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KA'pot- j on l-'.'er L,?ur& :ula 'Vi
T.;r.rc Vedd::;cs in a day:' '
"From !!rj;erTT7eVlr.'J'
I ao-i va:: eiux::r.ü-Vui y wut-
t!:2Ci, rnJ'.R i?? kfcUUng '.iad 'lier
ttt;: the t trtif, where youeg lad,
;r; ied io tie c! iud.estt öf whit xsSina
ad th tlee: I cT riltoni, 'wl being
helped ioto a carriage by a young gentl-
Uia l JJ Cöi s'f Cl.il'l hjlet;hö ef a
wotnaw' gentry carried! makie? aj aUve
chcr-:!?1, th.j ;.J aihf te.coraftrtabl,
od beiosr dictarad ö by fcimledy in taut-a!--::'.!
'TUra tbat Jenki (tiH,M Udi-iitls-rCa
JOii lady 'tefbm besiior.'s.I
ft. had every (hin ha waufeU aftirtm,
a::i.L:r I'u t ..: " 1 if e j stratchcd
ilL.J; tc ; 3 iju:t cp tui rJarry' asd
t.at idk:-la9 laip !cf a'cletk; who arni
aix hundred a year I 'Of till U- foplii--l;
! I! : l i : -' -. i ! I w o n d z t w h t to f bV 11
fi hep till. sa att J Lir Colojuel It'a'a
tualaRefcdiy-' 'tzaaifta cf ' tlindneia' and
prviriityanl 1 'kopa jou ' girli irlil
y-2i bylt.' i '- '-i' .-!: !'.! i
.(:Dvat for ins Tolly 's list reraork the
reader t,i?t tiva lfpoied fc3 Vas'üfene
in her ahudy parlor that 'afteriioonXt
Woa'd "havi been 'k i8i4tak; her afece
Ja oe, a 'dcniura'tauking vnuo Uij
vt twenty vetaat at !the tab! near by,
Üottic- 'in euilroidert tattcrtt.. llcr
tjiica lUlii'a' erlf-hcaJed Manuel' of
i. ..... . .
9vnffn jerft eat in me oped window,
atfintrbXthe f rays 'cf tlosotuj lilac ab
hfct)y, and watehiu t e eoople'who had
ficiit'd' MUa ' Whirt1c.ea' indignation
with 6ftilcMt eyti. 1 It was 'a litUe,' old
fjhJnnc4 iiatlor; wilh:a hvH $nHd loflk
inijfaa, a few' qri-alrtt ; (Miutt, ' daW
IVvoted tthair, part) rurtaiu; 'knd a'reat
t6-ü ftf fy-1 1 u ma wt tn th maiitle." .Mi"
lMtiy, an etitiquated fuuialtf wi: lorry. five',
locked quito a u4l fushioned aside room,
ufuhtf1 af inlttiii Vigorously- ' ia-5 licr
arched cap and blaek'i.iik aprua.'1 '
V'l uaj','' continued Miss- rwily, aHcr
waiting a reasonable titue) Ihd 3 receiving
DO tccpo'use tu her fottnor remark, l hall
Ljvtr ele citf er 'of "fejr hieee1 biakin
foOlf Lcractr.
4 ''So.'tcrtsfnly, iunt," said jAne', bend1
l!i,'r'd'wn:ti jick np'hef reel of cotton. !
" " uu Ii! ccuoea uoiiy noni xue wui
n-.M-' .! ,. !' i .
A T havc'liwayn csiJ, f wahttb save
you fjOtn; the uaivcr'ral ttumllirg bh'tl
M :tid fecx.1 1 want yoa 1 to kjcp 'what
titn.hh'irl happlnew yen have, -and 'not
ht. y.tjr.eH lo djfh' fur other rcoile.""
r 'wi4 the iuldaed ej'fbnBc cf her
IwU'H.-tener. ' I; ta.i ,,i . -i i - ,t
, '1,0 -drfnd me. 'M'hyl
flvTr- ,'thtt e -rairrrKEWatoiutf-io
i1'l'r""J t-tid so ilrclhiidijyilki,
cLiiJoh, atop i uiioateI forgot yuj
(list I ant ui niJ'.oqt to' tea to-mnrruw
tiht, 5Jr,.yUkiqt aqdI.,loMrarU(t'M.
Stiu'a keen talking about1 having a Wa
VrTj Tir two' yeari,' and tiow IfVcominV;
t.lf. TtV a regular j ajfy,' A't'ro .jj at
three, yi till 11100." "'! .
31 oil ie whirled about auddenlin the
door-way,-a nd''llieru- wii i :?culiar ex
Jfeihln. tn Jane' crmy eyes as Tie: raised
jt"?,'? WM A- TAvmA t,
n,iiill,vpu nta ,o Jit? , the aaked,
a -.! on'in t,-il I'm well. !I don't
mer'el ij't rjiy a'upftr; I ro fo'r'ba'.eäL'j
of aocul iuurcuuiatf, . What are you wait
tO-fJP SiolU?
4,ciuppcr in liUcea minute?, auntie. '
lILt4i!anaiionö' till.-ably ay
that Mia a L'ollyw:ia a uiaida hdy with, a
moden'e fortune living in the village cf
"J c 1 f o n . "4 J a u e y u d' 1 v to ' w c r d i t o or
tluv iiiiccti whom ahe Lad eduvnted,. and
hou ah'e loved aa if hey were her own
dauhtera. rI'ike lunit' nuideri' ladies,
Alia r!ly dinnitovcd of uiatrimooy, and
tfbtt hadi;f liven wiih aj jarent fuccwsi','.
inipreK Itr own opiniob 4o the minds of
ier two charjica. The Mr. - Wilkin ob
ctircTy tneDUofjcd abovo 'wau efdc,rlj
;uyiluiaü whom llina Whitlleae .a
lwardurfHr the aurniuor, diivch thereto
by a rcarcity of jocket mooey. II wAu a
tall, patn un, a widower,: Wlh atiff pray
halts .iid curiously puckered fnte which
wore a perpetual feeble smile. He alwaja
had moft amaiiii'ly tilf a.ilrt-collara. and
ih quelkieat loot ia the world, and his
wholo runvcNatioii wa i prolor fed mean.
dr ViLoh'Wufdaa' hoiictcsi icir,ch,. for'
tcrma that ihauld aufliciently praUe Mia
l'olly. Tothipa thin wai the reaaon that
tLe. Jitter endured liim.witb auch wofiJcrj
rul i lebe, and vcpioJ Jan aiid Moliie
fur Uiihi;pt his pcnotial pccaliiritica.
