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Pavoa . i , rsa mu wi,
T. A. 4100PW1I1, Editor.
priiAiimii, proinA.
OmCI Or FC,!CATiii,N. v.
Waahlocioo Mirf... Km of 044 MU.' Hall.
TsArS tory ; whore all kind, of Job Work will
ba dona w.üi oeaincM aa dr. patch
mcusmrrrnop ex-s vtob
Br Tin Editor o-i the 8bctixkl. Rented
edition, enlarged c nd improved by addi
tional and important facts, not Included
in tie Sentinel' $ edition.
- i 'iu I'r. o ta: though identified ly
property had inters with fcentuokj. Thv
wanted a -virion.; man
' In I Hit he wm again rw-elfx-ted to lib
present high position, having received the
unanimous vote of hie party in csajcus Mid
without a competitor for the place "
Yes elected in caucus and only inMau-
cot And just here we will out oflT our re
vised edition of the biography of this man
When a man will eonsent to take an office
by a sbam election by "the unanimous vote
of the party rn eatroft, w let him drop
Ball ean't aar him. Heia 'gone lot him
' Twenty-three yean ago, in the year 18
34, Mr. Bright waa elected Probate Judge
of Jefferson county, a position of responsi
bility and the duties or which he discharg
ed ably and satisfactorily."
This distinction was the more important
because at that remote period, the people
in the habit of electing blacksmiths,
otters, and such like to this "posi
tion of responsibility, " occasionally select
ing a third-rate lawyer, or atmostone with
out practice, all of whom are said to have
discharged their duties "ably and satisfacto
rife" ' In 1839, he was appointed U. ft Mar
shall for this State, by President Van Bu
ren, which place he occupied Tor two yean,
until removed by Tyler. In this position
Mr Bright trat gave public evidence of
those Doe business qualifications and ener
gy of character which have since distin
guished him."
John L. Robinson has given evidence of
" fine business qualifications " in the same
position, having caught and stripped one ne
gro in four yean.
In 1841 he was elected State Senator
from Jefferson county over a whig majority
of 1400t"
Kot quite true in point of facts and fig
ures, but near enough for a biography in
tended to bolster a falling man. In 1841,
Judge Dunn was the regular nominee of the
Whigs of Jefferson, at a time that Democrats
in that county despised caucuses and nomi
nees, and preferred "independent men."
Not wishing to be partizans, they induced
Saad-rach Wilbur, a fishy Whig, to oppose
the Whig nominee with promises of support
to the last Bat a few weeks before the el
ection, Judge Bright, just removed from the
Marahalehip, thinking his chance a fair one,
became the Democratic candidate for Sen
ator against the two whiga To more effec
tually divide the whigs, he paid special at
tention to Wilbur, until one day Wilbur de
clined to be a candidate any further.
" There," said Bright, with his nsual prefix,
" that is ont time I overdone it Wilbur
must be kept on the treck, or my cako is
dough 1" and accordingly the Tirionds of
Bright 'induced Wilbur to continue, and
Mr. Bright was triumphantly elocted by
1089 votes against 1434, instead of over
coming 140U majority, as his biographer
would have ns believe
"In 184.1 he was unanimously nominated
as the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant
Governor, with Whltcomb for Governor
In this campaign Mr. Bright made a gallant
contest A whig majority of 14,000 was
overcome and he was elected by the largest
majority on the ticket The result of this
victory was the inauguration of that Dem
oc ratio State policy which raised the State
from tiankruptey and repudiation to her
present prosperous condition."
What influence the death of Harrison
and the defection of Tyler had upon this
change of party it is not necessary to state.
How much the popularity of Wbitcomb,
and the unpopularity of his opponent, had
to do with it is unimportant, as our object
b to glorify Bright, and nothing else.
" Id 1844-3, Mr. Bright was elected Uni
ted States Senator, receiving every Demo
cratic vote in the Legislature, with five
The Cincinnati Enquirer, with more pru
dence than our neighbor of the Sentinel,
acknowledges the difficulty of managing
tho Mormon question, by direct interfere nee
of the government Mormoaism is A do
mestic institution, and they have a right to
manage it in their own way, sebjeot only to
the Constitution of the United States, which
says nothing about polygamy. But Mormon -ism
is a foul blot on our escutcheon an
eril which should be removed, hence the
Enquirer suggest! the erasivs methhod rS
cutting Utah into parcels and dividing the
Mormons among the people of Kansas, Ne
braska, New Mexico, California and Oregon,
. .L.-i ! ' J i
una a many omer ternionen as neru v.
These territories or states, having a major
ity of anti-Mormons, can adopt lawn, pun
ishing polygamy, and then it willbe the doty
of Government to enforce those laws, as it
now must enforce the Moody rode oa Mis
souri legislature, on the people or Kansas.
This is Squatter Sovereignty. Kansas attatch
ed to Missouri, until a bogus legislature was
elected, it beooraes the duly of the General
Government to enforce law that not ont in
a thousand of the people of the territory had
a word in enacting, by officer they cannot
elect, not even constables or sheriffs or jus
tices ol the peace. Now to carry out the
new fangled idea of squatter sovereignty, it
would dimemher a territory rather than re
turn to the sensible opinions and practices
of the fathen that territories, as territories
should be governed by laws .subject to the
revision and approval of Congresa
Let the advocates of slavery some back to
the long-tried and safe doctrines that obtain
ed from the foundation of the government
till 1854 and all will be easy and plain.
Speaking of the plan the Enquirer says:
"When there is an expedient to get rid of
a. . a . - lTl -
an evil, thus easy anu mmpie, wnicn con
sists in merely undoing and repealing what
a former Congresa has done; and so altering
our Territorial boundaries, it would be much
better to adopt it, than to seek to exercise,
by Congresa directly, powers which many be
lieve to be unauthonieu, nowever triey mignt.
in this instance, approve the direction and
end which is given them.
It is a subject that has no nesessary con
nection or reference to past political issues,
it concerns the fair fame and reputation of
tho nation, and that mind is groveling and
low, indeed, that would treat it as a partisan,
for the sake of political capital."
