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'JUL.' '.
JSfnDiana -iVnuncnn.
C. H. ÜIN&HAM, Editor.
rrli7 Mornlnr, April 24. 1338.
' Juljan Nominated.
will he Man frm the irci which
w poUieh tLU week from several of tt
K'pöbliciO papers In tbf Conjreiatooal
JiHct, it U generally conceded that
31 T, Juliin in II g'ui as oonilrioj, au J
til true Republiesos fem (q tilde the
result anl heartily co operate in advan
cing tbe coumfln cause by giving their
no it J Influence in surport of the notni
me. Let tLwre If an dtvUion la cur
Mr. Stanbery waa not ablo to appear In
Caart on ThursJay. Mr. Kvarts, however,
aid Tie would call "irre wltac. Before
tbil Mr.Suuinci endeavored togetlbeSeo
fa to adopt ioilo rule regarding- etidenoe,
but hi tuotion waa tabled. Mr. Cox, couo
eel for General Thomai in thecsio Stanton
?. Thomas, waa called, and testified re.
jrardinjr, certain convcraation with the Pres
ident about that time. Mr, Merrick, as
aviate counsel, alio testified regarding tie
above ote io Judge Cartter'a Court. Mr.
Terrino waa culled, but the Sonate refused
to admit hia evidence. Mr. Evarle waa pre
j a re J to auint&oo po tujie witueases, and
ai'rer a speech by Mr. Untier on the laj
j'olicjr of delay, the Court adjourned.
Üo Saturday Secretary Welle waa call
ed to the atand, and the other Cabinet
ministers were present iu order to testify to
the Preidnt' intent ia the removal of
t'etietary ßfaulon. Tb Manngera ol jected
foil reception vi ih testimony, Manager
Wilson making an elaborate argument
against it. The Chief Justice ruled that it
Waa admissible, but the Renale teversed
lie da iaioo, and although four other at-1
tetspts were made to ret in a rortion of
what the Secretaiies were there to tell, the
Penaie refused to admit it. Itwaa then an
nounced by ti e counsel for the Vrcnident,
that so far as thy were theo advised, they
had oo further evidence to submit, and
the Coort adjourned.
Oo Monday Mr. t'orti announced that
th evidence fr th Pteident waa elocd.
The Managers fubtuitted some additional
documentsry ewJrucr, not, however, im
portant ia in character. Postmaster Gen
erai lUudill was recalled, and made more
!ear bia tiolationa of law. Manager Cut
ler made aa unsuccessful attempt to in
troduce evidence to refuto the charge of
jeijury agaiuat Mr. I3loductt. Mr. Uutlcr
then announced that the Manager had
üo not evidence to sudmit. Mr. Bout
well afckcd for an adjournment for one
dsy, to tisl)! him to review tho evidence
befote bffgir.uing bia argument. Mr.
Kvsrts staled tlut Mr. IStanlefy was re
eortj'iag, but be akcd an adjourumeut for
w ltj. To this tho MaLagers agreed,
i d il waa to otdercd.
SoJiert' Bounties.
Tlfollort()K card of Mr. Ilatmaman,
OetKtal Utlttarj Agent of tfca State, will
t vfiuieTi.l to all saldier:
Tt lie fiVhr i f lU Jur,iik
ix:lt oway be a matter of interest to
our aoUlieM, to know bow soon their
bounty eiainm will be paid. The follow
ing facts were jMam.h from the Paymas
ter d'et cral'a Def ttuient. while on a re
eot tirit to Washington, and may be re
lied tn it correct.
Amount of claim filed opto April 1.
1FC8. 440.200. 'uuiter paid or rejected
210.000, leaving about 2(X,00 jet tobe
parted ujon. Tl:re ta paid during
March lat.27.CM. At Icivt 23,000 per
month will b paid, uuiil all are dirpofced
Frcn? iImj abovff, attMiera will sec that it
will be but m abort timo until all are paid.
Wm. IIaxnaman.
The folliir circular from Gen. Brice,
l'a) master General, is alio of interest in
this connection. S)Idiera will ste that
they cannot L defrauded alter claims arc
j aid to their a-ent or attorneys, if they
ihcmaelves exercie proper precautions:
V"ahbio)itoD, V. C, March '23 1863.
It is entirely ia. j ricticulle for this
ttce to rcrly to the iiutncnao number of
Juijuirie from claimunt.4, or their ftieod,
Hhd stfornr in, a to tlo ccndiiion orcauc
of delay in tie at'justuieiit of their bounty
rJaimr, without a terioun interruption to
the public buiiueM, especially ia the very
matter of hettltng ihesc particular claims.
This printed circular is the only reiponse
that can be given.
All the bounty claims now on ! sro
lein;: ettUd as lat as the iSecond Audi
tor of the Treasury can. iuinlih, from the
mutter tolls now dpfiicd in bis office,
the evidence neccotary to determine the
Validity of each claim. This information
haa leu art-lied for. and the Auditor ia !
as - 1 '
bem furnUhing rcspoutes to our inquiries j Wo have thought all along, and )et be
at the rato of about twenty thousand per ; lieve that it would have been far bctttr
uionth. At bis rate it ia expected that for tho liepublican purty of tl.e Diairict.
ll f w)uih number of claims filed, or likely j if ton.e new man bad been selected, and
tit ff filed, aill be acted on and finally Mr. Juliau and Mr. Bennett loft at their
settled in the neat nine months. ... j leisure for a season to settle their old di
V Leu a claim i allowed ' the check is;putes, and doctor their chronic political
drawn la lit vijtr cf the claimant, and tent i aorei; but, since Mr. Julian ia o.rr Candi
with li dicLargc to bi attorney. or him-! date (iftiCf tur choice), we shall give
elf wUtc t9 attrtney has beta ap- hltu the same measure of support that wo
pained, snd is paji'.dy upon im bad iu reserve for the man of our own
ümimnuuth tlu'iVtutJ,- unlesa -lb latter' preference. If Mr Julian ia defeated, we
I ail.lv a tower vf a.uorn? exicufcd!
sut-Mquctit to ihe data cr the check,
Uj-rit hi atlornej io ct tiir biui.
er i
a a-
any clifck ie aid on improper Indorse
ment, the Aietant Treasurer of the Uni
ted Slate at New York city, on whom aril
checka lor addiUooal bounty arc drawn, ia
the rraponaible party to whom tho rJer
in auch cave, must look lor payment. It
will thue be aeen that tho soldier can iu.t
be defrauded, unless by his own act he
places Liiuaelfia the power of his attor
ney. . U; ; UnicE,
Paymaster General.
aawaaa ae i
Card of Gen. Dennett.
