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From tno Prvsbytnriaii of tit J Weit.
Aviirn: v..ti:u rnr-siivnucv.
ThU boJr met, accord'rr to RJjuiirii. '
merit, at Liberty on the 13th or bept.
Opened with a aermon by W. II. Moore,
the last Moderator, from 1 Cor. ix. I(J.
Minister all present but P. P. Mon
fort and W. M. htryker
Itulin g Elders wero present.
Tarne Gilchrist was chosen Modcra-1
tor, and w. II aioore clerk
Isaac Watts Manfort was ordained and
installed pastor of tho church at Liberty.
F. Monfort preached tho sermon; James
Gilchrist presided, proposed the consti
tutional questions, and offered the or
daining prayer. 1). U. McKee deliver
ed the charge to the pastor, and D. 31.
.Stewart to the people.
James Gilchrist was elected trustee of
the Presby tcrial Academy, in place of i
II. L. McGuire, deceased.
The following was adopted in regard
to the death of Urothcr McGuire.
Presbytery, with a keen sensibility of
painful bereavement, and an humble
submission to the Divine will, records
the death of our young and beloved Bro.
Henry L. McGuire, who departed this
life, on Sabbath the 4th of Sept., at
Presbytery express their thanks to the
church and citizens at Richmond for
their kindness and sympathy extended
to our lamented brother, while a laburer
among them, and especially during his
lata sickness; and we deeply sympathize
with them in their lo.s,and exhort them
that they remember the words he snake
unto them while ho wns yet with them,
and that they lok to tho Lord of the
harvest to send tlicin another pastor af
ter bis own heart.
Presbytery wou'd bo instructed by
this solemn viiatiuti of Providenco to
be more watchful and faithful as laborers
in the vineyard, that "when tin) chief
hrperd sliall appear, they may receive a ;
crown of "lory tht nlnill not lade away
I). 31. Stewart was appointed to pre
pare a brief memoir of the life of broth
rr McGuire, to be put ou the minutes of
I). D. Mck'ee, minister, was nomina
ted as CommiiiMoncr to the next As
sembly as principal, and S. S Potter as
alternate; and Judge OJgen, Ruling El
der of lluth, a principal, and A. It. For
syth, of (iret-usburjjh, as alternate.
The next stated meeting of Presbyte
ry will beat Grecnrtbiirgh, on the third
.Tuesday of April next, at 7 o'clock P.M.
The pastoral relation between L. I).
Potter, and tho churches of Ilrookville
nd Metamora was dissolved, in order
that brotUcr Potter may accept his ap
pointment as principal of the Prcsbyte
rial AcademyCj-
8. S. Potter, iTXir-Monfort, I). 31.
Stewart and J - I). Potter were appoin
ted to examii c the credentials of travel
ing preachers .
An overture in reference to the pro
priety of Instrumental music in public
worship, was answered "Let every one
be ful'y persuaded in his own rnuxl."
i Leave was granted to the church of
Ebenezer to employ J.J.Scott for one
year, and to Rising Hun, Hopewell, 3It.
Hope and Versailles to employ W.U.
The following supplies wero appoin
ted: At I5rookville,3j Sabbath of October,
L. D. Potterjlst Novcmber.l). 31. Stew
art; 1st Ik-cumber, I, W. Monfort; 1st
January, D. D. McKee; 1st February,
W. Pelan, and 1st of March, John Gil
christ. At Ripley, 4th Sabbath of October,
F. 3Ionlort, 1st of December, V. M.
Stryker and 1st of February, J. G. 3Ion
fort. And at Sardinia and Union, F. Mon
fort, James Gilchrist and . S. Potter,
each one Sabbath.
J. G. Monlort was elected Historian
of the Presbytery,
After much diatoustion, the following
action was had iu regard to Theological
Seminaries in the West, on which the
ayes and noes were called lor, and are as
Resolved, 1. Presbytery regret that
the Board of Directors of the New Alba-
bany Theological Seminary, in ollering
the Institution to the General Assembly,
placed a restriction upon the transfer,
in regard to the location.
Arts J. G. 3Ionlort, John Gilchrist,
BIcKee, James Gilchrist, Hewitt, Porta,
Hair, Fisher, Raymond and Iogan, 10.
Noes Moore, F. Monfort, Stewcrt,
Pelan, S.a. Potter, I. W. 3Ionfurt,
M-Uan, E. Odgen, Rosebrough, Frior,
Beal, Maple, and Ü. Odgeu, 13.
2. Presbytery feel satisfied that Dan
villa is not as suitable a location as New
Albany, if we are to have one great Sem
inary for the West.
Ayes 21. Noes McKeo and Pe
lan J.
3. The location of a Theological Sem
inary at Danville has been secured by
the regular and orderly action of our
Church, and we feel that it would bo un
wise and improper to establish another
institution in the same general rogioii of
country, until Danville Seminary has
had a fair trial, nor should it be attempt
ed then without the approbation of tho
ATM Those votin; avo on the first
resolution, and Scott, 1. W. Älonfort,
31ullan, Rosebrough, Frior and D. Od
gen 1 U.
Noes 8.
4. Inasmuch as tho N. A. Theo. Sem
inary has not been accepted by the Gen
eral Assembly, is regularly organized,
and has a building, library, and partial
endowment. Presbvterv feel that the ac-
.tlon of the General Assembly dod not
irrquiro the destruction of the Seminary,
thut leaves its Directors under an obliga
ten to maintain tho Institution, until the
..Synods united in its direction and f on
,1:q shall order its dissolution.
J. O. Mom out,
itated Clerk.
Loting ami Liking.
'Of tin French language, Canninj Is
nreportsd to have said in a dispute, 'Why
what oq earth sir, ran bo expected of a
language that has but one word for lov
ing and.Uktng, and puts a fine woman
and a leg of mutton on par, as 'J'ulmu
Julie; J'arine un gigotl Uur American
woman, however, are open to the brill
iant Hngliskmau's sarcasm , confounding
ft they do, the words to such an extent
that their distinction is practically annl
iiiUted. To 'like as a cotemporury ob
serves, Is altogether too tarne n ex
pression for a lady's choice. Hlio' loves
everything for which alio has any alloc
tion, penchant, appctito or fancy, 'Oh! I
dearly love turnips!' exclaimed a lady
the ulher day at the table, says the Post,
who merely meant to any that alio liked
the vegetable In question. 'Tho d 1
you d,' exclaimed an ascetic old bach
elor of her acquaintance, who sat oppo
site, 'What mora could you say of your
husband, or that beautiful child ol yours,
or even of your Redeemer, madam!
Love turnips! I i,jp3 you may find
something more worthy of your affec
tions." tLTThe following Is given lu the Dayton
CiaxeUe as the comlualou cf Governor
Wrlg'tii'tipcoo'i at ths fair la that city t
Uooroor Wright concluded by Inviting
the ckiUeus to tin luJiaua Stale Uir, tob
hell at Lafayette two week front Hut lim,
Iftliey would caniu tliey should lh
wl"t river. Urgeet prairie , preltlel wo
iiifii, itnl th tMiivtwiiKft Utivxruor hi the
country !
(From tho Lancaster Examiner.)
TIip Vicc of Experience
There id so much in the following
communication, that we cannot permit
1 lt to iP fdrtn without cotnrueniinj it to
'the cireftil nerusal of our readers. It
C0Inea from the pen of oue of the most
enlightened farmers of our State, and as
the factswhich hetatca,and the deduc
tions which he makes, are the results of
his own experience, both the one and
the other should command profound con
sideration: rL0VGJII5(J BT 0XE5.
I procured from Sinclair &. Company
ploughs suitable for a pair of oxen, which
they call the Patuxent Plouzh. 1 flush
to the depth of 6 inches, and use three
horses to a plough; the work was better
done by thcox.than by the horse ploughs
which I attribute to tho more uniform
and steady gait of the oxen. Oxen have
not been used hero for the plough sev
eral of my neighbors came into see the
perfunnmce; and they generally concur
red th . i t i flush'ngwas the best they
had cv. r ecu.
Next to manual labor, the horse is the
most expensive on a farm, and when
horses attain ten years they gradually
decline in value, and often in old age,
like Roman homes, in ancient days, are
turned out to starve, or killed to mako
dust of their bones. An ox at 10 yenrs
of ae is worth more for beef than a atccr
at four.
The heaviest work on a farm iV-itaw-
ing, spring and summer. I keep 14
plough horses, by which I work four
ploughs, thro to a plough, and two for
a relief, whfn a horse falters. I intend
to add eight oxen, six for regular work,
and two relicf.thU will add three plough
by which my flushing can b accomplish
ed in little more than half the time, bet
ter prepared for tho crop. I am now
in the habit of using exclusively oxen
for Drag-Dog, tho heavy Roller and
1 1 arrow to the I never put a horse
and to this I attrihuto tho hcullh and
longevity of my horse I have now sev
eral in regular work, tnoro than 20 yeurs
1 do not recommend tho substitution
of oxen for horses on a farm I limM
never think of using them in the )tul
drill.the reaper or tho thruhi'r;oor work
thrm tmongcom when it hud grown
large but 1 ib.un them valuable auxili
aries I have heard objections to ox-n as
beasts for tasi plough.on account of tli.ir
sloth I think this is mainly owing to
tho manner in which thvy are trained,
alter being subdued to the yoke. They
are generally put into the hands of reck
less boys, to be driven in caits.who press
them beyond proper speed.and when ex
bausted, they fall into a heavy .dull walk
which becomes a habit.
I do not allege that a plough draw n
oy two oxen would hold way with one
carried by three light footed horses
crossed with English blood but I hold
that a pair of Devon oxen, welt broke
and well trained, would plow furrow for
furrow, with the heavy Conestoga hor
ses, such as I have seen in Pennsylvania
and western Virginia.
When horses are put to heavy work,
they are fed at every meal with gruin.
