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INDIANA AMERICAN. ,Hlhway nr. wt7
... . , . iff-- s I We barely Alltraeil, son tinv at;"
In- lppr MiMitipi
niMi et t Trr, to iiwim taw,
o fifol tWATt 4ff 9 '1 " 1 1 '
T. A.
IWIH, Editor.
e..pi, perhana. two Mn In ladrbtaapatli, end 11
ta a riMOin la Ma wealthiest aofUoa ' th
k who ui la aavoMaa ta
y, will da eil to rtswm
Oer IUI fite
to the fact thui the Musouri I tufl-un .
finding theunel unable toe ops with
tho settlers of Know, had taken to
robbing the emigrants while tm route
for their new homes. A few weeks
ago tbey seised at Lexington, Mo., as
i luy 'supposed, a box of Sharp',
rifles, being too poor or too mean to
get them honestly. Bnt it turns ont
that tbey only got a part of each gun.
The rifle were useless, as the locks
were shipped in one lot, which has
aafr.lv arrival anrl th hnrrvU in un
isMiaaure!Bntr sr piaa,ur cm- ptrcr. wmon was me one captureu.
10 ltitm.rlNid last wa hate o. boy an! w v , .,,. ...
I mil ,11s Issfm stmlfiilnn in Indiana, tue i.inmn i iwunu ui m i u
calls the affair just what it is, an "out
right robbery," but chuckles no little
at the wasted crime the Border villains
committed. The guns it says are ut
terly useless the "levers and slides"
of every piece having been forwarded
and duly received by another convey
ancc. All tho shooting, the scoundrels
will be able to do with their stolen
property won't "hurt much." The
guns were worth some 94,000 or 85,
000, and the capture is simply a high
way robbery no more nor less. But
of course nothing will be done with
the robben. If tho Free Stale men
had committed tho same act there
would bave been "posses" of Border
Ruffians with mock officers and hum
bug writs out after them long ago,
and if the offenders couldn.t be come
at, the patriotic band would occupy
their leisure by cutting a poor, inof
fensive settler into bits, as they did
Brown. May be we shall see things
bravely altered in this respect before
many year.
IBcie jOJtntio.
JtW Ev ry business house in Brook
sT-JT ih. Upper Mississippi a,. I II
hnois rivers nn m. fr , from i .
Thoösint Louis Oil Mill Com-
ville is now occupied by energetic . Iny Works were destroyed by lire on
i ndiiv morinnii hut Los All) (Mil)
V J " W aw e W
of 8qnatter Sovereignty Al
We were confidant, at first, that the
authors of the new humbug, yclept
Squatter Sovereignty, would ultimate
ly hack out from it, and swear they
MTtr heard of such a thing never
believed fa It at all that if is uncon
stitutional, and all that, but wo did
hope they would not do so, until
after the next Presidential election.
Bui th erections cf 1864 were too m
dioattve of the result of the flections
of 1 866 to justify risking another con
grcta, and she Presidency oat that is-
The application of Kansas to be ad
mUtedJa a State, into (he Uuion, with
a Free Constitution, adopted by the
people ishsmgh independent of the
forms of law in realBqoatter Sover
eignty style, gives even Douglas an
opportunity to back out from his
avowed object in the repeal of the
Missouri Restriction .
If the legislation of the thirty-third
Congress had any meaning at all, it
meant to abdicate, on the part of lb
Federal Government, all legislative
functions in the Territories, vesting
them m the people. There was, ac
cordiagly, the sham Legislature of the
Shawnee Mission, a foreign body pass
ing itself off upon interested creduli
ty aw representatives of the Kansas
people whose acts are accepted as
valid, and pronounced as exempt from
Federal supervision b) all the original
fratneraof the Territorial bill. But
tho people, the actual settlers of that
Territory, acting on the avowed prin
ciple of that act, though contrary to
its letter, and real intentions, have
adopted constitution, and applied
for admission as a State. Who can
reasonably object? Not the Admin
istration, nor Messrs. Cass, Douglass,
now Richardson, for the action is liter
ally obedient to a programme they ar
bitrarily laid down for the Territory.
Not the friends of freedom and popu
lar rights, for every diottie of justice
apd hsunaaity requires that commu
nity upon which the allied powers of
Government and the mob are making
uneparijag war, shall by any means be
aavwd from threatened extermination.
And yet most strenuous opposition is
made. Hating assigned all legisla
tive functions to the inhabitants of the
Territory, by his creative act, Mr.
Doug Us has already presented a new
ose neore resuming that very power.
The bill he has laid before the Senate,
providing by name for the admission
of Kansas into the Union, is to all in
terna a bill to exclude the State, and
defewt the will of popular sovereignty.
It anticipate and denies the applies-
Violating all precedent, it fixes
conditions and stipulations
W The prohpoct'of peace in tin-1
east is encouraging
E4T The next Fair is to be the first
woek in October.
t-tT Brooks b Koblb, seem to be
doing a good business in their new
JSsT Mrs. Napoleon has a baby a
boy bady at that. For particulars see
another column.
XW Lund warrants are again going
up, the ISO's being now quoted at
Washington at 1,00 per aoru.
X-jr Thanks to Harry Cbilders for
some excellent turnips the best of tho
iCr Who will take Squire Slaugh
ters place in Bloominggrove? Wo
nominate Samuel McCready.
n Mr. Wheat was complimented
last Monday with a re -election to the
office of Supervisor.
M9" If tho Motamora lire suggests
tho wisdom of insurance, remember
that Dr. Keely is the agent f .r Brook -
X-tT President Locke bought the
house lately occupied by Chas. Smith,
this week. Already property is look
ing up.
The call for a National Con-
veatiun which we publish this week is
just such a call as all true freemen
can respond to.
' Bkef Be xr ! Mike had a most
charming beef in market last Tuesday,
and Mr. Clark, one last week. The
Wynn butohtrs necd'nt come.
Fin Potatoes. It will b . grntify
ing to the lovers of good potatoes to
learn that Hon. F. R. A. Jeter has re
cently uncovered some "very fine
tW Solomon Williams is to take
part with David Slaughter in the Ty
ner store. We knew that the com
mercial advantages of Broukville would
soon attract m- n ot capital and energy.
tW Our friend Sibley, of the Au-
ii i Standard and Versailles American
and no insurance.
sl tM largestmovnhlu safe in the
world has been deposited in Park
Bank, New York. It weighs over ten
Jt-v-Mr. üroely, in a letter to the
Tribun, says lis has a joyful confi
dence that Kansas will be admitted as
a Free State by the present Congress.
SLW The arrival of tho Dan it I Web
ster at hrw Orleans br mg news thai
war has actually commenced between
General Walker and the State of Cos
la Rica tupwff ea
The present prospect is against
our being a candidate for the legis
lature, as we positively refuse to run
against any body but Dr. Giflord.
