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ft LiMU.li EVERT iKlDaV, AT UntUH,
able to nuist io the proper management of
NO. 18
The Educatisa of Wnmn
i n education ul itnmMn .1 .i.. ... . .
da, i- meanly wretched, w. . .J ,, 7." ' IT !? ,dUr"i"' f CbiM"n
LMt.ta..lb: a T "T ,8,,1 "ne who" i'h useful know-
ofncc-coK,tH ,v Main rIM, 4 er jr sis I S.TZr'if
MMl an Bn, r, wo b-B. , h"v -t "lush., portion of her youth in c-
SS -t--1 VV'no doe. not pre fer .
THR.MS-STRICTLY IN A n'A W E : Rdee.,0. fe 'I ZTu7. i!7L.Tl . ? ' te idle frivolity! What bus-
- mi luwflfg
flingle Kubseriptiun, fur fift, N
for six month",
frm!. 1.... j u - - il . . . . .
' 'i -n they acquire ,, ,ch(1, .,, . " -' "' "V
n.... ..L- " .. . v.-.u. ,(lB, fIi ctll:drcn .,.. ,.,:,!,. I..,.-, .ft
Ar er AttVKin-iiKo
Per lonarts nt lu li ' ''1 ur !.' t aa . . at 1
- a "'I .n ri VV. li
Each mbat-quent luaerlfoa, uh ut iec"lc
l.oneer advertise stent, at same rote. A (nen' ,1,e cI,e(r never made a great man,
iracHjn n r u 'ii qiinr' ur fqunr.-, , runted, ' ut hindered multitudes from be
i note wno really becme educated, becum. . i.
inn a uu
ions alter they leave ,,,,,
... II II. . . I UVIII', l
II iii i -'-'- ii n-miy LTial men are it l.mr.rf .i
: tie ru Inno ' .T ......mi, , B 0 aucieiy
I 1 . i a. m a I
o bv their own ...... .. "Ul" "u "ci.geirom ine l.pa of their
00. " '"7 '"".mother at home; that under htr M -v.
und blee.tinSt to the race Do our faal.ion-
o. Great men are rot made
at a nii-n re. Tltfaa afffe I run ! r tnn
aii' lit mVvi Mlatnteiitaj a rt-dsorial ie dfdu
!"r' .-'J ' Wh , : "P ;. M . " . f- paramount dutie. that;
.ik.j ui irminnrm ni btilh 1 1 i? ralofa ----- r h n rufynpm J,...,,! .......
(our college, but in spite of them
on. oecon,,ng!iol0 ft.in4)e iftlinariei prepare their pupiL
1 tnea.d ' fur iheaa high wd buly reaponaibilitle! Do
ami aoticoa of like eharacti-f
paid for in tdvaavea.
AhM'V .sr. i AMMMTlf.
For Toavnablfj iStiea, each,
"Fr (uniy
i Ditti it. Cieeuit, r Sjme,
a (tf i . iL. .' .i. .1. I . mm. . a eaai
10 ül . u r i ry re coil Wf)mpll ,, h,.rn. , '
W9h knowlcdMofi few Eo.lW, book r Z . ' " "c""-,'"Jr
1.00 (with, peih.pr.an ore.alnn.1 .PrikrC o (" 7' 4 -o'-- the aid o.;
J.0O Oer,..- It.il.,) a .tili W,.Lte4of ' ' '
Muricj the beat a.d umt v.iuabie o. thvir ' 't-) W kDW f " "1,?r rM,"0 W D'i
day. art devoted I aack m.nu.l l.bne. -1?" fT"? J" -f-
. adminiater aulely to fatrky, little letmninr 1? " X "J, "Jl!? ",y H
" it l. -L.TlT.. .. V . . n c it i he faahion. Philadi lohia Arena.
I'liat vtry many
Not 10 Bud.
I.. - . it . ... .
int' . i. a v i raiia.'tiur.
rhio ,....r amunj ita id..r-. bj n .oon-i-' WrU- W''U fur"' talent.deveJ.
hh- rut tba Mlowiiig: op 00 ,',",,'' rf1,,i o thouSbt, releaUon, The Familiei of Poet.
