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I.lllr Dat.
Htm m-4 rwsaictcaf y M. 5. TAnon,
.r tM'tU't (Ar )r sVur Sc.
'Two ealui stilt night,
Aud lb Hioou't pal light
Sa in oft oVr hill n4 vide,
M ban frleuti. tuuto Uli grief,
Ktood around ths delit-bvt
Of my poor, Iot Lilly Dais.
ob! Lilly, tweet Lilly, dearllily I
HOW Ui W 'ld ro0 blotsoma
O'er h jr littl i jjrjo grave,
, i T. 'JIU tlj irv'8 In I i j J )vry v!a.
lUr che it Uial ones slo4
Willi lbs rot j tint or knallt..
By lU-ikjttl of.Lni hud Itrnd
And lh do.Ut damp wat on,
Tbs pur whiU brow
Of my poor, lost Lilly 1U.
Ob! Lilly, A.
To lbs laud of rett,
Anders my at rent ill tliall fait
t ntt tell you where.
Near my own lov'd home.
You mutt lay poor Lilly rule.
'ih Iii chestnut tree,
W lie re iho will thwart pros',
AnJ tti Irena ri,,itet firth llio' lh) rats,
Where, the bir.U shall ward
Their ongtiii spring,
There lay poor Ul'.j Dale.
Uli! Lilly, Ac.
The Epidemie at the South
Uur dates br mail from New Orleans
are to the 23J ult. In that city the
mortality from yellow fever created no
excitement, and the Hoard of Health
had agreed to su-penJ their daily rs
ports at the ctoso of tli? week. The
weather on the 2-'J was remarkable cool.
The Picayune says: Winter clothes
were bv no meuns do troD indeed, thev ,
were necessary j and our poDtiUtLn a. ;
sumed suddenly a very grave and digui- !
fied aspect, consequent or. the chairre !
from flowing white and other tinted loose
linen garments to suits sf sober brown
and bUck.'
At Natchez there had been 240 deaths
np lo the 21st ult., commencing July
19. The Howard Association ol New
Orleans have sent to various places on
the river, for physicians and nurses.
Quite u diputation passed up on the
Southern Belle, for Grand Gull, Rodney,
Sic. The quarantine of goods at Natch
ez had been rescinded.
' CI I
a i-i- . - i; i .rl
rallow fever h.id ori-inat.-d. 3Iaiir
. . - . , . . v.il. .
larnilies had !e!t, anJ others wer? proiu
rinjr to 'eare, and the physician i tli u,;lit
that if the disease had not already asm
med the form of an epidemic it would y.i
ao prevail.
. At Yazoo, the Democrat aays: Tli
yellow ferer has become an epid-'iuic in
th;a place, aud is doin;' its woik of dev
aststion all around as. On Monday
nijjhtwe had three deuths. There were
three deaths vu Sundjy nidt also.
There are many others sick, some of
whom we learn are improving. The
disease ir proving very fatal. There are
some thirty or more cases now in town.
The authorities ol the town are burn
Inj tar, and spreading lime all over the
city, In (act doing all in their power to
tay its ravages. Nearly alt the taiuilL'
have left town.
At Oran 1 Gült, on the 20th, 1 1 were
siik, and there had been 40 or iO deaths.
31 any had died lor wantol good nurainj.
a ii . . . ... . i a i
All ine stores were cioscu.
At Tort Gibson there had been
deaths, with about SO new cast's duilv.
ii...w.i.. ii. i i . . i i
A.n.. .. if m r i- .u
At I'laotieiiiiiie, the disease was leas
violent, and would probably son die
At Opluosaa, a majority of tho citi
zens wire Hying to en v.-a m pin cut a war
Iroui the town, because uf the violence
of the lever at Washington, in the samt
At tckabtir;h, tlio W lug ol the 20Ui
says: "The stxton'a report shows n
diiitunilioii or kbutciiieut ol the diaona.',
Thed'rad pestilence still huvcis ovir,
and envelops our city in l-Iiums. Iiusi-
f.ra is perlt-tly atayuaut, and lut.iiii,,'
ot, or talked ol scarcely i but the rutitii
t!on olthe sick, anJ the meats ol uiK-.
riatinjr the tliatrtaa whit It the terrible
scourge has Intlic ted upon us.
At l'oint Coupee, Fuyctle.Iaaka Prov.
iduce, Warreuton, Woodville, Jcc, ac
couuts show a distressing state of disease
anJ deuth.
Wcall Vwur own Maaal .
However auti'juated the subjoinod
sarcasms may be for we think we
have encountered them in print before,
they are none the worse lor thsir lon
gevity, and, like an almanac, they will
enrw a a extensive district:
"When I see a young fanner, mechan
ic, or professional man loungiug away
his time in a bar-room, or in places of
fashionable resort, with a cigar in his
mouth, I think to myself you hud bet
ter be sculling your own boat!
"When I lee a youiijr man talking;
loudly about government atid gin col
onels and coznitlc corporals and c idt-e
and giving evidence of his knowledge
cf them by abusing tho former and fre-
queauy taating tue laiirr, i cannot nrip
saying (to myself of course,) if you huve
a boat, you haJ letter tcult il!
"When I see a person prying inquisi
tively Into the atlairs ol others, guessing
AtwbatthfT do not know, and putting
an unfavorable Construction on the whole
J say Scull your own boat!
When I aee a farmer at night patch-
ingup the fence by the ai.le olhla corn,
.fields, and hear him the next morning
driving his cattle from tlid sani HfM,
think I to utyii'lf, his buat won't tUy
"When I woman iroini abuut
in int nrrit ui iin etutaitiir, i caililut
units, I cauiiut
help aayinu;, jNIaiJani jfuur boat needs
cullirtjj wy much, Indecl!
"Whsn J ae a yuutiij man murtga.
ag Lb whül ur fart ul Iiis lurin,ur utli
r Viltattoprüi'orty, taget mony to
piy t tuut In traditiif ligravi, ur slakes
iat In gam inj, J IrH Vtr certain tliat
uttlO Oll fls will i'Utl call Iii bout!
Amt bun J st rnraotis linking
reirutar iwiuv)) wf tattlmj. gjaslpin,
tile-bearing, tnistklol-uiakiny, tit ktl
tltijj, iCSuJatUlnif. itslatuilt Ii Ok situ
tlerinir their ueivtt"s,ti every cc
aiAS an.l In svsrv nuaaiblri Hiannt'f. tu
II SUCH psrsv)lia,vwiullf VIJ aiiui Rciirr
mil, and la sack, svi.d avrrv una. litoiwl.t.
v j .
...fi- .-.I .... I.. til-. I.. I .....tl
utii n j.iiv.iiti i i, mo juwr
own boat!
rrThos. P, Ws'itois, f llancoeli, lid
tee a nominated for Circuit Juilgo lu ths lu
iiiauaoolis Circuit. Tha LU moo 'at a of Jolui
so cosaly repstdiat ths nomln tll.ni, an.l j
rail im Jadgs .M.iJorto be tauill.Ute
()t4 liutler, a ireeeoiler, is also uuouuued
as a caudidat N. A L.erlger.
'J h Ueinorrat f very county ought lo
tspuiHits such a nomination. Judge, liks
D shops, should tss 'bUlileleuS, tliS buabautl
31 ous tsifs, Tigi'aat, aober of good behavlcr,
ot f Ivea to liquor, do strlksr, f atieul, not
a bra wrier, du: , Sec," Wo lion't belljve
thers Is a partisan tditor in tha Subs who
will tiara to bs." ValjoU pusMaaea a tytlio ol
tats qualification. Yst good chriatiaa meu
who worship Üod in aecordauc wut, ths
tewchlaj of lh Seriptur, ars txpected,
a od aoui of them whi " for Walpuhsntily
beeauae ha ia tho uit't nominee. .Mail i on
eCTOao of t'ta Chioeaa jsjfler. about;
Uiogworn as a w.taea ths u tier day, I
qoetiiontd in rectrd .. h" rHxiou belief,
whoo ho replied thron jit u mterureier:
lia lotiis Preaid.ntgftuo Uuitsd Sutssj coctract through a knot-hole in tli?
Slid (Jod Aluiijltty ! .floor!
Th Drunkanl lllqulalnf th
l.Aiv. "Tliw Main Liquor Law is a
mean unjust law. It take away my lib
Yea, that is a fact J A mean unjust
law sure ly.
It takes away my liberty to buy a
drink, and make a simpleton of myself,
wallow in the street, act like an idiot,
; rojfc anJ foam liko a madman, have the
delirium tremens, and be tormented by
piders, drajjona and devils. A mean low
indeed! How unjust!
It takes away my liberty, to buy a
drink, and lie, steal, gamble, cheat and
be cheated, blaspheme, fight, murder
and be murdered, get in the penitentiary,
and be hun? as a felon. Oh, what a
mean law!
Oh, how unjust to take away
my libmies!
I . . a
,.. . . .. , :
y my liberties t drink
.-erabl;),pfnnyUas.ho ,-e.
11 taxes away
an j Dt a poor nnso
less, huuirlt-M, friendless, characterless.
mau-d stiisrd, God-forsaken wretch.
Surely the Maim-Law is the deptha of
mealiness, mi l hightof injustice!
11 takes .way my liberty to tir.nK anu
abuse my family; to make my children j
It takes away my liberty to drink and
asnatnti ol t heir üruiikm lather, to make
them U r me as they would a savage, to
beut iny poor, patient, frightened, suffer
ing, heart broken wife that wife who
loved me so dearly, and whom before
high Heaven, I swore to irotect, love,
and cherish as my own reif; tear that cuaimel In ilm Jomu uouuiy jml t -r-hair
I once thought ao fine, disfigure thit uuui lli staling.
lace J once thought scarcely less tmr
than an ang.Vs, wrin? that heart whkh
would still shed its hluo! for mine, and
ot I ! I a n I h :r, til. wile of my youth,
crushed hy the great weight of my cru
elty, to an untimely grave. Oh, I have
a soul, and can I tolerate a law which j
b'eprivtv a limn of such i;ii.rtv mich
"'ivilcges! It tub i:wi.y riy liWily U
be a drunkard. m:l a iiui.-aiu- I. inyl
, . ...
snu every rne cl, un.i to u'uitii ny
boJy t a drunkard' jjr iv ..tti I my s ju!,
a lost epirit to a drunkard's hell.
Is nut the M.iine Liquor Law a vi!'
outragr, upon every serine ol honor and
every principle of justice, and a traitor to
the dearest liberties of mm!
A Sister's Inf liieitre.
"I was drunk once," suid n yotin man
to us the other duy, "and I shall never
forget it. In company with several 10-
I vial fellows, I was induced to drink pri-t-
r. l I l. i , ...
J ,e,m,,5oi ll(,,nr,i
urn uit bvui v.L-ijr ; i was or viiai
I was doinif. I was put to bed. and h nv
Ion; I laid there I do not know; but
wlien I awoke my sister was sittinjr bo
side the bed, rngajretl in aevri.i. Tho
iiiQiiieiit ht-r py i U li upon my luce, b!i-
burst intu 4 llaod r f tours and wept as if
h-r heart would hrr ak. Overwhelmed
with Ii tune lor my conduct, I then
formed u rt n'lut ion that would never
get d unk nitin; and I have adhered to!
it lor some years ami I mean to keep it.
Vouui man! whoever vou mv be!