Messrs. Editors: Allow me, through
your paper, to say to the people of Union
County, that I tbauk theui for their kind
neos and aupport in the Congroseional
nomination. That I carried my native
County by auch a decided Vote, U I lUtirCC
Of pride to rue, which lehall avar cherish
The result iu tla District, although un
favorable to tue. furnlahe tue no cauao of
regret, nor producea iu mo a aiogle foaling
oi unkiudtieas.' A combination of circum-
atancea, which I tried to avoid, rendered
die mult inevitable. I foreQ my defeat
before the day of my election, tut leliev
tng thai canvassing ibua early in the great
campaign before us, would result in good,
I continued the contest. I confined toy
telf, during the caiivea, to a diecuaaiun of
the great questions invoiced in the politics
of the day, and indulged iu no persousl
controversies, so that I am consoled with
the hope that 1 havo done some fcood, and
do harm. I am do longer candidate for
the Congressional nutnm itiun, for I coo
cider that conteat virtually decided. 1
hopo that toy friend will in the Conven
liou ue their influence to carry out the
expressed will ot the people, and Vote aa
ibey did when voting for ue that ia, vote
While circutoatancea absolutely compel
tco to devote my time to the do. tic of my
profession, so greatly neglected during the
long ycara that 1 have given tuy parly
and uy country, yet I promise that iu the
future, as in tl.e past, I shell be found
battling in the front ranka for the success
of the great principles of the Union Rc
publican party principles for which 1
lave ruktd wy life and which 1 cannot
now abandon. I shall as ever vote and
work Krthe success of the Republican
ticket without a "scratch."
T. W. Bennett.
Ninth District.
Winchester, April 14, 18C8.
I withdraw from the contest of the Con.
gressional nomination in this District, and
congratulate my fellow Republican upon
the fact that a better and abler tuen than
myrelf has been eelccted to lead their
forcea in the comin? campaign. Tho re
suit of the primary election iu the counties
of Uenrv. Dluwart. uml flu .!.. I r.li ia u
flattering endoremeut of the political rc-
iviu iuu laiiuiui priviiva vi uiv ui
tinguiahed competitor, General John P.C.
Shanks. The vote is decisively sgainat
me, and I "accept the ailuatiou' without
a murmur or regret. Tho cause is above
alljcrsonal considerations, and I mom
chectfully take my place iu the ranks and
hold mjhelf in readiness to labor for it
success whenever or wherever duty may
To thoe who so generously gave me
their confidence and support, i take' this
occsMoti to returu my sincere thanks. I
feel especially honored by their kind par
tiality, and shall bear the memory of it
with me through life.
1 will not allow myself to doubt for a
moment but that every liepublican voter
will zealously and enthusiastically aupport
the nominee of the party. No ouc will do
so with more ardor than myself. So far
an I am concerned, the canvass has left no
wounds to be healed.
1 retire from the field knowing that our
colors will be entrusted to one who has
been tried and proved hitunelf faithful
who will not ttail them in the dust, nor
haul them down in the presence cf the
eaemj. Very respectfully,
TuouAä M. Browne.
Julian for Congress.
W. Julian has curried Warne
County, in the nominating election, by
about ooe thousand ruujority. lie gets
Union County by some four hundred ma
joritj; ten out of fourteen delegates are
for him in Fuyette County; returus from
Hancock County show that be will get
that County; and, tip to this time, six out
of the twelve Townships in this County
have instructed for him. This is sufficient
to nominate him on tbe first ballot. Thin
contest has been somewhat excitinp, and
a fair test has given Julian, fioui present
indications, tho nomination. This being
the case, it is now the duty of cverv
Union man in this district to lay oil the
armor used against him to defeat hi iu in
the nomitaiiou, and go to woik earnci-llj
to mcuic bis tlcctiou. His lSepubluuu
ptiociples have never been doubted; Iii
private cbatucttr is above reproach; hi
reputation is national; his ability can not
be questioned. Thia country caunot aflforu
to till the place cf such u mau in Cotigres
with a Hemoerat. Jt is tho duty of every
Uniou man, whatever be may think ol
Julian as a man, and however so gtcat
might h uve been hia deniro to see any
one of the other candidates nominated, to
support the nominee. If Juliau gets the
nomination, and everything sceuia to
favor it now, he mujt bu elected. If the
Bepublicans (f lie Fourth District ait
true to principle, hi election ia certain
Let us bo tiuo to ourselves and our
country in this her hour 01
Uurdiville liepublican.
The Result.
From information received fronl various
pottiona of tbe District, we are led to be
lieve that Mr. Julian has a sufficient num
ber cf Delegates instructed for him al
ready Insecure hi 111 the nomination at tho
Convention on the ÖÜth inst. While we
have every reason to believe that tho vote
of M.eiby County would have t-artied iu
favor of Jude Viiou, yet we sc 110 rea
sou to further pros his claim
when Mr.
J uliaii is alreaor. in fact, the candidate.
stall not credit ourieif with any of tho
blame if elected, our vote will add -e to
.. ...
bji luxj'.-ii'y. Shelby Hep. Loiou.
Republican Radical and Mongrel Court
iy convention."
Brookvulk, A r-nn, 21, tC3.
Editor Amtr Am, -Under the caption
of 4,Kepublicat Radical and Mongrel
County Convention! there appeared . an
articlo in the trnnklU Democrat of April
17th, 1SG3, purporting to bo a descriptiou
of tho Union Convention held at the Court
House on tho llth day of April, 1SC3.
