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Snbtän.i" SVmcrtcan.;
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C. H.' BINGHAM, Editor.
i -y-
MU mi V.' ' ' "
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. J f
WJ Uomlnr.- bro.ry l8ß8-
t. .T Tb tJM'? H bsent thin weck, at
t Icudjn ibevStttCoovcntion. .
1 ' V Consjrmlonal Convention.
''l'iVtti'Ui proceeding of the licpublicaa
' CunV'refnal I t riet Executive Commit
ire, a tUt week's lue, we have aJdi-
tfousY VadiiranVo T hormony and gooJ
f feeling. 4 Thy 'o uxcI upon-l onnera
f tile 14 the place, and April 30th as iho
rint for l.l.lintr Deleato Convention
foY uöuilrutlng a candidate for Congrcs.
f1he iuodeaiid time of designating the
I legate aa tio!jr Ufl wilh aaolt Counv
iy to JiCtwiqe in their own wiy. Tin
? U doubHvii tbt path of wioilow, awidin;
.'fiinflictViti !' pcculinr iewa and ttub
'liatc .ujaea'cf alh , Hy thia plan we i'4u
wurk UvuoHouly . without lLo ncccmity
-vf. ionvatioti or experiment.
We VoTijratalate oar t'rlendi on theso
VfiTufti,' and hope that all lover of good
tdcr, "iiiQja and Christian government
- -will itiike harula aud U woik with that
mill aniJ purptn which never fail of aoi-
veaa. , Wjlh .hartnöfty w can elect our
raniiJttljy ahindonio niajjiitj, and
woriHitu Jipi who lor arlli.li or other
pur pur oni tlv ace J ef diaeord or dia
aenaion. Lot "Kverythin for the cause,"
io oai,iu"ött5r until victory rcrvLua on our
; It i
Hon. Jeremiah M. VViiaon. .
f!Th,'f Circuit ('urt Lai Cccn in Zession
ill ii i aa i
Übie I'lace .lha l.t twu weil with the
largest docket Ter jeara put. Tl.i ia the
resell if the yreat pjronal popularity aud
legal abilitw vfJule Witaon. Jfo man
I - ,'. " i .' . .
ha a evef woo more pohlcn opinion on tho
lieuelijof.tbia Circuit, eod lhe result ia,
tho uKtmulutiüi) cf- tho reat luaM of
bIi.eV In hi Ootirt. ' It ia atweve pica.
ifat tii look In vn the proceeding, as they
re. conducted with tbo uttuuat dignity,
propiiely and (Kcuruta.. Hi charges are
well prjüred, and rendered with a clear
nei thiflhe humblest cau comprehend,
ffwtlci taa Jdcd a 'cotlcncci of luauuer
Mjid,feiiiltarityf iotercourao that remove!
( restraint. U'e congratulate the bar
artd'J.aepte', wjihout diatinetio, of party,
on ttü'r 'o"d fortuue in aulccliug ao wise
J ood.a.ujj. . ,
:i.?rj "7"T
n M. R. Hull. .
Tbia widely known public spealcr ad
ifreakl.iare'erovrds at Laurel, Melamora
and llrookville during the pat wek, on
te auljccu of Temperance aud I'olitica
Hie bold, (ienuoriatury lar.(:u;o concern
Wronfr, and wron doera, accompanied
with unbo'itniTud wit and m res in, calla
flrtb the rapt atlrution and boisteroue!
applause, of l is btarra. Ho iccms to be
weil fortified with fact to buck up,whet
he 'aayvaö 1 Is no aya mealy. mouthed
itftdllingvrl.it he thiiila,' whether it lo
ffenrlv sjr ,tiot. Ilo' wage unceanins
welfare. upon iuUruij erance in Ligh placca
aweir aia thtfower ordere of life, and
iäfiutt!!mre upon pcliiieiina of all
pirti wh Vve'tood in tho wäv of hia
u,ti;k!eury iiii'oriti. during the pat thirty
i t forty oar. -Ttie politioione of the
pieient ay- ate" ätoutly rebuked by him
f.)f tbe?r'corniipttun in ifiioe. We do not
hesitate to ?jy, in clomg tins nucsfarily
I rif notice,' that Mr. Hull ataoda out in
bold iiitief aa fine of the most prominent
tt Weilern Witora. lu eomoion pailance,
i!n)lrßi.ic.;', :
.,."' -
r-Jie. jon- E- B. Marllndalo.
Tl Pwhmviid Vallniium is luietakeo
iue4tiUitin' tke .authorship of tie letters
frbi ' IndiiinanolH over the ainatuic of!
ficV' to'jud-e Martindale ofthat place.
V e hate never been the icupient of uch
favors froui the Juilpe, 'lut would bo
pTe8?'cö!"td 'nnm!ier"l.lm nuioug our 'eon'
The Shelby County (III ) Poor Farm
i aid to exhiVii nckening picture of
vice and brutality, ow'iuy to Uii.-ujanagc-uieut."
'.Pyes anybody know anything about our
Franklin .County Vvor l'arui? Ia there
any iniimanaement thero t Aro any si.k
rui'n rccnes cf vice and brutality ever
fS4iltr?'' K Jta,. vc dimply ask vrho
iaJydWmt athe ut ittir? We b.pc theao
juctioi)B Will le anawered by some one
who cau enlighten thepublic about the
uiSfter.it U aid by aowo who ouht to
iroitt itat (hrf toittf kücrin our t aui pri
Hpaorc by "j UO pur head at our Poor Aiy
lujut t Lathis' .tl.4 ?poor wero kept in tho
TeVnalao-t wheie they reaide, and judi
iÄöly mkfiagfd'by tho ' Townl.ip Trua.
leSVa'A?Jf yi- 'iIlV! X)'n '
laxes that lhoe in authority will look of-'
- -
nr these thingi. WUIc tho poor ahould -la"JU J 'ociruca m vm ,,-mo,
. . . t tT - . , . . , to be sent abroad for too purpose td pro-
...inhäalo .uff.r fo, lood. shelter ana uotij; itunVi;?ri.tIoo. Th tJnut)t lu rrt.
rle'hibthetal-pjvr hlsrflicht to coai.!fejKj ovcr wix t)aorjrcJ letters, from all
pislL It' tbo'fuhr',coItetie'J for tho poor ' parte of the United States, complimenting
are KiaMtc'd by mrnuatiagcujciit.
