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VOL. 1
. "? n i m
DUBora couii'iv, iiiaa, nv
OFFICE -Corskr or Main
Eating and Sleeping. little Tiling: no Inline,
A medical authority, llsll'a Jonrn.l of How dear Inf chain that friei.J.hip weeves,
Health, s.y.t-'Fo, ?er.on. who .at three vc.
lime a dav. it la amply auflkient to make. Wh. ...j.i- f(irr,t .nhti!
...... , . I !' f I I J J W -
Cl Aitn'the Isst meal of cold bread and butler and Nor sbaence, solitude, or g loom
'a cud of warm drink. No one can starve) Its linke can du l
' . . . .'PI - ft ....... .. 1.1.1 ...tupf
i. iL. i..u:i n,,'T if iweft '' i nieriwuie may uiuum
' i whin perseverance In the habit sonn i 1 . ' . . , . . .
r: - ,en 'mm th" ' sues oi nigm;
TERMS-STRICTLY IN ADVANCE : begets a vigorous appetite for oreakfast soj yrt h(iW o!,.n lntl chtil
ieel Subscription, for fifty Noa., I 5 promising of a day of comfort." Moat rudely severed here,
ingi oubui(i . i , . r i,.:., .. .1.. it.tr.l n m. Ii u ai'iiin At iA tiiih the sou I muat mourn.
VVI 1 P.. f PI II U UT UIIIIUIIIL 1MB "Hi'i ii V" , i w. ..
' -I A I ... ... . . L . I. a
Far mi months.
I the individual, beaidee scruring s night of
It atks or Auwumiifl. w,und sleep, wi:l not fi nd on aw aking in the
Fe'equareof 10 lines or iess, i ween, t!i '" i lnorng u bad taite in hie mouth so uidien
Eacb subsequent insertion, .;,,(f füUiieaa. If one would al-
f.onfferadvertiaeii IB, at sane raie. a, ,h d clein
.""IrÄ 5EOTffÄlU b.MMH .1 Mk b, .imply
sien udvertisemeuts; e rensoneble deduu- ceasiiig to overtax the stomarh. This fre
lion wilt be made to regular sdvertisers. Luent eating ie an idk misct.ievous habi,
Notices of appointment of 'l''"iB,rt0,r"iruifl0u8 of uoth health and comfort; and it
ml loirril noticea of Iiko character to be,ru,m,UB . .
-aid for in advance. !Preent. the indivdusl Irom rece.vtng the
tfaoVRCfM cabi'IDATES. great tmountof enjoyment which it was in-
a. .... . I. ..I I.. 1.1 rrrnliK from Pill in". Slid
.... , , v nil Ii hui ton ncci ui.iiu, ,
m n:. .... rSrxnt np Slat. (.' U v . i i A...IJ U .in Imiirpnn Hip reirti-, . '
K Ol triam- v..-", - - . OWII I'g BIIUU lu m - -
: Inr nieala, whether there mcala ere toxen
day; nor should
'Tib in the power of greater things
Winch kfeu rupture here,
Or direct d . olation brings
On what wa liold most dear,
Hut oft a liitla word a look
An utikiud thouiht exprcsr.ed
A Bcntiment or thought mistook
A binHlv word sunnressed
These, these the chiefest mischief do
These wuund with keenest smart;
And, like the worm concealed from view,
üuaw und consume the heart.
ing the ballot box, waa leferred to the Judi-i Mr. Ktudbakcr mov. dto posipoue the con
ciery cnmiuittee. jaidera'iim of the bill till the Sh Inst; leet-
Mr. Wallace's popular eovirrirnty Keaat 1 was then debated until aiijoum
resoluiione were taken up, Bti.1 after cmiiid- men.
rrahle diacuseion poeiponed till uexl Tues-; H ,un Several bil. and rcaoluliotn wero
jay I intrcduced end referred.
The bill for warming and Vtatiltetlflgj BIr Harney .ntroducnl a rcaolut.on in-
... si I n i I I it er lliu .IniLriaru I nni in illAA In Uiniiirj
county prisons va reaJ a third time ar.o e
paused lino we coiiamuMonai rigiii ui iar etw iu
The bill euthoriiinc C unty Cmmisshni- appropr.ate funda d-vote ! to other objects to
ere totake poaseaaion ol plank and lurnp.kejmt oru.nary exprn.es of gut eminent. fcc.
roads abandoned by th - corporations con J )awiw - r"UNUV " ,"w
Swear not at All.
