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The northern galaxy. (Middlebury, Vt.) 1844-1848, January 04, 1848, Image 1

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-. $200
ftl 75
illa'e mbscriberf, c
Mafl Sub?cr;bcr.vhhm .he State,
If not paia w'"" ' Siate,
nUU subacribers o"'Ve.Bh0 t.
2 00
lJ!l75Ji.CnotP;aid whU. the year. a
''" . .. i. f Pn.iriclers
wfii. or P;rean7aentcd to bj tbe propr.e
othenviso allowed exrept asteaic
tor. . . ,, ke nddrcssed totbcedi
AI commnnicatiom must e nu
, . r,. nnunint
Kaltu Hott has a pieasaui , - .
1 T.v-.,;f Thcre is something m this
rvav OI - . . ..i.f
.W of ta that reniinds one irrcsistibly of
Southwcll, and that set. Exr.
In r Tallcy that I know
Thcre are mcadcwsslopinglow,
Thcre thc fairest flowersblow,
And tbe brightest watcrs now,
AU screne;
But tbe swcctcst tliing to sec ;
lf you ask tlic dripping tree,
Or thcharvest hoping svrain;
Is thc Rain!
Ali, tbe dwcllers of tbe town,
How they sigh,
How ungratcfully tlicy frown,
Whcn the cloud-king shakes liis crown,
And tbe pcarls corae iouring down
From the sky !
Tbey dcscry no charm at nll
Where tbe bparkling jcwcls fall,
And each moinent of tbe shower
Seems an bour!
Yct thcrc's something vcry f wcct
In thc sight,
Whcn thc crystal currcuts mcct,
In thc dry and dusty strect,
And thcy wrcstlc with the hcat,
ln tbcir might!
While thcy cem to hold a talk
With thc stuiies along thc walk,
And rcmind ouc of thc rulc,
But in that quiet dcll,
Krcr fair,
Still thc Lorddoth all things well,
AVbcn his clouds with liWmgs swcll,
And thcy breaka brimming shcll
Thcre the showcr hath churm',
Swcct and welromc to thc fanns,
As tlii-y lislcn to iu voice
And rejoicc !
Seci:iok from the fm rteu or Hoiic
Yesterdavaucrnoon, thc nd Picsbyterian Church
inthUutv was thronged with a Iargc co.igrega
ti,,to wimess thc pnb'.ic scccs'ion from the
.l,M!omc,ofahirge nuinl'cr of t.cnnan
lioman CatholU-s. who liaie for some wccks past
1..-CI1 orshiping in Wa-hingtou llall,
Tne vciicraMc Dr. Mfilcdoler and KcvM I'tffc.
,r Tappan of New York, were prcsent as a delc
vntion f.om thc Amcri.an l'roteMant Society.
iacStll.len ou;.udthc,..mr.U Vcws of the
ci.nrch. an-i with ih.-ir fjn.ilie- and friends m at-vrt-rc
nuout in nuniber. After an
eanicst a.ldrc from Mr Ci'i l.nian. i:i r.nB!is!i.
and imotlKT froia.i r.- i.Cy -ihctu-1 lion.i-h
j.rie.t tbe scmhri i.p nnd g.-.v thfir rni.li
1,IC Hfnt to a frma! mto i .tion of tl.c Church
of Komc, nnd exp-.csi.: tiuir u U.iitoni.f tbc U-ad-i:,L'
iloolriiics of thc l'i iiK-ti.nl fnith.
Onooftbefifr.- eilit-Hiiit-r-. imhc name of
ihr rct. nrci-iutd a Gnuun BiWc tirtlicir pa-Tor
r.ml re-civcl fu'in liim a j.h-iVtf
tlmt bc
i.i,-acli notbin- 1-ut thc tnttii - thcrcin oiitan.-.l.
i'hc wrvii-eAwhicli pnitr.i. tcl and iin-
prcs-ivc, wcre doscil lv an a.lilrc
tdolcr. and thc Apo-toiic bcncdi.-t'
fi..m Dr.Mill-
on in ticrman
bv biiu.
3-vThcrc"are onehundrcd nndtwenty convicts
inTlic Michisnn Statc prion. A7ify-5ir nf ihcm
came thcrv dircctlv in tonscuucncc 'of hitmna
ancr Kvcrv fourtli onc ha lccna Jtumstllcr.
i:crr cipbtii onc has bccn a JitilUr or conncctcd
witha ditillcry!
Ti.it fWv U mnkin!r ranid nro'rrcss in thcannre-
. ,:r:A!.i.J
from a naper not hcrctoforc notcd for its oj.posi -
.: 1 -..rv TIuti- is a Hki-noss in it:
Thk Sijive 1'owkr. Uut hcrc wc wisli to ask
n uu.tinu of both Whiss and Democrat': Suii-
yce nwill icrtainly 1 thc cac that slavchol-
ler with thcif -lavc-movc into any tciritory r.c-
Hiirc.1 West ol tbc llio tjnindc, do thcv Ivclicvc
ti,attlicseMave-iiouici- iu..oi.m.u a cs
and institutc slavc institutioiwherc ? Hothcy be -
licvc that the Con-mtution of Jlcxico and the dc -
clarationsoi ine ouiiremc .umi uutu icr iu
iirevent such a rcsult ' V do nnt. On thc con-
.' .. M-,m. that on anv tcrritorv witbin tbc
terras ralicntas (warm lands) sbivcry" w ill bc inti-
tutcd.if acrjuircdby tbc Uuitcd Statcs. Tbc lavc
tttatcs bavc dcclartd tbcir rigbt to do sc and the
nuic ui j.u........ . ...,
NT.,.c T in fsl.lYChol'lm!' StiltCS liavo nimut
..Uvvw. - -r, . --. ----- -- .j-
, .i . .. r ,i n
Tlicv makc cxccllcntJIaikctlloasDmcctinijs, and
lioll ; but ' one
t in tbc Govern-
ronnt grcat numlicrs on l cnus li
nn1.,,i titman ismorc notcnt ii
mcnt of this Union than all of thcm put topethcr.
Thc intclhgent, strong-nnnded -ristocrat m the
Soutli ucs. and has alwavs uscd, in all time, thir
very jxilriotic iifipttlses to toll the multitnde in wbat
cver dircction he p'.cascs. lf territory is takcn
wbcrc cotton and sugar ivil! grow, slavery will go
on it, and sbive Statcs arie. Cin. Chromch.
Thc 'Washington corrc-pondcnt ofthe Balti-
morc Amcrican has sccn a lettcr from Gcn. Tay-
toit m refcrence to thc l'rcsidcncy, which dispcls
altogcthcr the idca that thc Gcncral will dcfcr for
Mr. Clat, or submit his claims to a H7.iV; Xation
al Convention. Thc writcr ?ays :
It is important in this particular, tliat Gcn.
