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FmnkHa ootvitY is pscu..srlY situtv
lad. Fron tho hno bor Larl, to
the lint bslow New Trenton, the
rirtr rsros s oom of baut 30 miles.
Fron the liae böte Fsirfisk., to the
tenae point below Trenton, over tO
wiiee. Bridget over these ttre ami at
aitable points hare become a necessi
tv, to accommodate the wants of her
ciussna. Difficulties, dangers, acci
dents and uVatha are constant) oc
curring for the want of these erection.
The people are abundant fy able to
build hem, and the only question
which presents itself, is, as to th
manner of building them. The fords
across iheee streams are annually bo
coming more dangerous, and therefore
the erection of bridges more iroperi
The County Commissioners, under
the Act of 1 855, are clothed with am
pre power to meet these wants and de
mands, and in my opinion ought to
exercise these powers.
We will at once be met by the ob
jector, who says that our taxes will be
mere sued, ami that the people are al
ready burdt ned enough In that wy.
I know that taxation sometimes be
comes onorous, and ought never to be
exercised but with propriety, discre
tion and good judgement.
Ail tlus bridges necessary .in the
county can be erected within the nrXt
two year, without increasing the tax
es one cent without seriously affect
ing the most humble citueo, with
greet ad v ad tage to our entire popula
tion, and cannot be done n any other
Effort have been made at various
points, with n the last few years, to
accommodate thiso wnnts, and the ro
suit invariably iii ! n, pecuniary
loss to the very persons who are Ivast
interested, but who have generously
come forward and haaarded their
tim, meana and property, to advance
the public interest, while the very
men who are really interested stand
back and ahirk responsibilities, but
enjoy alf the advantages. Look at
Laurel, Metamora, Brookvills, die.
The truly equitable method of accom
plishing these objects of a general na
ture, is by genesal taxation.
My pi tn is to build five bridges
aeross White Water river, within the
next two years, to be paid for, say in
one, two and three years, out of the
county treasury. U can be done, ss I
have already staled, without increas
ing taxation, and no man will seri
owsiy feel the expense.
Build one at Laurel, on aear Fair
fisld, two at Brookville, one over the
east and the other over the west fork,
and one neasj New Trenton. These
wilt accommodate our entire popula
tion, and will be a good investment or
means. The bridges can then be free
for all, under tho eottro control of
owt county authorities. And when
finished, with our numerous turnpikes
and other good roads, public and
private buildings, and improvements,
will make Franklin county one of the
aaeet desirable places of residence in
the West.
The County Commissioners have
concluded to receive proposals for the
csastrewtftow or Cbeee wee brd gee, wp
to the meeting of tho Board in June.
I hope our good, generoua and high
minded ciliiem will look at tho mfc!
tor in a a proper light -talk about it
with their neighbors, and urge for
ward oor C ... iiHiiontrs in ths lauda
ble enterprise.
Our people will never complain of
such an expenditure of their money.
March 6. '56.
CaDaaGaovx, Match 1st, 1866.
Mk. Eortoa: Tho snow Is falling
very rapidly, the earth being already
covered: to the depth of some .1 inch
es which when addl to the mud
which tills our streets renders the
scene gloomy and traveling very dif
neulr, aII nature appears to have put
on the tnantta of mourning, in fact it
is one of those days which of all otit
is best calculated to produee that
dreaded but to prevalent die-
ths "blurs" and even now I see
in our treete that havn taken
the disease not from the natural but
from an artificial sause which with
some hss become a kind of second
nature, it seems lhat "Bacchus holds
despotic sway" throughout our hith
erto UjUtbt and peaceable village. The
dram shops are the principal places of
resort the places where en assvmbls
to spen I their time in drunken revels
while many of their wives and chil
dren are at home destitute of 'he com
mon comforts of life with c'othes in
swflhienito shield them from the chill
blasts of winter and food barely suffi
cient for the sustenance of life. Such
is the present state of affairs here yet
this is freedom the priviligo of drink
ing free whisky with none to "molest
or wake afraid."
There are some here who were for
merly opposed to prohibitory law
but after spending a brief period un
der the reign of "King Aloonal would
be willir.g to have: a law however
stringent rath r than for society to re
mal as it now is and I hope that God
may speed the time when we may be
in possession of a law that will anni
hilate the dram shpa of our country,
and compel their keepers to resort to
honest enjoyment and earn their living
by the sweat of their brows.
Tho Signs Beginning to Fail.
Meli; Mr. Banks is elected Speaker,
and the committees have been appoint
ed in accordance with the political
sentiment of the plurality that elect
ed him, in accordance with the politi
cal sentiments of the people; but none
of the dreadful things predicted ss ths
oertain consequences of such an event
have yet taken place. A free-soiler
is at the head ol the House, and the
Tnkm is sot yet dissolved; the Ways
and Means, the Territories the Elec
tions, the Judiciary, all the important
committees, are in the hands of nun
who believe lhat slavery Is a moral
and political evil, and that it ought
not to be extended beyond the limits
assigned to it by ths constitution, and
the rights of the Stales. And yet
Congress has not broken up; the South
Carolina delegates sven the pay is
eight dollars a day snd mileags lavs
not witndrawn. but stand patriotically
up to the public) enb; snd "Georgia,
standing on her constitutional palladi
um." has not "dug a trench around
the Green Mountains snd floated them
into the Atlantic." as was proposed in
the iegisiatuie tf thst State Prost
dct Journal.
Latest News from Kansas.
The St. Louis Democrat of ths 23d
has three letters from Kansas, all of
which contain news of interest The
first contains the following extract
from a spseeb recently made by Mr.
Atchison, at Platte City, Missouri.
Speaking of the Constitutional Con
vention, Atchison says:
"This Convention met st Topeka
and framed what they cell a Constitu
tion, aud say they intend to apply fur
admission into the Union, Now,
should Congress admit them, Jhat
will yew dot I'll tell you what I will
do if Corgress admits thsm loto the
Union without law or precedent, (nod
ding his head and raising his right
hand) I'll resist! But Congress will
do no such thing. They, the Free
State men. have held an ileclioti and
selected officers on the 1 5th of last
00tn -J tDe7 intn Pi
their work in operation ( n the 4th of
March. Remember the 4t of March.'
If they cannot do it legally, they say
they will do it by force of arms. They
have sent their messengers to the
North and East, who are raising mon
ey, men, arms, etc, for that purpose.
Now. what shall I sdvise to do?
I am aa old man not an office
eeker you are.entitled to my advice,
and you shall have it; and not only
that, but my arm (holding it up
high) for I value your interests and
good feelings next to my hopes of
Heaven. Go over there send your
young- men, and if they attempt to
drive you out. then, damn them, drive
them out? Fifty of you with your
shot gune, are equal to two hundred
and fifty of them with their Sharpe's
rifles. Get ready, arm yourselves,
for if they abolitioniso Kansas, Mis
souri is no longer a slave state, and
you lose 100.000,000 of your prop
erty. I would not advise you to
shoot a man. If you burn a bouse
you turn a family out of doors; if yon
shoot a man, you shoot a father a
husband. Do nothing dishonorable. -No
man is worthy the name of Border
Ruffian who would do a dishonorable
act. I intend to be a citisen of Kan
sas, and am I satisfied that lean justi
fy every act of yours before a jury."
Change of Opinion.
The following resolutions, the origi
nal draft of whioh has been found
about the New Hampshire State Capi
tol, in tho handwriting of Gen. Pierce,
were paesed unanimously by the
Democratic legislature of that Statu
in 1847:
Revolved, by ti Senate aud J lout
of Hepretentalxvee in General Aitern
bly Convened, That we regard the in
stitution of slavery as a moral, social
and political evil, and as such, we
deeply regret its existence, and are
willing to conour in all reasonable
and constitutional measures that may
tend to its removal.
lietotved, That all territory whioli
may hereafter be acquired by the Uni
ted State slavery does not exist at
ths tims of such of acquirement,
neither slavery for involuntary servi
tude, except tor the punishment of
crime, whereof the party has been du-
Iv convicted, ought ever to exist, but
. I .. . . i i i - new esfdij I
mo ssflBc suuuiu i:cr lewuiu uee, mri
we are opposed to the extension of
slavery over any such territory, and
lhat we alto approve of the vote of
our Senators and Representatives in
Congress in favor of ths Wilmot pro
viso. Reeolved, That our Senators in
Congress be instructed, and our Rep
resentatives be requested, by sll expe
dient and constitutional means and
measures, to sustain the principles
herein set forth.
Speaker of the House of Rep.
President of tho 8eriAte.
The Naturalization Laws.
The following is the bill for the
modification of tho Neutralisation
and Immigration Laws, which has
been introduced In the U. S. Senate
by Hon. Stephen Adams, of Mississip
pi. It was read twice and referred
to the Committee on the Judiciary:
"Bo it enacted, That no alien who
mny srrriva in the United States, af
ter the passage of this act, shall be
permitted to become a citisen of the
United States, unless he shall, on ma
king application to be admitted to the
wHiaensbip, declare on osth snd prove
to the satisfaction of the court hav ng
jurisdiction of the cwse, thst be has
heen a resident of the United fstates
twenty-one years continuously prior to
the time ofmakng such application; and
he Hhall not be permitted to make his
declaration of his intention to become
it citisen of the United States, until
he shall hive resided in the United
States ten years at least
Sxo. 2. That any alien, being a free
white person, who shell have proved
a residence of twelve months i n the
United States, shall be entitled to all
the protection of the Government, and
be allowed to inherit and hold and
transmit real estate, so long as ho rs
msins within the limits of the United
States, ltf the same manner, ss though
he were a citisen of the United States.