Certainly it ''has no connection or refer
ence to past political issues," but you can
not mnnage Mormonism without abandon
ing the humbug by which you have intro
duced slavery into Kansaa
Wsgivo, in another column mo detail or
a moat outrageous violation of the rights of
r t,-.eaa,nn.lsreo.orf executing the Fugitive
Slave La We want all meat to read it
sud team to what indignities they are liable.
in thTf land 8f freedom, for siaply refusing
to help catch a negro. We have ne doubt
the Deputy Marshals have the law" on tKelr"
side, as to the arrest of the citiz ens of Ohio.
That Fupiuve tflave Lsvw is the perfection of
oppression and tyranny It not only taxes
the people with the expense of returning
the'fugitives, but jeopardizi ng the rights and
liberty of white men who refuse to obey the
commands of slave-catchers.
The Marshal were wrong however, rn
disobeying the writ of the Stale Oeart, and
in assaulting the officers, and we very much
doubt whether the State of Ohio will hold
them guiltless. They should have obeyed
the writ, and appeared before the state court,
which court could not, we think, have re
leased the prisoners who were held under
arrest on a writ from the United States Com
missioners. Such is the common sense
view of this subject, and such was Judge
McLean's decision in the Gaines case at
What, any you, may a man be wrested
from his home and famiiy, hand-cuhVJ and
fettered, and carried to another state ihr a
trial for an offense committed ini his state.
end that oflVnse simply refusing to holp
catch a negro' We so understand the law
Such is the teaching of the decision of -Tudg.
es of the supreme court Judge McLean, in
the matter ot ex arte Robinson, April,
1855, gives the following views:
"State rights are invoked by the counsel.
If these rights are construed to mean a sub-
Whilo party organs are intent on fixing
upon each othnrthe odium of the passage
and management of the new 8 täte Hank, the
people, in theirprimary meetings, an repu
diating it. As to its origin, we think it un
just to charge it as a party measure on ci
ther party It is one of those qu nations
which ignore party, yet it cannot bo conoeal
ed that in its early management, prominent
Democrats wore its most successful friends.
Tho Bright, Willard, .lud ah, Kent, Robin
son. Drew, Smith, and others, were the men
who made their fortunes out of it
Hut. we wish merely to call attention to
the fact that in the primary meetings of the
people, they repudiate any connection
with it. Evetn the effort of each party to
throw the odium on the other has its merits.
The following resolutions were adopted by
tho Republican convention of this township
on last Saturday :
Resolved, That the new State Bank, char
tered in 1M55, was brought into existence week nominated by the Know Nothings for
jnniniy ny i,emocratio innuencos. as eiear- ( re,0cction t0 Congress
MT Geo Maxwell has bought out .lohn
King, and takes poaaaaaien of the Valley
House, Brookville, this week
tmf Sheriff Glidewell is about buying a
bouse In Brookville. ITope he is going to
get married. lie ought to.
SaT The New Albany Lodger is now
printed by steam power Though on the
wrong sido of politics, the Ledger is a very
good newt paper.
Sfiof Col. Lane is now on excellent terms
with his old enoniies the Border BuSnnn,
and is said to be at work with them to make
Kansas a Democratic Free State.
sTsjjr We arc pleased to learn that the
health of Rev. John Gilchrist is so far re
covered that he is again preaching. He is
expected to take charge of the Presbyterian
church at Farmcrsville.
Han. Humphrey Marshall was last
ly appears from the evidence elicited in the
investigation now proceeding, and from the
sworn testimony of flov. Willard to the ef
fect that the passage of the Charter was the
salvation of the Democratic party; that the
Republican party leave the responsibility
of the institution where Gov W illard pla
ces it, and repudiate all connection with it
TfsSDlisif That wc heart.!
ting a committee to investigate the frauds
alleged to have been committed in procur
ing the enactment of tho Charter at the ses
sion of 1855.
Resolved, That the sincere thanks of the
Republicans of Marion County are due to
Dr. J. S. Bobbs, the Senator from this conn-
fiSkf The Vevay Reveille says that owing
to the scarcity of orn in that county, some
farmers are compelled to feed wheat to their
MT Professor Mitchell of Cincinnati.
- j . I DMIiVB !, ni'l'i IIIIIX Will t I r 111 II -.s
l ed, That we heartily approve of the i , A. 0 X . .
of the Republican Sonate in anpoin- Urer thftn eftrth Sothrft 18 nochance
oi nooging.
N.iTiga or Comkts M. Barbinet, of the
Frenoh Institute, in tin course of some -
tnorkf whicn be h ts published uorrcerning
the comet which i expectad by the astron-
.iin.-rs in the year 1848, says: "With re-
rnrd to ne of the questions to which this
comet has given rise, I must protest against
the idea that comotf posses the power of
imparting a perceptible mechanical shock.
I can prove that the collision of a swallow,
intent on suicide, and flying with full force
against a train of one hundred carriages,
drawn by ten stoani engines, would be a
thousand times more dangerous for the train
in question than would he the simultaneous
shock of all the known comets against the
earth. What is a comet? It is a visible
Lira Amoxo thb Inpians. It was a kind
Providence which placed Rev. J. B. Finley
on the superenuated list, whils yet ntaining
physical and mental strength enough to
write the rereiniseeacn of his eventful and
useful life.
