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Q? JI E A At B H i C; AM v
'A C T PonA?p5 t-ian -. p
Chisago B.pr" ' .41 tf
chieii Mti .-?rJ.M :
Day Freight . 1100 m
nicht riixt
Cla MIU..- --'r;:-
c&toego Ejprtti j.v... - ,
Day Frlcbli..i-... '
If Ifcht Tretg ht .-.- " r.
I Third Lecture.., ......
Rev. JebnO. fchffoMwrBCbnrf will
cjliver the tbirdlector b( tbacoorte to the
Collect Chapel oa Wdnday eveetag Mt.
s?, To iaonycoaiUriteri. w(
th wsoowg eoda-jtor ef new-
paperVtö "1,,r r1 im, (,trietl-f con
f dealiet, of eoanO of lb writer of any com
oWicatlon intended for publication. Ww
lope oar friend will , invariably conform to
it it rale. Send yof reel tia, onßdeo
tially, and jom cootribatioos ihall bava
fro apt publication. ' -
Delianutnt Tixei. ,
Tbe Coanty Treasurer deairee ue to lay that
very large moont of delinqeeo Um ere
yat'anpaid, and a maoj dUnqnnti Uit year
ruber blamed bin for not f iving a, aotic to
ihetn, be Übet tbU toethod of giving them the
ioforoiatioo tbat tbej ar dtlinqoeot. The
sal of atl lb delinquent real eatate will b
made on the Eni Möndav In February, and ai
the properly will be advertised a. month before
lht-Uvt,'tM additional coal win do aaoea
fier'tU 6nt insertion of the advertisement
Thoae wbo know tbetntelvea indebted will save
money by paying up before tba 15th day of
December. , , - i , . , , s ,
Fora and Clothing.
Tb plat to buy Furs U at L'aiard. Tbe
place to buy Clothing U it llmnl'l Hmrd
bee a large lot of ibea goods, which he wftMta
loaell."' - "- ' '" '
1 Uurel. Iai; Deo. 9, 186ft '
. rajUp;; ' ''
All pweöna kuoHig lbmelft lodebted 10
oa will confer a great faor on oie by coming
forward ai.d MUliug at once, a I muit bae
taoue to raoaet bu.ioei. -
ßoiiiat Üiioas.
Brook ille, Dec. 7, 1G8. '
. Z: " " " '' . " 1
Sale of Eeal LUte.
William MeClare recemljr euld to Lawrence
Tragfir fifty acrei ( Und lituated ort iL
Wet Fork of White Water Hirer, juet aboe
Uoupdary Hill, fr ;tf&tJ dUar per acre,
culj thirtj-rie acra of which are of auy alue
for fartnittg purpoe., ,
? Cold Waataer.
S Thla week bringe with it real December
eather 'CotJ wind, frosea gran a 9 and drill
log enow dry, healthy, ' eraonable winter
weather.' Overcoat, heavy boote,' and, more
Important ibao all, good underelothing, are
the prevailing. apparel for gentlemen; while
f.rt, cloat and warm andrtkirta are (n fash
ionable demand by the UJie. Let ue all be
etive and merry daring the WiuUr that ie
upon fit. . ; , . - ' . .
Raid on the Treamrj.
Tba pre.ent ei.ioo of ibe lizard of County
ComraitMonere wiinetee the cmtomary raid
upon tie Treasury near the cloee of tba. year.
Everybody ie in the habit of presenting hie
bill during the December eeeeion, and of
course evrrjbodjr tauet he paid. The Coatmie
.aionere ))av wiicly aJopied a rule, bowerer,
requiring tba aforetaid "aeerjbody" to aear
to Iba crreotue of hie account,, Treaeurer
lfootruaitn good'uaiuredly conienta to cash
the order, thuugh be expreeeea ibe hope that
deMi..tnl tai ajeri will p-edil coma to
. , Ber.Birm lector. .
The College Chapel a filled with an Intel.
Ilgen! audience of beiU seiet oa Wedueedcy
eteotug of Uet week, anemlled o lieteo to
tha lecture of Ut. Ii. II, Urn of Qreeoe
burg ibe tecond lecture in ccur.a at liiook
will College. Iii luhj-ct "lue Character.
UiicioCtbe Preteal Age aad lie lemaude"
,ai bandied iq a maiierly, eloquent and com
preheniiee manner, eliciting atrici aiteniion
and hearty appreciation. It wat our iuten
tioa io give a ytiopei of this admirable lec
ture, but it wilt be impo.eible to do justice to
.the auhjeci in io short a ipaca. If published
at ail, it should be given in full.
Franklin County Bible Society.
Rev. M. A. Hater, Agent for tbe t iaaklia
County Hi ble Society, bss just completed the
canvass of ibis County in the Interest of the
Bible causa. - lie held meeting in each Town-
hip, preaching to tbe people arid ' receiving
'tbelr'cuirtribQtions, lie report 9165,33 aub
acribed, $141 of which be hat collected. Mr.
R. found forty-seven families tu the County
dtstitut of a opy of tha Bible, twenty-two of
'Which' ha supplied with that Book of book,
'tli balance (tenty-fiva) refusing a copy. ' lie
-aal bean angagtd lo tba work io thia County
aTuceOcU 23 about six weeks and has doaa
good lertice in a charitable aod rigbtcoua
cäüa'a. " " ' "
J" . . Call and Settle". "
'AU those knowing themselves Indebted to
ma, will do ma a great favor by calling and
tiling at one, a I aaonot transact business
. Wliheul feobey.' ' ..'lilt, Cooutv
Brookville, Dec, 1, 18C8.
Another Big Lot of Qrooerlei , ;
Hat just arrived at Theodora Reifel'i store,
direct from tha city. All kinds of Family Gro
e,fiee can ba purchased there at tha eery low
est cash figure. . II ha so in eicellenl New
Qt I a Molatfee which be ell at one dollar
per gallon. Also an extra fine lot of Caodie
fweChrialinaaand New Year', . .
, I , One of the 8arTt7or. ,
Father Flcischmaa, the new Calhotio Priest
StCd place, preached bit lirtt aarmoa io'St.
