadvcrtisenicnts, or nllerthe title lo
Daily Adverliscr; a hint which was rcceiv
ed by the House in a good naturcd way,and
airreed lo.
Eiiffrossed bills. Relating lo tlic bank of
Windsor ; to annex part of Dummerston to
Putney, severally passed.
2 o'clock, p. M.
The Senate procccdcd to ballot for U. S.
Senator oa iln part. After the nnnounrc
;ncnt of the rcsnlt of the Iwelvih ballot, Mr.
Tioyca movcd to adjourn.
The hoar h-ivingarrived for tlie clcction
of Senator to roprescnt this Statc in the Con
aress of thcUnitedStatcsfer sixycarn Irom
he '1th cfMarch ncst, the usual mcfeagcs
uerc cxrliangcd, and the House proceeded
tin iis part to makc an cleciion, and on the
st ballot niaJe an cleetion, as follows :
Wholc numberofvotcs, 187
IS'ecessary for a clioice, 01
Sainuet S. Phclps had 05
Stcphen S Brown, 55
Ililand Hall, 10
CharlcsK. Williams, 7
WiHi.tm Slade, S
G corfro P. Marsh , 4
Calcb B Harringtoa, 1
Silas II Jemson, 1
Kohert Pierpoin, 1
Paul DilKnghara, !
Majorilf for Phelps, 3,
Tlie House iiaving waitrd aome timc for
i' af.iun of tiic Senale, Mr Wilbur movcd
' ihe Hr ufp adjourn ; aycs 51.nocs,5S.
A r.'.U nf th- Honsp was ordcred, but bc-;ij'-e
its ccnipit tiou the Ilouec adjourned.
Tfusday, Oct. 22.
The Renale ronlinncd their ballolinys for
V. S. Senator. At the 30th ballot, Phelps
i3. Brovrn l, RoyceS and Scattering9.
l"i")U tV niinouncemcnt ot the rcsult of
il.c 30th balloting, ihe Senate adjourned.
Rpp-ir!. By st-lect comniiltce, bill appro
pri.inng $2,000 annually lor thrce years for
,i seologiral sun'ev ol Uie btate ; laul on tlie ,
ta'.V. "
. rT, ' ifex offhr Peace. MrRicc nalled up ,
the l.lli autlmrizing the nomination of justic
i s oflhe liearc by the tov.-ns to ihe lecisla-
tr'p. the quostion being upon the eccond
rf udi-tr.
A'r Whiileniore of M. doubtcd the policy
rftlii- h:'.
Mr KioeofS. replied that the bill mcrely
irave tl.i' lowns tlie right to ncminalc, and !
w.l- t; erefore no iiifrmgemcnt ofthc consti-
luii a orof the power of the Iccislature. j
Mr Siacy cuncurred iu the objections of!
Mr Whittemore, and argued that Uie change j
v. )m!,I not be lor the hetter in any point
v hatever. while in fcorac of the towns it
wouM doubtless be a source of murh di(E
cuiiy. In any case orneccssity, the towns
miglit r.ow nominate wilhout this act, and hc
w is snre ihcy ncver would find the Iegisla-tun-
uimillingto hear thcm. Mr S. alsoa
recd"UMr AV. in favoring an amend
mcnt of the constitution, Jiivinc the clcclions
to the frt'eman. I
Aller further objcclions by Mcssrs Dewey j
and Winslow, the bill was rcjccled, 157 to
L'f. I
2 o'clock, p. m.
The Scnate proceeded to tlic election of
l S. Senator. Upon the31st balloling the
votes wrrens follows SS Phelps 13, S S
ErownO. S Itoycc 5, scaltering2. Upon
the 32. 33d, 31th and 35th the results were a
Iike. S S Phelps 13, S S Brown 9, S Rojce
7. Adj.
TheSenalc came in, and the following
clections were made:
Orleans Co'mty.
Ehjiah Cleveland, Harry Baxter, Ass't
Judgesoflhe Co. Court.
Johnll. Kimball, Slate's Attorncy.
George Nye; Judge of Probate..
Thomas Jameson.Moody B. Kimball, Lukc
Spenccr, Jail Commissioncrs.
Grand Isle Coimty.
IraHilI,Wm. H. Lyman, Ass't Judgcs of
uie uo. uourt.
Abel Brown, Grand Isle, Sheriff.
Pardon Deivey, High Baliff.
Wm. W. White, State's Attorney.
Jabez Ladd, Judge of Pro. for the dietrict
of Grand Isle.
Abner Ladd, Elihu Parfe, Augustus
Knight, Jail commissioncrs.
Addlsor. Counly.
Uoraetus Wooster, Jcsse Grand y. Asa'l
Judges ot the Co. Court
David S. Church. Middlebury. ShcrifT.
Asrt Chapman, High BailifT.
Ozias Sevmnnr .?t-i a.
ol Addison.
HarvcyMunsill, Jadgc of Pro. forDlst. of
New Haven.
Nahum Parker, Ira Allen, John B Copc
land, Cominissioncrs for the Jail at Middle-
bUjl'hn Pierpont, Elliot 5hem1L Samae
Morgan, conimissioncrs for the jail at Ver
gennes. Windsor Counly.
David Piercc, Rcuben Washbum, Ass't
Judgesoflhe Co Court.
Zcnas F Hyde, Cavendish, Shenfl.
Orra Paul, High Bailiff,
Jul.us Convcrse, State's Attorney.
Tlioa. F Hammond, Judge ofPro forDist
of Vindsor
Geo E Wales, Judge of Pro. for Dist of
Simon Warren, Lynde A Marsh, Naham
Haskell jail commissioncrs.
Rutland Counly.
EzraJune, AmbroseL Brown, Ass't Judg
es ol Co. Court.
The joint assembly adjourned to Thurs
day next, 3 o'clock P.M. Adj.
Wed.nesday, Oct. 23.
The Senate resuraed balloting with the
followinjr results
aiith, S S Phelps 1, o o urown v, o
Roycc 7. 37th, S S Phelps 12, S Royce
Whercupon Stcphen Royce was de
clared clccted, upon the part of the Sen
ate. The Senate then repaired to the Hall
of the House of Representatives to com
plete the said election.
