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MMIt eet to rat.-?, ro , laasr
M u an reaa aNal
T. A. GOODWIN. Editor
"taooKtu.i.K tnnuMA
rmo.it. 41-uii
Itata Rwaleene
hä kbve ..'
TO HI L !;.
want lf II' l,t r,
I IMI we ut A
t IfWMUli'." Iii III'
ta, two fa pa re ll UlllIMIx
..i. Inula wealii.s i ifti
ene Ue.i
cn, in u wu i
Sr (Mu-
.- 1
U'l, a.
IIa, .! II
HI "I Ihd
Isldw m r all, April 10, HJflo.
Da.ii. IUab. I wis compelled to
clone ny Jotter abrupt I, at New Al
bany, or ba loft by tho boat on whieh
1 wished to take a southern trip, a
tling1 was quite unwilling to submit
Hot baring been 4a Now Albuny for
a vera, years, I was surprised to tee
ita tarrproeoment in business and pop
ulation. I bar indeed bo. n i .luilv
ra4ar of the Tnbnnt, but its Hinted
dimensions had not apprised nie of .
tha growth of tha city. It gives daily,
nearly or quite as much reading mat
ter tone of the Loulvil?o papers,
bat tbo bnaineaa men of Now Albany
do not make it a vehicle of informa
tion ae thfy should. In thit raepect
tha Loui.tüI merchants are wisrr
then the. Perhaps (hair necessities
eo.iipel them to tbna aavertiee exten
aivtJy. and tha enperior adeautajjfs of
Mate Albany jttttfv its men in neglec
ting thia acknowledged source of
wealth and prosperity. The Tribune
hoald he alarjred t tho ix- uf the
and would sunl. He could
'itlurd to give a "whit servant" 916
par saofltb. than a "bjack servant" io,
h-n.se ho had put all his "women ' in
to the Held und employed "while ser
vants" fur the house. Another nar
rated an amusing experiment with a
"mulato mm" named Jak. Jak
" oowkJ not Im tewed. II would run
M I . I II .. . I Mi ...........
.Ill :UII WUUMI IIMl wuk. VI vl"'
he !...! (ti whin Jake mid finally send
him on ! should think Jk must be
'n Canada or bis grave before this
time. The general conclusion was
that slavery was unprofitable vry
wh.ro except o.i cotton and sugar
plantations, where the men and wo
men must be worked together.
Wlmnever a portion of the country
beeu met too poor through slave labor
to afford profitable amployment for
slaves it could be prontnble as breed
ing grounds. Hence thy Agreed that
though Virginia and Keutuoky and
other more northern slaves states
would ceaae to work slaves they would
Uli oling to the intereat of the South
because of the profitableness of
breeding. They talk of breeding
slaves just as they talk of breeding
mules. A good slave breading wo
man ean bo bought at a given prioc,
he can raise, by proper management,
a given number of children, in a given
time, at a given oott, whioh will bring
a given price at a given age, showing
a large margin in favor of slavo rai
sing, over either hogs, or mules or
horses. I will not detail the most
profitable methods su.geited, in view
of the price of "men" on the cotton
plantations. It is enough to say that
the "institution" knows no oonjugal
or parental relations, nor aro south
ern gentlemen so much opposed to
practical amalgamation as I had fool
ishly supposed. I retired from that
circle of confidential talk, with n firm
conviction that if God is the God of
sor positively dei
Spring is just opi ning. Wheat Justice to Pro
tooks proinisiitg. The farmers am We hav constant
plowing foi corn. With a prospeet of publishing the chnrj
abundant r. wurd Corn and wheat Larrahe of specula1
nlwayn command about Kin cents mere) the purchase of bo
In re ill. hi ,t HmwUi ill, , but the great libraries, because then
taple of the county is tobaoeo a nas
ty weed, nasty to plant, nasty to
tend, nasty to prepare for market,
nasty to manufacture, nasty to eat,
nasty in lis result, making nsty
floors, nasty stoves and Are places,
nasty fumes; and nasty spit boxes,
nasty mouths and nasty shirt bosoms
In short, wer it apt that eoasa of
you, dear readers, are the nastmti
kind of tobacco users, 1 should say
outright that none but nasty worms
and nasty goats eat It when green,
and none but nasty bipeds use it after
It is mnitufaotursd, but as this might
be offensive I'll just say nothing mote
on that subject.
I intended to say a word about my
old friend Jones of the Hock port .Oem-
octal .mil I, linear of tht Hepublican,
but I must close for want of room.
Yours. T A. Q.
Louisville Journal And all the addition-
al snoot should be filled with adver- Julice whom 1 hnvo worshipped, he
W a. 3B0U .
lis ro eats. Otherwise hundred and
thousands of dollars will be attracted
to Louisville which ought So be spent
I found '-Orte A Bons," in their
respective "chairs" early in the taorn-
lnff. The senior is too well known to
must have a controversy with any peo
ple who countenance such a crying sin
as this is, according to the testimony
of its own friends. I was convinoed
of an o'her fact. Tb end of slavery
drawotb nigb, I cannot 'divine how ii
will terminate but its present is near
---'-s -- . .u ,e its tinnl strudle. 1 think that both
WIM mil iiivu.uui.uiMi tu iuo i vvuv vji w
tWMmi aad I bar room only I Randolph's and rrenti.'s opinions
to say that the juniors pr roUe to make
men worthy of one who confessedly
sUods at lb head of tbo editorial
corps in Indiana On has charge o'
the local deportment of the Tribune
ad the other of the basinets depart
ment and each fills his place well.
to tit senior's position on the
questions of the day, I have repeated
utributc to it. llumnne men
and men of enterprise will abandou its
territory, and circumscribed to its
present limits, it will kill itself in is v.
ry short time. T. A. 0.
HocKfonT. Ind., April 13, 1866.