"Swear not at sll," my car is pained,
T hear Jehovah's name profane',
Swear not at all," for bo eaid C inst,
Whose words were ever gems unpriced.
This law the child of God proclaims
1 Ajoveall thinga, swear not." eairlJamea,
That meesage wbb of priceleea worth
üoti's thron is heaven, his footatool earth,
Hwoar not by theae before that throne
(i.ir words, our very thoughts are known.
Hwear not by thine own hand or head
N ot by the living or the dead;
Not yet thy life, nur eoul, nor health,
Nor yet thai glittering phantom, wealth,
Nor swear by eatth; as we explore,
Gou'e footprints tell on every aliore.
Not by the etars, nor orb ol day,
Nor gema that pave the milky way,
Nor yet more diatanl realms above,
Made vocal by Jehovah's love;
Not by the S linte nor S raphim,
Theae are of (id, and HOW TO HIM.
Not by the balmy breath of epring,
Nor feathered eongeters on the winy
N t by the monsters of the deep,
Nor raging storm that o'er ua awcp,
N t by Ibe lightning's rlasb on luji,
Nor by the tl. under rosrin by,
Nor by sngelie harp nur lyre;
A A never o (he Atlantic Waft.
S r by tU Kit?, nor Que", or troth,
IS . .r vet by other oath;
VV .. Of AT AH.."
either twe or three time
one eat so that the quantity ingested will
induce heaviness or uncomfortable reelings.
The cook tastes the food ehe prepares ; and
by this frequent taating alio destroys both
the rcliah for her mcale, and her hedlh.
There are many housekcepera who have
the ramc pernicious habit.
We know farmera who, at tho close of a
long eummer day, during which they have
eaten heartily fire times, and worked hard
from four o'clock in the morning to nine at
night, eat freely juat before going to bd.
The etomscli, already enfeebled by constant
working under disadvantageous circum
stsDces, has now impoeed on it en impracti
cable task, ar.d the men lie dowa to sleep!
Next morning they are uervcleee have
scarcely slept all night feel more wearied
hen they did v hen they lay down and, on
the whole, think the farmer l.ses a dog's life
So he does, so far ae he siuka to mere eni-
mallem living to eat taxing Lie destive
apparatus at the expense of health, life, and
life's enj yments. Soon from day to day
till nature makes a desperate effort to rid
the body of eop?rfluous food introduced into
it, burning it up by fever, or expelling it by
some different remedial effort.
Farmers, being BO n ueh in the open air,
with abundant exerciae, hould be the heal-
n,w con,ti.ote-.nd ti.e . 7', '"Vltbicst people; bat, like other, who are cur.ed
cannot be bett.r illustrated than by the W"""''' ,, fft .
. . i ( .1. I.ikp. in."11" -' w
Iii inc pi riet irtiiii uuv vi niv .v w
- 0 ,
'The coral 'mid tho ocean lerne
The fruits of Us employ;
The smalleat action oft may make
A link in friendship's chain;
And the minutest agent break
Whnl kt'H ia formed affain.
Then Ihiak it not a worlhlcea thing
On trifles to bestow
That care a willing offering
Which greater objects know.
intruding them, was peeked.
House BIr. Waterman introduced a reao
lution inatructing Sentloraand Represenia
lives from this State to vote and use their
influence for the paeyar of an set donating
laud for the endowment of agriiultural sat
leires in each Btate.
Dills were in'roduced to change the time
for holding the Circuit Court in the 8th Ju
dicial Circuit; to repeal the game law; to
amend the act to incorporate agricultural so-
Trust Funds of the Stste cannot constitu
tionally bo applied to meet cataa! deficits,
which was lost by ayes 12; noea 32.
Mr. Dobbins introduced a resolution in
structing the committee on agriculture to In
quire into the propriety of a geological sur
vey of the State.
S 4M bills of a local nature were intro
duced, and the House adjourned till Monday
si 8 VUk, 1'. M.
M Mi., v , Dec. f
Senate Mr. Hendry, from Judiciary com-
eietie; to tux coats in State prosecutions to! mittee, reported a bill for collection ol taxes
. . ! as a t . ai.a I
rum railroad companies, which was read u
seaaad time and ordered Bngrssssd,
Mr. Odell's bi.l, prescribing mode cf elect-
Indiana Legislature.
Wu'Slm . v, Dec. 1.