Oxen after a hard dny's work, are gener
ally turned out at night to shift as they
can. Oxen at plough should be regular
ly fed with dry hay, corustock fodder,
and a little refuse corn, which ail farms
I have before stated, that to flush
ground wU requires three horses to a
plough, and that two oxen are miTicient
by this rule six horses will carry two
ploughs, six oxen three; and any farmer
who will try the experiment will find six
oxen will break more ground in a day
than six horses.
I have made this communication under
the impression that tho more extended
usoof oxen in agriculture, would be
found profitable. On large farms where
12 to 15 horses are used, number might
be reduced one-third. The first cost of
a horse, his speedy decline,cannot be es
timated at less than fifty dollars per an
num. An ox after his days of work
are pas; if suffered to run free on a farm
for a year, will bring his Mrt cost.
Wm. Ca R.MICH '.EL.
Wnr,June 12th, 1853.
Haud Iscreaof rorvLATio in
Orioox. At lh late election for dele
gates in Oregon, 8000 votes wero poll
ed. This shows a great increase of pop
ulation. In 184'J the vote did not ex
ceed 700; in 1851, 2,500. Sines 18il,
Washington Territory has been taken
from Oregon. Such an increase is un
exampled in tho history of any State or
Territory, except California.' Central
Christian Herald.
Etircbi! KurcUaü
ljuch w III bn Iba exi Imiiutlon of every one,
IliUt ;
look lu at the.
and amliilh0 larsa and ploiulld o k ol
Fall and Witiit r (;oN.
direct fr nut Kew York and Uo.lin, all or which
war aelncted w lib v remind r prea.lt for thl mar-
krl. Our en lira t toi k wa pun hed ol Importer '
and v. II I bn mid on tit a ino.l fut oiahle term. W o i
are determined to bo on Hit. '? ahead'' pr nclpli) 1
and not Ii hea t aellil ' low, Wu purtlrnlnrly III. ,
Vito Ihaatb'lillon of Iho 1 H.Iii' to nur nperh lo. k ,
nf IIKKhM 1 .1 ii 1 1 m ,
lino from t ali.e. to .V.'u,,
W bav a turife im k id inen' t cur hiw, hula, I
nii.il a. IverlUcin.nl, I,, ii,i p.u.er. Wo would I
McroirBiei.iiit,akliiledtto.ir.elelii.lid.l.-d to
, ....r inaii aiiui pairou lor piil lavur and c.rdlal-
,f iionu . .in tin nance
et r.i ii.
N. H.dAl.l lON A SUN.
' t at ,
Latlics' I)res (Jooils.
'I'm Hi ln.ll,., x o would ay,call at the 'Old White
Corner,' and lake a 'peep' at Ilm thiol lot ol
Hre t..l,eYcroncred In llit uiuikt..(iiil.liiiir
lu part of
o piece inn. un un laluna, raii;tir from 15 I
tu II !i per )anli
VI piece calilineruj
III poidlii!
HI ilk warpliutre;
3it n, in moo di(
6 " rrapu lo liiln;
10 ' r re in h nierinoi
all of alil.h were nianula. lured from the flnetd fu.
brie and bet mnterlal and purchaaeil direct Iroiu
importer, ana will be void at mall profit, by
i -;T-f.'.
N. 1'JiALI.JO.NiVhO.V.
Calicoes! Calicoes!!
JfvJ'IKCK.S bel Corheco, Merrimac and
ami Fl lilt, tiiat received al the
Srji Ii VJI.H Willi KCOKNKH.
Hoots Si SllOCS.
IO ca Kip HuoU;
i " com. a m
V " lef proof UnoU
Ii " inen calf
tt Hup
3 ' lloj a r.nrvo
H " " Mi
1 Men coare hne;
a Kip
I " Fin.. Calf "
no pr. Kiiht.er Ibifful.t nvor klioo.;
Jual received by Ihn iinderaiiriied direct from
New Vor, und ill b old clnuip for rh,
.N. H. lai.l.lo.N MIX,
Latlies Shoes.
iiO pair Calf Boot;
il Kip
1,0 t'Coat Hii'kln;
l t Knameled young Ladle Boot;
!l " Fine Kid All.oni;
3d New tylo t, alt. r;
'.hl " Uni. bor Bucikiii;
4M w Uiw Saiidal;
lit t Wut l.li..l nv.r Slot.
Together v. Ith a largo and apleiulid ..rlmeat
of Children' and Mi.e. extra Miim hoc. A e
nay particular atu-nnoit in il, el,. tu,,, of our
Boot and Shoea, tu regard lo durihlllly and neat -
lie, we have no he.itcucy In recominen.lliin the
Mini! , and rate no n ur ni neing excene.i lu nil
hrnni Ii ol our bualneaa, or of be m bciil cllinj
low. N'. H.UALI.ION & Sti.M. I
A l. I..H I lotofatl altlesand pr.
uof the above
alia Ivi ju. t t-peuvd at
yAiLiOM siont.
Dr. J- w.Keeiy, Resident Surgeon
rvroi LD Informix Mend and the publlo gen
V erally, that lie Im t nint h trnunlo and xpeiits
Sued up new and commoiliona Kuoma her he
will be able to accommo.il u Ida ctiatomera much
more i.lenuntlj-than hiireloronj. All operiUlon In
denial Art (uch aa Clrantng, Filling, Extrart.
ing, and the Inaertion of Artificial Trrth, from one
to a, complete aet) performed anon the latest auU
mntapirovet prinriplea and warranted.
No cliarirei for examination oradvlco, which III
be cheerfully Wen when called on.
IfcrKmu ca. III work.
Koona. Onedoortoutnof the Valley Home up
atalr. 41 tf.
Cheap Bonnets.
MHS.r.. W. llUTLI'K, las opened tho
laricent and mottaplondid assortment of in II
nery guoda eve offered in Ilrookville, coimiallog
Of bonnoU of every atylo, from 45ta up. Klbbona
off very variety, Whether with a aplundld itoik of
ottrich feather, capa, and all variotiM of linlnjr,
andean furnudi niiiiuera wanllnf upplioa.aa cheap
as Uiey can bo hud III ClnrlunaU. Hhe Invitea all
her old customers to call nd examine her stock.
At a refiilar meeting of Anderaonvtlle Lodge
Not, held in AniieraonvlIlK, Ind., Angilat Iii
Kth lf.YI.W'illlain L. Scott, and Jnme Fullonwere
expelled from a I tho rijrhlaand boneflla of Maaon
rv, for inl'ixli iition.
' liyordor ofthe bulge A.J. KOSS.Sec'y.
41 3w.
look here every body!
Iiicook villi: uakuicv.
T.IFE 5AKDNF.R 1 now happy to Inform the
i ritixentof Krmik vllle and vU-Miily, that ht haa
fitted tip rlie oll itiind known n the Krookvllle
Ujkery, where lie inteiila rrr)tnan the llaklnar
buiine In eoiineriinii with Iii Confectionary and
F.atlnir Saloon. Ho U now iircinircd to npply all
hot.iny fiivorhlm with their patronage, w Ith any
article in bin tine. Murin- aeeured the orvlcra
of a good Haker.ho fa i.c-pnred to aar that thoae
whlnilUli him liull lisvea pood Clean, ub
atnntinl article, at the lowest livlngprlfea.
Thankful ror pa-t fnvor he hopea ly atrlct atten
tion to t ie wimta ol Iii cii.loincr to merit a ahar
oflitilroiisire. Orden foi linking will be attended
to with lieaiiie.n and dovpnUh.
Choice ruiullv Clrm-erlea and ConfecllonarU-a
nlwara on haml. Al,an Kating rtoii, where
he will ! happy to ait mihi frlmid to the lel
lenciea of the aeaaon. l) alera aerred lip lo anil
theto'lea of lila Cualoi'nera. l-a!, though not
,ea.t,hlatermreC.-I,. ,.- (lAHI'KK.
Xcpl.S'.lli I"."i3. (ft mmitlii.)
'public S:,ic! ,
Pnrausiit I an order and leere f the Court of
Common ri'"l I'lilotl i-oillil), IlidltiliB, tllO MIL
tlurigiied, cinliilloiier aplxo lileil for that piir
poo, HI offer for aiiht at pnbllo am Hon. on tho
iireltil', Nlhe properly of Ihn helnof I'.IIJuli M.
I ucker. ilei'euel, Ihn reul ratilte diucrllied M fol
oa, at I ho Urne and upon I'm following con.
ilillona, I w H:
tine hundred and fnriv-e-'tnn acre nnd a half off
the Weal atdn nftlioh. V. r. of er. till, ill Towlu
ahip I 3 of I'nt'ifo i In tint rminlY of Fajelte; to
bo (old on 'I noo'lny the '.".Hh lu) of oenilier
The N. K. r.of See. UTtTownah In 1'J of Itange 3
In Johnon coin. t;lo be aold on Friday the Und day
ll ilecenilier nest.
I h K. half of thu N. K. nr. of Hec. IT. Townahlp
7. of Itiii'K one Weat, In th" county of Franklin! b
be aob. um W .llie.ilnv the illl .f Kneeinber next.
"Hi.. K. Iti.tr ol llio S. W, r.f Sec.V.', In To li
ahlplOi'f Kiih'h one 'il, al In Kriinklin
coniil) , to bsf aold on Fflduy tho Dili of lecvuibtr
One Inindroil und forty. flvo acri a of lund lecrl.
bed ii follow, to it: l.rt'liuili'g nt the A. K. cor
ner ol vlio .N. V . , r. of Sei ton I J. In Tu n.hl 1",
ill llimil one Wet,lll Hot I'ouiit) of Colon, run.
lih.it Weal on Die linn of rild nr. to the X. W. cor
ner ilieretif, thence olltll Ilm S. V. corner;
thence Knt I Ml ro.U to a lone;tliencn on a triiL'lil
line to tlm pinen of bculiininir .known a Ihn 'ho'l
der" farm lo he Bold on Huliirday,tHli of Ih'COinber
Sulo to conuneiico nl 10 o'i loi W on oai h of iuld
Iii; .
'I'rriil of ile.