Mich!.'! Church last Sat bath morning. He
ie a talented young' man, preaching both in
Knglish and German, lie wa one of ihe sur-
vivor1 of tbe recent catastrophe "oa the Ohio
River, being on cf, the patiengere on the
jtsaraboa't America at iBd lima of tba collision.
illia fataer and moller a era' with Lim, and af
ter be saw them safely aboard tha life-boat ba
upned '.futd )befrr and tam to the shore.
JIa lost everything he Lai books,: furniture,
etc.', !:' J '" ii- '.i '
Proceeding! of tha Ileetlngr of the Frank
liar" Coaaty Agrlcnfmral. Soetetyr fr
p4 r V BaooKtiua, Did fijsil'
Society met and was called to order by the
President. The Treasurer .tnade his annual
report, which was adopted, to wit:
AmqtflreaeWed io, cmH fur faraly i'icie)! j.e
Cash borrowed of J. II. Quick, 250 00
Cash received from. Showi, , ' 5 00
i - . - r , ? . , r f 1,W8 85
Amount paid out, (sea toacb.' - . , ',: -I
rs), "tfliotf
Amount paid premiums, J03.55
r - . , . ... 1527 55
IJalancff on hand, ,-; . fV It 30
A bill from J II. Masten for two dollar
and forty cents Was presented and allowed.
On motion, John IL Appleton wat allowed
a premium of eight 'flollara oo .IvjFllJy ovee
three and under four years old.
The Committee of Arrangement made tbeir
report through the Chairman, as follows, which
was adopted: . (
Receipt 'from stalls and stands, - Od
Amount paid hand. i - 111 60
ion n iing, 40 ov
for cup, chain, die, 3 00
for nails, twine. Ac, 1 00
192 00
Due Society, ... tI2 00
On motion, tba Treasurer .was ordered to
pay tha premium on tba Oreen Trot as deci
ded by the Committee.
Tba Society went into tba electioa of offi
cers, withithe following result: ,' '
' President Samuel' P. Robert ,'
Vice President William Robeson ;
Secretary F. iL A. Jeter; ..
, Treasurer lt. P. C. Harwick ; xY ! '
MarsUl-W. A. Quick.
The President appointed a Committee of
tbree to select a Board of Directory wbo re
, ' ' r-ii 1 I ' '
W. U. Ruckrfc'
J. P. biady, ,
J. ii. Quick, .,
A. a IJne, ,
C It Cory,
J. V. McKte,
Thad, With-r.
Prank McKeown,
11. II. KCDJJ,
L b. Jtuktui, '
all of whom wer unanimously elected.' ' ' '
A bill of 108,50 from J. M. Vawter wa pre-
sealed and allowed, aad a noia ordered to ha
drawn.- - : '
On motion, tha Marshal wa allowed, ito
dollar for (erriet-.
A Committee of Arrangement wa appolut
ed as folio ws : . . .
John King, W. J. MtCarly,
11 11. Kuiler, IL 11. S-.ft, -
V. B. Martin.
On motion, tba first section of Article 8 of
the HLaws was stricken out, . ,
Ou motion, each of tbe officer was allowed
a' family ticket. . ' '
Tha Society adjourned to meet the first Sat
urday in March. " " s' " . "
Ü B. BSTtiT,, Trea't ;
Joutj S. Martix,' Si-c'y pro tem.
, Notlrye :
Is hereby given to all pvrton knowing them
five indebted to ma by nota or otherwise,
that they are earnestly requested to call and
make pajment a oo a possible, at lit fail
ure of Mr. Sioti ha involved m in manner
unlocked for, and I must have money to get
along. I therefore ask of those whom 1 have
fa voted that they favor m0 at this lima by
paying op old scores. J. II. MamTkkh,
Concert and Exhibition.
There will be a Concert of Vocal and In
trumaatal Musio in connection with an Ex
hibition giveu at the M. E. Church in liil
lingaville, Union County, on Wednesday even
ing. Deo. 'ill,. lbGg. v Admittance 25 cts.;
cbtldreu 10 ct. lit A. ülkkk.
Millinery Store.
Mrs. C Drown ha purchased, the stock of
Millinery Good formerly owned by Miss Llla
lUacklidge, and is ready to promptly fill or
der for Millinery work. Room over Dr.
Keely's atore.
Oülcere of Bible 8ociety.
Tba following named olBcere of tba Frank
lin County Bible Society were chosen last
Sabih evening at thw Anniversary Mealing
of that Society, held In tbe Presbyterian
Church ol this place:
President T. Harton. - - f .
Vice Preidot-J. W, Dole, E. Mejer, T.
a Ueek.
Secretary W, II. Jones.
Treasurer J. King. '
Kxecmlee Committee T. IT. Lynch, J. W.
lit, Minister of Presbyterian Church, M. W.
llaile, L. Meyir.
Vawter'i Omnibui Line. .
Mr. Jos. M. Vawter, formerly of this place,
Is running a line of Omnibusse from Lebanon,
Warren County, Ohio, five milet to Decrfield
on the Little Miami Kailroad - sometime
thrta 'busies going and returning, making six
trip per day, with two and sometimes four
horses attached. Fifty cents per passenger,
and every otuulbus nearly filled, make this
'hutlin a "paying institution," most certain
ly. Glad to learn of your auecess, friend
Vawter. '
Unclaimed Goods to be Sold at Pabllo
Notice is given in the Indianapolis Journal
that tha property, as per list below, now re
maiuiug unclaimed or otherwise in ollicet of
tha American and United States Ka press
Companies at different point in the Slate of
Indiana, will b told at publio auction, to tbe
highest bidder, io the city of Indianapolis, at
the auction room of m. L. Feaihenton, No.
194 and 1?3 Weit Washington Street, on
Wadneaday next, tha 1 Gib of December, un
leu tbe same shall be called for, and all cbaik
ge paid thereon :
Laurel O. V. LtnksniJsr, S. Wamley, A.
Mart, C. Pesch.