Upon its return the Senate adjurned.
The Senate came in, and on comparing
hc journals of both Iloiiscsit was found
that they had not agrecd in the election
tofaSenator, whercupon the joint assem
bly proceeded to ballot with the following
results : thcre having been a call of the
ilonse previous to the Senate's coming
in, on motion of .Mr Stacy, and the absen
tecs having been sent for.
Senator Richardson norainated Ilon.
Stcphen S Brown, and Mr Whitmore o
M. noininated Ilon Sainuel S Phclps;
Islbal. 2d. 3d. 4th.
Wholenumber 223 227 23!) 225
Necessary for
a choicc 115 113 110 113
Sainuel S Phelps 93 09 100 103
S S Brown 72 72 73 72
Stcphen Royce 20 0 3 1
C K U illiams 10 10 10 10
Gcorge P Mars 9 10 12 10
Ililand Hall 8 7- 5 2
U iHiain Slade 0 5 5 1
Silas II Jcnison 4 - 18 20 17
f?olomon Foot 1
Timothy Follet 1 1
Scattcring (illcgible) 1
On tlic announccmcnt ofthc first ballot,
Senator Canip norainated iSilas II Jenison,
and Wilbur noniinatcd Charles K Will
iams. On the announccmcnt ofthe fourth bal
lot, the joint asseinbly adjourned to 3 o'
clock tluj aftcrnoon.
Bilib rn m tiic IIocsc. Asscssinga
tax of six ccnls on thedollar, npon the in
habitants of Addison County, for the pur
pose of building a county jail ; refcrred
to the Senators from Addison county.
Oa moticm of Mr McLoud therc was a
call of tlic House, and all the members
wcrc found to bc present, when the jScii
ate came in and the joint asseinbly re
sumed baljoting with the following rc
sult :
5th. Gtb. 7th. 8th
Whole no of votcs, 221 220 227 220
Nercssary for
choice, 113 114 114 114
Saniuel S Phelps 105 93 95 95
iSiephcn S Brown, 71 71 71 71
Stcphen Roycc, 3
Gcorge P Marsh 27 40 48 48
Charles K Willaims 10 9 9 9
Silas II Jenison, 4
Ililand Hall, 3 1 1
Rcuben Wind, 1
Samuel Swift 1
Timothy Follctt 2
Wm. Slade, 1 2
Scattcring, 1
Announccmcnt of the fiftli ballot, Mr
Stacy nomiuatcd tlie Hon George P Marsh
as a gcntleman eniinently filted by his
talenls and character for this high station
At the same time Mr S. warmly opposcd
the re-elcction of Mr rhclps.
On the 8th ballot, on motion of Mr
Whitmore of M. the joint asscmbly adjour
ned to ten o'clock to-morrow morning.and
thc House Adjourned.
TnunsnAY, Oct. 24.
Bill REroRTno: From thc sclect com
niittee on licenses, a bill vesting the sole
power of granting licenses in a Board of
Commissioners, to be clected annually, on
the first Monday in January, in evcry
county, by a plurality of votes given, af-
fixing certain penalties to the sale of
spiritous Iiquors wilhout a liccnse, and
cmpowering Justiccs ofthc peace to put
the ofTender undcr bonds for trial at the
County Court ; read twice, and in order to
give opportunity for examination, upon
motion ofMr JBarrctt, laid on the table.
Senate went into joint asseinbly.
Upon its return from joint assembly, thc
Senate took up thc bill relating to usury,
proposingtoenable the borrowef to avoid.
by his oath, thc payment of the cxcess of
interests above the legal rate. Mr Wood
bridge and Mr Billings advocated the bill,
upon the ground that its passage would
check litigation, give force and efiect to
the present Iaw, and tend to relievc the
poorer class of community from thcgrasp
of extortioners. Mr Briggs, Mr J Bar
rctt, Mr Richardson and Mr Noyes op
poscd it, because it would increase litiga
tion, incitetoperjury, and contlict with
the long cstablished principle of law, that
an interested party ought not to testify in
his own behalf. The bill was denied a
third reading, by a vote of 21 to 5.
Thfi joint assembly then proceeded to
ballot for U. S. Senator :
9th ballot.
Whole number of votes, 228
Necessarr for a choicc, 1 15
PHELPS was declaredduly elected, and
the Senate withdrew.
Mr Whitmore of M. callcd upthereso
lution for adjournment without day, and
movcd to amend so as to adjourn on
Wednesday morning next ; agreed to, and
the resolution was passed.
"'flM"angamnrpw.uiTj" '
LO Grcal'loss of Propcrtu anii aieful de-
slruclion of Life.
The sale on Friday night last has visited
with dreadful effect the citv of Buff.ilo, and
it is wilh the decpest solicitude we await fur
ther intclhgence Irom that placc aud the
Upper Lakes.
The Uom. Adv., to which papcr wo are in
dcbled for our news, reports a fearful dcs
Iruclion of life and property. The gale
commenced ahout midnight aud blew with
tcrrilicviolence till4 on Saiurday morning the
storm was still threatcning.
Thc steamer Chatauquc was ashore. The
U. S.sieamcr Albcrt ashorc also. TheSt.
Louis made Buffalo port, having hnd ihrec
menand a boy washcd overboard. The Julia
Palmer was at anchor in the same bay,
south of the light-house. Shc had on board
3 or 400 passencrs. If she goes ashore the
lossoflife will be fearful.
The Wayne, Coustellation and Pcrry
made the harbor. The Fulton isreported
ashore at Slurceon Point three mcn lost.
Upwards of 70 canal lioats are driftcd ashore
auumber of which are half a mile offfrom
the cnnal.
riEr.s and wn.iavr.s.
The massive stone pier that protccts the
harbor is scrionsly itijurcd by many rods iu
length. The whole c.tlent of vlurfage from
the canal to the footof lllinois strcet, is in
many places totally destroycd. Of course a
larKeamountof property, salt, ic. layipg ou
the nharves, is lost.
The flood was hcavily fclt by the stave
Jealers. Shcnnan had 800,000 clrifted over
the llats. Harbeck had some 50,000 also
drifled up towards the Hydraulic works.