Duah Kkadcr: Because 1 had
mind thereto I left the steamer at this
Squatters, in tho ü. I. Sen
Never was a baser falsehood uttered
than that which denominated the Kan
sas Act a triumph of popular sover
eignty. We have repeadedly shown
this. If it needed additional evidence
that ean bo found in tbo vote of the
U. S. Senate on Alcnday the I4ih inst.
on a petition of the People of Kansas,
through tboir legislature, to be admit
ted as a state, That senate RE
by a vote of 30 to 111 Thus evin the
right of petition is deuied them. Tins is
the squatter sovereignty ol those who
intend to fasten slavery on the inhabi
tants of that territory at all hauards
1 hat senate refused to receive even
an bumble petition from the people
who, Douglas had said a few days be-
fore, "should be subdued." Ah, gen
tlemen, when you subdue the spirit of
freedom that is now dominant in Kan
sas, and which ia awakiug in all the
north, you will be ready for a despot's
crown. Goon. Remove nil tiover
nors, and Judgel, that favor the cause
of freedom, und then deny tho people
the right of petition, but remember the
idee of November!
av setl ai. e ' use m
Prohibitory Law In Rookport
iu a letter written from Kockport,
we speak of its rapid improvement,
phytieaWy, but foigot to speak of its
moral improvement. We need not aiy
what it was Gve years ago it waa no
worse (hau all other villages of it til.
Larre.be e
refrained from
i against Prof.
K large! v ii jm ii
-for township
Is no poKitivt'
The Turnings and Twistlnga of Pal - i
i tic i ans
We noticed a few we l . ago tlini
the authors of the Kanea Bill had al
1 1 a l ill indoned ilsir f unus pi. i of'
"tHiiiulitr soverenrntv" seeing that It
mm mt
ll r n t ion
h I'on
on the
evidence that he did, and tlx Profes- did tint inure to slavery as ihn had
We .lid pub
ndenlablo faets, in relation
to his suddenly becoming wealthy du
ring Ins (! m if olfloe. alW having
struggled with p.. v. . tv all his d.iys.
till his election. It is undeniable that
he oai.10 to this Bute poor, and In
bat he was viu arrested in
Boston, his way hen, In a mum.. .
that was so mortifying to his friend
(hire that ho was rulwoewd only by
their aid- that he held his own during
the 14 years of his
(In I 'mversilV that nil his little real I no
... ' ' 7.1
state, was under morUrauo mr it full two s
. " .w I
expected. They never di
Del that,
If congress would surrender the right
bile it retained the L '
ml lud:
Munday, is at eleven, instead of tfcfl
jW"We have a word for some
the nominees when tb" matter Is si
fho American for a Dollar
We will im iu Ii Um American
ay 'i till October 91 for one d
r want a thousand campaign
fibers. Persons sending ueolfl
The Presbyterian Chureh.
The Presbyterians of Dreokville
have euoeeeiled in erecting and fin
nishing one of tin most beautiful lit
tie churches that we have seen li lav
diana. It is some 00 by 40 feet,
elusive of a vestibule nbout tn feet
wide. In this ate the stairs which
ihi.ili.t ,
value when sleeted ih u
his snh
in litis they were deceived. Except
ing at the slestlons whl?h wir carried
by Mlssourians, Um lovers of freedom
tve earrted every thing. They have
II gone ki (nr us to udopl eonti
ition, oontalng a proliil,iii..ii ..i !.
with very, and they are now applying to
f . m ...
ilsslon as a slate. In
Doogla A (Jo., Und
d d
in running c
Vitamer dag and yet desiring a fusittu identical. Mills and stores and ware
cf the opponent of the pro-Slavery houses and dwellings have gonu up,
and anti - American party. lie propo-1 even faster thtn I predicted, f. . o years
see however terms of compromise, ago, when some old hunkers thought
and is willing to aeeude to any that ' the town waa diuthtd. And, unwall-
ay be fair and honorable. There ed cellars, and piles of lumber, and
point I landed' after night, but by
If xwrsed an opinion. He is right moon light I could easily discover that It had its doggerries nnd its drunken
onihehlinaasnttestion. and right on 1 the Hockport of 1866 is ho difterent "" n, but it had some as true temper
I 9
teoA ot rican qun'mn. except that I front the Itockport of 1861 that it could
iEltia h hüte erreiT in running up "tin ! hanlfy be .nuuud a la ukv cmsamum
Judge l)ebrultr,;of the t'ommon Pleas,
finds nothing in his constitution that
r quires him to construe tho constitu
tion of Indies a in fuvor of free whis
ky, but hu maintains, und rigidly on
forces the liuv. His decision is that
will be a fusion on aome fair basis be ' larg , brick yards, assured me that the ny person may sell for the purposes
was only 91.30U a ywar and yet that
lie built a 95,000 house, ami bought
and improved and stocked largo tracts
of land, and yet had money enough to
buy the State Seutir.tl, yet wo have
never charged ilu Professor with oh
tinning this wealth fraudulently. W .
do not know that it is any body's bus
iness how he obtained it. lie may
have received it from some rich rela
tive. No doubt he can satisfy the
public on this point whem v r lie chou
ses to do so.
The sudden wealth of the Profes
sor has attracted tho attention of even
our neighbor in Ohio. The Cincin-
v Commercial alluded to it some
time ago, by publishing the followiug
from the Lafayette Courier'.
"We believe the truth to be about
this, and we have it from the most re
liable men in Cincinnati: Larrabeo re
ceive I lb books through the Derbys
at Cincinnati. They were billed to
them at seventeen per cent iesa than
they were billed to the State. Larra
bee received them at Harper's prices;
hence he received in the transucti on
something near ftO.OOO. That he
received near this amount, wo think
cannot be denied."
We knew thin to be a mbl.ike when
wo first saw it, nnd intended to correct
it immediately, hut Mr. Derby him
self promptly corrected it in the very
a. 9 af. S . ttm . .e
next issue oi me uouiroeroiai oy tin
following card:
No, 145 Main St., Cincinnati,)
April 15. '6C j
Mxssas. M. D. PoTTxads Co- Gkn-tlkmrm:-The
statement copied into
your journal of tins morning, fiom the
Wabash t Courier, so far as it relates to
mc, it unqualifi.toly falae. Profoasor
Larrabeo did not rsoeivo the Indiana
Library books from the Harpen thro'
me, directly ox indirectly, nor had I
any thing whatever to do with his
transactions, either as negotiator, sell
or, shipper, or agom. iltat 1 oid
dim couien of oneot n publn t-
it necessai v to tack about to
thu rights o( amtiur to meet Iwtgetk"
er ami frame their own laws and con
stitutions. They are now great stick
lers for precedent law and order, and
all that.
Why, these s.tiuu men weie olam
orous, only u few years ago, for (he
Dorr tn vement in Rhode Island, nnd
they actually voted for the admission
of Michigan into thu Union under cir
cumstaucut almost identical with those
under which Kanena now applies-. She
had been organised a a Territory.
and governed as mich fur ninny year ..
