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To Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Rockland. Maine. "I was troubled
fr a low? tirao with nainu f
ar 1 side, and was miserable in every
y. i aoctored
until I was dis
couraged, and
thought I should
never get welL 1
read a testimonial
about LvfUa v
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound, and
thought I would
try it .After fat
ing three bottles I
was cured, and
never felt en tvu
in ju my me. x recommend Lydia E
1 , khani's Vogetable Compound toali
ir' fnends." Mrs. Will Yorxo 0
( rnibla Avenue, Kockland, Me.
Iiarkacho is a symptom of female
weakness or derangement. If you
Ljvc backache, don't neglect it To
p. t permanent relief you must reach
I " fot of the trouble. Kothing wo
wof will do this so safely and surelv
as i.) ua i'inuiam's Vegetable Com
p.iar.d. Curo the causo of these dis
tressing aches and pains and you will
bei- 'lue well and strong.
ir great, yoiume or unsolicited
tes'.tnony constantly pouring in proves
ijmlusiTehr that Lydia E. Pinkham's
eatable Compound, made from roots
and herbs, has restored health to thou
sands of women.
Mrs. PJnkiiam, of tynn, Mass.,
imitcs all sick women to wlto
her for advice. She Las tnilrtPt
thousands to health free of
'V1'?" Charley s ust t0 hateful!"
'Hp not only didn't Invite me to see
teat snow i was bo crazy to see, but
xraio it all the more tantalizing by
amg ho didn't consider it a proner
Going Up!
GoM Man Ah. my lad. the young
uuxu wuo stnoKes cigarettes will never
risp in the world.
Ead Boy Yes. ho will. mifr aii
bp has to do is smoke around a gaso
l.ne engine. St. Louis Republic.
Russian Minerals.
A ....
Knftlln u i n . I '
wiiua inr f'int:u.ni-i.... i -
ores, the latter being easily first In Im-
- Half Truth.
Esther Emily savs thnt i,of
Pied ten tlVnesrn0K,,,8er hC had I,ro'
sa!.dM?'eS; bUt,ßhe 18 100 tr""l to
been iÄ0' the Proposals hadn't
ueen made to some one else. Book-
"Yes," answered Miss Pavennn "w
SJ Är a,WBa ' reS
Ing or wying Bonuthing clever."
'rn i ut he very happy."
much '.If on,y U mual "e n "e toe
äv "JA.n pr"e,uul musical com
OU. Washington Star.
Not Worrying.
we hI!f?P0üf ,yU r,eRrot the fact "'at
we nae not been hv n nn u
loned winter?" to
huii'0;11" 1 am. not a P,umher, and I
nae no monev invnctoi in ,
jaldng establishment:- - pluslS
Must Work Both Ways,
you CUld WaUz 0,1 t0 heaven wIth
She Can
you reverse? Yale Rec-
"What's In a Name?"
"What's your name, sir?"
"What's your wife's name?"
"H'm! Both Wood. A-ah s
dllng?" Success.
A-ah any kin-
White Eggs.
Wise Forethought
i uero was
Whn hnta.l . ...
, 7 lu anu was canny.
.fll(l I.A. lir
run is ric
At hop mnn i .itt i
' ftory of the Drummers and the
White egss are laid mostly by birds
that build their nests In dark holes.
Strong Wind, ,i .Snm, storn
raue Rrnntilntion of fho .r.iu.
LTS KY.lz SA.L.VE soothes and nuicklr .f,,Sh.t daJ's are warm and sM n
,n,nCc2 l5" 8a,d the travellnR man.
at a little town In Kentucky I found
L?,ifi,mi,l,? .of e'reumstances that
would flt well Into comic opera; only
It would be said to ho overdrawn,
it was a hotel where they hav
four rnnmn wth i.k .
a vounir ffilintv r,:'"" .""""' nu oniy one
cu uuu jjiuB Wncn one of ua who
Here bo fortunate as to Have secured
Said he: "Fan Höh uu" V" r"0,ms.W Ul batl ready for a
At her mon' I will n itch- .rnM' We nad t0 cal1 thepor-
T" Just go and Barry MIsi r of Ih , and K,Ct from the ho,d-
Fnny." arry M,M , the Precious plug the favor of
t,-. . . lflö loan of It.