Ono third of the pur. hu.i inoiiey III 1. r'ipil
red In hnnd, nnd the imlnnce In to eiiul uiinuitl
InatulineiiK.lo he aecnnol l.j Hie iiurchiier' prom,
iaory no l h Uli approved '.!. rliy, nl mir nln
ulu ii nml upprii l'iiit'l I Ii., and the piir.hiis
iiiotn y lo ri iniklii u In n on Itieluinl unlit full and
II lint .u ment.
t urll.ur i-arileulnrw mud.. Vnon n on the day of
iah. JOIIX I.. IH idiKSS,
iF.(H:;K WILhOX, Coinni'a.
Peptenil.er, 13, lüia II w,
11 V
I l,-..ll. II. Ilurloii buvlii puri huned
Urn entire In!. -reat of John I . llntoii hi too (
ab reat lirookt llle Oil lll. l.l. :i) ouiiunnrj in.i,
and J. '. llnrton hat loir boiiifhl IL H. liurtoii'a ;
Intero-t in Iho aloro at M-lnmorime are nnxio lo
settle up this hiinlne- ol the llrni,pi roii kn Ihr ,
lhemelve lio'ebied Ion ul eil'i r plac prior In,
the linu iii Mitioiicd uhoxe iiri) reipieated lo pf up
Wl Ihout delnv. II. II. A J.C. Hl K I J.N. j
JJrmikvll lo Sept. l lli, in.:i tf.
nt.o Tlix. i'aiinrro, Satinrt nud j
j Jrnii, L.nca.V Ki :riun, hitvu on Imnd a
vwrv lurifu and Clodra ade.-Uoii or. l.th.caiinerc,
aal iietaaud Jmna, for aale at tho luwvt Buurex.
Cull und ico tin-in. my 7
1 II 0 l; Hl I ., l'oli-llill oll bund, freah llp-
plleaol the very he.t ipiul.ty ol .roceric,nium
t h-ap Ion of
K,il'l l.( I S fine Clolmm.. nl opuned nnd b.r
U.ijt in oi.i um Ii; t oi;m;k.
Sill! Silks! I.Silks!!!
l'l F.CF.S Dri Silk, coinprUlnj
J 0--"' l'n-i e floured.
10 i'liuiiul'!';
Iii " pliiiu and Ii :ii.--d blink,
5 " il!d;
All of Ute liiu t't l.-n un 1 but pnti rii.Jiikl recei
ved and ill be uld cli. au bv
L.1L : I .... . . . ... w. a.. - . ,
j ot" t wth ' ' ry m ri u rv "1 h tiorniniiwi iiimir""'-
For tli rapid C ur or
( on.ns, (olds, iioiisi:m:ss,
( ItOrP, ASTH1I1, A.D
Mimj jr.-nra of trial, In. (end of iiiipulrltiit the pub
lie l oiirtdeiiee In thla medicine, ha Won for It a
apprei'lnlloii and notoriety by far ciccodlnif tho
ni'tat aiinaulim expet Intimi of II friend. Notli
lujt but lt Intrinsic tlrlic and Iho uninlatnlinbln
benefit roiifitrred on Ihoiiaiiinl f aulTerer, could
rle'.mto a.,1 malnUli. the r-pi.t-illou It e..j..-
Wtiile iniiny Inferior reine.lu thrut ttpon the
h" Bl"ed frl I by every trial, coiif.rreii.iiiH.-
cflUon IhealVli le.l they nn never fortfet, and pro
duced eure too inline roin and loo reinai Vahle to '
be forg-olten.
W UWo It la frnud on the pnl.tle In prclend that j
any one medicine w ill Infallibly cur tili there
I abundant proof Hint tho Cuasav I'" loan, doe
not ml) ii. a ifeueriil llilnir.liiil alnio.t Invariably
cur ' Iho nmlixllea for Willi h It I ein o)ed.
A lime miikea theae fuel wld-r and better
kiiovt n, lln niedli Ine Im Brinliinlly bci omo the
beat reliance "f the aftltcted, from the log-cabin of
Hie American I'eit.itnt, to the pulace of hurnpcait
Klnit. l'hroui;lioultlil entire connlrj, lu every
Mate, i ll) , and Indeed ulni""t every luiinl.'l It con
tain, Cnaaav l' ioai. I known aa the be. I rem
edy exluhl for d.Muea of tho Tli rout and 1 ni'lf",
und In ninny fiirclK" ruiitrlu,lt lnion.iiintoii ex.
teulvely tied by their nuid llili llljeiil Pht ale Inn.
Inlireal llrllaio, Kraue and (ieimany, where the
lliinllcnl trleiiret hate renrhd their h!thel per
fection, t'lmnnv I'm tohvl U hilf nluci il, ind n
oiiatantua In the Armin lloipilal, Alm llou
e, Public In.llliillon, ai.d In lomello prn. tlco,
a the atirv-at remedy lln ir nltemliiig F1i)UIhiii
can employ for the mora diiuireroua affection of
the lung. Alio In milder cac, and for children
it Unfo, pli'tinmt and t lTei luitl to rure, In fart,
ome of the lu.ut ftiillerliitt- tetlmonliit wu ra-
celtoluite been from piir. nl who liava found It
eitteai loll In CM' partlculally Im Illental lorhlld
liood, Iho Ciiihrt I'ti Timu U liinnufiictured bt a
practical I lu inhl, nnd every oune.i ol n nn.i. r ....
nv. ii r)p, with IntarliibK Mccurficy and i-ar. Ill
a. iiled and protecled b tuw from oiiu'erk ll. vni
e.)tiintly cull bo reth d on a tjteuiiiuu wilhoul
Wohnte end. 'at ore. I here lo ftirui.h Hie coin
nuni.t) vt I tli at me.liiliio of ii.h lniriu.lt uperlor
Ity and worth a hould t oiiiiin lnl llielf lo lhlr
confidence remedy al onre ufe, pne.l) and ef
fectual, wblihlhl busby repented nnd couutle
trial proved lUclf tobe; and iru.l by (rniitiuro
' ' prepnruin n im i nenn, .u . , um. , , in
Irengtli lo afford Phjali Ian a now Bucht on m Iii. h
u ly for t!lo t,ni r,.,U, and the alllu led
! ' i i i
: w llh a n iuedt Hint will do for them all that niedl-
i cine run .in.
l-KKI'AIM'.H AND .'1.1 BV J AM I S C A V l-.ll,
I'l arlUitl Mint A mt I y I I-h! ( hriulxt,
Luvt at. I. Mia.
Sold In llr....k t llle by M. V. Iluile; In Laurel by
t . I it r . I ,V. I . i v ; in iXlelauiora I'V C. Vancampl
lu Andri. .1, ,jr i t Ut'ettop, ai'd by diUj-i t
lJv.t wtjcr..
C'iacinnati Advertisements.
Head's Commercial College.
S. E.cmertf Main ItuMk Sit. Cincinnati, O
mil K object of this InatitutlonUtoanallfy irentlc-
X men practically ror tae couniing nnuae anu um
aine. pnrauila. The eonrae of Inalrucllon einhra
cea the thenrv and practice or Hook Keeping by
Double Kntrv. at amdled to all department of
trade and commerce.
Hu.lneaa Penmanship, Lecture on Mercantile
Tranactlona, Commercial Calculation, i.e., cov
ering tho entire BUa of commercial Operation,
linn cnaMinr pjipil to become flnUhed ccniint
anta. The course can be completed in from eight
to twelve week. Term S--1 in advance.
Pupil buinc taucht individually and not In dut
ies, they can enter at any time.
, Good board can be obtained at from $ 2:25, to $3
per week.
Further particular can be ohu'ned by calling-at
the Institution, or by aMrsine tho principal,
(poat paid.) J. E. HEAD, Principal
Nov. 1J, IÄS3 4T-lyr.
Daguerreotype Stock.
ft O M BS. J F. W K I. K V A S O F A X C V GOO US
I v L. I T A I Y U OO !
Importer and dealer lu the above articlea, and
will soil allow price. FETEK KMITH,
Nov.0 4o-lJtn. Cincinnati, 30 Fifth Street.
Publishers Booksellers and
Dealers in Medical, Theological,
Classical and School I5ooks,&c.
No. 29 Fourth Streel.nortli aide, went of.Miiin, and
at Corner or Main and Fourth atreeta, Cincinnati.
TTPSnnorlor Ulunk Hook made toorderfor.Mer-
chanla, Hankers, Meam-Hoala, County Olnce,4c.
fto. 10, lKi. S7-lyr.
I) A V & 31 A T L A C K,
wmoi.iii. a natLira in
I K V U O 1 S ,
No. 57
Reduced Frlcos.
rpHK aubaerlberreapeeirully Informathe cllW.cn
I of Clin liiniill, and the public generally, that be
lit roiitlntieii to in a n ii fti v I uro Ninllli' Fellns of
all lea at hi obi Und on Second Mract. between
llioidwayand Kycainore, t'lucliinatl. From Iii
Ion vx perlenes In the bualneaa, tog-niiier with bn
Inir provbled with a lured lot ol aenaonnd lumber
ami other material, hn I propnrsd In 11 re to
i arm ii I hla work food.
A .M, A nvll and Vlreaf umlahed.
June 3, 'M.-Om. M. It. HAMILTON.
. xx'. moirixt. a. M4aKLTtKK.
ANt'FAt Tt'ltKWH orstraw Honnela, and Im
porter of Silk .Millinery (lomU, Klowera, Drea
Mlka,Trinimliir,Vc,No.tU 1'earl St. Cincinnati. O,
Black k Fancy Dress Silks,
Straw lloiuii'l, ota very
llitnuet.ilk Ar Crape,
do 1X1 Cup Klbbona,
Tarllou, l.luinic.
Tip, Crown v Kran.e,
NVire, J'ili, hulebonna,
Honiict llloi k. Holl lleuil,
Kreuch V American
I)re'J riniinliif,
Mlk l.are,
Sea Itijr Silk,
Klorence, Salin,
Tuba, Fouinlullon,
llulon,Vr, Vc.
