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HU It I , i
JL fl' 3
VOL. 17.
NO. 9.
. .uiJ Jim i i i
OFKIOE. In Courier Uuil.im.ng on
"f ct Mxix Strebt.
Single Subscription, for fifty Nos., jl 50
Fr ix inouths, : : : : : 1 00
Tho Liquor I.nw.
ration ha for the üuIü of spirituous, vin
ous and malt liquors, aforesaid, the
county nmlilor shall issue a license to
the applicant for the sale of such liquors,
as lie applied for. in loss quantities than
a quart at n time, with the privilege of
permitting thu ame to be drank on the
An art to regulato mid license the sale
nf utiit'ltiirttiti viiiniift im.l limit Hill rifl.
cr intoxirnth.; liquors, lo limit the li- l-ertf 6 nted in the . aforesaid no
cene fee to be charged hv cities nmll,,re wi,,c.h ,,ce"F0 p,,a.u "w0'
ton-UK, and to repeal nil former lav s reg- "fo me a npiicani, uic pincc oi sale
ulatingthc sale of intoxicating liquors rml t,,0.V?" , I ln"C fr w,,lch SUch
and nil laws and parts ol laws coming in nc,,sc granted.
For fluare, 10 linea or less, 1 wcek,$l 00 con fi in with the provisions cf this cl, . "7 - ceno a i.erein provided
El iHbSqutnt Insertion, 75 cts. bribing- penalties for the vloUUonJ a or
tilted under the
shall not author
Z .i.l,,oMn will ha made to re-uhir Sv away lor any purpose of
lIU - - C3 ., ,
ifoticcs ot appointment of admini
trators anil legal notices of like cltaractci
to ke paid in advance.
Tor Towuship Ofliccrs, each
For CotiutY " "
.Vr liistrict, Circuit, or State,
LBger adYcrtisomenteut the saii.ertoc, ereof and doclari. an nnor-oncy Rtc 9 A Hw p
. ,", ., Bfinorn 01. inr, Skctiox 1. lie it enacted, That 11 shall OKV . x
X fraction over eYcn aqunro 01 wjuaics . llnh.vllll for anv ,,,,.0,, or ,cr0iK proviMoiis or tins a.-t si
,9nted as asquaro. These nro the terms 1 law . u l for a J t ' 1 lM t,,e ..0 RO ,ic(,ng(
irXr'civo awav for any purpose of -nil. anv fr a"' itvioatiu?, vinous or mult
U 'spiri tunii vinous or innlt liqtiorsin los 'VJ"" Sunday, nor upon any 1,-al
.,1,. 'itiaiitiliea t I11U1 quart at a timr, with- lo!ilov, nor upon the d..y of nv Mate,
" out first prorurhijf Irom the board of !'0""1?' xcnit or munn-ipal eiertion
. ... .Ill t !lO Ittlitlt ftfltVII ilft. UIlAI!. IA
coinmisMonor 01 tue couniv 111 wiucii V V' . i - "v""'
Midi liquor or liiors are to bo poKI, c inay h; hlden. iio- hftwren the
ii 1.... .,.,.,.,11 ...., .!.i.i. .... boil!- ot 1 1 l Jil. and 5 A. M., and. nn-
III ihm lli:i,,J,.tl.,l llllf 1 11.1 II a . . . .a
- - - - - I . . I . - . . . . , 1, . , I. ........ . . . . . ..I- ...... ..." .1... ...
iiiu 1 wil t 11 I inn liili.'lil, lit" Miilll lie t 'i,i,'i at , i,.i.t .viii 1 yj
circuit courts within their respective rrtinto tix
jurisdictions fchall have power to hoar J300NH TOWJfSIIIP ITE51S.
and determine nil complaints for the .
violation of the provisions of this net, Poiitehsvillk, March 22d, 75.
and the grand juries of tue several Mr. Kiutoi::-Would a few notes
courts shall have power and it h herehy!frftni t,js pjac0 accept,,.? (Vca
mado their duty, to take co;ni7iiiicc ofjalwavs. Ko.) '
odenccs niraiust its prorisiciiti, asiu case;
of felonies Aficre will likely bo another storo
St:c. 18. Justices of the pearc within0!'8'.' hero the flrt of April, by II.
