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rJMtr. ftnr in hour's bonibardmcnt by
irs Portsmouth and Congrcss.
XI e State or iamnuupiw ..- -
cice asainst Urrea, Uetnanuinguiai uu um.
. .1 ! Ttnstaniantc has been
rarinnted commandcr in chsef ot the army
. nVherc is it ?1
Hcrrera was at the point of death.
it atit pnTTl.l 1 r1i'T"V7
11 1 il I I I I II Jl 1 S 1111 V
In pubhVmng the following lctlcr we .wisu u
- i i it.tTAn r.nr- liTfrli nflifors. e
v iiib iiincr lui ti. w -
VERA ClSUZ, Dce. 4. 1S47.
Eds."Dclta The latcst advisesfroin'thc city
.ii i t r :..
imi.iiii lioa it tlmf r.Alr I rrsr vrnn fl li
' i 1 . . . , . - o, -
Anothcr train is on ita wav down to thi
tri' p-41-nnr-ii iiv iui: i L jht"ihh:iil ui li uui:r,
- . i.- 1 r 1 1 i"....-f
ne .uexirans rcgrci nis rccam
The British Ministcr left ycstcrrtay for the
r. r.i i : Tr.. 1...
i i . i ii - ; r ........ 4,.
A lami'nlable feeiinsnrcvaiies Ihc army at
. , w
n1. ...n.n...rtnni w Hf i loH lln ctpn firo
in nn ompr nminMiHMi fl c :mnv. c iht:iiiu-
! i r i - j .1.- l ....: l
vh-cs ol'thc two Ccnerals. l'illow dcnios in
i .vi: m i
iifi leitorattnijiitcil lo ms Den uv ucn. orou
ocott ajsmt nmi lor conicinpt ucn. i-iiiow
was arrutod bccauM lic apjioaltd frum an ojn-
lonof Si ott. rcfmc&lingihi.1 latter to traiiiiint
the an oal to the Scort'tarv of War. Scott
refini'd ni a lutv luaunur: ivlieremxn the for-
mcr iiim:ci. " i iien l arre.-t vmi sir. was
Scotts So matteiy itand nt thc last
Tlu' ami v Is cxeitcd. and if vc may judgc
from wliat ot Iit-nr at thi ditaucc. uiore than
n moimv ni it miiaimzc!i miiii i iu iiL'iiL-rais
soii!iiit to uc uisL'rai-i-d. it is saiu inat on a
visiLIo Ino inoalro nv liin. an nmlii'nri
oi over auuij win iiresont, ue rocciven iiircc
licarty clu-crs, inimc-diatcly aftcr ivhich the an-dipir-e
rravi' threc niorc for Cicn. Worth. This
loots a. tlmujjli llifsi Uenerals were not dis-
graccil in tlie v ot the army the fanie glo-
nous :.nny jiat na cameu lor ltsiJi the name
of "wwiicible.'" X. 0. JJclta.
AVc i'odv some funher itcins cf ncwi". fnrnish-
cd by tl.e iCew 1 Wcau? Viraj imc cxtra, of thc 13th
int a mpy of whith liasliecti reccixcil at JS'ew
York !iv a f.teiiitr fnun Charlo-lou. Itcspcctlii-c
the M-j ir.in o"iccrs ho hail liroken thcir parole
and wcrc executril liv indi-rof Cicn. l'jtterson : one
nccou-it ay thry ivtTe hot in thc plazn, ihile
the Vcr.i ("niz Itidicaior ha thc fu'.lowing arconut
of th" all'iiir :
CJeii. Pattcrson. nM!c in Jabpn.govcrncd witli
n rigid h.iml. Tlie ?.Icxicans cumplain hitterly of
the rercnt exccr.tion, midcr his dircctions, of uu
Timnu cilircrs. AmIirofio Alrahlc and Antonio
Hani i,wlio wera takcnot.Talrminnico, witliapar
ty of p:crill.if. omc timc sinif, and who wcre al-
lccJ to bavr hroktn tlicir parole This tlie two
nlliccrs and their fricnd ih-nied,'liiit the cidcnrc
w.i tio strong aaiiKt tlieiu to pcnnit thcir cs
Whcn thescpt.-nre was im'-.Ii.-hcd. thc wlio!e c'tt
y ro j 10 hci; for thc IWo of thc oui)l' nicn. anil
iIcpuMtioiis wcre wnt to (Jcn. l'attcron froiu thc
cww il, from the n-iilint fnrcijrui.'rc, from thc cler-
py, rc-iiiarnnii siTiilar.rromtlicladicsofthenrin
cipal laniihrs. and the lailk-snf the (onvcnt':, lic-
f ei-iinc iiun tos-parc tlie livs ofthc unhaiipv
yonr is iiut lritliout nvnil. They wcre hangcd in
thc r.aitela dc San Jo-c. at noon. of thn 2Jt!i nl-
tinu. Tlicir lioJu-s wcre dclicrcd ovcr to thcir
f i-t 1. and aftcrhin in state a fi-w linnrs. wrm
Imrie I nith llic hthcst honors that puMic frricf
ronl l ilrvke. Thc wholc rily put on mouniing,
i-uiuiu.. .iui-ismuhs nncu cvcn' sta-ct.aml tlicwut-
i .n.t ' .1 i 1
..r .yuuuuic, ,,, ,uc ciiiirciici!. i K'oom was
uirown ocr tnc city, wlmli Hiiotyct dissipatcd,
ivn arnral fioni Jlexico hnncs fomc I fnrthcr
new.i. Jt i nmr rcportcdthat"thc Gorrrnors of
-. aicmnicil at ijncrctaro wcre all hut oncin
jaiorin p.-a.-c. .anta Anna mjs opixjscd and
w 3.! ,t .iu-:ui iiny loni; apunst' tK'Otiation."An
eu'icr r ro'ntmn in ln ravor w.in lookeil fnr. Thc
Km-st of Worth. I'ilhm-ainl Dnnmn . ...
tinn -I. There ha lccn stroct rows. in whii-h t-n
Am ri:in werc killcd and fourtccn JI.icani.
.uutiiiii and iinai-ama. on t icl'arlic. h.iv Ui
snrr -ndcrcd lo our forcc.-. aftcran hour sliomhard
(i -n. Horrcm Was at thc pr.int of death.
Fm-.tccn ronipanics'of IJIcxican troops arc
t -uiun.iiiiiu.Hiiia. i wo oattanonslclt .San
ta Fo fur the South, intuudingtointcr'at El L'as
T ic S.mU F;Rcpnbliran Jwvs that the troops
whn havc conc foiithwinl iiri';oniniittinR deprc
dations and violencc upoiithe j-coplcof thcwholc
nrpartic! ofApachc Indians havc attackcd
jho nrovc ott aoo cattle, an.t killcd threc mcn.al.
w u.Niuiiiij; iiuuic wjoni-.