FairCalJ Mrs. Cloover, Mr. Mary Logan,
It. A. Ulenn, liorle 4 Williams, Thompson A
Whitetnaiij W. II. Thompson, J. C. Siddona,
11. William Co., A. O. Kdward. John Com
monsr V ' j
ilrookviUe-J. Price, II. Alley, W. Cooksej,
T. McCormick.
Cincionati Hoff Market , v
' ' TctsoiT, Dac. 8 I. M.
The market Is very brisk, with a short supply,
and prices ere 1$ te 26 higher, with all selling
readily at S(0ti te $9,60 gross, aad $,50 to $10
est for mejluut to heavy averages. ( i
"Barrett's" Adnlisd Ualr Rastorstlr. . ,
"Berrstl's" Is a stadled eotnpound.
ITlrst.seoure"llarrett,.M , . . .,
' -Mlarrett's" keeps the leatp healthy. (' -Atl
Druggist reeeautead ''Drrtt'i."
MR.iiDiTOR)?---:Lasr. Iridaj r eventn.r
ba jUbe T)leaure of attcudibir tr4 LltcrBtV
Sotfcfy-lDf this prnce. 1 The weither Vei
uoasually.'Dclcmentj'Vut, nqtwithstand
iog.'the Hall Was filled -with "fair women
and brave 'meh,rt 'who came, to' , listen to
the feast of reason: and' flovr ofi iool."
The exorcises' were tery t appfoprialcly
opened with grayer by Ilcv. Mr Lynch.
Tha exercise were'ebnducted with' order
and regularity,-' Kach 2cer aesnii to bo
the right person in the riht place. TheJ
President mtaoda Iba - byilawa aball rbe
strictly enforced,; and lj perceive i he .is
meeting with the hearty eo operatiou of
tbe members." 'Admirable order was main
taiped throughout tbe evening, and ef rict
atiewtion paid to tha exe reines, . : v
' ' First; io order 'was a deciaoiatton bt Mr.
Järed. .Tbia wie delivered .exceedingly
well. ' The aut)euaue esunciation waa
dear and distinct, and gesturea approprt.
ate and graceful.1 He evidently takes
pride in doio his 'duty wey. ; .
i Next on declamation was" Mr Jos.- Ray.
Thia gentleman' effort was not 'equal to
the first gentlemanV but nevertheless he
acquitted hinoiclCwith credit. .
Next in order waa an esuav bv B.-M.
McCarty. 11 ij subject waj, "The ingrat
itude ötthe AnicricaopcoplJ toward her"
l'oeta.,', Thia waa written with threat
plainnes, simplicity arii perspicuity of
style,: and read io a manner to command
tha strict attention of the audience
Next," Debate. The question for dis
cussion waa uls.'.lho extension of , terri
tory detrimental to tbe interests of the
United fctaWs s. Lam sorry to say, this
question seems to have bceu neglected by
the perscna appointed for debate. ' The
question admits of a great many argu
ment pro an J cön, but no' argument of
any weight were produced on either aide.
The luajoiity of the member seem to
have an antipathy to debating, which may
arise from the fact tint they! ire youii
and inexperienced. 'This should not Utter
them from tuakiDg.the attempt, Tluro
are i'dur rulis bv which' juung debaters
should be governed. First, "Avoid blend
iug argumeuti. confusedly .together that
are of a eeparute nature." Second, 'With
regard; to the different decrees of Strength
in arguments, the general ru!o is to ad
vauce Jn. the way .of climax. " Third,
"When our argument are irong and ait
ixiactory, the more they are ditiiiguihed
and treated spsrt from each other tho bet
ter."; Fourth, "Bo cautious not to extend
argumenta too far, and. not io multiply
them tod much: or, in plainer wordi.'whcn
jou .bvo aaid.whut you havo to say, sit
down." L hop more 1 interest will Le
shown In the debates for the future.
V.Th next was tho reaJin tf the Dud.
). l K.....l.ir
w wej wa -. vviuiw i' j v wj a e SWI41V II II 1
Thi? paper was "rich, rare and Tncy," and
bit several with more force than pleuant
ness. It abounded with many hue things.
One extract excited my admiration, it
was entitled ''The tni.tenc of a bieholor'
lile," written by B. 11. Iluine. Several
other promising writers, iontilbuUd ntso.
I do not think jt would injure tho So
ciety to add voeul aod instruiiicutl musio
to the regular exercise. 1 saw several
members whu are excellent vucalint and
piauists, and am cotiQdutit they would be
willing todieplay their 'aceouiplihment
for the beuetit of . tba ISotiety. Aud I
tbink it would induce tho to em hers to at
tend more regularly.. This 1 what we
need a regular atteudanco of ovary mem
ber, and a lo a regular attend suco of the
minister, lawyer aud editoia. It would
caufee Ikone om duly to puy luoto utletition
to their declamation, csauvs aud iuttou
for debate, and it micht do more thau
lb!., it nU,. ,..,., fiiMi .-t.n ur-
......... ...lfK... jw..ft.v.. "
in the habit of freuueuting the billiard
and drinkiog Bilooti, to leave such (tlicci
and become regular and active member of
the Society aud good aud useful ciiiaen.
, . . . Lady.
Seizure of Supposed Illicit Whisky.
Two hundred barrel of whisky from
Colter' distillery at Harrison, Ohio, and
one hundred barrels from John Ucggs'
distillery at Metauiora, Ind., were seized
in Cincinnati, utt Saturday, guaged aod
found to be from six to filtecn i cr rent.
above the proof marked on the barrel by
the government gusger. U. V. Itrowo ot
Harrison and bnneun .Miller at Ucta
mora. Collector Stevenson inform u
that it is. his opinion there is no in
tention of fraud on the part of tho olfiecrs
or ditilltir, and that tho ditTorence be
tween the ftosgiog at the di:illcries and
at Cincinnati must be owing to so mo dif
ference 'in the instrument, or eome mis
take in the last gusging. ' Dr. Kccly, Dep
uty ' Collector of Franklin Cuuuty, a
very reliable gentleman, ' is of the same
opinion.Aurora Advocate. ,
The Congressional Contest.