Children V Infinit' Hut
Milliner implied with roul l rench ruttoru llou-
' Up
eo ine
lieu, or coole or Mio Mino
Our l'rlee tind Term tliail be fu oraM ' nnd ul
lifiK lort 1 1 liie. purchiier, (tr.b-r- i.rr, j .i 1 alten
tied to. N. V. IIAM-.l.l I..F. ,V CO.
Murchiih, lei3 1' lr.
IOIIX S. U'll.l.l ?ISo.S.iM.illlS. .t
1 .1 iloor above l'earl, Cincinnati, Healer In I'aPer
j Huiiirliit;, Wido l'urlaln l'uper, llniull.oxe. Uro
i Srreen, Vf., oOera lo Die puhlic tho larareat and
I bexl H.orlineiil of Ihe above artii Ii to bo found In
! tho Vet nnd on tho moil resoimblo lerin. lie
' int in-a the iriotit to ru'l and exauiil.o liitck .
i .Muri h a, IBjU 1I-1'.'iii.
Ilhd Suirar.
jl'O hid prime inola',
Jill S II, In
;ihi bir prime Fnlor voire,
.Ml Hocket Java do
VoO packairea fresh Ton,
1I.IHHI lhaa.t.c. tarn,
'.'I D package iimckerel,
.VI boxe Va. Mo. Tobacco,
'.'ow Kea; null,
eo Kii. s No, I liattinaT,
'JO bhl fine amo. tobacco,
CH.lHK) half xtpnti. Ii vltar,
i amllj, Soup, SUri h, Ai-.Ar. for nie law by
hkisco tv v iiri K.
No. 13 Lower Markelttrect, Cincinnati.
May II, H-jH. W-1j
171 POUT I'. US and whnleiate deulora In lrih
I. Inen and white cood. Also, t'mbrv-llu. Fur-
I a.ol, ;lorv, lloalury, and every d. ai rlption of
trlmmlne "inl fiini y dry goud,coruerol .Main nnd
I'carl ta. Clitilnnall. 81 '.".'-ly.
It . W. DOOTII &. CO.,
I in porter and wholonulc lealer In
European and American Hard
ware, Cutlery and Guns.
South II rit ror, I'mrlmtd It a I nut Sit., finrinnntt.
HAVF. roiclved, and aro conunlly upplled
with every article lu their line, ult:dile lo tho
. Yetem trade, purchased or American. ami impor-
ted direct from Sue nteld, üirinliitrliiilil, nnd Orinun
i manufacturer, emhrmclna the beat qualltle and
' brnml, which III bo old at muH idvauco ou
I cot,conliiu((,ln part, of
Win. Hatcher's & Spear & Jack
Son's Files, Saws & Kdgc Tools,
Vndc fc nutclicr's, George WuHtonhutm
iL Sun' rlcbrated Kazura, I'ockct
i ICtiivo, iSlioar, Scissurn, &c,
' Tnl.le Külve mi I Korlis, Cnrven, Miel", &.r,
; I'Ojtn Trace Malier, llreuat, and 5ili Clmln
j anil Stretcher, Monk ami Illiiea,
.Invltt. fiirt. Hf'Utktnn'1 lrlf linmm' r.,0'.l; t
nml T. H.'Mi'wIminr t Stinvrlt ana- .x.r,
CollWimV t'o.'a, lluiit'a, II. Mann' and Uppen
coli' At" and lliilchel, Wnldron', Harlinir V
lilo.i.l' liriii., Ornln. and Hi liir S" vthe, Si , Ilia
Snciilh.', Cradle, Mt lea, IIa) and Manor' l'ork,
Ciirpeiilr'and Cooner' Flauet and Klir Tool,
Kvery kind of Clnuliir and olherHutt iiianufiic.
nr.d to orJer au d wurnuted. A:rnla f.r F.. AT.
Kiilrlnink A Co. ecl.'l.ra'cd I'L.tloriu, l! lro.ul,
Hay :roeer", and HruitsUta' Siab-a, which have
a reposition uperlor to all ollier for accuracy and
tliiriibiliiy.nud dd nt manufacturer' price. ,Mo,
airenl for the aln if the bt Iron Flra I'roofSaftf
luauulut'lured, which wo II 1 manufacturer pri
ce. rei. wi, i-iyr.
i-llut i;ln. ?timilmt ur'r,.-lbini-
l1 mond Slr'i'l, between Third A Fourth Clncln-
null, keep l oii.tiiiill) on baud every variety of
Hint Ulassware,
Apothecary' furiilture, and Chemical Appnratn
liiade te order al the aliorleat iiollce.
ALSO, icreiil variety of Perfumer' War,
t'elcirroph Hlue and llgiilnlnit rod luaulatora.
r.tT'l'a V ll.lll ll". Healer In
lirv ! HI I'ritrl Mrrci, ritt
rllimt l.-tlter lor aula on the moat favoralilo
I. nii l.'iril packiiarea Hrt (Joo.l, purehnaed nio.Ht
prevlou to the advance III price. I'un haer will
fiinl them ready t" meet tho owel rate of any
jobbing Home Cunt or Wttl.
VU. 15 V-l-iuia-
II. I). ClIir.MAN t CO..
V m in I a I o A nrtvn rdllld
iti:u:iii:( it
INllNBVll. : I MIOoa ITV, IA,
John Swaey x Co. : Mrrlou V So bv
I eed.Sll.ley V Wright; 11. 11. M. Couklln,
;;.'ei iV Stephen, ; miHMio , U,
o4uvii.i ,in. ; A.H. Wlirirliit A Co.
, . H. t'onwvll V Son. ; tinorgo l.ill.'.plo.
I.ll.erul uU adt aucemiiiita iiih.Iu on conalgn
Aaron A. Colter,
cncnuATi, ('ino
:v voiikwimkiu mi tin: m:
"T- I HUM. J. f.h
y,U C Muiiiifni Hirer and
denlr - lit all k in. I of tri.
nt window ahudea
il.o-iord. Tu.-I. Hr..-. . Illing A-r,
.,.'J Colleir.t Hall. Wa'... I .. .Clncliiuiill.
Church, Hon und other luro alia.lma painted to
order lu a uperlor l) le. 7
mil 1Illlli r. OUIiM.-l.owhY-
k'l tV Iii I k, comer of Broadway and Filth feel,
i ni liiiH.il. Moiiiiii.eiil, 1 1. ml. nun . rave m ihi ,
Mi.rl'le ;.luiillea nod Statuary, Hapll.iiuil Poet,
Muriil lublel, I rn. ne, Harden Figure,
Cul.lnul and t'ounli-r Sliili, Ac, Vc., rnn.liiully
du blind and formalin.! lo order. Thvlradoauppll
od with Mitrbloln Block or Mab, or Sawed to or
cr. inlili HI
i. . ni. a.o. n. inruil.
(!tticeiort.i'ainion V Andrew,)
linpoiier, holcitle aud lletnll Denier In Chlm.
tilu and lueeiiw are. AImi, I.uiiiIk, ( nlor .V
I aide Cutlery, No. VI Mnln Mreci, belweri. 1-. th
nud Slxlh, Clhclnnull, Ohio.
Feh. t!.1, VI- 10 l)r.
0 O . rS . ilCllhllliS xX lv O . , i
j Hill l.S A .K denier In Foreign and Home-lie j
i Diy I.HO.U. N.J, South eat mmer Petri undj
V ine ireel. Cincinnati, '
Jii: I open..'. I un enllio uswtloik.
Fi b. C.1, ia-HM Jiui.
Orr, Kcal Mauufactiirera, have taken th old
.land formerly occupied by AUaTin A Bu nai.i.,i
No. 40 Columbia Street, one door wetof Walnut,
Clncluiiall, Ohle.
They are prepared to put np on the moil rea'on
able term, in any part of the country, their "
Lrrrr Hay and Mtck Sea tri, from new putt r I
with Improvement, which they have Jinl comple
ted. Alio, all kind of Platform Kcale, Kaaiu,
Ac, Ac. All our Scale are warranted to riv full
aniisfucilon, or we will lake them back and refund
the money.
Snmutil Rere.ford. H. H. Kllialon,) Coving on,
Ulld.len, Murfin A Co, (J. K. Perrln, Ky.
W. A O. W. Kobon, Key, Mallbv A Co.,
J.H. Lehmcr, Fullum, Hatfield V Brow
fcb.Si 10. NAKTl.N A OliK.n
mut. on ua.tr wt nf alnul. i
EI Lean's Liniment.
THIS article I now fairly before the public, and
the thnuaiinil of bottle (old Indicate the tupe
riorliy of thi Liniment over other. Physician
now pre, ribe il ta their practice. Try but one S3
cent bottle and yon will be convinced, fifty cont
and one dollnr bottle have tuen received.
Wholesale and retail by
nor. l'-H-lvr KOHL k TIIORNK,
Northeasl comer Fourth and Vine la.,Cin'U.
1 1:0. ;l IISO A CO. Engraver and I.llho
'igraphor, fopper Plate Printer, Stencil Brand
Cutler, Ac. North Weil Corner Gano and Main
U., and HU Main St., overT. K.Gooilinan A Co'a.
Banking lloue, Cincinnati.
irTliill Head, Addrew Card, Letter and Note
lleadlnga, Label, Bank Check, Bill, DrafU, Note
Ae., at very low price;
Diploma, Certificate, Bond, Map, Tlnn of E
tatc, town plat, Ac. leb 12 1M3 ly
Importer of TlHir.ii 1 1 iialr H men leC HU
MAN, FKKNCI1 A ENfiLlSII B-itnrr IomIj,
Kuakeu vV I oya, No.n Fourth Street, North
tide, four door KaM of Walnut, Cincinnati.
Every deacrlptlon of Hiring for Violin, Guitar,
Violincello, and Hould Ba, constantly on hand.
All order of dealer In the above article execu
tod promptlv and on tho moat reasonable terms.
Areuta for nie of llaulea tk Co.'l ( l.lcT.ruted
World' Fair Premium Perfumery, at catalogue
N'ov.C, 1H.V2.-K1-1J.
