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-r 1
Whip Syllabuh. I pint of cremn, Plftcd
white Kiitfirto tHt J tMtnbcr of white
wine, the grated rim! ami ftilco of a U tnon;
bent all ton 1'rotli.
Wafer Crackers. pound of Hour, 1
teuspoonl'ul of salt, J tenspoonfiil of soda,
even tuasnooiiful ot lard. .Make up with
pwvot milk: ; beat well, roll thin and bake
quick. .
llaktd Custards, 1 pint of cream ; I
(jrg; cinnamon; iihuond-llavor, and 'A
ounces of sugar. Holl thu crcnin with a
niece of cinnamon ; pour It I
into a ousin,
and when cold add Ute eggs, well beaten
and strained, the sugar powdered, and
few drops ot aliuond-llavor.
Iiaku in
email cups, In a cool oven.
Silver Cake. I cup of sugar, J cup of
butter, 1J cups of Hour, j cup of milk, j
le;ipooiitul fiotla. 1 teaspoouful cream-ot-tartar,
whites of 4 eggs ; beat the butter
and eggs to a cream, then add the tnllk and
llour with thu soda and jrcatn-of-turtar ;
whisk thu whites ol the egg.s to a troth,
and stir them in gently at the last. Flavor
with lemon.
Pearled Wheal. This should come
clean nQUgli not to need looking over,
though It is well to mako sure that it is .so. i
Add -1 parts water to 1 of wheat, and cook I
: or more hour. A double boiler or one
kettle set In another Is very dc-lrable In j
cooking this, because the March is more
likely to cook out and burn to the kettle.
This may be eati'tt warm, as a inindt or a 1
vegetable, or molded and served cold, witlt j
or wiinotii trimmings.
Apple Bread, Weigh 1 pound
juicy apples, peel, core, and ste
a null), being careful to uei
1.....1.. St.. .,t,t.w, t.ll. .,1.1.,. ...1 t..r.tf A 1!
wiuf wi f J i ihui.-i.-vi iiiaiui-an unii-i
Mf.rr Snilftnn of lml lnr vvit,.r - nflw.nW,,,
the Iruit will become dl-colored; mix the
' " - I ..... ' M lV
pulp with '2 pounds of Hiebest Hour; put
In the same quantity of j'cast you would
use for common bread, and as much water
as will make it tine, smooth dough; put
Into an Iron nan and place in a warm place
to rise, anil lut it remain lor twelve hours
at leat. Form it Into long-shaped loaves
and bake in a quick oven.
A French Soup. A sheen's head and
pluck to a gallon of water, boil gently till
reduced to half the quantity, with a Ptnall !
tLfiemillll nl lieurl Il.ir ev. ( iir.r,. nnlnna 1 1
carrot, ami l turnip, a buneli ot
tweet i
herbs, and a few cloves; season It to your
taste, atiu a lima catsup, thicken, with
llour and butter. The head must be
cleaned and boiled the day before It is used;
cut the meat oil" as you" would for calfs
head, in small pieces; add egg and force
meat balls, and a little white wine.
French Pancake. '2 eggs, 2 ounces of
butter, 'J ounces of sifted sugar, 2 ounces
of llour, J pint of new milk. Heat the
ejrgs thoroughly, and put them into a ba
sin with the outter, which should be beaten
to a cream: stir In the sugar and llour,
and when tliese iiigrvdicnta arc well mixed,
add the milk ; keep stirring and beating
the mixture for a lew minutes; put it on
buttered plates, and kike in a quick oven
Tor twenty minutes, berve with a cut
lemon and sugar, and pllo the pan cakes
high on a dish, witlt a laver of preserve or
niarma'idc between eacli.
A Horrible Suicide.
One of the most shocking caee? of suicide
ever reported In this city, says the New
Vord Herald, occurred yesterday morning
in a machine shop, at N'o. 103 Dank Street.