their respective couutie nhall IiavejiiriHLoa,er r ÜUven
diction to try and determine all cascsj Mr. lliclmrd Milburn leaves to-day
arlsiiiff under the jirovisions of this act,jfor Mt. Carinel with a raft of log,
except as provided in section 3 Got" thU v . , , ... ..
act; Provided, that if in the .opinion olrrr' A- l- Provcil his ability to
the jmtice or jury trviii: aiiv such ca?e W ,lei'' ni(1 18 uov Iu POmIou ot
a line of 6J5 M.all be fiindequate puni.h-r1 andsomo Fn.
ment for such violation, then the jujtieel Three of our youn? hopefuls are
in such ease sdi'dl recognize the party 1111)0001111115 very familiar with thu liiblo
Ptiflicient bond nnd surety to appear al by means of fortune telling'.
the next term ot tue Criminal Urcnit
Court, or Circuit Court ol
T?..-...- 41. A .f.l 0 .
the proper!..-- ,'u" ",u l. f!??"
county, to ainwcr ehanrc. " lu ZJtl ,Uai S,a'
5? sr. 19. Kvcry person who shall sellr 0 ""v"'-' 'u.
barter or rivo away any iutoxicathig
1.00 gl,;, 11 UV person, without having first " ",0 ""y
2.nO(pioctircd such licene, !1 or barter uwv;' C',MV. ,'u'1
fi.OO; nioxicatinir liquor to ho ilmuik or .iiV ' .V nn-
I . . . Ilita I linn
The burning of the "midnight oil"
we tenr 1 not very prolitablc, when
vlttornei! at Lmv9
OrriUlS hl profrmlonal lervlce lo Iho rUlitnc f
Ilubvl.i .'id furrnutiJitip ruutir. Will irrlce
In all U10 (.ourt. of Um SUt, uud tin XSnWti .Mal-
JSTf Ol'VlCE On i:t Xlsln fltrtet, ne bUck
ffjru ttat public .qutr.
n-I-'n y.
lltiX.. JOHK
tttiGmeys atJLaiv.
"117"ILf, prctlc in Ui Ooortu of UuboU cnty, nl
f tt.uJ fcllhfullr to tiuklnmn emrun'cd t'iln"tn
c- in lb ' Courler" bnlldliiß. Y'mt Uln Stropt.
IWTEtliIL"'IO, 1H.
W. M.CAJ'KnVltT.
J. mm, Iin.
vutii not lo? tlian siu nor
1 v.r.. 1
fciod to bo drank in UU houhcout-hoii-.!"!0"5 Ul T. r.B..sl'ro,,
yard, gnrdcii, or the appurtoiianec,. VCV, , U1 " " r 7 . ' e "f6-" '" "
ilty of u inisdoiiiinuior and bt?' viiions of this net, Ehall be i)crf.oiiall;hopefulB only manifest their lutcre.it
" . .. ..,. :l...l.t- .1 t-i.i- 1-!. I I i?l I.:.. . , ....
court trviuir the bnmo,
Hpa 0. liverv person wtio hall
thereto belonjitifC.
bice. ". 'J'hc words "intoxicnling . liq
ors" shall apply to any spirituous vin
ous or malt liquor;, or to any intoxitm
ting liquors what over, whicJi in used or
iiiuv be used as a bcverniro.
He:. 3. Any iimlo inlmbit.nii, over 1 lie;
a"0of2l vear. uririusj; to out
consc to Pell iiitoxiejilinjr Ibjuors,
"ivc notice to the Citizens of the
tliip, town, city or wind in wliichlicde.
sire to sell, by publishing 111 a weekly
newspaper iuilie county, a notice itathig
in the notice the preuUe locution of the
premises in which he desires Iofci'I, and
(lie kind of liquors, whether only vinous
mul malt liquor?, or malt liquur only,
or spirituous vinous and malt liquors,
or vinou liquors only, nt levHt twoitty
davs before the mectinir of the board .
