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Job Frintiii:..
j m mmwm mm sae .
Wo aro prepared to give prompt at-1 Never keep animal on dort allowance,
s il PlKVIN. Advert krief and;tentoii to all kinds ol .In!, or 1hU vou etarve them tey Bill surely starre
Collecting Agent, No. 80 West Fuurili St., printing. Aliv description of blanks, yt"'
receipts, bill heads, store, titall ion or
Black Republican State Ticket.
We publish below the ticket put in
nomination by tho nigger lovers at style, and OH reasonable terms
their convention on ton 4th ol March,
Action aui Reaction in Farming JASPER PRICES CURRENT
ei'er keen nrnm. Im .... .1 ..... .11... w w w M 11 1. n 1 ,
T T u K N ri V A T L A W ,
h u t: v v u ft t
Although in draining Imd thoroughly a.u.
jack bills can be forthromin on th, Z , " . " """u" ernf ,rh'
alwsya giro lit eil the firel meal, l
thia U well fed. all else planla, animal
a fid men will be.
'shortest notice, in the tuoft approved
0C7 We an; requested to give notice
and ask every intelligent, honest and n . U,.y c.rroi erepc for cattle will .con Corn, ehite, V bushsl
candid reader to compare this selection . ., . ti .. ,. , .. ... "m urn cerrot of jold. ' oflee, R.o
uiiuiu nauoi i itv that Crof. . L. Hardin will open - , J , Cheese,
of second rate woollv heads with the ', ., ... ' I'- ' is leva if good they r. ' a , , ,
01 BU ., . , ,v 11 R'hool hereon Monday, the 22d arB . r..--- i( hi .,,. rncUne, Jü.ii
noble standard bearers ol the Demoi- . . . ., . . '. . " 'ace. n ha.isn ,,ff, nse. Ceaalsa. stsr
iioDiu mmiuw l ist.. Ii the district Reliool umso m ,JI 1 ...
riev aud at election time vote as their I , . . ., . ,. .
r.u , mm winc h all the ordinary, as well as the
more advanced branches of educati
own eood sense will dictate
need bfl HO tears of the result:
For Supreme Ju'lgee.
1.. ft;. irirl. II,, nice P. Hi 'dlt. nf Ca:
.. ,,:..!.. a j n.nSriric. ,.r J..fr,.,.,.,-f'n as a sliillt'ul instructor of vuuth. '
' Til . I., I... II .1 1.1 , A II.,, til.1 f ;. 1 I . I.f II. 1. .......
He nils ttisr ennui eri(l r Im 1 v uiu-. --"'
. , .....v
'Iieir eblldrtfl bv
8,1 Di-nict, Simon Yandea, of Marion;
4 li Iiulricl, Wiu. D. Griawold, of
Attorney (Jeneral,
Willium T. Otto, of Floyd.
TVeSMtf of State,
'ohn H. Harper, of St. Joaeph.
And. tor of Stole,
Albert Lnage, of Marion.
ttarratary of State,
V111. A. Peal, ol Randolph,
iittendent of Public Instruction,
John Yoi.ntr. of Marion,
.. .. ..I ... , 1...
.eessful term in a neio-hboriti-' locality.
' B e - ped me W "
From his well attested luooesi In that ,t,ttieij tiie
,voeation, we rvjfltrd him as justly en i?
'titled tit the opxiiiUunce of his nutner
'ous natrons T W'M c " hydr"Phob in
' ' - - IiHly lately, bv wul!owinu vinepr in mil-
0t7-We Ilivite attentioil tO theaptrit tske for asadieinal aotloa . A pliyaician at
ed and entertaining COInniUBtOation of hMliS !Sfli,sf Una and tried t ti remedy on
oof Ruck port eorreSpOOtlent "A."" .. . Phent. H gaste' bka a pint of inear
We u(.-.ill lik.. t.. I.M.ir frnati Man IV... in riiiny, anoll.er at noon, and a third
qnently. lie will over find ns ready
to appreciate duly any information
relating to the prosperity and progress
er. -
P. Bsde O'Connor.
Mtgvatalate tlu, Roman Catho rf u. nUl oi d o)d s
CsiSSLKS K. iihU.N
' . .....