Tl'hole.nle and Keli.ll lll.l,l.IHN HIAIM'
r H Itl ltM. PHI Second St., bet cen
Itmnilwny A l.ti.ltow , C Im lunull, Ohio.
Nov. , lew Uly r.
K ATZ II N I) K R ( S K R , RTR A US it CO."
Wholexalo dealer In Heady Made Clothing, No.
inn Muln Rirect, bciween Third and Fourlh, ClnTI
Jt f Keep coinuiiuly am band, a complete and
very exloiialve atock of Clotlia, Calmrea, Vca-
Hiit and every description of I rlniiiiliiir,
Feb. yj, '1.1 -KU jr.
at. iivioki n. . tt HT.iir. m. at w
M un ti im iurcr of Heady Made Clotlilng, Importer
and Healer Hi Cloth, Calmere, 'eiug, and
f.entlemeii' KurnUhlng Honda, No. M Tecrl atreet,
between Walnut nud V llie,Cliiclnuntl,Ohlo.
Feb.'M, 5:l 10-ly r.
To the Ladles.
r.itm:v: imini i.mir imii.
Fol hupl.reaaed Meiiatruatlot ami all Irreru-
lurllieiof the FK.MAI.K h Vt.Tf.M-the beat Pill
in the known World. They can bü bail genuin, at
No.Nl liHOADtvtvV, and fully lli iammn to give
ivTiariiTio, wlili full dim lion. L. THOMAS
only aulhorle.l Agent.
'I ho above Pill will be tent by mall, upon the
rcceiplof.:t. All letter mini bo directed No. HI,
Broudwav, Cht. inh. : J 1 .
W.ll : l..iSSi arc.
1, lt 'r tl-
0 LuMi,ti.i
i ii. a re conalatlng nf
ii i , Kh.ix-, Columbia, and gilt
bund leattnie,
spong'd and pulnle.I dUhea, baker, pinto, tea
ware. Inga, bow la.
h.ljf'tl c c diahea, bakera, nappici, twinier,muf-
C C Jug, bow la, ewen and busln, ponj'd and
puii.ted, pluln and flulud leu.
C 1 t "
Sil-.) boe glaiMware the above acloctud for the
country trado. For klj by
Main St. betw eeu 4i.li A 5th, weal aide.Cin. O.
I A. lOOIti:, No. 342 Main I.,
,1 , Fighth and Ninth, Cinclnii.-itl, I
East between
have new on
i....i .. i. r..i ...... ..r mund ii... - .. ..i.n
inuu m v ..,,.. i. . i ..... ... ... ... IHI...IIU , . .
Iren Straw Hat. Alto, a beautiful flue lot of aoft
( 'iincreliiiln embracing ever) color, while, pearl,
blue and black. HlYheive are ai.o rued a una
beautiful orlment of prliig tj le of Silk and Fur
lu ol my n oinulu.liire, lo nun l invite tue
epcllt:l alt'ntt of "i" "'deal 'rl 'lids and acqualn
liiici-ii I',-.' ti U- .-.nl .ein... to give ino a call
ti .lei. j a ,.ru .n lh. . if, . my 7
fill. PvnTI'll Wh lllllV MIAl(i:Mt
and on t loin tuino i . over, manuiuclurea ana
told, whoeHli and retail, by M. Sawyer & Co. No.
P ('..liege Hull. ling. Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ordera promptly Hlled. Country Merchant and
IVlterupplied on the loweat tvrma.
Nov. 6, IKWi. i-l'.'iiiB.
I'hi4(;las Afixti r.i:.v.xm:.
V; Wu hat e on bund a lurge stock or China, Hlua
and ttueeiiaware, clected epcciully to luitour
holoMild Trade. We Import our Ware cllrert
from inanufneturera In France and EnglnntCr and
arellierehy euiilile.d l compet uccefully witb
1 u-tern Heuler In Hle.qnnlHy and price.
In our lock of UueeiivHaro III bo found ana
tortmeut ofevery article in Hint lino, from the bout
manufacturer in the KaM and Vct.
AIo keeiiconalaullx auppllvd with a large slock
of Hockliigliani ami Yellow Warn of uperlor
Our term 'i favonil.l;, and we Invite Mer
chant to examine our ware and j.rlcea.
No. (tt Main St., opposite Truil Co. liank,
Nov. 0, l".VJ 4i.-ltr. Cincinnati.
w. a. am o.
a. xv. t HI . MILL.
Importer Sf Jlaliufaitnrer or
lit vit mt itnl iioiitrwtlr Ciixiir
Ail' l-cnl.r In Mli V-l , sNCFF, AC.
No. '.il .1 .it.. M.cut, ( Inclniiall.
Nov.fi, ICj'J. li-l)r.
Vlrr, A. Trnvjbrldge,
li;IHl.i;tALIx It:; I' .til. Heuler In
I? groceri- and produce. South Kat corner ol
Court and Haeo ireel, (oppo.lle Hie Farmer Ho
tel i- CI NCI N N ATI keep cmiMantty on hand a
li'. i.l icortmeiit of all article In hlallue, which he
olT. r to th trade at the lowest rate.
15 1 r
Liii. linniljition-i!!
Import era niitl .lblor I'.nat aldo
.Viani airri-i, lu-itti-ca ini aim jtit
IJUVKIff tu luapeel Ihelr large aiidexteiialve tock
IKI- . "Jt' l.lll
Our facllllle for securing delrble stlen.l cheap
Hood for ciitmer, are not urpued by any
Houe lu Hie Weal. we have an experienced buy
er eoutni!y In Iii F.iitern eitle. forwarding u
dully am h Imrpiim a the market oner in
LACK ;ins,
nil v. i.iiiiiiw,
11' I l.KHV ,
VAlilKIV liOOHM, Ae.
I ll popular feature of felling most i.fthetiood
nt five jiercenl. advance will be continued.
In I mil and approved rnori lime puyra, t
tu Her llheral In.liicoiiienl. I't-ly
.ollltiilllliiir.'N. AV. ror. Mil it Hrt
Wiiln nl TnrliiMislIf
rpllF. atlenllon of Hie inil.llc I reapertfull)' l lllUd
1 in tue uo. rl.ir lacilillv Hltorded ul Ihla Institu
tion, for nuiilif Intr lie llvl. Inula In a thorough orae-
f. il nimmer for llio Couuling Hooui and liutiuea
i. ii. ..ni. 1 he I'onrxi eiiihrncea
liooix-lxl-.l ri.Ml II V Dot' III. K I'.N'TBY,
n pur. no. I In ilia .lillerenl ilcpiirtmeiil.f trad.,
coiiiuivrcii and iiiiiiiiifiicliire llulne Penman
ililp, Culeutiillon. t'orrenpoli.leiice.andil.illy Lec
t in on M r. i.iilil.i La und Polllkal I'.iniioiuy III
Hi ir teliiimii lo C.n.iiiier. e.
Ilm ...ur-M run bo vouiduU'U III Iroiu B I j:
week". Term 9 I".
Pupll helm Uufclil !. ..'.it.luully,a.ll-.ihtt t-aa
enter nt mi) um.
For f nrtlier purilciilur t all ul tho College rooms
or ad.lre tt-. 1'riutipnl. nor. 1'J. is-iyr.
W hole.ule ai d K. Uill Aiteni f..f tho Slu.l.til and
Hi" tiiinliiiiii I'l. mo. I emu t ai.li.
April .'.' .".VtHl l.tr.
iivanv Tit. itioa eot g
S T 1 X Sc K 11 0 U S I j S
C LOT II I N I) i:iOT,
317 Main M Lit bill mid 'Jtli,
Wholesale and Retail
WllltloW OhflUO & Uli ClOlll btOre.
.... . ... '
.Ve. t Ctllrgt Halt, Walnut St. tat. 4tA anjttk Cln
M. S A V V K K V CU.
MAXL'FAC I UKEKS and Dealer In Window
Shade, Oil Cloth, Cordt, Taue la, Brasae, Buff
A white window hade linen and curtain inaleral.
SHAHES 61 every tletwrlptlon made to order.
j. n. BURROW'S
-THIS Mill d I (Ter from all other In the eontrue-
Hon of the Upper or Runner Stone, which t
composed of French Burr Blockt, enclosed In a
eait Iron eae, which form the back and hoop of
the Stoi.e, with a cal Iron Eye, or Built, that U of
greater external diameter at the bottom than allhe
top, which is secured attho back by four boll,ao
tnaievery oio k is in ine rornt ora dovetail, whl. h
gives greater strength to a Mone, than any other
niemo.i wnicn I required in small Mills where the
Stone I run with great peed,and become dange
rous If not strongly made. It also give weiirhtto
a Stone of mall diameter that i required, without
hnvlug It thick or high, that makes It top heavy.
Thi Mill ia square frame, made of wood or cast
Iron, in the form ora buk, with Bridge tree, Spin
dle Balance, Klne, Driver, and Regulating Screw,
and rrUd upon the came principle a a lurfc-emlll,
differing only In the Running Stone: tlilt being the
great weight, enable It to grind nearer thecentre a
greater quantity nfgraln and with lea power than
ny other mill now In ue. Thi mill I portable,
and may be attached toitcam, water, hone or
Band power.
Alao, all alae or Frenek BurrMUl Stone, mann
jactured on the ame principle.
Joseph lt. narrow t, or ciurinntti, I tneinvfn
or, for which he obtained Le tteU Patent In 1SI2.
rFor all Inrrlngemenu the purchaier will be held
leionlbl for tho right of utlng.
'I heo Mill do not r-quire a Millwright to let
them up, and a II that I neceuar) to put them In
opreallou Uto attach a band lo tho pulley on the
p Indie, with a prum 'lufil denlly large to run the 94
Ii cli Mill SI') revolutloiit per inluuu-; atiajhep ft
lioro, steam or water power. Hv theteady appli
cation of Iwohor.' power, the Mill will grind itloS
buahela per bourof srood meat, and will grind wheal
aa welt a Corn. '1 he 30 Inch Mill, If nut to lu full
rt apeed, will grind from into 13 bushel per hour.