1 .mn.itcr bpaldinr rcjrfim that 3500 Mexi-
om? ai i muiianua, wlio arc cngagcd in crcctin
fortihcuions aud ca.-tiujj cannon. '
Hrxsiso off Xixnocn. Thc Grand Jnrv of
iloran coanty, lllinos. havc indictcd Asa Uich
cock. and Aganl of Wavcrlr. in that eounty for
runnm- ofriicocs WonRinjlMo tuocitircns of
bt. Liuis. Henry Alillcr, w ho a, cngaRwl in thc
same transact.oii i escapd throah want ofcvi-
ned on hron!! tlic-undeiiw. railroad." hk-h
n m ud, resuUrlv run Vtcn St. Ixinisand
Thc al)o!itioiiiLs havc a
u-pii.ipcjn sav,
ciaj.loycd in this
nir. ivlinci hncinpce it e . .
oflcr them frce paf!aSe to Uiici;;o. ad condnct !
thcm across the nver, and to the lirst rclav ncar1
L ppcr Alton. The nctrrocs arc takcn on ih wa-.
ons. in the night, driving from thirtv to fortv milcs
a night and concealim; thcm dnrins'ihe dnv." Thc
cxpenscs are Daid hv llip nlin!;i;in uiwiin
this wav, a Iarj:e nnin!rof "ni-grocs havc bccn
juu un uuruig me past sunimcr.
1'olk Demociiact. Thc trial of Licut. Col
I reinont, for not obcvin-- R-n Konniov in f'nli.
lonua, is said to liavecott tlicgovcrnnicnt,alrcad
y, 30,000, aud the cnd js not yct. Jf -Mr. I'olk
was ou trial for ordcriDir Frcmiint and Storkton
xo take jiosscssion of t'alifoniia, in anticipation of
uic ur uc wcu Kncw wouiu nc uic coicqucnec
ui orucnng ucn. layior to tne Hio Urandc, and
poiuting liis guns withinjhlank hot of Matanio
ras, tlicro would be son.e sensc in it.
Mr. Eotts. of Va thc Chairuinn of the Commit
tcc on Military Atiairs, has imroduccd a scries of
rcsolutions rccainng our troops to mc une oi uic
"lcptiniatc ixmnflary ot iexas. anu againsi any
jicijuisition of territory esccpt such as we may
purchase in Califumia, adjoining Orcgon, in the
valcy of tlie Sacramcnto. Mr Tliotnp-on, of In-
aiana. nas ininxmcca similar resoiuiions, uni n.v
ing a theboundarvr 'lN,is thedcsprtbctwcen('nc lluia is maac to pass, with inconcnvable
the Xenees and the Rio Grande.
We may expect some intercsting dcbate after
the ho'.idavs are ovcr. At present the Congres
ional procecdings are merc notes of preparauon.
The steamship IDbernia, arrived Friday
moming at about 3 o'clock, m 2U 1-2 aajsirom
The Euroncan Timcs of the 4th says : It
is gratifying to be able to announcc tliat a
niarkcU iuiprovenient has taken place during
the past tortnight in tne aspect ot our com-mpn-ial
niTairs. The value of rjublic securi'
tics hai advanced, -and there nas bccn lcss
stringeney in the moncy market gcnerally.
The resolution of the l!ank of England to rc-
duee tlie ratc ot interest to 6 per ccnt., wmcn
W!i nmmiilratod on the 2d installt. will tcnd
still t'urthcr to restore confidence, and cnable
holders of produce to scll their ranous com-
mrwlitiA nti mnrfi fnvomlilp. terniS.
At present, howeTer, the marketsforforeign
and eolonial nrodnce are dctiressed; and this
fiict, couplcd trith the failures which oecur at
inicrvais in au parts oi ui -
crlrwMTi np nnr iiTrvSTWCIS. WIUCU IIJU iuutiiuia-
f; r mnnw m.irket does not cffectually
rcniove. In the nianufacturing disUicts, thore
cnmowtifit m.itor activitv. witti niorc Jianas
i.mnlnrl. whilst on the othcr hand largo bod-
ies ot tuen are oeing uiscnargtu iram mii un-
ous radway works wmcnnavo Decn suspenueu.
Vnrtv-tnreii failures have occurrcd in Eng-
fand and on the Contincnt sincc the sailing of
thc last steamcr.
or the Queen. On Tlmrsday, the 18th
ulr., the lnipcnal l'arliament assemuteu ai
Vtministcr. ilr. ShawLefevre wasre-clect-
ed Sncaker. and the rcmainder of the week
wtis occupieu m sweanng m new mcuiueia.
Un 1 uesday tlie Itoynl spcecn was ueuveruu
lv commission.
" The Oueen. in her sncecb, explaincd that
thp nmreaiitile distrcss ot the country was the
occa.-ion of her asscmbling the l'arliament, and
rncoiiinieiiiled measures 01 rclicf.
It is satisfactory to state that the Koyal
15ank of Livcrpool, whosc paymcnts ivere sus
np.iided aliout two montlis aso, reopencd its
doore on the 1st inst., for thc traniartion of
From thc manufacturing distncts the latcst
advices are morc encouraging.
IiiELAXD. AVe resret to ttatc that crimes
and outragescontinueundiminishcd in Ireland.
The state of Tipticran-, Clare, "Wcstmeath,
Kinifs C'ounty, Itoscommon and Limcnck, is
nio.-t dcjilorablc.
Fkance. Xunierous meetincs continue to
bc Lcld in all parts of the country in favor of
leclonal rctorni.
The I'rinoe de .Tonville has rcsicnctl the
coinmand of the Meditcrrancan squadron, thc
alli"'ed causc of wh'n-h is ill health.
Jtai.y. Tlie coiucntion between Tope L'i-
ns IX, the (Jrand Dukc of Tuscany and Luc
ca, nnd thc King of Sardinia, for the fonua
tion of an a&ociation on the principle of the
Gcrnian Commercial lcaguc, will, it is antici
jated, tend to fue thc common intcrests of all
taly upon a true anu esseniiai uasis.
SSviTZKRl-ixu. The revolntion in Switz-
erlanil is rapidly jirogrcssing. Thc jcsuits are,
:n thev ilouWless Ucscrve to uc, marKeu oo-
iccti of cxtermination.
J . rt rry ' A .
from St- Pctcibiivgh, datcd thc 12th ult., an
tiounccd that the cholora liad uiade frcshprog
ress at Moscow. 15ctwcen thc 25th Octobcr
and 1st of Jsbvember, thc numbcr of cascs dai-
incrcascd. C41 ticn-.onshavin'rbcen attacAcd
during that pcriod, 238 of whom had dicd.
From thc Bo-iton Atlas.
"Ve cave vcstcrday a bricf acconnt of thc
lreadful shimvrcck of thebris Falconcr.in In-
swich 15av. AVe havc now the following ad-
ditioual jiarticulars : Tlie Falconcr, Cajit. Kol-
erson, lett Sidncy, C. E., 8th inst, and Lape
Sable 13th inst., thc latter with a lresli easterly
hrec7c. She made &iuam light in the thick
weathcron Thurxlay night, buttooktothe
Cohxssct light, and tackcd thc ship and stood
northward. L'ion making Jpswich and Xew
buiyport lights, the Captain discovcrcd his cr-
ror, uut could not make out wnere ne was.