' ' " ' '
TbV 75yiwi "Mjlii'sry ' (VuiK-itfce have
rktoidwjNrorf aiUi.'t.tlie tiondrnwition
if.iVGJa!sl cfMilV ihi'l'iefct rank
i.V. Ii Jä. M crUijn lo inn wcvci raua i
m i i . .)S - k. J.I. t 1 ' . A . &
ortiVneYJ' '-fbi wTTt'iiTett the tens I.fwalktt,g better than at any time sineo his !
iheJe.c,'l,nddostroythcvVlucVt-'.,di'.htn from Eiirvpe; and h.sucncral health ,
Juhn.v'. rd. ;-zttte.
- In the Senate,) on Monday, Mr. Sum
ner presented a memorial of oue German
citizens, preying fur the abolition cf tie
ode ef President.
Mr. Trumbull, from tie Judiciary Cora,
mittee, reported a bill pruvidiog that in
fa tare elections in the Southern State, a
majority of all voted cant on any quotiou
hall decide it. This till is a modifica
tion of one passod by t".o Uouso in De
cember, t i , ? -
Mr. Trumbull 'also' reported a bill,
which was referred to the" Judiciary Com
mittee, declarative of tbö jurisdiction of
the Courts of tie United fctatcs, nUirmiDg
'that it ticca not embrace matten , purely
political, and that in such matters tlio
Courts are bound by the decisions of the
political department of tho Government.
It nlo decbrcj tbat Congress lai the ri-lit
to decide what Uoverörneut in a Statu ia
the cstobliihcd one; that in tho lato rebel
States thero 'aro no civil State fiovern
mcuta, icpubücat) lo furtr; thnt tho lie
conetruetiou . acta aro political in llcir
character, and no Court has the right to
question their ralidity, and tho Supreme
(jourt of the United State ia prohibitiid
i'rctu tiling juydictlau of any ca;e p,ruw
if u of , the execution of aid acta in
iltncr of n Statoa, - until auch Ktaits
hall be rc;rentcd in Congro.s, or intil
Congrent hall rccogoizo tho btato Gov.
crnment aa republicHn In form. Ail such
cn'cs pending iu aid Court ahall bti 'did-
mimed. '
Jlr. WilrtoD introduced a bill for the
gradual reduction of the army.
Mr. JCJmund, from tho Cotnmtttco on
the Judiciary, introduced a bill for defin
ing the limits of tho. term during which
tho President may retain a bill beforo up
proving it or rejecting if, which provides
that a temporary adjournment of the Sen
ate (o a day certain, hall not bo con. id
ered auch an adjournment as to prevent
the approval or return of bills in thö
PreMdent'a hand. ' , .
Tho Sonate concurred in tho IIouo
amenduent to the act for tho payment of
Mr. Feaeeoden polte on the bill direct- I
Ing tho Secretary of the Treasury to piy in
to the Treaaury money received for tho falo
if abandoned and conlhcatod property.
- On Monday, In tho House, Mr. Ulli"-
! htm introduced a bill for tho restoration
of Alabama. After reciting that a largo
majority of tho votes given at tho lata
eleetion wero-in favor of tho Constitution,
and that it was defeated by a combination
of citizens whose intent was to prevent tho
restoration of tho State, the bill provides
that the Stato Legislature juU elected
ahall be convened as soon as practicable,
and upon tho ratification by it of tho
Fourteenth Article of tho Constitution of
the Called Statea, proposed by the Thirty
ninth Congress, nd the establishment,
by tow, of impartial sufTrsgo within the
State, as authorised by tho Constitution
of Alabama, the Stato shall bo admitted
to rcprcaenUtioii in Congress, iu accord
ance with the lawa of tho United States.
The bill waa referred to tho Committee
on I'.ccoufttruction.
A resolution oflcred by Mr. Payne, of
Yiconin, to pay aomo defeated i-ootet-ant
for aeat in Congress $2,500 apiece
was promptly voted down.
Tho Committee on Foreign AfTairs was '
authorized to report back the bill on Cit-:
v:t.t. . ;n. '
ixennMp s Ki"iits at any time.
fl- ... ....)
Mr. Mycr, of I a., gave nol.ee that ho
should n.ske another attempt 'to get the
Wooden Screw patent extended.
Tbo Uouso went into Committee of the
Whole on the Coniulur and li lomatio
Appropriation bill. A Minister to Greece
was provided fmr. A motion to cut off
scvetul of the South American rniooons
was defeated. An appropriation for a
missioQ to Homo was rejected. It was
agreed that foes of consular fronts and
vice consuls, when exceeding SI.OOO, thr.II
be paid iuto tho Treasury. Tho 1 ill was
then reported lo tho IIou.-e acd passed.
On Tuesday, in tho Senate, Mr. Wil
son's bill, for a gradual reduction of the
army, was passed. It prowdes that no
more Second Lieutenants hall bo up
pointed except from West Point, und cut.1
down the number of regimental warrant
officers comdJenbly, boides discharging;
f(trtembsd.---J t will rtdoeo expctiici
about 2,000,000 per year.