About 10:110 o'clock James MeCttlloeh. a
plumber, working in the American Kiro
Kscape Works, corner of Hank and West
Streets, went into the machine-shop, or,
more properly smoking, steam-power es
tablishment, at the number above stated,
which adjoins the Fire-Escape Works, atid
miucsted of the foreman, Mr. John Fris-
hie, to Ik: allowed to sliarpotl a lead-Scrap- i
cr. The privilege- wis accorded him, and i
he proceeded to carry out his design, not.
however, until Frisbie had noticed a num
ber of peculiar and somewhat Idiotic move
ments on hi3 part. About tifteen or twen
ty minutes later all hands about the estab
lishment were surprised at the sudden
stopping of the machinery. The engineer,
Frederick Randolph, at once proceeded to
examine his engine, trying all the valves,
stop-cocks, etc., and spending from twenty-live
to tldrty minutes In tue operation,
hut failing utterly to ascertain the cause of
the Interruption. Flnall, however, he
went forward to the large cogwheel which
revolves the main shaft, and after peering
about a few minutes was horrlllcd at dis
covering a human head lying on the lloor
beside tho wheel. I Iu called for assistance,
and having procured proper lights prose
cuted tlie search, only to find that the
body of a man. crushed between the cogs,
had caused the sudden interruption of
A most sickening sight was now brought
to view. With the exception of the head
and the legs, from the knee joint down,
there was nothing recognizable. I'ieccs of
flesh and hones, varying in size, hut none
of them larger than a man's hand; Intes
tines and masses of blood were scattered
In a confused manner about the lloor, the
machinery and surrounding fence. It was
found impossible to collect the pieces by
hand, and the aid of brooms nnd shovels
had to Iks invoked, the whole conglomer
ate mass being thrown into a box and sub
sequently removed to the Morgue.
During tlie excitement attending the
horrible affair no one could, for a time, as
certain who the unfortunate man was, but
Mr. Frisbie soon remembered the fact of
tlie man McCulIoch, before alluded to, t
having entered the shop some time before, i
atWI tllllTI fill luno r,1,..,t. 'IM., if Ii,, ...mi tt'ita
dioringtrndcr a temporary lit of insanity
therecan be no question, and that while;
III thUrmiiHtlnn linflintiv lilmcilf lu.tuww.n
t m Y 0 threw niinseit between ;
- "iivx-ib is iuiiaiiviMi-ar. iiiüiiciiuii
"Hidings wliere steam-power Is let for
Planing and other purposes. Attached to
he cogwheel is a monster lly wh'-el,
twenty feet in diameter anil weighing not
'Ms than ei-ht tons. Around tills portion
"'the machinery is built a hoard lence,
'our leet high. throuh which a door or
Rate opens. This door Is Invariably kept
aowI nnd fastened with a " button," but
Jitithcr the engineer or foreman aro posl
vo tin to whether it was closed or not
when search for the cause of the stoppage
oi tho machinery was instigated.
fl ...1. a.1 ...'... . i '
tllO CStai) 8 lniunt. JUSt nruVIOUS tO If! Oirr.UlTiKftnd nowrrKcc!. Fend 3-Ccnt itAtnp mcnoii indcncani'H manner nv inKonc rinuna
W? death, wore tl.oe of an Insfuie nmn. I Vfor cataoguea. oirt Vci.c, Son New iMu mc.m.u, lXSVV&l
, ihc largo cogwheel Is sixteen feet in lui Ttfir'"'i'copio,ii)oiia rar.Tnco?f. i street, hm euro.
d hniülpp. nml la .ilmnf f.if.w,n tnl,o i IfrMI I CW linnifTOK, enlaraft oO i column, i -
Ula n Kimft xi'l.1,,1. rm.o H.fftiit. i..t,n,., AB ER IX .nle.tcrti8.etc.frcc J.ll.Earlc.lknton : AND OUIQINALLY EXtl.l"SIT3 UAKEIIS OF
Tin: I'iano Haw Caiiinbt OkoanIbb
new Invention, combining three and ono
half octaves of u piano fortu, or of mn In
stnunent with tones bctwttn tliOMjof the
piano and the. harp, with th organ. It is
a ix-autuu! instiium-nt, eo.tlng but little
more than Hie organ. Tlie .Mason &
Hamlin Organ Co, are not able to manu
lacturu It rapidly enough tofeiipply the dt
nijiid. Nu. Dk8it.iianiium.--a real healthv man
or woman Is a rarity; and what wonder?