. have you a sist.'rl oettei- l-t her see you
j in rtjs, in aHiutinn's p;ith, or even in
"drain's sark hstn limenti." thsn break;
, her heart by ao slnmeiiil and willing an
art ol nural ant in mal prostitution. i
Ard you, si ll, rs of the ,,liiiid fire of
h 'll!'' did you ever think how m.-inv sis-
i , . .
tcr s h-iirtsyou luv1 broken how many
noitn-S lotli-tf lliippy) made doeoLile
I. ....... . .1 i .i i
how in itiy mothers and lathers ynu have
ought 'with sorrow to the grave' by
;debti-in;f their child how many chil-
I drrn imide orphans by your unholy audi
'y.'Ood-lordid.len tratliichow many cui I
'uioruiuten irannc how many
band how many souls you have t-aus-
now, IimI your sleep may not b balmy
when i
U'umclunea doth innrdar l"rp,"
A fi rnud Arifinu vu t lor Iba l.iquur
(iov. Wright of IiiJitttu in tJo a:i ex
celleut speech to tho crowd (nur V r
mi nt dtale fair on Wedn 1 1.
atid in the course or it paid Vi.nni
and its Li'iuor Law ft atron; c u
li'n-nl. lie had been surpriN'd,l. a u J
l.i tl suiong thi tlmusands atsuinbled , i
that mmuiou lie had not seen one drun-
k. ii titan! In iho three, ye four tiny
ot Hu tri'Wi!, w w mw but one man who
ujipi it-. d t,j Le half ataw over." Wo
lit'jro u wiily .mo coininitted to jail lur
Oiuiiktii.io-s during iho Fair, and only
lour Coiiiliiilti.tr. in till ytt lliti poliuo
lorco wua Iron . i.ii. I vijriliiut. The fact
Is, that when ruin is restrained within
proper bouiiJa.tighiiiig unJ ruwJyisia urii
also restrained, lu llioao respecln (al
though there was too mach provocation
on KriJay for irrtgulariliei,)the Fair has
bven moat honorable to the Slate, and
has giveu our people the highest reputa
tion among strangers lor order and so
briety. Montpelier Watchman.
Mlver.illiie D.aciveredoii Luke Su
perior The Hon. Truman Smith, ere lit ol
the New York Min ing Company ,ol Luko
B i
J.,m. ...... ..-i m It.iu an.l t . . n . . .
ullll nil. iiuuuiii. . iin auu ,i.i..ji-
taut (lian-very in the mines brlon oitifr
to tint t'oinpsny. The discovery is that
oi rich ore ol fiver. Mr. Smith has
brought epj'trintMirf to New irk, nie
. w jch ' j ,(, f ,
or,ilvor ,ou pjllI1U
r ue ol otui' es
pjiin.M ol ore: anoth
er at the rule 01 lui ty uuncea to the 100
A llmirillc I. ire.
Dhitnarv mitioea have nearly niunnn-
olized our pen oMate. Thcte ar few
era-n our history vthirh have been
marked by ao many dentin oT promin-nt
Individuals, as the taut threo months,
n our obituary columns, to-day, will
be found another addition to the liat of
rt'iniirkalitj -Irre-tsoil in Ihr ileatli tr
iMtu oii .iiliinr tioriloltt,llio molln-r ol
Dr. Ortrtlrtt, of tl.U (,'iiy. anJ of .Mm.
Mvm rtiirk tSalnes. IS lir- il'rJ in this
2..y.t th- rrsiitrnc, of l,orso.t, Dr.
r:r. ntta. at lh.' Bi Ivuliced vte of 7H pars. '
TI.I I -.ly wh tl,cl,r.r.Mn..0rtl,at ln.
tensely InWi'minMiniiteoln real li'?
Mrliirh Wa deVclopftl III tllO Celclratril i
lawsuit uf .Mr. (Jalnr.
(rA French man atul Iii wlft', win) !
hail Uven Into each other's wwol for soiu '
timtj ptmf,tlrteriniiiru to mi tnpir trou
! ly sult-lil. Tli two retlroJ tn a
socliul. J place on llio Canal lo rnrrv
ttlülr uroiiTtll'lO rXlCblltlll. Tht llUS
i .', ' i i .. . i a l t.. . . I
IbiiJ i-lungeJ In Hrt, tut telnjr a gooil
Swllliinet. lid flltitirilf tliO Water VfrV
enl.l k I .... I. .... ....I n.il ....
... rn.vH , ...v
Cjp OUt 01 Water 10 It'O f0 HIS Will) Was
ua.iK...;,. ,I,m .u.1.,.1 .....I ,1.1 11
...w Irina - v a.
.1 .... ... ..... i:.
was riiraeii at sei'in nrr sianiiin
catmly on sliort), manili stltitf th great
at tie light at her iWliverrnee from her
tiusland. It appear Hut both ot them,
in tho drowning up, ration, wert acting
lu bal laitti tuwuids cat It other.
tXrA fireocftirrej in Michigan City,
.lt Thurailuy night, desinying about
lorty btiililiii and man gauds. I'art
only wnro insured. Auiuni' tlie rest the
post-otfica and the print ine otlice ol tho
Michigan city New. u.d tbo Troiucrit
were destroyed, ine maieriuis 01 the
Trsnscript x.ere saved but the News
was a total loss. Thu editor, Mr. Jr -negaa
has our warmest sympathies in
this misfortune.
er I he iiul cast ol "ureacu ot proni-
is," is that of a Kline ffjainrt a
Mr. SuvJatn, a vfidower of New Jersey,
tlie iiijured lady receivinjj fivf hundred
dollars damsaes. She proved h-r cnsu
1 by a female triend, who overlieara thei
I The Old Attirlaf.
Dead! and ail of his wealth not suffi
cient to bury him, with proper decency.
Died, doubting to the last, poor old gruy
head Atheist!
Yean ago h's homo was a p ilacc
His daugl tors were beautiful; his mods
stately mid noble. He gloried in his
unbelief. ."His eyes stood out willi
fatness.'! It seems hard to the titor
Christians, and one was tempted to sny:
"It is better with the wicked tluu with
the good."
Lly tlics-j wit c!o.l; on which th rain
drops ilisinally, lies his pine tolliu.
And lite st xton strikes it with his shov
el, and course jfnis profane the "garden
"i'oorold Atheist!" Ono daughter
Ii aal liaiklfA.tl.uaistil f it nn Alv rrrnv n
(Jne ,n a f.n UnJ w auJora the
weigut of his curse. The yontiger son,
tllJ ,.oJ mnu,j dar,j fvU jn t(l(J
wl!ler Jieu d.uiikcu.
Ail were AtliHst, Prosperity kept
them cut puny long. Their ships, suil
ed 111 safety. Their orchards were never
blighted, öickncs tainted not their
betiul caro anJ äisappoiulinent
lnejr hearts alone.
,,ut ...v wUri. brn lIllftf ...
wealth and srlory ol prosperity!
Ah it is true: "The mill of God
grinds late but it grinds to powder.
t"A boy, duU cl.ven year uf Hg, Ij imw
U'Wr iven, 'f Kuil.ury, Ind.' a
Mi, ..1 -.Mil, r-OM.ily s-V'-rely in UfO.I by uii
-.1:1 .-in on 1I1 Mm tilg m S. mho .1 K lir. M.I,
It nglit uii hc iliiwi Iii Cuiii! 4 .y lor fH',
t I d 1 t.u 1 g , m likh Iht-y l-r. ii.j'Uy puiti w.ih-
uul li.ii;uliOil.
I i Ii L II.
I r.J. u. Ketl;. u33id3nt
IVO I'M) Ii. form M frlfi U iilol Hi" pullle p -n-
i r.ilh ,lhnl : h:m:it mm h troiittk'BiMlexp.'i.iM .
BllC't up Ii.- - ui.al (tiniiiioilioiM I.'ooiiih licre he
t!l bv hI! In nn omiiiiKlate Iii I'ltotoilii'i 1 ililirn I
more iilostintt.v tliun heretofore. All l ton In
ib'lital Art (ni'ili 114 (' '''. Exirurt. j
I hix, nod tint lii.Ttmn ( Arlirial T rth, Ir one ,
i to a rititi'li'li' iii'rforuii'il iition tint liil-.l and
nio.taiiprovi'd piinripti' aiid warrnnled.
I u cliuriv f.,r ewinii.utinii radrire, hieb w'.ll
b" flii'i-rl' illx ylvrn w h. a i.'ill.' I
I" Hi.ri:ni!. h. Hi ork.
K.MiM. Hue Ui'Or o J'.:i of th VaHjy llounij up
tairi. I! tf.
is .;kUv vu.iii; itAivi:fcv.
I .t FK I.AKPX KIC I now In iipT to Inform th.
l lit rii4of Itrook Uli ami Tlcinilv, I ' i : 1 1 In' hrl '
f't-d in. rl hi t:iud known n tlio Hrookvill.-
1 d hi. ill .l l .1 iii.I known n the Itrook villi- ;
B.ker, r.h..r. he int -n l ini-rih.iroii II,.. II ikn
UiHiie in roiiiiertiou it'i hi ('oiileetlonury and ;
Katint ."iiloon. Mi, U nu'i preju.red loanpplv all j
lio iiiiiv f ivor him witii their p.t ronnjo, w itii any
1 artic le In bl line, llnvine eured tln erirra
of it 1 lluk r. h.i I- prepare d to n Hint tlto
ho d;il a ilh Iii m liiiil Imve a ;ml t'b'tin. Null
I int',:, I art h ie, til Iii. Iu,e.t 1 1 iiit prire.
I Tliui.kf ilfor piM f ii'irvlii' h op". b l "it t ntt:Mi
j lion to I lo n. I ot Iii i u-loioer. lo ioirli a Rlnire
ut p ilroii.iif .. (Ir l T, Im l;-iMii(r vi III In allimded
) lo with ln'.iin.'- und iIl" til. Ii.
I t'hoiee fjinil) i roe'-rle Hud Confei tioiia'le
aloay on blind. AI', mi V ii t i i . ir room. v here
he will Ii" hupj.y t jit on In frl jii l. to Id i del
leut to of tli aeuaon. U f'rr nen ed up in milt
llio t.i-le id' In I n Me me in. lnt, though liot
leual, Iii teiiiM r.' 1'ahii.
i. m K!AniNi:it.
ept.U'Ul 1. 13. (1 inu.l!..)
in lo;i;u'ts.
H . I . W. II l l.tiit. bu. i pene.l :tia
I ir wt an I in ;d mi I I a. 'l n il if in I
ii'-n iiiiiik evei on r.'.i in i.r 'oM
oti...iinc'in.rrv'rv iie.r.oin .si
If rv (oiid evet ofi r'. In lir 'i,k ill.-, eoi llur
uii. It b ion
m r.T) mrli'ly, ii l i 'f imi i:.mi ihi H.'ii ut
i-iin leuiner, tei a.uiKi nil vnri 'lie oi Ulm s,
., ,, ,.,, . tl er. n, n . ,,,.i r...... h.Mp
a thev i nn be hud In Ci'o Iniinii. Sim Invlli nil
tier iid rmloim r lo lull and examine her koi k.
M s Mrulnr in 'linir nf An .ronvlll t.o.l"
No II. Ii. I I In Andiiraonvill.., Ind., tt'tf ial Iii
ITt'i I ".VI, Wllli.iin I.. r.ni, an. I I im I' I'" ern
expelled front a t IV' rlhlannd b n In of M ion
rv, f.irinliivl.'iilloit.
. or.liir of Ihe l.oilfi. A , J. !:nSN. Hev .
li 1w.
i nniv t mv,s 4 ti.r or n it
.OUt I, IIHTITl'.aa.ll,. iH., rIM
V dion U tr lor I.' I'
i.H'.i.rir.ll, M ii.ii,i!ii- (
ie W ill el lit p. (Idle (.'it. ri , i t ' I ! r-l.
il (( (i i,t ('..I i'..
II h .1 of ',-!.
'. "l, I I iitr-d, im Mi Mil IV, Ilm
l .r t "M, ai n. Irs it1 I .if pur.
nnl' trl. 'I1- ...!". . I ieti i Inn Ii i'.i,
I o . -. ff ' . e a ' I 'mi ft !' I i. in mi-: 'wo ' n a,
.il .i.,, I, , . ..,,! I r i"Uun, Ii.. li liuif It er) 1
in . ... i I,. ., f.i it tl.Vl tfu' e'a f i tuii'.l tpiiiif
I It ..' I y nn. I ut.' : a ael of Himer lonU.ile. iVi",
'I .H On in. iT lltren tlitllara nin umlo,
rnali. On Unit-"Xi r, linn Ihren ilollnrn, a rr 'dlt;
(if I ein im. nlli silt brirlven-ere I mi rorn 1
am Im . Iii. I III Im aul.l on rr.nl I n( 3 luoiilha .
at' mi .It.rerrttl pn. ui.-nl. lutlt-a Hl In. r"iuirf.l j
wl'h mi Tli lell e-eeritv wait Inir Ihn honett! of v .it- J
Mill' Hi lilnl U'ljif l'i lilt I.I'. l I biMir'll I' l-'rei;?
r d.i... rout KN Mt'ltUAY
ll. A.liu- 1
.11. It.
