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'TaeUaio. 9M0ÜU) Tumble into
st to laogar left to Bert con
Jesltue trrlnfrrT the designs
of tho Detroocrati party upon thr
Uaioa.. The Enquirer of last Than
day oaprotufy sari that tho UNION
thia traOMnablo ezprcaaioo ia tikis.
Bot. N. P. Baaks, the Speaker of the
Hoaea of Bepre tentative, lately re
torood to Maeeachueetu, her be
tu raaaiaadl hy hie coaadtaenle with
great BSbSl Ha made a speech to
them, in which, after declaring 4hi
devoeato tha Uoeon, he at tend the
folloyfof atolloiwta: .
"I can conceive of a time when
thia CeoMitotion bell not be in ex'e
tooaa; abet we ball have an abo
late military dictatorial government,
transmitted from eg to age, with
MM ot iu hood who are made rul. r
by aailitarj- cornroisaioa, or who cUim
ao hereditary right to govern tboe
over bam they are placed. But the
dueolauon of these Strttee will never
eowM. No party that bat poaaeteion
af tha Uaiwa will allow the minoiity
! break Iba bend. Th-yj may sab
Wot ee; they will never divide ot.
Whether the Qovernmeni is that of
o raamblie, thai of a monarchy, or
thai of aa aheolate despotism, the
love of the Union will be dr-p in the
hamate of rtWre and raloJ o long aa
the htotory of man abail Uat."
Oary a fcw daya before, the Enqui
rer had ordered tha Demoerata to re
ember that thia aame man had aaid
that teder certain contingencies,
(whaah tha Enquirer refasea to state.)
ho WOtld "let the Union slide."
They wore eoetingeociea not likely
ever to happra, yet tha Enquirer
pabJiahee Mr. Banks aa 0 disunionist
It tho obwve extract be ia howavrr too
traag o Uaioa man. Ia hie remark
aalyafaw daya before he said: "It
is at Ititll to tho patriotic people of
the) Went to bring before them such a
oooarrtoedrsnniooist, aad they ought to
reeett it," hot tow the tune is chan
god. Ioiofereoce to thia last speech
ho eeya:
"Baeer, mora iafamoo and insnl
tine doetriteo were never uttered be
fore tho American people. This Union
leeu anon freedom and equality. IT
IN TO RUINS, whenever tha Oonsti
tatbaa, a poo which it reals, ia set aside
wave Iba Uwvemmeat is converted
frnea a rrpabJie into any other form
WbeaetrsjeeOoo'' ia to be retorted to
it hswotog tbeae Stales and people io
fothar, it were far better that they
ahesjbJ ha siparaud. divided by an
eternal and impaaaabie gnlf.
Ho woauer. when audi ideas are
tf bared, whet such parpoaea are
avowed that a lere portion of thia
Uaioa is bow preparing calmly, de
liberately tad determinedly to detach
itaelf from the Coafederacr, and set
apt new aad independent republic!"
Tbmoool, dtspaaaioaate, dee la ratio
of the teadiag organ of the Democrat
ie party, ia the weat, deserves more
than a paasiag notice. It should be
Ht till', tad careftlly weighed. H
the most obecure country paper, fa
vofiag the election of Fremont, had
altered sack a sentiment, the badges
tad banners, aad papers, aad orators
of that party, woe hi have proclaimed
it from all parte of the land, treasona
ble. Mr. Baaks deel ares, what every
saaaihle man knows to ha true, that a
dtoeolatioa of the Union will be one
of tho loot calamities that can befall
thai onaatry It may be revolu
tion iaed its form of government may
hoehaaged, hat the Uaioa will stand.
Thia, to the Enquirer, is "infamous
doetriae.1' With it. a restoration ol
the Missouri Compromise, will dis
solve the Uaioa any amend men t of
the fagitive slave law, aot favotable
to tho ootih, will dissolve the Union,
aay amoadmeat of tha Coaeiituiion.
will dit solve the union! We rejoice
ot theee open avowals of treason by
at moot ooo northern lAe northern
Ovwaa of the diaanioniata. The peo
ple are taking the onion ie bände and
they will saa .to its preservation and
the overthrow of ite enemies. All
the cry about the anion, turns oat to
ht whet we believed at first, a mere
hypoeracy to conceal their tree on a
hie plots. Let U be remembered that
the Enquirer rays THE UNION
Cornell's Qeogrphiet.
This new work baa been introduced
iato the Lroobville College and is no
ommceded by the State Board to all
the common schools. We have not
had mtol time to examine it, but our
efrtoloe of it is ve'y favorabte. The
large Alisa, oaght to be in ever fami
ly, indepeadent of schools. No men
aaa anderatandiag-l read tit n-ws of
the dey without some such book.
Tte following recommend! ion from
J. tVRymanis worth a great deal.
Thai tia for sale at Dr. Keely's.
Btooavitt-a. Sept 4th, '66
Stai I have examined Crnell'a
Primary ood lotermdiate Geographies
with aoaae care, aad think them far
superior to any Claas boons of the
hied 1 have yei seen, indeed (He very
thing aeeesaary for pupil and teacher,
ia enquiring aad imparting a Geo
graphwai education.
J. 8. Hymen.
Teacher for more tha a 3 J years.
JaW The Ladie'e prise too much
the joy of a quiet home to be eilliag
tn sew the disunioerate mvole oor coo
ire it Civil urer. - Con Tat.
Tot oir, tad that accounts for the
well kaown fact that 7 out of every
10, art oppoaed to Buchanan whost
party Is pledged to dissolved tba Oal
oa if Fremont io elected. They pray
for aad tolk for "the joys of a quiet
homo' tot steh ,,joys"o that widow
lady from Wayne county realised at
the hands of Buchaoan met in Ken
eaa. The country is already "invol
ved it a civil war" and they prey for
("perlal Disputed I Iba Bsw Tors i hum.
nruttTTJia f&om wajhiiotom.
Tha Ptntat Massacre
ate pour t al the r . a. Ceaaaaleatasier,
t. as. CarWla, t aq.
IO Of THE IttTlini't.
Wabiibotob, Sunday, Sept.
I sm able o send you further portio
niere of the Report of Mr. Corwin, the
Special Commissioner sent out I y our
Government to insealigate the cirrum
stances of the Panama massacre.
His report ia very voluminous, em
bracing all the testimony taken by him
while on the Mhruiis. It i addressed
to the Secretary of State. aad ia now on
file ia the State Department
Mr. Corwine atateathat the riot waa
commenced by a eel or ad native who
fired a pisko! at an Amer.esn pssaenger,
who wae intoxicated. The subsequent
attack upon tho Railroad depot, and the
firing upon the pastenfere, waa in pur
auanceof a plan deliberately formed in
advanee, in whieb the autuoridea ef
Panama were actively concerned, ia
the police being; partiea to the plot,-
and that the disput with the passengers
were merely seised upon as a pretext for
commencing the asnsault.
He states also that the military au
thorities of Panama tailed utterly in
their daty, that they del aotbbg to
suppreea the riot; that they connived
st the attack of the police and nob up
on the stati m bouae, and were them
aelvea to a very great extent reeponaU
ble for the massacre.
At the conclusion of the whole mat
ter, Mr. Corwine reports that the Gov
ernment ol New Grsosda is utterly un
able to maintain law and order, and in
competent to the protection of paseen
gera and property crossing the Isthmus
He refers to a variety of insidenta wi'h
in the past lew yeara to austain thia
He also reeomends lit immediate oc
cupation of tkt I'thtnut, from Getan to
Ocean by the United States, a abao
lutely neeeeeary tor the purpose of as
curing safety and tranquility to the tran
sit, unless New Granada, alter the prop
er representation shall have been made,
and the neeeeeeeary demand made upon
her, in pursuance of treaty stipulations,
can aatisty us as lo her ability and in
clination to afford the proper protection
and make apeedy and ample atonement
for the wrongs inflicted upon our coun
trymen by the people and officials of
the Slate of Panama.
These recommendations sre barked
op by atronv srgumeais, and are accom
panied by elaborate statements of the
iinuunt of bi ainess done across the
iatbmeW. and of the extent to which
American Uvea and proptrty require
The report engagee the attention of
the President and Csbinet. A atrong
dispo iiimi is evinced in some qusrter
io act Immediately upon its recummen
dations. It ia probable, however, that
nothing decisive will be done until alter
the Presidential election. ThetftVclnl
an immediate movement upon the result
ol the canvas ia leered.
You may rely upon it, however, thst
Mr. Corwine would not iave urteil so
bold a policy aa line unlesa certain ol
being backed up by the Gevernment.
He hss been appointed Consul st Pan
ama, and unless supported by the Ad
aainislrsiion, would be very likely to
have his exequatur refiteed by the New
Granadim Government fur such are.
commendation. Youra, die.
From tha Journal.
Fiona Jo Waxeth Wr .thy.
The editor of the Kentucky States
. . t ;
man, published a: Lexingin whs
brought along by Mr. Breckenridge in
his recent lour through our Siate, to
record the doinga of tho Democracy.
In a letter written by that gemlemHii
to the Statesman ol the 9ili mat , d-i-ted
at the Buile Grouod, Sept. SJ
and 4th, be says:
The speeches made by toe Indiana
orators. Willard, liright, Vooruiea,
Buakirk, Robinson and others, are
mora ultra aouthren on the slavery
question, more bitterly denunciatory
of abolitionists and frcesoi'ers. more
derided, if posaible, in their firm
maintenance of the righlaof ihc south,
than wo have ever beard from tbe ver
iest fire-eater in the south. They
hata and abuse black republicanism
in terms more unmeasured than do we.
We were aroused atone of them wir
professed personal opposition to slave
ry, waa unwilling to see it introduced
in Indiana, but aaid he "introduce it,
come Dinah, come Sookey, come
Sa3y. come Totey -oome kinkey
head, thick lip. fl t foot, and fiat nose,
rather than one little abolition Mas
aachueeUs Yankee."