Either the fear of having us on the
track, or a want of confidence in the
Doctor's integrity is likely to defeat
him bofore the convention
Naw Htori. David Slaughter Esq.,
of Bloominggrove, has bought out the
Tyner Store and is now Inking pos
session. II is sn energetic man, and
an experieneod merchant and will
make his now purchase profitable to
himself and his customer's. When he
gets ready to sell he will tell the peo
plo so through the American,
ft. . . i - wm a m.
riARi'Eit s rvroRT Hooks. After a
protracted absence, for which the
Mailing Clerk was to blame, these un
rivalled juvenile books again visit us,
all the better relished by our little
folks, for the abstenancc they had un
Agricultural Mooting.
The Franklin. County Agricultural j 1
jSoeieiv met, aOxordlng to oijouin
menl. m tl.r Court II.. tie ui Hlnrloek "
April ith 1856 I'roaWmi, I. P. ' '
Mr. nl . in the chair. fili om
Th' minutes of the last meeting ; I'"1
were read and appoved.
The Committee on Fair Ground of r
fercd a report. Stating that a plat ol j Shaking
grounsl hnl be.-n purchased tor UM
To the People of the United States.
.. mar. zu, oo.)
I have just taken my
md to hake down it
crism in this
w I
I will
. 1 t- . .
nueu stales,
nlitl nl differ
arn opposed
onri Cnmnrn.
Valley ol Minkers,
n an idea of tho sist
minixtrntion, to theextensrr
ry into the Territories, in f
over a territory
Iiis shaken out
of some H miles
of (he
und of restoring the notion of the Fed
eral Government to the nrincinlcs of
of our admission nf Kansas
as a
squire, with some (5,000 shaking par- Was
Jrikili b
into our P
of reoe
We s
probation or trial
e a person into full
bership at one,., a n . !:e 1ms n
reeommendation of preditposi- .next, for the purpose
or constitution. Our Shaker I candidates to be supf
h guuorally contiuuu their aunu-1 fines of President and
last of August yx first of September.
Last year being an uncommonly good
year for Shaking Shaker accessions,
our number swelled beyond, nil pri ce
drnt. Therefore to f,'ive all the mem
ber Shakers a fair chance to evince
their shaking faith by actual shaker
demonstration, thev have commenced
their shaking exercises in the month
of March, and we bid fair to have a
real shaker shaking iaeJ Of Shaker
ism We are moved upon and impressed
altogether bv the shaking spirit of
Hon. W. Cnmback Decatur Pros.
The Decatur Prt$, in speaking of
Hon. W. Cnmback, suggests thai he
be 'nominated for re-election. We
peak advisedly when we say that
Mr. Cum back does not seek a nomina
tion, but ho will serve if elected. We
have yet to meet with the(first person
who voted for him two years ago who
desires a change of Representatives.
Neither do we know of any one who
aspires to his place. We are sure
none will put in a claim to it. In view
of those facts we suggest that a con- h ht out lho Lawrenceburgh
Press. He expects to run all three
of them. He is a man of function.
Yention be dispensed with, and that
Cumback be run by unanimous con
tent. What say you, brethren of the
press, in the district? As the parson
says in the marriage ceremony: "If
you know of any objection, speak
now, or ever hereafter hold your
Election in Rhode Island.
Returns from the State have all
botst received, showing a majority of
nearly 3,000 for the American and
Republicans candidates for Governor,
Secretary of State and Attorney Gen
eral. There is no choice for Lieut. Gov
ernor and Treasurer.
The coalition have a clear majority
in both branches of the Assembly.
The Senate stands 16 Coalitionists to
9 Democrat and 1 Whig, there arc
still five vacancies. The House stands
39 Coalitiouists, 21 Democrats and 13
to the Constitution, to the
experience of any other admitted
StÄtfti tad At war with the spirit and
tester of the Territorial bill. There
to M nttttnpt, indeed, to reeouoilo the
prbpyed action with reason, or law,
er custom It is sufficient to know
that upon short experiment, squatter
sovereignty ha disappointed its contri
ves by enuring to the advantage of
freedom, rather than Slavery; and that
to mach of it as ha that unexpected
tondonoy must be recalled and cancel
ed, like over issued stock.
Tho advocates of popular rights,
OA the other hand, propose to
hold the friends of Mr. Douglas to the
agilimlii result of their device. To
permit them to abrogate every com
promise, and withdraw at pleasure
from every bargain or contract the
nonentit leans to the othor side of
the.ptTty a party it was not designed
to benefit would be the concession of
utter weakness and fatuitv. When
Bsssm i. i ar
actually Mlcctfid the best
of the pack, and st down to the
fJü wit!) an insolent determination
to play it through and win, shall tbey.
UU hiked, be permitted to throw
waj. their hand and rise from the ta
Me tho moment the kill of their an
tagonist threaten to turn the result
againet them? We have, therefore,
another bill before the Sehnte, scrupu
lously pursuant of the fundamental
last oj the Territory, conceding the
admiesioa tho State of K aas as asks
Ibr. It is restricted by no provisos,
the mutual stipulations in regard to
the public lands alone finding a place,
required by practice, and the
t! faith ol two sovereign pow
er, where one ha local rights and
claims within the, legal jurisdiction of
the other,. Tho bill fulfill the con
tree mad with future estler by the
Territorial act, when it invited them
upon the soil under assurances of leg-
ieia)ive independence. It is the fore
of that measure, and it
any justice or fairnee left in
Congress, it must become a law.
LsUjDiE Fi-sx Sxxo. Far qa bar is
in tbi lino, and
great many farmers.
Know Nothingism in the Camp.
The signs of tho tiroes indicate that
Mike B atxner's contract with John
Samuels for the successorship is not
likelyto be ratified by lho party. It
ts certain thai Miko oan carry the Ger
man townships, but Glidewell will beat
him among the Americans. If the
Americans carry the day, it must be
owing to the spirit of Know Nothing
ism among them.
S hi
Penny wise, and Pound foolish.
In order to save a few dollars, tho
Directors of the Agricultural Board
have resolved not to have their list of
premiums published in the papers this
year. For every dollar tbey save by
this, thy will lose ten.
Am vir IUul Hümmes. B. H. West
Ksl , is seeking the nomination for
Treasurer, notwithstanding lho Master
swears he shall not be)nouiinated, and
if nominated ho shall not be elected.
No body shall hold office in this coun
ty who cbjeets to an honest man's ta
king the advantage of the limitation
law to get rid of an honest debt. We
would advise you, Ben, to give it up,
take off your hat, mako a low bow and
say "1 ask pardon, Master, for pre
suming to oppose your wishes." You
should oertainly know better than to
oppose "our family.''
Im lo hi kd Bkahmas. Oliver Bart-
low, determined not to be out done by
Shirk, or Linch or tho editor, sent,
this spring, to Elinor's, for a supply
of new Bramahs. Miner, the editor of
the Northern Farmer is the great im
porter of improved chickens and he
has sent Mr. Bartlow the best of his
brood. We invite the loveis of chick
ens to see this new importation. As
Mr. tKrtluw i a very benevolent gen
tleman he could probably be induced
to part with some egqs or to promise
some chickens about the time of tho
Fair. ., bserwis a,.'