at wlii'h the applicant intend, to apply ni;.h ineanor, and. upon mnvieiion, tie
for a license; or. iu case there is no. third iu any sum not less than $J 00,
such paper published in the couitty.lnnr more thnn Sä Cn) for eaeii otlensc.
thou, by porting up written or prim. Hi Sec. 11. Any person not being licensed
notices in three of the most public pi t- according to The provisions of this aut,
crs of the township iu which he desire who shall sell or b.v ter. diivwly or in
to sell, at least twenty days In On j thcluirectly. any .eptriluou. vious" or nlt
ni"etiii2 of Mich board. And il hal! he!iniiori in n Ie.s onauiit v tiian a ou.irt
jtlie privilege of any voter of wid !ouri-!nt a time, or who shall s;dl or barter any
lup to renioiisu-ate 111 wriiiiiif nganit niiritnou.-. viiums or malt liquor to he
liable and also linblc on Iiis bond filcdiiu games of euchre
in the auditors ofiice, ns required by!
section 4 of this act, lo any person who'
shall stiNhun uuv
their person or
We would advise our In'crestliir
V v.o... ...
V mi. v or 'dainu e o 'U lowf" aud " ch to plac
i.Srti. ... ...S M d0,,bie ,,ar1 ver their hearts, or our
ptoperty, or means ot.,- iS .
P.ipport, on -rountor the use of Mich",';', ,V "VZZ i
.1 n , , file hue lor two and thirtv uiiiuieii
nitoxic it ing hquors so t.o.d as aforesaid,,, .:!,. ,.tJÄ . .1 -""""L,,
di- ... 1 ...! 1 .'iJuight entice them to po the question.
. ,. ",, 1. I . . i uci.iiniii.i-ii nv iiiiii um nut; iiuuuii 11:1 - -
rectiy or imlirec'ly Mdl. barter or ivoianv COMrt f competent Jnriclicilou. A lad of fourteen is mnnifestSuf
away any intoximtin-j:. spintuoiH, vin-! r.. ., An ,v. 1... . ,-n.,iif nOViirtc iv, i
I c !Vlr,, ,,i";r't.to?,'V Vt,rV"J w.h0 the sale of iuloxicti..g liquors, and all twelve. The juveniles hero cotishW
. 1 u I" ,h,ln'MV ""''".'vT'Vaws and parts of laws coming iu con- themselves eapablc of "paddeliuf tbe.r
01 s, t II 1 ire .hall have hen given him in flict w,th inv or t, prov!ai01T8 of this own canoe" at an early age.
. 0 town- writing by the wife, child. parent, broth- nct. bo. nnd'tl. am , 1,p.I.v " . -
er or sister of such person, or bv the
trustee of the towuship where lie re
sides, that such person is in the habit of
being intoxicated, hall he deemed guil
ty of a misdemeanor, and upon convic
tion thereof shall he fined not Ices than
ten nor more than fifty dollar.
Skc. 10A- Any person of sound mind
foii'id in any public place iu a state of
iiii.ii ;lioi., shall be deemed guilty of a
For the Jaoper Cenrifr.
Township Teaehern
-ltnLLtirllc In all Hit Court cf Uatoh, Tk
l"" ': 'nlira.,1 01, '.cconnl or imtnnnlliV v,l -.. . .1 . c'""r: ' "jov.vl luiilnroMCIs lor liracbc. Ill trj-ii t UnJ
. . .. . . . . " 3 J r .- Ilm : At'rl.t.inn lil Itlk A i nn ..i .1... It -
. c lu ,ü , , -c mP1oc our friend, J. C.
u,,,,,, , ,, . unu i-i, ""Hsjchafer, still loves to wear that Qino
liei'Plll f-rtfif !inio( ciinll Iia tr riticf riK.it
as io aaect in any way suns or muict-i
incuts noA pending iu any of the courts
in tins stale under tue provisions ot anv
of the laws hereby repealed, and' the
same shall be tried' and determined as!
though this act had not been passed.
Six. 21. It is hereby declared that an
emergency cxita for the immediate ta-j
king cll'ect of this nct. It shall there
fore he iu force from and after its
Wc were surprised to think cur
friends, bachelor Wertz and widower
C.ipehart, would allow their eves to de
ceive them 6o badly. "Whafcould have
circumscribed their area of viniou ?