ZCany one had been loeking . for Jii
Jane Wunder ii!indiataly. alter breath
faft.'tU jii-iti iifiaiaj;; Jbi vfoi.ll
fouod her W hr elifigitKjr.. faa-tily acrib
Illing Itltcr. t Of CQttrae wo can tut nako
Iter corresowdoace 'ttublld, f we Will
Inertly" w(gh M!n the ut thf "jtter In
Lcr -jjiaclet, dona I km etuwlatid t JO cot,
a 4 atari for thu vill, walking gravely
and ,ltihyceiitly"B" W that 'pocket ",'waa
atupty. , AUr Uoio ..una. cx two, lell
errand ahe ( Joto the poaUtdÜea, Now
c nra ott tie look-out: the letter I direc
ted tu'MrvLjrfcttn Tilli. ' The' poatiull
trca a utile a iittiw aa ahe peea- the nam,
and.' Ja no , lurnci Ya with dashed
Lek , ,. ...... . .,. , ;.(,,,.
. (she rau.t have thought it a butne
letter Jano , oliloqui4c;; perturbedljf;
''tut, to be aure.'ahe iuut have wondend
why I didn't rail at hi otlice.- I don't
care what ftbe'tbtukai Purely U waa not
wroep. Aunt will never know it, and I
haroaa few ehiriCfa to ace blm,,, ' '
everthele Jane'a; eotieclanci troallflj
her a little, and b walkod wore, alowiy
than 'uittai,! ma nha oanie , near heuie.
liullia.wae out ak the gate looking at
pretty aa the worein, oatenaibly oo.
edfied it breaking 'dead trartchei clfthe
roiybujiea wjtb, a, ,ieck!a .disregard ,of
thorna. .'',', i (' . .
"Whyrwhere 1 are yottr aclmora : Aid
glyvestV fnyllrad Jane. v."
"1 can work a well thia wey, Ian'4 there
a prajrer.' meeting lo-oiht?;
1 r : , - ..-.1
i. "Xea,". replied htt listDr : feeling fccr
bek..irro hot pai., 1 r, ( , i-
r-i 'lYou'fe going, L uuppoe?f' . queationed
ilollia, IccoDiog verj iwj yUU tbrod
4ulie V: i ,1 ,,. i i, ".' is ,'i J
t -:I thisk o, if yoa'rc Dot.tfraid to ataj
!0.f . 1 t".-f ! - --t.
a Vi iodccda waa lie quiclc anawcr, de
iivcrcd with . unnecessary i! carnotne9.
"Don't think of tfujwig o toy account.".
I .-, 'VV'crj welL"'.- v.i.'- j f; i ,; . .. . j
-TJi inataot Jane was , out i tof ailit
ilutlie, after iouking: au? Iciowsly the
fropt t f ilia houie.'tliat luuked hask u;eck
i with closed llinda aod vttot doorway,
nd after letrins.dywa into tlie recedes
f Mh t;ardc4 on her riiht, cilled in eup-;
. " - " child on t!
I ;,,.. - . . .
MIU'O.". , -, , ,.. , . . .
.'Going pajt Mr. Bent'd storu?"
.i'ni-) ..4 i , ... ?.
"(jive this note to Mr. Hall remember
to Mr Hall. - If-you'll bo-back in te&
minuter, and won't tell any body. I'll give
you thy biggest piece of cake I Will you?
ii-in in, anu me email urcniQ waa , ou
ia tu ieataaUc Mollie listea;d to the pat
ttr of Lis bkre feet -wilh i very eatir&ed
then went on , 'triui&g the rose
bushes demurely. ; , ,- f. , , ' .!
. .Mick,; baviu;; returned .in precisely
acvert niinute, wa daly rewarded with an
immctire bar. of Cake, duly 'cautioned nev
er to tell, and dutnis.cd : well content.
XLea Mollie opened the Matter: for. of
COUffe: likfl 11 COUiBUDication Written by
females, ber note hid required an answer. 1
It rau thus:
- IrAnr.sT Moi.x:e.I
yU to night at pret-iaely' b
wilr'be 'witb
ilf VJMt seven.
I'm inclined tu blcsj both the drgon and
(ily atari. " " ' ' , " Tom.'1'.
, s three o'tlock' (hat afternoon : Miss
l'olly can.e into the parlorj where her
likccs were sitting'' demurely,1 curtiog 11;
irbriglit silk for jftchwoik.,' Sho wore'!
faie cup tied with'yellow ribbon ' and a
greed illk drcs. :J (Let the reader lo not
ahecked, for Miss Poll was fond of bright
colors and went to tea-rart.es but seldom.)
!' J,,lle gool children,' she snidpatröni
lngly,'njftrding, herself in the las with
Urout complacency.' .''Don't ' sit 'up Tor
mc. T ahull take a key and (we cad lot
uurselfc in.' Does my drtta look well,
Jam?" ' ; " '
" 'Very well; aunt." ' ' v
".'"What llowerr) shall I get for a bonnuct?
r.ondjn3pride i j rjtty aud 'jaweef-Wil-iia:ps--rdont
you think ao?'" "' !':'"' '' '
"."I tl iuk amallel.fl wer w'oiild1 bo' bet.
let'. ' I'll go aod cut' yöü aoö e," laid
3är.e,,da'il.lly. " ' 'J :
-Nc; ait ifiii: -I heär'JIr.'' Willing on
fliVstaira." I'll pick'some m'vstll' a' 1 "o
-'You bigM'taw heard Mrl 'Wilkin? it
the.'ithcr enü of the tovra,aich ' amaaingty
sfliF'oo'ota ha'd' b icen fit 'to assume on
this occasion A It' was quito', ä wonderful
thing to watch him a I'M .'atood in" the
jittle path, awkwardly 'holillrlg ' tiro ton
qtiet of clover piuks and' yellow coreopttu
that Miss l'olly bad giteu him 'remarking
every other minute' thai "the humT-tbe
flower Vcrehura excessively pretty
irjd'finally' piTorln (bls arm lab'oilouily'.
The two uJs rerJed tbi scone ( froui
(tie f window i and , .ttored, ' away without
comment, only there was a. .od deal of
wpadcr; iu Janu'a ejea aud a good deal . of
fun i Jlollie'a. They sewed industriously
the'rvat of. the allernou, scarcely once
Speaking 10; each other, u'ulil the! tloeli
sirui k five aud Jane weut outto prepare
ajUpper'. , . .; , 'A ;.' A A .. . . 1
;ht a bcauiif ! sunset!",; laid ,,Mol(
lie, as the ro.-e. Irotn the table! "How
Io doe the meeting last, Jane?"