Aspirants. The excitement runs
high among the aspirants for office in
this county. Electioneering for the
nomination is as lively as if the deci
sion of the caucus was final. Mean
while the psopue, are quietly looking
on, and eaying nothing. It is a fight
in which they feel but liltlo interest,
since they have learned that party
drill is the mere machinery of dema
gogue for the spoils of office. We
should not be astonished if they bring
out ft sot of candidate that will make
a clean swewp of old lineism.
W. L. Farquhar v Co., are
opening groceries, next door to Linck
k Farquhar. Don't know but W. L.
is as clever a fellow as his older broth
JtW An exchsngc, in announcing a
death, says that tho deceased, "though
a bank director, it is generally be
lieved died a christian, and universally
JEsT Judge Rcid is in court, looking
none tho worse for the review we gave
of his labored opinion on free whisky
if the Judge is nominated for re-elec
tion we intend to give a sketch of Vis
life and character.
JT3T Andrew fe David Shirk have
bought out the store of Nixon Davis
at Springfield and gone to merchan
dizing. David will do things up about
right. As to Andrew, he is old enough
to speak for himself.
Jt-eV That company of Kansas emi
grunts for whom tho rifles were sub
scribed at New Haven a few days since,
loft that cily for Kansas last Monday
IBSM . . a .aVf 1- W .
evening. They wore on in numocr.
and a lino body of men.
JSsT One of Victoria's daughters
has a beau; and folks say she wants
to get married. If sho will send us a
gold dollar or subscribe for the Amer
ican, or send a big cake, we will pub
lish the marriage notice, but not with
Ho, roa Iowa ! Joseph Goudie ex
pects to start for Iowa about the first
of May. Though he does not offer
his services as a land Agent, he will
attend to entering land for bis friends
at a very reasonable rate should any de
sire it.
t4T It was stated in Berlin that
I'rince Frederick William, of Prussia,
will visit Kngland again in May next
and make a stay of some length An
alliance between the royal families of
Prussia and Great Britain is looked
for as the result.
OSrlfanybody should notice ourfore
man displaying his feet more than usu
al, they must remember that it is not
to exhibit them, for they are nothing to
brag of, at best, but to show what de
lightful gaiters Linck .v Farquhar
A PwaWci We have been ruquested
to pull' a certainaWhile Durham cow,
owned by one of our premium stock
raisers. Well, in our opinion, she
needs puffing, but puffing with hay ami
corn would do her more good than
with printer's ink.
arfWc do hope that Q will re
sume his "corner" this term of the
court. Wo trust that the Judge and
officers will treat the gentleman kindly,
and not provoke him to say naughty
things or to be entirely silent. is a
favorite with our readers.
tW It has leaked out that Presi
dent Pierce offered Gov. Reeder a for
eign mission if he would resign the
Governorship of Kansas. No one dared
deny it until after Gov. Reeder left
Washington with the investigating
Tux Pacific. It is stated that the
Chief Engineer of the Navy does not
give up the Pacific as lost. and1will
not, even if she should not be heard of
for five weeks. He thinks that she
may be imbedded in ice like the Brit
ish discovery ship, the Resolute, which
required five weeks to disengage her-
lergone. We again commend them
to parents who consult tho good of
their children. Price 03 per year, or
the Magaetne and these for 96.
JST Gov. Robinson reached Wnth
ington in eight days from Lawrence,
Kansas. He reports all right in the
new State; but our friends were alarm
ed by lying telegraphic reports that
Judge Collamer had reported against
the Free-State Constitution, and that
the House Committee on Territories
was about to do likewise. Qov. Rob
inson returns to reassure free Kansas
that she is not to be deserted by her
national allies
iThe Court of Appeals, in New
York the highest Court, has sustain
ed the PKiNCii'L of Prohibition, but
condemned the details of the present
New York Law, The point objected
to is rendering worthless property on
hands at the time of the passage of
the law. To be constitutional, the law
must be prospective and not retrospec
tive. Not a bad idea. We have no
objection to that. Allow them to sell
out the stock on hands, and then make
them quit.
How. Davt Cuookitt's Widow.
Tho late 'Legislature of the State of
Texas has passed a law, giving to Mrs.
Elisabeth Crockett a jleagueof land.
She is the widow of the respected and
lamented David Crockett, who, after
serving his country honestly and faith
fully in Congress, and other placesof
trust, was butchered at the; Alamo,
nobly fighting for the freedom of Tex-
On motion (ho report was laid on the
The ( 'omrnitlee unnointed to leDoi l
nn ,rt, i., afctaktaia v.r..H a f-nftri ruodoifous to the manner of the Moth
which, on motion of A. B. Line, was
accepted and ordered to bo printed.
Mr. Lh-.c off niltlnfonowinf, which,
was adopted.
Resolved, That a committee of three
be appointed o attend the trial of
Heaping and Mowing Machines to
coma on at llichmond avne county
next; and that the Sucretary furnish to
each member of Committee a certificate
of appointment.
iessrs A. B. Lino, C. B. Moon
and James Wright were appointed
aid Lomnuitee.
J. It. Goodwill offered the following,
which wiu iv looted.
Vesolved, That a committee of ihn
be appointed to petition the Board cf
this Sock it , to pass so order, prohib
iting hogs running at large in this
county unless they are disabled from
J. It. Goodwin, Ttufus Haymond and
llenn Berry Jr., were appointed said
On motion the Society adjourn'' ! to
1 o'clock P. M. : VJ
One O'clock. The Society again
Ksaembled and was called to order by
the President.
On motion of Dr. Haymond the fol
lowing resolution, passed at the De
cember Meeting was reminded.
k a aa 1
Kesoived, That no premium oe
hereafter given to the bct lady cques-
On motion of A. B. Lin the report
from the committee on Fair Ground
was taken from the table, and after s
little discussion, was agreed to unani
mously. Moved that tke committee be con
tinued and instt.'cted to close the con
tract with Me.srs John & Cunning
ham for the lots north of the Tyner
lot already purchased. Adopted.
On motion the Society adjourned to
meet on the 1st Saturday in June next,
at 1U o'clock A.M.
JOHN P. BRADY, Pres't.
J. R. Goodwin, Secy.
by i he National Committee, appointed
by the Pittsburg Convention of the
tfdol February, 1866, tosend from
i :ieh S-:i',. thivo Delegates from every
' gressional District, and six Dele
gates at large to meet in PHILADEL
PHIA, on tH- a.n
Ith dav of June
irlcd foi
Vice I'
r York .
brwlber and Niakcr shakinir sisters
re shaken into our shaker shaking
soci' ty on this wise the shaker shak
ing xpirit commences her shaker shak
in:; shaker mission by shaking hor sha
king wand of shaking destinies into
ths --haken constitution of sinful shnk-
of utter nbhon
position; thee
to thakc on:
ctions to eon VI
ration of shtikin
ing nosh bv a sor
to all shaking d
counter "halting
anti-shaking com
to a real demons
The candidntu for shaker shak
membership is known when the
ing spirit applies her shaking wnnd
th' anti-shaker as before mention
These true signs of sinker -diak
conviction nnd
t in-
r re-
ii.' ( mied !