The MltUare warrunled to be In evert reinect
a recoinineiidd.
A II order inuat be directed to
Freut I., lower Klo, but. Main V Wul nut,
Doc. 3, IMil 50-lyr. Clnclnnall .Ohio.
lACOII F. n:i.L, THiiiirr nnd ur
I rlrr 315 .flnln Mrrrt ( Inriunnli;
brl ttytM'it Nil nnd UtliKeep romiantly
on hund a large aaaorliiient of all kind of Leather
and Shoo Finding, al the lowed cash price.
Ot-C. 17, ,.V.'-a'.'.
lias removed to Sixth st. Bnrnu's Building, under
Magnolia Hall. Cincinnati, Ohio.
MANVFAt I l KKH of Co.lumo and Regalia of
every deirrtplloti, forMatou, Oddfellow,
Son of Temperame, Temple of Honor, Druid
Rod Men, Brotherhood of the Union, and Good
jr-)" Bein a member of the above ordert, I am
prepared at all time to furnUh even thing apper
taining thereto with punctuality anddlspalch.
fob. 13, '33-D-U'm.
rnllR tinderalgnnd have entered Into Co-pnrtner
I hlp, under the name and Arm of JONK.S, LO
F KTT V KoliblNS, for the purpoao of carrying on
a Wboleanlc (iroccry ami CoumiUaion Buaiuea.
(Lalo or J. D. VC. (Late of si. Omer.)
Jonen Co.,) Cincinnati R. ROIiliINK,
(Ute of Milroy, Indiana.
WlinleHule ( rooere cV. CoiuiuiNaion Merchant
ap'.'U-IU-ly r. CINCI X X A 1 1 .
.1, t. nnioRDs.
U .1-aT .tf kV . - v v - - . a . A.
L, kafvt-arnt iiewr . j w nv wjj'wmt tr n7
"Arm .ceiM."
Brunch ructory, Corner truig v Lewit hireets,
Covington, Ky. dec. 1U-3I.
ItOl TIIV KIKIiril INTs uppllodfrm
j the following llit of Ware, at Die lowetl Cincin
nati price:
V'(S crate V. Iron Stone Ware.
. d.j Mulbery do
V.'i do Canton'Blue do
75 lo limey stjlet do y
'.'I hi do commo-i do
.VI ilo asaorted styles;
,'HH) bote Hlaaaware;
.'iMI do.en plain crytnl Tumblers.
For waro at low prlcet call at 01 Malnttreet,
an aooroeiow ine iru.ii o. iihiik
may 13 ly
Sign orthe ritchorand ltaln.
I I.IIATA TAIlLirWAIti:.- Ronuln
ilAlbata nrvtr trrtlr$, is nearlv a white, and
harder and tronger than ilver. When plated It
resemble txai tly the oid tilvor.
Vekeeifoninntly In store a large aorlment
of Albala Tea and Table Spoc.n, Kork, Roup La
tilea. Hinter Kulvea, Cream Spoona, Caitor, and
In hört, every other article nccctsary to tho com
ploto furnialilng of a Table.
Watch Importers, 11V Main Street.
Feb. 85, '33 10-lyr-.
Bank Note Engravers b Printers
Stutt taiirtr. 4fA6 Main Stt,Cinrlnnati, Ohl:
I LS'O, Engraved in a tit le corresponding In ex
it cellnnee to that of Bank Note, Railroad, SUtta
and County Honda, HUI of Kx chance, Checkt,
Drafla, Certilleate of Slock and Deponite, Hroiol
tory Note. Hilland Letter Head, Diploma, Viait
Ing and Profeaxlonal Cards, Notarial, County ami
Hand Sent. Vc.
Conalantly on hand. Hank Note Paperof varlout
tint, made to order, of very auperlorquallty.
Theahnre oftleo I under the tupurvlalon of Hco.
T. Jone, a practical engraver. mr I 1 l-l'.'m
n a- j. ii. Mioi:Mir.ii(;i:ati ihon
lli MIMIi:. No. 13 Front st., opposite the
Public Inn.lpig, Cincinnati, Ohio.
on baud a la -ge aorinieiil of Iron, nail and ilerf.
oi ineir o n niaiiiiiueiiire, rroin nie genuine Juniata
Bloom, Juatly celebrated for the last twenty year
for lluperlor quality. Alao Moue Hole Anvil,
bellow, vice, crew plate. Ct aleel, Kugtlah
llllalerilecl, and Hermiin ateel, Fliptla springs,
Carrlnge axle, Mould Board, wsgon boxes, Ar,
All of which they will warrant ami sidl el tholow
eat market price. Persons will please call andex
amine nuratock before purchasing ulaew here.
Feb. S5, '33 H)--ni.
Thomas McOccliin,
WHOLESALE flXOl EH, .nth tail Cr, Main
ami Si.rtk Strrttt, Ctnrlnnntl, Ohm.
Tbl House hn been doing business fur CI fart.
1J vear at preaeut location.
Feb. 83, 'i.l-IU-lyr.
ttrtrcgatoaa TO
J. 1). t. C. JONKÖ &. CO.
Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods,1
.Hill . Jnik. " 00. W. joss.
Kk JO, k 0. lll-klttiOTOM.
Feb. 13, '53-0 Ahis,
Oil. .INIiritMlV I.I ii I turn I-For
palm, nebe, bruises, sprains, ruts, wound, old
sores, corns, frol biles, colic, cramps, scrofula, anil
a sure and aeedy cure for rheumatism, w hielt we
warrant It lu cure, or refund the money. We could
pite a luiiuberof cerlllliiile of iure performed by
It. hut conalder that one twenty-five cent bollln
will go faillier tow ord convincing any one of ll ef
ficacy, than could all tho certificate Dial could be
N. D. Hulllon agent for HroooV vllle.
W.M. AND (KSO.N,wholealn agent.
4ll. I), No, rl Main SI. Clucinnali.
Kendall's Taylor Thermometers
ritHK following gentlemen have certified a to the
I eorre. lnr aud accuracy or the melho.1 by which
their tiialrumetila are graduated!
A. Cuwell, Profeor in Brown Unlvltj J
J. V. Klrllnnd, Cleveland, O.J
Jaa. Nonney, lludaon,t.l
t'rofeator Knlon.Troy, ii. Y.
lleii'haw, Ward it Co., Ilo.tonl
J. W. Fl-r, PorUmoulh, N. II. J
Hoctor Hau bidder, New Vork.
(A diploma for "apeclninna of llnromeler aud
Therniomelert" wa awarded lo Mr, K.,at the late
KslMif Iho New Vork Mab Afrleiillnrul rfnelely.)
1 hcae liiatriimetil are afforded wholesale and re
tall at greatlv reduced rlce, l.y
KAliL or I IIOKN K, Weatern Agent;
Norllii l corner Fourth and Ine t, Cln'tl.
Whom inuyaiwa)be had line IV rf nine ry and Fan
cy Article, n.iv. Hl.-CJ-lyr.
xv, kLvconn o'iaoa.
retvsan k. iurt.
w. k oonoi.N&co.
IM f'Oin l.'S and wboleaiil.i denier Hi Kngllxh,
Krem n. tierinnn and American fan. ) Joo.l,
II. lory, (lote. Comb, Button, Bruhe, Look-lng-Ol.ie,
t'mbrellu, Parail, Irish Linen,
Berlin ford. Jantnel, Hook Mull, Sa l Mull,
Mull Muallns, full aaaorlment of all kinds of
Silk floods, and every description of Ti Honings
und Fumy Dry f.o.nla, every variety ,, iires
(i U.t liilhs, Ctt.linere, Ae.
Alu, fiirpeiliig and Oil Cloth of all kinds, ill
reel front the Miiiiiiriiclurer. Straw IJnod.Ac.
. H'i .V ;i? I'enrl Mrorl, Clncluiiall.
M 15-si l)r.
II VII'. A fTO. Import!" en. dealer In
!., Wiitchea, Jewelry, and w iit.'h-Maker'i
tooi, nml muterial.
Ciniaiiilv on hand an extensiv m.irtmei of
gold and ilver lever and vcrgo watch.'; line gold
und gilt Jewelrt; gol'l, silver and coiniiiou poela.
ll . Hold and liver pencllx; pi ctu. le glues
p. n ii. Ion en, revolving pl.iol, rnrnrs, knive,
...iffcor-. iIlhIiis file . toy. Ac. No. I'd, .Mild t.,
bhdtr Commercial biiiik'.Cicc'.nnu!'. OMo.
VlV ' 4 er
tant to many person in ued
ofMeJical Aisiatance, V obtain
1 ..l.u h.U.lal. and
promptly. To thote who mty
uiua ueaire to ciusuit m .ru.r,
aional peraon, DOCTOK
BROWN'S long experience
l"" ' ana reaay aaiu in removing vo-
ou lv.e and most eora plicated form, oflera In
ducement which ttan. be rarely vqualled by any
other individual.
Gonorrho-a, SyphllM, Mereurial Dlee, Cloet,
Sirlcture, Dlee of the W'orob. and all Dieae
n the Organ of Generation la both exe, treated
In a careful, thorough, and Intelligent manner,
pointed out by long experience and investigation.
Constitutional debility, lmiotency, sterility,
seminal weakness, nervous afleclion, and thoae
deplorable disease which are brought oa by the de
structive habits of Inconsiderate youth and exces
sive Indulgence ofthe passion, which undermine
the constitution, tin jalr Intellectual vigor, and pro
duce general prematura decay, can be radical lv
cored, and tho unfortunate tollerer restored lo
bealtn and vigor. ,
Dr. Brown It the only regularly educate! Kur- j
geon In Cincinnati who gives bis whole attention j
to these Complaint, llit diploma and certiricaUt j
can be een at his office. i
JO Charges very low. ,
N. B. Patients of either sex living at a distance, !
bytUtingtbelrdiaeaso in writing, giving all the
ymptom,can obtain medicine with direction for
use, by addreing W. Brown, M. H., post paid,
ana enclosing a int..