In 1035 (j, having iocreaiol in wealth
and population or to use Ureely'a fig
uro having outgrown her J
swaddling-clothes, tho was
transformation into u State.
had mi unsettled Douudnry dispute
with Ohio, involving a strip of Inn. I
on which the Oily of Toledo has since
grown up; there hud been serious col
lisions of jurisdiction. threatening
others llill more serious; und Congress
resolve. 1 not to admit Michigan XjSrleSJ
or ii.-
enee mei Is at I mil oinpnli
of next month.
W iisat. Though the
backward tin' win nt is li
unusually premising
t(T himeon P. Ü lllr.it
T. (llllell 0
.1 d
IlltS I'COtMVUll
U.M. Naval
We are
for the or
shall waft for furtl
JfcrJolm King ha sohl l.i . i luper
ty III Ubomiaggi t.. i in rmuii li..m
Iovi A ) i ui
Sherill. W
I: Osboiu;
I Nominees.
rtt to Ktqulre Kilgore
results of the caucus
th mis county. We
remarks until af
i Wiley and
r. J. II. Klliott:
h ad to the main ae
to thn end isllsrv
The rufseO)
mi., two t. Minis aho
one of whioh is UW
room and
J by the
ll divided
40 each,
iyr meet
ings and the Ssbba'.b School, and the
atwaioti.The Repubheaas of the
eity i f Philadelphia met la eowveaUev
recently, end ' Resolved, That inas
mach as ihr Hepublioan party Is oaw
which a4voeaeet no principle bat what
Involves the prosperity of the Union,
and Inasmuch aa we look to the waited
action ol the good and Ira me al eil
parties throughout the United Atalea.
as being neoesssry to carry DM the
patriotic object ws have In eiew. we.
the Republicans of Philadelphia, de
clare that we will adopt mo lernt! lassjae
to distract us from our purposes; tt
Ihlc.l uiiy ..I um
y can send us u
Ig of that kind,
I inr for
Hut she
assured of that. Tho fboi'lk of In
diana intend to rid the State of thu
of oldnneiem. T. A. G.
Oixo Rtvsa, April 1 1th, 1856.
Da a a Bsaoc. My letter of yes
end of this improvement ia not yet. I
was soon convinced that my fears of
1861 wuro moro than realized. I
feared then, thai I should loso thou
sands of dollars by not having money
tcrdey was mailed at Evaasvillc, and enough to buy up the rich lands that
should mach yon In time for the paper were then selling at incredibly low
al title week but it is uncertain when rates. They will now average more
yow will get it, as the mail arrange
meats below the Falls continue to be
tfamnsf miserable of any in the Uni
sod Stalls. To one accustomed to
regmlar daily mails, as are the people
i the Falls, tt appears like banih-
from society to be compelled to
da without news until it ta from a week
ta tea days old. But the patience of
the people far nearly exhausted, and
efc tip papers friendly to the present
administration are beginning to assume
a tooe of independence. When the
jsaepee 'eeaee to be mere partisans,
ami lomrn to demand their rights irres
TMffcHe Of party, this state of things
WW 'eaase So t xist. The American
üb subscribers in the
part of the State, (except at
Evaasville) under a week, and often
ot under ten days.
H .-AJlar ejoaiog my but letter I took a
around the stove in the cabin.
ihatened to the conversation of a
of Southerners in regard to
sjshjSyi institutions and southern in-
being all southerners, and
than triple the prices of five years ago,
and five ve in more will triple the
present price. 1 foresaw that it could
not be otherwise. Lauds ulmost iden
tical in quality with the lands of
Springfield and Bath townships were
selling at from 62 to 94 per acre, with
in a few miles of tho Ohio river, in
healthy neighborhoods.
I toon learned that our former
townsman, John Rumple, had made a
fine speculation in buying and moving
onto some of these cheap lands, and 1
waa satisfied that if some of those who
are rushing to Iowa, should stop here,
they would better their condition vas
tly. Lands from two to five miles of
the river good lands, well timbered,
with poplar, and ash and walnut and
beech and oak are yot for sale at from
ten to twelve dollars pet acre. I have
noticed one thing ol particular mo
ment. I saw large fields of poplars
thai contain from 1500 to 3000 feet of
lumber, deadened, and the proprietors
plowing around them waiting for them
to fall to be consumed by fire. I re-
elaveholders who too part iu the I monstrated against this waste of tim
ber, bat was told that a want of saw
mills waa the apology. On inquiring,
I found that lumber, dettv n d on the
bank "f tbo river, two miles from this
field, commands in cah $12 per (Jm U
s and for the Iowa market. This far
mer informed me that any man or
company who would take off the logs
should have them jrati, if they would
burn tin; tops. Another said he would
furnish a thousand log cut und ready
to haul, averaging 500 feel of lumber,
at one dollar per log, within 2 miles
contemplated in the law and for no
other purjHMe. The result is easily
seen. Wa were there on a very pub
lic day and saw but one or two drun
ken men, and these buy their liquor
I. t the people of Indiana be truo to
themselves, and two years hence they
can and WILL put Judges on the Su
premo Bench, who will bless the whole
state with such a decision.
eraation, I had a fine opportuni-
Ijr to get a glimpse at the touth-side
view of the subject. The conversa
tion began by a very liberal abuse of
Dorthentmen m "nigger stealers," but
eofmittfaed up tho intrinsic merits of
fSm ftnMrfmr?. as seen and felt by
After extcr -ting the subjecPof,"nig
fl stealing' and the wrongs tho south
ha endured from, tne north, one speak
ewe1UMur.ssi.tHO subject by quoting tho
welt known saying of Randolph. Said
fcn, Gnllan. t tell you, old Ran-
Justice at Last.
It was a matter of just complaint
with the old line fusionista that so few
of the state tickot were Whigs, while
the policy of the party was to court
the "old patriotic Whigs" of the state.