Ilnrtoii bnv'iiir pun bn d
I l'ie enlir Int 'itt of John ('.
Ii Ii lull 111 til. i
aitf" al llr.tt. k villi, on I lie Ut. tliiv or Ittniiiirv iui,
an ' .1. Il'iiliii Imvlliy Imlitrlit II. II. Hnrt.nr
Ii leret In the lore at .M Iniimrn wear" auvlou lo
Mle !ie billrf nf tho flrMl.pt'M'HH kll'MVll"'
Hi ,. ,,,i, .1,1, , I I.. ii ;il t'li'i. r plMr' prior bi
lite tiltlH litettllrtlirtt ultove nr.. rrtlle-l...l I. v Up
V. I tli. ml .It-lav . H. li.eV.l.r. III'KIO.N.
Ilrookville fepl. 13th, lr VI If.
I.fi w School of Inrl'ATia.
rrill! flr't r . lira., nf li eti re. villi i oiiiiiumk e n
' tire 'iienall-.. la. on V.'ilnt.biy th
Nnvt'itil-or, lfc.M, end oiillintt' till
ibiv nf
l.'.ih of
Mnrrh IM.
I he t I't'on w PI ?
an t i.inilor' fee rf
per term, hi v.l vutie e,
I'irtlriiliir of I'. eonr'. of lindruet'on. te.t
boei a. A p. will ho furr. I.h 'I in rirrn'nr nfon n p-
r1'""1" " '
CreelntlHlle, ,"i pt. l,t t ..r Is .
y.. i .
ol liitli.i!i Iran!
I ., IM.'l '. II, tlU'K
. lilt t o.
in fimi'y,
In Ihr r. I
Oi t'n r ii i in, 1 '.1.
r.tiwaru Mai rv, i
V .
.li rbm O t.
Joint K. Kiitih
..MKS tin. Kind pl iliitiff Uv llol;inil hl nn ir-nr.-.
and il aitpn irina from the iirtlilnv t fll "I
llial the aul.l Joiiii K. Kioilmll I not a realo -nl ol
the Mule ol I ii'liiiiiu; I In' aitbl ilefenilmil .1 h'i I'.
KiinbiiM N t'ier.'foro lierebv iiotiiied of th p. n
.It'iir) of "i.ld ii. Hon, Ihiit lh" mine ill limd for
lr:nl ill I'.e next I'. nn i.l'aiiid t'oiirllo be hidden
nt Iho t'o'irl Hon" in the Town r llr-.i.tt v III-',
t'nunh id Fmnkliu i.ft.fi'alil, onlli.. flr-l M ui.'iiy
ill ()i ,,beriTt.iii.tl 11 id nnb' li rppi'iir iiml
anawer or plead tin n lo llio miihi will V 'ar.l In
l.., ,,K...nre. JaM M. Jni-Mnjl,
,nnw f.r.r.p.K.t.
Wholesilo and Retail
Window $:uh & Oil ('lotli iS'oiv,
s. R ,,., , st, tti.t tin-tn Vi.
w A W V V .;
11 AM'F.tfiriKI," mil lvnler In Window
1.1. ...r. .i.. F. 11, ..,,. i ..,.i,.r.
orv ,'.,, ,,.
(, jrnat 'i.ix.a.v Ktaniiis.iiiivs mii.mi.i
Very lnra-Bi.l.h..lee....rtlouof...lh..iaa,liiierc,
iil'.tet. Mini jft.il. for sain al Hie luwval (lii'irp-.
t all amUee them. my 7
I tllOM'.lt I r.1Cnlit.iit! "II bill lltfreali sup.
lies or ti.u very POM quant) in .r.K'orie, niiun
ii t.t re of ...
may 7 MM R A r.Ut4l IIA K,
Vtililln tS.il.!
r.rui.l l n nrder ml derre of Ihe ronrtof
I i.muuili Tl. hsolt nlo li itmiilt, li.i'loliM. Ilm mi.
u.t. ,.,.,; ..i t u.,,t p.,r.
.oe, w lit otter f.r sale al pn Idle au. II., i., .n tha
i.retul.', a Iho piopertt -f Urn l.eii.ol Klitihll.
'(r)(r.( ,Pl.rH.ed, Hie reiite.lNte dn. rlh-d
at ful'
, ,.,,ul Hie Lines Mfl U.H
ü. iit.ua. lo will
f'dhiwlng coil.
. i a . , .
Un.. hiinilred un.l r.irlv
von acre t .1 a l.tilfulf
Ihn NVeal sltln id the H, V, i(r if Hee, IMI, In I own.
ahlpl&of KsligJ I J lull... l mint V of Kutett! tu
he sold un litu.luy tha V'.Hh .lay f it euil.i.f
lie. I.
Ii. i. K ir.nf Hee. T.Townah lp I I of Itungu S
lit Jiihuaolt c.ilil.lt Iltl be aold on I'ri'li.) I'lu I'll I illiv
III llet-ellllier In' t-
i h v.. iinif oi ii.. n. r ir. r.r ?'. . l. . . i. ii i .
7, Ol Klinge o,.e ', 1 tl lit i t tie I t,f IV itk i I t.
M uii, mi SV e -Ine. ..nv Ii, . Tili .1 . ' . ,u' e i.' ' I.
'I In K . bulf I Ibn N . V. r. t f f er, ' , . , mn
I ablp) Ibcf Itunt-e '. NV.sl. J. . i I' .lui
I count) , lo ln .l I on !'i nl.iy tfc li'h ol le.. ..ili. r
i II U.
(im litiinlre I ai d fttrtv-flt e k' r." nf I.iihI i'c-.i rl.
! bed follow,, i. l. t . in v i 1 .
Itiii V e
." II..
tht'i i ,' I
line I.. '.
der' f..r,
tn tin
il I
t'. 1
.ii i ,t:..'i ..
hi, Ann"' ,
- ,. !..'.' 'ii .
c "nU Ji"
ulo lo t
! I .". t I 1.1 ! ',',' 1
'I tit a of le
tr.i A tU
, un ihir.i oi u
urchuae im.iiey wll! b requl.
red In Ii ml, u.i.l l..e baiiin. e lu two eiit :i aim.' . I
liialuliitciils.lt I.-., s '.'ured l t!. purcliu-oi 'a prom
isor y l o Its w ill api roved si e jrnt , wuivihr vein-
at.. i ami appn
r latiiui.l lux una me pur. ii'.ar
in u 11. ti uii l'..el-iil uul!' luil r. I
i -ru.er panieuiar. msdo known on the day of
okokb ulos
rptcine., iii3-'xl-w,'
Cincinnati Advertise merits.
Head's Commercial College
S. t..rmrr mf Mn mfit Imtth Stt, Cincinnati. 0
MMIK nlJo t nfihlii Inalllutlon It to uuallry fvi.lU
I 111 r 11 pr;:''t!-nllv for Ihw rour tlnir Ii"" und but
(lnc niriill. The c irc of InMrurilim rinbra
fi' Ihn ilirory ntt.l .rn. tl .if Hook Keefliir by
ln.il.i Ki'lr), n .IK'd to II departments of
I ruli' mot i oiiiiiiiTi e,
I'.'iimiunlilp, l.erliirc on Mnrcantile
Trnnio tlon, Coinmen lnt Calt'iilntlnn. Ac. eoT
rlnß Iii enllr Hi 1 ! of roinmrrl:il opemtlons,
1 1i n a 11.1 ) I iibT JiiipiU to brrome diiU'ieil ai roiii.l
niit'. T!is roiirie iviii bo rmnil.'lui tn from eight
In twelve eck. Term S-.'i In sUvancc.
PuiiU Ooin tauirlit iinlivliliially and not In clac
, tliov tan enter nt any tlmo.
tiuo.l iiounl fan bo oUulnotl at from $2.--5, to 3
(iff week.
Purther partli'iilnra can be ottu'nel by ealtlnf at
Die I iiütiliilioti, or by rw I nir the principal,
(poM p..) J, K. HEAD, Prtnrlpul
.Nor. i, i.V. 4?-1yr.
Daguerrrotvpo Steck.
1.1 l .tltV (iOOI)S-
Imporlern nml .leulnn ift the artli t-a. and
will .lint I. . price. I'KtKK SMITH.
Nov.u tÜ-I.'ii.. rim lniiat'..3ß Fifth Street.
V.I!..MooiP.Anntmon,(KW 11 Ttc ii.P.B.Kkv.
Publishers Booksellers and
I'calers i .Müilicil, rI licolngiual.
Classical anl Selto 1 Iiouks,&c.
No.?h Fi.nrtti Slroi't. north ahle, .lof Main. ami
at Corner of Main ami Fourth ircela, ('liirlnnatl.
II"7Siiptrlor lilanW Hook muilri toorlorfor.Mer
tliunu, llitiikpr, M.'um-bouu, County O!ttoi,&e.
Nov. Ill, lrj.7-yr.
D A V v: M V T LA CK,
No. "u
Reduced Prices.
I.IHtH.t.:).T HOI KS A I KPCirCH.iyKItS.
. 'J'lIK uhieriber rel'rrlfi,llj Inform tho rltiion
I ofCiixiniiiitl. ami the publie (r -neriiily. that be
I l oiitimir lo nii.iuil.. turo lnith4, lie' lo n a of
all u at hi old l:iiol on Si-roiid Str u t. bet eon
Hroiidwuy and himniivri'. Clin Imiuti. From hi
i lonit e xp.-rii'tier limine, toffelher with bo-
I Inj; provide I it'i a large lot ol e:ioned lumber
j and "Hi t nml ri;il, bo I roprd In alt easel to
i v nrrni l hl ulk irnod.
! A I..'). A uv il and Vit cif iirnUhed.
I June a, 'i3. ßui. K. It. HAMILTON.
a. w. nwiTi'l. S. SitrLTlNK
, , ... . . , li iv t p I T 1 f ' (
O. W . 1 I I O l'i l-l I I i' li .v J J
I 1 1 AM FAl'Tl KKKS orstravr lionnet. andiin
; l porter-of Silk Millinery !ood. Fl er, ltv
MIL. I run in I HC", A e. Nu.li'j I'eurl M. I'in.iniiull.O.
! black Fancy Dress Silks,
' Str:iv lionii 'i, of every Fronrh American
Vr Tri in in I n jr ,
Sil l.nre.
Sea ItU Silk,
rioreiiee, Natln,
lioiiilxi line-,
Tab, Kumulation,
lllulnii.iVe. Ao.
' noim.-t Silk ftr Cmpe,
I .1 .V I'lip Itlhhnn,
Tiirllon. l.luinv.
Tip. I'ro ii iV Frame,
j W ire, I'm. hulehoue,
iioiinet Mm k, Doll Head,
( Inltlrcii .V I n I'm nl' Uul.
i Milliner .iippll 'd wiih ronl Frenili I'uUoru ltuu
' net, orenpie of the uine.
i i.r I'ri.-e and t'erma h.'ill be fuvorubto and t
l.f.n tor tt the purehn.'r. Order promptly alten
. .led lo." S. VV. II VSMTINK & i O.
I .Mareb .lib, lH:,n It-tjr.
' t!!" . U 11. 1. 1 A'vlHNo. UMalnSl. lt
.1 door above I'eurl. I nt. luiuill, leul -r In I'nper
tliinainr'. I''1' ''nrlaln Taper. ItnndboM'a, Urs
; Screen. Ar., olTer Ii. thw publir the lurireat and
I It... I nort hum t ol Hie iibove urlli Ira to be found In
tho Vel iiml on tho moat reouiilti. term. Ho
luv Ilea the t rndit to rail and examine hi alark.
; MarehJ, IM.VI-1 l-ltfm.
, tint I"' I iiirnr.
üihi lihl priino inotni,
.vn N. II. do
tu n It print.. Fu-ler . ..iTee,
.Ml I'o. k. I J:.va do
'.Mil pukiifK frealt 'I eua,
H.iil) itMl.r. )urn,
'.'ii puekui; innrkeret,
.M' lernt Vn. Ml, I nltrro,
Mi K.'ui I'MiU,
;i ii it.,1 .No. I bid 1 1 nir .