Theprincipilof one .f our -r ct school.' ' Merciee ,j u und judgment ; attal Ii ia impoaaible to ronu-mplate the early
KM beta sending ebculartlu the parent 7 WMli ni0" pr' ciou,i rk MIgaYt leaih of j ron'a 6rat child, hkoari reflect
MpapilL which, tigmi d ttt.d returned, will ' b P' nt Ul ftlrtifai of the mind, h aadly on iliefateaol the faruiliea ul our;
auli.oiue kin to li fl 1 1 mien puniafiriieiit .
or Ileal exirciae of the mtuclea.
It ia
greatest poeta.
eorporeahy ui OtkarwW, as rr.av ,i hi i ',rro 1 "k"pare ano aiu'oii each meI without ,
afgmeut be proper. J he fol owing an- "el VJ Wm heartily i ton, but both left eaoghUM, and both;
awerpr-ivir that aoiua uf the ptrtlMa arc l"0 fwlM contempt namea are t.ot rx'inet.
phiaed ttt th id. j: which all men oi tcnae (h I for a.erc paint, d Addison had otily on- childa dwugbter
lit. RaT7f Yutir licbin eirk l " l'""e6 "d !a hienahle felly. Seneible a girl uf ton e fire or ais yer at her lather'-,
law i diitif received. I hop aa tu my Jobt.l h,f mim or the way in death. She died unmarried, at the age of j
you will loe Mat intl a4 oliu a vou kin.. wn,c" ""'onaui.. taetca miMpend .eighty year ortaoee
lletabal boy i-J,fn. Hitho I
tn habit et teacf.in hnu unreif, it et
Firmness 0f a Loving Girl in a Pat
Well, let him go, and Jet him atay
I do not mean to din.
I puean he'll rind that I can lira
Without him, if I try.
11 thought to frighten me with frowna,
Ho terrible and black
He'll atay away a ihourorid year
Before I tck him back!
Heaajd ihat I htd tried wrong.
And f. olitl.lv beridr:
I trou'l forget hin, Tie, that .
I wouldn't if I abed.
If I waa wrung, what right had h
To be 9) eroa with in el
1 know I'm not an angel quite
I don't pretend tu be.
H hud another aweelheart onet,
And now when we fall out,
lie alwaya ahe wan not croan,
And tlia .he didn't peut.
It i eni i'C' '. to rex a aaint
ll'a more than I can bear;
I wich (hut girl of hi waa -Well.
I don't care where.
lie think that ahe wtt pretty, tea
Wat her u'iful aa godd;
I wumder it she'd get him back
Again, nuw.if ahe couldl
I know hc would, and there the io
She bee hlni iat in eight;
And now it'e niter nine o'clock
pcebaaa be'a tliere tu night.
I'd fclinott w rit to hui to come
But tbeaj I re aaid I won't;
I 'Io nut care no much, but he
Shan't bare hi at), if I don't.
Beai'aV I know that I waa wrung,
And he waa in the right;
I rjues I'll tell him au and then
1 wiali lu'd come to-night!
Preoerving Fruit for Winter Ute.
Since the inutkod of preserving fruit
in ita natural täte was firt intr.)
'Jnced, a reat variety of cans and
jftrs have boen loTeotod and patented,
!tracu cluiuiiiipj niu opeciaj merit.
Experience bus prnven that tin if not
joogood aa glaa, t-tono or cart hen -j
arts s H wliaMe t curreaiuii, owing
to the acid contained in the fruit, and
often imparts an tuipleaaant flavor and
dark color to the fruit.
The Louisville Glas Work have
dately cuimm nvd man oiactu ring a
ltSW htvle of fruit jar. said to possesa
u Jvun tagen over anv oOierg for eaey
jaud perfect sealing. The jar ia aimi
jlar in firm to tfcosc iWmerij used, ex
cept the moatl or neck, which ioinads
of the usual eire of the common flat
oork. This Bstl il tornied with a
-h.'tild. r. upon wliieh the cork reata,
whieh will prevent its t-ver being
Iforced in bj the fifnttur of the at
juioaphere. in conr.qii' tuv of the cool
iupT and rdirhikajc ot the contents, but
Uft prtaWJrw Oolj rendi-rs tho cork
mm tight, as it ia foced doWrfj on tho
sliotildt r or tSdge, and with the ordi
'nary Pealing renders them perfectly
l..t. .....1 ' 1 I l lu t I . .