Hose Cinxamox.
Jastki:, March lfJth, 1875.
The Institut promptly met at V o'clock
It tie Courlrf
The Spring season seems to be vei r
backward about makiug Um appearance.
Patoka rirer is now n large ttream,
and now is the time for boat-uien to
start on their money making trips.
jothfr tiiilltness ns i. fjfitird in tin; oM.Spriirlfns
j. lie oo.iiii ui cvun.
1 w,'.. .1 lin li.J.,.! ,.4 r. ..... . .. .1 .t.
Urn. nt 1 PhTAVn, ci 11 m; i VZTJ " '" ;" Logan, in whicli ihe hlo of Borneo v.'fl J -Our Count v Surveyor is still living
isioiiora ni such ie.rni si.au ?nvii;i n nriusri,.,i,,ti .,nivr!iiin nruir 4.ixii i inw.ii. : . s . .
7f I,,, cl,i, i ti , iii.m n i iiimi, l . :, : i I. 1 , ,i ' secure y located not ar north nor south.m Jvansas, nut is about lo xuove turtliur
fäT r ft-P r ,0 f'uc" 'MJphciuit upon Ihk gnnig l.o d Jn nnv nun not Us thn S20 uor more,,-,..,,,, Vl,nin,. . nr .., .i.., t.jn
tvX JL. l(Hti,cSKtc of Indiana Avi.h t te.,t nv.Ml, I-Kiti to whirl, tho curt or iurv1 .om. U, 'l.; P of Asia, up the hill.
-eu IvhiAVA nhol1lcM?..riics.vml.;..twidm, :!irjlS the u-n may :,dd II. I), has a new wnv of jrclth.g boots.
eb, IMMA.SA, county, to be 2ppromlhy ,!:,. .'on .v.u,,n h, the count vii of not less tha!;; kicking two elves out
r Cenrtf tinlml n idir.l. milflJioilu mcsum oi oli'lltioncii'.-H.l f,X Iter niui'' lli'lll six month?. 1.. i,...,. ...ol l he r h ilen. niid truvo! Ufr im. IIa
tTT"ILLiirtlc In th
I,!,!.;'""""' BTr,i i" a Ml "will Keep n orrtcJ and pe-, ,3. U n..y loi. Mall i JI. Imr-. ,ftu. . ;-üak the tails for lacing.
T5r.M.ia74.-tf. unit fo.il s that mav he nM.s.iil i imiiiiH ..... .......1. vl s .i- n.nlt IlMi.ni. ' 'V' 1 om l",rieuui iv. ixjMam some.
a XoUry Public,
Jirr.B, InDiAVi,
-if A U a..1 W'tn V
of a Flviiig Dutch-,..,. c....;,.irt,.;,,i .i..!.....
rv arc the
of lorcly
m,j... ...... i. . i. . i .1 .... m . oi me nuMcric
Uli mi nn Mui.iuuin in i(ji- jfi in inii.ilK n rl UV llfl s'i" lllllirr I UK ll .1 t raiv, ,,,,, VI.. ..... 4 ..I..,., ,,.I.S..t. ""M"""" "x'"" fwtnj
'of this act, mid for the. pavmer.t of iill;hc shall bo deemed guilty of a ini-de- Vi .V "I' Kansas, bonger allirms that men aro
judfuifiits for civil damage growing out. meanor, and noon eonviction the.-eof,i JXt!vnnv ci.,aV oully depraved, and Uolin demise il.
jof unlawful sales neprovhh-d for in this;,hnll he lined in any sum not less than !. ' , ..... v, i.. ,i.. o
... l.n..l si. ,11 1 . .11.1 ,.:il. .?.(.... .1 .'I-.. . .T..II I I.BV. iJllVII- llllllll" miinpfi Wlllll A,.',- mviv. t .. b...
uli. viiiiwii uiiim i-ii.iii uu uu.., linn iik:. ion nor more muri iin (ii;in:r.