The article In queation covered nearly
one-half of the seoond pe of. tho MBec-
ord of the Unterrtfiod," and was a truly
pitiful and labored attempt at eloquence
and wit. In visw of tho f-ct that there
was a dearth of tho former and an utter
absence of anything laughable If) if, we
feel it our duty to xpreae our kindest
sympathy for the unfurl una to writer.
The very title ia a blunder, or. rather, a
"truth told unconsciously" concerning the
Copperheads in attendance. Tho writer
admit that we were a "Republican Con
Tontioo," and we seeing none of the
canine or African species present infer
lliat the word ''Mongrel'' waa applied to
bis lloruooratio frieudi pro-nnt. '
Aa a specimen of Democratio veracity,
it is unimpeached and uuimpoachable, i;or
is its un-grsmmatical contraction less to
mark able and doner ing of note!' The writer
says of President Burton: "On taking tho
chair. he said tiiar, so far as our knowledge
exieudx, and not wishing to do him tu
justice, we give his txact language." Tho
ttnte, in the above remarkable ffl'uiion, is
hardly a intelligible aa oauld be desired
not, indeed, as clear as the Nonsense.
If the writer mean that be could not np
pttciate the remarks of Major Burton,
then it is a specimen of Domoctutio frank
neaa seldom met with. We are truly sorry
fur him, and if his friends desiro it, will
do all in our power to aocuro him a com
fortable home in ono of the chiritable
inttitutions" of our State, where he will
not be compelled to listen to sensible
speeches, nor bu obliged to confess that
knowledge" dues not extend sufficiently
fir" to enable him to interpret a lew
plaiu, common-sense remaiks.
But by the expression ued, ho perhsr s
meaus to couftss that his situation at the
time was not auch aa admitted of a display
of extensive 'knowledge." This is the
most reasonable view of tho ease, made
j more plausible by the "rosy hue' upen
i nc auspeeieu tuuiviuuai n pnii wiuie iiiuus
liicusty taking notes of the proceedings,
us well as by tho excited and incoherent
manner in which be replied to fiustions
asked by his brother "Mongrels," as he
calls them.
It may be, however, that, in tho wild
ravings of bia unbridled imsgiiiation, he
meaus to say Major Burton said nothing.
when ho took hit teat as Chairman of the
Convention. True, he contradicts that
statement in the tarnt mlmcr; but that
proves nothing. Democratic principles and
platforms are made up of contiadictious,
inconsistcacies and bad whisky, and the
writer was only following the example of
"Brcthtri goo before,"
when he writes in that style. We suspect
that he was pretty full of the above "plat
form at the time, and, like all other per
itolia ! fUUipuUM, luut-t Hot, I'M held rO
1 sponsible lor the matters ana things he has
a . a a
I t li
loyen to write.
In tho same paragraph be promises us
the Mnjor's "exact languigo,'' but it is
not furthcoming. History is silent as to
the reason of this little discrepancy, but
tradition says a solution to the problem
may be found in tho fact that several Dem
ocratic "watering places'' were iu proximi
ty to the scene of our hero's exploits, and
that as genius even will flag ut times,
and the most gigantic intellect succumb to
bodily infirmities, it is but reasonable to
suppose that (be sunny disposition of the
writer, added to causes sucU as above, in
duced biui about that time to "smile. "
But seriou.ly. We defy any one or hi
friends to explain what idea is wishcJ to
b conveyed in the words quoted. We
even doubt if tbe Ihely (?) aud viv uiou- (?)
writer himself now thitthe ink has bo
come cold, and be, it is horoi, sober
can tell us, with all the skill be has at
tained in decypbering secret alphabets,
euigmus, &?., fostered, doubtless, by ex
perience in the organization once known
as tho "K. G. C," which, like Democracy,
"Xutolertd with the tbhgj that wer,"
can tell us, in plain Kogliah, just what bo
di ' - c ').'
kq most pass to ' new and
ci. beauties." The next outrage
upon common sent-e and tho art of writing
intelligibly, is perpetrated in the fourth
paragraph, und aller tbe following manner:
"On motion of u certain pill j edler who
bent himself for tha Legislature in 1811,"
Sic. iiQ. Here again wo are at a loss. The
writer fails to inform us on what day of
the month and at what place the "pill
pcdlcr" aforesaid "beat himself." Neith
er doc he tell us what kind of an instru
11: e nt wax used in inflicting thi punish
111 e 11 1. In writing descriptions of acci
dcuts, euiciden, itc, it in customary to give
all the particulars; but in thia ca-e, a
iicws-ioving public is left iu the dark aa
to one of the oddest things on record, viz:
a man beating himself for the gratification
and amui-cment of a Legislature! c hope
the writer will not serve ua tuch another
jade's tiick."
Again, we ask him why ho hasn't pro
duced the journul of the Legislature, and
shown the record of this remarkable pro
eccJing. If the s atcincnt is true and
what Demo:iat ver told anything that
was not? whbt Legislature would be rO un
graitful an to refuse to record an act done
for their rpecial diversion? Why, it would
be meannenü in a Dimucrutic Legislature,
and that's saying a good deal, when one
remembsrs that bodies of that description
uro not expected to bo "convocations of
the gods." Unices the author produce
"the papers," we are afraid that even a
Jmociat will think tho dose too "fishy"
to be pnlatabie.