May his manly pen never U- snflered ul CuU,"y
nur na bhauow ever grow
)nihe 13'tiol Feb, by Kev. C N x. .Mr
0:1 ot our community on the
n of liev. Air. O'Connor to
Utortant i-haiyo tveeently leftLtort
.it bv the deaih ot bis weleh am! - , ,, .
J , - I, ' i ÄfliL'ious Services,
-tly laaaentajd ptoeeaaor, R v. l r. ) t(t. Cathal Ch(tNh Brdt .
Kundeck. We learn that Kev. Mr. iter ftrieeteverv SseaatlistOf o'clock, a
O'Connor is a gentleman of marked M- un H 'c,oek' ,-
- . Wethodiat E. Church, Rev. William F,
consistency -0 character, is unreserv aVencTofi, Mieiater in charge, svtryal.
edlv devoted to the Inties of his sa- tarnata Taufseay sight,
rred office, and as a sdiolar is ptv Preabyterian Ciiurch. Rev. Andrew J
... . ... Strain, pastor, the luurtb Saobath uuMit in
aed ot superior attainments. l-'10isttcb awntb.
,stor of a Urge and devoted eongrc ' igtieTeeUag.
eation, he will, from his position,! At a meetiiiirolii.- Üemoi ra. v of Dnboia
wield au extemöve influence. We trust!conn,Jr- Bl ifceCnnrt Moure in Iba town ' riglnalitjr and crteapiiva, ilea Magazine ia
. . a -it t . e Jaaper, on tile 8th day of Februiry, 1S.')8 ; ar kuwoled.-ed. on all hat dr. wittioul
that mtlnence will prove as salutory (or thJ purpo-e of ieclinif . County .. 'ival. It u equal in the b.-ij.y ,.f c t.
and lietieriiHtnt as his reception by the , tral Committef, on motion Col. Thim. Slmul- pography and the rich nett ot its embeilub ,
dera ti called to the i.liair.and John alele i menu m me muti auiumnui. aiu üeare! uU
Imir Maazineb. 11 canna tu lead all o!
hfm in many enaenlial featurea For cor
rectneaa and eiquiaite br-atity, it colored
laa, botli ol thia place.
OS Feb. I7ih, hy .Mr. Woi.r-
,.A!i WstaiSS and Miaa Flizablih Itek
t'M, all uf thia ruunty.
FOR Vul k
Wife, Satighter, Sister or Friend.
trtliur'N Home tlMgazinr.
EditerJ hv T. S Asmi'i and Vihuima
F TeWWteSD, For cheire and elejrant lit
erature, ngb moritl tone, peculiar adaptation
tu the boeae firciea of our laid, ftrehaeaa.
Apple, dried. yUlü j o0
Apples, greeui
Rajtier, irenh, H , . u
Bi'ain, pblte ffklt
Hrick, p 1000 4 bofi ftj
Her 1 Y ft
Barley, J? Mittel 4bgl 00
Corn Heel, B swshsl jb'
Porn, a hite, tiuatifl gg
Coffee, Rio h
Clieeae, lau
.'hirktna, Otiaea 1 20(j 1 5U
("andleü, alnr 30
Carpet Warp, 30
Cotton Yarna. 1 1 1 4
Cutton Ratting, 25
ftoties Use, 4d
Clover Seed, , gg
FkTri do7. n ,
.Fluur, f hbl 4 0nro4 ')
Feather-. L. , V m SO;
TJIaaa, fl by 10, S ii -r.-'ii go
Hay, f' tun, loos f; en
HiiJea, dry 7 b
tkr(ja, dry gig I
Indigo, j r3o
Lord. ft 7
Load, pure white 8 ng
Molaraea, 3 -a. . -i fto ,
Madder, 2.")
