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Aeeretarv of Sttte J W. DAWSON
Trw. of 8ute W. R. NOFSINüER.
Awdttorof State E W. H ELLIS
Bap. Pub Inst CHAS. BAHN ES
AtMoy General J H. CRAVENS
Bowort. Sup Court JNO A. STEIN.
OUrk Sop. Court JNO A. BEALL
fveaT Ati'y THOS. W BENNETT.
Circuit Proa WM. PATTKRSOM.
Eepreeent'tivc ROB. BRUNORETT
wlnl in i DERBYSHIRE.
Corvey or PHILIP T. JONES.
Coroner (JEO RUE W, LINES.
r Brook. Tp. T. T. SMITH
Jawsr A . Raaaatraa, of Jaffa roa Connty.
aVaoWat. W. PmUi, f rajatt Caeuty
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Sah Utas. Oanut I, Trait,
Stat on J. A. MaUtavt
llaS Dial Mik-u H. Kutilaaua.
How Albtny Tribune
Our neighbor of the Tribune takes
eoaiiderabl pepper in his nose at a
Into article in the American, on tbe
eoosoiiaaiioo oi me emocraoy .u
. . r r j
Know Nothings on questions relating
to freedom, and. aa an excited man is
10 00, DO eaye some n.u?ny
. He Sayi We are both Ignorant
and imnudent. True. 0 King, but
WO nevertheless know a ftv thtags,
Mid it is oor impudence wbieb makes
we way some things which are palat
able to every body. He seems to be
astonished that we should speak against
the party to which he belongs. Allu
ding to our statement that "Know
Notbingism, as it mow exutt, is the
quintessence of oppression and bigot
ry," he asks:
Wonder when he made the discov
ery thatJhToow Nothiagism is the quint
essence of oppreaiion and b'gotr) ?
And why baa he been so long in expo
sing iiV
Wo made the discovery nearly two
yeara ago, and consequently Lave had
nothing to do wi'.h them as an organi
sation or as a party for that length of
time. Wo have never been in or near
noouncil, since the attempt of tbe dep
uty to to introduce the new ritual in
this oonnty, snd only about 1 6 persons
in this county did adopt that ritual,
hence, ae you know, this county has
not been represented m any of the
State or National Councils since in Ju
ly or August, 1864. If there has
been a meeting of a counc.l in this
county since the election of 1864
do not know it. .Wo are euro there
has been none in Brookvillo. And we
began to expose the intolerance of th';
order in 1864. In tbe winter of '64-6
we published several articles, and in
April and May, 1866, we reviewed,
in a eeries of articles, the "Platform
f Principles," aa publiahed by the
National Organ, to nearly every
section of which we uttered unquali
fied dissent.
While we have constantly maintain
ed, and yet do. that fortignera ihould
be naturalised before being eligible to
oflaeo or voting, ' wo have opposed any
and all proscription on account of the
place of a man's birth. And white
we hate constantly opposed the dema
gogues who court the votes of Cath
olics as tuck, wo have opposed all pro.
seriptioo on account of t ligioos views
It is absurd to suppose that the few
Catholics ia this country could bo mis
ohievous, except in tbe hands of dem-
Aa to the personal innendoes of the
Tribune'! article, we have neither time
nor disposition to pay attention to pay
attention to them. We have enough
to writs about without aspersing the
reputation of (Hene. For Mr. Oregg
WO have long entertained the highest
personal regard, and we shall not sutf
er oarsolf to bo driven into a personal
quarrel by any thing he can say agninai
as. ia the abnce of anything to my
in hhal of his osndidato and hb
fid Dr. Goodwin and Judge Gant
will disease the political weave of tbe
slay at Palestine, next Saturday even
ing. Ampi provisions will be made
je nil who attend, if the crowd is
too large for in doors, they will be se
fotnmodated out door
A Specimen of Qoedwia lilt.
Fe n-erly three JMN, ihe Madera
of tU DeaTatHmtie DWrty, in oAm Od
out of oOoe, have been callhur we a
oar on mi occasions w nave not
I ll i tir I I
tated a fact (hat was calculated to t f
poee the oorruptioo. or bad policy ol
tne party, that baa not boon replied to
DJnt ever convenient
phre.e "It s a lie' or "He Met."
et, in u mi. ume. may nave proved
bot one lie upon nt. We Mid, about
two yeara ago, that, on a oerUin oeca
siof, Mr. McCleery was drunk, od
sewoeld havo proved it by AO wit
neiiei, bat chose not to do it. Tbi
men, such si J R. Clark and John
Chambers ertifled that he woe not
drunk. Thie is the only time the lie
or I w
has been proved upon at, nnd we wil-
lingly.ubmit the facti of that oosv
ion, and two eubaeqaent and prior
uto ol Mr. McCleery to honest men,
to judgo who lied, or, in more reapoct
ful language, who wae mistaken in the
appeal aoee of the man .
At another time, a libel suit wa
brought before Jodge Reid, because
we had said a certain young lady had
died, in the care of the overeecre ol
toe poor, from ill treatment from
drunks father. Yet that father ad-
muted before the oomrt, that he did
get drunk, that he did whip bis daugh-
ter. a young lady, that the did leave
home, and that she did die in the
charge of the Orerteere of the poor,
and the only thing not admitted wai
the implied charge that she died di-
reetly of the effects of this treatment,
Tbie wae enough to jua'.ify that Dem-
ocratic Judgo is fastening damages
upon ue of BIO, to enable the man to
pay bis attornies, showing at tne same
tisne hie party prejudices, in exacting
hie fee from us, but in remitting the
fee of tbe Democrat; whoee influence
and vote ho expected to need.
A later specimen of oar lyiog is the
following Two weeks ago we pub-
'.iihed the following:
"It would look better if he Mr. Bats
nerl would deny some of the fans
which we publish, but with the men
whom he expects to influence he thinks
the song, well sung, answers every
purpose, ne aoee not aeny tnai m
bailiffs coot tbe eoanty. on an average
about B7I per month, the year reond
nor that be has collected and pocket-
rd co-U from parties, for service ren-
srw a .t .a I
dered by bailiffs, though the law for-
bids it. He says that he pays bis own
deputise, and it n no body a business
now many ne nan. Atecuy so; out
lnt " u,"r V,olLtwrCB 'Pul7
and a bailiff. Mr. Shartff. No budv
ev.r Mid tbe county pars your dp
mltmm i Ii im hast unnnerh tr mi tnnr I
- e- r-v 7
Here we distinctly reassertthat Mr.