Sec. 3. That from and after the
passsge of this set, aliens shsll be ad
mitted to citisensbip in a Circuit Court
of the United States, in some one of
the States or Territories of the United
States, and in no other Court.
Sic. 4. That it shall not be lawful
for any csptain, master, sgent or
commander of any merchantman, or
other vessel sailing under the, law of
the United Stales, to hring into any
port or into the waters . f the United
States, any alien or p-r.on of foreign
birth, unless such alien, or person of
foreign birth shall deposit with such
captain, master, agent or commander
a certificate, properly authenticated,
from tho United States Consul or
Commercial Agent of the port from
which such person embarked, certify
ing that he it of good character, and
baa never been convicted of any crim
ing! offence, or been a public pauper;
and any captain, m ester, agent or
commander of any vessel who may vi
olate the provision of this act may be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
upon conviction thereof by any Court
of competent jurisdiction, sh'H be
punished by a fine of five hundred
dollars for each offence.
8so. 6. That all aots snd parts of
acts conflicting with the porisions of
this act, be and ths same is thereby
Francis P. Blair.
The .Washington Union, and, of
course, the Administration papers
throughout the country, are launching
their thunders vpon the bead of Mr.
Blair. The', Union talks thus:
Ws need quota no more to show
thst Mr. Blair has only plagsrised the
sentiments of leading abolitionists,
and sought to give them force by his
endorsement. We thank him for
throwing off all disguise and rallying
to the black republican stsndsrd. He
is deceived if be suppose s that the
Francis P. Blair, of 1848, who stood
upon the Buffalo platform and aided
to defeat the chosen champion of De
mocracy, Gen. Cass, in the Presiden
tial election of that vear, and the
pFrancis P. Blair of 186S. who enlists
under the banner of Wm. H. Seward
in his warfare upon the Union, will
be mistaken for the Francis P. Blaii
of 1832, who stood by Old Hiokory,
and did his bidding in leading the
democratic columns to battle and to
victory. Jackson had many friends
who lived 'and prospered by the light
of his oounteance, but who have ceas
ed to enjoy public confidence Mr.
Bliiir will henceforward 6nd himself
in that number. Democracy knows
as well how to rebuke traitors as how
to reward patriots and Mr. Blair
will furnish another illustration of this
noble truth.
Upon this extract, the New York
Evening Post makes these pungent
What arrogance! what folly! And
who are Franklin Pierce and Caleb
Cushintf, that tbey presume to sit in
judgment upon Francis P. Blair's de
mocracy" Uno, in three short veers.
has taught the nation to despise him;
snd the other, more gifted, accom
plished the same result soon after
coming of age. These men, without
any party, except the few who owe to
them their daily bread .without any
political character that they would
gladly be rid of undertake to Cetra
riae Mr. Blsir, one of the most devo
ted snd most effective champions of
true democracy which our oountry
has yet produced because, forsooth,
though a Sontherncr though all his
lifo ii ruxidtMU of n luve StntSS), and
we presume a holder of slaves he
will not sanction the fraud and vio
lence which have been perpetrated by
the Administration, und.- color of
governing Kanena.
If to be a Dcmocat means to bo a
supporter of Pierce for the Presiden
cy, to be a champion of the man who
introduoed the Kansas Nebraska bill
for Speaker, and of the ruffinns who
have usurped the government of Kan
sas for the purpose of sxtending sis
very, then Mr. Blair is no Democrnt,
and never was one. If to assist in
perpetuating tho dynasty of which
Pierce is the head and Atchison is tho
tail, is tho condition of belonging to
the democratic party, then Mr. Blair
may reply to the impotent fulmina
tions of the Union in the language of
Kent to foolish old Lear:
"Freedom U hsors; bsnlshineht llsi hero."
And so will the nation think. We
affect to know something of the senti
ment of the American democracy, and
we take it upon ourselves to say that
rt hss Hiueh more non6dnoe in the
guidance of such men ns Blair, Ben
ton, Nilea, Preston King, aud states
men of that class, that it can be made
to feel in any of the Atchison and
Cushing democracy, who bappeu just
now to bo door-keepers ol the Ad
ministration party; and 'Iu re Mr. Bltir
leads the democratic party will be
very likely to follow. f
from lbs Lendou Mom tog Herald, Feb. IS.
Uneasiness of the British Press
about the Conference.
The ArmitUee. It seems now to be
now conceded that we are to have sn
armistice, and from that fact wo may
safely conclude that pence is determin
ed on. its the ad van tag- which accrue
to Kussui from a cessulion ol hostili
ties are so great that no statesman
cjuld be blind enough or wicked
enough to secede to such a measure it
it be possible that hostilities are to be
These advantages consist of the
following items:
1. A delay which will enable the
armies of Mouravieff to be reinforced
and supplied with material of war.
t. An opportunity of -selling vast
quantities of Russian produce for Eng
lish gold, to assist her in carrying on
tho war.
3, Perhsps a facility of raising a
loan upon tne chance of peace.
4. An occasion for disturbing, if
not breaking up the alliance of France
and so isolating Englu.id in tho coun
cils of Europe.
6. A postponement of all mililary
and naval operations to such a period
ae will render an advance upon Tiflia,
the only true strategic point in Asia,
difficult if not impossible, from tho set
ting in of the unhealthy season in tho
valleys of Mongrelia and Imertis.
Surely, if the war is to be renewed,
no one can for a moment suppose that
all these advantages will bo given to
Russia, as if purposely to incieaso our
own difficulties.
But if peace be made, for whst,
then, hsve we sacrificed lit: y thousand
lives and one hundred millions of mo
ney? Was it for the purpose of securing
tho integrity of the Sultan's domin
ions? Surely not, for he is to forfeit
his Dsnubian principalities, which we
may suppose will come under our fos
tering care, like the last portion of his
territory of which we assisted in de
spoiling him Greece a European
nuisance an anarchical nest of swin
dlers, pirates snd brigands.
Surely, this example of our skill in
organisation is not one which wise
men would wish to follow.
We could not have made the sacri
fice alluded to in order to secure the
Sultan's independence; for all Europe,
including Russia, is to interfere in
regulating the internal arrangements
of his empire.
The Christians, by the new im-
provemenU, are to have military ser
vice which tho great mass of them
loathe forced upon them; and are, in
return, to have tho haraich remitted
a tax which they willingly pay for
the exemption thoy have hitherto en
joyed from an imposition which
'thoy are now desired to consider as a
The attempt to force these regula
tions may nay, will produce dis
turbances among ah classes of Turk
ish subjects, which render an occupa
tion of the territory nod coercion of the
people necessary.
1a the meantime peace will be de
clared, and Russia will be "invited''
to assist in the acifronoa of the Tür
kis!. Empire. We have no doubt Uist
he will assist at ih almost inevitable
"euree" which must follow hard upon
such proceedings with the very great
est satifaation.
By the treaty of the 8th of
May, 1854 the allied powers are
are pledged to withdraw their troops
from the Turkish dominions within
forty-eight days after the signature
of peace; but will the Austrian evao
uate the principalities and leave the
French at Maslak? Or, vice versa,
will the French leave Constantinople
while Corontni occupies Bucharest?
We trow not, indeed.
But if we have not insured wither
the integrity or independence of 'he
Turkish Empire it will b. said that we
have got tho neutralisstion of the
Black Sea.
This, certainly, is a vast acquisition
if true, but how it is to exist while
NicbolaieiT remains intact, and the
Oea of Asov is not to be interfered
with, it pussies our brains tu under
stand. Perhsps, however, it mny
mean that as we have made Russia
sink. her ships, we have anew Navari
no for tho Turkish, so as to start tho
two powers upon equal terms.
Russin, we are assured, laughs at
the idea of giving up her claims to tho
Circassian coast; and as s e has ad
vanced by the fall of Herat five hun
dred miles from the mouth of the
Actruck, now navigated by her steam
erstowards India, and is at the pres
ent moment a cheval on the high rosd
of our commerce, from Trebisond to
Tabriz we do not see that she will
have any great reason to complain of
the proposed arrangements, und will
willingly m ko a truce to Inst until
the anarchy of Turkey, occasioned by
Western meddling, will render her in
terference in the character of a media
tor, her favorite beau role, absolutely
Meanwhile, if a coolness should
take place between the Western Allies
snd England, by Lord Palmerston's
suooessfuljmanagemsnt, should be in
volved in an American war, the future
disposal of the Sultan's dominions can
be arranged between the three empiret,
and England's wishes or interests may
receive but little attention at the hands
of the Constantinople Congress.
Jt-JTlf you sie afflicted with any
complaint which requires a Purgative
Medicine, try Ayer's yete Pille thoy
are worth trying. Concord Mercury,
JV. C.