when we realize that it Is the custom to
overload the stomnrli, and then produce
chronic difen.se bv thu ush of imlrinmii
i H'jiiors, Tonics," " Apwptizors, "Jto-
Btoratlves," etc. Having tlrst produced
difmo by Indiscretion, the victim wonders
why nothing does hint good." .Jut so ;
and the reavm I that they all, or nearly
all, lind a basis in alcohol or i'oiso.v. To
all thus discouraged, weean conscientious
ly say, " make one more trial." Discard
spirituous medicines, and glvo natuhk a
chance, aiding her in the struggle by using
one of her own puro and unadulterated
herb remedies, hi the shape of Vinkoak
Hm kiis. The discoverer, l)n. ,J. Wai.ki:u,
ot California, is no protender, but an lion
orablo pnicticing physician, and his dis
covery Is the result of years of labor and
study. The wonderful cures cHcctctl by
them of Dyspepsia, Körens, Ifhouinatiam,
and many other terrible discuses, are almost
For all Female Complaints,
In young or old, married or sinirlo, tit
-ir illlfv. i.-t, ,,,.. .t..,.j 4j
3I.r' J'.'N A '-K) , InigRMs,
of Kiub
I Xotrr, Mo., write- h IoIIou h:
Dr. Pierce. Iiiiffsilo. N. Y.. Dear Sir
Your ntpdiclnes t-ell better than any other I
keep, ml ive universal sAttrlaction. The
peoitlc are eipowially delighted with your Fa
vorite l'ro-eript ion, and It seems toUcafa
votite mnouK that hae ever used It." It
Is sold by ilrUKgNtf and dealers hi medleinei.
It i attended with imtiition of the bronchial
tubes, which couvoy the air we breathe into
tho I tin?'. This Irritation nrodtK'ei feore
throat, hoar-enc-s, couKhlns, and üoractlines
I tw nrx'li.i.t ...1 ft teilt nvlMitl ilittfti tn I V.r. 1,..,.
ri'""""4 "4"4 finaiv.-u mm iiimiu. il u
,i ,,,i0 t, -.(..i 7i
len's Lung Iiuls.iin will ho found a tno?t vulu
able reiiiedy for euriiig thii ieae, and rc
vent it running into Coniiniptlon.
For hale by all Medicine Dealers.
Jloiti: than r0 years have elapsed since
Johngißii's Anodyne Liniment was tlrst in
vented, during wnfch time hundreds of thu
santMiave been benutited by Its use. Prob
ably no article ever became so uuivcrsully
popular with all chases a Johnson's Ano
dyne Liniment.
Piu.s which contain antimony, quinine and
calomel, should be avoided, severe griping
pains would ho their only roult. Tho talVt,
Mire-it, and lot pills are"i'aros' Purgative
or Anti-Bilious J'dls.
N.Y. Supreme Court has confirmed its Jiv
junction L'ainHt an iniltntlon of the nroinira
tionof Witch Hazcl.known at PotulV Kxtract.
The bored of edtieatlon
hate school.
-Children who
Ttuaxirrr's Cocoaim: is tho be.-t
cheapestjhairdrcshi!;In the world.
Ir you want the best Klaitfe Truss for rnn-
ture.write to Pomeroy ,t Co.," 14 H'dway.X.Y.
Dr. Tutt' Kxpri-lnrniil Ii a certain cure
ror l.'rouii. Iu eltfct Is iiromiit. H Is very dW .le
ant, ('lillilrnutakc ilrrallly.
"II ritKX i rlilne to ailvcrtliura pluaie mention the
r name of tilts pajier.
OT') K wkk
9 ' -"' '''m r.
K. HtiliirMl-cltltnate.
Aint-rs .t o.. si. i,oiii,.io.
- (JOA1'!''"1""- TennsKree. AiMresa
O'f uuKo.HTtsoy a rro.. fortian-t, Mo.
l,iVKItT rAmiiV Want Ii. 3Um-y In It.
Ill Hold liy AfteuU. Aiilrs M. X. l.mcll.Krlv, l'a
Ol A frdir " l"0OTmTr Hcrt(llhwi, rrlc
iJAU x MtM wUbUmp,BAKNfSllBüS..Uocirar,lU
A W KEK. Apents wanteit e crywhvre. For
Joimuao. Kkitcii. Walkkh, Dayton, O.