IIc continucd beatinj: about until Fridav mom-
incr. whcn thc topsail shcctswere carriedavay,
and t-Iie raisstayeu, anu at 10 oclocx botn an
chors wcre let go. Thc bcst bowcrchain part-
cd on that cieinng, and her mastswcrc cut a-
wav. bhc thcn ltxlc salely bv thc small ctiain
until Saturday moniing, whcn thc small bow
cr partcd, ani at about scvcn or cight o'clock
"he eroundeu, about thrcc-iourtus ot a imle
froni.the shorc, thc sca making a couiplctc
brcach ovcr her, anu tlie bng lcaking tiailly-.
As thc watcr becanic too dccpin thc cabm, tlie
pasongers lcft it, and in one hour aftcr, the
raptam, wife and son dicd from cxposurc
Uwuig to thc lieavy s-ea ana lngu tnle, no neip
toiild Ijc afonlcd until about noon, having no
life boat. At this tinic 14 othcrshad pcrished.
Thc survivors wcre transfcrred to tlie shore,
nnd huinamdy pravided foratthc Town Hod?c
iu Ipswieh, undcr thc carc of the Selcctmcn.
Thc dcad wcre to bc intcned yestcrday aftcr
nooi). Tiic first and second malcs, with moit
of thc crew, arc savcd ; also niost of thccabin
The way in which information js communi
catcd from place to place in a twinkling, by
means of tho clectric tclcgraph, is a dccp and
unfatliomable mystcrj- to most pcrsons. The
Boston Traveller cxplains thc matter in this
way, viz ; Sujijiosc a cord be strctchcd along
for any given distance, and the cnds held by
two pcrsons who have agreed on ccrtain sig
nals by which tocoinmunicato information to
cach other : For examplc, suppose they havc
agreed that one short quick jcrk shall repre
sent tlie lcttcr a, two such jcrks n, threc c.&
so on. JNow thcn, it is casv to scc that with
snilicicnt practice, thcse persons could eatilv
spell out worus to each othcr by means ot
thcse preconccrteu signals. 15ut it would cvi-
dentlv bc a tedious and somcwhat uncertain
jiroecss. Suppose, thcn, in ordcr to faciliate
the business, caeh cxtremity of thc cord shouhl
be attaehed toa little instnmicnt, which should
bc made to play up and down like a trip ham
incr, thc faee of which should be furaishcd
with a point suflicicnt to make a small dot or
mark. Xow, it will bc manifcst, that by hav
ing thc cord strctched tightlv from one cxtrem
ity to the othcr, it would be an casy mattcr,
by moving onc of these little liammcrs, to pro
duce a corresponding motion in the othcr.
Wiat now rcniains, is only to contrivc a way
to record thcse motions. This can easily be
done hy making a slip of papcr pass slowly
under the point of thc hainnicr when set in
motion : thus a single ntiick motion of onc
haimncr will cause "Ihc othcr to make a dot (.) ;
two Mich motions two dots (. .) i holding the
hammer down foran instant, v.hile the papcr
is in motion, will produce a short mark ( ) ;
a longcrpcriod, a longer mark ( ) ; and
am.li iui-iu kuu ue a combination ot
dots anddashes (. ,.. , ., mm
all of which shall be made to reprcscnt letters
words and figurcs, which by practice, mav be
just as easily read and nndcrstood as the iirbi
trary marks which we call letters, but wliich
ha'c no significancy to oue unacquaintcd with
the lanmiase.
Such is the tclcgrcph, cxeept that instead of
cord,wire is uscil, anU tnstcad ot the manual
force which we have Bupposcd applied to thc
T 1 1 1 .1 l
raoiion oi me namraer, tne ciee
rapidity, ond produce the famc motion on the
little tnp nammer at its cxireiiiiij. j-"" -u-rcnt
of electricity is completely under the con
trol of thc opcrator; and by lcttmg it on to
the wires or shutting it ofT, which can be done
in an instant, the requisite motion is given to
the little hamnicr-like instrument, which pro
duccs a dot or a mark at tho plcasurc of the
otierator, in a manner similar to what we have
abovc described.
XOi The AVashington corrcspondent of thc
New York Herald writcs that the "Vicc Prcs
ident having ordcrcd the removal of John
West and his lirjuors from thc basement of the
Senate sidc of the Capitol, the Speakcr ofthc
llouse John Foy, to cvacuate the subtcrranc
an apartments where he has so Iong dispenscd
thc luxuries of his rcfectory to the hungrj- and
thirsty scrrants of the peoplc from thc othcr
IIousc." Boston Cliristian Frccman.
The books arc to be opcned for stock on thc
1 1th of Jan. It appears fortn the Rutland Herald,
that there js a qucstion as to the route and wcst
cm tcrmination of the proposed road.
rcnuc Lasds. TTpwards of five millions of
acres or public lands m wisconsin, jiupuu, o-t.
arc advertiscd to be sold by Governmcntin Jann
aryand Fehruary.
Judce McLe.vx. Thcrc is an impression that
Judge McLcan will bc taken up as tlie AVhig
nomince for the l'residcncy. If so, thc Whigs
will liavc a vcry powcrful candidate in the ficld.
There is no mau who occupies highcr ground.
IIc has kept himself frce from all ultraism, has
hcld himself aloof froin all party squabblcs in
his inoral and iutellectual-qualitics he stands pre
emincnt He is thercfore a candidate whose nom
iuation would strikc tcrror into the ranks of tlie
Dcmocratic party. Cuui. Jlerald.
rOLITICAI- AX0 Diplosiatic Tlic If. York
Herald savs the fricnds of Mr. "Van Burcn.from
N. York, will go strong for him in thc Convention
for the nomination of the ncxt Prcsidcnt; and thc
same jounial undcrstamls from 'an audicntic and
rcliahlc source,' that there is cvcry probability of
an ambassador of the highcstrank bcing scnt from
this country to thc Court of Itomc, iustead of an
inferior mission as was at first proposed, and that
Chicf Jutice Taney may be the Atnhatsador,
withan outfit of nine thousand dollars, aycar,
providcd he acccptcd the appointment.
The AnitESTS is Mexico. Letters rcccived
at New Orleans from Mcxico state that tlie ar
tests onlercd by Gcncral Scott wcre in consc
qucnce of thc disoliedienre of ordcrs by Gcncral
Worth.or by 'tt'orth and l'illow conjointly,during
thc late hattlcs bcfore thc city of Mcxieo. yorth
was onlercd to oeratc ujidn a ccrtain point at
night.and to surprise tho Mcxican garrison nnd
takc the cncmy prisoners. This, howcver, he did
not IIc waitcd until thcnext mornmg. JJy this
the Mcxicans, appriscd of the dcsign ofthe Amcr
ican cominandcr, preparcd for a stout rcsistancc
The conflict cnsucd, nnd tlie hrigadc Icd by Gcn.