iiiii. mm ctwuiy uncoraeri, wune lu
Pay hut Dibt -It ia a email one, to bc!ottle8 and corks mav be preserved
V bin MS! and alter they Farqnhar left two girl dependent on the aure, and apparently not worth a ringh jand Uferl for years, as good as new
tma lu ''' l 6rc ln("' Parlur ornamentK, friemhl.ip of hi friend Wilke the actor thought. Why not then pay itt Why bei aoni; of our readers mar not
-me he never il lets sadjthlag " krkl fpellin
outragualy it Sohl. Wnll ip h:m wet.
ar, an.! you will renvi- oiy ihsnkt.
"T. B.i i Waal seres taa tor J t.u bnu aich
a ibeHat d thai lie is my iub ty my Aifo'a
fuat huahand."
mov nM n
ft - - - , ... . u U. , ,. .,. auic pjtrw mu iwu mwvty vy uiriu nunc iib nrn iw " mm. ...r .....iiiuiaiiun 01 with thcdotail t. f '
gawa. Dt voting them-lve to the n.osi I'hey had a email petiainn from the Guvern-idun! Why not take that little thorn outL . ... '8 I,roeninS
frivol uu seeupsttsaa. the time not watted ment- and having onfned their father. andif your finger at one! It will fetter i.ru,t we ?lVc tbe pf0--4 wr their
in diaaipation ia rpent in preparing paltry teen hit reptitttion otitltarably etabliahed,jIlowd to remain, and cauae ten I: met the bent' lit.
ornemcntt for the person or the chimney Ootii liied unmarried. trouble. Why not relieve the conscience The fruit to 1 preserved should bs
piece. I It tny wonder that o mnnv think The roo end daughter of Coleridge both of thl liu!e ,0d! You will feel tho bet- J scalded, or boiled in a kettle for a few
tnat th"y are fit only for t toy .r a altve, io-! Jied childlcsa. tcr ol it by eo doiog. 1 ou contracted th-j unnntoa. and kept covered while Cook-
j .i l. : i j iii: rv: i
I til Liull A.p Tilt 1,11 t li t.int. .icad of beinir He nual. .1, nartner. the The iwr, nn- f IVaJt. r Scn .,.
'del l knowingly and willingly. Did you
ing If the fruit ia not of a very juicy
Th- lotioarmg pleattnl vaeedoU i relo- friend, the hclpmtte of man. 'children-one of the two daughters died uii-t "" VJ ! Cetfalelt you did! , , I '
ttd toste Urne. luce Ly ti.e Boalon P.t:- But there i a f.r grctter Iota to estere,' rried, und he Sediere now repretented Tbeu why not do it at once! Kvery day' ,,8"lcltr' 8 mtlt aitr snouia oc put
A baiiteior ir;,-,.dpf nura was rullnj a day '. all thit faahionable foolery, iban their.ere ithout a d.ugbter. Mow little coald Scott !delay "coae morally ths amouiit of the, to P"rtMit Imrntng. Ungar may
St lata tyo Ibroegk A bei, it. l'.ia Btttf lost of time, asd ihat la "l-e lott cf mind foresee the failure of male haue. obügatiou. Kememler, too, that your little he added now to suit the taste, or it
- en be ftvteok a lull girl am: boy ap-'the loss cf a human being io the right place The poet of the "r'arie Queen" lost a debts, and a thousand other men s little may be omitted until the jar is opened
fsrfsstly es tbf If Way tt acbeol. Tho little ia bsaasa SSelety, " Cbiid when very young, by tire, when the 1" "skc ,i,,,c 'o"ne fof your creditor; for US. The jars to 1 filled should
