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The Jasper weekly courier. [volume] (Jasper, Ind.) 1858-1922, June 18, 1909, Image 5

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flSrh K 1 Q CD ear'! L r "
i a i i j i iDiiairi BA a iiu ujv ii linn m, 1 i
eXwt"T"T?U?K W m n.ihr,c
day iyhi u"' 1 ,,uray r -n u mm
i i . . . .
- I UafU . ... I. .... . .
WDr. Sill. I.tr,n fu u " rw . :",,nl car
mo.Minr of hi, :r" ,ro,n ,;a1" Sunday.
, ... , v,
(this wtk.
.Vi." : - . ' wumanu .Monday to I
v i rniiiTi! in
qtA girl was born
B. Krempp last week.
tOSt .IrHumk'a ..I i
Friday for the Stimm- 1
lz Grand Ath nf h.l.. u; : . f
vuiuwiiriiL iukc tins year
t0 And rnTn' Fed Kress and child- . -Cfua Flick and party are
... vaiuici., ill. I --
5! 1 t-c XT' I I. i 1 rt. i I tn PUoJ lir - "
u ; ötepnenson , 7-'' . uavies was in
1 - wunmnu wiy 1 xucauuv un
wiiui L' sun nrrnnrinri Lnhnn I uusinnss
...v,wubu oliiuui, I
3wMrs c.m unKu.. irJohn Bell will cnnf Cnf
w . iiuucilcy tili I .1 1 ujkiii kjuw
her music su-hnlnro .in urday and Sundav n hie hnma
ma at tho nnnrn nnni-n -tjOUlSVllle. I
. . ... I " ilvUDU Uli Lfiei I
mgntot July 22. Th.
panics paid the people of Indinnn
a special excursion train from 7-4o0-W0 ctoring the year 190s.
Jasper to New Albany and Louis- Sundav was Corpus Christ i
ville next Sum- v Äu .. .5 r,f.JUö. onn.sP
I I - iVkJV,u
a1 Airs. (;ncfnfo n i I"""'".
wvi.i.u viiaiiitMS-l
D teller rr-tnrnoH Incf ..,1. e I n . JT. 1. -
a visit with rnlw ;n u:. 'TL..M uarl Atteiie moved into his
cennes msmence on .North .Newton St
f i"jt-r iitm
h. Oscar SaR) returned home
jN-uunmyjrom Indianapolis.
Geo R. Wilson visited his
family in .Jasper last week and
and left Monday.
oii.vu nullit
folks in -asper the latter part of
last wt'i'K.
itarvrs Monte Davison and
thildren went ft Montgomery
.uunucij iu visit relatives.
Queen Quality Shoes and Slip-
j)Ts ut liu w, j. iYUOulCr,
siojw itdiiim ine'jiitly. Can pilop.
i,.T..-h. fccnbcs Doan'H Ointment. At
.1 1 1 ortig hiore.
Use White Lead Point
fn ' r"' "! tt - -t
Dr. J S. Stewart returned
last inursaay Jrom a trip to Ar-
lf illlnn I I I 1 W .
trun went to R.nn' r fr T Wheat cutting will betrin
. - -- ww,.,11J- vvii oui. novt .mni. . ii . ... .
diiv to attonr H c.,: 'WA, me crop in this n
L'n . ,:'r wu ,"w term ca n v MiiaVAQi. ,.
oi tneötate nivprs fw may guoa
""'V I
- I as. D-f O 1 II i
Pure White Lead
luuicn Hoy PainterTrde Mark)
.'j in i'.yourbujldinps. Jjuuk
1 r tl,o Dutcl Hoy Painter on
tie side of the keg and so be
sure of the quality you pa" for.
Yeurfatr.t deaUr Im our I.'.v Had
. OOII1Bn AVO Cincinnati, O.
JJar Fixtures for Salo
Thg furniture and bar fix
Dr. And Friedman and
nt? were up irom Evansvilk
Sunday visiting relatives.
Geo. P. Vvagner and w
. Hunter spent Sunday at West
Faden Springs.
-bo to Lorey Brothers fori
t urniture, btoves and Ranges.
A hov thpir fl cf Imvn ......
I on- to Dr J. Carper and wife
Rev C H. OldfaTher went
w nanover Aionday to spent a
U . 1.- VIClfin.lr Iiim f.. II.