This can not now bo so much com
plained of. The state central commit
tee has induced Mr. Walker, the can
didate for Lieutenant Governor, to
withdraw, and Abram A. Hammond,
formerly a citixen of this place, an old
and reliable Whig, the defeated Whig
candidate for the legislature in Ma
rion county four years ago, has been
nominated in his place. Mr. Ham
mond is a lawyer of ability, a success
ful gambler, and an uncompromising
Whig, and should be entirely satiafac
tory to those Whigs who have fused
with the old liners in the support of
free whisky fcc. With Larrabee to
represent the Biroey Abolitionists of
'4.4, and Hammond iho Whigs of thu
last 20 years down to the end of Whig
gery, and Willard who gave thn cast
ing vote tor intensifying the prohib
itory law, and then took the pledge of
total ubstenancu, to please the temper
ance men, with a few Democrats to
serve those who wero Democrats, wu
think a man must be hard to please
who is not satisfied with tho ticket.
Almost a Fire.
The good people of the city of
Bloomiuggrovj were thrown into quite'
a ronaternaliou last Friduy, by finding
Dukates Potter shop on fire. The fire 1
had made .-uch progress that when
lions, the t'ourier's moat rehable
men of Otncttrmti,- TirrT a tun "toow,
and discredit ita othci incuts.
Yours truly,
II. W. miRBY.
Remarking upon this correction the
Local of the State Sentinel says:
"What subterfuge will the base li
beller of the Commercial and Courier
now seek ? Can they find auy, to
screen them from the just contempt of
all honorable men ? How soon will
the newspaperjpres be rid of such
positive curses of such men as love
to riot in slander and defamation ?
We could say many things of both
ihese men which would show them lo
the public as objects onlv fit for con
tempt end loathing. But, for the
present, we dismiss them with "slan
derer" branded upon their foreheads
so deep and black as to be read by nil
These '-libellers" should not "slan
der" Brother Larrabee. The follow
ing are ail the facts that have come to
she would consent to quitclaim thii
disputed territory. On this condition
being made known, a new Constitu
tional Convention was held, under the
auspices of tbo Territorial (iovern
ment, which Convention decided not
to accept Admission on the condition
imputed by Congruss. So thu ques
tion M-eui'.-d to be at real.
But not so: A movement wan di
rectly set on foot by voluntary popU
lar'ttgitutlon, outside of and in dolinnce
of the Territorial authorities, for anoth
er Convention, whioh was accordingly
ch" "n and held, though none but the
friends of the movement recognized it
in uuy nay, and two ol ihn most pop
ulous counties were not nt ell repre-
senied. This volunteer Ppontnnroti
Convention resolved to . -, t i Imi-i J
stop on the terms exacted by Congress
in. I i.-j.-i teil by the nvro'ai l'..,i.-n- lew 0
tion; and sent ou the refOisitc docu- "r
the V all ! ! ,
A'V'lf' we have i
merchant of lata,
new vest, or some
and say nothing more about it.
Iml-hino. -Sine the Frro nt Mela
mora, Dr. Keely, has insured near
J5000 wo-th of propei ty, In the Rising
Sun und Indianapolis companies,
1 J I'lpthionnhlw ladies, when they
go shopping, never think of returning1
without calling at linker tb lliur.nrd's.
Such ribbons, and robes 0, dear 1
MW lsaso Miller, late of 0 dar
Grove, luoi'lc' i without paying ftr his
paper; Merchants and honest men
every vh IV Will pl.-it-" ill .lit tili-, (set.
itWl( Jeff. Tyner does not know
how to garden, he does know how to
seh et seasonable goods, as any one
may tee by culling ill the Shuuk High.
A new arrival Inst Monday.
Judge McCarly ha cut down
his vineyard, his vinedresser having
1'iormuncud the vines dead down to the
Miliare vi t I HOW The loots (lie
all .
JC-tf Wo heard not n few old liner
say. last Saturday, that the exhibition
of drunkenness at the, convention con
vinced tlvm morv than over of the no
ily of a Probibfb ry Law.
Canwo. A patriotic German, be
ing asked last Saturday whom he vo
ted for a' the aVeffc
for Mr. Crook ...
I Ol'lls. Mi Shorn,
tt'" I he - 'lllc !
dates for nomiuittio
M7A,-ho high ihai
had to take some of
jeei . ol Heid V '
i I 1 i.ible, H. I'. Judge, J.
0 P. I'roseoulor, S. Mc
in'. t'oi'oner, .lohn Shil-
1'kaok' 1'kai'x
pa ace was signed
ii nit ut I. hi n
30th . ('rent den
Wi re exhibited in
nun, illumination,
demon- Intimus wi
l; .li,,. ,M.... .is.
I The treaty of
by all JMeuipoten
n Sunday, March
unstrnUohs of joy
Paris; tiring of oan
drc. The Kni-lish
whieti is now before us us td we secure
the admission of Kanena into the Un
tott as a free Htate. and the guar sate
of freedom tu all the Terrltofias be
longing to tho Union."
' i i in
bv Rev. T. A (
Nit iioueti and
.L I a m li. ' f A
jm uni iu ipi , i uia rfaiavi
Hev. T. A. Goodwin. Mr. William
Mos LwL'lsA J 1'Ain-
WrTitnitAW.s.- We lesrt
8. M. fihunsway has wlthil
the United Brethren Cluirr
of tlio oppotit on of that
oerlaiu v, w U n he l.ohh m icunl
to secret socielios. Mr. Bhumwav is a
awn from
, because
church to
talent'' I man, und will be
those wilh whom he haa
beeu oKsooialcd.
id by
tot re-
'f votes
! v 11, 1
do dlck-
tsT Kxchonges that hate
eel vi .1 our paper for the loet
three weeks must excuse ua. rfo great
Ii i been our iucreuto this month that
we have run short of papers each week.
though we hud wet down all addition
al paper that we had supposed would
I, n " lie. I Wi ; hall d ttaiiih be Up
wilh the demand after this.
m mi I , II ll
Franklin Tumi, ci. Hi ciunan
I no Dcmockats The rending out pro
; is lik' lv io h ave the dunocrncy
without many in its ranks Since tt
ha hi en ill , n il that Pierce and
Uuchan in ..' e. .i the Admission of
Miehlgan under cirriimstnnces identi
e al with tlujsp f Kansas at present,
they sre tv lc readout. Surely .squat
ter soveri ikUtV shoal, 1 be indicted for
other Is neatly carpeted and furnished that we will prrvrc in the ontet
for (he weekly meetings of the Sewing
I'he nudlcnee room is elegantly pew
ed, having hü pews, that will sealaume
seven persons each, betides six seals
m.t im ,.-e. I The pulpit is a model
of neatness and beauty. It is lighted
at night, by a beautiful chandelier, and
two pulpit lamps; and is surmounted
h e beautiful cupola, in whieh hangs
an excellent and heavy bell whose
mellow tones, revevbrailng from our
hills, fill the soul with gladness at the
hour of worship, This beautiful edi
fice has been built and completed, ex
copt fencing, at a cost of about 96,
300, all of whieh is paid except less
than 9500. Thia speaks well for the
liberality of the members of the church
and the generous community who
have aided them from time to time,
in various ways. It is an ornament to
our town, aod an honor to its owners,
and a centre whence shall issue health
ful moral influences that will tell upon
generations lo come.