'. V Uutil half past eiuht;, but 1 may, not
bd home then, for I am going to curry
oldilra. Dobbs some medicine. Don t
ait up for mo. Vou can leave .the back
dour. open, or I'll take the other key oT
the front one. I ahull . be back beforo
auntie,", she, added, guiltily,' rccing Mol
lie' surpri-od face. f . , . , T,
'You'd hotter take " the" key. I think
I'll go to bed early., Don't come Into my
room and disturb ' mo" Jane. I usver
sleep well If I'm wäked." . ,
A Mollie put the' lait dish comfortably
away in the closet "Lo beard the clock
tftrike seven,' and saw4 Jane paaalng "out
th' gate, bakot iu bund. Motlio fett very
poiltjr. How (,'Ood Jano was, and what a
renc between thenil, , Jane waa going
to be good and attend a prayermcetiug,
and ilia wai golti t'i disohe Ler aunt,
atay at home 'and see To 1 Hot, Bome-"
liowj Mollio thought the prospcot ,waa
plenearit., ' t ' , . t : ) .'. .',
.kt half past seven h waa statlonod
down by tlio gato. 6ho had little time
for'atiticlputiort, for somebody caiu'e up
tha street It a very quick' pare,, eotno
boJy ipraii Ilirotj-Ti tbi gate, or over it,
and greeted lollio wjth the freedom of
a oll acqualntaocö... 11 was a?mcrry
fed young gentleman '"with tluo ' Cvc
and brown vurl. " " '' ' '.'
.j-ly respect to the dragon," isll' the
cew-eouier, bowing to' tho liouae with
great di fereuoe. "My repcia to Wilklos
atiJ your unfoi'nmte lirm, How ho 1
bucomaletaed1, with Üg opportunity of
ecing you?" , , ,", , . '
. Auntie and Mr. Wilklni irö at a lea-
parly,' and Jsna'e gone to a pruyer-ment
inj-, , Hurry, Tum, Coiuq down( In the
garJen, or aoiiiebotly'll bo eure to ico'jou,'
I'vp locked up the house. , Ywu can atay
til) lust half paat'clgM," A, , A' A
f;l)ne- hour. Momently expecting that
thefdragon wilj fall upon me. J dou't
oare if she doci." ,
"Stop calliuß bec'a dreeon. To'mt'and
don't j talk so, if you havo any, pity .'for
IM0." : .. , , . '
Qttl tragic!.; Excuse, me for' laying
riere ' we bavo been engaged a year, and
you frown If.I bow. to you on the strnet;
jail, acareely , let bo ilow.'m Lead near
tht. bouse, and you won't Lear of my
speaking to your aant. : if 1 walk pt
hffc, I discovcr 'Miss Tolly glaring out of
thg parlor wludv, or Wilklua squiatio-
, iivuiv, wu iiuT riicuioua an luin ici
from tlie frontdoor. W I look at you twice
in church, I'm thfuuljfft of Mira l'olly'i
furious attention. Now, I say it's ridicuL
ouVr-Tm ot Gorgoa l'm aircpfect
allo young oati, at leuit i'ilwaya thought
ao. Caa't you po and tell your aant jod
want tu get married, if yod don't tliok
I'm competent to arrange tuatterj?''
"Yuu'know I would if I dared, Tom
hut aunt ia dreadful. I do try BOiaetirnen,
but I ean'tj really I can't." ' - t- - -
"What'a to Tifeveni? Will iLfr füUb
end to y oar vx'utenoe, or that you upon
tread and trilcrH : '- '
' Khe'd disown mo, Tom.! - She'd cat
tue off with a ahillincr aud sever hcartuy
name pfoken ajrHin." '
-'"' '
wou't five, beside bestowing . try naae
upon jOu. Come, that'a an ofTr!"
I will not pive the convort.ation in de
tail. HuCüoe it to aay that it waa nearly
nine o'clock heu Mr. Hull, having ex
bausted all hia arguments without fTect,
ifioally became indignant, and determined
to depart. lie was making' one final ap
peal to ' Mollie, who, Kill unconvinced,
and lacking in courage,- tut Kolbing on
the bench before him, when they both
heard the gate closed softly, and taw, dim
ly, two figure turning toward the garden'.
'Mercy on ud' exclaimed Mollie, in
terrifiüd aerents. 'Tom the pear-trees!''
Helore Tom quite knew what he Waa
ibout, be had followed Mollie, or had bee
idrazired bv Mollie. under the nhadovr of
the tree, and wa atjtioned behind a
Üouriahiog clump of rbubird plants
Thia w,a proceeding!" he be ran, then
feoddenly chocked himself to- listen, '
The voire were very near them now,
and a moment 1 after ' another miserable
couple nated thenmlrei in the same
bench which the coueealcd ' sir had left
so utitermoiiiously. ' .
"Vooi little Mollie,'rfuid Jin'e-', moürn.
folly, 'lanciug back at ' the j dark. houe,
She' gone to ltd, Jon jr ego, 1 dab tayi
I wish I wss as happy aa 3Iollio.' 'J0h
what would she think of me, if she 'kft'ewV'
"Think?" replied the voico oT Mc'Ly
man Klli. "I own, it vouldnt" be; Very
ayrceablc to bo dicövercd jurking about
the bou-e in this fujhiou, but it' 'you wilt
allow me toco to' your'.aunt to morrow
morning and tell' her I .wish to marry you,'
she could think or say , nothing unplea.
ant, Yuu are sacrificing your happiiicss
and mine to a miserable enprice." i'our
aunt ha pens to have a pr, judicci against
marriage, and so'yoa'promise' yourtclf to
remain ringle till nhe die." . . . ' "
i Oh don't speak ao. I vrro Aunt l'olly
pyery ,th inl and let. dejithr wijlj bo,Jho
greatest uif fortune in the world to mc.' .
, ,'!A1I 'tho benefit fir tho woill give her
no right to-dtctuto in a mauncr like this.
4;I know.v,:,.:, . !,..
than eonsider me' a littleyoq
consider her ho much let n.a .coma, here
to-morrow and,spek to her plainly." r i
"O, I dareii'tf ..Uh.'Lyjnan.' what; shall
I do? There aba cjniaa now.".. , ,
In fact two more figures uvre discern
ible coming thonuh the gtto," unmistaka
bly the, figures of Mi$,,oliy ,and Mr,
Wilkin, ., They seemed iq ni hiirry to ea
in, but stood leaning over the fence in 'ue
moonlight and, talking. Presently- eh
dwnalrous., movoruout! they wecueeen
sauntering slowly toward the garden. ...
