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The Kleetiaa in Mains.
The rsult ot the election in Maine
If Uta m gal nfjf petted result on rtwti.
No fart' mfcttfd it. The Democrat
iivfaak eeere m steadiest ant, un
btojttJi.Sftd t he fusion between ihe Bit
hinan and Fillmore men so complete,
tuet no one exoeeted a Republican M
joe U, though noes the Buchenen sen
ere uA Ay ,i.
Ae eteVnce thet we epeek advieedly
when we say the ree'ilt te uoBRtectrd,
take the flowing rztrtete from lead
it. pa pert of both parties, about the
tine ai the etacuun.
"Ties Stele elocHon Hi Meine Ukee
(ilsca W-a.orro, ead tea result will be
oofeed for ith eonetdereble intereet.
If teje Mek Repnbi.oene ere defeated,
theffwidjeailiei race ie eetiied in ad-
The Democrats and Whige united on
the) Lefieleture lest year, carried u by e
heweeweae anejorirr, end cheee Welle,
Queer nor, there bciitf no election by the
people. Thia jeer the seme enmblne
ttes, is ie rg.atenee, end e hard bettle
fll be fought Cmeinnef Enqui'tr.
Tudsy Meine holde en election for
Governor and member of Cungreae.
tod the reeult will be awaited with an
11 deye of intereet by the two
greet contending perttee in the preeent
qpneret It la claimed bj both eidee,
Bad the Repwhhcane ere somewhat san
guineof aucceaa, but we ehilt be more
Wfiaead than diaappointed if it ehould go
For the Black Democracy. We have
private adeices from e genlleman of line
cay who hea been in that Stat ior aoair
umt, wbit b lead ua to look lor a close
rote, in any event Cct4 Uautu
feine holde her Stele Election to
day, and ehooee Gorer nor, MemUera of
Coree and both brenebee ol her Lef
ieleture. The alliance of the Buchenau
and bogu "VVbljr" parties Is Suwplrte.
They roe different cendidetee lor Gtif.
ernor, hoping thereby to poll rules
foo-igh for both to beep out Hamlin;
but a a plerehty eleeui to Con
feree, they urine on the ne cendidetee
two aitheto celled "Whigs" and four
Buchenan Democrete " We can
hardly hope to carry the Governor over
the vote of both ihete parties, but we
anticipate a large plurality for Hamlin
end a Legislature that will elect turn.
If. Y. Tribune.
On the other hand, the Democratic
per had claimed it moat confidently,
while the Republicans Itsd but faint
lopes ol ee Tying- it against the coali
tion of Buclwnen and Fillmore. Their
hope was In the Legislature. Ho confi
dent were the Buchanamtes, that they
would wot bwUeva lha report of Ham
lin'a'elSclien, until they roo d n"t help
it. Thua, that week' Greeneburg Guard
whiqh Went to preee juat e'ter tho Aral
telegram wee resetted, seya:
'-We place se oeufHence whatever in
the report. The election cams off
Monday, end yet three könnt telegraph
repo'tere hav new which warrant
them in saying that "the blute be gonr
And thia was the tone of ell the Bu
chanan Praae. The Waahingtou (Saitm
f Taesaisy aaye:
We received a diepatrh at a late
hour las', evening, prepared for thr as
aHafe press, announcing that the Black
Repubiuteu haW .nede gain ov- r lal
Jeer's vole in Portland. Beth, Bangor
jR Augusta the dispatch winding Bp
with the MitiaaetMn or prediction that
Hm fin 'e majonty in the Bute would be
twelve thousand.
We attach fere little credit to thh in
timation or prediction particular. y in
the tace of ihu fact that the Democratic
strongholds bad not been heard from.
Our mend ehould bear in miud that, by
sums mysterious dispentai'on or er
raement in the variuue Stele election
that have hitiierto been held, the tele
graphic agents generally manage to
make their Bret retarae unfavorable to
the Democrete."
w " "TrTTBT r , taJf Li
Now, that the "Democratic stroag
bohia" bare been beard Irom, theme
jeeity orer both opponent ie about
30.0UO, making a gain of near 37,000
over taet year In a rote of about 111,
OOO. If the "fleet return" ware unfa-
rnrabls to Us) Democrats" the later
one ere tili more ao.
This 99.OOO unexpected majority inJi
crtre a state of facte which estate every
where. There are thousand, who in
tend to record their votes agaiust the
Kanaaa war, that say nothing about it
until the election, end we guru Ihit tbe
elate to hear from will all give the aem
c stifle of astonishment.
The following from aha St. Louis
Afirae ie auggeative:
The recent elections In Vermont ant,
Maine, which are ihe first in the prelim
inary ekirmiahea to the greet Presiden
tial battle of November, discloaflfl A
atau of thing winch proey uU Demo
creta did not xpect, anr! for which they
were unprepared. That Vermont
ehould go lor the Black Republican, i
nothing morn than could hare been ex-
Beted; but that beuighted and orthodox
mat, ever Hue to Democracy , and
netsr betöre (altering when aumething
wee tw be done, ehould, at tine aria is,
abandon the old party, and go to
"shrieking" for ''freedom, Ir. e speech,
free soil and Fremont," is more alarm
ingly unexpected It was hoped, by
eanyum Democrats, that the Fremont
ferer wee on the wane at the North, and
that tbe tall election would show thai
the Republicans hid been wasting their
etr.'Bgth In howling gathering, while
the Oemooraies were organism fee His
November struggle. The low election
Oral du pel ted thai U.Uiion by ahuwing
that Black Republican! in, Instead ul b
lag camttA-d tu ths New England and
Northern Bute, had spread to the far
Writ, and actually dipoeeiaed Dvinoc
racy ot una ol it most reliable atroiig
botde. The reeult in Malus now come
tu spread dismay In the camp ul the
Pejacrats. Alter Main baa gone lor
the Bpoblieaiu, what mav not be ex
pee ted i Truly, the mist tuet t'iat the
present administration he wrought in
the Democratic laenj.y is but bull told.
Lb aviso ths Tsnnmmy The free
settlers of Km, finding the Gene
ral Government determined to enforce
tbe bloody code of Missouri upon the
free people of RnnaH. uro leaving I he
territory, rathai than eubtnil. cither to
tbe laws or their death penally. From
the wayrthe iore of freedom in hi nine
Vermont and low hare spoken, iL y
naiy hope In return, under the bannn
o' libeity in a lew months. We
think it better to appeal to the poll
than to arms. W have never ap
proved of aid War movement of our
friende in the territory. Rebellion ie
tbe last reeort. First apply to tbe
poUsV ni 'act to the awosU.
The Jtewark Mtreuru, in the
event of Colonel Fremont bt ing elect
ed President recommends Hon. Jul n
Minor Bolts, of Virginia, to s seat in
the Cabinet.
5 18
Two yearaago. Congreee repenV! the Misioorl Compromise line, for thr
ourpose of hsttfng atgyiry go into Kanaaa. A', the aame time 1' enacted a
Territori.l law ditferinu; from all former laws, in wilhdrawiog the protection
and guardianship of the government from the people of that Territory.
plea wan to lei ihn people regulate their own affairs in their own way, which
means te lei ruftWi fiht it oat. We have published from time to lime,
many heart-rending details of the fearful tragedy now enacting in that once
loeely but now bloody territory. Below we give a few akelcbea of actual oe
eeirreuoes, an deeeribed by eye witnesses. The perpetrators of these deeds
fearing an uprising of the people lo hurl them Irons power, and restore peac
10 ihecofloiry, deny thrsw faeis. but lhe"y are confirmed by thousands of wit
neasea. Iiis charged by the South, that lb Free Biete men are lo blame
hat if tbey would etay away, or go war, they would not be killed. If the
people of thfl United Ute rn ready "to yield up such territory to th.
bJoorfv demon, slavery, they will vote for Mr. Buchanan or Mr. Fillmore, who
arfl the Icandiflates in behalf of thoae who began lha war. The Cincinnati
Convention, which nominated Mr. Buchanan, endorsed, the Administration ol
Mr. Pierce, whore policy h'ts inaugurated this terrible state of blood-hed.
tnd Mr. Fillmore is pledged 10 maintain ihe existing laws on th subj ct o
tlatery, and their friend in Oongrea, uni'ed lo vole supplies to the Arm)
hieb ie lo enforce the bloody code of Missouri, upon the free settlers 01
Kanaaa. Frar Lim Piere is accountable 10 God and ths country fo the
murders, and for the war now desolating our western frontier, and thoae who
hall vote to perpetuatu his policy und carry out the measures which be ha
begun, will be partakers of ihe crime.
A Traveler says. "On our way down we saw a little girl lying dead: h
hrtma had been duale I out ! Shi- wna not yet cold. It seemed tons lha
il s eavairea mut h e laktn lur by ihe heels and perpetrated the horru
leed, and then fled."