NaiU. 8d, lb 7C 'i,
Oftiosa, 50'
OatS, f buahel 20 1
Oile, UBeaed I j1,
Laro oil 1 U0'
Putty, n
Peaehea. dried 752 f'O
Potafoea, Iri-h g
jPoplar l.o'nlitr, 0Q
Raye f ba 8
Ru e h, ;
Shot, J & S(
iSpicea, Pepper If) j 1
AlUpice, 162e
Soda. Igg IA
I Sail, Kanaw ha, y bM 7
V bu'h-l 5;
StarcM, I2(gl8
Sugur, IP B brown lo
Tiatetbf Seed 1 ftOfti lH)j
rttrkeya ach eO9eO
ITaKew V 1,1 l
I'l'orpentn e f pallon 1 OOvi 1 2n!
Vinegar cider V gullufl 30
Wheat bu-hei ,'-0
Wood reH 1 :5 j
iHua. r. 1. nauLtH.
tin a a 4
Uffie 011 lid
marl g
IHK' 'l.i'UU M11U.
TT O K N R V a T L A W ,
Hotel, in Jnper.
ill" r.,urla
members of his charge has becu open
and cordial.
On motion, a committee of one from each el laalium plalea wre unrivalled lit 1 57. 1
Umaibip wa appuinled to report to ih-!',y nmintuin tin- auperiurity in 1069;
meeting a Centrul ninmittee.
The lollo inj t;enienien were appointed:,
Krem I'aloka Thoniaa Simoita.
Hall-.J. Jac.ih A:liK.
( ?duuibia Harvey NichoUc n.
Hainbridjje Jcob Herman.
I'erdinand Johü (i. Uottman.
Harbiaor-A . Able.
Harvey N'irhoUon, of Columbia tcwuahip
rinirer ehoeeti Seereiurv
The Chairman, in a abort udJreaa, utaled
the nhieet ul ll, metinir
t r ll' .11
I n I ' I a n a iioTn .. e arc mane
swnru by tho iavigorating Bound ot
the hammer, and'tiic general bustle
around the premiees, that this popular;
hotel is undergoing important repairs
Mr. Frvadtcian, the aicotninodatingj
and much esteemed landlord, informs 1
us that he designs in the course of the
si.rinjr, bo to resnodel his house. bothi,,ot üen-' preaent, Pi.ihp Conrad arse aP
. , . . . pointed to fill the vacancy .
111 outward appearance and in internal The ibv (.miniee Oer enneuhation
'-rder and Ofmifiwrt, that it Will be all;rP,,rtfd 'hat they bad eeletted the follow injf i
.1 . at, - j i; ., jperaiua to act aa a County Central Cumuut. I
...e naat iwikm .et.o.ous eat.. ,()r ,hf, nmtiag yt.
sonably wish. Hr. F. is just the man From Patoha TesraeWe AaSftw H
to accomplish this. With the aid of WfesMejN Henry Bruner and Marm. B, M. y
Iiis unassuming, but really energetic Bainbridge-Jacob 11 rman, U. 1J. td-
and managing helpmeer, Mrs. F., hem"nlon. "J '"' Mebriufee.
. , ,. ,V .. 1 il Harbiaon Thomaa P. Hope, Andrew
is fully eaiWe of snstaimng a hotel AWe.sae Pmnei White.
'n every way adeqanteto the demand.-' Columbia R. M. Davis Leroy Cave and
.1 . . i ij iHarvev Nicholaon .
this tion ol Indiana. i Thümill Moulder.. Joaeob Str.nlc
- ' ' f w
Vulii'iie XI ti' irau in January.
Tis K a year in advance Four ro-
nea for (5; twelve cojiie it r 15, and uiie'il'Pl"'n ue
Clerk Bazil B. Knat-aema.
Auditor Jon VriiKia'JEa
Treaaurer KuwASD MrrHtsaoa.
R4Corgae STarHca Ineaa,
Hhentl' Jacob Hm.jus
C. miner William b'cHUBt.TF.HM .
HaSVK NuaoLaua, k
LewiS f kin. Comtmaaionera.
nrricans or BAtaaaioui Towaantr.