Tavlor rcgards himself as alrcady nominated bya
portion f thc pcople, in tbcir primary asscmblfcs,
.uiu inai ne rcijarus mmsnj us iuiwuj wmmiuw uy u. mu imags gie us euuer the
ctmA nomiitations. Thc peoplo are at lilierty, hc 1 bnde or hcr portion; for ccrtain reasons it is
says, tovote for him or not, as they think best, but, hnmatcrial to us, and morcovcr no onc shall
he shall notdeclin' not cven in favor of Mr. Clay, know your decision "
as has becn suggcstcd, thongh lclieving most sin- The" bridcMrmrmi rlld -nM i v !
ccrely,thatmam-bomheconIdname',Mr. Clay ilJ'toiS&ja' Tgl
amoug thc numbcr, arc far lettcr fitted than him- 11 ' r hC wm5Pc"'l "Takc the
sclf.toperfonnthedmicsofthehighofficeofPres- t,. vt-r c
idcnt ofthe United States." Jn. the twinkiing of an cye thc soldier seiz-
Somefolks may like this Roagh-and-Hcadv. or ! ed his son-in-lawby the neck, shook liim vic
rather rough- and tumblc, uay of getting nbmi- Icntly and exclaiined with a thundering voice
natcd for tlie PrciJcncy; we dout, cxactly. lf' "Ha ! vilLtin ! so mv conjccturc was not un
Gcn, Tavlor shall ia good faiih submit his claims i founded, that you carcd nothingfor mv dau"h
to a hij, Mtional Convcntion and rcccivc its ; ter, but merely for hcr fortune 1 Ileavcn'bc
batSuielcstwecaiielectibuthereheplainlvrcI.ry ,n -ur atchcsl know tlien,
pudiatcs the arbitrament of an v Xationat Con'vcn-! navc' le man TTho marned you was no cler
tion or othcr tribunal, and avows his dctcnnina- 'Inan hc was abrothcr soldier in priijjt's at
t:on to run at all evcnts and at all hazards. IIow rC'Jm" gentlcmen are no highwayruen,
this comport-; with thc expressed opinion that Mr. i fnends who have done me the service of
Clay and othcr Statesmcn aro better fittcd for J provingyou. I shall return hoine with my
President than himself, lct his admirers say. Uow daughter and mv monev, and yoa may tro to
qocs he know that one of these confesiedly more London orthe'devil lfyoub1cp
eapU. atn nuy nct be msre pof ako ? j TTith these words hs transplanted the at-
Volume XII.
Ayoung Englishman, from gaming, loTe
affairs, and othcr sucli gold-scattering enjoy
ments, liad so ncarly reachedthe ilregsofLis
great-grand-fathcrs Lercditary portion, that
ne could caleulatc the departing hour of his
last guinea. As one cvening he was rcturning
home from onc of tliose hauiits of dissipation
wHch hc often frequented, feeble in body aa
in mind, and for the first time in his life, cas
ting a Crm look upon thc ruin of his fortune,
he could not welldctermine whcthcr hc should
end his troubles bydrawiug the trigger, or by
"While he thus ivavcred betwcen the fire and
the watcr, thc vcry profound idea occuncd to
him, not to lay violent hands ukiu himself, but
to allow liim5elf to bo conductcd out of the
Iabyrinth ofpoTCrty by thc fair hand of some
ivealthy bride. A lth tliis consoling thought
he wcnt to bcd, and alrcady in liis nocturnal
iisions the rapid toursers ilew, tlie fair girls
frLked around him, botli ivliich he was think
ing he niight maiutaiu on the dowry of his
On the following moniinghe reflected anciv
upon thc ilun, and ibund lt uncxccptionablo
in evcry point cxcepting the Terj slight cir
cumstauccs of not knowing wlicn or wliere hc
was to iind the rich hciress he wanted. In Lon
don the world rcjrardcd him as nspcndthrift,
it was not once to bc thought of hc saw that
for the future he umst throiv his nct out elsc
wlierc. Aller much cogitation and scarching, hc at
last hit iijmn a rich old coloncl, Iiing upon
liis ovni estate, about twenty miles from thc
capitnl, nho fortunately h:td no acquaintancfs
in Loiidon, aul was the fathetofanonlvdaugh
ter. Into thc housc of t his gentlcmen, by mcans
of a frieiid to whom he promiscd Iialt' the boo
ty, he got liimsclf introduccd and reccivcd.
The daughtcr of the colonel was an ankwanl
cuimtry girl, with round chubbcd chccks like
Luben's clicrubiins and particularly cold in tlie
liand-iuc-tlowu attire of lier saintcd mother,
which did not at all fit her, and was not of
course of the fashionablc cut. Hcr mind, too,
was as attractive as her attire, she could only
talk of hens and geesc; and when any other
topic came along, her convcrsation was limited
to a -yi'j, ye?, or a'uo.no,' all bcyoud this ec
iued io lier to bo ti'nful.
This wonian's puppct was indeed a contrajt
to the sprightly, gay and liely murphs with
whom thcyoiing Britou hadutil this pcriod,
been toying; but hc carcfully confined to the
solituilc of his own bosom tlie disagreeablc fee
ling of hishcntcn and earth distant diirereuce.
IHs il.itteriug tongue calls the girls nllincss ce
lcstial innoccnce; the red swollen chccks bcli
kcued to the beauty of the dull brown dnmask
rose. Thecnd ol'the song was, be turned to
the fatlier, and sucd warmly for his daughter's
The colonel, during his M.ttv vears career
throiyhthe world, had collcctcd this much
kuottlcdge of mankind, that howevcr flyly the
yotiiij; inan had maikcrf himself, he could, nev
iTthcless, discoier the fortune hunting throuh
thc di.guie. At first, thcrcforc, hc thought
of pervmptorily refufinghimpennission to woo
his dRiighti'r: but on the otlierhaud, he thought
thc iiutli i fajhionabkvindiHjrhapsI mav be
deibg l:im an injiistice; hc as yet betrays no
nnxicty aaout tlie jortiou, anu wliy sliould tlie
jiirl who U niarriaL'eHble, remain loiijier at
hoiue 't lii naimcst shall be cranted but hif
appam'nt di.-intciX'Stcilncss wiall stand n deci
iie irial."
J he Kuitor was tl:en mformed that thc fa-
I ther had r.o obieLtion to the match. nrovidcd
1 .1 ..... .. i ...i. , .f
i.iu :iiiiucj iicr coiueui; auu sne, poor
imn;. n-juiciias in ciuiy oounu "Jly tatlici .
wiil is mme." Indeed could any tliing else be
expected ?
In the course ofafcw weeks the marriafre
ceromonv was performed at thc countrv-house
of the colonel, and he instantly made his por
tion. tlurtv thousand dollars, The disfcmbler
acted as tliough he vi.-hed to know nothing a
IkjuI thc matter, and solcninlv avowed tluit hi
had not as yct thought 011 meh things, but that
. . . """e 'l""""
lie nau i-egai-ded onlv thc channin
oi ius ciianumg wne, wurse imre scJt was
) Avar to him than all the treasures of thr
i World.
l'loji this they sat down to ilinncr, and the
father in law iir'ed anil bciJ!ied that thcv
nould make as much hastc as pos'ib'e, as it
was his intcutiin that the toun" niarricd
: 1)C01,lc al10uu et offl-or Loml01', tIiat un. af.
tenioou, and that he bhould
! tJ
1 .,., . , , . ,
. c"-
! J awfe so.'u? fxcuses about travellmg on the
! "t uay ot lin happinc.-s: but the soldier main-
i tained they.were l'utile, assuring him that he
' had reasons for proceeding forthwith to the
' capital, and that his matrimouial iovs would bc
;ls iven ivauzeu m i.onuou as in ttic countrv
, ll'l v - i , . J
i iiai was io oo uonc, wnv uic journev was
mimeuiaieiv unucrtaKen.
