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Ml T rao-r, to mnn " u,
M MMI SWVa B, 411 BO rA Hall
Mine Um Mta
laK.laW IWfM
J HllH.ltl
Ktadoa in
ni urbaar"r clrea
I that wataea ua. Syo t
aetraalalton Indiana, aa-
pan la ladtaaapolli, ad H
wsanaieak portion oi
l to rameoi-
aar aUay.wiU dwat
frSjSftSBBSSr Said ASHCTMneMSJaft.
- -a
an no AjneTBSarl
We prtpcee that, m the the anti- Ad
ministration part y in Indiana ia unit ,
and will twain to, for täte und dis
trict ad county office, it act to in the
Presidential campaign also. Lei Tux
PsoPlb, in their Mass Meeting, on
the let of May, adopt iheir own plat
form, and not only nominate their
candidates for state office, but also an
electoral tickst, of good and true men
men of known character, lovers of
American freedom, and then let this
convention place at the head of that
ticket its candidates for President and
Vice President. If the convention in
June adopt the same man, well and
good, if not, we will give him the elec
toral vote of Indiana, by at least
30,000 majority. When these men
meet in the electoral college, let (hem
east their vote first tor our man, and
them or Ms 6 man that they eon
ahd a lovir or Freedom. It will not
be difficult to find 13 men in Ind ana
that every man can trust.
Ia addition to the preservation of
oar unity, this plan has, we think,
the merit of being the plan originally
contemplated by the framers of our
system of Qovernment, and we hearti
ly wish that every state would adopt
the same plan, not only for this can
vass, bat for all time to come. It
would preserve us from the thousand
ills of a rancorous party spirit, and
w at
deliver us from the power of unscru
pulous demagogues. It would take
from Congress and mere pirty hire
lings, the work of making Presidents,
and put it in the hands of the people,
where it properly belongs.
Tho' it is sot material to oar pur
pose, we are free to name our prefer
ence for President. We nominate on
this ticket Hon. John M'Lean, of Ohio,
for President, and Hon. Mr. Cull urn,
of Tennessee, the present clerk of the
House, for vice President. But ws
are willing to support any good 3V
tional man. Our second choice is that
eminently national man, and true
statesman, Hon. Lewis D. Campbell,
of Ohio.
AäriraatrcSttirfeiüonB,'' Ac.
WtliVhead..Bro. Gregg, 9 the
Iff Albany Trnnns, gives some ex-
uaocgh hut plans do
on? approbation. He
the signs of the times fore-
formation of three distinct
in Indiana;"
party, one a K.
and one a Republican pasty.
to this, we di.Ter from
ookmnorsrv. We think
- mj - mr
patties in Indiana,
Acre-urnoi likely tobe a third.
Odo the qlet-line-pro-slavery-anti-Aqgsjssrty,
the other the people's
uasjs; alt snWüra of ras rsoru,
wiAwnt regard to former party predi-
TLA. m . . . .
, or present mmor differences
ihomtend to unite on one
for the defeats of
la Iodi-
ts ao Republican party,
f party. There are
men, and anti-alien-suf-
fragaea W aha readily unite
loa It would be
1, if the lovers of slav-
the lovers of foreign ism can
' ' t . f . L a
inoap woo love ireeaom
JsnaJernntiag.be three parties, Bro.
Qljtf!saggetTthe following plan of
4jpr sjaa of co-operation would be
this: Let the Republican party as
r adopt the freiiden
rht oat bv the flepub-
0.0 the 17th of June.
lis of their candidates
and "STice-Drasidant ut
ioftheÄeetoral ticket voted
rican party,
same course with re-
ea of the American
3d of July. .The
m hoiks eases,
aad nledoed to cast
vote of the Sute for the
Jhr rT" of - the party having always meet there, attests its populari-
peuao Uaeffreaies; numoer 01 votes 01 , ty tht overs of good farc
tUBAWU.. 4M W uiii ssdw
the Mturua, podges of alec- 41 An Unsettled Question."
"Can a Democrat be a Methodist?"
We would refer you, Brother Larra-
bee, to the Book of Discipline. You
Ifiaaer ahnne rms frfm isanti-slav-t will there find that "there is but one
ssassV saladiaaa
bv (bssjs- .JLeAtbe
naawnaf U Kieetora
Dennison House.
We were pleated to see this long
established house well filled with
guests during our late visit to the
oity. Mr. Dennison himself yet
moves arouad among his friends and
guests, making them comfortable and
"at home," acting the part of a regu
lator or "balance wheel," while the
energetic Kauffman. and his compan
ion in tribulation, Mr. Wilson, give the
motive power,
The End of tho fugitive Slave Case
in Cincinnati.
Thiies-. that had l isted nearly
five walks, was concluded kit Thurs
day, by the rendition of the Fugitives,
upon an order from Judge Leavitt, U.
8. District Judge for Cbto. The Com
missioners decided that, though the
alaves may have been brought to Ohio
by their masters, at other times, they
did act gain their freedom thereby,
and therefore were to be returned, un
der the Fugititive Slave Law.
The question of jurisdiction was,
by mutual consent, submitted by the
District Judge, who gave his opinion
thst though the claim of the State
was superior to the claims of a nri-
vate person, the fact that the United
States' officers hid custody of the per-
aons, at the time, gare them a prior
right, and that therefore the claims of
the State for murder must be seconda
ry. This is new doctrine to most men,
but we are toexpectnew things now-a-days.
It is said that the sheriff is to be
indiu ted for neglect of duty, in obey
ing thi order of a Court whose of
ficer he is not, to the neglect of the
one'whose officer he is.
The ease cost the United States
some 920,000. We Would suggest
that it would be ebeaper to amend the
Fugitive Slave Law, so as to provide
that whenever a negro runs off, the
owner just puts his hand in Unele
Sam's deep pocket, and abstracts a
cool 81,000, and lets the darkie run.
We think it won Id be just as constitu
tional, and a great deal cheaper.
It baa been decided that this Fugi
tive Slave Law applies to fugitive ap
prentices, as well ss to slaves. Does
any man in his senses suppose that if
an apprentice in Indiana, should go to
Kentucky, and commit murder, that
the authorities there would allow the
United States Marshal to take him out
of the hands of their Sherifi? The
idea is preposterous. Neither would
they pay 0,000, nor 20,000 cents
towards his return. This is the way
it works, however, and Northern
slaves are expected to bow meekly
dowu and say amen 1 Let alaves say
amen until their throats are sore, we
will say amen to no such an iniquitous
arrangement no never.
ürre ättntio
jsteT Wjliiun Nulsun hu moved
near Bloominggrove.
Jar Rev A. Ketrick hss moved to
Low Point. Woodford county, 111
jyOur subscribers m Hrsysville
are informed that their papers are reg
ularly mailed, and in due time.