Worth lot cight hundrcd mcn! Theactionwas
thc disastcrous and fruitless attack upon Molino
dcl Rcy.
h appears that llicMcxicnns are not all bnr
hariaus ifsomc of them are. Lieul, Whip
plc of thc Amcrican army, who was made a
prisoner in the cemetcry, ucarrcraCiuz,bas
spukcn iu the wnrmest tcrms ofthc kindness
he reccived from 'he Mexicnus, nn his route
into theiutcrior of the coiiiitrv: Mcn, women
and children offered bitti thcir sympathies and
their moneyin thc most delicate and propcr
niauuer A navy otficcr. who, with a prize
schoorier was east ashore, in compa'ny with
stveral scamen. at Alvarado, writcs homclhat
he nnd his mcn metwith notbin; but kindncss
after they bccamc prisoners to ibe Mexicnns.
lle ivas sent to 1'cubla, and tnus spcaks ol
bis gnod trcatment there:
" Fot two or threc dajs aftn my arrival.
iny timc papscd delightfufly; The prelcct and
his brothcr were mcn of afllueucc. and uscd
every evertion to make me forgct ihe circum
stance of my benig a prisoner. The cure too
was a polished gentletnan, and by him I was
introduced to the othcr padres, who were all
well educated and estimable pcrsoDS. Those
wcre tiot my only friends, althougli the most
desirable; fot clsewliere I was attacked by ihe
fever. At first I thought it a shgbt affair,
nnd iucaiiliouely veiitnred in thc sun. This
liioughtonarelapoenhicb foraometime con
fincd mc to my bod.
Ro.man Catiiolicism. The St. Albans,
Vt. Bepublican statcs that scveral inflnen
ualfamilics. meiubersoftheEpiscopalChurch
havc rcccnily joined thc Rotnan Catholic
Church in that place and it is understood that
nearly one hnlf of thc Sf Albans Union
Church is inclined lo the 6ame fatib.
Boston Couricr. A". E. Farmci und other
The foregoing pnragrach is running the
paunlleiofihe news pnper pre?s. nnd as it
contains m:sreprcsenta(ion cnlcnlatcd to i'o
great injustice lo a rcpeclahlesociely, lh?rc
tlie Incls arc not known; we improvc nus
occnsion ineay,(l) ihat we uoderstand that
the St. Albans Ilepublican never puhlished
nnv such paiasrnph as the abovc nor in fact
any piragraph at all on Ihe subjcct of R-
mnn Calhohnsm ns it ensls in this town (-)
that ''sercral influcntial fnmilies, mcmbers
ol ihe Episcopal Church'- have not "joineG
the Roman CalhoIicChurch'' the only fam
Hy joininj;. and that not ,rcccn'Iy.' heing llmt
of thchitn prie6tof ihe sahl Union Church,
and thrrc or four lcmtdes of difiercnt familics
and (3) Ihat it is not true that one halfof
ihc bt. Albans Umuii l.nurch is lncltceu to
the same faith."
We trust that thoEe papers which have
given currency lo thcse falsehoods will ai
once make the ' amcnde honorable,' nnd
rectify the mislakcs they have untviltingly
5tillthey Cojie There have heen mee-
lings in Piladclphia in favor of Buchanan.
Dallas and l'olk; and wo now ohservc a
notice of a meelitig ofihe Cassiies ! I'liila-
ueipbia Lioco b ocos are nard lo pieasc.
TELEGEArnicFEAT. The transmission of
thc Presidcnl's Mcssage ovcr ihe tclegraphic
wtrcs to Liouisnlle, Kcntucky. nnu Vincen
nes, Indtana, was uccomplished durinc
Tuesday night. occnpying about twclvo
hours incessant labor on the part ol tne ope
ralots engaired in it. During the transmis
sion ol the first part ol thc documcut ihe
wires v cre in conueciion all the way to Cin
cinnaii, but intcrruptions occnrring from the
way-oflices beyond Pittsburg. ihe line was
uisconnected, nnd thc balance ol tne messnge
had to be re-wnllen at Pitlsburt; lor Omcin
nati, Louisville Vinccnncs. The message
was furnished to thc papers at thc two lor
mer cities, and a-ailed at , Viucennes for the
St. Louis papers.
Philadclphia Ledger.
The Washington Union gives coanlenanre
to the nionslrous propoeilion. to -eeize the
lands of privale and penceahle citizens ol
Mexicn, und to divide them otu aniong- sel
llers from the Uniled Slatcs. The Adminis
tralion and its organ have no more idea of
national honor and national juslice; thcn Hot
tentotF, Bosjesmans, or huehmen. They
would make the vjry name of Ihe United Slti
tes a term of infamy upon ihe lips of ihe nali
ons LauisrWlc Journal,
Exflosiox A!tD Loss or Life. An explo
sion of stcam boi'er occurred at the foundery
ofMr. Reynohls, in Cincinnali, on lhc6lh
insiani. which resulled in thedealh of Micha
el Keyser, engineet. and the serious injory
ofECveral othcrs; nmong them wa John
Bowcrs, who wae nol expectcd to turvivc.
Cewsds of new Orleans. AccorHing to
.L ,1 l.lMlnn nflhc ellV IS i
79998, n dimination oriG.OOO sin:e lastyear,
and 23,01)1) stnce 184U, Tlie tiena cuut.w,
tocvpherthisstatementinloamistake. lnat
. . I ..liiiinrnH mat-
papcr siaiesuiireii iiuc """--.,,.
havc'been crectcd during the time specineu,
and tlnnKS tne popuianon nus iuv.i .
than decreased.
Arkansas Bagoao "Boy, runup stairs
toNo. , nnd bring down my baggage hur
ry, 1 'm about moving," said a tall Arkansas
meat-axe-looklug pereon !o n watter at one
ofour crack hotels. What isyourbaggage,
massa.and wharis he7" Why.threepistols,
a pack of cards, a bowie ktiile aad a sbirl.
You ' II find them all under my pillo w.'
It is unfortunately the fashion with man
y ladies of ihe present time to let their
children bc esposed with bare neck, arras,
legs, until tho skin'becomes motlled by a
stagnant venous circulation (bluenesa of
skin). In such circumstances, tubercles
(early consumplion.) the seeds of so much
malady, and the source of so many heart
pangs, are, I atn persuaded, frequently de
veloped, so that this cold surface is equal
Iv the source of present misery to the lit
tle child, and of future sorrow to the pa
rent. Ofthis treatraent, scrofula and
consumptton, in their various forms, are
the frequent resuli. In addition especial
ly, the skin should be excited by rubbing
sponging, &c, and protecled by a just
and general clothing, light in sumraer,
warm in winter, with flannel next the sur
face at all times. There may be ciicum
stances of health and atmosphere in which
exposure may be right enough, but these
rarely coincide in infancy, (particularly in
our climate.) nor last the whole day.