,'VVhat shall I do?" gasped Jane, Igaio,
In the very extremity of terror. A, . ,
. "Uoma under the;ahade," eaid,MrlCl
lis. "She won't perceive us.',' , ;
. In a moment tliflyjwere crouching sa
close to the retreat of their fellowiutTer
era that the recumbent. Mr. Hall could
have touched Mr. Ellis's co;it-taila. , tn
, "This moon i delightl'uir' was tho first
remark of Mies l'olly' that reached their
ears.. " '
'It L!" responded Mr. Wilkins. lluru
--It is. ''Enchanting.' " .
"I love to walk by moonlight," ' "
"It make me quite hum lad lone
some." . . , , .
' "Ahl" laid Mis Illy, sympatblxlni-ly;
"I hum feA as if I hadn't ' a friuud
Irt the hum tho world' ' -
"That'a etrange" Miss Polly stopped
to gather a rose "when you have ao
many." s , ;
"You arc hum mistaken A , Hum I
haven't one." A , ' .
'Im sure I'm your friend, Mr. Wll.
kins," suid Mins l'olly, speaking lower,
and putting tho rose beforo her luce.
Mr. Wilkin immediately hecmo!bo
wildcred In a desert of ''Huma," he
lium hum he wished llio would - It U m
ah he wiabed ho' could hum believe
if." ' ' . ; a .
"I should think you mlght,M rejoined
Mint l'olly, "when I say it.' 1 'Suppose
the thought of your tail liappincsi ii
rather trying,"1 she conlinned. '
"Hutu 110. I hum Pnüld Wallum
happier than I hum ever wan.""'.'
Mndred!" . '
I hum oMura you. If-lf you-
lium thought so' . ' 1
, 'I)oiiil" rxotaliued. Ml l'olly. MU
member your Ihlok. of Mii. Wilkin
dead and gono.V 1 ' ' , ' ' ' ' .
; Mr. .Wilkin was io abashed by'tblk
outburst that ho ald nbiolufflly' faOtfalapf
for five minute. MU l'olly got out of
patience, , A. '
'You woreu't congenUl," alio laid. "I
see. Ah, thut i trjlngt" , .
.Mr. Wilkin wa botrajed' again,1 and
declared ho "Hum haver know what
hum congeniality wa till hum till
latelyi Would ahe lium hum let hlta
lay so?'" -I-'-'' . .i ..... .
"Don't ipeak tome!" exclaimed Ml
Tolly,' sinking down on tho tuuoh-enduring
ufneh. 'I'm a disiraoo to myself.
Uht if those girl should hear thU, what
touuhl they y?" 1 1 ,
Those glrU! There wr iuoh a merry
ihout of laughter behind her! It periled
forth upon the startled Oars of MU Tol
ly and Mr.' Wilkin's, frightening them
nearly into fit ' When they recovered a
little there were Tom and Mollio on one
sido, Jano and Mr, Ellis on tho other, tho
laut two looking vcr surprised.
In an inntant MollicU ar:: sro,rouuil
bcr aunlli iicjtk, and the was erjJog.H.jji
We'll. '.any you're. thait!.rsaj t aupUf
.'BmagniniiOous.V putii Tor, fie j
ICH U 111 IUMIIH "VU UM, it- I Jj !
VAnd are all' equally, cul. able,', suV
joined Mr.f Ell!., . i , - l .', ii
Misf.'Tolly tWbittlesea,i a,wier.,wof
maiiaf l ahQuldot have wri.tcq about her
if th hadn't bee wise. Arid ,,hetr, ,at)e
law that Fate favored bcr desires a ho did
tot try to undo 'the doings cf.Fatf. For
reasons of her own,.abe; I ii determined
to. try her fi)luues njatr: unialljj1 and
when f hai'oitid her niece' i liced ,tlus
ll-'O hh.9 sgreev'Jo let the- " ? along witl
' - " ' ' i' . ' l.!-.
ample nd precept would t fa..a.,.' t-..
other,, Oh. acute Misi , Foil) 1 Thua it
bsj pened ;that three weddings, too place
jo one day
. ."--.I r
10 TElUilPEji
A Thatkiffiyicg Söoß for 1863
. . . .
i i ...
I . . J'. C j i I JU
From tba JCw Tark.Sao J
7 n ')
Ring sat, f'ad y bell,
0' lad od o'ar
R'tjhi la triumf Unt,
' lb Kitiiu la fraa.
1 iThonder.OtaanoDt '
W Jd!
Net Ti waa oar tr4, : .. .'
; Tt raltbfal ftav eonqvprtd, , . .fi.t
' . A Aseofiqucrttty mut.' ' ') '
. -w't . - M -'! iil-A l"
, , St tha dramf f ally,
V 'An4 taoat, Lojal Uanit A. UV,1)
Iha ChUr of our Aimy .( I
i Ja Cbtr or our LdJ.' ' '
I .'J I mi '.,'! . I-I.'l'l tl 11 t.
' '5raltsthegtaleymbf.il!,... ,
: Ilia luulto khall ba,' " ' ' ,J .
''Staad Tat and (d1 aata, ' Jt '-nil
" ; i Caan EixcmiI";i Pu-i .j-iitrt
W Aa' tt.a rreewtndsj: 1 At"l i
,1 Old a'lsf, eo laf rires; lAjti I"
., (04 it sncMdfptJi Mdi ... ,. f Jf r
. , Swaat atara from jo' fiaarend ",'
' ' i i .i . I - i ..... i Uli I l
i'Ufh,JiktQlogaalcetrt. . t
' ' Tail tha aatioaiabroJl,J,1",', l -'
Tliia aveple I ld i) -'I " " -1
,U lly th baaJ of V iordj ,rj
.'' cCaani, Sua of Autuca; . )tii. .' t.:
ii f .
I ; a aar gioaaert bav t"i. it j fi jw
" ' "i'lio IlArvpil goU houia.'
. ml y.t. i ,
fi.. IIa n j.r llt.n.a.'ä '
' And tenderly ibed " '
Tl.t vadlauco aber luuibaf
ii. toil
,r Vir glorious dad , i
Iluat, i word, ia jail icsbuardV
i'or won ia tba Ifbtj i.
Oraatand Colax arlioiaiii
" 'ÖoÜJd rri taa right.
fag,7f lea joy.bslls,; .
, I.iami(y oeari'i '" '. - '
it ,,I
" Obrotbar t xtatn banAa la. i .-'
.XaaakfgUiog ai f.aea J , JJHll,
'Influcnco of Newipaperi.