J3TA. B. White has sold his prop
erty iu Bloominggrove, lately occu
pied by himself, to the Widow Abbott.
JSeV Calsb Ccbhino dots not wish
hit name tobe usedfn connection with
the Presidential nominations.
JSjTTheNew York 7Vi'6ua says
that the questions threatening war be
tween this country and England are
settled, or nearly So.
H Swift has purchased foi-ty-five
aeres of land of D. O. Allen,
adjoining bis home farm, at forty dol
lar per acre. This, although a high
price, is not considered a dear bar
gain. Masuts. In Brookville, wheat is
81, per bo, corn 25c. oats 20c, flour,
5,60, clover seed 88,50, flax seed
In Cincinnati, flour is 85,35, wheat:
it ur' ' r . .1 nia! . -r. 1 1 1 T
National Celebration.
The Odd Fellows of Cincinnati hav
a grand National Celebration on
Thursday, the 24th of April. It will
be a aplendid efiair. Tl railroads
lending to th city have agreed to give
gratis return tickets to all Odd Fellows
who visit the city on the occasion. j
We hope the Odd Fellows in this vi
cinity will attend, and take their em
blems and banners.
A beautiful new street Regalia has
been left at this office to be sold or 1 nt
to some one going to the Celebration.
Thi Strikts The "Local" of the
Columbus Junrna), got off the follow
ing, which is quin applicable to our
own streets:
"Men in their thick heavy boots go
mincing alonf,, uncertain where to
tread, and tin ladies in their silks and
satin dresses go
Splashing through the gmun.
Trailing throvgh tho sir.
Mud up to ihalr auklaa.
An! ii um h if bar,
Little h uproarious
'Causa thay show their rcan '
Alrta me! tali tsgtorieus.
Hwaepiof down tho streets.
Bonnet on lha shonldera.
Nose up 10 the sky.
Both hands full of Oouaeas,
Raitsit a La Khans-aian;
Underskirts beaplaUered,
Look araaalng neat.
All your Ilka gat waten-1,"
Sweeping down tho tlrcot.
e it i asctr I, Ac. SfO 1 Thst
every free white male above the age
of 21 years, who shall pay to tbeaop
er officer id It ans as Territory the sum
of St as poll tax, and shaH proüue
to the judges of any election and with
in and for the Territory of Knfffas a
receipt abowing the payment of said
peril-tax, shall be deemed a legal voter,
Laws ef Kansas which are to be en
J foroed at the point of the sword.
, The following ar aome of the l--.ws
which the President says hare been
dnly enacted, by it Ugal legislature,
regularly provided for in that perfec
tion of popular sovereignty acts, the
Kansas Ulli. We believe that in this
the President ts right. These laws
are the legitimate oihpring of Doug
laa's bill, and are just what he and
Bright intended should grow out of it.
And these laws must and shall be en
forced says the President, if it requires
the who e land and naval foree of she
government to do it. Already Gov.
Shannon is there, empowered to use
what forcort are in and near the terri
tory, for this purpose.
But will the men of the territory
submit ? There is neither muuoy, nor
iwords nor muskets enough at the
cemmand of President Pierce and his
tool, Shannon, to make them. Oar
readers know some of the men who
arc there. Will Francis Grasmuck,
who (led from oppression and tyranny
in Europe, aubmit to it iu America ?
He has already served ifr'ono cam
paign nimmst those whcLjsrould en-! onel Cooke, of the United States Xr-
thm him und his family Ad bo will mJ- The President is,vunwii!inrf to
CaataaaT i . La L JT '
WW. era.
The Ore it Corn and Cob Mill i
-The 250 8ÜYfrSeTTiei .
dedto the Litt'eGNUat.
Th .- iimn illi-f atmAMtd in twoaULa
- .u; mL.A ikifi- 1'
in una vunirsi iu a w syraa b( 4llt ,
i juiusu wi riiusj mwcimig , wiii'ii i ihr -r; , aa4 the XtmU
fulllld that but four Of the SWl- Scalp,raaarr tW hlf r
nallv appointed Committee were pres- sTrtr
ent. namel: Got. Writrhl and Hun tuw I w'.U
ff T. Wlaasnrftl n Tnnisna'Wai TnJ'
a a. sja. liisnui IU v ihmihui 9mm '
u - I - . a I
and shall be entitled to vote at any I nc Wilson, o' tb Iowa farmer; and ,
. ...... . . . o i A r . -i i : ia.; i
election in sail Iwrnlory uuring tlie o. v. xiarri'. tue vnu- muf
year for which-the stiroo sliall havr'wrror. Thsy were met b; ftiur asm.
been paid: Provided, That the right! ta. ts for the prise; and Cspt. Orin
of suffrage Uall be exercised only by ' Stnidt, of Galena, lllinoi. waa unam
the citisens of the United States and aously added to the Committee and
those who have declared on oath their bv agreement among the partit-a, Mr.
intentien to be come such, and shall Moore, of Kentucky, and Mr. Harwfae
have taken an oath to support the I of Missouri, were added to complete
Constitution of thu United States and
of seven. The prTl
ff aal uj D. JOUjrSTO,
liTitl. CttHli 4
srsat iirT of
a a). TASSsttt irret,
s. j. Lsitaaa. c, t. coLaca.
kURKPftra fr theaprtnet
the provisions of the act organising W")' agreement and order ofiuraAge-y o nurtsiu.
the Territory of Kansas." menu being coropkted and signed by XlTO utTw
the contestant Ahe CömniUlee ad- I inauon of St m
.11 ' SL Tt.Ll.l.Krl..lk.u. t I. Ik.
ihre o'clock commenced titie oi the'
testa that has tver taken place ia this j r"f!u ntffatea?-
tSTlMi Friday, Captain Dollis, of;
the Ben Franklin, was assaulted at t
Weather for the Last Nine
Samuel Shirk, Esq., has kindly fur-
Secretary of State's Listr uctions to jouroed to meet upon the Public Land
tno Governor of Kansas.
Below are ihe instruct) uctions
Governor Shannon entire;
W abimkoton, lieb, IG, 'fil,f ;
Sir: 1 Iterevaith incbse to you a
copy of a proclamation by thu IVm
dent, dated 1 1th iost., duly authenti
cated, and also a copy o forde rs issued
from the Department of War, to Col
rstas tk 4m
nished ua the following list of the days;
in the last nine years on .'which, the
mercury has been below tero at Ins
residence hix miles cast of Brookville.
For some causn it seems not to have
' been as cold at his house as elsewhere
in this neighborhood. His thermome
ter hung on a tree about five feet from
the ground.