girl appoand to be live or til your. old. ssd G.rla at our fsthtensble boanÜng tchoo Is rebeU burned hit house in Ireltnd. jor hJ en,bl hlm to P7 bi ,raT' debt. öc.t ; a j,an 0f waterand keptboil-
aat.baautilul atat.ov II -r eye wen are deprived of the ineatunabie privi'ege of: Some of the poet htd tout and no daugh or feed hit workmen and een kls MSShla j to prevent thoir breaking when
UtSSWifti a glem .J intrsas bspplseta. reois the fields tnd escrcitingiu the open ura. ,ry a-fjing in time like theee. Don't you .i'.- It iR ,,t in mm aasal c tr? ron.Ur
audh.rel, .wed w,-h Ike bsss of air. Ittsy ante so tHst to seeteatsltte lbs Thu. we r.d of Chaucer', son- Dry !tliowi:i You do. Well, the,, rentit 1 lc In,U 18 MU lD' aa We" 85 10 rcnr
O ' Ksebeler I. ok -d at ber for a woj,.r, ,,, bcsu, of n3,(jrei Ul. 1Mjon., drn'a -on-of the aont of Rornt of Allen ntount at once, and to-night lb gho.' '',0 vttrt""' more perfect under the
uiumeiit sdaiirtpsly, Kh- Hit t li i cflanee o .wer and mxtdneaa .f il. r .in ,i ... a - - --- r n. V ... .i .... ... of that debt will not trouble vour dreams, 'oork when cooled. ith a small dip-
I aa - i. - wivi 1 iiv l tnu rr i n aun v a a 1 . i uhl' as - ui i
with s Mt.il. asd srhk n et;-er voic-aalu jhtve no time fur the t rquiaiiiun ol health, Campbell's aoii of Jloore a aun-.i.S ol
eu him wit' , "II sVi )nu gut a babv !" II, beccuae thry must embroider t mirthapen ' Shulley'a tun.
waituu ey tue qaeatioa.atia meu.ias flower spun s I öl, or paint a caricature Hen Johnson torvived att his children. Atlantic, 'that, when President uf the An- "g a oork neatly fitted to each jar.
I II I IP'.'TI'i ' I .' ,1. l,H ; u HI r 'i.t'i nrn,,,,,., , I ,,r.,.i i . .... , i . ,1. ....... ... m I.. - . . 1
v,,,,,,.,,,, r. , ui i. ei. ah n .in anu timae amonp tn greiuni
., the en mate.' ssd beat-iful Rtl fspe tbkf fully , WBfck is the cursing mother ol died unmarried: Butler, Cowley, tJungreve,
ka'etc hhs. "No,M be Showered. " Well,'' vtn'lv. taaatts e tint arm aiiaai '. - t.,r nrmv ' -
r - mivii ' . a'w i iit-'ii 'if, ' - rw y .. '
...1- rati I tJ B't.laa tasafaltlK I nntil fill 1 . aa
rrs Medicisi or Lavghtsr. "It 1 f1 , " "JV V
. .... ... .. nil-w u ith the w,".l,li.,l fen t lir.t Ko1..tf.
ri'corceoot l'r. urimn,' aaya s writer in fin .' ' " " ......
dovcr Theological Seminary, he convened .pres? the Cork itrmly down to tho
the atudeu'a at hit room one evening, an.ljBhoulder in the n,ck. then, with an
. m " i i miiu M'wiii uv na war, v u ,iaaa ' I '
she replied, drawing her tiny fom proud I ji ought to be divided between the acquisition A ken-ide. Collins, Cay. Goldsmith; Mr. , ..rowin(r thhi and dvspeptieal from
ep,wtfe."asdpsseed on, stilt aaUlingjof real knowledge snd.rn.nd health, and Roger tili livo-a ingle. Boms wore unt of tha eaercise.'of Christi.a 1st.
In In.) ll.e l-.n,.ii t . ea let lK, n.ivl . e .1, .L S . t. a a . .1. . . . . .
InM ikutn Km It A ilttAai.J ibal ! ...... a. 1 . .
t ne i i i. . . . . :n . n :.
iiiii, rim ii ... n i" uu hu (ui. u uii:e
laughter, .