B. U. IM'MK.i.TI & ., H t Mil its,
10 WestTltirdtMMelv't Rulldlng .
lietwfi Mlu ml Walnut,
fi I M T I N M A T I . OHIO
Wim will rscs.rs them at tho ll lowing rsto In
ia)innl for tsahaajr snd fiom Corrtaiioiitlenl.
.taw York n! Virginia NUta Ntick, Rranivlllo,
Havings Hank, Coiincravflle,
t'ralara' Bank, Indltnapolli,
Central Hank, liiluapilt,
Hank of tha Cspltol. Indianapolis,
Parsits County Bank, Connonvllis,
Indiana Bank, Madlasn,
Kenimky stock Uttiik, Coin mbni,
Merchant! and Mseaanlct,' Maw Albas) ,
Csmbrldge City Bask,
(JramorcY Rank , LaAtyetta,
Bauk o f latitana, Mh lujati City
Canal Bank, Kvansvllla,
CrtiiaanlCliy Hank, vssivllls,
Bauk orsalaw,
PariuvrHank. We.iflold,
Indiana Stork Bank I.m porta,
Pmlrta City Hank, TStfs Maul,
Southern Bank, Term Haste.
Bank of Hyracuao. H)ra'Ue, I
Bank orKlkltsrt, Klkhsrt,
Hank of Hook villi. Kossvllln,
Bank urOnaben, Moaaou,
Bank of Mount Vernon,
HaUin Hank,
Hank of Warasw. Warsaw,
Bank of Monltoeilo,
Hmokvllla Hank,
llnoaler Bank ,
l.agrang Rank,
llunliiifioii County Hank.
B,P Jenes' Charki,
Oraal Wcelern Bank,
I iplioranoe Hank,
Wijm Hanks,
Uppar Wabash Hank.
Kalamato Hank,
North Western, IlloomncWI,
Nhawneo Hank,
Stauben County,
Bank of Port Wayne,
Bank of Mouth IWnd,
De lowaro County Hank,
Indian Koiurro llsnk.
Note are from I to 03 nor
rent d tsrounl , and should at once ho withdrawn
from circulation by sending thorn o the Hurk
Sins, who will return, bv ins'l the highest cash
value for thom. K.
THK undersigned, administrator of tho ootaloof
Wm.Runoilotn, dereased, glvee aolloe lhat ho
will ... iinl public sale In Melamor-i.on filday, .lie
4th day of Ap.-ll. IH.Vl.tbo
at Moumora, on the most areoramodour.g terms.
Said mill Is now In complete running order, hav
ing nueu thoroughly rniiaireo in the u
edatylsi. I ts loeotton commands tl,
tom work and wheal tri de atlhoKat
i i: ul Tho water-powsr Is comas
euro from the fresheU which aomelir
sl tmprov
lUtlre BBSs
olnl on tho
es visit ths
V. hlte Water Valley. We feel ooufldut in sa) Ing,
taking every thing into oonsldxrattoa.lbatltta the
most valuable flouring Mill on the White Water
Canal Th title convoyed by tho undersigned
will bo clear and unincumbered. Male lo com
men. e at I o'clock P. M.
One-half f tho purchase moaayto be paid with
in three month from day nf sale, al ,'lltoh time
tie. session ill ho given The balance In I year
from dav of cats II pa) mauls secured by nolo
with good security, waiving valuallou and ap
praisement laws, with Interval from dato. Tho
lasl payment la lo bo funded for the heueStof tho
widow, and tho purchaser can have the Hmo ex
tended aa long sa he may dosDo by paying Interest
aud securing It wall. Subject lo tie order of the
Court of Common Pleas of Franklin count).
Uli. m.N MOHKOW, Adm'r.
N. B. I will receive private bids for the proper
ty up to day of sale, bsiehonld the Mill be sold at
prlvato aalo, tho public will bo duly notified there
of, march 7 3w 4,0U
Of Real Estate.
NOTICE Is hero y given thst I will osll at public
sals at Motomora, ou too 4th of Apill, IfM.at
10 o'clock. A. .M.. a twojto.y frame house with 4
rooms and a goodcellar, and the lot on which It la
situate, aud described a follows. to-wLtl a part
of lot No. 80, In Mount A llolland'a plal of said
town, being seventeen (17) foot Iu width and allty
fool lu length, Iu the torn, of a parallelogram off
the north und of oald lot, except seventeen foot in
breadlh and twonly-Bvo feet In length off tho east
aud of tho above described tract heretofore con
voyed to Milton T. M. Cowing, subject to ths In
cumbrance of tho aisle rosd located ecro.. oald
i KHMR: One-half of tho purchase money lobe
paid down, thsbslsnoo tn one year from too day
of aalo, too defer ed payment to bs secured by
nolo with good freehold security, drawing Interest
from data, waiving beneli of valuation or ap
praisement lawe. WILHON MUKKOW,
Aiiut-r or the alatw of I.e. ( ooly, deceased,
mar 7 3l 910
ThoHtaloof Indiana, I In the franklin Circuit
franklin Coauly. Court,
Jossph N. Walker,
Israel Sleeper, Judith A. Sleeper,
K I wood llolborl, sin' Mary K. IM- I Civil action
bert, Josvss Kill, Martha Kills, to foreclose
Mose i ase, Kebeeea Las, Ich- j .Mortgage.
aru . iii.ii o i. v. in. am v nulls I
and Ceorge W. Bbvhop, Kieklol
Jaaos snd Kachel Jonas.
Jones Rills, Martha Kills.
Bsoklel Joaes, ai.d Rachel Joaea, non resident
defeutsnta heroin, will lake notice of tho pendency
of tne above ontlilod sction, ami bo snd sppoar In
the Krankllii Clreuit Court, In the RtaU of Indi
ana, before the Judge thereof, ou the eeeuad day
of tho next term thereof, lo l.e In I I in Ihn Court
House, iu Hrook villa, Iu said count of Prsnkliu,
ami niaieoi Indiana, on lha Sr.t Monday or Au
gust noil, tn answer the e.implalnl of toe above
named plaintiff lusatd a. lion.
Witness Jidni M, Johnston, cleik of said ( ourt,
tlilsSSlk day of February. A. Ü. ISM.
JOHS M. JoilS. I ON, cierw
J. I'. Ilowtsna, Alt'y for I'lalmlg.
mar 7 3 3,00
Land for Sale.
Ihn S. 4 of tho S. W. I sj,elloS. I . IS. H. II.
" H. K 1 of the N. K. 1 3S I IS, It il.
N.. 1 of too N. W.t - 30. T W. it II.
S. W. tof IbeN. W.l 91, T. W, R. 19.
S. W.J af tho M. a.) S,T. II, a. is.
All lu Praukliu County. I bass lands wiilhoaold
low.sndoa larvorable Ivrtns. Apply to
fshsfla j. if. sYuwlanu.
.VI straw and Peed Cutlers, Humpa, Cos Shel
ters, Morse Powers, Turning Lathes, A . .
Ait kinds or Patent Machinery tn4e aud BlWd
to order, st short notice. Wheels und Bsrewe cut
to any pi tab or pattern. Mocks, laps aud Dies
made to order, strict attention given to repair
Inf Meant Kugtnea, Mill Ovarlnf, and all kinds of
At aeatnery . Castings famished u short Qolios.
Terms it unsuitable
Caen, psld for old Iron, llraes and Conner.
sir' vti li. hi lie ii.
Main Mtreot.Nontb of the Public Nnnare,KastsM
roasrinti lata.
tde at tlio shortest no-
XX. Screw maa
tieeand In the beet maimer
I pay nartlriiluralWuliutito ropairln
all kinds of Machinery, warranted to
be aa well dona snd at as low pi Ices
aa oan be found any where In tho Wast, ma IS
Merchant Tailor,
IX formerly occupied by John II. Quick, ss an
Auditor's (i(ll on the Public Square. He kef ps
a supvly of Cloths, Caesliueres esc. and ran fur nish
cloths, :iiade to III, sa cheap Slid much hotter
than sn slop-shop Is the Und. K I, not mu h at
gSSsftSgi hot Is powerful an flu. Call and leaf
your roeasae and bo Sited out In st)lo,
oct 19
"Time is Honey."
j OS. II. ri,AUKst.hli MSW store, one door
ral assort-
IMS a g
ment of lewelry.
Watches, Clocks,
n I ver i noons, rar.ors. and
a great variety of
sues as srs usually kept
be lewelere, lie Is ore-
pared also to repair old
Jewelry, aud In clean and
ropair clocks and wstcaes
on reaaouable terms and
at short notice. He will alto take oldsllverand
gold In exchange for goods. Jnne l M
t voaU osll hks attention of my frtsiidi snd
customers, and say to thsm thst I Intend going In
to ths Millinery business more extensively. Hav.