Tbu next infliction U terrible. Wo are
firmly of tho opinion thst if the punish
ment of "death without benefit of clergy"
were still in vogue, tho fact of bia being a
lawyer would not cute him, mil wouldn't,
4. .. .It... ..... f.!. ... . 1 . .!.... ..A... ...
me unr, mivr luiiauig rum u aiuivun-11 1 ns
we are about to quote "and not wishing
to do I. im injustice, we give his exact
lanjruaue." to wit: "The iron acepter of
Julian was only to be heard of, and the
faithful passed over the defeat and blood
leas political corj se of the silver-tongued
Fauquiiar. "biiATEs or fciiArir ühat
tloqxttnet Get thee bencely, thou ghott of
Wabington Irving; thy 1 rep" for perspl-
ouity tnd clegntioa of composition is
' ' buiicd in tb-tomb AfoMit ion." Eclij'inJ!
tnmccil vmhr! S"A Io Granau! Orand
lwks thv tiiuinpbl greater thy defeat! Ltil-
iiant thy g!or UarK inv uowiuaiti iui
"sich is life;" "ruan conicih up,'' &o. The
eloquence cf our cotemporary bus elevated
our poetical footings to such a pitch that
we tan scarcely bring ourself to think of
anything eUo than "Iron scepters," "sil
ver tonu,
Seriously, Mr. Kditor, we were present
durina! the u:hoU time the Convention was
in session, aod not at that time, nrtr at any
other, did we hear a word said about tliat
instrument which seems to be so fearful to
our IVnf crstlo friends. ,Thi statement
we make on our honor as an honest Tin
ker. Agin, we did not see a single "Mth
ful" pusa "over the defeated and blondletiS
political Jborpse of the ailver tonocd Far
QUIIaBi tr anv other man with a "silver
tonmia.'T It'a hard to believe that any
thing of ikat kind waa goinr on; but it
mutt bo so, it our writer Im full) estibliih
ed (?) hla eUiin to hinn a truthful aar
rator ofpiislng1 events.
But we itiust histin. I'aumlnjr over much
that la instructive, more that t atuuning.
laying uothin oboat the illusion to Mr.
Binkley getting the "bull by the horns"
we pas thia in silence, out of respect
for the fcUings of our author; fur pome un-
eharitablpcoplo Jo say that the root of
raiu annu s s vtruuxr, ivua uisiuroeu, not
as charge xyW.x'?r, Lr-iCourtj but when pMpitfcrWV 'W
known t oTSv.,.; 'ed tobuAtifbibiluivU-,
UAicrrWtrccü don't likeTl'?f),ü M. UaiMM savors
that an application of the fingers journal-
istio to tho naal appendage of said iodi
viduul woaU convinco even him that
'Tbara'i snncihlog soTTta la tk Stale of la-
we can oaly notice one more sentence- It
is thia: "To give anything like an honest
description- of this scene" we presume
he rttati the '"Movgrrl" iccnc "would
be truly heart rending." 'I here can be
no doubt of the meaning ihit time. It
stands out from tho chaotio mass of non
sense like 1
"A good deed ia this naagbty world."
It's simply an honest confession that it
would nearlv kill him to be honest. Poor
fellow! A gtuerous public will neer re
quire such a sacrifice when it is told that
it would rend hi heart. Hut it ior look
badly, u tid iipkcs one think of Ii e state of
abulia iu the "btate of Denmatk aforesaid,
when a giant intellect (0 courts we are
not sicskivg sarcastically.) professes to
give a verbatim report, and then, in as
many words, confesses it
"Was all drtsm."
The truth is, Mr. Kditor, the whole
article reminds us of (hat celebrated
query, pertinent in this snd like eases
"Duet bis mammy know he's out?"
But enough has been written to answer
our purpoi-e; enough to show that even
Ihmnciatit County newspapers may find
"a lower deep.' when their columns are
prostituted lo the use of writers of such
articles as we have been noticing. Here
after we here to roan will waate good
"kindling paper" io such a way.
Fr th American.
Queer Judicial Doings.
Mr. Jiior, Wo Cud in our statute
books a law requiring all Bailroad Com
iianifcs 4 out K(iiiii mui1ii fuii .Liu.
' - - . j - r
the liuc of'their roads. This Jaw is not
made so much for the protection of stock
running at larga, as it is to protect bnman
life. We also find another statute law
which provides that all owners, lesccs or
assignees Tuaningor having chargo of any
Railroad in this State, who shall fail to
build and keep up a good and sufficient
fence along the lino of their roads, shall
be liable to the owner or owners of any
animals which may be killed or injured
by tbeir rolling stock, whether such in
jury result from carelessness or unavoid
able Occident. Only a nmall portion of
the V W, V. Kailroad has leeu fenced.
1 w re-ntat ihe last term of Com
mon I'lcns Vourt of Frunkliu Connty,
watchi, case ground through under tho
foieg'mg law. The action was first
brought before a Justice of the Peuce,
tried by a jury, and judgment found for
plaintilT fr $7, the value of one hog kill
ed by cars of W. W V. Kailroad. I ase
was taken up, or lather down, as the e
quel will ihovr, on appeal. The Railroad
attoruey resorted to all the tactics known
to the profession, such as filing frivolous !
demurrers, dilatory picas, ko , which is
ca'lcd in Court House special pleading,
but in justices' offices pettifogging. The
only difference is in the houe. This sys
tem of practice seemed to embaira the
plaintifl-; but with the aid of a gentleman
present w l-o "un Jeistood tho ropca" of ihe
Court House, he at length got hi ca-e in
Court. The plaintiff demanded a jury,
which emburrasscd the attorney for the
road, who jumped up very much excited;
suid he wanted a change cd venue; sat
down; was drawing up an affidavit to sweur
his case out of the County, when ihe
plaintiff said he had a good case and did
not like to follow so small a enso to on
other County, but would submit it to the
Court.' This teemed to pleaso the defen
dant. PlaiiitifTcallcd his witnesses and proved
that Ihe cars struck the hog, broke its
back, aud killed it; that it Was Ins proper
ty, and worth seven dollars; that the in
jury was done in Franklin County; that
ihe road was not fenced; that there was no
public crossing at the point where the hog
was killed. This same wittier Mated that
the Uailroad crosses tho tow-path of tho
Canal at that point. Next witness stated
thai the road forked below where the hog
was killed, main road running 011 tow-path
and twitch on the other bunk, all the way
along; 1.0 street, alley or road or any pub
lic crossing short of Ü50 yards from the
place whero the hog was found; that tho
road was not fenced. Next witness, who
was ihe plaintilT, drew a sketch of the
road, showing bow it branched below whete
the bog was struck, main truck rnnnii g up
West bank of tbe old Canal; side track on
KjsI bauk; no public crossing of any kind
short of -CU yards, which was a street
near tie Depot. Court atked this wit
noss whit was between tbe two Railroad
tracks. Witness answered, water; was old
Canal, now a mill race; that the road was
not fenced, ihis closed the case.