Ihe unior unite wom-m whose u - 1 o graplnoally ptetuied in the cu
tjree, is WeN known to mMiiy of our readers. It is Dot n case of exagi ratioi'
r one whnae ekulm is unknown. It h like taking one from our very midsi
The crnel deed i thui d ecrilel by the rorn spondent;
On ihu nitfhl of Wednesday. August 20, a young widow lady who h
Ktrsiglaled hi Ktnane with Mr Henry Hyatt and his family, from Miltor
Warne. County. Ind , happening to step ontside of the house, wae auddenl;
seifled by four marked rutli'tna, nnd before he could scream, her tongue wm
.'hoked out of her mouth Hnd tied with a string behind her head, and aroun
her aeck. Thev tlireatened 0 shoot her if ahe made (he least noise, one o
them holding a MuvoKer to her head while they tied her handa behind he
back. They then drugged her a lew hundred yards from ihe house, and eacl
id turn committed a h-llih outrago upon he person. They then kick"d hei
in the side and abdomen, nd left h r, as they supposed, lo die. How lon
he remained in a stale ol tn-ensibtlii v 1 be does noi know, but on recovering
her comeiouanear, kIis auceeeded in staggering to the houxe. She eould no
aB I m SS a a a . a a . 1 1 11 1 1 1 SL W 1
pen the ih.or, htr liandsueing lied Deiitiui Her oacs, ana stie was so wean am
her tongue so dreedfully swullen that she could nut shout. In the effort lud
0. she tainted, und id ratling, overturned n empty churn which stood nea
tbe door. The noiu awoke Mr. Hyatt and family, who found her m tbe con
dition described. She is attended by Dr. Avery, who oame with ihe Rich
mond Comp my to Knaas. She has hid Btver.il attacks of convulsions, am
her case i uearly buwebaaa. Her friend thought last night that ehe woulu
not live till mormon."
J. A" aawuarrT 5
laiaw! Vttaai vaBaaBaalaK
IV xwr laflrwHaalKl : ui wSSfS&'Wi B9
Lik aevsgr-s, the murd.'rniis brinjs who are carrying out the policy of the tree
ent edm nistreliun. sculp their victim and leave thejr unburied bodies S prey to
bird snd beeta. The eceue pi tnred ettive i only one of in my. It ia ihu
deer rlbd by the rrrepoinlenl: "tin Monday laet, one of atehinann'e men,b
the name of Putfrrt. made a I t nf a pair of boots with one of his ruffian com
rneVe lhai he would bring iu a fere Btl sealp flelore uight. Aecordiugly he alert
ed nut on the road leedmg irom yaren orth tu Lawrence. Ha hsd proceed-)'
but e short dietmee when he met a Mr. Wm. C. Hoppe, e perfect etrenger lo him
m e butfgy, unermeil. He topped him and deliberately ht him through th
heed. and hn. Indian-like, took out hit knife and acalped his victim, and the 1
leu him. Thu fiendish ct wae wUueeued by Mr Wsllace -ad her daughter
who live nrer by, and e leamter in lha aervice of the Unlt'd Bletes drove i
and aaw the body before Ilm puUe hid ((! In beat. Mi. Hopp waa Irom I
linui. a quirl, worthy end m tF - man. and h.id just arrived in the Terrilut)
wkH hie wile, who ie n bd heellh, sad erho ia left heert-broken end utterly dee
mole. He ia a brothr-inlew ol R- v. Mr. Nute, lha Unileriaii ininisler.
Fugrrt reiuraerl tu the camp, obt .ined hi pair of boot, and then piecing lh
celpof hi vnlim uu tb end ol a pole, piraded I he streete with it, boaeting o'
the deed He now carries it In his pxteket, wranaed in e piece of the Miasour
Republirun, and exhibit it I Lis Irleflwa, A flermuii named Bnnber. who ex
pressed himself rather Ire ly in refluH to this horril Ie barbarity, was shot deed 01
the epot, and another man uvd hi hie only by preripi'nte flight, with pitol balls
dving 11 In ul hi head. AH this nearly within nsH ol Fort L-avenworlh, where
Oen. Perailer P. Baiith i etstruned with the TJniie.l Siele F.rcea. But who
ever bciud of a Piu-äiavery man being urreated or punished iu Kaiieeal
sar nlr nStsMBSj t JPm "SaeaLw K "3iS
Everybody who i opposed to the ei'mieeinn of slavery in Kansas ie called en
Abolitiuit. end hunted und shot down like wild beast Rurford had a company
of men engaged in murdrr and rapine. One day one of his men csme into tV
camp, holding upon the point of a bowie.kuile a icsis hiait! "Bovs," said
be, ews here; here is the heurt of a d.imnnd Abolitionist; ha.tpld ma he wee en
Abolitionist, and I up " ith my rile and dropped him; I rut his nea t out, and it
ain't cold yet; now I'll cut it open and see how it looks inside; then J shall fry it
and see bow tbe damned thing tests."
1854, 60 cents on the
I860. 60 "
i856, 4U
inriow cotrim.
1854. 33 evii is on the
1 816, 26 "
1836, 10
Arerafl for three years,
Arerage for fuur years
Average for lour years
Arerage for four yeare
46 2 3
22 2 3
26 1-4.
Bailiff eipenits catnpartd:
Arerage per year for two years
Average, for two years
For 1865-6
Arerage, for two years,
Consistent Got. Wright.
Less than four yesrs sgo Gor. Joseph
A. Wright closed his annual message tn
the Legislature aa follows:
"Indiana desires to see the Compro
mises made under tbe Conetitutinn, and
xpreasly frsmed to carry into effect it
prorisions, remiin undisturbed. 9he
ojys to the Sojlh is well ss to the North
thet these measures mut stand ibet
his eectiona I controversy must not sgsin
e opened up that lime, ee en element
t hich enters into everything that ia val
able, mut ttsl their wisdom an I etSea
y Uiat Ironi whatever quarter of the
Union eflforie shell be made to parle
his scutionel agitation, Indiana Is
.galmt it.
"8b fsvore not. nor will she by her
Elites countenance those who favor, th
pening sfresh, in tiny meuner, und r
tny pretence, the question j rccentlv
ml ao happily disposed ol, let us hope
orever. Our duty is plain, eb'nh by tin
aet, euateiu the meesures feitbiully.
eeee equation, snd lrul lor the Inlure
u the intelligence and patriotism ol tin
eoplr, under the guidance ol prjei
How frail ia poor human nature! O.ily
1 few short month slter Ike above pa
riotic eentime its, tbe Democratic party
opened slrssh" the slavery agitation
y repealing one of the compromise
nd now tbe Governor is trying to ge(
he people of to "favor those who fsror
his opening alreeh." They won't do
t. Governor Wright. They wotil sU
jw you to trll a lie on them. You ssid,
or litem, they "will not by their voles,"
nd they intend to xt.ck to it. They
aid "will not," two year ego, and th
vill epeek louder this time. Hope you
ill hear them.
The Fusion
Speaking of the fu-ion of the Knoe
iolhinge and the Democrats, 011 vo
ing appropriations lo subdue Kansas
he New York Times says :
This coalition in Congress is onl)
be per cursor of what we shall see 11.
he Presidential canvass. There 1
ot one among the leadera of the Kill
nore Parly, Nonh or South, whu en
r;rUins the ahgltlesl hupe uf his elec
sflst But tbey br lie vc that his vult
nay be tu managed as tu divtdu the
North, and thus aid tho election ol
vir. Buchanan. It is already perltet-
apparent that, in the Southern
nates, the FiÜmore movements ie
surely apolitical ruse, lhal its object
a merely lo encourage ihu belief in
he Northern Spates that ho has apai
y at tbe Sou lb. and thus to draw
'tt from Fremont in the Free States
'ules enuugh to elect Mr. Buchanan
it is even now becounog difficult lu
uaintain the Fillmore orgaoiz ui n at
he South; and before ihe day ol
lection ariives, ihe great body of ibe
tllmore vote in every Ulavo Stale
till be tecuretl for bacbtoan. Tb
eadera of that party at th North are
mainly oU Silver-Grey I'ro Slavery
rVhiga. They have entered into this
new organisation for the purpose ol
controlling 11, and ot using it to pre
vent the euccess of Free-Suil princi
ple, i'lu v Bland ready to transler
their pmtj" (u the ProSlavcry oaiidi-
date wbenuvcr it eiiII appear that
lnycHn thua render their support
the .no t effective.
Tbe coaliiion between the Fillmore
tnd Buchenau parties has already
omtuencid its first effect ha been
u awn the Federal troupe lor . nodit t
t'ro-bUvvry crusadu in Kansas. Tin
border Hutliana are indebted lu Mr.
illoiore'e Irtends for the timely aid
hey will thus receive.
HKKBBY rssprrinjlljr lender their prafeMlonsI
sesewes w eke snissnsui Mi. in 1 au,i
u imt, lwloif by a proiatata-MtHOi toasSlla
' tbalr pruteasluu lo mutila tliarwof in. o ualru-
Cartnsl, 1 od. sept itt
To Merchants.