II Itltl Sue allto, Ittbitei'O,
Vi'.ix u h ilf "pun Ii lirur,
t Hi..ll.',.wiiip,Mrt li, iVr.it r. for nie law by
must ( .v w in i f.,
No. 14 Lower Murkulalreet, Intlniiull.
,M i,v II, IKI3. V.'-lj
ii. Tsvina wm.a rN( M. j. r wvNsr
TAy.on,Fn:rjcH u v;vwne,
11 I'tlll'l lillN and whi'leanle Oenlera In Irish
l.iueii and ah lie (oii.l. .l".i, I iiiix.lt. a, far
aaoU, I.Iom , Ibiaiers, mikI etsry tlearrll llolt nf
IriiiiHiiuir ami fanev dry ;ood,eurnrror li.l, and
I'.-art l. I'leitliiiiiiil. VI V.' ly.
lt. V. 1I00TH k CO.,
I lieptirleraalitl w Ii oleaulr deiiler In
Uuropeaii tnd American Hard-
I w f, Cutlery and Guns.
Sew' A H'rti ., I i nil nml II'utnHt Sit., ClHtiHHiih.
UAVt: r .envoi, mid are coiUiilly tip llel
w Uli et r i. 'in If In Hi .ir line, aiiilul.lx lo Hie
; Wf-t -ri. tri.ito, 'iir limed or , inerii an, ml I m pur
1 t.l 'lirert fioiii SlieT'.-liI, H.i mil L'liiiiii, uImI Coruuui
' nmuiiin. lurt-ra, eiol.ru. in Hie heat iiitilille an.l
brniitl. Iti. li will I. a.tl.l at aniall a-lvaii.e on
t -l . r on I tat I ii (, I it part, of
Win. Du teller's & Spear k Jnek
son' Files, Saws & Kilo Tools,
Wade & raitcher's, (icorje Wostenholm
vt Son's elt l rated Razors, Pocket
Knives, Hhonra, Scihsora, ic,
; Tsl'le Knives snd forks, Cwrvers, Merls, &,r,
' l.2 Trues ll.ilier, Urrast, aud 5th Chains
i tut Slrt' l.r. Hooka and Hinge,
I Anritt. fiirt,Brltniaiiil Mftr Htmiurri,Ö'Jmc't
ml T. If. NotrlntT i Shun l anil Sjilri,
lli4K I'ii.'.. 1 1 nut's. II. .Muim'a and Lippen-
roll' Axe l'lnl Mult hula. Wnldroo', Darllnir V
I lllood'a linira. Ilruln. und llriar Prylhe, r)lhe
! Sneathe, 'rudle. Mi lea, Hnv ami Mat ure Kork,
l urpi'idi'M' slot r.ioper' I'lu.tf and Mire T'n.U.
I Kverv kii d of C.r nliu ui.il oilier Ni tuunufur.
tire. I lo or-'er an.l w nrrui t.'.l . Aaei.l fur K. AT.
I Kuirl.'llil iV t'.i.'a ek'h ruled I'lal l.trut . Ilinlroinl,
1 III.) t;roeer iil.d I'msTilM' Si'llle. Willi ll have
: a rejiutntion np rlor to all i.ther foruerurui v and
ilurulolil) . iiiol -mI.I i,l iiimuiiIui lur t' prli e. . lao.
I HIT" lit. for II. e a.ile ol the liet Iron Kiru I'rool hiife
' iiuiniiltn'tiir..,'l.liii b i' ""'II ft iiniiiufm turer pri
ce, ii u.s.i, j.i i"-i.r.
pUiil (.Iii1 iMiinuruclnr r-niitu-
i I liiond Mrei'l. belwi't'll I llird (N Folirlll t ill! Ill-
liatl, keep toiiali.nll) on hnnd every Varlely of
I lint Uliisswiivt,
Apothemrj' furnltiiM, snd Clu'ttilitil Apparnltit
ui.lt. lit order 1 the short st imtit e.
A I. M.I. A itreiil vnrlett i.r IVrfiiiiisr' Ware,
iv it.rn I'll l.'ln,' ss 1 1 I liuhM.iuK rod lin.ilulor.
ifvnV c 0:,III II t Dial era lit
lirr S.o.w, ti:i I'enrl Mreel, (.'lit.
r I I II 1. 1 1 .... 'Il. r l..r cult. Ilia in..l fn vorl.l
lern I . I'" piii VeB''" t'r Cond, purchased ino.tlt
i revl in itottie hdvsnielii priees, I'uri liuiert a III
A ml lh 'in reii'ty In iih'i'I Ho lowvoit nitw of any
joltlthnr Iii."" V.b.I or West.
KU. I J 1- I'Jni-
Ii. I). CIIIPMAN "k CO.,
C n m in I a a I n A o r w 11 r U I n
II I I Ml I'.X 'VM
ciiis.ti. ; . wit citv, la.
J.ilin i.r. iV IM. ; Mitrriat.n fc tNewl.y
Ts...l,Mhl,.ye4 Wilglit! II. rV II. M. Ctmlilltl,
lloetesr Mxphuns. 2 ntusio h, u.
1 nani.l a. lo. ; A . N. W ipa-ins e ( o.
A. II. i on. II iV ' nin. : ti.tt. r lill.tai.lo.
Liberal I'Mli a.lvaneiMiiani made n ronton-
iiu-i.ts. spvie-i'iiyr.
t t
Aaron A. Colter,
n:icii v r.
N.iV.VH-1'i. lyr.
' iii 14 i im 11 iti: ir
I'O !
TIIIOM, J, KK.NS I .ManufMi'turer and
il .itr in nil Win, Is of irunapurenl window almtlus
AN . e.'t.U, I ., 'l, llrua nttil.lil'l . All',
.. .. '. i itllei'ti It iM, V, nil ut al.,1 lio'ii'ioill,
'liiift ii. Mine nn I ollt 'i I r ahude pull I '
..rdtt r 11 4 an i'tt.'ioi' -1 1. .
.'I ' I vi .H tt?' t: ssOUKJ-Li.waT-
I , ,'. i ,, corner I li...iey and I'lllli at-eel,
' . ;iiiii,i, t I, nun Iii, I ol.i'ia and ii,u t o M.nea,
I At i " ' 1,,'tll 's 1 ."I M'l' tif). r.aj'llainHl Ko.il,
I . ,, I !a, I'm. Vaaes, i;..r leii I'iirnf",
c ' unter Mi.lt, ,.t,, cue.. I t'll. lul'IU
, ,;i 1,1 ei' lo oi.lei, I ''etvnilj silppl'
,o .1 . In liltH or r I..I.. or Sa ed to nr.
inn I. -m
.. j... sac x. I. ' 1TI.
! (rVii , eon I i Sauip-oi. .V Ainlrews.l
i Import. -r, ' ii.den.le i 'ol 1 r - a Ii. ulera li, 'linn,
: Clst-s ii'itl Uilti.iiiw nr.'. Alo, I J. ' s, lii'l r(V
I 1 si'le I nltert . No. VIT Main MpM't, ' tw n Killh
uinl Mih, CIiii llii hll, "ino.
Pub. 53, .3 II -I vr.
G co. 8 . .T r. ii k t it r & '
WIlOLKSALKdi'ater i.i Porela ent lioineatie
llry (iuo.ia Ao. .mili eal corner Kverl and
Vino Hr., et., Cinciiiiuti,
J'tvl opened an entiia uewtl- cs,.
Feb. ii. '53-lU-Umt.
HAY AND NTOCK tM M'.X. Martin 4
Orr, Kcalo Mamiiui lurcn, liuvo taken tlivol.l . .,
Wiid forinerly oicupiuil by AUkTiadt Hi i-m.ati . , 1
No. 4U Columbia Streut, ouo door eitol Vluut. I
I'lH.iiin.ll fll.l..
V 111 l..l'M, v..,..
They are prepared to put up .n the. moat reanon
ableterma. In anv purl of thj country , their I rut
l.rvrr Hay nuil Smk Sralrt, from li w putb fit
lib linprorrinrnu, hlrli they have jut coin('lo
led. Alo, nil kliKl of I'lutform fml . Ilcain,
Art-., iVc. All our Si nl! are warrunlcd to tlvt full
unthfiK linn, or o s 111 tuk t lie in buck and rfluiid
Hie money.
.nintiut B.-re'or.. It. II. Klllntnn.l I'ovlnrton,
fillddeii, MutllnA Co. C. k. H.-rrln, i h) .
V. d. i. W. Kobxon, Ke), MultM iV Co.,
J.ll. Lrhnier, I'ulluin, IIhIIIi'I.I ft II row
fob. 55 HI. MA It I IM & OKK.b
13 Lean's Liniment.
THIS article I now fairly before tho public, and
the lliAuaund of boltli aold Imllrate the aupe
riority ol llila Lliilinenl over other. I'hyalriana
now preaerlbo it In their praetlee. Try but one 83
cont botlleaml you tili be I'onvlnred. K I fly con t
and one iloüer bouW havo been received,
Wholeoala aud r lull by
nov. C-I r KOIII. k TIIORNR,
Northen! corner Fourth und Vine iu.,Ciu'tl.
it I O, ;IIIV() A CO. -Engraven and Mllio
II fraphera, Copper l'lnl I'rlnlrra, Stenell lirnnj
tulU'i., ivi', North Went Corner Uano and Main
U.,and !l Main St.. over T. N. Roodiuau h I'o'a.
HiinViui; H'oiao.l'lnrinnntl.
lfl'IMI H'1'. Adureaa C i'iU. letter and Nots
tleu.lintr, Ubela, llahli ( Ii- L, Hill, I)ruria.Nolet
&e.. at very low prirea;
llploinN,terlifleate, lion Jk, Map, Pinn of E
ate, town pint, Ac. fob 13 IMS ly
k MC k lYj iik i i ii ot i f ii us,"
Importer! of 71 iiailca 1 1 nl riiinenlJ,CKK
MA.N, FKIi.M 11 V h.MiLISII I-...icy UoU,
llnakeleV 'I y, No. IW Knurtti Struot, North
aide, four iluon l.aot of Wutnnt. ('inrlnnali.
h'.v'erv rterription of Slrli ir. for Violin, (Julian,
VinlliieVlIo, and IhhiMv Him, rontiinllv on hand.
A It ordor ol di-iiler In the alove articlu execu
1'id prompltv nn. I on tlio tii-t rinonnlle terma.
i" r N.l 'S 1IKAK8 IN.S lKt'MKXTS.rJt
Aren! for aulo of I hui leu ät Co. 'a Colebratud
WorlJ'i Fair Freniluiu Perfumer) , at i-atulnrue
Nov. C, 1H32. IÖ-1J.
.-' r.N0I.TH .V: mINS,
tThoK'ate und If 'ti.lt III ! .1 m H .t IM'.
V I' tt'll ie l., Hi e.'l.d H., between
Hromlwuy A l.ildlow.Cineluiiiiti, Ohio.
Nov. C, Iri'.' Iu- lr.
Whoteanla dealers in l.'cndy Made ( lolhiug. No.
Iii; Main street, between Third and Fourth l iii'tl
lHf Kerp ciiit!intly on li:iri.t. a romplete and
very exteuai.e stork of loth , Caaaltnere. Ves
ting ami every descrijilion of I riiuinlngs.
. nrtnn.n 'tt. . v ri fir.' wt: . M. lw
Maniiin. turer ..rKeady Mu.lt- Cl.ttliii'ic. Importer
nnd Ih'itlers In l'lolh, 'iilinere, V.-stii.g, and
llontli'iiien' KnriiiahlngiJood, r?o. 5fi I'earl street,
between Wiiltiut und inc, t'inclniiati, Oliiu.
Fei. Sö, '5;t ltt-lr.
To tho Ladies.
r WtJIlI'S I rriirii l.unnr 11 II.
'ol Suppr.'-.e.l M vii.lr.inlH.t andall irrea-u-
I.r.ll.ta t.r tli.i I'KMil K iV
? I r..l llio beat I IMS
In the known World. Thev can beliu.l genuine. at
No. mi Kaoaav.tr. ami fully Iii . urn to Ki
siirtiTtn. v.M. lull diroi lions. Ii. THOMAS
only aulhorljie.l Airt'iil.