E, !). MORGi
1'. P. BLAIR,
J. M. N1LES,
A. P.STONK. Ohio,
W. M. CIIAC1:. Rhode Island.
J. Z. GOODRICH, Massachusetts,
G. RAJS, Virginia,
K, S. LELAND. Illinois.
(.'HARLES DlCKiSY, Michigan,
(j. (J, t'UGG, New Hampshire,
A.J. ST IS YENS, Iowa,
0. COLK, California,
L. BRAINRRD, Vermont. .
W. GROSE. Indiana,
W. SPOONER. Wisconsin.
0. IL K. PAUL1S0N. New Jcrsy.
E. D. WILLIAMS. Delaware,
JOHN C. FEE. Kentucky,
J. RED PATH, Mi ssouri,
L. ÖLE PUANS, District of Colum
bia. National Committer.
Washington, March 29, 11156.
April Election.
The April election in this to
exults as follows:
Justice of the Peace, Geo. F. Max
well, Trustees, Henry Bradbuxn,
J amis Mnnson, Clerk, C. C .Binkley,
Treasurer, J. II. Clark, Constables,
Keunedy, B. Mcwhinney, Chas.
The Prohibitory Law
It appears thai out of eight Judge1
of winch the Court of Appwals is com-
posed, five have undertaken, against
the oninions of the other three, to;
pronounce the act of the last Legisla
ture for the huppression of Interoper
ane, Pauperism nd Crime, uncotietl
tutional and void principally it would
socm on the ground of sorro elleged
conflict between that act and the
oiaus in the Constitution which pro
vides th.t property shaH not bf forfeit
ed without due course of law.
It is not to be expected that a radi
cal change in a matter of trade and
money making however beneficial il
may bo to the public, can be brought
about without encountering a long sc
ries of vexatious obstacles. Such ob
stacles are only to be surmounted by
a determined spirit, and by infinite pa
tieiieu and perseverance. Rome s.
not built in a day; neither ought any
one to hope that an effectual and op
erative system of legislation for the
suppression of liquor shops csn be
nuu brought into working
ept as the result of a long
Ii can, indeed, only be
I, i .ii
tlie ,oop
Kurntiblnf Krtlsla ( rjr 'lrrlptii. lr-
lity, deprnv
) X for gain, will,
en for the escape
Prints! Prints!!
ni; VrrrliaM. C'aaSn ti.
aprl! It
II' v.?
Ii r Mr, t
Lantoa, and
or of
atoll I
done by gradual!
hol which leal
ed appetite, and tli
from time to time,
r aw rest
ol onenuers. me juuiuai department
of our system is chiefly, we might al
most say solely useful unsere drag
on what otherwise might possibly be
the too rapid progress of change.
Wi ire not at this moment ab!e to
call to mind a single improvement in
our social and polilicul institutions
from the earliest times, which has not
encountered the most bitter and per
sistent opposition of that department;
and of course the new laws for the
suppression of Pauperism, Intemper
ance and Crime, have no reason to
expect at the hands of the courts of
law any better fate.
Ot the recent opinions n
of the Court of 'Appeals
ftf l'uey' i doufi
To the Ladies:
Ami taa fluaalttook ef Lseae, Basses. Qa
U, Tltae, Tarllabi, raM MiaaU. lUmlUaa,
llilb'f. Collar, KrnbroiJr, Maunela, IimI1-
ln. K.lrlt.f, rUSSWSWL Fat... Mutl.r
TriwmiMi, ae.Stc., en brvutualfe
repentance continue i Adam, Nathan Davis
wo hours. Then the
K .
well oualified nnti-stiaker is shakei
regularly into the regularly constitu
tea shaking shakers of the shake
nli i !.-in . fnilh liv lie .1, .! i-r ,.a:ikin
snirit of shaker shakin- : hakes. And 3' on making known his predicament
That unfortunate "individual" who
lott Iii marriage license, a few weeks
better prepare
all those docui
thorough exa
Meanwhile, wi
in spite of cot
(luibbling pol
bench, uuhiic
n is
hall be
and a
ly, that
i. and
.IT the
Xi ndKuar cTalala Ua arjrIoMila Uto a.r
Sat. Tbay alas kaaa a Sua lock of hnlihur
,anrt make I
. Cam ma Kr la I Raw.
HA VK now oac.,ao4 will ktop cM.taolly o
hand, a r-nersl and oatnpieta aaaarUnatit af
oao. ,, whlck Uay War at artaaa aa low aa
roull ta lodae
Jl.O. 'Urar
J'...l. rr.l .1o
( ruah4 4e
Ma. karal
Wl.il n.s
aaiai aan bafurtiUkaS W ataabam Uta mar
fi I ul a an. i. a aro ' i1,TinHUUid at
. in irt a:
Skill barrel
" lei tack
Uriad I'aaafcaa
" applet
W ilki Wan-Ojratan
I aar
aaa aaara.
. Pieklaa
if the shakini'
down from tlx
same shaking
tbey wore si
we shakers wi
ihaking element-, in the
mount nnd fashion as
ken down last year,
shake the most noted,
The American Party in Indians.
We find the following in the India
napolis Journal. It looks something
like fusion:
iMitANAi oi.m, April l2, 186C.
To the Members of the American Par
ty of Indiana:
At a meeting of the Executive Com
mittee of the State Council, held at
Indianapolis on th 2d day of April. "
1856. after a full expresMon of the
members upon those questions that
have divided and distracted the Amer
ican party in other States, the Com
mittee unanimously adopted the fol
lowing sugirestions, und earnestly re
quest the true friends of Americanism
to co -operate with them in carrying
out the views of the Committee: That
as in 1054 we stand uncompromisingly
opposed to the present corrupt nation
al Administration, nnd as a party we
protracted shake that was ever known
to be shaken by any set of shaker
shaking shakers in any finking com
munity of shakers.
Thus we expect to shake in flesh
to shake in snirit to shake in union
to shake in politics to shako the j for his trouble.
Hallot-Mox. To shake 1 rank through
his present term of office to shake
Sam into the Presidential Chair, in
Frank's stead. Thus I shall end mv
er shaking letter, written for a
incr purnosc. Hut the most benu
tiful shake that will be seen shaken
in the yenr '5fS will be to see Frank
Pierce shaken out of office ami shaking
Sam shaken into his place.