: said county; provided Mid
shall be a lit. person o be en-
ti-UKtcd with the side of 5ntu.iVaiiiig'nnd state himself to be over
LL pracdoe to all
I.V. .V ....... ....a..... . . .... - .... . .1 ....... I .1... ..I- I .
,. m'.A i. . . ....... . ... u i. .i. n ravi r n in in lr. l ii p un m pi tni"i .'vim uw v. jui.
iiui.iiui ui Mi v-v.uin , uuumu .-iim rr.r. ic. i siiiv iiclsuii iuuilt iiiu hiiij - . . . .. ". r: . . s .. i.t;
applicant shall be a lit. prison o be e.!of 21 vears shall misrepresent his age ?M"Uly that Hon. trustee r.rncy ; '3 IC"S
" . . ...... , i t. ..i.nni ni. ..1
. A. W. Il3t IS A TI,
shall a license be irr.mti'd to a nnon hi ilcomed "uiltv of a misdemeanor, and.
iiiu; lliiuil vi Inn. Illing iiiiiixit.Jiui
T..T.1 1 .1 A ... .... . n T
rnymilltin Ut VUICUkl person from tlm order of the board mii b0.
, ,. , ., , . . gnmtiug such license bhall opemto tol Sre. 14. Anv person who shall sell,
H AÄ.'Ä ÜiÄ !tS 0P c receiving ""-h liccuFclhartcr, or giveaway any spirituous, vin-
cntry. a ion prcticlnSenthrrn Indiana tiisivn lroni selling liquors t herrii uder until 'ous or malt liquors to unv per.-o'i at the
u?hX"ÄÄ f 1Ur"e' lMUe,A the clo?e of the next term of the court timo iu a state of intoxication, shall ho
men At Ute omüiiiti.ic Drue store of iu Avliiclx sucli appeal is pending, at .deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
M. FitiKiiKAX co., Cormrof win iwd w!ilch htich cause might be lawfully t,M)OII conviction thereof, shall be liued
wt KUrta, JMptr, Inn. :.i A.n,.i.nii..,.i i.. i. 1 .... ... . .
persons to enter the school rooms. The &,modce,ore(l FraIlcc U the pretticat
,.u.,sc, o u. ur. owa-m:j, U111!ll gfae cyer twh Lcr iUwt
1VJIS UUJUlll IIVU Mill! HIC, 8U MS iu prL-.j.. .
ti.r court of üub.i nd liquors, aim ll lie tic not in tbe liaUitor gC. in order to purchase spirituous,
tri. jnn.i87i. ibocomiiig intoxicated; hut in no cascjvinoiis or malt liquors ho shall he
toxicated; pro-on eonviction thereof, shall be fined, vo",t.t1,'!e oo" from breaKiiitf down, antl1ICJa
taken by oiiylj,, uv snni not les than ilO nor more prohibit any general disaster. g d
of the board thnn 0. Snbinitteti to a careful perusal of thef 1
Travelers' Korne:
tried. And lie shall not be liable as a!n ,inv sum not te-s than ten nor more
seller wkhout license for sale. inade(timn filty dollars,
during trie pendency of mth npiieahi " .....
hut ho shall Lo liable for the violation 1T.xa1.tv or aih-I.tkratiox.
of any of the provisions of this.net du-j Ssrr. 15. Any person who shall ndtil
iuterested and iion-intarested, for public
welfare. i. outs truly,
A. 1. 8wr.es ey, Sccretnry.
A. M. Foot., Hccond Ass't Kec'y.
Tor tbe intpt t Conrltr.
'life; aud if he think that of her wo
thev will unite heart and Laud
d pHss through life like two pet Iambi.
Every tiling Is quiet under the ml-
Spotted Tail Chief and hl allies. Yi tiU
1 1 z in vox popull, vvxdei. J Jeisstiavitii
in modo lorliter in re . lie suh b.tlu
Jpopuli dupreiuH est lex.