'J he Judge folded up what was supposed
t 1 the notes of evidence, and left tbe I
Couit House. Court ttood adjourned j
without form. Next morning he gave his :
decision, to wit: that the cars killed the j
bor. that it was the property of plaintiff.
and it was hard from him to lose it; but it
appeared there was a (.anal there, and the
io4 cio-seJ the tow-path near where tba
hog was killed., lie Would raise a judi
cial presumption that the Canal was a
highway, and the road crossed the tow -
path; that he kticw ' the Canal hid bng
since been abandoned as a Canal, but tho
plaintiff had failed to prove it abandoned.
Now it be could prcsime (he old Carta I
a highway and a public crossing, knowing
it waa entirely wathed iwsy more than
three years ago, could he not also presume
that it had been abmdjucd, when, it ap
pealed from the evidence of two witnesses
that a railroad was built on both its banks
snd a mill race occupied ila ted. running
all the way along. And bow could be
presume a publio crosoing near whete (be
injnry was dotie, when three witnrssca
testified before him lliat there was no pub
lie crowing vl'muy kind sbott of'üoU aid
from the place where the l og was killed.
But ttttngo as it Djrj spcar, all this ev
idence, which would have fully met hla
judicial 'resumption, is not lound io hi
notes of ctidenco. Why was it left oui?
Th are prohUma for legal tuinda aa wall
aa common honest people to solve.
&trau i Kuxe which uay the wind Uoxci
When thia suit wasfirat brought bvfoie
a justice of the t-ace, the Bailrt ad at.
torney was on hand and fought it deeper
ately before a jury, but lost, lie appeal.
cd lo the IWtiioti l'Jcna Court. , bu.irt
iu him refusing pluiniiff a jury in that
juries? Are they loo honest, or is it too
xpenaivo to chalk all their hats? Free
pusses will do for members of the Legis
lature, or the few who administer the laws.
However that may be. tfier ihe defendant
had succeeded in getting bis case befote
tie Court, he seemed to lone all ititetesi
iu it. He reminded tue of a sleepy mem.
ber who waa iu (he habit of taking a uap
during sermon lime. On one occasion a
neighbor punched him; told biui to wake
up and listen to the sciruon. II half way
opened Ma cCHi sayiug, "Dou't disturb
tue; I um s.le; I am not afraid id' the
preacher; be can't say anything that will
hurt me." Tbe delet.dant did not try to
prove anything, not ecn that there'vtos
a publio crossing or nnthifg else to jus
tify ihe act. It seemed to be the nil
fashioned one tided game wiih him
-Heads, I win; tails, you lose."
Now the quesii'in may be asked, why
publish the proceed ing in thia cae? why
not tae an appeal? A.c. 1 answer: First,
the amount exclusive of t-t is loo small
to get an appeal lo ihe Supieme Court;
and last, but not least, the same man is
seeking the nomination, aud wauta to be
re elected to fill the same cilice another
term. Ho haa qualifications.
The oflito of Judge, of Common PI a
Court is ono f tnoie importance lo the
leople generally than perhaps any other
Through bis Court passes the business
pertaining to the settlement of the estates
of every deceased person. Widows, or
phans, creditors, aud every person Laving
unsettled business with the deceased, are
interested in having it legally aud iu.par
tiallt settled, so that equal justice will be
dono to all. And if there is an tficc !
who shoulJ possess what is known as the
Jtflcrsoniati qualifications hnnesiy and
capability it is be wlu fills that vf C0B1
Uion Picas J udge.
hakspeare makes tbe father cf Pfsde
111 0 11 n sa v to Otht llo, "She baa deceived
me; Hie may deceive jou." If be has
managed my ease in such a way, will be
not do others tbe same under tbo same
1 am responsible for the forgoing. Any
persons feeling themselves aj:giiecd bj
it can learn the tiauio of the author by
calling one the Jviitor.- J. O. II.
Laurel, April 13, 16C8.
Harrison Correspondence.
Haukison, O., AritiL 18 1SC3.
Dear Editor, uWonders will never
cease." "Nemesis" has conceived, and
wonderful is tho prodigy that has been
brought forth. It certainly took super
human labor to produce such a well-de
veloped accumulation of slang. Unless
Nemesis'' is endowed with moiethati com.
mou capacity, (which, bv the way, haa hot
been shown,) it is not at all likely that an
other such an article will ever emanate
from his (or her) t en; becauso all the low.
groveling and vituperative powcia of bis
being must have been prostiated by ihe
uncommon draft which must necessarily
have been made upon ihem, iu order to
create such a heterogeneous mass of cor
ruption as came out in your paper of April
10th. ihe letter has a decidedly ettrmi.
natc tone; and if 1 would not be accu.-cd
of want of chivalry. 1 wouid assert that
"Nemesis" is, iu both senses of the woid,
one of the -Jt sex.
' I'oiu ihr 2 rfecl knotctedje vcilh ichich
he juaLt i f ti tiythii fj ptrttiiunig lo At
pi iic rtij," "Nemesis" ia led to belike
that "Aigus" must be very familiar with
tho manly sport, Vc. iow )0U clearly
see that -N meaia' constitutes
niniscn a
and if be
competent judge of such sport
wi.uld ho could tell of many a ''mill"
be has witnessed on IHoody Island.
He advocates that no ouc with common
scn&e would have expected to sen perfec
tion io a party of young amateurs. Ccr
tainly not! if they did, they were Badly
mistaken when they witnessed the at
tempts of the Clionians. 'ihat the actors
weie in the leatt diflident, I cannot etc.
On the contrary, there waa uu uncommon
show of pomposity maoilested by come, if
not all. I beg .cave to tell Nemesis"
that my ''fine cultivated tastu" tens mt
"shocked" at the ''apish uctioi.8 ami giim
aces;' it waa not a particle mote extreme
than I had anticipated. When 1 go t
see a collection of monkeys, 1 expect to
see uionkcy-like actions, and am never
thoched at it. And be alsoasks'why did
1 not volunteer to givo them a tew bints,"
&C 'Nemesis!'' when you go to a me
nagerie, do you spend your lime in trying
to civilize or tame the wild beasts exhibit
ed there? I don't, unless well paid for
my trouble. 1 leg. leave also tu decline
Iiis very kind invitation to board around;
for the very reason that unless 1 could
find brighter intellect to woik upon, and
more appreciation than is apparent in
him, it would not bo a very paying insti
tution, nor reflect much credit upon mc.