His Prison life and bis Antobogrephy
have had an immense circnlatlon, and the
work just out will equal either of them in
He was born almost among the Indians
and educated almost among the Indians,
hence he knows all about them, though not
an Indian, except by adoption. During his
missionary labon among them iu Ohio,
some 85 years ago, he was adopted into their
commonwealth, and "sleeted to the highest
office in the gift of the people" made Chief
of the tribe, no mean honor, by the way,
and one which he yet wears, as ex-Judges
Meanwhile, as President of the Senate, he alwavs wear the titles of their office. He is
inaugurated the Democratic system of tac- known everywhere as The Old Chief
tics, which has since brought us nearly to The book abounds with incidents of In-
a State of Anarchy. By his casting vote djan warfare, and Indian life. It gives
he postponed tho election of U. 8. Senator, graphically many an adventure of earlier
leaving Indiana thus with but one Senator, times, in which the deer, and turkey, and
and as a reward for his perfidy we should Wolf, and bear, come in for a share with the
say fidelity to party he 'was elected Sena- men who were uas fierce and wild as they."
tor the next year. The chapter on 'The Death of Tecumseh,"
f He took his seat as the youngest mem- or the chapter on the'1 Seige of Detroit and
ber of that body and was known to but few the death ot Pontiac" is worth the price of
of its members. During this time he so won ,i vi.
upon the confidence and respect of the Sen- . . ., . . .
ale, that he was placed upon two of the Ilw ot UP ,n th im itabls style of
moat important committees raised in that Sworrostedt and Poe, Cincinnati, of whom it
body, the compromise committee of 1 848 can be obtained on liberal term Wo wish
and that of 1850, receiving for each a com- ,j u WM ke, for .ale somewhere
ty, for the effeotive and patriotic discharco
of his duties in that position, and for his
patient labor on the Bank Committee for the
invoftiia! ion of the frauds aforenamed.
m , r- 1 I . 1 . ' it I
vcr:on ot me ncrai auinorn.ei. inev in:iy
he somewhat in danger. That tho common
power has jurisdiction in this case is clear.
While duly engaged in the investigation of
the matttr, the honorable Judge of the
Common Pleas, whose motives 1 by no means
question, by a Aaoeo corpus, took from the
custody of the Marshal the body of the fu
gitive, which left the Commissioner without
a case. It wrested from him, without any
authority of law, the subject of his prece
dent Had any Commissioner or Federal
Judge interposed, and, by the same means,
had disregarded and disturbed the jurisdic
tion of the State Court, I should have felt
not Teas concern than the eloquent counsel.
A sense of duty compels me to say that the
proceedings of the honorable Judge were
not onty w ithont authority of law, but against
law; and that the proceedings are void, and
I am bound to treat them as a ntihty."
The supreme court met the point square
ly and fully iu the oaso of ex park Jenkins,
2 Wallace, 525:
"The jurisdiction of the courts of the
I ' mted States is limited, but, within its lim
its, supremo. The State courts have often.
in many cases, a concurrent jurisoictsou
over tho same subjects and persons, but
neither can treat the other as an inferior ju
risdicthn, excent in the cases where tne
Constitution and the acts of Congress have
given such power to the courts of the United
States. W hen persons or property are li
abel to seizure or arrest by the process of
both, that whioh first attatches whould have
the preference. Any attempt of the officers
of the other would be an unjustifiable exor
cise of power, and lead to the most deplora
dle consequences. Therefore, if a person be
imprisoned under the civil or crimnalproeess
of one, the otberennnot take him from such
custody in order to subject him to punish
ment for an offense sgaiust them. A 1'igi-
legal custod
Wo are pleased to learn that Rev. G. A.
Chase has accepted the Presidency of the
Brookville Colloge, and will enter upon his
duties about the first of September.
Speaking of his removal from Greencastle
the Banner of that place saya
'Most of our readers are aware, that Mr.
Chase was called here two year ago, from
Eastern Indiana, to establish a Female Sem
inary of the highor grade. The old County
Seminary was well fitted up, an 1 the school
opened with sixty pupils, the number limit
ed by tho Board of Trustees, at double tho
rates of tuition ever charged here before.
Every successive term, the number has in
creased, and now one hundred and ten are
in attendance'
The Boarding Department, established
by th s Principal, has been filled with board
ers fr r i a distance. We know that this
unanimous call must be considered a flatter
iug one. It comes from the Trustees of a
regularly incorporated College, located in
the county seat of "Old Franklin," whore
Mr. Chase formerly taught for a period of
six years, and where he is most intimately
known. This circumstance is no mean
compliment to him as an educator and a
citizen, and justifies us in our favorable
notice of him.
But his suecos here is evident to all, and
has become known abroad. All that can
be dono in the present building, has been
done by him and This excellent Preceptress,
Miss Newman. We are assured by Mr.
Clime that he has been led to entertain this
call by the want of suitable buildings and
the poor prospect of getting any here. He
does so with deep regret, feeling that he has
failed to secure what might bo accomplished
We learn from the Rising Sun Fi-
itor, that Rev. JohnJC Bonham has receiv
ed and accepted an inv'.tationto become the
Pastor of tho Presbyttrian Church in that
A Goon Head. The Shelbyville Banner
has doffed its old hend a horrible affair it
was, and donned a new and beautiful one.
The Banner is one of the best country fa
pere in the State. i
HsT Itrigham Young, in a recent sermon
to hi Mormon disciples, remarked:" real
ly think that 1 have a groat l al more influ
ence here than Moses had among the chil
dren of Israel."
New TrwjnuNo Machine. Tbonew mn
chino to work the Hoosio Tunnel, costing
$25,000, is on tho ground and being put to
gether. It is expected to cut through twenty-five
feet of solid rock in a day.
tmf The Indian Enos, who was Colonel
Fremont's first guide across the plains, has
been captured and taken to Fort Oxford, in
Oregon, to bo tried for being the chief of
a gang that murdered the Indian agent
Wright and his party a year since
t&jr Tho papers state by an existing law
of Pennsylvania, the polecemon, if they see
ladies in tho street with low nockod dresses
on, are authorized to take them up. Ont
tbis way, the Indies tako up about every
thing with their dresses.
t& Tho alternate showers and warm
Son, is bringing vegetation forwnrd rapidly
and it is to be hoped that bountiful harvests
will be reaped this full, despite tho gloomy
prospects of seed-time. It will doubtless
be a fine fruit season.
tta?"We copy the following trom the
Doily Evening Courier, at which offico the
American is published, and would say to
all who are not taking theAmerican, to
be sure and join in a club for the (Courier.
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rnited States Only think of getting
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The Weekly (Courier, for this weok, is
filled with an unusually interesting
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respond with the times, that a may bo able
to take a good newspaper.
K,. m the X.-r.t.- (Oi V- f M toil
Heslstsac of officers ant blah bsstrd estrsfe.
Another of those miserable case of
"lavt'-cUching, with its usually un
pleasant concomitant, has been brew
ing In our vicinity. In orber that it
may bo understood, wc begin the sto
ry at the beginning.
