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0 Bilgej s now recciving tlic
richest, feest, and cbeapest
stock of StapleandFancy
DRY GOOI3S, ho has cver
oilered in this market for casll
onbr Sept. .18, 1844.
ZBECKWrTU & CO. would lnvrtc
. all their ncigbbors and frieuds to at-.
tend ibe exlctuWe sale rlch, rare, and
Fashionable New Goods,
goiog oo at tl.e Okl Stand. Tbey do not euns.d
,r ii oecSsary tospin a tons j-nrn. butwould simply
that if peiple antto geta little bctter art.cleat
a lower price than they cin hojr alhcre-tbey
aWj'',a,Swil CO. 1
TIIE stibscribcrs arcrecehing inaddition totlicir
pring Mock, a large aswvtment of dcsirable 15
7tn GooDs,viz: .
Alpnccas, alpinw, Indmna and Orleans
cloths, lunette Cape nnd M. DeLaincs,
Cashmere De CoSse.AflghansaUns, Auicr
Jcan and Scotch Gingham, Tartan plaid
&c. - M.DeLaioe Cashmeic and High and
shawls, alpacca nprons, broad cloths, uea
ver and pilot cloths, casfimere and sntinett
at all prices, brown and bleached cottons
very Iow, Prints.Bocking flancls fcc.and
a large lot of Groeeries
nf all kinds, very low, crockery. glass and
hardware, mcdicines, oiU and paints, lron
and stcel, fch salt &c.
Tlie above, togetber witli many, rcry many, arti
tles notcnnmerated, raakingone of the best assort-
r .i un;i-U rnmnionlv Kcnt in country re.
lail stores.which will bc sold h.wer than the lonest.in
cxrhanie for produce, IMmuev, ta.-n ui
crrdit A. B. Si 11. M. CHir-MAS.
Port Franklin, Bridport, Sept. 23, 1841.
ilmDLEEL'RT, Yt.
Mit. WniTCOMB aavingas'ociated himself with
Mr. Barstow.willfurnisha CotillionBandforall
r.alls, CoUlpon parties, 4c. 23
Tliis Lime callcd Water Lime
Tlie fubscrilier will now keep coastanily oa hand for
bjIp, rilherin catks orbulk.
Onekihi from liU quarrj. aboot 4 bushcls was
bumcd Ustjcar.ground.soldout, and used, and is
iroiloanccd KIRsT BATE. ,10
Ca,h paid for casks.FIutir Barrebi. 2 heads 12 1-2.
ll..adScts. 23 EZRARICil.
SIioreuaDi.Ricli'ii Mills. .
Via Kkiic, Ctllow ritts,Choaer, l-uuajd Mrfdtetary,
i:mnaii.l Burlinslon; leave Boston MONDA1S nr
mch a.k, 7 oVlock, A M. throasli to Barllnpon In two
Jajs, when Im intit5 with Walker& Co. r "J
trci-J Iavc Burlinpmi TIIURSDAIS of
n:4 o-clock A.M throuiili toBuston In two dajf, for the
acr. i!o.il, LoA;U.ip anJ raymj Wotoi, DaSU
OrTlCES.-lt Barton, at AilamsJ. U Ao.Stourt
tL, tart iloare. Ko.30 Ilsnover fctiDutnSton; , at Amer-jc-n
llonse, Amlh Side Squnre, mi at aU Uie Stage
S. U. Mirk rackse 'LEWIS EXPHESS
Cloak and Dress Goods.
1 Krnssp. GalenoR. Semendria. Para-
matu.Zenobia, Bjzantine, Medoras, A!pacca,Si!k
and Lot. Crape, aierinon, i-amasenue
ScpL 26, 1844! P. W. COLLIN'S.
.MulTs, iJo3, Bonnct Vebeu, Ribons aad V inter
Arlificiab, Udiesrcjdy made Cp,Ladie Girdles,
Winter V itu.l'jris Cord.Gimps and Fringes.Frcnch
Casbmere I'laidSbawU, frc. &cjut receiredand
forwteby 1'. W. Collisb.
Shoreham, Sept. 2Cth, 1944.
orciolhs, Cas.simeres, and Vcstings, in the coun
ty, n ill be found at
Brotcn ff Sheldon'!.
Tnrk's Lsland, Coarse AVcstcrn & Fine Dairy
Salt, just receired a STEWARTS.
Alpacca Ltistres, &c.
Alparcas Silk and Cotlonwaqi, Alpacca Scrgei,
Aliiacca Aprnns, and Alpacca Cravatt, JustRec'd
ept. 18,Jltl.
India Rnbbcr Sboes.
GenLiLadies I. B. Shoes, Sandals, Bus
kins &cat Bikce's.
Sept. 18th, 1644.
Storage & Forwarding
Vane on tlie mo5t reasona.blo lerms, by
A. B. & R. M. GMIFMAN.
Port Franklin, Bridport, Sep
tembcr tmb 1814.
Western ?o!ar Salt at 35 cts per bushcl,
Turks Island at 50cjs " '
Barrel Salt at 1 25. nt Port Franklin by
Sept. 28. A. JJ. &. II. M. CII1PMAN.
Slips, Walkiov SIioeit(iaitcrs( nuikins, for ladies
and Misse, CIiacks(and Iioy Crogana, for sale by
Shoreham, May 14, '44. H'riphl fiusli.
ACKEUEL Codfih and Talile Salt of
sunerior nualitv. for salc nt.
Dcc. 4. 1S13.
WOULD respectfully infonn the pub
lic, that they have fitted up an es
tablahmcnt in New Haven, Vt., 3 iniles
north of Middlebury village, wliere they
intcnd to manufacture and keep constantly
ou hand, a large assortment ot
This establishment is under the superin.
tcndence of B. Bao iks, formerly of Mid-
neoury, wdo e; aies ior ine lfst 15 years '
.... j 6" "itL-iii UI1I1 :
uhue long experience in the business, and
pirui caro iu ivccjj up nnn an ine impiore
inents of the day, and aided by the most
compcuMit uorkinen, they are enalned to
pro-lure nu article not ccplleil by any in
finish or edge, in the United Stntes. All
Tools manufactured at this establibhment
wiil be warrunteil.