And atill further to illustrate the
determination of tbire northern dem
ocrats, we will mention a remark by
Governor Wright in a speech a lew
daya since. Alluding to ibe threats
of (he Hiack Repul Leuns to dissolve
the Union and march an invading ar
my towards the Ohio to liberate the
slaves of Kentucky he begged them
to remember tat! there was an armv
of democrats in Indiana whom they
would have first to tne. t before tbey
reach the banks of tbe Ohio.
The contest in I ndiana ia between
demoerata und abolitionists. Wbun
democrats ask ua hy soethern men
bue tit no and refose to auatain them
when tbey were figutiug our battles,
we had not one word of apology, and
oould only bow to the mortttic'ition
Kentucky shall redeem he.'self from
suob ingniitude.
IO" Throughout the North, the el
ecllona will turn upon the question of
'tggreaaioiv; hall they not tum with
aa upon the question of t esiMt naeef
Abolition Will cut down tbe Northern
dough-hicea who pmisr in the war
Hgainsl us -ah II wu spare or elevnte
lo power Southern douh-foeea who
shrink from the defence? The great
Northern heart, ita fanaticism, ita see
lional hopes, ita hatred of (he South,
will find utterance at iho btllot-box
let ihe Southern heart and tie policy
peak through the sum medium. Let
our elections ring aN H in reply to
threat, and foretell a ,s nhern dt atiaj
despite a Northern p er. Charles
ton Altrrvry.
Let dough-feeee in the North mark
this language! The 8uth threatens
a dieaotation of the Union, and yet it
haa aiders and abettors In the North.
"Let our eleetiona ring defiance in re
ply to their threats." and let us put in
power ibe only man on the track who
says: "ina union aust ahu
SHALL be preserved." D.tb Buch
anaa aad Fillmore say the South will
ha iuslitiatile in rebellion if Fremont
ia elected, wh.le ua says it must be
preserved, no difference wbo ie Presi
frr Ifsd one tenth as many American
a ins. ns been killed ia Cuba aa Ii. Kan
saa, Cuba would have been conquered
long aft.
From tbs Losa in port Journal
Schuyler Coalfax Mobbed by tho
Old Literal
Women Men, m4 llrse Knocke
From a reliable correspondent, we
have received an account of the riot st
Bourbon, Marsbsl county, at the diacna
sion between Judje Stuart and Mr.
A wagon containing four men and a
number ef ladies, came from Kosriusko
county, to attend the apeaking. In ihi
wagon waa borne a banner representing
a buck on his Isst leg Threats were
made againat the wagon before it reach
ed the ground, and during the apeaking
Irishmen, who were employed upon the
railroad, prepared hicory cluba, and aa
the wagon paeeed a gro:ery al the o
posi'.e end of tbe town, it was attacked
by thesa men, who knocked down the
horses, and commenced sn indtscnmin
ate aassult upon sll in the wsgon. The
scrsams of the women ss thty begged
tor their livoa. and the shouts and the
murderous blows of the attacking party
were awful, which drove in terror the
mo Ititude, which waa largely made up
of women. Men endeavored to save
their own families, ana there was no
time to aaaist the unfortunate wsgon
load, which waa soon overpowered by
the infuriated brutea who foriot to dis
criminal between women and men in
their mad attack.
Whilst one of tbe mob stood with bis
club elevated with both bands, and in
tbe act of striking he waa shot and fell
dead. Tbe persons in the wagon were
seriously bruised and injured, and were
only aaved from death by the attention
of the nob being attracted to snot bei
In the wagon waa the wife of a Mr.
Leffel, a citisen of Kosciusko county,
Wim. hearing of the danger of hia wife,
rode back to protect her. On approach
ing the wagon be and bia horse wer
knocked down, and finding the odds
againat him too strong, he retreated to
the house of tbe Rev. Mr. James, whose
family, with himself, had been witnesses
of the terrible scene at the wagon. Mr.
Leffel was pursued by the mob, who
picked np axea aa tbey went, broke in
the door in s window, aud brutally mur
dered him in the preacence ef the terri
fied family. Hia body horribly man
gled, hia legs and bead being nearly cut
lo pieces.
Mr. Col'ax hsd been to eupper a third
of a mile from the scene of these trans
actions, and in a abort time after, passed
passed the grocery where were congre
ireied the aaeailanla ol the wagon.
They aaaaulted his horse with cluba aud
nearly knocked it down, and threatened
the life of Mr. Collax. He waa able to
keep hia horse in motion, snd sscsped
The mob ciubbed s man riding a ahori
distance behind him, and threatened the
life of a Capt Sterling, wbo had recent
ly become a Republican, and also beat
a young man named Samuel Diaher.
They look complete poaaesaion of the
town, s hilst the people anxious for thi
salety of the women fled in contusion.
Mr. Leffel waa a prominent member
of the M. E. Church. He was s mild
and inoffensive mau, an J universally
Slavery, a Missionary Institution
The telegraphic dispatch in the
Cincinnati! Enquirer thus reports tin
peech of Ex-Governor Johnson at the
Democratic meeting in Philadelphia,
laat week:
Ex- Governor Johnaon made a apeech
two hours in length, giving a hiutort
of ihe Federal Const tut. on, and de
daring its most important feature to
be the equality given to every State of
he Union. He contended that tbe
n.natit uttnn recnirnized slaves as nroD-
e , r r
erty ; that slave owners going to Kan
sas had aa much right to oarry thither
his negroes, as a Northern man his
yoke of oxen. He eulogized Slavery
aa ihe greatest missionary institution
i hat ever existed. It had christianiz
ed mora souls than all the Christian
missions of the world combined.
Ueto bbertisemtnts.
Sising Sun Insurance Co.,
AwtaerlnaO Capital, I00, 000.
. IUis.w.t, J. C. Wat is, H H I 'ti in,
w.h.Powbll, W. T. PTa, JoMsOais,
J. W. 8ram aa, J.M Jissisas, Oso. Gu-Ltaris.
J. P. Uissr, a. J. Hsraawsv, J, W.Talsott,
S. r.CoviseTOR.
h. nATHAWAY.frst't.
n. J. II.tiuw.t, aeev.
Try rirs ai.a Marius risks lakss al oqiubb
ii"iAll narsoasitaslrlng luiuraars sill rsll on
at Brook Iiis.
M. r. COTinOTU:-, usnstsi Agssi.
ctob.r Clfttiou.
Ma. T. A. (J.'cowia. HtHBS snHounes ths
Ii f Joseph Welsh. Ki a cartdl-
ilsls fur ." r of SprliifBcild 1 n nahip, and
ubllg SI ANT VOTftKS.
Ma. KiTa: Waase annenaea Iks name ef
llt-nry Hhtafn r an lnlapaiidHl eaudldaU
lor I oui.1) rraaturaBudinitrn nbllfa
CarttBcats from Halk Luis. editor "Spirit
of Tlraes," Ironu, O.
Irealon. Oet.ao.'SS.
Pr C M. Jsrksoa -daaratrTka Btitarsaes la
tf si damaal bar. In addition to lha aaanlU)
.iil.l bt Murin a Barber, )'' Benu,tsi two
othor si"rs ssll isora of Mtara Uwa say ulksr
uiadMn. I an! tkay sra raarh uwd by um
(ant favsr pallaurs ta rsbutul Ihstf br..ti-n ,
.million. I baa assd, duilh( ton pt auramfr
y uwa fsmlljf, fünf botllaa. Tbay wars rec-
unmiiii.ia.l lo nt Srt h a nrlehbnr, wbaii ni)
)tiH was mi u. h luidlliatail frum Uta aflae is or a
-tränt Hllllou frvar. That fava ma an apcat il
a, i racWirud Utna ami iatr In my aritula s aln .
In u 'Ilm iMiuirH-r nf my paar I rlalMl in)
prrtrina n thn bhhI "U u I ISw btUars, slitev
. I, h linn" Ike) hse ksd S Is'to BsU, I barn
nut btHoias lbs staddsra raedUiasls ttits vlelul-
In roiirl'itlon I .Mil i say Hut I rwl graat pUac
ure In twin" "u l,l,( Isauaiooy ol lbs vslussad
aasowss of )our iirwparaltoti.
Kntpvi-itnlly , yoi rs,
Kabra Lere.
Has sdrerlUsmenl.
Ks'osarlae front ihosffarlaor Favar. nHiou1i.
sa. ef la, roe Un sad llli,aauf any kind, II
SsmI Oae,era pawiBb Mltss iba naly mm U y
a ), tab ill ralH ibalr rtntopiug nnatituilnn. ns
pwl all ba'l hn ii"' rum Ihn bl'u'l, a. ila Wis llr.
r in a ir-oiplatid haa lit) si llus, ami by Its ton
ii .ropoillrB, rsurs tba liallast lo Ufa and vif
Wa fan oaly ssy TRY IT. A Infls bnuU) Is
araiUi mur inah ail t'la ao-esltaU ar.,,iii, in
utat hc- 1 1 otnlaina no Mareary, l.lam. or
any ol'i-r ptttortftoea ilrwl, and ran ba flvan la Iba
)aMtaaalariaat lUtaut ma laasi betiisibMi east.
0 sr.
Ma tbs csrilfli sUsof nn Isrful sarat around
iba Ixiilli-B. MM than Sa baadrad) araoiiB In
in.- nt) of Hk-buiwud, Va .can toaUry lo lu fowd
Saa a dsrtlBorasnl.
Providence, R. I
FM lbs pravntioa and aora ef t'. rr six!
Aeao, or Chill lav rt luab A$ua, aad oiber
IBtsrathaai sad ram Ulant fatrari.
I aaa band Oils saieeried madlriaa, war.
ranted tor every dnala raaw; aad ras rworamand
It aa Ina heal 10 II onerara irora that iinilaliit.