Qi A l t-1 1'KU 1.4V Scn.I ror niromo"
O I J ( Atatopie. J. II. licKror.u's Sosij.ltoston.
ABrnla'JiililrTt-lUntio want Atrcataand what
lor a nt-cilotct and Instruct ion. S-pagunimitlily,
ln-.ay'rosi)ijl L.l.l'.bcolt.irK larW-si..( lilcpo.
HLACIi HTIJaS H,,"M K"Bl". "ook A
1U.,1V ni iJlJO Map non-ready. Milllout
can tie sold, (ioodiperd l'iitillsli V Ilouf c.CIiIc.-iko.
w fi Catalogue Free, ltu
( IT V S ttnlplt .V ' 1018 X. I
Sill Mrect, St. Loulj. Mo. 1
Q T Ci I X 14 day msdc In a neat, clean bunl
IU cMOiipm. Urntanrrit'. Address
J. I . IIHOOKS, No. 13 SoutlHdi Street, St. 1-ouls.
diOAHally lo Asent. 8.1
p4F Ik-H Fatuity Fam-r In Ah
Chromofreo. AM. M,FOCO..i
S5 new article and tho
wer-tc, with two K.iV
MOO Lroal-ay, , y.
Hr.MnATe-millon orJSawtkai-
u)0fyn,lr,4:n,1Wl'n,''',lMltI wlllPAT
If. ADplyJfOW. . Wfhher Co., Marion. O.
WorFIT.H cured lr the nn o f Ilo 0 En-
I llcptic Iirtnetllrc. Trial l'ackasa I
riiKE. Kiirrlrcular.erlileiice off Uc
ee, etc., adiin-M KUS iiuui iii-.i, uicumou'i, inu.
O IT M T wanted I'terywhero. 0O per
w a i w
wrek. OuttU. couirtrlsed ot 30
ileei-a, lent C O. I). forJT.Ot I'lHCCLAHfl
t iiAiiwH iv x iu ai. lAiuit.
OASfl'L.!: nt nur newlr
Ujcotc'C'I Voralty
O lllrkl"iciit frri-on rcct'lnt t 2J et. Im
iiipiw tirollt for ileali'r. T.ikei over) where.
It. A. Itolleaii ,t ( " -VoTeltles, .it. l.ouli,Mo.
VL lyRIi where. Ilm
3IONTII A (rout wanted overy-
Iliitliie-s lionnralilc anil II rat
rue la" rtu trvr, Aililreaa
OUTII A IO..BU I.ouU.ilo.
wrvlrjtttmim. lilt rtni iwimiif Im f l. illfH
It fx BIAI LsarwioimvuuBU, ft. u t i
PFflR 1 P.nRN -55TARP.H
l-Uiim UUIlli O I HllUII
Makes ttic most Deltclnn Tlf'-S. rmniVOS.llt.AXC
manoe. kic. For sale hj a Ftrst-cii orucem.
IIOXSTAXT Ol' 1.01 JIKNT,-At home. Mala or
y Female. J)a week warranted. No capital required.
Particulars nnd valuable rainplo fentlrec Addr.eis
with Cc return stamp, & lloss, WUll&mibargh, N. T.
Hem! for circular an onrextra lernn to Arenta.
If yoti want rare, curfmi and talmMe aeed anil
plant that will chum a Ij fixiUim ererywhero,
write for a free catalogue to thw
noiiTiir.RN Hf.r.n a: it.axtc..
(lallatln, Tonn.
nf fnsli awnot woinnuliood or tlio chitugo of life,
. "'M Iii. I'fnwut'a vni-it PtAccInf I
!.l!!i!V . i "c1' 11 positively remedial inllu.-nro as to call
i norcelain 1 r,.,n, n;., i i..v ... ...i... .
. iuiiu ,uu luuiivci iriniau it uill ail llu iipu il.