I I..) ahove rill will be sent by mail, upon the I
receipt of 3. All Irttf r mint bo directed .No. HJ. I
Uroud way, t in. inh. 23 14. fl'lIF. uiidorlgucU huve entered Into Co-partner-
- i I hlp, un.ler I In. ti:iui" iiml firm of JONI-.K, 1.(1-
( liirvniidVirfv f , tn Kv. uro i r t 11 UOHHI.. lor Ihe puq -ol earn In on
.llCCUsW.irC VU!tirSilirC. j a Whole.iilc liroierj an.l Co iilon liiiaiuess.
iiiA I'nilrs (lnrritatt uro rotisialtng n(;M.JU.NKS. Jl.WIU I.OVF.TT .
1 UU l.uslre.Cutilorula, Kl.lne, Columbia, and gill (l.ule of J. 1. A C. (tan. ofst. Uiner.)
nun. I leu w ii re.
poug 'l aini paiiiird di'he, baker, plates, lea
wnrisjug, bow I.
K.l'd e c dishes, baker, nnpplcs, twlfi1era.tnuf
n. C ('Jug, bowl, eweii nii'l ba.lna, apnug'J ami
palolt'il, ptulll and fli:ted tens. I
CC i " i
Vntl Unv.es gtiiawr. the ab ive sei, ted for iho
eountr) irado. For sle by
tl. AI IHi'lCII, No. f,
Main Ft. betwreh 4Ut iV Sth.wesl tide, t In. U.
IHIOIt I!, No. :!. Main si., 1'u.l between
I Kig
clilli itii'l Mnili, l liieitiiinil. I Imve iiw on
hau. I u buullliriil naaortllielit of Jena, Hot and .'tl II
dreh Mraw lint. AUo, a be uttful line lot nf soft
Cusslmere hui; em briu lug evol v rnlor, w lille, pearl,
blue and bluek. M) hei uie ul llilu.l will, a
beiiulilul ort hum, I ol aprli k t) le ol Silk and Kur
Ii -ils i.fmy iis ii inuiitit'iii litre, lo shli li I ln lb' tlm
espet llul attention of my ol.leal iVieuila und ' iimIu
laitrv of lirook t ill.' and vleinlly to :ive tue w rail
when y ou art) In iherllv, my 7
and Oil l lolh Tnl'le t ot rr. lut.iiiilnt l.ir.id and
sol, I. w Imlewile ami retuil, by M, hi. yeroi t o. o.
S College lliilliliug, vlitut st t im iniihli, I'lilo,
Orders promt. lh IUI. . I. Coiii.t") Men linhtt anil
'i.'lliraii plieil on thi. low 01 leruis,
N.iv.U, I'-jv. 4..-l'.'iin.
I S Imve on hand a tanre sio. k of ( hin, lila
and Itue.'tiatver.', sulo' t. d e o. Islly I. suit nur
Imlu-utti I'ritile, 11 lull. rt our W are direcl
frtim niniiuriitturt'it In fro nt-u and Knirlmid, and
are thereby I'uiil. led to I'ompi'tti aiiccumlull) Willi
Hattert! J. bl"r- In i le. imlli nnd prleea.
lu our aim k nf ij i'ieits are w ill l.u loiind an as
sortment id ever) artn l. In Unit line, from the best
iiiiiiitihii liiiert in tho Laslniiil Vel.
A l.. keenconatuully aiiiii.ll.'.l with Iure at. x
of It'iii k iii;ltaui and Vvllow Ware of superior
hi. I lv.
Uiirier.iiB'ofori.roMj. nnd Invito Mer-!
cliiint lo examine our w urea sail prices.
r. i . w 1 ii.,
o, ft.' Main Kt., oppoaite 'I rust t'o. Hank,
.oy. 0, Ifi-.'.-lü.-Ijr. Cliicliinall.
W. . HCIL...N.
A. V. .1.1 HI HILL.
mporters rV Milliilfui turcri of
I In tn mi nml Itmiicsillr Cisrars
And lt'ul. r in i IIA I , l-N I I'T, A ('.
..'. '.':) Mulu Streut, ( luclniiatl.
Nor. 6, 1?.''.'. lO-ljr.
Wm. A. Trowbridge,
1171101. IAM: V IIIMMII -Healer In
proieries nml urodiiee. ollth Kul corner of
Co'irl and Itine at reels, (oppoaiie Ilm fariiii ri Ilo- i
let) (I NCI NX AI I keep e'tnstaiilly on linn. I :
t-nod n .irtiin iit or ull arm ! in liiahue, w hit h ha '
ollt-r lo tlio iru lo at Ihe lowest rule. ;
. , ... ,i
w,.. l.......l.l.rtc.TI
M II'1. I III 1 11 '1 I il I IUIi. I
Impartrr i.n.l Jobber. I '.aal aide
.'list it aired, I live HU and Alii,
Ini lnii.ili,
lib' V Kb'.' lo 1 1 1 t Mlielr lurire an.l fUeli-lve alfn k
nt' j am t.iitii,
A IIA I'l l. Il l (I 'I HK. VI'IMM. I L' 4 UK.
Our f.ielllt le for tern rinird! ruble MjTennd tlienp ' '
(ioo.l; for ciiatn.ncr. aro not surpusaed by any
House In the l. a w u have an evperl.'iiced buy
er eoiiMmitiy lu Ilo. I aalern eitle, forwarding u
.lullt null lurpiliisullieuiurlict.rl"rs In
IM Ii lit INH,
M I I.I.I Nr it v noons,
KM II." (I lihHI KM,
LACK i!(nis,
lil t I-. cool';.
PHKMN 1 I IM.MI.Nt;?.,
COM l.
L I I l.r.KV,
Tbs popular feilure nf s II n.ff ini it nf tlie Goodl
at Ave percent, advance will be . nutinue.l.
lo I aaii ami aiti.rove.l Miorl lime nuyrrs, we
an offer liberal ii.ilii.'euieiits.
30-1 y
Aiidllolliillitlittr.'M, Ws ror. Mil nild
... . a.i.... i. ....... aa
Vt.tlllll't I llll'llllllllll w
IM'OlilMH A t h'l lt".
PIIK iillenltoii of the p.ilille I r.'ap.'flf.ill called, Kalroflhe Sew York Mute. Ar'b uliural Society.)
I lo III superior f.iclllti. Hllnntctl til this I listilif Iht se Intl'limnnts'"! S'tr.le.1 wtioliMliletllid re
...... r.. I ,r. I,,.. i..,liv..l....la in iVtr.i'.th lira... ' tall St r"".lt i ! n I 1 'I i
, i iliuitr lor lit i I o , 1 1 1 it u nil lui'l luiaiueaa
,i tl. 'I'll ( in, i ... ri i' ritt ea
II' t IK K I I' I I Ml Ii V I'HI'III.K r.v i UV, I
us pur.ie.t 1.1 tin 'lilt., el .1. : arlniuiilsof trade,
i Oiiliiinfi ii un t dim i l'i' Iure.- li.iilne. I'i i. in n.,
ship, Cub ill all on a, (Ot re I". mle li e, ul .tal'v Let
lei '..ii Men mi, lib. uitvaiiil I'nlitlcu! Kciioint lit
llu'll' reliil.olis to ('oiiiiiii.i'.'e,
I lie Cutir i t'i Im I'ollipl "led III ft illl S lo I'
w eeks Term in. ,
Kup'l bt-'nir l-iiflil tndii ItliiuVy, apj II. nnls caa
eel i i . any iiul... i
Koi- lurilierpariicclura rail I C.e t i 'le? rooms
or ad'lresa Ilia Krim Iput. niv. 1). .-!) r. I
PIANO I ' T. Ti T P. )J U A L 2 R S,
: I.M(ilili"i' I . t ( I X X ATI, OHIO,
WUoK'Sule an.. I ! t.til t.-t-nta tor thn Ktodarl and
.ho I'nnliflin I ,. 1 rm Cuah.
Apr I '.t .3 II r.
uisav m,
S T ! X vv
W'lUl 1-
mv ri i."i
K I. 0 U S K VS
SAI.K.V 11 1. TAIL
!J ? . P vT
317 Main Si. I t cm nuii Hin,
cincin:-ti. onto.
'THIS Mitt differs from all other In tbs construe
A ttoit of the t'pper or Runher Flone, wblrh Is
composed of Krenih Kurr illork, oiulosedln a
cast Iron case, whii h forma ttis burk and hoop of
tho Stone, Ith a ro.l Iron Kye, or llnth, that I of
irrealer external diumrterat lite bottom than at the
U), hieb la aerured at the bark M four bolls, o
U'alevcry tilm k Is In tho form of n iluv. t.ill, whi. h
K'vetrrealcr slrenrtb to a Mone, limn any other
Uiothotl win, h I required In amiill Mill., when the
blons la run Ith Treat K-ed,and lei'"iii''iliii -rn.is
irnot slronirly iiiad.i. Il nlao gl e welrhl to
a Mane of small diameter that Is required, without
havlnr It ihl. li or hlfc-li.tlmt makes it top heavy.
Tbl Mill Is a ijiiiire fruuu, made nf wood or cast
Iron, In the form of a bnk, with Krblee tree, 'pin
die Balance, Hlne, Driver, and Hejrulittina; Hreew ,
and rnds upon liie sinne prhu ipleasa lurireinill,
(Jilferiif only tn the Kuunintr Moue: this bolnf the
rreut right, enable il to irrlnd nearer therenlrt a
a-rualeriiiniilityora;ralu und with lea powvr than
ny other mill now in use. This mill is porialdc,
and may bo Um lied to ileum, wau r, horse or
hand power.
Also, all sites of French Dürr Mill Mones, manu
jartured on the saint, prtnrlple.
Joseph II. liiirroa a, ol iiii lniwill. Is tha tnven
or, for whirl lis ol.Uitnnl Lo ttcbi I'litent in If'.'.
rr'or all lnl'rniremeiit the purrliuser a ill be held
tesponaitdi. for the rlsht of uslnt.
1 hese Mill ilo not r.)uire a Millwright loset'
mein tip, and a II Hint I ne. e.vury to put them In
ojiri ntii.ii liloutlm li ii hm,, I f., tin, pulley on the
apiiulle, w lilt a priiiu ufll iletitl) Uirjro lo run the 8 1
liuh Mill IMu revolution per iiiinule; allu.ih.p to
borae.aieuiuor wiitcrpower. tn the lendy appli
cation oriwohre power.lhe Mill will frind 6 toH
bushel per hourol cood uieul.iiii.t w ill grind w heat
as wellst Corn. '1 he Hi In. .Mill, If put lo Us fi. Il
eal speed, w ill grind from c to 15 l.ulic per In. nr.
These MllUsre W4-rant.!.l 1- bs in -verj ronpet?
a reromiiieml 'd.
Alt orders muM be direct ! to
.1. I!. !;i'B"'iV,',
Front I., lower nid .', bei. vi :,it. .V Wulnni.
Dec. S, io-ljr.
CllU llll Nli filll'l.
T.CII Fa FFM.t Thiii
TT '
imior ami 4 n i
I .nciiiii .l.;
I rlrr, Tl.'i .'lulu Mir
hrlwerii itl au. I yilia.Kei. r..i tnutlv
on hand a large v.rlinei.t o ull kind of Lemher
and Shoe Fiinllng. at Iho lowest rush prices.
Oec. 17, If jJ Si.
Ha removed to Sivlh st. It.ienn's Unit. ling, under
Miiguolin Mail, t in. innuti, Ohio.
AM'FAl U'l.'KK of Cotuiin' and Keculia of
evert desrrlittlou
for.Maou. iitld Vrllow.
eons ot 1 r iiii... tun.
T.'iople of Honor, l.rul.l
ned Men, Urotherhood of the Union, aud (ioo.l
rrlio s.
I1 V Jb'lrg a menitier nf the above order. I am
prepared at ull time lo furnlah ev-r tlilnar apper
lulnini; thereto with pumlukiity unddiapui. ii.
feb. 13, "i3 IM.'in.
Robert T.
BR.US tOt'SHEt, St.