1847, 26
Portland, Ky., by two brothers named
Bratchey, and injured so severely that
he was unable to appear in Court on
Saturday -
larSome of the "better sort" in
Covington have resolved that the con
duct of the Deputy Marshals, in mob
bing the Reporter of the Gazette did
very wrong. When they punish them I
for it we will have some faith in their hrlo
honesty. 1848. 10th Jan.,
JäTNo important business has
been transacted in Congress during
the past week. The Honse Commit
tee on elections have not yet reported
on the Whitfield and Reeder case,
and probably will not for .ome time,
especially if they are authorised to
send to Kansas for additional proofs.
t3f Those Old Liners who are
chuckling over the nomination of Fill
more in hopes of its causing a dicord
in Indiana among the opponents of
slavery and alien rnle, are doomed to
disappointment. This opposition is a
believe that in executing your duties
mu-t business like and thorough coo-
citv. noun anv Hku occasion. Th . j
Commit tec avowing to ibe competitors araW. t-,.
that their duty to the country required i rJtS-J
t..., -1 f I. . . : ! isSaa ajwsl SfissSsaa .
in ii. Willing jsun w -asm uiusi svniu -, vitif
. . IJ Off . i .... . '"""S'
cizmg testa suouiu suuice. L.eiw Jooask scd jissasl Jm,
The contest comtm-nced betarwn "V,, Tr. tOCl"!
toe excelsior ATtllSna the Little V?tanl , i Srankba Cireua Csvan. Imi
for the silver cap otfend by Ckarie ! Äti;Xi3TE
Ginnt or ! Mow, n SktotHla, U ass a.
" " ar
The Know Nothing Platform
We publish olswhere the platform unit, and will carry the State by from
of the Know Nothings for the coming
Campaign. We accord a hearty as
sent to much of it to much mora as
hearty a dissent. We have, from the
The number of Hoo-1 firss, opposed those K. N's who re-
sier merchants and business men we
tioa noU
liaa-oa their tails papers thai
i . . r - "w i
oi votes reeeivea dv tne rrev
idayjpUeaadaiaAes, xaapeativaly, as
alsyrnher oi lotea cast tar the
mVffiWW fa maniag a man on that
isaaVattad. and those whose one idea
is jcsm, Resist in the same,
this saggesaSj e a good one, aad
must be Saamtsn; taaucb st some-
keep any agsggnv pt the oias given
and Ytoe Psesident.-
kmt irawrmrGmhb- m the" 1nst)ecturs
'elecUSs Will ndt 5e compelled to
condition previously required a de
sire to flee the wrath to come, ate."
Ton can probably tell whether Demo
crate possess this desire, and whether
' they desire to "evidence the same,
first, by doing no harm and
secondly, by doing good of every pos
sible sort, dec," if so, they can come
in, though they .may not be willing,
proVided for, by after coming in, to defend Slavery and
bijsfff sajl'1M be counted, are fbrlfree whisky.
je n w i f .
Tho Kansas Fund.
At a meeting of anti-Nebraska men,
in Indianapolis on the 23d ult., a res
olution was adopted ta raise funds to
enable the free state men in Kansas
to resist the United States oSLcers.
We think this all wrong. If they
wish to assist worthy men to go to
Kansas, as aetnal settlers, it is all
right, and we would have no objection
to furnishing every man, woman and
child, with aSharpe's Kille and plen
ty of ammunition, but we are opposed
to sending more warriors there.
quire 2 1 year's probation, preparatory
to naturalisation, and those who deny
to foreign-born citisens the right to
hold office, and those who proscribed
catholics, or any others, on account of
religious views. Our hostility is di
rected against those Demagogues who
court the influence of foreigners, of
any faith, simply because they are for
eigners or catholics. When a man will
say as Hon. D. D. Jones did, in a
speech at Soutbgate, "that there was
more religion in a Catholic's little fin
ger, than in all the Methodists in the
State," we repudiate the demagogue,
and the party that has chosen him to
represent them. But we are uncom
promisingly opposed to those holding
office, who are vet aliens who owe
thermometer 12
5 below Uth,
10 below.
1849, 25th Dec. 2 below, 31st, 5
1860, 4th Feb., 11 below 5th, 14
1851, Dec. 16th, thermometer 12
17th, 13 below.
1852, Jan. 19th, 15 20th, 14
21st, 8 below.
1853, Feb. 9th, 2 below.
1854, Jan. 24th, 4 below.
1855, Feb. 3rd, at zero, and 27th,
at zero.
" Dec 26th, 10 below 31, at
1856, Jan. 4th, 12 5th, 3 below.
8th. 12 9th, 24 10th, 21
1 ith, 12 23rd, 5 below.
Feb. 2nd, 10 below 3rd, 29 be
low. 4 h, 24 5tb, 22 9th, at zero
19th, at zero.
Including the year '47, until this
date, the mercury has been at and be
low zero. 30 days the past fall and
winter, it has been 15 days below,
and the coldest that I have ever witnessed.
will he any occasion to oali in the aid
of the United States troops for that
purpose, and it is enjoined upon you
to do all that cmi possibly be done
before resorting to that nu'nie. ivwn heap, but the Committee prompt
xr 'r rYl 5 " T 'I ' -SV I j- mw a ,
Of Real
later ftrmtmanflim tl.o Vmtu d slJ.a r.vr.luti.-ka n tk.mlil . II c lk ! '"iT? 'ei,m f"?Wa.
' fS ym ..v.u.. ; Or tOkilii. BH la JBUWUt-Sfc
serve in more if nectary, nur count
his life dear if it is needed to secure to
his children, in tho land of his adop
tion, and of their birth, tho boon for
which be crossed the ocean. Will
James U. McCiure Esq., and the Me
Wliiiuvs, tamely acquiesce in such
wrongs? Dare they not express an
honest ojÄion concerning slavery,
without imprisonment in the peniten
tiary two years probably ten? Why,
even Jim Lane whose cowardiee is
equal to his political dishonesty, rebels
bids defiance, itnd, coward as he is,
he will rUk hU life, rather than go to
penitentiary, or any placo else where
"hard labor" ia to bw performed. Bnt
here are the laws which you, fallow
citizens, are required, through your
Pres:dent, and by jour money, and
your army fo enforce upon a people
who had no more to do in making them
than had the Hottentot's. And more,
after you have thus enforced these
laws, you are required to vote for the
parly that enacted them, al the risk of laws, aad to preserve the public .peace. ' mittee ruled, however, that ose buch- "t it. wm-mV,,1.
IWIU WOf ailQ Wi:rl 1,7 0 iTW
CauaJ- Tlis WkOr 1
fjnsjsH I
T-nvitr Rur. an aA, t.irtl
nr. v uii, it mui vnai inouiM tnna tester ,u.t m xt.to answer ir iinntlai ut I
aa uovernur oi tbe lVrntory, there ; and hner than the iVXCelslor mill of
III l. .J ...II :J .1 :j '.a I Wisaw Juajw St. Jsafc
r' J , t. D. nowtaaa, Att'y for
occasion, ana urgea iiie parcels to oe viwm im . , .