Merehants will be supplied with axes at ,
cho.e;ale as they can be bought in market.
i s- aii oruers nrommiv hiipm,I.i .
which should be directed to Mnlill?hnrJ
Po-t offire. Vt.
N. B. UErAfuinB done at short notice
95 ) T. M. Brooks, '
New Hnven, i J. E. Brooks,
Ottobr22, 1314. ) Mjlton Brooes
rilHB Subscriber has taken n sbop in the
JL lowernartof the building occupied by
Harvey Wilcox, whero he is ready to wait
upon all who maj favor him with a call.
Having had ycars of expericoce in the lino
hn TpMs tnnfident that those who may favor
Mm with nn nnnnrlunitv to exercise his
J skill in these mattera, will not go away dis
' appointed. Perrect satisfaction gi ven or no
rLmix mnHp. Rnnstantlv on haud and
for aafe, a general assortment of
' for children and also
oferery kind at the lowest prices. Tho
hungry r.an also be accomraodated wtth the
KULUlUUai3U4 au vw... w j 1
for that purposc. . I
The snop has unaergone an enure auu
thorough repair and its proximny to the j
cooling waters of Otter Creek, and the in-1
vigorating,t)reezes tnaitoiiowiiscourseren
ders it a delightful retreat from tbe heat of
a summer's sun, and dust that at times ren
dersshops on the streetso insupportable.
He nopes to receive tne catis 01 uia u.u
friendsand as many new ones aspossible.
June llih, 1844. 7;3ra.
The subscnber would resDectfulIv infonn the
pnblic that he has taken the Tavera Standf form
crlr occupied by Joseph C. Huntington on the
weMsiaeui ine unuc. iu miuuicuuiv. uiu
tends to keep a house of public cntertainmenl up
on strict Temperance piinciples, and hopes to se
cure the patronage of all who ivUl be satisfied
with the f:r;t rate accommodations which such a
house can aflbrd. He has had much experience
in this line of business. and flattcrs himself that
by bis assiduous attention to snpply the wants of
tion to an taose wno may iavor nira wiui iucji
. . r t? .1 I.
Middlebury, April Otb, 1844. 49
Tho New and Etegant JBoat
ILL commencc her resular trips be-
tween this City and Buffalo in con-
nection with the facket, J. SU.uiuaii
ruuniug night and day as follows:
Leaves Vergennes,
Leaves Buffalo,
July 3th
August 20th
Soptember 17th
July 22d
Septembcr 30th
Ocsohcr lolli
Uctober Z3tn
This packct is iinisbed in a style tinsur
passedbyany Packct c.thor on tho North
ern or Western Cannl. Her Room3 are
large and airy, her arrangemeuts are such
that seventy-fivc to eighty can be accom
tnoduted with berths without incon venicnce.
An expericnccd Captain and crew will
spirc no pains to make a journcy from this
placcto iiutlalo pleasant. t-very laciiuy
will be given to Familics who wish to board
themselves. For further particulars cn
nuire of
R. CHAPMAN. Agenl.
Vergennes, Vt
JOY & WEBSTER, ? Buffalo,
Vergennes, June 13, 1844.
Wool Carding.
The machincs at the old stand of D. P.
Nah in first ratc repair, and the business
of Wool Carding will be coutinued on rea
sonable tennsandin a workman-like man
ner. C.L. SMITH.
New-Haven East Mills, June lst. 1S44. 7
New Store.
THE Subscnber has taken tbe Store iu
Monkton Uoroucli, rccetitly occupied by J.
Miner A: Co. and is now roceiving and opeu
ing a splendid stock of New Goods, reccntly
purchased iu New York and Troy, compris
in" almost every variety usually kept in a
country store, conststing ot
uni m u u o
Groeeries, Hardicarc, Crockery and Glaa
ware, l)rus, Medicincs 4 I'ainls, Lin-
ceed ff Lamp Oil, Cul y Wrought
Nnils, Ulndow Glass, Putly
CodFish, MackereL, LicerpoolSalt.
Superfinc Flour
which be intends to kcep constantly onhand,
and sell at 12 1-2 ccnts adrance from the
Verennes nricc.
He would say to hisformerfriends and the pub
lic that hc designs tokeep a good sunplyof all
the articles wantcd by the people, and to sell as
cneapascan oe ootainca at any otlierttore in
tne siaie ior vjasn, ana on incmostaccommoaa
lins'terms for other pay or on short apnroved cred
it. Pleasecallandexamineforyourbelres. The
people of Starksboro' and espccially thase who
navc Deen in ine naDit oi trading with c:m in
iNcw hlaven, are respecunjiy lnvited to call.
Monkton, May 8, 1844. 2
The best plow now extant; and wliicb drew
the pretnium at tbc plowing match of the
iMassacbusetts Agricultural isociety last fall,
iMoluiur more could be necessarv tnan
statement of this fact, to commend it to the
farmers )f this region. It has given perfect
saiisiacuou wnereverit has been tcsted. The
subscriber bas the above Plows for sale at his
cstabhshment in Middlebury and feels certain
mai u is a nrst rate implement ot liusbandry,
Middlebury April 9. 1844.
BROH'N & SHELDON, have just re
ccivcd a geueral assortment of Goods for the
season, including English, German, and Fan-
cy uiotlis aud Uasstmeres; Doeskins.Sweeds
Gatnbroons, 5cc.; richSatinand SilkVestings,
Calicoes, Balzorines, Lawns, &c &c, which
will be sold cheap for cash.