1 JfVsf I rir St..
It ASS and Silver plutud Fainrta.Mop and Valve
I) Cork,. Kudu nnd tienirutor ISrae, tlnte Juti.t.,
Dlstellery and Hydraulic Valves, te. (liHMobe,
usiipsnui uieii.iert ors . v. opper icivet. pen. r
1 ' ,u' v " '" Sp " low. ..''"'r U' :t".n
! Tin, luibhHor Antl Fruition M.-lile.
Order from
I tli com.try irumi.tt attt-iil"l to.
i C'neli paid forlopperand Ilms,
I Feb. 8., S3 HMyr.
I joueSOf LO.,; Llurlliltull H. liti I! 1 .1 .",
(l.iitu of Milroy , Inittun.
Wlli.lenale tir iei le t.V Coiiliiiia-'tiii Aeri'll4lllS
NO. 11 FKAKL M I Itr K I , .N I. H VI XK,
vro lt-lj r. CI.Nt'l.N.N A 1 1.
i;:-J ni.iND manufactühe,
I m t 'to V r 1 1 i ii k i du v t a.. tw i vi ii kii' ii I i.'t'
i'lr.ml tlumi l.o it ml Vinr, ipvtirt Ihr
'.War l.trrsw,"
liranrlt Fsrtorv, Comer Crulg V l.rwls htreuls,
('ovlnglon, K). dre. Hi-31.
1IMNTHV tll'.llf'tl 1X1 .ii. plied from
i the foll.iw lug list of W are, at Hie lowest t'liirlu-
Uall iirb'tt:
tfj rmles W. Iron
(.tons Ware.
-,. ,in Miltner.
do t union lllu
ilo f.im y sl)li.
do t'liinino't
lo aa..i't.'d s.Jles:
boles (alnaawerel
loen I'biiu rrt'tiil Tumblers,
For aar. ut .w j.rl.e i nil nt ut Mulu street,
Cd door below the Truat Co. I'.unk.
IllCill.NS, HHO.A AMiKI.'SllM,
may 13 ly Sign oflli I'll, her and llulu.
1 I , 1111. i. .iiii;,aaai.niiiiina 1
.'I AlUum mci .i a.i t, I nearly while, audi
a. at tm A sM 1 in at an I at ai
uaruar aim innia;.'r titan silver, v non piuie'i u
reembe r l nrtiy the solid silt er.
vt'.. i I....IU l.. .1 i ...... . . . . . i
.. " aeui. looa.Hitii. ii iti'v it iiirr a.t'irtuieui j
of AU .vis. Ten and I it I l Kpoons, Fork. Kouii La
II. , I utter Knives, 1' renin Npnou. ( 'nl..r, and
, In .hurl, evert ull.er ariiele ueesa.ury tu the coin-
plule rtirr.iatili.tr of a '1'ul.ls
j lll'M IMJION ti LAliOVTK.U'X.
! Walch Importer, ll'.l Main Mrei...
: Feb. 83, '53 IlKlyr-.
Bank Note Engravers Ei Printers
SmutS Kmttrmr. lih d M im Stt, Cmrl a nmli, Ohim,
I I.M), Enitrat ed in a Ii lu correaiioiitlinir In
;; eellem s lollmt of Hank Notet. Ktillroiul, Stats
an.l County Hon. I, Kill of Kxchanare, Checka,
run, I'ertinealc of Mot K and l.poile, froiula- I
aory oea. IlilUnd Letter llen.l, Ihpl a, Visit- 1
nitfHiiu rroresaioiiiii i srds, ,i'iurml, Cuuntt nd
llund Seal, tVe.
Conatuntly on hand. Hank Note I'aperor various
tints, uiHtle lo ortler, oiver) uperlor.Uullty.
Tkeabov nltlce I tinder Ihe aiiperviilon'uf f.eo.
T. Jonei, s priiitliitl enjruver. mr J ll-l.'ui '
ri a- .i. ii. Mir.Mii:ii4.r.u4 ino-v
tli I (III I,. ,n. 1,1 I nil, I at. i,i,i,n.,lit Hie I
I'ubllc Lindliiir, Cincinnati, Ohio, licet. coiistnntlv
on band a lurgcnaanrtmc ul o Iron, nail and steel,
ofthelrow n iitiiiiuliiilnre. rroni Uiee. 'inline Jiiulnta
Liloom, Jually eelelimled ror the dial iwei tv venr
lorltsuperiorUalll.v. Al. MoiiaeM.de Anvil,
Miellost, vliet, seres pliit.s, Cat t I. Kncllh
I Klister steel, uinl Cermiin t .el. Kllplle sprli rs,
I Carrlasru axloa. Moultl llonr.la, wurmt hoxf. cVc.
I.nr.. i. i..i. .i. ... t .. .. .
rt" i wiiifii nicy win warrill itiiui sell ill tnelow-
' est ninrkel prices. rVrnn will I leas i till andev.
amine ourKiock before pun liasinir ct.ew here.
rb. 3, '63 lU-O n.
Tlmm.-is ANGcoliin,
HllVLt.yil.l finOt EH, Smiith mt Cmi ,
mnit.1i.ru frrtt, Cim munli, f)hitt.
This Mouse lias been doinr business lur Sil sail.
O tear Hi tipeamtt loenllnli.
feb.SJ, US HI-1) r.
.10NKS imoniF.iss & co-
J. I). &l C. JUNKS CO.
Vholealo Dealers In Dry Goods.
No. 19 l'LARI. PTl.l.T,
D. JnNks. stn. w . jn..
rm num., a. a. .vi.Tti.aTOK,
r'eh, 5, "6iV tV 6ma.
lll. AXlirilftOX l.inlnietil Kor
1 1 pain. St il, nriiiae. sprain, cut. wiii'it,otl
sores, corns, fro liln , c.tlie, t ramp, crolula, and
a iure and pndyrure for rheninul "ii, slihii as
ts-arrti.l It lornre.or refund the money, We could
rite a nuinl..'r or rerliritalf r.r rnrra perrnriuetl hy
ii, nut coii.iui'r ma. nna iwenty.nve conl Imill
will fo farther tow nrl coin Im In any one of It ef
ficacy , limn could ill tlie rertUlesbi't Itintt'ohl l bt
ffi tiled.
J(. 1. rintllon s h-ii I for Itro.toV vllle.
N M. A .iLKio., wholesale asent,
l.--ly. t7 Main M. flinliiniill.
Kendall'sbTavlor Thermometers
riMIK folliwlnf ventlemen have eertlSe.l as to the
J rrr'i tlirisndsrriiri' f l.s invlliu l.y tar h It h
their instruments are f ta.lul' d I
A, Caswell, I'rotrsaor lu llmwn Cnlve-tlui
J. I. Klrllalid. t teveland, 0,(
Jas, iioney, Hudson, o,
I'Mtestor I eton.1 my, N, Y,
llviiahaw. VV a"l .V t o,, lliialimi
J, VV. Knalur. I'. .rla.no. ill., M , I
luwlor uaifbatder. ew i,,r.
4 it 1 i.l it in i. lor t.aiiitt'l otMiia t.f r.i., Mit. I
I t" " ,. - ......
i Tliermomelert" was awarded to Mr, lv,.al Ihe tale
KAMI a t"ui: l' ', iVe-t,.' I, Ar -i.i. i
Nnilliel I1 , .. i.- r t t.l,i't!i . ml it. e t , ' I. .'tl.
Where in, i 1 . a lie Im. I tine l ei i ....-. t in .1 I .i
ry Arttcl s i ov, it..,;i t. r
w. i.w'oott ni in' unitiHi t, lift
V. K. (Kil'OIlN vv: CO.
T M P')!! 'K!f' and whob'aiile dtulers In K.i.rlidi,
I Krei ' lierui'iu uinl .Vnu'ir.in I', in Co .
II. alert 'llovea, l'ontlt, 11 1 1 . .t. ll,-,,',n-. I.t.n'
Inp-lil ii a. I'll.". 'Hi,. ',irii..la, Iri.h Ine. ,
llorlin Cord. .1,1" il"l. Itonk Mi.l!, M .' .'I ,1!..
j Mull M..ltn. a full a.r'oiei.t or ill klima "
' Mlk flood, nnd evert .1 '-i ! plion of 'I rl linp
j Bild KillieV lry C l'l'l. 1'HT) Vitrii-t) l Lr.'-a
I Coods. Cloths. Cn-sluier.', c.
A l.o, Ciirp.' 'ii. i,n,l fl I Clol'i cf all kln.,l..
rertfroinlhe VsniHaciiirer. Sirnw (1 .oil.itc,
I Ntta. H i c. ;t I'iuii I Mrc.H, I'liU IniiBll.
j fh 1A It- Tjr.
a h, V niche. Jcttvtry, und Watt b-X..ker'a
' tr.f l. mir s.jii.!.
I Cuii'iHi ' b.iii l nn tciih) a.a.iriiiiet.l .i
' f.il.l anil t '. ' - et er ai.'' verg-, u!i It. .. "olo
I and glil Jewelrv; Id, silver und i in i'ih-i. i 'i.
ctes. Cold tun!
J.-r. ut.iioli t' . -. .' ' '1. .: i . . . i. ' ' ,
t la.orj, dciitijl rilv i, pi .iVr. .Vo. I 1.1, ,MIU t.,
, lr C'-raiaii-'Ul fcituk ,t luclunatt 6bo.
1'inr.iTK mi:Asr.,
NKW k EM t Lilt: AMI
(tV'ICK Cl'Ht.8. llUlinrHir
luiit lo tnary pfrw.ns la iteed
of loJIial AsiUiir,to obtain
rimmI ml irltnlcly aud
promjitlv. To those a ho may
thu Jitaire lo cnautt a pr..frs
alnuul person, HOC 1 OK
l:HuV?(s long sxuKriiiiics
and ready skill In rnuovlni; ve
nera. I affertinns In their vari
ous ata; es and most coiBpltraied forms, offers tn
il'icaiiirnt wul. h au b raroly vquallod by any
other ludiviiluul.
Coiiorrlni'H, f plillliv. Mercurial Diseases. Rtaet,
K'.rlrtiire, 11-hms of the Womb, and all XJleaet
in the Uriran u G.inerulioli In both sexes, treated
inaisreiul, thoroucb, and liitelllr'nl manner,
pointed out by Inns exi.eriwnra and involipatinn.
Contilullni,at debility, linjiotentj , st'rllit),
seminal weakness, nervous affertiotis, and those
deplorubtadtsnnses whl. li are broupblon by Iba d
strurttve habit of Inconsiderate youth and exrea
slve Indulgence if the pitsalnna, which bieturuiins
thsron.tliutioii.tinualrlnU'llcctualv Igor, snd pro--M" w 't'rJ. nrnruer j aen.lr, rrj
dure geneml ,,rmitnr decay, ran bs mdlAlt) ' J "l,10'''' f11' of !,rtW
cured, and tho unfortunate ufforert restored u, f'panlla, wbiea la .ir.vr.rr luelf sa aaU
lieaUn and vl-or. "ole (oT ' f ne most n.allKi.ant disease Uat
lir. Hrown is the only regularly edmaled Fur- '
con tn rin. li.i.BU who rtv. a his whole aitenth...
1-li.naU who gives Iii hol attention J
nplulnu. Il.s Slploma and certiOraft
lo those coin
run Im. seen at bis office.
('barg.- very low.
X. B. Calient of either ex living als distance,
by slutinc Un-lr illsense In writing, giving nil the
t) uiptoms.ean I btaln inedli Ines w Ilh directions for
use. by nddreasing W. Brown, M. L., osl paid,
and er.rloaiug a fee.
t'iri' k At the old stand, Junetlon of East Front
and Columbia (.erotiil) ttroel, between Ludlow
and Law r Mire Ire -t.
U AirtlKS.rl.OrKN & JKWrXHV, keeps on
liMi'l Inrire a"rli"l '.ork, of alt style and
prb : nl., r.",i.ir t atrhrsand Jewelrv In a
thorough oikuiui.lil.it nimmer. nirj,'53-ll.