Thc old maif sccu-
1 red in a small casket. bafore the evcs of tbc
, .tlie bridcgroom, the portion of thc bfide, partly
m gW and partly in band notes, took it un-
dcr his ann, and placcd himscbTby tlie side ot
tlie young pcoplc m thc carnage.
The roail ran throu"). the forest. and scarcc-
ly had thcy fairly cntered it whcn two horsc
men darted out from the bniihwood, with
niasks ugon their faces, and stoppcd the car
riage. Uuc of the pcrsons watched tho pos
tillion with a presented pistol, while the othcr
aiuiixKicueu inecoacu winaow nnii snirt n
are adventurcrs; and rcqucst vou to rive up
instantly thc portion of the bride !
The colonel and his son-in-law sworc and
ranted, but the robbcr cooly insistcd ujxm his
dcmand. After some parleying, howecr,the
horseman bcnt tqwards thc young man, and
whispered in his car, "That v ou mav sec wc
: al niKt reasonable mcn, we leave you thc
tonished bridegoom, with a kick, fromttliecar
riagc to thc road, and ordercd the pos'tillion to
turu about The out-law -trudced 'bSck to
London, and had, while on the road theaifest
and best opportunity of determining jrhettcr
he should now usc a pistol or throw hirnsclfin
to thc rivcr.
Thc foundation of thc President's first, sccond,
and last War Manifcstoes' against Mexico bcing
thus withdrawn from undcr thcm, what is thcre
lcft to sustain any part of the rccommendations,
in thc Messagc licforc us, of a further and morc
vindicitive prosccution of tlie war ?
Uut to procceu: lne grounU upon wlucn tue
Prcsidcn: placcd the War, whcu, having got into
it, hc was obligcd to call upon Congrcss to sus
tain him in it, is, as wc havc sbonn, so far from
bcing solid or truc, tliat it is dircctly tlie rcvcrsc.
So far from Mcxico having invadcd the United
Statcs, ourl'rcsidcnt iuvadcd Mcxico: and, sofar
from thc war having -cxistcd' by tlie act of Mexi
co, it cxisteu o tar as it is possiuic tor inc uni
ted Statcs to be at vcar nithout thc consent of thc
warmaking powcr bv thc act of Mr.PoLKuIonc.
Xor, in our opinion, did it cxist without prcmcdi-
tation. lt nau becn contciuplateu as possiuic, at
lcast, from thc momcnt of his coming to thc Prcs
idcucy. The govcrnmcnt papcr, a we havc al
rcady rcmarkcd, had not licch in cxistcncc morc
thau a wcck bcforc, in thatmirrorof tlic Prcsidcn -tial
scntimcnt, the invasion, and cvcn thc conuucst
of Mcxico, were forcsbadowcd wc may say pre
dictcd in tbe eicut of Mcxico vcnturing to excr-
:ise any authority on thc banks of tbc Kio Grandc.
As carly as Juiic, IS45 Imark the datcl thc
Commandcr of thc Naval foa-c of the United
Statcs in the Pacific was dirccted to look out for
a war with Mcxico, and, ou rcccipt of tlie ncws of
it, to posscss bunsclt of tbc port ot ban i rancisco,
ou the coast cf C'alifoniia, and such othcr ports as
his force would pcrmit. IIc had bccn so instruct
cd cvcn carlicr than this: for tlic lettcr to him bc
gins : "Your atteution is still particularly dirccted,"
&c, to Uic contingcncv ot war. Longress was to
mcct iu thc IJcccmbcr following. Karlv in 2Co-
vember, thc Mcssage ofthe President to Congrcss
bcing in a state of prcparation, alrcady containcd,
as wc had cvcry reason to bclicve, a rccomincnda-
tion ot uostiutics againt .Mcxico, iu somefonuor
ollicr, on the ground of unsatisflcl claims of our
citizcns, of unpaid iiidcnmity moncy, and olhcr al
lcgcd gricvanccs. On thc Kth of 2ovcmlcr, how-.
cver, just thrcc wccks bcfoVc tlie scssiou bcgan,
infonnation having bccn reccivcd from our Con-
sul at Mcxico that tbc Mcxican Govcrnmcnt was
williiiK to rcceiic a Conimissioner to ncirotiatc
conccming thcMcxic-an boundary.thcMcssagc was
pcrforcc changcd. Thc body ot" tlie indictmcnt
against that govcrnmcnt was indccd rctaincd, as
tlie rcadcr will pcrccive if hc will takc the trouble
to rcfcr the Mcssage itsclf; thc rcconiincndation
of rcprisals, or cf war in some forra, bcing tlic
only thiug omittcd. A Ministcr Plcnipotcntarv
was scnt nisteau ot a (..oinmisstoncr our Govcrn
mcnt reading to trcat on tlic boundary qucstion
without mixing it up v.ith mattcrs with which it
had no sort of conncxiou and thc correspondcncc
ociwccn our .mmsicranu tne -vicxican autnontics
was still going on whcn thc army of Gcncral Tat
i.ob was, as if for the tniroose" of prccitiitatin.jr
evcnts, marchcd from Coqius Chrisli to tlie llio
oranac. -oout uie same timc,ns wc know lrom
the Prcsidcnt's Mcssage of hist ycar, he was him
self in secret negotiati'on with tfie cxilcd Jlilitarj-
Chicftaiu, Santa AxxA.for hat nrccise nurpo-e
can only hc infcrrcd from thc fact, that the day
aftcr tfie icar was dcclarcd to cxUt. dircctions were
givcn to our vcsscls of vrur to allow him to pass
into Mexico. All thcsc concnrriiigcircumstanccs
show that war was prcmcditated by thc President.
Ihc war miglit Iiavc bccn nvcrtcd by Jwxicos
ngrceing to sirrendcr to the United Statcs Cali
foruia aud n boundary on tbc llio Grandc, wc do
not itoiii.t; nor uo wc boulit that thc President
and his Cabinet hnvc bcen willing. cvcr sincc tbc
war bczan tocnd it v.hencvcr Mexico would n-rrec
to surrcndcr to their dcmand all of her tcrritorv
that they hac FCt their hcarts on : and that this
is what thc Prcsideut mcans whcn he speaks of
-conqncnng a peacc. JJtit we Iiavc still Icss
doubt that thc original object of this war. nnd the
solc truc cause and motire ofit, was Co.no.cest,
or, in othcr words, thc cocrcion of Mexico to sur
rcndcr territory which Mr. Poi.k anibitioncd the
e lat of -Jiinexing" to tbe United Statcs. Mr.
Sccrctary Bancuoft, in a lettcr of intruction to
Coiumoilore hLOAT,(thcn commandin'r iu thc Pa
cific) on the 12th of July, 184C two months aftcr
the war was lcgalizcd Ly Congrcss vcry franklv
discloseil this fact. -J'ie ou-jixt of the Citiletl
Slates," said hc, -s ttnder its righls as a Mlicrent
nation, to ros-ESs iisklf etkrxally of ljjer
Cnlijbrnia." And, further. said Mr. Banckoft.