.-.v.. ...,.,niK IIUIIIU iOJKS
' lunmure aim Dar nx-
Sam rhaniv A" r L. Schull has returned Lures of the Meridth House
managing the 7asjer end of the been ZSÄ' S'h,ereT?e. had Bar' Washington Indiana
umberland Telephone Exchange sitv' MlLaame ine bate Univer' cost $1500 and are in erood
resigned luesday. 'r 7rz shape, can be boueht for
..-Binder Twine." Milwaukee thi raTMK Ü made by
Binders, Mowers and Hayrakes' orth Newton St., on which was ,UaV J,Une Zlst'
at Lorey Brothers. f oemely the Dan Miller lot. APPty to
Albert Stu
last week from Purdue Uni
versity Lafayette to spend the
auuuiiur vacation
New and Stylish Dress Goods
Ü.UW j. jvieoler.
lra mild, bay action of the lowelf.
a Hi.ple dote ol Ooim'j lieuk-tf
-...KU. uruiiuem cures nabitiial con
' laiu.n. L5 cent a box. Ask vom
ir KVift for llr in.
Jx-Mrs. Edv Lampert, of
nandler has been visiting her
i..-it her in Jasper the past week
KafMijc Onrt-i-n1
v.nt to Washington Wednesday
t ' visit relatives.
All kinds of canned goods at
r -M.nable prices at Ed J. Kuebler
-Buy your Furniture and
r-;-vis at Lorey Brothers We
! ii Clieap.
m ms iNellie Flick visited
relatives in Louisville last week,
returning home Thursday night
WX. B. CoffmanTof Daviess
".. was a ousmess visitor in
Jasper Monday:
&3Mrs. Edw Bnnkmeyer ar-
. o' 'wir
day night to visit her nnrnntc
AT.. I II . AI '
lur aim mrs L-nas ügg.
. - -- w. u, iuwa
eley and cliildren arrived Mon-
uay i rum nicago, to visit Mrs.
Towseley's parents Mr and Mrs.
W. A. Traylor.
gius arrived from their home in
Harvard. III.. .Mondnv ni.rhe to
VlSlt their rlfilfrh tnr Mm TV
- - l o tlUtlll
turns nome to-uay irem OaklandM'He
oity wnere sne attended the
Sprinor term of Onl-I
f oemelyjhe Dan Miller lot.
b& Mondnv wnc "T?n T Ji
uuaciveu in manv nincAc n-ir.
ticnlarlv rVio li-.-.f r.; u..
j Miii""- uiucö, uy
ucuiauuiu vi tn ine u b. r Jag.
fctf-Thp .Tn
--' ciuaeu
r j nu cne students lef
eanesnnv tnr thaii ,..;.,
mwu. UI1UIU
nomes to spend the Summer va
"U,WI? t josepn s Hall bun
day nipht was attended bv
cro.vded hall and was much
enjoy eu
a3rOtto J. R. IPff nor nf A rA
erSOn. ind . enpnt Sntm-1ot.
ötinuay m Jasper visiting rela-tivr-s,
on his return from the
i U P. E mfitina- f PVop
w"Hon R. M. Milburn and
family will eo to Bloominirtnn
.R,v fiJlnwrnfW ,..;i. iS week, where ;-r. Milburn
Drench this Snnd V ;ec"?re.,n ie Depart
:ät l.Pmmnnc ToTqA r "V, L" ' "l -r l"e te University
Lteoanon 2:1) P. M. and Ireland'
aarlt is said that Frank
Jrp e one week old child of And.
Auditor's office for a while ha! lv fUempp a"d ife died Tues
gone to Texas He is badly j y .
Addie Dillard,
Washington Ind.
CIianley-Letitrli acrnn.
Dan Conrnv Pmnt i.a.t-ir.u j
bam Chanley got into a mix up
at Bergers gin mill last Monday
which resulted in Chanlev's
pleadincr iriiilhv fn A .v r t
Esq- Trav or finprl hi i iiV
unit t .--'
and cost.
ii You are
Worth $50,000
Don't Read
TlllB will POt intnrner 8
worth fifty thou.-and ilollar. Imt" if vn
re a man of mrt,lim.o .
nnot aflonl to emnlnv a r.l.
vt hen VOI1 hni-t nn nllnnl- f
.. "n i . "i ii.irrin.ifst,
vr.a will be pleased to know tht one or
two doeof ('hnmlurlii'w !'!.
and Diarrhoea Reraedv will rare it
Tili rernwlv hnn lwn in m. . . '
years and is tlirjncht relial.e. Pi ire
scents, ror sale by Joseph A. Men-
rt aar
JUNE 22ND, 1909
Good Order. Everybody Invited to spend
a bocial Evening. Admissisn 25c.
