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IJ ItOOKVI lli:, 1 N D.
reeafcy-terlam ChMh.
Tl Preabyterlaa congregation have
Uft for laauyearor two, building I
churth lo thi place, which wilt U tn
ornament totht toan.and creJitabh to
te congregation. It U Dearly finished.
Tfc7i kowever, need wore fund for its
completion. Tht female member of
the church, than whom there I none
tort devoted to the Interest gf Iheciuae,
hart newlnf aclty,lht proceed of
which go to aid In the enurprUe.
On tht wtnlttg of tht 2nd day of our
Agricultural Fair, which wltl be Octo
ber 13th tht ladle of tht congregation
will give ft aupper at tht bairtneiit room
of tht Preibyterlin church, tht ji occr Jt
I which Uto aid tn fluUMhtf tin) church.
Of courM there will be ft grnrral tirn
out to enjoy ao pleaaimt a mcUI hoir,
n4 to 14 In to nvblt to enterprise.
Tlckttt on It kid it Durton't, I.lnck'e,
Hall', Oalllon'e or of Mrt. rudg, un
Ul tht tvtnlnf . Let lit g o, ixcept thoe
whofttl tht they art too mean to go
into foo4 eompiny. It It particular,
ty detlreJ and really capected, that
tuck will ttty away. Cut go friend, frei
good, and gift countenanet to ft goo I
tttlfc)lll C'vMltroitew
Tht H. C. Indiana Mthodit Confer
tuet convened In thl place on Wednaa
day morning laat j but at our paper g i
to Treae at 2 o'clock on that day we
caa tay nothing o' their doln.. Vol-
Minet, however, mlht be ti4 of them j
ly ft careful (.hytlognoniUt,
DIahop E. R. Amea it Prt aiding. Th-' i
Blahop It a good preaid n officer, aud'ectUn aincd Monday lat.
titpatchet buatoead w Ith energy ui d ra-
u.,. ii. k.. i,.,nt.n,a a ...I ilUn'iu
: , .1. - ... .... t ......... .
l Buaiain me ivpiacopaicuair wiui rr.i-,
it to himielfand the Church. While he
U courteoue, and polliheJ enough for any
toelety, he ha at the aamo time tho ßru
. ... . ... .
no propelling power of true Itinerant
MethodUt MinU'.er. He hat what tho I
church needt and what It matt have
more of, If It eer fulflla Itt wholo mit
ion iht spirit of aggreaaivt warfare.
Too many of our minittora would rather
rtit cttmfortably In thalr neatt crying
"peace, peace, when thtro la no peace V j
They art content to let every thing pate
om eqaoothly and calmly rather than tht
witir akouli be troubled by their in
. atrumeiitality. The church Ii dying un
der auch pattoral car. Other aro
wiiTiKO (or tht moving of the witcrt,
that they and othen n.iy go down ene!
0 healed. Dut wt want mon w ho will j
rather ga down and arm up the pool, and 1
riak tht coneequencta. Wt belle vt in'
Ifgrtialvt Mclhodiim.
The general appearance of ill e tnlnli.
ten in attendance la coinmardlng.
They cutnt nut up to Conference look
log ce weary, worn, and reggvd aa they
did 22 yeare ago, the tV it lime wo ever
taw an Indiana Conlerrnce. There U
howevrr ai tvldent Improvenivtit, from
year to jer, in the Intellectual chnrac
ter of our inlnlatry. Tht regular ytn
of etudy which every young inlnUterl
eompelledto peraue, i having It Influ
ence. Thor are few of the o d I'n
neert of Meihoditm In the Confereece
room, who coinmtnd tht reipect and e
tiu of all,
Dut while wt are proud uf the tnlelli
fence and dignified bearing f Iha Con
ference aa bmly-Q oherver it (re-
oentle dlatorbrd in Iho harmot.v nf hi.
. ..,
fetilngi, by atelnji hert and thert u.in. (
iter out oi me prt, i e wentfe in a
call to tht uiliiUiry, and have no doubt
I . II .1 L. l A II. . I
but all tht member of thl GmlertiKt
were truly called, but ll it evident the,
Lord neter Intended that mme of them
ahouU go. If 111 call, he altuj
juiltflea. lit ho call It never miata
Bat. dowa htar one aki 'IIow do
vou reruneile vour ooaition that all title '
thataome or them art not jjuaiiritiu by ,
ttltnta, devotion, plrly and el'ouenct for (
tkelr lUtionil"
Wm not Abraham called to aacrlAco
Iiaael Dut it waa not Intended he
hould aarriflce hit ton. It wa only a
trial of hit lailh. Tht failh of .11117
need trial in this day of eaae, tuxuiy u.. i
wealth. And vo are diapoaid to th. 1 c
that ft few of thia conference were only
called ae ft trial of failh to eo If they
were willing to meko tho aarriflce that
ft MethodUt minuter hi to, for hi soul
ealvation and tho glry of Uod. And wo
know of ao greater trial or aacrifice than
,IVWVIVfVl.lll.IV, til ta.Vkl. HI,
to retire of m.n of talent, indu.try
' and buainet habit to abandon all hopo
of avorUly proiperltyloave home and
frltndt.aud take upon himielf the dutiet
of an Itinerant miniiter.
Out we.do not deoy that all who thu i
aay MThy w ill bo done," aro ueful to j
the church. If ft miniiter haa not the
eloquence of ft Simpaon or a Gough, he
nay be useful in aumo capacity in tho
church. Thoae w ho are not qualified to
preach, may bo achool maatora, agenta,
and bookiellera. Tbey are all needed,
and ahould ba men felly engaged in ths
work, but when Uod cfflli let not the
orrrte.raof Hie cburcb misJirect thelu
tor of th aervkut.
Do not ralsundentand ui. The South
Eait Indiana Confereuco will conpart
to advantage with any primitive ccclesi
aitical tody ia the United Butt? wo
car not what church they com from. -It
la true the General Conferences, A
aetnbliei, &.C., where they are contitu-
tuted by repreeotatives elected from
tukordiaate bodica may be 'nure talent
ed. Thia Cooferenct I know n through
eat the Uuited btatct at po.etlng a
large nmount of the higher order of
itinerant uiioUters. ' And on Wednedy
morning when the Confereuco met we
were mora fully convinced of the cor
rectnert of the potition they bold ia the
litt of Conference.
They will probably remain la aenioo
until Monday orTueJay next.
f Prominent among the ministerial
Divine now In town, I Doctor Win.
M. Daily, Preaident of our State fjniver-aity.
Hull Iteatt.
The Engiiiewr have bnn buoy In thl
nf'fhborhtmd, t!nro the publication of
our laat papor, on loth tht Vallry Hoad,
and the New Albany and Lake Erie Road.
Tht friend of the varluua Road ort
till active. But e faced more atock.
C. F. Cx.Aft.kaoM, 1 ajnt for tho pur
pott of renting ititl takltigcaro of tht
Real E'tatt of tht Cincinnati and Indl-
napullt Road. lie It alio agent to re
celvt reul eatite euUtrlpllona. Any
pcrecna wiehiiig to Inveet gcod real E
tatv In tht aluck of thit Cumputiy caric'o
to by applying to hi in ptraonally, or by
Irtter. The eto.'k it latucd tu the Indi
vidual to toon M deed la rnadt to tht
Company. And tht holder of ttock rt
celvt 8 por unt, lit ttci k, from Hit date
of tho Company gelling pottenlon of
property, until tht Road It made,
Here It ft good chance lor Ir.vretmenl
Tht ownercin put hit own price on hit
..i.l.. . .
UniN, and tho Co. can txumlnn and takt
ur not at auitt. Ur tht owner and .tht n Llbeila, fur a eollleuvnt of colored A t coiiinctor ol public w rli,' Mr. ;""jy uii-'Uvery view nre known.
Company can rrfer I'. to appmUrre ' p raont rmigraliu! imhi tint a t t t i n I Calvin him'm' 1 1 ihIvmhIhi' ol inm Ii "''"'I helplh poor negro! Hlmrt of Af
Wt havo already about büÜ.COO In irrt ul eapret.lng a ilrali tint t m- Grand C.ijm t..i.ri new, Imvlni been vnwt for i ll"'ro l P,,cu where ho mil bo
real citate, beddeour caah nubAcrlpllon
..i ...... -1. ...i.....i..,i..- 1
Wt expect to double our prvantt ito. k
by Chrlitmat. The En,'luer will toon
bt ready with their profile i and eallmatet
for Utting the road to contractor.
Li t thoagvult and frlende but do their
duty for a fw month longer, and thia
great work will bt aptedlly flnialiej,
fXT Tlü " Ii" vT 8 Viu" H mVlli"ijf tht 8.
E. Ind. Coiifi reuue, died at Milton, Ind., j with mo In tho Government, end It Con
en 8aturd,.y evening l.t, of the fever, j ' hv! V,1
,v. u.i Ilentlou which thel Impurtanco deiiianli,
Vy ...... .. v-.a-.rwii-..v,.
i . . i .. mi li .... I i .
on nvxi eunvu4y, tuoiate fair
the aume day.
