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VOL. 1.
ruuLisHEü tvF.nv miDAT, at jahi'kh,
Dubois county, iiidiana, BV
OFFICK Counek of Main Cross
Macimjnai.h Stria i s.
Single Subscription, for fifty Noa., $1 50
Fjr square of lines or lese, I week, Ä1 00
Esch subdeijiH tit insertion,
25 cts.
Longer oilvrtiBements, at same rale. AjgUj(h,
l?.li.0".aref ' TtTre thrrrmrhrtJan.
'lent advriisements; a rensonahle'deduc-!l0
tion wtl! b made to reeular advertisers.
Notice of appointment of administrators'man even to the poorest, which is he who
and legal notireti of like character to he
paid for .n advance.
Kr Township offices, each,
For Couiny " M
For District, irrtiit, or State,
t rom the Hani more American,
Ill . .. . . 4 1. T J.
oinif ujiui nie A.SIU.
ilUl lllO vlli- 'l " tiuuiivoc,
from her bundaire free,
Wakv. o'deeds of glorious conquest, from,
the mnuintuins to the sea.
1. . , I'll t .
o, the tiery cloud aud pillar move at the di-,
vine command
Ano the tramp of mighty marching sounds
irniinpiiaiii inrouuii wie lonu.
Zion'a banners float victorious
while the
hosts of Hell retreat, !
v. . i . i . i ' j j r ii
ii. eis wirow in -.r weapon. UOw n aim isu ,
Rivern tlath the joy and bare the hallelujah
mr aiunt ,
lAi mr snuui oi israeis mumpiiB ring an
in the ancient days. i
Ring aloud, as when rejoicing from Egyptian
bondage ires,
iflllisaill 9 i iu ui 1 1 ssvivo wt-iw naii.vw v vi ,
dark tumultuous sea.
1L1 .ml mm. 1 i Ik I nATAS kVAPA Ul SI ff Aal it'll tllA
........ .,
Hin, as when with burning thirst the mur-
muring people ea delight
In the clustering groves of palm, and wells,
. M EJIss bubbling stight.
Kin ir as when the rock In Horeb gushed
with clear and full supply,
Atoiiiitsin echoes, catch the chorus, swell "uu"j " w,,u DU "" . jusi set ; mai 1 1 uuuv , "-"
aloud ti.f thrillin song. and lie did blow the lruniiet of fsme respec-; uor, with a bow and s smile ot geiitlemsn'yi
Airand ocean, isle and woodland, blend all df that man's des lings from the rising of'polish ami friendly sweetness for every cae-j
harmonies of praise, ' Iths sun even lo the going down of the, ual acquaintance be may chance to recog-
. . t . . . a it- . i ..I 1 . I
And the sound of purling waters mingled )ven Je worknullship 0f cunning artificers
with th shoulingr. in . Jind we know it not.
Hing, ssjwhon he lids of Jordan parted in. Qg lhe1 We wil) )ay oul our 8iver
ShounawferWv!ith blast of trumpets fell our gold in those thinga which the prin -
the walla of Jerico. ter printeth of, and that winch he üoih puo -
Shout, ss when the prophet pleading turned, üsh ahall bo ours. For this man's merchan -
to heaven his suppliant eye, (dire is better than the bank notea of those
And the flood of fiVne descending drank wno promise to pay and therefore lie, even
the watered trenches dry.
Higher atill and louder, clearer, let the notes
of triumph rise, . J
Ijinuinie iiib boiij ui uiicib iiuti-uuk uvam
Judean skies.
tJlory to the Lord's an m inted
r 1
. .,u ..Ii , ,,. '
Z.on'sjjates are filled wiih praise, and ran -
ruined soulf are "born again."
- - mi r
ns corrcs
... ,.
ponacnl Ol ins new sura nmn
ri lr.ti.. ikn InllAWllifT
... ... n ii , .
The late Washington Pall at the Amen -
....:. : . k- ...k-.i .
. . . .. ..
ton mot. winch was dropped Dy tne rrencn
Minister of War. which should Inve pub -
licit,. Marshal V.ill.nt remonstrated with
Mr. M.son previous to the b.ll on the insf-
nropriatcness of giving a fete during Lent,
La .., .a is ii mi.,.k, -if i, k
snu nru ii i V v v as hih-v,, -
a mistuke," replied Mr. Msson, "it was
Washington who made it, for that is his
birth day. and the ball ia in honor of the
event." "Oh, that's it!" replied the Mar
shal, "than it'i
the only mistake he ever!
made in his life." The Marshal was one of
sisssuv I II urn 11 1 v assv " '
the first iruest. at the bah. a concession hsnclo.n beast lieth in the mire, .0 it.rreO
. .
maae to tue name 01 ssninxion, iwi
a strict
observer of the
(PTSambp, whal's yerup to now a days?