Your shaking old ShaUer,
P. S. I had forgotten to state that
Hev. David Amack, formerly of
your county, and whohas heretofore
been a member of the Methodist E.
church, and foi
to our accommodating Clerk, wae
furnished with a certified copy. But
the poor feliow had but a "lone dol-
lar" left to pay tho 'Squire with, so
the .lud 'e trusted him, and (.(!' ho
went, secured the other 'Squire, near
town, and soon was tied, tight enough,
but lo ! by this time that lone dollar
i whs gone and tho squire got nothing
tW On the last upward trip of the
steamer Manongahcla, on the 22d ult.,
a deck hand named Chnrles Kiser, n
Uer.aan, in a fracas with a messmate,
, was stabbed in the region of the heart
and seriously injured. He was left at
the Hospital at Napoleon. He has a
wifc, sister, and ihree children resi
ding in Cincinnati. Lou. Dem.
Plant Corn.
The questions of cheep bread for
the workingman and whether there
will be a good supply of beef depend
upon how the people plant corn.
If p. irk next r all is scarce und high,
nnd will in the end currv the dav. If
the maiorilv of the people of tl
State hold to the opinion that rumstll- P
ing is a nuisance, in spite of the quib
bles and the fetches of the bar nnd of !
the Iiench, means will be found to shut
them un. In this Rtate tho 'people
choo5e the Judges. Not only do they
possess the power of remodeling the
courts; they possess also the power of
remodeling the Constitution, and ot
gunrdicg its provisions intended sole
ly for the public good, by clauses too
distinct to be mistaken or explained J u
away, against boiug parvcrted by le
gal ingenuity into bulwarks for those
who live by tho promotion of pauper
ism and crime. -r-A'-Y. Tribune.
Iljr-A correspondent of the Trifune
says there is a prospect on fool to an
nex the Southern portion of Nebraska
Territory to Kansas. The object of
tho annexation is sepposed to be to
give the Slave State party in the lat
ter the benefit of the pro-Slavery com
munity in the lower portion of Ne
braska. , y '
Louikrilla Lim B..4 Cumatii.
Spadi-a, H oaa
Halter anri Rraaal ( kalna, Khuvrla.
a Ha, Straw aad Maanrr Vorka.
win aaaaia tor a
hair lata irtev lar Caaa ot
min our eloek ; oae door aoulb of
hxaeator nf h Uat win af Alx-i
oliee la aeraby gWu tbal vac undar
uaen kliuui t
Wlilu, latopf Fr
.Ute Ii lajipoao.
aprU 11 3
Rita eoeetf,
I to
t.Of V.ICM.l.
N ( ARSON. Kvacc
ir llith
.dawiffticl, KwvuUir of Outran will od
Mol Abel Wklte, det.-aa,.ri. w.ll aall
outcry , om Ike trarateea ta Ota Iowa nl
Franklin coeMj, Indiana, a Satnr.ta
ay af May. MM, wwtwaaa tka boara ot
joined the
Can't oo it. A correspondent
wishes us to publish the details of a
ruftingly attack upon a decrepit old
man by a stout young man. Wc can't
do it. It would do no body any ood
where the parties are not known, and
where they arc, tue indignation of all
honest men must be sufficiently
aroused. We would advise old ladies
who may have occasion to go to that
town with butter or eggs, to shun him
as they would a rattle snak, for any
body who would beat an old man so
would bent an old woman nlsu.
A nw Cooi'May, In taking a walk
through our town to observe the im
provements going, on w noticed the
new cooper shop of Gideon Itymioi,
just above Lynn's carriage manufac
tory. Mr. Kyman is a young ami en
ergetic man, and a good mac1 inc. and
has wisely concluded to set up ajrhop
for himself and the public ut large.
His work is of a very superior quality,
are on of the order-t of Progressives
J. II.
stand ready to co-operate with any
party which aims to put an end to its
misrule. And further, we regard the
repeal of the Missouri Compromise , 81ave
an infraction of the plighted faith of. The Sn4Scial Marshals an
the nation; the same snouiu oe re
stored, and if efforts to that end fail,
Congress should refuse, under all cir
cumstances, to admit nny State into
the Union toleratintr slavery, made
free by that Compromisi
wc approve of tho call for a I'oople's
Convention to be held on tho tirst uay
of May next, and earnestly call Upon
the American party throughout the
State to send a full delegation to that
Convention. Attest:
W. W. VVmoirr
On the 3rd inst., by Hev. T. A.
f his childroii. have tUoS0 wj,0 j,avo t to sell may think iti Goodwin, Mr. James Jones and Char-
I - . .1... . ...
lately. Truly we s ft pra,peroUk time for them, but it lotto Gordon, daughter of Orville Gor
atari bo J r
rt of m
IS) of Toa
lock P. M..ue rollowtti
aMas wawil'Ta i
o tKe rautr
at the m
Itarn 1
ik okat oaaiver of tactioti Uttrteea
p nine (B) of Man a two (t) aaet,
a weal line af aald quarter aertion
al corner of a tot awaad by Wll
, (in his Ufa lint.) aad runalaa
blre of tke Hrookillr atid Oxford
Mnlu rd; JeS ea.la uti aaid ral
riHla anü all llnka. Ihott.r aorth to lb
corner at aal l William K. Howell lot,
wnal alone aald Howell a aoaUb line
titlatk Uukalu Uta placa ot lgiati
U.M Uttve turret ansa liair, ue tee a
b-aa. Aim, Uii r. llnwiiic aaecrlbeal tat of I
Kfinnlaf oa tito Oxfacd road, la Iba eaatre af
kid road at the lOirUi-weal rom't or Um fataga
liif daerrlrxNl lot and Ihr norHb-fktt corner of Iba
tat bow ownei by Jacob Maalara, fonwerty owta
by Moali .M-ritletilietl. aald craer baiar on tlm
1 waat Una or the following deaatHml e'iartat aac-
tlati; SOy iwo ami aix-unUi pataa keatb of Uta
t.ortb-aaat onerier of MaUaa SMrtran, tm town-
.hl. trine, n Raaffa two. U) weal of tka torrid. an
line drawn from Iba ai..uU. t Uta Crrat Miami
will bo more so if the people, ''(.net ally don, all of Motamora township-
have planted corn. It is no true ar
mament that if all did so the piice
aU'laaa .ulJbe u,ou,.vlow." Nocuun-
ii..mI G,..., T7.in , try ever wnaiutuvuuy vue.it ortau.
ucuci uvi tin, JL. UUU.
While the lato Slavo trial was pro
gressing in this city, the Unitod Statos
I Mars i al, H. II. uobimon, was in
try ever was rumeu Oy cueap
We adjure you Uicrefore, e . cry man
of you that owns an acre of soil, to
plan) corn in the English acceptation
..Til... - ...... t 1 .j,. . ft 1 1 .. I Will It 1,
i n , in i' . i,r , i) . ul in1 n uu, nu Illing viiiii, ni uiuai.
Tt: i Washington, and called on rre-udent , . , , J ö,. ,
Therefore, ,,. J , , , m. bread but more particularly we en-
- n, i , Pierce for advice nnd direotion. The ; T . , 3 t j.