IT pmvamsni in our
'or ike accommodation of our rapidly Incrcaslnt
sVMuf trade, lo winch wa rutpaclfuil) invito lb,
'tienil'Oi f bu yers
Our terms are aa tr.eral t paah ami pmw.ni
una buyers stsny Irti class Kastaru houaei am
derchanit will Hud it greatly to I lie I r sdiatitaae.
lal'S purchasinesl.ahsre. t amlu. aar stock
1 Dastssealie Llares, lliiak-,-piitK
is .!, Dress 4. !, S m braider ic,
ü letiie 1 .iin, t, aitstwia, Meuitilea,
necouonuo our astoi tivs rimi bosinaa a
isusl, WH. I I I. sV cu ,
Hap S 3 n par 74 V a. I slk .1 . t'ln'ii . O.
rHK in ami, nr. of Ihn Msnosl labor Library As.
s. n.ii. m are rwauired la 1 s u, r annaal .ub
v riptiuu ul any uenls tu tba Irwasarer lunuadi
Iba new hooks sreoaland. and a meeilneof
k.. . ......a, ... ..l.l ...
mil. mi wm u naiu at ise Library r.iij
Ii nsiuru , asyit. u.
FRB0. O.ntKKR,
sp '-3w Treeaarer.
iltaaKV PBCTOHAL, by
j Sep IS
V. V.JUH.tMO.t.
i. v. JuM.Naro.vs.
at W. I- Paaecu.s 4k Co.'s.
sept IS
TBRKÜSOI d YKO's V KK Ml Pit; K. sp realent
' eep is w. l. FseesHta eV als.
White Water Preebyterial Academy
THRIE will be a msellne ol Hie stock holders
f the While Water P'cttmsrlal Acndemy
uu Toeflsy, Kept. In, at 2 aufliste-, P. .M . lur
Hie lurpoto "f electing two tru.tcre. Tho Hoard
ot Trvsteaa will also meet on the sataa day, at in
o'clock, A.M. The (ail term begins on ibe asms
eept ia Sw Prest B'd IratUss.
torn am. a. a. es.
ARK Iiisi r.., ,-u-tn nnd opaiitna a nw and wall
seUoistl nn 1 r full and wlntrr 0OO0S
Seeelii MKO HKU'K, known a th nlil tiaud nt
I. PrU-a t Boa. whars uy eae Hs round el ell
untt, raady and wililea; u eall attadr
ehiir Uisii ths bars ever twn uffrvl m uu
iiisrlal. Our toek m
i.ttiiie Dreee Q4b
I fell eaa cwmlM, enalitna In psri of
nio k and ..) Silke,
Mrrinoa, l.aslrsi, Uwbaitss, Cashinsr, CaalUa,
Vateiitlas, Plaid. Oslalnss. atnghaiBs, l.
800 Plecee Printe
"'good rulors, snd a eholr ssumUuo of pallarsi.
.ilso.s iplsnd'd assoriiiii-iil r
low eiet TrlsjasBlaga,
t.se Edelnf, snd lutsrtlnri, of err kind snd
-: - ..-. i ..1 t,i, , 1 ,,T,,.,..,-, . HandSsr-
H ry ;.... Mut., SaiehU,and svsry.
rni'S usceatsry tu eumj tat i tie lJle' Toi
let. rrenctt CleteiB,
Of s Imnat sear color, sad et jolraa that ean't fa n
I I ault th" oaaioinsr, a SJeU as a nl esMirtment
ot Dos akla t)aluisra, tUaek and Kim') , Nail-
.Ua, Twod. VrttltifS, 4 o.. Or If ,uu prf,.r
a ar mailt ready mada. ran .show you e little
the oeslsad t-hssprsl slock of
neu ead Mere Clothing
in this portion of Iba Slat. Also, tpUudld as
orttuaul of
Oanta I'n nil shi ug Oeods.
Oer stek or
MtetBle 3ee
Is keesy, snd consists in part of Hrown and
Hleached Masdna. Ilrillliirs, woolen sad entl ,
Klaniialsm all ru'ors, CbeLka, Tcktuws, Olspers,
Mariner's stripes, dlt.
lata, t aps, Hoots v Mia-s,
aelleetetl errull,eudel prices that will sll.
kap a ei. er 1 a. Surinam aC Hardwars.
Quesnsasrs, ata.lwaro,
U reeer lee, aii, &c.
I n feet, our si oct Is eomplste tn etsrjr dsptrt-
We will take all kinds o fnteirhaniabla prudueo
at lha hlnMsl prica, iu otcbsng fur guu.it, aud
g-irs yuu lha o ds et oesb prtc.
sop IS jMjj
Kansas! Kansas!!
lOar KKl.'BlVKUslW. I.. KarahardiCo 's. s
I s gunural rimwel of Oruasrls, cuiiilug
III pari, ni :
Oiloaoa. Crusbad aod PuwsWrod surar;
hugar Huass and Urlas luolassaai
Mauksral and hito Kiab;
Kodaamt Huttwi Cnaiker;
I rauas, Kaislusau Pigs.
-'--1 1 SSTHOLUS.
ll Lmch's 1 .r. a larga assortuiaid of Parnl-
Ute, so- b as
lr,w Wlfoni,
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I in'itrtHiM.
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iioiiaa lo wn or country . Sap S
his 1 . r-' I t nT sMvMval Parnllur at wh.de
le isriswe, Hersnns wisnioal" Say any il.lnr In
10 line hIII do w.'li lo all n nU, bef.tra bayln
!. h.-r.i. At h lOskss fuamlura, he can aSurd
1. 1 sell eh. -a 1 1
Nhop npposll Mr. I.;, mi's Carrsg Shop.
Hap 9
o, II Pearl Btrwal. Cincinnati,
Ina lha largest and mast complete a ork nl
loplti and Panry Dry Onnds, they Sara aver
rooani 10 oos inaraei. Uur !. k Is lr,sn and
carelull) srlwtad Ir.mi um taust reeeM in i,i a
torlos and tniporlallous. and csu bw nff n .1 to u
ai such prices a can nut ba aur pSSSed tu Uils or
iha ea.t -rn aiarKot.
W in.it Wwsa our friends snd lb trade feu-
rll an examination.
Sep He
An Elegant Gift for a Father to pre
sent to his Family.
Kanf for ons copy end try It among jour frleuds.
eXJ N l'r.0 Agai t toelroelale
Sears' Large Type Quarto Bible I
ros rsMiLT cb. esTiTi.ee
I Ms usetul book It destined, ir we een form en
o pl 1 on I mm ihr notices ol ins prass, t., hasa aa
11 irwrsdsi tad clroal ittou In sir taction ( our
a I'ls spread ronuaen ', ami t fria e dl.unet ere
lu th salo nf uur wnrkt. Ii will, no du hi, la s
few jar. beeorae thb PaMilt Bibl or iubAmcb-
t' S PsofLB.
(i ; The in -it llbsrel rsmnnn ration will be si
IowpJ lo pcrso"! who may bo pleased Ui procura
intMbriiiert lo iha abora. Prom At) u, inu ouplut
may satlly tM ctroulatad aud told In each ul the
Clncipsl titles anl towns ,,r Ui t'uion. M Will
soldbk sutsartai'iii only.
Jt ' t ppin-atiuii tiiould as arede at ones, et
lha Rclil will toon be occupied,
jCVP'-r.ons w ishlng 10 est st aganU, end do e
sar bu.ii.es., ran seud fur a apaeonoa copy .
IT" On ivceipl of lha rsiabliahad price. Six
Dollars, tin Piitoriil family rilile, with s well
Basaad subscriultoo b ok, will b carefully boxed.
ii1 lorwiinlaJ rax .. . at our rl.k an. I aa-
paiite loany ooutral lowe Ie ibe Unllad aanos,
toepiiug tboie ol l aiiloruln, Urugou snd I ci
st. Hi' Rsglttor your ltk.rs, and lha Money will
corns ssf.
t "Ordert ratpectfnlly solicited Por furthar
partlcuiart , eddrurt ibe tubscrlber (p.wt paid).
sopS-Sm 181 1 In. in Kitnl, Tt. Y.
V3T 1.111.1,1V e'r.uiir are 111 receipt ol full up
tiTlus ol tSoan.tst liriit un.,t,i bwt sel,'W0
llardwars.l'ullsry ,aud .Vails, at .No I I ononer.
elelRow.by LIM'Ka FAKMUIIAK.
PtatT Tasis löstet Clnctnnsil sl 6 M, and
raaa-basepada'salS SS.and Indtaoapolia at 1 1 S
r nsn 1 asis. l-eavna Clnrtiiuall at t 30. ami
reachiit Spade's el 4 30, an I I ndtannpollt st . i:
Pis.a Ta,i Les.es Indians d is 11 So, reaches
Kpade 'a V Sti. and C luclnuutl .14 3.
nil osd I a sis lrsve indianapoiit si 11 r. bt
cm t.ns Kp.ds'sll 38, and 1 Iiiclntisl6 3.
AO. OOO Hush. Is Torn,
80, OOO H ishelt Oau.
II. Hill 11 ..n, is Pia Fosd
And all kind of Orsln snd flrast Heed, for which
e Ii pay Ibobighssl uiartel nn, ...
hep SJ VV L y . 11 .1 .V f'o.
tllUIMMIttlllUit V til.