- I V a a I IHM I, U tl W .tiC ' J AJ lilt I kj I k.AJ i aw WV-m VaWf.tW SSajHSW''
V : . . 1 1 t l la. a a ft a ss , - . . . . '
iei, ii u oecomes inaiptnsaDiv ner- m ruiea mat ooe Dusnei oi tv ms. i
essary to do so, in order to execute should be taken from each lot, and
lb laws and preserv. the peace, you. ground separately upon each mrll. VOTICE It hfrr aySWwa tftjaVlVkl iaf i
are herehv autliurjzt'd hv thi'. .jj-! Th FvnUinr mill iht-n Ip1 r(r anI ' sal m Meteaaof t.om tas, ah wf AaaW
deut to make requisidons upon tho of- ihe Committee cutefuJly noted the au5a 'r64aiWr.i' 1
miiitarv forces at Forts . Leavtinwortli i stnl if iVia dinnorhtnr 1hIib th. i msvo, iiuKaatncauil7i f
and Riley, fet such assistance as ussy power. The quality of the mei was i hT! n n riaTSi . r aaM tT" S
be needed for the above ipecidfcd pur- then tested by the seive. bL Swtl2llJlliZ.
pose. , ijftlaiViiftyflii'; J The Litlle Giant of thu same r.rte tsj to JfUsna t. n. Cowioy,
Wliile conüdiog in the respect! of) was then required to grind lt. two per- j '
our citizens lor tho laws, and the em- eels of corn under precisely lue sane 1 epis-aat-akKef awrsrriasi aaaesyai
erencv of the ordinarv means furnish- . r ir,nmKt anr- nnA hnr ) lim, it nw P .Jo'.a ttaSatajajp-ta a raar tassa $m
; j - . - -- - ..r vuicui iii in tu awaaasM ta
ed for tiroteclinL' their rights and romnleted and all the tests rfrnd ii ait yoi iraajioK nai. Sat
properly, he deems it, however, not; war, near 'night, and Ihe Committee ',fr "aw1 fe a1 wlajSSsWi'
improper, considering the jcculiar adjourned the contest until eight .fl."' r lia" Mlu of saatssasa.
situation of affairs, in tbe Territory of . o'clock, Saturday morning. -
K msas, that you should be amhoriz- In corwquence of the rain it was TITTT T TSÖl
ed to have the pow t r herein conferred ; then adjourned to the Black Bear sta- IHL alii JJM
wiih a view to meet any extraordinary 1 Aes, on Ninth street, aad was res um -' tk nptcawrikre. aAa
emergency that may 'arise, trustiog ' ed at twelve o'doeki,faataM hTSul
that it will not no used uutu you sit al I
danif4afSf 4m mmmie
ia-aa4aa, thaisa
1 la Mnaaaaaa.aai FitaaU. Aa
iui on) oi Ap.ii. iisysjBjBi
H'sii( io
Each of the for contestant -wert
m . . r ik-f -' l fV. f - x - i ? . L -
nrm a reson to it unavuiuanie 10 or-iiouna 10 oe rraay, earn rraving prrrti- nt Mcu-won.. o Ui rami r
Aar Ia incnni tV .. Ana . thhiiiIai. n( ,U,. 1 A. .A t- t l...ml .... e Tl..; Sll mill 1. i uw In .'8iirrtw
v hi uiv iiv w UW .A..u.iwu V Wi.i- II' U IUI Ii lJi Ut UlSl I A HC ..1 II - . , . , . .
.--"'-.J nun
be tatrito
mistake the ssn-
ßSi Um Jrpi ai Indiana, if
of them are
one' idea On this point the
who constitute . what is
pasty in In-
of them t Least be-
irwan ersaniaation.
rse the great e rdinal
Order. Winsiy-nine
them "fuJly endorse"
leer-ED. Ax. So of
k nastv soper. ninetv-
l every hundred of thesa agree
Be RsDubUcaa party, in deoreca-
. aw . ..-.- .
tnsg.aB rapeai of the Missouri torn
pronys as a naoat üagitous outrage
upon the North uncaHed for by the
truajntasesta of the South- -and cal-
trrvfL ...
ZVOttak MT.:'
a - m.t . -va vi
aaajra as oepaoitcan
Aimm ia.tÄrktha
lonäi6-4ha Am
SaBWsWa5sTW"saw w
A Medal to Mr. Bast.
Upon the reception of the intelli
gence at Eastport, Mississippi, that Mr.
Rust, of Arkansas, had flotreed Hor-
culaaedyiUconseqaeooes to weaken ace Oreely, a portion of the citisens of
the ties that bind together our beloved
Ulli. Thay agrae, moreover, and
co-asacata with je Republicaii party,
m their eATorta to -eatore that broken
and toatajated compact, bting Kansas
that place proceeded to collect money
to have a medal prepared and piesent
ed to Mr. Rust, as a tcstimonal of their
appreciation of the justness of the
act. A medal was prepared and sent
30,000 to 60,000 majority.
is received very quietly by the people
of bis coun'y. No one thinks it will
do any barm no one expects it to do
any good. He has many personal
friends here, but the questions at is
sue over-ride all personal partialities.
We have not heard of any one who I -The Enquirer seems to like the
thinks of voting for him. j nomination of Fillmore right well. It
JSsTThere is no constituency that Blys:
has a more faithful and true represent- j .Thoutrh a man of mediocre abili
ative than the people of the fourth In-, ties nnd fim-te(i attainment, he has
diana district Lave in MR. CUM- j yet considerable good sense and dis
BACK. Cia. Ghtette. cretion Upon tho subj-ct of slavery
We knew, before he went to Wash-1 he is conservative, and when at the
inrrrm that Hnmhitrlf would mak head of tiovemment, and charged
i beinf called Benedict Arnolds, trai-1 uclore interposition oi the military! el of 70 lbs. each tbou.d
tors, disunionists Ac: I f?r c w1anJ' occasion, you wiIT cae from the p.?f e-ieb party, and rtnd ; yr timm
a , P.inUS nff.,nca .In.J the Proclamation of tbe President, wuh fone bushel of each gr. und upon eadi ,lnt,rrT taisW
.... . j which you arc herewiih fumuhod, to.rarH. Thus a lot ot four bushels w.is
Slave Property. be publiclv read. assigned to each, and the contest now
"Sectiow 1. Be it enacted by live 1 am, sir, very respectfullr, your J fairlv opened for the Ut50 sitver aer-
Oovernor and Legislative Assembly i obedient servant, W. L &TARCY. vice offered by Mtssrs. Scott k Hi-dteb
of the Territory of Kansas, That ev- To Hon. Wilson Siiankos. Oqyer- , to the mill titaa ahouid excel tlse -Lit-
nor of the Territory of Kansas. , tie uiant. fatswa4N aas
ery person, bond or free, who shall be
convicted of actually raising a rebel
lion or insurrection of slave, free ne
groes or mulattoes, in this Territory,
shall suffer death.