Ingmadoan arrangement with a flrsl clsos oltjr
llleachnr to have my Bonnets bleached and press
ed In ths vsry Islsst styls, I osn bsvo my work
done In the bust style, and on very reasonable
terms. I will bo accountable for all work entrust
od in my hands. In regard to getting changed or
'ost. I will also hoop a very Sna lot of choice
Hlbi.ons. I i immings and every thing usually kept
Is a M lltlnory Mlovo. Those wishing Hno Trim
mings dre., would do well fo est I sad sss before
purchasing eloowhero. All woik warranted to
giveoetl.ieclton. JANK DA VII,
Springfield. Ind., Heb. SO, ISSS-SSk
Wllil sltow Interest on Ilms Deposits made
aftorthls dsts In Ohio or Indiana ourrsncy,
payi bio In similar funds,
By order of the Hoard,
J. W.rtlTT, Cashier.
Brook v Ills ,Psk. t, ISU.
DWifi il' dWksh uoobn.
Porsale oi.No. i Com wen-lalHow.by
ssojpi tss4 uiica a pasqhuak.
wm. IT mctLeery,
mi nut run Lie i
Will make appllrstlona for Uonnly Lauds, and ut
tend to alt business lhat msy bs sntrustsd to hint,
with care and dispatch.
Utfleo In ll.e second story of Weal's now build
ing, opposite the Court House.
yjT Linek A Parquher are la recelnt of full sup
plies of thocholooel Groceries, and best selected
Hardware, Cutlory, snd Nslls.slNol Co miner
Retleslshsrcby given lhi I will sell, at public
auction, nu Halurda) the lutooutti day of .March
next, at the Ule rusideoeo of J,.bs Hioele, of
illoumlusotrovn Township, Franklin County, de
coasod, sH bis personal property (uol spoolScslly
bequsalhed) uoutuUhg of horses, hogl, cattle,
aheep, eoru, oals. one wagon, larmlug utensils,
bouaehold and Lllrhen furiilture dre A crodll M
twelve months wBl bs gives on all sums over
throe dollars, lha purchaser giving bis note with
approved securlt), waiving valuation nnd ap
praisement laws.
näh SS JAMBS STKELX, Bsooutor.
I VI 111 M.. lit: till U till .
WK have now and Intend to keep a general as
sortment of staple articles to thla linn, allow
tariff price
nov I
117 K have Jual recelvod a general aaaorlmout of
H Hat and Caps, for Men, Boys snd Children,
low fotcasb.
IKO A IX D Mils.
Til!', undersigned have sod will slwsy s keep o
1 hand a goners I saoortmont of Iron an I N.tlli
suite. t to the Hade low for cash.
o. t .T. TV.NKH Ai KIMIll.K.
V OTICK Is hereby ftvoa that I will cell at
;S public socUnii ou Haturday the eighth da)
of Mirr al. nt U.e re.iden. u ul Isaac Davl.,
ni.Mirriiuisl.nl me renounce in Isaac
lata or I ran kiln con ill I dee eure d .all h is i.
proH)rly not token by the widow, couslsll ng of
horses, hogs, cattle, BS. A credllol ntno mouths
will ho 1 1 ven on all sums iver thrse dollars, tho
purchaser giving hit note with approved security
walvltdjt valuation aud appralsoment laws and
bearing interest from date. JOHN K.JJ-.h,
teb U-t:iS6-3w. Administrator.
I in- stale of Indiana,! In ths Krsnklln Circuit
I .nkllu County. I Court.
William Hasasrd
Samuel Hhoup. sad Henry
ä Civil action
and attach
meat. Herren. aurvlvluK partners
tho Srm of "Sboop, VanUurge
At t o
The above named derendunts, being non-reel-douls
of Ho. Stele of Indiana, will toko uollco ol
tha pendency of the above antllled acllou, and to
appear lu tho Circuit Court for the County of
Praukliu In too Mala of Indiana, b fore too Judge
thereof, on tho oocoud day of tho nest t erm there,
of, to bs hold at tho Court House iu Brookville,
In ths su'd County of franklin, aad hlato of In
diana, on the Srst Monday of August next, at
which terra oald action wilt stand for trial, and
anawer the complaint of aald plaintiff.
Wtlnevt John M. Johnston, Clerk nf cold Court
thla IStb day of February, A . D. IHM.
Wilsos Moasovr, Att'y for plaintiff.
rob I 3w 8eto
TasStsts of Indiana, j In ths franklin Court or
Praukliu County. ( Common Plosa.
Htcbard W. Hi. hop. William W.
Wells, andCaorgo W. Bishop,
Richard Walker, Mary Walker,
1 homos Carney, Lot P. Swift,
Hobort Ii. Howler, Namuol W. IIa
zaltluo, Moao tl. Ilateltlns, Wil
liam II. Comotock, Jacob N. Aber,
Joass Wilcox, üooigu W. Day,
Bowoo MaUack, John H. Carter,
Hubert M. Clements, Alexander
V. Winston, Isaac N. Wtnton, I Civil action
l eonldnaW. Winston, Theodore lo foreclose
Shotwell. Jamea i). Lehman. Ru- I mortgage.
to A. Jone., -Max Manier, uenry
. . . . . . ,
J. Lauer, .vioae nisui.r, ssseso,
A. W heeler, uou-resment oi uie
Kioto of Indiana, and Roorgo w.
Walker, Nicholas Walker. Daniel
Walker, John Walkor. Mary L.
Walker, Margaret U. Walker, Car
oline H. Walker, Lucy Walker,
John I llowland, John II. Par
quhor. äud Justloo M. Jenks, Ad
ministrator of the estate of Uid
eon Jenks docoasod.
The above named uon raatiant defendants, will
toko aotlco of tho pooduncy of toe above entitled
action, aud to bo aud appear In ths Court of Com
mon Pleas for tho County of Prsnkliu, iu the Nuto
of Indiana, before the Judge thereof, on too eec
oud day of tho nasi Term thereof, to bo held at
tbo Court House In llrookville, lu Uio said oeuniy
of f rankilu, und Stute of Indiana, ou the Orel
Monday of April next, to snswer the ooroplaluloi
toe above uaiued plalntiffa lu aald action.
Witness Johu M. Jobuston, Clark of aald Court,
Idle Hin day of Pebruary.A. U. ISM.
' JOHN M. JOHNslON, C'ork.
J. H. ffasutsas, Att'y forplPfft
feb SU 31 4,30
The undersigned ex.'cutors, will offor for sslsi
on the SSd of Mareb, leSd, at Uie rootdonoo nt ihm
widow Sbafor.ous mile north of Now ton On vis's
iura, the lor.oBjal property of John Shafer, do-
id, In Mpringnxiii township, Franklin county,
loiiu in proiwriy, so-wn: nurse.,
slAM'k Cattle, lloga, Cum, Oals.end a
variety nf farming uuletisll. Also, household
amlKikhen (uiulinro. sals to sosttssacs sit
us insdc know u on day of Male.
, i ,11, 1 1 ii r-n r, rrjiT.
JOHN olurb.li,
Psb.S Jw; IfiO Ktscnior.
Nutlcs Is hufeb) give
it tin
tgoed haa
III of John
sod. Said
besu appolulod exvtutor of till
Steele, Ul" Ol Piabhllu ClIUUl
iisiale I unnoted to kS Solvent
feSSJ JAMES STbkLE, JtMcutor
New Cash Store.
Ä.V Ifen or Hroiikvilli ana tb urroundlnx
lie and tb" lurr.iu
try, that they have lust p u resisted the ata
"da toriiierlr owned by John Huberts, at thi
Horton aland, wharo they intend to keep general
aeeortmont of alt kinds of foods and at all times.
Their Si at purchases hnee arrived, snd thoy are
now open ina; s stock which for beautr, elegance
snd durability, Is unu passed Is this Valley.
Tholr stock oonslsis In pail of
l.ndifts Dress (oorlo,
vm-i as Hlack and Fancy Silks, Illach snd Cbasgs
ahlu Alpacas. He rege UeLatues Msslln Del.alne,
Preurh and English Merinos, nlatn, iltrur.-d, and
cha ifeabln Pepllns, Calicoes. 'lilnjtbsnis, (i lores,
and Hosier). I.011K and Square Mbawls, Hrocha,
Hllfc, and Crape Nnawls, dec, Sis.
tientlemets'S Drsas .td,
Sash as Uno black and brown French Cloths, black
Doeakluand fun. Caeelmerea, Nallnela, Cass! note.
Jeans, Tweeds, Sstln and Psncy V eatings, black
and Itallnn fancy Cravats, Sueportdert, Cloves,
Hate and cap.
A largo assortment of Maus' and Boys' Hats and
Caps, einbraalng every style snd quality. Also.u
largo and rarleo aaaortmont or Umbrellas, Bon
nets, aud Ribbons, -a 1
Bleached and unbleached Msslln, Cheeks, Drills,
Table Olaper, Bagging, toweling Table-linens.
CoUou Chela, she.
A largo assortment of Groceries, such aa Sugar,
CosTee. Molasses, Klce Tea, Ae.
AH who visit our establishment are free to ac
knowledge that es Ar soiling Foreign slid Do
mesne Dry Goods, ehe at astonishingly low prl-
wlsh good bargslni It
manls cau be oflerei to)
wo tovu money more, bi
led, ss grost Indnce
1liH.1T not because
ds Ir
shocking intellkjknci
u n 1 m st ü .
JL Iry likely to ho In so prosperous a condition
this fall that wo expect trade will bt vary) heavy.