- He would pleasantly suggest the age of
: the oiuotutiou which 1 made use of, to il-
lustrate, viz: '-Give me liberty or give me
death." No orje attempted to pass that
for a new idea nor for an original ouc, as
will be observed by tbe quotation marks,
"Nemesis" must bo very dubious in re-
gard to the universal recognition of the
fact that (hat eutertainruent given by the
Clioniana was. a complete success, from the
jertiuacifj with wliib Le insists upon rc
pealing bis cp'tniorj. Ho commence J hi
; Utior with that ssertion, and be enucd
t with it," Ho -rlvlne ime lo ri-ad the Miroad
Ax,' saying pttadveoture I may find some
thing therein to my advantage. Now in
all cuiidorK"emcei9,M I tell you that I
have stopped low enough in answering
jour degrading Uitir, without accepting
our Vilu Ittel as my organ. Besides, a
am net in the business, tbe ioisginary
price-cutrrnt of mustaches, as reported by
the shrewd Kditor of the "Broad-Ax," i
not very edifying to me. ; Neitbtr do 1
feel stiniulatfd to great exertion in tbe
caupe ( f incteaning the circulation -f the
heet, by a conij ttitibn for the Very Val
uable prize or prtuiiuni of a foul chunk of
rusty baton, I t Id Jul lb by the reusy pro-
ptietor at a itimulus to those whose cx-
i-ciK-ira are stronger ' than their coo
scittues. .....
Wotk bird, iNeircMs!'.' iufiuruce n
many aa jou can to read jour paper, and
ina)lco will telle luck; man. ; VI
course 1 don't ceoaure you for asking mi
to lake a oopy, because yvm want tha tnu.
Whri you pit it. 1 ho e )vu will give a
lortiou of it, at leat, to your friend
' "FERaY," .
In oidc that he may bo tnrtre fortified
against ihe atlatka it it urling tioop"
ll.at have sü ölten o tired upon him.
I t I ... . . . .
' . ,.,1,1 c , c"
) jjinuc, or, aa like cures line, (jo Use Ma
own w ot dO ould be bobble off to a
Hotnenpatbr ' I would ju
ust state, that
since I have been ihe recipient of so uiany
adiaritngcs derived tri m m fine assortment
of ejes, 1 have found no further use for
glasses, and my Ust pair, like Vy,"
wire consigned lohg since 10 tbo rubbish
pile. And I again assert that those oung
gentlemen, fAose litt acton, d'ul manifest
tcitsin unc'rul con I rt 10 in and farul
spssma indicative of Üeua in I ho' Costal
' t . . . i e , ,.
region, which ihn picsence of ladi-a ex-
eluded tl.e possibility of cx j ulsiorr. 1 1 ey
would stretch and srll, and at fast j.-ik
out ibeir words like heaving a bee uu
chor fiom foul ifi und.
1 will tell u where (be "juii!uniniify
cutiieui in itcsid lo "Jane hasicrlv.
VA I our thing! couiuiittcd no in; but
she made an eicious fool of herself by j
tr)tn to muko a fta e anctdute lake the
plate whcie orfginalny thud bate been.'
Ai.d jou cry harnt! sÄumr because in
troduced an old sHving for the j urposo f
illustration. Thctc was no plagiarism on
my purt; 1 acknowledged li e quotation by
the necessary marks.
1 I'tesuu.u that Terry srleen never
gels tut of oidi-r; be seems so confilnt
I but äla I lllal.rll.l l.il. II IP l.atSavVl.la.At.AiW
i .,...u .... i. ,
M in hi cii. union, m.vi. Mr .Iviuiih!
a a
this wa) of i Utting )our dicc, unttked.i
V n- , 3 ', . 11 . 3
diGldciit about acktu WUOtsg )iir In USt-
. , .,.
idskiU. (Probably thai is the teasou
i Im l jcu bue never been sciepted tnoie
uaiverrally.) It ou do 'indud possess
uneouinioii iiedwal skill or such great
curative powers, do, fur ihe sake of tbe
lending public, a ply some of it lo yi ur
letters, and try to uiake tl.tm a t roximate
it litlie nearer the stundaid if sound seise.
For a urn h who ha not "UtUltr's l'n
Mitirtät nt ..' hi liai.il I nil. I'.i.Mi.il.ftu 1 !..
J . . ' - J
which, although not vet digested, you oc
casionally belch detached leaves.
1 mii vity happy toa.ail myself of your
in itutinn to cotiitt to the next 'wondeifnl
entci Linment' hi h you say will bo given
at an only day. Aud laiin etely hope that
y our "liü mloi" will carelully acrutinue
their waistcoats before atoauting the stsge,
iu order that thty may not be aggravutt-d
to ut.fouiiLOti and ui ci oih action by the
peiscveting titiltatious of thne impiou
littlowittol.es, whose unhallowed pres
ence caused them to forget that propriety
of gestute so necessary iu their loriuvr
pniominacal display.
Sinceicly hojing that ''Perry's'' busi
ness nirani.- iK nts may be speedily ftr
liiinsUd to. ' tnliie sntisfaciion, and be
enabled lo ID to his Correspondence ,
with fresher (und strooger) momt Mum j
than Iipi Ptnlin c wi dintr Li r.i-ri with rs. '
neftcd vigor in the cause ol the Clionian'a
performances, I close lor tke :
Yours respectfully,
ncncmination of Mr. Julia.-.
The many fi iei.d- of M r. Julian will le
gratified to learn thai be has been re-nominated
iu his new District the Fourth
over very strong opposition. Theouly so
lution to this result is this: Tbu people
ate determined lo sustain our present Con
gtess iu their well-sutaiued lattlegaiu?t
Andy Johnson and the spirit of rebellion.