J.iaticra H. C. Nevvcontb, Henry Long
x'ra to th eeltOff up of the club.
trTSpe-ciiiiene eenl tree to all who wmh i Kri le.jfe. Kaapr J'ihn
Truttea Joaeph Ackerman, Franc, r
I BAZIL B. EOMONSruN, C'erk ef
the Mubot Circuit Court, ataB hereby cer
ily thiit ttire will Da an ee, ii ,t.j it
the umi.,1 plarea of Iiulünijf election, in Mi
asveral iwenMMB is aaas euutiiy.nn tl.e tat
Mon.luv in Aetft, for utV purpoae of
electing one Taawaabjf Traktes), oneToAn
lop t'lerk, and --ne T-wnahip Tream.rer in
each lowaiahig in aaui eounty; alee, 10
t'r,iirit,er n ("oUnif;i ion Seotf, two Con
ttableaui MarWaSSi hWataklp, t tiren t'onta
hlea in Baiubridae iuwnlnp. 1 ayaj Col at ab lea
"i Hall townahtp, t'iree C,oilable 111 4 . . .
kn townalnp, and two Cun.taOlea Hi Ferdi
nand tow tiah'p. .
Vou nr directed 1 notice of Ilia
-auie acci.i dmg to law .
U uteaa, Mar., I R H IsKHietoe,
'terk of th Ihtkoia Circuit
L 8 j Ceefieea1 tiia aeal ibeietu r-
I' J. Ib litii lay of March,
er. A. IV I . !
The qua i J v.iie of Duboia county,
litdnna, are hereby notitiee that au K!, ,'
j 'or t.ie paj , .,1 tilling UiH
leta named in the fufeguiw certilicate.
Ilia 12th (Jay uf March, Sgg.
JA;tU HKlt.MAN. S. U. C.
Mat rii
Male or Vlrig-stgcel LetragT
Hiarday, the 24'h day of Aoril. A. n
1858, at one o'clock P. M. of aid day. lue
, i'o!iiwing real eeiate mortjrajre.t to the Stale
"I Indiana for th- u-e 0 th Cinmo.i
Scii ol Fuud by Peter Uick, mud deacnueJ
ia lollowa. to wi: :
The north mil quarter of the enett Atat
7uar'er nf Section No. 3, ia townalupio.
one, dootn of rane Ma. I) weal.
Töe aama beinj forieited for lue uoie
payment uf int er eat on a loan.
Term of aale, cah.
Astventewe, prin int arrldarn.glia f0,
L BTEPUKNtfOM, 1. ü. C.
March 6, 58 pt 3.
to aubacribe or tu make up 1 ii.be Addrea
P. 8. Arthur & Co., I S, Walnut alreet.
AocmrxT. h last Satur-
and Jacob Allm
Ferdinand John B. Gohm&n
dwtVeesing accident occur derk.and I). M. Uemp
coasta us inis a so hark:ui bis,
S Mill nt hi o il home, and alwaya ready
to attend Ihosr who may want hia aer.
lire, and render them to the utnrnat ol
'hia ability.
To many of hia natrons he would My
Friend, don't forget tho dollaS. If I
ervtd you in rickneas and adv taity, pleaae
refnembee mi ! your health bnd proeperity.
If the dollar ia nut on hand I will take hojja
Off Sett's on aeouiit.
March i;,ls5s. R. M. WEI.MANV
Bale sit .Tlorltfngrtl Land.
raHi; aSHtereigSMKl, Auditor and Treaeurer
I I ul Duhoi cuutily, Indiana, will ael. gg
.public aueiun at the door of the Court
"lers Mania HreaWoian.
Treaaurrr William Bre'2.
t onat'ibrea Anthony Fckart
liarier, John (ireen.
On motion the report was unanimously ; Houee in the town of Jaaper, ia aaid eoua
y, on autroay, rue astn day of April. A
ies Hest of lure, on the, w F. Parrot. E-q., from Boonville, w.i- Ü. 1858, et one o'clock, P. M. of aaid day,
Paoli, - - Wednesday, fi r.
Truf, Thuraday, ri r Br
New Albany. - - Tjatt'eahi, r "
Redtpeet, - . '''huradiy, S r. at
Petembnrc. . . Fridav. 6 A. St
Leavenworth, Saturday, b r. si.
New Albany, - Monday, g a. at .