'The oly'ect ofthe United Statcs has refcrence to
ultimate peacc with Mexico ; idtitnatr, oliscrve ;
IHjsscssion of hcr covctcd territory tcing thc ;en
u'lunatc object ; and if, at thc peacc, "the basis
ofthe uti pusmlrhtis thall bc cstablishcd, the Gov
emmcnt cxpcct.s through your fonx'S, to le rorxi)
in icTfAi. i'0-.r--ii)N- vf t.wr Calijonna.
Tbe President declarcil to Congrcss, it is truc
in his Mcssage of last vcaK that this war witli
Mcxico had not bccn waged in a spiritof conqucst.
v oiiui any one f uppoc. witu thcsc instrucuons
to cur avul LommaiiUcr, nnd corrcstmnchnK m
stmctions to our Military Coinmandcrs. that he
undcrstood the import of this disclaimer? Xo
onc can at lcast misundcrstand tbc purport of his
prcscnt Jlcssagc, breathing, as it does, nothing
but war, a Conqncror's peacc. or the altcmative
of the nnnihilation of Mexico.
Xor does thc President seem to undcrstand him
self m nnothcr rcspcct anybctter than hc did whcn
hc disclaimcd nny purpose of conqucst in thc
prosccution ot tue war with JLcxico.
In sctting fonh, for inlancc. in thc becinmn
of this Mcssage, his own lovc of Peacc and
strcnuous elTbrts to prcscrve for us its blcss
ings, wc must look on him a cxhibiting a vcry
signal example of sclf-dclusion. Xo man's pacific
merits could well be Ics. His course. thns far,
in lus high olhce, on the -ontrary, rcalizcd to thc
full. in almost cvery instancc, what we said of it
ayearago; namcly, that having sccn that wars
were popnlar in this coimtry, and fclt that hc him
self was not too popular, he had thought to liim
sclf, UI will bc a War President, and that will
make me popular and rcndcr all my opponents
i.l.U LU.UjlIiU.3 U.I1U.I3I VUlTJIUllII V, I11S VCIJ
Inaugural had a full-blown (iiutrrel with Enirland
in it, liis first Mcssage anuounccd that he had
done ncarly all he could to bring that quarrcl to
aiocus; meantime ne naa sccrctly takcn stcps
for another with Mexico, by way of "making snrc
of a war somcwhcre. So that, no sooncr had tbc
intcrposition ofthe Scnatcfailcd him in his ori"i-
nal war-plan, thnn, by a diKgent improvemcnt of
nis time. nc nau anotncr hght rcaily to sulistitutc
for that which had been rcfuscd "him. Grown
more wary this time, he took carc not to be foilcd
by anotlier hody's iliscretion ; and, tliough Con
grcss was sitting for fivc months beforc hc had
brought cvcry thing to bcar, contrived to havc a
war completelv m a blaze, and our succorlcss ar
my placcd in what their prowcssjmknown) sccm
ed an almost hopcless prcdicament, lefore thc
counay or uongress tncw one woru of what hc
was about.
Such are thc general and the largcr facts, as to
tliat meritjof loving pcaec wlich the President
appropriatcs to himself. If wc look closer and
scan thc particulars of things, wc must not only
say that President Polk is not rjosssl nf W
rirtuc of arulcr which ho claims, and wcrect
inat we must say it has sbown, and every where
ia this Messagc shows himself, utterly indifTercnt
to thc camage and calamities of war.
Of little le-s tlian stonc, indeed, must his hcart
bc, who can look, without the strongcst commis
cration, upon the spectacle of a nation reduccd to
the extremity of distrcss in which Mexico, known
from thc first to bc incapablc of rcsisting n. now
stands. Kot one spark of compassion can liis
bieaj t ever hnre knoTriij who, aftcr infiicting upon
Veraont, Tuesday Morning,
a wrcichcd ncoolc, dcstitute of any resourcc a-
rainst us but their hercditarv obstinacy, all the
slanghter anu humiuation wmcn we havc evcry
where iuflicted upon Mexico, can coolly resolvc
in liis heart that this is not etiotuih : not Uood e-
nough, not tcars enough; not suificient ravagc,
not satistactory uisastcr, not-nauonal wo and dcg
radation duly dccp ; for that the victim-peoplc,
though covercd with blood and prostrate in tbc
the dust, still, with dcspcrate tliough fccble hands,
fiijlds, tbough vainly, for its heartlis aud altars
tbattlicrcrore, as Jlcxico aofj not yicia, we must
now begin to strike hcr in hcr vital parts f and,
bcsidcs seizing, for ours pcrpetually, territories
the utmost that cvcn Kapacity has" darcd avow
for our aim, most pacitically and pcace-lovingly
cxhorts us to go on ravaging thc rcst of Mexico
until thc nation yiclds oris dcstroycd!
Whv. the vcn'savage ofthe court vard, in oth
cr times that most brutal of mankind, thc bully
of the Iiailiwick, who chewcd up an car or nose, or
scooped out with his thuinb a jiro.-trate adversa
ry's cyc was humane, was gcnerous, in compar
ison "with this ; for he, whcn be fought, nevcr
fought thc weak, but rathcr his match ; nor, when
his rival champiou lay gasping and helplcss undcr
him, game to the last aud rcady to die sooncr than
utter thc craven word ucnougb," would he havc
cvcr though of proceeding to mutilate the van
quished, by way of forcing him to confcss himself .
couuuercd, and tlicn, morcover, havc hclpcd hhu-
sclf to whatavcr he cculd find in the maimcd man's
pockcts ? No : ercn in liis hardcncd hcart, thcre
wculd bc a manly pity, bccausc there was couragc;
if hc did not at once raisc up his cncmy with re
spcct, he at Ieas: would not bcgin 'to strike at his
vital parts and well for hiin, too, that he would
not; for the vcry crowdof a court green, coarscas
it thcn was, was" yct undebauchcd of evcry rigbt
sentiment by party politics, and would not havc
sufTcred in Uic bully what it now cndures in the
So much for thc mcrcics and the compunctkms
of him who proposcs, for tbe lucre of fivc miscra
blc millions of indemnities, which ho liimsclf ac
knowlcdgcs Mcxico could not raise thc mcans of
paying, to butchcr or enslavc a whole cmiirc of
licpnblics 1 Iiut this is not all : how stood thc
fact of our vcry right to ask for tliose indemnities,
aftcr having hclpcd oursclvcs to Toxas, for the
libcrty of pcacefully annoxing which it is well
known that we stood ready, undcr the Tylrr ud
ministration, at any time to havc givcn more than
tlic amount of nidcmnitics as a pnce 1 Lvcn m
thc momcnt of Anncxation, thc Chairman of the
Committcc of I'oreigu Alfuirs in the IIousc of
Itepresentativcs, speaking as thc organ of thc Ex
ecutivc in the Housc, said, to quict tlie last oppo-
sition, that be had thc hberty of assuring tbe
llouse that it was ascertamcd tliat tbc mjurcd
fcclings of Jlexico could bc hcalcd tcith moiuy.
Such was the iutimation thcn hcld out ; and ttierc
is cvery reason to belicvc tliat authorized but un-
ofiicial ofTers of at lcast the amount of thc indem
nities had bccn morc than once made to Mexico
for hc rights ovcr Tcxas.