A bill waa als. pasod to prohibit any
further paying of bounties to deserters,
unless it bo ccrtiQ.'d tint the charo of
desertion was false.
In tho IIone, a bill passed placing Gf.
ty thousand dollars in the handi of tho
Secretary cf State to relieve tho wants and
defraying the expenses of the return to
tho United States of destitute citizens im
prisoned io foreign countries without
justice, and discharged without trial, or
Tho bill giving pensions tn survivors cf
tbo war of 12 pssfed. Tho jci.hiors
will amount to about f2,l)0U,ÜÜO per an
num. - - i - ...I - - -
Senator Morton' ureat speech on the
reconstruction measures has Lee-i trans.
'a,cJ nn- published in German and French,
It I also Icing tran-l ited int Spanish
his speech in the l.ijiLest terms, ana thank
Ung hiui 'for tho rame. His health is
f lilUt,
Ibis spt
idirroved, and bis physician, Dr.
of the regulur army, is conli tent of
B . aha. . .luaOa ..AN .kH M I il RKil il M f ft t .A 1 r.ltl
ma rpccuj rcewici t. n"
a Hit 1 I
. - - ' '
iu as jood um lefgrc Jcuriil.
Proceeding! cf tho Republican District
' Central Committee. ..-
Pursuant to agreement, the' Republican
Centra) Committee for tho -1th Congres
aionol District' of Indiana, 'convened at
Conncrsville do Thursday, 13ih Inst. The
following Counties were rcproscntedl .
-Wayne John I. Underwood. .
ryettcGilber(; Tru.Mer. , , , ,
Union Ü. h. Ilaworth.'' ' 1
l-'ranklin-It. II. Swift.
Kusli A. M(lcnncdy, .
A tolcsrnm was received
froiii ij. M.
r ä
Cumbnck Ksq., tbe member from Shelby,
stating that owing to unforeseen causes
he was prevented from ' attending the
rucetliig of the Committee1. '
, .An organization was .effected by ap
pointing J. I. Underwood .Chairman and
Gilbert Trusler Secretary Of tho Commit-
tee; ri
,1t. II. Swiil auomltlkd, tho following
resolutions, which, nftor a general discue
aion, were adopted: ' ;
' JitKolvrtt, That n Pctrgafo Convention
bo held at Cunticravllle on Thursday, tho
ÖÜth day of April. ISM, for tbo purpono
of nominating a republican candidato for
Cnngrcs.i for the l'ourth' ' JJlflct' 6f In
diana, to lo voted for at tho General Kloo
tioii in October." ' '
'AVWrt7,-That tho delegates to said
Convention bo MclcrjrrJ and appointed by
the cvörftTcountici In r.ueh manner u
each county insy determine for Itself.
Jt$0fvr,ly That in auid Dihfrict Con-
grcHir.ttllll ' Convention each county hall
l o entitled to ouu vote for every ono hun
dred rote cjst lor Hon. Nelson' Truster,
in lJ-CG, and otio for every I'ro'ct ion cf
lifty votes or moro ea.t for üid Truster,
to wil: Tnyetto M, Franklin 15, Hancock
i:t, Ituah LM,' Shelby ill, Woyne U, and
Union cViunty 9 votea.". ' ,
' Hitlvcly That tho frorrodln of thia
nicctinj; bo putdiahed in each Ilcpublican
paper in tho Fourth CongmMonal Dia
trict, and that a copy of auld proceedings
be forwarded tu cnclrpnpcr fur that pur-
poo. ' : ' ' " " ' ; 1
The Cotmuitlco adjourned to meet tip.
on tho Call of a müjority of tho membera.
'J. I. Undkuwood, Pits.
Ü. TRV6LEK, Sec.
UhooMtNü GttuVK, Imk, 1'i.u, 15, '03.
C. II. HlN.iilAM Ks4., jSVf.- lieia;
ever of tho opinion that it it proper aud
riht to kvo honor whero honor is due,' I
havo 'beon highly pratiQcd to ob.crvo
through tho columns of your paper, from
diUcrcut portions of tho County nd Dis
trict, numcroua cxprcssioni of approval
of your support of Hon. John II. Furcjuhar
ai tho Congressional nominee in tho new
Fourth Diftiict of Indiana. Col. Farquhar
has lived to long in our midst, boa been
so thoroughly identified with our interests,
has been ro Intimately associitod with ev
cry ool work of a public character in the
W'hito Water Viilley. that it would bo
A.iSili ilea Sit i P 1 . A Witfiii it aI 1. a b a!,.
ofanc?verwhehning msjority of the citl-
aciia of ur ;nlv
My mind reverts back a aeoro of years
or more, when Iho writer was younger than
... w I
he is now. lid Ilit met Col. L., tl.cu a
mcro youth, nnd heard from his lips as
sound political arguments aa Is coininon to
hear from iho of ri cr years; From that
timo until tho prccnt ho h:is known him
as a thorouji-goin;, hardworking mem
ber of tho obi Whig and notf Itepublicau
purlici not n fancy politician, In any
cne of tho term, but ono of the people,
and n representative of the mae. lie
hai not btcn of thoo whono voico is heard
only at iiiutntuoth ns meetings ond
County and Stato Convention, but his la-
bor bus been in tho Mnnll villsgcn, tho log
fcbool-houscs, and tit tho cross roads os
well as elsewhere. During all tho time he
. , . . .? ....
'v w w. W.IIIV Kill. ..
lliclItl,a I think tho miter can My
truthfully without fear of contradiction
thero has been no political canvass.