CTCr'J'lie Hil Road Hoard meet In
Brookvillo on Wodnetday next.
rXrUur I'robata Court hut been lit
$j(Jut kinuiul election I on Tueaday ;
..v, P.in.i- tru.n.l L....n .1..U.11 , h!a i
: .. . .
excitement! Keep coon i nero i ft
ljudgo and a Reporter of tho Bupreme
Court to elect.
Qrl here I expected tobe Methodiat 1
,i . i ,, 1
preaching next Sabbath In all the
churchvt within IS miles of Drookvillc.
The Conference cm aupply all denoini
nntiona if they apply fa preacberi.
fO'Ttij Tuttiaona are preparing to
pack pork at Laurel thia fall. They are
offering $4 for very fino Iota.
(Brilon. S. W. Turker will accept
our thank lor Talent office report.
OirTha Rev. J. H. Bayleae ha been
atationed another year by the Ky. Con
ftrtnee, at Shulbyvillo Ky.
fXrThe Uv. Henry Hlicer of Daltl
inure, I in town, a agent for tho Me
tropolitlan church of Washington.
fjr-The Grand Division of tndlana
mtct it Iiulianapolit on thu 2ith intt.
Tin Willi Crair
Mr. Henry C, Qallion I tho ruling
i.i. .L- i.i um.!,- r It,..!
rpnttlt tur win ' inv vuiiii ii aim uv ia
. ... .. ...
heep.nifup with the op.rl of th time..
au l hu learned thai lo do Luetic lut
mut havn thu beat article mid tell at
ll.M l.iwrat nr..ftt. Nnlitlno but tl.la
vtlll euccritl now, Thepvuplebrgli lo
know av hat (fomla mat, aal .fry III put
roiilat lh )ao hoiiar vt In re thry nre al
way treated rlg'tt.
Mr, Glll';ii tV Hon Imvejuit opined a
Cut lot of good, and frem the price at
which they havo marked their callem ,
glnghtiini, tVc. It i evident tht rlther
y n.. v.m.
tly are leaving ull tlm prnflK, and art
lulling for Hie fun uf ll In all theae
inalUr, win n we puk tr mir mer-
.haut, wo wl.l, i.ü um ktuiur m.rd
. . . ..
,l-uul ri)m, l0l mn,.rr ,or
nmivp, aii'1 then If we are wrung
. i . fce . tti . Ltf it all hit k.
Ah w, v,ouldiut a aoonaevro aa
Then come to the While Corner, and
t the it;w good,
i ra Vta
C, T. CI. k.on, mi Friday la.t took
"rc" une ,,iv iif lev 0K Wf'MtP A0
.va3TV arvt. pound. (177; cf choice
f" ,M,"U "
with a little h-mry. Thl honey i worth
10 cent pur pound, or $2') CO. There
will oo auuui J0 w of waa when rn-
t I v t ' et -
dere.', which at ii cent would bt $5; u 0'CCU)y ft pu; u( olltf )Ulldrid
AO. Thl mkr th hive worth about acre to each family would leave tin ft
35 00. Let thott witu believe in the tier moroexpoed thaupnat rNperieiico
old la.hionvd hivo beat thl. ju.tlliea. The inaaacro of a number of
our citnena, by tho native, two year
Area Ot III vre. jneo l tj(, now BCu lenient of FihtotVil
lieu al uuclnnutl a lew dya amcc,
wo crojicd tho river to apend .1 night at
the Magnolia llouao In Cuvlntoii with
our friend Wood. We Ion ml him in ft
j.;ood houee w ell and comfortably fnrnlah-
ed. And tho Cupt. alwaya iHd keep a
,- - 4 - ,
good table. It ii about u convenient
for our peoplo going to Cincinnati on
buaine to tarry at Covington w ith Mr.
Wood, and thua accommodate yourelf,
and help a (Jcitrving friend by tho feca.
Klkaaue Coutlcted.
Kutane, wlio haa been un his trial at
Lebanon ha boen found guilty. The
following i a potcript in tho Ctncin
nti Inquirer ot tho lt intt:
Attcmttid Scicid. or ICisiut. By
a private tadf tfraphio diaptttch from Lob-
auon, received late laat night, we learn
that hianr, alter bvin; conveyed lo i tape Mount, which will probubly m .-ct
jail, on lh rendition ol the verdict ol ' the view of the General Aembly in
guilty, attempted to commit aulcide, by carrying out tlieir philanthropic object
cutting hi throat will a razor. FindUy In regard to colonizing the colored pec
interfered, and taking thu razor from I pie in Alrica, viz: That the Indiana
Kiskane threw it into the hall of the pria- j State Colonization Board aid the Govern
ft). mcnl of Liberia to the amount of three
fjDr. McGuire, of jfeUmor.. wi.h -
... ....
CI US tO glVC notice that he Will lecture
on temperance, at the German church
In ihia i.lacc.on Friday evenio-r, the Uth
. '
inkt the lat day ol the 1" air.
Tliik will be bin firat effort in thi line,
and aa bo i now making dcaperate eff-
r-rt lo rednem himell -he ak othera
wli are eobwr to anaiat him. and otho ra
who hlVO imbibed bad practice to go
with him. Turn out, friend, and cheer
hin on.
XrJ. 1'. Crawford wa elected Prin
cipal Secretary of tho Conleronce, now
inaeion in thu place.
The board of Director of the Frank
lin Co. Agricultural eocicty will meet on
the ground at 9 o'clock A. II. on the lt
day of the Fair, to transact important bu-ineu.
Irtter fr tu Vretidei. t itoberia to
tiuvriir Wright,
Wt publUh below that Aral official loi
ter that haa pMaid betören the Ubfrlnn
Government, and an American official.
England, France, and ecvcral other
European power, together with Braill
have recognised the Government of Li
beria. Dut tho United Statre hat not,
and wt fear will no, render llilt act of
juatlo. However, the Government of
the State of Indian . hnt alrevly aaunicd
her fraction of thia responsibility let
other Htatre, who art Irlei.dly, lollow
eutt.andil will thin btdiicovrrcd who
are the friend of Liberia:
UovKftNNENT llonr.)
Monravla, July 6th, d3(
ltta Exccllinct, JoicrK A. Whiout,
Governor of tht ÖUI ol Indiana, Url
ted Btatet of America. Sm: I haw
tht honor to acknowledge tho receipt ol !
your Eicellency't favor of tho 25t!i of
J,ar,ch, romn'uul. atlnir to mo the
ftctlon of tht Indiana Lf'ulclaturc In
Indiana LuUlaturc In ref-!
renct tt thu iurcli4o ol a tract ol Und I
Mount Cwufttry Oj granted Itt lltul pur-'
Your Excellency refeit tu cmninu- i
lilcatlun ftddreaaed to ine,uii (hit tu',Mtfct !
. . i . t . . . i. . .. ..... i i T. ,
'a number of month aince.
x . . . I . I I .... I
regrvi to noi com iu iiiuui aim
tht letter to which till I reply, eon.
veyt to mt tht flnl ulllcl.il ii itle" I luvo
1 !
had of tht proceeding of Ilm IndUiu
LejrUIaturt In reforenco to'tliU ubji-ct.
f have laid your Ext elleucy' loiter
beforo tht gentlemen who are UMOcluted
j j , j , Q
.. . ....
eellency that tht eympnthy au I kind
leenngt rniertuneu ty tno uoverumein
and the people ol Indiana toward t ti it
lulant Hepobllc, and tho cauae ol Afil
can Colonization, are duly pprevit'd
by the citlXKii ol Liberia, and llut tint
uoverniueut hero w ill do all in itio.v
er to further the view ol t.ie Inuun.i
Iirilturo In retard to a eltleiiu nt in I
jwwrniw me ui ana ueimiii ui uv
cyrej people of that Htalo win
miirrato hither.
Tho Government, huwever, deeply re-
irri impj.i.ui
eonaidoration, your Lxcellcncy ' prop-
0,illun ,n r t, lriü parcl4.j It
Grand Cape Mount, cannot bo acceded
It it now more than two year einen
tht tubject of forming a aeitkincnl there
net eiigageu tht attention ot our i.eu
laturej audat it aeion in Uecemuer J
laat, I wai authorized to commence llu
work, llut unfortunately, jut about
that tiin, (liunutea aroo between cer-
! tain of the duel of that district, which
r,,uU, j Wttr inj couipollcJ the Uov-
eminent for a time lo abandon it por-
poae. 1 neio dtilicultioa, Iain happy to
auy, are now bein,r terminated, and wo
ht,i oon piovided fund can be raiaed
for that purpo't to proceed in tho or
ganization of a it tttcmcnt al that place.
Few place, If any in Liberia, poea
greater advantag agricultural und
commercial tiiun Grand Cape Mount,
and for which it la hMily valued by tho
peoplo of Liberia.