-uu.uraore American. "At first thl RMm,i , L...
toward the last we fnnr .u
and formed a close organization called
tne Independent Onlnr of w-ni,.
the Plug. We hml liv-inWB .n,i
stltutlon and formulated rules by
u,t wo swore to govern ourselves
Rin regard to this Imiicnnnooi.i
I , "la(e 0l,t and aS"ed upon a
chedule of hours whnn ' . .
1, , ... , "... i.ui.11 wus io
ae the plug, and the order In which
ii was to be rotated. w
1 4 I ... " l"VVl t tllilU
plus n 1)61-10(1 oC keen,ne th0
.Zhuer.e, was.' of course- n1
stretch through thn Anv hon
the four would he expected to be bath
ing, and we agreed tinon nn oncMv. n
cessible hiding place for the plug dur
ing that time so that If any of the
bunch decided upon a hath outside of
get It p,unee urae he cou,d So and
Scotch Profits.
"We have derided," said the head of
a Glasgow firm, "to conduct our busi
ness in future on the prollt shnrln
principle. We shall begin at once on
the basis of last year's results."
"We are dellchtert n iimr i
plied the foreman, speaking for the '
men. "May we ask what were the last
year's results?"
"We lost a thousand pounds." said
the employer, "and. therefore, on the ,
profit-sharing principle, there will be
a reduction of 10 per cent. In your
wages." Dundee Advertiser.
She I'm going to give you back our
uuBUHt-muni ring, i Jove another. He
iie me nis name and address. She
)uu want to Kill him? He Vn r
want to sell him the. rim'Pfi,.tv
Milk Toast and Cheese.
r i. . ...
ua" some ncn mi k toast nmi
spruao out on a llat dish. Covor with
a thick layer of grated cheese and nut
ii iuv uven mi me cneese molts and
urowns.-Harper s Hazar.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
SIgnaturo of
Be Your Own Weather PronheL foor keeping toe 1, l?.Jm
A bee was never caught in a shower. aount thus collected was to be do
, h.e.n .bees t distance wIiik their nat.ed thc hotel management at th
enu or our stay, with the recommen-
atviiuij weainer is sure to
When ants are sltimtori . nn i
Imitation ebony is made hv v.iiMnn. ground, their migration mav hf tnifon I tnoment to amend the ronRtiMittnn nn.i
anv nlnr. l . . . ---e I ..a nn ln, . , . . I Dnnn.1 . 1. --.......w.. mm
uuoi-Bimucu woou in a boiling so
lUtlon of loirwnnrt cnvnrnl lmn
I ,. 11..1VO, ul- pvn, i.
uuaif weainer wnen ants
i .-. in lines, anu fair weather when
wuj acaner.
Ing It between each application.' then
treating it with a solution of Iron
filings in vinegar.
datlon that it be used to purchase a
mil supply of plugs from the nearest
Pluggery. Quite a sum was realized
Jn this way. We decided at the last
...u.v.uuu ui upproacning neavy me money otherwise In a fare-
rains. Well hnnntiot K-n K.. i. .L
ouu iu ine mem-
Difference In Men.
Mrs. Peckem I guess my
will live and die a bachelor,
he's afraid to marry.
Peckem That's funnv.
knew what fear was when I was sin
gie. Detroit Free Press,
He says
I never
Tie bst Stomach
an J Llrer VV'n known
and a positive and
ptly cure for Con
"rion, IndlseaUon.
Ja.ndl. Biliousness,
Saar Stomach Head
ar ' c and all ailments
ar slcj from a U.or
dered stomach or
BlagRtsa Jlrer They
contain In concentrat
ed form all the Tlr
t :es and values of
Mmijou b Paw Paw
ton- and are ntde
Taw-raw fruit. I tuhenItatlnKlT nm
raend these plüa nn bein? the test laxa
tive ana cathartic Tcr componndet Get
a S cent bottle and if yon are not per
Vnvv 1 W1U rtfBad yor oney.
53d esd Jtllcrsea Sis., PfrUaidfiala, P.
For the Poor.
Little WlUIe-Say. pa, what is a
charity ball?