April 7th, 1844. l
CRAVATS. Gent'g silk and satin Hra
vats, Ladies' Crarats, Bik. Ital. Cravats: Pa-
teut iubber Braces, Silk Suspenders, 3cc,
iur adiu uy
April 7th, 1844. j
fHE aubscriber has been appointed Agent
for the Hartford Fire Insurince CourANr
Inr Mitllhtiv A i - i
P'oposaUforinsnringproperty againsl los. Tr
dniage bj Fir e. The long est&blished reputa-
u ui iuii tumpany, ano tne promDtneii.
with which all their transacliont havo been
ebaraeterised rcndsrit nnnecessary tosay any I
thing initsfaror. All bussincss eoonected
w,iU iiie mmcv inirusiea to oim will be fiith'
fully and punctually transacled.
Middlebury, Feb. 26, IB43 42;y Agnt
OjRcc in the Iioom occupied ly the Counly
CUrk, in iVhinvrighCs fcricfc Building.
Mnrrh.Ofilh 1844. 7'lf-
Still Cheaper and Later Style !
Tjvinv Hnnt brinps Goods Clicavtr.nnii
lof newerstyle for FRANC1S, which were
bought with Casii from first hands at 15 pr
ccnt less thanhave been bought on acredit,
and which are ofl'ered lotcer tnan cver, for
I nrn.llr KlVTI ITSOTl ITlShlJtl? to
rcAMewUifind goods and prices righU
i"1' rarfer.
Bilious, Remittentj and Other.
r.v wp.h Aixy beffin with vawnin e, streleh.
thn hanei. -laneuor, ciddineis. a
swelliru about the region ofthe st ouiacb, nd
many other unpleasfnt sjmtoms.
n Pner.ia' Coupouxd Tosiito VII.I.S,
... nnn at thn heat medicines iu the world for
the cure of tevers, oecause iney puige itum
hAv ihnuK morhfd humors which aro the
..nsp nipvprv tnalad in:ideDt toman. In all
cases of fever, four to six of the Tomato Pills
.hnnM he. lton v.r nieht. orif the symtoms
are violent, night and morning Yhis plan.if
properly carried out, will in a hort lime, ab-
due ice cioii vioieni aiiav-n. , .iUv
tbe digestivc organs will be restored to a healtby
tone, and the blood so completely puriBed, that
writt. n-pll a pvprT ouier uiseuu wni
be driven Jrom tbe body, and health and Tigor
w ill be given to tbe wbole frame,
!nr calo b srenli in all the Country towns
Price 35 clg. G. R. Phelps M. D. Proprielor
iirfrnr.i r.t nMthnnt wliose siirna'.ure noac
nrp frpnmnR.
r or saie oy oiuinr. iuuuui. """"""-'j
THE subscriber, at liis old tand
in the brick building one door
north oflhc Coort House, h re
lil wintpr toek from N.York
and Albany, out .of which lic will
manufacture and keep constantly on
hand or make to onler on snon no'
tice, the followinf articIes.Tii:
r R i n l FS &. MARTI WGALS,
Common double and single tinned and
jappaned harnesses malleablo tip l tung
Brass and Silver mounted coach, gig
and waggon harnesses of difTereut
style mour.lings & construclion,
Carpet bags and valices of
different material and fash
ton, French folio brass
rivited iron frame
Trunks ; Imitation
folio, and a Iargo
assortment of
size and quality of
bao- tnn and common plain TnnsKs.
ITT r-irriarp trimmin? doDe in a neatand work.
manlika manner all kinds of repaira in h'u line
done at shott notice. The abo and all other arti.
n hii l!n of ousiness will bemanufnctured out o
ai eood i'lock as can be had in roarket, and told
as chcap for cash or most kinds of prodoce ai can
be pnrchated in this Section of the country of the
same juai'Jy. Periomt wisbing to purchise any
article in his line of business will do well lo call
and f xamine prices and work ai he intends to keep
a large assortment constantly on nana. vi
ffiien if reauired.
Alioa pood and well selected assortment of Sad
dlery hard ware different Pattemsof Brass Silrer
Fine Malleable lip'l tung and all kinds of com.
mou ware, Coach lace Ivory Rings Curled
hair. Open and Round Bells Horse Cards. Cur
ry and Mane Combs, Horse Bruskes, Ncats foot
Oil and a good assorlment of V hips it Lashts.
Patent Leather Cap fronts and bands &c which
will be sold as cheap for Cash as eau be had th
side ef Troy. C. II ILL.
Middlebury Dee. 27, 1S43.
of Books and Pamphlets.
Consistuigiamonga LTeat
variety of other things,
of Letters from Ireland
Voice of Antiquitv. Ge-
neva and Rome, Gausson
Inspiralion of Bible, New
Tribute to J. B. Taylor, wbrld's Religion, Chris
tian Experience, Parkert Lcctures, SebT Cultiva-
tion, ussian's I'oems, veusters uctavo uicuon
ary, Liay's Algebra, riayiairs n.ucua,tierscnei
Astronoinr. Comstoek's Philosoohv. "Whatelv'
Losic and Rhetoric. Newman's and Jaraieson'
Rhetoric.Paley's TheoIogy,Hitchcock's Geology,
Wavland's Moral Scien'ce, Gray's Cheuiistrv,
Gray's Botanical Text Book, Abercrombie's
Fhilosophv, UUubigne's iHstory,t'arlornnual,
Watts and Select Hyrans, ilethodist Hynins,
Young Choir, Temperance Lyrc, School Singer,
Snuthem harp. Kitchen Directorv-, Church with
out a Btshop, Prayer Book, Principalities and
Powers,Joseihus, Jacob and Solomon, Barncs
on Revivals, Child'sbook of Devotion, Christian
Citizcn.Emincnt Christian Females.HowtoLive,
Pic Nic Tales. Hierarchical Despotism, Parlor
Companion, Romish Relics, Texas, Highlandsof
ttuiopia.junms iracts.u uonneu s anai, i-ni-nese
as Iher are. Historv of Ancient Christians.
