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The Jasper weekly courier. [volume] (Jasper, Ind.) 1858-1922, June 18, 1909, Image 8

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I I IIU WW w .
Low Sunday Rates.
Fare And Onehalf For Round Trip.
Louis, Mo.
t n t T1? A ß. P. A. St.
l , U. -U l Ulli --
How Sound Carries and tho Way Ml
raaei Com end 0.
I Talk nbout wirelqgs tolophonos!
Tlic Colorado dotiert ßoc science
one better in that line. According
to travelers in that ueck of a:ul
,i enVvriidv von can di?DPn"io
with any kind of telephone, with or
without wires, ui ienst up w -v.
1 ? .K.-lnntn
Two men a mile apart can carry
tion in an ordinary
tone of voice, particularly if there
happens to be ji small hill behind
...JX Tl.irvov Hall Tr-Mer in
CBl.ll; nww j
iU. TVon1 Miirnzine. 1 t'vail
that if
m;rri,f 1. rMilUl deafeninsr.
T,1,..y nftnr all. the weirdest
among manv strange features of the
. ;a iho mirncre. Wo havo
uum v - .
campod perhaps and pone to bed
i infi oroninc with the ther
mometer registering not far below
Wo awake,
lilt) uuuut vv
RTiiverinsr with cold beneath our
A 1(vk toward the east
There is th slightest snestion
of light in tho sky there, winch us
kIowIv in stroneth.
;av. KnTA -mnrka the horizon s
A KiJa" -
5 w . . . T i. ,. .Ii,.mll
edire. which stanos out muie aumj
at one point, irom im- wi-,
profin ud and out high
above in the sky. these again
slowly fade as a point of brilliant
light appears at their base. This
point grows to a half circle, then
breaks and runs along the sky line
It, oiiririnff I'nltlpll Illk'O.
. . t t Ik... l.i Ln
Tho Cough, Sneeze and Slflh Are
Measures of Self Protection,
n.,,. r fim tiuv.t intorectinir fai-t-
lif linmnn bodv is its pow
UlUU V Vr .
A 1. ! in lAtl'-k1 f t
of sell preservauuu -to -
nnulinir or ovcrcomine the thou
fund and one conditions which, un
less corrected, would do injurious
or destructive.
Among the most common oj
these acts of self preservation are
.. i. it.. rTil iVxn cian .
acts,"vet few people ever ask them- ,
selves the cause, uau
could explain them. I
One of the simplest of the body's,
devices,. for self protection is tho I
cou;h. The cough is merely a blast
of air propelled from tho lungs in (
such a manner as to forcibly dis-,
lodge some foreign substance which
haa been drawn into uiu uuuui, i.jj.,
windpipe or the tuüea icauuiu
tho lungs.
The membranes lining' these j
narts of the body are very sensitive, ,
and when a foreign matter comes m
contact with them an alarm mes
Bn is at once sent to the nervous
"headquarters," and the result is!
the tudden, spasmodic expulsion of
breath which is called a cough.
Very often the cougn is prouuecu
by the irritation of the accumula
tion of mucus on the surface men
tioned. In this case, as in the case
of a foreign -body, tho cough is
merely a means of expelling the
Tho Kind You lluvo Always Bought, and ivhicli lius bom
in uo for over 30 years, lias homo tho signature of
jn - and lias been mado under Ills per-
rfr s soiml supervision slnco itslnlanex,
Lafyfä&cSuM Allow no ono to deceive you In thl
AU Uouiiterleits, Imitations and Just-as-ffood arc lmt,
Kxperirnents that trlllo Avlth and cudntifjrer the health p
lulhnts and ChUdrcn-Experieuco against Experiment.
Cnstoria'ia a havmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
Mibstanee. Its nO is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Poverislincss. it cures Diarrlitea and Wu.d
Colic. It relieves Teetliinff Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature ot
"There's no hurry," "I can
wait a little longer for my in
surance" have left many a family
to face a bitter fight with pov
erty and privation. If there is
one thing that should receive the
first consideration of married
men, it is LIFE INSURANCE.
Now is the time to apply for a
Arch C. Doane
Jasper Ind'r na.