The News from Europe
The'nteumshiii Atlantic arrived at
New Vork
morning, bring-
The I'eace Con
closed its labors,
ing newa of a highly important char
Hcter trom hurope.
ference at Paris had
and it had been announced trfttt the
difticultifls between Russia and the Al
lied Powers had kfcfÜ adjusted. This
iaol course eipiivalent tu n ilee titration
of peace.
It is now a few days over two year .
since a formal declaration of war
against Uusbis was n ad in the British
Parliament, the solemn and important
event having taken place on the tt7th
of March. 1804. This was anticipated
in this country, end tlx1 public mind
and as cheap as can be affoidod. FW was prepared lor the news, wich wm
sons In town or country who want to therefore less startling than it would
I.. iu ..r,a w.r.. ,.r aflt .lav., ami otherwise have OroVed, The tedious
. - - - - - i . . . , . ,
President told Mr. Robinson (they
were talking socially together) that
the negroes must go back to Kentucky
at all hazards. Ho then putted the
Marahal on the shoulder, and told him
to lake just what steps were, in his
view, necessary to effect this object
tu u! a sound discretion, and nil
would be right that ho (tho Presi
dent) had secret service money enough
at hit command to pay all expense.
The Secretary of War, then, it the
quest of the President, gave Mr.
Cob liifcoii an order on t lt- t'oninnind
ant of the Newport Garrison for any
troop hu should rcuire'to l frnarobeu
over to Cincinnati.
Mr. Robinson then came back to
Cincinnati with lhi order for soldiers
from Newport in his poekut, nnd un
tnedi ately a great number of addition
al Npeaial Marshals were appointed no
a to swell tho list to some three nut
On ihu close of the trial, th ecrtiti-
boop. .ill ,..... .0 atH o Mr. Ry . Ä
man. We call particular aiteniion to
his tight ware.
Hkart-hkhdino Occuriuincic
Last week, a son of David Ilm 1
bury, of Crnig Township, Switzerland
County, Ind., in crossing a tie Id where
was inclosed u vicious horse, wns at
tacked by the animal, who with Iii
teeth tore liim. B1 with Iii fefll
stamped him, until Ufa was extinct.
and the ev.
the bloody conllicts which have rm
dered important the history of the
J irreal nations of Kurope for two years
past. Ho has the . oie lusion ot the
war been anticipatetl. The anxiety of
the several powers engaged to termi
nate tho war, forosbeasrwod the reault
that was yesterday iinnounct'd iu the
principal cities ul the United fcUutcs.
and the intelligence, therefore, created
no excitement.
It may bu Haid thai the great nation
Tho mother of the boy suw the trans-1 0f the earth are agnin at peuee. I
action, and was so much excited that j mercu will one. wmsn uasume her sway
treat vou to p'ant maize or Indian
corn, wu asK ii now uecause now is
the time to prepare for it. We ask it
for tho good ol tho country for the
benefit of the farmer. Is there a man
living who took our ail vice antl in
creased his crop last Spring, and who
has since had a moment of regret that
he did so? Lf hu has, lm deeply ben
efited country has not. The people
return thanks to God for n bouuteous
crop. Without it, what would thoso
who buy bread have dono in all this
terrible Winter? '
Laut Spring n general effort was
made to increase the pioducl of tho
laud. Heaven smiled upon il, und Un
people were made glad. There waH
cause then- there Is cause now that
the people should plant corn more
than was planted last year, fur no
where uro the granaries full; nowhere
is ibero surplus laid up against an
unfruitful year, and without uch a
surplus no country can be indopend
. I eat .a. aaaiaaaal a aa Hita: lii.ki aSaJ aaekil It aaitit
'"V1 !h; ' : " :, .I,,,,, punt for,.1 n-
weil bou -Jit up, in ,-re.t. iiumbe,.., a NV,. UUV hiul a Winter of severity
llU'iUl HU IM l ll. Mi wiliu, rsiixt Miwoi .
. . . J . " ktli'n f i . I wiMH W in (III- tlina Uli tfi
I- I....
a 1
.in- h in : i . Il Uivesliueiilk le-
'I would not fmiu tho wae reutilre
Tho lumber of tholr loameil lore,
Nor would I from tho rtobdeairn
A alnglo counter f Uicir tloro.
Kor I have eaac, and I bkTt kealth.
A n.1 1 have eplrlla Uffat M air,
Ami more than wWdotn, raorn than hoallh.
A wo- tiakrt that laugh at raro."
I.lko other mortal a of my kind,
I've triingled lor .lame fbrtitune favor.
A nd eonie tlinra hate beon hktf Incllnatt
'1 o rate her for Iter Ul bebavlor,
llutliro wae abort, 1 llou-lit It folly
To Into Ita momenta In dnaiuir,
-HtifHul aalite from taalanrholy,
i ti merry huurtlbnt lauxhodat earr.
And ouae, tls true, two wltehtnff eye
KurrlMHl mein a larkleaa muoh,
Turned alt my tnlrOi t loi.elyalrba
Ami fiint" aulidneit inv bolter r-A.in,
'. ei 'lwi( inii love roul l make me erlerr,
Hirer, and raunlnf taaaea twata on Ue waat llae
or aald qoaAcr eeaUoa alabteoii tolea and als
Unka; Ihunoa aa tine bolae atxf a roe llukt;
theme norU.ela-kl.H-M jiolaaaud atk tlaka; Ikknn
waat nine poleaand three liuka to ihr alaee of ba
Klnntnc, aeaiUlalaa; oa aaaa atk rolae and one
bat r be the aaiae more or laaa. Hoik theae loU
are wall leaf rorad and "haw ... (..nable dwell
ing- on ttirni.
And, nlo, at lae aamn I laaa aaa. ulaia
i.rraotial property I "ni l teatavor, .on
llounebxlil and Kllcbun F.irniture, Far
ilemeiila, Ho. V . A . .
Term of Kalo: ii the r
Uilnl raah in hand, one-third In U
elre luoutba. weraoftial i-rotx
ralBf laa-
i .- . ,u k in. w. taa raaeen fair.
In t
all aurua al Ul
will ba g-ltfn
approved aoc
uallon a id
dollar aat lc
kprll II w
I lo six abii n-lhlr
1 property, a eredlt oo
over, itf blue mojib
r ftivln a aota wllk
Uta btrnt-fll of the val
law, s.o.. of Uirre
. r .i i::. i.. I I... t.,..i "
Ol l 111 III OOUatl'l U I"' o " ou ii. -tri Ii. tu , , , ,f ,
v V "a a mm era aw awe ai w w e m www a w
i (tin. Hut thut is
' r' n n..i..i ...I... i... I limy never lillow
iwi v ii". i l'V ii ii" avu i
, , v, ' . i , ,.r i not certain; the next may be one of
she swooned, and was carried into the'00 te ccm; in will return to its
nuiurai euanni i; , ;tiiu srperuiaiiunn
house in a helpless condition, where
she rcmainod until death relieved her
in a few hours. The boy was rescued,
but not until he was hopelessly injured
by the numerous severe bruises he had
The Governorship Dr. Haymond.