Banner's bailiffs coil the county about
i7, BOnlh enough to keep in
...! aaamlnat äaa Man lha '
rouuu, w uiiubuuj uuargo mat ne
.i . . i l . 1 . t I
has collscted costs for services ol
these bailiffs, contrary to law. We
say wa never charged him with ma-
king the county pay bis dtputUt, but
t does pay for baii'fft. In allusion to
this very article our honut sheriff pub- the women were there, not only cheer
lishes the following card: ing their husbands and sweethearts
"That Know Nothing Editor of
ihe awncaa, cornea out in bia last
issue and denies that he ever charged
me wuh keeping three men employed
th ar rnnnd aa h aaid. bt hit naid
lor out of ibe County Treasury.--
-Now that ihameleaa editor well knew
that bo puhliihed a lie in tbe first
place, and in order to get out of it be
deniea of ever charging o. with it.-
I now pronounce that Political Pirach-
er ndKnow.nothing editor a willful
and mahcieus liar, a knave and a
scoundrel, and advise him never to
mil bia name at the gate ssf Heaven;
if he does ho will never get in.
This is a fair apeciraen ot tho Hea
charged upon as. Every honest man
can judge who ia the liar. We will
not sav. We do not aonlv that eoi-
tbot to any man. We only publiab
tbe facta as they are. While there
are u.any peraons acting with that
party wbo either want sense or honoa-
ty enough to see the baseless charac
ter of su3b chargea, tb-ro are bun
i , i.t j .i ,
drSdS WOO are DOlh intelligent enough
i . i
to ace who lies, and honest enough to
raaant a rsanrt rt that mafhrwl nf
resent a resort 10 tnai metnoa 01 car-
rvinir the nartvfor eorrunt man
rying tne pany lor eorrupt men.
Tllt'V Will not DO driven bV DartV tac-
w 1 ti uw w uii " P'7 "8
ties to continue a set of such unscru-
puloui men to office. A noun or m
party, that will rotor t to stich meant to
deter honest citizens from investiira
ting their corrupt official acts, can not
bi sustained, except )y those wbo
willingly become partnera in their
fraud and corruption.
Aa to the sheriff's advice, about
getting in at that gate, wa have only
to iay that as tbey do not take the
Democrat in that country, and aa ths
Sheriff 1 imself will not be there, sc
cording to the last clause of Rev. tt,
16, wa shall not give ourself any anx
iety about our reputation at tbo gate.
Wo have no iJea that oar reputation
for lyiog is known there, or ever will
he. na it is not within Mr. Banner's
OT The idea of Know Nolhingism
ana Democracy being a unit upon any
quealion ia too ridiculous for argu
ment Stm Albany Tubunt.
ltd ea look "ridiculous:" io Herod's
friends said when old Pilata and Herod
.... , i . ,
made friends to acnomplub tbe death
. r
ol Chrtit. though the fact existed.
Wa were not prepared lo believe tbe
fusion so complete, until wo found the
Democrat in Oooerese votion tn mot
lor Aik n, a South Carolina Know
Nothing, for speaker, and tbo two
ponies uniting to vote money to the
President to enforce lha Missouri code
oa the people of Kansas. The ques
tion, Bro. Gregg, does not admit of
"argument," any more than that two
and two are four
Dlssoatton at the Union.
W have never believed there wa-
anv flam er of a dieanliitü ,.f thie
(TnW rtnlil tli nnrnI.k..d f. .a k . 1 ,
Uod hae planted and watered and
' '
blessed this nation shall have b.,en ic
oompiiabed. or until there is a failure
on our part to do our duty, and God
..Wmins to remove us to make room
for doodIo who will fear and obev
him. Wo are convinced that neither
f these contingencies is likely tolarUe
w e
soon. We are not, as a people, a mere
or my w
reature of accident. The band of
God is seen in our early history, in
W 0
ur Revolutionary struggle, and in
trloor subsequent development And
mm fcro but entering upon a oareer ol
atefttMiM .D(J c0IYi xt wi 0,
L.t ,iii .u.
'4 wo s s ws tw awivssej tu vein x-i uin
omitud to oor keeping. W mav
Ln M a people, and Ood may chat
gM Ui, by war and pestilence and
Umia: union we reoeot. and turn
way from our sins, bat He will not
destroy ni while His law it reveteo
ced. and regarded as the supreme law
0f the land, and while from eo many
Iure the inoenae of devotion arises.
4d while eo many pray en are offered
for bis blessing nnon us. But. should
God be dismissed from our thought!,
oepeeially, if in our legislation
we ,h0uld despise those truths upon
wnich. through His blessing, we have
heretofore built, and ihould w tram
pe Hi. law oder our feet, in exliin
1(ltro human enactments, we may ez
pet his displeasure to rest upon us.
But wo anticipate no euch a departure
from the faith of our fathers. Th.
roat heart of this nation ia a Chris
tin heart, and though vile men mar
contemn God'e law, the people will
reverence it, and contemn those who
vaontingly speak against It. The pol-
llic, Qf thi country have not yet bo-
come so poluted that God ha nothing
to do with them. He may perroi.
ieked men to triuroj h for a season,
but it will only be to make hie power
more manifest in the end.
That the South, disappointed of its
a a a a aW
s a
prey, will make a vigorous enort to
create disturbance, after the electioi
of Fremont, we do not doubt, and
i .i i s m s . i
mat tney win nna sympatniseri in
ine norlb aao probable, but the
Americ.n le ftre , lo the
... . .
Un,0B nd 10 lbi -""i. Rnd
von in the South use f. there will b
found thousands who will rebuke the
Ji,lurbet of the peace.