It seems that "little Johnny Keid"
eould not endnro the present humiliation
of confessing hininelf hopele!y defeated,
after all hia empty bluster about a contest,
and to, after much hesitation, ho ha noti
fied Mr. Julian of his intention to try hi
caao before the House of Representatives.
This piece of strategy i rather too trans
parent to deccivo the people. It will re
quire .something more than a "uotico to
quit" to convince tha publio that the cop
perhead ' of thi district destro to have
their atrocious swindling in this aod other
counties fully unearthed. Having thrown
down tbe glove,, however, wo hope Reid
will fa co the muio to tho end, for the
cause of political deoency and tho inter
est of Republicanism in the 'district de
mand a thorough investigation. At least
five hundred , illegal votoi for Heid in
Franklin County alono will bo rejected,
whilo the publio will be much enlightened
as to the doings of our Copperheads and
Ku-KIux Republicans at the south poll in
thia city. It will serve to -'point a mor
al" if not toadorn a tale' -'Liy on,
Macduff.,,Uichmond Radical.
W. ti. Reck, Kaq., of. thia cily, Chair
man of the Democratic- District Central
Committee, is out in a card, ' in which he
call the committee together for. tbo pur
pose of asnlMting Judge Heid in the eon
test with Julian, and to vindicate the
right of a free people to vote for the can
didato of their choice.''
That Is'all very welT and propor, hut
we ould likcf for Mr. Deck, or any one
else, to a bio any .man or any party that
denies t,tho right of a free peoplo to vote
for the candidate of their choice." uolest
it la tbo Dotuocratiq party, which U per
sistently opposed to the , nogroos voting
the Repuh.ican ticket.' We would like to
know if any:vlcctor io this District 'was
mtrXSsrfetftrr-lvcri'h'iMtidfrani exprrisin-f that riKir
, hat ndtculou; phantom the??e Ucnio.
erat are rjjrsuing. Wo dor't rco how
the CentrM Committee can assist tbo Judge
in thii irtatter, unless it to to raise meant
for him. Connereville Time. ,
Tho Lady of the White House. -
Id connection with tbe election of Gen
eral Glens' to- the Presidency, and only
eecond to it . in point of interest, is tho
promotion - of Mm. Grant to tbe post of
'Lady of the White Honse.". It i grati
fyin'' to think that the position, i ofv
wlm-K. Mrs. Grant will , fill wi'th.tbö true
implicity ofan American woman. ' Thcro
will., Vo, do, attempt to ape the grandeur pf
a regal court, and no vulgar timing after
merer tennation. -Mrs, Grant is a lady
who" h 'maintained,' through etery ereot
which'.ha marked'tbe icUsitadee of her
busbsud a life, a . marked propriety, of, de-uicpyr;,-
She has been a helpmeet in daja
of ad versity,' and. Las .t.hred fhi honor
without .he jn -dataled b. the poitioa'Or
conUminated by the foolish adulations of
tuoiü' whry worship, 'at the sluiu of suo
cces. Boston Journal. !?
' . -
The)re are two. sidc to the Indian ques-
tioa.,v'.t'ne other bide Is fiTcP in 'a letter
by Geo.'W. ManDpcuDj, lorriieily Ijidian
Commissioner, in a letter' on the first
paje ' 'of 'this, piper. .We are ei
pot-ed I; had msnsgement to an Indian
wa which will cost 3150,000,000 a
jesr, and in which every .Indian killed
wiit have cost u over a million of dollars.
Tbe transfer of Indian Affairs (6 the De
partment of War is only a ah'tit; it will
not euro the di tlicult j. Gazette, ..
. . . i
- '
Gornitjissioiier of Internal Revcnuo Hol-
lini wilt, this week, agiio send a letter of
resignation to tho President, to tske effect
at the end of tho present month uulesu a
successor is oonor conSrmeJ.
Let It be always reinetukored ttut '-Qarrett'e
Vrftbl Hair Uastoralire ' i not a dju tbt It
does hut euljr the soalp, bat by its rtmurlttble
life-gi viitf properties ti.r. the hlr U It url
ictoal litr .aa be tit. Uctruit Tribun. '
- NOTICE , v V -
IS hereby (teen that I wilT not psy a certata
ilott esecuttd iv rue to AUisnder W. John
st oh',' for three bus dred and elj-hly dotlars, dated
In utobr, lb6i, fur the rsn lbt the saj.a was
executed without any coti.Utrr.tlon.
ree4Hb6S 3sr. , , , . r JOHN TAYLOR.
1 1 1 1 1 '
"ISotlcc lo spbrlsmcn. '
'I'llE underrigned hereby forewarn all persons
A frtini (porting of any kird, or (thriiif- null
or bttrres gg oer premif.sla White Water lewa
shlp, FrADklia County, Indiens, ss the law will
be (triatly earorrari g.init any od all partcoe
O otranJin. . IlKZKKJAIl II ALLOWUtL, f
fPllK .ftro Aptws as St. Jdrj A (1 bring, In
JL Mount Car tuet. Ind.. ia tiifiolvod bv mutual
All persons knowing tLsuisoIves In-
debted will plae call ow.
Xor. 2?-3.
rptlE undersigned will reli st privsU sale at
X any tluio a 1. jr fsrtnf Ilia following
Kcal Estate In Itroohi lllr, Franklin
Count), hullnna,
t-wltt Lots 4, 6,7, H, V, 10, II, 12, 1, 14 and
16 la McClcery s plat or said town. AIo a trart
of about four aoies adjoining sstd lote. This
property Is all In a de. Irakis locatb n near the
ltw.il Koad. Alio Lot o. 12 In Allen's plat of
aid town, near the Cattmlie Church, aad also
one Lot oo Mala Durgess Street, near the Oregon
Hotel. ,. ,
This Is a good opportunity to purchase good
Rulhling Lots thai are raplily loereaolng In val
es. AU tho Lots not told at privat ale, will,
On .Sir''y, January 2, IStJ'J,
be eflVred at publlo snle on tho prem
TVAKyXts op ÜALK-One-third down on day
of ssle, oae-tMrd In twelve months, anJ the re
maala third la eighteen months friim time of
,, ih, dcr.rrei payments to botr Interest
rroui Uate, and be prt'peri.e ne-irei.