It w
waa lor many
vcarithe fucu of the Alrlcan öhve
. ,. . . . , . .
trade. The inhabitant! die i.erhip the
OB lntBll,(ll Bj wttlikJ ut Jk ,
tnbee ul t in part ol tho comtj therefore
to obWin Hi jurUjiriloii ol lhi teni'ory
thereby Itooiia. mi tlio aluvo trud.', the
GoVcriituetit ol Llberln uided, to be
aure.by the Amciiciii Coloiiliitloii Ho
cle yh exputidtcl a lurgo aum ol mo
ney. In view oftf.ii cotiiidwritlon, a alo
in viow ol the agricultural and cintimor-
Clai importance oi Iii locution lor a new
.cttlement, public tentiunMil heir I op
poed to triifitt lug it lor Hie txcluaivo
, ' nv(l uf emlaui Iron. ny In-
tyjtK'iss: ä .!.Ji"i
(,1 thi purtul tho act of tho Ge
til A mhly.whli Ii purpt1 n wn uu-
derataiid lltn grant one hundred acrea
.f UJ U 1? ,.,u,
IM Htftta VI in.lliili. nut II gram
wyuU murtf ha(l p jrumler .I.
uualce the pail uf emlgiani Itoiu oth-
Vt Wlie, Wlllt'll lillgllt lettd I i criou
i ..... I. I- I. ....
rmurr BaainnuB. it ia uiiiuiuri' i.io t
III rt'(ltt tU tllO tplAlltlty ol I Hid U-
algiied emigrant, all iiiould be placed
on the tame luoling, aul that Hi ij
grant ahuuld be mado by Uta Govern
menl huro,
We eo.ialder ten acic uf land In Li
beria quite) auUlclenttu upjioti any t.r.n -lury
ailed laintly, Thoae ol cotire, w ho
i have mean, and prepo.o to ungug. vu
rjulio more, vs Inch can eu.lly
vd from the (iovirnment,
Another iniportunt io.ial.leraliou con
nected with loriiiiug new koltlemeut, it
the eccuiity of tlit eitler ajaiinl the
' . . .'.I.I
ranfti' lu Alul I pi.ni' lir ru llf llitf tint lUiti
U a warning wo ahould not fail to h.'cd
, In luture.
Honrd, to plant a aettlement at Cujio
Mount, or any other point on thUcoaat,
tW law IIOIHIIH M V vwc in'tni
twenty five or thirty mile r'tuoto Inno
1 any civilized town or vlllago ol tlio It j-
I C -
; public It would bo absolutely ncce.-ary
1 tt l.tatklu Ikd nl.ii... Mi.. I l.k .,i,i. ,,u ........
to lormy mo place, am lo employ aouut
forty or tilty old resident, uccuatume.t lo
tho climate, and familiar w ith tho char
acter of the native, to accompany the
new comer, to attend thti.t whilo pa
ing through Ihe acclimating lever, und
protect them during the time, agi itint the
treachery of the native, whoae cupidity
mm nit...., ,svit I l cu.uy rt:i,Fti.
ouch air, are the danger and dtlli(ultie(
to be overcome, in fortainir new eitle-.
I, l. Zti , 1 a . ."
meat on thicot.
I am renucated to aujzcettoyvur Et
eellency tho following uccommodution
ul the tubject of a acillmeul ut Urutid
1 Ih"'rfJdu!!r,",n lbf ,J
eary defenie preparation, and the em-
lrtVineiit cfa kotKeict n,,.,,hr il men.
j aix month, hr th protection of the !
aettlement, In con.iJ. rution of w bich,
emigrant fron tho tute or Indiana'
. f. . ,0CDtPj,h(.rc unJpr tll(, nrnn,,. i
menu now existing with reaped to u.i.
grantebet.veen thi government and tho (
American Colonization Society. Thi;
will not efJWt any additional induce-.
ment,the ln!i..na Colonization I' ard
may hold out to emigrants fron t hit
Ul.l . Ua .. ! .I I - t a. It It ! at
deierveandr,ea.iVu it,cai, re.dUyb- in-
, .Ii t. ........
k kill T LUD Ull.lllllll Ul Idllt .1 IU eut II ue
: . J . . . 'd, by a few nf the w cti t hv no tuber !
inent, at iiiodernto pncei, ti may bo1..' ' ' .
i ...... i. L tv.i. .....,r,,i hi con-rrrgation, w ho appreciate Ins
euntu u ;uii tvi'.;iiiivtt.v
. .
and the ätato Colouiz.it. wii Üotrd
With i ntimcnt of high regard
eiteem, I have tht honor to b.-,
Your Excelh ncy'
Ob't htiinblo fervunt.
Thiela an able docuntent, and mark ; Cy ol hinuelf and family during the sum
tha jealoue care with which Roberta and ner months tvai gciioi.
hit Cabinet watch over tho luti iM of
thHr Infant Stiti. (luv. W'rijjl.t li-a
answered it, and (toe II iicm acting on thu
propukittin of Hit) Libori tu Uovt-rnwient
Jimt now , but recent Roberta to point
out tome other local Ion for a iittlcment.
Wo learn that a colored man n nine J
J. McltTey haa been commiloncd by the
State Donrd of Colonization, toarteean
Agent, among't tlio people of color, and
,lhj, ,lfl w(ll uk- t0nu, fi,r(y einjsriinU
with It 1 1 it In tho Baltimore 1'acket, which
nil on the lt of Nov. Mc Key w ill
rwljrn a;;uin and report.
la tho aoubr!ut given y cnu of
your cltiicnt tn Mr. Richard Culvln, or
llarriauii, Ohl), at tho I lino lif tot'k
clmro of tho ropnlra of tin "Cmv Dam"
In the aprlnnf Ihn present year. Mr.
Calvin hni well mitninod th. prrllx lln'll
given, by n dUplny nf rent cn-ry und
pern' vnanco in tlu rtanv cwiit p U-tloti
( the rvpnlr., for ii.ivigii..n, and mcrii
ref-tliorp'oro thi humUt intlrc mid tl.
tliorp'oro thin humUt intler mid tl.u
gratitude ol tln jumjiIh l the Valley.
m my ytara In eurlv liln. m Ilm cu-work. i
I er w Uli Georgn Liw , nml liier pruml- j
nent and cntrrprUtng men ! l'c nny I-1
venia, on aomo ol In r cr aU. worUi In ,
,i i " . .'
I Ii, Ilulllt HOf til! Hid nr.iaiWul .in n I lir !
. . .. . .
.1 ' A .
; iiiuuiiiCPlil lut tlMiilimii ytem 01 lil
pruwiiii nu, mi I uity In iho repealed '
jrepniit of uiifoituii ilo brjuchc ol tho "
White Wtr eatiit.
In wnrrjry and bolilnei of cnterprire,
Mr, C. I uiiatirp ied, pn'-ltig n n t
vlty of manner and e no of ilnpm tnieiit,
liiitil.ry effective In the m iiiaguirtiil
ol Hit men uutll niployed in tho pro
vcuilon of our public work.
In reaoiiree Mr, I aeemlngly ex
hu.He, alway rtnhled t i Collllll.lll J
Ilm very beataa.Uuni, ai firmer, m... ,
Clunlc and da luhorei. whi. h lut t wu
triltiiiijlv exhibited in liia u,t undertii-
king. Mr. Robert Calvin n foreman
oi coiitrucllo!i, und llirini liliim ol tht.
I) mi atiiu rati ocittre. n r Mvimr oolnta.
. . f
htt wu ettrly cnubled w ith th t united
cnerüv mid nonolitfitv of lim LMuttleuieii
iwuie-d, to coinmatid in
II tho tlenart-1
menu of tho work a Jorco ampio t,th
kiitlklent to pro. -Colo tlio repair with
energy and ay teil to u prompt und cur-
ly coucluaioii.
W leum that Mr. C. lua iuat relurn-
ej from a toor euatw urJ, accompanied
by hliutit exclletit and hoapituble huly j
vvlirr.i a-,.c i;it, ,l vv III. k.nud ..f 1 1... .....
...... K. ,,-
iienieii uoovo reu rreu to, Itt; hit no tlnnht
i un curly IVieiiil und udvocate ol u kliort
lino rond I rum Cincinnati to lndi innn.)
!ia,ij guod aervico to tlio Intcre'l mid
proipTCtt. of the " alley Uoid," lor
the certain ani iiiiruediato completion of
which wo hnvJ tho proper umiruncea,
Mr. Calvin w ill new lend hi bet efli t.