Rot'kport, Wednesday. 6 a. M.
Petereborg, Wedneaday, g f. B
I,aeeiiorth, Friday. 6a
Pauli, . . . Friday, Sam!
Pney, Friday,
igarcamn of Mrs. Beeler, ,IJn "
... adopted
UnirhiiTV fond. It appeal !tne introduced by the chair, ana made an H10 lylluwing described re.l eatate, n,.ri. k rl XI I4V1 ' V
" . ., . .. ' ' excellent addreaa. . iBged to the State of Indiana lor the uee " t"tvlWilllJl A 4
t a voting child of George and Ra.
txcellent addreaa. m 1; a gad to the State of Indiana lor the uee
Jamea Miauklin, Eea.. of Evaneville, alan of Congroaaioual township No l.aouth ol
I l.nrrel was sitting w ithin a tew addreeaed the meetiug iu an cloqueut and rat-ire no. 4 weet, oy w 11 ,iam Utike, to-wlt:
a. , .i,:i. ...... j :,. ,1 epirited manner. Th north wert quarter nf the mrth weat
Us ot a lire, utncli eauiriit 111 the r... ,. : u r , ..a LI. m. .
1 ne luuuwing rrroiuiioiiB wrir men 1 w, cliiuii 1,0. luwiirmp no. a.
fered I y Mr. Doane, and on motion, were auuthof ränge .o. e weat, contaiaing 40
Male ol' .floi'tgagfcl Land.
rpi'K UNDERSICIIKI), Auditor and
M. Treasurer ol Dubuia comity, Indiana,
will at public auction at the door ul th
i I'tirt h(,uae. in the town nl Jaeper, iu aaid
county, on Saturday the 24ih day of April
H 185s at 04M o'elu. k IV Si. of aa.d
!y. the following real eaiete, moriirairnS
oy William ('. Helfiedije to the Stale of
Imlinua, for the uee of Congressional tuwn
''? No S, aouih of range Nu. 4 weat, and
deerribed aa fellosve, to wit:
The west ha'f of the north weat quarter
at SSCtioa No. 34. tovuahip No. 'J, aoutlmf
raagi b weal, OestSieiag eighty acree a
land, the a a me being forfeited lor the uon
payment of intereat Jub bob loan.
Term of aale. caah.
A mount due. grin, int. anil dum. $34 4 71.
March 5. ,oH-4. pf $3
Police to IHrirsi of I'elition
to eil Ken I Datntc.
State of Indiana, Duboia County.
.TOflCK is herebv uiven that J.ih
leaves, and spread so mpidly as
set the little girl s clothe -on lire,
ml she was burned so severely that
she died in a short time.
unanimously adopted:
acrea of land; the unie being forfeited for
Hrtdhtd, That the Democracy of Duboia the noa-paynent of intereat due on a loan
Kanass! - Iy reference to our ad
vertising col urns it will bo seen that
Mr. Ita-tr. informs our cititens gcuer-jbe admitted into the Union
county areetill in favor of the sloriou aW
Mrine of popular sovereignty, aa de clared by 1
our revolutionary father 111 the Declaration
of Independence, and on which Jam Bu
chanan waa to triumphantly elected; and
hat Kanaaa, or tm other 1 erritory , ought to
as a Stale with-
Turin of sale caah.
Amount due, prin., int. and dam. $71 32.
March 5, 'is-4. pf $3
On the Kfeuth west corner of th Public
Square in Jaaper, where hae juet received a
splendid aatortineut of
by uiven that John
Hacker, adminiatralor of the eatate of
Ueorge M.-ier, decreaed, hue filed hi pen.
uon to aell the real eatate of the decedent,
, 'hia peraonal property being insufficient in
pay hia debts; anil lhat aaid petition will be
heard at the next term of the Court of Com
jinon Pleas nf said mum v.
! Attest. B. Ü. KUMONSTON, Clerk.
Bv HeBRT A. Holthaus, Deputy.
