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The Jasper weekly courier. [volume] (Jasper, Ind.) 1858-1922, July 23, 1858, Image 1

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NO. 20
VOL. 1
reftWtWM tvtuv khii-aV, AT tIMIi
m ...TtaIV INIiIANA. 11T
DUl'l" V PTI !
OKFICK Omki et Mai
Maci'onalu Hrnivra.
T .toi ! t TWlcned bv Labor.
I L T I IC . I. .
Ye can Coafur if ye Witt
fleggfd toiler on uf labor
Su.uMy battUnjf every diy
f ,r efletonce , my brother,
Tb ' fiialt triumpii in IM f'y;
Jn Ii fe'n changeful (leid ul a.lio.i,
Tin utfh eVffnt may i fl :Pl'" :r
Thu snf1 'tie vi tut' luurcl
it thuti wii'. but perm virc.
Though llioii art obscure ami h.wly,
Yu niiiv rem U Hie w.shcJ for (MS
lira p Ute prison, Iii' " I Uf!
If (hotl hail a d .untie suiil;
4l tbou hasl rt reeolu iun
Tint B)Ufnftäna csnnot In!
Olli BD which the ;in."y su'gi-0
Au impression I 'll I" wake.
Art tbou sneered nt and liorid.'d
n.. ,t... : ti! i : tv burn ?
Ii- mv v.. --J- -
"i .... ..i ii.. i. ,; iihiiim'Iv.
I' fU 1 V ...
. . .rirn
Only waiting till the shadowt
Are a Utile longer grown,
Only wailing (ill lhe glimmer
Of the Ut day's beam i flown;
Till the night of earth i faded
From the heart once full of day;
Till the H" of lienven arr br .king
Through the twilight soft aud grey.
Only wailing lil! t!.e reapers
llu.e the last bbeuf gathered home;
For ihe summer time ia faded.
And the autumn lade have come.
Q'iickly, reaptrr ! gaihcr quickly
The'la-l rip" hour of inv heart,
For tin? ulooiu ol lile ia wiiheied,
And 1 hue ten to depart.
Only waiing til! iho mgelt
Open wiJv! the myslic gale,
At whose portals I huve lingered,
Weary, pcor and desolate.
Bvca no 1 bear their footslepa
And their voices far awai ;
If ilicy cull me, 1 am wailing,
Only ailing to obey.
Only waiting till i he (bnt!ova
Are a liule kmgef grc 'ni
Oi.lv waiting Uli the glimmer
m . i . .1 . ' 1 1 ai xmn m i ;! ui;:
v 111V u ' v a i-v w .
The from out the gathering darkneM
llwly, driitlilciw .tars stall rise.
By whose light my oul aha II gladly
Tread its pathway to the i-kitt.
Origin of Name of Statei. Only Waiting.
m-... v..- lU. i n; :. ironi Maine A very aged man in an a!m-liou wat
An- lau.r in sen-cu.ure irrtiuuunui' -- , - - ... j
.,.u.e..i.av.- in France, of vv l.icl, IhniHtU M nriu, Queen asked ali.t he wa. damg He ,-pl.ed-
.'... in .h UMdst of iabwr. may tf Kngland. w.a at ll.at time proprietor. -Only wailing
o.... .... .... ...i ii.i ;v,. himaelf .o the moat imnor- New Hampshire was the name given to Only waitin
tant improvements, U.a. be may cult.v.te the 'JYrnU.ry conveyr.l by the IMjmouth
., , i i . v.... ui, ii u tn i .mi Ji hn Mason, bv patent,
-,T ,ja HfllSO Of Jli.tlff, HIS UCIievoiriiie, uuivm.r- r -
V,wuSSTKh:Tl.V.N AUVANI 15, th, d. .re of perfect,,,,. T.l is -he school Not, IM.Htk. TiTSl
F " "Subs, riation. for ti.ty No.., 1 6- of thee high principles: and wc have a w ho was UfJ na - -
- - ? 1 yzzm wraqai.
rati or a o v t it t i hi M. . l Nl.x, we liuvt..ct. that the uu.si fruitful in their Declaration of Independence, Jan.