Pa A charitv hall
scheme to enable the wealthy to ex
hibit thousands nf I Allure t-fwt
diamonds and gowns in order to raise
a few plunks for the tinnr
The Eyes of Genius.
AH men of genius are said tn hnv
eyes clear, slow movlni? nnrt hrit.h
This Is the eye which Indicates men
tal ability of some knld, it doesn't mat
ter what-
VuuCnnOc-t Allen. F.MiC-Kn.e PIIKB.
Write tolay to Allen S. Olmsted. U Hoy.
l., for a Kit KG sample of Allen's Foot
Kae. a powder to shake Into your shoes
It cures tired, sweating, hot. swollen, ach
ins feet. It makes new or tight shoes easy.
A certain cure for Corns and Ilunlons. All
Drujjlsts and Shoe stores sell It 25c.
Ants are very busy, cnats hltr orinir.
ets are lively, spiders come out of
",c" "7s" na lies gather in houses
just before rain.
if spiders are indolent, rain gener
ally soon follows. Their activity dur
ing rain Is proof of Its short duration.
Unen files congregate, in swarms.
bers of the I. 0. K. P.
When It came time for the banquet
we waited and waited about the door
or the place where the spread was to
be served. The man with the funds
had not yet arrived. After our pa
tlence had been almost exhausted, a
messenger came bearing a note which
read as follows:
"Fellow members, k'nthtc v.
Plug I got a telegram this aftmn
Faunal Specimens.
Knickei' So Jones has a bright
Rockor Yes; he wants the Smith
sonian Institution to defray the cost
of his wife's hat. Harper's Bazar.
The Usual Effect.
"Do you mean to say that they could
not drown Warbler's voice?" üiwtJit.ii'iifl''Tsni
"That's right. The mor ho drnni I tte, .rö tnii 'i ü7ZS ffSSÄiST!'!?.:
the more he sang." Bohemian Mnn.. I LÄ.LÄ.? J
Taking a by-path to avoid duty wo
are sure to meet our diserts.
Gold Medal Haarlem Oil
" Odorless and Ta Strien "
Tour pains and aches from KIDXEY LIV-
will be ein to dlsappenr the first day
thoroash trtl. I fta.l th.m to t-. thtt kWn.Vlf!!
Firmness Required.
"There has been considerable discus
sion of rules," said the statesman.
"Yes," answered the man who was
thinking of something else. "But that
sort of a case Is easily handled when
the umpire knows his business."
Washington Star.
Good Reason.
frnm thn tutucv m . .
ull"?iea b,'ie Krrd,ly' cxPect ra,n- no t,me 10 communVcate with the other
lal1.8!,,,ders forsake their webs, members, so I took the afternoon ?Sff
ror Chicago, finding the funds of the
organization very convenient as ex
pense money. Also, which will norhan
rain Is at hand
When you see the ground covered
with spider webs which are wet with
ucw, anu mere is no dew on the
ß.ro"nd; H Is a sign of rain before
night, for the spiders are putting up
umbrelku; but others say, "when spid
ers put up their sunshades It tv-mi i,
t-. i ..
a uoi nay.
be nvfln mn.A 1 it .
sight. I took the plug with me. I had
become so attached to It, so that I Just
couldn't bear to part from it. So I
.v. buc iiius, money and au. I
Breaking the Ice.
Eta -Harry proposed while skating.
He Knelt on the ice ten minutes, and
ttn I accepted him suddenly.
Edna-Because he told you his heart
wag m. :ting?
tva -No. because the ice was melting-Detroit
The Word "Pean '
Paean or "pean" at first denoted a
!" ?!' a helP Blving god, "Paean"
Mi as been a title of Apollo. Bv ex
a It may mean any song of tri-off-ra
or even a song merely Joyous.
ne Misfortune of the Mythical.
Arg-.s was lamenting his hundred
"Yes. You see, he is a little near
sighted, and the other day he emptied
his pipe in a powder barrel." Brown
ing's Magazine.
A Statement
After Fire
Tt rk of the number of keyholes
i e wFin I come home late!" hp ex-
.a.o.-U eW y0rk gUn
A Complicated System.
tS?'!.yr...havo dCC,ded 10 econonize triS
, v answered young lrs. Torklns,
ir. i' ha,3 Promised to give
I , 'unings at poker, so that
I , c to use ny ot my house-
a.M.mcton star.