Oct., lit 'o3. Jl.
lleport ail lit Ctfiu ml lira on Nutr ry
udoolel by Ilia ,urlu liitliauu
( oufi rriict, ul lie iili,ii held In
IVicliiuuwa, Indium,, a.ttU'iubi r,
The Committed on Slavery would of
fer Ihe following m llieir report:
Whcrcai.lTli3iyt,ia of SUvcry licon
tiery tu I ho doctrlm of ill 0 Mctho
ttiat Cicopul Church, 1 t niht by
the writing ol the aland ird uutlior ol
eaid Church, und heln reirtl'd by
our excellent I) .ok ol Divcipltn , n a
great .11 rnl evil, and being tltrrtliy
up,i'M lj t.o gr 'ut ci,iiiiiind 0! th '
11 'deemer by wliie.liwo ar.H niflit it
love our neighbor ..a uureelve ,Thcre
I, lleaolvit.l, Tli'il wf lofl ourarlvc
bound aa tlic l.ulliltil minialer of Cliril,
to tik) Hi.' leal lit ili'. prom .lion ol a
pure publio ai'iitiin.iit, upon ll, , na well
11 every utltvr re-ti moral ijiieBtion ol
tin it.iy,
J. llcaolvi'. I, Tii.it tvj bll''V0 it to b
the ihi'y of Ilm t;.'iut't Ii ol ( :iirit, 1 1 our
lieBlly by n r..et;, tt I . in well u
re 1 nii)li) meaiM.tln) rem iv tl uf iluvery
Iioiii our eiiiiiii ciitiiiire,
A, U' 1 lived, Tinti me Alre'm in n
and h"art ur 'ibci'iIIIIm hi i;re a m. nUl
nnd luorul 1 tillnrn tt la 110 I tt ly d mic
otilriil id by our jirinji .Hi , mui in In
4. Rm lv"d, Tint wlinrr lull a
a; to lor giiit I t ti 1 k ti 'lom (hi,
Vo itiidr j, 11 poilt'v.'uul initiul.!t.i.i.
bla tn ui u-r Hi'1 'j.mii 1 1,1 ,t 1 1 om. in. .
nit nt, und th it wo nml. in t i ivU! lor
Bomo way to il l Um CImuIi of llut
....... 1 1 . . . 1 . . 1 . . , .
fc.fin .-'iotri won 11 ( l.'iir iy
icUliiiug dvli i r mi i Inr lollo.v
). IteaoUyd, Tll'tt WO li'll-vu tl tl llj
ayntuni ol Uvo glowing, il iinalyxaiLji.M
'"tu au oiioimiiy oi inti in, ut wii ii,
lur e i' ciiin in nt nil inrjm 1 lo U11 ,i-
lltMU H I V v) liudj, Hill. Uli ll lllllli'4
and ulioitiiitalion, a ii oii'luve in tlu
Unite I htute uijoot on ) iMiilred I'ijc
Baud childceii annually, w li t uro horn
lue i that uuf dorn i tic 1 tvty mi;,.
Itate alavery, not ul caplivw lalteii 111
war, but ol tiiiiot erit clulih-eu,
li, Huaolved, Thai wo will lii.nl r lo re-
inovo tho Ii uiitu und reproaeli of l ivcry
lioui tlu Church uf t'lirut,
7, Iteaolved, Tiial tho member ul our
f 'horch, Alio houl and treat hoot in b
, , M , bt5 d,al Wlll, u,
, ful. ul.r ruiU (lll ai.ty,
8. Ueaolved, Thal lim iitinuitou Fui-
iito oiivu i, 4iv uicuta our nearly cti.aji.
prol'Ul, ;
U. Ue.jlveJ,T.iat it il our a.UlloJ un I
deltberato upitilgti thai ito inoie volun
tary klavthohltr bliotilj bo udiitiltod u
tiicinber, i n i it mir Church.
10. Kotolve.l, Thai to reapectlully ro-rjti.-Jt,
and eurueatly at, tlio next tJi-n-er
tl Coulert nen to jiecily un early day
when lttveliolding in our rimrch bIhII
11. ItcaolveJ.Thit we reni.ctfiilly re-
ui I .... i
"..-..- -
qucattho member of (hi Con'crencn to
.,r(.nc, aguiiiat tho kinliilnc ol' Aincri-
tun slavery.
Ueaotvod.Tltat w n botim-o it t b
the duly ol ull Christian, to reiiicmacr,
in prayer, at thu Thronu ol lirace, thoo
in bond a bound with tlivm.
F. A. ALU, Chairman.
R. 1). RoElMso.i, Secretary.
For the luih und 11th reolotion,thc
follow ing were offered, a uba.itute,by
Rev. J. (1. Ü. I'cttijohi und Rev. C.
W. ."Miller, and adopted by the Confei
ence: Rejlved,Thal we rcipectfully ask of
our tiencrul Coulerence to .ay, by their
url' tllil w , no , 1 receive
volontury .htve holder into our Umrch.
He.olved. 1 hut n. Lhriatuni Minikterw,
in our pupil vHurta, we w ill treat tho
ai.hject ol American lavery u every
ther reut moral evil.
Thu utnen fed, the report wa adopted
thia iiiorniii'r, we litem, by an a!inGt
i -
! i:ttaniinoua vole.
p,UcV; ""W ""-caer, '
, lirmikivii, ha been irruerottily princiit
a a aa a a.
i-ti 1 I i
i nren'ii riiftli u 1 1 1 I r 1 1 f,t fitiir- t nur
II I I It' n IUkU1 V - ,iw till 11
nd i preservation uy uun ret rcaiion, wun
I aboui i j.uuu, lor me purcuuoc oi u coun
I try aeiil for htinimer rcüideiu'e. .Mr. li.
ha ucc onlin ly purchased a farm in the
I beatitifol tt ' ii of I.enox, Maua., where
! he w ill erect a cottage lor tho occunan-
Kur Ilia Amrf li.'ntl.
'I f. ii ( luirrli nml Mini rry.
Mtt. t i aiuin: 1 llnd in your paper
of tin 301 It int. a I ' . t r n Jttri'CMfil to
Von I'nuii UUIitiioiid, Iu.,on tle2th,by
"T. M. E." uh .m I ttiku lo bo Iii Rov.
Tito. M. lMily. I Ihivl' cn nml heard
many eiuibln mid discreet thint Irmn
tlit mint I'Klintulile Mitlcmiii; butl.oth
in thiit iver ii ilf me leel more com
lurtublo .'ri'iin I tin rrl'iti of tho heart,
than tin folbwln; remark In that letter.
Seat.in oi tho ni lion of tho Methodiit
Conk rctice, recently hvld In that City,
hu I'tji:
"'I'lit- Confercnco adopted ftlrlnjcnl
"ntitl-rliivcry entiment in the Ileaolu
"tioii, by a ilcclvl' d majority, At fur
"inyaclf, I nm antUluvcry in tny tentl
"iiii'itt, but tho book ol tlmclpllne U tuf
"llcI'Mit for ini. I am adverse to Heto
"lotioin in nur t'onfereuro capacity.
"L' t tin membert ul the Confcrvicu
"meet In tlieir ilhionai. churaiter, if
"they u Uli, atnl pin4 Vote exprenlvi of
"their cntimcnu on iluvery, or anythli g
"ilei hut im utinuf.l conference hnt no
"leUlulive p iwt'in hence, It a'lould not
"uiinii tli'Mii. Tlit'KO neiitlmeuta are
'iinpopniiir v lili aoine, hnt in tliUcuuitty
" NAN-
Tln aro my fntimenl, and I Verl
'y bt Iii ve, a lltllo cool rtllcitloii Would
""ko thtfui tli4 aenUiiioni of tilimty.
.. ! ..i ..i I., ii. ,U...L
limw uui ui i ei y iiuiiiu rti in iii'innoiv
- ..... HI.. I.I . I .. I ...I
M...... I U.I 11 I ....... 1 I . I - I .. I
o'"- i'""'"1
enuugli ol evil- In In train- without
- ""wirg It tu ih'illt religion, rolitl-U
clun limy wmnglnuvrr the rubjecl of
alavtiy In Uulr convention ami upon
tho aluuip mid the eoni.try NAY nur
vive the imh'iil, lint lt it atrenm
Cuminlngln wllh tho "w ater of Itlu"
and w ok woo Im ll'ibU, 1 knr, w III not
only belall th t.'liurch, but Ilm Union
Ii' Conference und Hyüod ndyearly
ni'-eliii'' may uaattini to aoeiik "Ity au-
tbrity " on ihi nl kliulred matter
onion ol Church and Hlntrt In Hii
Culilitiy, I mm It tinker than llliltiy aim-
p!" minded ltpwbl icaii bail u,ii ikiJ I. '
llo lr treileiiliiloo,-lit to bo very clettritt(cr H.( , rcvt.VVt)j .. x
.... Il.u i.i .IL.e inn.1 Ii il liiiilili'lif .
on tin nutter .'or much ol moment,
both to tho church und lo tho H:ato, I
t "r uioru than a runrter or a century
Ihm, liivwlieoii llrmly coiivmceH that
' for tho "poor nero ah.ot of Africa,
"",rü "" P1 cu wln-r I'0 eau bo a man."
;Tho roinmoH Euther o u ul! nudo
that tit" hoiuu for Ham and In progeny
wo w 111 never l.o uuio iu iiisku litem it
b-lter. Uur trn,'-! M tin -o only ;
" lilel'C 0 li W lt l III .1 It V aulTo ta
It i
, - f
kicking Bg.iiut the ifHitaul liiiriigna.lt. Tno cmpM ol (J ner.,1 L.i.un, u l.it U
Li'ttho htnle iti.io.i jat u, llieii, bo to , ,ju,tfllo Uj. bi c i, m ,i..,,y ,n l;e....r.,
acenhucmi do nio.t in individual, to J )ilt croaaed l.-i R.it.t.ni ir.m.i. r Hit
re.toro tho in j;ro to tlio l.md ol hii l.tth- i 3iuij,ivid t.lU j,i oi Au-iuA Ut
rr. And wu tinattlie tiny ia not tliatunt, ... ., ,i ... . ... .... ,, i
.. i. ... .. ... i ..,.. ..i .i. .