It was dedicated, . last Sabbath, by
Itev. Dr. Munfort, of Cincinnati,
whose pulpit performances Mre spoken
of in tho m, mplimeutary msn
ner . , hijj Wf , j
fUto &bbf rtistmrnls.
JTTa XOsS-ieoKlnf OissS ot r, Hm Sie
tin t.i - i Kurt),ti.ou(ii neitse hus
hI,mu att rrats itiv i tt )i
Prof. Wwid'i Hair l(Mt4.rtistse es Ms rot
clld lo tu l4t !', bat m krsetas4 M
sraseeu MtSeat 414 uei iiue.'M hiss, wd
lucdistsl y 4stsrstse4 le pest S s eeusis T Mst-
. i r i tut ni r Btuk 1 1 ) rluttrtsed to 8n4 be wt.
u-iiUni;ii bit lerstsrsetf Is Um Stileor M
My , wWcb Bseied aim to stahs kl i..lf k ;
bulUM Udjr Mill saft that aha IISOt aoaatoafW
bUar Uibb Iba orifma, se4 InsleW UUU ae aa
esa (If necaatar)) itaffafr vraUv.
To i.o ).a!
ron its onram
With m AjbSsmStt. nasUalatef a l-fclloaotiiesl
and to lorl ca I Kalr nf Med ulna to
His I i niaa.
. HENOt:
then V
Keely ha vet ou bin
ol I'hi' I Dfitpiintt id i
Call nnl get one. nnd If, after
tt, you s:ty it is uot worth thi;
c im!1 take it off vour haiuU.
snh jfcfr A vim ; man -thoholds certif-
I ttio I tiontcu of iiuahlication for leaching in
a High School appHe" to us for a situ-
ids n . alio a. Wu know of none at present,
itin bul will givo him information wlienev
mints to Gen.
den, den. Ja
ings and decisions of Loth Convention d pay you iho dollar.
to t'ougress, wilhoul indicating tiny Jt-rV The i'.-.f Premiums for the
preference on his own part. They pcxi Van will 1. pruitud in hatidbill
came first before the House, when next week iho Directors have
the following proceedings were had:' ordered .rAM of them and Una it iv uot
.)Mtf, Jan. 11, 18.tC. Memorial to be published in the p ip. i-. we pre
ol" the Legislature of the State of Mich- time that at Iqnst o:i in fifty of those
ian presented. Mr. llannegan of who wiih lo compete, will get to sec iL
er wi know of n
desirous, of emplo;
"in h-arti partloul
Moore of And
veonncy. 1'ei-sons
inc snrh a teacher
1). D. Jonss'h Coiifstjtoh'--Noah
('armirhttcl Esq., announces his deter
mination to accompany Mr. Jone
through this district during the ap
prnnching canvuss. Mr. Carmiehsel
will certainly be a vety troublesome
competitor, though we think that be
overrates his ability when he says that
he ean drink ns much mean whisky as
Jones can. and beat him "all holler"
when it comes to brandy and good liq
u..rs generally. Noah, you will find
.1 nes hard to beat on suoh pinti.
a- s-wsaV' .aenwes'
JLW After visiting Southern India
n i weaie satisfied that we will not be
the people's candidate for Governor.
Down in the "Pocket" Judge Test has
many warm friends. They don't know
how mortal ugly he is. He is uglier
than Sheets if possible, but when he
openes his month he utters trull s thai
old liners think even uglier than the
man himself. They are afraid be will
h li 'in ii, e. II he l wo be-tide
Wilhtrd fc Co..
HD, M D..
i oi Mad da, Mauel
frofaaaot af tha I
mil is rich wie ( KclestfSt and IIIMsUb
X luu lirii MI..4 I Uio liifiitl, nafer r Dr.
r .. Of '( li .... I... trat.la1u . mm.
baan moat rlagsbill l uSllaSad bv Mietra. Wn
1 I. atteoaee Ct licra. Iirnrurli.a
tur roaaili-a bj.4 luv. rth.-., aiwl Libra)
..una ip i.if,,(i' ( an.'., in u.i. ora .
Ordrri raiiii illi.lli olu-IUd. afK
sprll is
To tae laanetf Tea-ice at Wrrk.
i HlMMKM' I KU Ith Uta r-rw aad laga' 1 iba
L CoevMiloit at biladalr4ils, almal J rase SB.
,i a U ut U, tvil, nf KotfuiUir aat lea
or fi.m -mo KtttBbeta:
Nltala Coi.lra.
Q Cnpiaa to Oes sSdraat
Vit ..j.l 1. oi.aaddrvaa
Tub ajaaos SraADsa. On our ro
wrlttni; to J. turn from the South we had th good
illc. ' I forluc lo find this splendid boai at the
Louisville landing, wilh her model
Ind. moved that it bo rejected. Mo
tion defeuted: Franklin Pierce voting
in the majority. Mr. llannegan ihvn
moved that it be received "as the vol
untary act of private individuals."
This was adopted, but Franklin Pierce
voted in the negative. Ou the ques
tion as to which of the two Conven
tions should be recognised ns repre
senting the People of Michigan, tb
Democratic House decided in fuvor of
light, in reference to this transaction, i the irregulur or spontaneous Couveii-
iof ihe river. I wished that lhoc en-
dolph was right when ho said that let; ertretic lumber meu Pluraer dt Clem
Sajrerj alome and. ir th slave do not enta, who made a fortune oul of their
TO ftff fifO their masten, their mas-1 mill at litoomin-'grove, and retired to
ejtmBWfr Ja." "Yea," said an- ! furming, had come t; this place. They j to subdue it, and the prospect was
sAhwr, Prssuis of Mjaeiasqjpi said in one , can obtain a ten year's lease on ground I that a considerable portion of the
and these facts we oan prove by II.