,,,, ,4. n
rttrt-t.l rrirulMlor ol in
mid btiwclw Is one of thu brtt
il iepin nn. i f.-ver i.i.d ngiie I Urines of the
pie.1!.! lire. It ueilliiilixlng ijuulitie Improves
tins ilnr 'atK.u.rivea u healthy tone to the stomach,
regi.l.it.' liiu bowel, nml trives power to Ihe nu
llum t -in to throw oil ull diaeuvd and Worn out
mutter, lir. At..leroii bus used the .Nrutrklizer tn
Iii j.rai li. e for all t arletie of INeusesarUif g front
adiaor.lered eliitu of the stoma, h. for more thu u
twenty vt-ars w a t la rovnpletc surrusa.nsrau he show n
by hunt rod of c.-rtilii Htea. All w e ask. I that our
fi'irn.ti w ill (ult and give it a tml, nt we know tln.t
it will givi? ci.tire ntif;u tiori. 5. 1. (.'hIIImii ppoiit
In l'.r.MtW ville. lkrugii..iU and eountrt inert hunlt
supplicil in lnrre or mall qiianliliea by tu. Ali
; deraon, .No. rT .Muiii M. ('iialnuatl.
With UnpaifciUled Success
i .'W " at
m W AI.M'T MliKtT. t INtl.N.NAII. OHIO.
litt. IIAI.L olferslothe ulllleU.I New Knn.e.lles.
' It (free from mineral polaons) w lot h diffuse llieui-
sen c Ihro.ijrl. every I art or toe huuiun vsU'iu.
miil Umiri the V rneral virus. In the short spare oi'
tro'n two to U day t.conseijuenlly every t) ui loin
ol l.iit liitideij'! inoli.ler disease leave t'ie lui,
ai"l thu pntieitt is irt.ii. ..alored to full h.'ullh and
v liror. ulioiu nov .hinder from exposure, or in-p-rr
iptti.ii ot iiuineis.
1 ho.o w (in huve b'en iinturceWuMy treated, aud
Cud Hie l.it stuU ol Ihi'ir cje worto Iiis a Iii Drat,
are purlii nl.irti otivllrd to rull.
Long atiindiitg enaet of tltnu ihrt nut Clrrt,
Kirii tii res, urellimldiseharites, burning pnihs in the
nrinury iung', tliil.t, semliiul weakliest, or
lioilurniii emissions, leiirorrhen, 'or whites.) lui
potency, rlieinii iiii, tliaee ol Hie b irk and loina,
iufliiniiiiallnn ol tha blmlder and kldnvys, lit.lr... e
lo, ruin er, ulcers, und tktn disea.s. Ac, wilt be
(iil. kl removed rroni tue tjtein, by th ut of lir.
Hull s New irmntitt.
AUo, to'ifh. cold, hronrh'll. Ihrlplent eon
siniiplloii. ittpepla.rhronlt dy si'iitery.dlarriio',
, liver itiinpluinl. piles, rVr.. wilt be Irented, In a
r ii rot u 1 . tlioiough anil s ientlfle mniiner.
Tukr ;iril'iil:ir Retire,
j Thut lonthsomu liul.lt. most frviiieittly iudiitgvit
! In by youth, w lilt h evpol reann, drowns memory,
j tlafiiret bruuly, diminishes siren till, vitiates llio
blood, raiiatis intermit, external and '.curable
aores, mnke a strong man wenk.and a wi. "au a
' fool. i treiili.tl wltii unparulli'led aurreks.
j t fnliitri. miit linpolrncj't
lU'liilily nt llio 4i'.i mil Oiim, niol roiiiinonly
llio r.taiilt of un curl) huliit, lltouili aotnetiuiea pro
' .lured by oth.-r rnuses, vi: loi g residetire Ina
warm i lliiinle, l'reiiieiil linliilgeiue, and a variety
if Intorrour', eloan uppllrulion 1 hultie. some
time liiere la a ditt.iliini lo it from blrll., or It
roiue on spoului'.'oiialt . I'era.iii thus alltiitvd
t'u inoatoi tha tym.oin of prsiniilure ile.ny.
I Wnalilng nf Hit iirgunt lii.iiarlvi, heailiiesttn
I the loin. lieuilMrhe, In- of meiiior. and desllliit
i tit veuerul pl 'iiaure. It I lintmaainle lo be plured
I In a luore uinrtif Ing rrinllllout ml nil at It wer.
from nil iilliiroiii'ei.tt of femultt soi letv. with no
hotesof.lom..stlehnppln..ss, and donrl'i ed of on
hall' of the lueertlvea or lire
IVraoiia thus wll'lt le.l, should Cull ttnmodlslel v
on UK. HALL, uinl be ul unee restored to hoalth
and hiii'i'lii'". Ii. luv It danroront,
ACl'K AM) rKVKIt.-lr. Ilult't celebrated
Aaua Powder have never been known to fait,
heil tukeu at'cordlnr 10 bis directions. Thev are
i t a
hiiinr.' i own reinen, inj purely vcretithie,
rersona at a diatunee can ronaiilt Ir. II. b) 1
I potM.iti. metiieiit
j Mule und Canada.
I .
nov. IUI IK9.
Kulered s.. ' '.I n lo -i
1AI. by J. H. II .1 m: i'
OUtc ur lit i I'. '.i.t'l i
W .11 l.f.
tit .ft. yeai
I... frlk.
Another c:cnl!:;c Weaker!
..r- v ;,t
i hb V 5iiU
nit: Tin t:
Prepereii rroni KKNNFT, or tlm rourth PTOM
At II OK IHK OX. alter direction of UAKOS
LIKIltC. Ihe n-H ritsidorieiil ( beinisl, byJ.
. IIOt'CH'I'o.N. M. II'., Hhll-.lelphlB. Kb.
Ti ls Is lAll'I.K'n OWN Ut.MKliVfor an uii
lieiilthy Moinai h. .No ur! nf mini i nn equal It cii-
rntiti. potters, Il cotitnli bo ALCOHOL. HIT
1 Kits. ACM'". orNAI'SKul'M DU! CS. Itits.
tremeljr arreeul'le to the tate, and may b taken
l.v the nioal feettle Juill.-i.t w ho cniinot val a w aUr
craikcr without Beul distress. Hewer of HKl'O-
i;H I.MI'I Al li'.NK. rii!iUMI A I'hlO
I 'ult mi the Arcnt. and eel llewrll live ("'
and et aHeacrll live (Ire.1
dir. eriili. el. inr a lnrre amount of M'lE.vTlK-
If l. It I.N K. from I It lilt's Anlml Cl eirislry,
)r. Comb"'! rjsloloi:) of IMgettioni tvr
M. W. lltiLK, Uauokvii.ut. aholciuluiiiiJretiilt
Aerust 1st, FJS ?n.yr.
Mti,.,i,ii,'iii ,1 l'liiioiiio,!
iirNity w.uti:.
O W C'dlta Fourth and Hyeamora. oprntt
, 'ot (Mtii e. up Mtir-eilreoee nn tin Mrevt,
rieepa coiisint'tlv on hand Pitrvt'vnr'a Cninnasses,
Levels, I hrodoliUt, 1 ruitllt, Telvf "SI'li lurlril
nwnlt, MttA.
Mpiirptstli f aril whsreby ws land
fiur conl lenaeee loahsanl friend,
m il. i1 loV lanll'lll lll pert'ef, ew.irt"
t.e .lt. rlns .bit ..Srren.Vp, .,o.e tN 111
.1 aid-roved alt leaaisasoViar. ao. ..i.r.
m. rt f , eVci-marked foe f,,iihruli, of .
Whl t-a love lanien nie pni eonr,--
tat., t. It.
pre.aliiii, rlihnea an.l nepinor lone, pn-aa can
ao.ni t. Lim k At Keruhart' Hu'l.
I'litiire lat.es ssselliu cl.-sdy rlearsei.
,!.,. V. A.MIA.VNON,
OIIK VVTwwH, snSI HtlsM. WlhUtoj wysai,
Wynne), Haines 8c to.
i.a c. un l f A,.f f.ii I) r'"'rm'l
,iM. i"t lnj 0: t . 'li tnil Sntrt i'm.
i,w lu ft ol (
j i t'.x
l . 1 1. -1 r i'i tit of A iitri auf 1
' N..I out, Tel -ti .in,",, rt. ,
. 1,1 II, I a' . 'I V I ler ei.i'., ... w a ,i
1 1 ' . I'li.-.i". I i i.ll in.' ulU'i I' I,
II. 'ia l I tl I' "i 'l'l.
ii, tr i.a. o I ncitl V '.II he ftiiii.il el u'. L. t r
.iii.I nl i inei. t -i in .1 w . 'i ill t . in i t:,K f. h i i. I
i nil ,i t . II I" I f Ul." I in f.fM III .
I , ,. . 'l it.-c'i-h, uf I'o. cell l.i litte only
Win. I r II . to Si' 'y p-ont, . in ! iut n..all.l '
(l i.'-t 't.' t vi. Mil, 3 bed !...') n ..ni eiialdetl lo oft r
t!tui I I !(! I 'V er ,t a tiirv nil .1! a it tale
till III in lf.li'liri..,V .1 I I 11(1 " I it ,. I ut,
fiiio,n.i!iU, t u mil- l-n- H-J n,
vf ItMr'ORlAllON, U.r? -5. W, HtPK.V.
' TIN K A- CO IVIl'OlM fi'S OK
UV.r'- ' II Kv.MI.I INM'Vr.OOr.IllliH'INP,
K:Tlli:i'H.KI iW 1 KS.LtlHI-'i'fLOA:
( I.OI lis, KIMVINfiw, e
AMI M tNt 'KtrTl'KI KS OP S TK V Ii'- V
X K. I S O K I ' V K K V V A M 1 Y. X frl I 'K A I I
I pt . I, - tn.
Last Call
ti . In. lei. le' lu it a eimrf .Ldm t.''.
Ail i'
! i
. i. . uliiuui lu tt.e Iim...... ... 'MS'
cr l..r collect, "ii. (.LO. Hot. LAM).
"pt . Utb.lr-JJ-Jw. rxvtutor.
5 ÜB
i rl 1
SS la? VI 'S
Ye How Dock and Eatiaparllla .
g NOW PUT CP 15 TH. LARCPIT fixrit
I bottles, and Is Ba,BOwUdred lobe tha best IAH
MAHAKIM.A msdo. a la .rlißt d by the Wsaoca -rrtttarsllbM
performed, the or r nal sopiea sf
ahleh ars In tb p''il a of tbs f roprir lor. .
member tbl U lbs oti! 1 KW ar.d OKllAt
Iiis Medirln, Lea u aed rrordir.r it 4irectisas,
Will Cure, TTIthobf I'rtit
svaorcL na siaas aviL, t ai tss, rtsir.ii, tate
tkiss r thi .!!, avEtrtia, rasoair, soaa
ttss, aiaewoaa oa Tmiss.sx t , sfcrt
mstisw, raia in tss soMts sa joihts. at
aom tmru taa, iw sllihs or TSl Stasias,
rrmiLu., avarte.iA, aair terra, ist ist
or aiaatts, loss raprtrtTk, sucasa
aaisiss raos ist tss er ausrtat,
ri is tut titaas HorLSta,
sttL ntaiLiTT, storav, tin
ao, iAtnou a osrivtatss.
Let tit those wbowlsli to purrs Iba btooj froaa
t!i tmpartttes vontrntod from tic free Indulgaais
of Uia t petit durtnr tb winlar, ttid to 'kar
n ",.l"'lr ' n" Tr ss'isaf, po'SleS;
remaoy in puiiii raita lias bvr w t-
fr In thla remedy tli pUili faith has h.v.r
",J-nr in wsrerj for lis foaiidsd ss si
llemejiisl lhir want of falUt In olbsr and i
I tna.
nous . ..in nound Is also fuundad on rr1e
j bey B from mineral rostrums to sock l.cpe, l:f,
and vigor from this t .'y rrrtVrn i tbr
for,liowovr broken In health snd tjilrlia, Ixvw
aver loathsome to btin!f and otbsrs, let o an
d.'ipair of rvcorery. Let tl palletit only ander
stai d that bia hoj.e of pbvslral rettoratloa lies oa
ly to "Cuysoti'a Extract of Vallow Dik ti d Kar
sai ar' IIa." aud persiia.l tilm, lor till Ufa's ttks. W
try It. and e hau no beaiialloa la predicting hla
spcriij rcaiuraiion in ueaiiu.
f.lindnt.l rvrrd hg Ihr arse Or Oey. M't farrr"
f Trllotm frk mtij irtafimritln,
Paiavirw, HcTLra Co.. Fm Jans IS, 133.