Dr. M. Uall.
Moxumbxt TO Sieas Wisight. The in
habitanU of Lawrcnce Counly, N. Y., are ma
king arrangements for erecting a monument
to the.mcmory of the late Sil.s AVmoilT, who
was a residcnt ot tuat couniy.
Thc Boston Dail Mail of the 28th inst says :
"The Grand Jury having bccn dischargcd, ana
some unimportant business transacted, the Clk.
callcd upon Gco. Jliller; to come fonvard and
plcad tosundry indictmcnts found against him
for forgcry. Millcr came fonvard with his
counscl, A. II. Fiske, Esq., and the latter in
bchalf of his client waivcd the reading of the
ndictments. puttintr m the plca' of not cuilty,
The County attorney statcd that the Grand
Jury had cxamined iiumcrous witncsses in in-
vesti'ttini' thc accuscd contaimng six counts
that it is supposed there wcre other for-
ged notes uttcreu, but tnoy nau not uecn abte
to tracc them far enough towarrant the finding
of othcr bills of lndictmcnt The case, howcv
er, he rcmarkcd laid opcn to thc action ofthc
ncxt Grand Jury should othcr dcvclopmcnts
The indictmcnts against Millcr are foundcd
upon three notes, allcdccd to be forgcd of
w-hich the followins is a cony tho other two
bcing of similar date und ainount; making a to-
tal ol 5i,ot)0.
Concord, Jlass., July 30, 1847.
Fourmonths aftcr date, forvalue rcccived, I
promiscto pay Gco. Millcr, or oitler, Iwcntj--Five
Hundred Dollars, at thc Suffolk Bank.
H, t. liliL.lv.Nl',
A slip from the oflicc of the Norfolk Herald
datcd Dec 23, 1 P. M., contains thc following
cxtract of a lcttcr from Major Iluntcr, one of
the Commissioncrs of wrccks in Princcss An-
nc to aliouso in Korfolk :
"I am sorry to havc to inform you, that tho
T t- H''i 1 I' -v- 1
ocnr. oea ttiicu, oi xew j.urK, cumu asiiore
on the bcach six miles South of Cape IIcnry,in
thc snow storm of Tliursday, and all on board
havc perishcd. Both masts arc cone, or at
lcast arc lloating alougside. We havc had her
boardcd this morning, and it was tho'f she was
in ballast Thrce man have bccn found along
shorc, and I think the rcmainder arc in the
rigging. As soon as the tidc faUs we shall en-
deavorto save what we can."
MunriEK of Mk. Lowrie. Tho Rcv.
Waltcr M. Lowrie, an AmericanMissionary at
Xingjx),a gcntlcmm of cmmincnt attainmcnts,
has bccn cruelly murdercd in the Chinesc seas
by piratcs. Thc Reverend gentleman took
his nassage in a Chinesc boat from Shanghae
to Iingpo, and during thepassage was attack
ed by a piratical vcssel. At first, it would ap-
pear, tnat tne piratcs oniy mcditatcu robbcty,
but fcaring that Mr. Lowrie might bring thcm
to justicc, they rcsolvcd to throw him o
verboard. Two of the rufliansseized him for
that puurpose, but not bcinir able to acconv
plish it,a third joined in thc murdcrous attack,
and they succccdcd in throwing him into thc
sca. As the wavcs ran lugh, though he was
sccn two or thrce times, he soon sank to rise
no morc. Mr. Sullivan the English consul at
Xingpo, prod'crcd everj- aid his oflicial station
cnablwl him to rcnder, and stcps wcre bcing
uuccu to recovcr me rcmams it posstble.
Inteuesting to Wine DniNKEr.s. Ga
lignai's Mcsscngcr statcs that 103 hogsheads of
adultcrated wine were brought qut of the e n-
trcpol at Pans, and their contents spilt into
the Seine, Immcdiatcly after this opcration,
the surface was covered'to the distance of 200
yards, with on immease quantity of fishcs,
poisoned by the deleterious liquor.
Kixth Regiment. Licut. Col. Withers,
:C 1 IU- T ' 1 1 1 l-.l
ii ui iuu ioiu AiL-giiiieiib nas oeeii :tipuiuieu
Coloncl of the Ninth Recimcnt in thc place of
inu late va. iiansom, ana uapt. Aaiiaierro,
late of the 11th has been appointed Major of
iuc aiu, vice ocymour promotoa to tne jzin.
iThe Chcshirc Rail Road, was to bc o
pcncd on Mondav last from Fitchbursh to Troy
l niue milcs bclow Kcene, X. II. ThcYermont
anu Alass. road was also to be opcned to Atbol,
on the same dav.
iSaTThe Xcw Custom House atXew-Or-leans
will cover an area of 99,000 fcet cxcce
din by some 30,000 fect that of the Capitol
at Washington. It will accommodatc of the U.
S. Court; Post Office, Collcctor's Office, and
havc many millions fcet of storage.
Not so Bad. Thc cditor of thc Maine
Farmer intimatcs the dcsign ofour govcrnmcnt
in sending an expcdition to the Dead Sca, may
be to fish up Sodomand Gommorah and "an
nex thcm to the United State."
Santa Clacs. This fine old looking fel
low, the friend of thc juvcnile community,
quietly, during thc night, took his accustomcd
stand at the "Temple of Fancy," and was at
carly diwn this morning rcnewinghis acquain
tance 'with the carly riscri. Since his last vis
it,heb altcrcjl in personal appcarance, buthe
is still the same, hearty, good looking fcllow he
evcr was. He, as usual, by the numbcrless
toys antl trinkets by which Le is snrrounded,
altracts much attention, particularly among the
youngcr cla;?, with whom hc is eonstantly ma-
king new acquaintances. May he ever be suc
ccsbful, and may hi shadow never be less I
iKS- Extract of a letter from a distinguished
Whig Mcmber of Congress, to the editor of tho
Washington-, Dec. 17, 1847.
xt- Tni. Ynn nereeivc that the .Mes-
m . umi
sage "of the Prcsiderit, in which he discusscs the
qucstion ot making appropnauous iui uui u .
: 4i.A :nsi..nn1 mrHPrr-ft nf tllQ COUntV. JS
bnnging down upon him his own party m the
llouse 01 lvcprcscniauves,
tlir West, are mostlv
indignant at this voluntecr avowal by the Ex-
ecutive, ot tns nosiuiiy io inicnuu uujhuiv
mcnts; and will upon this floor, spcak very em
phatically to him upon the subjcct. The dc
bate upon this subject will probably continue
for some days and with increascd animation.
- .,, .i. ir.
Jn tho senate you wm perceive
Calhoun has made an issue with the Adminis-
tration. Thbwillsoon lead to an intercsting
discussion in that body.
mcnt.wc should sustain that Administration m
conducting thc war witlivigor anuencrg). io
.i toiu .l.niil.t Mninnt in tho withdrawal
ofour troops, or to withhold supplies, as long
as the nonor oi our commuu tuuuy umiunvu
or jeoparded by such action,
7 ImKnvn tnlip tlin sentimcnts of a ma-
jority of the Whigs of the llouse of Keprescn-
Washington, Dec. 28, 1847.