A. 'aohool teacher,, wbo haa leeb tftgag.
d for a long tima io his profession and
witK'cssed i the influence.; of a5;. newspaper
upnn the D.iud of a fauiily bf children,
writes as foliowe: .(': j :, t uio.fJiw
: 1 have found it to bo, lie .aniyersal fet,
without , exception, that tlioeo scholar oj
both texetj,. audf 11 ogef, who have ao
cess tp n6wpa'pers 'at bo.ne', ' When com
pared f tliose who have not,- nrc,.-'', ')
A'l.i!"Het!,er readers, ex iö! lent in "proiuo
ciation,1' and ; conseqaettlly1 reaJ1 tin'derl
standingly.': :' '.M:ti , o.-'t
;''2:M They H letfir ipellcrs,' ind define'
words with easo and afcenracy.1 ';o .;.'j
3.'" They obtain practical knowledge "-of
geography iri alarost' half the time it re
quires of others, k's Hhe ' hewspaper haa
made' them acquainted with the' location
of the important; places'of hitioasi,' their
gotcrntiienta acxl "doings' otthe lobe. ' '
' 4i They are(tetter grammarians: fof
having bcqotne so' famllTur with every var
iety" 'of style in the- newspaper?,' from the
commonplace' advertistneut to the finished
and ' classical 'oration 'df the statesman,'
they more readily comprehend the mean
ing of the tcitt; and constantly aualyt its
constrdctioti with Vccuraoy.''' ' '':i''":"'V
: 5. ' They write better com'positionsos
ing ' better .language, i containing'1 bore
thoughts; moro clearly 'more connectedly1
expressed. '," - X"' ' ,
Those 'young men who hate for jean
been readera'of the newspapcra aro alwajs
taking the lead in delating societies, ex.
hibiting a moreoxtenstve knowlcdge upon
a greater; variety tif subjects, and express
iftfr; their views with ) greater fluency,1
clearness and correctness in the usO of
language. ' ' u" '.' ','' '," ' ' '''''
' Tlicre I a landlord loUJoifo'n who U In
the habit of placing an extfw-forTo'aure
the plate, of such boarder a have not paid
up promptty-lclhj in U titiiiition tu"ibrk
sh.'e-wasa) : t i
c ,
A IT lAIr educated' fijnsthla liiirtia'
whero In the northwent expose for' sale' a
roan hore,' "or o' InuHi thereof a may1
be noeossary" to Satisfy the judgment. Jl
" ' i. . n 1 . , . i. ,'i.i
'.'"I'm ifttln on tha' atylc, Miry;'' fild
the' envious yoah 'girl, u he ' plntigud
down ou hcrnUtcr' It a and fuathcr. - '
. "llafleet1 bVfore yoVnot.ut wen tho
KuilS forjöUoti cotiie; ito'r) ihlnkln;,,; 'waa
4 jaxttW ef Cienerat' Jacksnn;'
! "' :'"' --'-' -J -f Mti'i L
"EAttt.r It(MNrl.-aTMei nOflWO ipflflt
Vo stupidly a that' whleUM uased in a
in orn In jf, between alecpin 'and waking;
He whu ia up maf to at wark, e'r dm
Ing tilmselP, he who t asleep1 1 rrfeWM;
the' refreshnienr fleee-niry' to fit- hltif Tor
action; but the hour spent la dftalng'and
lumbering are waited ' wtthoni either
pleaaure or profit. 'Tho loorfer1 you lenve
your bed the soldorner'yoii will be oonfin
ed to it, ' - '' . . :
, 1 lllfW II HI i,i ' ,j I
i Good Xewa froui the Arotia llegiona-
ir.ii.., ......
tana am I i .i i,i !... i ,., i ,. l
.1 ! 'I ' I
Dr. Covert iayi t'l 'UctrTnienfiil to
health for a U-djf to wear black' stocking
on winJy-day.f; AA'','.V' 7,
J lady Inr LeavenWorth bai tl)ten on a
new-fashioned Urecian bend, and hcrbua
band haa been ort' "an old Caabioned
Attiprlofttt lutntrt." V " 1 1 !.
yi!X'tf, ( epubllcaV ''tafe'! CVommttee'.. of
XoulMioa'iaVe ihs'utd an.'addr'eaVngra
tüfatii'iK ,he' loväl
.le'of that' Slate on
'the election
of Ijenera
era t
rant, od explain,
InV 'to', the Conerer and. people of the
.United States 'ihe1; cad?e' Vf the failure 'pf
the," IlepubrijCaiiii pf iJoufstana lq '.o.'e t
the late' election. The' committee' Irury
say. ,tha a majority of the Oteia ofXu
Uuna pref,creld1Ue,ueral Urant to bis Dem
ocr'at'ie oppojient,' and J.hat rnö(,vi;ötence
bad 'teen Ued 'to prevent a' frce ,and' fair
feclion,"th'v electoral . Vote of the btale
would utidouWvdly have lfcn given' to the
former.. I'he) I h.OW ,lha( jn the psjisheil
of Concordia, j Jaat9i end Ibfrville,
wle're nö fcnotisio existed, the I'cpullieen
,.1 v r ,.ri trt (n(1 rirttry of
J" -
I I I ... I I i :
iut one uunurta lit'puo.ic-i.is v.- .
eighteen '.thousand, and in the parUh of
pt. hn bdry where more than two hundred
begroci .were killed during the month of
October," not one Ilepublican vote was cast
although 'the name of two thousand i'e
publicune 'jrere on the regitdry of that
parish, und that in each of the. psriahes of
Uov'aicr Morehouse and L'add'), with cacli
a 'registrition of about two thousand Ee
publican , voters; but one Itepublicau vote
waa' cast..' y ' '' A,A .', -Ar
"'l'TLe Committee further remirk:
''The 'extent of the violence and intimi
dafiort', 'which have been ucd, and, the
number of murders wluph havo been COfU
niitted to insure tliu' result, will probably
hover te" known, ondcrju' be' imagined on
ly,)b th'oie.J Who' know tl-fl pruelcM esti
Vnation ln .which our colored cit'uans held
tlieir'.Rewly acquired liglits'of Cittze (tail ip
and frau'ctiise.' ' ., , ' " ' ,.