Universalism as it is, Preachins; and Hearing,
Dr. SDrinc's ObbsraU'ons ofthe "Worldto the Bi-
ble, Britisn Poets, Life and Speeches of Henry
Clay, Milton.Christian jlntiquities.Sears' History
ofthe Bible, Wonders ofthe World, Bible Biog
raphy and Guide to Knowledge, "Wrongs of Wo-
rnen. foems. isouinae iwceienca, z.un-
mernian on Solitude, Jewish Customs, Chalmer's
Works. Universal Gazetteer, Xew ionc uazet-
tcpr Splected Tracts in nackases 25cts. Moore's
Private Devotion, ilamcion by Hanis, Danger
and Untr. jlaojonus ana james. lyoraeuus
the centnrian. Chnrcli m tne wuaerness,
pt;.nn;cv. Floral 7?io!rraphvJiman-
nil nn thp rmccanH in the Garden. Engush Mar-
Tales. .Also a eood
snpply of common School Bo'pics, faifT wxms,
N llas VTOAI S'flTlC KlfinL'C T I n 0 1111 L.U. AUA LT
dellible Ink, BrushandSpongeBlack-jngj Brash.
es. P.iint Roxes. Pink Saucers and Brusaes, 551-
verPcneil Cases. Bristol Board. Preibrated do..
DrawinsandLinenPaper, FancyBoxes, isit-
inir and Printins Cards. Perfumery, 5eidlitz and
isoaapowaers, uampnor, upium u,uinme, moi
phine. Shavintr. Casule and com. bar Soap.
Arraneemeuts have been made for ordering
any Books that may be wanted, dunug open
t or sale at tne rosi umce,
Middlebury July 8, 1844. 10
NEARthe Lower Mills in Shoreham,
62 acres orgood land, with a good
house painted.awoodshed and good
barn, with plenty of water all con
Tenient to work on.
Those who wish to buv chean come and examine
foryourselTev,andyou will find the land andcrops
as good as any ofthe neighbors,
Soreham, June 29th. 1844. i f.
Silks & Ribbons.
DRESS and Bonnet Silks and Ribbons. in ev
ery variety of style and patteto, winter artifi
cials &c. at Birsz's.
jSfept. 18, 1644.
TJ,;. Aav ree'd 1000 Ibg. Freah Confection
aries, from the Manufacturer, for sale by
NewTreatment ofConsumptio n
BucKSn' Hangarian Baham of Lifc.
Pronnrpil in London. Encland. and rec-
cornmended by all ofthe most celebrated
Physicians m Europe. aoa wnoiesaie ro
tail by RUSSELL & GRIDLEY, Mid
dlebury. Agents for Addison County.
Patent Iiaee.
Will be kept constantly on haud by Dr.
W. P. RUSSEL, of Mtddlehury, hc having
purchased of tlie Original Patentce the cx
clusive right to make Qr.d verA the same with
in'and for the Couuty of Addison, Vt., and
in .sscx uounty aiaie ui hch xuin.
The ralcnt Lace uas uow Dcen oeiorc tne
nnMti. r..r n mimber of raouths nunurcus
have bcen apphed m diflerent parts oi tne
country, and witn a succesa nevcr uciuib
equalled oy any reuuiuiu ugcui. Auuu.iua
well authenticatcd certihcates of itsbenefictal
influence in the removal of diseascs ot long
Btniulinir. mizhtbe furuishcd from this imme-
J?tt. tn nilAUinn tn thp atntpment
of cases and cirtificates of cures fumished by
Dr. Banniug aud others. But this is not
deemed necessary, as at the present time ref-
crence can be given to inuiriciuais wcnnug
the Lace in nearly every aowu in wo oun-
Phisicians have long felt the necessity of
a supporter diffcrently constructed and more
nerfect in ita atlaptatiou to ine numan lorm
than any that had bcen presented to the pub
lic. The invention of Dr Banning's mcets
with their general approbation, as it is de
sigued to relieve symptoms, and to remedy a
class of physical malaUies wnicn can noi ue
reached bv mcdicines alone.
The decent or msplaccment ot tne viccra
from relaxation of the abdominal muscles or
other causes tcnds to alter aud deraiige the
fnnction ofeverv orcanin the humansystcm
and in many cases this deviation from the
natural hcalthy position of parts is the solo
cause of cencral debilitv in Males & Females
of JJyspepsia, atlections oi the siomacn ana
lAtcr falpitalion oj ine ucart, apmai irrv
tation, Hysteric Hyocondria, Piles, Prolap
sas Uleri, Supprcsnon of Urine. The Bron
chitis of nublic speakers, and incipitnt Con-
sumphon all ot wnicn will ne mucn reneveu
if not entirely removcd by the use of the Pa
tent Lace, when their existence is caused by
Physical derangemeut anda mechanical dis
olacement ofnarts which can be readily as
ccrtained-by observing the form aud symp
toms ofthe person affccted.
This instrument has been examincd by
Drs. Mott, Rogers, Frances and Griscomb
of New York, tbe. Faculty or 1'ittsburgh,
Hartford and NewIIavenand has obtaincd
their favorable testimonv.
Application for the Lace can be made at
the nonse of the subscriber, two doors south
of the Court House. Patients at a distance
will bo vi3ited at their rcsidence if requtrcd.
A snecimcn of the Lace tocether with va-
rious kinds of the most approved Trii3ses
now in use cau at any time be examined nt
the Druggtst store of Ktissel oi Unuiey nrst
door south of the Post umce.