T.rr .,
Always Welcome.
do you know your husband Is
."Jd poker player?"
ause. answered young Mrs.
ho r i KUOH POKcr player could
'Ä!!2 ,he8 wLlh otier 0
v ' s VashIncton 5?tnr
Tnat are earned.
"Breakfast, Lunch
Elder A. PIckerlll, 1303 W. Fourth
St.. Marlon. Ind., says: "I was
caused a good deal
of misery by the
painful passages of
the kidney secre
tions. I always felt
dull and languid and
suirereu rrom severe
pains across the
loins. A number of
remedies I tried fail
ed to give relief, but
Doan's Kidney Pills and at
to them my present good
In 1000 I inibllclv endorsed
Uoans Mduey Pills and have no hesi
tation now In coutlrmlnc that state-
Sold by all dealers. .0 cents a box.
Foster-MIIburn Co., Buffalo. X. Y.
Russian Disguised as Domestic Man
ages to Win Wealthy Widow.
A story which reads like a chapter
other time.
Cottonwood and quaking ash trees
curl up their leaves before a rain.
When the leaves of the sugar maple
are turned upside down, expect rain.
Before rain, the leaves of the llmo
sycamore, plane and poplar trees show
a great deal more of their under sur
face when trembling in the wind.
mien tiuur leaves turn tin nn no
to show the light under side, rain Is
Corn fodder dry and crisp Indicates
fair weather, but when damp and
limp, rain. It is sensitive to atmo
spheric changes. New York Weekly.
Humble Apology.
wny do you Insist on discussing
things you don't know about?"
"Because of my natural modesty.
The things 1 know about don't seem
worth discussing." Smart Sot,
Cheap Law,
Law Is usually a very costly luxury,
nm uurmg tno Hearing of an east
London county court case recently It
was stated by a witness that Iecaf aid
couiu oe ouiaineu on payment of a
penny a year. The body which under.
takes the proceedings. It was cniii
takes 10 per cent, of the damages re-
Coffee's Yt'elKht on OM Arc.
When prominent men realize the In
jurious effects of coffee and the change
In health that Postum can bring, they
given for stonninir at n wi uu r
bathtubs and one plug. I don't believe
... m u jam up against me In the
final Judgment. BrnzHnH- pci
"Well, 3'ou never snu- n ,n
, . . "w.ov, uiiaiir
Tlrllnfwf 1 nt .V. . . '
, .vu ,uv llJU U was t0Q IatQ
to get him back and mob him, so we
simply departed, after passing resolu-1
"una oi uisrespect and voicing our
unanimous hope that we might meet
iu luitrr in some lonely spot.
Hundred Women In New York
Spend $35,0C0 a Year Each.
cures while you walk. Orer 30,000 testi
monlals of cures of smarting, swollen,
perspiring feet. It prevents friction and
wear of the stockings and will save in
jour stocking bill ten times its cost each
year. Imitations pay the dealer a larger
profit, otherwise you would never be of
fered a substitute when you ask for Al
len's Foot-Ease, the original powder for
the feet. Imitations are not advertised
because they are not permanent. For
every genuine article there are many imi
tations. The imitator has no renutation
to sustain the advertiser has. It stands
to reason that the advertised article is
the best, otherwise the public would not
buy it and the advertising could not be
continued. When you ask for an article
advertised In this paper, see that you get
Kcw York. X-rcb B. i m
Haarlem Oil CapKuIes 25 and 50 cents
Bo"' and SSef 11
Sed lar fret fall She 25e Box ! Cijj.Ici
. vU,you ar '"Serine from any kind of
Holland Medicine Co.. Soraaton. Pa. and
Teople Tell Each Oilier About Good
Thl ii k.