Senate M'. fBrien otTercd e resolution
inquiring into the expediency of enlarging
the Insane Asylum. Adopted.
Mr. Drown s similar resolution ia regard
to a House of Refuge. Adopted.
Mr. Hctfrcn one in regard to tho town
ship treasury paying for opening of town
ship roads. Adopted.
Mr. Bennett a resolution to abolish town
ship library system. ii'jcted.
A hill in relation to ? entillatirg pnsonr-;
th.? comDioaiinir witneee il lie fsÜe to sub
stanliate a case.
it. nn.tit nf tli. Huiisp Mr. l'roj Tr in
troduced a rcaolution instructing our S na- mg t S. r;nators, was luurnnueiy poi
toie snd Reprcaentativee to eerure an ap-ipo ied.
uropnaiion for the building of a cauol around The bills to amend the Law RelVrm Art,
the falle of the Uhii. on the Indiana Bide. and defining embezzlement were indefinitely
The specia! order of the day, Mr. E Iward.' i postponed.
Arje-Jiitinn o til K nr iRin ft State loan to meet A larce number of bills passed to a sec-
l vcuiuiivii aa w u w
expenses, instead of a tax for the current ond rcadirg and were appropriately referred,
, car, coming ur, the subject was discussed
un'il time for adjournment, and made the
special order for 3 o'clock, Fridsy.
FbU'AY, Dec. 3.
Senate M-. Hhoemakcr'j bill in relation
to the buildup of lowLe, waa orJcred to a
third reading.
Bills were introduced, to require parlies in
certain civil suits to advance the sheriffs
fees, to regulate the sale of liquor; the latter
0 "cd Dem tratic Doctrin".
T ie idenily which exists, in many re
spects between 'he Democratic party sa
now cotutit'Jte! and the old Whig party,
waa read a second time.
A bil! prohibiting unsafe paper currency
...ml a mfcnaA time.
I Will I.. i -
voters wss read a second time, and sfter diB-Jank tills, were
was referred to the
rlndeil ia J'ASifct WKHSTEfa privste tor.
malic, bilious, dyspeptic. This is asinine
' It la ain. our liver
, IIU '. mm tm pi ii ..
"" . .... I com plaints, chill tevera, etc, arc aa i nne-
Baiatl AI a January n.im P . IIct,U, and se.ect
I ber,..y con,.- . the -ol, ,on of necd un.
Uo.,ot Ke,re.en.at,ve.,p.u.a ear.y
Mircl.nuo, aa calm and dipasionate '
I i. . v i iiu.u
cuasion referred to ludieiary committee.
A bill providing for re-appraisement of real
estate was ordered to be engrossed for a Sd
Mr. Wallace introduced a resolution in
quiring into the expediency of prohibiting
(he circulstion of bsnk bills ol a less de
nomination than $10.
House Mr. Kcmpf offered the following
Resclverl, That ihe committee on educa
tion examine into the propriety of sdding
LiUbbbbbi BBBBBS
nit 'BSl BSTBH
Serersl other bills were referred to sppro
nnatecommitteeB, and Senste ai'oorned.
House A number of bills were ordered
engrcssed for a third reading.
Mr Dobbinb reeolution inquiring into the
expediency of adopting a Stale sut-tr -asury
vnitm was indefinitely poetpored.
Mr. Austin offvred a resolution requiring
that the B ate prison committee inquire inU
the caueea of the increaae of crime, which
was adopted.
Mr. Sul ivon offered a resolution lo ciiange
mo m l in our no litical historv. That reaolu-
r -- r p
tion ia in the lol .. ng words.
Reeolved, That ( ingresa have no author
ity to interfere in the emancipation ol
alavee. or in the treatment of them within
any of the Siatee; it remaining with the
several States alone to proviae auy regula
tions therein which humanity and true pol
icy may require.
The Democratic party of th" present day,
in proof of its orthordoxy, hae only reter to
such resolu ions as this, drswo u, in the
early days of the lttpublic, and indorsed
rxataTUAt HoTlof A Western cor
respondent of IUrp.;r's Msgaiine gctB off in
the following good one:
I was traveling in Virginia, by Blage.
and spending the night at a country tavern,
and was greatly entertained by the talk of
the stage drivers snd others Bitting arounti
the bedroom fire in the evening One old
codger worked off a good thing:
lion examine nno iiic ytvynj w. -
number ol German works to every County tho present law so that tax payers may de
. . i. u. n MaabtUa ti.PrcJHuet their ii.debtcdiiees from moneys or per-
"Whon I wss down to the fair, a good
any usvb oi viic n-puvu;, "
twenty yesr. .go with th. he.rty concur-m.ny year, .go, there wss a f
11 .. .. uw.ii I mine ihe nearest to
. ... .1 nlol., I . r l a I i n -1 ' i. vi'" " - -
2 . i-..j m.liinrr nornrtiia motion. Well, all SOrlS
Blliution. 1 lie niMT.ua iiiup '
has become the ra ecryofthw Democ
racy, and ils su'ce- seems to in- e the
stability of ihe Union.