Ct-v-.tt Xr- "V?1p. fmm the Funeral
Pnmmlitu mivirt pd thp ordcr of arranccments
f.UU..llWV, ' a
made with the concurrencc of tlie rclativcs,
for the funeral of thc late bcnator xaik-
Rcsolutions accomfanying the report wcre
adoptcd that the Vice Presidcnt and Senate,
tativcs wouUljom tlie proccssion; that the
rtl r.T. Cnnnfn olintll'l nrOflf'lt llP
Uliampiaiu ui inu utiun.
funeral discourse on Sunday at thc Capitol;
anu that tlie usuat appropnauou ioi a iiuuuii
funeral bc placcd in the hands of Mr. Clark,
Rcprescntative from Mainc, to defray the ex-
pense oi couveiuy iuw w .....c
The rcsolutions ha-ing been unanimously a
doptcd,the Senate adjourned.
House. The Spcaker prcsented a lcttcr
from thc Secretary of the 2fcivy, with an ab
stractofthe contingcnt expenditurcs ofthc
Alsn"n netition from the Amcr
ican Peacc Society of Boston, praj-ing the a
doption of measurcs for rcstoring peacc.
Mr. King, of Georgia, prcsented a commu
nication from thc Secretary of thcXavy, ask
in" anappropriationof onc hundred and fifty
ai i T 1 1 r r t ;i iiai Jn
uiousanu jjuiiara iui iuuiii.-.iii.
structing thc U. S. Dry Dock at XcwYork,
in anticipation of appropriations for the ncxt
fiscal vcar, and stnting that unlcss the appro
priations wcre made, the work would have to
be stonned.and disastrous conscqucnccs cnsue.
It was rcfcrred.
A nunlnlinn nfinnnirV WaS OllerCd UV ftlT.
Ciwo. nnA ndnnfpil. .TS tn thp. CXDCdicnCV of
excluding wlutc tnuicrs irom niu auuuui
ritories, and confining the tradc thcrcin cxclu
sivcly to Indian rcsidcnts.
Mr. AVashinsrton Hunt ouered a joint resolu
tion of tlianks to Gcn. Scott, his ofliccr3 and
men; for thcir aistinguisncu"auaniry anu.guuu
condnct, and providing a gold medal for Gcn,
it- c.v.:,!. TtwlTnnn nrpcpntpd ji netitinn
1111 . t Ul J. I
from thc citizens of that State, for thcabolition
of Slavery in the Llistnct ot uoiumoia, anu
Territorics of the United Statcs, and thc sup
M:n iClirt Tnirtrnnl Klnvn Tnulp. Ilpmovpd
its rcferencc to thc Committec on tho JDistrict
of Columbia.
Mr. Candall movcd tolay iton the table.
This Candall owcs his light altogclhcr to
the Magnctic Tclcgraph. "N c ncvcr hcard of
the gentleman bcfore. Ed.
Mr. Root dcmanded the Ycas and 2says on
thc last motion, which was ordered. Ycas 76:
Navs 70. It was laid on thc table.
-( .1 , f .1 Ci
A mcssage was tlicn reccivcii irom ine oen
ate with the procecdings of that body relative
to the funeral of Scnator Fairfield.
On motion of Mr. Williams the nouse con
currcd vith the Senate, rcsolvcd to attcnd the
funeral, and thcn adjourned.
Mr. Pcttit, mcmber of Congrcss from Indi
cna, fell last night andbroke hisleg.
AVashington, Dcc. 28, 1847.
The funcral-possession formcd at the boar
ding house of the late Scnator, at half past 4
o'clock. His body was convcvcd thence to
thc railroad cars and dclivcred in charge of
Mr. Clark, Reprcsentativc Irom ftlame, who
accompanicd by the rclativcs of deccascd, pro
ceeds with liis charge to Saco, .Mc., where it
will be intcrrcd in the family burial ground.
The funcialwas attcndedby both Houscs of
Congrcss, procecded by theirouiccrs; membcrs
of the Cabmet; oflicers of Covernmcnt, and of
the army and navy; foreign ministcrs, cit
izens, &c.
WASiiiscToy, Dec 29.
Congress. In the Stnate, which mct at 1 2 o'clock,
praycr by Rcv.Mr. Gurley, House ehaplain. The
Vicc-Prcsidcnt prescntcd a report from tlie Secre
tary of the Navy, rclating to cxpenditurc of con
tingcnt appropriations ; also, rejiorts from the Sec
retary of thc Trcasury, in rclation to ovcrflowed
pubh'c lands in Arkansas, aud the public lands at
Sault St. Marie.
Mr. Cass, from thc Committee on Military Af
fairs, reporttd a bill to provide for tiie furthcr
prosccntion of the war, and a bill relative to vol
untccrs. Mr. Athcrton reportcil the House bill to pro
vide for thc deficiency in Uie subsistance appro
priation, which was read a third time and passcd.
Agrccably to notice, Mr. Ashley obtained lcave
to bring in a bill rclating too general pre-cmption
law, which was read a first and sccond time by
conscnt, and rcfcrred to the Committee on Pub
lic Lands. Mr. Wcstcott rcported abill to in
crease thc number of cxamining clcrks in the pa
tcnt office.
On motion ofMr. Crittcnden, thc bill for the
purchasc of the Madison papers was takcn up,
and dcbate thcrcon postponcd tDl to-morrow a
mcssage having bccn rcccived irom thc llouse an
nonncing the death ofMr. Bradley. Mr. Fclch
of Mtchigan rcspondcd in a fecling and cloqucnt
manner. Adj.
In thc llouse, Mr. Charlcs E. Stuart of Michi
gan annonnccd the deccase ofMr. Edward Brad
ley, who was clected to thc present Congrcss from
that state, but dicd scveral months sincc, nnd Mr.
Stuart was choscn to fillthc vacancy. The House
thercnpon adjourned. -
Gen. Tailor. The mcmbers of Congrcss fricnd
Iv to him arc to holdamceting to-night. It is
nimorcd that he will be in Washington by the
middle of Janiiary.
We hear from the South that Jamcs Crock, a
man morc than 100 years old, was burned to death
at Chcraw, S. C.
BcsolceJ, That among the highcst dutics that
dcYolve upon the Kepresentatives of the people
is the preservation of the national integrity, a
strict observance of the limitations ofthc Consti
tution, and a firm rcsistancc to Exccutive cn
croachmcnts. Resolced, That any war which has for its object
thc acqnisition of territory byconqucst, brings in
to qucstion tlie national character, is in violation
nf thu viTictttntinn nf tlip ITnifMl Statcs. in conflict
with thc genius andspirit ofour instimb'ons, and
dangerous to thc pcrpciuiiy oi xnc uumu.