Nov. 27, 18(13 6.
, Executor's NotlcCe
XT0TIC15 Is harohy given that the undersigned
ll baa baan appoinlad Ksvcutnr of tbe will of
John llHcklentnn, 1st of Franklin County, de
ceased. The estate I probably lvnt.
, A M.J. l'KCI., Kaeeutor.
Nov. 50, 1808 Sw.
NOTIOBIa herehy given that the aaderrtgned
Kaeeutor of the last will of John llsokls
man, deceased, wilt offer for sale at puhllo nutery,
at the late re.ldeneo flf the testator la liroukellle
Township, Franklin County,
- On S'ttvnlay, Jkcmler 12, 1SC9, : .
the persoaal poperty of said eitate, eon.litlagof
HOD or l.OoU bushels tr Corh In the crib,
Horses, Cows, Hogs, c'heep, Young Cattle, Wsg
one, Carriages, Farming lainennisats. llouiahold
aod Kltoken Furniture, and Vaeious olherartlclee.
Sale to kegla at 10 o'clock A. M. . - , .
, TEltMiS Sums of three dollar and under,
cash: over throe dollars, a credit of niat
months will be given, the purchaser giving note
with spproved security, waiving the benefltof
valuation and sppralueuient Iswa, and bearing In
teraat from duo. W.M.J. I'KCK,
Nov. 20, IbflK 3w. . - Eseoutor.
r.tiurdlairs Sale or Real llstutc
111 E ' un Joralnod fjuardiauof FroJorlck A.v
. Gross, a minor, wilt,
On &itiirihiy December 19, 18G3, '
offer to sell at private tale, on tba premises, 24 !,'
acres (more or Ices) in the Wait part of the Ea.t
half of ibe N. Ii. qr. of bee. 14, Town 12, Hange
IS, In Franklin County, Irdinne, it being ttii
hod In said half quarter section belonging to
aaid minor, and will reeetvo rl-ato lt l. uo to
said da? for Ibe same; and If not aold at private
sale, will, on said day, ssll the said real etatt at
puhlln auction on tha premises.
T K 11 M 3 UK 8AI.E One-third do wn , one-third
In one year, and remaining third In two years
from day of tsle, the deferred pit tnent t be re
ruradbythe perohaaor'a note and tueitgnga on
the praml.es, hearing Interest from date, aud pay
able without relief frtxu valuation or epprelse
want Iswa. - - ' CA1CVKLO. FlüliriAt'K,
Nov. 80, X8S.w. Uuardlao.
Jdoolci) öooDa! 311oolci)ßooDs 2
rpilIC undersigned having engoged for the tea.on
A iperleneed workman, and h.viti(j Marblnsty
teoond to no Woolen Factory In the W ratern coun
try, is now prepared to do all kinds of Custom
Work, suoh as
Roll Carding, Spinning, &c.
Alt woik warranted to give .Stl.f.ctlno; ' Keep
constantly on hand a largo assortment of
Satinclft, ' Join, lu'ct ih, Jllnnkr.tx, Plaut
und Plain I lannch, Stocking 1'uriiB,,
Ac, Ao., whloh we offer forsale at the
. LXCIIANUl. FOR wool. (
Are thankful for past patronage, and ask a eon
tlnnanee of eatiie. Work aey.he nt us frout a
distance, will oh will be returned by railroad.--Customers
can rely on being doalt wlih as favor
ably as If they were prevent thnm.elves, should
they send us Wool to cxr-henga for Oeode,
We make a speciality of Cu.tom Work, and pus
touteri otn get Work dune at a very .hort nntr. '
w. w. daviSon a son;
IlarrUoa. O.. My li. IPn.t.
Twill psy Ci.h for all kinds oT Ofalo'anJ Heed,
delivered t my JM.ttllery "e IVarehnn.e i Iq
Hsrrlson, Ohio.
Sept. S3, ISlS-tf.
"A Bepaaitory of Taahion Pleasure, a,ndl
, -H y -Aueirucuoa. ,r. r.
A supplement enotainlog ouwerous fun slsea
patterns ef useful artioUs aeeenipsnios the paper
every fortalght, and oceasieeally an alegaat Col
ored fashion Fjate.
Uarper' fliiasr contains & folio aset of the
site or lfarpere Weckt), prlotei 0 taperfine
calendered paper, and is published weekly.
CrilU&l JSuicta of the Pre$n. ,L
Hsrper's Dasar eontatnk, besides pietares, pat
ten, eW., a variety of matter of ospevUI ate and
tutereit to the fiiuityi niete ea kvaltb.'dreee,
aad hoaeekeeplng in all It breaches; its editorial
matter Is specially adipted to the eirele It is la
tändel t Istereet sad instruct) aad tt has, be
tide, good stories and literary mttr of merit..
It Is not surprWtof that tbe' journal, ' weih saob
festqrsi, has achieved la a short tiraeaa itamease
euoo-M; tor soatetbiagef the kind w- derervd le 1
theasandeef familUa. aad its pwbh.jars have
filled tbedeuiaui. (New York Lveaiag rt.
Whether we eeneUer its elaluis as besed apea
the elegance and suriorlty t f the paper,, its
typrifrephieal appearance, the taste aod, judg
ment displayed in tbe ergraviags, or lh literary.
eonlrirlttoDi eoataiaed to its ptta, we- uabeti
teliegty eoaownee tt 10 bo aanstiur ia eaeh aad
every partloulsr to any other eiutilar poMlettioa
here or abroad. - Phil' Legal leullig eeeer. . .
We know ef do ether Eagli.k or Aukwrieae jovr
nal of faehion that eao pretend to approach it la
completeness and variety. New York times..,
It has tbe merit of blng eeaeible, ef e.iavey
log Instruetloo, of glig eseeiient "J atterns in
every depsrttaeat, and ef being Welt eiueked with
good reading instter. Watrhmaa aud Uetleclor.
To dress accor JIgto Harper's , Basar will t
the aim and asobittoa of tb wjweft tf lincriea.-
Boitojt Transcrlpt. j ,. , ..