Middlebury, Feb. Cth 1844. 4f,tf
Hats!! Hats!!!
at Tnx olo sTixn a tew hods
THE subscriber would infonn the
public that he has on hand a large assortment of
black and drab Hats of the Iatest riew-YorK lasn
ions, which he ofTcrs lower for cash or most
kinds or Proouce than can bc bought In this
N. B. Thehighestpricewillbepaidforlambs
wool and itlusKrat sKins. j. J.
Middlebury, April 17, 1841. 5I;tf.
Just received and for sale, lower than cv
er before offered in this Market.
100 bls. salt in prime onler,
1000 bushela Salar salt, a superior article,
500 small bags, in perfect order.
Flour constantly on hand, first quality, war
ntnted, which will bc sold lower than any
other place in thb City. Call and see.
Vergennes, August 2d, 1844.
For Sale.
A valuable house and lot in East Middlebury,
formerly owned and occupied by Levi Smith de
ceased. The house is newly built, and the lot
contains one half acrc, and is about in the ccntre
ofthe village.
Part ofthe price must bepaiddown, and time
given for the balance.
Middlebury, Sept. 14tb, 1844. tf
Iraportant Discovery.
THE subscriber is happy in being able to inform
the public tliat he has brought to light, a Medicine by
whichSpavins, Uingbones,&c.on horscs
He knows that heretofore sudi things have bcen
deemed ipcurable, but now can be cured, and horses
aflicted in this way can be rendered sound and ue
ful. Good testimonials can be furnished from per
sons who have made useofiton their horeesand
aiways to their satisfaction Said Medicine is for
sale by the Subscriber in Cornwall, Vt.
The subscriber continues to givo Med
ical inslruclion, designed by panicular at
lcntion to indigenous medical Botany, and
to the principal practical subjecls of gene
ral Therapeutics, to adapt the course to the
requisites of those who intend to become
Country Practitioners.
He has engged S. Pearl Lathrop, A. M.
M. D., to instruct in natural seience, and
in human and eojnparative Analomy.
Cjentlemcn wliodesire may have admts-
sion to the Lectures given in the Collece
on Chemistry, Natural Hislory and Philos-
Midd'i'ebury, I7ec 20th 1843. 33;tf.
D R. M A R S II A L L S Aromatie aud Head.
ache catarih murr! This snuffis aupenor
to nnv thinc: vet known for"removeinr that dls-
99a. the uatirrh. ana also a eoid in tbe neaa
th hcadacl'e. It opens and pureai oat aU ob
struetioni.strengthsns tbe glands, and givea a
healihy aclion to the parts affecteI. U is periec
tly free from any thing deteterions in it compo
ition nas a piesent navor,ana nu immeaaie eueci
fter beiog used, n tereeabie. rrice sti !
eenbt ner bottle
Earh bottle contains abont threa times the
qnintity ofthe several kinds of Catarrb snutr, now
seiung ai a rawer pricu ana lueieiure cueapci,
u wellas belterUan anr uinr ot ihelcina in
Sold by tbe Propnetor Charlet Bowen, Mid
dlebury, Vt Wm' C.Simpton &- Reed, , Brin'
ley, -Vessrs, Lewis. Bostsn, H. Pbelps k Co. A.
B. tc.D Sinds, and others. New York. and by
droggirtf generally in the U, States b Canadi.
For the consumption oj the Lungs!
rTifin I J.nino trnnwn to maD
X 1 T' Jltuiviuw
cipient consumpt.oD.asthma oieren s
Bleeding ot the lungs, coUg,
comnlaint. and all diseases of the pulmon-
nro nrrrnnB.
P . t- fj: . A rnm-
ISalurcs own rrcscnfw
. VipmuNA. or Wild Cherry Bark ,
u: i ...m. it nvtrnr.t of tar. prepar
ed bv a new chemical process, approcu
-4 hv thn rnostdistineuish'
aiiu Jtl.umitii'M." j .
a nWicinnc. nnd universally aoknowi-
edaed the tnost valuable medicine cver dts
No quaekeryl No Dece?lion!.'AU puo-
lished statements of cures perforrr.ed
. - - i -- rrt nt?
this medicine, are in every respect ue
Be carefal and cet the genuine ui. tv is
tar'8 Balsam of Wild Cherry,' as srunous
imitations are abroad. co
frnm nnv Dart of the country
should be addressed to Isaac Butts, No 125
F.i'ton street. New York. KOSSJL ana
Gbidlet, ChemiVs & Druggisls, Accnts,
F. Huntington, Vergennes
Indian Purgativc.
rnrtHOHGH manv medicineslia e been
JL bcfore the public for a mu h longer
nnriod than Wriehl's Indian V, nlable
Pills, yet none stands now in hig' et repute,
or has more tapidly attained a . i n hold
upon popular estimation. The iiicjsands
that have used them throughout the length
and breadlh ofthe republie, all bear cheer
ful tcstimony to their thorougn fjjicacy ana
mild oneration when employed ia tho most
disorders 'which flest is heir
The theory of disease on which Wright's
Fndian Vegetable Pills aro founded is this,
viz; that there is only one ptimary cause,
of all the disorders that afllict the human
familv. and that is corrupt humors: or. in
other words' impurity of Blood. This
principle is now so generally admiUed that
it may in fact bo said to be sustaincd by
an univeisality ol opinion, tne tew uisseu,
ters constituting but a very feeble minori'.y,
It is useless, therefore.to discuss the sound
ncss of this theory in this place and con
The one disease principle being udmit
ted, tho modo of attack professed by all
practitioners bccomes the same namely
fubgation. But mtmy of the so.callcd spe
cifics nonr beforo the public, produce only
one form ofpurgation: they are either &u
darifie. catharlic. Diuets or expeclorant.