UcsdnJ, That the war in which we are now
engaged was not brought on by the actof Mcxico.
Jteolced, That the war with Mexico was
brought on by tho unantliorized oct of the Presi-
ucnt ot me unueu Diaics, in orucnng uic anny
undcr the coinmand of Gcn. Taylor into ttrritory
thcn in the posscssion of the Mcxican Republic.
Rcsolved, That we have no right to claim in
demnity for the expenses of a war brought on by
the ill advised and unprovokcd act of our own
public fnnctionarics.
liesolved, That the honor of th'u nation docs
not consist in exacting; territory from Mcxico, to
which we havc no claim, and yielding to Great
Britain Territory, tlie title to which was asscrted
to be 'clearandunqestionable;, and thatto evadc
the strong and pursue the weak, does not present
the honor, courage, or grcatncss of our pcople in
theh- true light.
Resolnd, That to exact indemnity from Mexico
would devolve upon us the neccssity of making a
similar dcmand in all future wars, which would
involvc us in intcrminablc conflicts, or of surren
dcring a principle now insistcd on as indispensa
ble to the prcscrvation ofour national honor.
Itesolcal, That no new territory can bc annex
ed to thc United States hy virtuc of thc war.with
nnt involvinf the airitation ofdomesticdifficulties,
and begctting sectionalanimositics, and weakning
thc ucs that connect us toge mcr.
BesolrtJ, That if thc conqnest of territory be
nnt tlin ohicct of the war. we can perccive no good
reason for continuine our troops in the hcart of
tlie cncmy's country, but that thcir livcs are un
necessarily exposed, and our rcsources usclessly
i?csoj)ed That a conquering nation has nothing.
to apprehcnd from an exmbition ot magnanunny
and gcnerosity to a dcfcatcd foe; and that a vic
torions armv mav retirc from thc pursuit ofcar-
nage and slaughtcr, without incurring the imputa-
tion orrctreating tromtne scanercu anu ubtoui
fitted forccs of the cncmy.
Kcsolral, That the most cfficicnt, if not the only
means of rcstorins a spccdy and honorable peacc,
wnnld be.mirfcr vroaer rrrtUminari arrmvKmcnts. to
withdrawn our troops, already covcrcd with glory
and surfeitcd with success, to the true and legm
mate bonndary of the Tcxas at the timc of its an
nexation to tlie United States.
Itesolral. That our institutions, foundcd on die
rightsof man, rcpndiatc the doctrincthat might
makes right,' as tlie frccbootcr's plea and tlie pi
ratcs law; and so long as we offcr an asyluiu to
the opprcsscd, and recognize 'life, lijierty and the
nursnit of haiminess' amonc thc inalicnable rights
of man, we cannot insist ujionthcdismcinbanueut
of a rcpublic as thc price of pcace.
llesott-al, That if upon the rcstoration of pcace,
thc necessitics or our rommcrce snan rcquire a
harbor in anv part of tlie Mcxican territory in
Califomia, we arc able, and should be willing, to
topay tlicrcfor, as would bccome a great and hon
est peoplc.
lltsotrcfl, That if it shall bc dctcrmined by the
I'eople tlirough thcir rcprescntativcs, tnat tins
war shall be furthcr prosecuted in Mexico, it thcn
bccotncs the dnty of all partics to protect our na
tional naganu uravc army, uyiuruiMiui un
ful supplies of mcn and money to carry it on with
vigor anu cticct.
Thc flood on the Ohio is rcccding, but was in
crcasing on the Mississippi bclow. Scvcntccn pcr
sons who had takcn rcfugc in a large brick buil-
diuir, at Uie "Founcr bettlcment, wcre killeu uy
thc talling ot me uunuiug.
Gen. Scott proposcs ihrce modcs of proceilnrc:
lst, to hold on wherc we arc, and live upon Mcxi
co, approiiriating all the rcvcnue of thc country
and the mincs to onr own usc and benefit. 2d, to
withdraw to a line, as proposed hy Mr. Calhoun:
and 3d, to occupy and hold tho wholc country.
under martial law.
Mr Gcorgo W. Kandall, of the Kcw Orleans
Ticavunc, is said toMe prcparinghis matcrialsfor
a his'torv of the Mcxican war. No man is bcttcr
qnaliiicd, having liccn with thc army and takcn
part in thc ticgc of Montcrcy, and on the wholc
line from Vcra Cruz to Mcxico.
Tuesday, Jan. 4, 1848.
Thc scason in this rcgion is without a paral
lcl. Winter and its invcstmcnts of snow has
scarccly bccn scen. It secms to havc takcn
its empire away southward, and the Nantuck
crs, Bostonians, Albanians, New Yorkcrs,
Pennsvlvanians and Ohioans are rcvcling in
the delights of a winter which of right bc-
longs to thc Green Mountatns. Jcvcr liatl
we so much reason to lamcnt the want of those
idv.intntTcs which both for business nnd plcas
urc, a good hard frosty winter usually airord.
us. So roild has bccn the winter thus far, that
the grass is growing in our fields. But wc will
not say too much. It is an old saying that
"winter never rots in thc sky." We must look
out. Jack Frost will soon be pinching us to our
liearts contcnt.
This work published in New York by Grce"
ly & McElrath is highly intercsting, cspccially
to political mcn. It contains most valuablc
stttistics upon various subjccts connectcd with
the cconomy and policy of the country, as well
as the state of parties, and of the votcs east at
state and union clcctions, and tho time whcn
thevoccur. Also a historical skctch ofthe
wnr with Mcxico. Mr. Clay's Spccch cntirc,
&c. &c. Evcry Whig should havc a number
of this little work, if for no othcr reason tnan
to chccr on Mr. Greely in his pcrscvering cf
fortsin promoting the true intcrests and policy
of the countrv.
Price 12 1-2 ccnts single, or S",00 per
IgT Purchascd on the 29th ult. by II. Lang
worthy & Co. ofMr. Abel J.Woostcr.of Corn
wall, a IIOG weighing tve hundred and eleren
poundsl Ye pork mongers beat this if you
can 1
Dniing the last wcck vcry little was done
in Congrcss, bcing tho third in the scssion.
Yct scveral important subjccts of considcration
wcre broucht up. Demonstrations were made
bv individual membcrs in both Houscs. Of
thcse we have published the cxcellcnt rcsolu
tions ofMr. Botts, which wc hope our readcrs
will peruse. Again a very important vote
was taken in the House of Representativcs, as
willbe sccn; cffirming thc powcr of Congrcss,
to appropriato money for intcrnal improvc
ments in opposition to Polk's vcto, of the Har
bor bilL Very little business in Congress is
ever done tfll'after the cessation of the holi
days. We wait with impatience to hear thc
disgission about to take place on the Mcxican
war. This war is one of thc most odiousand
detestable things that for halfa ccntury has
occurred in the world, and threatcns the most
baleful consequences to the peaco and perpct-
mty ofthe repubhc.