WT..Hn In WlManH
ol tö pleasant meetings
r have attended tliit cnnvass was on
the farm of Wm. Walkinir. near'South
Qate, )Mt Saturday. Though the old
- - - - . w v
ijner, had gotten up an opposition
Ueetintr in the neighborhood, to Dre-
..a.. a n,f- ,K.
meeting was larger thnn
we had ex
nccted. nd the riu'ht kind of a spirit
I stv
was manifested. A most beautiful
polo was .raised, and Mr. Ilowland
made an excellent speech. True to
their love of liberty and tbe Union,
by their smiles and approbation, but
proiding a most bouoiiful repait for
lbtjr comforl anu encouragement.-
..... . . . ,
With such mothers, tuch Wivei and
uch daughters on our side, the cause ,
of liberty and right must and will pre-
raij xbre are no truer Republican!
u; ii.
tb H','"""-
' ".
" Th Amtnean regards th
Nothing Order as an enemy to
rd'gum f6rfy. doubtless because it
knoWQ 10 PPd torl,'e
temporal power of the Pope. W, A.
Not at all. We have never been
frightened at the "raw- head and
bloody bonos" of "the temporalower
P"P " II duW mu "gh
to H'bwa old women and ntrvoun
Md n, but we see no danger to our
country from it. in may iuoo, in
viewing the platform of the K N's
lhM iPoke r tbe trl,c,e wh,f h
proposed to disfranchise Catholics :
'-it will a aatad than, why ilo not at onea
atlvmatsa proscription r hratyasra, or Rman-
Uta in Berucuiar li tnara iiriwut .
0,0,4. ot paraoua o may ba sbaMa.l, at
onea. ffm tniralialaina lo tha r"-'U",nl, ara
ln-y no, aiaaear..a lamam? w, tmat ..t
rtonfh lha pilt.laanl lha Jtinia miti awpi
lllflom,.Biomuoi,. buifw-ruia pepu wuui
Ainn.Mirparanl rqwl..u,nao t. .1 man)
Ho.Hanllta Wha oulU.puraaiijr alK-oipl 10 iuiUk
s t"!r,!u0i
IO I M til W'l lHI, III t'la) U ' ll inn. IW
p buM wh1 tl unr9 WM
I faa faaaa 1 that t hat lutwi nt Slrnili m II It I t'.ai tl aali
nt p7r i Wittel frota iriin.
I u .! ...t Mtk .. SI aa Am.m-W An.
toinpUW'1, taaa lo iitoaarlba van frUatt and
Iisjavtjaj Wsj woui'i rnuier rival o w wvti'pri
Jamla. Lai Wiam vote, may a'a out iw ui
narab. r, and poaarlvaa han not eourtad by nppo
tluf paruas. Tla praaant nalh latuoi( auoufu.
The practical hostility to religious
liberty exists alike in the Democratic
and K. N. parties. They united in
voting" money to the President to
suppress free speech snd free thought
in Kansas. However widely the)
may differ on other subjects, on free
dom in Kansas, they are a unit, judg
ing from tbe votes in both the Senate
and the Home.
BrnU1 AtUftk npon Bar. J. B Tin-
We take the following sccount of a
moat ibfamoua affair which recently
happened nt Lewiiburgh, Preble coun
ty, from tbe Kilon Rrgitttr:
Rbkbwbu Dbmohstbatiob oa Boa
osa Ruvxiamism. Whilst the Hon. L
L). Campbell was addreiiing
the H.
publicans of Harriaon townaMp, at
Lewiabursh. Pn ble county, Ohio, an
1 . f ' u n v,nLm l.h
aifed minister, ltvv. U riniey, lino or.
L'ajon lo leave the rooni for a moment
vVhiltt out he wai followed by a cow
ardlv assassin and knocked down with
nn or bludgeon, only a few pae.-
from the house, where be was left in
sensible. Some time elapatd before
his friends learned of his critical con
dition. He wae immediately convey,
ed to the house of S. 8inger. Keq..
where medical aid was procured and
with some difficulty he was brought
10, sufficiently to inform hia friend of
bia true condition, and tho causa of his
present suffering.
W. A. J. Glidewell Esq ,
Thi. ientleman. naturally enouah
hovin. is Sear thai 'Aa tnennfe will trv
to elect a sheriff thin your who has not
been brought up und taught how to
heriff by "Mike." They think of
taking ooe right fresh from among
themselves, whoic not versed in tht art
of employing bailiff, but who know
how to do hie own business. Wo
hall be deceived of a hundred or
more good Democrats do not vote for
II the Democratic candidate, except
for 8beriff and Commissionei .
They eay tt will do no harm to try, at
least, and see if court business ean
not at least bo don bero (or, ol moat.
half whist it ean in the adjoining coon-
ilea. It can make no poaaible differ
enee, on general questions, if these
two offices should be in tbe handa of
Republicans, for one term at least.
and it mny make a difference of hun
dreds of dollan to the tax payers of
the county, in their finances.
In his alarm, he affects to deny bav-
m i a sl a .a .a t a m
mg iaia mat ne aoee n u minK ne
could get along with fewer bailiff
than "Mike" has used. Now we oan
prove that he haa aaid that, or its
equivalent, and we oan prove it by
Mr. Glidewell himself. In the pres
ence ot Geo. Holland and Abner Mo
Carty, last Friday morning, Mr. Glide
well said to ui, what amounts to the
same. He said "he would not say
that "Mike" bad employed more bai
liffs than was neoosiary. "Mike"
haa made a good sheriff, and ought to
know how many men were neceiiary
to do the bnsineso. If elected, be
would do the business as economical
ly aa poaaible." Just ao. "Mike haa
made a good sheriff," and "he ought
to know Ac." So do the people know.
You can not make the people believe
that auch expenses "ought to he"
nearly four limea as much in this coun
ty as in the adjoining counties.
Now we will tell every reader how
he can prove that Glidewell has aaid
iu substance, what we have quoted.
Just ask him if bo believes that
"Mike's" bailiff bills have been exhor
bitant, and if be lays yes, get him to
put it on paper. He will tell you
that "Mike has made a good aber
iff" and that he will try to get along as
economically aa possible. He dare
not iay that he believes money has
been squandered on party hirelings,
for party purposes. Whenever ho
effects to deny what we havo said,
jun corner him, and he will say it
over again, almost in the same words.