W. Derby if need be. The books for
for the Indiana Library cost the S:
of Indiana 17 per cent more than the
same kind and quality of books cost
the State of Ohio that same year, and
some 15 per cont more than tho pur
chases for this year are costing (books
having advanced in the two years.)
The purchases amounted to about
10,000. 17 per cent on which is
Four yesrs ago we voted for ProX
Larrabee, because we thought that
his acquaintance with schools would
make him a safer and better Super
intendent than his opponent. We did
not then sufficiently reflect that such
a vast amount of financial matters bad
to be submitted to bis judgment, or
we would have knowu that a man who
had so managed his private busings
for 14 years in Indiana, that with a
good salary, and enjoying good health,
he should yet be nearly if not abso
lutely insolvent, would be until to
manage the millions that are direclly
or indirectly under his control. With
us, nnd with the people of Indiana, it
u a small matter who has the benefit
of the 20,000. But, that it would
implicate the Professor's moral
character, we would rather that he
should have it, than tho Harpers. It
is lost to the State, unques'ionablv.
If the Professor has, it, it is certain-
I lv tl e li.
tion Franklin Pierce voting in the
When the question came in due
course before the Senate, (Democrat
ic,) it was referred to its Judiciary
Committee, whereof Felix Grundy of
Tennessee, was Chairman. This Com
mittee sent out circulars to Michigan,
to ascertain which of these rival Con
ventions most truly represented the
People of that State, und which had
received most of the People's votes.
After awaiting and receiving answers
to these ciroulurs, the Committee re
ported that thu spontaneous Convention
tear entitled to be accredited rathr than
the regular: and that Michigan should
be admitted on its motion. This mo
tion prevailed: Yen, Silas Wright,
Benton, Uuchanan, Wm. K. King, bo.
Nays only 10.
The subject thereupon went to4 the
House, where the nction of the Seattle
was affirmed, nnd the admission of the
State completed: Yeas, 148; Nays, 68;
Franklin Vierce and 7ac Toitceu
among the Yeas.
So Michigan came iuto the Union,
on the application of ft volunteer, anti-
regular Convention, junt like that of
Free Kansns, und voted for Van Uuren
for 1'rosidcnt in 1836.
But Kansas must be kept out, by
Piere, and Huchan an and their co-la-
I borers though there is not a jots dif
ference in the principle on which she
Ys;viarsu8.- Some ill-advised
persons objected to Disator (till . 1
last Saturday, on the ground that he is
but a yearling Democrat: They nui-t
be mistaken; ho is nearly two years
old two years old next July.
Bonnxts. Mrs. Fing'and has mov
ed her hop to the room formerly oc
cupied by Geo. Holland ns an office,
directly opposite the Shank High store,
where she displays nice bonnets and
exquisite taste in trimming them.
JtfT Among the important ilems of
news brought over by the last steamer,
is the fact that the nurso of Napoleon's
baby, while walking the room with
the imperial infant in her it. m. caught
her toes in the carpet, and nenrly fell,
not hurting tho baby a bit, but severe
ly frightening the nurse.
c , rr i m . I .
Mfw.r.. v.oori nn.nu.Tt, " d(.,U. Dunning, in the office.
ii H iiiutms were rea : out oi ine
party, h( Saturday, ! use they re
t'u ed to endorse the Kansas Act
Bro ikiille, many of the staunch
K. N.'s were not only permitted to
vote, but earnestly solicited, without
renouncing a jot of theh political faith.
This will produce confounded con-Fusion.
- tire
- 14 IM
HS. ( M i. t, im kdUraaa ... at BB
OrSars tnutl la all asast Sa t-s,'omjso.wl Ith
Iba nnnaj whWk asa be t a tttod al aar Has.
Rataaof II apart -ia) Inc ftaaba In iba r,,u, .i
' latva raralvad al par, bei alaa Ueaa aa Sa
York, Hoatou or ra.lla4alpltia tub) procarad,
IBS) Sil U prt'aira. Matte) tatlara ahosVl be
rartiSaxl bi n.- Poaimaatef .
Tboaa at oar frianda ab may daalra to aid la.
llir rlrriilatit at I UK M Ml SfKKIY CAM
i'AOS I Kiai'Mt eril l a kind nougU to arnd la
vi,, ii omrr at a ran) a at) St ptilMr. Attet
!ab. Aildfaaa
(HELLET .Wrn.lt ITH,
Trii'stsOflksi.rtr fatt.
lue Kplrwaia fur lor I n tai lays,
I , 1. 1 1. I ..Una A Mm-) la tba O Uta, flaaaa "a
a.lntl.o air... I ,i,(iilaa, I, Hra lOalitoSla
ea ... i.i l I : . ...ri a ad tiaa " Dawart a r af Uto
laraatllat frnra Ui j I. - a larnr asd brautnul ,t,
tcratlnf fr-.u. a ptteUiicbt 1). KuUru The re
tail I'ti..' ol Um aboaa oucraalug u i. bar com
l.-l III L . a-..- r
I bo aulvrrtbara bava aatahllafcail a nook trn
r) In I'biladolpblt, atid will rtirnlali ai t uenk of
Iui.ubiiuii at ma retail prira irea at
u. ie Ire Ited most gentleman- ''' uv '.. Kri,k UaHUS raabia.
D at. bl II retrlia Uta Stal inaa taa mmm n ..i
' lv. and accommodated most superbly a tst el alihar of tb ewn boaaufal atmrar-
Tn ! , I ,uta. rrap of cbarga, or If anbairibtaoj to a SS, aad
durillff our travelonher.it not half i S' Majtait- , aoihaa !taraoaa, aad t balloaS
,.st . i t-aoioa- nnaiian annual. iat wlli rvcotta boU.
VOW . ...... IMUa I. .. . M . . - . P. I .... . . .