Ourreadcrs generaUy.must have perused
the letter of Presidcnt Labaree, in our paper
of the 3d of Xovember, in which he states the
progress and abrupt termination of the neo
tiations by tho resolution of the corporation r
Burlington Collego. We now publish the
continnation of the correspondence, consisting
of a letter, in answer. from Presidcnt TVWin..
and a replieation to the same, from tha Com-
mittce of fllidulebury College.
Messrs. Bishop & Tkacy:
There havp VipAn Tir-o at;.Tpa t-u:..i, f
late in your paper on the subject of the Union
of the Colleges in Western Vermont. Hadl
been aware of any intcntion of publishing the
two last, beforehand, it is possible some Tsvt".
gcstions might have been made, that 'wouul
have rcndered thu note unnecessary. By way
of informauon pcrmit me to sav
i m..t .t.. i . . -
J""?acsirem the Corpora
tonof thc Umversitv for snr
should promote the intcrests of learnmr ond
morality in this State.
2. A Committee of threo was appomted
without instructions as to what or what not t
agree to, to meet a Committee from Aliddlcburr
College, and then to rcport to the Corporation
of the .University what could be done.
This rqiort was made in the fonn of a Bill
for Lcgislative action, one of the prowsions of
whtch was a plan for submitting the questioa
of location to a Committee sclected from with
out thc State.
3. The Corporation of the Univcrsity exam.
inedthis report with care; referred ittoa
Committee Icarned in the law: thcse took
time for a carcful invcstigation ; and thcir o
pinion was, that thc late jubscription.and much
other propcrty, would be forfeited in law, in
casc of a removal of thc Universit v. '
4. Thcn, and not till then, was it plaiuly
manifcst, that hy a removal, the public intcr
ests of cducation in the State, would sufTer
great loss: and that the Corporation could not
mcct its liabilities, uuless by destroying its
means of instruction.
In these circumstances, the Corporation fclt
bound in conscicncc not to disposscss themsclves
of, or put at hazard, the means of mecting
thcir own cngagements to the public, and to
thcir crcditors.
5. Having jiasscd a resolution growing out of
thc alxjvc, the Corporation did not present nnr
new plan, bccause they wcre informcd, that in
thc Conmiittce of Confercnce, the Committee
from Middlebury said, in the outsct, that the
submi'sion of thc qucstion of location Jto an
irapartial committee was a sine qua non with
thcm ; and it was bclicved that any plan not
including such a submission would bc deomcd
Rcspoctfullv vours.
Messf.s. Bishop & Tkacy:
In a notc in your papcr, of Dec. lst.written
by the Presidcnt ofthc Univcrsity of Vermont
we hac read with astomshmcnt tne lollowmg
statemeut'i, vtz :
"Haing tiasscd a resolution growing out of
thc above, thc Corporation of thc Univcrsity
did not preseut any new plan, became they
wcre intormcd that in thc Committec of t'on
fercnec, thc Conimittee from Middlebury said
in the outsct, that thc subnifcsion ol thc qucs
tion of location to an impartial committec was
a ne iun non with thcm; and it washclicvcd
that any plan not including such subinission
would bc decmcd ofTcnsivc."
Thc underaigned comjoel thc Middlebury
Committec "at thc outsct" and during the first
mecting ofthc Confercnce, and wc must therc
fore bc the poisans referred to in this statc
mcnt. Now we say distinctly, that the above
information, allcdgcd to havo bccn coimnuni
cated tothc Corporation ofthc Univcrsity, wss
wholly incorrcct. No such "line jua iioi:
was set up by us, nnd at no time did wc miilc
thc location, "the lirst and great qucstion, as it
intimatcd in the above cxtract from the note.
Whcn in the proirrcss ofour discussions we at
lctigth came to thu subject of location, all par
ties agrccd without hesitation, that thu qucstion
should lic decided by impartial arbitration; and
wc did not lor a moment suppoe that thu
Middlebury Committee were moro solicitom
for such a refercnce, than were the Committt-u
from the L'nivcr-ity.
Onc ofthe undersigned was clerk of the
Confercnce at its first mecting, and hc find-t,
aftcr othcr business had bccn noticcd, the fol
lowing minutc in refercnce to thc location:
"Thc Comniittecs also unanimously concur
in thc opinion that if all othcr points of dilfer
cnce in regard to union can bc satisfactorily
adjustcd, thc qucstion of location ofthe new
institution, may appropriatcly be referred to
thc deeision of disintcrcstcd mcn."
But whogaie thc erroncous inlelligencp to
thc Corjicration t-f the Univcrshy? AVe .ve
not informed. We kndw, howcver, that two
membcrs of that Corjioration wcre present, in
thc Confercnce, of whom Presidcnt Whcclcr
was onc. aud if hc wcre present whcn tlie
inisstateinent was made to the Corjioration, it
is much to be regrettcd that lio did not correct
thc error.
Middlebury, Dcc. 14, 1847.
nowcver desirable in advancing tlie intcrests of
cducation in Vermont an union of CoIIrgcs misht
be, yct we havc never for a moment indulged any
but thcfeeblest hope that such an object could be
accomplishcd. Wc will not bc mcaly mouthcd
upon the subjcct Our purposc is to cxhibit tbc
truth in all its aspccts boldly. Tliosc of us in thu
rcgion who have bccn watching thc movcmmB
ofthc University for afew ycars past wcre well
satisfied that her propo3itions for nnion promissd
Middlebury no mutual advantage, or that Bur
lington would seek to accomplkh tliat object ia
any way which should afford our College afiur
and equitable chancc in dcciding the qucstion of
location. Every step that thc Unircrsity hai tak
cn down to tlie present moment has confirmcd tha
sospicions wo havc from the bcginning cntcrtain
cd. For the five long ycars that hcr agcnts ha
bccn making cfforU in evcry part ofthc conatrj
to raise her boasted fifty Tliousand dolUr ftm1
they have cndeavorcd to preoccnpy thc pnU
mind with tlie idea that tiie existcnce oftwo Col
leges in Vermont was a prcjndice to tound lcaro-
ing, if not a "wastcful cxpenditurc ot tne pu
charitics," thus closing the door to sncccss inM.
future appcaU of Middlebury to tho public libc"1'
itr. Since that pcriod whenever our college h
annealed for aid from abroad she has too frcqnM1
Iy bccn mct with tho cxcusc that but one colle
was wanlcd in Vermont, and that Burlington 11
already cxhaustcd the charitics due to thc cw4
of cducation in this rcgion.
The steo next takcn to paTC the way to an
ion of eoll-es bv those disintcrcstcd gcntlenw3
to whom the cause of lcarning is so dcar.andth
of Burlington College still dearcr, was to prop
to our corporaUon to appoint a committec of tW
own to consult npon wepracticability of an vn
and to adopt some plan for its accomplisltB!'
ThUpropositionwas promptly met pcrlups
r,rli!v n 'nnrlinton since it had betn rep
scntedthat Middlebury was rcluctant d-

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