- I bivi t vi w. vi v Wi w uiidiiau ian.iiit.il , . . - .
tetelltbe huua news to ths next uns Ob ,h.7 becosta pale, mclanchuly victims of .fortunate in their sonr. in a asdder wsy i,nd ,e istitted upon it that thev should at"1 and MvmiA tlu' a'rk; ,,,c 8rctt
. . , I I VV I, ami aa mmmmA mmJt LaalA.a I I a. L i. . . Ll . t li it ts a. . . . .a t .It t i I I !
enigit men a v, Mod hap'.ineattu laaliioi.sbls iife.snd lean. lumiiliiT amitom-, than death rosM make them -Atherrum l.t. t, utt.i a ,u iat..labove the cork mav then 1 filled with
a. tit 1 ' ,l wac m vomuaii i umm niirn anu tntrifi aiir. y
her wet rencentrwted to thtl jue id the luolere. ... . . J. -- ..,
' . : pi iincior una tin iminennc it. an. crer uix ie" n.. no uiv riM"ii. "i ihm ii iii
siarriakjG mr onow. -- ( .
To the question often aaked of young men: '" height, with grett ampliojde of cbeet, and' In; dipped and eovcted in the usual
it to why tbey do not marry, we sometime :u0, nag'aterial nSaWssW. " Here," said be manner.
hctr the reply: I am not able to support 10 lh? fi,, "vou FWtti hear! jj- car0 jg ttj.en fu have the fntit
wife." "In one eiae i three, perhaps.' n"-" d burning out into s sonoruui Itugb. , . , . .Lrf,..
i i . a . iii la ir e nl . 1 1 rrsul Int. nuntiat nnn Kar nun In
ajaoy. Ar..i it es i v sirs h II atirall n.ui' t ,t ,u,, n marvel thu mstcrnsl ffecton.
Rail Iks astsedi lighl it her elf I tn it wsi . j rttosf, impertHhable, overflow leg de
ft n. ntter r.f ifTVctii aride to her that votiw to 'he wellirc aud happine of the
Jilted bertlittle heart b.e the reaeh of or- cttilcl. easaWKsseat to senfice the elaatic
dinary oi.-y for lm the baby w her word, gtep, Ihl 'parkling eye, the glowing cheek,
tiie henlthy frame, for ti e pin pone of ac
and what el had she to
n rati
h v
epll csioa ad naw friend n.rf he.r . aa .a , , . true reply would be, "I tm not sbl to stip ,n' 1 w e
t ii 11 ii our ii no, mo ne rr n m fj,rii.g a ew artificial icconiplishiiicnts, aa' , . ....... . That wi'l do
red it lane rn. .ii.-' .. iil'n .. at imi.i i .u , , port l fie .tyle in wh ihl thiik my write, ",,",w
tiu .1 lung rnout, .u li i. it .o ut y bttr- U8t,.aa a they are eipenaivc and detruc, . , . ' now mind voi
V, in Stat II t ii i , , . j . oujiht to live." In this, again, we aee s!110 satawifan
a , astataa an live of all real gtaee aud maidenly dignity, , . . , ...
- , .... . . falae view of marriage; a looking to in a p-; s.,n Wat
... i l . . .... l.efairlv ikl.lirr.rt l.iu mint la nnn Kir no. In
in m.y ne m; .... a. . genera, rning. e - v ritrl,t ftize and Well sealed, it will keel
Ba 1 1 1 1 ' T l lUUVUISVU I w -
toin. till the whole were
f a a . .
for once," .aid the doctor, "and ! tor years as good ae wiicn nret pnt up.
you keep in practice!" a may tie prepared by melting
- . ... a as as . t
a .a . , n.i.litxr . .tan . .t n.t. . ul Tail.
inirrinrr. m l.wtLnirr t n at. at n. a?..-.. tt'.. 11.:- n n-MHV l"nill. nwMini' "iir 'mmkv lw -
. 11 .. I ..l.l .Al I .. a. aas ar- , n(iaa IT ä 1 fc H a I DI II III V IB Pf ITH h '
:,8: ZmZi MaTaTS zzz rä.ai ;-r 3a- a.u,
pt a 1.1 w imic mint a w B living woman for her own sake h.n , ...rreei Ti- . f..r.,.ni it wil .