Oh I's a carpenter snd jiner.'
'He Guess yef is. What department
doee yeafmCorm, Gambol'
' What deparlmentl I does the cirauler
Wbst's dstr
'Why, 1 turns the grindstone!'
A CrtARMinn Coustbv A large propor-
(ion of the swamps of Florida are said to be
cspablo of producing 500 bushels of frogs
the acre with alligators enough for fencing,
IE? Why does s lady wearing crinoline
' . . . . .. .
anncar com ca ss wc as conical f liccaue
she is very unncMy dresicd.
Parable for Business Men.
There was once u pon a ti me a man who
store. "d sold gwda wholesale and
I retail:
And he became inelanrholy because cua-
toniers wore shy and times were bad.
And he said: Lo! lam ruined, and the.
sensation is dlsrecable.
And my ruin is the more painful to bear.
because it ia slow in progren.., even as water
uoiu irrBuuaiiy jecome innrer in me noi
wherein the lobster boilcth, until the crusta-
0Ui creature shrieked, out Lis soul in an-
' Lt'! i better to he ruined quickly than ,
or,dure ,h'8 ,low ,or,nre- ;
I will give my money sway to the poor
iprinteth the newspaperman.! 1 will shut up
m j ulm n mnA ..ir in mm s- b Int L kf Jaso.
f nnup aiiu J ,l1 "vnvium w i Mv-ww-
latioo.and pass my days in tho purlieus of
broken hnnk. r.nrsiii Hip linnlnp.K at fiinPH
atiü rending my garments. ;
I Aud the howling of Rome shall be as the
idulcet sound of dulcimer, aud thev who
loiow nuics snu nisi ruinents ot musc, com-
i. - . i
.1... ...;L0,i.,n n, .i. k...t
i til 6 i sncu vivii hi inv vuvwi Hiv 1 1 sm
jdireclurd. ,
A nrl it'rn na hp t n M an i A riA1 fur Im u
I IIIIVI IVU I1VWM. ijuubu I.V. aw w
...... , . ,
.not hko other men s soni who are foJish ,
anunnowu noi, anu mey say wiey win uu
so snd so, perlorinmg that w Inch is contrary .
For the sons of men arc fickle, and he
tliat i ol woman doth spite his fsce by di
n,ini8hing ,,e enB,, of ,he nose thereof.
And lo! the printer cwen he who did
publi.h new Bpapers was made glad by the!
it.. r i. . . ..I.,. ... . ii .. i. i.,.. I.. . ...i ; i .
And he even the printer of paper did
'mtgnifyaud enlarge upon the stock of goods
which the trader had in It ia store, and did
. , , , ,i
publish the variety, and the excelle.oce, and
'the newness, snd the cheapness thereof, tili
, . . r , .
.,ne PeoPlc- yeft ' lliem fr ond "ear -
were amazed.
Asu aa, UUU Wao .fctt- thered
from the east and from the went costly mer -
cliandiie and warea of wondrous value
hanks of deposit which beguile us of our
,nonc.y an( swindle us liko sin.
Hut the trader was still sad and lie aad :
The money that these people bring me fori
the foods in my store will I still give to the
i.i :il I ...1. ...ir. I ..,.11
nrinier, anu iiius win 1 ium iuj.i :n, i wm
do that which no man huh yet done in my
,jme or belt re me will mnke rich tho prin-
iter whom all men scorn lor ins poveriy.anonesrn iu reaj tti men jioich. iurj
. "
ne snail 1)6 CISU III line unvn,iuu anau ro
And tha cons of men shall seek him in
! " ..-.. L
Iths market place, and the sheriff shall shun
. . ... , , , . . i,
h m. and HcofTera nha be rebuked, and shall
' - e off their b.t. to him that was poor,
And he shall flash the dol l.r. in theeyes
of the foolish, and .ballest bank note .and-
wiches ,
Yes, even shall he light his pipe wuhrail-
road scrip, and cast hin spittle on the beard
of other men.
For I will ruin myself, and he who adver-
tisea me shall enjoy my nuhetanie. iooe snd every one out tnose wno ..jve me,
n . I . .1 . 1: "- ..,I,...I.I'mi.I..I rlijm. Oh ri n ua t h p k i n (I n I s n ce.
merchandise, becsme rich,
nn ifvei 11 1 lie
I . 1 . ,
s.ihe not bv reason of much cold.