EDI it in ' what we wart to ssv. To
hW 0
appreciate the splendor of the boat
and ils eatings nnd sleeping, yon
must travel on her. and no man can
i" r '.. and a rap) of atibar ol Ibv a bar a as -
M ar dear n pilau of Knfrstint ua N aod ajra
cuiad ilb naaliii'aa aud Ji.at. t: Via as al BeU
Stoaa, Kvwapei Moadlaga Vlawaof Maeblircn,
Mo..k llluotroUoua, Lodfa Cam Oos loa, Uoamew
a i a , ar.
fully appreciate Dunning until he hnrmW
Wc would not blame any sen
sible farmer who wishes to improve
his stock, for payi.ig Isaiah G. Scoby
his price for one or moro of those gen
tlemen pigs that arc in his pen, but if
any one appropriates that nice white
sow pig that will be two months old
about the first of July the one that
sucks the fore teat let him do it if ho
dare, and wc will announce his name
as a candidate for tho lower house at
Jeffersonville, instanter. It can be
procured only by stealing.
been under his care a trip or two.
"'t "tn
of lb h
ran aand a Oag uorraot)pr or aka lib
iuro mall r i-ifiraaa.
IVra.ii.aai a dvMaiiaa navluf aalralOc an i. loa
J udtre Rt id's renlv lo Geon i W0'J.,d B"d " to wsdd-oo uaaaub-UUK-
4U ' reP'y o Borge acrilra, aa wa would act aa aroata f.r ba a to af
Holland, sq., appears in another co
umn. As tbey took ihe advantage of
our absence to get into a muss, they
must get out of it themselves. As
long as the matter is of public impor
tance, they may have the use of our
columns, and no longer. At present
ne think that it it of the utmost im
portance that the public should know
it. if a Judge has exercised arbitrary
power to the detriment of the people,
tho aoiurj. HVUi M a. Piau. u
W hoblh TWei evrasH, ntlaaMsSUa. l-a.
-. araaa. (o SS j) t nn liaaia
and, on the other hand, it is but just
jHT Those young gents who were ,hllt Judge io exercise, of his
prerogatives, should have a lair bearing.
so taken with our Foreman's new vest,
list Hundav, can have one of the same
i ir We understand that R H i sort bv calliniriit the "Old Whito Cor-
Sw.ft has been again secured as j nr," and it can be made in the same
Principal of the Bloominggrovc Acad-1 fashionable style by Ft 0. Baker, who
cmy. Never within tho recolltrction "at borne" in his nhop.
of the -oldest inhabitanu" has the Speaking of thu "White Corner"
pro pecisof that institution been more , rainds us that that stiff-necked girl
tl hierin". ' w'll stands in the btorc has displayed
lb: no'. 1 1 i.c'kin 1,1.- - J. f. Tvner s "n m" 1 this sPrm-
li r . ,i i . : I and that there nro yet Home of the
not to blame for the cleaninir up and 3
nil mi .i vi men iuiiv nit: uiny i'u in ina ,
van! nnd '-arden. "Uncle Tom Colo-
same sort for sale there.
scotl," bosies that job. - He thinks to
make the premises as nice us tho edi
tor's. We shall bee.
Histoky of Medicim. -Dr. Com-
eyj's has unquestionably conferred a
great favor on tho scholars and profes
sional men of this country, in his
We propose to Bro. Jones of translation, from the French, ol Re
ihe KocDort Democrat that bince Uuele ! nourd's History of Medicine. The
T . ar . . "i. . i es- .
6am has abandoned theru in regard to
mail facilities he t'uso with us and oth-
history of any art, properly delineated
is intercbting. but the history of the
ere, und thai we try young Sam awhile. , Healing Art has tpeciul claims upon
Young Sam will give you n daily riv-'our attention.
er mail. ,. - Let not tho render suppose that this
a 1. a mm . i. . 1 a a t m I i- r a i a I a a
discovered, it was thought irop0,,ible i u c u,a70,",lcraPl8V'H appne irom is, one sustntni i.y
I ? I 1 1. .. 1 . 1 1 . . , ,J.ia n .11 . m aaii -
wenny, anu ue snuuiu w saiuneu witn intm ,'ti ye ir ; n ;o. Mien arc ire rrirn-
igf hjja sneeeltef, that Abolitionists can
IrirWootajrerja. neither can the
CoJarsoislion snrirty, but it will root
enough tor mill and yard at not over
two dollars per. year, within 2 miles
of tho river, and surrounded by almost
OataMnleaa it haa new eountries , int.xhaustable forests of poplars that
t'ffktjftd into." Then foRowed about
1 cau be obtained at the rates above in-
of tha TileUt abuse of slavery
.ever listened to. It waa aa en-
aa it was instructive. v-
fatrker eeosued to vie with every
in narrating some fact illustra-
dicated. It is easy to see how soon
they could become wealthy, whit1) re
lieving the wants of Charley SmUb.
Clarksun and others, who have gon.'
to low. As they will hardly engage
i, of the posiiion now assumed by , in tho lumber business again, I wil
furnish information to any man, or
company who may wish to realize
large profits on sawing.
that it ie an unmitigated
sja. One hsvd tried itin the house,
stants ware la:;, aad wasteful
town would soon bo in ashes, but by
vigorous exertions it was tinally sub
dued. Our Reporter informs us that
the ladic9 deserve great praise for the
intrepidity displayed and assistance
rendered on that occasion.
Head out. We learn that Hon. D.
i- a booli for the medical profession
la or a a a a a 1
D. .lures read VVe.Iy Morrow ..ut of, alone. It is readable by men Ot lit
the party al Laurel the other day, be
cause the said Wesly doubted tin: gen
uineuebs ol Dr. Clifford
Wc don't believe that he
He has a very forgiving d
JC-fT Vre hone ' Prude;
d luocn
vi 11 slav
t. rs : ;ill jirot'i -i-ioni, and we hope
the time is coming when it will bebi
all publir libraries ns well as in the li
1 hr rieb uf ajl well read private citizens
A R,
its results, and be content to remain in. ings and twistlngg of polliiciar. Uut ! ly consider the proposition of the poet
charge of the Bhad Asylum the bal-1 the r-iorut. change uot. They an
of his dt.ys. If the Harpers true to ireedom.
have it, the Professor should not ask I
the people af Indiana to intrust him
with such business, when hewas "done
for," the very first move, to the tune
of about $20,000. Tho most be
pa." tme Ir
The Xnjional for May is the least in
teresting number we have received for
a year. Jau it be because the editor
Several excellent nomas ol j should ask is a lifetime lease on the has returned from Hur
candidates for the legislature have
been suggested, but at present we
withhold them as it is j-ostiblq we may
hive to run against Dr. Gilford, the
mar. who fused with the old liners be
cause they favor free whisky.