Wlieilllio jjrcui rut rj;i' "i v,'...i-
he exerted lor tho removal of
thi ilrcadl'ol pluguc-aptit from tl.o body
politic. y ' !
Cotineravllle, In !., Oct. 4, lJj3.
Rimivilu;, iSepl. 30,
Mb. Lditoh: In nito of your Into i
ue of tho "A inerienn," i an nrtich
copied from n Ku-hvillit pp r, in whielt
lliotiUO of "Ui'V.M i pliicid before my
I hovi Ito biiain K with au. h i title,
bt In; only un i.mi'-kti k m Hie chnnh.
Tho ili'khvilk' liMoroit.y In em d tit ut
il w ua my 1 r lx.
Yvuif.itc. U.A.CIIASK.
. ii,, un, i.
W. II. Churchman, hit been rem v-
id Iroiti tho ollivo oi tSu.ieriliti iiilent ol
. , j , , i . . , , .
It.l 1 I. a I i I I , I I , . I. 1..I. Il.lt ltlt.i.1 .. , III. tl... I.
till .IIIIIIIM.ull "'I ll,'. ,J.I,., ..V ,I,..I1.I.H
tor the Ulm
apol k, beciuise. hewn a w hl, It .v. J.
W . Allies. ( tleili.1 n tiiii.lnliid in In. atend.
" ' f- - ' - "
l.idirtua, u heri.lh.'i'.lelhodi.l I. ipillt d
t ) lie 1 1 1 i m I v llemociuU, An iiniturt iiit
Diet lion belli.; ii"ar ul liuiid, he w u
tn.e.lt .lieil l-V mimn of Ihn 'leiiilint
In. II, no.' ..I II.,, i lfi i.lt. i.a l.t l.li i.i.ll.
It'll iw I., t Ihm hi vlvw would
iicte. i .hl.itntheiu.l... M .on..,
I Hol ho
litni'ivtided a ihre. tn. w.r. At leimlli
Thi- remind im ol bit utnn dotfl VP once ,nun pun mine large- ' 't..t.i.. . o. o euu
h.. ,rd ol Una lU-v. g-ntlemaii. Ily pdii- !u'11 lt,,ul 1 ,M Cinted Malva. M-ala
c .l.oii, llaeeu.h.' w u h l'reaby lorian i wi" b VWuy ,K'xt w1i"1' r' I''be
ami m Whg. üecmlng eoliuecled ( l'vciiit-iitt olevery tlcaci ipliot. ft .jutre
with Ihn Metl.oili.t Mini-try, ho went to th vmploy unlit ol largo iiMtkca oi la-
liowevet,l.o WtacoitipHled to"tlellue Hi ""X ' "Vf peoplo w Hiinlotia
t.oaitloii " Will, a. Id h.', brolhreli f l'P"'loii low ard Ih'iu iitt-. i bill Hit
' .. ...... tiiii. iii.. i i.. ....,.),,,.. . i.i,..it,ii i, ...... i
you mu-iHiiovviuy p-iiiit'-, I wou.n ay,
thai by uimr." I tun a rirhvtiiiiiii
Whig, hut l,yll,egr,ie..,.r (lud " um u
le,M. r .iic ,.hoilUt, Il would aet-iii
.dial ho li4- not b4.Ulid vil, Clitl.
,lHit ) ,iiiiiir
j Tht New Voik TfibutK nf laat Mon-
Jay gilt Ilm lolhirt lug uciounluf Iii
loo, In uper null ul thu WoUin Kail
fond, in
I . i .
profit ig und to i'.Jtii jilt in
' 4 I
their pl'i'l-'l t:
In ni'iiu y llmm I n marked 'hange,
Oll t .ill Hie allilply I'lilllillU lull ul 7 l'
eeiit. Th" pti aiiru uf I he Wcaleru
Idtilitiad pipei' ill Ilm linn ki t lend tu
uttiiin Ilm i ntra or pupor, Tho road
li"l bt iug iihlo to undo ncg iltulion of
Unir bun Ij, h ive tilled lht Wettern
bfllk Willi their ItCCt pllllli'ta, 'J'hcaO
i,. ...... ..... .... . i . it' .ii ;.. i ......
in it ort lolio
I.a it r Irotii ii,ti,ii i.uttr,
l.ol IsVll.I.L, Oct., j.
Tho a.ili L ikrt until urr.ved ut I tide
pciideitee luet Wedneadav.
Tlu iiiiiraiil hud ull pniki'd Halt
n.'., I... n ....... ......i.i - i.
Ut'.li, an I lud l.illcd m vei o ol the inhab
tii'j iiiuiniie niiv II.IT IIUUU VIU U I
' ...
Governor Votin; had itrued a procla
mation, cnlliii ull the in i I it u ry loi ce In
to acme.1, und had ordered a trail to bo
boilt uroun.l tin ity, twenty loci hiy:h
and cihl leelthiek, with n tlilch on tue
outride, lie hud aUo eiit tint a (("Inch
menl uf tiny untied men to taku llrldgce,
but he had tied to the mountain.
Hot work i anticipated, and iliurp
work blwvvn the Indian und Moriiiuti
w ill i'iiiue.
TtKRiBLc Di:atii. Du Friduy lnt a
in.it liunieJ Hurt-own, living ut t'healnut
Hill, came home under the influence uf
liquor, as U rrpri'icnted to tu, und liking
dovvn hi K..n, he buttled it very heavily.
at the au uto time I hreatcu nig to about ev-
cry member of his family, becuuau they
liutl re.,ocKtrd th.t no m..re lifjuor b (ur -
liihed htm. tin frijhtf in- nut) of,
tl.ei.i, tl. u ifti of Iiik aon, a young wo -
H..,., m yv.,r- olaae. that e ..
.......tunttt , .ci, ,i a.... ...cu.
without any return ul i'iitn:iouMie,
a bunt three o'clock Saturday morning.
A p'"t itiurlcm i'.vuiiiiit:iiioii of tho bruin
allowed that eotnc ul tli f ruialier blood
veHfi In htd lu'i n ruplureil, und thut por
tiuttaul the ruL)-'.itin u l Iii bruin were
Jill tl wi ll uiui'U, iilii.i m.i.il lemir nc-
, ' ... . ' .
i . I .. i i. I .1 . . if. ..'.. ...
"U,T" u-ianif Bt i.t iu tt Mil--1, iii tiiiyo , ü a, ,!uVc ulld W lot tiB,,' ae. o. lit I, till-
u inline- lor re-ili.o..i.t. und lh..ao ui Ij.tanda lo keep r American i....t.'.y
lite b.-tl i hura. ler uro vliuig ul A'j8 v 0,. ,lll(J ,r,. puthwuv m the u.nhr.
V t ei.t., and al.B .rh ail ii.iiii"ii.J i.nion.ti nuuiirh.t.t d m , i v lew iimiiih.
..1 the capital employed in piper. Wo AuieiU W ill bo tho i.urket where Mu
l llllll UllO iil.tltlilloll oil Uull-Bl, ii a T0.)J 1UBl biiy, in mer- . -fl.e, lliill in,-,
over hall u inilii..ii ol lltedo acceptance jt4 ,iujj v J, j.
?' , ; r, r ,, ,tUÜ"" I upon Turkey, hu been ol auch u hcliig-
,l,ouh.v. iiulha.., (( t.) Ul. L-reiit character, and the Cxar I.a inaui-
The Ui.in.-T 1'i.tMnt. The l'itjua te!, upon mi many occumo:. hi 1.?
it,.,.' ,i,, m p. , , , . . .... i termination tot'nve the St: lan to .lie
tnb!ihc.l "Kreeriiiin'H Journul" in Cin-
ilinnuti ubiujt thu yer IT'dO, Uyet lifinj
n.'jr Tippecanoe," in .Miami county, ut ' houlil bu the rcttult, and ure, tncrclore,
the udvaiiced o-'O of J0 years. "The not o much aurpnaed by ll.o recent In
mind i utterly confounded and over- telHsence, a. many who have coimdciily
,l.,.i..r,M ivbi.-h have tiai-d before I ho
eye, oi' thi veteran.
ifitnnn"TTT"" r'i
1 orrln ru,,
The following Ua pumnmry f tho
general Intelligent from Europe by the'
lute urrival: I
U. i . . .
icurrnitly rep-iried ihul I uikey
had attacked tho HoMian outpo.t
1'la.v.rd wem place I on il, wll. of
Coniluiitiiioplo, mlliii;; on tho laithtul
to attack tht) Ktuman.
Theuultuti hid prepared hi minlfeto
to hie people, w hich U, In fwet, n declar
ation of war; hut, on the fci.il i!riinmi
of tht reprpeiittlvr of th four pow
er, he had contented to pottptsii. the U
tulng of it.
Tim Tori contintiod energetic proji
aratloii fur war) all ilemon.li naniKt tho
gnvrrnnicjit were bein piid in upecie.
Tho Turklnh levy of fO.ODO troop were
being actively organItil, and detncli
menu were coiiatuntly marcliiug to juiii
Uimr 1'lallB.
A reaervo cor pa wa firmiii at Adri
anople, under Mehomrt I'u-lia.
Tho Hultuu reviewed (hi E.')pliuii
Irnop on tho II 0 1 It htid Hi" I'untih of
l!;-vpt proiuUe to aend l.'.UUO more.