, 'I hero ,rjeed ba no question a to what
17 " J and cla8a'o( ciu'tons aro, responsible
for' the, riots and jiim'ults which have di
graced purfet ate'. ' f' Col or e d a b d whit e . iti
publica nsf IjaVe bee; almosthe only' vic
t irns; ! Jiu n d re'ii s, o f ,tli e m ' Ii a t e bee n , k 1 1 led
to one of their; poliIi-al opponents.'. Ouly
Kepublicari' churches, school( bouncs, club
ripmi abdjrcMijcncea have been sacked by
theso lawless, mobs, .Oyer njo're than half
the, aa of '.lne'Stato peaceable ; political
meetings j.of JlepubfioHn have beeu 'pre
vented or disperiteJ i.'foiiiine'nt Ilepubli
Sah killed or dilven "from theirhomel,
and a, reign of terror jtiaugurated unsur-
assed( by that (vf tho rebellion, . Armed
liod of Democrats, freauently disguised.
have , patrolled the road in' the. country
aiid the streets r'pf our cities, commuting
ii'umterlesa outrage! and killing llepub
lican with.'entiro impunity, Colored ex
Soldiers' of ihe k TJnited tutcs have tcco
robbed 'of the arms which they carried in
tho"icld and', purchased )f tlie T Un tte3
States ' govern rn.ent; anS (olorcd Eepubli
Citn have been 'iraimcd' in uiot of.ihe
parishes of Ihe; Statti, and in' not one in
stance 'haye lawjcf baud of wliites been
depriyed of 'their, arm' ', ' . . ; .
' , T he, par ia V of i n t , Dv' r n a rd a ffo r Js I
fair illustration "of what has occurred in
many pthvr parishes. ( t I nhat pat Ish the
blacks 111 letl . but, one 'while' msp, while
the whites 'killed'lhrty vp colored men
according '"tp Dem'öcratio'aüthortty, add
probably bjOre than fifty. colored men, nod
otie white exUriited'tates soldier, wbo
waa'aetinitiaaD'ouiver.of'tlve peace; nev-
i ertbeJeS'S tho blutks have beeii ".disarmed,!
and in tlie presence of United States sold
iers, while armed while desperadoes have
beeri allowed to patrol the parish
"Colored ben- Laveleen' robbed in
numberless instancea of their bard earned
luoneyj provision! and clothing by armed
patrols .of (Democrats, clajming to be ,"con
serya'fjora of the publio pcace." In Saint
LandfyJ' Wash I n g 1 6 ri at ri d ' many other
pariahed'atmed band of Democrats kill
ed many Hepublicad canvassera, and drove
the . other? ; from , their ,panshp. They
robbed . colored men of their .ltepublican
ucxeis, anu wan violence ami tnreaia
drove - them to tho polls, and forced them,
in ;perll of their live, tö Tote the Dcmo-
erati ticfltt,: --'i r. . . ;'.'
v 1 It is also evident that fraud perpetra
ted, by 'Democrats' in casting and count,
ing thounaod of illegal Domocratio votca
aro unparallelled in thö history of .Louisi
ana, ond aro sullicicnt alvtio to invalidate
the election in mauy(looalitio. ; . ,,.
; ludi'putttbte, eyi lotico of , all the facta
vo., ulK'go will iuou bo laid bvl'ore the pub
lic, and Oongres, will bo asked not to al
low pur opponents tu reap ad vantage from
their law Ions aud wicked not.' ;
-("The In Silicat of, pf theae fiots and to
uitilU'and pcrperralori öl'tlicse nunibcrlef
outriges and murders aro tou numerous to
bo generally reached by tba .civil law, aud
like the perpetrator of ti l "July mlisa
ero' they wilt probably . rcap merited
puni'littiorif, but att! llasitrlng and just
(Jod and the tiivilixed wotld will boll them
responsible ' for sota which haw dUgraced
theChrtattiiriity, civilitution and muiihood
of this age.' L'hivutry, Courape and man
lincsf lend mm to liofend ' iho innocent
and' protect . the WOitk; hot tO OutmgO tl)0
lawa il. tieii anu man . liy . aanailing the
unprotected und iliin the ilcfcnarloaa, ,'i
- 'The Dt'tnoeruth "party I responlblo
for tho Jterrlble"wrorg we lvo eoomer
a'ted and tho prtjieiit 'condition of our
Stato." It-pruHvand vta'ors, and many
of iti 1 Inding Uiün hve Invited, encour-
ajed nil t'dtiitiiendod forcible resUtuhCU lü
laws, antl tho "ottistilutad oll'ieera of the
law; 'Dj' ineutidinry ii'rllee and harran
gues,'aid ty jierafiatnt mUropreHöntation
anil( fsNchond, they have Instigated law
lrssnes,' rlnta and tniinlcr,'and Inflamed
the bad paslon of the people until this
illy and 1 Htuto were on the verjje of auar
chy jnd eivll war' i ! ' . .
""The twolt known; condition of Louisi
ana for -wevkl prior to the l'rldentlal
election i suluslent to ' lubstsntiate the
atati'ment' made 1 trt the address from
whith wo havo quoted.' ' '
W taktf It tor granted that a proper
priori tri Hon of the f.ict will result in the
rejection of the electoral vote of Louisi
ana lhyCongVfl,-"',and a refusal by' the
House of IifprohUtlvos to admit tho
tiieV thiniing1 to have' bcon clovted to
Cougtc Iii that 'btate, ak the pitUudcd
and' fraudulent election held, on N'otetn-VerJd.-fJouroAl.'
' " " " ' '
i.vr f ijr Falling Xiareav T '
iTk-. .T arafalliae, Uly (alHog,'; v
, '1 Bf.oa (h (or.at ctdo, .
i ' avattd irom '.b aobl branoka ;
Whsr tbv wavad ia baatceei prii.
Thr ara falling la the a
H ear ilia arljr vioUta aj-riaf.
And tba Mr I luuny prtog-tiue
.jjiortlialr.fimoatjWiialo ilaa;. i-
They ar falUeg, ftdly falling, , .
Clot I'tilda our cut Uga duor;
rV Tal a ad fadKl Ilka it lo?d aar'
', . Tliey.ai a.tP torevermora,
'" Tby ara f Ving, ao d tbt lonbeanM '
r-bl.f In tauty oft aroand . . '
Yat Ibe fd'l laavaa ara fl)i(, ' "
its ? '
Falling ob the woiy ground.
... . ,sk i .....
. . Tary ar ratltaf on tha atrcawlet, ,,
' r 'Vbr tha atirar wataraCow,
I itfion th'IrplaflJ boaow
' - "h tb' - - ,
nf le
um.. . L I n d r .