Upon the shores oi im go you ge0) a COugn is merei uu
pities sDrinc up. towers, spires anl . natur0's methods of self protec-
cniwi Klnnks. These fade into fields .. pnl1fyn CUre3 contain some
BW1 I UVUi -vw...- t .
.i .m1 fnrmmrr scenes
JUIU JUii r ,
fields of golden gram, cattle sianu
in in green alfalfa, slwets of wa
ter. The mountains near tho edge
of the lake soparate from their
bases and float upward, topple over
and stand on tneir ueuu, uii
nnf in nir
Soon our lake begins to contract
and collect into a big round ball of
UUM-lAlifat - r- m
u MfiriTATi harms nuu iori-st uw-
m i 4ltiirrn
. - ll'lst MAIinTllll1 IIH I I II J LI 1 Ik.
appear, xu iiivuitt.' -----o
abashed at being caught m such an
.... 1 1
A dvertise to bring trade
that will buy once
n d Äjjy
drug which, by paralyzing we
nen-es, prevents the cough and al
lows the mucus to accumulate.
Thus the cough medicine uoes
Tho pure lor a coucn
is to cough to cough until tho ex-
cessive deposit is rcmovcu.
time, ot course, measures uuuum
taken to prevent aüücu uepobna.
A sneeze is exactly like a cough,
eave that the obstruction occurs in.
the nostrils owing to the deposit oi
some irritant or foreign matter
and that the blast of air is thrown
unscemlv attituae oy in "'"""(out through tne nose lustuau
light of dav, quickly resume thnr , througn the tliroat and mouth,
normal position, while nil the stark! wh do we Bigh? When gved
landscape stiffens into unsurriiig uh; or depressed tho tendency is iu
5 .... r-cli 1irlit nj'ii .i iF it. rpv,.c mnona fliat the
tne Dreaiu. iu
body suffers for oxygen, and the
long, deep breath which wo call a
Rirm is merely a means by which tho
body obtains lor uscii iuu u
sary amount of oxygen. Dr. A. K
C. Latson in Health Culture.
Curing a Doctor.
! An eminent physician of London,
who was remarkable for continuing
The KM You Have "Always Bong'
In Use For over 3U rears.
UU1UULV o " ....
blazing heat of the desert sun. i n
mirage is gone like u bubble. Only
tho gray desert remains.
Run by the State, They Are a Boon to
All Classes ot r-ecpie.
rm. "..'t.fl.v.niptp as the
J. lie mull. j '
v u .Ann at flip nawnshon
I! IZUKll ciju'-" " - r - WIIU niu i
is called, is a state institution. v,u- his visits to his ncn pauuuu o.
Ecaueatlv there is not that friendly hc han turned their Hsorder3 out
-..j3":.. I nm, ttin lonillT lind -f .1 . otinnrlpfl ft lrtdv of SOmC
wit for
cr recovery
nnrl rpmilarlv staved wh her until.
Ecqupatlv there is not uiat inviiuij jlc nart turneu xneir insw
comiiuunon between the lender and 0r doors, attended a lady of
the client that one sees in London. cei0brity in the world of w
There is no ''private oilice three months after her re
where the person temporarily em- nnd regularly stayeu u "ci
barrasEcd for money may screen m thc English manner, he received
l,imolf from innuisitivc eyes. his dismissing fee of 5 guineas.
General Merchandise.
Shoes & Clothing, Dry Goods No
tions, Staple and Fancy Groceries
Gtmntry Praducs Wanted!
Give us a Call.
Both Phones. Free Delivery,
West Sixth Street.
himself from inquisitive eyes. h,3 dismissing iec ui. b-.
If vou arc in want of moner and yVeary of his expensive calls and 13 nil QTi TVTlll R
vou have anv portable property of concluding that to lessen the fee Jj ESTP XDHEl XflJ.J.a -
the value of" 3 francs or more you;WOuld be to lose the visitor, sh
nllico ,.rnl in irirn him 4 cuineas at
take it to the nearest branch olhce ventured to give him 4 guineas at
of the "mont-dc-pictc." the conclusion ol ih
The firt thing that meets your i00ked anxiously in his hand, then
caze is a "guard municipal" patrol- on the carpet and stood for some
U i .i il. nnrnmnnl mit- i: n.irlnnf pmhnrraSSmCEt.