Finallv, howcver, in thclicrce confidcnce of
lmpuuity, wc took it without a pnce; but at
lcast, by alast rcsorvc of sbareor ofpity, upon
thc reinonstrancc and thc uuanswerable show-
ing of Mr. llcnton, that we wero about to takc
much morc than Texas, (which had nevcr pos
sessed any tliing beyond thc Xueces,) C'on
gress relented, and by its resolution of Anncx-
apon ordercd the l--xecutive toadjiist.hylnend-
ly negotiation thc jirojier boundary betwecn
Texas aud Mexico.
And now, once morc thc peacc-lovincness of
iins our l resiucni. lus uuiv sioou asigneu
T ' 1 Tt- , .. . , . T 1
him. IIc kncw that wo had takcn what we
had once oflercd to buv; hc kncAi that if. in
honor and faith, thc indemnities were not can-
celled by our seizurc of Texas, at lcast that
now an injury to Mcxico had becn comiuittcd.
Iiut lic kncw tliat, as teeblc as she w as, slc uarc
not accept that wan and at once with a pitti-
lessness thc most singular, not content tliough
wc had justravished lrom hcr a vast and nch
territory, nor touchcd by thc forlornucss of a
uatiou utterly uuable to revcngc sucli treat
ment further than by thc impotent resetitmcnt
of withdrawing her Auibassador from our
Court, he sends Gen. Taylor fonvard, to seize,
in addition to all that she had bcen strippcd
of, even tho pctty and barcn slip, thc mere
selvage of sand, the descrt plaec between tlie
Xucces and llio Grandc, wliicli Congrcss had
plainlv meant to spare. For this wortliless
object, and undcr circumstances so vchcment
ly invoking forbearance nnd mercy, has Mr.
l'olk illegally and tiueonstitutionly involvcd us
m this cinel war, cvery step m wlucn is plainlv
aecording to the progress of his plans, to lcad
us further and further into "the bowels of the
Yct, in the facc of all this, President Folk
can taikof liis lovc of Peacc, tho 'libcrality of
these tcnnshc has hcld out through Mr. Trist,
and cspecially the generosily wilh which,
whercver thc swonl goes to cninson the fields
of Mexico, the olivc brauch lbrthwith waves
as fast as its companiou smilcs!
'Xo connueror that I cvcr heard of,' says
Edmund Ilurkc, '1ms cver professcd to make a
crucl, liard and itRolent usc cf his conqucst.
Xo! The man of the most declarcil pride,
scareely dares to trust his own heart with this
drcadful secret of mnbition. But it will ap
pcar in its tinic. And no man who professes
to rcduce anotlier to the insoleut inercv ofa
foreign arm evcr had any sort of good will to
wanls him. The profession of kindness, with
that sword in his hand and that dcmand of
surrender, is onc ofthe most provoking acts of
Can'the President so little conccivc liow
mere a moekery of jieace and fraturnity is this
mvading a country witli -dcclarations ot love.
this sweeping oif its proviuccs with a bosom
made of olite-branehes, as toexpcctthat Mcx
ico will not bc fircd with a doublc rcsentment
by the impcrious and degrading, form of nego-
ciatiou to wlueh he would liave nersubumit;
If he docscxpect it:th';n is hc a' strangcr not
only to all the uatural and becoming jwssions
of men defendig their countrv, its honor, and
its indcpendcnce, but to all thc cxamples of
history anu all uic suggestions or pruacncc.
War has nevcr thus been made. cxcept by con-
querors the most arrogant and mcrciless. i lic
rulc of the lioinans, not less wisc than mag-
nanumous, was nevcr to negotiate aftcr a de
lcat. Can the President intend that wc are to trcat
in the face of the disaster, should it cvcr comeV
Darc he declarc that the prctendcd 'olivc
brauch' would not thcn'be instantly withdrawn?
What, then, is thc inevetablc efic'ct but to rc-
quirc that they whom wc arc mvading,
dcstroving, and dismembcring, should, at cvcry
calamftous and bloody defeat comc fonvard and
embracc terms necessarily made harder and
more humiliating by utter discomfiture the
route and dijcrsion of their armics, or the
capture of their forccs and cities V Of nego
ciation undcr snch circumstances, the tw victis
ofBrennus and his Gauls.thc "Wo to thccon-
qucrcdl'is the notorious and inevctable law.
The sword stands cvcr ready, in all such cascs,
to be east into the scalc ol ransom; and none
but a nation of cravcns and fools evcr resigned
itsclf to making terms at such a momcnt. On
tlie contrary, cvery bravc and every patriotic
hcart onlv summons np, at such an'instant, a
more unconqucrable courage; aud thc resolu
tion "Xever to dcspair of thc Rcpublic" bc-
comes the only thought wnicn tlic citizen wiu
consent to entertain-
Tj( nlmast to our mcrcv as sheis, by fac-
tion; which not even the extremity of public I
Jan. 4, 1848,
distress seems ablo to auiet : her Govcrnmcnt
and her armics in the hands of those who ap-
Iiear equally ineflicient for eithcr peacc or war;
icr troorw cvery where driven from the field
orlyinq slaughtcrcd; hcr ports, hcr capital.and
scvcral of her large provinces in our hands;
lier treasury as empty as was our own m tne
"loomiest day of our Itevolutionarv strugsle
still in the pcrtinacity of hcr refusals to trcat.
iMcxicouas shown some gleams ot that old
Xuraantinc spirit which prcferrcd dcath to
surrender; that Ibcrian obstinacy which the
Moor could nevcr conquer, nor cven the irns
tablc armics ofXapoleon tamc. Vhethcrshe
has caught it from her race, or whethcr the
growing fierceneys ofa universal national hate
such as alwavs springs up in a country over
run by invadeis, inspires it, we should .respect
it. It is honourable; it will bc found formida-
blc. Such a spirit, once fairlv awakeneil, has
cver proved iuvincibic; and so wc shall lind it
to our cost, it, by prolongcd and cruel warfare,
such as President Polk would have, we stir it
up throughout Mcxico. Mcanwhile we say,
without hesitation, that shc has in onc instance
at least, luauilestcd a faithfulncss of nationality
wlucn gocs tar to redcem all the disgracc of
her anus. Wo spcak of her answcr with Gen.
Scott and his "lorious little arnry at the cates
of hcr capital, to Mr.Trist's demands of the
ccssion ofJCew Mcxico. That answcr was in
thc following terms :
"That this propoMtion under the recoirnized
right of Mcxico to delibcrate, should bc modi
ficd; aud that in the pretensions ofthe United
statcs and tlie charactcr ot lus negotiations, its
Conimissioner leaves no othcr choice to Mcx
ico than thc lossof honor; aud it is that which
shuts the door to all possibility of makitig a
"To rcstoro this grcat bcnefit to thc nation,
thc Govcrnmcnt agreed to cedc Tcxas and a
part of Uppcr Cahfornia, as far as tho further
iinc of Orcgon, on the terms were statcd in
the instructious; but not even with the reserva
tion that Congrcss should approvc it would thc
Government consent to ccde moix- csjiccially
not New Mcxico,. whose inhabitants hac inan
ifested their desirc to make a port of the Mcx
ican family with more cnthusiasm than any oth
cr part ot the Kepublic.