For.quare of Uhneai.r !.-, fi k.l -tt)Urci.. 0 Uutbai.il wiadoui are not books. Ittft, Wi from be French mt mont,
Cach Wbaeqttent ii.srrlion, 5 eta f Mf( lul cxpolU.oce and green u.ounlain..
Lonser advertisements, at same rate. A ' , and theae belong tool! Condi- Massachusetts wai so called from Masea-I
STJhTC SS t, regal. MfjlH. 9 ar,ivity, is bes, carried on by Uiose!of Boaton. The tribe is , W t to U. e.
Motive of appointment of adm.m-.rator.- .Z lhpir ,0 that the twoUerived its name fn.m the 11 ue ll.l. of Mil-
Bllü ...-gal no, ces of l.U CaracU, to PÄ l, .re friends to;,on. -1 W lean,.,- J. ""
,,Wd Uf Ä - f2KK It I- -ad, afUr alii which ;,h.t Ma.acboset,. wa. .0 died Irom the;
ZT' 1 "CC"' ei'"' iSS r ItÄ'Ä Hblhland W...0 called in , in r,
R; UlXS . CI, or State 0 CC.W. A nun, in prc.ponion a. h renc, to the Island U Rhode-, ,n the Med-,
i a..saaaaaa-a.assata. . 1 1 a r r fl 1 i f 1 1 .
,,e is inu llige,,, make, a g Connecticut was so called from the Indian ,
B ... . . ! I....1 r rrs
t,.,, ,MU " .. ., ..,,. ,.:..
tur , i, . iliiMii to torn rs aws iu iccuum. " . . .
,,,, .,. J iv on .vfvl Iii. IU. I w 0 ,.j mt ,,! K.A cJc,purl ,i,e. ih. lollowi.;: iü.l i wilh well rut
vm ni'iitu toutiiiuaiy inri.i-nt-s. n i ...... n. ,.,. us sun- , .i
I "r ' ... . i.i... I J,.ri v.uii the coasi oi i-IIUIV.VT, ..-i(lCrt. liaVe twi arcwn i
Culture of the Melon.
TberiB it no fruit thut unter M Uu gt
into tin: tlailv conauiii t tit of our
iKWMila as the iiuloii, ami none tluit
I i
ct.iii8 to 1 bo little unkTstooil or n
prCH-'Uletl in its ctilturv. A liu flft-
vi.ivJ water (r musk LBtekMl iboaM not
be 1anlll1 witbin one liuriIreiPnlof
any otlu r melon, or any of tlie nvloa
family. Goulds, fWihci or cuetini-
iben ßlioubl never lc i-lanteJ iu ÜW
lamtne aiilcu or licM with tnclona, for
tlie v.-latik" Mtsra of tbo iKilleii of
L-aeh will mix. making byhrula of the
next generation, giving the BUJaOO a
Igounly, 8'iuabby flavor, an 1 boftciiing
thotOicu of the gourJ. The melon
IUo.ig.it in a sandy ßoil, antl to bavu
Ithcm in their greaU-at ierfcctioii, the
i'.und bhüuU Ihj deeply 8Mi'levl or
dbtoil jiluwcd. The hillb bhould bo
Lbonl too ft til art.
The Nsakniuloii vine is vvrv sub
. cttO injury from wiUer: heuvy and
ewiitimied rains give (total the aimear
iancc of having boon eahled, lienco
it ho necessity of plauting on hills in-
i ill S 1.1 1 ...
Kh-ad o en U level, lioiea anouiu u
iiravelinptn the esi kioj-ji- i '" n.w. rtx,tu n ..
lt asaaaasi. and obt ring her fond- died in this bay.
n.'ss f.r . pet dOff, ventured to urk the nam. Maryland wan so cl
'of the .nimal. The pood woman answered riellt Mari", Queen
I. ... .t . .a.- ...it... I 1. 1... ,i. '.. r Miami I.i Lord Ualiui1
J. ..I ye not the I-ci - e n'liiiiriy, f the an i tu it i. inrju ---
lir the weak md'sl h irmhs -corn. I eBym,, thst she called him "Moieover " ,,atnn to Lord Ual iinorc,
Art ihou friendl. srf-fri nds w ill gather irange name!" inquired the Virginia wa. called, h
a m a.. ti .iiri . i - Iciticft. ar'UH(1.
aVhen ttn u ha-l teWeted dUtiwcMoni
M lieu tbwu hsi poailiou louud.
iS.rng in faiih, let iiaiifht r.pel ihce;
Tnou a' alt M 'he end prevail;
J n tile's l rial", and in I's ballh ', 0
None but dust.rd cow ards laii;
Nble nature, prove ascendan,
In earl.i'a u.t .hif ciiites run;'J
To renown, (en-ndark oblivion,
stobed in glorv up tiny .pr.ng.