'" ' XJBSCIlIPriONS,rl861. ;,"'f
' ', Terms: V
Harper's Bsar, one year .... eeststee $4 00
An Kxtia Copy of either ths Magatine, Week
ly or" Ilassr 'will be applied - gratia 'for erery
Club of five bubarrilors at $4 00 eaob,ta one re
wiltanee; or Six Ciplce fur $20 l .
buhstriptlons to lltr er'i Maftsine, Weekly,
and IJ.nsr, to one adlri-ii f.r one ) ear, 10 Odj
or, two of Harper's l'srioclcal, to one address
fur one year, $7 V. ' . s
Dsek cuuibtri esn be rupplled at tny time.'
The postage on llsrpsr's Huaar'ls zUeaatsa
year, which uust be paid at the subscriber's post-
jrao. ; '" ' ' ' '
Sabserlptlon trnt from BrliUh Tfr-rth
Araerican IVovinees muit ba tecctiipeuitd with
20 cents additional, tu prepay United Slates pott-
U. . AdJrrit . . . . . , -.
lUUl'ER A BUOTHER3,Now York.,
ot .
Jaet pabllthed, la a sealed envelope, l'rlse I
coats. . . ., 1 . . .
A LECTURE on the Nature, . Trsstinent, and
Radical Care of Seminal Weakness, or Sper
inatorrbaaa, Induood by salfAaae, ' luvolaaiary
Einl.elons, Iiopoteney, iNervous! Debility and
Impediments to Marriage generally) Consatup
tluu.Epilep-iy, and t'ita; M.ntal and Vhy.iral la
capnoity.fic-Jly HOliKKT J. CUI.Vl.ttWi.LL,
M. 1)., Author of the 'MJrren Rook," eto.
The world reuowoad Author, In tbik admirable
Lecture, clearly pro, from hia own azptrlenoe,
that the awful eooseaeuees of Self-Abuse' taey
be effectually removed without, wedioine, and
without dsatfSroas Surgical operations, .bougtee,
IsatruweuU, flags, or cordials pointing out a
tuide of cur at ones oerUin and sffrctual, by
whioh every suffernr, no iutler what hisroodi,
tioo may be, way cart hiusolf cheaply, private
ly, and radically. , .,, .
.This Leoture will prove a boon to thousands
and thousands.
! eeni, under seal, to ny adJre-i, , In a plain
Sealed envelop, on receipt of six cents, or two
poatago etatapa. Alan,' lit.' Celt er wells "Mar
riage Uelde,'' prloe 26 cent. A'Urets
, ... CHAi. J.C. KLIüK k Co..
. 127 Bjwcry, Nsw York, foil OHiee .-x 468.
Cambridge. City, Indiana,
R . V INTO N , P K O I H 1 T Ü tt.
cetl8ly . ' ". ' ;
It I Z. I E XI K O XL S E f
(vonsttRLY ruDon nousi,)
' - . imoüKViLLi:, Ind.
Feed Stable attaehei.
HAVK opened new Or.t.ij Hlore In the room
adjoining Halle's Drug Ütore, v. Lei t thry
have fur tale
auch as
Teas." Coffees Sugars, Spices &c.,
whloh are offered for sale .
At the Lowest Market PrticF.8.
Everything usually kept la a Grocery Stor'seaB
be obtained there, either at
" Yreiptetfully tollrlt the liberal p'ror.arof
tbefublle. . K.tABK A URÖCKAMl. .
In Furniture!!
INTENDS rutting nn a new two-story brisk
building fronting Jdatn Uurgess Strict, lo
nlaca at hia nresant trains wnrorooius, and la or
der to do ao. he rnu.t have u'ney. Therefore he
hat determined to tell his preeeatatock of
Ills eaeorttnent of Furoitt re Is one of tbe larg
est and ba.t in the White 'Vater Valley, ouoeiet
ingorof, Uureaus, Usd.tsad., Ao.,Ao.
Ordars for uaaufasturlag willoontluue ashsre
kepton hand tor Ailing all slsee of irauies.
overhauled and reiltted. AI! sites of
6JJ1T JiT iC9Wi f.aJl!J
furulshsd according to meaiure. All kinds of .
as heretofore.
XT XX 3. 0 1 t C. 13L 1 XX G?
will be promptly attended to as formerly.
Rosewood, Walnut & Metal olllns
of all alses eonstsntlv on baud. Twallsanes
alwsyt ready for tervice. WM. FRANK.
Feb 21, IHM.-- - f V . -! :
. . .i i ii .
To Urti'l a, ICrvretf mprtu'ct, - Klag
Proprimt ''Livery - JCtabli$hintutt
and all tcho tt JIor$if.
t , : DU. TOMAS' ... r i
In pint Ilottles, at One Dollar,
For the eure of Lmenese, Fcratohi Wld Oalli,
Pprlne, ' IVuises, Splints, Cuts, Colic, Hipping
Mills, Overheating, bore Throat, Nallla the Foot,
Jt, ...... . -
All whvowaor employ. horeea, are ss.vred that
this i.lniikaat will da all aad tnerethaa It dated
In curing tbe above-named mmplslnts. During
twenty years It has never felled to give sati.fae
tlno In a stogie lo.tsnee. fold by the Druggists.
Depot,. Curtttudt 8uet, Kew.YorlJ ,
Juno 30. . , , . j . j , j
,T . 1V. IS! o K 1-13 ,
V. yuOlfltt h"lb, Court Hiuse, on stairs., f
iall-j ' ' J'
Jl'.-, Jl .
I W J v
I'i- : : i'! "
ill ". .1: .w l .. , j ,- .