I also Sap a (real aBOtHaai and variety oi
ilriisa.at loe pit,'. , I aui sie prepared M turn,
labevwy SBittusl prrparatlnw asa I sad flesr,
ml San a ate ovary abotwloa I anal) bib.
fk) Sislana vau rsseiva Ike ibeasfal rosrtlonB
ike feiidatnetilel dUruvatrv of pnlsoht, lor pvl
murWM esaralnaUvnB, Brceaipanlad artlh lha .11 -reailoiiB
for as. IONAI Itfrt HoKKI.K.
Brook rills, lad
Wood-b H.ia Nseros.Ttrc. Prof. Wool, tha
rsa'.waad discoverer of Uta laraUabta Hair u -lorativa
still eonüaaes to labor tn bahnlf of tbs
aSlli'lad. Nib medleluessre aelvarsally adtalue.l
by Uw Americas rnn lebe fsr saporlor lo sll
otbert forcAtiiln Iks hair on lbs I end of t b
aed, tbal haa baa u .ilvcccd fur many yvara. In
yriiw forib tailh as mnub vigor aud luxurlanrr a
b. n blessed wlib the sdvantsire f ; utlt . Thr
aau ba aodrrah that Ii I una . f th. rreal-nt dl
eovsrlei In Iko medical world. It restitrt per
msnsallyfra) kalrtoltsorlginnlrnlnr. and laskes
It ssBaaie a brauUl'ul silk) icxlure, wlitvli has
bssa very delrabls In alt agv of the world,
rcieriaaati Dally Kna.l
WITHOUT gwod bealUt. eianot enjuy th
plaeseres f Iis, which a row bonU'inuiini
Oar enastaal desire I Uifsi relief fmm psin. No
society la which we BBlrtgle ran atake aa happy r
Keoloe olbera eu)uli a atroua cunallluliuu and
vleorous boallk mily bea is fvalinea or inir.iv .
that wa am aot ss thsy are, tho subject ,.r artU s
g-reatesl blBaln food bealtb
And yel how earelees many wbo enjoy this bias
sine, aad rasb reckleely IbIbII kinds oi eares
SS I onf h lk-y could not be harmed by disease.
t'koy furiral taallbe seeds of dalk are la Is
dy.aad tkeae aicesses only praparalko sysi.-m for
those seeds lo terminal. the sooner, snd ere tbu)
think tbey are raaklternpld slrnlas inwards the
sTiBvc, burrled nn by some in)sti-rio s dlsvesi.
vhlch baffles Iks skill of tha roust tslsulcd pb)sl
elsns. Tbe lae(B, - w . Bldnoys aad fluwals, must be
kspt opes, sad disckarsa tfcetr all. lied ot il. i.s
of Impurllis, of disease I the rrsull.
Baesdvsn'seiaent of I'. Childs de (Vs Kovsr
gn Balm Pills.
Hs ve srderod BBS followlue daslrable works for
Township Librariea of Indiana.
So to a of ihr in bsva beea pal Into every Libra
ry, others oaly Into Ike moat populous iiutuij.s
I Ins aareral alien lion Ivan t tba laiulsallon f
wwrfcs lor m- Ubrrarlws, la auaraute of v t -raerll
of the books rnoseu. Mauy laialllea will
laslie to own ibe books sod read Iba at at iliair
leiaare falber than wan luelr turu and ffvt tbeui
ro as Ike 1 owaaaip Library. 'Iba woiks raa)
Ue purchased ot Hksvllars. or w I si bu svul by
asail, Ire tf Hslaga , upou payuieul of pricaaan
assed to aavb:
Fan s Ancient History.
Mucb sapolror lo Kolliu, berauae raore concise,
accurate, aud up wllb uiwdrru resi'Srrb. 4 Volf.i
JktUl , gilt. Be. hbeop, triUrary bI) Io,
Tha Teaoher'a Mlaoellany
(lists md val nsbls collection uT artlslss an
Bdaaiioa,by Jndfe MeLeas. Ors.Htows.Birf,
a lOuBry, tdeliltf fickrll, I.) i d, t'ual, aud
ulbea mo i bars of Ibe "Colllge ol Tuecuers." I
vol., If raw., eliiia, IJS.
History of the Puritans and Pilgrim
By atnvrall aad Wilson. I vol., 19 tao.' rlolh,
Moffat's Life of Dr. Chalmers.
I vol.. IS rao., fl JS.
The Ladled of the Covenant:
sfsraolrs of Dl.linf.ilsha'l Neoitlsh remalecbar.
srlera; euibiaciiif Uta Pa 'md nl MM B1 ai tand
ike Kars-vaUwn. By Kev.Jautsa Ander. on. I tut..
IS mo., SI SS.
Moflatt's South Africa.
I vol., It mo. Tbt.-Ii Hi edition, SI
8iz Years in India.
ay Mrs. Collu KeKsnsle 9 vols,, is rao., rlolh.
Kern's Practical Lndsc pe 0 .rden
tvirh '.2 plan and lllutlrallotit. Third edition.-,
a AO.
A Boy's Expcne cei.i the U 8. N ivy
(ISTM Teoeeaao )
I volume, mo., 1 1 1 ia raisd. TSfli.
The afercamnt t run;
(sixth Tftol'BsHD )
1 volora s.10 mo., Illuatrstrd. TJ cts.
ItordkbBTB admirable series ol volumes. "Man.
of War Idfa,"' Mercsant Vessel," and the lira
volume tu appear In September, ander tha ltlr
.if-Whaling and Pabl. f." must be reeled will.
i real fsv..r, aa ibe two Sr! have ' n . wherever
. ireulaled. Tbey sra Ibe raithiul Iminiuvs oi
i.na y esis espenenc, si sea,oi a foinmoii sail or
a aaUra ' Bavknye,'' r c .nll il as In'enor to n
writer fihe present da . In I fe"lika dvllneattons
ul advei,iure by sea. saa
V-ry striking and eraphlo pictures of llfs al
Saa. avidenU) aulbeuUc.aod vary Instruct.-
a e Has adveniuie ruuiih 10
nteass. vat troth anourh In .lissina Ie tbe oharut ol
a sailor's inc. Pew York Kvan. Hal.
Tkere Is In tbeia a val amouai ir Inrornisllnn
reapectluc ibe comaierce ml the world. Prsb) to
ns n Witness.
will ule oapttra lha young.-Journal and
A Bnckeye Abroad,
Or, Wandsrlngs la Europe and ths Orleat. B
smuclM. t u- Iblrd editluii, illustruica. j
vol. 1-4 rao.,BiaaIla,ai.93.
The Three Qreat Temptations of
.Young Men.
By sarancl W. Plsbsr. Fourth edition. 1 vol..
hi mo., fiea.
'I hea era captlul works for Fsmlly Libraries. -PuOllshed
SS Weat fro ii r t ii aiM Cla'tl.
oirsciisrsATi cloth house,
NO. 19 PK A Kl. BT., OlafCMjiATt,
Importers snd Wholeials Dealers sselnslrsly In
rioth, Doeskins, rasslme'os. attnsts, Twsels,
'cans. Coatings, OvercoalltiBS, Lini ug t, Sues la.
Csi.vsss. Paddlnfrs. Ac.
Tailors' Trlmmlmra, Ocnllemen's Purn'shlng
Goods, Whirls, Uudcrshlrls, DrBwera, i .. '
Hsndksrt blels. Glnvs, Ties, tucks. Ate . sVs.
BelnKsngaeed BXCLUHI VBi.Y In Uil Irsds
ws srasble to oSVr superior Inducumsnls to Msr
bant Tillors.CloUilar, and all buyer of Moods
for teen's wear. '.'. i.-
8BAK0RANT POBTKH'S Apple Pearor aud
Hurt's Borttia Machines lor sale at
seers W. L. Paaeuesa A Oo.'s.
O'l'ICB Is kereby fleen thst lha nndrrslrncd
hs Loan snpointnd S'l'inalslrat-.r sf Ihe aa-
tain of Jana Met aw . I. lie of frank II n i ountv. In-
dlana, deceased. Paid salals I solvent.
DRS. l'EEK tV UMIi.ll..
i.t l.fr.t l lf PHVBICIAraB V l U
LUMH, r,
KHF.BY raspr. Hull) tender their professions'
srv ire lo ma ciiiiwnsoi au i r . i am'
vlelalty, hoiilnt by n promt att. nt uu lo tha d Hie.
of their profess lou lo mailt a ihsrnof Ibalr pstro
Carrosl, lad
To Merchants.
provaraants In our
'or lha sccoRimodallnn of our rapidly Inaresslnr
ohb..( trade, b which sre respectfully lavllu tb,
atteaiioa of buyers
Oer terms are aa llheral to rash snd prnrepl
Hum buyer aa any Srsi class B Belara koaei'S am
Marchan is will Snd It greatly lo ihelr sdvsntsfe
before piiri'hasliieelwhere, to . smlne nursioct
r DsiiMwattc Llaetia, Neiiaikremg
Uia4s, Drsss Uss4, I. is b roldc r
'letha, aittlttela, ataawle, lMMile,
t loaka. se.
via continue our eitartlva r'tall busMies
usual. W W. I I I'. A CO .
Nap m par 71 W,.i sin st , t'ln'ii , 0,
TU K ia a hi bars of the Manual labor l.turary A
soetalloil sr.. reijuir. d to .n Hi I' in al nl.
si riptlon of Sity esnls to the Treasurer Itntasdi
ul. I.
Tbs saw book sreoBtlsnd. and s meeting..
Iks .Asaoctallou will In, held al Iho Library i n
on Saturday, Sanl. 8.
PBKD. (l.niRKK,
sap i'3e 1 reasurar.
j Bt pIS l). V. JOHMhTOB.
O. V. JuilMSTuM'S.
AKII'H i.IMMI-.n r by
1). V. J0IIRNT05.
U. V nut s tut.
I V . Jtlfljf TOW.
JOT TO tHI vvoiiLü!