'Ii I IK nndt-raif iwul, .iinii.isirai'.r ., t.s aetata el
A Joaepa Ibtpuy, lai 10 Innkl 11 rowhl) . de
1 retell, III sell sl publln sale ei tne late rest-
lenoa of ma .1 ....... . 1. Ie a.naartai. Prank I in
county, Indiana. 011 rlalurday. lbs I lib of Oulebor,
Ita, all th persons! yr.'p. rli 01 lha dor ease' I
not taken by lb widow. A credit of tit wombs
will bsi gleu on all sums over Ibiee dollurs, the
I'urvl.as.-r goto bot im approvn.l seturii).
HU int n si r'oin 01, wailing all valuation
and appraisement Uwt.
bep 1
I HO. M A DDUX At'm'r.
oiit K or AI.E or pi imoM ti.
lMIOPbll 1 v.
NOTICE Is hereby Sjteea that I will sell at pnb
lie suction on Ilia l"th day of October. lJb
,.t tlie rdsideui-a 01 Jane Hd'tv, lata of Pranl
Ii n county, deveaeod, all in r personal psosonsl
ir..p. rt - tou-lslin of ab iul 13 l es.i Of call,
atn.ui 11 nr 1 bead Ol hO, undivided Lall ol
about 3 sen- of corn groaiug, toi ISU bu.hels
.1' Ii Sl, about SUU oosen oat , a lot ol hay
bousehidd a.i.l ait. 11. n luruilute, I orse, Cbl.-k
riK.Oaes'i. I Hotkaway Ii i) and a.eHl s t nf
heruess and tariout idbar srlkhts. A credit 1 I
nine inoi.llit a ill b gl.vu on all tumtntaral.
tM ..,rcbaer i in bis note With eppror, ,1 se
gaVy, I setsasNee or appralseaiaut law.,
dritwma lui.ro.t trooi a ss.
epS JAMca McCLORE, Adm'r.
A ' Us. -My fail ti.k Pie. o. i. uo arri.
tug. consltilng or isfe, orsml slid
. ..els XIV style, l..-lhvr wilb -very
tttla.if rasa lo suit the Usl-s nf all.
Ihostxivo Plan" sr to unlvertsily an! d. tei
edl imiiulsr thel no on who consul u their own
Ini.-re.t will buv a Htsiio uiild Ihev have SO.' II Kit. I
bard L , M. dl Us Pianot, at my slorw. ,N... 74
vtest Fourth steal. u, m mukch,
"nie Agent fur I, , N A R.'t Plaaot.aud tacre
torto Mo rcii White. aug .4-lm
ELODEOiBI ni;i oDr;osfsi jii:.
LOUKDM".! MgLOUEON ! ' ir m
iloek of Melodaons is v, r (In. iWkjMM
and Ihosa wh-. waul a flrst class Mo-f III
l.-U,,n will consult their own Interest to clvlus
Hioa'sIL Price rioui g 3 10 gaub. Please call
00 I'. M. Ml1 KCl!,
No T4 Waal Fourth street,
ante Agest'or L.,N.4k B 's fisuos, aud Bishop
di Child's melodsout. Sup I
Ttninis roil uivi-M.w and
.f Mi;i I' II IN U.--Mt-Bva B w
ami second hand 1'iauot lo rent, and
a ill let ihu rent apply "ii the pur
chat until paid for. Some worth iHJ0; trom that
dowu lo a SO. seeotid bsi d. lilt Ibe esslest end
beat way lo pay Tor a Piano. Cteate call a
' . CM. M' RCII,
No. 74 W at Fourth tireet.
Pole Agent for L., iv.dt M.' Pianos, snd tucoet
sor lo .tausch es White. aug aa jra
it- k mm
Alterative Balm,
For Internal and External Use
Tliis Malm is warranted to t,
lieve nil llheu mutism, Simum in
ihe Spine, m Spinal ailoctiou aud
DysMjp.Hiu, lleadachf, or tilt
Neck, Toot hiicbe, Earache, Son:
Throat, Soreness in the Bi-ciinI,
Stomach or Lkwels, or Burning in
the Breast, Asthma, Bronohttin,
Sprains and Biuises, Bums Scald
orFrozeu Parts, Cxainp OhoKc
and Bilious Cholic, Cholera Mor
bus, Pleurisy, Flux, Kver ami
Ague, Piles, Corns, Mesh outs or
sores, Iuflriinution in the Head,
Stomach, Bowels or Kidneys,
Summer Comprint of Children
Worms, and Inflamution of tin
Stomach nod Bowels, Croup and
Sc. riet Fever.
Ths reason why this Balm reechst ell the,.- ess
es Ie beeauss It led 11 eat Inlamatlon, aud amuses
tha aerrelloBt Bud nervnut tystain Into actions
I'tiis power Is owlafta th pwcallar combination
of Medical prnperths ulu.nl tu,. ir helng 1 au
traliasxl The mudU-lna is perfaell) Itfi , eot r
la nint any dead ly polsna, or Biltieral. II will.
ir o.e. 1 freely, act iMBsesflatel ujon it liver,
snd sll other sacrrtlv orysnt.
Ueetet taie fellawins: SJertlf letatee.
Prom Kvv.JohB H. Pmlay.
Cteeteaatt, March 4th, 153.
Dr Portht 1 hit lathe flrtiilm lu m Inn: nr..
that i haw given in; iiauiu n rcrouiiuemlatlou of
u Btedlcluo.st s geiivrsl reuily,llio.gb I hava
min b eu aollillod. I hav utsnl )ovr AltetB
me Halm Mr nearly w years; Ir.i, (or in
rhsumallai" In n j hip and kuea. ul srhli-h I wss
uss'ly a rrt, pi, then tor sr severs i.i m-. iw
two of my i.i.H. i.. insu a vlolanl attack of diar
rheaon myself; lha., lor luliiuaihin, for burns,
bruiset.s nd for a very severu rsss of tilt uruk,
Ofouaht m, by s violent cold, aud I think I hav
hsd full pro I tls turüliial properties, in s great
uialiy ol Uae disease lur ahlch you rrcoiuill. ml II,
ami I oa s not fouirfl It lo lall Ina slaie mi. ui
tn em. miii. I. in uot aay taalll Is au In alilbln
cure, yet It is mt swberwou U'Uoii, that It la tbr
Seel 'ou.puMlid Inribet' rsiuedlvt Icr allien It it
recommended, lost I havrevwr triad, and I hata
triad many I will not, II lean procure Ii; bs ana
out tt In m) f, mily lor any rwesVlrrat M p
ing that j o.i aa-sll still online lo , .impound U he
neatly . and lal it may tvlleva Ihouasnds ul Sulfu
rar, I iiio.l heart I) rero omend it so my tallow
olllsant SB must eiealte nt Pauiil) MaeVetHe.
V.i u is, nff .-. tl mile l) .
('ort l Scale from D. L. Starr.
1 haw kuoeu Mr Parana's Alteretlrn Balm, m
pcrio'in s very extraordlusry euro aiein a horse
tnst waa rn badly aal, some Hair tmce.
I ii.. i It cat. rn.il .in g i aSVel. I bellve
it k a perfaelly safe snd atVcsaluus remedy to be
used lu miu cuuiptaiuu.
1). L. STARK.
ftvv.tl, 183.
Pnasaor, O., Dec. 1, 'ftA.
D. Poasa, : V"ni medicine has eomplelrly
ouicd me, snd I set hale snd sion1, sod no tl(iis
of MhaamslHi psln bik.ui in. I am aery thank
i net )u mu le BSM r aivcsrjnce In this pla. e. I lie
Only rwrl I i.t.a Sat e is. 'hat tau did interne
siNiiinr.BS hi 'i tufferiua snd aiei s would nsve
boon .inu away. I hoi you m.y alaatt be sue
vesatul as with ma, and live lOagosd ol.l ae. sml
uever suffer atlb the Mheuiuatlsai I have Mtslj
used alislMaliu 1 bought of .,u, ami am no
new mau. Yours, truly.
LsTstT F t i t, Mclgtro . 0.,Hrc. 10, "3.
Pe. PoasBt- Hs.s "is i(..u a.ii r.coiian sal.
Iii. imm - - - ... K..i.t..d ..f mm A i.... 111..