1DÜ UO BUU UUWH Hl Jiaivmw.' WS 111 uwuv.. .
side the entrance. "Have you lost anything f in-
With a feeling ot wnoiesome quired tne iauy.
Ispcct for the majesty of thc latihy, madam, I thought I had
: ...... n)ar n InrfP TOOI11. of Vlrnnnoil ff fnlineh.'
Vll u tiii- " " o i i vji'- r ... 1- - n
which one siue is occupiuu u -it is um u luu.mv - ,
benches (verv hard and uncomlorta- 'son, sirT' rejomea tne nm
ui ,;,! nthor bv half a if ia I who have dropped the
n the
1 1 1 in
Having handed your propurujr iu
nlcrk whose desk bears the in-
rnrinl inn "Ifpppnticn of Articles,
c .j'.."-., 1 ill
von rnppivo a numbered . uilcheeK
t i i it.
in exenunge imu iubu
of tho expectant uor.
There arc all sort ' :
nf tnon uTid women.
v. -
cirl who brings lu-r
. .
ii. -r,n 1 ,if( v nn
jewels and whose motor car is wait
inrr in Mn clripf.
vr.: : a-
Iiut it there is no uaieranj m
1 11 it. 2. 1 1 -
r jj
The doctor, of course, dropped
his visits.
irfWÄÄy i;-' if..
No use trying to sell goods to people
who nave nu muuey tu pjf
NöllsThyingadvertising unless you reach
j I.J.XXU JJiu-
Every copy reaches the home of a family
A paper that reaches the home is worth
a dozen tnat aon c
Whlt Animals Aro Deaf.
"It is a curious fact, little
known perhaps, that fully 50 per
. r vnimir nt white dOKS,
ons'white horses and white cattle are
..'born stone deaf," says a St Louis
. . doctor. "This rule does not apply
to albinos ot any species. x..u u -bino
the white animal with junk
t ..4iia Ire
cvcs is an acciueni ui nun.,.
I ' J1 onnrnln 110 nlCtnCnt.
But if there is no tnterniiT in cu u , . . The
the "mont-de-piete" ther u at least . i "j. amon(r Qri
equality and no precedence is given ru Je j deaf n ghes
to wealth or fashion 'Jf.n Wodinc of many generations
When thc value of your property ,thc breed nß oi y g dca
has been estimated in mother room ,01 - . . the
a clerk calls out, num er an ot natural tend U
tne amoum ouercu. on . . t have sccn many viufi
accept or reiuse. 1 1. s ne er . - Uue and , -
i";ftil rirfS never saw one which was not ston CarrCT AWH ill-IOKES VA I
a: fT nv loa. Hsin. from unre- aeaf." . I I flL OtttUO. o.w "
deemed pledges. If you ucccpt ins
otter vour name, auarcss uu
- . . . , t, a Atr a T.TIiY FLOt
Make the CelebraTa4ro.
" Best Grade in ne State of Indiana,
vu,vi7 Alcn Want "V OUT WHEAT '
',ad nar the Highest Market Pric- m w-
tit ot, Shin Stuff for Sale aL an uu
You'll see it in,
Brlnctng the Time of Day.
)aA iust set tin
n tnl'nn ilotvn hv another i nml ololmrnto
luaaiuu uivi i.v.. v Willi grcui jHiina -
clerk, and you must produce papers nmti,ematical calculations n sun-
a t T ? m. 1 v r V 1 a . . 1 . T
der great services to all classes of üme anJ tol(l a wh6 vaa with
Frimrh nooolc. London Standard. .1
pet him the
1 1 IIUII w ..v.... n -
fmm the dial. After a lev
. . minutes the boy appeared, dragging
Te vmm jou al aTnpathiM . , . somcfbillg heavy,
with me 1. that you aa never boe ill 'm . 8honorJ, nn hard
thwppolrrted In lore yourself." t . SllV A l nn He had
"I haven't, efc? That', all you know, jol Ah wnat " JC UP He hd
Why, 1 0 advertised for a wife with torn up fal from ite letting
a IHloa 4eüftrs, and I never got a al md dragged it up the lull. .umüo
gW rrl7.H--PaUadelpha Freaa. Spectator.
For Bates Apply To I,oeai;MmnKer of
in iurii

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