,1 W . I. I 1 1 It.B I ( II,'.
pt ia
s I
FKSPttanS 4M YBO'S VKHMtPUOB htrsale s
tap i .' W. ii. Paiaa g, ( o.'.
White Water Fresbyterial Aoadosay
TiBHB will Be a meetlne e His steak kaVBirs
of Ike While Water P'l.shtlsrlal t. i. .
ji Taesdey. Sep. iSin. at 9 ovW,H. M,, ii
the jiurpoaa of elesllng two tru (. s Thu Hosr.
of TruBMea will slso meet on Ike carae day, at f
o'rlock, A.M. The fait t, rm hains on the sain
,1., JOMB Ml I. I'll M IS I ,
sopt 199e PfesH B'd Trustees.
9T1VI KUtOOWL- iuliSI ; l '
J erwkvilie, fuu. U,ri s, iu Hot old l.'uunl)
UCse Buildtuga, oa Uta Public M4aare SS '1
tonn Bise. a. h. waT.
AHK Jubi rarrlvtnjr ond oponlne s sew and wall
SB", 'led .to k of Fall and WlnU r OOO Us
th old MKO HKIiK, knon a thu M stand ol
I). Price at Bon. wlvare ihey rsn bo fouud stall
limva, resdy and wililiif to (alt p ....' a shade
hearer than I he have ever boen o(Tred In Ihta
aisrkat. our stock er
Ladies Dress tiosvds
Is full and combine, coutl-llnr In part of
Rlork aad froncy Ritke,
MerlBos, l.ustrea, Debarss, I'sslnnsrs, fkalles,
ValcnllaB, Plald. IMalne. OlnrhnmB, etc.
-MM) Pieces Prims
"r food colors, and a choice selection of psttsrn.
.tlxo.s plsnd d BisorUiit-nt of
Mannet Tri rnraal stsfa,
Lsest Bdglnga.BBd lusortlncs, of overt kind snd
lle; (se-, Collars, ' i derslesvs. Hsndkof'
i ide's. Rolrir,Otuves,Muu, SBiciieU.and avery.
thing else nacessary to comi tat the Ladlea' Toi
let. French lotti.
Of s lino, i every color, and st prices tbal est. 'I fall
to suit th customer, as well asa ales assortment
of Du kln rasxlmeros, lll-k and Psecy, Hsll
i cits, I weed. Vestlnga, A c. Or tr )os prsrar
s carmen I ready made, we can , show you B Utile
the best and cheapest stock of
len und Nora Clathlwg
la this portion of lUsBists. Also, a splendid ss-
sorliueul of
ajwakSav rurnlelslBia (eade.
Our dock of
Ntaple Goads
l heaey. and rousiats In pari of Brown and
Hl-Kche.l Muslins. Drilllnrs, woolen aud ott .n
KIbuiu-Isoi all tn'or, Cliuiks, Tcklnjs, Diapers,
Mariner' Blrtpes, Ao.
lata, 4 ia, Usui, a aUeeo,
ssllocssil ssrafulh , aud st prices thst will sell.
e koef B iren era I BisoftUISUl of Hards urn.
Qusunsware, Ulslwsro,
Jrstcerie, Nails, Ac.
I ft (Bet, our i ock la complvts in svsry dspart
rasnt. Wawlll take all kinds of merchantable prodeea
at the hlshosl price, in ett-haug for goods, and
gtva you Hie so da at oasb prices,
sop 19'MMy
Kansas! Kansas!!
JUrif HBCBlVKDslW. L. PsrubarCo sB
s general a.snrtruenl of Groceries, cooslBitng
In i ... r . va :
Orissn. i r. i, lied snd Powdared snrnr:
Sugar House snd Orleans iulsseesl
Mackerel and v hU fish;
bodaaud Bullet Cracker;
I runes, Ksisluseiiu Pigs.
HAVE m'KNi li. t MAIM fKNBB 1 . OPP0S-IteLim-k's
More, a large assortuieiit of Purnl-
line, au. h aa
N lauds,
lllow Wacont,
Which they oSr for sain, rhsap f'rrab.
They will tie prared lo turnlsb CoSln st short
MSBM to town or country . Pep S
I.I larf I I of exicll. nl Kiirulliire bI w hole-
iU prtees. Pareeta wweiag au buy sny thine In
ins line will do woll tn ci.ll . n nlin before bin Ins
et,-where. As be makes feanltura, ho can afford
l aell aheap,
simp opposlts Mr. I.) ms Carrsgs shop.
Kap i
So, It Pesrl Street, tünclunsll,
HA VK Now in srohi AND AHB KEf'KI V
lug ths largest Mini 11105I coinplale sock ol
-la.le aud Paucy Dry Uooda, Uiey base evr
r..'.Bht I" this uia'ket. Our Block Is Ir.sli and
csretull) selected from tha most recent msnutae-i-.ri-s
aud lni.orialton. and ran be red by Us
al su. h prices as can ui bu surjiassed lu this or
the east ' rn market.
Wo luv lie from our frlsudsand tbs trade gsa
arally au examination.
Sup J3w
An Elegant Gift fir a Father to pre
cent to his Family.
Mend for ona copy and try It araonjr your friends.
WAHrKD Agst.ts lo circulate
Sears' Large Type Quarto Bible !
This uteful honk I destined. If c can form an
opinion l..in ihr notier ol ine press, lo have as
on r .' 1 1-1 led ctrcul illon In nsrv section .f our
wide spread routiiiea , aad tufria a dl.Uact era
lu tbe sale i'f our works. It will, no du 1 hi. In a
few year become) ink K .mi lv Biblb or 1MB A MBB
V A l' PLI.
Cl 1 The in .el liberal remunnratlon will bo al
lowed lo persons who ssay be pleasad to procure
ubsbrlbrrs to the above. FromiUlo 100 copies
my easily be clrculaled sud sold In eacb of the
principal eitles and Iowa of lbs Union. It will
bu Bold b subscript!. m only.
J) t.p. cation should tu. made at OIICC, SS
Iho Scl.l will .on bo occuplso,
TtTPersouB w is lung to set a Bosnia, and do a
afn busli.es, rsu send furs spcclineu copy.
V , ' On r- . 1 i i ..f lh rstatillahed pries, 81s
Dollars, In Pii-lorial Psmil Hlble, with a well
Ooend subscription b ok, will be carofully boxed,
und lorwardud peroxp ess, si our risk aud as
pense losny ceutral town In lbs United Hartss,
eBceptlUK those o Csllforula, Oregon aud Tex
in "eg later jour Uturs, and lha Money will
come la's.
rCOrder respectfully solle 1 1 J. Por further
particulars, address Ibe subscriber (post paid).
epA-3m 101 Wililsui Sliest, N.T.
UT Llui k 4k Karuiiar are 111 receipt ol full sup
.dies ol ihe oholcnst (trocertas.sud best sale, led
'lard ware, Culler) ,aud Nails, si Not 1 mm.
Pibt Tasia Leave Cincinnati at 0 M. snd
reaehs Hpadas alB SJ.aud ladiauapoliai II S.
s o-.n I n .11 leaves Cincinnati al 9 Stl, and
reaclna Spade's al 4 30, au I I udlehupolts al S .
Pibib Tasta. Leaves lad laus pot i i 40, rasche
-psxle'a V SU. and Clneloaal! al lu.
Mb' oab Taia leaves Imllanapoll at It P. M
reschus ftp. dua 9 M, snd I'liiclnUBll st 8 S.
JVO.IMK) Hush. Is Com.
0(1,11011 HaSh. dS OillS.
lO.OlM) H-ialiels Ktas Need
lud all k lud of Oraln and Orass Head, for which
e w.ll pity ihoblghoM marset prtie.
ep in W. L PaaaeasB A f a.
uiMiMMHtr s Mir.
IIB underaieiisd, AdajliilBlratorof ths sslate at
Jmenh HaiMiy, late of Kr.uklin louiili. d-
raset!, a III sun al puOlle aalo ai tne let" rssl
isnca of ihe da. , 1, In Momsrsoi, Pranklia
ouuU , Imlla'a, 0,1 .ai ur-i 1 1 . Ina I Ith of Oct über,
Is.Vt, all Iba persenel props-rly 01 thu dn. ea. .1
ma taken by lite widow. A credit ol tlx inonihs
'li be jveii on all sum AVer Ihre dollurs, lha
i-uroueavr gvlne note tili approved securny,
ilh IsSksseai from ds'e, waiting sll valuallou
ti.d appraisuiuvullsw.
OiM K Of BALE Of I'l ltvO It
VTOTICB I hsrvby glrea that I will all al pub-
. tic auction on ihm I Tin day of October. I - ..
1 in " rsideu. 01 Jaue Mut'aw. late of Prank
lilicounl) , deoensed, alt bf 1 . r -,.... I psisonal
,irop. ri) - coiolslni! f ubuul 1 head ol cattle
iImiuI 9k or 9u hued ot ho, undivl.lud 1 ml m
tboui 31 aero, of eorw srnwiug. some lu bushel
1 wh al. alMini BWI dosn uat-, a lot of hay
Household Mud kill Ben lurnlliire, I nurse, Chick
"Own, I Hock a way Bogey and food set irf
uaruesa and tsrious other enlilae. A sraditol
..lae mni. Hi will b. given ou sll sum, ... ,.
Ike purchaser fivlug m nolo etui approvnl
ny, waiving vbIimIIoo or Bjipratsemeul laws,
IrawlHg lutresl tro.u d.U.
hap IS JABBB MtCLUBB, Adm'r.
j v . ' 0 fail stjek of Fib . uoe am.