- - Bil aavaaaaaaat .aaa.
A Sensible Con elusion.
An honest Democrat in Springfield
townabip, who loves bit country better
ihan hii party, says that though he
will vole for Willard and the Demo
cratic ticket generally, because be ap
provea of the measures of that party
in general, yet he will not vote for the
Democratic candidates for Sheriff and
Commissioner. He says he expeots
the Democratic tieket will succeed by
a large majority, but he wants these
to bo defeated, or at most elected bv a
'ess majority than the others. He says
thit if they receive the entire vote of
the party, it will be a party endorse
roent of their wasteful extravagance,
whereat, if they have one or two hun
dred votes less than the others, it will
be regarded ai instruniom to "Jack
as he ells him, to cut tail expenses,
and do bis own work. Though ho does
not go so far as wa would advise, we
confeta there is sense in his reasoning
According to the leaderaof ihe party.
theie two candidates can spare
about 499 votes, and yet be elect-d
Falling tOO or 300 votes short of the
other candidate!, would make t jem
look well to their expenditures, and
would rrault in saving $1,000 a year.
But merely scratching off is only a
half a vote against a man. We wo'd
advise a full and diitinct utterance of
opinion on the queition of extrava
gance. However, as this man says,
if a few hundreds scrttch him off, it
my answer just as well, if not bet
ter. Wa want economy practiced,
whoever may be the officers. If you
will do no more, scratch them off, and
thus show your disapprobation of tbe
course heretofore pursued.
It dobs run tbk Iobobaht. The
old liners are yet trying to create the
impression that the Republicans sought
to disband the army and would have
succeeded but for the timely fusion of
the Buchanan and Fillmore men.
This does well enough for the igno
rant, fur whom it is special'y dosed
out. Every intelligent man knowi
thai the Republicans voted for the ap
propriation bill all the time, only pro
viding that the army should not be
med to enforce the Missooii law on
the people of Kansas, but ihr union
parly, refuted to vote any appropria
tion, and preferred the disbanding of
the army, if it could not bo used for
the Dvmoeratio purpose of compelling
freemen to aubmit to law which they
never made. A thief i hotly pushed
when he cris "stop thief." These
fu -ion 1 tu are bndly off when they try
to ihift the responsibility from them
selves on to the Republican!. None
but ignorant men can be decieved
by their false eUims.
Maryland on Disunion
We eommend to our readers the
sensible remarki of the Bahimoie Pa
triot on disunion, which sppoar on our
fint p .ge. Tho hot blooda of Virgin
ia may venture to break away, and
ibey may find a few Judge Logans and
John L Robinsons who will aid them,
especially if ihey think tbe North can
be easily frightened, but Maryland,
and Western Virginia, and Kentucky,
and even Missouri will never join ear
nestly in nullification.
Ruffianly attaek upon HdhdayFan
rati, Esq .
The citizens of Lajrel wore great
ly excited, one day last week, hi the
report that J. H. Faurote had been
waylaid, and brutally assaulted, the
night before, on his way borne, and
left for dead. Wben the gentleman
wko first brought the report to Brook
ville, 1 ft Laurel, the impression among
Mr. Faurote'a friends seemed to be.
hat some Black Republican, or
bloody Know Nothings bad done tbe
deed. He was reported to have been
found, by the road-side, early in tbe
morning, nearly lifeless, and his horse
lied near him. Wo havo okon no
little pains to get the facts in the ease
which aeem to be these : Lato io the
evening be left Somerset, with a neigh
bor in his I'iggy. Tbe neigbor gotout
of the buggy at the foot of the bill.
and left Mr. F. to so home slone. It
was then nearly dark. Tbo next
morning Mr. F. reached homo, bloody
and app m-ntly badly beaten. He in
formed hi family, that he knew noth
ing of the perpetrator the last he
remembered was being just on top of
the ) il perhapa if tbsy were to go
theie, tbey might get aomo elue to
the author of the mischief. They
went, and sure enongh, blood, and
track4, and the condition of his bug
gy revealed ii all ! He had driven
over a stump, and been thrown out of
hi buggy, and badly hurt, and his
horse wa fastened by the buggy and
stump, in the fence corner, so that he
could not get away.
Were it not ihat Mr. Faurote is an
officer, and a man of wealth and in
fluence, we ehould ssy, in plain Eng
liih, that he was drunk, but aueh lan
guage would be offensive lo ooe of hi
standing. It is only a year, since, for
intimating such a thing of him, we
were called a liar. We presume the
polite phrase would bo "oreewha
overcome." We oould give more de
tails, Out they would alljooofirm the
opinion that he was neither fit to drive
home after night, nor bo trusted with
county busmen. But hi time i
nearly out. so we will let biro depart
in peaoe.
Bidding for Abolition Votes
In their deiparation. the old lino
papers are bidding for the real hot
bloou Abolition vote, not content with
having secured the most of the Know
Nothing vote. Wo havo been amus
ed at the Enquirer and its echoes, in
this respect. Mr. Dunn of Indiana,
introduced a bill to restore tbe Mis
souri Compromise line. A several
bundrtd person had moved into the
urritory, in good laitb, ae slave hold
ers, his bill provided that those who
were there should have a few months
to get out, and their residence in tbe
territory should not deprive them of
their rights in their slaves, nothing
but an act uf justioe to tbe slavehold
ers, and for ibis, the Pro-slavery press
in their extreme want of votes, cry
hi tor v I hoping to drive tho Aboli
tionists, wbo dispises slavery, to vote
for Buchanan who would legalise sla
very in that territory eternally.
Finding men of sense not duped by
that, I .ist week' Enquirer trie anoth
er. These Black Republicans voted
to extend tbe Fuoitivb slave law
over Kansas 1 0 Horrors ! Tbe
Union must bo dissolved! This meth
od of argument at least provee that,
for the sake of electing Buchanan,
tbey would affiliate with the moat rab
id Abolitionists. It may be an effort
to induce the Abolitionist to stick to
Oereti Smith instead of vote for Pre
mont. It at least show that they are
hard pushed for objections to Com
back when they object to a vote which
was designed to let slave holders get
out of the territory with their "prop
erty," and enjoy the constitution1
right of hunting their runaway "prop
erty" in tbe territory. But if tbey
had not voted for such provisions,
what then ? Would'nt they have
been bard esses?