Wheeler t Wilson's
Rotary-Hook Lock-Stitch
OF Tilt IK-
A Qnarter of a Centnry's Trial has
GMAV1IINE mutt event 'wily svperti'le oil
tilers now run teith tcIUrh it comas in cvmno
Ution. 11 recommend fur it the hiqfu
aitard which it in in the poucr if tho insti
tute to bcntoie." Prom the unanimous "Re
port of the live Judges of the Ainericar
Institute, New STorlr, 1874.
The Hoard of Managers unnnlmnnslvnn.
proved tho report, and recommended foi
this machine the Void Mexlalofthc Institute.
Tim tlro-.l w. !
uuuiu ui jjiiuliuil UUUUlUlUUHiy
approved this recommendation, and
awarded the Gold Medal to Wheeler &
Wilson, the only gold medal awarded for
a Sewing Machine by the American In
stitute for many years.
The Auxtrion. Official Jtcport of tU Vien
na fJrpnsition pronounced it " the vmrrd of
the Kipositionemdaddrdy "this uniterml
madam tines the JtcaHent leather fuxrwana
iftr juifUgauze with a truly pearl fittM:'
J lus brand Medal of rrvyn.es teas award
Cifjor tt.
Wliat tlie LcrutlnK DTniinfacturti-a
lioots Hiul hlioe Say of
We, manufacturers of boots nnd shoes,
are using Wheeler & Wilson's New No.fl
Sewing Machine in all kinds of stitching
on ounwork, nnd conlldently believe that
it will supersede all others in this branch
of manufactures, for the following rea
1. The work done by this machine is
superior to mat oi any other in variety,
amount, excellence and beauty.
2. This machine is more durable than any
oincr oi us class, requiring much less
outlay for repair and reneiral of parti.
3. It does the cording or ttaying of button-
I...f- ? A 1 A. 1 it
iiuicsinn musi cii-guni. unu suosianuai
manner, without the expense of royalty,
In short, because by the use of this
mnchinc we can turn out eupcrior ttork at
, 1 A . ,
tens cut i tuuu wiiu uny ouicr.
Signed by many.
Chilis fast superseding all other ma
chines for leather work.
New Mo. 7
Now for tho first time introduced to the
public, ranks in excellence with their
famous No. 0 machine, but hits 6omo
modifications adapting it to special class
es of work. Tho Tailor will find it as
well suited to his work as is No. 0 to
leather work. It might properly be
termed tlio Tailor's Machine.
Send for Circular to
Wheeler & Wilson Mannfact'c Co.,
44 Fourteenth St., New York.
A GKVTS. ChancChanßcl1at 1rM. KccearyM
iVoap. (loodi free. I'hanglhan;-JlTcCo.,lkfon.
Of ariT and ererr kind, ßendrtanin
furrllS(B. Ait.tr.tl Cri-nt Wrtlf r !
mn ritul Wtkt, 1 I TT Mil I! HUH.
I UA choicest in the world Importe. price
largest Company In America ataplartlele ptraf
c I'verylxidj- trade Inereailu let Imluecmenla
don't wati time cnd for Circular to ItoiiKitr
WKU.S. Ill Vote)-at., N.Y. 1 O. Itox. It7.
Who ilelre to reach country reilvriran iloio In
Family Mils
xjsr use.
i No. 6
Ami cxclnilvo makers or run "Palcnt Ivory" or Ccllalord. knife. ThotnotMarablr 'AV1at(clIn
dlpknown. Tho Handle nfTcrjrrfloowc.nrc not Rffected by liot -water. Always call tor tno "Trade
Iark" ''JtlßltlDKV CUTLRUV COMPAV Y" on tho blade... Warranted and sold by all dealers la
CuUery, aad by Ui ilillUlJE.N CUTLEIIV CO.,4JCbAinbers Street, hew Vork.
Until Coods Aro Sold.
Fuji particular na luinpla frt-ti on rro-lpt or ten
rrnt return iUinp, Itcfprencr. itorc' UorI Xev
'VorktrinU cw Xotk .iUUnl Median.
AililriulJxsrunTH 4 JJctirrot, M Mraidwjjr, X, r.
f.V. PWUIUTl!. R i Titles .