'Sec 11. If any person print,
write, introduce into, or publish or cir
culate, or cause to be brought into,
printed, written, published or circula
ted, or shall knowingly aid or assist
in bringing into, printing, publishing
j or circulating within this territory,
' any book, paper, pamphlet, magazine,
handbill or circular, containing any
statements, arguments, opinion, senti
ment, doctrine, advice or muendo, cal
nfiaf ia
iwintw. 0 i a äs
I SKsaaaaajaAa
Anti-Fillmore Protest.
At this moment three of the eotn
peliiors protss'.ed egatusv competing
rrL- . r laifh lht imnrnvaH IoJ.ll twiikrvl vmi - will, a , ,m! tit
' -at va'.ualia Klwartrsx Mitt wii
Canal. Tlif UtU ctxivaxaA kt
will be claa aa naihraiuMaatSVI
uiwiicv al 1 o'clock.,!. M. Mn
(n -:.tif f Uiafnbaaa feat
Mine wntntlis Uaa xs ns aafca. all
I i..i :i ill be ui-h Tba Ualhwr tw l waaja
rrfRti .lav i,r ralo v II ra. R-i LU mttM94 S aawka
. tili fnoH aeccrltv, vuirlag Talaaa airA mp
I pruiaenki-iii luwv. w tii 1. -iat from rJatS. USt
' laak iiujneni is 10 b 'ui ilM turtka aa utSt af saw
' . l : tii.i. r: . . i
New York who ooposed the nomine- -'US i"
' not tho T.illlo frinnt The rotnmilti
! lion of Fillmore have prepared the ; howev,, after q0esttenin2 tho parües
following protest: ,.nd a moment's eJeliberatroo, ruled
We, a portion of the delegates to the that they must compete with Uve iin
National American Convention from . proved Little Giant then on the grour.d,
Iew York, protest againsrthc nomina- or nothing.
tioa by that Convention on the follow-' The Liitlc Giant, No. 4, of 4 inch
ing grounds: diameter, was then put to work wiih
First. The nominee is not a mem-, two horses, and at-this moment com
ber of the American Party: he has . meneed probably a Utile tbe tallest
never been inside of a Counc'l room, ; grinding, taking quality and quanlitj mavi n.. lt, ru
and no act of his life, no word spoken ; into consideration, ever witnessed in "fcTanftS-I
t i de astonfaawr ma) Ovsl ebj
-iwaertiTiu-riwall. ikldattia
( iart 01 Couimmi I lees of frsul Ha f arjall.
wi:K.; uoatrtm, ai.
..n. 1 will nSv .tikttMaatrrVatr(awW-
ty up tortuv of aal . tütluToU Uta amiMIJH at
I'rivuio aaje. tne j.,:i.i:c win Vi- oary i "liBrü u
ui. soarca w mm
so. u ma ml m Himn . citwawnrTS; asaxj.
urosou aar Hkias n
frinda nmonor thoan who should hp. ' w
. 7 . . ted to live p to the requirements
come acquaint witu o.ut. tie .. . nonstitution. bv dcin iustice to
, r 4 j j
ith its resoonsibilities he endeavor- culated to produce a disorderly, dan- lor line written by him, which wc have this country by a two-horse mill.
gerous or reueiuous uisitucuiiuu auiuug Knowieagu oi, muieaie mat net iuc iuuiuiiiiiTsrwruiii"ij
the slaves in this lerritoiT, or to in- has any sympathy with the party, or ilant, as on fndaV, m noting the ret-
m m m A . w a s Ii. la1 'I
re a mil ) nh ort
)i C. HM t. ta w-tifrh t"T asa
tnft daUt nm-ssiwiii. lha tnvMe ax ruaj-
iiiartan ut ihfir stocK b .loak-rs i.tttaf Um dar
Ibtsaptias;. aaarTS
all sections of the country. As acting j duce such slaves to escape from the ! would carry out its principles
aw sr. . d iA iUn a r.üM.r. service ot their masters, or to resist
f OOTPRIKTS OF THE t RATFIC. LrtrtJ iicsmcuv, upi mi; UCvu.oC w. .v...
Bim, former., ye.r, a of, -ff- f- j I t-ftÄ Äil'
. inuiiliuwiiiiiiHi w - ..." . . - - . .
itlutions and power requited as cash
are opposed to the anti-American par
ty that defends this system.
As tc the position of the K. N's on
the slavery question it is very unfortu
nate for its success. It can not secure
one Southern Stats, on that platform,
nor begin to get the vote of a North
ern one. Upon the whole we regard
the whole performance platform and
nomination as an amusing and harm
less farce, a death-struggle of pro-slavery
men to hood-wink northern men.
Harrison, fell on the ice on the 17th
of last month, and fractured the bones i iR.fin hi-h w o hiiterlv onnosed I lhnr five years.
I - j r i - , - - m ,
alleeisnoe to foreign despots, and we ! of one of his legs between the knee. ; by the Abolitionists. He not only1 "o. it. u any iree person oy
allegiance to loreiga apv uu e 6 ; ..iv- Slave Law.' but ! speaking or writing, assert or maintain
vt nun nnaer treatment, tor int inju- e . o 7. .C . " i..... 1 .;..k, V.t.1,1
' , he vigorovsly enforced it. that persons have not the right to hold
ry, ne was tagen wim teat terriuie w it ti
disease, delirium tremens, the conse- jgrWe commend the following to
quence of his drinking habits, which the friends of free schools kc, When
terminated his life last week. snch sentiments are being implanted
Thk Dawm of IHK Nkw Era. Tbe in the minds of the members of the
Boston Be- says: "Nearly every wo-, Catholic-church, it is high time the
man we met in the street yesterday i American public were waking upon
had on a pair of boots good, honest, this subject
lontr-letreed. water-proof boots. How
aa 00 a
Second. His nomination we regard , mill went through the ovntesr.
as an utter betrayal of the American , The Committee required that two
movement a traitorous attempt to seives rhoold be used on this occasion
a O -I . .1 111 r . a t I -. r . , t: j . : .1 T . ' .1 . . t n
' Compromise measures, so called, of I meni atnara laoor ior a leim not less wiest it irom us purpose, anu mane 11 , in lesung ue remm uegiee 01 une
! B . . . ... -.1 . t AHa 1 it a a stw 1 - - - A I. A. t -I. AKtft!ttaasa Af ikak I tläftatB SF Htm Y T 1 aä 1 rVfttl tft f
minister 10 me seiuau ituiuiiiuu 01 utsa ui .wi jimv6ij(iuu w
leaders and demao?ues of the dead , rious contestants, and, when through,
mil a free State, and re-, to Hon. D. B. Wright, with instruc
ill pfljsjff thfftnftf i the further ex- tions to present it to Mr. Rnst. On
taitjpsJte sjajery. the face of the medal is inscribed,
Yiaajrtaastate of facts, why should "Presented to Ren. A. Kost, M. C,
weuwtw tax) parties against a united j from A1rkans."'.b,"' h". ends at East-
aw, 1 A mm i VVItl sflimiOOip Hi SMA VA Vll fJAAV A V j A QV
ksd Jry the aatronage of office, .. T-Memphi,
iff? There is certainly no ne- i Hq
: .W t- In nil our state elec
tioaa ws will be a unit but a power-
fuIW rattV one such a unit as has
not .been presented since 1840.