Kasper HaUer, Mrg
Work-Worrv 'Mom
' I . -
wancea we understand
-Try our Coffee, we give you
exceptional value for the price
Edw. J. Kuebler.
m . ,)v for that often fatal disease -'
Hag been iifced with mret-s in
i'-T iHin.ly for eipht years '.-Mm. L.
UjUacre. Huflalo N Y.
-Airs. W. C. Douglas and
daughterscamedown from orth J
anchester last week to spend j
the Summer. They have rented;
the W A. Wilson house on North!
ain st.
Lawrence Jerger on last
frndav sold his residence on
N"rth Mill St., to Henry Fritch,
and has moved to Lou sville,
where h hrs engaged in the
grocery business.
1I avy, iiupire blood makes a mud
' v ti:illlv nriitli.t-irv.. I ..... .1 I
.-i ..... -..ii, ui:,i'iu hit,
It i ii 'i i ti. I M m i. . .
'i-noBiiiiii. i inn oioon in iIcch
.;-u weak, pale, Piekly. Hnrdock h o I
' in ikes the blood rich, red. pure
-.-in iicrieui iieaiui
I "Henry Fritch on Monday
Imoved into the residence which
ne purchased last week from
Lawrence Jerger on North Mill
Stomach Troubles.
Miny remarkable ikus of stomach
troubles have boon t,f'iti 1... m
I 1 "'i' WUtlill-
berlain g stomach a"d lAvor ThU,
"Mr. and Mrs Rob. Eckert
leaves Sunday for Terre Haute,
Wherf thp frwmor tflll ntr,nri
- w ...v.. Kill UllCIIU
the Summer term of the State
from Vnp man hs spend rer two
inutiiinii irkiitira im. ...... J . . i .
v. .... c. iui Hierin int- UM iretu
ment wa? s-nr-1 by a few ox- of those.
t - .-ampie iree at Joseph
A. Mehniitrera draj store.
The .Tnsnpr Rni-lc rill m,- u
strong Hush Bros Team Sunday
ii iA,u,o,,c Li.e mrscn uros are
the strjnirpsh Amah lor foorn cM
- V.V.UII1 in
5e they won t,e Ppnant in !
the C'tv Iftfimip is.cr
Grana-stand -'5c Bleaches la.
Park at 4 and Broadway.
Southern Railway Excursion.
Chicken Thieves.
St Tlllic n Cr,t,,,l
June o;th. Operated on a special
M. St uouis Sundav morning
6:00 A M Rettirnino- lo.m c.
LOnia at 11 .nil P M
! -.v . AIA I l 1 t WUO
per r.:57 A M. Monday. f2.75
ior round trip.
, i Evansville Ind Tickets to be,
Wm sold June 21, 22, and 23d with .
Send for illus
trated Catalogue
Jrisnpr f3 full nf fUm
d." uTJI r j r.1 V"' PUIU dune -a, and ''3d with
wrM. T?nhf. TrJ rnaj:;rrn K.u eaimg re urn limit June. 24th Account
IrHv niVhVnf , L-nff.w,cn öner Vollmer for round trip
SÄtof,Mt week t0 visit; waiting for sentence Buchart Fourth of Julv Tickets to be
re'atIVei ... . accuses Chris Buechleinof beinir sold toall noints Julv s a Ja
Testifies w.ih Pleasure. ipis partner in theeather raising'Sth with final return limit' Julv
iiuuusarv ana claims tnat after Gth Rates to hn nnonnrl Loif
the chickens Ch
- V w v ,vu,,u iJM mill JUUHIHUIIl I
y t
Stover Engine Works.
2HUiver StT
;tellllfv to the merlu r.f II. ...1. 't :.. hC SOld
i - - - - - V A II c? 1 Uli " '
n a lenuvlv fur ph-Ha
Jiiiuo. oiu l)V tlniL't'lstji ÄO. .m.l . -v.v. ia iuu
$1.00 bottle.
VP IMF If I t rtlMi
Itu li lsox-Pirrn.rr i Mn i-. m.
pa rated.
Inc r-
We have a very low price
j, un rruiL jars uranu.ated
rar ior the fruit season, a good
to my in a supply, hdw. J.
K I l.kl.lM
Sore Nipple?.
riV tllnllu.r u lir I. ..I :
, VAin-i ii-iiri-
, h ' iliHtrosfing ailment will be
I t- ien.l n I. .t. . .
.. V . . K,low iiiBi a cure may Im
by applying Chambflrlaiirt.