We have been shown a letter from
a distinguished citizen of this state, to
a citizen of Brookville, suggesting Dr.
Haymond as a suitable candidate for
Governor. If nominated, the Doctor
will make a strong race, and if elected,
a irood Governor. We are inclined t
think that he would accept the nomi
nation, although we have no authority
from him for saying so.
Wm. Parmalee, Mayor of Al
bany, died in that city on iSalurdsy
night. Ho was an accomplished schol
ar, ami universally esteemed as a ch
zen. ,
Oiiseu on toe probabilities ol war or
peace, will cease. Tens of thousands
made money in consequence of the
war, and tens of thousands will lo-c
in consequence of peace. The intlated
bubble of peculation has floated long
enough, and it is time that it should
burst. Prices will, gradually, umler
the influence of panee, und controlled
only by the laws of trade, lind then
level, and the masses will soon be re
lieved from the burthensome tax con
sequent upon the high prices that pre
vailed for the necessaries and comtorls
of life.
Aside from the fact that the aggres
sive spirit of lwussia has been jhecke 1,
. ! temporarily at least, it would be dit-
ticult to discover an good result that
may be expected to follow the war,
while volumes might bu filled with de
tails of the evils, the losses, and the
sutleiinge that it produced. It will,
however, enable the belligerent powers
to appreciate the blessings ol peace,
and leach them to shun the evils of
Cin. Gazette.
aBdo''iirv within lour doors of tin
Court loom, had six hundred do, Urs
lo buy up Ihme i -i tilieates of his
brother deputies. Who they operated
for wu do not know, but wu presume
the person who tui'liished the funds,
know there Wits secret ! . IU n
wtiouirb to pay all ih- expenses.
in the terrible niiis (hat Mr. Rot
inaon apprehended, itumetluiL'ly ttfler
his return from Washington, every
body s.'eiii:, to h ue In i ll ,liioilllod H
Deputy Mi.rabal, ihm would or could
serv, and sonic thut could not. One
man who drew a warrant for twenty -eight
days service, was out of tho city
full ten days of that lime. What dis
count he made on his order, we have
not leu med. Cin. (ta zelte.
Few are aware how frequently
Publishers are compelled to insert
amonj their advertisements, state-
in. ut-. which they can neither sanction
or believe.
A pleasant exception to this dis
agreeable neoesoity are the advertise
ments of Dr. J. CL Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral und l'ili which will be found iu
our columns. We have publisl ed for
him before, and always with the feel
ing that iu so doing we in no wise lend
ourselves to deceive or mislead the
public, for we have had indisputable
proof that his words are strictly true,
with abundant reasons to believe that
his medicines will do all they 'promise,
and all that can be reasonably expect
ed from any medicine. His Cherry
Pectoral is too well known in this
still greater severity, and if ip( what a
demand there will bo for grain the
poor will cry for bread. Let the fur
m i plant corn.
Owing to the fact that the grouud
has bee i covered with snow for many
weeks, ami that -.now is nu absorbent
of fertilising elements for the curlh,
we have rciisou lo believe tbal lim will
bu a i .-ut y ruin producing season. Let
the people plant corn.
Not a day is to be lost. We know
that the ground is tili frozen that
the snows of January tili linger on
the surface; but, we repeat, not d.iy
is to bu lost from your preparation, if
you intend, more than last year, to
plant corn.
Let it not bv argued that the price
of corn is falling it is tili largely re
munerative, while all its products are
Tho largo and delicious cake sent to
our boys indicated a kind regard for
their welfare, and their thank are
hereby returned.
He to Abbf rtisrmrnts.
r A gooil loatlnf frlen.l ut mir, ,.h" l ta
Uli. ..( li.rM .ttn.iifb ai.iiiiwbst I, oar. head
oil, while niiannt from ttiorltf s ftrw aaya sw4
, w . ' -I lair Keatnraiitre, and on hie roturn
.-ailed lo aen hla ladylove, but waa aurprtaed and
a in need to lindane .lid iml rscothUo Ulm, aStt lm
mrdlkUly detenulnka Iu pkM for S Oasltt of blm
aeir i but waa eventual) ehafTlned to Sod ti waa
wppissllafill lormer elf In th aSVetlona of ibe
la.)) , wtnrh t-kuied lilm b wskt hlmaeir known ;
l.ol the lady aUU aaa thai alie llkealbe ftmnterfall
heltor than the orlflnal, and Inoale that be can
tl n no (If neceaaar)) l uan ll.e Hair HeaUrrkUvs.
To bo had at U. V. Junnatou'e briur Sturs.
John ShilUto & Co
Ita. i l aat I on rlli Mrrel,
IMI'okikks or
uor. utteum
tf K call the attsntluti of all, old and 'itf , tri
If Ibta wonderful t-r. .afati.,r., which luiwaberk
to IIa nTlfinal oolor tray nalr o
tho bald w lib a luxuriant jcra
dandruff, UfiiK. an.l all
uuea a rotiilnual flow nf
hence, If Ueed ee a ffuUr
ill .rraore lU.oh.f.
.1 Irvine old aire, taa
call, Uitn , uhmi Die bal
aaslp, It It: aiKl au
Iber value the flowing
ever be ',.. It
of thotiaaiidp.
ra Ute head of
wu rcatarvwa Mm
kaoa eruptbana
sstoral flunU; aaS
ror ta bait,
it 'ri tellltieU.
f, or dlacaaed la
jeui.g w til not, at
r the Witt-Line erla
lla (iraiee la upon Ue
Watorford. Maaa.,1 SI, ISSi.
fltop. o. J. wrooi ; with asttfl.irn. r . .i.. I rv-
,aa t'.-lt.j lh moel
I lo .. need lb
eominntid yoarMklr Meetort
I fllekeluui Mr 1 1" I erer ,a
Wklpbeiin i.n. I other prepare!'
f me dar. II
air KtoreUe,
1-t.r t i
w un. .ul .-nrl. Mure Mali toul
my hair and Mat or a. wbiea werr aleieat Inte,
nare Kraiual! rfoanaark; and I now rlronO
lent, that a (n more applli kltoi will rettcri
u . ... to tbelr naUiral olor. tl al baa reUavad
Uio r all daadrurr ai.-l iitipl.-aari 1. 1 a , ao aaaa -
Sinong J-rttona w Im I im' '..!.
i. 0. Ml 11 V .
Murth MSS fmrrvMibt, Nkfwh , I.
SIN: In rotieeqiieaeaaf bavin ht.tr, roraoref t
ti ra jisal. not only n,i ui ' i -r i
hato rill II tlmrt, M il w.,n .up L. ..'eiltfua.
vlewi buleoeoe throe laaulha amre, I waa Intlnr
ed to uee r Hair Hi--,iui-, and 1 tnnal ta)we
lice aay, thai IIa aSVeta weare awaaet uilTaeuioaa,
for II i. iv rwkttfwd It yawkllv tsalmaatiu forte "
j.lenilor aa to eolor, and lll il a,. et!l and floaa)
aa lobe More beautiful thai II aOf Waa, abea an-
.,11, I !. (!