It affords us pleasure In view or these facts In be
ing able to ensure the patrons Sf the "Old Whito
Corner" snd tho public gvtti rally, that we have
Just resolved and are now offering a stock of goods
worthy of the time and place, lit quality, atylo,
and cheapness thoy have never been exceeded In
this market. Wo ahail not attempt to enumerate
the articles comprising our stork, as 11 contains
tuativ articles of new stvlas and varlnttea Dial mw1
tn bosses to be appreciated. We shall merely
name a row leading articles, such as
notoestle, Dry Goods of every kind,
Flannels, Drilling bleached and unbl'lid,
Khoellngs and prints of every grade,
0 Linen and Cotton Diaper,
I Ickings, Ac.
A fresh lot of Hen's Inn y Uasl
satinets. Cloths. VesUngs, snd s Sno assortment
of clothing, both formen ami hoys.
uur stock or
l.iadlea Dress äoods
Is not excelled -comprising as it does of ovary va
riety or Milks Merlnooi, Deragoa, Du Italia M uslln
Do Initios, Osthmeres, Ac.
AlKO. Ladles Silk Mantillas, Crspe, ttllk.
Brorha, Long snd Square Nhawls. 1-svcrs, ( ollars
and KmbwlJerles. Allklndsof Klbbon. . IMfc-fs,
Hosiery, nioves Ac.
Ileots in..! sii.
We have ntirtronm devot...' to Ikhl I. ranch el MW
snd ws sro now prepared to svlt with
Shoe nr ItoOtJ, -ryl.o I eveu to IbS IHXSiisSl
Infant. ConUlnlng all the varieties of Ladleo
Husk I ns and BootOOS. Misses aud Childs Shoe,
Megandlfoys HooU and Shoos. Many of them
srs custom made."
lints aud Jnpj.
Every grade both for men aud boys, evon to tho
vsry latest siy U of LONDON HMUKK" Hau.
and the articles usually keptln a retail alore. In
tlureiiatvsre nnd tdunuur,
Wo have a outlro new stock, contalulng some
new patterns, aud all that la wanted In this ws
But wo foel It ui-noceooary to say more, huikce
forustoaay wo fool vsry grateful for the very
liberal putrouago bosiowsu upon us for to many
vsars, and aa ths best evidence thst wo appreciate
favora, and of our gratitude, wo bsvo soared no
cxnenso or trouble to gratify every taste, snd ren
der ourselves worthy of ooutlnutd patronage, and
wsouly ssk sn sssmluatlouof our stock to Insure
Blank Deeds, &c.
Thors hss last boon Issued st this offlco s now
and bostlllfttl edition of Blsnk Deeds, short form
Wo hnvo alao. Quit Claims, Mortgages, Commis
sioners' Deeds, old form He... Is, Summons and
nuviD AVTi nerr
I M II H ll 111 K IV
-r-rrvvTaif WD aar w iwwnmie.. ee wee.
may I u . ..WV.,VACJ J S AA
WV I iiunill ol moot,, me, tl 11 1 1 lue
rest of the world, that ho kons s good
supply of sll kinds ol Purnlturs st his
shop on Main street nearly opposite to
Niutth A 1.) im'si arrUge hhop . As ho
makes most of It himself, ho can roc
oumieiid all the work thai goes OUt of
the shop. Persons who want any thing
in his lino would do welt to call aud examine the
work aim the price heforu buying elsewhere.
He koapaall kinds of coffins ready -msdo. and a
1 good Hearse with which he can attend funerals in
town or country. Ivo him a call.
untv Lands.
he lias nu bands printed tonus for obtaining
bounty land under the net of
will promptly attend to all ar
nndursatd act.
may 1 1 Hin
Oil Main Hurgess street, in eaa. .ääV
int! building fopuerly occuplod
by Josji Adams, whuro he la pro
per, d to supnlv customers with
w III I'm, and every article usually round in a nrsi
0,1" "'.V,l. "u '"s shop, st Clnclunsll
l'r,"s. Having had sVaral years' osporloncn In
iU b'l.iness, he Is comrideni of succno.
.... uv uii sinus oi r pairing al
short notice.
may M ly
POSITION." " Kalling," Is the appellstloD given to thoss prin
ter "who will work for a less price than I gener
ally paid for printing." Rut by the aid of our
Power preoe, aud other fuoiltllo, wo srs now pro-
I uir.nl lo do
Poster., Handbills, Pamphlets, Labels, Hlanks,
Ac, st s less rale tbsn they wore overdone in this
Valley, aad In a t)lo lhatrao not bu surpassed In
any oountry otSco,and at ths shortest possible ini
tios. Whothsi we can make a living al It or ot
I our concern. The public shall have the HeneAt
of our a. I v anlagt a for doing cheap and good work.
Moreover, having boon underbid, heretoloro, and
having loasvied how lo rr, from the leasous given
us by competitors, wo have determined to do Job
Work, both for tho roiuvly and Individuals, at
about half the price heretofore charged, and wo
oan make money at that. Brlogon your work of
every description, except work for lotteries and
Wg aava a ssw sd asatiTtrvL AososTMSSTor
JOB TY PK, enabling us to compete, In the beau
ties of s job, with any "printer" In the Valleys
Wo foel sorry for ths members of ths "craft" that
can 'I co in pole with us, but ws csu't help It now.
Il msy cause some iuruting among the old "rats"
that gave us lessons In "ratting," but thoy ought
not to blsms us for out ratting thsm after tho les
sons they hsve given. Thoy msy svoo csll It
"Uli par relied Meauneas," but still wo shall try.
fllvo us a trial at luast. and after finding tho loweel
prion old "rata" will dowwrk for, come to this of
flco and we can do It still cheaper.
Drugs, Mosllclnea, Patlata, Ulla,
Dyti uf fs, lerfusury. tatlotja
erf, Vf.,
Weet tide of Main et., next door to tht
TAKER pleasure in Informing the public gen
erally, that hols now In receipt nf and open
Ingln blsnsw room, opposite the Public Kqusre, a
full. lock of atlGood.lo hlsltne. "lastoek of
Dmias and Mkdicnes
He can say with all ennfldenee Is u I surpassed,
eltberln nuallly or variety bysay otherbousola
thoeousty, nor al as low prices. Hi. stork of
Paints, Oils, Vuraishes, &c.,
Koptby tilth tseompletoln every part. Ian now
ope nine an elegant assort me nlof
Enatith, French and American
All of which have bora purchased slouch price
a will enable me to sollet tbo loweatralea.
For any oflbeaboveor numerous oihcrartlrtet
utually kept in houses of lik ii charade r, the public
aforaapei 'trull) Invited to ths "Sign of tho tioldvs
Physicians rata rely upon having their Prescrtp
llouscarelully compounded.
I he s'lbsor
house famlllll
r has opt
a Mnkery at the
nuwna, the Old Hues Horn,
.reel, wlieie ho will keep con
bread, and all aorta of eakos
on Main Unrite Ktroet, wbeie he
stonily, frsHih light bread, and all
aud crackers, lisle alow prepare
tor weddings and parties st short i
fob 91 IB WILLIA!
Ml to dv baking
The l out; fourth Volume of Ute lasusi Ana
t'S will begin on the Ist ot Üveemb.' lsUSv
I I hl Is s favorsbla time to uhserlbe. Iis lüde
J pendence on politics, lie Miiaurpasspd snmtusry Of
I news, both foreign and dutnestlf ; Its devotion to
tho Agriruttural inter-sis of this Valley, and Its
VwJB SslSW'd miscellany for faintly rosding. make
11 s favorite paper, wborevurlt is known. TIBsta
manifest by its extensive circulation, and by the
eagornooe with which it is borrowed b those who
are too poor to take It, as well as those that are loo
mean. Kvou those whose views it combats, road
it regularly, for they love Its Independence though
they bate Its doctrine. A great tneuy of those pay
or it, like sten, for they say Its Agricultural de
partment aud tho faintly reading are worth the
cost of tho pspor in add Hi, in to the honor of road
lug their own pspoTi Most of them however, de
pend on borrowing It they either bang around
the pni offices and go behind the counter till they
hsvu read It, or annoy their neighbors. We fUl
ovary body to read the American, hence wo do not
complain of the Post Musters who violate the law,
In this res petit, nor of those who lend the paper.
But 10 aava each from the unpleasant task , wo pro
poae to sand it to poor people, and mean poop 0
St half price, or for nothing, ns they prefer, ratio r
titan our snbcrlbers should be deprived of the
pleasure of reading what they pay for.
When not psld during tho year S3:tX)
When not paid within six months ....StSO
W hen pals In sd vaoco S4B
This Is ss chosp ss a paper this also cn he fur
nlshod at, wöou out off from all pullte printing
not ever- allowed the post office printing to wblcb
It Is entitled by law.
All subscribers are understood us euguglngto
(on'.lnue unesss stipulated otherwise, vtbeti s
lleronllDttsnce is contemplated notice should be
k m en Im. lore the time I outand arreuragos MUßT
UK i'.ll.
a read) writer, and an able
ttas mlleii into goo.1 hands.
lel.IsM . ...t '. it IKJII. Mr.
d liiof. bhl we have no
of otiual SblHty and Indus-
counliy as posooaatitg lüiiUOl Hn u
WS doubt not thst ho will supj ..; lh
lug of the A meciceji fessi-cneWni.