Asylum, whoso financiering is dono by
We hope the editors will do justice
to Professor Larrabee . viive faots on
ly, and let the people draw their inferences,
Hffyer for May looks wcjl; wt hnve
not tried to read it yd.
The Ladies Ilepoeuory, tirstin liter
al ire. first in religion, first in the
hearts of sensible ladies, is not be
hind its lormer self.
or some other oOtc
of a new paper ....
in irrookviUe by U
It is about tho sisc
kercbiei'. .in i
pudent iu
a.. ...... wan if ..f-i a.,.' I. if ,1 it i.
UjU vS VU ii ..im v -siii.iu u .1 a M If !
likely to become a dangerous rival. Jwfl-W.
K younr lady of
writei: "If you kuow
aula i peraon to make
1 bread and good
n here wnd he enn get
o Ip llktog." We are
al in the s.unc servant
iweop, mal.i bvd and all uch ct cct-
tto SI
bo 'lm-1 P""10 or
in.1 by reading Laim oi4l.
u situ' AL'bia or Geom
Tyuringbrea)t!)und6onibel 4
"n "a harp of a thousand i
T. A. Goodwin, editor of the
Brookville tmer.'caa, dropped in upon
us yesterday. He is on his way to
the Pocket, and we hope if he finds
any very intense "Republicans" down
that way. he will stop and let us know.
-aV. A. Tribune.
We found the "People" all right.
They intend lo defeat old lineitm and
thereby prevent the furthei extension
of slavery. We found not a man who
approves of the effort of the K. N's. to
"crush out" the anti slavery senti
meni of the north. There is, iti south
ern Indiana, a perfect unity on the
People's platform of 1864 and "65,
and they will be on hand at Indiana
polis next week.
XiT An exchange paper, the editor
of which, no doubt, lately "set up"
with a widow, goes off thus:
For the other half of a courting
match there is nothing like an interest
ing widow. There's as much differ
ence between courting a damsel and
an attractive widow as there ie in cy
phering in addition and the double
rule of three. Courting a girl is like
, sting fruit, all very nice as far as it
extends, butdoing the amiable to a
blue-eyed bereaved one black crape
comes under the head o preserves
rich, pungent, sytupy. For delicious
coiirung, we repeat, give us a live
jC-VCapt. Montgomery, President
of thu New illlmnj aad fhwhlorti
Railroad, bianed for Boston a day or
two since, tor the purpewe of selling
S 100,1)00 of the first mortgage bonds
i th ('.irnpany, endorsed by the Mud
I l ike Krie Railroad Oompa
Xeullbar.y Tribune, Utk
The Lnporte Journal of Friday
lanftiis. hi Is worth, wife of Hon
' 'I- i ( h. Ex-Commissioner of
' 1 ois, died at that place on Thürs
jnX j day afternoon.
Peace! Peace!!
Old things have passed away i
some things hare come bow.
oaviD aLavarrrsa. sotobue ariau
11 ' Ot'tO anbounea to Iba pnblH' that that bar a
TT brouc-ht on an voiirt-l) 11, o alucfc ot good
which lha) are aoa o pea Inf at ike
lonf occupied b) K. Tjaer, In Brookrllla. Ta
eaumeraW tboir atouk oould ba aa u-etoueae It la
uaeleaa. If )ou waul ai.) thli.f In iba drj aaoSi
or grocery Hot, etil and aae for jooraalvaa. Tbey
New Oreaa 81 Uta.
tad lea labln iu pxsailna aome I aaaUfsl at)ha
of fancy Mil a, ate Invited lo call al our tiofa cat
aaaterua Guoda wn.ch art elecaat aa any abS M
wiah to aaa.
Bleaehea fUwella.
Ladlea tare raapeet fully invited to call aadax
ainlna Uta a lea toadnla Kloecbod Mualla. 1 tard
w 1 tu. u mt (UT, .WI tUUF
rtaiai Bik suk..vsnaTMit.
We have Juat roceUe.l a aolobraSad ataekl
wmrn aaa yivaa oniaaraal saltatacUooj. L
win. ara deairoua of parrbaalaga last KUk 1
ti.ai ihey can bare toiiSeeac ta baUeaa will
wiibvulclvaulag, auS will retain Ita las Ira, can
tnd ItatNlaugblarea Wllllaa,
Dress i.ooda.
stellt and Ciape Kb aw u. Black aad Rartey SUtt.
Orlaluaa, Olagbaana, Prtuta, laawna, TTablllla.
Miwliras, ttnona, dec., al oar nilaSTIlkanal
Bieavche LIbmsj
Table C era. Brown do, Kapklaa,
Juat uM.ut-d.
50O Pieces Print l.
fomertalng uie I'ariSc, ochees,
Bnaliah. llaii.lliou, sprae uaa, Allaaa.
and a uonilior trf otbor wall known makaa,
in arv . ..in, iu..).
We bava on hand, aa atcasle
ace ana MuetUi lrarVo.
OntTatr 9Selaaaa.
.Voa may always Sad s etrlaty T S
new orlaana and Kugar-Hoaee al
I row, Kalla. e.
Wa would aal) Ute aUaatiioa of ihaea waathag
Xaila of aay alao, aod law or aa kind, ba war
large aaeortmrt. which we offer low.
NOT1CÜ ia hereby gi yea thai Man aatwtralgwad
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uu of Kho-le Holle, lata of rraatUa nn
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NOTICE la hereby given that I will aar) at pwbMe
aailtoa.oa aatwway the I7tk dag arttaj awat,
tt ihe residence of Rhoda Helle , last uf Fsaak
lln egunty, dcraasaS. alt hla waren aal Arafwat,
nut Ukm by Ura widow, i iiai1lbna of Moaawa.
Hsr. Call la, Ksrralag wtenakle, Wbeal bn tbw
ground, tc..wne. Mae taaaaba arwdtt arOl taaSt
eo an law ever Pasee eel lata, the
mglila now with antrrawad auawrlU . walalagj aaa
est of valaaiion and atn.ra.taoi aw t lava.
AAtUA ailaKN, Ai
lit HKil, Kcr aad Rags, foe whieh ta-
I) market j.f ic will ba fasM (a gmeersp st eaab
I rteea. We alao want Baton, Lard sod art trtwCs
ofeountri prudae .
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ape S3 VV I.. Paanwataa A Co.
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