11$ . . 'insisting of nq-iars, Orsnd slid
out XIV l) In, logelhwr with
t) lu of cans to suit the i.si.-b
I ha tb.it. Pia are .,, universal I)
rersai I) and desai v
oily ti'iiiular that 110 ons who consul'-s Ihelr own
interest will bu) n Piano until ihey hsvs seen and
eard L , M. A B 's Piauot, al my (lore. No. 74
last Pourlh airaet. 0. M. MUROM,
Pols Agent for I, , K A R. 'a Pianos, and suece
sorto Murcb rs Whtia. sugvff lm
ajri 1 oiu o. 1 rar.MMif.oNe t hi -
ITA, LOllhONM! MKI.OIiBO4l ! !!
ay .in, k of MwlodrHiii la Vary Sue,
md thosu who waul a Hrat class Ma-
1 -I. ..11 wlllcousull their own lulcrwst by gl In
nun tut), fin ei 10. n S i lo SJ"' I'leasa call
oa 0. M. MUBCH,
No. T4 Weal Povnh street,
Bala Agent for L ,M. A B Piauot.aud Bishop
V Child's welodeot.. .. ; in
P Nit frit III 4T MRTvV AND
SttCOM) II l v U aiatt -fl - fgraygg
.ad socoiid hand rianus lo rvot, and
Iii Irl Iba n-ht spply on lha par
hsss until vaidfof, h in worin a'Kvi ' ' "1
loe u lo I Su, second Hai d. Ii II Iba . ..... .1 au
oeai way lo pay lor s Piaao. Pleas cbII ob
0. M. M-'MCM,
Ba. 74 Weal eoanh street.
Sols aganirof L., N.H B. 's Piano, and ueess
sor lo Aiuach Waile. sugSa.Sak
Aiterative Balm,
For Internal and External Use
This U Im ia warm til cl to
lieve nil Rheumatism. Mr.iitts in
(he Spine, or iSpiniil tiflectiou ninl
Dyse(s3iN, IleHtlachi . or Mifl
Neck, Tunibncbe, BttrMuhe, ft ft
Throat, Soroaesa in tho Brenst,
Stomach or Itoweh, or Burning in
the Breast, Asthmii, Bronchitis
SpniinRaud Bruises, Bums Scalds
or Frozen Parts, Crntnp Cholic
and Bilious Cholic, Cholera .Mor
bus, Pleurisy, Flux, Ferer and
Ague, Piles, Corns, Mesh cuts or
sores, I ti flti ma don in the IIea!,
Stomach, Bowels or Kidneys,
Summer Complaint of Children
Worms, and Inflanution of the
Stomach and Bowels, Croup and
Sc riet Fever.
Tha res. 01 why Ihl Balm rssrhst stl these oa
SI Is ha as use It isdooet InSainsllen, snd arouses
Hie set-rwltnaa and nervous system Into sell mi.
This BVBWet I, ushiiV) the psMSllar oombtnatlaB
of Medical properties w liajwul tnalr awing saa
trained Tho madliloa I parfeotlysnfa, nnicon
tataing aay dead ly poltrtn, or ralnerel. It will.
If used fraelj, art Immediate!) upon lie liver,
and all other secretive organs.
stead Ike fallowing Certificates.
Vrora Ba. Joe. a B. Pinley.
Ciadnnstl, March 4th, tass.
Dr Förtha Thli It Iba Int tins la ray long ita
thai I have glreu aiy naraa 'a reeoBiraenilslloii of
any niedlcluo.aa b general remedy. though I have
mien h en soli. tied. I hsvs ased your a tiers
tits Balm fur aearly two years; Srst, fur ins
rh- uitiaiiai in a.y hip and knee, of which I was
nsoil) a rrt.pla. ihea for vow severe Braises oa
lea of ray fsmilyi Ibaa a violent attach of dlar
rbasmi mi seif; ihn., lor tulauMiloe, for huras,
bruises, and for a very severe rsss of slif aech,
ii roue in on b) B Mile 11 1 cold, slid I ihliih I have
had full pro Y IIa msdthsl properlte, tu s great
many of lite diseases for which you recommend ri,
ami I Bavs not found It lo fall Ina sluglo sssul
them. Hill 1. 1 do not ssy thai It It au laalilbla
cure, yet Ills mr oherooiivlvllon, thst It It tbu
bet rom pound for Ibaa- remedies fvr whteb II Is
rvKoinmauded.lnal I have ever Irlod. and I bsva
irlsd ataay. I e ill not, If I caa procure It; be w lib
out It lu my f, rally Hiraar rvbslderstiuu. H p.
ing ihsl you will .ill eoiiiluua to rompound It ho
nestly, and laat 11 may relleva thousand, ul tSsS
re'., I uiosl heart I) rsco nmoiid II in my felluw
olilieits s a raodsiealUnl Family Modiolae.
Yours, sffeillioiulflly.
CertlScsls from D. L. Starr.
I havo hnowa Mr Porsha's Alterallvo Balm to
prrlorm s er auraordlhary curu uiain a horse
mat was v. r oauiv eui, some tune sines.
I used Ii aileraaliy. wsthgM.l etf. i i. I bsUavs
a to s oerliH'ily save snd Scsvluus remedy to be
used lu mas Ouiaptatul.
Not. at, isia.
Poaaany, o , Des. 1, 'aa.
Oa. Foa,: Yiu me. II. Ins ha eomplelely
euted me, and I am hale and store, sad no signs
of Khauinstt.i pslu ahvel ms, I am very iBank
mat you made your Bpearauce In llils plsce. The
Onlyragrel I now hat r is. that you did u.t come
oour,aa umch utf. rio aud espui.se would nave
been oonu swsy. I hop you msyalwattbs sue
veaaful as with ma, and live .0 a goad oltlsge.snd
in ver suffer with ths Kbeunialtsm. I have only
i.e. I what Halm I bought of Vies, and am ooe a
uew msn. Yaurs, truly,
a mmlmmm
Ihctabt Palls, Meigs re . 0., Dec. IS, 'U.
Da. FiHLbU-DbB hia.-Hou will r.nitlr t let. 1
Hug me MBB dos tu bouloa ofyour Allerallve Balai
u.l imard thu sieasBur Ohio Mo. wo her upward
inp. auoutine vth or leih or wember last. I
have sold It all bai tee bullies, aad rsn ay to fsr
aal have veaa aud known It tried It has cured
mora dt.aases, and lu a shorlor lime, than any me
II. Ine I cvarknaw. It ha already become pop.
alar here, and I mold sell a Urge quantity of It
if Iturasgeuerrliykuawn that I slwBvshad H oa
hand. I should Ua glad If you would a,..oln 1 asa
"file agent for the Bale of tl in I tils place, Inaamueh
as the Other mereaanlt In lae plsce are agent lor
oihur mediulueB not worth hall 0 much. If you
do at, I wilt .10 all I raa to glva lha medlatae a
wide clroulalloa. At all erents, pteaee io and
me one doleu cat It of yOurdlffeflnl slsod bot It es,
snd oblige Yours,
0. P. LA WRY.
Bhls Is to certify tbal in v wifa was afflicted with
Ihs spinal affeUn and dtspepsla fur nine years,
and a lsg portion of last lim- coatnsd w her
room. 1 hrea Joints ofhOr back buna were thiowo
out uf place sud curved, raaasd by disease Snd
laB. hha was quite bowed dowa labor stature
during her Ilia.. We bad three physician at
tending her during the principal pan of hor Ill
ness, b ii she experienced no permanent relief
frum Ihelr 1 reserlptions. I sflsrwards pro, u red
one voltle of Dr. For, he's A iterativ Balm, and
oy the lim tha had used ibalbottU tba fall great
relief Mia assd bat ssvttu bottle, when ihe was
entirely cured, sound snd well, of her diseases,
aud her back bone has lost lu c u rv. sud tha It as
straight In her stature as she was previous 10 ihs
atlaek. We uareby coillfy thai we believe tbe
Hslin lo be tho cesl medicine tu use, and wa be
lieve It lo be a certain cure foi the spinal affection
and dypepB, and cannot loo highly recoaimeud
illOBuy person affile 'ed with Iheabova dl.es.es. -We
also Und It sn effectual Cure In many oihur dL,
wusi lu which we have Hied It In our fsmlly.
(Signed) ALBX. CLANK.
Lynchbnrg. Highland eo., 0., 'an. . 'S3.
Lyachbarg, Highland co.,Jsn. 9, '33.
This 1 to can) ty thst I hsre beea afflicted for
seven or eight years a Ithe ptaal affection and dys
pepsia, anu a pari 01 mal um was vonniiad to my
bed. I bad tiled Ute rortou remedies irted pre
scribed by lbs ph)i Ian who alien. led me, but
obtained no permanent relief until I triad Or. Pur
she's A fie rail v a Halm By ihs lima 1 had used
three or lour bolllas I felt great relief, and had not
used morv than seven hollies nutll I wa entirely
cured uf Iheabwve named dtaessea. I feel ;tt doe
to the public, aa we at lo Or. Or. Förtha, tö state
the above named facts, sud bj say loal I believe
ihe B ILM lo he the best medio no In uae, sod I
eauAl recommend It WH) highly tu suffering buma
uilv. I hava Bead It in raauy utberoaees lu my fa
mily fur which II wa recommended, and It haa
given eiiure saiisfsclioa la all cases.
Jons Wslbbb.
I am well acquainted with Alexmdss Clark and
hi. lis, and also loha Malier, and know- tha
above statements to be mailers uf feel, and Ihey
are persons of respectability aud oandr.
I eaa recomraead Mr. Kurtha's Allsratlva Balm
as being the best modiolus I ever used fur cramp,
sud 1 Bin. Wben I bad Ihe CbOlera, I wa cramp
ed very much, aud In le than ona mluute I ess
I nin I of all pain. I have tried it for cut, brue
e,and burn, aud 'ouud II to give Im medial ro
llet. I was taken with a so... re p. In m the back
uould not straighten ui) sell, and I only rubbed
it twlue,Bud tho pain left ma, aud I was t well aa
I eer wa. 't iBgrrod lor headache; my sun wa
iia. ked with a severe headache, and ill oue-hall
bourallef bathing tils bnad, Be was rullevad.