ITunra Hie idia wiud of ta
feofil o'ar tba loVad ona .et-,
Ibey r fullieg, sver f-t!ii g,
W karatha aauiBicr brettts !gb,
. , T hria tb itara in bauty glitten
lUIgbt urnn tba uiidnig til fVy. ''
Tbey are faliiog wheo tba teufe(t
Miiidi lika ocn' bollo roarj
1 VT hail tba toctful windi and billowa
' v "Sadly ligb fvrTertuoro, t) J' ,
Thfy ara fallin:, tbey ara failing,
bit oar laddoaod bcarta tili ga '
To tha funny dayaof rbtldhood,
( Jn the dreitny long goj
'i Aod thtr fdad bo ramlnd a
, . ., Of tbt Ir b'aitfd hpi and drtatni,
' ' nded lika tba faded leaflala
'I;. Cast opon the icy stream. ', .
Presently.' ' ""
Never say you will do presently what
your reason or your conscience tells you
should be done now. No man ever ihap
ed hi own - destiny or the destftiies of
others, wisely and well, who dealtin pres
ent! ie. , Look at natute. ..She never post
pones. . When the time arrives for the
budio.open, they oren for the leaves
to fall, they, fall. ' Look upward. The
eliining '"world never put off their: risings
or their setting. ; The commeti even, er
ratic, aa they are, keep their appointment-;
aud eclipse tiro always punctual to the
minute. There are no delays in any of
the movements of the universe which htvc
been predetermined by the absolute will
of the Creator, Procrastination by the
Star might o vqlve the destruction of in
numerable systems; Procrastination in the
operation of future on this earth might
result in famine, pestilence and the blot
ting out of the human race. Man, how
ever, bei'ug'a free agent, can postpone the
performance of hia duty; and be doe ao,
frequently to his own destruction. The
dratt drawn by indolence vpon the fu
ture are pretty, sure to be dishonored.
Make Now your banker." Do not say you
will' economize presently," for ' prer-eutly
may be bankrupt; nor that you will re
pe u V'a nd'txiakeatoneruentpreaeotlyfor
jrc.iieiitty you ,n:ay, be judged. Dear in
mind the important fact, taoght alike by
the hi.iory of tiotions, rulers ind private
individuals, that in three caeca out of five
preicntly Is too late., j . . ,
' . ' ii - ' ,
-. v' j Always Happy. . ... -i
'Art Italian bishop itruggÜDg through
great ditScultiea .without ' repining, tuet
with, much opposition, in 1 his. episcopal
functions without betraying the least im
patience. iUne. of hia intimate ; friends,
who highly admired those virtues which
ha Uhovghi it impossible . to imitate, once
aked the prelate if be could impart the
secret; of being always easy. ''Yes,'' re
plied the old man, "I can . teach you my
secret, and with great facility. f ltconita
of making a right use of my ejes." ilia
frienl begged, him to explain himself.
'.Most;, willingly,": returned the bishop.
'In whatever state I am, I first look up
to beaten, and remember that my prin
cipal business is to get there, I then look
down upon earth, and call to mind how
mall a space I shall occupy iu it when I
come to bo ibtcrred, I then . look around
in the world and observe what multitudes
there are in all respects more unhappy
than myself."' ThnS 'I learn where true
happiness is placed,' whero all our cares
must end, and what little reason I have
to repine or complain. . ' f
... ...
j - To Take Mildew frorn Clothei. '
' Mix aoft 'soap with powdered starch,
half ua much alt, and the juice of a lemon;
lay it on the part with a brush; let it lay
on the i;rM day and and flight, till tie
stain come out. Iron mould may here
moved by the salt and lemons. Many
alalus may be removed ; by dipping, the
linen In Kottr buttermilk, and then drying
it In a hot sun; wash it in cold water; re
p'et this tiara b - on four tiniri. Btaha
rau'cil by r.ita may bo retbovod by ty'ion
Oma pesrUsh up in Utalncd part; aerap
so'sp In cold wator, and boil the linen till
the slain I gone. . :
taa. aa.aa.-B.
A dottor who, at the end ef a jlulo.
SOph tea I profusion of anfaith, proclaim.
s i hi disbelief In future exlletice, wua
Ihn anawvred! "I am wot surprlaad, Duo.
tor, it your niaicrUliam, gnd tbt you
ahould think your patients tcu effectually,
killed ever to come to life ugalu,"
To mnko a valuable speckled' dog tu!-
Idtaprnuf. Mark Twain ' say, 4,Tske t-fl
hi bile and line It with sheet Iron,
UtiHsiuiron 1 the best, and I slicker and
more 4 showy than the common kind
Dog prepared in thia war do Lot uilnJ
bulleti." ' ' '
I ...... . a ' m .n.i .
- A X approve of a youth that haiiome
thing of tlie old man in him, so 1 am no
less pleased with ac old man that haa
something of the youth. He that follows
this rule may bo old in body, but t-ti nev
er be io in mind. Cicero. '
.u. r
Mr, Partington' nleie, upon -being
told that in the country wbiro he resided
they held court four timea a year, ex.
claimed: "La me! why you ain't half up
to the business the youag fellow bete
com cs a courting three tiniss a week."
, .t .... ii - i in i - i . 4
, What c-muv after cheese? Mice.
'v ale la a.l - w
- - i -I'ataii
a tar lieu tar t'.aa Ii I; i
,. - ;i -
. 4 -. - - - 1
d la, aiariuniit will tu faUU'.xJ til.. 7
darai oat J aataJ s"9tl.j'j, , ,
1 , ". L '.'' IM" " J
.,A Tn:kavyUH Youn3r:i. '"' .
M.cra i il)l ,roorj ,encv;j rj
hil.rr said ; Walaler and , o 'tlit. . I,
It'sT iler to be ä f rst-t-Usa ecbUit C.j
a t L i i J-claaa lawyer.' . TUrfix C:j
pleasure in it and ver. eioney.: . t
the.'l'food trade'' that - niakra mra :v
but tie good underatandiog of the t. .
bume would be poor all their Ktis ... I
yet worV'at lie Ltst tisd in' its, .-.f'.T;
they den't and-:rjUBd it, and ti?:,
never wilt. . .'1 bey. toil caUopin
cos, lien the ork i a. direct aut'on
Ism ititi their whole being. 'A" i!i
,r'I'do' cot beliivo in giv'i t g t p l. v 1 1
until ww know it'tnuat g -jwnn batwif
we cviumenco I'. work and .Cn-j cu-tlr-a
wholly unfitted for it,. and, after a ,'-'T
ough trial, can see no shadow of a.-. ..
in it, we had better try some oiltr. 'All
a . aa
'--' r t rorn with power to' ririorru
' ' -t it is r"jT-
jeudeavor to find our plaoo. . ..