Fourteen years ago few people in the
world knew of such a preparation as a
Powder for the Feet. To-day after the
genuine merit of Allen's Foot-Etse has
been told year after year by one grati- j receive a frre box of"capsuifs for tri
nea person to another, there are millions '
who would as soon go without a dentifrice j
as without Allen's Foot-Ease. It is a 1
I Vinva . - ; 1 I rlfinnlt- nV.lu. i i: . t I
The odor of flower. mnr J?:u . .ucr Ior my perfidy . ' " . " UK . aBl,se.1 u.c
"itnr-o t-r... v,.i ... .1 unt 1. 10, . C . '- i cuu an't stand to thlnlr nf I l c uniten into ine snoen, wnicn
Jft,?.0U hCard that J,m has 1uJt L??Lbtoro a Sh0wer than at you fellows making raerrva n?Li has vi rest and comfort to tired and j
wunouc me, and I knew you couldn't acnS iect in all p&rts of the world. It
-ui. wiiiium ine price.
notlud UnlMnr Co.. Scrmnton. r. .
X me..,
Town. .
Btt .
Expert opinion fixes the average an
nua cost of a New York woman's
UUUI" B mis Is not a large
sum, but Is the figure on which bal-
ances the thousands who do not spend v
520 and the scores who spend 135,000.
A gown for the latter costs more than
Variations of the Beautiful.
Knicker Is that a stock chart?
Bockor No. Only a diagram of the
movements In women's waist lines.
ew ork Sun.
tno entire exnense of thn fnmn.
tf.n r .
niv- iui lllCf.
There are about 100 women in the
metropolis who spend $35,000 a year
each on dress, and It Is not difficult
to do so If one gets the necessary
gowns and accompaniments In order
to be well dressed for each of the nu
merous occasions renuired hv cnnini
custom. Then there are some 12,000
Eciemn for n Year Got Su nrllrf
Even nt Skin HiiNpltnl Iu Dcupntr
Until Cntlcurn Curril Him.
No child can be trell and strong un
less its bowels move regularly ererr
day at the same hour. Such regularity
promotes good health. One passage Is
uDu.un-ij uiiTsssary, wniie two are not
too many.
There Is one remedy that is wpe
cin ly adapted to the needs of children,
and which thousands of American
mothers are using to-day. and that Is
Dr. Caldwell's Syrun Perwln tu .r
herb laxative compound. Its gentle ac
tion, so free from griping, its tonic ef
fects, and its iMjrfeet purity, vouched
for to the United States goverument.
makes It an Ideal children's laxative
old-tirne friend of tat wonderful child a
Veen houw wlihmii i, k. cc,y
Minted with it thrrh i,P "TTS" ST
offer of . frce trial bottle, which shä
B,"Tr : . l"r oe Mr. I
t- v
111 .. . . . . ' ilnt 1 ...t l.t- rv. Ll k.
i nas irouuiiHi py a severe Itching' 7 . rZL rT- Brst "i It
and dry. scurfy skin on my nM?tutl&rUgi
feet, arms and ncalp. Scratching made ! ?,? L "ü.."nU ?r ? a !,ot,,e- " Bve hfr
. . 111111 ana a Tlror-
" c ir
It worse. Thousands of small red plm-1 ous stomach.'
ii:en mere are some 12.000 nin rr,i .,.i , . " . i-m!n ,..;.: "".Lu""'.'
in thn ein- wlin i, I" j, ' ""v nu iiiiiH.. vuuhwi intense i f. ... . V.,", JB' tae non.
in me City wiio each spend Itcblnir I un .i.n-Uwi , . I1,1, makes a lifelong frnd. Thex fooa
a year, and about C.000 who go i , . , . , adlsed to go to the dlseard salts, plllt and powders,
i nnn 0 nosnltal for (llsciises nf th L-ln i .im i Those who hare nror rr r .-.j
from a romance of the middle ages Is are gIad t0 lend theIr testimay 'or close to $5.000.
being published hv thn
the benefit of others. One day's si
New York Times .Moscow letter savs. A superintendent of public schools simply as an experiment, showed how saw 8UCh bad case of eczema.' But
nospiiai ror diseases of the skin. I did
hopping, not buyinr ' Ule culcr surwn saying: 4I never
iuo i-aiiiij anu Deautuui young Bar- one ot tne southern states says: ",USB nignest ngures can bo
oness Urusoff. widow of n distinguished "My mother, since her early child- rcafh5(1- A furrier offered & fine sable
Russian government official, took up hood, was an Inveterate coffee drinker nnn fo,ru,t' "reasonable price" of $9..
iiiuums ago nnu uvea an extremely so- . . - uiuuK nai io go with it for S70. an,!