Thc whole of ihe lowcr floors ofthc ware
house ou the harbor have been siibmcrged,
and the property ihcrein stored of course
inuch injurcd.
immcnse numher.
The Attica and BiifTalo Rrailroad track
for a distnncc of ncarly half a mile from the
dcpot is completely broken up. Thewater
filled thc depot to ihe depth)of about fivefect,
but sudsided without doing any malcrial
dainagc. The company fortunately had a
car or two at the Kngine house al the Hy
draulirs, wiih which they were able to senc
out the passengers this inoniing. The cars
Hill not slart from ihe Hydraulics for 2 or 3
daysuntil the track is repaired. The cntire
Ioss sustain by thc company iu buildings, in
jury to thc road. Are, will amount to thrcc or
four thousand dollars.
But thc most dcplonible cffcctof ibe galc
isthe deslructioH of life. IIow many livcs
have bccn destroycd it is impossible, ns yct,
to ascertain. Twenty five bodics of raen,
women aud children havebceii recovcred and
takcn to thc Court House, for identificalion
liy fricnds and rclalions. The bodics of five
children in one wagon have just passed our
oflice. Sixtecn pcrsons, mcn, womcu and
children, are missing from WilKiusons's
Foundcry. Two scrvaut f,irls cinploycd at
HolTs llotcl slcpt in thc basement. The
side walk fcll in and fillcd tlic room with wa
ler bcfore they conld cscape. Boihwcre
i!row;ied. Thus far the number of dcad
asccrtai.ied is as follows :
Nine meti, ten women and thirtecn chil
dren, thirty tToinall. Among the number
was a inan uamea5mith, wholived on Elk st;
his wife and two rhildren, a chihl of Wm.
Nelson, Iivingon Ohio st., and Jamcs Smith,
whose body was washen up ou Scucca st.,
and was idcntified by h3 wife- Also two
fnnilics uamed Smilb, fourtecu iu all, also
a youii" inan nauicd Ploof, flj.M. Stalcom
and three children, rcccntly fron: Scnaca
Falls;amnn nained Mctot, aud aiiother
nanicd White, ho rcsidcd at Williamsvi.''e.
Thc man who kept the boat-house on tllC
pcuinsulnr, we think his name was Gilbcrt,
with his son and a son of widoiv Oster, were
a!I drowned. The boat-house kecper and
son about daylight attemplcd to swim across
the creek, but were swept dowu bythecur
rcut. Tliese are in brief the particulars o( this
The Ioss of property it is impossible to cs
timate, but it far excccds any occasioncd by
any previous gale, and must amount to many
thousand dollnrs. Great numbcrs of famil
ics have lost every tliing.
The Ioss is cstiniatcd to be at least $250,
Oct. 21, 144.
At market20o0 Becf Cattle, 150 Stores
4300 Shecp, 3140 Swinc. Several lots of
Cattle and 700 Swine unsold.
'rices. Beef Cattle. Former prices
were not sustained, and we reduced our
quotation. Extfa, 84,50 a ,75. First
quality, $4 a 4,25. Second quality,83,
75. Third quality, S2, 75 a 2,50
Stores. Two year old, 810 to 13.
Three years old, from 815 to 19.
No cattle were purshased bv the bar
rels. WOOL There has been but lit tle doing
in Wool for the past week and we con
tinue the previous reported ratcs.
Prime or Saxony Fleeces washed, Ib.
50 a 55 c. American full blood, do 43a
47 Do. 3.5 do 40 a 42 Do. 1-2 do 37a-
40 1-4 and common do 32 a35.
In Sl. Peter's Church, Ashlon-under-lyne,
Lancashire county, Ensland, on the 23d
Sept., by Rev. Arthur Hyde Hulton, Mr.
William Whitaker, of Middlebury, Vl,
and Mis8 Habriet Broaobent, of the lor-
mer place.
In Cornwall at the West Meeting House,
on llie29th of Sept. by tbe Rev. J. Hutchiuson
Benjamin P Wooster to Mrs. HannahGatea,
hoth ofsaid placc.
Also, on" the 24th inst. and by the same,
Mi'James M. Peck to JMiss Mary F. Lewis.
In Essex N. Y., on the 15th inst. by the
Rev A. Bronson, Mr. Jamcs II. II. Parke of
Whitchall to Miss hhzabeth C. Daughter of
the Hon. Samuel bhumway.
N. B. Particvtar altention paid to thc stlcc
tinn ofhisieal Instrumcnts.
Sainuel S Phelps,
Stephen S Brown.
Geo P Marsh,
Charles K Williams,
Wm Slade,
Thereupon the Ilon.
Have just received from Boslon, the largest,
mia4il?la!3?p & SlgSS1 assortment
of cloths, cassimeres, vestings and trimmings,
ever ofTcred for sale ia town, togetlier with a gen
eral variety of staple Dry Goods, GBocccies,
&c which will be sold CnEir for Cisn.
Oct. 24th, 114.
T?URS. BnfTalo robes, Fur and Fur trimmed
A. Caps, Mufts, Boas, &c just received by
OcL 24th, 18-11. BROWN & SHELDON.
CLOTHS. English, French, Gcrmaa and A
rocrican Beavcrs, Pilot cloths; English,
Amcrican, French and German tsvilled and plain
Broadcloths, Doeskins, frne blk Cassimeres, Ves
tings iSLc. &c. just received by
Oct. 1811. Baow.s- & SncLDo.v.
sortment of Tailors Trimmings ia the coun
ty, for sale by Brown &. Sheldon-.
Oct. 20, 1S44.
A Wovd to Farmers !
AN'fallsafiicient"quantity of produce wanted
such as Whcat, Corn, Oats, Rye, :Cheese,
Buttcr, live Gecsc feathers &c., for which the
highalprice will bc paid ia cxchange for Goods, at
the v:ry Imcxt price, by
"Ij'ur trimmed andoiher Caps for wimer juat re
Jj ceived and for sale by
Oct. 2ath. PECK & FLOWER.