From llnehuret, tho Hii-I.ni t'nm
liti inter Ii it aiii'tl nil onler I tin) troop,
eiiyinir, "Riikiu cuiU on you to auiiilic
li'lo I'ugulilom, und tlioti who o pour
her will be annihilated aUo."
f'l. H..I.. li.i i! .. , ., I . I .,
. . .. "Hr,,a Fiiiiv ,'.aii iinn'tii
ft 1 I ll.ri If .11 ii i.a I.....IJ kiii.l.i, il. .
that 11 the Himaiaii wur bout eiitirou 'li
they would b.' Mr nl Into,
.Vtlltl IM,
'IVIfgraphlfl account from Vlcmn
filinou ieo llittl Hie ji)vS ei ol 1 1 iiutJn-
ry , ttii;rd by lit" Auorliii ( vrnm, nl ,
havo b i utolen by K.,.uili u I Iim
tilinou ieo that the ht jiiwel of llun t
MliiUtty, had b ' 0 du .'overvd I . n r Ol'
chova, bulled uud'T tfooud, Tin' j''.
i'U compfU ' i'ti Hungarian ero vu no I
luaigliU.mid tlio 'ihiiik Ml, H'tpli n.
Tim latlyr wu ulm -mi deitroyel by
'I'm i :.t .
Tvlegruphiis ttcc.oiiiii ir. im ii it u it
tlnople lo tuo JJ. i , .i.OU aUl1, that
tho peoplo weio w it1 to,' lotp in hi ly ui
a in iiiiieat j ol Hm tSiiilmi t t v.it ti u lit
poailii.il ol Turkey with reji -t t I, !u
,i i, ,, ,(- '1'iij C'euli
lit ti'uo.ia,
tho .SoU.tit,
i . 1 ii
were lo nuten lo iT.iuuil.i. li wjtiiuiii
kittled tlul I.itd Hual.'oid it lLdi .il.e
hud kt'iil ill hi reai Mia iuii UJ .lulj4l:.U.
dor to llu Uritiali (ioverniiKiit.
Account Iron) J.iy to th Jutli An
yuat mention thut tho Cuii i.laol Cre.it
Uriluili un J Ei' tii j htdletl tlio City,
Tho public WllO pllllC atlUi It. It win
aid llulljcn. LuKr4,.u llu Iimj ol u
rt.B, cur o1 jt,,,.,,,,,
Iro.Mi, w.i
,l4irtl7m , t
Oiioii M l J iv 1 1. To .' i .iiK r.t
vl' ., 1 11 u 1 1 1 ' li ii V in' lit I.ea.t ir.iuu
i -
two uioru lolloped un lit" - Hii un 1 1 u-
lered liraiiu. Ulhcr lio ijia a.o to fol
low. The navigation of the rjulinu mouth U
getting uiiiro ilill'u nit Inmi tl iv l day.
I'ho wuter ia bj lo v tint aailtn cliijut
CHI Hot piiae ut all. I'ho Ble.imer winch
Tu to r.'tiiovo lh. anno doot not work;
it u 11 ly preU'ii J to w ork.
War In Iluropi I lie (irnln I'rok
Mr. Keiiieini, In hi Iuat Ii Iter from
fJtriiiauy U llu New Volk LvriiLig
4'oal, und which by the way, irt a ver)
Interesting ne, thu ullutlc to h" prt
I cnt uf pect of IJuropt? mid tho inleieat
w,;t, our Aiiierlcan ii-riiultural people
1 . ..... i., i i ,,
lillll III HIV UllllU 'IU .H'JII.
1 '
On lite whole, thru, let mo eluto it
ua a general I act, lint Wentem JIii-.mi
I i .. . I
1 UuM,r'i w "Ü"8 "V""' u" Xvl"u'
....... I.. .... a., m I...,.., I,....
niuliontii'iulo to n urrO l iMiiiuidion
! I I. ...It'. IM... I! .........I- . ...
iif broailaiull.
llf II VI 1 I l.l.ltl.l", til...
11 eaati r tn leeil llieir kiii'ject into
kllhmlaalnll (httll tl) lotl'l'
''"' liuiiifry. They la
f I'uugry "I 4"
I. .. . . . I I .1 ... I . ,. .
:VW9 1 xm Mhm
, " r; - " - ;
i " "V" ,,v v
j " "'"y '"rop. . u. ii n
',,"" llil'lrtt.iinieipi.ge lit ... y,. -
Tne bri ul l'( 1 it'' Aim Hi n U
I llieir only hnpe Hi tliia dm k 1 1 1, ol lh. ir
rtr iioln y to iilto In Ln 'l.iu.1
Itile. I era cli. 'mi bifid, ulld lima iituld u
I u V 41 lit in It , ha Muli ili'i t In lo Hie IfU'U
u 1 1 u wiaef el tit ia lit "l, ol liutupe
I ... i . K . . . . I . . . at 1 ..I .1 II... , .
i.iiuib iv il i'U it'io, is mi" i.i ii . i II.-'
. 1 . . . . ,
I Un...; . i i.lilnn bit U 1 1 I V ani l eaalll t'ol.l.
pt lilof il, loo oimn tu Hl'-1 wiiii nie
IllliU'd (Slatea. Ilm I ilill.i'la Willi
Tm key will lui i ui," )' than in t p"o
plo il.gil. ll id N'T ...in tilllO, at l-'tio',
Hiiaaia mti'l iiiaii.t.i.ii I ne uimii 'i und
that will Hot only .l.ni.iiu i ptodnciioii
it Will ili i'.l t it ll a tll.l pi ii i n , All il
Heed III ihe L'lu.id M..I. i It mi Ad.
liilfiilrulo like Jc), I e.i II oi. li, a .
, .
And here i ouolhu puraraph, who. h
hu intt-reat for many here ubi.uta:
I.et America prepure lor d'.ir wine,
beeuuto ull over Kurupt .litt I it'll .li
fhe, called Truiiucukniiikhelt," i
kiireiulini:. Ii ci'ii-ti.ii in a while mil-
'dew, t'uiit apreud uvt-r the wh-de L-'apo
. i 1 . i.
1 I in i It-f it 1 1 ilualrui'k il ll id I, at
Will ä, vill'ii lj . -w j m t t tm
HieAtmiuu.t. tw rlu " .
tioUtu dtaeuae to lautier. Italy und
Tyrol ure lutally ull. cted by it. I u
Germany it U jut he-iniini to m .ke its
! .. : u i . . .i ..i
appearance. lirupe on treiie nre
vore clleclcd by it thin linn.' in vioe
yard. Nu cure hu yet been Immd, und
it i apreadin ull ovur er.ipe-rovi in
Kurope. The paper uro lull ul prop..
I'd reiuedie, bin noiiu y ivet permanent
relief. 1'c '.iticul tcoiioiiiikt und uliaitl
at u luture in which therein tu be neith
er w ine lortho rich, 1101 potutoe lor tho
War probable utter all.
The new by I ho eteumer Washing
lerii op i9t.j bol rt.n,,t.r$
, i ,.L , ,,. n.
ton, publiahed in our telegraphic col
, ,. '',,...- ,w mdiii..,i
' f.lltH, a .... WM ..,.
, , ,. T.. .. .... .
j , , ilioianacl ol foreign ul-
( fur f(jf liw - W luuui-
....i , nromi-(.. ....Jp,
aeemed to protuiae, under tho uttapieea
cf the power inot mti refled i.i pre
eerving pence, a pacific nolutioii ol tin?
Kuiijti und Turkinh tlilliculty, und it
will creatu a great exritemont in p'diti
cal and commercial circle.
Tue utlilitdi ui anted by Ro iciu, from
tho coiiiiiieiict'tneni ol ikt
wall ut ol! hazard, that w e have ire
nuentlv expressed thoopiuiuti litut w ar
a 1
predicted that tho war-cloud which low -
1 crcd over the eautern Itoraon, v.t.ulJ'
pa.. vv like many othtrs tint h d
prervdi-.l it, without di.IiirUiii t!,..'
II.'1.--.... . I. ..I ... I'
lii.'ljitd, Franco and Ainirh, havo not
licet nolo lo ti'eoliu Ij tlio 'fi leijii.M
ol lite Our Willi ih recrvulion, uiilm-
vi in Mil im luv 'i v m vi ut (ii iit u lit III
La;l4,( .a. Turk Uli nnii-nalüv, and
. t 4 tll,iicult to .e how hoMiUie. Jon be
The Czar hovin poMtpniou of the
Ihitiubiuii l'riiicipalitie ii determined to
liuli Hu tu in itiier will hvabut in the
itai in lutilioiroU t latin 01 juru'iaiijn j
OVtr tliu Grrpli fbiiri hp htabli.lnul in I
I i . . ....... l
lutkey, which, the Itittir will never
accedo to peaceably ho will ho oblojod
It tiilorcc with the wonl. Th'J njec
lion wf lh.. Austrian mtdal.jti will
nbligo tliu i:u;lt,, (ioveriniiriit, wlrch
hua purged a ehulllnj, i.tori.iii;
pulley upon OiUEaaturii i,iu..r,tti takt
tlecldt'd mvamircM, vitber to ppUa vig-
oiounly the (.'ur uurnutioii or allow
........ . i . . . it
I at. .lif 'Iii. nl.. I.. I. II ...l.l.... . I
tlo.i, Into the luu. ul that greedy and ' at .twm,t,. ,t tnillun, ..f,a
uiubiliou power Hint hu o Jung luvet- itlai. Mi t ,i .j.tam. a..'t a. t upon tk
10 ii it nit ii wouio wy ll pou'ioii cut
oil l.iii;iuii.l iroiit iter owriaiitl routo t
lit r Enal India tloiiiiuioti mid tritt a
i;n 'it blow to tit it aotirco of Jltitili
W iMllll Ulld .'H'lltllCM.