...V ..w m ... ,n v. ... ,-. wu, n ii.i.itrn , ,.. 1 1, 1
Od Bssafsj the eVaes rlihlX.i.l on her upward
trip aboullha tin. 0r lOtn of .. i.- r last I
hav taltj Ii all but lag bolUet, ami ran l iy ao far
a I have tra and known it tried It has cured
u,ra ,i i -,..., and In a shnrtortliue,tHau any me
dii In I et ark now. it has already become pp
ular her, and I cuel l sell e Isrg duauiny of h
it II ws.sreiiarrliy kuou lhal I alaratshad II nu
hand. I shuul.l ba utd If you would aH(.olnl lue
-Ole.a-e, i fur the sale or tl lis Ible i-lao, In.sinueli
a. the Other merchant in tae place are agents lor
mi, er in. do lues not wonh ball to much If you
dn sO, I ,10 n J , an lo give Uu lliedlvllie a
wide ciroulaKwu Al all areols, plaa tu ead
me one do(ou each of y Our differ l ol sltud bottles,
aad oblige Vuur.
hi 1st fenir, that mv wlfa was sffllrUd with
lha tpiusl agestl o sud dtNipals for nine yeaie,
and a large portion f thai Urn conlned to her
room. I hree lon.ts of hr back bun were thrown
ool of place sud curv ad, raated by dlseate ami
P.n. bha waa quits oowed down to her stature
luring her Ilia-. We bad three physician .
lend In her dun tiff the principal part of her III.
i. c. tiit she experienced uo pafsnaaeut relief
from their i roarrlptions. I afterwards procured
one IHlltla ol Ur. Porbe't Allaratlv Balm, and
ny lha time she had used tbslh..iila aha rait great
relief rhe used but seven bottles, when she w a.
entirely cured, sound and well, of her diseases,
aud hur beck-boue be lost lu curve, sud me It a.
iraiwhl lu bar stature at she waa previous 10 Uiv
allaak. Wa uereby caillf) that we taelieve the
Htlui lo ee Iboevsl indiclnlH use, snd w be
lieve It lo b rarlaln cure lot Ihe tplual affectliin
nd dyspepsia, aud cannot loo birhly recouimeud
lloau) persou alBle'ed wablhvaoova dt.ea.as.
tt e also flu. i it sn effectual anr ia many other dl.
suites lu which wa have tried Hin our fumily.
(Mlgnad) ALhX. t'XA a k .
Lynchburg, IllgbUnd co., O., Jan. S, M.
Lync libn rg. Highland Co., Jar. 0, '38.
This it lo ccrtl ly that I hava bran sffllcted for
seven or tSSM years Iths spinal aOeotlun and da-
p..Mia, inu a part or met time was cOnBued to iu
Ditd. I liS'l tiled I'll vnrtotN rt)indli ind ir.
scribed by Ihe hysl laus who allnmtad me, but
ooi.iiieo n. permeneiiirelleruii.il I Irieil llr. For
i.e't All- rali Halm, Hy the tuna I bad utd
three or lour hollies I fll greet r li.-i end asil n l
used more than seven bottle until I was Cutlrel)
cured or tne above named dlaeaaes. I leal It due
U the public, as ll st to Dr. Dr. Portha. to suto
the above ustued 'sell, sud to te) Inal I bellv
the B ILM to ns Uu- he. I medicine lu uio, and I
vaunt recommend u t.,, highly lo suffering humu
mi,, i nave u.eu il in many aiin-r ,a.e. in u. la
iiiily for aa hltli II was recuiuinvuded, and It Sas
gi miii sulife Mllillitiou lu sll cite.
I sm well scaustnled with Alexandra Clark and
his wits, and slto lohn w slier, and khotv the
ahve statements to be matters ol' feet, and the,
ate parsons f reapeotabllily aud c n,i o .
nigucoj t.uini.tn
I een recommend Mr. Porsbe's Altersllv Balm
as being ths best siedlet.. I ever used fur cramps
and i aii.s. When I bad tho Coolera, I waa erewp-
I . .. ......... In I., a. Ihu.. ...... I.. I. O.I.. I H.M.
a4 1 eij il, ,, I..- ..,, vi). I...M1..V ,
.eh. v.i ..f all pai ns. I bav tried n for cult, brui
sea,an.l burns, ami 'ouud it to give Immediate ro
IL I. WBS ,e.,'ll W , . , U,r- ,,, ,iw ,,B .
could not BUalghteu myself, end I only rui.Oed
it lake. end Ihenslu lefliue.sud I as. t eil ss
I eer was. It issro'"' lor b-adi.eha; tuy .on was
atlst'ktxl a nli a revere headache, and in ue-hutl
boursller baibiuf his hnait, h was n-vd.
i ourt, rtp.'t'iniiiy ,
J. W. Asaaa.
Cert:aoal from 9. . UdbbU, of lis Cloclnsatl
Fuel Cq.
We had a hora thrown overboard rrom s Coal
Plat, lietaeau leo Ouata. and last lu Iii gears al
ha luue.and u sU-amOust nas.lng, w Mch Iniu.neO
ma b'Mils lo iher, witu ll.e boss tlruggliug at
tne lime, lie avas very much cut and i.rui-ed.
tiLr aegut hmi out aoiilied Mr. Portua't I
leraliva nalm freely lo the cult and brui, ra
pe, ting, hoee-er ih.l lUe B rae waa ruined. Hut
,rwr etanallug a o il thirly-slt Istsefei Wae hur.e
aa i.ul lu work, sa w. I aa ever, escepllhc scare
in eoue,'u,iictica l Ihe cuts be sol.
itual ee oul. I cliueriul y ruiummunu It In ihr
public at Ibe beat at, dieiue " have used, aud w a
net tried all 01 he diHeleUl kluds that r III Uta.
I ooneur aith otiiors iu rccOiuine d.ng llr, KOr
ha s Iterative Halm as Hie beat me.ln io.. aa
le efa( aces) for oors s. snd sisa for out and
sUisas oM Ibe human persou.
H.H. llrasLB
I CvrtiaeaU from Chas. a. Hrysut, Est,.
Clnclneeli. Jan I ', 0.
During lbs tuiomcr sml tall ui 1 4 1 l was quli
ill aldlbVreul times, from ditaaao of the disease
ot ilia slomauu aud bowels. Hy the Ural ol Ha
fembrr, thee .mplalnt tiad.run llirough ihe various
lages ul the diarrhea and'diteuicry , and Busily
I... pin sal iu lu , ,, hi lele la alaioe lulolereble
libytlrai misery to which thü taller complaint tre
aawaaly soOiuits tne sufferer. I had ' counued
u .y ie. i lr anouia weae wit thia laal com
plaint, and was aary muco reduce. . I ne.l appli
es to a sktlliul physH-iae, alio had prascriboti tat
m aovaral rays, but I aaw ao aa ideal ty tuptoms
d revovery . At tins point ol time, Koiaiia'a Al
icr.iia i ii-lui came uuder my ubseraaduu by
c uatdarnble parsuasUvM, I was induced lu lake il
iu small dos-'s ul a I aspuoiilul a uflail at S par
gl Base al the disease came on . I hsd la ten some
tluseof these doses, when I lull uecldeoly beller
ajid atlerwuroa revoa ered w itu such i sploity lhal
in iwodsysenrr I comuiSiiOod laktug me Halm, I
was entirely tree from tne eflecta I tbe disease.
I believe the la LSI Is au esvellent remeSy lor
dyspepsia and lis kindred complaints, dyarritea,
dysebtaf) end the pilet I ha a j ittsdu Ulla .lale
lasel at lha requetl uf Mr. Pursha, abu kindly
astereU u,e the medielue which I belluva eOecl. id
o eure lu the above oaaw.
Kcspcclfully yours,
test. I. liBTSST.
Wholesale Dpot, sl J. a. C. Keskhlrl's, So. 3i
Pearl. I I IU.
Ur. Poreea. Drag vier, Xorlh side of Pl.th-tt.,
3 duuis i-aat of rimllb, Clu. O .
f ur .ale by U. V, Joliuaton, M . W. Italia, Nlaugh
ter dr IA iIHbims, J. Powers. Linrk dt Paruhar,
and tt ui. I-. Parquhar,m Brook v ilit, aud by eouu
try meribauUgaueratly.
I caption of visitors al sl hours, snd no pates
will be spsred lo entertain them, whether Ihey
come slugl) or lbs doisn.snd i o diaVreltoe lb
Ihs price for public day a. A I least 40 horses can
ba entertained al any tune sl the Banal price
Tb labte w 11 be raralsheJ with the best the nur
tat Bafo.di. done up In the best tiyle of took I nr.
aatta HAM. hHRPPKHI).
A III.K tilt IX III Mi V. I, 4, i n t
iAUOHin, PRKn,tr., a, well sa whol.
cars r corn (,-nb aad a
lue oil and , ."ii Peril
I Ii l. tali, lata good
ThrseMillal m in.,' n 1 1 re ou
Ity of Prnch llurr Bloaks, srl
' Li sis digerriilstgss, prta-a i
lo S-'Vl. these Mills BO Mil BBS
rent of all npp.asillou and ars tl
poses, espe.'i.i I la lor a Ileal flou
Al.iU a THA It HH I' l Ik N r I
Mll.l,, railed iKlng ss i
This Is an lureuiou. and Saw -
inf the ue.i qast
It nun h cere. I
ranging front $-1
to iteat the aur
perioriorell par
ring. '.KTABT.R SA A'
Mill ;o make Ion,
'er in 'ha wo I. Tint Mill cm t, run by am
mal, Siosol or wl"r power.
Tho... wishing to know fully aboaltha rlnclrlr
aMa ahla h tha y s-c ballt, snd rlie price nr seh
'III', S. Wells, Ihu I. 'MUS o sale, Ac , Will pleSX'
address me, aitt Ing a Rook nr II. scHpilon. hlei
I w III aiad and potl-paa . I le, who du so will
rite. In plain, readable language, In nemo,
PostOfltcu. I "unly and Hiale.