South 8ide View.
The South Carolina limit, after
hearing from Vermont and Iowa, eayi
it ei s "uumistakable indication! that
Fremont will be elected." No doubt
the tecent news from Maine will
strengthen him in that judicious con
clusion. The same journal also baa
trustworthy advices that "the leaden
of the Democracy are even now great
ly alarmed for the vuccess of Buchan
an and Breckenridge in Pennsylva
nia." Indeed, tbe only ground for
hope that Fremont might be defeated
has rested on the suppo;tion that
"Fillmore might so divi Je the vote ol
'.he North a to throw the electiou into
the Heute of Representatives;" But
ihat supposition is now "jt-june, un
promising, unreliable." The truth is,
according to this organ of the fire-eaters,
that "the signs of the times point
lo the overwhelming election of Fre
mont." But what is the altitude of
South Carolina in view of tl.is approa
ching event? Why. it is the sensible
an rational view of patriotic acquies
cence in the result of a regular oonsti
tuiional election. "The profoundest
apathy" eo the Timee impatiently ex
presses it "has seised upon people
and politicians upon all classes and
we contemplate the probable triumph
of Black Republicanism with a stolid
indifference and stoicism which are
truly amsiing and alarming."
The above figures show the net Re
publican gain in Maine, over th vote
of last year. Tbo name of the "free
dom shriekers" in that State is "le
Iften Mention.
JSaV Rev. A. McKarland lias resign
ed the pastorate of the Presbyterian
Church in Brookville.
tW We have not reoieved a copy
of tho National Political Map. there
fore can't tell where it is lo he had.
Several have enquired for it.
T To thl day, no man has ever
been punished, by law, for offenses
committed against individnals of the
reo Slate party in Kansasnot one 1
Keep it Bsfoas tbk P bop lb 7 Hut
no one ht been puniikedor the murder
of a Free State man in Kantat, nor
tven indicted.
irThe meeting at Bloominggrove
on Oct. ind will bo a Barkel meeting.
Cumback and Smith will certainly bo
W Buchanan men acknowledge
that if the report! from Kansas be
true, tbey are agaioet them, benco tbey
pronounce them all lies.
W Mr R. Hull, Esq. will address
the people of Metamora and vicinity
next Monday evening. He challenges
any and all al his opponents.
(ET Msj. W. T. Beeks atarted for
Omshs, Nebraska, last Wednesday. He
goes by laud, and take Holland's spot
ted horse .o Col. H. D. Johnston, who
had bought them at 400.
3F Hope the Enquirer will not
say that I the men who dragged that
w man into the grass were Black Re
publican, and that they did it men
ly for political effect.
Mabribd Alreadt - -Tbe man who
advertised for a wife in our paper
few months ago, and whose hopeful
prospect were given a few weeks ago.
has succeeded. Let wife hunters take
the bint and advertise.
Jta Mra. Myers, whoso account of
Kansas appears in another column, U
already set down as a liar. Neither
Ministers of the Gospel, nor femsh s
are exempt. Every body who tells
what be or sbe saw in Knnssi is a li
atSeVThe most foolish falsehood late
ly invented, is that the Free State men
are getting themielves killed, and
iheir wivea violated, and their child
ren murdered, for the sake of making
political capital in favor of Fremont.
If any man believes this, il(is evidence
that the fool ate not all dead.
W Though not an insttnre of
the death of a Buchanan man in
Kansas has been recorded, except in
skirmishes, or whore the Free Stati
onen were defending themselves, yet
it is said that the Free Slate men
"commit the outrages and tell tbe
lies." It is a great outrage for a
peaceable man to be shot and scalped,
by a Buohanan man, isn't it.
rci- Herbert is not a K. N. .V. A.
We know that he was a member ol
the Cincinnati Convention, and tin
Buchaniers claim him as a K. N.;
that is all we know about it. They
ought to know ths affinities of their
own men.
JThe name of the widow whose
cruel treatment is recorded on our 3d
page is Canlner. A letter from Rev.
L. B. Dennis, published last week in
tbe Western Christian Advocate, gives
further details than we give this week.
His letter is in type, but crowded out.
It is unquestionably trne.
Gettino Rbaot. A correspondent
of tbe Alabama Journal suggests that
that State should draw all the arms she
is entitled to from the General Govern
ment, before the election of Fremont.
He also suggests that "every county
should organise and drill, abolh horse
and foot." Terrible chape, they are,
"way down in Alabama."
Cavoht at it. Mr. Sheriff Bats-
ner, not satisfied with being Sheriff,
undertook to act the Constable, a few
days ago, for which he will probably
be indicted at tbe next court, for
Usurpation, an l for which suit ia al
ready begun, for civil damages. Poor
Miobaell Guess he will find that Am
ericans don't pay 71 per month fi r
helps to the Sheriff, and then allow
them to act the Ct table, when out of
employ as Sheriff.
E-ff Tbe Washington Union thinks
it would be hagardous to "indulge in
comment or speculation" about the
Maine election just yet. It wants
"full and reliable returns." Meantime
ii pronounces itself sanguine," snd
professes the belief "that the star
which was once one of the brightest in
the Democratic constellation of Slates
will in November next ehin with in
created and renewed lutlrt " The Un
ion can bet largely on that! Maine'e
majority for Fremont will be 85,000,
at least.
EW Every mail from the South
brings new indications of intended re
volt, on the election of Fremont. Ar
rangemenls are making for a general
eonvenlion, to devUo what shall be
A s a. a . S e i a i
none in ease oi m election, we are
glad to see theae development of pur
pom and character. It i awakening
Northern men, snd they will rally to
the only man who propose to defend
the Union at all ootts.