Eibbons and Artificials just received by
Oct. 23th PECK & FLOWER.
j JStrayed
i From the pasture near the papcr mill in Wey
bridge, Oct. 23d, a bright Red COW, wilh the
! ends of her hornssawed off, and a litlle brownish
about the head. Said cow is about clevcn years
old. Whoever will give infoimation wheie said
cow may le fonnd, shall be rewardcd. 61
Middlcbury.Oct.29, 1811. R. D. FARR.
TJT)rm?'Q! S T)T) nT,lTT?"D ' s"c--eeuing gcnerauons, neucetne impcr
1 liUUlVij CSDltUllJJjltO. ! iousneccssityof cradicating it from the sys-
ULD respectfully inform ihe pub-
ic, that they have nttedu,, an es -
' tablshment iu New Haven, Vt., 3 miles
l north of Middlebury village, whcre they
j intcnd to mrtnufacture anil keep consiantly
I on hand, .1 large assortment of
i Edge Tools.
This estnbliiWiineiit is under thc supcrin
tcndence of B. Bro iks, formerly of Mid-
' dlebury, whose axes for tlie Irst 15 years
' have been held in vcry high cslccin aud
! whose long expericnce in the buiness, and
crcat cnre to keep up with all the imniovc
; incnts of the day, iiuil aided by the most
coii.petcnt workmcn, they are cnahlcil to
produce an articlc not excelled by any iu
tinish or cde. in llie Unitcd Statcs. All
Tools tnaiiul'uctured at this cstabliimeiit
will be warranted.
Merchants will be supplicd with axcs nt
tcholesule as they can he hougbt in innrket.
fC? All orders promptly nttcnded to,
which sbould be dirccteil to Middlebury
Post otficc, Vl.
N. B ISepaiiiiko donc at short noticc.
25 1 T. M. Brooks,
New Haven, J J. K. Unoocs,
October 22, 1814. ) Milton Bnoocs.
THAT very valnablc tavcm
stand owned and occnpicd by the
subscribcr in Rochester village,
wherc mcel tlic turnpike roads
from MiiMIcbujy and Brandon.
The accommodations are good, and Ihe concen
tration of travcl such as to make a desirablc pur
cbase for those who wbh to cngage in a public
house. If uioney is paid down, it will be sold
veryclieap. But if a part is paid down, roason
ablelimeof payment lor the rcniainder will be
rivcn. JOI1N TRASK.
" Oct. 17lh, 1311. SS
Rcuben Smith,
Iliram P. Moscs,
William Joslin &.
Kcnt Wright
Addison County
' Court of riianccry,
I June Tcrm
f 1844.
I tyof.V.ldon,al llie present lenn of the Cou.t of
Wlicrc.ia Uculicn South of Shoreham in thc Coua
Ctwnccry iieia :it .niatiieixiry m anuiortiic County 01
! A Jd f on" oa ihc sccoml Tucj Jjy of Juue 1844, by
I U. II. Eicrest U'n solicicor prescntcd Iih bill ofcom
pbint ajnlnst Iliram I. Mos, late of Shoreham
aforcsaid, now gonc to parlc mikuown to the said
i Prator, William Josl n uf Vergennes insaM County
ano Kent Wright of SIiorchiin aforcsaid, 5cltmj
fortii ti.'al tuc eJ'' ram l- Moscs on the 7lh day
of Sentein'" I80 beinj imlcbtcd to said Orator i:i
thc suai of Grdollara 35 cents, as spccificd in io
1 promissory notC of tltJt date, in ordcr to sccurc tlie
i pavment of aid mnl of moey, cxccuicd to thc Or
! ator a mortgage deed ofthc i;dloiiig dcscrdwd land
I in Shoreham aforcfaid, iz.boujded as follon, to
I wit. bcjinning in thc east Hneof thel'gway Icaditig
i eoulherly past II. Newell dwclling i'"sc in tiic
' nnnli linp ofOzia Sanford's north linc eishtccn rods
to a n'deof stoncs, tbcnce west liventv twe rods to
1 . . J- ...lt-l .1 " .1 Jlunll
thc east 1 ne ofwd Iiigliuay; ilienccouthwardljr on
1 the eaftline of jaidliishway. to UienLice of bcgin-
ning.containmgoneacre anu iony roosoiiano;
a conilition ilicrcto annexeil for tlie payment '( tbe
aid to"promissorynolM accordmg totlieir tcnor:
Tliat at llie tcrm of County Court for aid
A . f i.i,i:. u;n ,1,. .
ond TuesdayoJ June 18-12, tlie faid Orator eervcd
igainst tlie said Iliram P. Mofcs a judraent for tlic
possession ofsaid land in anaclion of ejectmenl, to- '
taoat M uoiiars ana ? ccms, anu oy v.rtue oi a
nritof possession on saiil judgment took potiiei'Sion
ofsaid premise.; anntlut neiiher tlic body or cs-
tate ofthe said Mosca being found, said writ of pos-t
session was rclitrued unsatlsficd as to sad ddnuges
andcost: Tliat at tlie lerm of tlie County Court fur
the said dutrict of Ailtlisoti licld on die scrond Tues-
day of June 1812, Harry C. Dcnnion and lleman II.
Crane then of Vergennes aforcsaid, and administra- '
tors of llie cslate of Chrislophcr Denmson lale of
said Vergennes deceascd, recotered a judgroent i
against the said Il.ram P. Moscs in thcsomof$25
44 ccnts damagcs.and 27 dollars 74 cents cost, aad ,
j caused ihc execution iliereon issued to be levied on
' .nttirvnfredemntion in said momraired nrcmises.bein?
theundmdcd six thousand lUrce hundrcd and forty '
nineelevenihourandsercnhnndrcdtli rls of said'
' equily of redemption, subjcrt of said suit in ejecl-
!!... ,K. IIam-, II rr. l.-iriirr iIiaiI ,n.l
lllClll, liwi mi. iinui. .......0 , -mm
nhcr Dcnnisondeccased, which had not alrcady becn
administered: and further stating, lliat ihe said lli-
i ram 1. Moses,on the -1th day of January 1811. ur
his mortgage deed of tliat date, convced the tnort-
gaged premisestoKent Wriglit of Shoreham aforc
j paid, to sccure Uie pajment of a certain note of that
i date fur the suru ofTSdolIara 17 ccnu. payaMe to tlic
said Kent Wright one year from date with interejt:
I and furtber stating, that neiiher tlie amount of raid
mortgage from said 3Ioics to said Orator, nor the
! costs of said suit in ejectmcnf. or any part thereof
' t t ..M (UtAii. rlTi..f ..mnll.