A r.rtnn ei.t ran l uiW'Mini -The.
I'liiladelphii Bulletin points oel tue füllt W
ing sdvantsges resulting from tho ua. of
crinoline: ' It frees woman from s needless
weight of skirts, it stengthen the syafcm by
exposure to cold and aida manufac'ure.-,
stimulates the whale fishery, improves fiu
urcB, displays ankles to a diliriou. extent in
getting up stairs, end give editors subject
forsrliclce. All things considered, we see
no grc it reason to grieve over the institu
tion. It is not every faahion which de
velops so much or such vsrird industry as
at machine, of all shspes snd materials,
were fetched there and shown, and ihe mak
ers of them told how long they would run.
As I wss wslking a' out smong them, I
ssw a sign over a tent "All who want to
see perpetusl motion sod no mistake, mcel
hmvm n s . I naid the admission fee end
went in. Very soon a very queer little
man gel on s box that served for s platform
and addressed the audience: Ladies ana
gentlemen I'm going to exhibit to you th.
most wonderfullest invention you have ever
seen; It's been runnV for full three years
and if nobody stops it, it'll fur .vcr. This
h.re he unrolled t strip of paper. 1 Ins,
is s Printer's RUH' end ts be held it up to
the iiax of the people, they admitted wheth
er the bill waa paid or not, they all bad been
Library where the German population there
of will justify so doing. Adopted.
Mr. Dobbins introiuc ', a bin repealing
the prohibit, r liquor law
Mr. Gregory introJurr i a bill to amend
the roaetilutioi1 of Indiana sd as to confine
the cui.ificatioiis of electors to fre. whi'e
mal. citizens el tb. United Btetee, of the
eg. of 21 yra and upwards, who anan
have rcM-lrd iq the Btate aix months prece
ding the eV 'ion.
A hill to orevent unauthorized paper cur
rency was read a second time and referred to
roinmittee on banks.
Mr. Dranhtsl introduced a bill providing
for the election of United States Senators,
which was resd a third time.
So? ra! other bills were pssacd to second
resding, and the House adjourned.
Tiu-bspat, uec. z.
ii..niaifr. Cjoner. from a select com-
duct their indebtedness from moneys or per
sonal property ; rejected.
A resolution inquiring in'o the expediency
of aboliehing district school direclora was
The Senate appraisement bill was taken
ud and read a first and second lime.
Several bills snd joint resolutions were
referred to appropriate committees, und sev
eral 9?nate bills read the fuel lime.
The bill repealing the liquor law of loo
wbb paaaed ayes 86, noes 11.
The Speaker announced the special order.
Mr. EJwsrda' Slste loan resolution.
After considerable discussion in regsrd to
.u. tmi lavvinir a tax for 1858. iki
Lilt 1H ll'l I ' T " J SB -
w r s -
resolution to meet expenses by obtaining a
I an waa adop t d. Ayes 51 ; nose 4ft.
Faturdat, Dec. 4.
Resolutions were ndopted inquiring into
JVIlRlr JUpi'f BBVBBB - - -----
mittee, reported th.t it was inexpedient lo'the expediency of allowing .11 p.rt.e. n
1 ' r ...! .. t.tir. mimesses. as in
declars water cuurees public highways
Resolutions were introduced giving com
mittee on 8wamp Lands power to send for
persons and papers, to inveetigate alleged
Hills were introduced, .o r-mend an actde-
ecribin misdemeanors, lo amend tl e act Ii-
Ü at a . I Sm
cenelng pilots st the lane oi me "mo,
amend the act authorising county agricultu-
. m. - . 1 . A
r.l societies to hold real eatate, to repeal me
tenth ecction of an act eaiebliahing courts
fljf'Vou have lost your baby, I hear,
anid uns gcntlcmsn to another. "Yes, poor
litt!o thing! It wss only five months old.