I r Pe rsons of taste, or thole who
are the least curious in aucb matters,
should call and examine one of the fi
nest ilockiof clulhing and genilemen'a
furnishing goods ever brought to
Brookville, now just opening al Ba
Iter's, who is ev-r ready toihw what
he can do for ihe fashionable woild,
or tbo ragged world. Fred is a irump
in bis line. He has had much expe
rience in the business, and gives it ni
strict personal attention, whereby, be
assures us, be is able to furnish a more
fashionable or a more comfortable, and
a better article for tbe same money
than can bo had at any other es tab
lisbmeat in tho place.
Appointment! fir the loath Eastern
Indian Conference
We are indebted to Rev. J. W. Mel
leader for the following appointments
of the preachers of lb South Eastern
Indiana Conference whieh closed its
session st Madison last night about 10
Imounafoms DrsraicT. T. M. Eddy
P.S.; Indianpolis, J Cotton; South
port,, I. Chlvington, and fl. Heath;
Greenaood. H. M Boyer; Frank
lin.J. A. Brouse; Edinhurg, James
Mitchell; Auburn. P. Carland;
bhelby ville. W. W. Snyder; Lon
don, 6. W. Winchester; Palestine.
T. Hay; St Louis, Wm. Montgom
ery, and S Noble; Manilla. W.
Harriaoa; Burlington. W. K Rea m
and W. Ransdall; Asbury Univer
sity, H. B. Hibben.
CoKaiairULi, DriTntot, F. C. Hoi
liday P. E.; Connersville. K Q
Tucker; Columbia, Jacob Miller;
Liberty, J. 8. Winchester and T.
It Garey; Evrton, J. F. McLean;
Fairfield T. C. Crawford; Mt. Oar
mel, J. W. Melknder and James
Crawford Jr ; Brookville, J. B. La
throp; Laurel. 0. W. Burress;
Clarksburgh. R A. Beswick; Rush
ville. Wm. M Frelev; Milroy, N.
Krrick; Milton, J. Whiteman;
Brookville College, J. W. Locke and
M A Ruler.
Maoison DtTatcT, 1'. H. Lynch, P. E.;
Wesley Chapel, E D. Lng: Third
8treet,' S. Tlncber; St. John. J. 8.
Tivis. North Madison. W. H.
fttcota; Canaan. M. H. Mollen; Ve
vay. Job. Miller; Moorefield. 8 B.
Sprk; Mt. Sterling, J. Brockway
and Geo. Bond?; Pairiot. B F.
Qatch; Versaille. W. Long; Kiting
Sun. James Crawford. 8n; West-1
port, 8 B. Chamberlain; Columbus,
H. Gillmore; American Bible So
ciety, W. Terrel.
Jbkvbrsokvillb DfSTBtCT, A. Robin
son, P. E. Jefferaonville, F. A.
Heiter; Port Fulton, A. B. Heiter;
Utira. S. B. Falkenburg; Cbarleaton.
T G. Beherrll; New Washington.
D. Stiver; Lexington, M. Mitchell;
Woofer. A. G. Perkin; Pi rii, W.
Maupin; Vernon. L. Haven; Sey
mour, E. Wright; Vienna, J. B.
Morrison; Hanover. J. G. Chsfee.
Lawrencebcroh District, G. C.
Smith, P. E. Lawrenceburh, E
G. Wood; Lawtenoeburgh Circuit.
R. M. Barnee; Aurora. J. V. R. Mil
ler; Wilmington. J. W. McCaw and
J. Turner; Hartford. J. R. Lesourd;
Moores Hill. F. S. Potts; Milan, O.
Bruner; Pipe Creek Mission to be
supplied; Greenftburgh, W. W. Hib
ben; St. Omer, W. B. Bruner; Mil
forJ, J. Tarkington. 8. T Oillelt.
transferred to Indiana Conference,
and stationed in New Albany. J
W. Sullivan, Amos Bussey, J. B.
Nesbil. located to take work in Wes
tern Conferences. J. S. Barnes
and E. Wh men superannuated.
Bi.ookvii.lx German Miaeioo, F. A.
Wo hope our agricultural friends
wdl not forget that our Annual Fair
will ba held on the 7ih, Oth snd 9th
of next month. The grounds are near
ly fitted up. in a neat and substantial
manner, and we hope to see a large
turnoul on the occasion. The new Flo
ral Hall will present great convenience
for tho exhibition of the thousand ar
ticles in charge of the ladies, and th
acale of premiums in that department
is liberal.
fJO-John P. Wilhams, Esq., of
Fayette county, ;bas rented (be Mc
Carty house, now occupied by Mr. Gill
more, and expeots to move into it next
spring, for the purpose of educating
his Is mily at the Brookville College.
Tbis is a sensible resolution. Men of
capital and men of families who desire
to educate their families, can find no
heahbier locality, nor one affording
better educational facilities. We ex-
pect many such removals to Brookville
in time to come, When it oan possi
bly be don, it is much bettet to move,
if it be but temporarily, nnd educate
tha family under parental influences
than to send thorn away from homo.
"Mr. Fillmore haa never said
or intimated any thing like the 8ouih
will not, ought not to submit to be
governed by the Republican, even if
ihey are a large majority, and you
can't show it." Arte Albany Tribune.
Have you so soon forgotten his cel
ebrated Albany speech ? Did be
not say, in substance, that it wa mad
neu and folly to suppose the South
would eubmit to the presidency of Mr.
Fremont? Please republish that part
of his speech foi the benefit of your
readeis. You remember thai you en
dorsed that speech, as able and patri
Otic, notwithstanding its endorsement
of the rebellious threats of tbe South.
tyStsrting with the whole South
ern electoral vole, which amoun'S lo
on. hundred and twenty, and b ing
morally certain of Pennsylvania, New
Jersey, California and Illinois, lo sav
noth.ng of many other States, "Old
Buck" is bound to win the race, and
diitance tho hounds that leg behind in
the pursuit. Cincinnatti Enquirer.
You might have put down Maine
and Iowa in that list. So you have
given up Indiana?
EW We challenge the Whig to cite
a sinule instance ol a clear nnd une
qui vocal sirugglu between the North
and South, in which Mr. Buchanan did
not espouse tbe Interests of the South.