ÄlJ,,.'.'V."i'l'.u,,tH, IVVÖRITK. Vindicate
I'orfull ir.romMlurt n-t" nsour Crxxl or pen.
clrfor Mine. Rildrt.-i IVJIKIJ SKV-''...' ÜA" '
CI1IXK COMPANY. t ilHrtfoii, ComX? or
uur xiraucii uracut IQ iCAUlUR t ill'.
AliooVMp?lnKthcmrterlof r ITT CHfl I
and how ny ono may- opi-ral. M .JjJLiJ5A I
uct cutaUt with a cii.ltai of SSO or Sl.OOO.
( im.
tilfU) t&ttrurtiun ana Ulintruttoni to anr ri
adrtre. '
TlOntHlIMJK A: CO.. liAükinsxiiÜEüittaa.
'i Wall ktrvel. Hew Vort.
MO.VBY1X IT srrtKI Jnrt
out. I !tul,HflndKnie,lhcan, Bell
everywhere A raro chance. Abu,
Now Maps, ClinrtSj&c.
Our now chart. CHRISTIAN
C ItA CKH.I a fplendld nccesa.Ctn
ctnn.nl prkTM tamo ua N.Vorlc. Bt-ml
for Irnnm i M( Ilr.imi v. A Uirr.
lay bt .S V,, i7i V. Uli bC.Cta.,0.
Tlir C'lirnprat Acrlrnllurnl nontii
17 Iii Iii World. Ouir no rrnla per
uu num. wculuoin tacl tuonvh choice Agricul
tural matter. Imminence y r Hub.rrlptlom at
once. Well citabllilieil. Tlilnt Tolnwe. UooU
Utavauera Wante-it. Liberal ialur-iuenl3.
Aildrest . W. MATTIIUWX .t !0.,
I'ut.lliliem. No. 212 North 6th St.. St. Loul.
1' r advertiM tf in xsr newnpapi r lief .ro scrtni;
my now catan truor rrO-Ol'JUATlVH LISTS.
Adßrcnf.P SANnOltN lHMnroc-et .Cfclcaao.lU.
I nrUcolI.Cliurcli &llnll,
-, fcuj. v-TcraeociiuBi - j
.Jonm. Frnnrr A; Co.,
iit fMti itirto ml 1-,
tC . 1
170 Dunne St., New York.
";y tf
Poll's Star Wood Pumps I
IVaakcgan Fann Pump,
Wood Eave-Trouah Tublna.
If yon want the best of thrtcaril-
noticcep them, or-ui not stt tiicm
for Tod. send dlrcrt to tho Fptnrr-
CataloKcca arid I'rtco UsU T mailed
opon apniicaiiop to .
i, runuk auKcran. ill.
wr III I wl
Hhi Oi irorl
to 'a In ami nurc cute, without Inconvenience
ana at home. An utrdout that aada purciy on It.
o merit, send for my quarterly maipuine, (
roM. trounotiMnj.i con'alntng ccrtlicatcxof hunrtrMs I
llMTovcrrd and produced tho FtnsT.OBioiXAi. xxo
w ""a pcrmancniiy cured, l claim to liavo
wiv rsK erne ron anvx ranso.
PK. S. 11. COLUNS. La Porte, Inrl.
nAnrr cured at Homo, vo
riibllcltr. 7ctom modemie.
Tlmo short. Kouryear of un-
4QO MUmonialt. Addrcts I)r.K.UManai,Qultjcy.llcU.
(OHM and exrT.aiTwathU) apents. Addrea
wfeVvjl,. faTODDAßD. Joneanile. Mien.
MORfNINf HltfT w
cored by Dr. Iieckra only
known and sure Remedy.
fer treatment nntll cured. Call on or a4dna
112 JoHa Street, CUOKKATI, OXÜ-
l'ir lrnri-lont nml Anuilciir
rliilor, .School., Noriptlr, 3Inn.
illilrlnrcra. .Mi-rrliunta. ami ottwri
r-it BEST vcr invfniol, lit.ono In nc.
icn iTjn. meet rrora Sft.OO to $160.
(lM,!rr If, n 1 VmltnrDplnli,n U..ttil
.Vnatmr forCtausufc) 40 federal St. Doaton.
H T7U i
ouuit r u un tains.
S40. $50, 575, $100.
Shipped Ittady for X'te.