What if yearaof fi rce rndeavor
4iave been M" L' '"
Viiat il thu hs.t met di.t I
Up and take the field afai!
U'reck and loins nil about ilu e,
tiive not up, but tiu;gle sHiUi
Siubhuru coiira'1 is r -i.de s,
W can comimr, it ye nils,
.maaBana sii
flj'TlK' q lesliuu ol the .'orm.ilioil
kaM a f. - ...I. , i.. 1,1
new Airtlurn cmuic --j-
of a
I. k'
,ce toher be-u. a wcn.an inqui.ee, which . . vine into ll.vl
. . ... ....,. mnrp SlllbltlOU.. .. m . !-.
K ... v, aliPl AI lÄl'IIO,.'"" A ! !...,. ,... fl C tu III L Ii
.i . .rii .1... , !,.. ....... - - ... I'jiinitr i t nL bv i . vv i
L.i utlemau. "Yen," eaitl tue on wy nein, IM wM mm . nroduced tf. ctlt eia, wnai o r . .
out l ilnuight it mast be . g od one. a. I ; Carolina wa. so died by the French m 'I dcipfc.r u Is M a hraneh. and allow bnt one melon to
fi.nnd it in the Bit. -Found it in the ho!)(,r ,f Charles IX. Kinf rra,,ce- ripen on one branch vine. An even
Bib1e!qu . b the gentlemen, "l'r .y. and Georgia wa. .o called iu bouor of King . ,,Hl ,,rA ,.Tlj,re i, . Cock- loaded melon vine will oduee but
in what pan of the Bible did you find it!" George II. I ft tr" tt tynUufenor tWeM. . ,
.m..uLiv took down her Bible with the, Alabama was .0 called iu 1314, from it. n,y yoo.h ho every t m Tb rultimtot sllOuW OCtT in mind
-" ' ' . . ,. . . !- iTl ITlDe Ol 111 SWtinir..., i .
utmost reverence, snd turrunp to ne . princ.pn. ' hef winJow. In ,, thc rooU ot melons run jUal uh
... j r..ii-,..Lll,.ri..ver. the doc came smpdv was eo called in jpüu iro tire. airwu. .u..i . , . .: ,' I,,- nn
rt-nu mm .u " . ,., . 1 , '',!-, Miisbnippt is aaultode- alarm of lhe luomeot, she plunge. nrrsu an(i tlial Ulli praavow
and licked hi. -res." -ThereJ-il .he. wes er nn und. - g jor(nefl Qf J and qu.re. "WbereV fc ovcr thc bUU is very
..we.nttl.edou.n,., ..,,,..,. I'e U,d of m.n'y. The lover then poetically slaps bim If on , thc crop. The nn o
I A Fact Fakmi, s-hv-ry inch of. called in honor of LVmie ,hc hoom, and exclaim.:-" Ere, ray , . bo lirukcU too deeo ' 0-
min that falls on a roof yield, two jxV of Kralice. Igel.ua! forü thc vines begin to run, but it U a
t, -very .pace ton feet .qoare; and .ever, y- w 8Q C8cd ,B ,708 fn m iu aL Tu.EB.An old"so.ker nrn. . LUe LUW
ih.rrel.sre y..ded by - priocip.l river. The word Ten-aaae i. .aid ,hc temperanee pl-dje. BU,ac0
in this i Mmatc on a Mm.lar.urf.ee. A barn i r . rwB, , . reioulv for .oroc weeke ,to go three mein-
by ri.i r r - ä ,n w .n- - u- b.