er things, that the said Hirara P Mose, William
Joslin and Kent Wright may bc deeired to pay Baid
Orator, tlie sum duc on id mortgage from the said,
Moses to the said Orator, togcthcrwith tlie said
costti in thpsaid suitin ejcctmcnt; orin deCiuUihere
of tliat the said Moscs, Josl-n and Wright may be
icireclosed ofall equity of redemption in said mort
gage d premises:
And whercas it was shown tn said court of clian
ccry that the said Iliram 1. Moses rcsides out of the
State,so that a subpocna cnnnot be serred on him:
It is therefore ordered by said court, that tlie said
Hiram P. Moscs be requtred to appcar beforc said
Court, at the lermof thesaid court next to be held
at Middlebury in and for the county of Addison on
the second Tucsday ofDecember IS14, to answcr to
the said bill ofcomplaint ofthe said Orator; and that
the eaid complainant cause said order, ?tatin the
suhstance ofsaid bill, to hc pubUhed in the Nor th
rrn Galaxy a new papcr printed nt said Middlebnry
three weeks succcssirely, the last of uhich shall be
at least tvrtnty days previous to thc commencement
ofthc said next tcnn.
public thtt he has re-built the above works
lately destroyed by fire, and ihat he is now
prepared to tupply his old custoiners with
all kinds of
Stovcs, Hollow-Ware, Slcigh
Shocs, Ploughs and Plough
from the same Patterns ns have hccn in use
in this section for twenty vears. .
Middlebury, Oct. 23th 1311. 2G t.f
Cash paid
for Ojts at his oldstand r.ear the Bridse.
Bronchclis orGoilre is a dissase re
scmblisg Scrofula, aud is Iocated in the
glauds surraundiug thc neck. Its com
inenccmcnt is slow and insidious. oivin" to ils
s(tualion bclwceu the trachcr or windpipe
anj s-m )Ut a3;t ro-resscs. shootin" pains
are felt through thc body of ihc tumor, the
j vcins becoinc cnlargcd, respiration diflicuh,
I and deaih specdily follows. As the disease
j isof ascroftilous nature, is is often cntailcd
, ten. by the timely adminislration orthoriffAf
' J'; s faarsj.par.Ua w.U d,spcl
u ...1....,..
pnviug the sccretions of thc poison or virus
that produccs cnlareincnt ofihe glands,
kiugs cvil, while swelliag, chrouic rheuiua
tisin, sciaticli, or lumbagc, ulcers and cutan
cous cruptions are rcmovcd by ils use.
For (urtbcr particulars and conclusive evi
dencc of its tuperior valuc aud clTicncy, see
painphlets, wuicli may bc.outainctl or ngcuts
The notcs and accounts of W. S. Johnson,
' having becn assigned to me, settlement may
be made with meat the room over the Store
formerly occupied by said Johnson, if attcu-
deii to soon.
Middlcburv, Oct. 7, 1811.
OF all poliiical panics will be held at the Tost
Oilice buildinc; in Cornwall, crcy week
day until a loiig time afier the Prcsidential Elec
tion notin divoising the incrils-of tlieirscvcral
candidatrs, but in bcin! astunihcd at ihe qnan
tity viewin and aduiirrn ihc various slylcs &.
qualilies woniienug at the clieapncss, and pur
chaiing Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockcry and
Jfardware, frc. A'c,
from astock that lns just bccn brought into ihe
niacc, coasiM.ng'ol every amclctliat is nscd a
bout tlie pcrson, in tlic house, oron the 0rm, at
such pticci as cannul fail to suit tiic cloest buy-
crs. iiicsegooisaieailjusi iroin icw ionc,
fresh and new, ihcy wcrc scleclcd wilh tlie great
csicarcand altention expressly for Ihc inhabi
tants of lliis town and vicinity.
I have not time not space to cmiiTieratc lliear
ticlesand prices, butsnllice it to saj-, l have cal
icoes and cottons fiom llie i.owr.s-r, np toa little
n.glierana inucii tixca: in crocKery and glass
warc, from an carthca milk-pan to a China bowl,
Another new feature
In this csiablKlimcnt is Ihat it is to bc condacted
upon the Ready Pay i'yilcm, so that casiomcrs
jey leave llie swre with their purcha.es,
will fcel at casc i:i thrir in llicir ininds anJ not bc
harrassed wilhllic Ihought "howsliall I pay for
inricunngs. n. a. i ne nigncsi marKei pri'.e
givcn forall kinds of produce and tlie lowcst ta
kcn for nll kinds of goods bonght.
't'nttiekuistnrn antl '1'uwusmcii, c miponr, cme all "
and look in upon I. C. MKAD.
Cornwall, Oct. 1811.
l!3 fj
) W. COLLINS is now rccciving from
linporlcrs and manufactiircrs, (not
from auction chops as llic raanner of some in.) a
largp lock of Fall asd Vi.tek Gooii, wliicli
he nill tell loucrlhin the Imeit, f.ir prnof of this
. -8iiuiiii( w wuuu . hmui pnrcs.
Yar(1 .;,c shretill", from C 1-2 to 0c.
Calicas from 6 to 22c.
' OQ " ,"nn
i AlpfiCcas li oin zac to 100.
Bcaver, S2 50 to 4 50.
Cloth and Fur Caps, SS c to S12.00.
O. I-. -i tii fii Sllirnr frnm 7f. trt Q,.
2g t g4 c ff j ,
il"s""1, .. , , ,
olhcr niticlcs roportloliably low.