National, Stato or County election, to
which ho hai not given liberally of Iiis
time ond means in contending eloquently
und ZNtlnmly for tho principles of Ilight
and of Justice, and no audienco that ever
arcmblcd to hear him speak 'were disap
pointed if in his power to prevent; but,
to the contrary, the writer has seen large
osc:i.b!ios stand in as wrapt attention as
though the Coh nel was discus-tin? qties
timis not only concerning their present but
their future happinc-s.
It has been t-uiJ that "Republics aro
ungnitcful," but tho writer cannot believe
that tho Republicans of Franklin County
will ever manifest ingratitude by forsaking
an old, true, tru.ty and trustworthy co
laborer, for one whoso interests havo nev
er been, nnd aro not now so closely identi
fied with theirs, as aro tho interests of
biiu of whom we have penned this sketch.
' An Otu OusKRVisn.
Tl.c foMowiitj has been furnished ufbr
publicttioti. It speaks for itself :
Post UmcE, Nty Tiiknton, Iäu., ")
Feu. 17, 18C8. )
To tWJlvn. A. h. Hind.tllt lth,itUr
(J cue rut,
Sin: Upon my return home after an
absrMico of hum'o days, I am in receipt of
information that you havo determined up
on my removal liom the position of Dep
uty Postmaster at this pluco. I accepted
my crtnmission at tho bane's of tho Hon.
Win, Dennisoii, your predecessor in oflieo,
ut the earnest rolicitatiou of friends to the
Government and the Post Office Depart
ment, tiot for the emoluments of the oiüec,
but merely lo keep it fiuui under the con
trol of thoo who, iu tho late rebellion,
wero covert enemies to our country and
its loyal government men who woro wil
ling to let rebels take half our continent
und on tho:-.o terms mako peace men
vhoo feelings and sympathies wero all on
the aido of tho rebellion men who never
shed a tear fur tho loss of fur armies, but
ticviT iUiicd to rtjoico when the rebels
wero successful in batth.
According to the thowing of tbe Audi
tor of the Treasury for the Post Office
Department, there was ou accumulated
balance of (5,85 duo md on the firat day
of the current quarter comrncncingManu-
ry Ut, IblJS
1 am thereloro at a loss to
oij. etMre iho reaaona operating npon
..... I.l a.. .. .k . a aw e,AtäVrti M Arllff W r
1: Ii 1 1 r Bill VI 1 1 III 'I II l 1 11 II 1 DIU Ul U I II I m I
j- i ; r V ' I
remove mo. 1'reiuuitr.g, however, mil
- T ' 1
yur rmo.,.-re
'1 moit jupmiiuiy jou to .uioisu ui
with a copy of the petition, if any, togeth
er with a lint of tbe names signed thereto,
which caused your busty, action .in the
matter. ' " , . ;
I have tho honor, ir, to bo, very res
pectfully, : -
Your ob'd't serv'f, '
' Samuel Davis, T. II.
For the American,
' Fourth .Congressional District. .
Mit. Kditor, I bavo been trying (and
hnpo with some degrco of auccc,) to d'i
vect myself of all personal feeling upon
the subject of eelccting tho Union candi
date lor Congress in the Fourth District.
Thero acema to be a degrco of bitterness
in various parts of. tho District towards
each of tho .gentlemen ' named as candi
dates for tho nomination, that is truly in
cxplic,ablo PJ deplorable. Kithcr of ihe
gentlemen named, at lco?t Iho most prom
incut -Col. J. II. Farnnhar, Hon. 11. W.
Julian and Gen. Tom lion nett -are men
of talent and of tho highest respectability;
I could vote for either with great good
will; and it ia to bo hoped that a more
kindly spirit will prevail, and that due
deference will be paid to iho opinion of
thoo who advocate the claims of their fa
vorite candidates. ' This tolerance of opin
ion Ti due from each Republican to every
otlor, and it should be granted in a kind-
iyViriff for we arc all aiming at the lauu
re;fTn.l mre all equally fighting tho en
emies of freedom and icpublicau institu
tion!. . 1
I havo no doubt that Col. Farquhar is
the favorite candidato of the Union voters
of Franklin County, and it is presumable
that our Delegate will continue to vote
(or him in Convontion so long as there
ttay.lr any hop) of his nomination. All
foliticll calculations I have found to be
tery uncertain, nnd it may bo found inj
fusible to fiominute him. In that event
the rjucHiou comes up, For whom hall
we vote?
I I have not tbe leant disposition in the
world to dictate to my Ilcpublican friends
of Franklin County how they shall vote
is ra'e they cannot-nominate their first
eioico. Hut there can bo no objection to
my tilling them thnt 'tv nnt choice, do
eidedly, is Judjjo J. M. WiUon. Jude
Wilson, in point of talent end character,
is ffjuol to any of the gentlemen named.
He II a very popular man, Ins been no
office seeker, is not now a candidato for
the aoniinatioa ; but being good Itepub-
Kenn, I hire no doubt I e would feel him
solf booad to accept the nomination if
tendered to him voluntarily and without
any solirltalion on bii part.
I have always believed that it would be
a vfixcr policy to confer our otTicci upon
thojio who do n4 seek them, than upon
thofcc who tin. Dion.