UaoosviLLa .tansies.- f Jiir pup
oh side rah I) 'uturged. au1 Is OSfnl
he editor) theo largest paper In tn
largo enough Iu all conscience, i-'rn
Is one of the real progreestvee, and
subecrlption list will bo sa much
length as his paper la lucrossed in six
hope his
ascd In
vuu lis.. jI
S7Goodwln, of the Brook villc Aaaorlsan has
been improving his paper lately. It Is now one
of tho neatest papers published auy where.-New
4ootip Tr6usr.
The Brookville American cornea to us greatly
enlarged and somewhat Improved In appearance.
Ws bsltsve It Is now, the largest paper, aud one
of lbs best In the State Shrtlyvltlr Daitnrr.
jrjThe Indians American has been greatly en
larged sr d beautified, aud to uow the largest nrws
paper published in the stale of Indiana, and la of
the drurest type ulso. Wtir n UkriiHm Adv
Tho Brook vi Us American bas been very roa
terlally enlarges; and tho sharp shots with which
It abounds shows Uiat preachers CO n odiloeeular
pa purs first rats If they chose to. Its Rdltor, Hsv.
T, A.Coodwln enjoys his preeent v oration as Uhs
had been raised to IV writes snd osysjdit whst be
pleases about all parlies and makes up a papor
that Is wide awake and readable la IU every col
gsjSS Good luck to him. JestA Bcsdf Mtgitur.
Isoisra AsssiuaS. This paper hss ben latsly
enlarged aud Improved, aud Is one of the most
Independent papers lit the ktlalo. it Is plaln-spo-ken
. and generali v right UpOH thO groat moral
nuostions of ths tlsy. OWtf ttUtwi' MafSBiM,
Brookville, Laurel & Rushville
TUB. u.nters
lug ths B
specifully Inl
Cosnfertat ie
sengers, from
Leaving Uro,
the eoutract for carry -ipvs
route, would ro
lle thst he will ran s
accoMimodalion ot pes
i Laurel, trl-weekly.
latoty afto the arrival
it', on 1 ucnda)S,'l hlirs-
of the Hinge
days and Saturdays, arriving at Laurel the aaitto
evening. Laavoe Laurel at 3 e'cloek A. M., on
the aamoday, and arrives at Hrookvllloln Hmo
to make connection with the stage for Cincinnati.
Ho is alao prepared to convey paote.igers from
Laurelto anytpart of the country they may wish to
visit, on roasuuablo terms. (J.W.I .n.M ,
sug. 94. Proprltoor.
IIAlillll llii;i HAHDfl It I !!
A general aaaortmont can al waya bo found at the
lowest prices for cash, rt
I V OH BRICK III I !. Ill ',
S. W. Cor. Main Burgess t IK ud sts.
Nsaatas na n.
T CTCK. Isrocclvlnglhe I
JL, ol Pull goods, ever
ii roe,' inn.
it sssorlment
i tins market
selected by himself with unusualcare with ref
erence lo Price, Hi) e, ami Cluallty be challenges
thecotnmcrelalfruloruli) oithevallc) to surpass
bis stock.
The svnlorpartner.Mr. Liata, glvos hisentlro
alio nl ion to III trad o I eeps well posted I list) le,
erleoa.andqualil ,ofgool iu the markot makos
I purchases tn Cincinnati ami islhorwoy ena
bleu to present a fresh stock to kls customers
every thirl) or sixty dsys.
Our friend snd the public sro sll ospoclolly
Incited to examine ourstock, ss we sro delerm.n
sd toBxt'stln ourefforlalocBUrloyourissioaiid
Interest, as by sodolug so wobuts rvooor own,
hop jl 15
A Splendid Assoitmfntof
sssaw. ossa ssasai ff sfsa gr sjos. (WW
JLaf stl SB Vl IsJP saaf (tta
Ar.-now sailing the large aid desirable stock of
B.erek-pdlse oi Mr. Klohard Tyner, at hi oi l
and soll known aland lu Brookville. c.
Tho Good must bo .old and inostattracltve bar
gain can bo eocured
Country Merchanlo sro Invited to examine the
Mock, which t ver large, well asaorted, and ol
the choicest
incuts to pur
in" Ibsirstoc
o whom we promise Induce-
II ii it it it to thelrlnleredto "lay
Iron when they can uao "Stale
KtcM k money,"
Gentle manly and aecomuiodatlngt lorks will bo
In altendanco to serve you with dlapslch st sll
limes, nl the "OldGrlndMoso Horner. "
dee lias .MetB
SUSI o ri-
- sjj "-a
Jj A I. tin r tntidiRiBH
tVV i u sf,, er is nur Ilm
we ucvorhail so lind a stock of Pi-f
anos on hand as now, and we pleslgo ouraoive to
sull for cash lower than )ou eathuN i i i t
All we ask Is an examination of oar Immense
stock of L. , N. A H.'s Pianos, togotkor with othsr
good makes, before ) ou buy.
jjoc 81 " "ourtb street,
I he largest Piano Oealersta Cincinnati.
Ha. NU. We -') asjjaajj4jsj
ix new at
d hand Pi
auoa, al
the pur
nl upnls on
. Come snu rent oou.
hll'KCH h vt III I K,
Uecai No. 74 Wet Fourth atrwot,
I holargost Piano Dealer lu Cincinnati.
ATA HlshoptV ihlld' MelOUe.
(Und unuqualud tu America
ratiid aale is proof lioslllvo i
real aubcriortly ovoi all others. For xTu al fac
tory prices, who esalc or retail, from 8Ü to S'tuo,
Tho largest Planoand Meloduon dealersln t I n-
A Speker at Last,
But that is no reason why U. A A. N. Black lidge
of Melamora, cauaol oell cheaper and beter
goods than any bouse lu the valley, consisting of s
general assortment of Hry Uoods, Oroeerles,
Uueensware, Hardware, Cutlery, Boot and
hhoes. Hats, ' ape, and a general assortment of
Heady Made Clothing of tho latest aud moat Im
proved Nbsngbst stylos. We would respeclf ull)
call the attention of tbo ladio to our stock of
tillks, l e Latinos, De Berges, Alpacas, Cashtuora,
Ac,, also Kbawloof various Description, Dress
Trimmings, Jewelry, and a general assortment of
Yankee Notions, which we pooltlvely will sell a
cheap if not cheaper than auy house lu the valley,
for cash or approved couutry produce. We re
turn our slncero thanks for former patronage, and
ask a liberal share for tho coming year. Call nnd
toe us.
All Indebted to us wilt p easoenll and settle ap
their aocounta.ae we must have monoy, or we
cau not eoultne to oll good o cheap.
lob. I-Sm.
IvVVVV aide HA VV LUUH waUtodTsetlv-
Wed al ibo Saw Mill oa tho Canal, Just above
Brook Hie, for which a liberal pries will be paid
In caab or iuiulier. ,
dec Si w. Moitrtow.
A LAH: K assort)
l usually kept lit
slsUes of all articles
retalt alores, at the
lowest price for cash al
nor I
Tho largesia.sorttnentevor offered to thle
le, fur sale al .No. I t-uinmorrial How. by
i s .
n intuit of Hoots,
isktns, llojs. Mis
lurrl'o celebrated
sn OUd l
'luskinsan I ties, at cash prioes.
ort IS
tin sit ok äVöJBSLg..
I f I II
A V 1.11' (111 BUI PEC TOM Al..
For ths Mptd euro of Coughs, Colds, Hosarss-
r.ess. Bronchitis, v hooping-cough, Asthma av
( onsasnptlon, la nutvorasUy known as the best
remedy ever vol discovered for every variety of
Pulmonary Hasses. Be elW It the Sold of Its
usefulness and iu numerous tl . ases of Its curse,
lhat almost orory eoctlou of the roankvy abounds
iu persons publkly k be A, who have toon roe
lor. d from utsrmtng and evon desperate discs
of the Isngs by Its sso. When ones tried Its aa
perlortlyover every other medlelso of lis kind is
too apparent lo escape observation, and where Iu
virtues are known, in puMr SO longer heeltate
whet antidote to ustploy for lbs distressing ssd
dangerous affections of the pulmonary organs
whljfaare lnctdeBl to oav climate. By its timely
use many, nay almost all attacks of dlaesae upon
Ute long or throat, ararreatcd and thus are aavod
many thousands every year from a premature
grave. No family should he without it, and those
who do neglect to pro Ide themselves with s rem
edy which wards off this dangerous eiset gt dis
ease will have cause f deplore II when it Is KM
late. Pi oofs of tho surprizing efficacy of Ike
CSSIT) Pectoral need uotbe given to the A men
SSSk peoale, they have living proofs In every
neighborhood, it ul those who wish to road the
stetementeof those whoso whole health has Seen
restored an. I whose Uvea have boost amved kj Its
uee, wHI Bod them tn my American Almanac
which the agent bslow named has to furnish grails
for ovory one.
rreoarodhy llr.J. C. A van, f radical Chemist.
Lowell Maas.. and sold by aU Druggists and Deal'
era in Medicine through this section. Hold by
rs in .Medicine Ihrougn tbts oeclloi
M, W. Hallo. Brookville. Ind.