Your, 'peeilully,
J. W. .1 suss
Certiaeats from S.S. Hubble, of lb Claciueail
Pasl Co.
w had s horse ibrowB everboerd from a Cval
Plst, bviwesu 10 boats, and laallu lha gsar st
ihe tiiiia.aiol sleambual pas.ti.g, w Bich Ja 111 med
the boa I, lo gather, wlin lite buu llrugsling at
um Ums. He waa very mush out and i.rm-e.i -titer
we gvl Btss out we applied Mr. Porsba's Al
terative aai ui fi. el; lu tha cuts and Lrui.es, ss
ng, however ihsl the hors wa ruined. Bat
tftar etandtug about ibirty.Bla hours, the burse
was pul tu work, at well aa ever, except the susr
lu consequent a t4 the cats be got.
Aud we would rbeerlaliy recummsud Ilia ths
public aa ibe best ui. diolue wa have usud. aud we
uat tried all Of a uidvrant kinds that sra m as.
I r with olilerB IB r . online diug Or, PSr-
ha Allsfailva Halia e the bst reawkiae we
va ever asesl for nor, is. sud also fur cuts aud
JUiaea on law 1. 1.0. mi, perx.u
N. B. ItrsBLB
i CartlSosu from Cbss. rl. Bryaai, Kti)
ClMClaaall, Jan 1 1, 'SO.
Ourlng Ihe lummer and fall oi 14 I was quiia
ill atdiBirsut Hutes, frum d I seat of Ihs dltsass
,11 loiuavn and bowuls. By thu Brst of 0-
. . in bur, lite eo in plei ui im i run Ibrougb Ihe various
lagus ul tho diarrhea ai d d; seulcry , and Snail)
um pile set 111 to complete the slums Intolerable
(b) sn ul misery to which Ibis latter complaint fro
.pi. ml 1 sobievU IbOBUffurer. I bad '.. en eonSued
,0 my betl lur about a week, with this last com
plaint, aud waa very mum rducoi. I hadappll
e.i 10 a oa, till ul physiclau, wbo hsd prescribed lur
me several esyi, but I saw uosvideul symp'.oms
I rscovery. At lb lo point ol time, Pursha'i At
teraiiva Halm came uuder my observaUoB. By
itislderable persuaaluu, I waatudueod to take It
II sibbII doses ol a l- aspoonlul as often BBS par
oiyusol tbedlseas usuie uh. Ihsdlsksu touts
tmaeuf these doses, wheu I tell dst Idetlly belter
,11.1 ailurwaf. is reuuvered w Its such rspldlly tbal
iu two daysallrr I uvmmeuced Uklug tbe Balm, I
asetilifel) Iree from the effects ul the disease.
I believe Iii M lm Is an ioellnl remedy tor
dtspepsia sn. I Its kindred complaint, hsrru-s,
1 ... in. ry sud it." piles. 1 Bsva made tin, sUle
iutitBt tb rvquert of Mr. Porshs, wBukiudly
gered w lb sudlslus waluB I believe etosled
o curs lu the sbvv saae.
Huspectfully yours,
I Bs. H. Hat st
Whnlarale rjepot, st J .vi' Baakhlrft, Me. II
PearLst. I IS.
Ur. Porsba. Dr Here. Borth tld of Pl.lh-ll.,
3 .toots east or Kwllb, ClU. O.
I ..r sale b) 0. V, Johnston, M . W . MbIIs. Hlsugh
lera Vt illiami, . Powers, UttBb 4B Farqultsr,
.1.1 wm.L. Parquhar.luBrookvtlU.aadbyeoaa
tr) muri hauls gauerally.
I rapt". 11 oi visit -sal all hours, sad no pains
will b spared lo entertain them, whether Ihey
araa tittgly or iiy ibe dotan, sail m digureuee la
ba prlc lor pui. 1 11 days. A l luasl 4U horses eaa
e eleitalned al aar lime al the usual urteO.
I ha table will be furalthed with the betl Ibe mar-
set sButd. don Bp la Uta rest stile of Booking
ftta! BS a AM. hMII'PHMI)
JUlCM 't tllt'H PA rUMV IMHfl-
PLOCRIIO Wllk IT. 1 ; f: I N ! I M : ruK.1 MKAT,
B a ALL OR A IX, PBBI,BS., a, wall aa rbl
ears of corn (cob and all), as It 1 railed, Into good
Sns rob snd corn Peed, la oue operation.
Three Mills 1 manufacture out of the best qua!
Ity of Preneh Hurr Blocks, with murb race. I
h 1 Id sis different sites, prices ranging from g-.
to S iSe. these Mills coiitlnue to sietn the ear
real of sit opp-wltlon and sre ,11 parlor lor all pur
poses, espeeislh for wheat Sonring.
a I. ho krKAi)H'a p t tk T Porta BLR ha w
MILL, tailed King ssf the) ro4.."
This I su Ingeiiloun bimI Saw -Mill to uaske lum
tier in the wo l. Tbl Mill caa ue raa by ani
mal, steam or eater power.
Iii"- W'Bhirsg 10 know fall abnalihe prtnstplr
poii which in. a s built, and rhe pri. es of oat h
sits, as well as tha lerias o sale, a.- , wlB plsane
adtlrees me, asking a Book of O. serlpitoo, whhrh
I will mall aud posl-pat. I bose who do so will
write, lu plain, readable, language, ths nams,
Post oatcu. County and State.
IMA AC Hi MA DM. Patentee and 1'ro'p.
Sep ISaia pr Mo. IB WesltUi st.Ulaitasatl.O.
St'YKRN loa complete
F.ill and Winter Stock
Plush, Cloth and Pur Caps, ofatery description,
and a (pleiidtd BMortutei.t of
Of all st) Ics. meda up It the best manner, ol good
Bklni. frera the htghusl 1 1 lha lowest grades.
ho 141 Main it., east tide, below 4tk al.
Hep IBs par
1 ATs of Hamilton, ohio, opfkk ths
Li slllsea of PraukliB county, Indiana,
raortrineMTB and tomb btonkb
of tho very betl quality and flBith.ata low ratet
a. eat. be lurttlshed la this Valley. As Ihelr work
sp. aks for Itself, Ihey rfer to II, cither In the shop
r lu the grave yards where It la already set np.
Snnp In the Md Vellow Tavern, south of Hit-Jail,
Broukvllle, lud, augygly
THIS wall iippoii 1-.1 Hotel ha undergone
Ho rough repair, for iho summer ssssos, under
the Iramvdlat supervlsluu of Ihusow proprietor,
He assures hia frivml sad Units who may lum
him with their patronage, lhat II shall be his do
slro st all limes tu utsks tbelr stay with him agree
sbls, ss Be Intend to keep a good lalila und oblig
ing asststanls In every department.
Boarders will be accommodated oa Uta most
reasonable terms, with Magie ur double rooms.
I am also prepared to lake travelororcltlint
in aay pari of Ibo couutry they may wish to go.
June ft tr
M AKnh'I UKW KTVl.K, which are aerisetl
laatle. giving free artion to the muscle, aud
a III not cut under Ute arm.
Au00.n1.-4 ii, MUPPoitTEita.
Which sre woru wlUi much ouuiort, hnvtugshspo
snd pressure grsdunted to sail Ihe case.
For ears of varleose vom; a now aBylfl Sopn
sorv Bandsge, for tresiineul of vsriwiciU; bttlro-
1'ilit, -ve. lusiruineai lor Trealmeui of tt .w
' egs.Club Peel, 1 urvalure of Kptue.aud all olhar
PBy steal Dolormin. ..
All kind of Supporter snd Trusses on ban 1. r
msde to order. MAKKII 4k Co,
Vf Maiden Lane, New York; and
So. 3 Fourth :reei. (twotloorteM of Main si j
sug 993in I in. 11, nun, Olim.
TOE. This s u porter Kalharlon is now on aals tn Brook -elite.
It needs no puffing. All that the people
wsiitltlo know wheret 1 go lor It.
Goto M. u flalle't.
RI'PTURE I 1111: 1).
'S1HK only Truss that will effects pennsnenl
B eure. .will ä it .u . l.r. ,..,,i.rti.iii itf II r. .
ducibla Henna, or Ku,.ture, wbuu rightly applied j
Miruciions lonoweu.
i' have privilege of refdrriag to Prof.'e Val
enbne Moll and Wtllanl Parker, ofKew-Tork:
Prof.' K. D. Mussev, v. . II. Must, Ceto C.
Hlackroan, J. I. Jadklo. and olher sargeons ol
do in mit. Wa have aUo Uiu privilege ol refer
ruif to many persons residing In Cluctunatl, as
well ss in .Noa York, who Lave been cured b tlie
sse of ibis Trass. This and ...... r kinds of lr-tss '
as sud KhnuMerHracesun hand, or made to order I
MAKSH dt t.,
91 Matdeu i s. .., v . V.
M ' liii. . ') I 1. -1-1 4k CO..
So.S Poartb sl.,3 doori west of Mslu,
sugV9 3ui C luvlantll, O .
JC t ler Clelhiug titan any liousu in tbe mar
ket. lhey also keep a (I tie slock of Pu misting
floods. ami make fiaauents 10 order at shorlao-1
Blank Deeds, &c.
There ha J 41 beea Isstssd stthls oftVe s usw
and beautiful edition nl Blank Deeds, abort form
Ws hava also. Quit ClalBt, Mortgages, Cornml
loners' De.-ds, old form deeds, Numinous aud
AoKUncifrr, ioiv uoirto ab kx rKst v k
buslnss tn a flourtsliing lawn os lbs White
Wslur ('anal, as. ling from Sli.nuv t SLUOO Jsr
yesr, wish to sell out on r..asnuable l-'rias to
on who ran give suitable reiareiieus. Tbe .own
U beallby, and srtll make a ploBsaiit family reai
denre. rarUcuisrs csn bo obtained by calling
upon, or writing to ihn adlior of tb e paper.