"Ihcsc mcntonous Mexicans, aljandoncu to
their fatc during some admiuistratiou, often
without protection cvcn to preserve them from
thc iucursious of thc savagcs, have becn thc
most truly patriotic of Mexicans, because, for
getting their doinestic compLiints, thcv have
reniembered nothing but their desirc to bo of
the Mcxican fkmily, and niany, cxjiosiug and
sacnhcing themsclves to the vengciiance ol tue
invaders, have rebelled against them; and
whcn their plans wcrc discovercdor disconcer
ted, and their coii'piracies frustratcd, have a
gain conspired; and would any Government
sell such iilexicans as a henl of cattleV Xcer!
Lct the uationalitv ofthe rcst ofthe Lepublie
perish for themV Lct us cvcry onc,pensh to-
Ilere is a sentiment, and hcrc a condnct that
are worthy of thc most lnagnanimous ltepub
lic. Thcy plainly say, "Slaughtvr us; it is in
your powcr, ovcrrun us; tor you can: uut not
cvcn to snare a nart of our countrv will we cv
cr consent to sell or givc to you bravc citizcns
who hate vou and loc Mcxiio." And itis
thcsc Xcw Mexicans, thus fai.hful to their
Govcrnmcnt and thus repaid by its airection
and fidelity, that President Polk nitends to
drag into our Union, whethcr thcv will or not,
bv wnv ofinaking them into a kmd of human
indciunity, a conwreal capital, an animatcd
scrip, out of which are to bc reiiaid thc o'd
losses of ccrtain of our citizens ! A grcat svm-
pathy with lovc of country must our President
have, and marvellously jirecisc notions abom
;he nght ot aprovmce, a goouilcal more popu
lous than was Texas in 1S37, to choose under
what Government it shall livc! Iiut
we havc filled our vacant space, vnii cxhaiis-
tcd our allottcd time. Whateicr morc wc
have to say on this Mcxican War, wc must
reservc until some occasion shall arise to call
Wc clipped thc following twoor thrcc months
sincc, from a skctch of an Anti-.SIavcry discus
sion in England, which we found in thc Chron-
iclc. W c now think it too racy to bo longci
omittcd. Ofall thc isms iu vogue among tlic
pcople of this country, none is so utterly dcs
titute of praeticable good, orfraught with grcat
and almost iuconceivablc mischief as Third-
I'ariywn. AMitionism with its appropriatc
dcfinition wc hcartily approvc, but it is as
diflercnt fiom Thinl-PartyL-m as a Satyrfrom
Hyiieriou. The solcuiu trutli is that none but
the priinc movcrs apprcciato tho vcritable
charactcr of this noxious isui.
rt , , i . : i ....u f...
Uuri'mgllsU orcinrcu iu pumj; uiiura i.m
thcmselve!, what thcy seem to have heard with
Mu-redulitv from this side thc watcr. Mr. Gar-
rison and "his Anti-Slavcry Lcaguc occitsion no
small stir, but thcy had strong oppositiom Dr.
Chalnicrs savs hc shall 'blush tohis very tioncs'
:r.i... V.V.... i'l.,,n; viibs to thc stonu. The
Hcv. Dr. Campbell "(Indepcndcnt.J editor ol
fiii i.onuou 11 uiie, a
,.:.nl'itTi fiiiil m nt'stron? anti-sla
ven charactcr, vrill havc no ffllowsnip -with
thc L.earne or i iounucr. c wp uwi iuv
ii l.f ic rn!nrr nti n1irn.Kl
our ivauiria ov'"o ,
4jnhc UUnstian runuiuu w "ut iu w juuuu
in Amcricn, where fchould wclookfor it? J5ut
aoconiinf to Mr. Garrison and his lnenils.
Christa-mty had no placc in tho United Statcs!
. . i l.A tnr1.,1na nll ,n nnn
llc inaKcs no e.cc.uo", -
,...,l.i,,,,.Mtmri. 'b cannot abatc
oncjotofour prcnously expressed opinion.
He tirmh rcscnts our chargc of infidehtv a-
"aiusc his Society. c rcply oy its repeiition.
Ve, morcovcr," support our ailcgation by a
turthcr resoiuiiou oi ua..t-...." .v.v
set forthin thc Free Clturdi Magazine for last
..1. ...I.Tntt ; nc frillmTO!
U1U1I11I, " .
"That this society is convinced ofthe esscn-
tial charactcr ofthe Amcncau religion; tnat it
: . 1.. ,r,.rl,l nminnntlv but hurtflll
13 1IOL UUI Y ..-- v -
.ir.r,.l i;iMHir nf truthand coodness:
.i uuawi.. - c .
.... . c i . .A
ascmbodicd in tne ji.nti-.-iaverj- ciilciei.-,
. , i-. i . . . . r ,1
and a delcnucr oi me uni iun
. - a.m nf Amon'ran Slaverv: and thcre-
as;a".- . - ' .
fore, that it is on its rmns on.y that thc kingdom
of hcavcn, which is a kingdom of freedoin and
gooil will to man, can bc cstablisheiL'
UlinstianS 01 AJniaius ;- -
Frnae carcfully their import and spmt, and
iud"e for yoursclvcs. It seems tlic rcform ol
Amcrican reUgion is out of the question;
thcre is no middle measurc; it is on its rmns
only tha the kingdom of hcaven can be estab
lishce r Is more wanted? Morc is at fcand-.
Takc, for instance, the following resolution
passed by ons ofthe MassachuseUs Lranches of
the Garnson Society, and published in their
paper, the Standdrd, of the 30th of April
Number 36.
'That thc Amcrican Board of Commission
crs for Foreign Missions have proved them
sclves a Icague ofpraetical Athcists, readvto
sell the vcry God they profess to worship, at
public auctiou, to fill their treasury that they
may compass sea and land to niake nroselvtcs:
and that it becomcs the peoplo to beware of
tliera; and to cndeavor to oallle their wicked
.InTrrnc nnnn tl, ,,nnr,rtTn nntm.i f . 1.
v 'n .". VJl iuu
earth by holding them up in their true charae-
British Christians ! What think vou of this?
Wc spcak as to wisc men; rcllect wc liescech
you, on this appalling resolution! Wc dare
not trust oursclves in an attcmpt to cxplicatc
the monstrous compound of mahgnity, folse
hood, and impiety 1 lt becomes the pcople to.
uewarc ot the Amcncan Uoard ot toreign
Missions, and 'cndeavor tobaflle their wicked
designs upon the unsuspicting nations ofthe
We shudder at the hardihood that gavc cx-
prcssion to such cnormitv! Ivccoucile this
languagc with good faith and right feeling,
truth and honesty, who can ? Is it iii the pow
cr of Iufidelity, spirit, purpose, cxpression, to
excecd it ? llear, O ye 'unsuspectiiig nations
of thc earth,' ye iiiliabitantsofSvria: Constant-
inople, Erzcroom, Tr 'bizond, Matlura; Canton;
lsonieo, omyrna, lsroosa, Ahmednuggur, Ccy
lon, Africa, Polynesia, hear the voice of war-
ning, ana as ye valuc all that is ilear to nun,
bewarc ofthe wicked designs of Mcssrs. Whi
ting, Goddcll, Wood, Dwight, Smitli, Powcrs,
ICing,.Muzzy, Cxswcll, Bridgman, Tliompson,
Steel, Adger, Schncider. Prench, Wymannul
all such, the emissaries of evil.the liarbingers
of ruin, the cncinics oflibertv aud oriimiian
Again, Mr. Garrison says, 'vou rcprcsent me
as breathing a spirit of ficrcc hostility to ovan
gelical religion, ond chcrishing a feeling of b:t
tcr coutcmpt for its iustitutions, its nuuisters,
and its prufessors. You aro very careful to
supprcss all cvidence upon this jxiint, for thc
all-sufiicient raison that you 4:111 find none'
What! supprvss what wc havc not found I
'Supprcss all cvidence: Xot quite so; wc
walkcil in the Iight ofit. Mr. Garrison, nev
crthcless, owed soruowhat to our forbearance,
for which he seems not dulygrateful, IIc must
havc known that thc procecilings of hiuncli
aud party supply cvidence on this point ina-
bundancc. Js ho now satislicd that thc 'evi
dence sct forth '! If not, wc recall to him his
own words at the Iastauuiversary of his Socie
ty :
'The Amcrican clergv provc themsclves rc-
ligious inqxjstcrs. We weigh well our words.