Sep tliis pr .No. IU
I I'll I., II.
WM. D0DD&C0.
Ml'YKKM leecompUl
Fall and Winter Stock
Plush, fl.aih and I'nr Caps, of arery dcsci tjillrtn.
Bud a tpiciidld siturliiiuiit of
Ofall stylus mail up Ii the bi. niniini'r. id troo I
Hklnt. rr-m ll.o Ingtin.i n the I awe.t trnolaa.
aa Ml .Vinn it., oast a.nc l-.,w 4lh si.
Hep 33iil par
enlacns nt Pr.i slin crainly, ludmua,
ail'aatlUI lM .i.wr j o u U TO.KLS
oi the very ha Quality and Inisti, st as In w ratet
as can b luri".,ho.t In this Valley. Asthelrwurk
tp.akt lor ll-eif, thay r fertoii, . Ilhvr In ths shop
nr In the grave yard, where Ii la already sui up,
hm. in lite in. I Vellow Tavern, Soillu of Iheatl,
brook v die, lud, augvlly
THU wait appulnlnd Hotel has undergone
lh' rough rejislr, for thu toinmer tnstnii. under
tbe Inimedlale sujMtri Isluu of the new piopri.-lor.
He aaaura t hi, frieud. and thusa win. may favor
him With lh -Ir paiinnerr. tliut It .hull he bis de
sire al all 1 1 met lo make their list with Mm ngrs
able, a bu Intandt lo ne.-p n good leetle and oblig
ing atslstasis In every department.
Hoarders will be BCCvB, inudaled on Ihs uiotl
ressoiiable terms, with ting's r ,1 mtU room
I am sl.o pr -psred lo lake Ir, i. 11 f elMB
lo aay part of the country inn may w lan tog,.
June 0 1(
M'AKNHN NKW HTVI.rS, whicli are perfectly
. elastic, giving Iran action to the inutvlsi, anil
e III nnl cut und r tne arm
A IS i m sJ IN Alt e V V I'O II T K II V.
Which sr.. worn wild mache ort, im . .ng , im
and pressure grd tat -.1 to ml the case.
I I. t - M( SMK AIM.a,
Por cur of varicose vo n.; a bow slyl Susiom
turv Haiidtr. for trcitiucut uf Varlc .eile; hydr
clle, c. I ii at r ii ui ti i a for Treaiaieul ol il w
I ega. Clan Pool, arvaiure of aptue, and all other
I'ny-icai Defacatlilss.
All kind of hupporlrrtkiidTru'iacton has I, or
mede to order. M k.nii ,v Co,
t Maiden latna, Row Vork; aud
.MUll,rOKl.l-h W CO.,
Mo. 3 Po-irih reo i, (iwo doors est T Mat e.)
augaU3nl Ciiiilnnall, Ohio.
This tupertar Kathsnou It gasj on sale In Brook
villa. It ueedt no ,ulUiig. All Lbs I Ihu peopl
waalltio kuoe bsiul go lur It.
tie to A4. W. HalleV
f I ,HK only Tr usthat a HI rffect a Hrmanenl
I cure. will eure a l.ir imuai.rtlou f all SB,
dualbla Hem .,. or Itu,, lure, when riglilly apjilled
snd dimcilons followed.
' have ,irlail..ga iii rafarrlng to Prof.'s Vl
entiue Moll and Wdlard Parker, or New-York l
Prof's K. 1. Mo, sea. W. II. Musaer. Oeo- tl. 1
Hlackman, J. '. Judklus an 1 olher turguuns ol
Ciuelnnali. We have alto Ihu privltrge ot refer
rug lo iiiuiiy person, rasi. hog In I Incliinatl, as
ell at lu .New York, whu buvu buon cured by the
use of this fruaa. 'I his aud other klads of I r i..-
et aud Shoulder Uracet on hand, or made to order- I
MA Krall 4. CO..
i Maiden Uno, M. V.
AU It II. CUnUl. w CO..
No. 3 Puarth, tl.,S doors west ol Mstn,
augro-Sin C iiiulunatl, U.
, ter llntliiiig Hiaii m y house in tlie mar
kel. t hey al.o Keep a Sue stock ol Fo ml. hing
floods. und make OarioMit. ht vStlM st ahorluo-
Blank Deeds. &c.
There hss J ist bou Issued altlils olflra a new
and leautir,il edition ..I lilunk Deeds, short lorn.
We hava lao, lulll'lsiiii,, Morlgugu, ComtuU
tmn rt' IKii'ilt, old loim linmi. (in in iii (i nt and
i DIlUOi.lNr, sor p Htoi a hXrP.Nhii i
I business In a flourishing loan on lha VVlin,
Water ''anal, taw im r ir . n a ,-,,'.siii i a-.'u IKHt par
year, wl.hes to sell out on r. aaonnble terms lo
on who ran give suitable relercuce. 1 be tuen
Is halihy .aad will inak u pleaaut lumily r -si
denee. rhtrticilars can he o'.ttlned by calling
uMu, or w ruing lu ibe editor of Ibit paper.
W I l.l. -How inlerstt'iii lim Depo, llr ait'1
after. hla dale in Ohio or ludlsnauurrvuc),
payr bio In similar I'umla,
My order ol the ll.ard,
i. tV.itlTT.I etblsr.
tire-okvllle.Peb I.VIAtt.
Prints! Prints!!
FOH Merrlmae. 0ath. 11. y Hut Philip Al
Iuh'. Npraguas. t'uunel,, aud all olljer good
title, ol Prluls, goto
aprilli P. O. HA K KU .
Boots & Shoes.
I AM HP.I.I.IMi MK.JIrr, ViiMr s V .v (MIL-
1 il reu't m oe and Moot s I co.t. ( oui.. aatrl
ami supply your. elves for tho fm il pnlltlcul
palgu aug Itt J I ME-a .VUHI.K.
PURK MHUOMP, for medicinal nurpe oely.
We ha. in tlore pure Purl Wine, Cogi,lae
ilraii lt aud Mhisky.
J ly II W. j PAHQt HAIt A I O.
Fl-ll. Just recited Smoked Halibut, Wime
Pl.h aud Mackerel Wholesale iiml relatt by
July II W. I. Cs.ji n.a e Cn.
IAK1), üo. I Prliuu l-uuilly l.iar.i n, K gs. lot
isalabe W.I.. Ktarusa a i n.
IROM. ileal, and Mvald Hoarlt ooeetanilynu
naudai hai unikK .w Wauaat.
PKOIUIl'K, fr i'iiin All kiudsof Prnduc, ts
ken for iloe.lsat Nkattunrak V WlkUsAS,
irlUI.I.NH. If you waul a goo l Vlollu g lo
V July ii W. I. Psaaeuaa a Co.
fUKT KKt'KI V hU. Ill till 1 Mack-Ill, J hi bb
J Wut e aud CaHt Klab.nt
eprS sl'. r. Ptaui'ta., I',.'..
LAKSWAKK ml ChlnwertMit tupurioi qual
ity at NLAioiiiat et vt ii i.i.a-.
tiKKSII OK.t.NCRä au LKSUSk at
1 apr W. I, P.i.ut HsBdi Caa
powuKK.-Just received o Kega Kile and Can
ton fowder.
July II
W. L. PsBei-nsa dt Co.
II AolR.avwKohlnsoa's Superior Haws, Should'
II orssud Mdev tor sale al
W.I.. PssqcnasAiCo's.
HACKCHAl.s,aVc.alrgvtuptiy at
raLsci.Tca or a ii.i.iasis.
FARMtrtS.forOraln Cradles ro lo
W. L. PsSaJI'HSB 4k Co.
F"Ahllll).NABl.P. JJKtfch ISO US A new aalt
pla ut laatg di Pssqcusa's
LACKs.MITII'S Uorte Khoe and Nallseotd by
... , O -. -
.1 . L. . rtllVI il- t. a 'II
Ogn '' " ' K , K" b j
v sj. u. rtRsrHsasv mi
' if KT AT LAW. urtluu iu Ha.lo't Block.
est of Court noute,Brokv.LU, lud.
I ejBtea
'I tt i nr has long nrhrted a public dcrnand for ea
effactiv purgative pill which could be relied eo ae
eure snd perfectly safe in lu operation. This has
bean prepared to mcst that demand, and an exten,
na r trial of IU virtues has conclusively shown wit
what sttocess it fteeernplishes the purpose aeaaseeV,
1 1 b easy to make e physical ptä. but not aaay to
make the bast of all milt one which should hav
Born of th atrirerJunt, bet ell la advantages, of
ever other. This ha been etUenpted here, ssal
with what snocaas wa would respectfully submit te
the public deelrioa. It has been ealortunata lor
the patient hitherto that almost carry purgstiv
medicine 1 eerimonieee end hritaliita to the bow
els. This b not. Haay of thsan Bcsadaoa so much
griping pain snd res ulsion in the system aa to mors
than counterbelaace thr good to be derived from
them. These pills produce no irritation or pain,
si-less it arise frora a arsvily aaBBtjita ob true
tion or derangement in tbe boweb. Being purely
vcgrUlile, no harm can erbe from their uae in any
qusntny i b- it b better thst anr medicine ehould
be taken judiriou.lv Minute directions for their
uae In tit several dbsaaee to which they are ap
plies uls are gitrn on the boa. Among the com
plaints which bsv bean stfsJHT cured by then, w
mav mention Liver Complaint, in its various formt
of Jsundira, Indigestion, languor end Lota of Ap
petite. Liadeasneee, Irritability, Bilioii Headsrh.