LaRuo ;? ; Brother,
WOULD re.pectfully direct tie atti.iI..B ef
all persons la wsnt of -''
.V.t. ....-..1 .llV.l.fi... em. W .1 I
1!- -1
4 jpk,
where they keep enr etsntly en hand a larre stesk tl 6 !j tlX it XI 1Z lJ I! f 1 D f
af everitilagl.lMirtlneefkfilass. heywini1 .V
They are alto 1 Agentrf fof th ae of Adams'
Pomp. Alao A-frta for ; FlewSldV -Melallle
Solas end!fle, wblobthey wilt tell eltker wbole
sal of retail.' ' " -.:.; :.;
tTLey offer atl articles In tkelr at easel
rsasoasblc'sh priees,ae tbatr"rV ta warrant,
ed toglyeis;ltfactlea, Orders reijertfull- solicit'
, Also, pot np 1IO nTNIKfl ftODf lltfete.
per foot and f 1.50 per polot. ' " "
On the Wct tide of Mat llurgm Stmt t ,.
attention of all persons In want of aaythieg
hia line of bdIus. lie keeps eoastaatly ea j
ad alareesaMtl af .
, He tt also prepsred to make and put ap
tin pipe; tin gutters; ano tij hoof.
Old Iron, Copper, Urass and renter
aken In exchange for ware.
All article. In his line will he sold, and work
eieoutsd, on the roost reasonable terras to cnh tt
prompt paying eusttucrs. Uereepeettelly solicits
asharsof pabllo pstrnnsge. . ,fell-Jy
WAblllNUlO.N. HOLLAND havlagselA bit
hall of tbe above named e.tablt.biaont le
JO UN U. ADAIR and W. W. lU'TLER they,
la eonneeticn with WALTKK S. UAKKK,
have formed a partnemhlp for the purpose eft
raanlng tbe;saea, bave put it ia taeelleet running
order, aod ars now prepared to do work la tbe spse
dl st and bsst mtantr. . .
postal attention given to euetorn work, aad eai
fa Jlltle for grinding being so great, we esn al
w yt ea short notlr tura .out grlstt forcercki
t er. ' ' . i ...
The highest rnsrket price pall In CASH for
Whaat.or we Will erlnd Wheat and oar k fleer
lor tkose who do totilenlrs to sell." , .
Tkankfal for paet faeora, tbey sollolt a eentla
ataee and in Increase of buloert . ,
Bookvllle.Iad.. Nov., lflSt-ly.
Dealer in " ' '
nnuGS Ann MiDicinrn,
V A R N" I S 1 1 B .
l' At THE VpnUC'&CA LE '
July ir,i .. v ' ; ' ,; v
i ' ' , -' 163 Wait Fifth 8treet, . -
Oifloon Tlvrtfln PrOntiotOT
, mease-if
lTir7KKIISV0 . AVa II, ?
' Office over. GalUon'iSfr4,
.' waell-y
IS now VubM.Mng a New SorUl Htory, tore
through a large part of the nelt Vbleue," en
All New Subscribsrs will get the try Coin
pleie. ' . ' '
We sond (Jrevsr Jt Dsker's fii Seaing Maohl
for It New Hub.oribrr. . . -
In order lo inlrodaoe the Observer te new read
ers aad new eiroles of lulUvuoo, wo make the M
lowing liberal oil or. for '
Wo wlilieod the Obrerver Tor one year to
t subscribers, one or both belüg new, for .i1i
3 .. . twoor all fS'
4 ' " " three ot all , . , ' ' f I U in
Or, to any i.ar.ort eendlng aa five or more now
subscribers, we will allow one dollar eouiiult.iou
on vara . '
" t4T -Ssnd by check, draft, or Tost-ofTi ovleri
Sample Copies and Circulars sont frss. '' '
Terms, fS 4 a year; In advance. "
'81DM.Y iUUlir K," Jr., k rn.
Dee. 4:
37 i'aik Row, lSe ik. ,
HERK Is th fMsre to buy yonr Cheap tlood. j
A. L. Adams H still on hand and ready IS,
It II. i. r.r.nrini.. hbo.. f'lolhiuv and I)rv
Goods, of all de.fi If Ions, -Factory FUniielo,
eans and Yarns, urceenes an-i iiar-iware, ai ei
watch I will sell as ebean aema cneaMtas. re i
. . . . . . a
eome right alongwl.h year ra
S-W,S g'-
ej wVy rr7-tj,S .
r-v .
'iUe Will
T,' A ) "I t - - . r
, - p. . - . , ' ,
it 1 "S:r-r-,''-",''!Jl
f.. - L .k .ll.a W Si a M IBA II 1 4 le at I Ilia VUftl I - ' v ' v
price tn anyvhlng in n,y lU... 8. .II right In. j f J I iU IFwITV T. V-'j t. aTl ! ! Vl ,
NeV,tS-lul. A. U. ADAMS. : lt, ,ttbwhUt, w. l l h o t' .s rlse
a. j .
w - -vi-. t
liroolcAMllcil ,naitiiiu
.t. .;f.nc -i.t- ,7 ht
irau.fi. 15., k
BFi; in In ft rr ike eit'veee f ?eelliks 1(1,
vi'lT.Ut lkst ke (at jitvlaa ia rle.
m , ,
r f
An LltffntX Vitl! Stlrctcdf.Uf& f
eh ae luewtea t ork e aa.4 CasfaaWa,
seey fste as is, Allna, 4 -t.le,, Xralt,
Foehtt-pAt.ts, Wallets, Tut , r'r'ng e,
T.txla, fVraawie, Bae.aa.a,.ar ake-tkesjaa.
DoMlneatf Aej, e.-j r j .
b asHlr'aJ T..y rritti I t spera 4 4
psLert. 0rJ flse Perrts.ifiik'te'ltn.
el Peri. Hier k Pvi, Ir-ts, 1., Ae. "
, . ...... ...
Serb ee.hfsrktts, Trps. Tta. lVf. ivikat,f
Itle. CMaa Tgrr aad Va.aa, Jfareaoalaa at
Frene Harps, A., As.
fuih ss YU'tikS, Uaiisie P sij.s, IIUs. Cerattt
snd r refceh Ae. He' S 4 Ceseartiees Ik gisal
vatiaiy. tJt I'atWe V ti at tiilvtt tlnte.
B.iea, fkeet Vase aeaka, la f
tm ling k'erie, Ns j tr fel s, 4s , Is. " '
., lb addition la Ue Uaade ha aJe a ssUatMal
collection ef- . - I - f
.:;:1K)NNJvTS. trATP.M
'' ' r; EMBFOIDIKUS, ;. .