VI' QU Dun.. .1. . ..I 'It'
bwii un me ciiiiu is uoni
nJ'ia- , Wipe it off with a soil cloth
. uyiiiK me oany to nurse.
uiiji i trained nnrsen use thio palve with
. "una. ror sale by Joseph A
j innrer.
The town board last week
- - "ut me contract for the build-
of a new water works reser
"ir. to tho Vi
' . lor $7S16, the work to be Boars the
1 dieted by Nov. 18th. future of
A Snonial trnxn ri Un n.inr.
Sunday, leaving Jasper at 8;30
" im returning at n:' r
m.I j r JasPp every one is as
lhi?i of4? 8eat Th's will prob
:0V beAthTe only excursion of the
reason to Louisville and the op
Wunity should not be missed.
01 Interest to Faimcrs and .Mechanics.
meet with slight u.uhlent and injur IP
which eause them miHi nnnna.,..l
, , . . .....vj i nm v null
I .1 f ..... I . t
ucn inn-. i i:ui ur iinilSrt mn- u
Mire i in aooiitoru1
r inured bv
l.inimont asoon
many people in Jasper who make
U IlillJIL fll Sffin inflr nhlnl'An,.
- - Vlllt.lc-i9
me vuuiutu üuimr naa over a
un in i ' i 1 1 ft i (- Trnm nm
. www. v. iivut uilii til UUt'
they needed them evident tAiim tOR $1.00
j Satisfaction guaranteed
Make easy money at home or money refunded.
PfllTACnnnllrirr -Ftf nn... I
one-,hiH, he ,,,;:,,; ;vnncr mnZJ ' c 0R ALL KIDNEY BLADDER
Win. Chnmi.erNinvieXpenen50 unnecessary. Send TROUBLE, RHEUMATISM
l'V'Wirivwistamp for particulars Empire AND LUMBAGO
'I.B,?,A,1tor. Press SvnrhVntn A!,M,n . wwMflAW ,
fllltr TAlfttTAo .V. - -.
hif-litiiiiient iHnlHov.inble forpn-.'pross CJvnrlieitn
Korenehs of the niutclfu nnd riieuinatic Onüicat0,
pain? There in no daniter of blood ,'N. Y.
poi'oning reraltinsr from anv irlnrv
(linn :t-Tf .
n neu iviiniiiutriuiii n . n -nfln id ntmi k,i
wvri. mi: uuiia in-i'iiiiii irummoii
n&. Wh the do. In, ih flow fW .roonj te vp
you wffl erf Uit ooe toed chance at Mr. Fox.
, .71C i a Sflcotffrcl .m,,rv
nd hii oy Mart7si latum Dot found fa ,7
run. Thi riSe is pro,ly .dapJ to KUJ rWicT, h0
ch . a. exx, baW fox. woodcWl. f.c . aIKj
y yyy -.ut, tr nrt lo-dof.
severe case before morning.
For Weak B A fir krur
- v . urviviHJü
vrtoiuniM RlunPVv
Por In&ntii and Children. mm Am W JT J
Tin klnrf Ynu Uava llu
fti Kind You Have Always Bought
Inflammation of the MaH.
der, urinary troubles ajid
backache use
For cale by. Flirk h Pfau.
Sa'e?inan to repropent iib
the fain nf nur Hicli
: .......
mill t ruia 1 1 r M ' I .1
. IflV. ni'IMV atonne. SffBilv I'mnlm-manl .
' lileral termn. Kxiierenre not neffipniy
iHn.nBi V'., IlUl'lIfPTER, JT, V,
DeWit' Kidn.v
FAR 31 for SALK. I wad Bladder Pills
f)nr milp nncr nf Pnlnpltn, I
(-.no Mnve A ll.ntnf rnn,l ci m lAf a 7
-v dwico uuiiuin mnu: gooa well. a m W w afxm. 3 ur
coalmine, barn, farm residence. . 7 L " nWuW. C!?in?
i uiukü up nouseKeeping: and Willi I PI A I M 3 r . ' v, w '"'ij, iwai
mnlfn mit linmn n ur I.: i. I A 1 a CIA M 1.J1 riState lMortfrno-pc; Invonfnime
"""v- iiviih; at r lälllllK IUU 1 w V, " ' "
Inouire of John C. RfW I .buponeas, Warrants. Renorts etc
Gstme, Ind. xwrrx co.. ckiew, m. for Sale at the Courier Office.
Mrs. Babbara Seng . by J 0 A irthrinffer
Reason we h .ve got two and don't
need but one- BEN ED DOANE

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