W'v cuiiliot 'elievo tliut tho trndiiii:
tin I i Mil mi' r 1 1 ft i nutei in l.iixlaii'l,
tt lili ll ia a i lull lit II null liri'anik in In. a r it
. .... i . . r
." "' ,
almost any ft'itriiice, will Imvo liillu-
1 lit o eiiniili
Willi tin Uovet uuii"it ti
;;i i v ul U iioiii it 4 ii linf Ly the Hultuu
i.wi P'-''"J. A Eui Napoixoii im,
1 I
ui Hie 1 1 iticul 1 1 r i ii hi m u n i '' in which
liUv n ijt eitef Vigor, Hum
mem t mei.t, in ui'iulni tue
Ni. h-iu, ihcro van bo t
t Wltl tllO Colli-
C lie iliet Ul 1
llollbt Wll4l
Itlt'liowiilUkolll UioVHir that I !
io Ue hum Uiv.it, and tho latter w Ut ll u4 (
till linn a Iniiiti.labo' t.pp.ineiil to hi
jpi.ii.ai.1 i,n,ioihluf,rai(Ji ii.eiit. j
j N .-1, cm, il.uy ti,4l wtiurJeiilly huj-n !
jUmlliio l.;w by lilt H Uhitgto hill
i u l.li, i, Kilon W lue Ii U bo lui.liueiiuy
iA,i.'.a will iul turn oul to bw I II C -!
1 1 1 1 , ii'i I lie t.iiiy t limn e tht; Ojvri's-V'l
1.14. a. a Iii E lipo b.itf III pleai llt o
tlll w.V lllj nil t!0 t il HU u iL'a(i"Uio lie
Hi III.' l.lVtalulM U.N i0 ilU'U Ol tl'1 I'' t
ruiitaj tiny liute ttru.nly iiuthio to
loao un, I iniicli to t1"1 i'V 't tur, uiiJ tlio
aoilief II ia t uiiiliu , fed tllO bt lief ll
w ill be lor lli' lt' llilel'v t au by uil loeuli
Ul tin? b t:J o; .11 u:id Ui ei daiiJo begin.
Cm, Kinjuirer,
, Ii Iii tli. tf iiaiura uf Iii r,rltur, J, X. Ko
lk I i i. 1 1.. On Monday morning hut, a l.i .u K, wo. ei.ra gouuinv.
man by the nnmu ol Itiley or H -illy ...
w, t f,,,d .l.ud, near Sibley' mill I,, the ; CIVmVi'', ft'? It "'.1
1 1 r 1 1 1 part ul tow 11, lie Itnd the appear- ; ttm.i in.m t.li u 11 u .l.ntJ. TM la ik ur
iii.e.t ..I I. .tin.- !,.... at .1,1,. ..I I.a tl. . I....I 1 ' V'.'. ",.! .n..ril till- .f Hi. IJtlll lit-
.... .. ' -y '
und hi. filing inierniii.y until Im iln.l.
A lare wound w.t lotiitd oil I ha brennt,
iippei.ring to have been iitmle w ih a knile
nr dirk. We lenrti thut a mtin n uned
haue AiidtTMin lin elntetl thut a In. ill
(peril ip th. il.'c.iMaed) ilinlttrb 'd hi
d.ve;iii;j ut n 1'ito hour Sondny ni:hr,
w tu tan ;ht inti loth" h iimc, mid in d,'
hutlle; it nd thut he, Audi ron, et ih nl
ihe intruder, in llio melee. Terre Ilaot.t
lixprci, 1 Uli.
COMr. imi. (J.tine ha found a
new vi i n et., in il,- i,t- i'i of (Jrit. Vil.
Ititnil, id' .South America, win I auid to
have h. en pera nially roniutit of the
prineip .l Inet n.'ceaanry lor hr to prove,
1 1 enlnli Uh he r riht to the imini imr
properly et by the lute Daniel Clurk
in l.olilM.inii ; I. lul a!.M la tioW In Iew
Yelk to prorteeuit th.-Bolt imew in the
II. S. Court. (Jen. Villamil licuriiii
th-r, wrta a.Mtti. .liiru ul.y on the a..J.jcct.
It hi lioni and cuiih' lo tho U nlivtl
StnlM l.nifer hi Iralii.mt.v In Mtl.
(iiiinea, ur.d will reinaiii until the caai
i'oiiie up lor heurin;?, I
OrThe renow ii"d John H. Dye, of
llye' Hunk Nut Mirror, wa urrpted
on 8 'tnriliiy, mid I tiuw In bmid of
SIOOU lo Mil. mil hline to li e hMrllii
nl a i liare eittiii4t him of giving ciurrti
cy lo Iniiidulent money. Under Ihe lnw
nl Ohio, i lialile lu ii line of O'0 (or i
i veit iiMtniu"' of redcinpti"ii ul th"
AI i'iiiphi f mil l'te, and mi mid innial
pen ill V lor everv dny Id i uireney l kl' t
.. .. .1.-.
open lor im potpoi'.
IllV fill. MM,
II .tl.tf it.ei.l. in .Uy , iiiiim iieiu l,r d n
i.l ilm f .i,.t n tVM .il .ii., w- i l l u.it kioiay
thai tt ( Cull III Ii. I I' ll I B'luf lr (if 1 1. etil (liail
I,, ,.,.a I !, n. In lili niiiu Viii'itlil l'iifitf
III Ollll l '(ll f. 'I Ii' V 10 I'" I'f tlllll MM.'
v i, ' hi'.' in Viiiir r'B)..'f .'f faiBfaii'
il, . v, i.:..,v. ,,.i m.m.i h,
1 1 II
tl I
IV. v
tf to
I to 4
I Ml
; t t, . , . ( i. ,...
, ., f ,.,, (ee -r
( , ,,, ,w(,. ,,L,,((,
, i, .,m iti.. l . v IU'Imii
I' ,(.. f . ,,,,im fr lueit
t i. itii i i nn n .1 in e I in i .iiflin.n
'"f "ii'""K '' '"I"'"
r -... j I
V llU'l
U nl. Im iii4 1" In (Ji'ritKtit v
Vi.ii iini i id e ,ini.n lii i.iiiii.
I'h,,, io n .. ... i in I in jl i.,d
' (ii'itl om I uf I hi..,. ii Idioid llll ill
t.'tef il by llailry
I li.i i.i'tt fji ,n i piiiililnii
I l.l .Un u i i,j,'.iu lliV. n,
I II I III. i , ii. Inn Uite.it". I
I'll. I . nll'i'i pi ul. .1 In l. U, ,l il.l
rii' O.I pupil..' In t.fiv .1 I ) nil
f-l.i.iil. e"ll.. iiiill n i i. I
H'r ri ul t p piitilli.j; lot, iii.il in f.'ut
li 1 1
ii'.n I iii i ii i iii i.'i.i titrri'ii ly ,M.
in. r
i ii
I til tl
lit III
Il.l . i
ll. lit
i '.I'.i.aih . Im I . i.il.li.n.il in Vg'k-
I'll. , 1 '. "i; a. .'I
ll Ml ii .",111,11,. I, , jjr.ijdl I it V t- It ta4
l.y Muni In
j l).i in 1 1 fi j , w iiiiii'ta I livrlll.'d
l,.'i i, ot I '.ii ue r and Maili4.iiu,
il )iui'i iil.ij In I .Uiwr'a nut t ot o
i i ('(..j' e id in iirl 1,'n. 'i oi l j;.-iillr man,
r 'n. tiii I.i .oi Ij pr..y w Ii'i linn, 0.ib.
t ill II lim hi it. Ii a -ii u,il... Ilm Mlil ü I li
I. i .I li" Wiiii d liir.ttv 'i!ii..i'lo, in tint way,
i.iiil in iko it Iiii;.' i'il. '1 1. 4 Jtl, iutai ruj.l-
in ei ii .! ;
On, I., r', ilu't yua tl i it, fur I mut
lititv In r mtjIiiMt !"
J I' W'n I, .-in th.it Ilia r ; I ri'iK-ut with
vtti.i'l t m nt VV iiiiiiiiel'iu, N,l , h.a fiill,.lv
; tl.-.f, I III '...ll.tllV III 'I I'll I III" WO
' ,,.,. r ) tj MiMtilj, u,,t ,,:,.( und
,,,i k. ,.
; j r ...,v ,,( (( ! wMl humbti U."