On laat Tuesday a week, tho IT. 8.
Deputy Marshall and assistants, un
dertook to arrest a fugitive slave nam
ed Addison, who had boon residing
in tho neighborhood of Mechanics
burg, Champaign county, for some
six months past. The result of their
valiant efforts is given as followa by
Urbana Citizen:
Quite early in the morning, the par
ty, composed of five Ken tuck ians and
the two Deputy Marshalls, made a de-
it: upon the cabin of a Mr. Hyde,
about ono mile from the burg, where
the colored man Addison resided.
Makiug known the objeet of their
visit, and reading thoir warrant, Mr.
Hyde told them that Addison
not ht ln
I a A 4, E aalW Ma H
aj KiKr muss van
.. .
iosr a nark of
f the U. 8. Marshall and
. . i ii -
nice, towaru tue iineuncra
$4 00
7 00
12 00
thcro, and interposed no objection to ' morning they inquired the
Lisa ' ' ' 1 i at M 9 . J ft
.fudge Kmerson of Jackson Co.
has decided wo beliovo, that no liquor
seller has a right to sell in quantities
loss than a gallon. The Rockford
Herald says:
They have had a sharp spell of liti
gation in Soyitour trying to enforce
Emerson's gullon law, but we believe
the liquor dealer huvo triumphed so
far. The law partner of Judge Km
erson has proponed to defend the ven
dors hercanoutA in all suits for viola
tion of this decision, lor tho modest
sum of $500, This is pretty hard.
Tho grocers sold their votes to the
Democracy in consideration of being
allowed to sell bad whiskey. The
Democracy couldn't have got the en
tire liquor interest on othor terms, and
without it they wore beut. But now
these poor fellows have to pay those
very fellows who urged them on to
strike for Willard and free whiskoy,
for tho priviledgo of retailing. If wo
I hadn't so often told the grocery keep
ers what sort oi a party they wore
going with wo should bo half inclined
to feel sorry for thorn.
his arrest
Addison, in the meantime, had ta
ken refuge in the loft of the cabin
through a hole barely sufficient to ad
mit his hugo body, no boing a very
large and stout negro.' Soon one of
the Kentucky gentlemen mountedthe
ladder with a double bnrrolled gun in
his hand to ascend to tho loft. He
had scarcely got bis head and shoul
ders above the hole, when Addison
fired upon him, tho ball striking tho
gun in front of the Kontuckian'sDody
and glanced off which saved his life.
This reception caused tho chivalrous
Kontuckian to descend the ladder a
good deal fastor than he went up,
and finding that he waa not killed, ho
wont, and we do not
ludieve tliev will permit it, ftgitivo
slave law or no lug tive kiuto lav
Tb fbroe of that law's infamous pro
vision! is about oone in Ohio
We liufo learned Home facta about
tbo ton d not
his ioconin
while in their custody, whi h go very
tar towards showing that they were
engaged in a scheme to kidnap these
men under color of legul aiitfcority
takrlhem into Kentucky, ainl deal
with thorn as their depraved passions
might dictate. They not only hand
cuffed the prisoners, but trt atei tbem
with all manner of indignity; aa, fur
instance, remarking when a oomvsm
ont limb of a tree projected over the
road, that that would be a good place
to bang auch d d abolitionists as
they were. They also threatened to
instantly blow their brains out if they
opened their mouths to tell any body
that they wore under arrest or whut
for. Although they stayed all night
at Esq. Cleman's in Jasper Township
he did not learn the character of the
strangers ho so hospitably entertain
ed. When thev left his house in Hi
route to tho Ohio river. Such brutal
conduct, by presiding U. 8. Officers,
towards free white citizens of Ohio,
deserves to bepunished with the high
est penalty of the law. If the law is
lame, then they ehonld be made to
taste some of the bleasings which they
were attempting to administer unto
their betters.
WasaiscToa, June 1,
Thcro were serious disturbances at
several of tho voting place to-day.
Tho Mayor obtained from the Presi
dent an order to call out two com panies
marines, having stated to him. upon
. . , i v . . -. , tat ' i . 1 1 .f' fpulihln fitiAft.
fired up the hole through the roof and LgJ a band of lawlees peraons. mosi
retreuteu irom tne nouae. iy tn,softhem n0n-rcsidcnt8,liad attacked
time tho courage of tho party had lo nft f thfl ... ... ih. .
An Infamous Business. Mr. E. 0
Delcvnn, President of the New York
Ota? An act has passed the Canadian j state Temperance Society, has recently
Parliament, substituting the currency of j been informed by a person whose con
dollar and cents for that of pounds, nhV i science compelled him to leave the liquor
lines, and pence a uniform currency hav- businsss, thai it now requires only ten,
One vear ago he was unanimously elected ' jn(f been made desirable from the increas-1 d some say four gallons of pure whis
I I . a a 1 at. I I a Y J ? I n I S I .1 t I
rresiucnt oi ti e rema.e kam at inu mm-, tpft(,0 wUh tho resulting I Kt7 " make a Darrel 01 mo wn.saey oi
npoha, but declined going, with a hope that , ,.,. commerce; to these are added rnm water,
a building Bight be erected here. Atrook- from th reciprocity treaty. .mh.M and nrsmir. which restor.,1
live cannot ho taken trom the legal ctismi
i ;ht S her it!', hv any warrant from thecOMrti
of the Tinted States, in order to extradition. I a huildiiiii
. . I ' W9 C .a.aa a I " i S S r
under the act of ( Vn great. Neither can such vdle, thcro is a largo and elegant I ollege ed- Wmroi a year ago mere as out ono ireo
fuiritire, when in custody of the Marshal, ifi(o, and th institution is under the care ,ir(M. in Kitnsa that
under the legal process from a Judge or of the Ft K Ind Conference of the M. K. I ,, i
Commissioner of the United States, bo de-1 Church
livered from such custody by means of a However much we regret to part with
habeas corpus, or any other process, to an- Mr. Chase to lose him as a teacher and as
swer for an offense against the State, whc'.h- a citizen we can not, under existing ciroum
er felony or misdemeanor, or for any other stances, fault him for accpeting the position
thus voluntarily ttiidercd to n in tv tho
Trustees of the Brookville College. His
a l 'ft
fairly oozed out at tho ends oi their
fingers, and no farther attempt was
made to ascend tho loft.