Uilloait Peter, Perar and Ague, Pain In th Bid
and (int ; Ire. m truth, sll thees ere but the eou-
teoiienre nf dissesasel artina iw tha livsw Aa aw
t perlen I they alriird prompt and sure relief ia Ccv
I titeneas, Pitee, Colic. Uerater, H um or. Scrofula
and Seurvv, Colds with soreness of thr tsodv. Clears
nd impurity of the blood. Irregularities, in shnit,
any and every case where a purgative It required.
Tbey have also produced some angularly aac
ceanful cures in Rhetimsttsm, 0tut. Dropsy, Gravel,
l-'rraiaeliia. Palpitation of Ue Haart, Paias m tb
Back. Stomsrh, knd Hid. Tbey should be freely
taken in the tnrimr of ths vaar. to rwieifv rha blond
' and prepsrc the systeiB for th cbsng of seasons.
An oeaaatonai dose stimulate th stomach snd
bowels into healthy action, aad restore the appe
tite and vigor. They purify the blood, and, by theu
stiraulsnt action on the circulatory tyitera. reiue
tale the strength of the body, end rector the
wasted or diseased en erwies of the erhole organism.
Iteuce an oeeaeiunal Oos b advantageous, as.aa
thongh no serious derangement exists ; but ua
iirceaasury dosing should never be carried too ier,
aa rvsry purgetive medicine reduce th itrenth.
whan tu k en la ssesssa. 1 he thousand eaaas In which
a phyaic b required cannot be enumerated here, but
they suggest titsiesalte BO the reeoa of rvenr
btidy ; end it b confidently belbved this pill will
snawer a bettor purpoe than any thing which hat
hithertu been svsilable to mankind. When their
tirttiea are once known, the public will no longer
doubt whet remedy to employ when in need e? a
cathartic medlclii. Being eager-wrapped, they are
pleasant to take, and being purely egrtable, no
Dann can arise from their us tn eny quantity .
For minute directions, see wrapper on ths Boa
PKKrAsUbD jar
I'rnclical a set AnalytltegaJCIieuilat,
Price 25 ( ants per Bex. lira Boxes for tl.
Var lha raaltl Cure r
C0VCU8, roi.ns. iioarskm:ss,
nKo urns, MiioopiMi-rou.ii,
(ROI P, A STI! MA, A.lr
n. i m . . . . . . .
ihk remeoy nas in ror useii sucn noiartaty
froot its cures of every variety of pulmonary disease,
thst it is easirery unnecessary to recount the evi
dences of its virtues in eny community where it
hea been employed. So wide b the Seid of it use
fulness, and so numerous ths cases of its cures,
thst almost every section of the country abounds
in persons puliUoiy known, whs have beea restores'
firm alarming and even desperate disease of th
lungs by ita ua. Wham on re triad Its aupariority
over every other medicine of ita kind b too appa
rent to escape observation, snd where Its virtues art
known, the public no longer hesitate whet antidote
to employ for the dUtr seeing snd dangerous nflec
tione of the pulmonary organs which are incident
to our climate. Not only tn formidable attacks
upon the lungs, but for the milder varieties of
Colds, Couoas, Hoausbmbss, 4c ; aad for Caitr
near It b the ploaaanteal and safest medicine that
ran br obtained.
As it has long been in constant use throughout
thb section, we need not do more than assure the
people its quality b kept up to the bast that it ever
tut beco, and tbal the aenuine articis b said by
fit ii AT all ihe bald aad gray san be restored per-
I ferity la orlgtnsl growth, ao far as IBstr lockt
arc roBcernsd, doe not admit of dubt: beside.
It will cure every possible disease nf ths scalp,
whether dcTetorM as desxlrasT, Itching, or tn th
shspeof cutsneou eruptions even scald head
ami In no potalble raee will ll fall or caring, as
If by magic, nervous or pertodtrsl headache, and
II used i w tea a weak by th young, regularly . Ii
will preserve Uio color, and keep lbs bslr ir ra
falling, to any laiagleehU- aga . Road and Judge.
(' U. It Office. Van, tills, Juno tl, IBM.
Pang, Woo Dear Sir: I lak platerrn bear
ing voluntary leallinoey to lha esoellvnc of your
Hair Kesuirslive. three months ago, my half
was very gray. It tt now a dark brew, (the orlg
tnsl color.) tiBOoib and glossy. The only applica
tion I have ma. in to Ii, hat been the Heir Restora
tive prepared by yea.aad which, from the result
in my owncas-. I can moat cordis!' race umaud
tonlbore. Yours.sVc
Vlaeeaues, Ind.. June l, IASS.
linOP.O J.WOOD: Ai ymireaboultoman
ufaciuro and vend your reeenlly discovered Heir
K-tlarallve, 1 aa III state, for ahomsoevsr It may
concern, that I have used tl, and know others lo
use il thai I have, for Several art, been In tb
lloralivet, and mat I
any other I know.
at dandruff, and a Ith
I reaare aay person's
i ooror ami texture,
glntty appearmncs;
vnng the hands that
't, Il drops. I wnuld.
1 1 . nl, rol
Ii" m-anlli
air in Diu
It mg Ii a
and a I ill
apply ,
out of he.'
thr S flr
d trulnre of hal
Kospccirullar, juurs
ft! LdWls, June tv.ifttt.
ion arc about to prepare
discovered Hair hetoars
iut van.
live, and .i. you reu ".i oa nitiuion ol It, I a 111
stale, that my hair tvst.l fee utonilii
yray. sud aU. r etiag two bolllea of ys
greealtl.. itching ul 111 sealp I am satis 11 ad , tlsst
khote who use It, will not regret it. astlgtvea the
appearance at having bawn recently oil. d J ra
prepuf .I. Hi t. lore, to reconimund II use to sll
a, ho arc diiliou uf listing a beautiful head of
hair. I la, air, j ours, etc.
ft. L. BTKWAJtT.
PROP. WOuO: My hair hsd. tortaveral yeare,
,i en heeoiolng cra nial .rely gra , acrnropanl.
ny a harshuese siitch rendered lue constant appll
cation ol oil
tn dresetng II. Wktn I
stair Rest'esllv, about
that condition; and hav
ill aaiihin tb last three
la uatural color, aud ss
lire greatly 10 b prefer
inn application ol Otlt or
leva ever Used. I regard
tut lor etery lady's loll-
coniiiiaui-ed uslug yoi
lo mouth ago, It Wat i
tug continued Itt uto
weeks. II hat lurned lo
suuied atoltliesf und I U
real those prndured a
any other preparatl u I
Il as an tiidtaps nsible a
oi , whether to to
l ,r the ...iii.l., pu
used a a Hair Meliorative, or
I 'trussing or beautifying
the In
penulseiou lo rater lo ui
who i-nUfLslu any doubt ol Its iwrio.aiingall that
I, claimed for Ii. MRU C. KVtfOMtW.,
ClaciuuaU.u., Feb., u, ISA4.
Watertewn, .Ms., May I, isM.
PKUP.U. J. WUUUl Allow tue to eliee, the
alriuoauud magic poaa era ol your Hair Ketlor.
live. Ihre muutbt I ace, being exreediugly
gray , I purchased, and am Ml cominencwd louse,
inopoilles; aud ll soon began lo lell, la resV.rlug
thosllaerloi kt to kbelr native color. and the hair,
ahull ess bulorotiry aad Bars aad flllisg oe",
now bereute soft snd glossy, aud tl ceased (ailing;
lhai .land rug disappeared, aad the ava'.p bSt all
the dlaagreeabte Ilching, so sBunylug before, aad
Bow, 1 nut oui v look, but laal youag again.
resold at 114 Mark t Street, M. Louis, Ito.
3D llrosdwsy, New York, aud by all Druggists
eveivwnere. All kinds of family patent atedl
ri iot lor sale, on the best sosttblu lernte, al Pro
fessor Wood's stabtishiaeiit, It tlartri Street
Sl. Loult.
frÜ. V. Johntlonl sole agent far Brookrllle.
aprll 11
Straw snd Perd Cuttert, r..nipt. Corn PBcl
tert, Hora Power. Tomtng lathes, die.
All kludtof Patent Machinery Btade and Itlcd
In order, st short notion. WSeolt tnd Nxrews'cut
to any pilch
.item- stockt, Taps aad Ilia
inea Biv iiWoB gives to ropair
Mitt O.-aring. and all klndtut
l ulling, f irslsaad, ishortuoklos
Cth paid loreld Irou.Hratsand Copeei.
vet 10 tA ILL BIKCat.
WE hav no band a good aitor.maot of Borau
Rhoes. Mprire. (stiere, Bnaktn. Says. Mie
ses sml Chiidr.-n.. Als Mrs. Hurrl's clebrau
Butklntau'l tict.st oath prtc.