! ot'raclves we thall know' tor -cisti
! we dd not, poor buecea is'iucvU.ty )Z.;1,
I ere hot how muih'a tijati U-a'y atuiy
and experiment, it tiieehanism is 'nctl)
' hi head, it cannot coiue Wt.' " V' tt'.i f i J,
bovs, it elow businets growing puiaf a
on Kjuaah tioesT - - '-Ann ira
.;; Agatn,"wa can' hot Well bV Crtt iti l.r
than ono occupstioa "or prvfesatbaiiVfclta
a man tells me ha a dci;u trsde?',! knew'
very' well be is hiastr of rbrf.' Partner
mati waa' creulf d but n lill'o ' lowif X;.aA
the angils, tuf, tip - tlie ivtblnj If t-0
writing of thia, be has1 nit IrCou. o Cd
nipOtent or' omfilsCienS is to do,f jroStai
bly, more than orte tblng et ati&eV -(IJc?--cver,
at the "expreß rate of pvntesa of tie
American people, I expect he is "alacrt
Then,' boys, study ' -yenrVclCrf; choose
your work, and if it susiafirtt yon, -njova
ouj bid de&anca .to . all obstaclea, don't
surrender to .phtintoms they will ' ever
challenge you; fiht it out on so tu' lino,
"if it takes all summer ' and the next
aucm.4r. Itdependecde'nce in the fruit ef
uever-depairiwi perseycrinoe.. r i Our
boats are beaded up the river, and justsr
sure a we drop the oar so. sura we .will
Boat down. Keep 1 rowing,1' boy keep
rowing! I know it's a bighty current for
some to stem, aud tho boat mtTclowly,
but sometimes btiltaaUtt are reached
where they can rest,v ,. , . r .
I know of oo. bft'er rule for a jbung
man, an old man, or a woman to follow,
for success, for Lspplness, an 'or frierstl.
ship, than ,tbe.: old imperatUa; sdse--r
Mind your own business: . Keep vour
own secrets, and iu the cud jou will haTa
more and warmer friends. Everywhere
you will meet villians wearing the lllery
of men.; There is no better place! for the
study of. human nature than oo the.: rail
road. There you meet t every thjnhe
wise, the foulish, the good and .the Jtaof.
I have met men there who, at first 1 "li'gßt
seemed to be oil civility :all.honkry,)a&sl
all wisdom; but on atloser itudy cf words
and acts, they ( proved, i, be rttno parts
humbug and one part Ktbefo.'QUic,rate
cf. idiot, patent riubt pcd Jler snd tiuiif
ance. A' .; ""y 1
' Dut, boyi.this lä becoming ia.' vrottder
ful world. Evc'rjthifi is dean by ktearA,
or at iteam preoUfe, j, When.. ,thakgrea
Atlantic Cablo was being lowerpdt -it was
oo all tongues a the greatest, project the
world had ever koownAaud te wLo was
the possessor cf - än iucti 1 piece -of -il.w
twitted wire waa ..rieh in relict üowj
have almost forgotten tliat there is-fucH
a thing, The Picitjc iUilroad is the.one
center of attractio'n . npw, but in a. 'few
yean that, too, will move Iu,thov',had,T
oi aonie laignuer acnsui. .i ... .
Fall Pruning Grspea. 's rai
tftt crnrfi urn m tpla v .ri n!o tt tVot a
vines till spring. - This we -i think. aatbs4
practice. If they'wiah to make cuttjoV
of surrounding doc,' they arc 'not 1 "ncsr1
so good as if uke6 'oil fit 'the' fall 'end
carefully burned, or put Jtwy till prioj
Tbc wood ia l;cquently so minh; tj'jnrtd,
by the water ia not to grew in tbc spiioy.
: But the wood left for produciog fruit i
tiiuch Utter Tof being I ruoed In the fall',
tt iamuch more eaoily protected,' as it rail
readily bo laid down aud slightly tuvcrcie
wi'.h earth, and if we have a acvcfq wjn-i
ter tt i safe. In iccd, wo think tt would
py to protect vif-O-mliNwavia our
mildest winlci;.v-7'. ; w 4 ' ,
It U not fur the projection tT tl o vine
alone, however, thatiwe rcconmiend fait
pruting. , It i to strcngtliLMi to tb bud a,
and fieri which are lett, .Many think
that it will have no sui If . tllei t. HtU'if
they will prune two vines 'hi tie famo
ttiaiih'tr Otic lt Ihi fell 'M wü a th
leave ail dcMroedby i Jroat, .the,. 4hrj
tht lollvVltgplil'g. ,thfy ill ßtid lhq
fallpiuned vlf.r Wfll be much more ,vgj
otoua mid ptoductive t ho eimulng sunt h r.
I U lne i not (Jtnd in tho wimtr." Dt
ro a cootlhda to liiib I'immI, thsah, of
tolirr, In ii uvU ! lar. qitantiiy., lhai 1m:
iMiaikcr. lliU tiutiii'Hiithu absojtti,'
ia di.H ihutvd tin ouJ'ut 1 1. a vine, .Alt
Iho bud aiv mote or U bctivfittcd.'bat fcv
the buda ivtnou.t iVoui lbe rooia kltijir
receive Ike f rist-ipnl ftvd tit -ap,.tby art
llictt liMiieliUrd. N,ty J luniffg in lie
tall, all tbt U saved iu the lud slid Clue
Hr bsVV Uli lot Ij' Hlio, It W tl'jilU)' thia
prlfudple lh.it wit Uii)s pruno In fll 'br'
wlnior fir wood. ' )ty Buam.rr piuning wa'
check und giweih;aa all kow, .,, ,
The bud thlii Jtft III tffome
strengthened by the spathy have teriv
cd during the wTtiter. They wilj push
eat ty and f iuoruu-ly in tho aptlag; hd
If well carsd for,1 will (Might tkt'ya'ot''
the lehotdera with large llualtrs n.i ,U.
tiou fruit that thev prtxluce. iWral!
I World,' I i 1 1 i o- t , ,rt .. i rt
I , : tv.-jvr.r .' .4
! Haptiat. llK'lht t '.'I. d'i't lik; . )(iUi
chunli iio.HMti.iiit.., I hu't uavfJav
fiionU. J hero i loo tuUtth. tvlia,yi
bbi'Ul it." . . . ; . .1-, -.ii ... ;.,,
.. Metht'diat J'irathrr "It ä f ,tiif (aut
l.avo UH.re machietry, about it, tlunjoy;;
but thun, yuu m i1, it dou't . take u tmivU.
wa'cr tu luti it.". ... . ,i .;i.,i.(
paid for la advsere.
i .11

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