In the mean time Mr. Hyde sent
his little girl to a neighbor's to inform
him of what was goingon. The par
ty tried to deter tho girl from going,
but sho deGed their throats and went
on. Word soon went to town, and in
n short time quite a crowd came out
to tho rescue. Tho braggadocio spir
it of the slave catchers was properly
resented, and finding that they bad
got into the wrong diggings to catch
fugitives, the whole party leftin very
quick time.
Addison has boon living in the
neighborhood about six months, hav
ing got off at Mochanicsburg for tho
want of funds to go farther. Finding
employment, ho concluded to remain
thero until he had made enough to
send for his wifo and children, who
are still in Kentucky but freo. His
wifo was written to some timo since,
and it is supposed that tho letter wns
intercepted, and by that means his
matter came to a
But tho matter was not to bo end
election waa in progress, and dispers
ed the Commissioners of hlection,
and thrcatcnod further violcnc upon
A. A - It 1AT
attempt to eaary on the election.
Here the line gave out between
Philadelphia and Washington.
It is said that intens excitement
exists. Troops from Fort McHenry
have boor vailed out.
Latwi 11, P. M.
The Mayor directed the marines te
the Northern Liberties, wh ithers the
rioters had conveyed a swivel. He
commanded them todisperse, inform
ing them that the troop were there
solely to preserve peace.
This order was tauntingly disre
garded, whon the swivol was wrested
from its posseasoas, and ono marine
was shot.
Tho most foarful alarm prevtiled
rcquent shots boing fired by thei'ot-;
ers. The marines retured the fire.
It was soon discovered that five or
six persons were killed, and twice as
many wounded. The larger portion
. i . -
j VTva sj v vs ucaa v vvuu to . i .i.'iii.ii
aro extremely contradictory. The
eitiT is thrown into n ('overnf nveit.
od here. The disappointed hunters j t and the a, everywhere
. i' ......... . ...h.. . I t . . - " ... .
;iiirr im.iii.iii t iiiinnn. iviuiimm iwviii- . unoc.i rI lift
Irin tu i I Asm at rnvail tiv t I . ta- i 1 II.
f T SIT VVIIU VI V a - T .HV " Sal .
tartta i ii ipii.i fl .m. - r
r r 41 na v a is wur
This is the decision, not of a majority, but
of all the Jupges of the United States Su
preme Court It applies in every point to
the case at Xenia.
tlonce we say the law is on the side of
the Marshals, and such we believe will be
the decision in this ense, jet the American
presence from our midst will be felt deeply
felt and it will be long very long, we fear,
bofore another will be found capable of fil
ling his place.
ta.tfrl nhn that brand, made to imit-Ate
sauce and destroyed by a mob. Now there h , m . i,r..nJ an(i of more
. poisonous character, was sold at 84 00
gallon, though costing but twenty-two
Wc are irlnd to seo tho discussion of the
people sustain thatlaw, for the sake of sua- principle involed in the late amendment to
taining the party. When we endorse it, or t,0 Masaach usetta constitution, requiring
support its endorsers, when we coase to tBose heroafter becoming citizens to be able
write against it, or speak against it, in every t0 reaa and write in English:
place where our voice can be heard, may If it is right, discussion will lead to its
our right hand forget her cunning and our adoption by other States, if wrong, free dis-
tongus cleave to the roof of our mouth. et, 1 eussion will expose the wrong, and prevent
while it is a law, it must be respected, either ita further adoption.
by obedience or by submiting to its penal- Last week, a very able article appeared-
ties but we would die before ws would obey in the Cincinnati Commercial, ostensibly
one of its unholy, unchristian, despotic man- against the amendment, but really on an
dates, and we shall never ceas to call the other and quite different subject, by no
attention of Christian freemen to its iniqui- means necessarily connected with it, a
ties and cruelties until it ceases to disgrace mistake the clear-headed and candid editor
and polute the statute of christian America. 0f the Commercial is not apt to make. The
That law will be, must be, shall be Repealed.
plimentary vote equal to the most distin
guished men who have graced that branch
ot the government
This might appear to be highly compli
mentary but for the fact that said oommittees
were to be composed of an equal number of
northern and southern men, with the east
ing vote to be given by Mr. Clay, the chair
a tientuckv slaveholder. It was
in this oity, but it is not, that we know ot.
though hundreds of books, of not half ita
popularity or usefulness are here. Dr. J.
W. Keely keeps it in Brookville
JTbw ton's Seumoxa Dr. Clark, of the
Ladies' Repository has conferred a valuable
favor upon the roligous public, by republish
ing the sermons of Dr. Robert Newton, late
known to the Senate that Mr. Bright, though of England.
representing Indiana, was a Kentuckv s W We would not disparage any ther English
' ' I .... w - i! . -I i fi
holder-a man with southern interests, and legate to me Jieuiouisi vjrner. xw.ur-
principles adapted to any latitude; hence it
suited the usual spirit of compromise to give
the slave interests a majority, in addition to
the chairman, and Mr. Bright ! property
gave him position.
In 1830-51, he was re-elected Senator,
receiving in caucus a large complimentary
vote over some of the foremost men the
And thereby hangs many a tale. Did onr
ence of thie country, but we think none have
left a better impression than he did in 1H4D.
His thrilling eloquence attracted thousand
wherever he went
These sermons were mostly taken by re
porters, verbatim, as they were delivered,
hence they contain much of the enthusiasm
which but few authers can exhibit when
writing for the press.