We did all we could for it. W. had four
doctcrs, blistered ita hand snd feet, put mus
tard paultioe all over it, gave it gine calo-
. I x i i I :.. - - - .-j i.-J ti
inei eowcera, leac.icu lis iciniiien, biiu i.uu n ....
held, ad gave It all aind. of mMmM wc.pon lacerated 1... f.ce
4i4 yet alter i W99k't Mtsiejaw M lied," ,'" ''T Imwdoa.i In kit cheek.
A Nxw W. Aro roa Dkfebce on As-
sAUtt. In New York, Tuesday night, a
hacKineu arossly insulted a young orphan,
whereupon she immediately raised her skirls,
broke a pieco ol ateel from the "skeleton
civil actione to testify aa witneeaeB, as m
other caees; for the better protection of or
charda gardene, Ac ; in favor of t lew for
pA.l.irinir the exDfnse of trsnspori ng con-
icta to the Stste prison; and ecveral othera
of lese genersl interest
and the S.-nste adjjurned.
House A petition to prohibit person
jver 21 years of sge Irom sttending Con -nion
Schools, wsb referred to Committee on
Tlie bill for appraisement of real estate
w.a referred to Committee on Ways and
A reeolution of inquiry ss to transactions
n the office of State I'rinter was adopted.
Mr. Kempf submitted the following which
wss adopted by consent:
Kesoived, tu itr uvuhhImmi vi. t
ranee inquire into ttic propriety oi wau-
,ing s license law pertainme 10 miuora,
L i! ahall ha not lesa than 25 nor mors
..,3'ji arot that the netiduiir for such
a license shall hand in with the requited foe
a petition eigiied by eight r ten of his neigh
bors, vouching for his moral character and
he orderly conduct of his house. Said eos
mittee to report by bill or otherwise.
Mr. Clements submitted a rrsjlution to ac
i mm cn the 13th inst., which was amended
4 .a
so as to adj mm if the businerS recommended
hy the Governor was disposed of, and w.s
ihen sdopted.
S.-veral bills were intrcdiccd, passed to a
second readinff. and were referred to com
mittees, when the House adjourned. (
Tuebpvy, Dec. ..
S'nate The bill to an end the election
lawa wsb indefinitely poatponed.
ti.. hill m amend the Swamp Land A ci
aV IS W a w "
was reported back, its passage recommended
snd it pBBeed the second resding.
Mr Hrffren offered s preamoie ano rrsu-
f,n aetiinir for'ti that as the House had
refuaed to do the business for which they
it ere celled together, and as th. session was
running the Slate in debt, that the Senste,
eil the concurrence of the House, ojouru
on next Siturday.
Rejected by ayes 13, none 32.
A bill for the incorporation of aaaociationi
for building townt was resd the third time
sud passed.
A large number of bilU Wir-J reaa ami in
ferred to committees.
Mr. Hargrove's bill, providing the men
ner of electing V. 8. Senators, coming up,
tas S. natc resolved Itself into a C mmittee
of the Whole, and the bill was discussed
uu'. I sdjournmen.
The S.l or British CotunBti.T .e
..,..inna of the Hudson Bay Compsny,
or the territory of the continent over which
,u. Arriaa eoiitro'. containB an ares of
ll-a Hu.i . lire; - . , i
o ...i ktiu .. mirn.lnrod snd nrooerlv,., inn rmn .miare miles. HoW much is tust.
1 . . i i .1.
referred. ! It is fifteen and half tunes .arger ......
Mr. Stevene tffored a resolution to inquire Sute of cüfornia; ab -it tiiirtyeign. n--
into the expediency of allowing negroes to
give tcetimony in State eases where white
of reconciliation, to provide for the relief j
and eupport of merried women when aesen
sd by their hoebsnds, snd for children when
a m '
abandoned by tbeir parents, denning cisor
as large sa the State of New York; nearly
.... .- Ura-e as the whole thirty-one
give icsinuoiiy m hi ii.vivv n
... tni.paat-): laid tiDonlhe lable . ..... , . Union, and If we omit the I er
' l ..... i. I.... aa all Our
iioi. io riimv of Ncbrahka. is bb w
Mr. (Culver Introduced a bill fixing the rate!s,,lei Territories combinea.
of interest at 10 per cent, on written agree
i," appraisement of real esisie waa laaen up, t.e Qi United Siitcr' the evenm star of gf, m.v
hrrÄ4r - -
least was reeenlly
Woman, the morn-

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