Richmond Enq.
The Enquirer Is safe enough In ma-
Liner this vhallemrr. The record of
Mr.. Iluohanan'i subserviency to the
South is unimpeachable.
W. II, the Fillmore men did
make a ticket, and presented that lick-
( to the people. It has b en receiv
ed with favor. It will undouhtedy re
ceive enough to prevent the election o
the Republican ticket. -EvanevUle
Thu. to make the union th more
formidable, Fillmore ia running "to
prevent tbe eltciion of the Republican
ticket." Every day bring us froth
proof that tbo Fillmore parly is really
a co-laberer wiib the Buohanan pax-
From Kassas.
Nothing very defiaito from Kansas.
Reports are contradictory as to the
course to bo punned by the aew Gov
ernor. It was thought he would net
fairly and restore poaoo. Lane disban
ded his men upon tho promise of pro
tection, but later advices indicate tbot
a strong force is en route to gein de
stroy Lawrence. Rapes and murders
and robberies continue In great num
ber!. There seems lo bo no law
against anything but freedom of opio
in. in that territory. A lelter from
my mr- m
Maj. Veitch. dated Sept. 10. say:
The army of law and order ie again
on the marob to Lawrence, number
tntT. by the muster rolls of yesterday,
639 men. and two pieces of artillery.
There is now no difference of opin
ion amongst gentlemen about the pro
priety of establishing emigrants from
ihe aonib who have been driven from
the tetritory by Lane and his associ
VVc hear contradictory report re-
inecnntf the viewi of tbe new Govern
or, Oearv; one ii ihathe ii favorable
lo our cause, and is determined to use
all his influence for the arrest of Lane,
while oihi-r report report him' as
lympamiling who me tree omie par
ty in all it! enormities
Hie views, however, whatever they
may be. do not affect our movements
We shall go to Lawrence, regardless
of Geary's views, or those of Oen
Smith, commanding the U. 8 force!
at Leiveiiworth
We move from here to morrow, di
reel for Lawrence.
Tha Republican Party audits Can
This Is a book for the times, and it
thould be geuerally tead. It is a di -scriptive
history of Republicanism
from the formation of the Govarnment
to the present time, exhibiting mlly
and fairly tho principles and policy of
the administrations of Jefferson. Mad
iton, Monroe and the younger Adams,
and showing that the principles of tbe
Republican party are the long estab
lished principles of the government.
Either ihe men who made the Consti
tution did not undent uid it. or our
principles are constitutional, and tbey
are unwise, or our principles were
expedient. Published by Miller, Or
ion A Mulligan, Auburn, N. Y.
Patrick ! Death Confirmed.
Letters frem Kansas to the widowed
mother and bereaved sisters of young
Patrick, confirm the sad intelligence
of hi! murder by the Buchanan
and Fillmore men of Kansas In a
speech at Greencaatle, bil lalo home,
Willard laid:
"If Patrick was aa (pent a liar in
Kansas as bo was in Indiana, he ought
to have been hung lonr ago."
Tbii ii the true spirit to manitost
over the gravee of those wbo havo
been alain in behalf of freedom, by
the lordly office bolders, whose party
has caused this bloodshed. It was
the spirit and language of the minions
of thu crown over the graves of those
who were slain al Lexington, nnd Con
cord, and Bunker Hill.
Call and examine Baker' new
stock of clothing, before purchasing
Fran UoCososrtvllla Weekly Times.
Mr. Editmi Wu have juit been
driven from Ksniai by the pro-slave
ry Border-Hum ins, and we wish to
let the public know how people are
trea ed in this model Republic, under
the shadow of our glorious free con
stitution. 1 have seen murder, rob
bery, outrage and insult enough to
satiate the fiendish spirit of a blood
thirsty Robespierre. Mr Myers, my
self and our little adopted daughter.
Lilla. moved to Leavenworth city,
Kansas Territory, in June last, for the
purpose of making a permanent borne
ooo a the land tales came on this
fall. Mr. Myers was also a Demo,
erat, but never talked polities much,
and more especially never since our
arrival at Leavenworth. Wo were
living at the Phillips boarding house,
and oeoupied a loom on the second
floor in the front of the house. Fer
ihre week after our arrival over)
thing appeared to be quiet, and we
aaw or heard no disturbance. Soon
after that, a stranger was killed and
acalped a few mih-s from town. This
was the first Ruffian outrage. The
Border Ruffians now held frequent
meeti ga in town, and resolved lo
drive out or exterminate every Free
State man from the Territory, begin
ning al Leavenworth. On the tirat
Monday and second day of Septem
ber wa the tegular time for the elec
tion of town corporation officers
On ihn morning of tbe election, about
9 o'clock, the Phillip house wa sur
rounded by from 60 to 66 Border
Ruffian, all well armed. I lit did
not commence firing upon the hout-e
for perhape half on bour, during
which time the house nnd inmates
were loaded with ourses and impreca
l'ons, su h as none of tie hum n race
hut Misaouri Border Rufjai.s know
how to belch forth. Tbe outsiders
began ths firing. It has been said
that ihe firing btgaa from the house,
hut this 1 know to be a base fala h
1 waa engaged in u'ving a aiek lady
(Mr. Bailey) her breakfast, when the
boiiae wae'surrounded. The tiring ol
rifles and muakels continued until not
less than filly shot were fired. One
of tin- Meeers. Phillip v a instantly
killed, bing literally i died with
bullets, and lb oihor dangerously
wounded. I lo a -J the balle rattling
and falling like hall in ihe hall, as the
firing was mainly through the hall
window. I went to the head of the
sitirway and looked down, and aaw
three mutket wit i bayonets fixed and
aimed directly up the stairway. 1
looked out of th window and saw n
to ml in human shape shaking a re vol
ter in hia hand and sa)ing "hove
footed the blood a damned abuiUiun
imt," The Mutilans now came into lh
room, cursing and damning me and
ordering me to leave; but 1 Tied reaai
ved not to leave my sick friend, Mre.