As a volume of sermons, it is one of ths
limits permit, we would tell how the pros- best contributions to the religious literature
pects of "some of the foremost men" grew of the country that we have known for
bright. How Michael O telegraphed to long while We hope it will have an ex
Jesse D. to hasten to Indianapolis or all tensive sale
was lost how he hastened, yet how he fail- Published by Sworrostedt and Poe, Cin
d to reach Cincinnati in time for the ree- cinnat;
alar boat, and how he chartered a steamboat
to hear him in haste to Madison, and how AN APOLOGY AND A PROMISE
he chartered a special train to haste him w nZT that there haa been caueM ,or
to the capital, and how that train in ita haute complaint on the part of some of our sub
ran over a cow, killed it, and threatened the cribers in regard to the irregularity of our
life of the subject of this biography, and paper
how oysters and champagne and other arti- Some times this has been caused by the
eles suffered, and then how he received a mail lying a day at Spade's staion, because
laree eomnlimentarv vote. But wo must It was inconvenient to take it down Wednee-
paas and make a great man of our subject day, at other times it has been carried by
If possible. I toe Station to Cincinnati, at othor times by
' la 1853 Mr. Bright was elected Presi
dent of the Senate and acting Vice Presi
dent of the United States, having received
m the Democratic eauous the unanimous tiT hut our printer assures us that he has
vote of his own party and in the Senate the 1 goch arrangements as will insure its
entire vote of his own party and one half .. . . .
of the Whig Senators then present This ! paactualitj, on his part, in future.
certainly must be regarded a distinguished I If he does not, we shall have it done where
hoor." j it can be done promptly. We are quite as
Especially as half the Whig Senators and . much annoyed as our subscribers can be
all the Democrats voted for him because he j and we shall do our part to remedy the evil
enpied ths anomalous position of repre-' let the fku!t be where it way.
being printed too late
As tlfe printing is done at an office not
owned by us, we can not control this mat
article though headed "The reading and
writing test in Massachusetts," is really on ,
the disfranchisement of citizens, a thing
hich the amendment positively prohibits by
providing that it can take effect only on
Dancers of Harm ad I nt
An event of a very serious and fatal char
acter took place near Rockford, III., one
night last week. A son of Ex-Oovemor
Bebb returned from the East, brincinc those hereafter hecoming citizens
home his newly wedded bride. A number We hope our city coternporary will try
of younjr men of the neighborhood, pos- that question apain, for we really want nis
sessing more of the spirit of mischief than views on it.
of good-breeding or sense, went to the house
are eleven papers published in that territory
in favor of making it a free State, and a Gor
man paper about to bo establisod, which of
course, will advocate the cause of free
wbito labor.
HmT1 Walker, tho pirate who attempted
to make another slave state out of Nicara
gua, has boon driven from the country. Wo
expect him to rocoivo a government appoint
ment, though ho has no right to vote in the
United States until he is naturalized, hav
ing taken up arms against a nation with
whom we aro at peace.
tkr Who would bolievo that tho Ameri
can, with its high moral and religious tone,
was published and edited in a shooting gal
lery?" Ruthville Repub.
Not in, but over the Shooting fSallery,
Bro. Hackleman. Wo keep that institution
or rather tho plnco whore it was, for the
thing don't shoot any more since wc came,
under our foot
Scxoat School Pic Nie. -Tho Sunday
School, connected with the Asbury Chapel
will take a pic nie excursion to London,
next Saturday morning, on a special train,
leaving the Freight Depot on the Cincinnati
road at 8 o'clock preeisly. It is expected
that all who go, will furnish their own pro
vision, and contribute
excursion which wi
cinnnti and obtained n writ from tho
U. B. District Court, for tho arrest
of four men, by tho names of, Hyde,
(iurtridgo, and two Taylors, on the
chargo of aiding in the oscapo of tho
fugitive, and on last Wodnosday, the
Murrdulf. Churchill, oi' Cincinnati.
arrested the parties abovo naniod, in
a . . a . . W- ää a . .1 . I A .
cents; and that all kinds ol wines were t lianipaign county, ana startoU with
imitated so closely, that the best judges
could, not discriminate. Dr. H. Cox,
chemical in"peclor of alcoholio liquors
in Cincinnati, itates that in two years he
has found more than nino-tenths of 240
liquors he has inspocted, imitations, and
a great portion of them poisonons con
coctions. He states that he aoes not
bedieve there is one gallon of pure bran
them to tho city. On application, a
writ of Habeas Corpus was issued by
Jubgo Buldwin, of tho Probate Court
of Campaign, for tho relief of tho men
und put into tho hands of the Shoriff
of that county, who mado pursuitand
overtook thorn at Vionna, in Clark
county. Tho Marshall and his posse
reiused to obey tho writ ut first, on tho
Latest from the Ohio Fugitive Slave Case.
I'll account which wo publish from the
Urbane Citizen, ends with the capture of the
Marshals and their return to Charlestown.
The persons whom they had arrested and
ware taking to Kontuckv. were released bv
disperse; but rallying again, they returned c oQ -
and recommenced their revel with greater r. ff . u 11 u -1 Uaf,.,
O I vims I i r 1 a rm K Sa 1 1 varahn Id f.t html hAlr.ro
vigor than before. Gov. Bebb fired upon thecrirninal court for assault and battery
tnem again, ana tnis time wun more son- itn ,lf ,,.,,-,, nf
at night for the purpose of insulting the
newly wedded pair with a charivari While
ongaged in their disgusting orgies, the fath
er of the bridegroom came from the house
and fired upon them. This caused tbem to
, has only found from l7fr 20 per cent, of
a'coholic spirit, when H should have been
from 45 to bQ, and some of it contains
sulphuric acid enough in a quart to oat a
hole through a mau's stomach!
Adjourned. Tho (.rand Lodge of
Freo and Accepted Masons for the St.
of Indiana, which has been in session
since Monday in this city, was closed
in duo and ancient form, yesterday
morning, and adjourned sine die.