As lor knowing Chnst, they (lon t know him:
as for loving Christ, they hate liim; as for prea
ching the gospcl, they trainple it undcr their
feet.' They arc thc ehicf priests and scribcs,
and Pharisces, who nailcd Jesus tn the cross,
and they prefer Barabbas to the Son of God.
We havc now done with Mr. Garrison and
his party; and so far as England, at least, is
concenicd, trust wchave furnishcdan autidote
to his pernicious luciibrations. As we sLitcd
in our last, we hold that with respoct to slatcry
the Amcrican Churehos are 'slccping in guilt,
and if thcy repcnt not, the hlight of Ileaven
will incvctably desccnd upon thcm, filling all
their uonlcrs witli dcsolation.
A Raxpom Thought. Lay it down as a
rule that your kind, dear young friends, who
tell you cvcrvtlung others say about vou. un-
Iess vou havc undoubted cvidence of tlicir gen
eral prudenrc and forcsight, do it to pcrplex
vou and crcate nuscluel, alwavs cxaggcrating,
to draw from you rcmarfcs, which arc quickly
carricd back to thc vcrv pcrsons they hae
a'lcuscd of wronging you. Thcsc ossipping
mischicf-makers alwavs expc-t tobc invitcd to
tca, or a fricndly dinner. N. Y. Organ.
Anolhcr dealh has occurred at Xewbuir
from the small r-ox. Mrs. Willinms, wife of
Dr. Stevcns died last Mondav. The caso at
North Havcrhill, nentioned in our last, has
proved fatal. Mr. Xelson Samvon, a young
man, who wat a studcnt at the Newbury Scm-
mary tue fal! tenu, dicd on the 7th.
There arc more new cases at Newbury, but
they are confined, w iih onc execp'ion to thc
faniilics where the disease hasprciousIy made
its appcaranee.
Elder S. P. Williams will ncccpt our thanks
for his kindness in furnishingns with particu
lars of the progress of this n 9 'some discase at
Newbury, nnd thc assiirancc of our sympathy
in his atlhction in thc loss of a ran, and the
prostration of onc or morc of his family by thc
prevailing cpidcniie.
Wc learn from Plainfield that thcre arc sev
eral cascs of thc diicasc in that town. C'ulf
Br.OKtN. Thc AllanyEvcJournalofThurs
dav last, saya, the llouse of Kepresentatives
has, by the casting votc ofthe Spcakcr, refer
rcd .1 Petition asking for tho prohibition of
ihc Slavc Trade in thc Diitriet of Colnrabia.
lliLs is a grcat triuinph Freedom's wedge ha3
at lcngth cntered. lt is but a few- years sincc
a Represcntalivc was adjudged guilty of con
temiit for otrering such a Petition. Jay we
not look forward to no vcry distant dny whcn
thc rcproach of Slaverv may bc wipcd out of
ti' . ff..t 1.:-
lue xisiricL ui uuiuiuuio.
TheWhiteball TclecTanh eives tlie particulars
ofa most shocking accidcnt which occurred t a
inill in that place on Monday last. It appears
tliat a Mrs. ltEOAS, witn anotner woinan anu a
little girl naraeU Stimsos, bcing in tho mill, Mrs.
U. and the little girl at down upon 11 drntn, whcn
thc clothcs of tbe little girl caught in an tipright
shaft. In attcmpting to cxtricate hcr, Mrs. 11.
was also caught anU boui wcrc urawn m usiwccn
and sbaft. nDd twistcd around thc lattcr.
Their screams brought asistance. whcn the milH
was stopped, but it bccame iieccssary to raiso anu
rcmovc the mill-stone, which occupicd an hour
bcforc thcy were takcn out. Their limbs were all
brokcn, those ofthe little girl were twisted from
her bodv, and thc liones of Mrs, lt. protruded
through" hcr flcsh. Thcy were taken totbehos
iiital and their manglcd limbs aniputatrd by Dr.
J. O. Milton The little girl dicd soon aftcr the
a'.nputation, and the woman is not cxpccted to
survive hcr injuries. Irs. Recax and her hus
band had only been one wcck discharged from
tbc hospital, where thcy were confined with the
ship fcver. Tho father of the little girl lircs in
IlncmnLE. leam from the Cincinnati
SLmalthat a little rhild about four years old, the
daughter of Mr. Bcntly, reading in tliat aty. got
up earlv in the morning and wcnt up stairs where
a lamp'had bcen lcft burning. At tlic same time
hcr mother had. itcpped to a neighboring house on
an crrand. Whcn shc rtturncd she misscd the
child, aud recollecting that she had given hcr
pcrmission to go up into the room, went to sec.
hr ITnnn hcarimr a croan, she openctl thc door,
and found hcr little daughter lymg against it a
blackcned dnder! The Limp being upon the
floor it was snpposed she had takcn it down and
ik sthmrt's Bnii.ni.tos,
Ofoverv ffiflcrintnn t,nnnn,rM 1
11.s1.1111.niJi. niirri hi minrT iinii.n i
sct fire to hcr clnll.inr. m th nf m lf -ro 'l
plctely consumcd. Her facc and ncck were most '
horrrbly mutilatcd, hercves almost bnrnctl Out, :
and her body cotaplctelT'roastcd. Thc little suf 1
fcrcrlingercil ncarly an'hourafterihe was discor-. 1
crcd by her disconsolata mother, whcft death clos- f
cd hcr agonies.
SION. Tlicre sro thoso who object to Mr. Clay'
Specch at Lcxington that he blinkcd the qucs
tion of Slaverv Extension, and in cffcct took
no hctter ground than .'r. Calhoun or any
other Slavery propagandist would rcadily havcf
Uakcn, because his resolutiou is wordcd ts fol-
"Rosohed, That we do, positivelv and cra
phatically, disclaim and disavow any wish or
desirc, on our part, to acquire any foreign ter
ritory whatever for the purpose of propa"atin
S'avcry, or of introducing slavcs lrom llic
nited Statcs into such foreign territory.