Orrirc Allhe old stand, Junction of East Front
and Columbia (Second) street, between Lndlow
and Lawrence streets.
46. 12m.
II him 1 a large atsorlod slock, of all titlet and
prices; also, repair M atches and Jewelry In a
thorough workmanlike manner. tnrS,'53-ll.
nil. länriiuii! ir hii.'
lxrtlif atrrat rcirulnlor ol iliti
' "-.V':J" ",' V
atoittnrli and bosvrla I mte of th tet
dj peplle and fever and ague medicine of the
M '
present ago. II neutralising qualities Improves
the dlgetloii,rlvri lillliy lone to tli ttoinncli,
regulate the bowel, nnd give power to the hu
man aytm to throw off all dlanaaed and worn out
mailer. Dr. Andenonhn ued the NcutralUer In
hi pracllce for all Mrletlet nf illaeaietartr lug from
a dlaordered atuln of the tnma h. for more than
twenty year w Ith com plele ueraa.a ean be ahowa
by hundred of cortlflt ate. Ail we ak, Ulhaloar
friend v. III call and give II a trial, at we know that
It will give entire utUfucHfln. Ji, D, Calllon tge'il
In Brook v 111. DritggUt end country nierchantt
supplied in large or mall quantities by Win. An
derson, No. B7 Main hi, Clncluiiall.
With Unparalleled Success.
DR. HALL offers to the afllti-ud New Home. lie,
(free from mineral polaona) which ilinuaelhem
selvc through every pari of the human )lem,
anttdotri the Veneral virus, In the short spare of
from two to tlx dy,coiie(juently every t) inptoni
of this luildoou inoiilor illoao leave theatalem,
and the patient 1 again icatored lo full hoallh and
vigor, wilhoul any danger from exposure, or In
terruption of limine.
Tbe who have been unaucceiifully tret ted, and
Und the lual title or their caae wora Ihsu the Ural,
are particularly ollciied to call.
Longstanding easet of Otntrrhru anil Clrrt,
dtrlcture, urethral dlacharge, burning pain In the
urinary pntsuge, typhill, teinlnal eakue, or
nocturnal euiiaiiona, Inucurrhca, for white,) (in
potency, rheuinaiUiu.dlaeaecofilie buck and loin,
In dam matlon ofthe bladder and kidueti, hydroce
le, cancer, uleer, aud tkln dleau-, Ac, will be
julekly removed from the)iuui, by the uo of Dr.
Ilall't New rrmtUiri,
AU), i'oujli, cold, broui'hltli, lliclpienl ron
tumpilon, dpepla, chronic dt' nte ry,llurrhoea,
liver complaint, pile, Ac, will be treated. Ina
careful, thorough aud clentiflc manner.
Tukc purilculitr Police
That loathsome fiabll, iuoitfreneiii1y intluljfid
In by youth, which expels reann, droent memory,
defaces beauty, diminishes strength, viliateatlie
blood, causes internal, external and :curable
sons, makes a strong man weak, and a wu ""au a
fool, Is treated with unpurnllc lod turrets.
IVeiaknewsi mid Impotent-)',
Debility ol Hie 5i-. woi' Uignit, moat commonly
the reaull of an early bubit, though oiuetltne pro
duced by other cautet, rlt: long retldeuco In a
warm climate, frequent Indulgence, and a variety
of Intercourse, close application to buainesa, some
time tlie.ro la a diaposliton to It from birth, or It
comet on spontaneously. Person thus atllli tod
avow uioatof the syinploms of premature decay.
Wndilng of the organs themselves, heaviness In
the lolna, headache. In. or memory and deatltut
of veneral pleasure. Ii Is impossible to be placed
lu a more mortifying erudition; rut off at It were
from all allurement of femalo society, with no
boyes of domestic happiness, and doprlved of one
half of the Incentives of life.
Person thus afflicted, should call Immediately
I oh DR. HALL, and bo at once restored to health
I and happlne. Il.dnv I dangernua.
AtiUK A.-Nll fliVKK. Hr. Hall's Celebrated
Aguo Powders have never been known to fall,
when taken according to ni direction. They are
nature' own remedy, and purely vegetable.
Mvpuinl .1 I lll.lthM. .in ..nn.i.ll II II k. I.....
postpaid. Medicines cid to nil pan of ihe'Culteii !
State and Canada,
nov. l-i; 1S.VJ. 4T-lrr
Enk-rnl aecordlnit tn .."t m ivritr.. In ilie
l&ol. by J. S. H .1 '.III .XI. t... im il lerk
UUii-e of th.i iM'tn.'t t.u.it I r I he l.v.dcru
Hi -i 1 1 t of i 1 1 ii ! .i...
ilnothcr Scicutifio Wonder I
f ii m j San an rm i i
Tin: tuck
ok, (astüu: ..MCI-:.
frepared from FF.NNF.T, orthe fourth FTHM.
ACHOKTIIKOX. after direction of HA ItON
1.1 K H Ml. the great I'lixalnlogtcal Clioinl.t, by J.
I. I1UI Uli I (IN, M. D., Fhiladeltdila, Pa.
This It N ATP UK's OWN KK.MKDY for an un
healthy Stomach. No art of man ean equal II cu
rative power. It contains no amomui.. m i
1F.HM. AC:Df,orNAl!Sh.Ol' DKH.S. Illsef i
treinely agreeable lotho lale, and may be taken
by the mol feeble patient who cannot cat a water j
cracker without aeule dltre. Beware of Dlf CO
I-..U ... Hi. i.i.nl. .1111 irel a llracrll live Clretl. '
Inr. gratia. giving a large ainoiint of si ILNIlr
C F.VIHKNt'K, from Lleblg't Anlmul Chemistry,
Dr. Coiyhe's P)alolngy of Digeatlou; Ac
M. W. Hails, Bhookviloi, wboleaale and retail
August 1st, 1K13.-33 1)7.
Matlicmalicul and Philosophical
m:Miv WAun.
fj W.f'OII. Kotirtli ami ttycmiiore, oppntlta
ii, I'oat Ofllce, up S'lalr entrance nn 4lh Sireet,
Keep rnnalnutly on hand Serve) or' Compaaaa,
l.vvela, Theodolite, TranalU, Telegraph Instru
llielils, Ac, KmJuio.
joiin Witt, ern . Hxiaa. villi i tvvasa.
Wynne. Haines b Co.
Imhtrlcrt ami H'hlrtir lumhrrt In trrlgn an4
Dornen Ui y Onät Ii; JO Vtnrl Strttt Cm.
A re now lu receipt or Ihotr tora of A merlean and
Foreign Dry Hood. .Notion. Trimming, '.
adapledlo ihO'alland Wlnlersoaaoin, to which
they would retperifully rail Ihe attention. if rmto.
mere and the trade.
true aa.ortinent will bo found nntiaually large
and attractive aud w shall be;uiaklug rreueiilad
llllililoHlhroilglloulllieesoil. A. weell forca.h, or Ifoneiedlt to thoso lnlv
who are undoubtedly prompt and reKinslldo
(thereby avoiding bad deble) w o are enabled to oflur
gnoitslotliil i luaaofbutersuta very small tdtanc
on manufiielurine and Imporiliig price,
t'liicinnatl, Anoint 11, 1 .VI JS-aut.
J.KI-.sN sil.KS,Mll.l.lNKV(IOOim.WinilONS,
f I.OI IHf.TKI.M'll x.S. ve
N F. I S O F F. V r. K V V A It I V. IV, NOB.' It. A b 1..
tr a Dm.
Last Gall.
All person Indebted l the eata'e of John Alen
dcc-aainl, w ho.e claim are unpaid u the li
veinber iHia.wlll riiidthcui In Ihe bandai.f an oltl
ccr for collection. t'KO. Hol.LA.KH.
Kept. Wlb, H.v.Jw. F.Ciitor.
Law School of Indiana.
ii-lll! Aral emr of lecture. wlU coinm-nct
t.reencnlle. la. on Wcdneaday the Sd dar of
Novembor, ls33, aud cuntlnne till the 1Mb of
Muren I "Al.
'I he tuition w 111 be f 30 per term, In advance,
and a tanllor't fee or t
Harileular of the count nf Instruction, taxi
book. A.c. will be furnuhed Hit circular upon ap
I pl caliun to mo J. A. MA I sojf .
1 c.rcemaMlo, geyk. Jet li;3 tsr,
up ILu 3 ml
n Ni 117

For flie Krmtnnl iml rrrmnnnK 'tlrf nil
m:hvous DISEA. s
And of lhoe Complaints which are ran rt e r
paired, w eakened, or unhealthy eon.liuoa '.( II.
Tbl beenliful au.l convtmienl applicati-Hi 4 V
B.vterioiu ixer of UAl.VA.MKxi anJ MAi.'n
ISM. bai been pronounced by di.tinr'ihV !' i ' t
ciana, both in F.t-rni vd the 1'oited but, to I "it,
mH raltwac Jtfoict'-l Viirmmy nf tl.y agt.
31 AGN K Tl'c P is V I
r med with th mot perftet tnJ ceit.i nccc' nt
11 casta of
Slrci Rtlieniiig the w eskened body, giving tout n tb.
vaiiou organ end Invigorating the entiie tprn
Alw in KITS, CHAMP, PAHxLVS and l'lav.
tIKI'r'.rSI k or I.Nl'-.'l ION. ItHt CMATIflxt,
Ai t end f Hanam. HOCT. .riLMr. LCVH.
t.O. I'.AFNM!", Nr.HVOU TKLMOlU Tl.ri
T.1 1( N or ink HfcAKT. ATOl LI..V Y. Mil II tU
ilX. TAIN m thi 81tK B I HK41T, CI ,H
Ot . IHV8ICAI. K.M. H Ur. and all MR
VOt tl DI8KAFKS. whkh coteplaiiit arise Irua ra
ilrfipU cii-nn sly,
A OcrtJAftemeitt of the Nervous ft ft test.