Tho principal subject of discussion
wns the reduction of tho dues of subor
dinate lodges to tho Grand Lodgo. It
was finally agreed to keep the dues at
their present rates for another year,
r AVifiit 1 ä t tlA niiKl'iiwlniir Sit ffYr
a .1 ill ' i UV1 Vitt V SS V W U tfD V I ft V ft ft fm ftJ W
.te to the expense of tho , q m jj.ht
11 be but small. redeemed, and the Grand Lodge be
There has been a conflict between freo from debt. Tho Grand Lodge
Federal and Territorial authority in Kan- j Hull building yields a handsome rev
sas. The District Attorneyship in the enuo, and when tho debt is entirely
Locompton District, has been contested. extinguished will bo an
Mr. Newson, who hold the oflBce for that
dv in a hundred trallons, and of wine j ground that the Sheriff of Campaign
not one in a thousand. Of whiskey ho had no rieht to servo his writ in that
which they were about to bo committed to
jail when a writ of Hoboes Corpus from
Judge Leavitt, of the United States Court,
upon the Sheriff, commanded him to bring
the Marshalls before him, in Cincinnati, to
show cause why ho heldj them in custody,
ous effect Two of the young men were kill
CoBBBrlal Travelers.
Dr. Ayer's business Agents aro a pleasant
annual to us, coming about as surely as tin
year. We can say of them what we aro
l -C .11 L .-.t tVi
orry we Ca ...ov ut . .uCu wbjch prorapUy obeyed, and they were
u,7 .n, ..ut.orm.j .guu, - xuy ar brought to Cincinnati on Saturday. On
auowo W u. o, tne pra uoiu, r..au10, hftd before
and accomplished bus.ness men, of a char- hU finai hßaring WM .j
acter weu worcnj tnr utuetuiriu coning in i Bjaja
which they are engaged, of promulgating
. i . it r. , 1 1 .St. ar
tne Deel rcmeuif-B iur uie ic, win ugr u- Grace t hurch.
ords. Success to you, gentlemen, and to Owing to a difficulty in procuring'a suit
your cause, for both deserve success. Hart- able lot for the location of the church for
ford Chronicle. the South Street Methodist Mission, the
Mr. H. G. Nelson, who has lately favored removal of tho late Episcopal church to
us with a call, does ample credit to our bro- that part of town, has been abandoned.
ther s views, and we commend him to the Meanwhile the house has been purchased
cordial reception of our fraternity long by several members of tho various churches
judicial district,(the second in the Territo
ry) by appointment of the Bogus Legisla
ture, and Mr. Weer, appointee to that offico
for "The Territory of Kansas, under the
provisions of the Kausas-Nehra ska act, '
by tho Fodoral Government. Judge Cnto
on the 18th May, docided in favor of Mr.
for tho Grand Lodge of sufficient am
ount to aid it in tho prosecution of
enterprises of generosity and charity.
Licompton, K. T., May 20.
Governor Walker arrived here yes
terday, was received" very quietly and
read his inaugcral. It is a lengthy doc-
ument. It declares that tho tcriitorial
Will A.. n I.,.. haa Inft i laws shall be enforced. It criticizes the
äatV ..ill VJcu. u. lauin, a t
Laurel without paying for his paper, tell us
where to send it, in future, and be so kind
as to send 2,60 with his letter, before we
are under the necessity of putting him on the
black list?
G. C. Hamilton, from the same place,
county, and they finally told him that
they did not intend to bo takou at till
and having no posse, the Sheriff made
no further attempt to serve bis writ,
but proceeded on to Springfield and
put it in tho hands of Sheriff Layton
of Clarke county who at onco proceed
ed with one assistant, Bill Compton,
alter tho Marshall and his captives,
and overtook them near South Char
leston, whero without calling further
aid thoy attempted to arrest them.
Tho Marshall and his company num
bered some fourteen men, and ull made
resistance; soveral shots were fired,
none of which took effect; but the
Marshall and his set of hounds set on
tho Sheriff, got him down, and beat
him so bad I v that he was disabled and
tho scoundrels proceeded on with their
prey. At Charleston a warrant was
got out against tho Marshall and his
posse, lor the assault upon J uago Lay
ton, with intent to kill. Tho writ of
haboas corpus was also put into the
hands of Sheriff Lewis, otthis coun
ty, and ho, with a respectable poste
of selected men, started out early yes
terday morning in pursuit of the chaps
who, it is said, lodged all night at a
farmer s house on the Jamestown ike
about six miles east of Xenia. The
fugitives were overtaken noar the
town of Lumberton by Sheriff Lewis
and arrested without any difficulty.
When tho Sheriff seized the horses of
discussed. The marines are still in
reservo at tho City Hall.
St Locis, June 1.
Knn;is letters to the Republican
say that tho Convention at Leconip
tononthe 25th ult. resulted in the
nomination of Calhoun Jones and Bo
len, to represent Douglass county in
the Constitutional Convention.
Resolutions prepared by Col. Baw
erton, and presented by a Pro-Slavery
man, taking strong Democratic,
grounds, were adopted.
Gov. Walker, Senator Wilson. Ro
binson and others, spoke at Lawrence
on Tuesday.
Walker s remarks were applauded,
lie reached Locompton on Wednes
day, and read his inaugural, which
reviewed the action of the froe state
men, declares that tho Territorial
laws will he enforcod, and tho posi
tion taken will be mantained by the
whole force of the government.
Tho Governor pledges to use ovarj
endeavor to have the Constitution
submitted to the people for ratification.
may avail the same unpleasant note, by vtntion held here for the election of a
action of the free-State men, and declares
that the position already taken shall be i .v CRrr;ace jn which the United States
- - . - ' J1 ftft l -1 - i.. A. f.U .0) ... . v m .. ...
maintained Dy inc wnoie wive ui l Marsha was ridin', the Marshall with
government. Gov. Walker passed at show of aalhority Bhouted out.
through Lawrence on bis way here, and ..hojj on tj,ere 0hJ man!" Sheriff "I i
assured tho people there that everything J intend t0 10a on." Marshal "I am
would be fsir at the nominating Con- ftnH rloinir mv dutv." Sberiff-
V ask i no i on, June 1.
The Government has received no of
ficial account of the Ohio fugitive slave
case. The Secretary of the Interior has
replied to the Ulegrsphic despatch from
the U. S. Marshal, as follows: "Consult
the District Attorney. Execute the law.
The President expects you to do your
duty, and he will do his."
Major McCulloagh, who is now here,
has sgain been tendered the Governor
ship of Utah.