The people nocked lo his itcro from the
And from the South;
Aud Irom the East;
And from the Weil.
So the printer rejoiced, and his fat did
But the trader could not become poor, and(w,in I married her she hadn't a rag til her
his melancholy ceased, and the smiles of
happiness were upon hii face.
And his chiUren did become mighty in
the land by resion of the dollars w Inch ma
ny of the people who read his advertise.
toiments hsd poured into the tridcr'e money
t fjr If you observe a gentleman with his
. . . . ...
srr.i round the waiat 0 a vourm lany, 11 isi
merallycrlnin tlint they arc not marked.
Married Politeness.
There in much of t ruili as well aa of thai
kind of philosophy which rome into every
dav reomaition. lie oiritr to atrenitlien und
1 - ' r pt
d.yreqm.mon, helping to strengthen and
brighten the ties of social affection, in 'he
subjoined brief article taken from the Ladies'
"Will you! asked n pleaaont voice. ,
Tho husband answered: "Yes, my dear.
with pleasure." j
i s ' - j w . .
it was muri iv. mit ncarti v hru : and t he
tone, the manner, the luok, were perfectly j
nsturul and very affectionate. We thought!
how pleaauit that courteous reply, how
ifying it muat be to the wife. Many hue-' start.
bands of ten years experience are ready '
enough with the courtesies of politeness tolThcrc rc ",0'e wI,om we meetm hfe'sbusy
the young ladies of their acquaintance, while;
they pesk w ith abruptness to the wile, and'
An m IfilU I klnn. .IsU.. ..JJ.. f
uu uiniiy inuc lime Million wiliil'Ul t'll3.JUl -
ig them wortlf au apology. The stranger,;
whnm iIipv n.nsl l.Mv. ur,-n h.,t vil.v
ix listened to with deference, and, although
the subject may not be of the most pleasant
nature, with a ready smile: while tho noor
I.. ... .
- r ' : ' I i
wite. u she relates a domcalic grievance, is
r, . i . - ,k: ,.
iiiipiiwiivt. vn . nun w 1 una iO"u ii
lint u i!m nrnn ci m t mt' I f jl. .1 n
SWVO I.HV V . : . O V U'lllVDI . I UOII I,
. . . . , ,
bother nie!" cries her gracious lord ami maa
ter. uoessne a-K lor necessary tunas iori
öusy a shoes or Tummy lint! "neema to
me you are always wauling money !" is the
handsome retort. Is any
little riira
'manded by his masculine appetite, it is or
dcred, not requested.
-Look here, I want you to do so and so;
.i... :.v.j ii i a- i.,m.
; When we meet with such thoughtlessne
: and coarseneas, our thoughts revert to thsi"And long be our hearts with such meoiorys
kind voice and gentle manner of the friend;
. , . , . .
who said, " es, my dear, with pleasure
"I beg yoar pardon," comes as readily to his
'.. . L 1..1 1 . u 1
, hps when by any little awkwsrdsees he has
disconcerted her, as it would in tue pre
I Mß of toe most te$fjMk
; iquette. this Is because he is a t
l'entleman. who thinks his wife in sll things!
cntilleu to precedence. He loves her best The duties of the msrshsls in taking the
(why should be hesitate to show it; not injeensus lead to some queer little scenes We
,ic,ty, maudlin sttentions, but in preferring !giv0 one which came off in one of thecilies
Jher pleasure, and honoring her in public ss during the taking of th last census:
( wen as pnvste. ne miows ner worm; wwj
.should lis hesitate to attest it! "And berj
husband he praiaeth her," saitli Holy Writ;
1 not by fulaome adulation, not by pushing
1 her chsrnu into notice, but by speaking, asj
opportunity occurs, 111 a manly way, ol her
Though words may seem little things, and
slight sttentions slmost valueless, yet, de -
n.n,l imnn il 1 kau k Mn I Ii p II h m P h r i n h I . -
t" r -
pecially if they are natural. The children
jgrow up in a better mors! atmosphere, and
.,, M- . ..l:.
'nein . i .pi.n V.." v. - j
takes advantage ol a mother he loves, be-
ause he iee often the rudeness of hisfath -
sf. Insensibly he jysthera lo his bosom the
. aame habits,
ud the thoughts and feelings
they engender, and in his turn becomes the;
petty tyrant. Only his mother, why should,
he thank her 1 father never docs. Thuslhe
home becomes the seat of disorder and un-
hsppinesi. Oply for strangers are kind!
words expressed, and hypocrites go out from
'ne heartn-sione luny preparea 10 renaer
. . .
juiticr, benevolence and politeness to any .