"earelgBi Ba4la Pill tlaantari, i .
HI nee their aV I sra daly sscrulned,
Let noi Stlaafrm preyudlre nr prtda.
Induce mankind tu set ibe asaaa setdr
rrstrh see b he. i en etg4
To allsvbls tae lib of bumao klad.
Co iniv Tssviaast Is regai l aelBai flrtsaksl in
Mevastf tl 9 Sits Pllb, I curing a seM, aad
obstinate case Kbeuinatlsm, aad fries la the
t reekvB, a, Yn Aaa. I, 'SS.
P. Child 4k t ... -(tenia; - Having r elved aaa
tertsl baseat BB yur Snrerelgu Helsj Wll. I
deeoi ll proper in stake that two years as?,, lie Srsi
.f this wlaier. haviBgbasa several, a Blues ,
Ihe al twenty yrait prvlot to that Hat. with
Nbeumaltsm and criak lo tbe bark, I baagSa tern
hotaaof yoar ptlls, and took taeea aerordtagto
direa ttona. aad before tnay were gone I was ee
'.trely cared, aad hsvs noi suaVred fmsa la cne
plaint el no, and I eon Id vi ba rlaeed beck where
I was r.e(..re taking 'beat for eae hundred dad laut
I wuaU, mere (ore cheerfully rsasisjaaS Sseet v
aay .oi ufBUUtd last esy at a sore re testy ,
Taos. j. Ha. Lara.
Pleas .otice lha reaaeaa Mr Brown gives (nr a.
kltag for so aSTSS) for selllug Us Knwralga Hatte
Pill. Could i ny oae gtv buer reaaaas' Raa
der. t yon wast a good svedieiac pjaaee ptntrntr
a bot al iheaarllest i '.,,,BieriCe and gtv laaej s
Aren, v, ,. , j.n. , u.
Vestjt A h liurlelgb A Bro . OenU -Tbe
causo of ia aabiag lh- agency t.n eelilnsr P.
rhltdt e) co.'s Orienul oi Snveralgn Baits fl 111 la
aot for speeulaUon a loa t hava Bead tha a te
iev family for the ltl seven years, and lad ao
Hier laedcia Bs gaaod. I rnred B. y sell of lh.
Livar Curapla ut at the coaiateaeeasaut of that
lima, s no en r.-.i al ruo, t i. k lint, ,.i diai
with U'em. I hava ksrg nlsaue.1 l
Mneo lief Walaurta county, ami that ht Ike ran
of aty reCjoesttng ihe agency again to sell thee.
tours Welti
Test fetlaw tae; areas er laim. State vletattv k
raap.-clfully press P-u
John B. Majell, !tu Ma . lUe, Ind. , Aug IT
I JA, write:
"I believe your pills la be a good asadletao.aad
mi please seed a uaadv t
V .
s. SaJsea't Petal P. O. (4yj aa
"I hav told ehal pillt tour tgent Uft a Mb ate.
SO I w.ae you to tend tne a lew . dose bvse of
your oeerehjn Ustm P.llt I aimed lately, a ha.
I sold gave aelf nation."
Usnktl Croae. rHrry '
Nov. in. IBU, ariiut.
a,. III.
hav told out .11 tb pill, y uur agent l.rt mt
a. d could sail avanv luoee u I bad Saasa The
Pills pit red very etBeadouv. on.i gave genersl sa
K.'Bdlhe fo,,;u.
Jiy Ifta. I
isrs. A . S. Hnrleigh 4k Bro s3ea4a. Trtntr
Bui.roim oai.ai r ule air, provad lo be gras:
renirdv iieje lor
CosapUlau and Uysp
thai ware left with m.
isand, you will aleae,
uied lately, bbcT obit
Why will Uinae wh.
e.... re. er, i Olaf, lirt-a
As I hava aad I ell
I at tbsre tt a Urge de
I sbo a freak supply itu
To ars.
Wg. Ps TT.
.-ted hesitate a ha
no. cra.igu naini puis win sei iba ayswasa n
rights, aud w U be oi aakold valoeT faV don't
u,p, but get boa of P. Child A Co.'a PiH -
.u.j .in ciear sna a alesa nicely , a lUiout
nur ni l Sick ither.
They are nilld lo their oprraltaas, hal aaa.
Usle the a hole system, rem leg s.ara obsrarl
on. I hav set upon las ..la, kays, lungs ....
bowel. tbeeabeiag ibe cetaaa.U psovnied (or car
ry lug of all impurities (rout tae ay sum. If law
become cloggei. dteeaee la the aim oat esmata ra
sulu. 1 bee pillt opae the pare af the skia, proas a
a prop r .1 is, l arge from the kidneys, carry oSall
pni. g aad other haasorsfmai the lungs, end by
the buerlt rcusaf all loipur tiet thai eeaaot pet
by any Other outlet, along w th the refuse. Vibe
ualuiaJ lowd.
i na gunuiue urtenial or Sovereign
kae uu the wrapper af each box tea
sentslioii ul mm In
A. a. llurleigi, 4k Bro., Pew A loam last r.
prieiors tor Us bouih sod Waat.
el. W. Halle, Beoak villa; Ca tries Van. a- p.
M.uoora; R. B. Poller, Harrtaoa, Ob.o; sad
dealers In aedlclne generally.
Jaae S
CHILLS ill mil.
D aasb 'Jujut, ( enietlne Ca, Ilia,
Affections of the Verroni Syitem,
U ths most popaiar aseli.B gal laal olass srst
kaowsai au ineJ.olDe eeer saat with saeB
'Mil -'vti APPXOBATlOlVT
Or galnse so high a eelebritj ta ss short a Mas as
Ibia. Ths prass aa peoBOav, averywaaara SByaak (
ilia la rast of tbe btgbeet eontsaaadaUoal
Who have huaariowtthaebi luvartably ihetrtals
e oca fro m pruprtatar; asadkclaaa, give tats taetr
uuctlon, snd Isrgs tiumbcri of
EattBBtrr fvu i.s, eat rv ia Pari, Cas- ret,
Ib preieraaeeto (tuiBlae aad Aieeatc, ahtah ge
lle let most yield the sway to tali tra ly
art bmi pk phxpasatiob.
The resell of a I parte are gad lavsatkjattae. t
net sol; etil prsrscl sod cars yeei Chilis, Bat
i.rlnp hack afciow , f life aad aulmsttoB ku Uta
whole sy sseai, that taalagotar aud geaalt a fa
Uis uiedlcme-
; tb.t eea iv tresB or rats rac!
! it is prsssaat to uks, and dee aot arge, rata it
aesesel. licaiukslist uv
NIMB Or any other poisonous or Injurious drag, bet Is
purelr vegetable snd perftaetly karaihsas, area Ier
the snialleat Infants tt Isa perfect
Andaa aa AGUE KILLER It hat a BSjeal.
Circulsrs far gialuiluut dksUlbutu i , ooatatotag
eertlBcatee rrom Profeeaora, Phjaiciaet. Clergr
mee aad tae Pre, sre Left Ith aacA agent.
ft T Price 71 cents Por sale bj Druggists aed
Dcalsrt generally.
EVERBOH CO., Proprietor.,
Bo. 7 Koelh KUU Bireet, Pbtladatphta.
A0E!TR. Reels 4k Morrison, CeaaersTllle.
U. V. Joanetaa, l.rookat'le, (ha. an Cetap.
lelanjore, Utfard At tioble. Laurel; John W.
Rcoli, Libartyi E. t. Pallor, Hsrrlsoa, 04 K
hhriner A ndersr.sv lite: J. H. Mills, Kliaatselsi
may SO Ita
A 011 Msln Hurgvas street, IB
the bsllldlBg faraevty earaplel
ny jnan Auanis, aa uure nm ss p. a -.l
in.uni.l, oi.lM.rra elftij
WHIPS, and exert art'.rle tivuaiiy rouno in e ar
alase SaSUte an.. taJ-nr.s si,o, aa a mcei
prices. Having had e.-verel ears experience ta
tea hasls, be to coMeecnio! nucatj.
Ps Is prepared tn .10 ail Biaos 01 repairing b
a!...rt 1 01 ,, , ...
BtarrASSiy ase.ats.r asiaa,
farming land In lllleola, BBd lu Soutbera In
ditna, wlrtah he will eell thp, or etci.ang for
land In Franklin eoanty. It Is all well timbered.
I bat la iltlaois partly less-roved. A sew astli ea
the land In lodtaaa would snake a fortaaa la a
cw vaar. Lumber lor me lowa roars 1
mandt free til to I
loll., per thousand, althlB twu
L aud eny qusntlly of goasl .tap
be bought, at the ni'M.slB ear
miles of tae laao,
Iio. that can t
IBaaaaaa. TB (aao oaare Bjva .
,K r,ni htvlagimsU faraiur town property lo
UIuglT I - A.SH30DWIW.
lyTbe largasiaoitinosUarelBllTt
Ta . siKoaaa Lha. heea aver
, Be red
be teen at c .t Coataserrtsl Rov .'arsale ay

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