Dar Ainrn'i'on, I.at Winter was a
very pteasant one In Minnesota. Thero
wis very little cloudy or windy weather,
ani not much severe cold. Tho coldest
was only -3 dgrce.i below zero. The dnys
were tuontly bright nnl beautiful bjyrtd
de$ciijtion. Add to this, tho luxury ol
L,cat ,,M' -'oralin;?, cxh.larat.ng
t4 h, ua-n is n Weimer ibai i was
charmed with tho climate. Uut thia Win
tcr we tee, or rother fool, a very different
picture. Tho oldest inhabitant does not
remember a colder or severer ccaion. Il
coua.a in severity the Winter iu which
Minnchuhii died. I believe the thcrmomo
tcr has scarcely been up tu tho freezin;
pom. aiiuuiki l aiuer raj mniciitj juitm,)
since i lianksLMvm". Un tho J'Jth and
loth of January, tho mercury sunk to
-IU degrees below, and froze, while spirit
thermometers indicated tho atonihim:
coldness of 4C degrees below xerol Think
of that, you who cannot go to church,
and can hardly go out to feed your cuttle,
when the temperature is ten below, let
o-o one of those dsys (Sabbath, Pith Jan.,)
I rode 11 miles, and preached at two places
tevcu miles opait in tho country, to
larso congregations. And I did not
sutler seriously from tho cold. Women
were at meeting who had walked, some
of them, nearly a milo. I ho next morning,
(Monday,) the temperature still forty
live or fix below, our 250 .school children
and young folks were in their places, al
most without an exception. Little iils
who live vomo distance from the school,
camo with the down on thoir checks white
with frost.
List Sabbath I bad a hard day. One
of my appointments was 13 miles distant,
making -0 miles for tho trip. I set out
just al ter sum ist, the mercury Ü5 degrees
below zero, and a sharp wind in my lace.
The day was clear, thosuri shone brightly,
but the wind prevailed, and tho tempera
ture scarcely moderated all day. When I
had traveled a few miles, (in a e'eigh, of
courso.) my horso was white with frost,
icicles lour or fivo inches long were hang
ing to his nose, and my own beard was al
most a solid mass of ieo concealed Irom
my breath. ' And did you live?" O yes;
cauicwt unscathed, untouched by irost,
except my nose and ono car slightly; that
much might havo happened lurther
To day is a perfect Greenlander. ' Mer
cury several degrees below zero all day,
considerable enow falling, and old Dorcas
howling like the furies. Snow has fallen
at different times io great abundance; aud
when it once falls it never melts until the
COxt Spring. We have nowabout two to two
and a half feet entirely too much for con
venient getting about. And then it so
badly drifted; it lies in a heap, four, tix,
or even eight feet deep in places. J toads
are frequently filled up, and a new track
must be broken through the fields. Muny
miles of our roadi hereabouts will be used
no more till April suns ahall molt the
snow. Our jailroad is sometimes blocka
ded for days together. The last time I
eaw tho train, the anow was thrown up
ward and right and left like an avalanche,
by a huge snow-plow, which was affection
ately urged forward by three engines
steaming and smoking unitedly like a
moving volcano with throe craters, -the
rear of the Imposing procession closed by
one louely passenger car. : "
Voa talk about -sleighing .in Indiana.
Why we never think of seeing wheels for
three or four montha together. 1 We travel
on runners, we visit on ruonora, we go to
church on runners,' iwe paisenger on
runners, wo freight' on .runocri, we abip
cn runners every thing on runners except
. , . .. ' i.i .:ii . . a.
aienm, ana i nope euiuauowj ...
.1. ... I . 111....
bV Wynuta iv ;
It is no uncommon thing to see a cord to
a cord and a half of wood, or a ton to a
ton and a half of bay, drawn into town on
a sled." Indeed, so great is the demand I
for runncra that most of the timber In the
woods growa crooked. . . ;
In this latitude people dress to eulOhe
season. Moro clothing is worn than with
you, and of a heavier quality. And then
immense quantities of furs are brought in
to requisition, Doing comparatively near
tho fur yielding rgionV, furs (especially
the coarser kinds) aro very cheap. You
can buy a good fur overcoat for tweny-flve
to thirty dollars.. . Civia?
ii i
Vallandighamva. Tho New York World.
From the Pnyion Lpljr-r,' February 15.
Tho New York World oftho 5th Inst.,
contain tho following: '
"Tho Democracy of tho Union expect of
their frloads in Ohio no tenderers in
dealing with Yollandigham, who publicly
and privately exulted over the dcfeit oft
Dcmoerntio Cong meinen, which he helped
to procure, and who publicly and privately
at onoo undertook to make that defeat a
weapon ogainst Ohio's favorite aon, Ocorgu
II. Pendleton."
Tho Democracy of Ohio expect tho New
York World to attend to its own busltu-M.
We do not recognizo that paper as the
mouth piece of tho Democratic party of
the Union. If tho cowardly time serving
i nd venal ronnrels of such papers as the
New York World had not been repudiated
and rcorncd by tho Democracy cf the
Great West in tunes past, wo would have
iiad no Democratic organization, other than
a mere demoralized banditti bound togeth
er only by tho cohesive power of public
plunder. ' "
Wo hope the Democratic press of Ohio
in rc'pouso to ' the exhortation " of tho
Woild, in' regard lo ti e manner of dealing
with 'Mr. Valldndigham, will henceforth
show no Icndirucrs in dealing with the
New ork World, whose bare trcuchcry in
this holo mailer is apparent fn tho fuel
that it is notoiiou.ily oppmcd to tho nom
ination of Gcotgo U. Pendleton vr uuy
titlur Wvftrrn man for tho Presidency.
Its purpose is at once malignant nnd
treacherous to destioy tho Influence of
YolluiidigliMtii, aud to defeat tho nomina
tion of Pendleton and yet tho piopiic
tera uV that paper liuvo the effrontery to
n?k FUppurt irom Iho Democracy of Ohio,
and the impuJeuco to till hat Ii expect
ed of us.
Wo can fell tho Vforld bat tho Demo-
cravy tif tho Union uay cxreot of ua.