rob; thi- i.enough for more th.u two bar- Thc word i8,a;d M eigmfy . remonstrated v, ah h.in lor bis (;a.at eare should lie taken in llU
rede . day lor etrery day M IM er. ' of men ' faiihle..nes. to hi. obligation.- -Wt-W UHn. thc vines when Working among
, ' i Indiana., eo called in 1819. fron, im M tii t ftfy leer "ll 4ftbem Ülö llOO. Tor .very tendril
neneenltfreoii! Iäil in dr, weather." or bmlted on tlie vine, tliu
a -.l; i.u.r nnnilH V IDOrC tll .a II. ao...l fr,.n. i!.nll( 1- ' lUVfäWH v.
or u.i'. a i i o 1 1 4. r i ii . .. iu ii lilUal. utas - . -. '
vi 7 rf liillO nw vnn
t, st five
Weri"r, from KefHettO 01 '" " mM1 of roofnf on their d ellmgs ami otn
nn.i.i. and Mn.ii'-i" ta. innu v.
.sing region, is evidently but one of ,i,rc ' fouMl1n?.tl( barrels of rain water, or about
v... .i,ri.p. forth her arm., or ,,, ;a r..tar.h'l in itt maturity. Keen
- I, ... il. ... MIIIW1MT, urauuui . i . : ,iUii' -..v.. v...-- i, u.v
'"T." iv, ..,wi.,.. . . . Jt, em boundary. , ,. vo. Seek her, , .
The people ol in iiwa- - " ,wc!vc barrels or one nunurtu . ... , - iiouri was so called in lbl3, iruw rauu r lit -
.. i- i , .rnui v sicned ' iaoun a , . u,nI,v.Ind Jol
I hp mslirr. ami n v-iii ' . - .i:r. nn n.aiiiV. . .
II IIIV in -.
im... .,..,mt, ,1 pkn around the Nines,
. . !..,. n .i .1. ....... I. .a vl
. . , ..... ...i.:k . i:.ivcut on ' r " . ' jrnaip-i i.vv.. Tk.i.ll" of the Jourual I. a ni'.ov... . .
lus been lisuf.,, w.i.v.. v - ;oU , ,3UOi UIII lUt . ... - ,, mm.Urm ha ave. oranttl IKUtf u uvsb, w-
.... 'irii i ii ii..--r., Trinis It appears iij miciulii , u,.,pk,.lr: therefore ne uacsi i a . i.
hl mi ill. louaiiuni uti mv. , i s m - ' i - , man anu .
aWt, Nl-tmUnge vieu,.nd adopt oflciB, rcl)rt. that the whole 'TZT.
i 'l .iliv l-ft ----- . .
,nav not Uow them about and break
- r -fCTu,. Mr Iben. If the etni uug
lhW TO AVOID W.I AKUfci. " "
" .... . j i. ... I... Cllllll'
ke on i'. border. ..i.mb.r-N. A. ledger
tass vs w - . - -. - i . .... j 1 1 rf si ilk ini. II U III 1 ie I 11
, . :.. I ihp ijttctt. ...:..!- l, i..i hv the hunter tribes iu 04. Ai Kansas was s v-..v- . -
measurea lor iuc ini"i unn-io ...... - .
. ....i.iu.. .1 SMMI MU.M. 185. ... MvUWtW U"" - l.ru.v.p.l nvtr
........... Kilit. 1. u.i-a in "U.a. '"- . lollowinj '" .ni.luii.u,. v
lllll lll lll'l V IB 11 Ul'V ' I. . MuvvSaBavvavvvü - I I. . .a .
' ' ' .... 1.1..., m... the farmer asiu.
ihe proce... none of wn.cn, nnw, BlJ!,t.tT, AM, NtUKAi-oi.
IU w ' w
a i.v, pivv.-, tOW MViiwaii- ' " - "Will I 1 J OU K'V " "
,n the manufacture,, nd can be nerd on mde-, b(,nBel.t . lounger on ' M
m Iiirri.h II!.- 1 . .... . Ill.i nv M 1 "
finite number ot times. .r. Brott(iw8y, continue to oe worn . v
... , l n n.rr. I t.n In Rt'il i ........ I.., I al lhe
one 01 nn maenmc. ... r irr shell pattern, smnn . ,hure y, z
inn. drivrn bv a ten-hor.e attribute1 n
j.i.iii -'iiu. , uj..-". . cheeks, r.tiiincui unun..
.. . 11 inilri of Girls ., . . ...n nsi anil id'IICrto. ho
''Lowell lias ovci IIIHV..V. - tue vines iu v"
endwi.e. . . , i8CCd of the UM melon that ni...