Slr.J.hn D. -Hrsr Sin I wtsb to sUu, tbtt
your excellent msdlrln, rr. Cayaott' Ettraet
of Yellow Dock and Sane rsrllla.1 baa eomnleiel
j cured my aon,sr-d sven ysrs, of an rrrsvtu
j rase of sor eye. From May till f tpteoiber.four
I uiontbs.be w as confined lo a dark room, under th
I rare oi a skillful physician, who consulted aid
, C .iin.cl. lie conlintied worse fort moatha,
w han be became entirely blind. Hi ware a
I highly ihfliiiiiM.i. and so'vry sensitiv' that, wka
co tend with aevea fold of dark (ilk, be oi s
I serenm with pain caued by the tight of a candle.
j He hud no appetite bad luien to mnch towrfal
' and otT.'iialto medicine that I could neither tot
; nor force him to lake more, lie w at reducai to a
inero skeleton, and I despaired cf ver rtttortag
bit tight or henlib. .
I About that lime, 1 ttw yoar lnvalniM msdt
j cine a.lvertit-d at a remedy fcr sor syaa, ransad
by si rolula, and your agent in this plae, Joke
, S.ott, t.aq., revonimended it to in hlptily.
j 1 purchased a bottle and gave It lo rriy soa. I
could ive but little alteration in him for two r
: tiireeweekt, II then began to I rrprov rupidly,
and before he hud tak.u aaotbar bottle his eye
; were com lctv'ly cured. ,"
fS.gl.eil) W.M. Vj . CAM Pitt. Li..
I do hereby certifr that I a to arqnalsud w.sh
M m. C. Campbell, and bars isen tilt son ata hs
wat In the condition represented Lv hlvt. ad kav
, even blut sue, and know thtt be it now tn rood
neuiiu. , .
(si.tisd) ;oH5fcOTt:
rrytpels cured bf tksj nit off Dr.
.uvsolt'slvTtroctof Ycllonr Dock
antl yarsaparllla
sivtt Towmmr. Visttitrs Ca.
ladtana, Jnly tü. Ii3.
J. ft. Park: Daar Fir: It It with rretl tlttnrs
I write you about tl.e vrv bappy efTedi of )tr
I "Dr. f! " SM' Mrtrtrt Tclim Pr anal
jant '," unon my ilaucliiar, sbo baa been tmlHf
li.g under H..t i rmdHt vtteatt f y$tptitr. vrliaj
wlil. li she wat attnt ked lu 1u4h, nd tti wtt'st
teii'lcd tj same of irr niokt tkliful pbytlHini for
over el(;lil month perisverit gly, wttlioiiliny baa
ellrlal vforl h.inr. Sh became rduod to a
pcr'eit sknieton. Mi bad üb er from bar tboul
tiers lo tier knees, which eoiit'.autlly dlttbarg
otTei;lt mutter. Iter pliysidtrt prounnace!
bcrtase bopelesa.and beyond the reach nf sued
Irin, My nelghiKtr and mytelf tbonght )ir die
solution near st htnil. Oos of niy nsigbUott '.
slAt.'d on my try in? f)r. Cyyitifi tritt ti
rr(ts )i;(A unit ial tnfiat l.'-' ft 0 In it rtttlt,
tof nil J nr ft-ftirimmi Aaaffrresj heeirjs.ther)
could be not Cetrliiiftit in it. I consented l Sv
to, mors f'om a restlest detir ro do tomtihlag
for my dauglitsr liil lir Ititfd.tbiL from say
hope of gelut.g relief. Sol eoramencd attnf tha
Itirdlrin rror.llng lo direction!, snd lo my great
atloti sliinent in eomnienrej lirprovlrg, tad ho
fore ht bad used Hires botllei tUs was abis to sit
Upllghl ill bed. lieforetbo htd Utd !hl battles
siie wts aide u wat. out. Hi used In slltwelv
botllus of "Dr. ;.ivu' Cxlrartof Yellow Dok
aud HusseJ trllla wblrh retord brr It frft
beallb.iti Deceiiihr-r, lC3. bb Ii now st.llrsl
fre from any vestig of lb complain.
I moai arnesily reeommtrd tl to story fitrtoa
ulTbrit g undt r any tlnilltr dt'tn.
Youri truly, P. L. MARTI.
I lo hereby certify that tn ftlhet'i tiitrtt f
my late Illness la not by any intent it grte4,
My beeilt I now perfect, which I ertl, tolel? U
th nte of "l'r. Out toll t Kttrict of Yellow Iiotk,
and5rsspsr.ila." A.VMU.MAKIIN.
lir. Cut soil', Rilrart of Yellow Dork and gar
Mi arllla, la lu uuart bottle al SI tl. botil.
hold by JOIIJ. D. FARK,
M.W. Kails, Rrofkv'.llu V. Hrbtn. ttUMi',
J. . Kutkaivller, Cedar Gravel Nye A Snow, New
I rriiloni '. Itaaaon, Mt. Carinii J. N. Clements
lllooniliif urovej t.irurw en Aiden, LBursl; Ta".
1 Kobliimu, N'w Palemt n.ll.LlKus, AndortoBiIllsj
J. I.. Andrews, Honlaptvlllei P. Msson, Conntrt
vlll, ai. Harbour, Kuahrilli Tilf. Uukarsoa, Vor
tallies; K. llosvtr, Libert! A. Koyd.Fclrlo. tl
nn. or.ooTj
for th cur f Kever snd A(ut, ChtU fr,
Uonib Arn, Inti'tinlttni't ana Ksmlttint Ft-
vrs, l iver Coniiilslnl, jaundlr. it!ar(
maul of the Spiaeu, aod all Uia vari
oa Ollliout I'lseasot.
TUM liiviluubl in J tlns wit trrirsl from
anettentlrs i.rtctlcoof ttvtrtl yatrtlna Uli
linnscllinula, and ta never known lorailof nrla
Kever and Afti. or any of lb dlaoaaot a to
Tu fifmlnti t tr B.llltui Ttvtr, It U quaTly
adapted, an.l ahoul.l b administer. la aeeotd
a ur with eirertinna alreaily flvan.
It should be distliirtiv underttood IhttUi asf'a
Chpltiffnf Ii prsi'irsd exprettly lo coanierart las
sffe.'t of Ihe aniall Ir.fluenr tiron ths bursas
avaiem. It It equally effectual for Ui ears) at til
It, nt Dttmtrt ml mil kitiäit Lrvtr Ciur,;at.
sr, )yri, Iho rartout formt cf "firatiea,
1 and uii b other iffectloni atirtis from thlimorbU
influence . as far th fevers before snamsrtled.
11 v bearlnr l tulii.t tb mbjrtl ot th r. reedy, nona
can iiiismk lit tppllcallon.
For .rar feilf, ir snlairemsrit of ths "flsnt,
II w III be found an invaluable re in.! v.
TlfKroin S. F. Cary, Kti. Coui.ttllnr a Law,)
thoArenta at t'lutlnnatl:
Cincinnati, Ort, lltli. 1.
Metsr. Kai.forddi Park la Jutis Ittt 1 wn at
tacked w Ith thnt movt ailliciinr and an.rasnt
: disease, the -t Uill and Ptver." Tbs psrwxysms re
turned .liiilt and were very er. My physical
! eiiergiei bad been marU linpairsd by a rrloi
atuck of liilllous Kever. Havliif tried vral (a
voril reiuettie without relief. Iriead in whom I
bud cotillilei.ee r.Hotuuiended Dr. Orood't India
Cboluaras. I pro tirtxl a bottle, and follow
IheaieouipalivlliE dlrui'tl' lit. H' rtninU8ses
waaiiiial hud' but on par.. -ysm an.r ukti.r Ik
III .1 1 t.a", sit'l my general beallb vt reaierwd
w ithi.ut usiiifant other ineditln. I dipnt4
Ihe romain.lcrof ihe bottle to iwo other person
aimllarl) klbl. tut, ttnd with tbs tain rstutt.. OsS
kIIIii-iii bad been shaking for eigut aunntli. nnd
satrclieted Intwodatil.y Ibstis of the tbola
pnpii. 1 1 ona .lor tl my tlul aill tl my rda-mirs,
, lo roconimend lUhaving lb luotletitir confldeac
lu lis aunaliv p.wr. -,.
Your truly, H.F. CAM.
I Fortaloby J. D. PARK, CUianatl,
I 'itorlbeest corner of Fourth and Walnut ttrseU
, entrance on Walnut el. Vi w Sons ail or jatt ssas
i b addressed. .....
I M W Iiml, llro.iktllls.T Brown, r.tflld.J 8
Knrkafellar. Cedaf orora, ivv n enow, i.r-
1 rrnioii, .iiaason, nuititi.t, ... 7 .V
HI. ...inn I (in.ve, OiCnrd di llol.lsn. Unrat. I Hi
,ibli..oi..Nw- Salem, ll Ur.i,Andii..rtllls,
K Jltrb .tif. Ittitliville.l I'lckeraoii, t riU ri, D
li...... I.ll..rl. 4 linvd. PC' l'lo. J L Aadrwt,
I Uanlaps.llle, llall ll.bes,CnnrIIU
, D;:wi?i ,lta C'SIL1!:
c..... Un, tuna. Co.'rW. Colds. H.FWrsenae, t'rwtiw
and sll disorder of lh Luats and Cht.
Witi.ir'i lUI'im of wild Clifry linpsfUinw If
or lo vital action. nt rellav lhtvtira by apsn
In tit pore fU. skia. and promeUar U sre
llnu of mm am Watur. IM anion I auderlSe, .
rtativ snd xpeciornt,byoann U Kr, at.
lav trrttitiott.sud byrststiring Us tipuliloii sf
ro'irotit tiittteretiy.
1 ..t who Uk th Dais 4 will fl latM4il
rllrfroia ihsflisircttlni Irriuuuui tb I are",
rtny hJftf"i it ths rtij.iritory orjiri. Its
poro hvba ttosad, the lltltsia Spaut Utus.
t a . t in suSr frost imiailo. tk triitailon I
a--t-.--".. 7 , . - . '
m tofWIisd, and Itl m ieoul W-to r.llss.
dof 11. lorfm...l Ilh rapidity add Sail. All
by lh tt I M'l dIW,htNI rasosdy.
aolhe.tl tha pel violent ana reven., vaej
Casroir,UeS' ladlaoa.
juae, .ata, isii,
)mh P, rS-r. it.ti I bav das rosa'
miserilloit fof Ihe alfll. les. .rili!t .S leflt yw
S brief hKlo.y ff stijr srn.rli...tM tit btutlit da
rlv 1 from In Maeaf -l'r. VV isUf I tWsain nf Wild
'it. jli I'M. I "titt'ifd tili fvr ejf a y.
i.luii l . mi.' er, !.!. n 1 ' ' Selallll-
-,l ... le " l, a. in ' '.lowinj alii, f, 5 ss ia
.1. i , aeteri. edd. w .il Ii ledu'-ed tu In anrk
..'i atiittl a i .u ps t'i. appevram of m rn.
i ii.l v ' I t.tl.o r I ':i.1r ereie entirh, (
i .. lo t -J ureal ft-'-t! I :rn it ld with eol4
feet an-l i.i" "'' fr...i.iull r-laad
i.,,rt, I,, in ii J l.ti . I ...ilinued ia this
,r1 m it i' ali p under llw disss.., until Jaaittif.
I at. ' , n heu I ' -ii-B'ii attacked Uli levr. My
a.l.oni.t ea, ..-tlllj i.iy fert, war convlsnily
ri Id nd aliui it I .H tue'r t-!li-.(. Under Hits
, ctmiuiXHiifei, II u.Nt bn r dt M tl.st I wit a
: , . mr skeleton. I niisliy dftKruiiiird tn qui U
; kins: nieoiein- prer nlwd l in I'ii'aii lkntsi,d Ire
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