Gilford A Dupuv, Laurel "
C. VancfMnp, .ilrlsmots,
C. Overton, Auderaonvlllo,
Jan IS 3m
For the rapid Cork or
coiens, colds, hoarsle:ss,
Among lbs mi
made In this gel
of llfsdurrcasc
the lernt of hum
ol mors rssl vol
button oT Cheml
asSnesrras ocieuco has
forllltate the business
msnlsnd oven prolung
ar, none oan bs named
iklutj than tins rontrV
l Healing Art. A vast
trial of
s throughout tl
hss proven kcyuhd s
combination of uwdl
ly control and cure
loobtstbslno msdiclns or
nes jei known, rsa eo ssro
Iho naraemita variolic of
h have hitherto ssfsat
from our midst thouassds and thousands ev.
sry jrssr. Indeed, thsrs la ahnndanf rsaisas to
bel.ovo a Roatody haw at tongl been found
whlob can be relied en, to cars tho moat daagar
one affections of the lungs. Our space here will
feOtferoilt us to psbllsb any projiortioti rf ths
euere effected by Its use, but we present ths fad
lowing; and refer further omjulr) to my Amort
tun Almanac, which the agent below bassod, vUl
always be pleased to furnish free, who rot u are
full particulars and IndlspuUble proof of those
Office oi I . iu, sp.,riat!oti, Laurens R. B.,i
S.C.. Aug 4.183
Dr. J C. Ayer, Doai Sir; My Utile aou, four
I car. i
has just recovered rrora another severe
lalnfuant hcarlnl Knver. bla throat
iraon that visited him.
Irtan, for a i
auccta, I i
I gnvr him
at night, 1
e uttssk of bronchitis, with entire
iducod to try It on my little i-o) .
i-a-apoon-fnl ovory throe hour,
lim morning, and by ten o'eloek
S s destdod change for the Soi
ree da) um, he was able to eat or
lis use to the sbove named disease will eave
many a child from a prämature grew, aad re
llevo the suxiety of many a loud parent. Por all
affections of the Throat and Lungs. I believe It
the boat leedlclue aslant. A fouling of the deep
est gratltede prompte uie In addressing you thaea
linos. but for your Important discovery my Utile
boy would now have been In another world.
I am yours with g'eat rospeet,
J 11. POWELL, Supt Trans.. L. R. M.
Kocky Hill, (Somerset Co.) K. J,, July 91, Uttt,
Or. J. C. Ayer e Slues year medicine ha be
come) known he to It haa a greater demand than
any other cough reined) we bsvs over sold. Ills
spoken of Id terms of u urn assured prams by thoau
w ao nave aeon it, ana i a now oi
loo the bestlhev can say ot It I not
for the good It ha done . f lake pleasure In Oed
ing II, because I know Ural 1 am giving my custo
mers too worth of their money, and Pfeol gratified
lu seeing me bouenl It confers.
Please aoud me a further supply, aad believe
nie Vosrs, wuh jcspeot.
joiiB.r. wm TLorn.
, any nusabauT of uerltaustoeuan bo
P. Al
out you, II
it! Chemist, Lowell, Mass.
.ikvtlte by M. W. Hallet
Drpuy,' Laurel, Ind.
C. 0
es In aoarly over)
Crown Point, la.,
4 mna.
n tho west,
ing Agent.
leb. 1,
They don't Ac's complaints, buttbey cur them.
One Box ho cured U) pOla.
Three Boxe have cured too wnrstcaaos of Scrof
ulas Two Bokot have Cured Erysipels.
One llox ulwa) . cures lh Jaundice.
Threw Boxes aro sure to eloau tho syeleiu from
Uo''S olieu lea ikau Mio kms it.
Tvo Bogus hsvatomiileti 1) ou od ike wsrttof
hie .11 d ie.-, seldom fail to euro the Pilo. . ,
Oex looo cure too headache arising from a foul
ttonu A.
Strong dos-s often repealed expel ever) worm
from the k
who are a
lid lie given to children
lets ami. led with thla
Asa gentle Physic they have no equal.
One llox cures derange meat of the Liver.
Thoy purtfV the bt-od, aad thus strike at the
foundation ol every iil.ua-.
A u Dinner Pill there i not their equal In the
Thoy are porehr vegetable. arid ran do no harm,
but do accom nil ab au unaccountable amount of
"Tbvlaste and choracler of a netlonare known
by Ha costume. hi wit.
those w h' be Hove lh-i -'itpparel
mas.' The uudurslgu cd I awart
moat fjjtllo l attempt lo catch th
thepunll ib rough '.he niedlum
mont. ) el no cannot refrain from i
liuiire upon the mind ol his p
piildlc generally, thai "taste" Is o
thiugs to bo otudied In a garment . li
sst, ai xa.at x so oi a.aii.mr, SM
lenllon or
vortog u
. and the
if the Srl
is' a gar-
inunl cut and made in this manner wbilx it coots
so mors tbsa ms Lungllsfly thrown together,
dtspls) to rugreolesl ud vantage the beaut) ai d
yu.etrv of a perfect form, anT conceal the do
fecU of an l Olper fort oue. In illuslrattott ol this
wo could point lo many who "stalk through tho
world scarce half made ap, and that ao lamely
aud uiiihahtonably that dog bark at thorn, aa they
ball by."
Not lhat tin ) have been cortaltod t Stir pro
portion by "dleB.Mrtia ualure." bail from the
fsjlthst they did not purchase their dross of s
practical taihtr. To sack we would rooommend
too now, fashlouably, aud woll selected stock of
Clothing of
Wo (D)o 1&& ijaV.JLlaaUsXVw
Two doors north of the Rank, where you will aP
ways Aud a largo assortment of
III A D -ft AUK CI.O I IlleVtU.
Cbespei than can be had at any other houee la
the couutry. He tea practical Tailor, and Sailers
himself he can suit too taste of all who favor blm
with a call.
He, after expressing thanks for past favors, re
quests the continuance ot pmronage from the pub
He. and will be happy to wait on Utooe who may
fovor him with a call . He alee atlll coatluaes to
carry oo the Tailoring and Is prepared to do up
wotk on the shortest notice and moot reasonable
Hop SI F. O. BAKU.
BY A K ft O VBS) Itl I-; T II I X ii .
!tol worth the Iura of a groat,
Or a dlrtt lieeWs note,
Ho threadbare, ragged. trae) ,
l orn, worn, forlortiand hree.y
Is my coal!
Ami vat. when I 'm gaily dreeeed.
, I dare ssv, m best.
v,..il, ll !tllered ami torn.
d si
Heatings: now awiuiiy worn
Is this vosAI
Aad these, oaee up to my waaU,
Ware fashion 'd rrom Bnetl cloth
Theas, my friend, tbooe, once io See,
Brillaut, supurb, divine,
' Are in) panU'
Olvs ws
I'll tell
rkled crow
1 11 g .)
go alraighlw) ami bu)
I iHRMsTl. I.I -
nir i, splen .I.
II I'UVII II IMItllt sn till ..
SlidOlU lnlh Table l over. . m a n ufailBreil ai.d
sold.wholesali aiidrutall.b) M .hawyeres Co.Nd.
i olleg liiilldlng, Walnut hi., Clnclanatl, fhlo.
Urderapromptl) Blind. Coaotiy Merohasilsat.d
etkermupplled oathelewesltorme.
B0V.S,lo43. --4S-1UU...
-Q m-O S 0?ysS BsSsTl J a si AsbWLLt
-VssOBp Jk JtrS sssVV. 1
rear frSSlM SSsttr
ON BAJaD afeADä !
RkKTosuKo SVvniaTOftaosioiSAi
fWIIS setonishis gS visa .site I
jmm ssj us vor taue i
""'. wueu aeeoacooai
turn Hair back U. ts or
Z..?',?:?!-mol 'swats it la sll Its
lUi, lustre, aoflneat SBd - "f tlTlsTsi
s an sc..,f. daedrug. aadlwooimaaTS
ifshv erapMoas. and favorhV hoes fvet
I -'aUoprevauls Ue batr f.oZ lZZ.
unheal thy
f, i
essVS I. tl as . "
.Sinsr eaataU sWttM
AI lit VKtoSAToK AH9 temtC.
Wosaaox srswooritsoatowka T rtihsssli oar
sssertlooa: ewsseewso owr
I havesvsM rrof.O. J. Wi
and hae adm.red its v and
was beooettng, I
hot, hv the oao l
suaiod Its orifti
perinanoDtly so.
was ooooming, aa i isoogbL.
or the RoSorative.
"final color, and I h'0 jm laskl.
svszrsvssi asSsaawsvs.
sSa .a a m . . .
as -i-iiiswt vnaoe
Uit-My -ejlr had Saegsvosal
ysojra htMkwsMHailnc pormaneouy era). a-Yoas
panted by a harsnn.se wblej rendered she cww
stant application of oil nocoaaary lo is 4rwsa7aT It.