JCow Ladics and Ofc.idemen, one and all, if you
wisli lo clothc joursclres ; idi tlie riclicst, licst itnJ
most f.uhionable goil5, this, pr an" other counlry
produres, vou will be s nrc lo cnf! at l.''e cheap cash
jtore in Cornr.ill.
gc.)L 2(J, 1S44. P. V. COLLi'A'S.
r T-r,-TT7- , ,
Q( n?'T,TTT NQ. IV U ' I '
111 I Vl I 111 l VJ 1 Jll )
I i JTT V A T? rP
-1 1-- Vlv X
ia now rcceiving a choice assortment of
Araon" nhicli will 1 found, Tig'd and Plain Alpac-
i.V V 11)1 II !M in: 11 1 I.'
cas UMIlk UIHl UIUC Ui ft aij'nres iiam .nu "il-
Caislraern. Silk. Satin and Fanri Vestinss. (some
Tcry nice,) Sheetings, Shirtings,Tickings, Flannels,
l-rocKings, cnawis, tnicej oonnci i ciict .ihi mir
bous &c. cc., tojetherwith a good assortment of
Hardware, Groceries, Iron3
Nails and Salt,
Which were bonght low and will bc sold at prices to
suit purchasers.
Call and examlne before purchasing elfewhcre.
Sept. ISth, 1S44.
THAT our friends from abroad may hare an e
Iqual chance with those who Iiavebcen watchin the
arriva! of our large stock of GOODS, we would an
nounccthatnc are now receiving, aud opcning the
Largest Stock ofGdods
cvcr bcfore oflered by us which will bc sold for VJ'
as clienp, iTnotcbeapcr tlian atnny Slorc in tbe
County, widioat cnnmerating a few leiuling articlcs
wbirh cvcry mcrchant kecps, snffice ittosay.that
lb Stock is intendcd to includc ciery articlc called
forbvourcastomcrs; the bighest price paid for exery
kind'of produce. WRIGHT BUSII.
Shoreham, Oct. 10, SU.
Tiiic Sliinjiles.
O 000 FiKt nuslitv V ir.c fchinslcs tor
sale nr ijuijwi:i.j.
Cornwa'll, Oct.ll, 141
Slraycd or Slo!rn.
Frcm the enclosurc of Sanfnrd Parl s.oti
or about llie llih ins-t.a Brown Horse with
-a ihort tail, iUpi'Ofcd to le nl.out laycars
. old. with riii.bonc cn forc foot. and one
AnA n Ti I. .,,.nll .tnr in lil fnrplipnil.
The findcr will pleasc inform me by letlcr
or t.thcrw:se at Bridport Pot Oflice.
Oct. SCth 1811. C WM HOWE.
NE kliWl ALi
Justrccelied by A. Chapmau fySon. The beji -Iccted
and rlie..pwt ?ltclv cfgoOdcvcr offcred in thii
ticinity. Such as
JIous de Laines
lUckftgured Luntftas
Chamdion Affghans
Alpaccas tj'c. ij-c.
Crcq)c de Laincs of tht most heautiful
stylcs and itrfcct fabrickst
all styles of vclccts. silks and JZibins fcr
Ladies fiats.
Forgcntlcmcifs wcarfBroade!othstCass
imcrs, JJoeskinstJ$eaver Cloths, Vestings,
StocLs. Cravats, t$'c.
c hare also rccriTed our munl assortment ( all ihe
Ptandinjaiticlcii in whirh wc dcalth retofnre and as
finc a variety as ctm lx fuiid in any Siore in this vil
lajc orvicmitv. Wc shall sellourgoodi ccnp.al pri
ces with which wc trust cutomcrs uili lcfulvatis
fied. A. cnAr.MAN.iVSOX.
Middlebury, Oct. 15th, 1814.
In pursaince to the ordcr ofthc Probate Court for
llic districtoflVcvr Ilatcn.lhe undersigned Adniinitt
tratorof tlieestaieof CalebLandcri Utc of Xew Ha
Tcnin said ditrlct dcccaed; Shall eell at public
auction ouihe Othdayof Sov. lSll,at 10 oclork in
tlie forcnoon tollic fiighcsl biddcr at tlie dc!Iin
houe of said dcrcnsed; consislingof altout lOoacrtri
of land, witha hoiue and tno Uirus tlicreon, a
good orchard, wcll tiinber and watercd, situatcd
on uliatis cailed -Milli Strcet, licht; llic fouth c.ut
part ofsaid New llaen. The pieiniies is iihjeclto
a mortgage mi which is now duo $9S073 to Thuman
U.det and nill Ijc Sold ubjtct to Krd mortgagc tind
being rentcd uutil thc lsl day of Aptil 18 15. AIo
nillbcsold at thc sanelimc andnlare all tlieier-
itoual eflalc ofsaid dcecat-pd not belore di?pofcd of.
lAIA.M lttl) U. rUUI
i1. ) Adioin-
New Ilavcn, October 12ih, 1S44.
Ladics Attontion.
Just received and for sale at thc Auclion nnJ Com
iniss onstnrcagrpat variet of Palland WintcrgootU
foi thcidirii oinststin in part of Chiutan, Aliac
ra Luiitrcs, Illackand ColM FigM Alparcas, lndi
anna Cashmere, a lirautiful arlicle for Chnks, Krp,
Cashmerc Aluilin Dvlainrs, lleauliful PrinU,
Shauls&c ccc.
Plcae call and cxamine lip fi rp pnrflns'ug tliif
hcre. Z. nUCKW 1T11, 4- CO.
Scpt.23, 1S44
Rieh Camtlion Slripe Silks.
do do do Plain vnrinus coFrs
Heary lilue andBlue R'k do.
Reautiful Ribhons a rcat variety.
2frn J'ine Silk Wnrp Jliwceas.
CamcUon, Fig'd and Plain Alpaccas,
Rieh Myle and at very low )iricc'.
Mcdoria Plaids, Tiesans, Crnpr C.'.usriPS
fj- l'ictoria Slripc: some very rlesnnt.
Cashmcrc, Muslin De Laincs and Print.,
in great varicly. s-uperior to anyihing over
befoic in lhi ninrkci.
I.adies Rieh Vdcrl Sf Satin Cratals, are
amoug the largc and txtcnsivc slock of Xcw
Goods nowopcninz by A. FltAyClS.
Oct 11, 1311.
LLrJGoods aro Lowcr.
The Latcst fashions and stylc of coods for
Ladics Drcsjcs aud Cloal.", with trimmings,
iuuchclicapcrthaii cvcr hefore knonn noir
opeiiinsby. A. FltANCIS.