Il IK,'' r plied i.., ttil Ulilt prrt ll lk III
i. I oi l uf ine, mi.'I j.iiia tu l.utt't.ua my
Bill' I
Ii J.IHI. I..D. iiu'kittii, a ynuiij man i.f
Ni-ttuik, ,N, J,, vtlia wt'ul util lo C 'lil.'f iii.i
wilu l ul M.. lu li-nu' rrfcHUfl't, ll la 4I I,
Iu- Mir iel 4 loilUli" of ll .ll a HI Ih.ill .
i f I'iiara i it iiiitil III (irttntroiltity, Kell
lucky, vvl.t. U u vry 111 tatrly Hitt !. .a
kBUili Ina liatu M-rVanl .liitv.t lull lim Cedur
f"f upplenhtj iti .k' bin. w hift1 all the way
iluaii in , Im nj. I -!" mid b.ick Ißitiil lu
rrVlil hint fri'lll eatlnS any uf Hl fiUll.
3j Au rxprik (ruin went tliionh; from
CUvel .i., I n Wil'ivtl , tlltlaao of out
litiii-lrrtl ilium., iii one hour an. I forty-two
Ii.i1.11l' I'ru'U iKariy a miU 111 inula.
J j Tin- !lh Ti'itt'k prrpctraledthe Mio-
IVieiKM Th lat 11J h.'kt ef llut '-tie.
If ae iniy hive lur far tyust, we Vt(u't Bk
for ity li.il tier.
J TbiTi Ii ,t 1.111 11 mil m.t o t oiilouuded
to. i.t. ll. it Im Viiiu'i plough hU own corn
gr. uii.l f jr fe.tr the crutv w til get u'iiu t(
Hie j;i uli-twriti.
....... . . ... .
Ji .-Mi. hiiij; Btr.uipior nt i.otioii, 1 note
bu-y UKVI m hut Ol V-hl,.f, in IDarl.le, or -
tl.-rj.l liy I.ttfil Aliliitrioii. .t.i, of ilia i.ero -
Ualor uf the loaad iry licaly.
IS Tla- MWlu aJverliattnunt 6rrr
ill a utiniuu iujier.
Til be lei Two L.ttuJaoiiie. kllll, fn.lt I
r.)"..t, with b'mr.i, to sentient tn an I tlieir
rtivt;. or lii;'e !e.,il,.,i4:i, tt Ull uil ;' in J
litTU 1 . 1 1 ' " o V t lie tils.
. -The perpctrnfur 01 lh" f-illowin;
ha been aenlto tho lunuiir upvlnm.
! 'How crui a ship beat ahrt.!'
Whth; the hon u luv inj one r-g, tht
Jiip can I j lo.
A wornnn named Martha (lUeli, r-
cei 'tie i'h d In 'vr mil li"ti
a v.t.lf, atd
1 U7 yrul. Ex.
Co n tit, H,H Wi kca r Has.
vi rt mntmr l'rtrr.
l'.tulr, ."0fiMk.
Iiutter, I3jrf,.
y uif. V ir at.
H. miH.OO '' J Hr btl.
I. rJ, tiura
('in, 40
Out., i
Ii r, M
l.l"V, 4i
l.ld'rllt, JO
l:..iiil. mi
eiitlitrs.)öM,pr i
f? Mi jrr M.
9" lr, ll
ii.m , i..i,. um, m
M J rl-arr.-l 37 A I'lritUi
ilia m
fimuU nr lt dlr card. d. Ihr) manarnif
lii'l'iatl .tu li t I'.ix tl'.al f un tluii vf nature kit
l.orn l..t r i. in Hi" If Itoaltiilul KtUunjind that
ti'mi'ioiJi t.i uat Inw v tiwl.ly lull'i , Hut II.
a; t mt l t In ti t tight Ij tle tonet; n vT Jt.
Jxif fili'i.ll fa.
I'. -nf In nilii.l, tliat italur Uh'f rtel.' rluf
' t itt'l lion ItrM It ln .' l,a anlmnl rrnun.
l.l.. , l-l,, I jt,.i (.rim ipal tC l,f.
Hft4 rARII.t..
A .ifiMf ,r Ii. ,t , r..t,rir r II. a
it nt a tupp irtar ant hrocrtfr tb .
(l(, II l na ijut. TaV Itfrti lh rat In.
uinii..iiii,it ui.crt.a i ... )nH,an4 Ii I
at art iinVun. i .1 . ...I .u . . . -. i l .... . .,
, t -.....,,,,,,,, ,!'
I i'h 'aaltila-it,rt.l,
V11I CurolJIntrhccnlalll.odyFIux
I, 11 t.1 ,1 . I I 1. . ....... L I.
' r-i ".Mi-llliHI-lillHIl'
w If " m II.m.U m ) f I" M
' ' '' 1 p:"u' "tfael, klo.l! Mift'
I ' ' . . ;""'"
i,'J' V ' I r '
-U'. '; '" r e'""'
i:'Jp) I SON I NO.
,,,,,,,., ltltllblIMt v.i7m, . ,...
,...ikf('.iMHI.tl .1. A t ,. rr ,
.t.l tula ll. a.f t.,t., i.ritj ua laltanl. U,T
' t.ll l)H'K II. luu,idalio,i ,a aarlw
iii ,i , aut U klltklluu,tu ,( Iglil, '
iuii liii.t., Ac,
In Hiiuilit r n.luiiiH III (j fi.uiiit Iba Jtartiaa
Iii hl nf 1'i't'i lin k'a Mxittilnr to) lilfh th
tu aituiiiuui i f .II ilunf lly li.t.ira.Uit In ll elr a
aa null at llii-lr Cliililrau'a Itukltl. Iu .lr Tum
. lull, I im. I all itiaui.tntt a i tail. I fpiuil IHnaa uf Ml
lliii.a I) pj, Ihi;iI. tnuk j li i.f Ilia üi. I) (vhi.Iii
Ui. .It. ll..., Iliil.i'i.auik 'a Mt.f I'llta,
"fit hl lr,,irrit," but f ir lul.mar '
in in k r 1. 1 i. J l.it , r l li:, m1 ol,. rt tl,l r
l.l IX t hl.l ll..ort;AhII(ll-JllCE..rr.4
i) .r, J. nt.i 1,11 1 um, ..f ri.iiu.ui.i.ia, tn.m
H lieirtli kt'imai Ii of Ilia Ü, ft.r tha rura tif la.
iliiri'iliui int Ji).i p.l. Ii It .Natur' i rtn.
eil) rur bii i.iili.-alllit Kti.itii h. Ntaii uf N.aN ra a
p. nl .1 riiini, .uwrra. It r-nrr.()OUi HAT
I Mi .. rl. .llv roiialatmit 111, llf ALI II. kaatk
llii ri ul Ilia (((.In mi.illirr rlul Uli nir.
Alien! l.t, jX 3.Hyr.
TT"? tJotoM'HAl'UK A ro.,113 MAITkTHEIT
t'IM I.V.ATI,lf)oul.li aiijilili jf i brt.ttlili.
ii,i,tnii Mtli)iflnd lliem writ made and
goinl at) loa final totl. btcuatm trad. Ta.
Il.maa tnrela A. 'n, I. mr-1l
On Thuratlay the 2'Jlh ult., at V.
mlnjrton. Dearborn Co. Ind. by the Her.
K. C. lloi.uiiiA v.thr Hrv.Joi:) (. ( jia
itcofthe H mill .. Indiana ('onfer
fite to Miaa CiitiA Spa a a. daughter
oi i nc lit , . j . ii, parke of the ine
We acknowledge the receipt of a c.ko
I , . , ,, . . '
I bride, of ampli cl i in c it to it
and jn ilitie. Miv they have an ample
torff of thia world, joy, ami an abund
ant admittance iti'o that world to Come.)
Wi riitli'.rt.,. t t aiii.n.i.i. a h nm, nf
Jl fl l t , a ,n,.ui, fr
eitf f I-1 ll-e tlt Jyilli ltd ( Im I H, t Ilm entkli f
It, I..I .O rli-i ll.oi,
Nitv Advt Mi-i'iiinilrt.
; " ' "t . , . , ,, '
I 1 livka . L 1 iv ,a .,
Vi'" '1 1,1 '" i,","' l"ill'iii uf etar; nn, tl.it
i t I. nl.. In M Ilm,
oi.n wu Ti:c(iiM:it,
' '"",," I'"' liOili'l Ifmliil .1.. V nl
I '(1 1 1 llllll W'ltlM'l WI,
j ,(,., , u ,, ,,, ,
I IM rln, I! it to I tt, ri.l.11,11 It ..l. ,1'f tlit H ,'
' I t-MOa tl.iik Imn l.n...l i.
II, . t-MIl t I'll ll tt. lMfl l'lll'lll. lllllilllt ol
ai'l at il I Um .nl.l .lili lii'.l Ut 1. 1 a i. la !..,,, t
art. ti. ti itniiii.,1 in .y Um "un at. .!'' .,i,,, ti.
I it li"l If I" I ll.. Into, t u .aMi'iil'.fl, l.,
, tm tin. ail iilii.i. nl l a I am. Im' h.i ,1. unk
el 11 aa i'1'i a . i .. i.. tr)ilio. inii.U
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