W I I.I, allow I nleresl 00 time IsmisIU made j
aftorthls dale In Ohio or Indiana mrre, I
pay ble In slmllsr fumls.
It oftler ol I lot llear.l ,
J. W. IIII T, I tsillef.
Brookvllls.reb. 1 . I'M.
"Prints! Prints!!
I'Dlf Merrninir. (oil,....., Bsy Main Philip Al
' ifn's Ni.rsguss, Uunnvls, sud all ultior good
siylaaoi Prints, goto
aprtllt g. O.BAKBH.
Boots & Shoes.
I AM a KU. IM. MaBSt tTOMBBS' ritll.-
1 d rn' Mto.'S and KtMtts 1 I rml. Cottio quli li !
Blldsiippl) )oursele for the great political ssm-
pslfn. auf IS J IMBa NOMbB.
FUKK LIUUOHB, for no Jl. lnsl ...'....e. ml,
Wa Bavs bi store pure IV ri Wine, I'op.lai-
tlrii. snd in. s 1
jely ll W. L. SAKQUHAM Af O.
iMH. Jusl revolved MsawkeU Halibat, White
r elsb sud Ms. ksrel wtiolesaie and rulull by
j .ly II
W. I.. KsNoratB A ('.
LAHU. No. I Prima family letr.1 InKegs.ftu
sale b W.I., Kaaanuaa Oe.
IKOX.Miaiil.aud Uould Hoard- constant!) u
Bsndsl Ht. in.t H11111.
PHOIllM K, Produce. - A II k mils oi Produca la
kea for Uoetla at MLBUeiiTBB dt IVn.tlsBS,
iriUUSS. If yoa aal a goal Viulla g to
V Jaly II W.l. V tat aaa a Ca.
JIM KBCB.IVKD. I btf bis Ms. b-. I. 1 l.ll bis
White aud t od lab, at
aprst w . CrsBBii. saw Wsi
OLA SB w a KB sad CMaawere r superior qual
ity at hl.AroBTBB A SI ILI UM.
apfSB w. L KsMii MBS On't
OWiBK.-Jutruiid Keg Kile sad Can
i uoa Cowdvr.
Julj II
w, l. rssMUHss a c.
If A Ha.eeKohlnton't Superior flaais, Bhould
II ars snd Hides lor sste st
aprsi 1 1 . I,.-.m
S.BACB CM A INB,e. a lavgetnpi.iv al
AltMKItS.fornraln Crsdlesgote
W. t. Ksae- asa Co.
ply at
tosta 1 . bmi 11 . s -s
LACMhilTII'a nifsa Nhnss mi l Nells told b)
w. l. FttavBsa m t,e.
agna Maus ge, go to
Wm.l eseew.act
WMI of Court Ugujs, BroeSrUle. lad.
Ambw and tineularlr successful rsasedv for tat
ct re of all Bilious discsses Cos üt cues. . IncX
eeBtton, Jaundice, Dropsy , H beta mat aar. , raveea,
Gout. Humnrt, Nervousneaa, Irritability , InAsrums
aons. Heaesehe, Pwns in the Breast, Side. Rack.
and Uinba, PesasJaj Oesssslsinta. Be. Ac. I
ear taw are the diisaist fat which a PurgaMse MeaV
eine It not more or leas required, and much sick
ness and suffering might be sreventad. (f a barm
less bast sffsetaal Cathartic ares snore frealy sasaa.
No person can feel weil while a eoatiee habit ef
body preraftt ; besides, ft aooe niter s tat terioat bbsI
often fatal disaassa, which might hare bean aeoedeej
by tits timely snd jtidtranna eaa of a good purgative.
Tail Is alike tree of OsiSii. Fsaertsä syaaatOBat, and
BQkau dweaatesi 11 ts. 1 nee all Und to bsessa et
produce the Basse a tad and fjiisnsauls JliliBBpBH
which load ths hoarse all over the land. Hence a
reliable family physic Is of tbe Srst importance to
tbe public bealtb, aad this PUI aaa beea BBeeraBad
with ennsummst skill to roest that demand. Aa
sxteaaive trial of Its wives by Phyasraaas. Pre sat
sort, and Patients, baa shown results surpassing
any thing hitherto known of any msrllusat. Carat
have been effected beyond btuaf, were tbey not sub
stantiated by persons of such sxsltH position and
character as to forbid the aest,lesea ef untruth.
Among the many eminent gentleman wbo have
testified tn favor of tbeae Pills, ws may Batst a :
Prüf. J. M Lock a. Analytical CLesBiat, of CTn
rinnati, whose high prafcaMiail ebaraetar Is v
Asraad by
Jomm MoLbat. Judge of tb Snprsas Oeart ef
tbr United Slates.
Thob. Cuswim, SeortUry of tbe Treasury.
Hon. J. M. Wbiokt. Onearaar ot ladisnt.
14. Lono woutm, great wine groeear ol Us Wast.
Also, Da J. R Cmiitom, Praetiosl Chemist, of
Sew York City, endorsed by
Hob. w. L Ma bot. rWatary of SUt.
Wa. B. As TOB, the reheat mast ia fl mm Ilia
8. LSLABD ft Co., Propr's of tba Metropolit sn
Hotel, and many e there.
Utd apace permit, we malt givs man- hundred
cortiflratrs, from all parts srbera tbe rills have
beea assd. bet evidence seen mors oast sin rang than
the sineriwooe ef eminent pa bile men Is found la
Hour effects upon IrtaL
These Pills, the result of lone Investigation and
study, are offered to tb public at tbe beat aad
moat compleU which tha prat tat state of mtdieal
science csn afford. Tbey are traapriundad not of
the drugs thetnselvea, bet of the medicinal virtues
only of Vegetable remedies, attracted by chemical
process b a state of purity, and tsmtWead together
in such a manner as to insure the beat results. Thia
system of mm position Bar marli tinea baa been found
in the Cherry rec torsi and PUis both, to produce a
more efficient remedy than had hitherto beea ob
tained by aay nrnreaa, Tba r ens en ia perfectly ob
vious. While by the old mode of comporation. ever,
BaetlMne it burdened with met ee lata ol scrt
motiious and injurioua outlines, by this each indi
vidual virtue only that la desired Bar tbs eeratirs
affect Is present. All ths inset and obnoxious qua!
ttkt of each substance employed are left behind, ths
ciiratiro virtues only being retained. Hence U is
self-evident tbe effects should proee, as they has
aeowtd. more purely remedial, and the Pills a surer,
more powerful antidote to disease than aay ether
medieine known to Bab world.
As it is frequently expedient that my l-tstdkino
should be taken ander tit ooe as si of aa
Physician, aad aa be could not properly Judge of a
remedy without knowing It oompuaiiion, 1 hart
supplied the accurate Komuue by which both rov
Pectoral and Pill are mad to tb whole body of
Prnctitloners m tbe United BUtaa and I In Us h Amer
ican Provinces. If, however, there should be any
oa wbo haa not received thesa, tbey will he
promptly forwarded by mail to hia request
Of all ths Patent Medicines thst are offered, how
few would be taken if their esjm position waa kaown I
Their life consists in their myttarr I bare no
The corrtposition ef my preparations is laid open
to all men, and all wbo are competent to judge on
tb subject freely acknowledge their roerictions of
their intrinsic merits. Tb Cbrn PsctorsJ waa
pronounced by eraawtsSe men to Vs a won darf uJ
mrdicine before ita effecU were known. Many em
inent Physician have declared tb tarn thing of
my Pills, and area mora eonBdently, and are will
ing to certify that their anütd patient were mere
than realised by their facta upon trial.
They operate by their powerful influence aa the
internal vi soars to purify tbs blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove tha obstructions of
the stomach, bowels, liter, and other organs af the
. restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever thaw sxist, each dsrsssg
mints as are tha first origin of diteass
Dcing susiir-wrarmed, they are pleasant to take,
snd besag purely vegetable, ao ham eaa aria from
tht-ir use in snv quantity.
For minute directions, tee wrapper en tb Box.
Practical and Analytical Chentlat,
Price. SS feats per Box. Tire Beast far SI
t-ll4l WOO
THAT rJlihe balJ and gray ean be rsatored pgr
fortly la nrlrltiat growth. so far as their lochs
arc coBrerusd, does not id mit of dnabl: besides.
It will euro every possible dlsaesa of the scalp,
whether developed BS dandnff, itching, or tn lb
shapeof cutaneous eruptions even sceld-bend
and tu no possible case will tt fall o' curing, as
tf bv tnagte. nervous or peiiodlcsl hssdscha. sad
if used twice a week by lha yosng, regulsrly, tt
will preserve the color, and keep the hair fmm
falling, to asy Imagtoabls rure. Road snd Judge
K. office, Vandllls, June tl, 1844.
Paor. Woon DesrSIr: I take pleasure In bear
ing voluntary Uisltmon; to lha eicetlea of your
Hair Restorative. Ibra months tgn, my balr
was very gray. Ills bow a dark brow a, (tbe orig
inal color,) smooth an glossy. Tbe only applica
tion I have made to It, has beea Ibe Hair Restora
tive prepared by ou,aad which, front Ihs resell
in nn own rest . I ran most cordially rwoo umsnd
toothors Vo'irs. Vc.
Vlnreooee, Ind., Jane tt. 14.
KROP.n J. WOOD: As you sre shoal in msn
ufsriuro snd vend yoer rcnUy dtseoeered Heir
Restorative. I will itete, rnr whomeoever It may
roaeera, that I have used tl, end know others to
use it that I have, for severel years, be. n in th
habit ol u-lug other Hnlr RealAralive. and that I
flod yours vastly sapeilorto aay other I know.
It ntiraly clsansea the bead nf damlrsf, aad with
bo m fit it's proper um, will restore aay person's
air to thai orhjrlnal youthful eorer aad latter,
iviiiglla haallby, toft and gloety appearance;
and a I ihlt, ellBoat dtseokwlag tae bsn.is that
apply II, or iht. dress on which Ii dropt. I would,
iiu ri lore, r.'coinmsnd it at to tvery e daalr
o. ..! I,., ving a fl no color and texture of hair.