IX then we are to be united in our
honifl elections, why should we divide
on any same? For our part, we rcpu
diatt tbe nominatron ef Fillmore, not
frail oaObjections to the man, but
because those who aided in his nomi
aatiom ware net directly or indirectly
repsaasating as. We had no hand,
howewer remote, ia that nomination,
aad wa are not bound by it. And the
is to be true in regard to the
oi the 17th ef June. Un
let the PntVUt's Convention send
Delegates to that Convention a thing
we Vpe they wiU not do we shall
nolha hound by . iadiana was not
1 ifaWliii 1 f at Paaibasg. G. W. Ju
luaaa taaaaecaraUToof taa anti
iUvWyaOThhat of Indian a -of the
J?pasfiiinfi sfntimT'f yon pleMe.
Haaftaar aatraasKl itsSpraeiisaMe aao
UtaWiAfrr dees awe fa ttvaan the
pa3pfcWtne true conservative no-
timtl n'1 niif "'J mn tDftt Jesse D.
w never win us
We would suggest that a similar
"testimonial" be presented to the Dep
uty U. S. Marshals who, while in the
receipt of 92 per day for preventing a bly in
not in Cincinnati, gssaulted the Repor
ter of the Gazette. The valorous
Union savers at Lexington, who mob
bed Mr. Brady ought to have one each.
We have no doubt that money could
be railed in this county for that purpose.
Bishop ' Patent Corn Sheller.
During our late visit to the eitv, we
inspected several kinds of Corn-Shel-lers,
but none came up to Bishop's as
to speed durability and cheapness In
it, all extra gearing and cog-wheels
are done away with, and the power is
applied directly to the Sheller, and
the motion gained by the hand. It is
made of a heavy cast-iron wheel which
acts both as a sheller and n balance-wheel.
One of its advantages over all other
Shellers that we examined is, that it
is fed through a hopper, and shells
three ears at once, with but little if
any more power applied, than is usu
ally applied to shelling one ear at a
time. It can be fed by the shovel full,
instead of an ear at a time, as requir-
ed by other shellers. We are credi
Mortal Stxs. The Roman Catholic
DimUrktt rt TAtnln latest I aft A 1 1 A r 1 A VfiTV
, . it . . J ' a-tiaiJVLF VI A UI Uli W, Al can iq.iuvu va-ay
mtinh Ksstttatts 10 f hm tnnn rt-j nnr.cn Pfl C ... . . . r
m"kU r-r ! remarkable political pastoral, in which
disease clinching, ridiculous shoes. he 8pecjfieg MVeral "mortal" sins
We are beginning to think the millen- against which the faithful should
nium is approaching. Women wear ! guard with pecular vigilance, such as
kora atnal .Ud no miatalr-! going to aPiotestant church, and
,. ' f sending Catholic children to common j
schools. The Bishop says:
Lsap Yiar. In olden times, un- "Catholic electors in this country,
married women used to wear a scarlet who do not use their electorial power
petticoat during leap year. If they j in hJ of are al"
, , , ... Sfuilty of mortal sin. Likewise parents
showed the edge of this garment to j Jot mRkmg the mtierfof necessary
any man, he was bound to marry , t0 secure such schools, or sending
them, but could buy himself on" by I their children to mixed schools.
presenting the lady with a new gown I Moreover, the Confessor who would
a cheap alternative. Those were j , . ' m-u pt;ui'p j
tor, or ItMMslutora a ennnmt mixed
the times to live in. arhool to th nroiitdia of seoerate
j j ' .'
schools, would be of a mortal sin.
No one fact can better illustrate
the ups and downs of political life, or
the changing ehracter of American
politics and public men, than this:
The President of the late Republican
ICr The Legislature of Kentucky
has passed a law making it an offence
for any person, with or without license,
to sell or give away spirituous, malt
or vinous liquors to slaves, without an
order from the owner or person hav
ing legal control of the service, for the
time being, of such slave or slaves;
and the order shall specify the quan
tity to be sold, given or loaned, the
name of the sieve or slaves, and such
order shall be good only for one trans
action. Penalty not less than 920,
Oof more than f 50, or imprisonment
not less man tbirty days or more than
six months, or both fine and imprison
mettt, tt the discretion of the Jury.
The party violating the law are also 11-
pfelUoi?-s--ible for any actual danago sustained.
Education Needed.
The following actual dialogue oc
cured in a court in a State not two
thousand miles from New England.
A quack doctor of the Ibomps :
Conventin at Pittsburg was Frakcib ! order wa, caled t0 lhe sUnd R3 R wit.
P. Blair, the well known and able ness, and, after he hnd testified to
editor of the "Wasbiugton Globe," having made a night visit, the prose
iH iran cross-examine
ion t K aaaa s
a : r I. ..j vr . u " -
125 to 200 bushels per day. It can be 1 irBl,UBS " - ' , ..Mr. Doctor, to what school of
purchased at about 816. for twel?e yenrf ' and lhe ch,ef 8PeRker I Practice do you belong?"
We hope Will Birch will at once pur of lhat Convention waa Joshua R. ( "I don't belong to any school. I
rhasp th riorht for i his conntc. and i GiDOiKOS, of Ohio, who for eighteen I never went to an, school in my life,
... as . vears has reniesented his district in i 1 innK Vuu-
put tnem up. air. rvaunman, at me -
Dennison House, is agent for selling
formed that it will shell from I the confidential organ of the adminis- j
rights, and agent for Cincinnati. We
hope to see them extensively in use
before another season rolls round. At
least call and see it, at the the Denni
on House.
To Phtsiciaks. We call the atten
tion of physicians to tbe card of Dr.
Harris in our papci this week. Dr.