They can expect, AVt of 11 what they
seek in vain lor in tho columns (file
New York Woild unfaltering Jldcli'y to
Iho principles nt.d orgtfiiization of tho
Democratic party. They may expect our
adherence and support in every rlFort to
restore tho Union under tho Constitution,
and in all measures designed to protect
the great wealth producing and laboring
iutcrcet of the country ogaint tho rapaci
ty and wily stratagems cf thoso who Keck
tu livo without labor, consumo without
producing, and to fid oll public plüCes
without deserving them. They may ex
pect of us, at the same lime, I tig repudia
tion ofthat whole brood of cowardly und
venul tiickMcr when have no other appre
ciation of tho Democratic organization
than aa a meana to secure thu honor and
emolument of tHice, ond the plunder of
partial legislation.
If it thill unfortunately bneomo np
parent to the Democracy of Ohio and of
tho West, that tho principles for which we
have struggled me to te betmyed, nnd
tho men who havo been faithful to them
repudiated; if tbo vital interests of this,
Iho t-eat (if American Kmpire, uro to be
sncrificud to the rapacity and exadions of
those who wish to Administer tho Govern
ment iu tho iutcic.-ts of a dun, nnd nut of
tho people, it may as well buv uudertood
first as last that tho Democratic party in
tho West will not. lend itself to the accom
plishment of such purposes.
Tho World claims that Mr. Yullandig
ham helped to procure the defeat of Colo-'
nel Hums. This is false it is as
fulso cs it would havo lieu hud
Mr. Yull-Midigtmm been in Fort
Warren, whero Colonel Hums nnd the
New York World would have been glnd to
havo hod Lincoln rend him in 18G-1.
Colonel Durns was asking tho support of
Democrats who voted for Itrnugh and
who felt disappointed, moreover, that
those Democrats who sympathised with
Colonel Durns und tho New York World
had just succeeded iu defeating Yullatidig
ham fr Uuitod States Senatorin placo of
Hen Wade, who had been denouncing him
ail ovcr Ohio, nt tho preccdiug election, as
a convicted traitor und un ust irant for his
tlace. Tho Dcmoctats of Colonel Durns'
Hstrict. however, like truo Democrats tl-e-wherc,
camo to his support manfully os the
regular nominated cai.didato of the Dem
ocratic Convention; unlike Colonel Durns,
however, in the Gubernatorial campaign of
1&G3, which did moro to vindicate the
pluck and manhood of the Democratic
party than any election that ever transpired
in tho United States.
Resides all thi, Gen. Restty fUnked
Gen. Durns on the bond question a ques
tion upon which tbo New York World
affects total blindness in looking to tho
causes of Col. Durus' defeat, and in its
anxiety to implicate Mr. Yallundigham'a
active complicity.
Dut ogain- tho WorlJ patronizingly
speaks of Mr. Pendleton as Ohio's favorite
son and yet thero is not a man anywhero
in tho United States tho World is more
anxioui to defeat for the Presidential nomi
nation than Georgo II. Pendleton. With
sinister and treacherous purposo it stabs
Yollandighan. that it may destroy Pcndlo
ton. e
It remain. to bo eecn whether this ami
able and manly syttem of tactics is to
prove Bucccshful. ,,
Now a word as to Mr. Yallandigham:
The New York. World ia no doubt well
acquainted with Mr. Yallandigham' pub
lic history and antecedents.
Its editor is probably not acquainted
with hiiu personally, otherwise he would
not have rpoken of luoi as a "vulgar poli
tician.' I hero are few men iu public lite
who devote moro time to systematic study
and intellectual pursuits than Mr. Yallau-
J ig ham. He is not only an alio lawyer, a
good claascial scholar, a well read historian,
but ho is thoroughly acquainted with, tbe
political history of tbia country, and the
current politics of the world.- lie has had
a large experience in public affairs. His
utterances upon public questions havo al
ways commanded" great otteution, andliow
ever much his couro las bceu condemned
by bis opponeuts, uo oue baj ever breath
ed a suspicion against his fidelity to hi
own honest convietions, or to the cardinal
principles of the Democratio faith. He
preserved and maintained that fidelity un
der circumstances which proved not only
his courage, but his wisdom and Matcsman
ship, and by fearlessly enforcing upon the
attention of tho people hi views of pub
lic duty and constitutional rights, as It
wos his undoubtcd right to do, he became
tho victim oft despotism as infamous and
unjustifiable aa ever waa imposed upon a
free people.
His bearing under theso clrcumatanccs
was courageous and manly. He told tbe
ofiiccra of the Southern Confederacy, that
ho came among them not of his own 'free
will, but compelled by superior force, and
that he had no sympathy with their effort
to divide the Union and establish a South
ern Confederacy. He found his way, not
through the violation of any parole or oth
er obligation, to Cunada, and while there,
tho Democracy of Ohio, true tu their in
stinct of manhood and against the timid
counsels of the very men who atill take
couofd from policy instead of principle,
nominated liiiu wilh unprecedented est
Ihusiann for Governor of Ohio. All ' re
member tho incident of that memorable
campaign, in which the Hon. George - K.
Pugh boro himself so gallantly, and placed
the Democracy of Ohio under an obliga
tion that haa never been canceled. .
Mr. Yallandigham, in due titer, return
ed upon his own rosponsibity to bis home
andjliM alli'y from re-arrest wee due in
a great measure to the courugo which tho
Democratic party hod shown ia the prece
ding political campaign.
. Since that time ho has not been a can
didate, but ha been prominently before
the public, aud has exerted hi whole pow
er and influence to promote the ascendancy
of Democratic principles and Ihe restora
tion of (ho Union. Ho has contributed
nt least s much as any one man in the
United Slates lo maintain tho integrity and
purity of tbe Deuu i ratic organization, and
wo can tay lo the New York World, and
to it -a sympathizer, that there ate a thou
sand fcound Democrats in every part of the
United Statea who will stand ty C L.