T- in .M.ntuis ( iMI'llT. Drnvt tear
. . . -
'""' cncigie oi the tirctjy pitwinied tlm
xt It 11. under the trengthrnliig, Lie git Ing vilalliiNt
tnfl.it nc of lalranSiin. a a.. lie.1 by Iht baantl
lad end wondnitnl diM-o.ary. tl.a eal.ai,.ta4 Hani
lid weaken.! anTeicr i rritoiad I ku ar kcailh.
ttenUi ela-tii'ii) s;iJtij(or
'1 he giekl is uotit y and xectleac of
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Curatives,
rou.i.U in (ho fact ll.( Uiey tnt knd rue diee-
by e...W ; ;Ji.rtiuit. In pla nf the ntiiat hhI .f
tittlng .! i lit. icing th pallrnl. till tabiHtiro
aalai Ulk hoj'(r..l) aurlvr Hie ifl tr tt-at.
I'krf urtnttH'H Ihr tt"W tythm, rynnlin M i'renU
(loa) IU lll, f.,vm-tt Uit triitfieaia. and ntur im tnr
lli uliUtl t"t-'V uiittr tirrnmilmn Kin tl.eiT
nlrn.lueioii In th I I) It 4 Blata, euly tkrre year
in,', nior thtu
7.5,000 Pcrsoim,
liiclo.lleg all gi'. clae. and . rnidilln. M.
vi hu h weie a Urge number of la, lies, w he are tet
lnil nl jccl lo Net x mil I omj built, bate been
hen all 1, of i lief bu.l been lv rat up, and f try
I. ii l e been Ii M in vein !
T-illi :!.- il,uei.f lb UkLV.KMV IIKI.T
ii .i-e the rae rf a jr in atlln ted ith tht blue
id t it Hi. jii.iii. H M l I SI X. or any uüier I hranie are
Sei too I ). ..i.ler In Hfi'.tiiary ra (limnUiHI ere
lal.cn ttlii. li, by their action i the Herta !
.ti i-cl.' nf lli loii.arh, sirid traptmi f ri I'wt but
xthi. h L ine tlx pmi. nl in a b'txM a.i and wltaj
injured l.c.lilc, all r the aclhin thu earlier bat
fen el. .Not conipaie this With tl. HlWt ieHliin
l.em ihcni I'lii ul.oii of the fl ll.V AMl' ür.l T. Tk
Dypei'ti'" urlrier, cten in the wer yn. im o
an .Hack.Hn.l ln. ly lie tb Bell tmtlnd li.a hody
.iimt lie X kinetic' luid a fliirctrd. la a (holt
peiii.il the in.cntiMo er.piiatmn will act ns tho
I'loi.ne , I, mein nf ihn lu ll, ibi'ieby eat.ng Ital
taint' . ii. iiIuiioii Ii ich will pa oa t..tl nertite,
iUi Iiieue hack again to the ptilite, tlitr keeeiag
ip a ,.'i.'.iuou lialtaiiio cue iilui am UimaglmMt
le t tcm "j L it lite wo! etn r-e of D hPt.r
I .. e I r IIMANr.M I Y U Ks I A FM D1VÜ
Tlr. i is::.ti. OF V MPS
n.itTirioA'f r.s am) ti:stimomi.;
tif tlte Mi( t'iitlouIel Cliararter,
fluni II I nil-, of ll.t v.tuiitry, Coiil.l h gitu,i.a
Clrnl ,i , ovcit coluintl in lliii ppr'
winch ciHiclutitaly prove thai
Ttufj h tfrang-rr lliau llrtion.,
renn k
H!i(!i::iuliM2i, trunrhilis nml D)r)Ma.
-.. of .lNlinffiiihcd
alla.iia'ut auj
iei..itii.oit. w li e. t
S.iom, New Joriet, Jul) IJ. 11.
II l'i.n.nii : IVirfir.-iim l-ii lnkim
d i.ie h l ha Peeii Ihe i-e.i It. in mv ow n e .iX
die ..le-1iiil the (HI.V.tMt UK LT au N.l -
i,.u 1,. .Nix reply i a follow :
I ,r about raws' ynr I hJ I'eetl iirl'eria Le)
1 1) 'ro,.:. Ktery ar the lympt! brumm worse,
.1.. l i'oiiM ; ob' a 1 1, I'cilnaixtit Icliof from say rwurae
ifmclie.-l rcn'mcnt xt balever. .tlnnil frtrrn yt-aa
I ,i'ice i
' ..vir.,
i .ce In ( ii-cnienco til Ireiueiit etnMre the
.xr, i the di.rltarge ol my pastoral dot mi, I
iic ;u' !cit to a iticra t lirauie lUieamatum.
wliich, for jesr after year, esu.ed me indraciibable
xngui.n. r'sitlivri lu the w inter of ISj.t and 4V sa
tnfi'iciice of pleaching a great teil ia my ewe
ii.l t at ioti other churchv In tai rgi.ni, I tt
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limniitiity f..iiia'.J, tad a my Brotichiti beeaaae
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cel. on- Ihn evincing that tlie diMtrder were
niiieetnl w iih each tdher throngh the piedinat of
.Ii Nerton Syrlun. In the whole pharmacopeia
liieie s.H-nad tit be no remedial ajenl. whivh eiil
jrh and reenterate nt N'ervowa 8) ! every
imul lli.it I had tiled i . tili pur,we had c
, let. I) lulled. At It I Was ld by any friend M
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' Ii t II. ertc. I id ih ni.idicaüon ol tb CI 4 LV IMC
1KI.Y Mt NFtHLAli; with th MAGNKTIC
i H.I ID. 'Jb.t in June, lW. Te sir cttti
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. tin mt rviaii.t (tsaseTsvaei si.a sir., etil
I. In oiiilrilnl and happy rultl lf ike ewperiascBl
I i.uve i ecom mended the BI.I.T and I LI ID tt
.nun) who hat been likew ie tutferiug from N'eeraJ
iic , flection. The) hst tried them, wir M Msrr
inn'. I an it, is tun r.
ni. Jvar ir, x ri x raietfiilly IfHtaa.
I ipiI fu- II Complaint tlerting the Tb-" t M
Head. uch llrencluli. Iiiflaminetien tf the Tbmet,
Nartous smt S'i. k llea.lach. Dtsrlnessnf the lleett,
Nurnli(ia Ii. Ihe race, Ousting ar Hewring 1st la
Fara. Iefne. winch is geiwislly Nervous, aaat Ikfst
d.lielnK r plaint, called lie DuUreaa
Are hoi ml of ts-t rti. in ca.a f t'otivwHaiotte
nr r it". Spii.m.'.lic oiaphilnl, and geneial Nervna,
,tr)ecti.m nf the Head and upper exlrentille. ilae
lu 11) and Paialt i. and all Hieax rati4 by
KSKiciicy of potter, or Nrvtt Mergy, la Use
HiiiU or dher rgu id Ibf body.
Tic Dolorcux and Neuralgia.
H.' divt.llul and goi.hliig roiwhlalni ere ess
..hWv riifrrd by the application ol tb I.i vki
IIkiv, ,r. !, sl tri m, 'i'he licit ! Iba
Hccirl. il) through the yttM lb Neeklaee he a
I.mkI t -and the lluid artt direetly mmmi the
Hi'io. nerve In lh. itiiiig eaSlctlntM like
rpllcalion Nk.VI.lt All.
'h alarming tad terrible ew.tdlnt ar alw aye
rtil.ed by Itnangrmml nf .V A ". The Da.,
basis. si, tad Fi.iin,wil) care aattly every cata,
no mailer bow young or bow 14 tb pallawl. er hots
roiillrniad Ihe rompUint. Numiou and aNaihing
pixHif re in p.a.ion of lb proprietor.
ttr Ut humlitd feiliflrilei, from II prti el
il. c.ui. ii r, f th mMt estraerdiaarjr cbtracter, tmm
I. a glxii. if isuired.
A f N't ti-onl.la or Inrnnvenlenee aftend the tte
thvi ' be worn by the most Il4t and dllcte
ih rie. l and My , In ntaxey ee lb sea
alMiu altandiug thalr (a a. Ktf flnmimml and ar
vUt, 'J'lie) cub teut to any part el the eowouy.
Tl.e Onlvanlo Belt, Three Dollar.
The (liilvnnlo Neeklaee, Two Dollars.
The (JiilT.mio Prncrkt, Urn LHlUrtch
Hu- M i-uetio Flul-1, Ont Dellar.
The Article ere aecoiwi'Salsxl by full eawl
linn iintMlem I'amphlel, wfib (all erttewUt,
.,.. I.hli.f tlittuihoilied Agsnt
a j' ..MC. l"i'' r'.' W If mrthtt Imhntimma
Hi t Iii lttri Nexe Vtselk
M. W. 1111 I k, I rovktMei I'. HfnWB, Klr
field; P. 1'iaver, 1.H rfy l Cli. ValiCatrip,
McUinorai t. liT'urd .V l' - )', laurel.
N i c k-N a c k s.
Court and te all of the nice thing.. In th wy
of notion, lo be fo-iml at f.stt ia'a 1 rosi, c. mis
ling In part. .f Men's fine Bui k, Ihig.skln. Kid.
Silk, ViM.l. n A Cot'olif.lot e, InwiesrV Mlaaee
K Id, Silk , Woolen V ts.n w. y- hrt x "car fa.
Woolen un1i'rl.ev tV I 'tiffs, t lelocie,
brehlertl Ciliar, Chenil'-ti, II irk 'and ender
riev.' , Ki''hoi,l Ir.f II Cntlon I aces, W Iss anil
JncVi.net Inseiitons A Kdglrp, i'k l aces. Mroah.
re. Thread a Velvet l ining, KeetHe. Pine, Wet
tons, Ae, Ac.
Shawls! ShnwV.! Shnvtls!!!
A superb ,im k ef Hrorbn.Chene. f rspa, ThlNt
wo .J I jL- and fintre "-w I. at the

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