) ad) ,u decldett-
der Iba ynAueaae of Iba aural
Iherrfurv. rototnii.rnU n t Stwi
ly id" tieai preparation tot loOwl
lu lite WorlU.
Ill lV r.ll 111
l.il'l CI Tt'l.l.Y luforin their rualoatera and
I' ,M haa.-rair'lier,ii:.lhal Kiev uro now olmli-
liK an oauinaltre and ooutnleio aaaurtmenlof
NVUaa tke old hat lc
AlllUuluaaj aim- aaa,aiat
A nit one aa.ll mat. a
Upon Sul'l isitg iJUO;
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Ith a i.rirk kltcken. It la tk.- nrotiertv toinlna
1 the t:atbolte Church.
TKK,M.S:Oiie tblrd In baud, ouo-thlrdln als
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on the delerrvd paytnanta, the purchaeer giving
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community to need any commendation
Irom us. and lho Tills we are crediblv
informed aro not inferior to hisf Pecto- i which begins and ends this appeal
ral .Providence Mirror, li. J. Plant Corn! N. V. Tribune.
niiullvHO Look ut the nricea that VjOTfl'K U hereby glean that I will offer tor aale
tqu.lliyso. Liooa ui un. jjnet-s Wim im puWtc ttotcry, aa Halorday, taa iTUt day or
taiuieis liave realizc-u lor Deel And
pork, aud though the latter has fallen,
it trt Kt ill above the noint of tirofit to l'"' town of Brookvillu laid off i Job Allen, Kr.,
it.. a . fl.. . on which la a fonifort
111, lUltlkCI . I ll-'ll- is nu JJHI-j'..l III lit
beef will fall below ten cents a pound
ou the hoof for all that is corn fed du
ring the jear. At that rate it will
pav to plant com.
There is pressing need now for a
great crop, as great, or greater than
that of last year; and we may have it,
if those who rend this article will boar
in mind the burden ol its song, and
uriro upon all with whom they have
auy influence, to plant corn plant!
more than you intended more than
vou did last year, if only by one grain,
one hill, one rod, one rood, one acre,
one field slill let your motto be that
)TICK la hereby (Itmi that tho undaralgned
haa been appointed . XCUUix of lue tal will
o rn
apt oat
ceaaed. ttaid oauto it supposed to be aolvenl.
aprll 11 3 j nacairU.
Notice it hereby given tbal aa election will be
held al the offloa lataly occupied by Uta Cooiity
Kecorder, ou Monday the )lh day of May nrvi. to
elect otiu frsite each from the Are aeTkrai dis
trlcla ol Ibe town of H rook ville; and aleo a lerk,
aaaeaaor, Iroaaurer and tnarahall, alt to aerve for
lbeenfuln()car. LAP ADAMS, Clark.
sprUtfta, 18M 3w.
I' i ' 1 ! . WOO! IIa liif exper'.eaeed the raaffW
rSt-tl of jour llli ItcatonrtrTS, I dn.p )nu lliia
npoa the auhjaat. Abotrtlw year age, my hair
i ii.iiieiiti'.l falling off ai urn. : jj ire I waa
laal becoBiliigl M I n,i i a fro -I lm i el u.i a
your Keatoralie, end apoke to hlfltily ol !kt vtr-
ttint, I waa Indaeatl to try ll, alikougb I bad bin
little fallt.. I had beforu trie.
r. in. ill ., 1 mei.ird uaiua
ln January laai. A fw applieltioM fklaakd ty
tuiir flnolr . Iltx-gaii to fill up, grow oat. and
. k ii former color, (blsoli', Aiikla
time.Uurullv reaiorod lu llaortgiaal a-eior.koallh
and ui .pei.ru i . -, and I ebMrfully recoatateaa.' Ha
us lend. J.D.Iluah
Chicago, III., Ma 1, ISM.
Mlrford, Worroeter, co., Maat., Vor. n, .mi.
PNOF, 0. J. WüOD-ihMr Mr: f tUe pleaur
In beat-bag voluntary laallmonv to Utk tatflc ef
fecla of yourwonil. rful Uatr lt.-t..rai. . Aa tax
bach Ul iSJo, my kair rotauiviirvu laliluar off, uui'.i
Ui top of my asalp hoc mo bald m4 tmooth aa
glaaa, and 11 ha eoutmur.l I lall Inf a great BUUI
ra, bot m.atmtiuioa 1 " """" vmi
led preparuliuiit ur IU rrkiuraiioo. k
adicfliecinciil. I eat lu.lnocd I.- giv your 1
a Uial.aud, lomy uuar aakmiabtaaat, i Ioaa4,at
lorafew applleaUoua, tbal any hair bacaeae Sraaly
aal, aud aaaumcd a gloeay add kaaillful appear
auet, ami by Uta Una I bad waa quart bottle,
my bald head waa . .-red Ovar wit a t oriof aad
Igorooa growth of hal r. w alch la wow from ana Ut
two lndMta la leagth, and grow u.g fa i.
. .'ura, truly , HK H OuOHKli ll
BUA. . Yo- Oct. , M4
'.'Ol-. O. J. WOOD Uttar Wir: Alar raumf
the advcrltacmetit id one of Ute 5 aw Tort )wwr
imla, of vour reU hrale J Hair Ifetlorali e , 1 pr
earud a balf-ptnt bottle, auat waa aa ach plaaaed
Willi it, tbal I coDliBoad He aee for twe ia.cH.tae,
klld am aallaflt'd ll ll decidedly ihr beet prepare
tton bofore the poMlc. It at one reoed 11
dandruff and uupl.-aani itching from Ui.-i
eiiu ur.t renorra uiy nalr i. alarm 14 . an.l, I 1
uouoi, permaaouuy ao.
Ton MTe perrataatoc to remrto nu-. all who en -lonaiB
auy doubt of lit periornOJag all that la
eiaioiud for tt.
MI.- FEftKI,9t Uruaawleh Aaaraw.
laato mad Profaaaor O.J. ttood'a liair
rative, aod have admired IIa wonderful i
It realored anv ibalr their it bad fatUa off: a
elf ni v c head, aa render the hair eoTt a ad
amaaih awok mora ao than oil.
MAktY A. ATRlXso.N
Uuta ville, Kat. 1,13.
Trld at 114 Market tret, su Fuotk, Ma..
3iUHmadway, Sew York, and bv all lmggt4t
everTwbera. All kind of family' paieot luedi
d w lor tale, ou Uebati powlblc lerma, at fr
Uaeor ood't eaUhllahrceuL 114 Market Mrae I,
St. IxiuU.
1ÖD. V. Johnaa Uaaa agani for BrowkTiBe
aprtl II

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