J General Overbee Ins ubdued tliQ
The gi-cater number of our public insurrection in Ireland vi ctnniiM. His
sciiools will close with this month. A 'report to the Chief is, Veni, vidi, viel,
lew exceptions on account of sickuessi n p.... .. i.
nf .m..t...rc u-ill iu.) ..in... ....ill nl.,,.,1! -Ui;u.Sc V.UA,.., w u:.. unwu-
. ..ww w.www ...a... .WM.I I..... I ! .. ,.1. n 1 .1 1
ill HUM ju.in.iniiii.
The Hiblo class meets evorv huuduv
iiutirning, at 10 o'clock, at the Vuuglmu
ti.A'school house, and also the ('hristmus
- . .... .
meet to urcaK uio toai iinu sip tue wine.
rod dfiiot. returns his thunkn to tlitutllc.mig uliltoa nf li,c tluiii n iiimi'i nl n t int it 1 r..r, 1.1.1 lnm 1U11 vj.lfl um. m.cn ni.mi m ohitahIik (. .i-i. ..Mo. I iv t,r 1 f "..... .... ..1. ...
tiTtb.l,. .,..'... .nrf .-.ur.itl...th.t ni, f- C V" V - 1 .:ii.:u 111 .1..V r.v ... 1.,.. .v ....... --v . ..0- " ... - .Mvnifib . UUl. . JUKI U. V-Oi HI"U 1 WJ MUK III.
fru ndi be uptr-d n hu prt ttncrit thtirfvor ne snail pay nie ircasiu cr oi in. t;oun- ,.,or0 Hum $500, to w uu n lim court or , many ami Kilting utu very icw.
iPITFRUA V Prnnrinlnv 'i:. ,.,1 Unti-il imiK. viim.14 Or tllfllt honors wi.l: h I HC lUHtdlC 01 JilOJ.
IAMOt'NT OK LIOrNPU. ii.ui, 11 .... .. - ......
,r .inv .li'lM.'i-mtK; siih-tinioo. theicw il It. now evisfiinr concurnhi' the hot? dUo.iso.
' ... gKa5 if p;liti nptilicaut ilcirc to acll si,n be deonie! jruittv of a niisdomean- The diinso is similar to that o!
rfltiK nrnnrtf tr of thu Hotfl. tltntt'd Jnttoortu of EP! ruiioua, vinous iinu ihuil miuurs in nr. mid ntsoii conViCIlOU tncrcoi sunn ue chOieiii. till.V It is less sercre. I no tll-
A. th rttlroitit i
,1 n.tr..n.p.. .nil .ur.tbil thit no f-. C V - I"" - - , ' i iUI-.u in r.v ... ..... .v ....... v-- ow-v .0-"-'"-
I thn
fed for horn,
mturn. lim taitl mi Dr urc npniim wnn mr ty siiim n n reilSC CC IU7 tine year UC- ,.. Irvin. tin sntne tunv III HI ltitlllUO!!-I a ...I.- i.t..t
.b-( .rr,.l. if. 1... n.ul I.KInc- -iM .. .... . ,. . J . I iiniiiui khiuhiihii mill"
, ueMiiciunbarf piitrt.niKe. i"1 nt "ii.m u ....... . .... uu meni m iiiecouuiy j tu oi nut is wmii ,,mscf prominent, was heard to mnkeatul the two w
,i.w io-i. i arirö incn niiivvi niign nun nnnnre m, ti...i civ nmni is - .. i. .. . .. ,. .