OiJCa3? 3lnufactured Hy CHAPMA.V .t CO..
(Jab-Cl MadUon, Ia.l.
Tills new Trnsa la worn
wlih perfect comfort,
nicht and day. Adap&
ltHf to every motion of
MV MVMj. I V WtUiilK ItU)-
ture ander the hardctt I
tho body, rctainlnc Itup-
exercise or lemrttt !
itraln until pcrmanentif
until permanently
Sold cheap by tho
JVo. OR3 Ilrnnflwnr. V. City, '
and sent by mall. Call or rend fur circnlar nnd 1e cured.
HiortMieaiiiH-rrednioor Kille. Tlio Ural IhIIio
Worltl. Winner at International anl nearly all
other prinelpal matehea at lrct'moor. (SeeOr
tlclal Iteeord.) Hportlnp lllfle, Jilto 4M. reed
moor Itlflei, -with Klevatloiu for 1JX) ydi., (90 and
tU4. Send for Illuttrated Catalopte,
HMttttY AM) Orrtcx. E. O. WEJ-TCOTT.
llAKTrottD, tV)XX. rrt-sldcnt.
A.X.K..S.I.. K0-8OI
OZIOP 03P 107-4.
ltnlacd lir the SOCIETY OP SHAKERS,
Sent by mall, potaco paid, for cents
paper. Thirteen mdc for Klftr Cen
Qronapcri for One Dollar. (Bcndfo
mf ho reqnlrctl, and fo- anllni; yonr order, totethf r
Ith PoMorticc Slonrr Onlrr on Alltmiv. ,.
ny FciecunR iron our caiaiofroe ucn
covenne me amount, wo will proHiptly forward
Our Seedi aro all teel liv unn lntrn inon nnntlHr
of each variety; and we i-end out only thono m-ed
, we.bymichtct,areajnrcil will uro- under proper
care nnd attention In planting and sowing, 1th favor-
Villi CVtVrHIUIa
, Of courenoScedrnan will trorrnsl &nf to prow
J! Mwn on poor oll. or on land hadly prepared, or
with rarclcM planting or neglect In culture, which
UT-Onlrrtahouldbo addremed to
MouxTLrnAso.v,cou;nu. Co., a, Y.
üt.&. Walker's CalRdniltt Vill
mar JIM tors aro a prrv-iy Tcgctablo
reparation, mado chiei'y froai tho na
uvo lierhs found en the lower ranges of
tho Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, tho moiUcinal popcrtic of which
aro extracted therefrom wniiout tho use
of Alcohol. The question 13 almost
daily asked, ' What is tho causo of tho
Htiparalielcd success of Vi.vijcak IJit
tkks?" Our answer r, that they remoro
tho causo of disease, and tlio patient re-'
covers his health. They aro tho great
Mood purifier an4 a life-giving principle,
a perfect Itenovator and Invigorator
of tho system. Never before in tho
'u! story of tho worid Ijm a mcdicino boon
compounded possessing tho remarkable
I unalttics of Vinegar Ditteus in healing tho
j t.ck of crcrr disea.o man is heir to. They
aro a gentlo Purrativo as well as a Tonic.
Hicring Cal.tcsfioc or Inflammation ol
tue Liver aal Visceral Orcans, ra Cilioos
The properties of Dr. Walker's
Visbrau Hitters aro Aperient. Diaphoretic
Carminative. Nutritions. Laxative. DinreTC
ScdfttiVe, Countor-IniUut, Sudorili.-j, Altera-
live, arm Aaü-üiüous.
Grateful Tliouftands proclaim Vin
; eg A u BiTTKits tho most wonderful In
yigorant that ever sustained tho sinking
J system.