There is considerable figh'ing at the
polls here to-day. The executive au
thorities, by the request of the Mayor,
have ordered out the marines to preserve
order throughout the city and prevent
improper interferance with the voters at
the polls. There is much excitement.
Cowing Roouis. Among the pas
sengers ina diligence between the city of
Mexico and Vera Crus, "which was late
ly robbed, was a Catholic priest, from
whom the thieves took about $400, and
then compelled him to grant them abso
lution before they would let bim go.
Indianapolis. Pittsburg d1 Cleveland.
may he wave.
Savbas l-r I n Ion
A gentlemen in Covington, Kentucky, in
vited Mr. Jolliffo and lady, of Cincinnati, to
dine with him last Saturday. Mrs. Jolliffe
went over in the morning, and Mr. Jolliffe
about one o'clock. As he passed up the
street, ho was assailed by a Mr. Gained,
whose negro woman killed her child a year
ago in Cincinnati, rather than it should be
returned to slavery Tho aaaault was in
true Kentucky style the kind that saves
the Union. A few more such acta of cour
tesy will give the American people a proper
idea of the institution of slavery.
in this city, and the formier residence and
lot of Bitdiop Ames, on the circle, have
been leased and the church is to be fitted up
there for a new congregation, composed of per
sons from tho other congregations who pre
fer family sittings or pews. It is called
Grace Church, and will be ready for occu
pancy in a few weeks.
sending us 112. and his present address. J.
ajv - w a
Brust who left Laurel a year ago, promised
to pay us if we would not publish him. It is
true ho was doing it, eloe we shall put him
in the paper too.
Oraded Scbaolat Kliclb y.l lie .
The first year of the Shelbyville Graded
School has ended, and the second is pro
gressing under circumstances of tho most
gratifying character. All the lovers of ed
ucation are delighted with the experiment
More than 500 pupils have been in attend
ance, at an average cost of only 0:20 per
yoar, including fuel, and the expenses of col
lecting and disbursing tho funds. All the
branches taught in any high schools may
be learned there, at the above rate, which
Innrnr than tho avpracre rate for ABC
I vr " - jj- -
scholars, while the higher branches, in oth- j
or schools, are five times that
candidate for a delegate to the Consti
tu'ional Convention and a Serveyor
Mr. Calhoun Jones, of the union, and
a man named Bolen, alleged pro-slavery
men, were nominated.
7.IS A. M
X00P. V
7.00 r. M
. A. M
in.no a. M
Indianapolis and Cindinnati.
nrtsT. fttiivi.
7.10 A.M. HOS A.M.
I. an P. M- S.ese.M.
7. Sit p. M 2.14 A. .M
Peru and Indianapolis.
BPaAT. kiti.
7. 20. A. M. . ll.S A. M
1 P. M. I. 17. r. M.
s.aoA m.
.iMi r. m.
11. in A.M.
i. ti p. .
So am I, and doing my duty."
The broad grin of earnestness, deter
mination and coolness which marked
the old General's countenance, together
with the suspicious looking implements
of his formidable posse, (about twenty
j persons.) by this time made the redoubt-
' 1.1.. Xf nrckü M nn.l rrn Lrtnn rnn -
, - a J I ai'lf .14.41 SlJCftft Bill äJW aa-wa w
Hon. Robert J. Walker has "r.vod , , . . . f
at the seat of government in Kansas, and ; y. One fellow Bunker. how
pronounced his inaugural. He declares ho J ever( during the melee, jumped out of
will enforce the bogus laws, and use his in- hjH buggy, and made his escape into the
fluence to submit any constitution that may ! woods, and has not yet been arrested,
be framed by the convention soon to asscm- The rest were brought back to Xenia
ble, to the people. If the Ruffians, who , about noon.
have the mastery, will not submit the con- The const ble and his posse took the
atitiitinn which thev will form to the neonle i Marshall and his comrades back to
what then' What of Wralker's personal ' Charleston on the one o'clock train,
influence' to answer to the charge of assaulting
... , 1 Sheriff Layton. And the other four
km h-imvTivn Ppnpi Dnrintr the men from Campaign county, were ta-
four vnrs nrevious to 1853. the average keu to Urbana by the Sheriff of that Indiana Central. Din ton A Western
a . a a 1 . .,,,., at i1 tA1 i itll Oll t A fX.A " 11!! If'K
Mt.lL. Ill UllliUVU v - ....-rVt.
Lafayettette and Indianapolis.
11.10 A. V.
.4S P. M.
.l A. M-
&.i P. M
Madison and Indianapolis.
11.90 AH
11.30 M.
Torre Haute and Richmond
S.15 P. M.
Hi. IS A. M.
7.15 1' M
, Decimal CuaaiNCY. An act has pas
Parliament, substitu
! aaaaal nnnilutr nf finnlirfif.mnA for rial.
I 1 ' 1 -ri ' rr ...i . m
ents at the United S.ates Patent office corpus, wiicre uie leaiitj ouu auiu-
was 2,522. and of patents issued
m m
iciencv of the warrant on which they
wore arrestodwill be duly investiga
r Our .dd friend Asbury Wilkinson is tin2 the currency of dollars snd cents for ! 900, during the four subsequent yesrs, wore arrestod will ne nuiy iu ciiga
in the pictures of the pretty people that of pounds, shillings, and pence a j the average of applications was 4,000, I ted. The people of Campaign county
7.10 A,
1.00 P.
s.Ae r.
II. is A. M
P. V.
8 1
of Shelbyville. Our modesty forbids our
giving an opinion as to the best looking
man who has sat for a picture. It isn't Al
ter, of the Banner, you may be iure.
aniform currency having been made de and of those issued U5J. For the hko the poop e oi all other parts of
una. j o .. .. I .. . .. . 3 tV. ; Ä A,. s I lr r ana thniv TlAirrli.
irable from the increasing trade with tne j present year tha applicant ns ana giants.
United States, resulting from the rte.p
rooity treaty
it is slated, will be double any previous
Ohio, do not like to see their neigh
bors seized, handcuffed and marched
off to a diatant city, for the offense of
pai I
W ill Kka eah or
a eotm
I aota, ar
BroakTUl, lad,, Jim.
wiLaos Moaaow.

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