Wrinht's Indian Vegetablp Pills combine
all these properties, t aro ,lhererore caicu
lated to nttack thee lements of disease at all
points, and by a harmonious and combined
operation to expel it radically from the sys
tem. Their efTect is almost magical, and
is no less astonishing for its mildncs than
its efiicacy. Both sexes, and all ages may
cr.iploy them, according lo the directions,
without fenr, for white they are certain to
cure all diseases that aro rcmediable, they
never inflict an iniury upon the system
The perfect safety of the medicine is an-
othernll nnportant quality, anu one wnicn
has contributcd more than anything elso to
its extension and nonularitr.
In n woru, this medicine cnmmcnus itsell
strongly to the patronnge ot the pub!ic,anil
its use bids fair to become before long, al
most universal.
The citizens of New England are
pectfully informed that in consequence of
thcgrcat popularity wbich Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills have earned by their aston
ishing goodness, a gang of Counterfeiters
are now induitriously engaged in pnlming
on the unsuspecting, a valueltss ar.d per
hips dntigerous medicine, under the name
of Indian Vegetable Pills.
This is to inform the public, that the genu
ine medicine has on the boxes,
"Wrigbt's Indian Vegcta'blePills
(Indian Purgative)
ofthe North mericak College op
And also around the border of the label
will be found iu small type, "Entered ac
cording to the Act of Congress, in theyear
1840, by William Wright, in the Clerk's of
fice, ofthe district Court of the enstcrn dis
rict of Pennsylvania.
The public will n'so remember that nll
whoseli the genuine Indian Vegetable Pills
are provided with a ccrtificate of agency
signed by
William Wright, Vice President
and that pedlers are Qcver in any cnse nl
lowed to sell the genuine medicine. All
travelling Agents will be prcvided with a
certihcato of Agency as above described,
and those who cannot show one will be
known as base imposters.
The followinj bighly respectable persons
have been appointed agents for the sale of
the above named.
Wnght't Indian Vegetable Pills.
W. P. RUSSEL. Middlebury.
Needham and Dcnnis, East Middlebury,
P. W. Collius.
B.F. Haskell,
S- L. Spraguc,
A. P. Roscoe,
Munson Dean,
Shalss & Webb,
S. S. Johnson,
Huntley is Higgihs,
Ira Bingham,
New Haven;
S ilisbury;
S idbary;
Jobn SimondsSd,
Tupper ds Breakneridge; Srtrksborough;
vv.o.iirown, Aidison;
F. Huntington, Vergennes,
P. Fletcher Sf Son, Biidport.
J. Frost, '
Wrinht & Busb, Shoreham;
Jobn Simonds Jr. "
Nearing Scnd Catlin, Orwell;
iV. Uhipman cj-tJo. "
J O'LmINGDEY. Travoling Agt.
The onlv Office in Boston whore the Indian
Vegetable Pills can be obtaiued is at
1UH Trfcmont Street 198
Principal Offier ant) General Derxit.169.
Sprtne street, Pbiladelphia. 35: ly
and changes of Temperament.
witpb TPiint be adantcd to tbe flesh, or
there will be no proFagai.oa '--;-'-
-r .1.-
I The soil raust De aaapieu io
:-,-,. The cl mate must have
init which which W.U onite and
IsunsuuH'"- r m,t.ri,llv afTect-
Humin trame-, ii " --""7 r' .
ed bv epidemical or coniagiouj uii..
fhere be tbose matters floating In tbe e.rcuUtion
uCre IJW nvirirvinrr
' "nlty with those impurities upon which
have ma aiways feel secnre
whatever onea "J "B . ,
we may have it, but it will be the aflair ofa
day' "r lo, white those who have been loo wise
to use this simple and excellent remedy, eitber
Sudden changes irom noi m ."j
are unfavorable to health, and it is fact uni-
Sint St and canstant .wet weather a,e
both favorable to It. .fenet0DMt do no ts.g-
i nir whit we cau ti. it "".j --- , ,
be dysentary ; bilious tever. it may e nf
i .... Ka hn ir: 1 1 ntav ue -uiiow" i
U3j "V-.:a f IhBnoW.
thebowe&i it may beinfltmmation of ineoow-
els, it may be jnnammiuon oi ! -
mav be neivou. affection; but still itis disease,
and a disease curableby Brandrelh P'1'3:5
cause they rcmove all impurities from the bocy
all.tnat can in any mauner iceu "
progfess ofthe malauf no malter how called;
thus these pills aie not only the most pioper
medicine, but generally the only medicine that
necd oro-Jgbt to bf used. At tne prejwi ""
it is every mac'a duty who wishes lo secure hi.
health to use them, it is the duty of every one
f their health restoring
powers, to make it known in his immediate cjr
cle. For there are aome alarminc signs, which
tellof tho app.oach of diseases. The sudden
changesof temperament are more to befcared
ana guardcd against inanany cuuiaBi- .j
Tiie NrLHENZAhu left many in such a
into nr tnp that ihpro is in them a eteat
susceptibility to be affected by these changes or
ine atmosDnrie anu coniaKiuua ui........ ...
by the timely use of Brandreth's PilU eTen now
thia cntrriitibilitv can be in a ereat measute
ipmnt.,1 and nnivrr iriv.n to tbe STStem tOre'
siat these morbtd poisnns, and the sudden chan
ges in the wcathcr with wnicn H may ue utu i
in contaclduring the next auaays. iiaiuiu u
formed the bowcls lor the evacuationoi
heallhv Lnmma andif manwould but Use Com
mon ns. h wnnld lifce earc thev performed
this office faithfully. If the bowels are out of
order if tooslowor to fast, a ftw doses of Bran-
dr.th'a PMIa tvill hrin fhnm lo order. Ask the
man whowasdying from couslipated bowels
what cured him he tells you, Brandreth a Pill.
Ask him who had had dvsentary forsix monlhs
n,1 rn ..nH hrl railcct: he will also tcll
inn thn P.rnnrlreth Pilla cured him in Week.