".'. ". . . j ourai-uu, uivn;u r... f some vicious rcmai ks aoom me courier! . v r'
or both, in ounntit cs les? lhan a uuart. Sw. tfi. V.vorv nlaec. house, arbor.1 .....,1.., r .!.: ..i.. r.... m
, , ,. ... . ..-. , , - , - ',uuiu;r x'liuiriiin mi nun m iu;, 1'"J.. ...1 I... to
BOOT &L SHOE i,lt a,)',ue' hc 6,,!iV my tt!.t,,C t,;asu,;t'r room or.shcd wherein spiritnouvino.is-.'j 5rv wc learned that the reekv.teuo-:md ,ie iri "ow
ww w ' " !of said county Sro as a iiccuo fco for nr mult linnors are sold, bartered, or. t.i l.l.h.. fr..niimHii l,.! .'u
JTitMW1 TltfTÄ TTTTwB" 'eyear before license shall issue to jiveii awuv, or supplied lo bo drank, if
Jl.JLjkJPJfcm.JL Jr JLkJS. hitn. Midi fee to be paid into the srhuol j.t.t (l diorderlv manlier, shall be
, tuna oi me couiuy iu which miuii ii-doomed a common ttuifiuice, aim wie
inJnet rKeivrf.t Henry un.igrcWi, t l.u M t-J CC11M, ro obtained. keeper thereof, upon conviction, shall
tw -n rs . I 'r'G oelty or incorpomtcd town fmtcit his license and be lined in any
CCÄmülllllAtitoQaC than ten uor more thnn
Tn.i.onr.r.vi.rr.c.MCTCT.-! 'a license uiulcr Hie provisions of this nne hundred dollars. Provided, that
w . i ... , Jthe sum provided for hereinbefore. 'shall take effect and the close of the
AUti.. drM'nswiihwfinnndme Mum rrmiT Sr.c. 7. Upon tho cxocution ot thv f-i'st rccular session of the board of com
ndwiijintthow them my Romi; ml i nh cn.j)0n,t as reoutrcd in tho 4tli section of misioncrs of tlie proper county, the
umm thid nct, and the presentation of the or-, beginning of which session not taking
XJOUnCT, 'X en A'er cent, der of tho hoard ot commissioners, luce in Jus time than lour weeks unci
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met more uinu iu ioiiowiuk sums nn mnsectiiian snail nc insiiuiicd or
ACT,'v, A PTTnT?C,,CtfW0,ow"w person for the
tillit ! X Fi" A If V Yllnilt. Cities may charge $100 and i .- violation of the provisions of this ad
JU U VJ A O Uda &XsXJJL30 eornomted towns S100, in addition lo'ol.euiiinr he.twocn tho time when it
granting h nn license, and
treasurer's receipt for $50, ii
counly; this nct shall have taken effect.
.fi appli-l cni.nraiiivivn .ii'titaiurrinv.
- i i.iii ik iii ii vti i.i u w Mmj'm m v - w
'the baker trade. It i supposed that tho
;s!forincr will mute with a Ilaker, soou,
ill then be one.
JfO has lepaircd Iii: mill,
running two pair or ours.
The debile on total depravity, with
cod-cr confirmed u in our opinion tl.M A;,Pvin1 ,U-(1K' ,h uo" 'x T
t ... ".. .i s.i .. i The Christ n brethren are repoi ,ible
nc nil ui' i um ui in ii iiiri ii.i i. (..nt iiuii , .! .i ..
nut Ik. least indication of intellect. or all damages done to the scuoo In ,1,
. . I..itilni! if I llUt U Pfll
-buangc as ifem seen, it h ' nvcr.ara,a fi0 ,, t!;t., Jim ..oquence
l CICSS 41 ue tu;tt uut i it man iviit" u hi
sonic voung men is making regular
a copv of tho Courier for more than
six moiithc. A close inspection of the
HrawicKsii.il - ,., ,i i-jni.i-i..t oiuU um iit'ihi
egllllin, ..' ..I i.i I,., I, a nl nn I torn tn
nrctiv vimis iu i ins iini-i;. nn. uuitoi if , i,M UBJiCUVKK.
of J.is visits i not perceptible by the ,oot U,c blH' ubumck.
most comprehensive, hut to a close ob- ..TT T i-n.. i
server, it is evident that his every visit (KrThe third term will Inhabit Iwt
creates quite a commotion among the one day. Man-h 0,.,i
Indies. Though not as complaisant a!n"l tho Prrsnlunt ;lcct wil beJRUf,:
some, he is thought to surpass the com-;tcd on the 5th. i ho opin on of rrnei
monnlitv. His name is not wagon whenlJmlice Mar hill wai that iy ft
norwaiionllrcbutit is . Wo wilhtnust hold over n c i ay lolfc . heht
defer giving named until ogain nekeiL over March Jö;0. r.tit will io the
K, Jfeauie.
HIGHEST CASH PURE PAID F0HDES.MtaaT-5e-- Sr. it. Crl ,al ohcU hu ...

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