Harris has been, for many years, a
practicing physician, and pays great
attention to the selection and prepara
tion of medicine. He ia not a mere
druggist, and does not solicit the pat
ronage of druggists, but keeps supe
rior medicines for such physicians as
prefer a pure and good article for
their privat practice. As many of
oar physicians buy in tbe eity, they
will do well to cell at the corner of
Mein Mat Fourth.
J3J Quite an amusing incident oc
curred a few evenings since with on
of the Justices whose jurisdiction ex
tends over the commonwealth of
"But that is not quite what I want
to know. I mean to what school of
medicine do you belong?"
. "I tell you, sir, I never went to any
school of medicine, or practice, or any
thing else. I believe nature makes a
doctor. I am a seventh son, sir, and
slaves in this Territory, or shall intro
duce into this Territory, print, pub
lish, write, circulate, or cause to be
introduced into this Territory, any
book, paper, magazine, pamphlet, or
circular, containing any denial of the
right of persons to hold slaves in this
Territory, such person shall be deem
ed guilty of felony, and punished by
imprisonment at hard labor for a term
not lesv than two years.
"Sec. 13. No person who is con
scientiously opposed to holding slaves,
or who does not admit tho right to hold
slaves in this Territory, shall sit as a
Juror on th trial of any prosecution
for any violation of any of the sec
tions of this act.
"This act to take effect and bu in
force from and after the 5th day of
September. A.D. 1856.
'Speaker of the Houac.
"Attest, J. M. Ltle, Clerk.
President of the Council.
"Attest, J. A. Halobiuiam, Clerk,"
"An Act to punish persons Decoy
ing Slaves from their masters.
"Be it enaeted by the Governor Leo
ülative Aetemltly vf Kansas Territory;
"Section. I. If any person shtill
entice, decoy, or carry away out of
this Territory, any slave belonging to
another, with intent to deprive the
owner thereof of the servioes of such
slave, or with intent to effect or pro
cure thu freedom of such slaves, he
shall be adjudged guilty of grand lar-
cency. nnd on conviction thereof shall
suffer death.
"Sic. 2. If any person shall aid
or assist in enticing, decoying, or per
suading, or carrying away or sending
out of tliis Territory, any slave be
lonrini: to another, with intent to pro-
O M. laa
cure or effect the freedom of such shve
or with intent to deprive the oncr
thereof, of the services "of such slave
he shall be adjudged guilty of grand
larceny, and on conviction thereof
shall suffer death.
organizations of the past.
Third. He was "torced upon the
State of New York bv Southern votes ' petitor, at length, before the Commit
each mill was taken anattand its mer- prom the i
i.:.j.J .Jt...-t. i rly "
KM iBI iwsasisft BIS l
mi- HK ÖB-."
KaalSMe bet.etaas 7th Si..(rt ilnsw Xv&mt
Wl hi.it M il.,. I li.r.1
. i i J i J iianj 'or inn tw cumne aswl
us t AiH'Uucu anu argaea uy ea-.n torn- YOBH and lu ihla rlty tar Uie taa; fa
J i ars. w- ffi l en. 8 lent in Ml iiW . J
i ...... ..i .. n .. i - 3
. .a , a... nr. ; ti . .1 . J i. " .w... c w
against tne wisn oi our rtaie .ueie-iiei:. tuus uimiuiueu uoul uus, h. tour cimn-es ah wwh diu
mtmm ml fmm i1,ao, ! , K , . 1 1 i ': . f 'v tili triilw sriritrsi. Antvl llan art ofhr food II. taa; Bstalt!
. i I ' i .1 j-i ... . jr a . .i.i. "I
t aSMs
ei Kar statit Shawl.. Poi.llaaaad
ctraaaj arllbuut djin. TabtoaLd Haaw
I ri'0atl. . .
i arH i cl.-oie J :r JlachiMrT aiOkeat
and Ui- Colors ret I u od p-r(ort.
Itrraaca dfe JSlsaCk faw SIsOSV
IMeir work la a rtm wlnstow. alios aft
leaac-l or drad, whlcU t aa Ifta faUltc aa
t .Ui
taaat l,a
ihiimii la swia
- I. bi.i Ik. .aa m4 - - - -
man pretends can carry their vote for and the Committee adjqurned to their ipiiarauata i otarpaaaed Uf aar? mrmimj
aa American President. I room, at the Wpenoer llöuse, and aKer ! ittulirmt.a,, riJsa
Fourth. lie was forced tiDon the i due deliberation awarded the silver t th.. usuvass .n. oraaaa.cma,
Stai of New York against the ex- service to the Little Oiant as tlvj bet
press wish of a large majority of the iaiill upon the ground Oin. Gazette.
members of the Legislature, against .
ihe express aih of a large majority of Suffianiim.
tho State officers and we repeat, The fUgUlive 8iave8 having been de-
againsune express wutii oi two iturd llvered (0 OWD;r, yesterday, one ldeV.: 1
of our delegates iu. tbe Convenüon. Qf our Reporters crossed tbe river on t -snb l . Uwt i -riausa city.
Fifth. He was not nominated by a j w,H, w;,u rr. S. Mnrsh.1 ! ' 11 45 .i
majority oi the btales.
dx. t. a. naaatt-
na. t. i
bevcral olates . M1.,i u;,, tfe fur ihn nurnose if rr.
were permuted to cast their vote .po,. w0l.tver proceedings might
through a single Delegate, who cast:1lkc. pace in Coviagtoa. While la
st. i. i u. r ..,,. .u:.u i. :.. .. r . o . . .
" WUUie w vuie. iMiwu jkir.g notes ot speeches made by th TiDTTPP?CT - DATDUP 1 Vtf
St ile would have entitled him, had United States Marshal. Mr. Fintteli URl uuli A Al UlaAi JAI ,
tho delegation been full. In several ; Rnd olbcfit he WM poinlj oul by sonst ,
instances such votes were cast by par. rowdy pre8ent a8 an Abolition Re
ties who had pieviousty protested porter." No attention was given to
agaiast the proceedings and reürdlne remRrk. and ourHepoiter conUnu
from the Convention. jcd to altt,IlU l0 m husmess until the j
'" j close of the proceedings, when be left, J
fOMauy run about felicity, like tte return to the city, lie had not
an absent minded man hunting for his j proceeded far .on his way home, when sW-" nr. i.i:r.
hat, when it is on his head.
The Sentinel on Kansas.
srch?!y . . r
peteFnefe at S0MS
uoi raai
Iu: was nLmrlrom behind, by 0011110 93 Pearl St bet. Viae aV Bert
1 1 ..b 1 - s-.i.
run r: r,! ! v in!?.. u niiii was itrim-! id f -
Jt surrounded and beaten bv about a
rrn . .i. a . . i a ... ,x .