So with other discaees. Tnelve Brandreth
Pillf, ruhbed down in balf a pint of molasies,
cured a little boy of an nlcer ofthe face which
nrtois had tried to cure, but
could not; tbe poor parents would have given
haUlhey were worth to have had it cured, but
every 'hinglhey tried did no good, unlil they
gave it a teaspoonfull of molasscs every day, in
1-9 a pint of hich they had rubbcd down 12
Brandreth pills; before the whole of the molas
ses was taken the ulcer was cured. .and yet
sotne foolish people call Brandretli'a pills qujck
medicine. It would be'wellif there were a few
tnore such quack meiinincs. Will all your
pretended Sarsaparilla Compounds cure hke the
Brandrcth's pillst Can they send jou to er
sons cured as Dr. Brandreth can? Can the)
point out to you people who had been helpl'-s
ior ycara from pilipsyani Sl. Vitas Dunce
who have bcen cured by their remedics. 1
they cannot, Dr. Branilrelh can Can thej
point outto jou a persn who for twenty i'ears
had never had a stool without having used mcd
icido or medicinal means, an j whom the Bran
pills cured, in a month, and gave Ium as heaUhy
evacuations.as he had when he was a child.
If they cannot, Dr. Brandreth can.
The Bbansretii Piuj not only cure, all
curable diseases, but it can be demonstiated,
that by their timelv use, they must infallihly
cure, In a vcrysliort time, Dr Brandreth will
bjing before Ihe public a concentralion oflhc
virtues of (he Biandrcth pill, both in the from
of pills, and in the fluid and then ho will explain
the rcason or the cures that must neccssanly
be the result or using BnAMDurrniAN Rem
edies, whether they be internal or external or
external. I have just received the case of a
medical genlleman, who resides in Shrrbrook.
Canada, who for twenly yeais was sorcly at
llicted with a disease, whiehcameoutin blolch
es and scabs all over his body This gentleman
so far forgot bis prejudiccs which loo oflen
cursehisprofejsion, as lo apply psrsonallj to
Dr. Brandreth, andh's course proved a happy
one. Witbin iix raonilis he was entirely cured
of his miserable and tormenting disease by the
uso ot the Brandrelh pills. This valuable rned
cina is for sale at Dr Brakdbeth's Ofliee. 211
Rrm.L.r. and 27S Boweiv. nnd 139 1 2 Hud.
son street, at 25cls per box, with full directions
Becarefulyou get Ihegenuinr; ooserio V"5
natures of Dr. Brandrelh on each box thrco
B.Brannreth and Ihrce Benjamin Brandrelh.
Lisl of Agents.
The following are the only aulhorized agents
for the Brandreth pills and Linamenl in Addison
Co. Jona. HAGAR. iliddlebuij;
Simon Taft. Whiting;
Sholea & Webb, Ferrisburgh,
Munson & Dean. Bristol;
B. F. Haskell, S. Everts, Cornwall;
Roscoe & Nash, Newhaven;
W. R.Bixby, Vergennfs,
P. Fetcherand Son. J. Frosl, Bridport;
K. Wright & Co. Shoreham;
Simonds lc Bircbard, Watch Point;
S. S. Johnson, Leicester.
17,500 Boxes of Dr. Rush's
Health Pills.
HAVE been sold during the month of Dec,
so greal has bcen their popularity, in conse
nuenco of the numerous curea they have efleet.
ed. Every person who ues these Pills recom
mcnds them to olhcrs as the Best Medicine
they have evor taken so gentloin their opera
tion. and sosure in iriving relief.
Itis now concededby the most eminent of
tbe medical faculty, that the stomach is the
seat or fountain of all disease; that itis, asil
were, the centre from which proceed all Ihee
vils produced by forcign or irritating causes.
and which from thence spread lo every part ol
tbe animal system.
The proper mode ofcure. therefore, is to at
tack the citadel in which the disease entrench
esitself, and no combination of medical agents
has yet been discovered so cfficacioos for this
purpose as the preparation of the late Dr Kush
anrl uMH-frnm thn nnivernal SUCCeSS attend-
ing their administralion, during a practice of
nearly ha.'f a century, were siyiea ni iui...
hld HIth Pill" Their irreat virtue is that
Ithey arrest disease in IU first approach. They
are preventives as weu as rcuicuics . ;
will ventnre lo sav. that if taken by persons
when Ibey are first affected with symptoms of
illness, many ana many a case mai is euner se
rious orfatal. mieht be avoided.
ONLY 12J centsabox,thecheapeitandthe
best medicine ever known. Sold at the princi'
pal office 30 j?nn st. New York.
V: G. Dagzers. sole aeent.
W. P. RUSSEL, Chemists and
unggitu, ueneral agents for this county.
F. Huntington, Vergennes,
A. P. Roscoe. T. C. Smith. New Haven.
P. W. Collins.
S. L. Spragne,
Hemac Barnura,
Joseph Frost,
P. Fletcher A Son,
Hammond & Go.
missea do.
I Cyprus, and Palm leaf Bonnets, just re
ceived 3t s:rEWAR,T'S.
AT h"t old staud, is now receiting
BfddltiShs to his slock of
embracing every article of
Tea, Sugnr, Spico,
Ccffse, Moinsscs, ic. ic.
That can be found in this market. AI.
so a larger variety of
than can be found anywhere elsoinih;.
wv. .wU..u tjnic(c
vicn.ty. cons.st.ng.n part of
rine App.cs
J Almonds
3. S. do
H. S. do
Cicily do
Shellcd do
Brazil nuti
English do
Box uaizins
K d
Gingtr preservcs, Peach do. Orange do,
Catsup r. T.,
And alsoacboice selection ofChewin' and Sna
C. RUSSEL would alo ghe notice to lie
inlabitanls of MiJdlebnry tliatbe will fumi'uthei
with good
at the same rate that Bour can be obtaincd by tU
1b. Also PIES aud CAKES can be had at
N. B Inn-keepers aod Groeers can be scppUeil
with all kinds of Groeeries that can 6c had anjwberi.