They dt not wish it lo be understood tkat
they arc shbM'.ed of Congress or its
and hence baVii not only io-uotuintied J u
liati and Shanks, but other Congressmen
iu whoso votes and acta they have placed
confidence. The entire West is clamorous
for The speedy removal of Andy Johnson,
and long for the day when bluff and hon
est old Hen Wade will take h a place.' In
unmistakable tones tbe people demand the
reconstruction of the States on the basis
prtseutid by Congress. They are becom
ing more and more radical every day.
Moncio Times.
From a card in another column it will
be seen that General Tom Rrowne has
withdrawn from the Congressional canvass
in the Ninth Dinirict, which tecures the
nomination of tlcneral Shanks. The card
proves (jentral Browne to be a true Re
publican and an Kotiorabl gentleman.
He is one of tho ablest and most eiTortive
speakers in the State, and will do aa good
service in the cau.e during tho coming
summer as any public man in tbe State.
J ournnl.
IX. To take order Tor
lb lltroof lb War and Gcatralol th United
Statei Army,
Coonprlnirj a complete and autbenlio history ef
bicvcotlul and intere.tieg raretr, with an au
tbenlio narrative ol hi iutaluable luilu.ry r
vices, adiliof lo au impartial eMiuiata of hi
ibracter aa a Maa, a Soldier, and a biatesinan.
ltyCHARLF.SA DANA, Kditor or tb Nr
Yolk tun,aiid laa Asri.uat Seoreury of .
- , . War, .
1 Mil ted 07
J. IT. AVIiiSOK, Breet Ueneral United ' Stales
Army, formerly I niprctor General ea Jener-.
al Uraat' Ülaff
Tbnthor great li terary ability and expe
rirnc and intelligrace upon tha sal jeot matter,
reader thia ihe taoat roliabla aa-4 popuUr biogra
phy or tbe Ueneral published. .
t er particular, addre .
Il.C. JOUXSdH, PobHsher, v
I2S Veet Fonrih 51., , 1
)l Zl Jw Ciurlanatl, OU.o.
tied eutptlsllig.- Piobablj, In the dajs ,r.itaa any wat.-brs al,va arr hal Iu ui.
of Jiiur youth, you peifoin.cd drglutiiion ibia rad. Aayo, ar in r f .iru'rljr trwst
of that necessary toü l ilatii ti, and from J aaaf .cara. r oi-
icvr' ;irdv'2rc .More!
cprssm ibe;o! strnns c jnnEiy
Ids ft full snd otr.ptu rtntsnt of
'WARE, I Uh i tr.rcUaliT t.l Ü. ati.n.
ilD at tb ftulilhv I lata larril tu I. tor a
luaklarf addllluui 10 117 lis, b tud t t,ar.
cbaat ptrionttlj arl at lb nt sa.b raiai,
, . L'Altla;.Nl'tR' TOLl.
rir. lUtt, AtifSr, piart, ll.trtitts, Hat,
man, Aim. sti M,t, fers, Nsii, bjl
Ii, lilak, L' is t ,
- Cl..vr., iuua and k'clr. -
t'tlltcf, Habt, ff- H TrtaMlPff. -
rtows, Cra I'rllit, CiUvr and Aetata MltU,
Aitt, f.cu and Tisc Ikaina, l.niot, !(., raf
I, Httada, MH..-li, t'ou.-p, fccjih, Ciadl,
ftl ill bl, Aa.
llrt boi and NaiU, llauimsr, lUipf.
Alu Co.r Tool., (-ml. r, Po.t.i an4 Ta
hfclr, Kolrsi uui foils, latU aaa Ta fyo, bi.
Kvrj tkltif ai 1 srtaioleg to tbe UwJar hoe
m hm km 4.
Call and Exncilne. ;
ai.J4.Jm , 11. W. C00LET.
Petltloa for Appclstcteat of Ccsmlasion
er taiiaie terd
If ril rsasiLis tu a act fia Cocsr.
t la.1.7.
H. cia.r Ts,
I , rm
Adaiialxraur of tb Kttataef
pm.f d vmwm4 . U IUIura
f . . . . . ft . . .
VII, lllllll. i f J'lVlftV
St SI.
0 ihl. rf.j tonnlki flalaMtr. la vaaatlaaff
saiii C ar', by bin aiiurnt j , aaJ Slat bio j.
tltloo In this raa, and al.e lb atTldavIl i,f t
aoinr-atrat and dith.ii int. d pirn, lrm wbb
U apiaar tbnt Ibia . It in rtlnlui t ri
its t; tbal th above eatntd Del lr Hi. Cialr
TatocMland Ls-ir E 'J apacrtt are nscMiary
Vrllo iu tklo sail; ! th ibt; ra ant rti
daul of tha Mt ,f ladiaa. . Tb said IWllox
rur Kt. Clair Tapsrvtt aud haar K Tavcuit
ata ttrlor karrbv autili-di-f ib tiaadrssf ut
kl t uit, aad tba lay b aaa aar U Iba
Krans Im Cvart ol C n.m od I'ltti u tb
! ,.y "',r,ui tasref, to t h IJ at lb
I vUfttfl II-. Ufa ia ltrMll it I Iba flr.t M, . ,f
jttif, ics,ioaa.i.arut.idpMitioapriha,.i.,u.
P. Harra, Hsrk if ail
vvau ais loin tl'T Ol y i,!!!. ISIJ.
fAMl tl. rt.
.. . " a - w
!l. liod, iliikUj k Juaa, Atts.
i-l 21 l.
"" ' '
j A UUUiö Ur THiiSirKuI0u(rALITI
American' watch
Vv A.a .I irUtA J 'jj LV.
r . at
'piin Amarloaii Warth Cwiapaay, of Waltham,.