Yallandigham, whero they will find ono
who will approve tlicir attacks on him.
If is simply silly for the New York
World to talk of Yallandigham as a traitor
in the Democratic ramp, id expect to write
him down, or read l.iiu out of the Duuio-
cnitie rr'J-
If such men os VaWanillhsni end l is
friends vvcio roml nut or it. there would be
nobody ltlt hut a p.nly !' cimuoh.
To the liathr euarir;' rf the mwp and
the bolilliailtrhip nf tin Dftiu trutie party
of Ohio in ti n at kiu iii, ihe Dcmw-
crucy of the Union is indexed to that po
liticil success, which propctly lelloaej up
would L iL War Unv! of e.tvred Dem
malic usfci ilcticy ut.d constitutional lil
ii ty.
Hut no pirty ever deserved repect or
oehieud tutit's iiil ut touiage.
The lUmoeratio purty has l-rro lime
nnd timu oguin curt cd nnd lirtriyd by the
sioiiter and muiignanl tatties of Huh pa
pars as Ihe Now York Woild, avekiu lo
row disuid in ur tunk, le strokvpli-di
local und cctiouul purp .o, an I by those
who pot 1 1. ui.se! es Iura i id a h-mleia,
alter tho stiucss of some political fotlorn
hope, who counsel wiih pile lips how we
tr.ay g1vo Icist offense to our dvirsrios,
instead of boldly advancing to tight the
wrong wo havo sulf -red. and to restoie the
sr-.crcd guaruiitcc that have been violated.
Tho taik beforo tho Democratic party now
demands ihn highe. t uua'i io of manhood-
j as wc l o.i of MutesuiJii-hip. No success
! is worth tho f II" r t unless it secures the
j icndancy of Democratio pi iiu ipin. 1'et
I ter, n thousund lin.es, deleHls in an open,
j hoiiust stru'.'ic for priuciti, than suo
! cess, if it bring only n.eie peisonal tri
umphs, iho demoralirJog spoils of idbce
aud the gains cd' IcisIutiM b.euderiiiga.
II AnitlsON, Feb. Sill,
Jh'iir Auu-rtwiiii I inn very glad in
deed that I fornished an article for your
column, os it gave fi tend Perry" pitch
a nice chance to bo 'cute; for instance, he
; rays that ho cannot
ngieo wilh
e os to
! tho color of thut little
at'imal. I would
nsk him to do one favor for tue, via: toll
tho name of that littlo animal bo alludes
to. He says it's green. I think bo mutt
have been silling opposite a mirror wl
he wrote U lastorticle, fr that's the
Iv way I can account for this peculiar col
or, lie offers mo his hand, which I ac
cept; but I cannot say so much for bis
tongue, unless put to better uso than it
has been lately.
He thinks I am trying to pleose nil tho
different churches of this place, and fie it
riyht, for. I think this can be done by
simply living up to a good old rule, viz:
speak ill of no one, and if others spoak
ill of you, live so as lo disprove it. Though
I am npt immediately connected with any
church at this time, I would blush for
shamo to write anything about any church
in this or any other place that would in
the least laar its progress. He says that
he thinks teo well of the literary cause to.
do anything that would bo an injury to it.
I think he would do equally well if he
had the fa mo respect for his God, and
when bo writea on this subject say noth
ing but what will be beneficial to this one
great and too much neglected cause
. I have nothing to take back concern
ing our free schools being good, for there
has been a decided improvement in them
sinco friend "Perry V departure as one of
authority in our midst. I am not much
on a debate, ond sarcasm is a stranger to
me; therefore I do not wish to carry on a
war of words. Hut I wLll say a few words
about our city.
This week has been noted for its littlo
incidents and accidents. On a certain
evening of last wek, as one of our worthy
citizen was leaving the ofllco of Dr. Dol
lahan, he made a false step, which prectp
itatcd him down a flight of steps, break
ing his collar bone. Also, an aged lady
of thia place is now suffering from a dis
located knee. i i
Dut before I closo, 1 wish to aay some
thing about the Fire Deportment of Har
rison. On Wednesdsy last there wsa an
alarm of fire given. Tho Hook and Lad
der Co. was coon on the ground with their
wagon, but the buckets belonging thereto
wero safely locked up io the Kogina
llouso, (Town Hall,) and were only ob.
taiood by the proocsa of.scalation. 'A
certain youth noted for bia acilUy, climb
ed up and immortalized himself by paniog
tbcui down to tbo ' aforesaid. Company.
Tic Cro woe soon extinguished, none be
iug sccu have that iu the stove, and tbe
members of the Fire Department TCturned
borrfe eatisSed In' their own ttinds ibat
they had saved the towa from ose general
conflagration. The damage to the prop
erty did tot exceed $23, caused fiiirelj
by ax and water.
...For .tbe present I will elosef bopin-j tflj
hear something about the great Lesn Year
Party In your next, if ' Perry" will be ro
good aa to give a aeoe-unt of it. Yours
respectfully - -Hill 1 aixwrLr.