ISods Fallen
Within a sliort tiinr, goods have fallen ou"
vciy inuch in price, in cjnsenuencc of nhicli,
A. FKANCIS lns Uoalit at very low prices
tviih cosli, a lar?ci!nf k of-oods ofalmost every
klad.and slvle, which hc olfcrs lower ihan cver.
Oculcr, BII.
The snbscribcrs are now reeeivin from
Boslon a lar(;c as-ortmcnt of dry Roods cor.
siitin;; in part of ihc folloniug articlcs :
Prints, a gToat variety,
Crapc de Laincs, cashmcrc dc J'cosst, M.
h Laincs, Parisicnnrs, aljiaccas. Mezortans,
Carolinc plaid, rieh Gala do., Scotch ging
hams, silks, cap and bonnet ribbons lich
slvlcs. dumnsk tisurtdsbuuls, strip'd taslione
do., Edinboru do., Chtnt xcool do., Ornc tlo.,
Caspea do., satin, plain and fringcd rtlcrts,
j pnnlcJ and colorcd Jlannclr, blaclc and fancy
pimps and fringts. blacj; silk frinse, curlain,
i do., mills, gloccs and hosicry, ndging, fvol-
tngs. A large lot cn iaiu uovcr.i.
L. C. handkerdiiefs, lincn ImctiJadicscraTats,
andhdkfs. ictbb brac-s, foundalion, pins and
nccdlcs, alpacca apron and crarals, morcen.
burlaps, brourn and blcarlnd ihcctinfpt and
shirtings, Umbrcllas, lickincrash, dnll,huc
abac towcts, tratclinc; baikcts, tcorslcd, girdlcs
Caledonia socks, Sx. fcc. $c.
Groceries, Crocfccry aud
CTjCalland CTcminc.
Middlebury, Sept. 2, 184-1-
Ciolhs, Cassimers, &c.
Bn.'td Cloihs, Cassimers, Vesticgs and Tiira
mings iil cvciy variety, chearcr than evcr before
offcred, at
Sept. ISth, 1SI-J. JSlliUJa.
Hootn Papcr.
2000 Pieccs Room Parcr with Bordcrsto match
at BIRGE'iS.
Sept. ieth.iei-1.
Gimps & Fringes.
Jlack and colored Gitnps and Fringcs, Paris
and Ivy Silk Cards in every variety, at
Sept. 18th, 1814. BIRGE-S.. ,
Cashmeres, Scc.
Crape Mus. D. Lain, Cashrccrs,' Parisicaes,
Bombasins, Alpines &c., at
Sept. ISth, 1844. BIRGE-S,
Silk & Wool Shawls.
Damask, Crape,KabjIe Is"ett& Common "Wool
shawls, al
Sept. ISth; 1844. RIRGE'S.
1,000 pieces Paper,
50 " Borderinss,
just received and verv chcnp at BIRGE'S
Aprill 0, 1544.
TfDST RECEIVED The Agcncyof Doct. j
Buchan's Hcscabia:! Balsam for Ad- j
dion County. At ric I
lurniturc for alc-
A Orecian ninh-gSct, Mahc gany and otWr Tj
hles, Maplo and Common CLairs, Iluredus, Wint
Liss and Freneli ncadslf, Carprts acd Suaw
Mal'iug, Hcartli Rugs, Matiresscs, 1'irds, Lo(.lirg
Olass, Limps.Sloves and Stoie Pij e, ifon arr
t 'roclcerv and all tlie conimcn nrtirlrs for house-kccp-r
ing. Inquire ol" Prof. Smith or Prof Stoddard.
Jliddlrbuo-.Oct.l&h.llMJ. 21 t.f.
; DissoIutioiJ.
; The Firin of Uusscl nndGridlcy fcs ihisday
dTssulred hy luulunl conscnr. The IS00K3 sml
! nccoiinIS mill he found with V. I. Iinssel at
I tlic old aland, wherc all iudclitcd lo ihc ln'c
, firm. are requestcd to call and settlc at tho
i carlicst possible jicriod.
! W. P. Kussr.i.
II. C. ffr.n.Li.t.
. Middleburr Oct,18th. 184 1.
Libcration. '
I do hercby sito Ucorjjc IJos, tnv snrt,
his time to act for hiin-ielf, nml 1 f hall clnmi
none of his cnrnin;;?, nor iay nny dchts of
his contraetin? afier thia date.
Lincoln, Oct. 19, 1S4 I. 25
00 bushcls Turks Islai i! Stlt
1000 Cuarse W'es'.ern . do
50 Barrels U'cstcrn fino do
300 Bajs VVctern Dairy do.
For Sale lv U 1UGHT &. I3USI1.
DUlrict of Addison. s.s.
Bc it remciniercd, that ,-t a Probate Court
held at iliddlchury in and for the Didtrict tt
Addison, 011 thc 21st day ol" October A. D.
Il-innali Piercr and S. WiTam Piercv, ciccutcrs'
of llie Iat utll and tcstamelit of
late cfSalUbury in said District dcceafed, reeent
their ailmiiiistmtion arconai tjr allduanre; It i'
titrreopon orderctl, tliat s.tid :icri.uiitie rxaini' cd fur
allouarirc, by saiil cuurt.at a tcssion tlierei f t:be
lirld atthe oilu-u of U. 11. Kcrrt V.ft in ShiTe
h:im in paid trict, on 'IIui-i!ay llie 7ili day tf
iNtitciiibcr next, at one o'cLWk. itt tli? afttrnoon;
and tliat z'u llxcci.tom girc notice thcic-of to nll
pcrson.i iiiteieai'dtliat ihry ntut apjarand rcikt
their objeclions if atiy thcj may luite, lollr al!ow
auce ot said account, bv publifhing a certified copy
of thi ordrr iu the Nuithcn! ti:ilas a ni wpn"
jxr printcd ntFaid JIiJdtebt:r)-, in eu"id lHftiul,
tlirce eekiiicce3?irly prevKns lu tlc time of s iid
J.S. IlUSIIiNELU npistcr.
A tttic Copy ol Kccorc!. 2.
Attcst J. i. ni'SIIiNUM. lU'gsicu
Commissioners Noiicf.