March y-3w. ptji 50.
allvthatbe keen- on hnnrl lor.r,.101" ,ne P". 'e "eol nr.l navtng an op-
. 1
portunity of voting on the whole nl I heil
Stale ol Mortgaged La ml. ,
MHK uiidereigned, Auditor and Treaaurer OOd,
ot Dubois county, Indiana, will aell at
Stock of cheap seasonable goods, which 'Constitution, anu their being au undoubted public auction, at the door of the court,
he S willing to iliBtNiatt of tm the mostlm"i"ri,5' ln u,ror- hutiein the town of Jaaper, in aaid county,
. . ii it ji Itrfolved, That we are in favor of spccie;on Saturday, the SMth day of April, A. D ;
reaaonaltli terms, tall roumi, ladies, jcirculating instead ol beinj; locked ui. in the lgö8, at oae o'clock P. M. of said day, the
you will lind Mr. Brett's wares nil 'vaults ot banks; und opposed to a tag cur following real estate, morti!aged to the
rency in all or any of ita foima.
they are represented to be". It is al
lowed on 411 hands that his goods are
cheap and select, and that he is a fair
dealer. We hesjak for Mr. llrct a Erie ('anal.
latge share of public patronage.
State ot Indiana, for use of Conit-reseionel,
Netolvrd, That we are oppoaed to any in- township 12, enuth of range A wee', by Isaac:
crease of the Slate debt, to oppress the Newton, Bnd described aa follows, to-wit:
people; and we austain the action of the last! The north half nf the north east quarter
Legislature in regard to the Wabaah und of the north want quarter of section No. I,
township No. S a uth of range 3 went,
fVeoued, That we heartily endorse the containing twenty acre; and part of the
Platform adopted hy the State Convention 'south west quarter of section No. 3d. town- !
tXJFlhe attention ol our retail tea on ,n' 8,n Jsimary, end that the ticket ahtpNo. a, south of range 3 weet, contain-
to Heir) ol Petition
to mII Real Estate.
Mate of Indiana, Dubois County:
" OTIC E 1 hereby g. es that Adam Hope
administrator of ihe rttaie of Juhit
l- reilCll & KMgllfth .VgerinO Wet ausländ, deceased has filed h i petition
Silk and Matina,
1, ti treu.
French Printe,
Tin! in,
At .. Ar.
asdBaB 2L GS IV 0
Hats. Csps, Boots and Shoes!
to aell th! real eatate of the decedent, his
personal property bemg intutücieut to pay
hia debts; and thai said petition will he
heard st the next t rin of the Court of Com
mon Pleaa nt aaid emit ty.
Atieei, B. B. EUMOXSTON, Clerk,
By Husky A. lioiTfiAua, Deputy.
March Ift-Sw t'fgi 50
'V ttt lUlllllUVlHl mit a
A. I..,- tm ,,ei. 1 , ,1 j . mere nonitnateti win receive our cordial aim mg tniny-nve acre, masuij; in a 1 n tv-hve . . ... . . . -., . n 1 . . n
rlealers is asked to the advertisement m. .k-. - c...i-:..a ..... ... Winch will be sold CHEAP W ' ASH
Hififfviuita ia f a "
of Jenkins V C;o.. wholesale tea deal
its, Philadelphia.
tnr VVs seldom prsiae tboss btartiiy who
lecm not to adncre ui.
sere; the same being forfeited for the non
On moin ui nf John Mchnnf;er Ihe pro- payment of intereat dna on a loan.
ceedlnga ol thie meeting were unit red
be published.
Oo motion, adjourned.
Jons Mihiiisuik, Sec 'v.
On 3)cutfd) mcrDcit
in vtcfer Office im
v inen win oe rem i.nrini w nnn w . . , .
Terms of aale, caah. Thnae wishing to purchase will pleese, t . V .
Ami. due t.f prin. )nt. and dam. g)49 43. call at my store be'ore buving elsewhere IT) I) 11 1 TPl I 111 IirrrrrrftTi:
JOHN MEHRINCKR, A. D C. ftDo not forget the place, on lise South wu MlMV
March ft, j8-4w. pi 3
iit rtmer of th- Public Snitats.
. ilarcu Vi VM. BRE! 7.
Ct WCVcCll.

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