DBf tS TKIllltlUK, 1'AÜAiClf. i
llanCktrihlKfcirufrKtHi 1 $,
AU vf ihe Ytrf lü$i umi.X'ttl esareei
p; f, "wifBAr.,
TVT &i'XJt7 Ci. 't O T-T
. 1 t . -V v
. ' ' f 'i
WatcheG rrd Jxclry.
..... ,. j
ITM. DAYtCin ka. jast fseeivsl a ;, I. slid
V ..itweai of , .. . 'ljj..tl
ynzYit KD nweux,,,
enn-lsttnr ef Paj lei sad F liver VTatrkts. asi aB
the varietirs ef J.lry of the latest yleta4
pattern He.ksselrp fr varl.ty of Ciecil,
which wilt te warraai.d. aad S14 al a Wiling ot.
eanee on VI hpletele rl-e. , . . . ,
Old field asJ filter all! ke reae'ved (a etekitge
fef otf.. y . , f f,
WstrVse Trp'j r.jelr.i 1 a ee p
dltlort aer. . 1
Aire, h.ve Je f .-':ed m large esd wetf .
?-eted assijeien of " " -J
si Nci r. a ti Hint t rKs;.'
- v .oi.M j i:. m'j 1 1 1 rhm a
rowpKi: ri AK, , v 1
. I OT 151 I.1F.,
, ; ' rOCK LT KMYI5, Ac.
Also keep en saJ
Towder, Cape, Cartridges, Ueveiameat Fra
sion Caps, Lesd, A. ' ' ',
Alao- iattar aad Violin Strtege, Bavo, teg
Bridge., Tall riete, ie. (
Brook villa. Pet, t. 11.
! "A Ccoptiite Plftrilsi lllitiiy f )kt
1 . .Tito's- -, . -
MTl.ptit. chep-t, pd in'it itfitfal
. family If pet )u the UbIob."
Critical Xti'inf rf the J'rt u. ,
' The Vndrl rwrpf p r of r ur a? tr-- r pWi
In all Ih d i artn . r i of an Aipe.l'-ea faulty
I'si er llaipii'a Heikly )$ earo.d frf lu.lt a
r'glt to lis li le,ta ...t.su ., iv.iu.tie'-
N r w V.rk Kf ol f 1' t, - ,, . .
Onr totem Ml.rlr. alii ''nrth 1 .o-.rtvee
nut ol llerper's Weekly l. rg ' ier Wiit.fe,' rd
prlpteis, end iiuhlUkcrs are lert.d te dan. Xiw
I Vork Evai gfliat.
j Th" lest of lis s'ssa la Aaerl.)rUe
J Traveller.
1 Karper'e Vfrrl'j may t e t torerveli de)ere4
the boot new.paprr la A atrloa. -1 he ladrpw
1 dent, New Vk. : - .
I The aiileVs rn T bt'e juo.lif he ahlk tfjear
j ia lle't er'fc wet klr irm w.tk t w.rk tmmt a ve
: wtarkiitttr rl-- f lri f political eeaav They are
dlnfli guiehed hv river a' d pointod e'etrwewi. Vv
f""' eon-nv-n etise. t f i.de endaee ad hieadih
rta...a' ef wtalave
entvli..n, Mrh pvia)-l.'e,an. elrngfe'lng, aad
take thrir pl.ro enurg tho heel tew.papat
wriilrg "il ib ilmt. K oi th America !w
Dw.t.'P, Ma. a. . , , t
', Te:mt: " 1
. llai s'aWttkUV,en'year.-......Hi
Ant atra Cop) ir lil.rr tho kl.f.i ta, W ek1),
os IIa aar will ba so)plli t r tails for serj Clsb ef
Five f nbcrtbrs at . eek, la a neiiiisre
or MC. ir. fr IM.OO.
l?ul..crii.iona io llTr" Macs. Ire, Weekly,
and Dss.r, to nn 4 .- for or eT, lie
er. twnol Ilarpar's l'.rlodl!., te ea a4Jr..a
rr oi e )
l eik N
oa r, f I (
i uui'irr.
it. ' S a
uiii'h r ran be rpii Irl al say lia .
Tbe A ft flu el Volon .f llsiier's Wr.lly, (m
noalrluih l lndlc tf. ill ht ai,l by lyiui. free
t i en.e, f r t J . ' A ' -'if. r-et.i
prl.ii g Kb v.n Vrtt.ii.a., .i,i te. ltpl i f a.h
al the raN f iüti ) er vi , f..t;Vt si sen,-:r
jnrcha.il. Vylbic 1 1 . j adj , e at pt Jt,
Th p.. ! .n ITetj n'f Weaklr le ? fetv
yr,'hi h a utt bA pel is .ulnl ' f si
1 tf.n- . f ' I. f'i.nj, rt't'.k ltrlh
Au.rtka- I'rMnmt.ii t m4-o ni.nrt II
otlHS .idlttol.nl, IO p..pay t .uM Pt.trS )iV't.
Ad.lrr. ,
II i t it tr i ' v-fiA-riiinj . - -A
M n I i.i. ft.lli', i.i.n--. ,w -.
,' . ...... , , .
.1 . t .'i i cTi, iv ' u i
i .Ctotral Atttvar. Vi '4V'm-I lh sti 'I j
Ltr Liiillr. Ii i. .
Wf tlfiO .Hi lhTni 1 11?.
t rX01KI LTt) Ii S. .
oarfn! lOüR ' I I.IM'K.' V ISVl
. WX lV I II kW Wf a, I af WB wv t 1 w V W ' 9
,,,, ll,.k.. Ha... MwalU.t. as al. kilo
UL -I '-a'h furnlbe-i at li.jlwe pi.e.s.
ft ' K It , , t; A J U . , ;
. . mi i m 1.1 it.i i a.
TrlWHt.tT nikoirUe i U tt, 11 e, e . a
. -.1
i.r ro ii i v r
u,.k u. -t ; ;,
; ;, , v
li vks l!.ktll. vj.usf,. r
i 'IUM it

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