Her beauty, however, at- " " complained of the bootmaker selected proper foot-
.....v nvu Uli UH'i ICCIIU; iiUU SICK
eluded life.
nuvivu uui-miuii wnerever she was
seen, whether In the streets or when
cV0rnT daillty f PCarl Whitc
an;. y thc makers of Postum
anl t-rape-Nuts.
T"' 'isties
ro:"l into
OF OUDDer rldlnS or at the theater.
All the young cavaliers of Moscow
were hopelessly In love with her. The
baroness, however, rejected all
attempts to obtain an Introduction to
her, and continued to live In perfect
seclusion, nttended only by nn elderly
relative. Some months ago a young
peasant girl began to visit tho resi
dence of the baroness, offerlnir thn
servants cheap articles for sale. Once
she brought some old Russian porce
lain, which she offered the baroness.
Subsequently the baroness used to buy
uuiercni articles irom the peasant
girl, who was Intelligent, had good
manners and considerable conversa
tional talents.
The baroness eventually asked the
girl whether she would enter her serv
ice as a lady's maid. The peasant girl
agreed and became the baroness
She discharged her duties to perfection
"Some time ago I was making an
official visit to a distant part of the
country and took dinner with one of
the merchants of the place. I noticed
a somewhat peculiar flavor of the cof
fee, and asked him concerning It He
replied that It was Postum.
wear for $12. The coat does not have
to be renewed every mouth, but there
must be other coats, and It was
learned that the nronnr rnmn'nmunt
from opora cloak down to the small
oat Jaunty street affair of fine cloth
II nil ovnulalln tl..i . ,
wjiiiuiiii would cost a
trifle of something like 120.000. Then
there should be a matter of imr.
five hats, with their decorations of
i got little or no relief. Then I tried
ninny so-called remedies, but I became
so bad that I almost gave up In de
spair. After suffering agonies for
twelve months, I was relieved of the
almost unbearable Itching after two or"
three applications of Cutlcura Oint
ment I continued Its use. combined
with Cutlcura Soap and Pills, and I
was completely cured. Henry Searle,
Little Rook, Ark., Oct S and 10. '07"
Potter Drug & Chem. Corp., Sole
Props, of Cutlcura Remedies. Boston.
i ',,to.tbrJ m,,nf a valuable bnute
hoid friend. In ord-r to acquaint j-ou with
Its merits at no expje to yourself the
doctor will wnd yon a free test bottle on
receipt of name and addrew. It ha been
Juitly called the nation's safeguard to
hfalth In the cure of constipation, dra
pepsla, hcirtUirn. llri-r trouble, slct head
ache, sour stomach and Imllar dlettlre
If tbre 1 anything about
your ailment that joh doa t
understand, er If jrea want
any oaedlral adrift, wrl:
to the doctor, and he will
antwer yon fully. nere n
no cliarse for tbU erlce.
The addreM 1 Dr. W. U
Caldwell. 202 Caldwell bids,
Montlcello, IlL
"I was so pleased with It. that after ftno n'hors and Inces that averacn
the meal was over. I bought a nackaen not more ,ha" 555 each, and there
are fully cooked,
thin wafers nnrl
crisp, poldcn-brown.
to carry home with me, and had wife
prepare somo for tho next meal. Tho
whole family were so well pleased
with It, that we discontinued coffee
and used Postum entirely.
"I had really been at times very
anxious concerning my mother's condi
tion, but we noticed that after using
Postum for a short time, she felt so
much better than she did prior to lta
must he more shoes than hats that can
ho had from $S to $20 a nnir. itn,
and shoos are subject to frequent
This Is all very well for ihn nnioi.t
but there must be at least a score of
gowns io go with this, and gowns soon
grow old and must be frequently re-
i-fu. l no nest dressmakers want
from J700 to $1,200 for the fine gar
ments suitable for balls and dinner.
i nun mi sort or house and street
gowns are necessary, which are much
The New Thought.