No Person can take these Hitters
i ?.?lornAto..t!ir?e,tio.8.' aud rcmai
uncii, proviucu tucir uoncs aro not do
ctr-n, r..l l,.. i -
ol4W. u:'"'" luiöuu or umsc
means, and vital organs wasted tevood-
' w
Remittent and Iuteir
' lniy Fovcrs, which are so prova.
hnt in tlio vallers of our eroat rirer
; throusrhout tho United States, csnorisill
i tl,oso of tho iIisi -PPi Ohio, Missouri,
I lllillfliü Tnnnnccna f ,M,,l,nf)nn,l Arlrnn.
gns Rod Pnlnnfln ni7n Hin fii-in-i
pj :'r ? " J V"' 1?Ü .' ZOS, KlO brandy
"eai Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ilo-
Snoke, JaiQCS, and many Others, Witit
their vast tributaries, throughout oar
entire country during tho bummer auc
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea
sons of unusual heat and dryness, ax
invariably accompanied by extensivo de
rangements of the stomach and llvar.
and other abdominal viscera. In thai
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influence, upon these various or
gans, is essentially necessary. Thar
is no cathartic for the purposo equal t
Dn. J. Walker's Vixegak Bittescs,
as they will speedily remove tho dark
colored viscid matter with which tbt
bowels aro loaded, at tho sarao tim
stimulating tho secretions of tho lirec.
and generally restoring tho hotltnj
functions of tho digestive organs.
Fortify tlio body agaliist disease
by purifying all its fluids with VinegaJP
limEits. No epidemic can tako hot
oi a system thus fore-armed.
Eructations of tho Stomach, Had Taato
in tlio Mouth, Hilious Attacks, Palpita
tatlon of tlio Heart, Inflammation of tho
Lungs, Paiu in tho region of tho Kid-,
neys, aud a hundred other painful symp
toms, aro tho offsprings of Dyspepsia.
Ono bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its merits than a lengthv advertise
ment. Scrofula, or Kins's Evil, Wfclt
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Xeck.
Goitre. Scrofulou Inflammation. Tmlninnt
" '
Inflammations. Alnrpnrinl AflVr(inna. fMrt
c ... rt. . ,. 7
f!' mo okiij, ooro r.ye3,C
ju incise, ai in all otlier cunsUtutional Dis
eases, "Walker's Vinegar Hitters tan
shown their great curative povrer in thg
most obstinato and intractable rases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Hilious, Kcnkit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of
tho Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters have no eciual. Such Disease
aro caused by Vitiated Blood.
iTiiaiuca i uiseoscs. rcrsons sn-
gaged in Paints and Minerals, such aa
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold beaters, ana
Aimers, as they adranco in life, aro subject
to paralysis of tlio Bowels. To guard
against this, tako a dose of Valuer's Vin
egar BittiJrs occasionally.
Horfck'in Diseases, Eruptions, Tot-
Scurft, Discolorations of the" Skin. Untneri
and Diseases of tho Skin of whatever narna
or nature, aro literally dug up and carried
out of tho system in a'thort time by tho ns
of these, Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and oilier lVonnsr
lurking in tho svfctcm of so many thousands,,
aro ellectually destroyed and rcmoVcd. Nc
erstem of medicine, no rernufuecs, no an
thclminitics will frco the system from worms
liko theso Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at tlio dawn of wo
manhood, or tho turn of life, theso Tonk
Bitters displav so decided an influenco thai
improvement is son perceptible.
Cleanse tho Yil iaf cd Ulootl eben
erer you find its impurities bursting throngb
tho skin In Pimples, Eruptiuis, or Sores:
deanso it when you find it obstructed arKr
hiuggish in tho veins; cleanse it when it s
foul your feelings will tell rou when. Keep
tho blood pure, and Uie health of tho system
will follow.
t. II. McDONAI. Ai CO.,
Drnppliti ändOcn. Apt, San Francisco, CaHforaJn,
and cor. of Washlneton and Charlton Sta N. Y.
Sr.Jl b ai mngirtttt AndlknUrt. j
S Dyspepsia or liidiscstlcii, nead
. 1 ache. I'ain in tho Shmililrrs. Cnurrt-.s.
. ' . J V V. k V,
Tiit ifnncn nf rl.. n: ! tV. '
rrnclcetor "- omt-iwicuhi, jhui.iil-.-, cpuu, i'lranie.
ta. TwcntT. I'llRtUlBS. linile. I'nVlinnplAC, Itlnif.irnnng
. Catalogue: 1 öi ÄCILa " i,Z. ' ..." " .&
-i.i. öv-aiu-ijcuu. ooro ivc?. r.rvsineint. itcn.

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