" 1 - - rurreiur iu
Dr t LH r S Traits
ence ttaii-d that hi I:
.mm, A v.. trV.ii.. ..1 j.. ni. . ifiiven time n certain nuanti'v of labor, one. .....
y oo your - , great evil 1, tney aro not content to oegin ,nlo the water bv in mnaratu The iraa
k.l." ..Tk...... ..-!- w. ' ia f of whic 1 ia an uller v u.e . km aa uniil.i . . .. .. . uiw wir wticr oy an apparaiua. I nc gas
- . . . nrj rv .Mi nri'iiy siorii"!, rir ' v
r 1 abort. '
HI (Jodd h sees
Terrs llante and UfiyettS, ! d.
the opinion 01 the world. Thdttced hy carbonic acid ge, which ia forced
.a a a a . a
lile huinhly. to retire together into in ob ;.. rodueed bv noorina aalaataawia .ei.l ,.Bon;ol. tlie Co ma' 00 nrawn Willi ease,
r mf r e r - rw l
iXJThc proepeets for crn and
jar, under the cork, leaving the cods
usi'lct. at woulo .., hu,...i ,0 ro.tr together into an oh- i : ...il.: u
ia. . 1 ..... m - mm na in anauaiv. aw w iiumi 1 1 a aar i iiui .a. bliu uuvn
Will, r." r t-iu d tue l..r.l. but thev'ra uu. "Otwo tuns io our pisnet. All th to make i ,,.Ä.i., ......i. ,i..i. I '....' T . r L,i u fi. f. IAn Pr.
" ----- , ri.i... ii-, ... ...u ..... ...v. v. . . ,.v., m.rni,. iiiiai. or nmn lite miner, earrinuale n auu 1.1- in it um taut.ni. ww .
. . .... : . r'T r- -
. ... ..j . i . . . a
a r-iiow aim r.t-cn a ou-uano. . ,, ., l. . ;...!..... !.. .n:. .
mi mr- wuriu w iry i.iu.i.ij ui uiv aui t.t , laOut.
In tliis litter a irraad miatake i made L.J -a., k. -- - . ..I. til il. '.Ii . o I Wa I , - - ii i - 1 1 twin mm aa i i
aa - . ,11111 nil ar up i' i r n r vusaii iiuur; li nc
U btuvcreif b' tween t ... ., , . l . ' " . ' . ftTT-h ia aaid that aDolean. nl.ra he wa -.1...- .1 1-...!., :.. C t.... T
tficn ui ai'iieu ou nui ciiooacr wives iron, a mniipv th-it lie earn tint thev must itM nd: ' I " u-i- wu uu- u riiiiioo iu ..wiuuvin m
J - . I l. I . Ft . , ... ., .. ... -
The tel.
bevy of pa nted butteifliea. They do not 00t and attract the tltenliou of others by
or of thsTerre Haute Kxprea h.s baeB l.T r V" " " . 7 . " . ,Mrn,,ou 01
hun n ,, . ecl Pa,,"er, f,r ,,ron he same principle nil0 houses and fine clothe..
shown npee.mena. (..met. are said " th.t thy do p.r.ner, for a ball, by the ex- sen
lint . tbs SB reg . Qf or ,h(J r cj o fj Mr. Joaeph Slr.tton and J
atked by Dr. O'Meara if he really thought
diana. Ohio, and Kentucky i fair.
be could hive invtded Kuglanti it the time helm. . .-as u -.i ii . .
threatened to do so, angered in the fol The r,a.n dtmcttltj W'.th the nheat IS
thai tiif torm nav ocaren a aowu.
In the river lottouis the floods hsd
drowned mil tmiet of the corn, but
1 I...... I.... ..... ....... 1. A I.I. I .... I ....
C'ipacilV Ol satin ' """"i". aaaaaata " n jivwi.ifj ...ai .... nun w . in , anaw
ft-Mav,r m si., it u......... r Men of ten.e do not chant nve, m.iv "an we marr.ea rcceii'.y, in .ttnoi, ata. e,ita. nnemer it,. is true or not, we,
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Minnesota. iH.n.ii..,,, Mnr.i-iiii sti becsuse thev sre able to make a sensation: 'eboaelts; th.t ws the second mtmage ibouid hk to ses s more ingetiiou aud ex
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