1 M is., raipsfifu ubuiit ttmtbair W alesa
ara cl,pr, ui ,r a u'ats. tt comrlai. n.ora
1 daraola. baitar U;t'l r.r i-nr.l n. acd nirt
! ? ''"t ! J ib .r oibr
ftruriuit, and tbrrui itronar. aat liktlr
lo ba i:jurad ihaa tb tu.j-nij ut rroi(n
atc-bS. Iiic-b Htm raiuparl ot I ruin 12 t-i J9
t . ..u . h k I. I- . ..I.. L . l. ft. ... .1.
i fiii '! i. n in r iiiirn iiiii mtri in
u-or' ,L" J ! ". ibj ian uanrr tS
j bar.la.t irial ajatcbtacaa bar, Uaiiuwa br lb
ioiivaing letter:
rr tea ,r iHi (.a km 4L s-i riiiti sDrar. )
AiTiist, fa., Uu. I , lsC-1. J
Oertltmaa: Tba t'hus tnana'atu-e-l hy yon
bft ban io aia oo this rilr..aU fr savar.l
ytt Uy our aukrloaiuan. to a-bjia . tarnUb.
siika it pari 4 Mir T 'l-aot. Tbr aro
' a . a.-ma tbiaa buudrrd ol ia u sarrifd in ar
; liua, aod ransldrr tliaia g-l and ruüa'.l
j ti u a- In j rr lud' ail, I b ir rrl aitiafact I -a
; ia .. Ii g 'iir tsliri ua u Ui tr.u'-lc. ai.J)
. Lava Ol B aa ti rar tiiuoh 1 ,ri irar ti.H.ml ia
krj t tiiaa a eorrartljr, aor bar tb. Uja aa
good aarrius, aa ouri.
Jq then lUlaioaqts f a'N Stt'talne-I b CO f pr
d'CH..-r, Hi. I.ku, wliu.a xttijCO aCaadi.fti
ovar a tarii of ym.
Uia 'ficifuflr.
titneral UfariatMUiit.
Amrieaa Watch C,,., Waitbaw.
W a make ooaj &a d vertut gra lei cf wateh,.
MUitil r.ieoi valr a fullu:
Af'ptcton, Tracy A Co., WaliHam, Maaa.
Waitbam Watch Comaay, V I hiu, Mi.
P. Ü. Harilatt, V ailhau.. MM.
V in. tMcry, Ito.ion, Mm,
llo ma W ktcb Company, liu.tco. Mia.
Alt of those, with th fisptln af th lleic
Waich Cuiaiaiy, ar aarraalvd by tba Aaitriran
W'a'i b Comoany to 0 of lb bwrl tMlanal, oa lbr
Uictt a j prottd pi inclplc, and to pi,ta a.cry ra
qui'ii lar a rilislil lim ks r. kry d4U
Hint b V atohe I onvlta-l wit a th lim
atiioMiiaiiy etch Watch vi I. that btijtr Diay
ti ar that t..y ar fiarcbminc tha frauina
t. .. . . .1 r .. ....... ft. : l. - ft. .... I J
'. raeta ara nmn.r.ui oualarlcit an
itiiilatioo or ar U'atcbc
old thrfhut lha
i ronnlry, aod wa would caution purbairt to bo
ii tbair guard a;aint Impoaition.
Ay fade of Waltbam W atrhai may tba rar
tUiad vt Watch lelsr throag'-inoi iba country,
apl it lei I5roalwy, Htm Yolk.
OF tb tlbraaof (tia baaia. that wbl'iars. ttia
luuitacbe. ortbs braiii, tin ba (! accooi -
I'li.hadl.y tho aj plii-slUn of Uj looicblog hair
ftijea, aad ha n rj k-airs
thaparti d ! J hy th nontrutai will rsjrt,
Iimi lata, that tt. did not ea tb wonUtrlul and)
otiialjr poltcnltii j.iefirat loa wbiah,
Lrnr?t a blar-k orirown hieb I not sasfassal
y s-iiura'a -.as b,-i. i Ha ii ia 110.0. Iboua
ly safe and sura article 1
ciuusTADono's 11 Air. i) vc.
Manufitctarad by J. CIJ HUTADOKO. 6S Maidara
Lane, New yprl. ioU by all DruUtt. Ap
pliad by all ilalr Drcaaart.
apl 2i.
00 t-r-NTS.
LY ot Croap. luotboia. If yoa woatl
rand 50 rent, and alwaya Lava a l--iila ot Lr.
Tobias' Vtoctiaa I.Ii lu.et.t in Iba bouso, joa
na.er nrad faar loaing cor littl on hf a al
larked with Ibia c c-lait.t. It ia now : ya.ra
sii e I tsTt j ut up my Lii iiiirut, aid navar
Iftrd ol arhi d djing cf Cr ap wbrn my Liol-
roant 111 u.ad; but Londitda of caicl cf curs
bar bcn reoited lo ina, ant! many la'a If II
was 41 U per bald tbey would not b wiibnnt it.
lto'idüs whirh, it it certain rurr fui Cuts. Lari 1,
lleadacha, 1 ootbacha, Sor Throat, 6'aoiliagt,
Muoips, Celle, Ularrboca, lyaicry. pum,
Old Sore, and Pains in tu lUt k an I Cbil
one once tri, it who I r-r without it. It il
warranted perrarity afc tu take tnlarnally. Fall
Direction wilk every bottle. Sold by lb Draj.
giata. Depot, 66 Corllaadt btrcet, New Yetk.
apl 34.
Notice (0 the rubllc.
Ihireby forewara any ersn or per.oai baying
or tradin foraaoteof i 24 giien Ly me t
Heynolda, Hatcbinaoa A Co.. bearing date March
8, 1SS7, and payable oao year after dale, aa 1 do
not eipoct lo pay uil note wilboat ffttinr lao
recel.ed. DAN ILL FRY.
April 17, 3
XJOTICE I hereby gin to Iateral Hena
IN Tai Payer that tb Annual LUt, containing
aitetuient for
Income, Lice nets. Carriages and
Gold Walclics,
ba been placed in my band for collection. For
tb pnrpoi ol receiving tb same, 4 will.' at
my otlcTn Urookulle every dsy daring Larin
boar. All amoutts remaining aepaid oa the 39tb.
of April will ba habt to Bv tr cent, penall
and innret at one per ftat. par aaootb.-
, J. VabTKVENßCN, .
Collector dth Dittrict Indian.
l'r J. W. trti.v, Dejaty. jlT 2

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