J -7 7 " '
, .no ii.i'I't v.u. ...v m ;
tot couneou. cnnareu o, mc ,r.v. w0 ....
children of the friend who sold
lo pleaaantly, 'es, my uear, wun pleasure.
- --
(Er-Wbat is the dia'crence between girls!
and lemons! The latter get the most ol
their squeezing in tne dog days snd the lor-
mer don't.
iMraovin Comunos. Patrick O'Flaher-
ty said that his wife was very uograttfful, for!
bick, and now she's covered with 'em." iikes 'f me that would take up with a second
-" jhsnd husband. Do I look like the wife of
sxjrWhy is a womsn's tongue like a pis- ,m widower1 A poor divil, ell legs and con
netl Knu nothing ohort of the power that i .: iko , Jck mrkev. A widower!
created it if able to atop it in its course!
-- a Is Im 1U la ssttAft 1 1 in Ilsl S All fain A
brocm-stick merited for that perpctr.tioe.
KyTbe ladies say they are opposed
stopping the milei on tho iSabbjItii, espe.
m ' ...
: -ii .1 ilia v ston ai
'an nuiiv a.m,"ft) mm w - r
!ieir hoine.
For the Jasper Courier.
I Kindred Spirits.
How fully 'tis felt there', a chord in each
That but to congenial spirits may start;
Whatever the form there are pulaes there
Which but to the touch of a ister may thrill.
There's a light in each eye, which awaken-
- - - -- -- ... . - w w . .
To the musir rrvpn im in n iriin n r i v tnno
When eye speaks to eye, aud heart speak
to heart.
I w !W .
grat-'Then deep hidden pulaes iu rupture may
VVhom we PaM wit" dilikc, or perchance
Will) UlSiriiHl.
NVI,0'e pass with their presence
Afl P,8gcln the frost of a wintry day.
uul bn' sre uiuse wuosc presence ms
j Bright thoughts to which memory fortver:
, ... i a. !
, '
wnose woras wnen we move a ensrm nave
To which all the pulses in nature msy thrill,
Whose eye shows the iihi of a genial ray.
whose memory pass not with the daylight
Whose soula with our own in unison twine.
de-'gu.,porlinc uyxx lupe8 as the tree doth the
There are those whocc presence may hallow
the hour,
:.. . ... .. ... .
spentincouvcrie Wim tiieni in ine col or ; ' r-
the bow'r. tring out while you are opening tho
(horse's mouth. Assoon n8 yon havo
VVhcre such we have met is a ,ollowcd'1,.,cnc.t jt tj., tho thiinhlo on his
I 1 I
.... ,' . r . , ...
Whose leaflets forever in memory are green
" Lik" the vase in w men roses nave once oeen.
You may break, you may shatter the vase if
roo will.
Tavimo the Census of an Irish Fakilt
"Who is the head of this lamily 1 "
"That depends on circumstancea.
fore eleven o'clock it's me husband.
ther eleven its meeself."
If be
"Why this division!"
"Because, alther that hour he's dhrunk as
is pipr and unable to lake care of himself,
let alone his family .
, "What Is his sgel'
! H (Vmlnn n.l M i.inlm tin nj i 11 lr b B
a.a. i ia si , ssiiMsssiiaaiiBssiBssaaiBsssMiBssssssssaiBsssai ssaaaii
(month of being ss owld as Finncgsn. VoUvoar 0(9 it consists, also", of three
know Finnegan!" j" UocJ-g amJ )ieiferB and cast
-io, i uuu i mm . nmc-p, .
A . !.!
Is your husband
n uiiiu nui ii ..-..v..
sn alien!" l,onw V weruon, as mey are leu
1 "Och, thin he's ailing intirely. He has'in a diflerent manner from the young-
rheumatics worse nor owld Dounelly, who.er stock, and it is of great importanco
was tied double with them."
"How many male members have you
ii,e umily !"
"What, no boys at all!"
"Boys is it! Ob murthcr. go home. We
have boys enough to whip four loaves for
. 1 f . t
When were vou married !"
"The day Pat Doyle left Tippcrary
! Amcriky. Oh, well I know it. A sunahm
ier d.y never gilded the sky o' owld Ire
wag ,he coMoa of yoUf hu8
, .i.-i
"Divil a men more miserable. He ie
I did not give him a promise wiuun iwo
weeks no a oiow ms orains oui whu a crow
What waa he st the time of your mar-
riage, a widower or a bachelor!"