Who', been maaurin.' Vn 1 . M ,,c ,!ivcil to the next ICWSOn h
07-A grape vine i.'d to be ...ixUtcnre UntiBg) j,' it greW WfaoTO IW OtlM
'.rS.nta B.rb.ra, Califon.ia. lb ' Wff (t hc DMJlöH familv eol.ld
How did you give it!"
.11 ... .. in ill.
lOlu III' , ..
liiUH -1 vi-. . t - . - s'fiPf'liS. i a II I 1 II t II V mi v vi i v v a lit Ol " " - -
engine, winch turn, not J" U- great inere.se nmong the women oh how much did y givcV JofwhW. i. ZJZ in.,n ;,nn.e it.
a day, ol any uc.ireu ---- nma,gilli Uc-doli.oreux. lute o. ..g-u. B , lhe ,r;ivlur WOuldu i nom yield ,,ru.i irom .. .. v j" convinced
i.. t, .hniit ivrn iln ars and a haif a "... . lL: ri.i.. nf pace.-! .u...., .,. ., i Vrn.--ri; l t. I'.'.. . i'lllH"llu"
w , UJWllVT, I..K .
ton. If the midline iMueiiM .sreprtst..- bonnets, which dre.. the necK
... a all. ! ..('... frw 1 .
uflering in thee.r, to Inn laamoii o, - ... d ,wiuhing his car. aoou. so, ,,OU(,,nu pouno.. uss.. ,
....... . .n i whirh dreee the neck t an 1 ?ep' ... fuii in both . ' v. u.i week.'froiu llunieTOUe eXlMJI una t, that r-
i vn ii' an i i f'iin-v' . . . . , i mw , diu e aa - .. r i sa i iiiiui t . 1 . s .... a , .i
.n...t.le invention for ' . . . , v o. 1 n- l ,,.nv he Letter tn-e.-,ervin -
vouwiiiuw instead nl tne nean. rs,
warm cuntne.. nbere ice ianot produced in hlir.."iT,
. rr -Tim vduiic '.tidy who bur.t in
I. . ..iliv. i .... i. lO-Tk. r-H""-
.......... u , . i.., ,n niriin. BI.U . ""
wa. living
"' bo: :i . r- s.S.. .MH i 1
; -, TS iv. ."n r,r"", , p ' . iwucs i. ... i
. . - .n.1. uh , nn aced In. sermon '
v i.t, wrrk iroui ii.il. " . ' a
fO-In Jefferson county, Va., I.H week, re , ;n ,.,,, .a
vcrdic. ws. given o. 400 d.inages c,
- L ... bat- before thc .g.Mr.U.te.Ior Uic aoiucwo,. k,lilTn.., , I.
fCXtlie IIUtnuuM
' ...... ....I i.'l
w.a living nt AldbOTongh, ... orksii.re,, ;n,t.i. ..rmn,
.'....Uiin .t the uro of 137 years, having ILThe parson wn . r-- ""T . "T ,. Hn hll ,ccol,t
" .. i .a a few worrit Dolore we ee- U' " - ..
been born in lhe year 10. ne - - - fc , or m üf i.im.cll; a
aud pcrlccl, remembered the great fire o. gtn .. .bout equal to tl P I- uXVt A .elf.
lJmI i.. m I"? ,,,,,, bc,urc hc Wl' 1
tlielwlv knitting m lhe otliei
eorner tiuw, 'last lull ...t W
twentv doixn.Muail md d-uu, ain
, . . i,ii rtvni'
.i .. ... ,iinkilt." vim hc"va euro, v two come uui .
To .land or go." Il he WJTt true. he he. T),',iliti ,,K ,
in,PC'k- ... .... . ......... Jr.n c.U' inolltlH. thi V ill
. . s 11
nreseut it: ''-""
urimr. PARAnoxicAL Bi T IKVK.
. Lswn. that won't draw or . .tove!" hie unable," yon C"";
est adlling, b""1-'
i. u r
. e i . I . ..... 1 . , I'n i lll'Mllil- no - r ...
Med cat man (OTf " J"ü -' ; , t (o Uj wtll.-lVt.nn wm.
C.usc he had w.ib cow oitci..

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