A FARM ef UO acres, UO aUarsd, baiase la
l. bast .f llwbtr, iwo-stor t'Sma be with
4 rotüi, ball mni oIUr, a larf alttara, frame
tarn and other ; tat butlJla;, wsll waUrai, I!
taarlof rpl trssi, psirh orchard, txari, .Utnl,
rhrrl and etbrr staall freiU, ll atfiUd te
tiuil gravlar. ed abua all a aallfcj .Ua 1 J,'
mllas it of .taw Trantnn Ftatlon o tb Vi'blie
Waur Vattay K. lUad and lk. Fur par'.latsrs,
apply to C bl. llockardUr, Nw Tr.DCua, Fraak
lluCo., lud.
f Dally Uittlla copy 4t ad thg tbts offie
NT. Ppt at Ca. bara en baa, mmi for salr, a
fa thousand p.a'b Tress of iba bait vsrot
It, whtor will It laid LOW FOHCAHH. Alia, a
mall 1 ef I'aars, Uew.Wrl. Ci 4ln, Jkc
Addr.ii N. P. rOKCK Jk CO.,
Ftb Sl-tf. Jtoolags, IrBOllioCo., Ind. '
rpiII3 Math,(Fskrbar;,)li tbtlafr Cattlof
J. UrsHi, lo ba pat la nail aprtai. Thaeadcr
algatd III bvprfparad ail Brrina i(ri laars,
Applai, Aa., As., ea ratoabla larrui. Will far
kiili crafts trum lb tM variaUsi f fratt for Ikl
cllioaia warranted Ira I linn, sad rrntd
t grow, or S rbaf. Fand la your orj.ra airly
ftatlag (aa oaarat may b,) be meat? fraMag
ye waalckoa, lbs klod of slorki yoa tare, A.t
Ao, AdJraaa X. f. KUKCK.
Janalngi, Kran alia Ca lad.
Cheaper than tho Chcapestt
. i
Dry Goods and Clothing!
aXTo-v Stoolü!
Mi.s ir
sii n ii
t'KXTS'Ft'tt.MSHI.Xa ÜÜÜD.S 4C., '
Wut' 1.1 Infctro lbs dliiini or lVrooW.llla and
rrrnindlir vanlrr, Ibal ha bait pxnad
a spUad:d. ate andlitrk supply f
nöij?); eiclliJig, kc,
tafcr-atntf na-r ! f U.tnda, ta aa4 raayr
I prices-whicB wiilbftvaaaV te b uipridag )
low. III, stock of
I?CiuIy33atlc Clothing
I n-nf-laia, aat m kit b a ic anibraea tb baal
a.Oftmi'l Id ilia inwn.
Uivs hittt a rail sttb Jf rsrd if M. Vrjst,
rut J r to i'iola's ii-ra. II r'fctfull a.kl
lha i.oi-U aujaa bit gnoda aad prloa .
(rbi it ' JOll.N fUUKtt.
Ii Bai I läk 1 A ' .
In Furniture 1 1
IXflClM puttin up a aw w alory Irir.
lait'llns; Iri.nilng Mala I m('i r-irsct, la
pUra r bit praaanl Irama wrarom. aad la or
tier tn do at, ba wail haa mny. Tbartfoia b
bai drlrwla4 In U bis raaaat tuak nt
I. ia ! tm ant of 1 uruiti rs I' na tf Iba lai g
a.t aad bat In lb VVblta Tatar Vallay, auaal.l
li.g ft r-ufte, liuritui Had. t. ad., da , Aa.
C riJ.ri lor u aoalattutli ji a IUcouHlus I Lr-
Lrpt oa Land lor Olllr-g all lui or Iran.
. fiOPAH. .
avrrbnu'cd and rafiitad. All at a-a of
furul.U I atnvidiug lo iu.urr. All kind .(
o brn lofura.
TJ 13. Cl O X t Ct 13L 1 23. QT
will t.a prmtty ttn hi l a fr Jirl .
HosiMood, Walnut & Mit.nl CoCln
It-fall sltfi cnitnrtlj co Leid. T" Usance
) ii jra ready fur atn lea. WM.l'UAMC.
rb 21, hS.
CVC0XKLS In tiklog ii Prrinlew at all tbe
O Pairs ahererer exhibited, Lsvirg takeo the
First Prize nt Paris,
over revr.ty-to di,Trent Msrhlne, as tbe
VTa kino swarded tbe Premium st ear last Ccoa
tj FalaV No fiber Macblne wilt do ea long
range vf work.
It Ihm, JVVj, Ccrni, Gathnt, Braitlt,
(JuUtt, ami Uu l hen and & era om a
; JlnfiU at tie watt lime.
It makes
the loek, knot,deatle-lork,eed doabla-Vnnt, ear
atlteb balng alike ea both sides ef the fabric. It
has the , .i ... ,
wbt-k enables tb operator by simply turaiag a
thumb icrew to have lb work rar. either t the
right er left, slay aoy part ef th snn cr fta
ends ef jeams withoal turning tb fabric. Chang
ing the length of ailtehee, and front aa kiad of
Uiich to another, ran readily be done vhlle tbe
Maebioa Is tn ruc-tl a.
The Needle Is more EasIIj Adjusted
than la any other machine, and can ba w j wbara
quiet is Decenary, doc not require a finer thread
en the aodcr aid thao it dues for tbe upper, aod
win .
Sow from tho Finest to
tho 1-Ioavicst Kabrio
witboQtebanga ef thread or breaking of aeedl.
Then vrybodjr desiring a good Machine, should
eiaaila the Flcreno at eno. Ramatokcr,
ibzl-tf : TraUng Agent, Lurt.
Daily Commercial
fitngl eopy.by nail, ft month... ......... 40 aaata.
. . . ,r ' year ......-...4.eS.
Tea eoples, ail m"a t a - fl.Si ab
Twenty eorlee, lis months S.OO wacb
Thirty f op six tncnlhi see e- I.TOesea
fifty eopus. tla asontha. eaaaee e ae .. l.&l sack
felll-lw ' ' ladjanspolle, ladlsaa.
.kohuiibuo.; ,
AOS K TS VTANTKD) to tatreJere aa itlrlyi
new arliola. h'eile rapidly at larr proBti.
Sand 21 can la fur sanaptaa ind particular.. ' Ad-
dreei, Q. U. DEAN, Ms jvllla, fit. -'
f,H. It !w
r inpnffE
Uli II U J

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