"Do they believe In the poweis of'
suggestion?" ,
"Oh, absolutely! They've hired a
RllllU'Tl? ftlnrl tr 11 f
r.. ...... iu ivii men uuruiyuc
aunt to step lively." Life.
. UMtr WlnaloW. Soothing Kjrop for children
leeUifnr, (often tho tram, rduei inflammation,
tain, cur- wind colic. 25 cent a bottl.
Between Friends.
I That Awful
b Gas
Did you hear it? How embar
rassing. These stomach noisesmakc
you wish you could sink through
the floor. You imagine everyone
hears them. Keep a box of CAS
CARETS in your purse or nocW
You would scarcely believe how ?nd .l.fkc. a Part of one after eating.
I ... -a I Tt II , ii. . a A
Jealous my husband Is of me."
hat a batterer he Is!" .Meggen-
use, and had little trouble xcMh
, , . . - I' " I - - " a a.
inr n inrrnifTiir onn timn w.a.Ani-,.i i hi n n ,1 i . .... i - v ... v M .
R "7 1 "" ei- sioraacn; that tho cneapcr man the others, or from S100 aorrcr Blatter.
.. v-'11- ireci irom the namml Mnvi-infr " V""" . "V,M "Ul DU t-nueut, nnu iiumuer must dp
i v 1 . .41. I v, luniiii- .ill i n ii . ri rt r nniift.n i nn.ii.i... i . i nri'n . . n
"'III Creim r- . - I Hi I tntn nt lila fol k.l. , . ftviium wuuui WJOU UlUCn iniUrOVetl "- irr '"HC tjc lirmril
T v.ream or pood mile. a9 ot n,s fa,r ha,r and complexion. tm nnnti 1 "'iroeu. Ko ,n,Mri I Vnr , w., t-.
M--ulcUr mv-aiiu. rinrnnnco TTn.cn- . ii- v .,vUm-ni ciinuges maKo purchases of
It will relieve the stomach of gas.
CASCARETS 10c a box for a wcfk't
treatment. AUdrarei.t. nicrtut eller
In the world taflilon box a month.
i'oo Will Like It
A1,:fSrs f "'M P''Tl-MTy. Klther Sex.
SelllnK ne o.ml.lnnilon needle cat
w Mi promlum-. ngimt- harret ; tamp)
with premium. 2Uc Jckn a, 150 W. 51t
,,The Taste Linger"
Ily, but not In so marked a degree as
.uiuuak uauj occurrence. Tho cost
soon runs Into tho thnnsniwia nmi
prc3seu uy tne extraordinary nnm-. in n, "
nnce which tho vounir nohin,0 i. , 7 , w u Ul u" ")0l,,er, as she waa BUl' r ",a "uo "o thousands and
,.ruinc. yunS nobleman had a vlct m of lomr stnn,iin n.i makes tho toln Ttiinrfii..M ,.r e-c nn.i
ruveaieu in comintr month nfin ,n i, i " ,n.,lvl mo - w... w ?ov,ivv
ns a peasant glrlf fiS rkllc 2 S h?d t0 We,,v,." Pkgi. "Thcre'a J, nyÄ?" 10 sn" no0l,S of
domestic to gain her favoft thSthS a Kenson' Ä.Ata-S,iei l".0!.10
I. N. V.. INDIANAPOLIS. No. 25. 1909.
. - 0 xtiui. LiiiiL snn
i .iaH.- I nnAnnin rr r v. .i . i . . i rr . a .
WUIB family size 15c ,,bVH nnu tno mar- v'cr rcau tne above letter? A
b, r.... ' :K XZZZZLVJ?!- 7 Hiw one aPnea frot" " to time.
ceri. I j jwov uwuiuy niiuwii in sociortf ncv are ireniiin. tni t.ff
I f - - - , , m W a UHU IUII f 1
circles in .Moscow. huttmn tnir.t "
dure for some time, subject to the
cnange in lasiuon.
human interest.
It's a little everyday helpfulness that
makes every day heavenly.
If you would enlov vour mlmnht '
pay for it before you wear it. Dan- HHHcitdwi TtllUnlU'O TVr uirrn
l Sere Eyes, IHUIFiSOfl J tit IflftS
UHmB thc oil THAT KNr;TnT7?7MTWWM?n

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