. which! Widower, did you pay! Oh,
now go 'way wid your nonsense. Ian t the
AlMir 1 niver be blessed 'f I'd not rsther live
i . - a tut at
( owld 01tidf nd bringup a family on but -
toiterrnllk and prat.a L
-s- --- -r.-
in Ilia fruit lnmnii llml no rnn hi nilks l
. .1 .i..,h.,.,i. ..i.
comma m "iinu-ivi. .vwii..i..,
re next 4cor.
bm ki r or Tamum UoRtai.A cor-
,H,uA,t.it .,,. v,.u. y . P cu
I I - -,. mm. aVal'S
Ifcuhuiits the following method of horse,
htm tug:
! For the oil of ('iliumin the horso
l,aa u, instinctive as-ion. and when
the horse Kocnte the odor ho is in
ni hi i irii in i w ii tit vi ii r-s i u ir
. ; . . .t ; , ...... ,1 i .
ly drawn towards it. The oil
pj;, , ..
.' . l"-BSlB I "um V
A II 1 I I
i. ... All " W i . . s I
nes. iin an minis seem to u-ris i n.
ndnoss for it, and it exercises a kind
of fllbduilig itliluCIH Over thotll.
, Xo tame hoi-SCB prdfttire tonic lioifio
'castor and rate it line; also get koiuo
oil of Khodinm, and oil ol Cnmtuin.
- . ,
and keep the threo 8(Tamtoin airtight
. '"UllUS. J till) H 1 1 lite Ol I Ol t 11111111111 OTl
'votir hand, and apprOtfchtho horwin
fiUl, OD the wit.dwanl Bide, go
t li e I.,. .....11 tl.r, t Tt
ihiiiv UV tiiiouivil Uli. UIIIIMlll. AI
liorse will li t you coiiu' tit tohim with
.., . 1 1
Itntned lately rnhyour
, -
liatnl gently on tl:c horie,a nose, getting
a little uftheofl on it. You Cftn tlion
end him Riivuhori' (nvithun nhttlo
east r on a piece of loaf BTJjr&r or apple,
put 'ij:lit droj of oil ofKhedinni in
to a !adyfi silver thimble; take the
thimble betveen thcthumhand middlo
RajjeVof 3'our rijjht hand, with your
Mbrennger stopping the month of the
1.1 II. . . , .1 M
it Iii iii ii' ret tiri'viMir. Tin fi trotn run
Itonirae. and he is your servant and
;; . ' J
tnetia. 1 ou can tcacli linn anything,
if you are gentle and kind to hiin.
Folmikb in ltoitsKs. Take a tea
spoouful of piilveriml alum, pull tho
horeei toi
hold i;; his head till he swallows. In
six hoars time no matter how ld
the founder, he will befit for iimderato
service. 1 have oeen this remedy
tested so often, with perfect success,
that 1 would not make five dollars dif-
ii'renee in a horse foundered, if dono
recently, and one that is not. E. L.
Fattkninu Catti.r. Owing to tho
jgresit improvomeiit eatiscd liythedit-
fu-don of short horn hlood, the fatten
ng Ptixik very often consists of two
!( 0U S- These should be II tied tip in
s a . a a .1 a
Ithat such t attle as are intended for the
ii ! 1.... .t... 1.....1.1 1... ,1 ;.,-i....i mm i:..i..
muh mi miouiu i"v u lonu uvu m 1111.113
as possible
Cr'A tuhlul of soapsuds, farmers
should rememb(9rj is worth a wheel -harmwof
good manure. Kvcry h ticket
of soapsuds should he thrown where
for.it will iioMh) lost; the garden is a good
putccin wiucn to OlspOSC 01 11: nut um
- We of grape vinos, young trees, or
any thing of the sort, will do as well.
CVrb i or 11 00 Ciioi.kra. Tr. Her,
0f Tikecounty, has ottected the cure OI
,omo 0f ,;8 j,08 l,ftving the cholera
0 bad that they could not get up
I 1 . 1 . 1 ii 1 1
wncn laying uown. 11c says ne won
salt and cyanno lCpper, put it in teOl
aml fwJ it to the hogs and they Were
entirely cured.
DCJ'When there is any doubt whoth
er a soil is lit for tho plow it is best t
nut on tha harrow: this will serve to
t. Bnii ftn.i oy.Htm, h to thG air
; ' . , Himilliv.
Jhieli were cultivated laatfoar should
1 n oww un im nun'"
' . . 1 - . I . .1 .111 ,1... in i...ii. 1.11 .rit
1 . .
oninil'lcand full in n pulverized w-

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