1 i ii'iii) , ars,
Mil "iv R t NO
St. Louts, June tt, iras.
I'li if. WOOU As yoa sre a bo el to sfsnaar
and vend your reeeally dlteoveretl Hair Kastors
tivs,Bsd a you reeiesst rnr opntia ef It, I will
slate, that ui) balr was, a tew aiouths ago, vary
grsy, and after using two bottles of your Hslr Be
slorallve, it resumed It original color; and alee
lis application, sll dandruff has disappeared from
ni) li. ad, and I have been Iroabled with no dlaa
greeahie iu klug of th ssetp. I am satlsSetl, ihsl
those ho us It, will not regret It, as It gives lbs
apisnarsncs 01 b .tng b-u reeeally oiled. I are
prepur it. Hi, refore, to reeora utsBd IU use to all
hoar (itslioas ef bar lag a awsatllul badof
hslr. I am. lr, vours, et. .
PKOp. WOOlM My birBad.BTeeralyart.
been becoming prematarely gray, accompanied
by a harshaeea wbleh rendered the oonsiani appli
cation of oil nerossar) la dressing II. VYbtu I
coruBt.'iired using ) oar Hair Restorative, abeel
two months ago, II Wat in that condition, and bav
lug continued it lbs Uli wiuila lies 'sal tkree
week., tl Uns mined lo Its natura I color, and BA
- 1 tn. 1 a . i" aud listre gewaitf te e prefer
red '0 those prod ui ed b) tha application oi otU or
aay other , t e 1 ra 1 . 11 I have ever ated. I reg am
it as an litdlspuuslblu em. in lor every lad) 's loll
el, wbethur to be used as a Hair Keeleratlve, er
1 ir the .lusidv purpose ol dressing or beautifying
the hair. Vom nave pwrastsoloa to reler te ree all
who enter lain sny doubl of its per lo'raiiigatl thst
is elaliaed fee M. MKh C rVMONlM.,
Claomnail.O., Feb . iu, H04
Watertown. Mas., stay I, iSSd.
PltOr.O. J. WXMIÜ: Allow me V slteel tbe
vlrtussttid luaglc loera ef yoar Melr Kastors,
live. Three uiuutb Ines, being txraedlngi)
grey, I otroBtaaed, aad sewn twuiuieneud to uae,
two bottles; aad tt soon began In tell, In restoring
Ibo si Ivvr lot It 10 thru ni' 'olof,snd thB btir,
whit h was before dry and hsrtti and falling of,
bow lieeame aoft andgloeay , and II ceseed lalllug,
tlii tlaiid rug disappeared, snd the s sip lost ml
Iba .iitut-ri oablc 1 lulling, so aunoytng b fore, aad
now, I not only Inok, biiitl )0upg aeala.
j; j 'told at 114 Maik. I sir. el, '.t. Louts, Mo.
.rj iir. .so .s). Nsw York, aad b) all UfaggtsU-
etery where. All kinds of family paten 1 md.
cl tos lor sale, 011 toe best possible terms, at Pea
lessor Wood's esUftlishwsBt. U Market Btresi
SI. Iraalt.
JI 1 ' V . 'ohnatnn la aele agent for Brook vllle.
anrli II
AT Till BKOOKTlLtsS roTTf n
akupac it bbh or nkvebal anrrra op
straw Biol Feed Cuttert, Pumpi, Cora Shrl
are, Horse Powstes. Turalng I .s Utes. Sc.
All kinds.. I I'alsat Maibluer) made and BUS
to order, si bort entice. Wheals aad SaaseiBBJ
loanypit.ii m j-'tera Btoekt, Tsps aad tae
eMa Inasi.r tirifi stirniton giveei te isiisir
IngHieam l.n sines, tili tl. ring, snd all kinases'
M... lunar,. Carnlngsf trulsbed. ishorlnnltce
Terms Bteasoaeble.
t sab paid for aid Iron , flreas and Capper,
teilt w 1 1.1. Hi lira
at ivo t .Sil.
Ml Bs.u .1 ....... il.ttera MaaBlas. Bats.
sea snd Cbildree. also Mrs. Hurrl t tefsbrato-
Baabtasaaiittos.Bt eash
f rasa a bimblb
sei ia
Bwrarwtaat Bnaaan PUI Bfnaasatrtarg .
tlne taeir BV are tfaly aecertsine.
Asa rest eeiaesa. sastBeiss or prtds.
Indnr maaklad j set lha 1
iu set
Which sre be Las vat desajraed
To b Revises Use Bis ssf haasea kbsd.
CesKuenrB Taernanjiv 1b eegard so in OrtsssSsAae
Sovereign Balm Pills, In coring sever aad
oawtlaaAe eaa Mseassasatsm, assd Crick la Use
X. V.. Jaa. I. MB.
P. Child 4k Ce earea-Haeirsg reeetd Waa-
from year hovsreigs Balm toll. I
deem It proper to stale it si 1 o years aero the Bret
ot tble winter, hat ing been severely sffliru-d for
he laat tweray yit's preetooe as thai usse wtafe
Kheumallsm and crtak tn tb bark, I boswHl two
hosss of yosr pills, sad look BtOfB Srraed Sag Ut
rt I rerlloue. ed before they were sense I was aa
lt rely eared, aad have eel eev-d ,'resBt the 11m
fiislnl sines, aad I would Bid be pHrtl back where
I was before taking bsm tor sm Bsadrad dosBtjs.
I would, the re lure rbaerfelly rsss tarn sad item w
asy perser. l tried tba' way aaa sere ritte Sy
Titet J. HsLtrte.
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Please nolle tbe rsstaoit Mr. Brows gives fvr ae
king for en agency for telltog Ike Hnvereiga Balm
Pills. Cwald 1 ny one give tv-Uer rsaas Rea
der. If tee want a good medicine ptesjee pvoewre
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other mrdclee as good. I cermi myself of th
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with them. I Bavs asset Brtagsrsa) to Bad tees
since lief Walworth crsaaiy.aed that is ihe cause
ef my reeassilngtha ageaey agola to sell them.
Vrtar wtta re sä set,
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Ths folio el eg from our immediate elclatlr k
retpectfBlly presented
Job B. Mayall, Jrew NtyteiM. led . Ang 17.
lA!ti. write:
"I believe yaar pills tofaa a good medietas aac
at the people like ibem.aed Ireeaeedy call for
iheio. von will fsjerave sesd (apply Immrdlaks
V.Disasaa.asttos's Petal P. . f'Uy ae t$L
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I bar sold wbsl pill yoar agent left wtlb Bc
so I wise you to sead iwa a fs 'daaea buxsa a
ToarBoveretgu Balm Pills immedlater What
I sold gave tst(fac4ioa "
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Robbenoa't Station, Harrison en.. By..
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Messrs. A.b. Burleigh 4k Bro Oeaat Yoar
Sovereign Balm Pile Bare proved hs baa grass
remedy heje for Chill snd Paver, Colds, fruit
Complaint and Uyspepela A I bars sell all
that were left a lib me, aud as there u o Urge de
mand, yoa will plaaas seed me a fi est SB Pel tat
rued mtety, aad eOitge VCjrs,
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Ihe Sovsrslgn Halm ptila will a et the system a
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stop, bat gal a bot of P. Chiles 4k Co' Pi Ms -
aay win clear tea tyatom Meaty, wlUbsal 1
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Tb are mild Is tbe.r oDsraüona. ba
trat tbe wbota system, rs rao viae every obwrorl
The oll U open Ibe do re of lb skin. 1
s prop, r dtoskargys from toe kidney s. satry AT all
Bktegg and ether humors from toe laags, end by
lb bowels remese all Impertitaa thai caaeet pass
by any oUter outlet, along with the refuse of th
The gsnein Orlenial ar Boverelgs Balm P1U
he ve 00 toe wrapper of each bat tba above rear
sen la Uoe of the raangfaetery.
A.B. Barielgh Bro.. FewAlbao, Ind , Pre
prwtors for toe Soalh aad Waat.
M. W. Hatto. Beonkeilto; Caartaa "trtrnt,
Metamorai I. B. Paftor, Harrison, Ohio; and
dealer la medietas gscvsrally .
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"Aaste, Catureetiee 4J Stille,
Affections of the Hereon Ijatasa,
Is tba meet popalar madtota of that las aes 1
kaowa; bo medietea ever met wttk saab
Or gatosd so highs etorttg la so shorts Urns as
ttils. Tbs preee and people, everywhere speak nf
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WB lav bitoerio wltabeld Ib variably toair toSa
aac from proprietary medicine, im this tbelr
essetlew, sad large anmbers es
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tide asetl yield the way to tble Ire ly
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not only will praveal and eare yoar Chills, Bel
bring book a (low of Ista aad aalatatloe to tbe
weals system, thst IsstngelBr asd peawtlas ss
this sTjtwtol
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or seaat. Ileeelain ee
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uertlSeatos from Pre Sure, Physteisaa, Clssgy
man aad tbe Press, srs left with sack ageai.
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Dealers gnra1t)
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He. 7 Soaiilrtiitk Btreet, Phltoatolplas.
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P. , Joaaetoa, Brook vllle; Cbas Van Camp.
Motaraora; Mfbrd a OetV, Uurel. J-ha w.
Scott, Liberty; S. E. Paltoi, Harrtooa. O4 B
abrtaar. Aadarenavlllei J. P Mill. M satte
may 0 m
Mala Baigss slrwal, la ehw i
building forerly . eupied
bf JokB Adams, a hers be I ore-
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WHIPS, aad avert arllrle Msaalty fnaad la a Br. 1
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, whieb b will salt ibstap. or eteaange lar
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year. Laatber tor the Iowa market earn
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