All orders will be thankfully received and puncttafii
nttended to.
Middlebury, July, 1344. 10.
Moffat's Celebrated Life Pill
Tbese powerful purifiers and restoratird
areas railu and as agrceahle in their operation
the gcntlest medicine known in medical
nactice, yot as Complete and prompt in their
effects as the most siifloriag palient could de-
irc. lhcy thoroughly cleansethe wholo tji.
tem, slomach, liver, intestin s, kidneys auj
bladdcr, leaving not all impurity behind to poi.
son the channcls of life. Yet they never prosx
trate even the most debiiilaled.bat invijunie
almost from thecommencement. No meilicines
in the union have acquired a h'gher, a firotr,
or more ext'nsive repiitalion among the intelli.
gcnt and respectable lamiliesol tne United Sutes
and none will maintain it longcr. Thert is no
quacktry whatsoever about them, for they aie
composcd of the best vegitable medicines known
to medical seience and of tbe best quality that
monry can procure from any country. Ilenee
it is that the propnetor has received, and is con
slantly recciving, such an immense numbetyf
certiGcales to their astonishing efiicacy. Thesa
ccitificates piove that they rapidly and com
plelely cute allderangements ofthe digestive
anu bili.ious ru.tcTlo.vs.coSTivEKESs, piles.
dyspepMa, acule and chronic rheumjtism.aslh
ma, bronchitis, iaundice, billious and serous
loosnest, loss of appelite, fleih, and spirits, erup-
tive and scorlulous diseases, salt rheum,erys:p
elas,s:urvy, dropsy, fever and ague, head-ache,
fullncss of blood in the head, palpitation ofthe
hcart, worms, rheumatie colds, general disttesi
and dcbility, night sweats, quinsy. soio thioai,
seltlrd pains in the back, joints, side and limhj,
and evea the most complicatcd malcdies inverj
idvanced siages, and of invetcraie otistinacy.
Their price pu's them within the reach of ihe
afuicled ofall classes, and being purely vegiu
ble, they requneneitherconfinemrntnorchange
ofdiet. Every family aud individujl sliould
kcep them ready for use. Prepared andsold,
wholesale and relail, ly Dr. W. B. MOFFAT.
335 Broadway N. Y.
Wright & Rush, Shoreham. Vt. Agcnls.
Russel & Gridley, Middlebury, Yt.
bels and wrappers of Aloffal's Life Pilb and
Phcenix Bittcis aie now printed from vety fine
engraved plates. similar to the rheck-nuik to
bank notes that the wrappers are wh e on tlie
genuine medicine not ycllow. 1 ichan
should aiways break open a packagebi weiur
chasing,and in the Good Samantan.acc iipany
ing, they will 6nd a full drscrinplio of ' e new
dress for these cxccllint miiiicinis. Vhvais
examino well Ihe label on the x ofpillia'fuie
you purchaso. 1 5
200 paini thickand thin, sole Lcallicr.upprr Icaiii
er, and calfkins, for sale by Wright i liUH.
AN invaluable family medicine.
Recommendcd by the Medicul Facu!lt.
For Rheumatism, Gout. Sprains, Bru-e.
Cramp, Limeness, Pain in Ihe side, back, and
Loins Chilblain. Felonn fresh wourrf.-. Bims.
Sjcalds, Freezes, Ague, Nervous. Heat'ache.asd
all cases of
JExtcrnal lvjunj.
It strenglbens ar.d invignrates the nei.
gives elasticity lo the joints promoles a heal'by
circulatinn of the blood, and imparts strenh
to any part of the sysiem wbich may hare becii
weakened by sed-ntary t.abitsor disease.
It is impocsible to preient to the publ'c all tbe
evidence which the proprietors possess of Ibs
virtues of this Liniment. .Many families leef
it constantly by them, believing it to be the W:!
remedy in use for diseases tequirirg exterul
Ireatment. The goo.l effects of it are truly on
deifuland altogether superior !o anything tUa
ever discovered.
This Liniment is not only beneficial tolhetn
man system but, is the best article that can be
used for horses that have been galledprainrd o;
bruised, and for stifTness and swelling of lle
joints, scalches, wmd.galls, fresh wounds
The otiginal and genuine is prepared only kj
T. SEAVER & SON Druggisls, WalpoteN. H
OBSEUVE Every bottle ofthe genuine will
avethe signuturc ofthe proprietors on tbe in
side wrapper. Each bottle and eal ijstamped
and enclosed in a blue wrappfr on w hico b a rtJ
label. Price 25 cts per botlle. .
For sale in JUiddlebury only by Russel & Gntf
ley, also bv W. E. C. StoJdard. Rutland, V.
Winslow, Pittsford; Warren and Bliss.Brandpa.
Huntly & Higgins. Salisbury, A. P. Roscoe, Iw
Haven, F. Huntington Vergennes, and bydroj
gists and merehants generally. 23;!
WOULD inform their palrons and the public
generally, that tbey,have renewed their lease o.
the manuractnriDg5lblhn.eBt ofthe M.ddlc
bury Maufacturing Co. for a term-of years
withadditionalfacililiesfordoingbnsiness. The
rte aUo Sg some valnable additioos f o thM
finishing nacbinery and improvemenls, gene-.
rTlIv intending t'' ' produce a
,fMods suitable for tbe Worthy Soni"of the
GreerrMouctain Slate and lheiri.Neigbbors on
u. ODDofite side of tbe Lake.
mT.. cin receive! Wool to manufacture on
shares or by the yard and will keep an xtcDSivj
rtment of &
exebangefor Wool, or adyance pn iVoolJfft bJ
manuiiciuic. . - -
grateful acknowledgmenU to their palrons wr
' not he wanling to meril their fullest contdene -i
ptpTERM3 adapted to the TIMt.
Middlebury, May 29.

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