Bloomincrovc township. The Squire didn't need to co to school."
had been called upon to perform the , "Wdl' we,i w"al y8te of mt'di
to oc very indignant at tho exposu.ea
of the Republican presses in reference
10 jthe Border Ruffin messages and
proclimations of Pierce. He finds
that the people of Indiana, of all par
lies, are Indignant at the pro-slavery
puruzauism of him who should be
he recognised some of the Unite
Slates Deputy Marshals from Ken-1
tacky, t ro ployed during the trial, i 1
nally some one inlei fered, and hs an- j
aa. a a ..it ml
enabled to maue uis way to tue lan I
ing; the ruffians following and sur
rounding him, however, for the j ur-
mrcb 7 lj
n . . m ra.
1'iesidentof lhe United Stales, though . tht. sftid. of nuitiaL' him u
his acts clearly show that he U mcarly j R CRt q ice. On reaching the Fein
ihe tool of the black "eclipn" of the j MBII. ntlemen interfered and drew
country. A Washington letter ia v pjgloif ftnd thua the ruffians were kept
.w't. Louis poper, from which we make j m abeyance until the ferry boat pushed
the following exiraet. gives the true out.
definition of his late message, asj This is not a sublect whiah rnuinra
understood by tbe slavery propagand- comment. The citizens of Coviodon
a w- a
are of coune not responsible for the
H. D. f HIPMAN & et.,
rorutntaaioaa a. 1'srearJ 1st
M K RC li A NTS.
WHITE W A 1 r.y. C AK A LB AS I X-C IIClIsT A tl.
ein iwaan. raMaWiaaa rtfT.ta.
JokoSwasa aVCa. ; Morrison k KaftW
TwaeAsWr; ÄVHhl! B.A H.M.C4ktk,
.: rvi Vi'iiUfii', : aisi
service matrimonial, and was duly on
hands, at the appointed time, ready to
make the twnin one flesh but, as tbe
"poic" Ulis us,
" riia bast laid schemes or in tea and men
Oangaftaf le.r."
The bridegroomas-was-to-be discover
ed that his license had strayed or been
or stolen! He was quite aghast when
informed that the performance, under
the crcutastanrcs. could not proceed,
but finally concluded that "it would
not pay to buy a neweet!" Exit tbe
Squire, minus his fee, ditto the bride
groom, minus his wife.
cine do you practice? That is, what
kind ot medicine do you give?"
"Oh, that's what you want, is it?
Why, 1 give the Brutanic medicine
always, and everv where"
"The Brutanic?" You mean the Bo
tanic system, don't you?"
"No sir; the Brutanio, I say."
"Now, will you tell me how much
you charge for a nocturnal visit?"
"Sir, (very indignant,) I don't give
any such medicine. I practice, as I
told you, to the Brutanic system; and
I'll have you and this court to under
stand I don't give any such mcuicinu
as that horrid stuff."
No more questions were asked. -R.
I. Schoolmaster.
"Sec. 3. If any person shall en
tice, decoy, or carry away out of any
fttato or other Territory of the United
States, any slave belonging to anoth
er, with intent to procure or effect the
freedom of such slave, or to deprive
the owner thereof af the strvices of
such slave, and shall bring such slave
into tliia Territory, heahnll be adjudg
ed gnilty uf grand larceny, iu tbe
same manner as if such slave had
been enticed, decoyed, or carried
away out of this Territory; ia such
esse the lurceny may be charged to
have been summilted iu any county
of this Territory into or through which
such slave shall have been brought by
such person, and, on oonviciion there
of, the person offen ding shall suffer
ists. and shows what they expect from
in behalf of the Border RufUvins:
"A message more agreeable to tin
South has never been delivered to
i,!iHHuiit..r. : A. V twa-iae Oav
A . B. Coawell & Sons. ; t.. orr Clheapla.
Literal ral: advaoeemeutr made o mawft.g,
Jtenla. abSS-IS-iyr.
action of such low, cowardly sptcie.
of humanity, but it is tomewhHt
ii !: iilikhli- thai thi'it hilt nni
I ' ) . 1 ! I H alsA Waa t-i (Vi A n $ A I a as Asa f a m . an
vxWii.--. .iai!iivr.ikva, man to interlere until our KewUi
.' t ta ik lhAf1r,a WatfTft si 1 aw - I s 1 v ,v ,- I , sLisas I a . . ' . mm .
U1 ",c w,uv' uittiia, .kikuougti nev 1 j cached the river and stm more ie
constituents are slighily censured, feel i markable that U. ö. Dt 'y ifarehas
elated and elevated, for the mild Were among those who tele the bru
reuuau waa ustereu more ia sorrow ltt ass(,ut jn the street. During the;
than in aner. I intemret the mos- 1 in t)ii rifr '
sage that Kansas must be a slave (DO .ttlempt waa mad- te iaterferf '
. a evtl a. S a " ai . 1 I
olillC. iüc Voliinittl aid Irom Hie r,r,.ru.p nnlhorilie. or to nrr.
vent ihe execution ot the lawa, yet it
appears the MaumiaLL deemed it n -cesrary
to employ rulOans of anoÜK r
moil. in. apiXTC
met ti. f-t aainsi.
ft ccsa, u uivt ixa,
4.C, sV'.
NSW IOS sV 04 ft sat Mwcsasael mm
u sat bist Ntrat,
r BEl.1.5 are rxi-euted ..n true -1 lenllSc aftS
Hirreontae prli H Ks. as rte.w,l 1,1 tb Srsft
K il ruuuOrriea of Ovrin.u), Fraura, Hswtaas)
ana KnjUo.l. aa 7 If
. o 1Si'I .
jtm- a
South wnich Atchison has implored ia
not arriving; arms nnd men are pro
ceeding from tho East, and conse
quently there is no time to be lost.
The U. S. Army is solicited, and if
Congress yields to the President's sol
icitation, ii will Im placed at the di;
posnl of the present ofiisisls vf tin
Territosy. and we ahali aee a eonali
tution established at lhe point of. the
boyontt, fully gusri.nU'eiiig Southern
inatiiutioua. Th President' purpeae
is evidently to hand over a few rtqri
ments to Atchison, to enablo him ta
fulfill his miision." Ind. Journal.
Sinte lo carry out the law in Ohio.
Cin. Gazette.
The citisens of Covington are re
sponsible, for not a single effort was
mi!, to bring the offenders to justice.
Like iht ciliseas of Lexington, they
endorse the transaction by not punch
ing those easjagaxl in it. Tbe truth is
there is no law in Kentucky for punlah
ing such oarages.
srn.ri 1 a bulsm a
ioh ;:; nn Mnsjsrrto
1t0. SI PiARI.STKrEr. KTWaUl t
A H I'M h,
w tin i ti f. PKAUtaa (S
Min i: A9 raacv
"o.MAJuirr.,Barr. wtaia
rmisA svo

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