Lct us consider this point:
That Texas was acquircd for tho exnrcs
purpose of upholding Slavery thcrcin, and thus
strcngthening iti power&perpetnaling ittx-
istence in thc Uuited Statcs, isa truth of wl uh
the rccords of tho State Departmcnt fnrmslK 3
abundant evidenee. We do not ay tl.at ex e ry
onc who acquicaccd in Anncxation d.d so for
the cxprcss puniose of fortifyinij and extenu-
ing Slaverv that is not material- but it ii
uudeniablc that the arzumect for Annexatjoii
chielly rclifil on by EniK-.ffsdor Murphy at.d
oecrctarj- taitioan rcstcrt on the asuiuph.ni
that British intlucr.ee in Texas threatened la
ovcrthrow Slavery thcre, and that this wouM
weakrn and endanger thu mitituticn iu thc
1'iiitcd Statcs". Thu wss t'ue niain ground ofr
which Anucx.Vtion rcievteii a? uniiistifi.it. Io
and aggressive in 1S37 was welcomcd and
urged m lall
Now tfie imp!c but sltip.-nuotis l!."i.ronce5
lictwecn Mr.Clr.yand hi? Soiithern aibcrsanc
is this thcy regard Human Slaierv as a qocu,
(o be nourished, exlonded, jicrpctuatcd ; whilo
he views it as n greet evit, io be toleratcd whoro
its immediatc rxtinrtion thrratcns still grcatpr
ciils than ilsoicrthrow, but to be deplorcd,
limited and ultimatcly extinguLlied.
Whcn Kentucky was in her infancy. snd
but moderately cursed with Slavery, "hc w.i.
nmongthose who stnigglcd arduonsly in b-lialf
ot a (.ystcm or tiradual .manfipatinn for tha
Slavcs within her bordor. The etlcirt fsiled,
but hc dceply rcgrets the failnrennd, chcrish-"
ii'g the snmc opinions as thcn, wishcsthcie:
nas no Slavc within the limits of our C ountry.
Now lct any c.indid rcadcr apply thep rinciplc
hcro avowed to the casc of a prnposed ttiab-
lishmcnt or li-'aIization of Slavery in the tcn-'
tnry hithcrto r ree, iu tho pitx-css ofsettlcment
bv our peoplc, and iu time to coino ir.'o tha
Lnion. Apply Ir. Clay's-herishcd priiiciplei
to the casc of new and Frcc Territnry, cr.d
what more can we ask ? For our part, wo
would gladlv avoid intestinc coiiviilskni and ihe
dangcr of diutiiou by coiumitting the wholc
subjcctof Slavery Extension unrcsiTvc"y into
the hands of any man or bcdy of mcn w j re--gard
Slavery as Mr. Clay does. Thcy would
beno morelikely to propagatp Slavery ihan to
diflusc Small l'ox or tbc ( lu.U ra Trilunei
WatCK or the Stmmien Wiiitnty.
The Packet ship Stcphen Whitiify,f-cmNew
York to Liicrpool, was wretkcd n(f Catvj
Cloar. coat of Irelar.d, on ihe cvcn;ng rf tl.o
10th of Novcmbcr, and S2 pt n"or5 j ciislitd,
out of llOon lioanl, including ihc Captain. all
thc cabin passcngers, fi in nuniber and all tl-a
slcerage pa.s?engcr!i cxccpt C. Tlic ship wcnt
on shore :it C oVIock al nij-ht, with nuh io
lence that her whole side was stoic in, and in
the ip;iCK of len miuu!es,ciery persou on bmrtl
perishcd, with tho exreption of 1 8. w ho suc
cecded by tln-ir strength nnil cctivity in gnin
ing the neighloriug riK-ks. It i?relalcd by rne
of thc Cork rr-)rten'. who vi.-itril (he tliij-,
'that thc turviiors, bruisedand unkcd, without
shoc or stooking. jarkctorwai-itcrnf.KTaniUeil
upthcrock, which 01 erhiing thc sca to tLe
height of neaily sixly feet. and, aftcr wan l.'ti"
alxAit forsome tinic. arrivcd nt two iiuscrablu
huts, the only human tcncmt'iit" nn thc island.
Tlic Stejihen AVhilncy was owned 111 New
York, anil was inurcd foralKiiit ?;0 000. Sho
had a cargo of llour.
SEmocs ArrAin t Yali: ( 011 irr. A 5tri
ous afiHir ocruncd ct New Ih.vi n. 011 th liightof 1
thc 23d iiiFtnnt, ltwrvn two lctnn uiu! two.-m-dents,
rciulting in tliestabbiacftnc cf 'bc tn:m
with n sword ckiic. nieMub,l.otr imtliki
ly to provc fatal. 'I hc o'.bcr was L110. Lvd i!inn
wilh a barof iion. ThLsni'c, it U fiarcd will
prove fataL The nnino ofthe tutor" rrc rhifr
son aud Gooilrich thc lattcr a on of I'lo't'S.-i.r 1
Gooilrich. cf YiiIcCo1Icj:c. Thc namcsof tl.c siii- '
dcnts arc Toivcr, of Pbiladclpbio. and I wcn rf
Tcnncsc. Thc studcnN wcrc arrcicd ui.dhiM
toleiil inS-KMM) ittch. ThrV found liail. ar.tl.wcro
ilischarged. Tlie ofTair pro!iiccI grc t cxcitc f
mcnt, Goodrirh is not expcctcil to f uni"c. J
New Yuek, Tucslav. Dcc. 28, 1
8 o'clock, P M. 1
Latkk trom Mexico. Tlie reiolt in
Chiapas, for the purpose of anncxing that
State to Centrol Amcrica, had bcen jtqprc-..s-ed.
Thc corrcspondcnt of El Monilor
says most of thc Governors of the Mcxican
Statcs wcrc prcscnt at Qucrctaro. and that all
but one, the Govcrnor of San Luis, wcrc in fa'
vor of pcace. Their dcliberations would roou
commence. In thc Congrcss, thi e.- p oposi
tions had passcd a first reading. name!y, 1. In
cac of Qucrctaro bcing invadcd, thc scat of
Government shall bc rcmovcd to Aj-ua'calicn-tcs.
2. Tlic GoTcrnment shall rot listcn to n
ny proposition for pcace, while tho invaders
remain in the national territory. 3. Govern
ment to takc mcasurcs to carry 011 the war.
Santa Anna had announecd himself ready
to hcad any force ncccssary to prcvcnt ncgo
tiations for pcace.
It was rumorcd at Vcra Cruz that Santa
Anua's adhcrenfs in Congrcss had rctircd for
the purpose of prcvcnting .1 quorum. Tho
Puros were looking to Santa Anna foranolher
rovolution. and cxpecting the Americansat
ITie arrcst of A orth, Pillow and Dunc.in 11
confirmcd, for the reasons bcforc givcn : tho
o iginal difliculty lieing lcttcrs wntten to thc
UnltQil Statas, and the announcement of Pil
low, that he would appeal from thc dccisiou to
Thc rcvolution was sncresful in Oajacn, af
tor a fight of five or six ho rs. Now autohri
ties were clectcd, and Felmury rvinstated.
Tlicre had bcen an tmtvXe at Gnanajuata, and
wo hwe accounts of the arrest of two pricsti
by Governor Arccllano, aftcr twcnty-two citi
zcns had been ki'Jed and wounded.
In several strcet rows m thcntycf JIex.c-.
one or two Amcrican soldicrs were killeil, and
fourtecn Mexicans.
TTib takmT of Mazatlan and Gnyairas is
confirmed. Thf latter Mirrcndereil to Citpt.

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