üf,.?-",!,iCd 5,M,r sseesssTow,
about two months ago, it wsa Iu that T-nSBJrs 1
and having oontloootl IU uee uil wUhU Ska hss I
tbreo weeks, It has tarsed to Ha satoral sie
and aaaumed s lostro ssvd softness gvwovart to So
t referred to th-o prsMlaeod by tho apwIteatSVoa of
lis or any other proparatUu I have TeToaM -I
regard it as an Indispensable aetlcr- lur every U
d'to,''''swsla..Halr SseUira
Iwiiu'lV k i V pucfosee of Urs vela c or
auui ) ina-uio hatr. lim hav pern ss oe to re
tj, , ," "''ts' en) tost ot llafsjgs
ly it. or the d
r. o.i i luaawvi,
a fine . nlof and tea
Oardinsr, Malso, Jana H. Sd,
Ml Dear. Dear hir-l have oeod two Sottloenf
Prolussor Wood's Hair H.storaliv. nd ae tratr
s.y Itlsthegrwaloet dtocov.r, of the ut7f
tori g and changing the bair. Before Tet. It 11
was ss gray as a man of seventy. My hsfr has
now attained iu ortglaai cotor, Yes
mend II to the worfl wltooSt the la.fj.,. TT?
ease was oao of the worst kind.
Yours. ikll. sftSPHV
N. R.Wh now ami ap too Hootnra- Ira kssssa
with a.4 xemyJSet
lug color, that with sediment should ha sasstha
sold at iw Market street, m Lmu, Mo.,sm
Hroadway. Sew Vork, aad by all drurtote every
where. All kinds of fared it pataat moShMasys Ss
sale on the moat 1 Ihoral terms at Prof. WooSw
lablishmeut. 114 Market street, St. Loads.
Prtosfcnlf tdnts SI. or sis houtss SSk stats SS,
or .it bnicies far s, nu.ru SJ of sis boujmUi
,-' '' "rs oil Drloi.i.i Kowottvo
...uaa.eniajuu mag is life pill, warranted
. , " ttr'y ,n "see I
pi i. ... , l j .i,nI, Kslolatl A ('a
t-as,. . JoHNu-raHa
iirisis ugwss, tor ssasssaa, was win
II sell St
manufacturer 's p
The .ulaMrtbers have eeubu-hed a Book A
r m PhttadelphU, and will ferelsh any loi m
iuiiiicanoii at me retail pr.ee tree of iitioaagS '
Any psrsons, by forwarding ihs aubacriptlnn prise
of any of the SS asagaituea.ourh a Haraor,Oo
deyS,, Putnam', Orabam'S, Praak I., .lie-. Poah
loos, he., will receive the luogastne ..r oow yeow
M ! - op , ; I f i SSM I ...ogr.ph ,artsA of
either Wa.hli.gton. Jaekeoa or Clay I at, il sab
serlher to a S and a SI Magaue, thoy will r.
... -a. upj ol sUavai oi the taro ponrarts. II
subecrlblng to fS worth of Magattue. all throe
porlralU will bo sent grails. Musto fUmisheS to
those who may wish It
metopes of every doacrlplloe and els to lassjo
or small ..ieulltl.s furnlshod Heal Preoeo. Diss.
Ac, seat to order
Every daecrlptloa of Engraving an Wood exe
cuted with neatness and alcpate. V'lowo of SmtS
dii.g. Newspaper llesdiug. View uf Machinery,
Hook IlluatraUoss, Lodgw Ceruseatas, ttoMlaaaj
Cards, oka. All order ent V mail promaUy at-
...... v.... . .,.., s i.uiii( ussi i.i ineiriL'id
Inga e egra ved can send a taagaorreotypo or sketek
of the bulidlef by mail or proas.
Persons at a diatance having asleable article
would Bed It to tselr ad vsnlags to adArae ike sob
srrloers, aa we woe Id act aa age a I tor toe aale of
the same. HYKAM k PlVKCoS,
50 Houlh Third Siraet, Phlladcl phlaTPm.
icuueaio. rerouae wleaiog view of thetrlliUS
j o. iriia. taovswiy) . atavt
I'ldlVIDEM'E, K. I.
rvs ras raxvasmos ie consj
lcer and Agae.or Chill fever, Hamb Ague, aad
other Intermittent aud Remittent Pevertx also
of itilllous Fever, aasmasjasmtod h Ty
phold N, mi torn; T pdoid Fever,
Yellow Fever, bbip aad Jail
Fever, Oeneral Oebll
Ity, Nkfht siwoaio,
aad all other -woa
forms of dls-
MM i SS a t a asm e .. . . mm
Till ubtle atmosphone pot sou, which at oortale
ajMons li unavoidably inhaled at evgn breath, t
the same In choracler wherever It exlks, stoHS,
south. east or -est -end wilt every wborsytaM tsv
this newly discovered ABTIOoTE, which neu
lroH.es the polsoh, completSlT BBBjJaj tamlSJSI.
and thus entlreh remove all ihr eanea nt diaavaa
suits from lu uee' lssW sxSSsasw-
I or trat e lei eveu In
Ickt) or swamp) localities from aay
Ogwaor nil lion diseaee whateva. . or
Norn constantly Inhaling Malaria or M
Il will inttoaUy check ibeaaraoln sorooe- '
have suSkred far aay length of time, from oaa a
to w ist, rs. as. so that thoy need never hav v
cauLb.oy ronunaiitf iu see aaeerSieg to
Il will Immediately raUaea all Iks
resuiisoi vinous or ague oisrasoa.
I a S broo
Tnerolluwlng certlSeale from oae of tbo two!
aettmralsS ahsmisu in tue United State ta -nunksf
io eiar, iroitie:
.tew ora. Juao It,
"I have made a chemical examination of
Fever and ague tu re, or Antidote la äassksi
havetoetod ll for Arse nie, Moreury, Hoi...... aad
htrychnloe, ksSAsjts tyMIound a particle af etsjaat
In 11. no- have I found any aubeUuve In its oeea-
lieu thai would prove inj
J.th. K. ClIll.l.O, M I). Chemie.
. ars. t lllWIU.l, 101. i
This Allow of Us
by which all person may be aero of entire
dorn from too above nauwd dleeasos no matter he w
sii kl) iheeoason or swamp) too locality.
PkfuuPH op EPFICaLV are feeoaeaUy petv
llshed, and torn coosSdeoca of tow awhile ts asked
only lu proportion t , Its actual moitU wherever
in trod uei ii and used. These only are relied upon
lo iiTovo til wortto
One or two boitlos will answer for ordinary eas
es; some may require more. DUesHlwsm BitBUsi
in German, Freimh, and pan sh.aerompaey eaoh
i.juie. Prtce One Dotisr. Prepared asyd aatd by
lb Proprietor,
JAMES A. RHODES, Providence, K t.
Por sale by druggists generally. oovS
-.saw, A. WUUDHALLsS.COm
Ags'.eitn Bn.ok villa, aufl for aale by d.alers gwa
era. iy throughout the Lulled biases saStäamSs-
Hoar) winter, bleak and cold.
t nines again with freelg bleat,
And the w lud, so floroe aad ibold, -
ha toe year not long oan last.
.Nature sleep to ftossm and sedasss.
Psded, loo, iu face's g Udaees.
vt ht aa emblem this. of Use!
Tottering, ha'toatag to decay t
All Its grief, aad war, aad (trite,
n grim death doth peas away.
Like the wintry 0i are we,
Hastening to eternity.
1 hen.etktOS tVBMeaVS
Chill our blood with da
Lot us 'satnetilo amvws unkind
Juard ourselves e'eu from tots bwur
d strong boots snd elotaeeeanttlv.
Thea the winter you'll defy.
TYBBRA KIMBEL, oa Barges sueat
Keep GI.OV h end clothing very warm
Kisewbere you will seldom meat,
Puch as thetrs tobrare toe storm
And Uowta and shoe, of evary ktesl
Por w tutor uao you there wHlSed.
Bayou nf aad old, male andmasale,
J uoi call al their store and see
For yourselves, aad tSew bay
If you waul to oavs soar taoaey.
And your health loo
To art, or art to bar. ISat u the ueettoa,
Whether 'l . I . it r i..r th man lo saSVr
Tho tile aad w oaa of tore 0011 iso onto,
Or SlsBke hi cash ogeinsi . oaa of trwobloo,
And b) a , . -- ' ASSS. ToS-y,toW,
Mo more; aadb) lhat purchase say WS ead
Two very many iiiceorveaienceo
Ibalwearetvolrto: U eswwsx
Devowtl) tobewlrhwd. Teweeagwrk
Cnfaahloaably old, ah! there's the rah.
Por la see, faded garb, what Ills laejr rosea
When they aro leaet d eel red. TasMwH tke re
ihst makes calamity of seek a salt;
For wao vratild aar the ffavte of peawers by
AuraetanenUon b, atoreadbarerwoA,
Or veetmaate low n tasiitonobiv oti.
When he hi moo If murkl a ,aleta 'ueke
By .oirshaslng en entire new suN ef Clothe a I
F. Ö. A kJiK'I Faaklouabl Clothing Store,
das Hi Mm.
ierrul sisai w. k ...
d.-hllil) . night sweaia, Ac. I ho paUeut al Ooce be
gins lo recover appetite and strength, aud enntin
ue, until a permauentand radical care U sSWtad.
And a S proof that II Is also w

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