Bailey, until she could go to a place
of ately. 1 called to Mr. B filler,
one of our boarders, and naked him io
bring my revolver; he came with it
and said "Take mine also, Mrs. My-
ers, for I am a p. isoner." I prepar
ed my revolver r firing, and laid it
beneath Mrs. Beil-y s pillow. Mm
asked me what 1 would do with it. 1
told her I Would defend myself if at
tacked by one Ruffian alone. After
remaining in our room for one hoar
and ahlf, with feeling which I eanaot
describe, but which may well bo ap-
f n a a a a
preciaiea oy all wives, mothers and
isters, Mr. Bailey was per mi it d to
come; and. aaaraVd by tbo fswlffians.
carried Mrs. Bailey, bed and elf, to a
house on the ether side of the street.
I now woat down stair with my Ulm,
who ras almosi in spaami, walked on
the Moody, slippery floor aaAyOoer
the feet of th dead Pkilhpt. After
leaving th hooe my dlstreee or soiod
was greatly relieved to find that Mr.
Myers vaa' neither killed o Uh4
prisoner. W begged permission to
eturn to our room sod get our trank,
which bad been broken open. Tbe
Roffians foand nothing of asaoh value
to them in tbe trank. They hewos
r took my revolver frowt wie at thl
time Mrs. Bailey wss carried from t
room. We left dms bedding and
bed-clothe to tbo value of about t?00
which is prrbsbly destroyed or con
fiscaiod. Tho dead body of Mr. Phi
lips lay on the floor in hii own brawl
and gore nearly all dav, and aw
or woman was allowed to tonch him.-
Situated as we naw found ourelveaJ
we directly decided to leave tlseie
ritory if we could be persoitted to do
so We took our trunks down to Oy?
wharf and there sat upon them v
we went on board the boat. White
sittutff there the captain of a ferry
boat cHirte ix-mi us and waived 1
Bowie knife near over our heade, o A
wing and swearing and offering a re
ward of 8250 So any one ahn would
show him a damned abolitionist, tot
he would kill and sjalp him and nail
the icalpon hi b at for a lign. Ear
ly next morning" the boat lef and we
came direct tu Coaoesaviali., IaAbS
Now. gentle reader. I have detailed
to you horrible things, but thee er
nevertheleis true, for "all of which I
a aS St a a W a a
aaw, ann s part or wnich I wai
All the Border Ruffians are Buchanan
men, and I am now convinced that it
ia the Buchanan party who are for en
slaving Kenias, and henceforth my
voice ihall be for Free speech, Fre
Kansai, and Fremont.
I am sorry to bear that the truth ot
my narrative haa been dewed by some
Border Ruffians in this county, but I
speak what I know and testify to what
I have seen. The peoasS ol this
county have known my Father! (ihe
lato Gabriel Oinn, Esq .) f mily for
more than thirty yeara. They know
the inatruetioaa of my ynwih; they
know my manner of life etwee, and to
those who impeach my veracity I can
but say in the language of the cm
plaoent Cowper: a !'.
"So moral . aealble ate n-H-hra man
Will In all ma ; ael ae HOar (ate." ', f.
Hfto äbbatistuunis.
Awtharlsee capital, a too.ooo.
".HiV4v, J i im, B. B. taam,
W. M. Kowall, Wa. T. PTS. JoStOaai,
J.W.Hrtacu, J. M Jiawiaa. Oaa OtiLaarr,
J.P.Oiaav. B. J. HaTBaWaV, J. W.TalaWtr,
. P. Coviaaves.
... . . naTnawax.rs-.
B. J. B .TBT. a-y.
TTy Plra and Marts rtaka takes at a4iabU
U7AU paroudr1nf Inaeranr will rail an
at Brookville.
h. t. rovnmtM. Oessrai Agsst.
October (Plfftiw.
Ms. T. A. OocBwia:
nama of Jearpu Welsh., EljM esndl.
lata foraaaaaaur ot Sprle14 To, hin. aal
Mb. Bstrn: Ptas sesosses Uta Mat of
Henry Maate r aa aa m asellisli
ior louui) i raaaurar, ann laurt o4m
FBI SR and AOUB cured elUout uilc ibIsIm
Ar Mr, Mareary oplaat. er aay of Uta pwUuimai
drirf or dangarua eaatftounoa, gaaaralij r-. r
'rd to by luS-rar trust inia Iva SBSJaVWj eaet ar
lirtlne, and nso)lnK o' all dliaina. sy srauriiag
U CarWr'i Mfaintat Mlilura whlct ronali Dna
f Um abo aetaurtoaa aSjatawea but -iraa -urtoally
sd rally by BBB SMJ aWAWal ally nmaa
Urai4 Skln. pur if) Iii Iba Mluod an axpa II
Inf vr rcautiti uf old tua.hci with et los est
ataai baa boa elaad. ouoolaa ibi. parva oi Ha
NMiy. an aiiuwtna; aaäara ka Baal at to broatlaa- ap
Mio vii l i" pr,w im nargiaa-
No ia cur ot Mr. Jena Usedoe, er Va. ae
had I id an obroala favor andA.m ; rSIIU
twloo a Say for thrao yoara. "oiatnr nrmanrat
ly raroliwil ttuOI ba triad Cartor'a bpantati Mit
Uira.S O'Uaauf arbleb parfaBily raaluro biro to
haalUi; nor hat be bad a rblll iuo. Ho Is only
n. out r a tttouaan aa novo anorWaced taa
ra it na) aSoeta uf ioia vabaafMo ittISbi ITH
Woaa'a Bat BsBTeaavOT Prof. Wood, tbo
ran'ienad dlarorararof tba kavalaabio Balr Ra
loraur tull tytoUeees le labor la baaf nifes
afflletod. Hit mrdirli.atara unlvaraall ad mitlad
by Uta A mar oan Praaa to bo fbr aeporter to all
otaara for eaaainf tb balr ea Uta beoa of Iba
.-.. ibai bat beoa atlverod for many yoara, te
eno fortb ankataMk vigor aed loaarbapoo a
baa biet tad otih Iba adrauutfa of yaaifc. Tbre
ean ba ao daabi ibai Ii le aa 4 Uta fraotatt die
onvoriaa la Uta atoiUaal waete. Ii raaturn per
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