Wc thc snbscril ers, 1 eicg ap-ci:i!eu Ij tfa
Probate Cviirt lor thc Uiitrict ot' nldiM n, i:oin
lnisMoncrs, to rccoive, cxaraine ind aOj' St il
clairas and dcmanis ol'all fcrs'ins, '-ai:st iLe
lile of Cornwall, iu said Distrct, t'ccease !. rerr--innilvcnt.and
aUo sll c!i jis 'ri.l dtui.-ds cv
liibited in ofiVji tlicreto : .And C 1110111111 Irom lir
lst day of Oct. being allouctl by said Cwm fcr
tlut ptirpoe. we do iberclbre hercby give notico
Ibat xc uil! aiicm! to thc l.usir.css of our aul ;i
pjiniment, at thc dwelling house f ll.e itlow nf
thc Bisc-iscd 111 Cornwall on :hc sccor'l Thu
day ol Nj.emlcr ; nd Ma:ch iic: liom 11 nt- .'
rbck, A. M. until four o'clok, P. M. 011 eich nf
said days.
AuVun'aT Counii.ssr,
Dalcd at Cornwall th'"s lGih day of Oc lljj-l
Administratoi's Sale ef Real
In pursiiaurc tu tho ordcr f lb Prui-tc
Court for ihe Diitrict of Addison, I slull o'lcr
for sr.Ie at Auclion al thc Vermont flotel itt
Middlcbury.on Saiurday thc IOihday of Oc.
ucxt. at one o'clock in th: afleruonn, thu kl
lowing ical estate of
I.ito of Midleluiry deceascd, 10 nit:
Thc house aud lot of land in said i!iiliJ!i
biiry wherc the dcccasedlivcd.'.ioiiudrdNiTi'i
by J. Morrisoiii land. East by the liis.!.wr.
South by M. Cniininhniii's iand, n.r.i
the righls of the widnw of j;iid dcctaiia t.i
doncr in llie sanif.
The above salestands adiouriird lii .nftir
day the SClh iusr. al Ihcsaiue limc aud j '. n e
Wi. P. UL'SSEL. AJiuiuistraii.i.
Middlebury, Sept. Sfilli, bM. !5
. District of Addison ss. j'
' l!e ii rememljcrisl, that at a I'mbaH conrt be! l
at Sliorehim, in aml tfr tbe iHnriet of Adiisn
on ibciJIMdsy of Oc'of cr A D. 1111.
N. ncy .MefCanna narnc! 'airii ii an in
struinen't pnrportinr to l I- r ill snd test
moDtof TfllMr.iS McN:.
Lle or.WidiuVbury, i'i 1 '. . :- tdcceasrd,
pients trn san-: f-r ' ' ; ij thert
l'ureordcrril, ihai ihsai l .1 rm 1 n: ir 'r
cil for probate al a scsi'in 1 i 1 c ) r 1 c :
at Ihe oftVe of ihc I!cf.'ii-.-r ( ! nl re ;
dleb'iry onThurslay tbe 21-;! N-v r.'.i uex'
at one o'clock iu thc allcrnoi. - Ac th. : 1 ' t
Ihcrc.if 1 egiven to ;ill pnnr. 11 . -1 t
Ihcy mayappcarrind makc thnr fv 11c iI'm r
tbcy may have, to thc rroVi: a"oM '-ei'l
wid nill, by puhlishiper a ii:.d c , r t
th's order in the Jionlicin l tlfii .-. 1
iacr printed at .Tiddlc'.urv ir .i'.' isii-n -h r
weeks aucie sivcly previ'.us to hc i:.r.cu: a. 1
J.S.D-r'ntl R?K;,:,r.
a Iruc copy pf recocd,
AltctlJ. S. ISaihKcll Xrris. tr. C'.
Slate of Vermont,
District of Addison. 5 s
I!e it lemcmbercd, ibat af a Probate C rt hc' l
at Middlebory, in and l'ortlie District of .1 !div n,
outhe ISth dav ofOctolcrA. V. ISU.
.1ary inn Dow, Edminiiralri.x of Ihe c"x's
lalc of Gnnville in thc sUile of Indi-.na Cr
ccav?l, prescnts hcr petiticn in writiiiK 10 sa id
court, praying lor liccnse toscll the rcrd v-l..i . f
the said deccased; and iherrin scts fordi llie thar
gesof administrstion, thesitualion and valrccf
ihe said rcal estate and ihnt ihc hirs ofsaid es
tate arc minors nndcr the ag? of sevra yc- r--, re
siding oot of tlis stalc, Er.d ihat it is ccccf ;.ry !C
sell the said rcal estaii! for ihr purpose tf py
in; ibe cxrccs's of admir.b-Tf tioa and ihe su
portof satdiuii.or3, and that it would be foi tL
intcrestof said minors Ihat t-'ie saraoh Jdlw
solu: Itis thcrelore orucnd, that said retiini
be considcrol by this court at a scssion thcrt' ! tu
be held at the office of thc Pcii-ter of thK ct urt
in said iliddlebnry,onTharsiliy the i.Ist day cf
Jfovember neit, at one o'clock in tbcaficfroor
and that notice thereof be given to all pcrsuns
interested, that they,ra;yapi car and make thc r
objections, if any tfiey miy h-ive, 10 said lk-rn
being graiited, by publishing a ccrtiScd copvof
this order in the Northern Giikxy a ncwspar"r
printed at said Middlebury thr-c wceks scccc
ivcly prcvloas lo the time of s-iid Court.
J. S. BUSHNELL, Kegiter.
A trne copy of Kccord.
Attcst J. S. I!t73nsr;LL. Rcgisler. E1
THE Subscriber haiiog oper.ed an OOcefurllia
transaction of taw box nssj, uonld inform l1
I ublic that bc will be rcnilr to wait upon all ult
may Iiate ocasion fr his prufessional serrir at
his OIEce over the Slor of Ira H:evarl Psq. ss
fHrdoorsst.ulh of ihe Post OIEce,
Middt bnry Ian..8, 1S11.
Tacklo BlockF.
Onn ri' 1'rc' site a ftipiF"rarl!st, f-r solely

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